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  2. You ever wanted a thing so bad that the thought of losing it before you even have it makes you mad. Do you ever dream beyond the moment of conception with the intention of having better things. I ask God so many questions because I just want to know what it all means. Looking over life wondering how women can take on so many roles. We have pushed up those around us while not losing sight of our own goals. I wasn't prepared for this life with so many fires to put out. Where we speak life into existence but we are never taught how. Where we as individuals should be allowed to determine our own worth yet we don't understand this that our value can't be decided on earth We are not told in our formative years that fears is no more than a mindset. That negative is cultivated as a jacket we wear out of fear. Fear of not fitting in. Not looking like her. Not moving like them, not conforming to the world. Peculiar is a world to describe the within. The part of us that we push down because to be different is difficult and a way not to win. Its not losing either. it's just to carbon copy your soul because we are taught as small children that the way of society is we all walk the same road. So let's be honest Where does that road actually lead. Do you know where you are going, so grateful they taught you to read. Not realizing the day you learned your ABC's, it was that very moment you started to be deceived. It was there that the lies began to be told. That you will go to school, work at 18, get used up by thier system to die when your old. Opening eyes to the American dream. It's not roads paved with gold it's a lie and a scheme. It's how they get us to buy into the lie with shiny little bobbles and promises of dreams. They Indocurate us and lie saying its for our own good because we as various cultures aren't misunderstood. They know what's best for all others as they feel they should. Wake up so we raise this generation to an alternative way where our children learn there is value in what we need to say. We are asking you not to lie as bad as the truth maybe. Because the truth of the matter is knowledge is what set the captive mind free. Free my people.
  3. First, it was the achoo virus. They still aren't trying to let that one and its variants fade to black. Encouraging folks to get vaxxed and boosted a couple times despite cases spreading among them too. Now, it's take comfort in being vaxxed and boosted because it will keep folks out of the hospital and the morgue. Right. On the heels of that *pandemic*, there are rumblings about smallpox 1.5. Monkeypox is a zoonotic illness but it can be spread from person to person under the right conditions. It's not a major thing yet but CDC is keeping its eye on the ball. Stay tuned. There's a midtern election in November. Immigration, Inflation, conflict, abortion and disease just to name a few are the ingredients for a political stew. As always, be reminded to watch their hands and follow the money. Politics is a dirty business. They don't leave anything off the table.
  4. Not the monkey pox! We are living through a full-blown apocalypse and don't even know it!
  5. If this were a debate, the original poster @Addison's position would be "The bible is holy, slavery is in the bible, then slavery is holy." This syllogism's crux hinges on believing that if the bible is good, it couldn't endorse something horrific as slavery. @Stefanshows that the bible condones slavery but codifies ethical treatment in the rabbinical literature. Condoning slavery is the point where many believers suffer from cognitive dissonance - and try to justify their belief that their God would never justify slavery so they can continue to believe God is good all the time. BUT the very people whose ancestors wrote and lived by the Old Testament with commentary (Talmud) tell us the Hebrew word "ebed" means slave. - "Where real slaves are referred to, the English versions generally use "bondman" for "'ebed," and "bondwoman" or "bondmaid" for the corresponding feminines (Lev. xxv. 49)." When one is referring to the old testament, one must take into consideration Hebrew transliteration. They must also consider the Talmud/oral history (Mishnah) that corresponds to understanding the history of Rabbinical literature. In this case, foreign-born enslaved people couldn't own anything - they had no agency. So, it's a stretch to conclude the bible doesn't endorse chattel slavery. It does. The Hebrew people had to contend with this fallacy, too - maybe right up until the Egyptians enslaved them. "Not until the Greek and Roman period, however, does the emancipation of slaves attain, as an institution, any importance for the Jews. According to a not wholly reliable authority, most of the Jews captured by Ptolemy I., Lagi (322-307 B.C.), were taken to Egypt, where they were ransomed by his son, Ptolemy II., Philadelphus (285-247), for a considerable sum and set free (Aristeas Letter, ed. Wendland, § 22). " So maybe if believers deal with the bible endorsing slavery - they will better be able to understand Jesus ransoming his life to free the Hebrews and others who chose to follow his way of life.
