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  1. Troy


    Yes this is a Google ad. I'll remove that ad unit from my homepage. Looking at that screenshot, QBD appears to be hijacking my homepage
  2. Dude, no one wrote anything like this. Please provide a quote.
  3. Or even better; give the money directly to the university so that the students did not need to take the loans on the first place... A billion dollars is a lot of money and there are a lot of ways to spend it -- at least as many ways as there are people. What homeboy did was quite commendable.
  4. Every two months I post a list of our bestselling books. It is typically the most popular item in AALBC’s monthly newsletter and website in general. Here is a link to our March/April 2019 bestselling books. This is not the same list of books that I report to the New York Times (as most of these titles were sold through affiliate programs). Only the books I sell directly are reported to the NY Times.
  5. Is this a serious question to me? Don't be silly 🙂 Besides @Chevdove never asserted that.
  6. @Pioneer1 yes I too remember the jet beauties -- every red blooded Black man does. Few can recall something from Ebony with the same level of fondness. But man any print publication is hard keep afloat today. Who knows what I would really do...
  7. Easy, the laws of physics have not changed. Which is also why we know how the planets were aligned
  8. True. I need to do so as well 🙂
  9. No I did not. It was not my decision and i did not perform the procedure.
  10. @Pioneer1 what you wrote about engineering is true. But for Del. "pedigree" holds no importance.
  11. True, since there is apparently no such thing as objective sensitivity. Here we go... ok, point to a single article I've written to support your statement. It never ceases to amaze what people will without a shred if evidence....
  12. 14 Million Black babies aborted since 1973 is a staggering number, one that I've unfortunately contributed to and regret to this day. But I understand not everyone feels the way I do. On some level we are terminating a life. That 14 million number could have been made a lot smaller through education, and better access to birth control.
  13. @Delano when we were forced into segregated communities. We ran business and built communities -- some quite prosperous -- we had too do this, for there were no other options. Today our options are being restricted again. While segrations is not longer the law. It is the reality even in Places like NYC. Schools were sgregated when I went and they may be more segregated now. The Stuyvesant HS is a popular example. Today, for example, there are more Black owned bookstores than there were five years ago. Amazon is not serving us, Borders closed, B&N is scaling back. These are opportunities, not justy in the book space, but in other areas as well. If Farrakhan can't be in Facebook, he can reach his audience on his own website and people who want to hear him will go there. I'm not the only person who has left Facebook and I will not be the last. I think (hope) it will be a growing trend. It is not that people like me don't engage online any longer -- we just go where we are treated better. I've visited Lipstick Alley in recently years looking for alternatives to Facebook -- I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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