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  2. @Pioneer1 Is the person in your new profile picture you? Since everybody else is presenting a face, guess i'll go back to showing my mug.
  3. The best! I got quite a chuckle out of this invention. I carry a lot of stuff in my bag - and my family members always ask "can you fit anything else in that bag?" After watching this video, I thought if they asked me again, I'd say "Why yes, here's my desk"
  4. @Troy, this inspiring post made me tear -up... #verkempt. I spotted it while reading your newsletter. I do my best to "press this" your newsletters but this morning I stopped to read to see what part I wanted to feature. I got to this story - and got so filled up. @Delano, is so right - your story needs to be told -in a way that's uniquely you. You are our modern-day true Griot.
  5. What is net? profit(gain) or loss on a transaction What is work? a specific task performed to be exchanged for compensation or the potential for profit Okay so what is a node? a focal point So i would connect the lines to a focal point of supply or demand to another focal point of supply or demand are the list of types of focal points and signs: types of service and products are the focal points traffic lights are supply & demand two lanes in opposite directions are finance & accountancy roundabouts are the ROI speed limit is a measurement of Risk I'm making my own network and this is just a template...and if you study the Garden Spider you will learn how to Web and now i rather do this positive as Business and Economics than setup claymores as far as negativity goes you know what i'm saying...i still got skills though in many areas of combat to be self-sufficient plus protect the ones i am loyal can get your diagrams out on the software or just plain ole pencil and pad.
  6. Hope to see a Stock Market Exchange cause i stay passing out Excel tutorials on my phone. The Mexico Stock Market Exchange has links on how to create one but i done had the experience of the IT Infrastructure and just dealing with IT for about 10 years plus and just doing the number crunch on how to invest and bring one up is pretty simple. A grocery store is cool considering you have farmer's markets i done seen from here to there but this right here puts her on a chance to hit the Stock Market Exchange with her business and hopefully the next move can open up an Stock Market Exchange before i do it or somebody else do it. Like i said paperwork + currency + lawyers = success if you planned everything out right. And you don't need a huge fricking building just need them server pharms and the correct software to accommodate the small businesses and most software developers has made their software to cater to the existing stock markets; i have did the research and simply because they do not think any other stock markets will emerge or exist. So you have to make your own and see this is what i am talking about if you got children who are software developers that work with excel and access then you got the IT team with there! All they need to do is figure out what processor will be suitable enough and what other hardware will suit the trades once it goes live and of course security breach which you will need a team. If the cost of maintaining a Stock Market Exchange is to be expensive then you charge the small businesses a fee and the Investment Group banks on it to sustain the market IT Infrastructure plus they get paid...everybody gets paid. And see when you go that route of having products on the exchange instead of currencies like the Stock Exchange in Florida then you revamp inventions from inventors out the poor neighborhoods and of course jobs and contracts open up plus you get a chance to off-shore into other countries instead of being boxed in and i for one would probably focus on Latin America and Afrika then Asia but you have to consider this also...what percentage of a people owns their real estate? Could another credit bureau be created to help out the majority of a people the indigenous people? Could you make it private? Would you pay in to this grocery franchise she has plus produce your own vegetables? The little hand I got my own delivery service about to kick off in a few months from the passenger and commercial side. Check it out...driver's education school that hires the unemployed who do not have a license after you get finish passing the passenger's exam then you contract to work for me; you don't have the money to train and drive? We will take it out of your weekly delivery fee which isn't much plus you get your tips. This is easy as said as done cause you get to be self-employed or be an employee depending on how you negotiate the move with my company plus you drive my vehicle, you get the attire to match and i show you how create your own drinks to sell to your customer. Enough of the selling somebody else product...get on your own two feet legally by going through the state to do the correct testing and all. Easier said than done plus you do your own research and since the Capitalism has basically provided this service to be affordable to most who runs and bustle then restaurants and grocery stores will benefit from delivery just like the customer will as you got the elderly, single moms, handicap, rich and wealthy, and the just becausers too including college students which is a huge market plus the military. Trust me i am capitalizing off of mine and everytime i get a little bit closer another node of the network i am trying to create lights up. Now i use to live in San Diego to include LaJolla and Chula Vista well just southern Cali and even visited L.A. and i tell you what! I'm definitely going back for delivery business without a doubt...and i'm going back to England too...and so many areas i tell you but this is a wonderful and great boom on the map of the West and it doesn't matter if she or he opened it though it is where she is at in that location that put the oh yeah! what is next????
