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  1. Well Guest ZealotX you do not exaggerate regarding racist trolls. Which is a subset of all forms of spammers and hackers I had to shut down an entire domain where the forum previously resided http://thumperscorner.com because if trolls. The site never recovered in terms of participation after I was forced to migrated it here. It was very disappointing because the Trolls won that battle. Racist trolls come at me personally from time to time spamming my comments section on the site creating racists memes of me. Even sending me hate mail -- physical mail. It is the wild west here on the net. There is no law and no one will come to your aid. It is every man for themselves. This is one of many reasons why Blacks sites struggle including this one.
  2. Thank @Maurice I don't have a big budget for advertising so it is folks like you who help spread the word.
  3. Del can you make the distinction between a declaration and a question? My comments to you about the CP5 were all questions -- all of which you characteristically failed to answer. Why are you continuing to rehash your globally warming argument? You previuosly made you position on that clear and it does not bolster your rationale for blindly trusting mainstream media when it comes to judging Black men like Cosby or the CP5.
  4. Lol! Absolutely! Pittsburgh has made fine contributions to our literature. August Wilson's Century cycle and John Edgar Wideman. @Maurice with more regular contributors the forum will pick up. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged as maintenance is a chore and there of course is the expense, but i think the benefits still out weigh the downsides.
  5. The number of white deaths from nicotine is so high, globally, that your reasoning does not add up @Kareem This chart from https://tobaccoatlas.org/topic/deaths/ shows in dark red the countries where 1 in 4 deaths are due to smoking. You'll observe the countries were white live are most effected. Africans simply don't smoke as much as Europeans. They are killing themselves more effectively than they are Black people.
  6. Aw get off your high horse and stop being silly; no one is defending rapists, but I'll not going to damn a Black man because of something the NY Post writes or because of an advertisement 45 takes out in the NY Times. You do know America has a history of murdering innocent Black men for raping white women. Why you are so quick to judge based upon what their media feeds you is evidence of the control the media exherts over you. The control is so complete you'd accuse me of being on drugs before entertaining the possibility. Again I'll ask you @Delano did you think the Central Park Five were the "Super Predators" the media and 45 made them out to be, before they were proven innocent?
  7. Again, I know you don't believe the media has any influence on what you think. It is a hard thing to admit. How about your lumping Cosby and Kelly together? Was that 300 year's worth of data too? All you knew about Cosby and Kelly is what the media chose to share with you but you have no problem drawing daming conclusions. Did you also want the Central Park Five put away or executed too?
  8. @Delano how can you ask for examples when this very conversation illutrates several. Your former position on climate change and your current one on 45's prospects for completing his term (astrological predictions aside) are just two. I don't need to know the newspapers you read. The fact that you read the is sufficient to know you are influenced by them. Previously you cited newspapers like the New York Post to support a position you held. The idea that you would cite that tabloid is troubling. But if you don't believe the media has no influence on you. Fine. We'd just have to agree to disagree. Why throw the completely unrelated R. Kelly case in with Cosby's as if they are the same? Again, the is what the media does -- The influence if main stream media on your reasoning is more profound than you are willing to consider...
  9. People have been smoking or chewing tobacco for thousands of years. Are yiu trying to say that tobacco is a tool of white racist to kill Black people? If so, they sure are sacrificing a ton of white people to do it.
  10. Well we agree on this 100% I see your point of view Del. I just think you underestimate the impact of the media on yourself. We are all effected, sometimes in ways we can perceive. You read that book on subliminal suggestion from the 70's. They have the devices, algorithms, and data to be FAR more effective in 2020. The only way not to be effected is to avoid it. If you think you are immune you are deluding yourself. Even this statement reflects media influence. Do you know Cosby or any of his accusers? Where you present during any of the events? No, of course you weren't. All you know is what the media has chosen to tell you. You will recall I doubted everything they said about Cosby -- I still do, because the media has a history of portraying us badly in the media when we don't do their bidding or get too powerful for their liking.
  11. Yes, all people think differently. “What you can’t imagine is actually my modus operandi.” I like that one! I may have to steal it from you -- out it on a coffee mug of something 😉
  12. @Delano are you taking my inquiries into the motivation as declarations of certainty? I explained why I think you are influenced by the media. You obviously consume a lot of new since you often chide me for not listening to the news. I think it is pretty obvious that anyone, unless they are obtuse or otherwise mentally defective, will be influenced by the media they consume. You can't subsist on a diet of junk food and claim it has no impact on your health. Often people are unaware of what influences drive their thoughts and behaviors. It is one reason I shun social media. The notion that the "Media was surprised by Trump popularity" is illogical, for they were completely responsible for his popularity.
  13. No, I don't believe in the contrail conspiracies. But obviously white folks are not above polluting our environment with factory waste, faily to remove lead pipes, paint, asbestos from poor communities and we all know who lives , mostly, in these poor communities. The notion that a darker skinned person is "more" African is well with all due respect nonsensical. If you really think about it you can easily figure out why. Now if there is an agent that attacks one based upon their level of melanin then you might be onto something. But if such a chemical was available we would have seen it in use by now... If you were Sudanese you might feel differently @Pioneer1. Besides it was not Black people who were responsible for bringing Alex Wek international fame -- white folks did that. We simply don't define Black standards of beauty and when are given the opportunity we usually conform to the standards previously defined by our master. As Woodson would say our education makes this so.
  14. Well that must be confusing; living in a constant of cognitive dissonance and all. I'm fine with simply being unsure. 😉 Seriously, your thinking must informed by something? Ideas don't emerge from a vacuum. You rely much more heavily on news that I do. I think history is a much better teacher. If 45 tweets something, it is almost certainly a lie. When the "news" races to rebroadcasts his tweets thm comments on the them all they are doing is propagating lies and giving the lies credence. I don't have the time...
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