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  2. Have you experienced and do you think it is possible?
  3. Some predictions about the Trump Presidency Donald Trump will be less in the public eye around mid yearMay 27 - July 11 2018. This may be due to mental or physical exhausation. Trump may be an insomniac. Ironically this condition is not new. This may result in Mike Pense and Donald Trump working very closely together. Trump also works better when he is not in the spotlight. Details of his debt obligations will also surface between February 2 February 26, 2017. It will also become clear that he is closer to his daughter than his wife. There may be some controversy through the end of March of work that Donald Trump or members of his family have undertaken. It appears that an investment partnership becomes public knowledge. There is a conflict of interest. This appear to be mid April 2017. April 2017 appears to be a particularly difficult month. In the following areas: Education; Investments and Family. From February 10 2017 to March 7, 2017 Trans Mars is in Aries and in the 8th house of other people's money. Mars in the 8th is trine Pluto in the 12th. Both known and unseen investors will assist Trump. February 21, 2017 - February 28, 2017 Mars in the 8th sextile Uranus, Sun and North Node. Trump likes to push things but he also is very good at creating opportunities out of adversity. March 5, 2017 Mars in Aries in the 9th trine Mars in Leo in the 12. An overseas or international investors assist Trump behind the scenes. 26 days after the inauguration takes us to Feb 16, usually my forecast are plus/minus a week. Which corresponds with the dates of my forecast Feb 9 - Feb 23, 2017.
  4. Well, our fearless leader has been inaugurated much to the satisfaction of all the Evangelicals whose prayers for a Trump victory won out over those praying for a qualified leader and are now praying that the tyrant they were against, will miraculously become a savior they'll be for. Sharing this sentiment are the many others who are simply resigned to accepting defeat. The undertones of Trump's inaugural speech were "it's my way or the highway" - obviously his formula for making America great again. And if a Cabinet made up bigots, clueless amateurs, corporate millionaires and Russian puppets is any indication of what Trump considers "great", then this nation is at risk of collapsing under the weight of its "greatness". The only people more pathetic than the "forgotten" crybabies conned into thinking they'll be better off with Trump, are the "deer-in-the-headlights" Democrats, lost in the shuffle. Thomas Jefferson once said :“I hold that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” Carl Schurz another statesman, later said : "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right." Malcolm X declared: "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Barak Obama spoke about the "the audacity of hope." To all my sisters out there demonstrating for justice and equality, this 83-year-old retread from the 1960s says "right on!"
  5. Troy, man c'mon running numbers. Statistics is my hobby. Trump assaults you before sex the Clintons kill you later, Allegedly.
  6. Donald Trump will be the most unifying divisive President.
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  8. Amazon is being analyzed as a company that may potentially become a trillion dollar business. The giant is rolling downhill and everything in its path will be crushed. Macy's, The Limited, Sears and countless small retailers have disappeared and it is not going to get any better. We the people demand speed and convenience and those things are all that matters. Speed and convenience means that we are left to be on our phones and watching our shows. We don't need or want to walk or drive to visit stores if that store isn't connected to our phones in some way.
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  10. I don't disagree. That line, "Perhaps the American public is more afraid of sexual advances from Hillary than Trump." was rich LOL. BTW, the number of women was not a sample; it was the entire electorate dude. Honestly, I did run the numbers. But we do know the majority of white women voted for Trump. If we eliminated all the votes cast by white women, it is possible that difference could have swung the election the other way. It would not take too much heavy lifting to figure that out if that is indeed the case.
  11. I think you are looking at it from the wrong angle Del, it will have zero impact on Trump. It will, however, help galvanize people in such a way that they thwart anything bad Trump might do and prevent this shit from happening again.
  12. Troy how many White Women were in your sample? Every Four years the American Public is asked to particpate in a Beauty pageant. The winner has the platform that most aligns with the public. Hillary comes off as more of an elitist than a Billionaire. Basket of Deplorables not smart. Trump comes across as a billionaire populist. Hillary is Hawk not afraid to send your kids to die. Donald avoided the war. Perhaps the American public is more afraid of sexual advances from Hillary than Trump.
  13. I think I understand the oncept. But how is standing around outside going to influence a megalomniac? Can you explain how that puts pressure on Donald Trump?
