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  2. Chevdove

    I'm Changing...........

    @Pioneer1 The color blood red is a dark shade of the color red meant to resemble the color of human blood (which is composed of oxygenated red erythrocytes, white leukocytes, and yellow blood plasma).[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_red Human blood is red in color, ranging from bright red when oxygenated to a very dark, almost blackish-red when deoxygenated.[3] It owes its color to haemoglobin, to which oxygen binds. Deoxygenated blood is darker due to the difference in color between deoxyhaemoglobin and oxyhaemoglobin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venous_blood Again, your sources are attempting to extract the BLACK PRESENCE. LOL. White people existed in the Middle East and for thousands of years, and they like all humans can range from having a red tone to white.
  3. Chevdove

    I'm Changing...........

    @Pioneer1 Geez, your source is only from the same source! No where else. This is not in any other context. The word 'dam' is not in anything relating to scientific classification. http://hebrew.jerusalemprayerteam.org/blood/ This is the JERUSALEM PRAYER TEAM.org FOR THE WORD 'ADAM'. the Hebrew (strong's concordance) This is all based on that source and you are excluding your other reference in the word 'RUDDY'. This again, is being extracted, the 'RED' that your sources are based on is that they are extracting from even the word RUDDY!!! I accept your references but again, your source is extracting the scientific complete definition of RED in association to KEMET. [1] So let me just ask you this: You don't believe that Black people have 'red blood'? [2] That Kemet ancient script excluded the definition of 'BLOOD' being scientifically defined? [3] do you not realize too, that the very term 'BLOOD' also, in and of itself defines A RED-BLACK COLOR!? LOL @Pioneer1 BLOOD is not 'red' BUT IT IS A BLACK-RED COLOR! lol Scientifically, your sources have extracted the full definition of the name of Adam in his association to being an original Black African-typed man. IF you believe thins, then why in the world would you use their book to define and believe in the word 'Adam'!? This makes no sense at all. You are contradicting yourself.
  4. Pioneer1

    I'm Changing...........

    Chev   'dam' does not mean BLOOD. And you say clearly, please show me this in context, because I've never seen this anywhere. I'm sorry to break the news to you sis but yes, "dam" DOES mean blood: http://hebrew.jerusalemprayerteam.org/blood/   https://biblehub.com/hebrew/1818.htm   http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/lexicon_dalet.html   And for further reference that Adam means "red"................... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adamah    "Flavius Josephus of the Antiquities of the Jews — Book I" http://penelope.uchicago.edu/josephus/ant-1.html So you can't say you've never seen it anymore, and no matter where you go you'll find that the Hebrew word "dam" means blood and "adam" means red or one that is red. I told you Adam was the first Caucasian (white man) and the Bible is the book of Caucasian origins. You can learn the easy way or the hard way but you WILL learn.     This is crazy. There are many White people and Europeans who live in the Middle East today. I didn't say their weren't. I said that when Caucasians in the Middle East are exposed to that much sun light and heat they turn RED. Which is why the ancients described them as RED people instead of "White", but they are the same people. Adam and Eve is a myth that symbolizes the first White people who were driven out of the "garden" or Black civilization.
  5. Please keep in mind, the forum is open - post what you think about our selected reads - the questions are only suggestions, not required guide lines - we want read your thoughts 🙂
  6. Chevdove

    I'm Changing...........

    @Pioneer1 'dam' does not mean BLOOD. And you say clearly, please show me this in context, because I've never seen this anywhere. @Pioneer1 I provided references that are scienced based. The map you show are of EDOM, not JACOB. The reference about 'Edom' [ie Esau] is specific in that he was both RED and HAIRY. The word RUDDY was not at all used! His twin brother Jacob was not described at all to be neither red or ruddy. The term RUDDY was used to describe David who existed hundreds of years after Esau. This is crazy. There are many White people and Europeans who live in the Middle East today.
  7. Valjeanne Jeffers

