I Would Boycott Amazon

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I Would Boycott Amazon

“I enjoy book stores and going in. Talking to people, strolling through and finding news books that captures my attention.”

“All of our Black bookstores are out of business because of big business.”

“Monopolies are not good in any fashion. True Amazon is convenient and less expensive. I imagine that the "you ll be more likely to enjoy the books you do purchase." is the feel good factor overall?”

“I would consider boycotting buying books from Amazon. I would need to additional information in regards to boycotting Amazon as a whole company. They reach is already far and wide with other products.”

“To help the author maintain control of their products.”

“I don't want local mom & pop/brick and mortar stores, or the African-American book sellers online, to become defunct.”

“I do not buy books from Amazon now. I prefer to go into a bookstore and browse.”

“I've had no problems with Amazon, but I'd gladly help a competitor even the playing field. Of course, you must offer prompt service, great customer service and a variety of genres.”

“After working at an AA book store for several years I have witnessed how the sales and the store was forced to close. i miss the personal interaction with publishers, authors and readers.”

“Yes, I have a loyal client who writes western novels & she constantly telling me of how awful Amazon is in regards to book sales and contracts with authors. I try to find other sources and find that in most cases Amazon is cheapest. To help, I choose to use my public library, who buys the book in question, since they are in the book industry”

“i love purchasing books at a lower price but do not like the unethical practices Amazon uses against authors and small press publishers. Amazon also takes too much profit from authors especially for ebooks.”

“I believe in the publishing industry and buying local. I want my Indy bookstore, A Room of One's Own to stay in business. I buy shoes from Amazon because I have a long narrow foot & unfortunately can't find shoes locally ”

“Bezos doesn't care about books, bookstores, or authors. I do not use Amazon and would be happy to encourage others to boycott it as well.”

“I would support any entity that believes it can put a dent in Amazon sales. I don't think it would happen, but I would be willing to throw even more support behind the independents.”

“I d like to see small businesses succeed. The independent black bookstore in my city closed some years ago, because of the dominance of the larger stores.”

“Amazon seldom feature books written by people of color , when they have discounts specials, and I agree with this movement.”

“This dominance will only lead to the elimination of "certain" books reaching certain audiences. We all know what this means.”

“I like the personal attention you get from independent booksellers and do not want that to go away.”

“At times they re the only bookseller with books that I need as a professional and I also purchase more than just books from Amazon.”

“Because no one should be able to monopolize anything.”

“This may sound a little selfish but as a published and now currently writing author; I work full-time come home and I am also, a full-time caregiver. I have no time to read other material right now my main focus at this time is to get in as much writing time as I possibly between my two full time jobs. The current Book Project is my focus. Prior to seeing this link for this story I was going back and forth in my mind as it relates to utilize create space through Amazon for my second publishing project. I guess now, atfter reading this I will consider more, Lulu as an option.”

“I don't think the boycott will have much of an impact because we are such a small part of the market. I already unofficially boycott Amazon books because I prefer to buy from Black or other local book stores, and I have the Black book stores order books I have seen or read about, and I buy them from the Black book store, and also because I don't want to have to join Amazon to get books or anything else from them.”

“Too dominant, put bookstores out of business, now buys whole foods to have retail outlets to sell books!”

“A monopoly is not in the best interest of society. Once the monopoly eliminates its competitors, more than likely, the prices will increase. Consumers have no choice without competition.”

“I enjoy finding those little gems that independent stores get the word out on. Money is not the primary consideration on why I purchase a book.”

“I have not recently purchased anything from Amazon when someone shared with me that Amazon advertise in Brite Bart. I enjoy going to local book stores. I wouldn't hesitate to continue my semi boycott of Amazon.”

“I don't think the boycott will have much of an impact because we are such a small part of the market. I already unofficially boycott Amazon books because I prefer to buy from Black or other local book stores, and I have the Black book stores order books I have seen or read about, and I buy them from the Black book store, and also because I don't want to have to join Amazon to get books or anything else from them.”

“Most of the books I get on Amazon are from Author's that aren't at my local library and I don't believe they are in print at book stores. I support my local library. I will always prefer holding a book and turning the pages.”

“With the caveat that there was a site I could send books quickly to my coaching clients.”

“I read widely and have always appreciated libraries and shopping with a variety of booksellers and Independent bookstores. I like the unique character and experience curated by people who actually love and revere books and reading.”

“I love books. I don't care for e books. I still love bookstores. But if books by people of color were more accessible at bookstores, it would reduce Amazon purchases. But consider the writer who gets a broader audience by using Amazon.”

