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  3. Richard Murray Thoughts Round 3 AUDIO https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-3-1 3 Richard Murray Thoughts Season 2 author Richard Murray narrarator richard murray English unabridged non fiction >sports> general non fiction >sports > football(soccer) biography > sports ----------------------------------- Title: Introduction Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future. ------------------------------------------------------ Title: LEwis Hamilton is a six time Formula 1 racing world champion Will-I-Am, the musiciam, was asked about Lewis Hamilton after he won the f1 world championship for the sixth time and his replies were not only incoherent, they were not inspirational, rushed and lacking the foresight to comprehend the moments when words mean a lot, if they would had asked me, I would had said the following in preparation Begin what I would had said Lewis Hamilton as a racer, as an individual racer, is like all the other great racers before him. He has the ability to race faster than most, a rare gift, but amongst the rarest he has the ability to adjust how he races while being that fast, and that is what makes the legends of racing rarer than their unique counterparts. On merit, one can not judge proust/senna/schumacher/vettel/hamilton based on phenotype or gender or language or geographic forebearance... they can only be judged as humans, with a gift of being able to be fast while in a moving machine, and able to adjust that machine. Unfortunately while fortunately, the human mind does not allow us to ignore difference. In the same way a man can see one woman from one hundred and feel for her a connection bridging time, is the same way a child can look on a wall of champions and feel empty when they can not see someone who looks like them. Lewis Hamilton, like tiger Woods, like the Williams Sisters can not undo the financial inequalities or weaknesses or strengths from one community to another, they can not repair systemic damages in billion dollar sporting industries propped up over centuries. But, they can offer a challenge to someone who does not look like or have the same gender as Schumacher or Niklaus or Mcenroe... said challenge is not to love a sport, a sign to loving a sport is not embedded in participation when a sports culture or rules are biased or not open... said challenge is to accept the bias/restriction/oppositon in the community about a sport whether you participate or not. When Lewis Hamilton or tiger Woods or the WIlliams Sisters win, they challenged and challenge those not white to accept the biases in motorized racing/golf/tennis while participating as they want. Easy to say but not see to do, thus why it took those three for many not white to watch racing or golf or tennis. Cause humans fortunately or unfortunately feel excommunicated when they don't see their own. And the william sisters prove it can bear fruit. When you see Naomi Osaka, you see that some will rise to the challenge. Will some rise to the challenge Lewis Hamilton raises? some already have and more will come. Will it change formula 1 thoroughly? no, thorough change to any large community requires more than one person and requires usually a long time, especially through peaceful means. But it is a beginning of a race, and while lewis hamilton may not make it to an end where motorized racing is participated by all the way soccer is, he can say, he did well to bring fuel to the engine of the car, someone who will reach that end, will use. End what I would had said ... a belief exist, that competition drives people to improve, that belief is designed to ignore environment and focus on the individual. see whether an individual is given every opportunity or none, competition can exploit weakness. The belief has truth but it misses a key point. An individual that improves through competition gardless their challenges does not have to be the best at something. Opportunity provides more stimulus to impovisation than competition. Why? unfair competition blockade opportunity to improve and unfair competition stem from inequal opportunity. Lewis Hamilton/Tiger Woods/The Williams Sisters are examples of individuals who improved over inequal opportunity, but their success does not validate the competitions they are in. It is time for everyone to accept unfairness in sporting opportunity, not to criminalize it or illegalize it but to admit it, and sequentially stop glorifying it as ideal when one overcomes any competitions inequal opportunities. <referral https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IeAvTqlp5?fid=1034:4434768268361449 > -------------------------------------------- Title: Referee quality I Quote Ross Dyer Begin quote This helps prove Martin Atkinson & Anthony