  14. A Black Man In Trump's Crime Infested Ghetto
  15. Humm I'm just now reading the post from Guest White Man. I'm not sure why he thinks this site is blaming white folks for Black problems, or why he associates it with BLM. While I agree with him regarding our slavish devotion to the Democratic party, I seriously doubt the Republicans can do any better. There is little indication that or gets much traffic. They don't have very many backlinks and are not ranking very high in search any terms other than the web site's name. is doing much better and has seen a surge in organic traffic over that past 6 months. I'll add these site to my database and track them going forward. I'm probably a few months away from updating the Best of the Black web portion of the website.
  16. You left out They're one of the most popular black celebrity news, gossip and entertainment site out there.
  17. Last night after, writing the post above, I began running a new poll. To ask the question Where did you buy your last book. Of course, the software available to collect this information is far superior to what I used back in 1999. I was able to find and implement a new poll in a matter of minutes. The company I used is called Get Site Control. I never heard of them prior to looking for poll taking tool software. Get Site Control also provide a variety of other widgets for your site or Blog. Creating a feature rich website is much easier than ever before, but we have much less diversity on the web because massive corporate sites dominate. It really is a great loss of creativity, but I digress... Here are the results of the Where did you buy you last book? question thus far: Of course, given Amazon's dominance, I don't expect any relations with this question. The main purpose is to contrast the responses with those given 17 years ago. I also recognize that since this question is posted on this website, that there are inherent biases, so I would not extend these answers to the general population. But given the fact that internet penetration is so much higher today compared to Jan 2000 when the question was first asked. The survey is probably less biased than the one taken 16 years ago. Finally, it will be interesting to see if I get 856 responses and how long it takes.
  18. NY Dems plan on Boycotting Trump's Inauguration. @Delano, you may want to follow this story to understand the thinking about what a boycott can do.
  19. These questions were posed before the advent of social media and during what I'd describe as the height of the "Black Literature Renaissance" in 2000. Check out all the questions and answers: The really interesting thing is that even though this site gets orders of magnitude more traffic in 2017, than in 2000, I doubt I could get as many people to respond to surveys like this. Part of the reason AALBC attracts more visitors is that there are FAR more people with Internet access than there were 17 years ago. But they reason I suspect I'd get less participation is that visitors are generally far more engaged on social media and the large corporate sites than they are on smaller indie sites. This is one of the reasons there is less choice and diversity on the web than there was 17 years ago, but that is a rant for another day I plan to ask visitors many of the same questions I asked back in 1999, I'll really anxious to see what people think today compared to almost two decades ago.
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  21. Image was always important to Obama. I'm sure this is why he avoided the Black press, ditched Dr. West and Tavis Smiley from jump street all of whom all would have been held more accountable for his actions regarding Black people. Instead, he latched on to sycophants like Al Sharpton. This is not an issue of "messaging" as Obama likes to claim, this is an issue of the struggles of Americans. Perhaps the democrats can find a truly progressive candidate to run against Trump in four years and truly make America great.
  22. I actually did look at that. I was interested in seeing if there were some really large contributions too. Basically, the largest contribution (when I looked) was $5,000, there are about 25 others who gave $1,000 or more. Making up about 25% of the total. The vast majority of other contributions were relatively small over 6,300 contributions averaging about 50 bucks each. An impressive large level of grassroots support. That segment of the Black community @Cynique, is apparently not so silent. While I refuse to begrudge Talladega for cashing in here; I don't like the idea of an HBCU celebrating the inauguration of Donald Trump, but I'm not paying the schools bills... I read the Jennifer Holiday saw the light and backed out. Perhaps she felt the long-term financial impact of alienating the gay community exceeded the short term gain of performing at Trump's Inauguration. Apparently, the Black community does not exert the same power as the Gay community. Instead we are willing to do anything for money, not unlike of future president.
  23. I wonder if the breakdown of the Go Fund would show small contributions from a lot of people, or large contributions from a few philanthropic organizations and wealthy anonymous donors who come to the rescue in well-publicized cases such as this. I'm also beginning to wonder if there's a silent segment among the black population who have accepted Trump's presidency and are willing to just go along to get along. Many are star struck by the "office-of-the-president" no matter who holds it, not to mention those who think God is in charge and He will deal with Trump.
