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  2. To vote for someone who's jailed reads like a wasted vote. Might as well write-in someone else or not vote at all. The Inflation Bill will help lower prescription medication costs and force corporations to pay higher taxes. Don't feel sorry for and/or worry too much about corporate CEOs. They will still get big bonus checks every year.
  3. Well I read it... this newsletter, that is. I think I will read Sankofa University. I have been long interested in Afrocentric approaches to history, as I share the awareness that black history has been occluded, to put it mildly. I'm educated as an anthropologist and have tried to understand Africa on its own terms, not through the "Heart of Darkness" lens. My area of concentration has been more in America, studying indigenous people and current populations in USA and Mesoamerica. I jump right into the argument over the Olmecs. I don't think ANYONE from outside was in Mexico influencing them or other civilizations there. No blacks, no whites. I do accept, based on obvious facts, that Egyptian civilization was created by black people. Anyway... thanks for the lead to that book. I'm retired and out of the loop and am not always in contact with much of anything out there...
  4. I was a teenager when Star Trek came on the air. I had been since age 9 very pro-civil rights, after an epiphany at age 9 when we visited Virginia and I first saw Jim Crow segregation... well that's another story. Some racist VA cracker turned me into a supporter of the movement very quickly when in his anger he revealed to me the real face of racism. It was scary and evil, like looking into the face of a devil. Anyway... so when I saw Lt. Uhura on TV I was very glad. She was supercool. She was black. The only bigotry on that show was that Dr. McCoy didn't like Vulcans! Star Trek has been a force for good. Remember the episode in the original series with the people from a planet where they were black on one side and white on the other, but they hated each other based on which side was white and which black. A very obvious message that RACISM is stupid. What Nichelle Nichols did regarding NASA was brilliant. Really I love all those actors. Shatner is cool. George Takei, I love when he sounds off. Ms. Nichols did indeed "boldly go", fighting for a better future. I know where she is now, she is also good and courageous.
  5. Well shucks I'm new and didn't want to start cluttering up the place but so few are posting... I have a friend who's a black philosopher, professor at a State U, organizer for BLM, etc., and I'm passing this forum's URL to him and hope that he'll spread the word. He knows a lot of the "right people". I'm not even black and so not inclined to start spewing all my opinions as you don't need some white radical jumping in trying to dominate the conversation. But damn. somebody has to talk! My vote is BAN trolls who post all this anti-black crap. It serves no purpose. We've all seen all this racism before and don't need to keep on seeing it. That's my opinion.
  6. It's unfortunate that the Florida teacher chose to resign instead of stand and fight. The Sunshine State is a an appropriate nickname only due to the weather. That whack a mole azz governor is running Fiorida like a can of mixed nuts.
  7. "The forum is under constant attract by trolls they are not extended invitations as some might believe. Most of the accounts that are created here are banned after they are created. I'm sure I've banned legitimate posters, but I find it is better be overly cautious rather than too lax. I don't remember when I approved your account @Michel Montvert, but most of the accounts I do approve never post." You just approved my account in the last 2 days. Yes what you're saying about the internet---sad but true. Oh I'm no troll. I'm just an old guy frustrated with the way the world is going looking for intelligent discourse. You are fighting an uphill battle, I say that not to discourage you but to say HOORAY for you for putting in all this effort. In my experience, ANY forum or chatroom labelled as "African-American" will attract Kluxers and other assorted racist scum. A Jewish forum attracts Nazis. Native American forums are crawling with white racists. It's sickening. This is not a Golden Age of civilization. sadly...
