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  2. @Cynique probably wrote that because "Classical" liberals, do not call for less laws and rules, that a libertarian and conservative position. Words have meaning. That is not true, I believe in conspiracies, as many are documented. I just don't believe in most of the "conspiracy theories" you tout, as they are generally baseless fiction you created in your mind. Now you say violent crime has "skyrocketed across the nation." I'm not sure what you mean by "sky rocketed." Perhaps you can share an example of a national statistic that warrants such a claim.
  3. The GOP will distance itself from the grip of the former POTUS and return to its more conservative values which isn't necessarily a good thing depending on one's social status.
  4. Sure. The Georgia senate race was close in November too. My point is considering the weakness of the GOP candidate, the race should have never been close at all. Warnock should have won by a landslide the 1st time. There is something to be said for the fact that a totally unqualified candidate in Mumble-Mouth Walker won 49% of the vote in the state of Georgia. Nevermind that he lives in Texas. If the mentality and motivation of 49% of the Georgia voters is truly indicative of what they think and believe and where they stand, this country has bigger problems. As it relates to Teflon Don and getting a lawsuit to stick, I'll believe when I see/hear it. IOW, i don't think the criminal tax fraud, conspiracy and falsifying records indictment against the Trump organization will adversely affect him.
  5. i don't see why Stacey Abrams' numbers are being used as a metric of any kind in the runoff race. She was not running for Senate. But, to play the game, look no further than Gov. Kemp's margin of victory compared to Mumble-Mouth Walker's performance and it's clear that the GOP knew he was a weak and flawed candidate. The GOP was playing with house money in having a black candidate in Walker opposed the Democrat Warnock. If Mumble-Mouth Walker had managed to win the senate seat, the GOP leadership would have dealt with the windfall accordingly. They would have propped puppet Walker up in Washington and told him what to do. Thankfully, that did not come to pass. Of course, neither the GOP nor their media treated mumble-mouth Walker with respect. He was thrust upon them by Orange Julius the former POTUS. Now that the GOP knows they can win seats without bowing down to 45, they will start distancing themselves from him.
  6. Stop twisting words. Freedom is what real people seek and strive for. Walker did incredibly well. I am not disappointed in his performance. There’s other aspects of the party that needs to be addressed. An independent confirmation of my analysis
  7. At first impression I was discouraged by Warnock’s defeat of Walker. I then started to do the post election analysis. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Walker did despite the negative press coverage and financial deficit. To people who criticize Herschel’s speaking ability I would point out he speaks better than Mitch McConnell. Stacey Abrams lost by an almost 2 to 1 margin. Herschel’s difference was by about 7 percent. So what does this all mean? It means that the Ga Gop didn’t put their full support behind Walker. The National GOP was also deficient. I would also add that Conservative media did not treat Herschel with respect. More to come.
  8. Biden's ideas have prevailed. You were always a turncoat, Daniellegfny.
  9. @ProfD It was close the last time, too. These are projected results. I am certain in all-White counties, some votes were counted towards the former running back that should not have been. I am giddy because I know some of the silliest Black turncoats, truth deniers and sellouts are crying right now. I got tissues.
  10. Georgia has responded in sending senator Warnock back to DC. The race was closer than it should have been but a win is all that matters.
  11. @Pioneer1 Trump has Sellouts by the truckload. I said previously that the dude is a clown.
  12. @Pioneer1 Oh, go easy on 'da boy. His lovin' crush, Werewolf Walker, lost his election tonight. Some people simply do not understand global politics, international relations or how to conduct Matters of State. That seems to be the case with many Republicans these days. Especially the ones who have dark skin and go running off in search of a massa butt they can lick. When it comes to Britney, she will either serve most of her prison term or be released secretly without fanfare.
  13. The Democrats now have a two-member edge in the Senate, leveling another Donald Trump toady. Hee hee hee! Now, name some great judges, President Biden. You are the THIRD Democratic President who reduced the budget deficit. You will go down in history as a tough POTUS, willing to stand up the nastiness of the Republithugs and the craziness of the defenders of the BIg Lie. Rev. Raphael Warnock put the finishing touches on the mythical bullchit that Donald Trump is super unbeatable when it comes to politics and a business genius. Trump's entire company was convicted of fraud. Trump Org. was found guilty of criminal tax fraud, conspiracy and falsifying records. Trump is a clown. I said so a couple of weeks ago. Believe it.
  14. I watched it, they approached it as if true, without trying to special effects it to death... I like it. It isn't at the special effects level that many audiences want/need/expect/desire when it comes to video game films, but I like the approach Ryu and ken
  15. Your thoughts? Of live action fighting game films, do you have any thoughts?
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  17. I have not played in video games since Guitar Hero first came out (purchased for my kids). I have never played any games where you could see the faces of the characters... Like the good professor wrote, as an artist you have the license to do what you want within the bounds of your talent. That said, why not a shaolin monk? Maybe he was down with Wu Tang
  18. Anything is possible but some aspect of our identity is bound to be influenced by the community especially in which formative years are spent. Over time, some people mature into an identity that may be less reflective of the community in which they were raised and/or spent a majority of time or belong. Environmental factors play a huge role in human development and identity too.
  19. Is it possible to develop your identity without being influenced by community?
  20. An artist has the creative freedom to produce art according to their vision, talent, knowledge, skills and abilities. Whatever that art looks like is clearly up to the artist. No consultation or consensus required. The real questions are 1) who is the target audience and 2) what should they see and feel when playing the game.
