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  1. I though was pretty cool. She answered his question and justified her answer multiple times. It seems like she could have shut that reporter down more easily and moved on the next reporter, but I don't know what the protocol is.
  2. We could do better, much better @ProfD. I doubt however much can be done to rectify the current system. The Supreme court is stacked and can be made even worse with another Trump presidency. The checks and balances you discuss as our saving grace are in jeopardy.
  3. The public absolutely has a right to know. my issue is what and how they are telling us. The stuff we need to know is apparently boring and insufficiently interesting to attract any attention to warrant reporting in the main stream. The stuff that is not helpful is titillating and emotion invoking — the stuff that attracts eyeballs, Is what the media covers and leaves us very divided. I don’t think America will collapse in the near future either, but it has been decline ever since inception (I’m open to hearing what people think America’s Highpoint was or if we’ve yet to reach it) My point is ours will not be 1,000 year civilization. In the long term we will probably need some type of global government. Our inability reverse man’s adverse impact on the planet is a function of global divisiveness. Petty wars rage and it makes no sense for handful of people to control trillions of dollars in wealth while huge swaths of our planet’s population lives in poverty. Something will have to give.
  4. I came across this article via ChatGPT doing some research on search engine optimization. The citation read like something I would’ve written. I followed the link and it brought me back to the site— a post I had long forgotten. It is hard to imagine that i’m now involved and yet another website upgrade. This latest upgrade has spanned several years delayed for variety of reasons… Rereading @Bill’s points they resonates even more today. The only difference today is that AI poses an existential threat to many websites my own. I haven’t figured out a long-term strategy yet.
  5. #1 alone is sufficient. #2 would be a losing strategy as many folks would vote for Trump just to ensure we don’t get reparations. Well, I hope @aka Contrarian that you have not given up to the point where you will not cast a vote. On some level, I think all the hand ringing, anguish, and frustration. We all feel is a function of the media reporting and not just social media. It very easy to see one of Biden‘s screw ups and very hard to find a clear description of his actions taken and positive consequences that have resulted. The so-called debate was hyped like a Muhammad Ali, Joe Fraser battle. Trump said things like they aborting babies at nine months and even after birth went completely uncontested. The public can’t help but have a completely distorted perspective. I’ve opted out of social media to avoid the influences, but then you miss out on an important information. Striking a balance while consuming News online or on TV is virtually impossible as it’s all designed to trigger emotions rather than to inform and enlighten. All powerful cultures eventually collapse. It is just happening much more quickly for America. I guess that’s just another effect of technology. — speeding up cultural decline.
  6. Funny I’m so out of the loop, I had no idea who this sister was.
  7. Sorry to read about the loss of your dad @ProfD. getting Kamala to step down is an interesting proposition @aka Contrarian. But you can’t overly. sell it as Biden just being a figurehead. Besides, the Democrats see Kamala as an asset. They believe she will bring in the black and female vote. But the real fight are in places like the state of Florida Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.
  8. @KENNETH no one is asking Trump to step aside because he is likely to win. Not ruining the country is a pretty low bar even Trump has not “ruined” the country. …Well, one can argue the new conservative Supreme Court is in the process of ruining the country. I think Biden should be strongly encouraged to step down and the entire ticket along with kamala should be wiped clean and started anew. People will vote Trump in because they want change. The Democrats can give them that change with a fresh ticket. Again, we see what happened with RGB‘s refusal to step down from the Supreme Court. It is time for Biden to retire. He had a great run and little to be ashamed of.
  9. Already on our popular events page @Valerie J Lewis Coleman https://aalbc.com/events/event-detail.php?st=Ohio#When+I+See+Me+BIPOC+Children%26rsquo%3Bs+Book+Fair
  10. And what would then be the difference?
  11. One can only hope... but unless he croaks it will be the same as the situation RGB Cynique decribed.
  12. There are so many people who said the same thing about the tech we have today.
  13. Ok so why do think the Stones are more successful than the Iselys?
  14. I ain't hating on Megan, I sure was very well compensated and I'm glad for her. What I find so remarkable is where we have come as a culture. The current presidential election is just another symptom, but Amazon prime day promotion is just so crazy to me on several levels. One, Megan is deemed suitable to represent a mainstream brand; two that Amazon has created a "holiday" where people are encouraged to buy more shit they really don't need, as if Xmas,, Valentines, birthdays, etc are not already enough reasons for us to go out and spend; three, Amazon requires a paid membership to even buy from them during this Holiday. This all to further enrich one of the richest people the world has ever seen. Any merchant hoping to sell anything on their own platform does not stand a chance. We are all well off spiritually and financially as a result.
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