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  2. Yes he should have signed. New York City council is full of kooks. Part of the policing problem are the laws the city council passed. They are turning the city into a cesspool.
  3. But they will love Superfly and Sweetback. We really need to get with understanding more and lose the hypersensitivity.
  4. It is for me you octogenerianphile.
  5. I’m so glad @Del tagged me or I would have missed this deliciousness! Blessed Be for your wit @Cynique! It is beautiful! Happy New Year!!! I miss you all too and yes @Pioneer1 You all challenge me and broaden my perspective! Thank You! Happy New Year!
  6. Black History Storytelling- Free for all, use link for more information https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1791&type=status
  7. CREATIVE TABLE 2 Namina Forna , The ExtraChallenged , Kugali comics , Wildbow wisdom , Bethany Morrow history through historical fiction , Harlem Nights and Black Artistic Patronage , Eugene Bacon speculative future , Morrison on HAmilton , Tochi Onyebuchi on Juneteenth side freedom , what it means to be a writer , Sylessae- draw in your own style , Bill Cosby , Superman will be black, Alligado , The Black SCreenriter cometh, 100 years of communist china , JAmes Baldwin advice on writing, Animal BFF, Character Copyright , Swing from Oscar Micheaux , Humanity vs I am Legend , Negotiating , Artist be like, Spiderman head tutorial , audiobook narration styles future, going from text to voice , sars-cov-2 truths , Summer Of Soul- some thoughts, Simone Biles vs Dylan Roof a comparison to mental health reactions, Alfonso Ribeiro and what the black community in the usa wants , deviantart displays , Aretha franklin gets an honest biopic , what if what if , happy 21st birthday deviantart , Dragon tutorial: steps/headless/1960s , fire tutorial &nbsp;, 20th anniversary of september 11th retrospective - about empire , the black statian wood, Dexterity Test/Story Challenge/Comic Book Superhero/Kloir DYIS/Monster Cutie/One Light Source/OC Pet , Contrast craft, Dessert Dragon/Fav Season/Dream Catcher , blockchain protocols, Knowledge does not manipulate ones desires, pro vaccine vs anti vaccine , retrofuturism RMI , the future of law in the usa , Blackberry cookie run, Death by example, crypt or nft attempt at explanation, pop of grayscale, werewolf your pet , addietober , Death by example in dreadful tales, The Black Elected Official , may the real nubia stand up, Ebonee , Novembrush2021, writing parents , where do the stories go , the death of metoo , Final fantasy weaponvember, see the world in my way , Chibi KAwai dragonslayer , emotions 2021 , Zenith power collage , Legend Collage , comic book aging, translated works and immigrants, epistles of the future , internal problems in characters, AduiShirika of MSinChe <BlackGamesElite > , cancelling films- a query, ? In the first creative table, I used the comment section of the post to hold the content. This was dysfunctional. Took me years to figure it out:) This creative table, I will use my profile activity list to hold the data and tabulate it in this post. If you want to see the first creative table, utilize the following link after the makeshift arrow -> LINK The Black Table Heart man, wild seed witch , 2021 years best african speculative fiction , JET and Ebony Mag , SATT Wars , The legend of Cymbee from Glenis Redmond , Respect - aretha franklin , Black mermaids of NAtasha Bowen, Sun man sitting at the table, 1940 black statian music , Global Pitch , AfroKids TV , The financial rise of the Black female writer in the usa , The importance of Black positive representation in white owned media , Robyn Hood , The comic book industry hasn't failed its owners , Asankrangwa development , truth from josephine baker over relevant topics , Alexis henderson on thistle and verse , milestone initiative, Lope Martin and why history is never erased, Black MEdia and the false tale of Merit, Pele, DJ Dont TOuch the trim , the harder they fall, Gdbee , roseanneabrown, brent lambert , Saint HEron , Keke Palmer Southern Belle , Asankrangwa 2021 , Training Day MMW, Night of the Living Dead MMW , Joyce Williams or Armooh Williams or Isoka honored , the antagonists , harriet tubman demon slayer the film , louis armstrong daughter, woke comics , silk and stone , the harder they fall reviews, Milestone history and the return of blood syndicate , King Richard , BRent Lambert on thistle and verse , Tamara Jeree interview : thistle and verse , what is in a genre: thistle and verse, Question and Answer of Billie Zangewa on the "A Brush With" Podcast, BRuised from Halle Berry , PASSING from MMW , Joyce williams is a member of the NSBA <national small business association> leadership council , Harlem the show , JAmes Baldwin 2020 , one black is enough, vivica a fox motherhood , Mystic skillz fallen kingdom, the legend of Fatima from Alexandra Tchomte , tornada alley from mainasha , inheritance trilogy 2022 readalong from thistleandverse , sailor storm from ebonychan, angel of grace from toni starchild taylor, Florida Evans fear , GDBee last of 2021 , Daniel KAluuya on acting, Bell Hooks, 2022 from diedre smith buck, Fiyah Grants , sidney poitier, Shawn Alleyne January 2022 Erotic series part 1, Black Sands to be animated , eric adams first policy act as mayor of nyc, Denzel in disney , MArcus Birthday 2022 , Last Octavia tried to tell us, Black History Storytelling, ? TECH Kinematic self-replication in reconfigurable organisms , ?