Taylor aren’t fit to referee in PL or be VARs: Missed 2 clear EFC penalties (Sanchez trip on Richarlison (did not review) & Alli handball (even with a several-minute review & clear contact above head)). + Missed red card for Sanchez. End quote A referee relegation/promotion is the answer. We relegate teams based on quality, a system to do the same to referees is the key. The problem is, creating and utilizing such a system in large bureaucracies like UEFa or globally known Football associations like the FA or USSoccer come with a complex web of media/legal/bureaucratic challenges that will make anything produced cumbersome or dysfunctional, like video assisted refereeing itself. < referral https://twitter.com/RossDyerTV/status/1191774810189291521> ----------------------------------- Title: Il Drama I learned about the napoli drama first on sportsburst with gabby amado < @gabamado > side Mike fuentes < @mikefountains> The reality is DI Laurentiis as an owner is eccentric on one hand but comprehends media life is a path to money. Napoli the city or the club will never be bigger than Turin or Juventus in near modernity. Said Neapolitans will never be bigger than the global or continental cities of europe. Napoli must be dramatic as a smaller club in the global age. It seems it has cooled down to some extent, but I am not an insider and I imagine carlo ancelotti side many players have made career choices that will play out this coming january or summer. <article https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/football/napoli-confirm-they-will-take-legal-action-against-their-own-players-as-row-over-training-retreat-escalates-with-stars-leaving-their-base-and-boss-carlo-ancelotti-locked-in-talks-with-a-chance-he-could-quit-or-be-sacked-today/ar-AAJWQeu > <referral https://twitter.com/kollonabiswa/status/1192121224723402757 > <referals @kollonabiswa , @mercykhahukani > ----------------------------------------------- Title: Equal pay In a follow up to the equal pay segment in Round 2 from the second season I paraphrase the administrator , linked in the transcript Begin paraphrase whether male or female football is the sport for you End paraphrase The key to australia is that the administration side the male players support the desire from the female players. In the usa, the usa mens national team members in silence or opposition showed a lack of support to usa womens national team members vying for equal pay. Again, as I said in round 2, the issue is the culture from males in various countries or communities that are opposed to women. It is not hard to see. Women or men who support equal pay have to state the condition of men in various countries culturally. IF the men in any country have a large opposition to women, equal pay in general will be opposed, cause men in most countries control the financial winds. <video https://twitter.com/FFA/status/1191855291047899136 > In amendment English women want Equal pay, post Australia... again, Australia has led some to believe, why can't every country, well every country's male populace, is not interested as a community in equal pay. LEt us not kid ourselves when it comes to money, someones gain is always someone elses lose, I do not care what any one say. Fiscal capitalism, global fiscal capitalism does not allow someone to make more money today while someone does not lose more money the same day. <referral https://nbsportslive.com/england-women-call-for-the-fa-to-introduce-equal-pay-with-mens-side/ > ----------------------------------- Title: UEFA Womens Champions League semifinals The list of participants are Atletico Madrid/FC Barcelona Olympique Lyonnais/FC Bayern Munich Glasgow City FC/VFL Wolfsburg Arsenal/PAris Saint Germain My atleti have not done so well against FC Barcelona this season. These two matches may decide long term if the colcheneras can battle against barca femeni My TEAMOL versus Bayern munich is a battle, not as tough as against Wolfsburg but definitely a battle. Some suggest that the english womens league is the best league in U.E.F.A. , that is the silliest thing to me, the best league in UEFA based on champions league results is germany, seconded by france, plain or simple. Like in the mens game, english media hype and the global anglophone seem to control how sport leagues are placed. This tie is the best in the semifinals Wolfsburg got it easy against Glasgow City. I am not suggesting glasgow didn't earn it, but glasgow have no historical precedence to suggest they will defeat wolfsburg over two legs. Arsenal are the historic biggest team from England but PSG is getting stronger and with that french attacking youth , they are very dangerous. One thing that is interesting is the increasing latin power, in the mens game latin europe dominate the champions league , in the womens