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  2. Wow. Where do you start. The past the present or the future. There are so many angles to view this: cultural; community; psychological; economical; racial; national and or power dynamics. Maybe there needs to be a many pronged approach.
  3. Well I'm back in NYC The bus from the airport drops me off on 125th in Harlem (Spanish Harlem technically) and I start to walk home and this Brother tries to sell me a book. Initially, I say, "nah man," but I'm a soft touch for Brothers like this. I don't know him from boo, but he is familiar I grew up with cats like him. So I go into AALBC-mode. I buy a book, of course, we bargain--I did say I took the bus from the airport right? I shot the video below, with my cell phone. I'm using at Samsung Galaxy 5 a hand-me-down from my daughter. I'm still amazed what you can do with this 3-year-old cell phone. I literally meet this brother two hours before writing this message. I've shot numerous videos over the years like this over the years, but I have not done one of someone, I just passed by on the street, in several years. The first one I did was over 10 years ago, of the author Randy Kearse (have not updated his page yet). Randy went on to publish several more books and gain a great deal more prominence. Years after I shot the video he told me he had only been out of jail for a couple of months and he truly appreciated the support I showed him. That made me feel so good, because at the time I had no clue, again he could have been someone I grew up with, or even me. Sometimes it just helps when someone tells you've had an impact. \
  4. Read Online Black .Men .And Depression. Read Black -Men,Drink More Alcohol Than White Men. Who Knows,If,That,Is ---True .. White Men Is Not Condemned Because Of Their -White,Skin.. Read Women Have A Who Cares Mentality To -Guard Against Disappointment . Skin Color Some May -Feel,They Are Inferior ..Some Reason Some Black Men -Are,Depressed .Decreased In Activities, Lost Of Interest In --,Activities ,Negative Outlook .On Life,Alcohol,Drugs .The Black-Church ,They Do Not Reach To Black .Boys Or Black -Men..Church Controlled By Corrupt,Money Worshipping --,Preachers.-.Besides Controlling Black Votes,Do The -NAACP,,Congressional Black .Caucus Organize -Community,Programs For Black Children,Specific Black -Boys,Black Men?Black People Enslave Themselves And -The,Communities..Black Women Raise Children Alone. Racism,Along With No Black Unity Adds To The Problem..
  5. I Was Checking Channels Seeing. What. Was On,. On C-Span, Saw , Book -Topic Black Elephant. In. The Room. Book About Black,Republicans.. Are They Uncle Tom's,Sell Outs --,Traitors,To The Black People..?. Did Not Watch This. Will Say,This I Think Dr. Ben Carson And Herman Cain ,Is The Black,Republicans ..Two Idiots .Democrats Just .As Bad....The,Democrats Get Black Votes Whether They Do -Anything Or Not. Black Lives Matters,Depends On Who -Kills,You.. Police Or Someone. Who Is Not Black,Do Not See --,Protesting Against Street Gangs,Pimps ,Crack House -Crack,Sellers ,Corrupt Preachers ,By NAACP , Congressional,Black Caucus..Preachers Motivated By -Money,Greed. They Buy New Cars Instead Uplifting -.Communities.
  6. @Troy I'd read the book recommended by Pioneer before I condemned it and I'm surprised at your reaction. I don't find it unreasonable to believe that Native Americans, who were primitive people, fought fire with fire and engaged in atrocities against other tribes and white settlers. Yes, the "Nobel Savage" is romanticized as an ingenuous people close to nature who learned to live in harmony with the earth and smoked peace pipes and revered the buffalo, and communicated via bird calls and tom-toms and were brave wasrriors, but they were also human and no human group is all good with no bad. Whether they were all good or all bad is beside the point. They were here first and were driven off their territory by white people who did terrible things to them. It's the nature of the beast. The strong prevail over their adversaries by any means necessary. We're always hearing about the great civilizations of Africa and all the things they introduced and invented. Are books about this ever written by anyone other than black people? And why didn't these great African civilizations, who sold each other into slavery, last? Because they weren't great enough to stave off the onslaught of great white marauders with guns who sacked and stripped Africa. There's a difference between "great" and "good". As for slavery days in America. The masters knew how to maintain control by dividing and conquering. Slaves with higher status could always be depended upon to betray their lesser brothers. For people who knew no better, house niggas were proud of their rank. We know that history is written by the victors and truth is the first casualty. But one truth endures and it is that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
  7. OMG, somehow I posted the wrong link to my book. Let's try this again. It's So sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy!