  7. Like a circuit... go from one to the other reporting back to the Elders the ones of Board of Directors that you accomplished the mission you and your Royal Members graduated and took the business concept you all had in the beginning country and applied it to a certain demographic as a market standing out while at the same time blending in with the culture remembering always that the Royal Tree is the Center of Gravity there should be a Dynasty in each Continent established from K-12 and moved on out to a college in a continent where the previous Dynasty Ruler is at self-teach each and every Seed while the orders to decide for another Dynasty Ruler to go to another Continent comes up depending on her and or his skill observed from birth and see you teach and train yours beautifully so others recognize that you don't have no time to kick it and set trip and always ask your enemies without them knowing-- what do you do? So why a Dynasty Trust Fund is important? I call it an Empire Trust Fund... so each Dynastic Ruler got access to an extent that's why Branch Reunions happen not only for the common stupidities but for Accountancy and Finance to thrive Business and Economics and trust me mine is headed that'away seriously cause if you can't gain 100K a year as a Royal Tree into the Empire Trust Fund then something is wrong on the real... you do the math and science on that and that is a minimum cause a half mil should be coming out of those Branch Reunions yearly cause what is the use you earning trades skills and degrees and you ain't applying it? But fools rather bust inside random females and random females rather birth consecutive predictions of no type of Rulers cause they ain't thinking like Queens and dem fools of men ain't thinking like Kings so there you go a tragedy on repeat and it ain't like you never heard the song before through your own grapevine before so just ask yourself one question-- what do you do? Giving my reality all i got listening to my own voice plus raised up to be Ancestor to my own Youth one day or night cause the succession don't stop i figured if i never quit cause every year another dozen of dozens could be split into different areas of Special Squads into different countries about hours apart already plotted on the map before sending any of ours as the Risk as the ROI completing Tourism effectively for any customer thinking about a vacation me and mine have thoughts about luxury hospitality and our own ship Marcus Garvey and our own plane Tuskegee Airmen cause buying an Island says alot for any who looking to getaway in the summertime and ain't no dream going to be handed to me for free so putting in work for me means bringing the funk to you... " gotta have heart and intelligence when you on campaign with Hannibal Barca cause indeed nobody ain't concerned with you and yours but the ones who look up to you who sees you the most and if Queen Yaa Asantewaa and Nyabinghi didn't teach me how not to be a busta then i would be a coward...that's rite."
  8. Peep gain i got love for you if you got love for me cause a college student sitting in an university no matter the country then again if the mission of the Royal Tree requires me to get one degree in each of every continent with a language learned from the Moorish Latin Tree of Languages out of bounds too meaning any language the Ancestors made true vital to our Royal Tree orders you get to penetrate your way in as a college student earning your way as a citizen of the specific country therefore gaining access to buy real estate and starting an bank account which are all crucial in establishing yourself to get the permanent residency in some countries also putting your business on the stock market exchange while business you planted back in the beginning country steadily gets ran by the Royal Tree's members sending money to a central location and from that central location you picks it up to start your own business and to buy real estate so the pattern is to move the Youth into positions hitting the Stock Market Exchanges from College or Trade School make a business go... i would pair or send four a lawyer a business person an information technologist and a linguist (having the vision that they are going and will succeed as those names of the specific industries...think dimensional and envision) from the Royal Tree cause there is a way each culture does business to include conduct law and information technology plus how they speak which is really the Ancestor's language so you are really learning yourself again... establishing Dynasties are crucial within an Empire and the Dynastic Rulers comes from within the Empire's Royal Tree.... "...I'm on another level of my gain...str8 creeping....down to the end with my Ancestors and fools just can't overstand us and never will respect us so i have no choice but to do cause if I die then that means i was a coward and that ain't my style...."
