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  1. Here is a related anecdote: Read the review about one of the Black Lives Matters principals, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir. The late Kam Williams wrote the review. The author of the book, a sister I though I was cool with emailed me vigorously trashing the review. There is a video on the page that i arranged for the author to appear in but she ghosted me which was a pretty shitty thing to do. Now the review was Kam's assessment, was the review worth burning a bridge with AALBC? What did Kam do wrong mention Patrice's dysfunctional upbringing or her Homosexuality? While I don't think the oligarchy is using homosexuality to destroy the Black community, the current climate of political correctness and hypersensitivity is hurting us. I have no issue with BLM, but their prominence is a function of and largely a creation of media coverage. Since we don't control media, we don't control who represents Black the mainstream. The are important groups in NYC, for example, doing real work in the community. You will rarely learn about them on network TV. They don't have social media folks sending tweets or posting on Instgram -- they doing real work and don't need retweets. "A group's prominence on social media is inversely proportional to it's relevance to our people." Without twitter BLM would never have emerged. As far as it's relevance lets judge that in another decade after the twittersphere (if it still exists) has moved on to the next shiny thing.
  2. Kanye's get waaaay too much attention if you ask me. Doesn't he have some type of mental problem?
  3. Funny that thought occured ti me from an early age, as if it was knowledge I (we) were born with. Once you becine enlightened you can move onto paradise...
  4. ...so white people are funding hemophilia by using BLM and Yvette Carnell to undermine the Black community? Is this what you two are asserting?
  5. I strongly suggest sitting out the election. I felt exactly the way you do, and expressed as much on this forum. Someone here changed my mind. I held my nose and voted for Hillary. You objectively would have been better that 45 and maybe. Better than the last 5 presidents -- including her genius degenerate husband. Also white folks control guns and ammo, don't count on arming ourselves to fight off the U.S. military.
  6. What is the agenda white are using Blacklivesmatter and yvette to promote? Yes @Pioneer1 I do relate more to King than I due to Tyson. But I have things in common with Tyson, and differences with King. As fars as the Black "masses" you might be right but I don't know.
  7. The entire city's crime went down, but that started before Bloomberg purchased the mayoralty. Basically correlation does not mean causation. But it is a slick way to claim credit. As Kurtis' kin points out, a lot of Brothers and Sisters were locked up for petty crimes while white boys got off scott free for similar offenses. This is well documented. A whole generation was lost and the impact is incalculable.
  8. I don't think the conversation is "fruitless." I had not idea anyone felt this way about Erivo. I still plan to see the film, but I'll be keeping my eye on her 😉 Frankly, @Kareem I'm more interested in what you have to say about Black people than what a Tyler Perry might have say (unless the subject is black people cross dressing and cooning).
  9. From all that I've seen Ali rejected Malcolm for renouncing the NOI @Kareem if your following quote does not marginalize Frazier, then I don't know the definition of marginalization. You've elevated Ali WAY above Frazier. Both men were great fighters and Frazier was an asset to his community but greatly marginalized by the mainstream culture -- unlike Ali who was deified later in life. I bet if the NOI was as strong as it was when both Ali and Malcolm were in it Ali would never have become a media darling. As far a Ali and Frazier being friends I dunno, but I doubt they were BFF's. In any case Ali talking about Frizer like a dog which I did not care for. I also recognize that Ali recognized the Frazier was sensitive and used that against him. A tactic which backfired against Kenny Norton
  10. "Let me plant the stake now: No black person — or Hispanic person or ally of people of color — should ever even consider voting for Michael Bloomberg in the primary. His expansion of the notoriously racist stop-and-frisk program in New York, which swept up millions of innocent New Yorkers, primarily young black and Hispanic men, is a complete and nonnegotiable deal killer. Stop-and-frisk, pushed as a way to get guns and other contraband off the streets, became nothing short of a massive, enduring, city-sanctioned system of racial terror. This system of terror exploded under Bloomberg, with his full advocacy and support. In 2002, the first year Bloomberg was mayor, 97,296 of these stops were recorded. They surged during Bloomberg’s tenure to a peak of 685,724 stops in 2011, near the end of his third term. Nearly 90 percent of the people who were stopped and frisked were innocent of any wrongdoing." -- Charles Blow, in the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/10/opinion/michael-bloomberg.html ‐------------------- I'm listening to Charles Blow on this one...
  11. Here is a link to an article where I describe my 10 favorite Black-owned, brick-and-mortar bookstores.
  12. @Pioneer1 No problem. It was a very stressful period. ‐----‐-------- So you are saying that the masses relate more to Iron Mike than to MLK? Do you? I don't.
  13. You know @Pioneer1previous experience tells me I can't assume that you r actually read this document. Did you? If you did you'd know the heavily redacted document does not say; It was more a warning as a potential tactic, not a declaration of infiltration.
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