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  2. Republicans demand your vote, but don't care if you or your diabetic friends and relatives die when they can't afford their insulin. I guess that's why sliced a measure to prevent private insurers from gouging insulin patients from the Democrats' climate and economic bill that was just passed in the Senate. And before anyone says "it would have cost too much," remember those trillion dollar tax cuts for the rich. The money was supposed to "trickle down" to the Middle Class and the Poor. Republicans block cap on insulin costs
  3. I believe Herschel has agreed to a debate with Rev. Raphael Warnock. If it holds up, I hope it's televised nationally.
  4. @Pioneer1 Since I am not a member of either group, I'll allow those who are to determine the definitions. I don't like it one bit when arrogant non-Black jerks try to tell me about me about our History. It's the same with some politicians who think people are not applying for work because they received Stimulus Checks. That money went quickly to pay back rent, unpaid bills, to replace worn clothing and footwear and of course, for food. How long did Republican lawmakers believe funds from those Stimulus Checks would last? For two years? This is what happens when you never miss a meal or worry about making a rent or mortgage payment. Most of the rich have no idea what it's like to be poor or on a budget. @daniellegfny I keep telling you, but you simply won't accept the evidence: Donald Trump was a most horrible president for the U.S. economy. The man simply downplayed the Pandemic and millions suffered. Here's another link for you: https://fortune.com/2021/01/11/us-economy-jobs-numbers-trump-compared-past-presidents-worst-record-since-hoover/ Pump prices for gasoline have declined steadily As far as food and other essentials: Three words ... Greed - Price Gouging Unless of course, you think Trump's golf course shindig is responsible for that. By the way, what happened to your endless cheerleading for Bitcoin and other digital currencies?
  5. What are you expecting Democrats to do, go to guns to enforce their will? The Dem Party is not in cahoots with Republicans. Those would be many of your so-called Independents and they pick and choose their moments when it is most advantageous for them. Look at Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema, who was once a member of the Green Party. Check out New York representative AOC, who never misses a moment to trash Democrats because she thinks she was born to be Queen. Now, which Party is it that produces individuals who think Black achievements should never be taught? Which Party is it that encourages violence, voter suppression and constant insults as part of their agenda? The only way to fight Republicans is by generating alliances with like-minded voters no matter their demographic.
  6. I never said weed was legalized every where. But one of the goals of passing laws to get it legalized was to reduce arrests and imprisonments. But that was just one of the goals. The others were to create a new and viable industry, make the active ingredient in marijuana available for cancer patients and in some areas eliminate the violence associated with territorial sales of weed. I am sure by now most have read news stories of cartels setting up shop in state forests to grow marijuana and threaten the lives of anyone with knowledge. I do not like to post links to popular morning news shows. But this link will take you an NBC Today Show segment that highlights the problem. https://www.today.com/video/mexican-cartels-are-growing-marijuana-in-california-s-national-forests-127609925776 For those who enjoy reading: https://news.yahoo.com/marijuana-wars-violent-mexican-drug-103332475.html I am not interested in selling weed, liquor, or guns. But here is a link for folks interested in becoming part of this marijuana dispensary industry: I simply checked a few states' requirements for entering this industry and they may be daunting for some. https://dispensarypermits.com/united-states-marijuana-dispensary-laws/
  7. Blacks own more businesses today than ever check out the stats. We are better educated than ever. Some of the differences are: 1. All black people no longer live together in segregated neighborhoods, so class divisions are clearer 2. We always had crime and drugs in the larger urban areas and things were getting worse in the 1960s thru the 1970s 3. We never achieved real integration because racism just became more subtle despite some real progress made 4. Black people were hurt by the change from an industrial to service economy that ruined urban areas we mainly lived in 5. Our economy is more unequal for all working people than ever and for the poorest blacks who never got ahead things are worse 6. Racial and economic inequality that marginalize all black people and the poorest most of all will undermine love, dignity, self-esteem, marriage, family, and all kinds of achievement. We also have to stop laboring under the myth that American is made up of self-sufficient groups of people living completely apart who can thrive that way. Most of us work every day for someone else who gets rich off our labor. The elite capitalist class is mainly straight white male and cisgendered. But there are elite class members who don't belong in this configuration. Some are black men and women. That's capitalism. It can be good or awful, so we have to be engaged in politics and activist struggle. Cultural pride, creativity, community building, being a good individual, or strong families aren't a substitute for engagement to shape the politics and counter the powers that be. So much of Black Nationalism and Afrocentrism are escapist not militant or revolutionary modes of struggle for black liberation.
