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  1. I did just look up Magnus after making my post and now I see why I drew a blank. I looked up the correct word this time and see that it means one of the Magi (proper noun) and it also means magician, sorcerer, or astrologer. Del when you call Cynique a Magus what are you actually saying about her? Thanks for believing and saying that you believe in my vision. It helps. I can't do anything that I'm trying to do alone. I'm not sure any of us can go through life doing anything of value in isolation. We need the support of others. Thanks.
  2. Visit for more information.
  3. Yeah I'm sorry I missed you @Dr T , I was running the whole time. Did you do Punta Gorda the previous weekend? I stopped by Copperfish Books, In Punta Gorda on my way back home it is a neat little store. I was not aware of the fair in Venice this weekend. I just added it to my website: I'll be watching basketball and playing poker with my boys on Saturday.
  4. Yes this forum is truly is indeed a microcosm of the world particularly as we "embrace our truths and distrust the source of rebuttals to them." That fact has indeed made be sensitive to the characteristic in my own behavior. I try to keep and open mind and have adjusted my position when new information, or a different perspective, was introduced here. @Cynique, I have changed my position a number of times based upon your commentary. For example, after Hillary became the democratic nominee for president, I, like so many other Black folks decided to simply not vote. But after reading your words it became clear that I needed to vote and I did (obviously for Clinton). As you know Cynique, I have always appreciated your mind and have personally benefited from it. Del calls you a "Magnus" (I still have not looked it up to know what it means), but a rose by any other name... I think it is society's loss that we spend so much time consuming on social media consuming and spreading the "wisdom" of inexperienced children, and dumb rudderless celebrities while ignoring the sage words of our elders. This is the primary reason I've stopped using social media. You have to be careful where you consume information. Now that we know social media is used to manipulate people, I refuse to use it. How many Black people, I wonder, decided not to vote in the last presidential election because of the "information" (propaganda really) that was deliberately fed to them in order to dissuade them from voting? This, I guess, is also the reason why I've dedicated my life to selling books. It is not so much about the books themselves, but the knowledge contained within them. This is also why I spend so much time promoting what others may feel is my competition-- other booksellers. It is also why I promote the Black press and Black journalists. I think platforms like this forum are necessary. The goal is not to compel you to spend every waking moment with a handheld device in your hand scrolling through the content here. Nor is the goal to sell your information to big data firms and marketers to manipulate your behavior. The goal is to exchange ideas and hopefully learn something new. I appreciate the majority of people look for ideas that reinforce what they already believe. That is why social media excels and why it is so popular. I think what has always set regular contributors to these forums apart is that we are not afraid to exposure our ideas to critique. This is really not an easy thing to do. So while we may exhibit traits of the general population, of holding fast to our ideas. You can't do that here very long and enjoy or benefit from the process.
  5. I actually did not make the Punta Gorda Book Festival, but I did make the Southwest Florida Reading Festival. I'm probably gonna chill for a while. The next book Festival I'm definitely planning to attend is the Sacramento Black Book Festival in June. when I plan to speak about the corporatization of the World Wide Web and how that has adversely impacted the Black book ecosystem. Hopefully, the talk will be more interesting than it sounds :-)
  6. Here are a couple of videos of Kimberla Lawson Roby at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival In the first video Kim and two other NY Times Bestselling authors describe their favorite bookstores: Beatrix Williams Vero Beach Book Center, Vero Beach, FL FoxTale Book Shoppe Atlanta, GA The Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale AZ Murder by the Book, Houston, TX Banks Square Books, Mystic, CT Diane's Books of Greenwich, Greenwich, CT R.J. Julia Booksellers, Madison, CT Kimberla Lawson Roby Dock Bookshop, Fort Worth, TX Shelly Shepard Gray Books&Co, Beavercreek, OH Page & Palette, Fairhope, AL Here Kim talks about her work. Overall it was a really nice book fair. The weather was great low 80's, low humidity, and on the river front. The Fort Myers is a really nice place this time of the year. The only real downside is was that there was not a lot of cultural diversity in the participating authors and the attendees. Here I'm with author D. Watkins A random crowd shot. While there were many events for children and plenty of kids in attendance, there were also a lot attendees who senior citizens (a good thing). In fact, during Kim's presentation, I'm sure I was younger than the average person in the audience. The audiences I observed during the panels skewed white, female, and 60+ Below is author Edward R. Laden. He was the only Black author participating or exhibiting that I did not know, but there were not that many Black authors in attendance. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to talk to Edward, but he has a website:
  7. It has been a few years since I've run book giveaways, and I'm happy to reintroduce this benefit to visitors. Technically you have to be a newsletter subscriber to win, but the is a small detail compared to what you can win!
  8. Man Pioneer you seemed to have internalized ever racial stereotype invented by our oppressor. Even your reasoning is inconsistent You implied that the dominant alpha males was usually the wealthiest with the most choice in women, as if that was not longer the case. But the individuals you presented both had women throwing themselves at these brothers and both were quite wealthy. You speak about Black men as if we are gorillas.
  9. @Pioneer1, @Cynique , is right man. The fact that rap music is riddled with Nigga this and nigga that, should be proof enough. You do know that the vast majority of rap is purchased by white boys, right? Also, I hear the word "nigger" uttered every time I hit the street. If I get on public transportation is not unusual at all for young men say it in front of white people. I even hear young white people say it. When I taught young folks they used the word so liberally I started to think something was wrong with me asking them not to use it. One kid used "my Ninja" instead. Which seemed kinda silly... The days of the unspoken rule of not using the word in front of white people is over, surely you see that? If not go to a rap concert, and listen to all the white people sing the word lead by a Black man. Times have changed buddy.
  10. I don't know what else to say @Pioneer1 Matter has energy. It is not energy. I'll let someone else try to explain it. It took me 2 seconds to find this article written by a physicist, Matter and Energy: A False Dichotomy. It is written in lay terms you may find it interesting. This may then help you understand thoughts.
  11. Well, I saw the movie and enjoyed it. It was good film but not great film. I thought the comic relief character diminished the film overall it was just a bit too over the top. The acting was really good.
  12. Pioneer, again the formula describes how much energy "has," it is not what matter "is." Two bananas = $1, that does not mean bananas "are" dollars. Get it? I did not say thoughts are energy either. Thoughts require energy to be generated and sensed by the brain, but again that is not what they are. Wind powers a sailboat, but a sailboat is not wind. Right?
  13. I'm going to see it tonight... I need a diversion.
  14. If the basketball player said this (i missed the whole controversy), he is not lying, but being straight up. What is the problem, being truthful?
  15. Mari Evans passed away on March 10, 2017. I met her once about 19 years ago. She was legendary then. New reports way Evan was 93 when she passed. However I've been told by other she hit 95 in 2014, which would make her 97 now.