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    We don't know much about them, but thanks to the archaeologist hacking through the mire ahead of me, we know they were out here, subsisting in hidden communities, Is this not the essence of all Maroon societies? The hunted black inhabitants exist in hidden communities? If 150 years ago, Harriet Beecher Stowe was aware enough to write a novel about them, many people knew then as we know now that "they were out here, subsisting in hidden communities." Btw, I never wrote nor suggested there were 'scores of books' on the great dismal swamp.
  4. There are a lot of articles that tell you how many AfroAmerican homes and how much AfroAmerican wealth was lost under the Obama Administration but I can't find any that says they lost MORE wealth under his administration than any other time. But I would think that would go without saying given the role of inflation. From the late 70s right up to the Obama Era of 2008 the economic situation for AfroAmericans steadily deteriorated but a LOT of factors were involved in that deterioration and it was a 30 year time frame so the impact was more diluted. But 2008 to 2013 was an Earthquake in
  5. Once again, we got ANOTHER Caucasian woman who infiltrated an AfroAmerican organization calling herself "Black" and assumed a leadership position because the silly Negroes who followed her didn't have enough sense to FIND OUT who she really was............... Local organizer admits she lied about her race Satchuel Cole, known for years as a local social justice activist, apologized in a Facebook post for lying about being Black. Cole, who uses they/them pronouns, was associated with Indy SURJ and Indy10 Black Lives Matter. They were a frequent leader at prote
  6. Can you cite a source for last point I'd like read it: Sounds like something Tommy Sowell would say.
  7. I'm not sure if the vast majority of Caucasians of ANY socio-economic background really want change. I think the VAST majority of them want things to remain the same because things were working for them. If you look at the so-called "shutdowns" that were happening in various spots around the nation....while most AfroAmericans didn't like them most Caucasians HATED IT. They want desperately to open up the schools, open up the public spaces and return NORMALCY.....because when things were "normal" they were thriving as compared to most of our people. Returning
  8. I think most working class people, of all colors, are ready for a massive change -- that is why 45 was elected and may win a 2nd term. It was why Obama was elected. It is also why Biden/Harris can't afford to take the people they should be appealing to for granted the way Clinton/Kane did.
  9. There are smaller cities, across the country trying to fill the void left by cities like New York, but as soon as they do capitalists come in an screw things up. Austin TX is a good example of this, as is Brooklyn, NY. All the upper middle class white folks went to their country or summer homes, police always do less police work when the people they are most interested in serving leave. Plus crimes always increases during an economic downturn and this one will be longer and deeper than folks are willing to admit, so crime will continue to increase.
  10. The escalation in crime in New York is a DIRECT result of the purposeful and pretty much publicly announced refusal of the NYPD to do their jobs. The police unions and racists on the force were so pissed off with those who were challenging them and holding them accountable for their brutality and injustices early on in the summer that they OPENLY conspired to not only allow criminals to do their thing uninhibited but BROADCASTED that they would do so on numerous media outlets over and over again to seemingly give criminals a GREEN LIGHT. If you remember the riots that followed George Flo
  11. I agree. It's neither a sign of genius NOR normal. Lol, so I wonder what else it could be a sign of?
  12. Troy Honestly, I think most AfroAmericans are just JADED with the system and have lost complete confidence in it....that's why they aren't voting. It's not about Biden or Sanders or even Hilary. Hell, if Obama was running again I don't think most AFROAMERICANS would even vote for him knowing what they now know about him. Our people are ready for a massive change that won't be achieved through casting a ballot.
  13. I doubt it. Least out it this way. You know how I feel about Candice Owens right? I find Candice more attractive that Kamala. She will not turn out the Black vote the way Obama did in his first term -- you won't even vote for her @Pioneer1 unfortunately you are not alone. And if you won;t vote for her, what incentive do you think white folks will have? Again, none of the robot calls or text messages are touting Harris' accomplishments or plan -- it is all we must defeat Trump. That is not good enough
  14. Troy In Florida ex-felons were permanently stripped of their right to vote. I think that is not only unfair but absolutely terrible not to mention COMPLETELY un-Constitutional. I used to argue that people who were actually IN PRISON should be able to vote too, but it was brought to my attention that when you are actually IN prison you are no longer considered a "citizen" of the United States. I'm not sure if that's true or not but certainly when you GET OUT you should be. The only way to LEGALLY deny someone the right to vote or own a gun is if
  15. Yeah, there is a word for that -- hypocrite. They recognized oppression when it suited them as in when they are victims of it. Immediately after forming this nation our founding fathers, and their spawn, embarked on a imperialist rampage that put Great Britain to shame.
  16. NYC has priced artists out. Rents are property values are too high to permit a bookstore to open without it being subsidized somehow. The famed 125th street has the same stores as a suburban strip mall except it is nosier, more crowded, provides poorer service, and is dirtier. The Lenox Lounge to close. After I sold my Brownstone and Brought the place in Florida, I rented an apartment with ex for 7 years. When we moved in the rent was $2,900 for a three bedroom, doorman building, with a patio, 1/2 a block from Central Park. When we moved out the rent was $3,700. It w
  17. Troy Are you SURE you don't know Maria? Maybe an old forgotten Puerto Rican girlfriend from childhood who finally caught up with you????? Both Biden and Trump are old racist Caucasian men who are power hungry and are good examples of what's wrong with Washington and the United States political system in general. However, as silly as it may seem there is something that Biden has that Trump doesn't...Kamala Harris. As shallow as it may seem, a lot of men of all races and backgrounds would vote for Biden/Harris just to
  18. Del RULES and STANDARDS....though they often overlap....are different from each other. I thought I knew what BOTH terms meant, but if you think you have better definitions then by all means enlighten.
  19. FAS again I'm familiar with the Black seminoles. Indeed I live in Florida it is not a secret. What I was unfamiliar with was the Maroon community in the Great Dismal Swamp discussed in the article shared. You rejected the article for no apparent reason and keep bringing up Florida Semolies. You suggested the their were scores of books on the subject, but you only produced a 150 year old novel, which I will add to the site. Still nothing you shared would substantiate calling the article "ridiculous."
  20. The signers of the declaration of independence were all men of means except for a few. There is paradoxical relationship between their espouseed ideas and their lifestyles
  21. The New York I knew no longer exists. In fact it was disappearing before I left. I am in Oz and life is good. Even while i was there I recognised the transient nature of the city. So i lived like a tourist and tried to experience the many sides of the City.
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    While there are many articles on the internet, the only book that I know of personally, re: the great dismal swamp, is Harriet Beecher Stowe's "novel" 'Dred, a tale of the Great Dismal Swamp,' written over 150 years ago. am*zon has a gaggle of books about the Black Seminoles, my primary interest in Maroon life in the U.S.. YouTube has at least a score of videos (99% by whites... and shockingly, they tell the truth!) about the Black Seminoles. The following book, however, is one of the best: Florida's Negro War: Black Seminoles and the Second Seminole War 1835-1
  23. In Florida ex-felons were permanently stripped of their right to vote. We all voted to eliminate this form is disenfranchisement. Then white guys flipped the script requiring the newly renenfranchised, former felons, to pay full restitution for costs associated with their convictions. Those most effected would be people who would vote to prevent these evil legislators from being elected. Of course the Constitution was written to advance the interests of rich white men. What else us new Sherlock?
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