game, german europe, which includes england dominate, but latin europe is beginning to take over the womens game and will probably not lose hold once it does. < referral https://twitter.com/NBSports_Live/status/1192788939939237888 > ---------------------------------- Title: Another round of US Soccer talk Phil Scheon shared an article from Geoff Cameron,the following is my reply Begin quote Cameron made three point: UsSoccer does not have a competitive culture throughout its structure, the stewards or stalwarts in ussoccer are dysfunctional to improvement, the culture in ussoccer is an unwarranted auto greatness.... While I concur to each point the problem is each point reflect a situation beyond ussoccer. The uncompetitive or patronage culture is not bounded to soccer, it exist in all youth sport, in all professional, professional meaning paid athletics sport.If you play basketball in the streets and never accept a nike camp or agent or college program you can not be a professional athlete. The system of youth development in all sport in the usa is based on patronage. the coach for most well known high school basketball teams is a god, he holds childrens fate in his hands. He is not someone there for the children or layers as cameron suggest. The second part of the uncompetitiveness is beyond soccer while throughout all sport in the usa. The statian franchise model allows any sport club in any league that utilizes it to be safe from its own mismangement. Players when they are at fault are fired or demoted or transfered. Coaches when at fault are fired. But what happens when administration is at fault... the answer is relegation. Relegation isn't about players or coaches, it is a sign to an organizations quality amongst its peers. How can competitive culture grow when the clubs owners or administrators are safe from the penalty to owners or administrators that relegation allow provides. But, how to improve the culture? will require a change in usa sport culture itself, which will take a lot of money, and most absent any fiscal return. The second point I consider from Cameron is the stewards issue. Again, when you look at the sporting landscape in the usa, it is full of stewards or stalwarts rotating positions and safe , no different than bruce arena or others. And, like the stewards and stalwarts, the financial controllers behind every sport support the use of the stewards and stalwarts. It will take new owners purposefully not utilizing stewards and stalwarts to change their use in any sport in the usa, but that goes back to money. The unwarranted autogreatness, which is why ussoccer fans can oppose usa players playing in better leagues is part of a larger cultural issue in the usa. It is the same reason why basketball players in the usa didn't run to china to play in greater number, or baseball players haven't over the years considered japan or mexico better for their careers. The USA internal media always has espoused a usa greatness that is reflected in the dislike of usa athletes playing overseas. How to change that is more than money, a raw cultural viewpoint, that will take alot of money to saturate advertising enough to get any hold. My final point is, as in all these ussoccer report articles, the money needed to amake the changes is never spoken of, and absent the money, the competitiveness/stalwarts/unwarranted pride will remian in ussoccer or any other sport in the usa. End quote What I learned growing up as a kid in new york city, is the money in sport is truly massive and those who control each sport in the usa utilize the same model that brings them great profit but is a rigid lattice to changes if you do not have the money for it. <referral https://www.facebook.com/officialphilschoen/posts/986014368401036?__tn__=-R > <article https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/geoff-cameron-what-must-change-in-u-s-soccer?fbclid=IwAR242SFhZ1EOM3-DQa0mmtixX9SW-QiZOsSYqxaNU8R4ieWncUlvJgKOGOM > ---------------------------------- Title: Good Thoughts Congratulations on Anjor Mary winning NWPL player of the season Congratulations to Rivers Angels for winning the NWPL16Super4 congrats to Sakai Kumagai for her 200th match <referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-753 > Congratulations to the NAdeshiko win the AFC U19 womens championship also congratulations to Korea DPR and Japan who are into the U20 world cup <referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-762 > LEwis Hamilton won the mexican grand prix <referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-747 > And, lewish hamilton won second in the USA grand prix and won his sixth world title, only one behind schumacher Congratulations to Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira for winning the world rugby championship , he hangs up his