  9. If you have not been to other countries besides the one you are currently in then you are doing yourself a disservice and no justly cause at all. A country is just a country which is run by humans due to its governmental structure can we agree or disagree? Well i really do not care if you do or not simply because a planet can run itself without humans and you can argue to yourself about the useless political situation after death. Now, how do you get yours without being concerned for others? Simply mind your own business. Which requires intensified focus cause remember there are fires out there bursting into flames yet are you a drop of water, a bag of sand or a smart intelligent human? I am hoping you know which fight to fight and what battle to join and knowing which war you are currently in...not the media's war or an outside war. Yup. Disharmonizing isn't it? Well sometimes it is great to be dissonance just ask John Coltrane or better yet listen to the notes take you there like that group of female singers as their words echo cause indeed i will be there like that all male group for mine. Bet my lifeline on it! a family reunion or Branch Reunion i figured i might as well gather information on who would like to travel for periods of times; and who got their passports and who have been places and who got degrees and who got certifications and who likes other types of Rooted women and men than the media norm and surrounding local cause indeed your Roots will surprise you like what?!?!? I did not know you exist like jaw-dropping mind blowing booo-yaaah! And after you pick up your jaw and put your brain back into your thick skull plus regather your strength to resist the evermore stupidity of doing anything another human wants no matter how exotic they may look and trust me the damage to your will will be tested to be involuntary or voluntary as the choice is yours. Go below. A Royal Tree is all of your family from Branch to Branch, Roots, Trunks, Fruits and All to include the Bark. If you are a male like me then you probably won't to seek out Mmadi Make and Hannibal Barca.... Many countries including the one you are in now have many dialects and languages in order for you to be your own Diplomat. Strategy paves a way to position your Royal Tree in many different Stock Markets Exchanges with of course buying land and property in each country can you feel and see me? You are doing the ultimate preservation now on an international level and even worldwide on stealth cause who cares about being famous right? Fools set themselves up by being famous and all this and that due to the infamous ego. Go get yours cause it is yours and swarm the Branches deep. Move on out and stop being a scary cat! Well actually cats "act" scary...don't let them cats fool you cause paws are paws and meows are meows yet a microvision vs a macrovision depends on the length and width of the kitty from domestic to wild i mean...i hate going to the zoo to see the wild ones caged like humans for a ticket show and actually i stopped going to be honest with you cause when an wild animal looks at you pissed and tired of the same ole situation you too get bothered and just sit there for a moment like what tha fuhk am i doing paying an organization to see an animal jailed or imprisoned when they are doing the same thing to humans? These monsters are exploiting any kind of mundane matter to seem great and you just gotta pick your path of the least hurtful way and so okay. Let us play Monopoly's Chess and i do not mean the silly game either. Get a grip on your reality cause i sure got a grip on mine and mind as being technical and tactic pays. Below. Now how special are you? Within your family how many have skills you can honestly put together at a table and get a Special Squad going? Now they have to interact in such a way for Business and Economics right? A forward movement right? Somebody gotta be the Point Man right? The reason why i am saying Point Man cause a Woman has her own duties which are supreme to her in her realm of total encompassing vastness. You cannot power trip for everything...just be humble and take a step back to perfect your position because if you knew what an economy is and how it is ran then indeed you would take a step back even further to adjust your attitude and altitude about the whole situation cause then reality starts to sink in even deeper than you expected huh? See you cannot birth an thriving accountable economy without envisioning one huh? So what is your vision of an Economy or are you just producing dummies as human bodies taking credit for the absolute most mundane eon of respect of it cause you afraid to get your hair wet and afraid to get your mindset rechecked...oh where you going huh oh where going huh huh huh huh???? Yeah...get your mindset rite to Teach the Real cause nobody is going to respect the Unreal who birth them and your emotions can only go so far before everything backfires...kabooom! What was that? Dang it was the bomb that blew up in my face i just didn't see him coming...well dang girl where is he going? I don't know..