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by Tamika Newhouse
SBR Publications (Oct 18, 2013)
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Jade, Monique, and Sheena all have one thing in common; a knack for loving the wrong man. Jade is convinced that Eddie Struthers, known on the streets of Atlanta as Easy, is her soul mate, but loving Easy proves to be the hardest thing she s ever done. Her best friend, Sheena, broke her number one rule when she fell for Easy s right hand man, Dunts. After a shocking betrayal, Sheena decides to play his game, only better, but when she loses a loved one, the game drastically changes. Cory is the man of Monique s dreams and her worst nightmare at the same time. She is stuck between two worlds and she doesn t intend to give up either one. The three ladies are a support system for each other through all of their love trials, but one of them is not the supportive friend that she seems to be. As lies are revealed, trust is broken and in the end, no one is excluded from the wrath of a scorned woman.