boots on top of the world < referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-758 > ----------------------------------- Title: Conclusion Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment. I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening ------------------------- Description The Topics Covered in this edition are LEwis Hamilton is a six time Formula 1 racing world champion Referee quality, in the beautiful game Il Drama, at SCC Napoli Equal PAy , between the genders in the beautiful game UEFA Womens Champions League semifinals, 2019-2020 Another round of US Soccer talk- continuing the debate Good Thoughts- various good things to hear Use the Kobo App to listen https://www.kobo.com/us/en/p/apps Transcript to this edition ? Season 2- current season https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts%20Season%202&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=021b4bc9-9b7f-565f-ba12-0e32f4ca5de5 Season 1 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1
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  5. About five years ago at a funeral, the Lost Tribe of Levi was mentioned during the service. I googled it a few weeks later and learned about the Lemba Tribe in Kenya and Zimbabwe. This tribe has the priestly DNA of the Levites, the tribe designated by God to be the protectors of his word. I had always heard about black Hebrews all around the world, so I thought it might be interesting to write a book about how that migration might have taken place. The legacy would end in the United States with a black woman. When I started the book I had no idea that this was a story over 3000 years. In order to finish it in my lifetime, I spaced it out every 14 generations. I was amazed at the amount of history I would discover and how much I would learn about how religion was spread around the world through war. My epic story is a three-book series. Part 1 is "The Designated Ones: From Jerusalem to Ethiopia, Part 2 is "The Struggle: From Kenya to Jamaica, and Part 3 is "The Last Tribe of Levi: Richmond, Virginia, which ends in 2014. Because we can never really know the whole history and all the individuals involved, I've created characters with historical ones to tell the story. It's hard for me to give a synopsis of the books except to say they are "Roots" on steroids. I think it is important that when we tell stories of black history we remember that it was thousands of years before slavery and it still continues. https://www.amazon.com/Designated-Ones-Jerusalem-Ethiopia/dp/1944440143/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Karen+sloan+brown+Designated+Ones&qid=1574028103&sr=8-1
  6. Hi, Every Feb, I'm the author. While the book is no longer just-released, it has not has a vast amount of attention (though some valued accolades*). I think a review of it here would still be of value to readers, no? Mitchell * 1960s civil rights leader and hero Diane Nash called the novel “enthralling” and wrote: “Family saga, freedom song and cryfor justice come together in Mississippi Reckoning.”
  7. Here is a related anecdote: Read the review about one of the Black Lives Matters principals, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir. The late Kam Williams wrote the review. The author of the book, a sister I though I was cool with emailed me vigorously trashing the review. There is a video on the page that i arranged for the author to appear in but she ghosted me which was a pretty shitty thing to do. Now the review was Kam's assessment, was the review worth burning a bridge with AALBC? What did Kam do wrong mention Patrice's dysfunctional upbringing or her Homosexuality? While I don't think the oligarchy is using homosexuality to destroy the Black community, the current climate of political correctness and hypersensitivity is hurting us. I have no issue with BLM, but their prominence is a function of and largely a creation of media coverage. Since we don't control media, we don't control who represents Black the mainstream. The are important groups in NYC, for example, doing real work in the community. You will rarely learn about them on network TV. They don't have social media folks sending tweets or posting on Instgram -- they doing real work and don't need retweets. "A group's prominence on social media is inversely proportional to it's relevance to our people." Without twitter BLM would never have emerged. As far as it's relevance lets judge that in another decade after the twittersphere (if it still exists) has moved on to the next shiny thing.
  8. Kanye's get waaaay too much attention if you ask me. Doesn't he have some type of mental problem?
  9. Funny that thought occured ti me from an early age, as if it was knowledge I (we) were born with. Once you becine enlightened you can move onto paradise...