  8. Did any of the people who commented on this post , who live in New York City consider using the information linked to get involved. For those who commented who live outside NY City , have you utilized similar programs in whatever state you live?
  9. The cover was made by an acquaintance. Misty Sol learn more https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2011&type=status
  10. now0.png

    ELon Musk : "If the president is working so hard to free someone who is in jail in Russia for some weed, shouldn’t we free people in America? ...There are people in jail in America for the same stuff. Shouldn’t we free them too? My opinion is that people should not be in jail for non-violent drug crimes" 
    start https://youtu.be/fXS_gkWAIs0?t=1659
    end https://youtu.be/fXS_gkWAIs0?t=1704
    if you want a satellite network for rural areas

  11. Redistribution of wealth and power is the only way for us to move forward. Reparations to ADOS would provide AfroAmericans with the resources to build better communities with everything to include housing, schools, medical facilities, banks, grocery stores and other businesses. Politicians on both sides of the aisle want no parts of such a discussion or plan of action. It's a non-starter. Instead of dealing with the byproduct of America's origin sin, white folks would much rather obfuscate the real issues and jump down rabbit holes that don't have anything to do with the elephant in the room. The whole alphabet movement (LGBTQIA+) has been another great distraction. Back in the 1960s it was white women's rights. Anything to avoid dealing with AfroAmericans has been the modus operandi of white supremacists for many decades and counting.
  12. That's the problem brother, our people HAVEN'T made more progress since the 60s....it's gotten MUCH WORSE. Before the 60s there was less crime, less broken families, less of our people incarcerated (including percentage wise) and more of us own our own businesses, banks, hotels, ect..... Wnen was the last time you even SAW a Black hotel let alone stayed in one? The only people "integration" helped was White people. Living around us more helped them by teaching them how to cook better, make better music, and dress better by giving them a sense of style. White men were NERDY AS HELL before learning how to act and dress by watching Black men. They benefit by living around us because we have CREATIVITY and they try to steal it and emulate it. That doesn't help US though. Integration made our people LAZY to the point that you no longer have Black banks, Black supermarkets, or hotels....most Black neighborhood do good to have a few Black barbershops and restaurants. Like I said we CAN live together as a nation....as long as Black people keep themselves separate in our own communities and demand that the Federal resources go to those communities instead of trying to "integrate" everything into a White controlled general society. SEPARATION...not SEGREGATION. Under Segregation THEY kept us apart and controlled things, but under SEPARATION we have the power over our own separate communities. We need OUR OWN schools controlled by us with OUR OWN curriculum to teach our children how to operate OUR communities inside America. That's the ONLY way it will work with us living with them. You try it that "melting pot" crap and you're gonna have THEM in charge with a lot of Black folks going to jail, unemployed, getting fired from their jobs for wearing dreads, getting cancer and diabetes, and many other problems that come from TRYING to get along with and live with and imitate them and their poisonous civilization. Western civilization works for WHITE FOLKS and their nature, but their civilization and ways are POISONOUS and DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to our very nature as a people and we need to be able to develop and control our own communities and culture to not only thrive but just survive!
  13. I gave up on the idea of black people having our own country in North America a long time ago. And it makes no sense to live in the US and self-segregate either. We can build our community and be ourselves if we fight to make a less racist more economically just America. Despite our continuing problems look how far we've come since the 1960s. More work needs to be done, but I won't discount the progress made. America is as much ours as anyone else, so I don't think in terms of " their civilization."
  14. @Pioneer1Now you'll be full of maggots. A perfect match.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Kenneth It's true that a lot of LGBT are Black....I contend that the REASON you have so many Black LGBT today is because of our proximity and closeness to White people and their strong influence on our community. Especially since so-called Integration. If we weren't so close to them with them constantly influencing our culture so much and introducing different perverse ways and lifestyles to our people, there wouldn't be NEARLY as many LGBT and sexually confused people in our community. You'd have some, but not NEARLY as many. We need to SEPARATE from White people....not get closer to them or unite with them. That will help us much more than trying to get along with them....which most of us can't anyway no matter how hard some of us try. The problem with getting along with White people isn't with us....it's with them. Most Black people (including myself) WANT to get along with White people and try very hard to do so even when it goes against our very nature to do so, but so many White people DO NOT want to live with or get along with or even work with Black people even when they're forced to.....it just doesn't happen. I want a nation that works for us all too. I think America can be that nation and I think all races CAN get along....as long as we have the freedom to express ourselves and our culture without the interference of others. When Black people are ALLOWED to be ourselves without White people trying to dictate and control us, we EXCELL. Most White people instinctively know this, which is why they love to constantly interfere in our development as a people. Forget about trying to unite with White people and even other races for that matter and let them do them. Focus more on uniting BLACK PEOPLE with eachother under a more righteous and progressive agenda by strengthening the families, cutting the crime, and innovating technology and medicines to heal our people from the problems they've encountered living among a poisionous White civilization. Black people are TOO UN-ALIKE White people to call ourselves trying to live under their civilization. The very FOODS that work for them often times don't work for us and gives our people various problems. Let's SEPARATE from them and build OUR OWN.
