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  1. Being “big boned” Is just slang for a “heavy set” person has nothing to do with actual human physiology. @Pioneer1 in your long life have you no recollection of a very petite woman who over the years became really fat? Do you think her bones actually got bigger, denser, or harder.? As women are their bones tend to get less dense. Marketers target Americans with increasingly unhealthy foods. before there were fast food restaurants on every corner e we’re not nearly as obese. Then the same market er turnaround to sell your products and gimmicks to help you lose the weight they contributed to helping you gain. they also created a industry of self-help gurus who help obese women (usually women) come to terms with their new bigger body). Women are targeted more than men. It is really amazing any Black women in America has their sanity. kids seem to spend more time behind a screen that they do on the playground. obesity is as American as extra large slice of apple pie
  2. Where on the Black color spectrum do it fall? Am i more light skinned or dark skinned. @Pioneer1 would i be one of those men The women you know that would want to have a baby with? Some one recently designed me as light skinned. i hate to admit it, but i was a little offended, it made no sense, but on some level i felt like they were questioning my Blackness… maybe they were dunno. I Having to contemplate that and even defend against is not anything one should have to go through. For the first time i cold image how a biracial people must navigate through life in s daily basis. How can we expect so called white people not to judge us on skin color when we do it ourselves.
  3. Where are you getting this data? It sounds like it is based upon your observations and opinions. Which are fine to express, but they are just opinions. The behaviors of a free celebrities can’t be extended to the entire population. people pair up for a wide variety of reasons I’m not sure how high on the list skin color is. Is skin color a primary consideration for you? It is not for me.
  4. The video you shared is an unrelated diversion, not a source. You stated that the average IQ on the African continent is 70. Anyone with an IQ above 100 would know, on it's face, that this is not true. Your spreadsheet is not a source and is certainly not proof. You also wrote that the average IQ of the country of Nepal is 43 which means there are people with scores lower than 43 (assuming everyone does not have an IQ score of 43). Anyone who knows anything about IQ tests and scoring knows that this can not be true. All I'm asking for is one primary source to support any of these statements. Your conclusions thus far are based upon a mountain of misinformation, ignorance, implicit and explicit bias, and a lower-than-average IQ. Please go find something to support your statements, or man up, and admit you were wrong. @frankster thanks again. The Atlantic video was both enlightening and disheartening. The police would periodically come through and arrest entire groups of young men "sweeps" they called them. The video resonated I know several kids who were arrested simply for walking down the street -- seriously! This does a number on a kid's psyche!
  5. Well, the American legislators raked TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew over the coals for a few hours today. The questioning was often ridiculous and the statements from our politicians reveal what they don't know. Right now the video views on TikTok are two orders of magnitude more video views on TikTok than I do on YouTube and I have 10 times the number of subscribers on YouTube than I have followers on Tiktok. It remains to be seen if TikTok raises AALBC's profile and increases the number of engaged visitors coming to the site. I have to figure out how to measure TikTok's impact on user engagement here.
  6. I wish American legislators were as aggressive with the misinformation propagated on American platforms. TikTok is a threat in terms of revenue, as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are all trying to mimic the platform. They are all manipulation engines designed to generate profit. Are we afraid that China will use the data against us to spread misinformation in the United States? Facebook has already allowed Russians to do this. AALBC in recent weeks has become a platform where misinformation is being propagated. Someone posted here that the average IQ on the African Continent is 70! I had half a mind to delete that false information but chose not to. I felt the person who made the post really believed what they were posting, as opposed to being a racist troll just trying to crap on these forums. It is a very thin line between those behaviors, and it is more art than science trying to discern the difference. Like most people, the person who posed that fake fact will not have their mind changed. My only hope is that someone who reads that nonsense will read the arguments against and learn something. @frankster has been invaluable in dispatching those racist arguments. To prevent the ideas from being expressed is to make believe they do not exist and limits one's perspective.
  7. It is interesting to read this 10 year old conversation. 10 years from now @Cynique will be 100 and taking no shorts!
  8. Y’all are crazy it as been sometime since i got a hood laugh here LOL! Cher is old enough to be his grandmother eww and I’m sure Chee is no GMILF.
  9. I try to avoid bad films, so don't expect too many bad film reviews. In all seriousness, I can't say it was a "bad" film I just did not like it.
  10. I thought i would show a bias toward black people. But along with 18% of the population i did not show a bias one way or the other. The same results as yours. yes everyone feels that way about their conscious biases. implicit biases, by definition, are unknown to us. The tests are an attempt to reveal these biases. Did you take any of the tests? @richardmurray did you take any of the tests?
  11. Every kid is different, but in general i don’t think is it necessary to whip kids. when i was a kid whippings were a way of life. Personally i think they did me more harm than good.
  12. lol! that is with contemplating. welcome to the forums.
  13. my friend when has your opinion ever been changed. your definition of manhood is reminiscent of the ole honor culture when men dueled over perceived islights. yeah i agree, but the brother was clearly hurt. I would not be surprised iif he regrets not letting Will get areested, rather than being presented with an award… this his why the man is very wealthy. he saved massa’s oscars yeah condescending, as if people can’t see the exact same thing but perceive it differently. hummm… interesting point, but these were Chris’ words too.
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