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  1. Polygamy will probably be legalized. It is kind of hard to justify stopping consenting adults ftom doing what they want to do. Now the legalization of multiperson marriages will pose a problem for all the systems out there designed to handle marriages bewteen two people. Then again, I see questionnaires with 10 options for gender... i guess they'll figure it out. @Kareem you'd consider Utah? Is cheap land the draw?
  2. I saw this flick over the weekend and though it was really good. It would have been much better with stronger actors in the lead roles, but they were adequate. The actress who played Isa's mother's role would have been much stronger in Isa's role. I had to completely suspend disbelief in everyone's living arrangements -- these young people had multi-million dollar residences with artwork high end appliances, etc... but a lot of movies do that for some reason. Still it was simply refreshing to see Black love, on the large screen, in all it's complexity and nausance. Definitely a date night flick.
  3. Hi Troy,


    I'm going to take the plunge and purchase an author profile. But I have a question: is it better to submit my own site or the link (s) where my books can be purchased at Barnes & Noble? Which do you think authors would prefer? Thanks!

    1. Troy


      @Valjeanne Jeffers, you actually already have an authors profile: https://aalbc.com/authors/author.php?author_name=Valjeanne+Jeffers  Did you not know this?  When I run a google search on your name your interview and profile come up 3 and 4th.  


      Do you mean a profile page without the ads and adding your social media feeds? What I call an enhanced profile that would just be an extra $99 bucks

  4. Absolutely not. Imagine a world in which Black people operated completely free of racism, oppression, and prejudice -- Even the world of Wakanda included crazy white people trying to steal technology or butt in... White people do it all the time, they tell their stories entirely free of, or influenced by, anyone else. We rarely do it. I think it would be the ultimate form of protest literature.
  5. Hi @Simply Shykeria Blog, your blog's articles images are dope!. Consider hyperlinking the images to the actual articles -- I actually had trouble finding the articles.
  6. Thanks @Mel Hopkins the books on the site are just the ones I'm aware of, so your posting it here puts it on my "readar" and that of others reading this conversation.
  7. Hi @Milton can you complete this form so that I can ad the book to AALBC: https://aalbc.com/content.php?title=Submitting+Your+Book+to+be+Listed+on+AALBC Who is the artist?
  8. Well if there is no "struggle" @Milton, what would be the point of it? What story, Black speculative fiction or otherwise, does not have struggle or some form of conflict?
  9. Word. Today it is, drive the lane and dish out for a 3. Lebron could have played in either era. I think the game would be much more interesting if played came from the cities in which they played. I hear old timers talking about selling players in the neighborhood. Shoot some of them even had jobs during the off season. Of course they should be paid. Few are evening be educated. The graduation rates at some schools are appalling. I guess you don't watch HBO and have not seen shows like Game of Thrones -- HBO is all is all violence and sex, Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Westworld, and on. I treat HBO like a vice. I limit my drinking, eating of bad food, exposure to social media, and of course TV.
  10. You "love" the Knicks -- wow! That is because you are old enough remember Willis Reed and Clyde play AND you must be from the NYC area. There has been nothing to love about them in decades. Me too. Which is why i look foward to the NCAA Tournament each year 🙂
  11. @Stefan, please feel free to post whatever strikes your fancy. Don't let my paranoia hold you back 🙂 I'm essentially hands off when it comes to moderation, but I have zero tolerance for trolls.
  12. Oh OK @Stefan I'm a little skittish when it comes to jokes like this. Over the years a troll periodically swings through here; he starts out normally, by posting a few jokes poking seemingly innocent fun at Black people. After I let my guard down he goes full on racist and pornographic. We've had a kind of wile e coyote road runner relationship. Today I can quickly clean this up, in the old days it was a real pain in the a-s. I can see where some people would not get the jokes. Americans are so lacking in Bkack history, we are liable to believe these stories.
  13. Stefan you are working on the assumption the the different parties matter. The interests of the oligarchy were well served by the Obama presidency. Actually, we don't and the charts you presented would tell this story if your first graph also considered the 40% of the so called Black voter "block" who did not participate. How we be considered a block when fully half the eligible Black people did not vote for Obama. Do you think Black voter turnout will be higher or lower this year? The towel was thrown in 2016 with the decrease in votes for the Democrat, an increase in votes for the Republican, and a sharp decrease in votes overall. I'm sorry to read this.
  14. Guest FAS, please consider creating an account so that I do not have to approve your posts.
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