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  1. If there was real competition in the American eBook market Amazon would have to wor8d with ePub as well it own format.
  2. It is interesting that is how you interpreted my comments. Lets not start with Fox News as a source, for what should be obvious reasons. Besides polls have nothing to do with the laws and process for removing a sitting president.
  3. Yes, but what you are failing to realize is that ... (pausing briefly as I get on top of my chair to yell as loudly as I can) THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!! Amazon actually adversely affects FAR MORE white people than Black people. How many websites are there like AALBC.... Answer: None! Is it because of racism? No, it is because the world wide web is dominated by a few companies who crush competitors big and small in ways you don't appreciate. Great Black book websites have been killed in the crib and the barrier to entry for new ones is far too high. Sure, Amazon is run and largely owned by white people. Now some of white people may actually be racist, but that is immaterial, as the motivation of these people is making more money. Amazon does not discriminate; they will crush a Borders and B&N just as quickly as they would an AALBC -- indeed Amazon isn't even thinking about an AALBC. You are so desperate to attribute the actions of white people to racism that you'd rather believe poor white people are "actors" or willingly sacrificing themselves in the name of racism while completely ignore what another Black man is telling you about his experience in the real world. The problem of the 21st century is still the color line, but that color is green.
  4. Yep I spoke to Calvin at PW a day or two after I published the Blog post. A indie publisher in Brooklyn, Melville House, also covered the piece. You should check out their article, as well as the articles they link to in their coverage. They wrote about Amazon converting their Audible audio into ebooks -- in defiance of publishers wishes! Amazon just doesn't give a f*uk, they are so gangsta! While Amazon is not providing the entire text to read at once (it is apparently being providing as the audiobook is read), this is a technically which essentially give the consumer an ebook when the buy the audiobook. As you know Amazon also owns Audible.
  5. As a bookseller, I'm only going to consider open ebook and audiobook book formats to sell in this website. I focus primarily on physical books, as I have not designed the site to accommodated the site to accommodate multiple formats of the same book. It is not something I plan to do in the short term. So, if a book is only available in ebook format, I'm only selling and open version. @richardmurray does the Kindle handle Kobo ebooks? I actually have two kindle ebook readers and have not used wither in years. I also have a Nook and I guess this products is obsolete for all practical purposes... I'll probably resuscitate these devices as I begin my research.
  6. To be clear, I meant white supremacists are ignorant or dumb. White supremacy is, of course, quite real. It is interesting to see I was not the only one who had not heard of Nipsey Hussle until his passing. Again, the media covers the dysfunction (his murder) but not the good he was apparently doing in the community. It is also interesting to hear from Black people who knew nothing about Blank Panther, despite the outsized media coverage -- especially by Black media. I saw the movie and was entertained, but I took it for what it was a low brow Marvel action flick created by white boys for mass appeal. It was visually appealing because it had so many attractive Black people. The film was also refreshing because Black people are shown in powerful roles. I've have always rejected the notion of doing the "Wakandan salute" or embracing anything in Black Panther as if if was some actual representation of Black culture or history. Doing so just reminds me of the void left in old culture because of the european transatlantic slave trade.
  7. @Kalexander2 you keep saying most people what him out. I'm not sure where you are getting this information. I don't even want 45 before out before the election next year because that will mean Pence, an evangelical Christian, would become president -- potentially for 9 years! Between the two options I pick 45 for another year.
  8. I'll have to research this as it is a real issue for authors who use Amazon for ebook publication because they lack a suitable alternative. My refusal to sell Kindle ebooks only exacerbates the problem for these authors making them even more dependent uoon Amazon for marketing -- since Amazon is their only retailer. Have you ever considered Kobo? I have not looked into it yet, but it is the solution the ABA uses.
  9. You only need some, not most, to win an election and hold office. I agree with this as the middle ckass is squeezed and the poor have nithing to realistically aspire to we have the potential for serious problems. I heard a talking head say that Obama's accomplishment was keeping the pitch forks at bay. Occupy started under his presidency and was summarily squashed. The pitch folks will come... poor whites are stock piling weapons as we speak, but I'm afraid they have the wrong targets immigrants and Blacks are not the cause of their problems. The Republicans hold the Senate so the effort is a waste of time. 45 has liitle over a year to go and will finish his term. Another Republican will replace him as long, as the person is "normal" they will feel like a breath of fresh air.
  10. You give white supremacists too much credit. People who believe in white supremacy are either ignorant or dumb. The fact we are still discussing the concept of race and the supposed superiority of one over the other is just plain stupid. Now America's oligarchs, who are white, are devilishly brilliant at acquiring and retaining wealth and power. These people will engage anything from genocide to slavery -- even of their own so called race. Racism is another tool they use. The white boy working in the coal mine, who is addicted to cigarettes, whose livelihood was destroyed by the BP oil spill, or who lost their home in the motgage crisis is not an actor, but is exploited and as disposable as you or I to the oligarchy.
  11. **THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED HERE DO NOT REPRESENT THOSE OF THE OWNER** @Pioneer1 I'm surprised you'd expouse a belief in eugenics. No man is smart enough to make the devision on who needs to be dropped from the gene pool. Nature does a pretty good job of handling that. Pioneer when did the wheels comes off? All the white people i see in the gutter begging for money are actors? All the whites boys ODing and committing suicide are actors? White people shortening their life spans to haem Black people? Do you believe people have been abducted by aliens or big foot?
  12. You don't want the user to share the file with anyone else. Can the users read the ebook on different devices they own?
  13. Honestly I had not heard of him before he died myself. I imagine i must have heard his music, because i do hang out, but to this day I cannot tie his name to a single song. There are apparently some conscious rappers out there but they are underground (obscure) and enjoy very little mainstream notoriety, for the reasons previously described. I hope you brothers don't remain depressed. That is wasted energy. Work to change something -- anything -- for the better every little bit helps and you'll inspire others. As you've inspired me -- knowing there are others with similar attitudes who support what im doing -- who can also disagree without running away but hopefully take something away and maybe look at something differently and build upon what they have. We need warriors. The newsletter I mailed today was dedicated to the warriors who oppressor tried to erase from history. A couple of the books shared i discovered here fron y'all. As you make progress and grow depression will be a distant memory.
  14. Probably. Can you claify this statement by describing the steps on the process; "without saving a copy" is tripping me up. Google isa evil they can create proprietary extensions to HTML then require people to use them. For wordpress it is as easy as installing a plugin. for my site we are talking about some development work that I dont have time or money for.
  15. K2 I see you simply can't wrap your head around the fact that some people love 45. Here in the deep south you can see evidence of it everywhere. Some people believe the treason allegations are a smear campaign -- for real!
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