“Because I believe that quality over quantity is better & that a monopoly is not good for the book industry.”

“I'm guilty. I do get a lot of my books through Amazon kindle. I like the free books but I have purchased a few. I guess I never thought about it hurting an industry, so yes, I will stop buying books from them. I love B&N and I don't know what we would do for a good hard copy if they closed.”

“I don't believe any one company should have a complete monopoly over any industry, it opens the door for abuse of consumers and poor service.”

“I like bookstores. I grew up a waldenbooks, then move to borders and now Barnes & Noble. I have probably on bought 20 books from Amazon in 20 years. For work related books, our company usually purchases from Amazon.”

“I am a writer-publisher and a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association. Amazon hasn't had a click from me since I read about the British people they enslaved in a Mother Jones article. In addition, I already knew about the CEO's vow to destroy the book business and didn't want to be a part of that either. A few months ago, I was told by my then publicist that my ""wonderful book,"" the publicist's words not mine, was being harmed because I refused to list on Amazon. Reviewers were not able to find me there so did not think ""An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones"" was a trade book, but a book privately published for family distribution only. My book has an ISBN number and has been acquired by the Library of Congress. Without ranting--which I find difficult--I have tried to convince friends not to buy anything from Amazon, but have not been successful. Would be interested in joining with others to stop this version of the Standard Oil takeover of our economy. I will send your email to the IBPA. The association alerted us about the Buy Button scam in May. They didn't think readers would be interested in giving up cheap books. Let's prove them wrong.”

“I don't really read digital books. I much prefer the feel and smell of a real book, nothing can replace that.”

“I don't believe in monopoly”

“I love the feeling of a book in your hands, the smell of a brand new never read before book. Electronic books can't replace that.”

“Because one of my favorite bookstores closed because of Amazon business creep.”

“I choose to help reduce their dominance for if they are allowed to continue and they do become the only supplier of books then they will have to power to say which books are available for purchase and for how much. Another reason I choose to help is that their dominance will push the smaller own bookstores out of business.”

“Smaller book stores and sites offer a better understanding and experience. So many smaller stores are going out of business because of monsters like amazon”

“I do not use Amazon as my sole supplier for books. I also shop at a small local independent bookstore and other online sites as well.”

“Rather support the small bookstores and engage in the intimate experience of scanning shelves for my favourite and yet to be read books.”

“With a few exceptions, I only "buy" free e-books from Amazon. I have used them a few times to get books that are out of print however. I don't buy books as much because my income has been somewhat reduced since I retired.”

“As a librarian bookstores are important! Folks need to hold and see what they want to read. Bookstores can promote books to their individual communities.”

“Amazon's business model and labor practices do not have human beings at the center of their values and is ultimately unsustainable. Their predatory capitalism is self-destructive. I am a writer and educator and I believe we can do better.”

“I am deeply saddened by bookstores having to close....I used to buy from Amazon, but I don't like seeing them have a monopoly, especially on books. I support bookstores, especially the independent stores.”

“I already buy primarily from indie booksellers. I used Amazon for books twice in three years - and once was bc someone gave me a gift card”

“still believe in the ordinary person having a chance, Mass market and big Brother seem to be taking over in this country! and things were built on small Mom and Pop stores with individuals”

“Because I enjoy purchasing books from bookstores, on line stores, and small mom and pop stores too. There should be a equal spread of book selling across the board. No one business should dominate the literary industry.”

“I am a avud reader and hope to be author, I always enjoy going to physical book stores to browse books and explore othe genres without commitment of purchase.”

“I dont like monopolies, and Id be willing to just go to indie bookstores if this is whats happening.”

“Only if I have an alternative that can give me the kind of service I get from Amazon”

“I already avoid online purchases in general because they not only affect books, but my ability to stop in a brick and mortar store at all for anything I may need, right now. Plus, I like to actually see and feel what I am buying. For books, I typically opt to order through Joseph Beth or Half Price Books, the remaining local bookstores I am willing to inhabit. Online shopping for me, is a last resort when I have not found what I am looking for.”

“I didn't know about the far reaching influence of amazon on the book market. I am upset and in a dilemma because I am German citizen and the only way as far as I know to obtain books from African American authors is via amazon. I once ordered "Native Son" by Richard Wright in a German bookstore- it took six month til I got it .With amazon 4 weeks. SO WHAT CAN I DO? LOVE &PEACE Cornelia”

“Authors should get more of the Financial Profits.”