  10. November 28th Native American Harvest Art Thanksgiving is November 28th , share photos of art OR text of fiction The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo concerning Native Americans enjoying food only -can include Black seminoles- no colonists from europe The text can only be fiction based on the following: Native Americans communities around harvest - black seminoles allowed- no colonist from europe November 11 Veterans day is November 11th, share photos of art OR test of fiction, guest comments are allowed The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo concerning Black Veterans, any country any time, any army The text can only be fiction based on the following: Black Soldiers who fought against the USA for the british/ Black soldiers during the Haitian Freeing/ Black Seminoles during the time of osceola/jonas caballo/Black soldiers who fought for Menelik II in the first Abyssinian-italo war
  11. Kareem I have to admit that part of the reason I like Tulsi is that she's attractive both physically and mentally Well if you want to talk about looks.....Tulsi isn't a bad looking woman but Kamala isn't hard on the eyes either! I wouldn't mind looking at either one of them for 4 or 8 years.....lol. Tulsi Gabbard Kamala Harris By the way, there IS NO anti-war President. They will all be handed the same foreign policy agenda regardless as to who it is or what campaign promises they made while running. You know as well as anyone that Presidents are pretty much figure heads and have only a slight influence on foreign policy. Maybe they could run together and give us a wet Dream Ticket...lol. Patrick as governor helped block a ballot measure in Massachusetts that would have affirmed marriage as a union between one man and one woman We've had proposals like that in Michigan and I've opposed them also. But not because I support gay marriage but because I see a more nefarious plot. Why can't they just say marriage is between men and women; why do they have to narrow it down to ONE man and ONE woman which would perpetually prohibit polygamy? I'm a liberal in the classis sense of desiring as less government intrusion on my private affairs as possible, which means I would keep the government out of the marriage business period and keep it between people and thier personal faiths OR just keep it as civil union contracts between whoever and treat it as any other binding contract. Caucasians love extremism. If they aren't going to ONE extreme end where all the gay people in their society are killed.....they go to the other end where gays are encouraged to get married. They just can't tolerate a live and let live society where those of us who want to be single, married to one woman, or married to 20 willing women are allowed to do what we want in peace. Back to Patrick...... Look brother, we can't let PERFECT be the enemy of the GOOD. I know he's not the most ideal brother to run but compared to all of the rest and especially compared to 45...come on. You have to look at this from a strategic point of view (not that you're not already). Tariq and others have called for us to sit this one out as some sort of "punishment" or statement to the Democrats......man please. To sit this election out and allow 45 to take the reins again is only a slap on the wrist to Democratic leadership at best. You ain't hurting these bastards. It's a game to them and ofcourse they don't like losing but they're going to be rich and set either way no matter WHO is in office. Hell, they are all friends with eachother at the top anyway. But what happens to the masses of OUR people with another 45 term in office? How many more will be killed at the hands of racists who are emboldened by his presence? How much more will homelessness and destitution grow among AfroAmerican men like it has under his administration? I know, things weren't too much better under Obama but they have quickly degenerated to even worse under Trump. It's time to stop just surviving and weathering the damn storm and focus on finding someone who will actually bring us out of the red and into some positive figures for success. What we need is something we didn't have when Obama took office -AN AGENDA. We need to focus on mapping out a real and tangible agenda for our success and posterity so that when this brother gets in office it won't be just the gays or feminists or corporatists or big pharma pushing and tugging at him but WE will have the best seat at the table and be the most organized to present and push our agenda.
  12. Kareem I believe our souls pissed off "the gods" at some point and we were all banished to this world of feral Edomites. Hmmm..... Very interesting concept. All of what you said was deep but that sentence grabbed my attention because whether it's true or false it offers itself as an explaination. Could you expound on it a little (actually a lot) more and more specifically if you care to speculate as to what our people may have done in the past that their souls may have angered the Divine. And if what you say is indeed true, wouldn't that make Caucasians and their system on this planet the "tools" and institution of the Divine designed to punish? Much like a prison is an institution of the government and you would be better off blaming the officer who arrested you or judge who sentenced you more so than the warden and correctional officers who are doing what they were authorized to do by higher authority. This isn't a "set up" by the way.... but sincere curiousity.....so be at ease and go as deep as you like.
  13. Lol, Harry, Harry, Harry......... This reminds me of the late great Dr. Khalid Muhammad and how he taught on the brainwashing that so many AfroAmericans underwent with the images of white Jesus and white angels. He would say a Black man sentenced to prison would get on his knees and pray, "Oh lawwwd....they done gave me 20 years! Please please PLEASE save me from this!" But in your mind while you're praying you're imaging Jesus as a blonde haired blue eyed cra white man (wasn't his exact words...lol) who looks JUST like the cra white man who gave you the damn 20 years! How are you gonna get free? How in the HELL are you gonna get free calling on a god who looks just like the damn devil who is torturing you????
