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  1. Pioneer that long story and you didn't even say what the Brother did what's up with that? That and not answering Del's question... that sheds some light on how you think ;-)
  2. Is this a trick question? In order to answer the question, you have to think about it It is always a problem when the thing you are trying to evaluate requires the thing itself. Often solutions to problems just come to me. Sometimes when I'm trying to do something with this website, I'll just "sleep on it" and the solution comes to me as if it was obvious. I don't even rack my brain anymore when a problem presents itself that I can't immediately resolve. I just wait for it to come to me. I guess my initial reaction is that I don't know how I think. I feel like any answer I'd come up with would just be a story I've conjured up to fill in the blanks of what I don't or perhaps can't know.
  3. This was an article I published just a few years ago . It lists 50 websites for book lovers. It includes corporate websites and large indies sites well, not are Black owned, expect my site. While checking the links I discovered more than 1/3 were not longer active. Honestly, this does not come as a surprise, because I know Black book websites have been clobbered and white-owned websites are not completely immune to the challenges that plague Black sites, they just have a much larger audience and broader support. Still, the loss of so many sites is a troubling because, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it just reflects a trend of the online book world becoming increasingly dominated by a couple of ultra-powerful companies; Amazon and Google, A major site like Shelfari is gone, taken over by Amazon and then shut down. Amazon already owns Goodreads. There are some really cool sites left. One of the things I planned to do during my 6-month boycott of social media was to begin networking on indie websites the way I did on social media.
  4. Yeah it is great to see talented singers and musicians perform. I also saw Dizzy play. It was at a Jazzy club called the Blue Note in Greenwich village. I was close enough to touch him. He even winked at me--a very charismatic guy. The Blue Note was the club where I saw Ray Charles. Again, I sat at a table next to the stage. Ray was some performer too; He had 25 people on the stage, which for the Blue Note is a ton of people. It was a terrific show! The Bue Note is tight, but one of my favorite venue for catching a show. Moving away from Jazz Recently Cuba Gooding Sr. passed (RIP), I saw him perform at a small club in he city. Sharon Jones (RIP) and the Dap KIngs were very entertaining too. Hey, Del that concert where I ran into you when the Ohio Players were playing for free in the park. That was one of my favorite concerts. I'd seen the Ohio Player perform before but they did not have a horn section and used a keyboard instead. But that funk concert in Prospect park, sitting on blankets, drinking beer and listening to my favorite tunes performed live by musicians was sublime. I'm glad I remember a time before boasting over looped samples while pacing back and forth across the stage became so popular.
  5. Sure technology is great, but in the hands of greedy people, it becomes a perversion like everything else from religion to our presidency. That really is the problem with capitalism; it has been perverted, perhaps beyond the point of no return....
  6. I discovered Living Colour in San Antonio. A band was covering one of their songs and I went up after the set asked the name of the song, they told me who the song was by and I purchased the CD the next day this was the summer of 1991. Years later I learned they were from the city and I've seen them or Corey several times. Most recently during a free concert walking distance from where I live. Waddya mean BB doesn't not sing? I met Nacy Wilson once. She struck me as classy, fine-looking, older lady. I never heard her sing live, Actually, I'm not sure if can still perform. She must have been something to see in her prime. Cynique I would have LOVED to see all the folks you saw live, in their prime--I can't image. When you saw Ellington and Basie, were they on a bandstand? Where you and your husband sitting at little tables drinking and smoking, and able to dance when they performed--you know like you see in the movies?
  7. @Cynique,my problem with the use of "Primitive," in this context, is not specific to you, but how we use the term collectively. The suggestion that a lifestyle different from ours must be primitive and therefore worse. I think "we" do have a say so in how capitalism is exercised. We just choose not to exercise it. The quote, "I've been poor and I've been rich..." besides being glib, presents a false dichotomy. We can all be doing very well, much better than we are doing now without being poor or rich. We also know being rich does not make you happy, and there are many poor people who are very happy. I'm not sure people would be so willing to give up their technology to become more in tune with nature. I think must younger people would find nature boring. Again, this is part of the problem. @Pioneer1 , you've been here long enough to know Cynique is not gonna take your side, however rare that may be, out of pity, At the end of the day, it is more profitable to capitalize off a weak, insecure, and ignorant people than it is to profit off those who are strong, conscious and informed (woke). As a result, corporations have no incentive to uplift us--even if they are an educational institution (think Trump University). As a direct consequence governments, who do the bidding or corporations, don't do anything to stop them and often HELP corporations exploit people as in the case of Amazon, who is thriving wildly under capitalism, while people become increasingly less well off. The system is broken, and to suggest there are no other better alternative makes no sense, when history demonstrates that there are.
  8. Nice list. I only got to see three of the ten above I've seen. Prince Phyliss Hyman Herbie Hancock James Brown Issac Hayes BB King Bobby Blue Bland Ray Charles Al Jarreau Gil Scott-Heron
  9. Amazon‘s is profiting from our insecurities with one hand and taking away jobs with the other. Amazon launched this product yesterday. Someone who knew this would tickle my fancy emailed it to me about it. I blogged about it, "Amazon‘s Echo Look: Exploiting Our Inner Narcissist." It seems strange to me that anyone would want this gizmo, but I know Amazon understand people very well, so I'm sure there is a sizeable market. Boy, in a world where companies can profit by writing code that tells women and metrosexuals what to wear, writing code to books makes one feel like an anachronism. Delano, I am a technological dinosaur.
