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  1. Troy

    LOOK UP!

    Yeah i saw a movie Glass (it sucked) when i left the theater at about 11:45 the moon was red.
  2. Troy

    LOOK UP!

    The moon here is beautiful tonight it has a rainbow halo. I will be outside for the eclipse tonight
  3. After reading this speech I could not help but think: Why the hell was this speech even necessary -- were people really that evil?! It seems incredible -- even by today's standard that someone had to explain why lynching other people for kicks is a terrible idea. She must have been speaking about the behavior of some really retarded and or immature demons. To call the people who participated in these atrocities "devils" is an insult to Satan. These words would have no impact on anyone evil enough to lynch a child. Lynch Law in America by Ida B. Wells
  4. This is the an article written by one of AALBC's interns. The primary purpose is to provide educational opportunities to students and relate information to readers interested in Back culture. A secondary purpose is to improve AALBC's ranking in search for the term "African American Literature," so that more people are able to find this information. AALBC has been lagging in search engine ranking for the term all of last year. It is not a particularly popular search but during Black history month there is increased interest. In any event, given the site's focus and relative competition, it is a term AALBC should, in my opinion, rank such that it appears on the first page of search results (in the top 10). Right now AALBC is averaging a rank of 13 and heading with a downward trend. A rank of 13 means the site is almost undiscovered by people searching on the term "African American Literature." In my first round of edits I edited the article with SEO in mind. I considered things like keyword inclusion, in terms of density (not too many occurrences), use in meta tags, alt tags for images and all kinds of stuff readers and writers don't care about, but that webmasters anguish over. Most importantly it is also why we don't have many websites dedicated to Black literature created by people with a love and understanding of the form.
  5. Troy

    The Origin of BLUE EYES

    Of course these are generalizations. Most African Americans are are mixture of people from all over the world. Hence some are lactose intolerant and others are not. Some African Americans will burn in the sun too as our level of melanin range greatly from high yellow to blue black.
  6. Troy

    The Origin of BLUE EYES

    Yes, but it depends upon the environment. People of recent African descent are not optimized, genetically, for living in places live New York, Chicago, or Detroit. Indeed, many Black folks suffer from vitamin D deficiency which can diversely effect one's bones. White folks down here, in the south, must protect their skin with sunblock or they will suffer from sun burn and even skin cancer. I don't think I've ever been sun burned. Genetic adaptation takes a looooong time. Of course people can adapt by using suitable clothing and shelter. So if you can take someone else's shelter, clothing, and other resources that makes you the "fittest," nullifying any benefits of genetic adaptation.
  7. Troy

    The Origin of BLUE EYES

    Some mutations survive and dominate because of environment. Dark skinned people would suffer from Vitamin D deficiency in northern climates, while light skinned people would be able to better able to make due with limited sunlight because of a lack of melanin. This is an adaptation which could be considered an "upgrade" in northern environments. However that same fair skinned person would burn up if they moved closer to the equator, because they are less well suited to deal with the sun. Larger brains and opposable thumbs are definite upgrades, though not equally enjoyed by all homo sapiens....
  8. I would entertain this theory @Pioneer1 is if did not effect white people too. In some respects white people are affected even more harshly. Now I know Fullers says these white folks are collateral damage, sacrificed to exact greater damage on Black people. Now if you look at reproduction rates of white folks and compare it to Black folks globally the plan does not seem to be going very well. Here in the US white people will be out numbered in our life time. @Chevdove the animation, though simmilar, is not the Boondocks. I highly recommend the Boondock; it was brilliant satire.
  9. ...that and a 3 bucks will get me into the subway. My traffic is at records highs an Google is cutting my ad revenue. I just applied to another ad network. If I'm accepted I'm promised to make integer multiple of what Google pays and I won;t have to sell advertising myself and I;ll be free to focus on content.
  10. Troy

    The Origin of BLUE EYES

    Was this a typo?
  11. While updating information about Neely Fuller in conjunction with an upcoming book about the work of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, The Osiris Papers (Welsing was influenced by Fuller's work). @Pioneer1 I guess your views on human sexuality as it perhaps to Black men is reflected in this video?
  12. OK while editing an article about African American Literature which mentioned the book, Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom by William Craft and Ellen Craft. The book tells the story of William Craft (1824 – 1900) and Ellen Craft (1826 – 1891) who were slaves from Macon, Georgia and escaped to the North in December 1848 by traveling openly by train and steamboat, arriving in Philadelphia on Christmas Day. She passed as a white male planter and he as her personal servant. [WTF?!] Their daring escape was widely publicized, making them among the most famous of fugitive slaves. Abolitionists featured them in public lectures to gain support in the struggle to end the institution. White people are so crazy! I have to admit I was unfamiliar with this particular story, but I know white folks regularly enslaved their own children. However, it still strikes me as so bizarre that people, white enough to pass for "white," would still be enslaved. William Craft (r) and Ellen Craft