  14. Deeeeyyyyyyum....... Is this the SAME seemingly corny white-washed Byron Allen we've been watching on telvision for decades, now talking this radically about race, corporate racism, and Black empowerment.....or did I get it twisted and this is really Harry Allen from Public Enemy?
  15. Last week
  16. News , Says. Kanye West. Was. Singing. To. Prisoners. In. Prison.. He. Is,A. Christian. Now. Who. Cares. ! Nero. Had. Christians. Thrown To,The. Lions.. Black. Religious,Especially Christians Are ,Stupid-,Morons. . . Christianity Has Enslaved Black People And, Communitues. .. . Actor Chris Rock ,Black Christians Are Black,People With No Memory.. Black College. Female Student ,Was,Murdered Last Month. She Was Recently Buried.. Her ,,Roomate At. Clark Atlanta Was Arrested.. ... .Gangs. In. St.Louis,,Memphis. Are. Almost As. Bad. As. Gangs. In. Chicago.. ....Racist White. Watch. Black. People. Genocide. There . Own. Race..
  17. 1600's. Kidnapped. Africans. Chained,Shackled. Forced. To. Be. Slaves,We're. In Motion. Slave. Ship. Jesus. ,One. Of. The. Slave. Ships,That. Crossed. The Ocean. Christian Slave Owners Bible,Scriptures,We're Tortured Upon Our Ancestors ... Slaves,With,A Sincere Heart And Fear ,Obey Your Earthly Masters... Black People Have Embraced Slave. Owners Christian Religion For ,Generations.. Present Time Black People Are In Mental,Spiritual,Bondage ,Like Our Ancestors Were In. Bondage,On,Slave. Plantations..... Black.Christians. Embraced. Slave,Owners. Religion. Of. Christianity. Then. Protest. About. ,Unequality,Racism. From. White. Supremacy. All. Around, White. Christians , Live. In. Comfort. And.Joy,They. Say. They. Have. Been. Blessed. Black. Christians. Live In. Poverty,Despair. And. Oppressed.. As. Christian. Black. Preachers, Buy Mansion. And. Rich. Cars,,From,Stealing. Christian. Church. Tithes... White. Christian. Are,Plotting. Our. Black. Race. Genocide....
  18. I don't expect the black masses to fight. Why would I? We've cowered to white people for centuries. I can only speak for myself in this regard. We're all going to die eventually. But I'll go down standing up, not begging on my knees and yelling "I can't breathe." @Pioneer1 I have to admit that part of the reason I like Tulsi is that she's attractive both physically and mentally. Anti-war presidents are rare and she'd be one of them. It'd just make my heart feel better about this country and world to see her in the White House. Plus Tulsi is responsible for destroying Kamala Harris's campaign - more kudos. She's also not a Hillary/Bill Clinton crony and that also makes her super cool. I also met Tulsi several years back in Washington and, as a journalist myself, she was the most human politician I ever met in person. Deval...na, bruh. Can't roll with that. Its not just his daughter. Patrick as governor helped block a ballot measure in Massachusetts that would have affirmed marriage as a union between one man and one woman. He and Mitt Romney are both former Massachusetts governors and are buddies. It was kind of funny when Patrick was working for the 2012 Obama campaign and defended Bain Capital, Romney's private equity firm, even when Obama himself was saying Bain was involved in a lot of nefarious stuff. Another Trump term likely means the USA will be destroyed. Frankly that doesn't bother me much. If this country had real law and order, Trump would already be in prison, along with his whole family. I've just learned to tune it all out. I'm not voting for Biden. He's literally a Democrat Trump - pervert and all. Sorry, but my conscience would never let me vote for a man married to another man either. Harris and Booker are coons. I liked Bernie Sanders before he became "Bernie" during the last election. Perhaps I could throw up in a bucket and vote for Warren. But I honestly cannot see myself voting for any of them.