  10. Still Celebrating National Poetry Month! In honor of the day, which began in New York City in 2002 and was made national by the Academy of American Poets in 2008, we have a special offer for our very best customers. We're joining in the celebration by offering free shipping on any order of our poetry and literature titles to the first 50 people who send a short, original poem (no more than 10 lines) to To be considered, the subject line of your email must read "Poem in My Pocket." Your free shipping code will be sent after your poem is received and reviewed. We must receive your poem by midnight on April 27th. Please note that, unless you indicate otherwise, we may post your poem on our blog or Facebook page.
  11. Here is a list of the authors who have obtained the most votes so far.. I created a list like this about 17 years ago for the prior century. This most interesting this about last time was the votes came in much faster back then. This si true despite the fact that the site gets an order of magnitude more traffic today and there was no such thing as social media. My mailing list was smaller. I've been wondering what gives; Has the nature of the web changed in such a way that people are simply less willing to actively participate on the web--web fatigue of sorts? Maybe we've moved past looking at authors based upon their so-called "race," and are truly in post-racial environment where polls like this are antiquated, passe. Maybe there are just fewer people interested in Black authors. Maybe people are simply unaware of the new poll, and I need to share it on social media. I dunno, I could easily argue against and have data to dispute any of the above being true. At any rate, I'll keep the voting going until indefinitely it will be a living, breathing list. Ultimately I allow the page to be updated in real-time. I hope you all have voted. If not tell me why you have not voted. Is it one of the reasons listed above or something else?
  12. "Black Lives Matter, Depending on Who Kills You," That is a good one...
  13. My argument with Pioneer is not that any group of people are all good or all bad. My issue is how he describes our nature, as if we perpetuate this perverted form of capitalism because it is our nature. Germans are not inherently evil because they were led by a lunatic. I don't believe humans are inherently exploitative, but we are very easily led. I don't like the connotation of the term "primitive people" in this context. I think in many ways we are more primitive today, despite our technology--perhaps because of it. Sure the indigenous peoples of North America were more primitive from a technological people. But from a spiritual perspective, the people inhabiting these lands are spiritually vacuous, despite more the majority of us professing to follow a religion.
  14. Well, I'm back in NYC The bus from the airport drops me off on 125th in Harlem (Spanish Harlem technically) and I start to walk home and this Brother tries to sell me a book. Initially, I say, "nah man," but I'm a soft touch for Brothers like this. I don't know him from boo, but he is familiar I grew up with cats like him. So I go into AALBC-mode. I buy a book, of course, we bargain--I did say I took the bus from the airport right? I shot the video below, with my cell phone. I'm using at Samsung Galaxy 5 a hand-me-down from my daughter. I'm still amazed what you can do with this 3-year-old cell phone. I literally meet Samson Dempsey two hours before writing this message. I've shot numerous videos over the years like this over the years, but I have not done one of someone, I just passed by on the street, in several years. The first one I did was over 10 years ago, of the author Randy Kearse (have not updated his page yet). Randy went on to publish several more books and gain a great deal more prominence. Years after I shot the video he told me he had only been out of jail for a couple of months and he truly appreciated the support I showed him. That made me feel so good, because at the time I had no clue, again he could have been someone I grew up with, or even me. Sometimes it just helps when someone tells you've had an impact. \
  15. I only asked for a single title @Pioneer1--one book. I figured you would come strong--definitely a book you'd actually read. Is this the best book you could come up with? A book, from some unknown publisher written by an even more obscure author whose credentials, knowledge and bias are all unverifiable. This is what you share with me as your reference material? I am beginning to understand why you feel some things can't be proven. Like climate change deniers, overwhelming evidence means nothing as long as there is a single detractor that can be pulled from under some rock--they are satisfied. Keep in mind capitalism has only been practiced for a few hundred years, man has been on earth for 200 thousands years. If you believe that the last we, Black folks in particular, have fared better than any time in history despite all the ills you know all too well. Then you are right if can't be debated because nothing can convince you otherwise. You should read about some of the great African civilizations that existed. I just remembered PBS is broadcasting Africa's Great Civilizations. I have not seen it yet, but I'm sure they will focus on the tremendous accomplishments of these societies despite the absence of capitalism. You can also buy the DVD, though I don't know who still buys these things. "...then wouldn't the logical thing to do is derive as much pleasure as you can out of such a jacked up situation?" Man, this is such a profound statement. So @Pioneer1, if you were a slave living in the big house, the child of a raped African (your mother), who was later sold. You work 18 hours a day every day, wiping the ass of the dude that raped your mother and every other decent looking enslaved Black woman--including your wife... The only thing that comes to your mind is figuring out how to have fun? That is deep. Perhaps you put your finger on the mentality that keeps us mental slaves to this day. People are too busy having fun for themselves instead of trying to make things better for everyone... Again, this is not our nature, this is our conditioning.