“It depends on my options. Several years ago, I tried to use AALBC as my publisher but they never returned my phone call. If there were a Black distributor like Amazon, I would definitely use them.”

“I would but I occasionally still buy a book there when I need it quickly or can't find it elsewhere. I cancelled my Prime membership, however, partly because of the points in this article.”

“Eliminate the monopoly”

“I love buying books from stores like Barnes & Nobles And other book stores big or small. Also, there is more variety. Amazon can't offer every book.”

“Writer s and readers are served better by having choice. Monopolies limit choice and control access to books. Limit books and you limit thought. That s never good!!”

“I don t like their business practices, and I want to support local booksellers.”

“As a publishing professional I've seen how much power & control they wield in determining pricing. I haven't purchased from Amazon all year purposely considering Bezos's initial mention of "seeing how things go with Trump." I usually go to indie bookstores to do my purchases or at events that have indies sell books on site. It's also a catch-22 for marginalized artists who utilize their self-publishing services to get a foot in a slim door that's open in publishing as is. And has this service helped marginalized artists get their work out there even further? Mainly I'd like to know there's also a self-pub service helping other underrepped artists.”

“I support local business. I don't believe in monopoly. It's not good for society. I find it ironic now that Amazon has disrupted local retailers that it is now opening stores. Also, I hear Amazon exploits authors.”

“It would hurt me to my soul, but if it would make other the availability of books possible, I would do it.”

“I believe that an organized effort would be more effective than a solo protest. I don't care for monopolies because I believe that competition is better for the consumer. There is enough pie for everyone to get a slice of it. I also believe that one company has too much power over what you can buy and read and what they don't want you to buy and read..”

“1. Hard to find and identify African-American authors of mysteries and thrillers. I don't read romance or literary fiction. 2. Hard to identify African-American authors of Children's books, particularly chapter books and middle grade. Many are the same ones that were out 20 years ago. While they may be award winners, my kids find the style of writing abstract, dull and unrelateable. My girls like Dork Diaries, but had no idea they were written by an African-American woman. There's got to be a variety of styles for kids or you lose them. 3. As a writer, the thought of being that kind of dependent on one retailer to sell my books terrifies me. When I publish, I'll be going wide. There are already many author and readers who either actively support indie bookstores and authors or don't have access to Amazon in their country. Discoverability and sales starts with people being able to find your books wherever they already are (this includes libraries).”

“I would like to be a part of the solution that could potentially help black authors and publishers. However, I have a Kindle book published on Amazon, an obvious a conflict of interest. I would be interested in a comparable alternative to Kindle Book Publishing.”

“As an author I don't like the idea of being forced into a bubble when there are other outlets.”

“Amazon offers lower pricing.”

“There is something so satisfying about going into a book store and browsing for a book to buy. A great place to take kids to instill a love for reading.”

“I don't like the idea of a revenue-maximizing-algorithm selecting books worth reading. Publishers and authors of the African diaspora as well as other people of color have the most to lose.”

“I hate what they're doing to the book industry! Their book division has never once turned a profit in a single quarter. They've done more to destroy the literature industry than book burning ever did.”

“They are evil, conniving, greedy and self righteous. There are many authors and author assistance that work for them as their primary career; they use their positions to manipulate the industry. We are building a Print on Demand and bookstore for Independent authors to succeed. I am completely anti-amazon and use every effort to avoid their services.”

“If I thought the group was large enough to make a difference, though it would be very difficult, I would switch to another ebook provider.”

“Amazon has killed the discovery of books as the only major book releases are guaranteed winners. Publishers can no longer risk discovering new authors and this has contributed to the collapse of the black book industry as there are fewer major releases to bring attention to less know writers.”

“I buy very few books, e-books online. i prefer to hold them and read the jackets.”

“I used to respect Amazon when I initially used them as my go-to order on the internet. But as of late I've found several shady business practices of theirs that directly affect consumers - unauthorized charges on CCs, exorbitent charges for shipping if you are not a prime member, and more. I'm sure the same practices apply to their book sales and I'm ready for a change! I do order many of my books on Amazon, because of price, but would be willing to boycott them in order for independent book stores to remain afloat. Sadly I never thought I'd consider a place like Barnes and Noble my "local" bookstore, but it's come to that - and I hope it doesn't get any worse. Imagine if you could only order books online - how that would limit access for so many.”

“I miss independent book sellers. I dislike monopolies.”

“I've already done this. I won't buy books from Amazon.”

Last Updated: Friday, October 27, 2017