  8. I only asked for a single title @Pioneer1--one book. I figured you would come strong--definitely a book you'd actually read. Is this the best book you could come up with? A book, from some unknown publisher written by an even more obscure author whose credentials, knowledge and bias are all unverifiable. This is what you share with me as your reference material? I am beginning to understand why you feel some things can't be proven. Like climate change deniers, overwhelming evidence means nothing as long as there is a single detractor that can be pulled from under some rock--they are satisfied. Keep in mind capitalism has only been practiced for a few hundred years, man has been on earth for 200 thousands years. If you believe that the last we, Black folks in particular, have fared better than any time in history despite all the ills you know all too well. Then you are right if can't be debated because nothing can convince you otherwise. You should read about some of the great African civilizations that existed. I just remembered PBS is broadcasting Africa's Great Civilizations. I have not seen it yet, but I'm sure they will focus on the tremendous accomplishments of these societies despite the absence of capitalism. You can also buy the DVD, though I don't know who still buys these things. "...then wouldn't the logical thing to do is derive as much pleasure as you can out of such a jacked up situation?" Man, this is such a profound statement. So @Pioneer1, if you were a slave living in the big house, the child of a raped African (your mother), who was later sold. You work 18 hours a day every day, wiping the ass of the dude that raped your mother and every other decent looking enslaved Black woman--including your wife... The only thing that comes to your mind is figuring out how to have fun? That is deep. Perhaps you put your finger on the mentality that keeps us mental slaves to this day. People are too busy having fun for themselves instead of trying to make things better for everyone... Again, this is not our nature, this is our conditioning.
  9. Reread what i wrote. However feel free to post a timed prediction. I actually went back to figure the date. So look forward to your timed prediction. The precision was a bit off but the date is right within a week. Looking forward to a more accurate and precise prediction from you. Or some excuse. Interestingly i had a few astrologers make the same criticisms. And one really talented one like the prediction. Who realised it was my first attempt.
  10. My apologies, and as always thank you for your feedback. Here is a direct link to my book on Amazon: Unfortunately, I don't have a website; however, I was reading a section of this sight where a brotha is attempting to increase traffic via AALBC. I will take a closer look to see how I may join. In the meantime, I will create an account right away. Thanks again and take care
  11. I forgot where I heard this, but someone suggested that strippers might fell a little different about what they do seeing Harriett Tubman's face stuffed in their crotches... ...something tells me they will get used to it. Brutha, the strippers I KNOW have had so many REAL FACES stuffed in theIr crotches (among other crevices)....I don't think Harriett's paper face will faze That reminds me...... I need to stop by the store and get some singles so I can "make it rain" tommorow
  12. Lol...... I don't know about the predictions you post on FACEBOOK but I know about the one you posted HERE on AALBC....and again, it DID NOT COME TRUE. Let's see..... I can knock down your so-called "prediction" from 2 different directions: 1. I can use YOUR OWN WORDS: "@Pioneer1 in about two weeks the 26 days will expire. I wold say his approval will be between - 26 - 31% plus or minus 7. " .....which, when read in context, CLEARLY implies that 2 weeks from the time you posted it (which was in January) Donald's approval ratings would be between 19-38%. The date April 21st was to be found NO WHERE in your prediction. Not on THIS site atleast. Now if you really meant for those following your predictions on THIS SITE to understand that you meant "April 21st" then perhaps you should have included that in your post instead of posting it NOW after the fact. 2. Or I can post ANOTHER article from a reputable source that puts his approval rating OUTSIDE of your predicted margin: "A Gallup poll released Thursday shows Trump averaged a job approval rating of 41 percent since his Jan. 20 inauguration- a figure 14 percent lower than any other president in Gallup's polling history." Not only was that poll from GALLUP but the date it was reported on was APRIL 21st! That's the same date that you NOW claim for your predicting that his approval rating wouldn't be over 38%. But that's the nature of polls and political statistics. You can dig up numbers to support any argument. So....... Unless I'm talking to Donald "when I said the armada is on it's way....I didn't mean what it implied at the time I said it" Trump who's words have to be taken with a grain of salt, I'm gonna go ahead and say that your prediction failed. Next.