    Amber and the Hidden City Kickstarter

    One of my favorite read!
  8. Valjeanne Jeffers

    The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology

    Brother @Milton Davis proud contributor right here!
  9. Pioneer1

    Supreme Conflict

    Troy Dude MOST of the people in the United States are white. White people are the suffering from the wealth inequality more than Black people are -- based upon sheer numbers. How does that square with your belief that wealth inequality is based upon race alone? 1. Most poor Whites are poor by CHOICE. No one is holding them back. 2. It's NOT my belief that wealth inequality is based on race alone. There are many factors, race is but one. I read your explanation, but it does not explain your reasoning. But don't worry about it. Saying sexism follows from racism can not be rationalized no matter how you twist words and logic. Translation: "I'm not going to accept some ridiculous belief that sexism was introduced to the world through racism simply because some nicca on the internet is saying it no matter HOW rational and articulate his argument may sound. I'll only accept it if some credible WHITE FOLK wearing glasses and sitting in chairs with their legs crossed legitimize it first!" ....lol.
  10. Chevdove

    OCCULTATION of 2018

    @Troy OCCULTATION would be a very broad subject and I only understand a small part, that is why I try to stick with the science links. And although the science and educational world seems to downplay this subject, I think that this is wrong, and I feel that the public should be made somewhat knowledgeable about some aspects of it, especially when it pertains to our planet and how certain occultations or eclipses can have a major impact. So, I will try to explain a little of what I have researched about this topic. #1—One important issue I think it a basic concept to understand is the nature of our earth’s SATELLITE [ie MOON]. Our moon has a gravitational aspect that when it is ‘FULL’ [ie FULL MOON] it causes HIGH TIDES. So think of the moon as a sort of like a MAGNET and it becomes strongest when it is full moon. This moon cycle around the earth though, it dependent on THE BIG BEAUTIFUL SUN. So in the day time, we can’t see the moon very well, but at night the sun shines on the moon and we can see it at night. #2-- Not all ‘stars’ are the same and some have unique properties. The earth ‘star’ is unique from it’s satellite ‘star’, the moon. The other planet ‘stats’ are also unique and etc. Some of these certain properties of ‘stars’ can affect other ‘stars’ especially when occultations occur, so let me first provide an example: When I was a 7th grade science teacher, I had several labs, one of which I had a group of my students sit in the middle of the classroom. I arranged a group of about five chairs in the middle of the room in a circle and these students sat facing outwards. And they were blindfolded. Then I turned the lights off and had the other students standing along the wall around the classroom. I had some stop watches that I passed out to some of the students standing along the walls. And I stood along the wall in one spot. Then I sprayed a perfume and told the students sitting in the middle of the classroom to raise their hands when they had smelled the scent. Then I sprayed another type of ‘mist’ and etc. My students loved this lab because it opened their minds up to so many aspects of the science world. And, I also related to them an amazing aspect of the solar system too, in how certain stars can have properties that do affect other stars when they pass by or become eclipsed. #3—Now, here is another idea to help understand a little more about the broad subject of occultations: If [1] you stand facing [2] one person and then [3] a third person walks behind you and stops so that person [1] cannot see the third person behind you, that would be ‘an eclipse. And what if the third person behind you has a flash light and you step closer to the first person? Then the first person in front of you still can’t see the third person behind you, but they might be able to see the flash light. THAT WOULD SORT OF LIKE AN APOGEE with regards to the third person being very far away. Now what if you step backwards until you were very close to the third person and, the first person facing you was the farthest away from the both of you? Then, you would be in PEROGEE to the third object. And also the flashlight would be drowned out because of you standing so close to the third person so that the first object could not see anything at all from the third person behind you. THAT WOULD BE SORT OF LIKE A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE path of TOTALITY. NO ENERGY and NO GRAVITATIONAL PULL is being emitted at all from the third object. But more importantly, the object behind you is NOT getting anything from the first object, which, if it were the sun, would be significant. Now what if the first person facing you has a brighter flashlight and you stood far away from it and closer to the third person? Then the light from the first person would not be able to get to the third object at all. What if the third person were much taller than you and do, the first person would be able to see part of the third person even though standing directly behind you? What if you stood closer to the first person, then the flashlight could possibly still shine enough to see a reflection of the third person ‘eclipsed’ behind you. So that would mean that if you stood ‘in perigee’, meaning far back and closer to the third object and you were larger and taller, then that would be ‘a more complete eclipse’ because you would block the first object’s light from getting to the third object at all. And finally, what if the third object was a basketball and at times it passed below your feet and circled you, and at times it passed around your head and circled you and, then at times it passed directly around you waist? #4-- CONCLUSION: I just offered several examples of how, in the science world, they have defined many different types of solar and lunar eclipses and there are different terminologies for them all. I also gave a description of the moon cycle and tried to show that our moon circles the earth on ‘a tilt’ of which causes moon phases. But when the moon is ‘eclipsed’, then it passed directly behind the earth, and whether or not it is close to the earth or far from the earth would be a distinct type of lunar eclipse. But when the moon passes in front of the earth on this tilt, then that would be simply ‘a NEW MOON’. However, when it passes directly between the earth and the sun, that would be A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. And here is another amazing aspect of occultations: ENERGY. When the sunlight is blocked during a total solar eclipse, the relationship of the stars is drastically affected, and then when the surge happens at the end of the eclipse, then the stars are also drastically affected and many times immediately causes earthquakes to occur, and hurricanes to form, plates in the earth to shift and so many other things to occur that may not be obvious right away. When the moon is totally eclipsed behind the earth, it still has properties but, a lot of that energy that is blocked will definitely affect the earth stability. So when this years’ total lunar eclipsed lasted that long, 3 to 4 hours, it definitely affected this planet! When the GREAT AMERICAN TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE crossed over America and lasted for so long, 3 hours, it definitely changed this planet. . . for ever!!!—But it may take hundreds of years before we really know just how much it affect the earth. A 3 hour total solar eclipse is insane! Then there are the planetary alignments . . . and certain planets that also align at times with our earth . . . that is another huge subject!
  11. Pioneer1