  8. Michael James, the Florida teacher who resigned, had taught Special Education students for 15 years. This school year, he was slated to teach a small class of six grade school students who are autistic. According to the Autism Society of the U.S., about 11% of Special Education pupils in the U.S. are autistic. Under the law, they are entitled to a free public school education, the society said. It was supposed to be James' first year teaching in Florida and he spent $58 of his own money to decorate his classroom. He simply wanted his young students to see themselves in photos of heroes such as Dr. King, Secretary Colin Powell, Harriet Tubman, Barack Obama and others. Other than a People magazine story that said his students were going to range in ages from kindergarten to fifth grade, I don't see why anyone would object to these photos unless one thinks the thought of young children glancing at real Black heroes in a classroom setting would be a thing of horror. Fla. Teacher Resigns After School District Removes His 'Age Inappropriate' Images of Historic Black Americans It is a terrible shame, because Mr. James seems a committed and dedicated educator and we need more of those. By the way, Sunshine State Gov. Ron DeSantis has a reputation for opposing any mention of African American heroes in education. He seems to also support White Supremacists, according to this story: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/lawmakers-jewish-groups-call-florida-211029766.html
  9. @Michel Montvert A lot of people (including many die-hard Leftists), do not believe Trump will be imprisoned. I am not a Progressive or a Socialist. In fact, I blame Bernie for 12% of his supporters voting for Trump in 2016,according to Vox. What is happening to this government these days is unprecedented. No one ever thought a POTUS would spirit away highly classified documents, some clearly marked 'Top Secret.' But Trump did and the worry now is who actually packed up these documents, who walked around Mar a Lago and who took a look at them. Trump was known for bragging. He once ordered a bombing raid on Syria to show off his power to Chinese President Xi Jinping while scarfing down a chocolate cake for dessert. ( https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/trump-brags-beautiful-chocolate-cake-served-during-attack-164541399.html ) We know at least two Chinese women who were caught with spying equipment at Mar a Largo. ( https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chinese-national-arrested-for-allegedly-illegally-entering-mar-a-lago/ ) So, who knows what will happen.? My feeling is Trump won't be see the inside of a real prison cell unless he visits. Trump fans still have their hearts set of imprisoning Secretary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.
  10. This country does not need someone who admitted that for years he's suffered from multiple personalities. We need leaders who are stable.
  11. @daniellegfny That's what excites you? The belief that Trump is incredibly intelligent and he is going to bring you riches? How soon we forget his nasal monotone and the rank idiocy on display during his stream of consciousness speeches. You can try to dismantle the FBI. But I'm under the belief the agency will survive your cries of it being corrupt. More proof from the writer who supposedly never provides any: Been condenscended yet? https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/davidmack/dumb-trump-moments
  12. @Troy I have tactics. I am troll, remember? I write with Authority and that ticks off people who think deep down inside anything they post must be true and never opposed. I tire of engaging folks who are dead set on supporting the racist GOP agenda. Here is a link (from a fellow accused of never offering any) with the supposed offense in the headline: https://people.com/politics/florida-teacher-resigns-after-school-district-removes-posters-historic-black-americans/ I imagine this is the start of a month-long dispute over semantics.
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  14. Folks are threatening FBI agents out of fealty to the former POTUS and he hasn't said anything to denounce their actions. He can't even pretend to be a statesman.
  15. Yes! i sent you a private message here after i got out. You be so stealthy that the only way i could reach you check your messages and let me know it you see what i wrote
  16. Black people and the homeless define the bottom. If you get the chance read the book Faces at the Bottom of the Well. - Derrick Bell
  17. Don't worry the jokes will keep coming, just consider the salty sauce (it's not a typographical error, (say it slowly)).
  18. If Found guilty on all allegations.....House Arrest or Suspended Sentence or some type of Probation. Imprisonment I would be surprised....In any case The first Republican to win the Presidency would Pardon him of all Charges. I remember him chanting "Lock her Up" ....the Gods can be so humorous - in the end she wasn't lock up.
  19. @Delano, sometimes the comments that come out that guy's keyboard kill me Most people who visit these forums lurk (read but, don't post). The forum is under constant attract by trolls they are not extended invitations as some might believe. Most of the accounts that are created here are banned after they are created. I'm sure I've banned legitimate posters, but I find it is better be overly cautious rather than too lax. I don't remember when I approved your account @Michel Montvert, but most of the accounts I do approve never post. This has been my observations as well, but that is not to say that there is not much more potential. These forums were superior 10 to 15 years ago, but again social media has sucked all the air out of the room. My competition is not from other forums, but from social media, when has tremendous advantages. Perhaps that will change. I believe it will people thought email was dead too, but today it is one of the most effective way to get your message out readers. No Microsoft and Google can decide to push my messages into the spam folder and make email less effective. This is the power of monopoly. This is why 90% of websites can't get traffic from google search and why 2/3 of searches on Google never led to a website. This is why most people who are looking to buy something on the web start with Amazon. All discussion forums have to content with these obstacles. So to everyone, if you find any value here YOU have to help spread the word. We are our best and, in many cases only, advocates And I'm talking about any indie website you think is valuable.