  17. It's hard to say I blame you because white men support Trump and oppose all kinds of policies that might benefit them just because blacks would also be helped. As for LGBTQ people many of them are black. Furthermore, white racism cuts across class, income, and education. I want a country that really works for us all, and we have to work together within the political system to get it. To the extent we can prevail good things like individual freedom and genuine pluralism are possible. These two things would greatly benefit black people, our culture, and community.
  18. No. Black. Unity.. If. The. NAACP ,Black. Democrats. Can. Organize. ,To. Get. Black. Votes. They. Should. Organize. Kwanzaa. ,To. Uplift ,Black. Communities. ..Churches. Are. Slave. Cabins. And. Pimp ,,Houses. Preachers. Steal. All. The. Church. Money ...Talk. They. Have. Been. Blessed.. Preachers. Are. Snakes,Jackals. ,Hyenas ,Vultures. ..Black. People. Enslaved. Their Own. People. And ,Communities.. Where. Is. Black. Lives. Matter. And. The 90 $ Million. Dollars. In. Contributions. They. Got. ??????Millions. Of. Dollars. Going. To. Ukraine. ,How. Many. Millions. Going. To. Poor ,Inner. City. Schools. And. Communities. ...????
  19. Pathetic ol pioneer is so transparent. His motives and tactics are so easy to see through. After everybody voids what he thinks are brilliant assertions and rebuttals, he skulks off to lick his wounds, Then comes back, firing on all fours, sniping here, shooting blanks there, spouting the corny little retorts that he's been waiting to drop , re-posting his tired ol visuals, barfing his half-baked opinions, all in an effort to show that he is not a wussy who's going to let people shut him down or deflate his withered "manhood". Nosiree! WOOOOOOO. Are we skeered, - or what? He's somewhere now, pickin' his nose, scratchin' his crotch', thinkin about inflating his blow-up doll, believing he has scored a coup. NOT! Just another day on the AALBC "Culture, Race and Economy" discussion board. Regulars:10, Pioneer:0.
  20. Kenneth Ok, thank you for answering my question and clarifying.......... Well, I can say that I DON'T WANT TO unite with most Wht people or most of those in the LGBT community. Infact, working class White men are THEE most racist demographic in this society. I can get along with them as long as they stay in their community and away from me and mine, but as far as uniting with them and working with them....I have little desire to do so. Which is why I prefer a SALAD BOWL type of society where we each can keep out separate communities and sub-cultures instead of a melting pot that blends us.
  21. I'm referring to black people, working class people, women. and LGBTQ people. Anyone who works every day and isn't monied, straight, white, and male. In so many words the majority of Americans. Yet I wanted to center on black people and move outward because it's important to deal with race as much as the other issues. I think we often talk about individuals or individualism outside any societal context. This becomes meaningless when discussing politics or issues. In some ways it becomes evasive. There are always individuals in any society or group who may be doing well even if those around them are not. Think about it like this. Slavery was no less problematic or unjust simply because some slaves were treated well, or some blacks were free. Legal and DeFacto segregation were the same way. There were black businesses, civic institutions, and decent areas in black neighborhoods. But the situation was bad. It had to be challenged. I would make two final points: 1. No individual can continue to thrive in an unjust social or collective setting. 2. If every black person is to be free as an individual then we must work collectively to challenge racial and economic inequality.
  22. ProfD I'm disappointed to a certain extent....but I understand. We should have KNOWN this was gonna happen once they took out of the leadership.
  23. Well, I was walking down the street....noticed it was out of control and didn't have a conductor...so I hopped aboard and took the steering to save lives, lol.
  24. ProfD Lol...you jokester you. Stop playing man. Stefan And at THIS point in Black History, I would say dis-unity is a GOOD THING! When I look at the behavior and thinking pattern of many of the AfroAmericans I see not only in the media but out on the street in real life...I'm GLAD I'm not joined with those clowns. There is no way we could unite and progress as a people with the mindset so many of them have today. The rampant drug use alone and the instability it produces is a good reason we can't and shouldn't unite with all of our people today. I hope you have a bottle of Pepto Bismol or Maalox sitting by you when you read them....to deal with the upset stomach.
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