  21. Hi everyone. I am currently studying Concept Art for games and I would really like an open discussion on the topic of representation of race and cultures in games. As an artist I feel it is my duty to create interesting characters of all races and cultures but I feel ,although getting better, feel this lacks in the gaming industry. So here's a question to start the topic. I'm currently working on a Monk based character specifically shaolin monk. I want to make the character Asian. Is this racial stereotyping? I wanted to honour and represent the monk character correctly, but where do I draw the line between racial stereotyping and honouring a cultures heritage? If I was to create the monk character with a different race would that be disrespectful? Feel free to add any thoughts about the title of this topic. I'd really like a fruitful conversation on this topic as I plan to write a paper on this.
  22. I don't worship anyone. I acknowledge people that transcend their field. The two MacArthur genius grant winners that I met were both Black women. I also suggested another Black female author who's father started one of the Black owned newspapers in New York City. In a debate years back a question was posted by Mel. Has a Black Man ever helped women. I had an answer to that question. He can only conceive what he has experienced. Your concept of what it means to be black limits your thinking. You feel that certain fields like mathematics and philosophy are the sole domain of White men. Here's another one you selectively have forgotten. Pyramids only exist in countries of brown people. The pyramids in Guatemala are orientated to the Spring Equinox. Whereas the the ones in Egypt mark the Summer Solstice. Which is when Sirius rises the Nile floods. Spin this however your conspiratorial brain chooses to conflate fact and fantasy.
  23. Frankster Engineering is logics design physics and maths primarily. True. However you're focusing on the ENGINEERING end of the roundabouts. I'm also including the SOCIETAL end, and the different types of people who have to navigate them. Americans typically have older less well maintained cars than those in Sweden. Americans typically have less PATIENCE when it comes to driving than the people of Sweden because there is more social pressures. This too also must be factored in when trying to reconcile social ideas brought over from Sweden to the U.S. Also, Sweden has Universal Health care and other social safety nets......thanks to the U.S. military protecting them. This factor would surely entice many Swedes to take more risks when it comes to their health and safety than the average American who is a few paychecks away from being homeless. Are they Deviations or Variations? Good question. I would go with "deviation" because both blonde hair AND blue eyes results of RECESSIVE genetics. They are inherently weaker, therefore there is little value in adding those traits to the "variety" pack of humanity. If it is a mutation as a result of adaptation to a specific environment then I do not think it is a Deviation. Where on this planet do you NEED blonde hair or blue eyes to adapt? I can think of a few places where DARK skin and KINKY hair would be ideal traits to have, but in what environment would blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, or any other weak/recessive physical trait make it easier for one to live???
  24. Engineering is logics design physics and maths primarily. Vision Zero is an attempt to use Civil Engineering to negate human error.....it is not a social fix, Okay. Yes I have heard the same. Are they Deviations or Variations? If it is a mutation as a result of adaptation to a specific environment then I do not think it is a Deviation. Variations is common in Species...it is a survival mechanism
  25. Last week
  26. Frankster We are Temporal Beings physically - temporary/transitory....God is Timeless - Eternal Man is a becoming "Being". We are Evolving in our understanding of God Our PHYSICAL BODIES are temporary. Our SOULS are eternal. I agree that we are evolving in our understanding of God, though. How do you know that Evolution is not Part of God's Idea of Perfection? I don't. It could be. God is perfection our interpretation of God is Imperfect Absolutely Perfection in some sense means Completion...We are not complete. I agree. However like I said, we are eternal. So we have forever to eventually get it "right"!
  27. Troy @Pioneer1 cavalierly drew a causal relationship between roundabouts and an increase in traffic fatalities and said it this is proof that was a deliberate scheme for white people to get rich. Ok, now that assertion actually IS more in line with my suspicions than the previous assertion you tried to pin on me about roundabouts being conceived to kill Black folks. I believe it IS designed to cause more accidents and make more money for the White folks who will benefit from them. Why does he think you worship white men, or any man for matter? His current and previous behavior on this forum. When he posts videos from people he admires and feels has something worthwhile to listen to, it's almost always some goofy looking White man (or woman) inclined to be seen as the intellectual type. Never any Black people. .....and then the "German engineering" remark made above. Are Germans supposed to be superior to other humans when it comes to engineering and technology? I've heard a lot of White folks say so. Frankster That's like saying the rule of Maths operates differently in Sweden and the US No it's not because math operates on LOGIC. Culture and cultural norms and how societies operate don't. Not necessarily atleast. Just because a social system or even an operation works well in Sweden, doesn't mean it will in the U.S. simply because our society is different and the temperment is different. Not to mention the work schedules and daily activities of the citizens. Where is the Aryan Propaganda? Well, we can start with Delano's comment suggesting that German engineering is superior. And the general notion in the United States that Sweden and Norway are simply "better" societies than the United States with the underlying assumption that they are so because of the belief that those nations overwhelmingly made up of blonde haired blue eyed "Aryan" people who are somehow superior and thus form a superior society. This belief is very pervasive through out the U.S., not only among Whites but among a lot of non-Whites including AfroAmericans. How so? Blonde hair and blue eyes are genetic deviations. Those are traits that shouldn't be worshiped or seen as badges of beauty and superiority...but as genetic mutations to be avoided.
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