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  1. I doubt this is factually accurate. Most of the Jews in Israel are not “Caucasian.” Like Lin Manuel Maranda’s view of Washington Heights, the media portrays many places as more white than they really are. You would think no Black people lived in Brazil, Cuba, or Israel based upon the white run media.
  2. Maybe “the Supreme being” is flying around and all those UFOs everyone is talking about lately…
  3. I was not aware of Juneteenth until I was an adult. The celebrations in and around New York City were not very big; It was sort of like Kwanzaa. You had to be really Afrocentric to be into it. One of my cousins started a parade in White Plains I believe it’s 30 years old now I never did make it I always have something else to do that weekend. Here in Tulsa Oklahoma the celebration was humongous there were at least 10 times the number of people here for Juneteenth then they were here to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the race massacre—And that drew a lot of peo
  4. Wow, @Wendy Jones this is a treasure trove of information! Thanks so much for sharing it! I will share it in my next newsletter.
  5. @Delano, @wespe78’s party is what one would consider spam. There is an outside chance they did not know how to imitate a new post, so I have not yet banned them from the site.
  6. Just week I sent a number of emails to the leadership of the American Booksellers Association, telling them that needed to be more nuanced in how they describe Bookshop.org’s support of independent booksellers, for they were not supportive of booksellers like AALBC. This ultimately lead to a conference call with Bookshop.org’s leadership. They ultimately addressed my concerns. They asked me to join their advisory board to insure the issues of sites like AALBC are addresses. The issue of Ingram’s virtual monopoly on distribution is another issue. I continue to strategize on
  7. Yeah, this term has been popping up in conversations I've been having too. I don't know what it means either. All I know is that we, as a nation, need to teach history; like the African's role in ancient history and stop teaching myths like Columbus discovered America. If we taught actual history and taught people how to think; subject like "Critical Race Theory" and "Anti-racism" would be unnecessary.
  8. Winner, History, Marcia Chatelain; Winner, Biography; the late Les Payne and Tamara Payne; Finalist, Fiction, Percival Everett #Pulitzer #reradingblack
  9. Good answer! But appropriation is not limited to anyone. Who was first? Whose image was is most known? , I don't know if any of these men are Free Masons, or if that is what it signals, though it would be interesting if that is that case. I guess, as more people strike this pose it will become a cliché; like the woman, in a red dress, with her arms folded across her chest; or a black teen in the B-Boy stance
  10. The image of Barack Obama (by himself) was sent to me a few moments ago. I do not believe that Obama struck this pose accidentally; I'm curious why he did it. Surely Obama does not fancy himself as modern day El Haji Malik Shabazz X, or does he? Maybe is was just a coincidence...
  11. Pioneer, see the issues with race? Again race is an artificial construct and a relatively new one to boot. Even America’s definition is inconsistent. Irish people weren’t even considered equal to the whites man.
  12. Well I wish I could sympathize with you Danielle but the fact of the matter is I could two shits about any corporate social media platform. That said, I agree you were banned for two relatively innocuous statements and one taken out of context. You would not have been banned here
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