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Sisters You Don’t Have To Settle!

by Alexis Smith-Byron
Samaritan Publishing Group (Dec 10, 2003)
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Do you suffer time after with men that are not good for you? Do you go from relationship to relationship looking for Mr. Right? Do you keep getting the same type of man over and over again? How can you know who is the one for you? "Sisters you don’t have to settle" is a straight forward guide to encourage women to seek God first when desiring a mate and principles to follow to help avoid the common pitfalls the enemy uses to keep them from experiencing God’s best for their lives. This book will answer the need of every woman today, who keeps looking for love in all the wrong places. Pastoral Recommendation: Pastor B.T. Newman, Citizens Of Zion, M.B.C. "Sisters you don’t have to settle is seasonal for the times. Any young lady and even young man for the most part who wants to take an introspect of themselves and make the necessary adjustments to become a compatible person. It will open the eyes of many people."