    White police Officer. Guilty.

    Glad to have you back Harry. Like Flava Flav used to say...... They tried to but a brother in the mix but they can't keep a Black man down.
  12. Pioneer1

    I'm Changing...........

    Just like the ancients called their land "Kemet" meaning BLACK land.....the ancients also called the land just north of Egypt where the Semitic tribes lived "Idumea" or "Edom" which meant RED land. Land of the "red" or "ruddy" people. Caucasians who live in the Middle East don't stay white and pale like those in Europe, it's too hot.....they turn reddish.
  13. She's not very attractive to begin with an looks a little on the butch side. She wants attention and probably WANTS a man (of any race) to hit on her and approach her sexually, and because they aren't this could be a psychological attempt to bolster her self worth by accusing a male of "wanting" her in order to make herself feel more attractive to males.   Troy Although her accusation could have ruined that little boy's life, the most they can charge her with is filing a false police report. And you don't get prison time for that.
  14. @Troy no offense taken Thanks!
  15. Pioneer1

    Genius and Inspiration

    I'm no expert but from my limited understanding I think you have two major types of genuses ("genii"???)...... One type is biological. They're simply someone who was blessed to have an exceptionally high IQ or level of intelligence. Meaning they can comprehend more and remember more than the average person. The other type is mystical. They seem to have a spirit or group of spirits who are directly assisting them in knowing or accomplishing far more than the average person.
  16. Delano

    America, 2018

    Both he and Del tha Funky Homo sapien make me proud.
  17. Troy

    America, 2018

    Yeah FDR died two decades before I was born. Back then the differences between the parties were much less stark. It also seems there was less corporate control over politicians -- at lest it was not so obvious.
  18. Pioneer1

    America, 2018

    Troy In defense of Liberals, like myself....... Franklin Delano (not our Delano...lol) Roosevelt was a good example of a liberal who COULDN'T be conquered. He pushed through nearly everything he wanted and held office longer than any President before him or since. This is why he was my favorite President.....so far.
  19. Did you read the tagline it said 10,236 climate scientists say it's a fact not 10,236 scientist. The majority of climate scientist say its a fact which is different than the majority of scientist. Yet Troy abd most people parrot this statement. I'll restate again that i read the IPCC data and did a statistical analysis in Co2 production abd temperature for 300 years. I can't lighten up I am Black.
  20. Pioneer1

    I'm Changing...........