  20. This forum already is head and shoulders above most of them. I mean... reading groups? Too good to be true! 2 big problems with forums: 1. they're oriented to an ideology and won't tolerate dissidence, and so are sounding boards. This is usually in evidence on the Right, of course. I've been banned from such places simply for offering a different point of view. 2. disruptor trolls have become a tactic for the Right. Many of them are Russian (I get my posts deleted in many places for mentioning this. I was accused of "hate speech" against Russians!). In addition to the St. Petersburg crowd, there are a lot of rightwing Trumpoid trolls who cruise tirelessly. Well, this forum has a defined topic and purpose and so #1 is avoided. As for the disruptors, the key is simply to weed them out, and quickly. I'll engage a rightwinger in reasoned conversation about politics, but engaging the flame warriors is pointless. Well I just got here and should shut up and listen for a while.
  21. This is a tactic of yours Stefan that I find frustrating. Who said anything about Tubman and figures -- ones highlighted on THIS SITE as in appropriate? I asked if you read the article you posted. While it might seem obvious since you posted it, I only questioned this based upon the conclusions you've drawn. The word republican wasn't even used in the article and age inappropriate was not attributed to any school official. The guy who used it wasn't even sure. Somehow you've managed to use this article as proof the republican party is white washing Black history. Look, white folks can not erase our history unless we allow them to do it. There are plenty of sources that celebrate our history and most of it will not be found via a Google search. Rather than uplifting an article that was clearly crafted to deceive and sow controversy in an effort to attract eye balls for ads revenue, can't you find any Black sites that highlight, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Colin Powell, George Washington Carver, and President Barack Obama? We can choose to uplift the content of media that could care less about us, that create boogie men out of thin air, or we can uplift the platforms that celebrate our stories, history and culture.
  22. Thank you, Troy. OMG this forum is intelligent! Nearly all of the ones I find are just flame-war battlegrounds. I think it has always been true in the USA that African-Americans are in the forefront of the fight for justice which benefits all of us (I'm an Appalachian white). That was certainly true in the 60s (which I'm old enough to remember) and it's still true. So I'm happy to march with you, or engage in whatever form the struggle takes that I can manage at my age. We have a big battle impending, the possibility of that Orange Megalomaniac returning to power which in my opinion pushes us into full fascism. They'll be coming after black people, gays, progressives, immigrants, Muslims... oh hell and even women! This forum provides a very positive contribution to the struggle against that! Thanks!
  23. White have been bitching about this since the days of affirmative action...this is a tired notion expressed by white men who feel they are not getting their due. The white man's ice has been colder for a long time and until it is not we will be in this predicament. The reality is in many cases the white mans ice is colder, so we have to be very intentional about investing in Black business, for example, and give them an opportunity to develop and be on par with white businesses. We will never be free to lead until we have economic freedom. No one will hand Black people this we have to do this for ourselves. The Willie Lynch Letter has been thoroughly debunked, but the "syndrome" may be real. Hey if I overlook the milestone, Have a Very happy Birthday Cynique. I remember correcting be for referring to you as an octogenarian, and now you are a year shy of being beyond that Hummm....Have you looked at where Black people choose to spend and invest their money? Or even where they spend their time online? I think you many arrive at a different conclusion. Now I'm not talking about us... Anyone posting here could be spending their time on facebook or instagram. I'm talking about the Black folks you don't even consider visiting and engaging with a Black site.