  19. I have believed for most of my life that Earth is the Biblical Hell we're all taught we go to if we don't worship white Jesus and their culture. I think of all the perpetual torture, rape, manipulation, etc. we've endured for 400+ years and I cannot imagine a worse human condition than this planet. We've been burned alive, castrated, tortured to death, kids taken right out of our arms and sold...that's hell. I believe our souls pissed off "the gods" at some point and we were all banished to this world of feral Edomites. I believe those who embrace white debauchery and feral nature as good (i.e. gluttony, mammon/money, homo-pedo culture, etc.) are perpetually reincarnated here as babies and relive this life. Those of us who figure out what this world is, live a life that teaches others about this world and acknowledge our own flaws -- our souls are freed from this Hell and are free to go where ever we choose in this universe once this human body dies. White imperialists have conditioned us to believe that living among them and being their slaves/coons is the best life possible. They also taught us that self-sacrifice ("suicide") is bad via their Christianity. But the reason they didn't want us self-sacrificing is because it robbed them of slaves. Some of the narratives from slave ships tell stories of whiteboys screaming and crying like babies when the ancestors jumped into the ocean and/or threw their kids overboard. They didn't care about the lives lost. They were mad because they lost "property" and "commodities" when we were BRAVE ENOUGH to self-sacrifice. This is just a snippet of my full beliefs. But you get the picture.
  20. Troy I wouldn't say "white people" in general but the White Establishment.....the wealthy influencial group of Caucasians who control much of this society.....are using multiple methods INCLUDING funding BLM to promote HOMO (not hemo which has to do with blood) philia in the AfroAmerican community and make it more acceptable to the masses. I'm not sure if they are funding Yvette for this or even funding her at all, but they ARE funding BLM for this very reason.
  21. ...so white people are funding hemophilia by using BLM and Yvette Carnell to undermine the Black community? Is this what you two are asserting?
  22. Troy Some people are crediting Bloomberg for the city's decline in crime but for years I heard that Guiliani actually deserved the credit because it started declining under his administration. I heard it was Guiliani's policy of going after people for petty shit like smashing windows, littering, and unsolicited car winshield washing and coming down hard on them as a form of intimidation and nipping criminality in the bud before they became more serious. But if you and many of the other AfroAmericans who are old enough to remember NYC of the 80s and 90s compared to today all pretty much saying the same thing......that crime HAS declined......then regardless as to who deserves the credit (or "blame" depending where you stand), in my opinion this raises questions as how much civil rights violations and outright racism by law enforcement is the public willing to tolerate in exchange for a safer city .   Kareem and Troy Not sure about Tulsi, I haven't followed her much BUT I have to admit that I just might get behind Patrick! Look, the brother IS....unlike Obama....ADOS all the way. Born and raised in Chicago from a single mother and ended up Governor of Massachussets. He's not perfect, but from the little bit I've researched on him he's got a lot more potential for our success than anyone else running currently. He (Deval Patrick) allegedly has a lesbian daughter so we already know the LGBTQIA has a seat at the table...lol.....but I'm gonna have to just charge that shit to the game and see what we can get out of this brother. A second term for Trump is way too destructive to play with. If you think he's bad now, imagine him if he beat the case without removal AND got re-elected! He'd take that as a sure message to go straight buck wild. When it comes to 45 it's not a matter of voting for the lesser of two evils, but deciding between someone who is indifferent to our concerns and someone who is down right diabolical. Nah, we can't sit this one out. Like Vera said in Harlem Nights, we ALL about to be some fighting m......f......z!