  8. now0.jpg

    Black History Storytelling
     Thu, February 10, 2022 4:00 p.m.
    Whitman Library brings you a special treat in observance of Black History Month. Mama Carla Wiley will bring her storytelling program live to the Whitman Library Facebook Page 
    Official online link 
    Facebook event link

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  10. @Cynique @Mel Hopkins and @Troy I miss you, and the exchanges. The dialogues made me change my mind or examine my position. Thank you, Del Neither for me, nor with me.
  11. @daniellegfny I would had said HAttie... going along to your thinking, Clark Gable, a white man, was going to boycott the oscars, but hattie mcdaniel said no. As well as McDaniel's relatively well known quote saying, she will rather play a maid than be one. But, I can comprehend why many black people in the past detested, or now detest, or will detest the character hattie mcdaniel portrayed. The question of culture wars in art, is always about the communities in power side the communities not in power and the culture either has which is rarely the same.
  12. @daniellegfny just for the record, eric adams signed a bill into law that the city council of nyc set up and agreed to in majority. the city council of nyc has all races in its membership. Are you suggesting Eric Adams should had not signed the city council passed bill into law? Eric Adams himself said that he was against it originally , and there is proof to his statement online. so... He changed his mind, isn't that a sign of self awareness from an individual? I have more questions for you, you say the black community works against self interest but this issue has supporters plus detractors in the black community. I don't see this issue as one that has an advantage in either camp. The comments in this post prove many black people are against this plus many blak people are supporters of it. Are you suggesting all black people need to be against this? I don't know anything in this world that gets all support or detraction. I first need you to explain how you define being an American. in my experience, people do not have the same idea or viewpoint on what it means to be American in the USA. I am not suggesting your definition will be right or wrong but I need you to clarify how you see being american before I can comprehend on how to approach your assertion to an anti american narrative. THis law in one city represents a desire to recreate the USA. I thought laws at their core represented change, not necessarily good or bad , wanted or unwanted, but change. In my view of history the constitution exists cause the articles became unsatisfactory. EXcellent point, many have not sworn allegiance. It says alot that the people you refer to as having an anti american agenda don't feel the desire to swear allegiance. An old saying exist, the king who asks for loyalty hasn't earned it. Maybe the usa needs to be a better job in earning allegiance? When was the USA stabilized in your opinion? How are you certain what will happen in the future? @nelsfair enough but my point is about the dialog between any multitude online, anywhere online. When someone says to another everything you say I dismiss. You are correct to say it is known but it ends the dialog and for me, i see these spaces as places as dialog. None of the people in commenting in this post know each other , at least I don't know any of you, we are not friends, so if someone dismisses my words, that is fine, no problem, but it culminates in the end of dialog, which they can do at any time anyway. I am on here to debate, discuss, not gain friends. Thus no multilog can get hot, as you say.