(choking on smoke)...cause i can't see...i can't see that far (echoing)....gain over. (Radio) May day may day over? Where are the other special squads? I repeat where are the other special squads?(echoing as they faint out) Go get the chopper and get her and him out of there..the economy is falling and the businesses are dead...they have no stock market exchange...gosh harsh reality sucks (echoing)....where is the Royal Tree monies going to? What?!?! Where?!?! Oh My Gosh!!!! Get the Board of Directors on the phone. Now! What???? No BoD???? What the freak is going on here (echoing)?!?! Who is running the Royal Tree?!?! The Government(s)??? Okay why the Royal Tree cannot run itself????....idiots. "...another Royal Tree gets chopped down as they never learned from their Ancestors watching other others succeed wasting time risking their lives on the most stupidest mundane stuff on such a minor level when you could have put the energy of forwarding your Youth someone else and remaining Loyal to your Royal Tree cause it is no such thing as that is my country cause if it was then it would uphold every value of true freedom and there is yet to be any country of that nature due to humans running it...position yourself as the greater i mean haven't you ever heard of the realer?? And like that female singing group said i'll take you there...."
  10. @Troy Either tge psychic stuff or naughty women.
  11. Troy I am not certain what you mean or what you are referencing?
  12. I am interested in the Occult not a occlusion.
  13. Mel Yeah....I remember making that statement but I just couldn't figure out where. I THOUGHT it may have been in this thread....looked at the date....and went back to the page trying to find it about 4 or 5 times and just didn't see it for some reason. I was actually trying NOT to ask you and look after so many attempts I finally decided to ask and when you confirmed it was from this thread for some reason I was able to go back to the very same page I read over 5 times before and see it. Perhaps your twin Del was working some sort of magic to keep it hidden for a few days.
  14. Troy Conversely, Black men do not earn the respect of Black women for women to behave in a traditional manner. They also realize that we are essentially powerless to protect them. This is saying the same thing you said but from a different perspective. Perhaps that explains the huge jump I've been seeing lately of White male Black female relationships. Maybe many sisters have finally decided to just give up on the brothers and throw their lot in with White men who they feel can protect and provide for them. I used to argue it and stopped. Money talks....bullshit walks. I found out as a young man that most women didn't give a damn how that dope dealer got his money, she just knows he was buying her what she wanted and showing her a good time. I can argue with a Black woman all day long about White men this and White men that but at the end of the day if he has the money and power to protect her and provide for her and all I have to offer her is a hard dick and excuses......from a scientific biological point of view she's justified in getting with the man who can take care of her. When you say "traditional" do you mean where the man is the head of the household? Forget about that man; those days are gone, perhaps irretrievably so. Those traditional roles, especially in the Black community are essentially nonexistent with the exception of very Christain households when tend to be more socially conservative. Yes, that's what I meant by traditional....however that is NOT what I personally advocate. I was just explaining why the "traditional" marriages have such a high failure rate in Black America and that's just one reason, but I personally don't think that that patriarchal standard should be pushed or forced on our community. I believe in a more liberal approach of people finding what works for THEM. Sometimes the woman SHOULD be in charge. Some women have a strong dominating personality, and they go good with weak ass They're happy together because the woman makes all the decisions and the weak man doesn't have to "man up" and can lay back and play the passive role that fits his personality. Others like the more traditonal "man is in charge" type of relationship. But I still think the group relationships are the most healthy and will be the most beneficial in the future. It will prove to be the most stable type of family structure is a liberated society.   