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  2. Dan However we see earlier we see eye for eye. Jesus didn't preach "eye for eye". He said TURN THE OTHER CHEEK and PUT AWAY THE SWORD. The words are as clear as day. Now it's your choice if you want to live by them or think the advice is realistic or not....but you can't twist them. You can't tell us that we're not reading what is written in PLAIN ENGLISH. And he has given Genocide orders. Show me the scriptures where Jesus ordered genocide?
  3. He left that scene so fast I still remember the little kid that was playing and bouncing around in the car rolled off the seat!
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  5. Chev Oh I hate to say it but, I suffer from paranoia when it comes to this strange pandemic, but I'm okay. I don't blame you. It's common sense. I wear masks when I go out and I'm very careful about who I go around and who I let near me....especially Caucasians. I had to drive a few of them away. I was driving down the street not too long ago and we were at a traffic stop and the car in front of me PARKED. A goofy looking Caucasian without a mask on got out of the car leaving the door open with a little kid bouncing around still inside the car. He walks over to my window
  6. Troy That's not my quote. I wouldn't have made that statement anyway because I disagee with it.
  7. I wonder what else Elijah Wood thinks makes a man?
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  9. Thank you! @Pioneer1 Thank you! @Delano Oh I hate to say it but, I suffer from paranoia when it comes to this strange pandemic, but I'm okay.
  10. Oh Gosh! I cannot express in words right now how much I agree with you! @Liber8ion
  11. Provide your scriptural reference. In the first case he was dealing with the concept of forgiveness. However we see earlier we see eye for eye. And he has given Genocide orders.
  12. However............. According to the Bible he DID say: 1. If someone strikes you turn the other cheek....as opposed to hitting them back. 2. Put away your sword, for those who live by the sword will die by the sword The Jesus of the Bible was DEFINATELY against war, violence, and the military....despite how racist gun-toting conservatives like to twist it. Caucasians are hypocrites and they teach those who follow them to be hypocrites as well.
  13. My excuse is I don’t have the time to do the research. I can see how it would be a great marketing tool.
  14. I believe there are many efforts to record these narratives. I think the biggest problem is the lack of adequate marketing.
  15. It’s really coming together. Here are a few pictures from the upcoming release Mommy Be So Mean She Takes My Money: Clarence the Cabbie Confidential. You can see more here http://daniellegfny.com/index.php/2020/11/23/sneak-peek-at-mommy-be-so-mean-she-takes-my-money-illustrations/
  16. I think some of his theology reflects a major distortion in Black Christian thinking in some Churches. While Jesus said blessed are the peace makers, that wasn’t a indictment of the military. Scripture indicates he healed the son of a Roman Soldier.
  17. Oh hell............. Those first 3 cites are a SCAM brother. When they talk about "investments" into Black neighborhoods, it's VAGUE and AMBIGOUS talk like that the raises my antenna. If most of the businesses in so-called "Black" neighborhoods are not owned by Black people then who are getting these "investments"? If most of the housing and land in so-called "Black" neighborhoods are not owned by Black people then who are getting these "investments"? And how many Black neighborhoods even EXIST anymore. Most of them are a MIX between Blacks and Whites or Black and non-Black Lat
  18. Hey bro...... Do you want to know a sad truth? The sad truth is ONE of the reasons Europeans are so successful in coming to African communities and speaking on African affairs is because Africans tend to TRUST THEM and seek to IMPRESS THEM and give them all of the information they want....while they too often DISTRUST and DESPISE eachother over ethnic and religious differences. Often times the ONLY person who can mediate and serve as a liasion to get into the nation and interview people and get the information is a White man from the outside! Like Rwanda. Neither s
  19. Just what the people need............ Another chitlin' and cornbread eating jack-leg preacher begging White authority to make him a HNIC to help keep the Negro Masses under control. ((shakes head))
  20. Hey Sis, glad to hear from you. I hope your computer was the ONLY one that had a virus!
  21. @Pioneer1 No. I was too busy with being a new mother. I've never been a serious TV addict, so there are probably more popular shows that I did not see especially during the 90s. BTW, I've been absent from this community for a little while because my computer had a virus and also some significant changes have occurred. So, I am super busy but hope to eventually pop in more and more to see the topics!
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  23. Pastor. Warnock. Of. Ebenezer. Baptist. Church. Where. Dr. King -Preached. Wants. To. Be. Senator. Pastor. Warnock. Speaks. Of -Washington. D. C. Corruption. Pastor. Warnock. Not. Talking. About-Black. Church. Corruption. Preachers. Murdering. Their. Wives,-Preachers. Raping. Children. ,Caught. With. Prostitutes ,-Preachers -Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. Money. Buying. Rich. Cars. And. Hones-Not. Caring. About. The. Poverty. In. Poor. Black-Communities. Preachers. Getting. Teenage. Girls. Pregnant. -Preachers. And. Politicians. Desire. Money. And. Control. As. They -Talk. God. Fearing..
  24. The. Homeless. They. Lay. In. Alleys And. By. The. Street. Wearing -Tattered. Clothes. And. Tattered. Shoes. On. Their. Feet. They. Once-Had. Jobs. And. Homes. . Now. For. Jobs. And. Shelter. The--Streets. They. Roam. People. Pass. Them. By. Again. And. Again.. Does. Anyone. Care. For. Those. In. This. Rich. Country's. Poverty -Chain ? Mothers. With. Children. ,Their. Pain. And. Misery. They -Cannot. Hide. Upon. The. Ground. The. Homeless. Lie. Corrupt-Politicians. ,Preachers. Money. ,Control. They. Desire. Not. Caring-About. Those. In. Poverty. ,As. Poverty. Homelessness. Remain....-Doe
  25. For once in my life, I can offer the news that a city in NC has put forth a REPARATIONS package for the black residents of Asheville. It is hoped that what happens in Asheville will become a model for the rest of the nation. The city council voted unanimously to issue an apology for slavery and promised to pour money into investments into the black neighborhoods. No money will be paid out to individuals, but a newly formed Commission was formed so that the money could be allocated accordingly. Two other cites, Providence, Rhode Island, and Richmond VA have followed the
  26. Imagine if I wrote an article about the Yellow Vest protestors in France and I quoted a professor from Kenya in the write up. Imagine if I was an anchor of a newscast and I had a segment about the conflict in Catalonia only to welcome an expert from Cameroon to present his views on that topic. Imagine if I hosted a TV show that covered the history of Irish people and I invited an analyst from Zimbabwe to offer insights on Ireland. I know there are some who chuckled at the thought of these things; a reaction wrought by the caste system of race that has conditioned us to place value
  27. I am looking for book of Miles´s Davis paintings called Miles Davis : collected artworks , written by Steve Gutterman. Does Anyone know where can i order it
  28. IngramSpark is a source that Bookstores use to order books. Many of the indie book stores will carry your book for a fee and on consignment. You seem to have wound up here like I did looking for a list of Black Book stores and distributors. Is that the case? @Lisa Washington
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