  13. No U.S. President can control gasoline prices. The price fluctuations depend on supply, demand and pure greed. No U.S. President can control street crime either. As far as inflation goes, economists and financial writers still have not figured out who or what to blame yet. No one has. But it's probably panic buying, management decisions to hedge bets and allow inventories to trend downward and once again, greed. You make some wild assertions. Provide proof for Joe Biden calling Black men boys. Because you cannot prove the nonsense you posted about Kamala Harris. As your hero Trump does, you seem to lie a lot. After decades in politics, Joe Biden has evolved. People are allowed to do that, you know. You really should not so many sweeping and untrue statements. Here is why I can truthfully disparage that clown Trump that you worship. Donald Trump's long history of Racism
  14. ************************************************************************************ You keep posting disparaging comments against President Trump. Why is that? ICYMI, Biden is a lifelong segregationist, who refers to Black men as boys, and all his other racist rhetoric. Besides the fact that the CCP deliberately infected us with COVID-19, we were doing fine under President Trump's leadership. Installed Biden was handed an orderly start to his fake administration, and he is the one who single-handedly fucked it all up with his vax mandates higher prices on everything open borders false promises and outright lies Keystone XL shutdown laying off thousands of workers COVID being out of control energy dependence skyrocketing inflation defund the police failed Afghanistan exit supply chain shortages higher gasoline prices increased crime Green New Deal non-existent COVID tests because they have to build the factory first and all the other un-Constitutional dictatorial and tyrannical executive orders, policies, and mandates brought to you by Joe Biden, his incompetent V.P. and all the rest of the do-nothing Democrats. None of this mess would be happening if Trump or any other Republican was in charge. ************************************************************************************
  15. Biden is doing that. Gas dependence. Inflation. Crime on top of Crime.
  16. ************************************************************************************ Really? What a cry baby you are. Grow the fuck up. ************************************************************************************
  17. Daniellegfny, I am a retired Senior News Editor who ran his financial news magazine's newsroom. I gave guest lectures at Baruch College while still a reporter. I abhor racist individuals and ignorance. Sidney Poitier was the first Black to win a Best Actor Oscar.
  18. IMO, films and other artistic works should not be censored from view or hearing. Art paints a picture and provides a record of the environment and conditions that influence it. Beyond entertainment, we should use the best and worst of art to educate as well.
  19. Mzuri, Props to your parent who served in the Vietnam War. If you have proof that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top write your book, then. Your tome should be protected by the First Amendment. Accusing someone of criminal wrongdoing without proof is the domain of rumor mongers. And insider trading is supposed to be a crime. But we both know it is selectively prosecuted, similar to illegal campaign contributions. If you have definitive knowledge that will hold up to legal scrutiny, then you should disclose it to prove your contentions. Or else, it is just negative phony gossip, the kind Newsmax spews. And in the interest of full disclosure, I also believe Kamala Harris is a lightweight and was the wrong choice for the country's first woman VP. I would have preferred Stacey Abrams, who is much logical, thoughtful and a proven campaigner. But Ms. Abrams would have been the butt of fat Black woman jokes. And the resulting vitriol would have distracted from her innate intelligence. I cannot believe that you claim to be the daughter of a war veteran and yet, support Donald Trump, a draft dodger and someone who likened fallen military personnel to "losers and suckers." Being the daughter of a veteran does not impress me if you support a man whose entire family never served and who maligned those who have. Trump even hired a Black actor to pose as President Obama to berate and then fire in a fake "Apprentice" video to satiate his obsessive racial hatred of 44. The video never aired at a RNC event. But it is still online. This is a guy so many of you admire? A shallow, hateful and insanely jealous clod? Sheesh. I may be wrong, but sometimes, I get the notion this discussion group seems to have morphed into a pro-GOP and anti-Black forum. I detect much disdain for those who defend folks facing unceasing assaults because of their glorious ethnic heritage. Diamond and Silk would be proud. Majority of Black people know exactly what Trump is
