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  1. @Delano I believe your typos are better than mine. Seriously though, I believe you are using a handheld device which makes it a little harder. I almost always post from a laptop, so I really have no excuse...
  2. I have never visited 45's Twitter page before 2 minutes ago. There was not need to mainstream and social media shovel 45's tweets as if the were in a race to be the first to share his BS. 7 minutes ago 45 tweeted the following: I was on the New York Times website, while reading a completely unrelated article about the Supreme Court's decision which changes the rules of the collection of sales tax by online retailers. Inside the article the Times included a tweet by Trump applauding the decision (which tells me this must be a bad decision for business like mine). This is what prompted me to visit 45's page 45 has over 53 million followers (there are only 68 million active users in the US). 18 people I know also follow 45. I'm seriously considering unfollowing those people 🙂 45 only follows 47 people. Other than VP Mike Pence and his family most of the others are right wing talking heads, not journalists, but talk show hosts like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. This makes for the perfect filter bubble -- every tweet gets global attention, the large number of followers reinforce his popularity and the fact people want to read what he writes, and the people he follow are popular sycophants. The man has tweeted over 38 thousands times that is ALOT of tweets! I've tweeted 17 thousand tie, but the vast majority of those tweets were generated by bots. Let be go unfollow those 18 people....
  3. Troy

    Unsolicited Advice

    Very true. The analogy between online discussion forums and our culture is both valid and depressing. Yes, the sun will continue to come up at least a few billion more years. Humanity will not be around to witness these as our presence on this planet will last a relative blink of an eye.
  4. LOL where did you find this photo @Cynique? Actually this brings to mind another problem. It would be very easy for a hackers to create a fake video of me jacking off. Again, I would not pay a ransom to prevent for that from being distributed, but one could very easily be created. I've previous shared a couple of memes trolls created to make fun of me (after a quick search I can't find them now). I thought they were funny and, truth be told, being a target does reflects a degree of success.
  5. Troy

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    The museum is not much to look at, but there is the annual Zora! Festival which they host and that I plan to attend. Also our newly resurrected online book club will be reading Zora's Barracoon for the month of September.
  6. Troy

    Book Review Request

    Hi Michael what is your new book's ISBN13 I'll add it to your AALBC page.
  7. Wait, WHAT!? Please provide an example of this @Delano. Sometime I will use personal anecdotes to help explain a point but the notion that I use personal statement to "win" arguments is absurd. That fact that you would use the term "Win an argument" does not reflect what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to learn, share knowledge, vent my frustration and comment on the passing scene, and ideally have a few laughs along the way, all the while expressing myself in a manner that I often would not do in the real world -- less politically correct and less filtered (honest).
  8. Troy

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Yes @Chevdove, despite the typo the quote you copied shows you understood what I meant. Your point illustrated perfectly the point I was trying to make which is escaping some people. I only visited Eatonville because if it's history. Otherwise I would not have known about it or even cared to have visited the place. Many people know every little about their own communities, states, or country despite living here all their lives.
  9. Today someone texted me saying that my Facebook account had been hacked. This seemed unlikely (I don't even know my facebook password -- it was auto generated and I let my computer remember it), but I checked it out anyway. Here was the post my friend thought was posted by a hacker: After I told my friend, a woman, that I was the one who posted the message she was very surprised at me -- almost incredulous. I told her that from time to time I deliberately make salacious posts to see if they would draw more traffic that my regular posts. She saw the post because she went to my wall. This post did not appear in her newsfeed, or anyone else's that I can tell. After 27 hours only 10 people from Facebook have viewed the post (12% of the total views of the post) and only one person actually engaged with it on Facebook. Bottom line, Facebook's algorithm does not share plain text posts with external links, even if the content is somewhat scandalous. Now I'm sure if I posted the actual email on Facebook I would have gotten more engagement. But I don't post content on Facebook because I'm interested in people visiting AALBC not reading my stuff on Facebook Does anyone else think that I hurt my reputation on Facebook by making this post? Does anyone thing I crossed a line in terms of decency? I considered removing the post given my friend's reaction, but then I'm not concerned about Facebook... and I can't be fired from anywhere because of what I post. I do however care what my people think. So let me know what you think.
  10. @Chevdove are you saying that you know of family members who also survived the transatlantic slave trade? Perhaps they are part of the same "cargo." Is your family from LA or MS? Where in Florida does your family live? Depending upon where you are in the state some parts are easily more cosmopotitial that the North.
  11. I guess the hackers did not want to make you feel inadequate. They don't call me "johnson" for nothing 😉
  12. Troy

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Cynique good point. I don't mean to suggest the information can only be communicated through books. Videos are a great way to learn about far flung places and cultures. Before technology we replied upon an oral communication. The bottom line is personal first hand information is not always the best or even possible. @Mel Hopkins I never studied journalism but something is unclear to me. First hand experience, as I understand it is, one witnessing something happen. Now if you read something I witnessed is what I wrote considered a "First/Primary" source?
  13. Troy

    OPRAH. INTERVIEWS On. Sunday's.

    I'll take that as a "yes." You'd make a fine capitalist. Slave owners convinced themselves too that they were providing better opportunities for their darkies too.
  14. Troy

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    This is why you can simply consume american propaganda. We have to read widely and outside out culture. If one did that they would not need to visit any place to learn this. It would take less time and be far cheaper. In fact it is the only way most of us can learn since most of us don't have the resources to travel the world. Most of us however can travel to the library.
  15. @Pioneer1 aren't you asking for proof in this statement? This reads to me as if you are asking for proof. What did I miss? Again, the correlation between the educational levels of those incarcerated compared to the general public are well know -- I should not have to prove this to you. You can easily look it up. Yes, of course, I see how evil people can and do use the this correlation to purposely label less educated people as more violent. I have not taken, nor asserted, that beflier -- despite the fact that you and @Delano have reacted, quite irrationally, to me as if I had.