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  1. Yea Mitt Romney got booed, he's a jackass anyway. President Obama not showing up, I don't know that he was advised correctly. I definitely feel he should have been in attendance it's the NAACP. But VP Joe Biden, I like him. He is to me back to back with our president. He says it like it is and sometimes gets himself into trouble, but I suppose that's all of us. The only problem I have is that I have never ever in life seen a President so disrespected. It's even sadder that the republicans would rather see our country go to hell in a hand basket that support our president. It doesn't matter his skin color he is still the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. And my last comment on this can someone please tell me where is the weapons of mass destruction? We didn't get in the state that we are in because of President Obama, we got here from Wall Street and Wars that we should not have been involved in. IMHO.

  2. Very insightful post. However, I don't believe this is something that will ever change unless we as people start changing our mindset and start making a difference. We tend to have a mindset of WINIF (whats in it for me) and some of that I understand because we have been repressed, oppressed, discriminated against, etc. But we no longer have to have a victim mindset unless it's in being victorious. That's my take on it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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