  13. Troy @Pioneer1 please refer me to a single book, written in the last 50 years, that describes native Americans as "blood thirsty savages and cannibals." I believe that book was published in 2008 I just found that one after a quick 2 minute search, but there are others......... I didn't post this book because I agreed with it's content, but to prove my previous point that for every book showing how gentle and peaceful the Native Americans were there are others that say the exact opposite. Again, it's fruitless to debate pre-modern history because as soon as you THINK you know the truth about an event someone comes along with brand new information that was stored away in some old vault somewhere. I'm not going to deny that the exploitation of Black labor wasn't one of the key factors in making this nation the economic powerhouse that it is; but slavery existed and STILL EXISTS in dozens of nations all around the planet If slavery was the sole reason why the United States is so rich then why aren't OTHER nations that practiced and STILL practice slavery just as rich? Slavery....especially the exploitation of Black labor...was prevelant ALL OVER the Americas from Cuba to Brazil.....why aren't THEY doing as good as the United States? CAPITALISM and is one of the reasons for our tremendous wealth. Not JUST because of the exploitation...although that admittedly is a factor...but also because: a) The incentives Capitalism offers to not only the business owners but also to the workers themselves actually encourages productivity with the hope for more gain. b ) The light restriction and regulation under most Capitalist systems allow for a more flexible way of designing and managing economic structures and businesses to maximize profits and production.     No man, what we have is an oligarchy and it is sad to see so many people defend it when so many people are suffering under it. I guess it is no different that the house slave who fights to defend massa's house... Well..... If the field slave doesn't have anything to OFFER the house slave and doesn't have a plan to get both of them free, perhaps the house slave is better off keeping his ass IN THE HOUSE and enjoying as much of massa's luxuries as he can get his hands on! Think about it. If the field negro doesn't have a plan to get free, and is just mad because he has to work his ass off sweating in the hot YOU leaving the comforts of the house just to come out and keep him company in his misery going to help either one of you? It's always best to NOT be a slave. However if by misfortune you are gonna be slave ANY-damn- way.... And you didn't receive divine revelation to help you free yourself. And you aren't willing to die fighting massa for your freedom And you don't have a viable plan for your freedom. ......then wouldn't the logical thing to do is derive as much pleasure as you can out of such a jacked up situation? I agree that we live in an Oligarchal Republic to be exact. And it's rapidly becoming a PLUTOCRACY. But the few have ALWAYS ruled the many, in just about every human society you can think of. You'd like to live under a Democracy but a true Democracy among humans is almost impossible because if EVERYONE is in charge then who would be authorized to make rules and keep order? You don't want to live under a theocracy where only one religion is allowed. You certainly don't want to live under a dictatorship with on man calling all the shots. So do you want to live in an anarchy where NOBODY rules and everyone does whatever they want with no one to answer to? That'll last about 2
  14. Lol Yeah that was a good one!
  15. No, the 3 stages of life meme was not original. I came across it, and it made me laugh out loud. And that was a good thing. Life is a joke you just have to catch on to. Maybe.
  16. Last week
  17. So thats my timed prediction. Please post your timed prediction.
  18. When in Florida, I spend hours in Barnes and Noble and Starbucks working on Sometimes I use the library, but I like being able to buy a cup of coffee and something to eat without having to pack up and leave.. Plus, I can people watch in B&N and Starbucks. People are so interesting, but before I digress let me tell you about a Brother I've become friendly with over the last couple of years, Milton Bertrand. We started talking because I noticed he was sitting in the B&N at a wooden desk--that he brought into the store himself--which initially seemed crazy--who brings a desk to a bookstore?!. We started talking and he explained how his desk actually folded up into his backpack. I thought that was such a cool idea since tables can fill up during busy times in the store. I filmed him on my cell phone but never edited the video (just never got to it). Late last year, I ran into him again and this time he had an upgraded model of the desk. It was no longer made out of wood, but plastic and a light-weight metal. The desk can also be converted into an easel with the desktop doubling as a whiteboard-like writing surface. So I filmed him again and this time I even started to edit the video, but one thing led to another and I never finished editing it. Yesterday I saw him again and told him I'll get to his video, but I was saying to myself I must sound like I'm full crap. So while he never asked for a video, I'd been promising to create one, for the better part of a year, but never did it. So I decided to finish it today. Hopefully, it will inspire others to create. He told me he actually filled a large order for a school.