many of Umar's statements reminded me of stuff I've been saying on these forums over the years. Most intelligent Black men have seen and are saying the same things in this society. All it takes is someone who actually has a brain and can THINK and comprehend to realize what's happening in the community. But not everyone can ARTICULATE the problems in a way that those who are not as perceptive can grasp....and that's one of the things he seems to be able to do. when you described Umar as one of "the greatest Black leaders in America today." I did not agree, but if I were to think about Black leadership today, I can see why you would make the statement. The bar is relatively low today isn't it? No Malcolm X, no Dr. King, no Kwame Toure, no Huey Newton. Exactly! That's why I was careful to say TODAY. Yeah we had more effective Black leaders in the past, but if you compare him to what we have today....besides Minister Farrakhan....I don't know who else is as articulate and effective in stirring up the Black community. But you're right, one of the traits of a TRULY great leader his his followers. If you have no followers or no people visibly on your team, how great of a "leader" can you really be. You can make speeches and rile people up all day long, but at the end of the day if they aren't lining up behind you following orders or carrying out your instructions like a M.L. King or even better a Marcus Garvey.....what good is it? No, I haven't seen any "followers" of his in the few times that I've met him so far. He gets a lot of love when he comes to the Detroit area and hundreds come out to hear him and he has connections tha accomodate him....but as far as a hard core group of people that surround him...I haven't seen it. I think one of the problems is he isn't preaching RELIGION. Most of our people tend to be religious minded and if you want to gain thier dedication and following you often have to come at them with a religion and make them think God wants them to follow you. That's one of the reasons the Nation of Islam was/is so successful with Black people, the Jehovah's Witnesses too.
  15. Troy Speaking of growing up uptown....... I've been meaning to ask you for quite a while. Did you even know or meet the brother who used to star on the television show "Fame"? His name is Gene Anthony Ray, but on the show I believe his name was Leo. I ask because he was from Harlem too and was around your age.
  16. So Miles Aldridge, the one who took the photo is a White man who loved they say in England...."take the piss". Figures....... This Yusef Williams fellow, I know he did her hair but did they say he did her make-up too? I don't know if I skipped over that part or what but I don't remember reading it.   Cynique What TIME should really be chided for is selecting Leslie Jones as an influential black woman when the only influence she wields is how she reinforces white people's view of black women as loud, brazen sexpots. Well It's "ABOUT TIME" (pun is definately intended) you said something I agreed Troy You said a lot in your second from last post. But unless I was reading it wrong, it sounded a little like the ladies were actually beginning to see things OUR way just a
  17. Lol.... I'm not grossed out by it, not in the least. I've always loved "mature" or older women and found them attractive. Even when I was a teenager I was trying to "get up on" women in their 40s, and got angry if they didn't take me Infact I met a 71 year old woman the other day I that I was trying to hook up
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  19. OK, what am I missing here? Someone help me out.
  20. Interesting. Actually, I'm a little grossed out. I've never seen this ad. The title next to the ad is perfect ;-)
  21. Before digital social networks and social media, I used to keep a scrapbook for all the news stories I found interesting - here's one such article :

    Pioneer Aviator Bessie Coleman in this 1920s photos was the world's first black female aviator. She was licensed in 1921


    1. Troy


      Don't stop. Social media is no substitute for the archiving and sharing of these stories. 

    2. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      Thank you @Troy ! So true! - I'm integrating all my hobbies into my website...while not neglecting the hardcopy!

  22. thanks Dede:)
  23. Black. America Communities Respect And Reflect Our Black -War Veterans..I Think .Black Soldiers Have Been, In, All. This -Countries -Wars,.The Revolutionary War,Civil. War, Spanish -.American .War, ,Wars Fought In This Country. Fighting For Civil --.Rights,Was And Still. Is A Battle. Black Soldiers In Wars -In,Foreign Lands, Korean,Vietnam. And The Middle -East..Black,Soldiers Helping .People In Other Countries -Have,Freedom. Black Soldiers Know Their Own .People,Do,Not --Have Freedom. And Liberty ,In Their Own Country. Cemeteries --,In Black Communities And Arlington Cemetery Black -People,Show Respect For Our Black Soldiers In Military -War,And Civil. Rights Battles...