  6. @Mel Hopkins It's nice to know someone appreciates decent sourcing of information and good writing. There does not appear to be many news sources inside of Russia that display some sort of focus on Black people, either from Africa, the Caribbean or the Americas. If any exist, what they offer would likely be self-serving towards Putin. He needs some positive news to toss to a skeptical global news media which seems to have already decided that his invasion of Ukraine is a failure. I continue to worry about Brittney Griner and whether all the Black Africans who were studying or living in Ukraine made it home. But what concerns me at this moment is the so-called Monkeypox Virus. It has been detected in the U.S. Because of international travel, this malady which is said to have originated in Black Africa, has the potential to morph into an epidemic. Full blown Monkeypox appears to make patients appear to have the once-dreaded smallpox.
  7. 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In the first creative table, I used the comment section of the post to hold the content. This was dysfunctional. Took me years to figure it out:) This creative table, I will use my profile activity list to hold the data and tabulate it in this post. 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  8. NYC has 900,000 students living in temporary housing. 

    Whenever  I think to people speaking of the financial potency in the USA or NYC, I will recall that. All the people who say the financial methods are available but where is all the jobs for the parents to kids who are living in temporary housing? where are all the financial schemes to help them? 

    NYC conveniently gives money to schools based on language or quantity of kids, but not financial status. Very convenient. 

  9. Thank You @Stefan - I misspoke, well kinda. I want news reports that tell the story from the Black American perspective. We used to have Amsterdam News as a go-to, but I don’t think they have the budget to cover global stories let alone war. I did look at the website and at first glance, the content looks dense - and it’s kind of intimidating. But I’ll see what I can get from it.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Maybe that’s how folks get so caught up - lol
  12. @Mel Hopkins A lot of folks in the U.S. are relying on relatives or friends in Europe or can speak and read different languages so they peruse foreign news Websites. Most in the U.S. who are closely following the Russo-Ukrainian war are using this Website: https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/ukraine-conflict-updates The data from that Website is said to be the most current and its analysis is considered to be the most unbiased and accurate.
  13. Since the thread was based on the Bible, I just employed Bible scriptures during the debate.
  14. I've already proven it! Because events have borne out what I have said.
  15. No, I didn't say that. That quote came directly from that post's author. Oddly enough, what I've noticed in recent months is that some of the folks on this AALBC board had been hollering when someone made a post without providing any links, as if we need a link to think. So, instead of arguing with those lead heads, I've simply decided to include links and let then complain about those authors, instead. "This too means that 'the race bogeyman' is due to a movement to manipulate Black people because of racist. " On your comment immediately above, black folks seem easily distracted by low hanging fruit, while being oblivious to the serpent that is lurking high up in the tree.
  16. Really? Stefan, from my point of view, you're never going to win this argument by trying to explain it away with irrational logic, plain and simple. Remember, the left loses it's cool every time someone says something they don't agree with. On that, you've now been completely exposed. And one more thing, Barack Obama was the most incompetent president that the United States ever had, that is until Joe Biden stole the election and was installed as a regime head who just so happens to be a criminal with a serious case of dementia. From your post, anyone could guess that White Supremacy is real if you're 'black' enough to believe it.
  17. Adding to the confusion, scholars wrote, er, interpreted these scriptures filled with *wisdom*.
  18. Absolutely! This is exactly why I've been keeping a side-eye on this invasion-war because eventually black people pay the price for not paying attention!
  19. I grew up in a time where the elders would tell us to "stay out of grown folks' business". Well...whenever white folks have a dust up or skirmish among themselves...that's not black folks' business to get involved one way or another. However, black folks already under the persecution of racism white supremacy need to figure out to avoid the sh8t that rolls downhill when the dust settles between the white folks. They won't call them immigrants so....wherever they choose to go, Ukrainian refugees will be able to find safe harbor in other countries around the world. The US has already committed to taking 100k Ukrainians. The Governor of Ohio has done a PSA (public service announcement) extending an open invitation to them. Black folks had better hope they are not relocated in order to make those accommodations.
