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  2. @Troy was your children's mother more middle class or possessing middle class values
  3. Musicians: Sons of Kemet <san jose summer fest>
    Photographer: Ron Wired




  4. ************************************************************************************ @Troy The topic of bioweapons that @Pioneer1 posted about can be found from numerous credible sources. Besides that, the Chinese are supposedly collecting U.S. citizens DNA (from COVID tests and other sources) in order to develop specialized bioweapons to attack us some more. Biotechnology: Genetically Engineered Pathogens China’s gene giant harvests data from millions of women ************************************************************************************
  5. It's all good. A seat belt is no fun. I prefer to ride suicide and fly by the seat of my pants.
  6. Who cares how things sound to you? You're a nonentity. Face it.
  7. Who cares whether you go or stay. You're an nonentity. Face it.
  8. You're welcome. Fasten your seat belt. it might be a bumpy ride.
  9. It's become more casual now but I think the black church is the final frontier where black folks still dress to impress. However, I see some brothas wearing suits that look too small and too tight. Also, they must be modeling socks because the pants stop above their ankles. Some of our sistas aren't fashionistas either. I blame Rainbow or the equivalent store selling cheap azz clothes. They'll buy a size too small which makes a fitted dress look like a sausage casing. I guess the wack fashion sense I see sticks out like a sore thumb because I love to dress and stay fly. So, I just shake my head especially when I see folks close to my age who clearly should know better.
  10. Yeah, Oklahoma is right next to Arkansas....clearly down South. If I had to choose another region for Oklahoma other than the South, I would have chosen "out West" like West Texas. No way would I have considered Oklahoma a "Midwestern" state.
  11. It says The Guardian...maybe it's a different The Guardian than the English newpaper. I thought it was just the Nigerian sub-sector of The Guardian paper. Bioweapons designed to kill only people of particular race | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News — Features — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News
  12. Well let your racist friends know that if I go....I won't go alone, lol.
  13. There's people who think Texas is part of Mexico, but all these people's thoughts are irrelevant. There's a thousand maps online that depict this same exact breakdown of the states.
  14. The artwork is very nice. You should be very proud of this project.
  15. @Troy That's right. Why waste your time? This guy is inflicted with the cognitive dissonance virus. NOTHING you say will change his mind. These anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists are akin to cult members.
  16. Yessir. This is awesome. It's the kinda thing that makes me proud of us. Literally paying it forward.
  17. Yesterday
  18. @Mioneeer Go wash your finger before it rots off. @Pzuri: sly, condescending, manipulative, psychotic... the list grows.
  19. Your days are numbered, stink bug.
  20. @TroyYes, i understand this, which is why I've always claimed that the black experience is different from person to person. i grew up in a small midwestern town, a suburb of Chicago in the 1930s during the Great Depression. My parents were among the first wave of the Great Migration, coming north seeking better lives for themselves. My wholesome formative years read like a black version of the comic book character Archie Andrews. I've always lived in interracial environments, all the schools I attended were integrated, never had a black teacher. Even during the Depression my parents owned their own home, had a car and steady jobs, my father as a Pullman porter, my mother as a maid for wealthy white people . And, as I have marveled at many times on this board, to the chagrin of some, in the early 1950s during the 2 years i spent at the University of Illinois, when the Civil Rights movement was coming into fruition spurred by the murder of Emmitt Till and Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her front seat on the bus, as a member of the matriculating Freshman class, i and a few other blacks integrated the women's dormitories at this Big 10 university. As a result, when blacks began their march for equality, I was living in a facility kept clean by white maids, eating in a dining room where i was served by a white wait staff. The AKA sorority house where i later lived was the only one in the entire country that existed on a white campus as, were the houses of The Kappas, Alphas, and Deltas. Yes, my upbringing was different - and possibly a lot more typical than others might think. Who has the credentials to speak for all black people?
  21. I can’t pursue this debate as you will introduce anything to make a point. As in reincarnated slave holders have taken over the scientific community to create a vaccine to kill Black people and millions more white people as collateral damage. i can’t…. Also what is that website you shared? It is not The Guardian.
  22. Troy I haven't lived in Tulsa, but I've been there a few times. When I was there people talked with a southern twang. In many establishments you walk into they were watching Fox News. It was hot and when you left the city you'd see miles and miles of just flat land. And this is the ABSOLUTE PROOF that Tulsa is down South: It has several Waffle Houses....lol
  23. Perhaps, but both of those things are just false. having lived in both the south and in Tulsa I would not describe Tulsa as in the south.
  24. Troy There are people, who actually live here, that would disagree with you two. Come on man... There are people down in Oklahoma who believe Trump is still President too, lol. There are some people down there who believe Texas is it's own sovereign nation...lol. I've actually TALKED to some of them.
  25. Sure. Yet, no amount of comfort absolves the fact that they're still in prison. But, the idea of being comfortable while imprisoned is a case study in itself. More than likely, it runs in parallel with Stockholm syndrome. IMO, that is the greatest accomplishment of the system of racism. Folks believing they are free on a mental an/or physical level especially when buoyed by the illusion of class and/or status. Hopefully it never happens but when the police pull you over while driving a Bentley in the Hamptons and says, boy, get yo azz outta the car....class and/or status goes outta the window.
  26. Troy Many girls in my neighborhood had children in high school, Lol....were any of them YOUR children too?
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