  24. I enjoyed reading your comments on Hillary, whlte women and their vote, and many of your comments on various subjects you briefly touched. I teach African American Literature at Des Moines Area Community College. I am an anglo-saxon person who tries to help your African American men and women realize the richness of their heritage and be proud of their accomplishments and continue the heritage. There so much to learn in the African American experience that every person should be aware about and the tremendous contribution many of these artist have contributed to American culture and society. Keep up your great work and comments.
  25. At this point, Obama is preoccupied with his record and his main priority is to try and polish the legacy he is reluctant to accept as being lackluster because the high hopes he inspired, never got off the ground.
  26. For the last couple of weeks, I haven't even able to watch all of these 'Final' moments of POTUS. To your point, this didn't start with Obama as he continued so many policies of the previous admins and kept things at the status quo, which continued to hurt so many Americans. So, I did appreciate the WPost article talking about the Clinton admin.
  27. I still have not heard the President's farewell speech, but I have heard clips and I watched an Interview on TV last night. In each instance, I've heard Obama state that the country is better off as a result of his presidency. In fact, in the interview I watched last night, Obama said this was "objectively" true in any way you want to measure it. As an entrepreneur; educator; and someone who has been involved in a wide variety of industries including, defense, financial services, publishing, and technology the notion that the country is better off now, than it was 8 years ago, does not ring true. While it is true, based upon the data I have access to, that the Nation's GDP has increased, during this same period of "growth," income has remained stagnant and wealth inequality as increased. If we measure the success of the economy based upon the increase in wealth of the extremely wealthy, then Obama is right. However. if we look at the prospects of most Americans, the picture is bleaker. I see education costing more and more, so much more that a decent one is out of reach of many—especially for those you can't, or refuse, to take on oppressive debt. At the same time, the prospects of a decent, well-paying job, as a result of this expensive education is no longer guaranteed. I see opportunities for running independent businesses, swiftly evaporating as super massive and ultra wealthy corporations are allowed to operate as virtual monopolies, utilizing the capital markets, tax loopholes, and politicians in a way that would be considered criminal is an individual engaged in this behavior. We have witnessed the death of journalism; and the rise of fake and biased news spewed by people armed with misinformation and biased opinions on platforms whose sole motivation is revenue. Trump's dysfunction became much more newsworthy than the coverage of legitimate candidates. If the country is doing better, why have the American people decided to radically change direction and go with Donald Trump? I submit for the very same reasons we chose Obama over Clinton in the primaries and again over Romney in the general. We were full of "hope" for a "change." Of course, wealth inequality did not start with Obama, but not only did he not reverse it, it grew under his watch and people are feeling the pain. Bernie Saunders spoke directly to this pain, while Obama attempted to convince us everything was going great. This is why Bernie's message resonated so strongly with many people, while Hillary just promised more of what Obama delivered--the rich getting richer. When Hillary modified her message to be more Saunder's like, she came across as a typical poll-monitoring politician, more commonly known as a liar, the chants of "lock her up" made perfect sense to many. Now that Trump is practically in office, the media will continue to cover his silly tweets and fail to directly challenge his lies. Our country is broken. God help us.
  28. Congressman And Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Said He Will Not Attend Trump Inauguration,Because Trump Is Not.A Legitiment ,President. . Fuhr Trump And The Racist Republicans Believe That President Obama Was Born In.Africa Not Hawaii,Birth Certificate Was Forged..John Lewis Who Was With Dr. Martin Luther King, Has No Problem With.All These False Prophets,In The Black Church. 3 Black Preachers In Prison.For Killing Their Wives,Preachers With Prostitutes,Children With Mistressses,Beat Their Wives,Worship Money,Buy Rich Cars And Houses,They Are A Disgrace To Dr. King. Maybe Kanye West Will Sing At Trump.Inauguration,He Loves Trump. Was That Steve Harvey Next To Trump On A News Clip?Do Not Plan To Waste My Time Watching This Racist Idiot Inauguration. News, Trump Was Involved With Russians,People Wondering.How Deep,Russians Help.Trump Get Elected..Some, People Predict Trump Will Be Impeached Or Forced To Resign.....
  29. Wreath For Emit Till. Author Said Emit Till's Murder Has Been.Apart Of Her Life. She Wrote Poems About Lynching For Children...
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