Explore Books By Black Authors


Explore Books By Black Authors

Books by Black AuthorsIt can be easy to get into a rut. If you like a few particular authors you may look for their newest releases and pick those up. There's nothing wrong with supporting writers whose work we enjoy, but it's important to continue to develop our literary tastes through life as well.

There are so many excellent books by Black authors, many new and emerging artists. If you have only been reading works by famous Black authors, it's likely you have missed many hours of reading enjoyment. Next time you're looking for a new book, choose something completely different. Stretch yourself.

And while you are stretching, how long has it been since you enjoyed fine poetry? With the rich oral tradition of African Americans there are many collections of poems by Black authors out there. Unlike novels and non-fiction works these are the perfect companions for those trips to the doctor and drug store, where you must wait for a few minutes at a time for service. A great poem is the perfect way to spend these extra moments.

Evocative Poems By Black Authors

The thing about poetry is that it leaves your mind still working long after you read it. Much like exercise revs up your metabolism and makes your muscles work differently for a while, poems by Black authors stimulate your thinking muscles. You will find yourself thinking about what you have read and what it means to you long after you have finished reading. Poetry stimulates our hearts and our minds; it's the perfect intellectual exercise.

When you are deciding what kind of poetry collection interests you, there will be a variety of choices. Some collections focus on social concerns and the particulars of being African American today. Others explore interpersonal issues and the universal themes of love and family. There are also several Black Christian authors who choose this mode to share their deep faith and encourage your own. Whatever the particulars of your tastes, try a book of verse next time you are looking for a great read.

Black Christian Authors Inspire

Black Christian AuthorsOne of the most terrific things about being a voracious reader is that you can feed a wide range of interests with your habit. If you like light, comic explorations of family life to help you remember that things happening in your home are not that unusual, there are great books by Black authors that do just that.

If your interests lie with social issues, such as justice, equality, and the cultural implications of being African American today, there are several fine authors working in this genre to stimulate your mind.

And if you are a person of faith there are a plethora of Black Christian authors writing inspiring works to accompany you along your journey. These powerful books have treasures for seasoned Christians working to mature in their faith and new believers alike. Whatever your interests, you'll find it covered in the wonderful world of reading.


Last Updated: Monday, September 18, 2017