  20. Trump is a racist, a liar and an unaccomplished bully. He was guiding the U.S. into a hellhole.
  21. ************************************************************************************ I will assume that you are addressing me, since I am an open Conservative. In case you don't know about me, I am the daughter of a military family, an Army wife of a Vietnam veteran who served this nation for over fifty years, and I am a retired Department of the Army civil servant. I am committed to freedom and liberty, truth and dignity, because I AM AN AMERICAN PATRIOT! Freedom and liberty are under attack by a DEMOCRAT administration that, among other things, is attempting to force its citizens to take unproven and dangerous vaccines. A DEMOCRAT administration that violates its citizen's Constitutional rights by telling us what we can and cannot say. We can't call it the Wuhan virus, we can't call it the China virus, we can't call people illegal aliens, we must refer to them as non-citizens and on and on. Our human rights are being violated and you people are too dumb to know it. TRUTH and DIGNITY. Some of you have forgotten what TRUTH really is. The TRUTH is that we have a career liar and plagiarist in the White House. A plagiarist who had to drop out of the 1988 presidential campaign because he got caught using other politician's speeches and writings. Because he's too dumb to come up with his own original content. Biden is a chronic liar who lies about EVERYTHING. He made a bunch of ridiculous campaign promises that he didn't even bother to try to fulfill. He said he would eradicate COVID. As we all know, that is not happening. Biden recently declared that COVID is not a federal issue, that the states will need to deal with it. Biden's self-inflicted crises range from Keystone XL pipeline shutdown to open borders. Biden's entire family is corrupt. Biden uses his own son as a shill to conduct all of his shady business dealings, allowed him to use Air Force Two over four-hundred times while he was vice president. Now this stumbling, fumbling, mumbling idiot has caused so much damage to the nation, people are worried if we can ever recover. Second in line to Biden, we have Kamala Harris. A woman who is notorious for sleeping her way up the career ladder. A woman who has proven herself to be incompetent to hold her position. Whenever a journalist poses a serious question to her, she throws her head phony back and belly laughs. I am sick of it. I could write a book about this disgusting woman, but I won't since she's not even worth the bother. Third in line to succeed presidential office, we have the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a woman who has enriched herself while in office to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. It has recently been revealed that she and her husband have utilized the information she received while in office in order to invest in the stock market. This is insider trading, it is illegal and in violation of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012. Yet she is the one who attempted to impeach President Trump on numerous occasions for minor and made-up infractions, while she herself was engaged in criminal conduct. On top of that her own district is a dystopian disaster zone. Please don't talk to me about anything I post being bullshit when you and your cohorts are the ones posting a bunch of crap and lies. ************************************************************************************
  22. Mzuri, try reading that line s l o w l y. I did mention Trump tried to thwart the will of the people during the 2020 election.
  23. That’s not what the Coptic Church believes. The oldest Church in Africa. North Africa was a Christian Hotbed before Roman converted. Queen Dihya fought against the Islamic expansion in North Africa was Hebrew. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihya
  24. Trump was guiding America to the Future. Space and Beyond.
  25. ************************************************************************************ @nels As usual, you are totally spot on. This list covers just about all the shortcomings of the Black community. The only thing that I would add is the way that people dress. I'm not trying to scrutinize your list, this has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile now. You have grown men walking around with their pants hanging down, exposing their underwear to past their behind. This nonsense has been going on for around forty years now. The women are out here in the daytime exposing their breasts to the edge of their nipples, wearing thongs like it's clothes, fake fingernails and eyelashes to the point of looking like a cartoon character, and they think it looks good. Not to mention all their fake wigs, weaves, dyes, hairpieces, and then there are the grills they put in their teeth. It's bad enough that they can't even speak correctly, they top that off by popping on some bubble gum with an open mouth like all of that mess is cute. And then these same individuals wonder why they cannot get any kind of job or get ahead in life. Stop wearing cheap housedresses and other inappropriate items as if it is business attire, pull up your pants, put on a shirt and tie and act like you have some common sense, decency, and self-respect, and perhaps you will have some success in your life. This shameful disgusting behavior is embarrassing to EVERYONE! ************************************************************************************ How did Trump thwart the will of the people when Biden is in the White House? It's dumb negroes such as yourself that are the problem, not Nels! ************************************************************************************
  26. There’s more than enough crime to keep them busy without tricks.
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