  24. is simple when your cabinet is filled with spices and herbs and minerals alkaline water stored fruits in fridge and on the table sometimes frozen in the freezer now think for a second... oh and do not forget the flowers too cause i use to give flowers away just because to any female and before releasing the surprise to her i asked her do you know your flowers? She replied with the average obvious answer i smiled... walked off not knowing she probably had no clue that those flowers got powers like no other instead of a physical feature... without no name calling i rolls off thinking about my heart and the liver and my testicles and the circulatory system and my optical functions and the gallbladder and my you know my you know what i'm hinting about displaying organs and glands plus systems written as each herb reacts with a mineral plus a spice in such a way it is like you being your own Root Doctor devising sustainment three different drinks per 24 hours never one of the same i got raw honey... i want that real honey from the other native lands without scientific tampering i look at roots... i pays attention to bark i make my own teas which is not the model tea you be thinking associated to the image to your brain in or out of the box in the pot steam blows over the boiling get hot to be or not be chilled the feeling is temporarily okay as the tongue buds plot corresponding to the insides of the physical mundane body thinking about my next seven years aiming to peel back another seven years younger as the years of wisdom grows on me like the weeping willow tree cause i reaps who i sow positively i ain't falling for nothing out here that ain't me is my lineages you can't see and won't seek until my tourism is complete i stays educated from all sides dismissing your negativity from all sides like apple cider vinegar alkaline lemon honey water to the obliques supremely unique more energy unannounced like hemp milk real unsweetened chocolate and three capsules of three kinds of mushrooms for dinner swirl it with the honey taking it to the guts every thursday friday saturday and sunday religiously ritually before total sundown always keeping limes and lemons and sumac for the one and always keeping sea salt and turmeric and cayenne for the two and always keeping peppers for the challenge of them dummies who be phoning me with the stupid adventures when they talking or texting in order to avoid them all i catch amnesia to pitch a line of an excuse i hit the fridge while the ball is going going gone out of the park the none go-getters believe it as the cheers raised up picked my pepper to take a bite swallow put the rest back in the jar cause it is only me break the glass mason jar out fill the mason jar up with a third almond milk third macadamia milk third hemp milk heat the honey jar by placing it in a natural hot water filled pot wait...wait...wait...wait okay now and pour it cause my whole insides is about to turn up eradicating any and everything inside opening up pores and passageways like a real guitar with five strings suppose to too replacing the flora with a gang of yogurt activated cooled with pieces of peaches and blueberries with a spoonful drop of gooseberry jam swirl my honey and milk in the mason jar complete down it then grrrrrrrRAH! take the cups of yogurt concoction into a bowl keep the gooseberry jam spoon get'tah eating and licking clean the bowl place it in the kitchen sink get naked on the way to room take the clothes and place it in the dirty side basket grab my black seed oil unrefined sea salt honey coconut oil scrub i made the towel the lavender oil take the shower first you know scrub from head to toe no shampoo just water to the hair for a reason rinse and rinse good and everything in the tub too now fill the tub up with water and lavender oil be humble and breathe... jump back in to relax inhale in order to bring the summertime breeze into you... now sleep on it.... "...don't forget to flush yourself with some alkaline water in the know after you break-fast...and definitely before you go to sleep again after you wake-up...."