  20. One black child is the part that cracks me up! Do you feel this is a case of colorism: light-skin vs. dark-skin. Because according to these scriptures - Emzara gave birth to all of Noah's children. Further, Kush is Canaan is Kemet -KMT is Mizraim is Egypt is Ethiopia. Nearly all of the land by the Nile river. So really, Noah's story is more of a story of migration. While some people feel these stories are "holy," - I see a report of a people, their record of movement, practices, and their knowledge of the universe, solar system, and Earth. Case-in-point, take these two supposed Greek letters "Nu (Nv) and Mu. The Greeks based their alphabet on the KMT (Egyptian) hieroglyphs. (The Phoenicians popularized the hieroglyphic system - but that's another story). These two "hieroglyphs" together loosely translate into "created from the primordial waters) Nu is the name of the oldest Egyptian god, who is the father of the Sun god, Re. Nu is also the symbol for primeval water that began all creation. (By the way, there's also an updated 'feminine' for this translation, which means the ancient Egyptians were not originally a patriarchal society - which was probably another source of contention for surrounding societies.) Mu is also the symbol for water - offspring from the primordial waters. Archaeologists say Egyptian hieroglyphs date back to early 27 - 28 B.C. So riddle me this. How did ancient Africans know that water was the oldest element in our universe? It was only 2014 when modern scientists discovered Earth's water (via a study of ice molecules ) is older than Earth and the sun? Scriptures have a lot of information, but very few "scholars" have extracted its wisdom.
  21. There's so much geopolitical ignorance in America - but it's not surprising since most of us don't even know how our own government works. I can't speak intelligently on the Ukraine war-invasion... I'm still heartbroken that I can't get unbiased information on what appears to be a civil war in "the land of the gods" Ethiopia. Please continue to share your perspective and information - I'm paying attention I just don't know where I should focus it across the pond. (aside: we are so isolated here in the americas)
  22. A deadly asteroid strike could be a wake up call to humans. Bring it. I think it's going to take a catastrophic event or natural disaster to force human beings to take better care of each other.
  23. Don't stop there, Sis! Keep thinking it through. Laws are never divisive. It is the application of the law that divides the people. You brought up marijuana laws - look at the 2022 map, determine where marijuana is illegal, then look at incarcerated people based on the laws written for possession and distribution of marijuana. If you feel inspired, look at the record of the prosecuting attorneys involved in those cases - and law enforcement. Next, look at the states where marijuana is legal - or a misdemeanor- to see how those states seek to offer retribution to those tried and convicted under all laws. Once you gather that information - see if there's any relation to proposed criminality for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Legislators who protect your freedoms separate themselves from those who don't. Vote for the ones who create legislation to protect you.
  24. @Chevdove And here is where I leave the debate which began with the Bible. Fantasy, supposition, theories and feel-good tales are good for the soul and the ego. But I will never look to ancient Egypt for inspiration or the source of my ancestors. They were Slavers, too. And according to the Bible, Yahweh whooped their butt, drowning the then-Pharaoh along with his vaunted chariot force in the Red Sea.
  25. I wonder where Nels got the warning a giant asteroid was going to strike Earth? He must have gotten an email from General Melvin Meteor, Commander of the Asteroid Army. Well, we're on the lookout for the giant Nels-sponsored asteroid. In the meantime, you might wanna buy one my bright yellow, hard hat helmets with the revolving red lights for $79.99. They'll make great post-Apocalyptic gifts for the special one in your life. That is if General Melvin Meteor spares them.
  26. I am not questioning the video. Just the timing. Are we sure these Black Africans traveled to Russia POST invasion? Or were they already in the country and allowed to stay? Because they would have had to have already been in the eastern portion of Ukraine to make it into Russia. Judging from everything I've read, Russian troops have been acting viciously in towns they've taken over and occupied, murdering Ukrainian civilians trying to escape, raping women, many times in front of their children and murdering their husbands. No Ukrainian men will admit to being raped, but I'm sure it has happened. All one needs to do to make a video is have a decent video camera, an attractive talking head, a suitable background with carefully placed props and imitate your favorite on-camera person. Then, of course, a paid membership for YouTube. Why is anyone so quick to believe the woman in his video when it's quite apparent that a Black woman most want to come home from Russia is still being held there against her will? WNBA star Brittney Griner.
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