  24. I just posted a link to an Intelligence Squared debate on the question, "Should Trump be Indicted." A panel of smart and informed people debate the proposition. Knowing y'all I doubt anyone will change their position, but that is the goal of the debaters -- to convince you to come over to their side. @Michel Montvert welcome to the forums
  25. I have attended several of the debates hosted by Intelligence Squared in person and watched many more live. I have not listened to this one yet. Generally, they are quite informative. Attendees are asked to pick a side on the proposition, in this case, Should Trump Be Indicted? You can for, against, or undecdided. The winner of the debate is the team that has converted the most number of people to their side For or Against. Again, I think Trump should, like anyone else, be indicted. He has lived a charmed life free of adverse consequences of the consequences of his bad behavior -- indeed has been rewarded for it! It is not his fault; Trump is the beneficiary of white male privilege and a culture that is becoming increasingly base. The prospect of him actually going to jail seems slim to me. Fear of reprisals from the public, or making Trump a martyr, are poor excuses not to indict the man and jail him upon conviction. Sunday, August 14, 2022 Here’s what we have in store this week: A new debate about the effects of indicting Trump A closer look at the Jan 6. hearings effect on voter support Your Sunday reading list For ex-President Donald Trump, it's certainly been a week. Federal agents raided his Mar-a-Lago home. Then, the green light was given to a fraud and tax evasion case against his organization. Meanwhile, he's also staring down potential criminal charges as part of an investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election. That is the focus of today's debate: Should Trump Be Indicted? Those in favor argue that no one is above the law. More than enough evidence has been unearthed, they say, to convict. Others warn that indicting a former president — and one who is still popular among his base and likely to campaign — will unleash a dangerous new era in American politics. It's an important debate. So we had it. Arguing "Yes," is Barbara Comstock, a former representative from Virginia's 10th congressional district. Arguing "No," is Tom Ginsburg, professor of political science at the University of Chicago. John Donvan moderates. As always, let us know what you think. ----- P.S. - Sign up here for insights on weekly debates. To spark a conversation with a friend, share this newsletter. You can always reach us at info@iq2us.org with ideas and feedback. Debating the Data Former President Donald Trump still has strong support amongst his base. Learn more here. POINT/COUNTERPOINT Should Trump Be Indicted? YES: “I don’t think he should be above the law. … It’s just pure legal accountability. And I think Merrick Garland is on the right path here, that he has to be legally accountable in the same way as any other citizen.” Learn More Barbara Comstock Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates NO: “Donald Trump still has, despite everything, a tremendous amount of political support … and that’s one reason I’m specifically worried about trying him in because I do think he’s a person who thrives on negative media attention, and, you know, might breathe new life into him.” Learn More Tom Ginsburg Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates IQ2 Alumni Point of View The real cruelty of Biden's open border policy – it hurts low-income Americans Batya Ungar-Sargon | August 10, 2022 The New York Post Watch Batya's debate on The New York Times A healthy economy needs risk, loss, and failure Allison Schrager | August 5, 2022 Advisor Perspectives Watch Allison's debate on distributing the wealth Time for NATO to take the lead in Ukraine Alina Polyakova (and Ilya Timtchenko) | August 4, 2022 Foreign Affairs Watch Alina's debate on automation and democracy Ep. 367 w/ Rep Peter Meijer 'The Almost Exit Interview' Kmele Foster (Matt Welch & Michael Moynihan) | August 4, 2022 The Fifth Column Watch Kmele's debate on cancel culture
  26. In general, Black women and Black men work towards freedom together. Statistics (numbers) and Labels (reporting agencies like HHR, CDC, Census et al) have data to support our unified movement. However. our “feelings” tell a different story. Feelings make people behave contrary to the own well-being. Consider some men who “feel” inadequate and leave or hurt their families Just recently, a Black women, mother of six was murdered by her children’s father Raymond Thompson. He told Philadelphia authorities he believed she was cheating on him. He allowed his emotions to cloud his mind and stabbed her more than 18 times while she sat in the car with him. She had a restraining order against him but her family said she wanted to continue building a home with him and their six daughters. I just added the father’s name because she wasn’t the only mother of 6 in Philly murdered recently. Sadly, reporting agencies ( Justice Department / CDC), also state, per capita, Black women are more likely to be killed by their Black spouses/ partners than any other ethnic group. Whereas intimate partner murders rank 1 - 1.4 out of 100,000 for other groups, Black and First Nation women rank 4.4 - 4.3 per 100,000, respectively. Also noted. possibly by surviving family members, Black women rarely report domestic violence most likely to keep Black men out of the prison system. So, no matter how we “feel” about unity between Black women and men, the numbers show Black women are “ride and/or die” when it comes to Black men.
  27. @Troy how come you didn't think of doing this?
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