  25. Food water and shelter applies heavily here where you have mountains too. I been there and done that actually. Transportation + Access + Energy = Success of a Desert Property. Questions i asked myself is how the water would be transported and from where to be stored in the desert? I'm not worried about the natural existence that is already there as getting back in touch with my lineages allowed a reconnection to nature itself again. Knowing the weathers is vital too per rotation and orbit of this planet which brings me back to Benjamin Banneker get to know what to plant and how to grow certain vegetation. Now rivers are important to include knowing the water table and how to turn rainwater and even saltwater into drinkable water. Septic solutions? Actually there are all kinds of solutions and it is up to you to do the research or just get out and do you with a degree and certification plus sheer dedication of making a change for yourself and if wish to go further then who cares accept you right? Well alright then...just represent technically and tactically. I got something for you below. You can capitalize on the Desalination Plants and other occupations by buying desert property and preparing to build clay homes (anticipating those employed to run into your arms and the ones who are like you too far away looking for the outskirts instead of the city) with solar power panels to produce their own energy. I would also incorporate horses and wagons; yes i would. Reason being is a horse take water and grass and if you build the proper housing with wagons modernized then there you go! Plus you get manure as an added advantage to the ground. Technology is technology but there are areas where even technology has no say-so. Although technology is anything able to overcome the impossible and so horses and wagons in the desert is the technology as effective transportation. Electric vehicles are definitely a win-win situation if you solar power correctly. Solar power the commercial paths and the commercial paths i would do grass. Now what type of grass is durable enough and thick enough for constant vehicular travel? As a matter of fact, why not go the glaciers and ice caps with your own ship to brink back your own portable water? Lights bulbs going off indeed right? Or a plant to be built? Backup and down below. Instead of going commercial would you consider personal? Buying the desert land for yourself and just preserving yourself? Imagine you connecting yourself from West to East of the Western Hemisphere by transporting rainwater and springwater to and from to your residents not caring one bit about anybody else cause self-preservation is first right? Minding your own business right? And how does hydroponics comes into play? Vegetation of course. See why spending time on negativity does not pay or even pave no way into the future? Suckers for booty and breasts are the real wrappers stuck like glue to they wholesale situations getting sold out by the pennies and just ask yourself...what do you do? Any situation made to be bad for my health gets discarded if i cannot sell it for pennies like a penny stock though a product cannot get sold for more than it was like a stock now can it? I rather be technical and tactic saving my ends to make a way out of everything and anything. My esteem can only be heavier to sail my own boat by staying equip with my monetary grip surviving better with my head up building wealth strategically while paying attention to the stars above feeling the weathers to come so my own farmer's almanac be correct as one should. I stays on the creep while most are sleep six feet knee deep steep in the creek.... Could i build clay homes on my property to connect to nearby city water lines and charge folks my own housing association fees giving my corners of my survey the name of each direction plus having drive-in movie theaters at four directions would be supreme from one Tourism aspect. Have a guest Manse for travelers only and truck drivers too to include one fuel station with the best fuel available trying to keep my property as green as possible plus sustainable. A solar power cell with a diesel generator switch should be available. Back to them solar power lights that light up my property of a town without it being a township should be be aligned to fix stars if i can though if not i will make sure i survey the stars above to the ground first called Surveying. Place lights strategically so my town lights up from afar attracting curious heads as part of my tourism technical and tactic move. Got to take in account for employment afar and emergency situations also....and i got that sewn up too to be made to and from cause transportation is not only on ground but air and ship. And fires plus earthquakes are going to be the most dangerous natural occurrences so sand fights fires and knowing where the tectonic plates are pays also. "...staying diverse is the best way for me when it comes to if you peep more gain you can rid the unemployed of your area therefore slimming your local public administration downward and it is nothing criminal about it at all though in fact you cutting waste off the steak to make the steak leaner(meaning saving money to be reinvested into a better sustainable exploitation rather than human exploitation) though fat can be used in many ways when in the proper can let the masses control you negatively or you control the masses positively--Mastermind in the Shadow"
  26. Del have you considered that I've also learned from you in this exchange? There is also age, sexual orientation, and who is writing your check that may be a factor here in differing perspectives.
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