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  1. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Pioneer I agree with you about the government, but keep in mind the government is run by people. Right now those people should be doing a much better job. Indeed they will have to if this nation is going to last more than a coupe hundred years. Del are you saying 45 will divisiveness will ultimately unify people? You may be right--at least I hope you are... Del you may have been away from being around large numbers of Black people too long, while i don't agree with Pioneer on everything. I understand where he is coming from. Ya'll are not that dissimilar. One similarity worth exploring is why you both choose to participate here. Your time is valuable and you two can be doing anything else, but you have decided to provide this forum with the benefit of your insight and perspectives. Why?
  2. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    I agree Del. Now image it everyone behaved as Mel described? That would actually change things. America does not have to function the way it was designed. I can, it must evolve. 45 may be the impetus to change that we needed.
  3. {smile} It took me a minute but I'm glad I finally heard you. I read the article Del linked to and I'm working on listening (and breathing deeply). Yes I can use a staff. If I ever get to a point where I have a paid one, you won't be able to talk to me :-) that would also mean the site would wouldn't need me. That is my long term goal.
  4. Devotion

    But does you belief define your afterlife? That would be something wouldn't it?
  5. Mel I need a publicist. All of the fixed expenses required to run the website are much less than what a good publicists costs. If I actually had the money that would be one of the first professionals I would hire. I think a good publicist could craft that sermon you say I need to appeal to the indie published author. Sure, I could sell my car and hire a publicist. So no, a publicist is not that important to me. I'm not willing to bet that hiring one is worth going without a car and risking not not being able to afford another one as a result of their efforts. "Need" is not the best word. Perhaps not willing to make the tradeoff (sacrifices) describes it better. I also need someone to do some of the basic research required for the website. I need someone to handle sales. Most of my transactions are done online. But I could sell much more if I had someone to pitch the services. I'm not even talking about cold calling I'm talking about following up on phone inquiries I can't follow up on. I also need an editor too much of my copy contains typos. Sure I fix them eventually but it would be better if they did not exist in first place. Shoot, I need someone to moderate Thumper's Corner. As you can imagine, I perform all of the tasks above, and get by, so I think I understand what you mean by "need." I've been doing this 20 years--obviously I don't "need" a publicist. I'm understanding you? If that is what you are saying, I agree, but I sure can use use one ;-) Every author needs to promote and advertise. J. K. Rowling advertises for the same reason Coke and McDonald's does. Again NY Times bestselling authors and their publishers use AALBC. If you are trying to reach readers of Black literature I think AALBC.com is better than Facebook. At least I have not seen any evidence that it is--and I'm looking. But Facebook is selling something I can't compete with. Facebook appeals to some authors for the same reason some want to be authors; If that makes sense. I'm going to publish reviews of your book you might not like. You already know from these discussion forums your ideas will be challenged here. Facebook, on the other hand, will make sure everyone wishes you happy birthday and feed you things to reenforce your world view. I'm working with a company that will contract the service of another company that touts its ability to effectively promote content on Facebook. The strategy they intend to use is nothing I have not heard, or tried, before but it will be great to have the additional data points. Of course if they are successful, I'll be the first to promote the company!
  6. Guess what?

    @Cynique happy birthday! You have been a gift to so many. I'm grateful for every minute you spend with us. If I make it to Chitown for Third World Press' 50 anniversary maybe we can connect. When you look uy at the solar eclipse on Monday know that I'll be thinking about you :-) Here is to many more birthdays.
  7. Actually if you ask me you have to wonder why Frazier agreed to work with 45 to begin with. I know an argument is to effect policy and make change from within. But I can't think of a instance when that tactic has ever worked for us. Originally, I had no problem with people like Jim Brown and other Black folks going to meet with 45. In hindsight, I see that was a pointless waste of time. Nothing will change for the collective benefit of the United States until 45 is out of office. One has to wonder why "sisters" like Omarosa (45's director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison) hang on? I guess it is just as simple as a perverse need for fame, money, and power--regardless of the cost.
  8. Power Dynamics