  23. Kareem That public between feud between he and Umar Johnson was the first warning sign. They both CHILDISHLY attacked one another on social media because each exposed the other's hustle. Now this feud with Tariq vs. Antonio and Yvette is really getting sad. I couldn't have agreed with you more on the Tariq/Umar beef. It was not only embarassing but just down right disappointing. I was far more disappointed at those two brothers going at it than I was over the alleged Eastcoast/Westcoast feud because I expected that type of ignorance and bravado coming from rappers and street cats, but not from brothers who considered themselves "conscious" and woke. But I believe it was either Lenon Honor or Willie D was speaking on the issue and said to let people beef and pop off because the more they do so the more they expose things about their opponents the public may not have known and probably need to and the more THEY reveal about themselves as well. I now know how sensitive to all criticizm and petty (even he admits to this) Tariq is because of his feuds with others and I also know how egotistical and sensitive to criticizm Umar is also as well how ghetto and street he can become when angered as was revealed with his brief feud with Seti.   Agreed and with the powerless, puppet liberal negroes. I think Tariq is damaging his image big-time over the last week with this ADOS vs. FBA stuff. I know the black masses are DESPERATE for leadership so we give people a lot of leeway. But judging from comments on his Twitter and Youtube feeds, he's losing support for pettiness. But then again, the ADOS organization is also losing credibility in lieu of #ADOS our people. Nothing to say but touche. As much as I support the brother, I can't defend Tariq's behavior in this case because his feud with Tone is totally unnecessary. If I may offer ANY kind of defense, I would say that Tariq's criticism of #ADOS leadership is coming from a strategic point of view where he felt.....as Neely Fuller Jr teaches...that once you label yourself an organization with leaders (Tone and Yvette) you are now targeted by the establishment therefore they should remain low key.......but HE'S not following his own advise by jumping off the FBA movement, lol. Troy What is the agenda white are using Blacklivesmatter and yvette to promote? Institutionalizing homophilia as part of AfroAmerican culture. I'm not sure if Yvette Carnell is actually being used by the establishment but she is an open lesbian with a Caucasian girlfriend so I don't think she's the best person to promote "traditonal" AfroAmerican values or promote ADOS culture. However BLM was established to aggressively promote homophilia in the AfroAmerican community on the street level by incorporating local activists into the movement and forcing them to agree with the "gay agenda" for funding.
  24. Kareem Is it possible that a relatively healthy 20 something year old woman could have a heart attack from losing a family member? I suppose it IS in the realm of possiblity. However we have people from the Middle East, inner city ghettos, and war zones all around the world where people have seen their entire families slaughtered....not just on tape.....but INFRONT of them and as distressing as it is most of them don't die of heart attacks. But perhaps as you said she decided to leave this world on her own terms (bordering on suicide?) OR perhaps her father felt her grief and pulled her out of here. What you said was very philosophical in that I've often considered whether this world of Caucasian domination (I'm trying to move away from the term "white supremacy") we were born into was meant to be a challenge to "go through" or one for us to "overcome" and defeat.
  25. I strongly suggest sitting out the election. I felt exactly the way you do, and expressed as much on this forum. Someone here changed my mind. I held my nose and voted for Hillary. You objectively would have been better that 45 and maybe. Better than the last 5 presidents -- including her genius degenerate husband. Also white folks control guns and ammo, don't count on arming ourselves to fight off the U.S. military.
  26. #BlackLivesMatter is a black LGBT group. The brother Darren Seals was on the front line of Ferguson before he was "mysteriously murdered." He reported straight up how all these homophile, well-funded niggas showed up in St. Louis/Ferguson, and usurped the movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGFLqjqe-fA #BLM BlackLivesMatter the organization(s) exist for the white liberal agenda (LGBT). I don't think Yvette specifically is promoting a white agenda. I think all of them (Yvette, Tone, Tariq) are reacting to that New York Times article from a few days ago about ADOS and who gets credit for being leaders of it and founding it. I was saying this current feud is across-the-board nigga shit caused by white media. Frankly I don't know much about Yvette or Tone. I do know what they encourage black people to vote for Democrats; thus they are partisan. Partisan means white agenda to me.
  27. What is the agenda white are using Blacklivesmatter and yvette to promote? Yes @Pioneer1 I do relate more to King than I due to Tyson. But I have things in common with Tyson, and differences with King. As fars as the Black "masses" you might be right but I don't know.
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