    Chev Lol..... Are you trying to change the definition of "ruddy"? Maybe RUSTY may mean "brownish-red" but not ruddy. And again, the word A-DAM has the word "dam" at it's root which clearly means BLOOD. It was the word Hebrews used for the color RED which is at the root of the word "Edom" or "Edomite". If the term "ruddy" has been altered, who altered it?
  21. Chevdove

    America, 2018

    I just saw a clip in another thread, and Don Lennon said that Kanye's mother is rolling over in her grave. I think so too.
  22. @Troy Okay so she is for MAGA. She says that liberals are oppressing Black Conservatives; what is she talking about? How are liberals oppressing Black conservatives? This is a confusion to me.
  23. Yesterday
  24. @Troy LOL. Your lead in comment made me curious so I listened to the video and chuckled all the way through as I was thinking about you and @Delano debating this topic. Who is Candace!? I've never heard of her. She reminds me of Janet Jackson. Why does she remind me of Janet Jackson? And, why was this man trying to intimidate her just because she has an opinion? I don't feel that I have enough information to really know the whole truth about whether or not it is really significant issue about Climate Change regarding the impact byway of humans. I do, however, remember many years ago, my health teacher talking about the Ozone layer and how deoderant spray can affect the atmosphere. I remember the articles about ACID RAIN and how mankind has affected the atmosphere and etc. And also, Candace really did hit this man really good when she countered the debate by asking him if he believed in 'god'. His answer was intimidating and I wish she would have continued to take him down on that one. His answer was absolutely not true. She questions him at the 15.00 minute mark about his position on 'god' and he says that "God is not scientific data' and he also says taht he is agnostic. She doesn't pursue him, but I would have countered on several debatable issues. For example, scientist believe that 'matter changes forms' and this is measurable scientific data. The ancient humans scripted this in pagan societies as well as Biblical and it is a redundant statement in that 'dust' is a factor in 'changing forms'..... 'the phoenix rising from ashes', 'man made from the dust of the earth' and etc.
  25. OK got it. It may take a minute for me to get to this, as I'll fully engaged now, but I will. BTW @Valjeanne Jeffers, ASINs don't have meaning outside of Amazon (some booksellers might take offense 😉), though for printed books this number is usually the ISBN10 (which are always 10 digits long).
  26. Guest

    Review Request

    My name is Catherine Dean and I am posting on behalf of Self Published Author D. Henderson. Mr. Henderson currently has 3 published titles, Career Criminal 1 - The First of a Trilogy, which has gone through a revamping of the original cover, Career Criminal 2, and Random Thoughts which is the work that he is most proud of. He is currently writing Career Criminal 3, which is the last book of the Trilogy. Career Criminal 1 - The First of a Trilogy , the 978-1-725-90226-8. The book originally launched in 2015 and was revamped by the Author in August 2018. I was not able to attach the Synposis, Author photo and book cover but I can send on request. I am requesting a review. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  27. Troy

    America, 2018

    Well there is indeed cause for concern. Liberals are like sheep who are easily led to a slaughter -- "...surely my fellow man can't possibly be this evil!? What harm could possibly come to me?" I believe the fundamental difference between the left and right are genetic. Some people are predisposed to be conquered and others are more predisposed to be conquered. The right gets off on raping, pillaging, and plundering. I'm totally serious. This is one of the reason they love weapons. A few hundred years from now people be learning about "45" and what a great leader he was. Sure these people may be living in some dystopian mad-max like future. But history has a tendency to repeat. The sad part is, unlike most of the people in the past, we have access to history. We are just too greedy and stupid to learn from it.
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