    Wow I'm sorry to read that man. I was kinda looking forward to meeting them . When was the last time you were in the states?
  9. Yes Mel you are right authors are indeed at different stages, and aalbc cannot help every author at every stage equally. I disagree with the premise that if an author is not using AALBC then they don't need it. For example, I have never used the services of a publicist. However, that does not mean that I don't need one. I don't use one because I can't afford one. The site suffers as a result. Many authors I encounter, perhaps most, cannot afford to advertise. they have spent all their resources on producing their books and unless the ad results in more sales than the cost of the ad it is difficult for them to justify the expense of advertising--even for branding. To address the issue of cost I've made available a number of very low-cost options (less than $50 bucks), But these are not as effective as the higher-priced ads run over a longer period of time. There are a few things to consider when looking at your traffic from Facebook; if you generally don't have a lot of traffic say less than a couple hundred unique visitors a day a day then Facebook might make up a more significant portion of your traffic. But if you have several thousand visitors a day the same level of traffic from Facebook is of no real consequence. Most of my traffic for example comes from search. The beauty of SEO is that the more you focus on the web site's content the better off you are. I also get more traffic from other sites then I do from Facebook. Now we are talking about hundreds of sites sending a handful of visitors a day. But that beats the hundreds of visitors that come to my website from Facebook each day. Also the fact of the matter is many authors promote Facebook far more actively then they do their own websites and they engage on Facebook daily. Indeed the entire culture promotes Facebook. Today it is not uncommon for me to have to visit Facebook when looking for information about authors--and these are authors with websites! So it's not a matter of authors promoting Facebook, Facebook is winning and search. In many cases Facebook deserves to win because they have better content then the other site does-- seriously! In addition to that many authors use Facebook as their primary web presence. So all of these factors and more combine to make Facebook a much better draw of traffic than any other, website especially for websites with low levels of traffic. In order to address this I have begun promoting a free service which allows authors to register a domain name and direct it to their AALBC profile page. I just got tired of people sending me links to their Facebook page or their Amazon profile page. Last week a couple of authors did this but I also noticed they had domain names registered that were not pointing anywhere so I offered to direct those domains to their aalbc profile, which is obviously better than going to some default Go Daddy page. Both authors immediately took advantage of the offer so I made it an official service. Not only does this result and potentially more traffic to aalbc it gives the author a proper website. And more traffic to aalbc means potentially more traffic to the other profile pages. Do you see what I mean? there's a residual effect that benefits all the authors not just the one. Still if the author does not promote their own domain hosted on aalbc they greatly diminish any potential benefit. As you mentioned different authors are at different stages. A midlist or extremely successful author published by a major house will always fare better then an unknown self-published author, whether they actively engage on Facebook or aalbc. There is a little I can do to change that dynamic. However I do believe that a stronger aalbc would benefit the self-published author more than Facebook, who is about as powerful as you can get. There are a number of New York Times best selling authors who advertise every book they publish on the site. Authors who are that successful advertise on aalbc because they know the platform can let a great number of people know about their books. The authors who don't need to worry about name recognition benefit from the site by using it to alert readers about new books. I argue any best-selling author interested in connecting with their fan base could benefit from aalbc. Again it's not a technical issue it's just one of informing the author of what's available and helping them understand how they can benefit from the services. Now of course a great publicist can do a better job then I, but you already know that story :-)
  10. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Oh I get your question now. It is actually in our own self-interest to do more for others. In a world where everyone is free to maximize their own potential, we all benefit. A rising tide lifts all boats that sort of thing. Mel would you shave 500 square feet off your house in exchange for never having to lock the front door? That 500 square feet can go toward someone who is homeless. We can reduce crime by simply ensuring that people's basic needs are met. Think about all of the great discoveries that will never happen because so many in our population cannot afford an education. Many of the most successful people who we think we can emulate did not have to pay for college Colin Powell did not have to pay to go to City College. When we started college we could borrow enough to attend. Today many students can't even borrow enough go. Even if they could the quality of the education has gone down a great deal employers do not value it as much so the graduates fare less well. Having large numbers of uneducated or poorly educated people does not serve our culture or Society.
  11. I received this text message late last night: "Watch yourself outside. Two people I know have had encounters with KKK or neo-Nazis in Manhattan today. And yesterday, someone messaged me about a confederate flag in Brooklyn and there was a news report of one in the East Village today."
  12. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Why? Because on a global scale there is far too much suffering, poverty, and violence. Collectively Humanity could do a much better job ensuring the well-being of our species. Closer to home wealth inequality is at an all-time high. Americans can certainly do better than that. We just don't care enough about each other to try very hard. We live in a culture where it is perfectly acceptable to lock up huge portions of the population. It is insane. The icing on the cake however is the election of 45. It says a lot about our country, none of it very good.
  13. War For The Planet Of The Apes

    Sure capitalism and the profit motive which is designed to reward the most greedy has screwed up all types of things including medicine and science. But that doesn't make science bad; it doesn't make science White; it's just perverted, in much the same way greedy ministers have perverted Christianity. I don't think there is a cure for cancer if there was, Steve Jobs would be alive.
  14. I'll probably go see it this weekend, now that you basically given it the film a rave review. I was going to wait to watch it on TV but In the one horse town I'm in now, you can go to the theater and watch movies all day long.