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  1. IRS? That is silly. How else do you propose we find the government? Or are things like infrastructure not important to you? Besides given my income and expenses I dont pay very much federal tax and Florida has no state tax. And I'm happy to pay my municipality for folks to come get My trash and ensure I get water and my sewage is carried away -- it is a bargin! I don't have a mortgage. I'm self- employed. I have no clue what you mean by self interests, but presumably they are an expression of free will not slavery. Sure, keep going but try to come up with better examples. It boggles the mind that you would today us worse off today than back then. SMH....
  2. @Kalexander2, if I'm a slave who is my master?
  3. ...oh Brother. K2, if preferring my life to one of toiling, from sun up to sun down, in some tobacco farm or cotton field makes me "narrow minded" then I'll be narrow minded. If you wanna believe we've made no progress that is up to you. What intellectual con game Have I, Troy Johnson, fallen prey to?
  4. ...says the man who was never enslaved. @Kalexander2, come on man, are you really trying to tell me things are worses today... really? We can't possibly have a serious conversation if that is your position. Our perceptions of reality are too different. Drop the hyperbole if you wanna have a serious conversation. @Delano if you read anything I've written on these forums you know that I do not think this country is perfect. Nor do I think our rules are perfect, but they are better today than they have been. Today slavery is outlawed and wealth disparity is at it's highest level. I'll choose freedom first, dealing with wealthy disparity is a secondary consideration, as I'm sure it would be for you, Here too, I'm sure where you are getting your information. Why do you say that the US dollar has been "removed" as a global currency? The premise is factually inaccurate (on its face), so the question makes no sense.
  5. @Chevdove, red tide is indeed a serious problem -- devastating to those financially impacted. I'm just pointinging out, as with all bad news, the media exaggerates these things, making it hard to gain perspective.
  6. ...no not by a long shot. But our laws keep these guys in check far better than anytime since the European set foot on this land
  7. @Delano yes relocating to FL always makes me think differently about NYC. I lived here in the early 90's before B-school. Everytime I come back I need to brace myself. NYC is filthy, noisy, expensive, crowded, and people are understandably ruded. As a native I can quickly get used to it but I have to brace myself. It is not a healthy environment -- especially if you are poor, as many here are. Perspective is a function of location. @Kalexander2 I dont have an issue with what you wrote, indeed it seems to imply the likes of 45 will become more popular....
  8. Yeah it is about to hit the fan in more way than one. Hold your loved ones close...
  9. Sure, but don't you think that for the powerful, like 45, the wheels of justice will turn even more slowly -- if at all? Isn't this the way it always goes? Again, I'm not sure why you think the law well be both swift and just when it comes to 45. I can only assume that living aboard has dulled your senses regarding American justice. This is plausible since Del appears to be the only one to agree with you, and he too lives outside the United States.
  10. @Kalexander2, but why ignore due process and the amount of time it takes to execute it?
  11. Troy

    Openinng a book cafe

    Congrats! Try Afrika World Books out of MD. I don't have contact info handy. I use Ingram.
  12. Troy

    AfroAmerican Men Need A CODE

    ROTFLMBAO!! You know that's right -- sheeeeeeit, they'd be straight the next morning drinking Bloody marys talking about the "hair of the dog." Coming from the 'hood and going to college I thought I was "bad" being able to knock out two 40's before hanging out -- those boys took drinking, and drugs to a 'hole 'nother level! Multi keg parties, beer pong, shit I never heard of and these where the smart kids. To this day I remember at party with the girls basketball team. I remember going but not leaving. Yeah some people can tolerate alcohol better that others just the same way some people can tolerate milk better than others...
  13. You know @Pioneer1 the world MUST be coming to an end when we start agreeing so much 😮
  14. Troy

    AfroAmerican Men Need A CODE

    Man @Pioneer1 this is an interesting point. Would it be more accurate to say start with those with nothing to lose? Is there a difference? Too bad they don't let you eat bacon and drink a cold beer every once in a while....
  15. @Pioneer1 I've been preached to about the end of times since i was a child. I have to admit, 45, climate change, and other factors do make you wanna go hmmm. Still the areal photo and caption from the Times I posted above is VERY misleading. This is just the thing that people who believe in Revelations latch on to, despite the fact that every generation finds reasons to believe the end is near... here too reason, facts, logic, and history have no place.