  19. Hi Dee, you forgot to post a link where people may learn more about your book. People will assume the book is available on Amazon, save folks a step and simply post a direct link. Actually, after searching for you on the site , I see that you have previously posted (please create an account so I don't have to manually approve what your posts) and see that you don't have a website. Why don't you let host your web presence: Let me know what you think. Peace, Troy
  20. OK, I find myself having to educate some folk about the alleged 'Angry' Black Women, so decided to write about it. Book title: Are Black Women Always so Angry? Hmmm (Truth, Excuse or Something else) One evening, while I was channel flipping in hopes of finding a comedy, a documentary, a lecture about something positive – anything on the upswing, I heard those words, 'Black women are Always so angry' and that did it for me! The purpose of this book of narrative, non-fictional articles promise to bitch slap you into owning your truth, then apologizing, forgiving, and hugging it out. It will enlighten, educate, answer that burning question that keeps so many up at night (smirk), and will help you help me help others who need help understanding the Truth, Excuse and the Something else as to why ‘Black Women are always so angry’. Hmmmm. Articles include: Me and my Angry Black Mother which talks about my mother’s struggle to beat the odds while living in the projects, on welfare, eligible for surplus cheese, married to a hustler, and how she single handedly confronted gang members on the weekend and worked in the Catholic School book store during the week. And mom has many secrets. The Geo-Corporate Angry Black Woman with an Attitude - As Diversity Champion of a major corporate company, I hosted many events to support inclusion, but one exercise about Stereotypes is still being talked about 15 years later. Why I love you so much. I love you so much because I can see it in your beautiful eyes – Your determination, your fight, your struggle, your perseverance. That spirit that measures your man-hood, that defies defeat - that spirit in which your mother’s breasts nourished you for what’s to come. How can I be an Angry Black Woman when I love you so much? Other Articles: It Takes a Pimp to know one Black Love and the Family Dynamic Beauty and the Twenty Dollar Bill White paper, Black Ink, Color pencils Black Night, Black Sky, Black Room and the Angry Black Woman Almost There Six degrees from knowing who I am With Love, from an Angry Black Woman Cencus and the Angry Black Woman This Book can be purchased on
  21. I forgot where I heard this, but someone suggested that strippers might fell a little different about what they do seeing Harriett Tubman's face stuffed in their crotches... ...something tells me they will get used to it.
  22. Miss Sunshine, that was a good one LOL! (is that original) @Pioneer1 please refer me to a single book, written in the last 50 years, that describes native Americans as "blood thirsty savages and cannibals." It is interesting you are so quick to say what can't be proven but you use "unprovable" information to support your arguments. Pioneer America was built on the back on, and derives most of its wealth from, the labor of enslaved Africans. Even today people labor all over the Earth in slave-like conditions so that you can pay $200 for a pair of sneakers that cost a few bucks to produce. It is very easy to become wealthy if Your labor costs are $0 You have consumers brainwashed into buying thing they don't need or paying for the things that they don't need You own politicians so that you don't pay taxes, don't deal with regulations, get bailed out if you ever lose money, etc You convince the masses that you are righteous because greed is good, or as you put it "Human Nature" No man, what we have is an oligarchy and it is sad to see so many people defend it when so many people are suffering under it. I guess it is no different that the house slave who fights to defend massa's house...
  23. Well because you shared the information here, even more people will learn about Eric's latest. Eric's work has definitely stood the test of time. Looking forward to reading your thoughts about this book and any others you enjoy.
  24. I discovered late in life that I am an Existentialist and didn't know it. The 3 Stages of Life: (1) Birth (2) What the fuck is this? (3) Death
  25. By virtue of being a crook, Donald Trump rescued himself from failing businesses by declaring bankruptcy and is probably indebted to Russia and maybe even China. He is foolish. As president he is an uninformed wind bag, a thin-skinned narcissist who blames others for his mistakes, and an irresponsible liar drunk with power. His Twitter tweets are often incoherent and contain misspellings. He gets over ,not because he is shrewd but because he is a sign of the whimsical times when flukes flourish and everything is haywire. Nobody was more surprised than him when he won, - by virtue of being at the right place at the right time and the beneficiary of the peculiar electoral college. ( His Press Secretary is pathetic as are his Secretaries of Education, and of Housing and Urban development, just to name a few.) He is humored by others around him who perceive that Republicans are "on a roll", - again because of the dynamics that have capriciously been brought into play because the world has become skewed, the tide has turned and some would even attribute this discombobulation to the configuration of the stars. Whatever. And I didn't say Corporate America or the Government who was in power during the Hurricane Katrina or the Flint, Michigan disasters were fools. Callous, yes, but not fools. Black people may be responsible in part for their own problems but let's just say that, from the very beginning in America, they got off on the wrong foot.
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