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  1. The world my friend will be here for a couple billion more years at least. If you meant that it is curtains for humanity, the end may be nigh, but surely it will extend beyond a couple years. I'm thinking at least a couple of centuries.
  2. Yeah I saw that. She/He/They were one of two from the list I shared who went on to actually post. @Cynique you may recall we lost a lot of folks after I had to move the site and change the software. What do you think the reason was, was it really just a prefect storm of change in software and the rise of social? Thumper stopped participating as well. He provided the spark needed for the book forum, but the book forum, even at it's height, was never as popular as this "Culture, Race, and Economy" forum. Which I only created because people always strayed away from discussing books. Tody the only posters are me a the drive-by authors who post ads for the books or who ae looking for a review. They don't take the time to appreciate that I give regular posters the "hook up." Chris Hayden is a published author I'll look out for him. Interestingly I've met most of the old timers in the real world but a few other I know nothing about. Thumper had not posted on his account in years the last time I looked. Kola and Linda Watkins I've seen most often in the real world, as they are both writers and encounter them at events I both in different cities. Kola even came to one of my Black Pack Parties (Cynique you came to one too -- I wish I took more time to sit down and talk to you -- it seems so long ago now), Sorry to read you fell of with Deesha, she is probably the most critically acclaimed author to have regularly post here. She won a National Book Award (the Academy Award of the book world. You should feel honored for her to taken the time to unfriend you Cynique While Deesha moved on to Facebook. She did donate several autographed books to the website I miss all the others, but you know who was one of my faves, that Cynique did not mention, from the old days: @ABM. He had a really keen and playful wit. @Pioneer1 I'm curious, do any of the names Cynique shared mean anything to you ... I mean do you recall ever engaging with them or are they all before your time?
  3. Streaming the event was my opening post. But I did not invite anyone to visit the site
  4. LOL! This forum has been called a lot of things, but "boring" was never one of them. Yes forum participation has slowed in recent years, but that is different than being boring. Yes but that takes some modicum of commitment from the participants. Discussion and content do not materialize out of thin air people have to create this. Far too often we, Black people, give wealthy white corporations all our information, time, engagement, and energy -- but can't find the time to join a conversations on a Black owned one. Then complain there is not enough participation ... or say it is boring. I used to have writers who would reject my payment for a book review -- only to give that same review away for free to the Huff Post, Amazon, or Goodreads?! The ideal is that more people will see the review on the corporate. Which is true at the time, but image if all those reviews came to an AALBC. Over the years AALBC would have grown and AALBC would pay those reviewers! AALBC still pays reviewers but we publish far fewer books reviews than we would have if we got a fraction of the free content. Huff Post was able to get from Black writers. I wrote about digital share cropping years ago. The same applies to Black people and where they choose to socialize. The choice is simply socialize on Jeff's, Mark, or Jack's sites and keep making those guys super-duper-wealthy or hang out on Black-owned platforms and keep the money your community see where we can go. We know Mark does not care about Black people -- shoot, he seemingly dose not really care about other white people.
  5. No Del, that did not occur to me. Maybe I need to do more of that. Before this site’s heyday I did not need to do that. I guess times have changed.
  6. Unregistered visitors get the same level of access to read content as registered visitors. Maybe they do not know that, so they create an account. You also can't "like" an unregistered guest's posts. @Delano have you ever shared your astrology forum information here?
  7. Shoot what happened to Thumper himself? I dunno what happened to the rest of the old-timers. I do know after I transitioned the site from thumperscorner.com to aalbc.com, 11 years ago. and changed the software (a necessary change because of spammers) many regulars did not make the transition. This change also corresponded with the rise of social media, and we all know the data scientists and brain hackers have made these social media very addictive. Indie sites without these benefits really have a lot to contend with.
  8. Here is the entire Agenda: https://blackblockchainsummit.com/pages/summit-agenda
  9. How is social media any different than a drug pusher supply a addict with something that is both harmful and highly addictive? Sure it is the addict's "choice," but is it really a choice Remember when everyone was led to believe cigarettes were good for you -- even though the purveyors knew they were cancerous. I believe we will, in the future, view today's social media driven journalism they way we now look at big tabaco.
  10. In a recent conversation started by a guest poster, @Pioneer1 chose provide a detailed response, because he did not want to waste time with someone who would likely never respond. Pioneer's reaction got me thinking. Plenty of people actually create accounts, but the vast majority of these folks never participate. I appreciate some of the new accounts many be spammers (and I ban some of these straight away it they look super suspicious), but there are still plenty, like most of the ones shown below, who have recently signed up, but never post. I've been trying to figure out why. There are thousand of people who have signed for these forums. A couple of years ago I emailed everyone to remind them about their accounts, but that had no impact on participation. Why would anyone take the time to create an account here and never post? I never could figure that one out. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?
  11. @Delano, I have not previously commented, and I missed this whole conversation, so it will take me a minute to read and digest this topic.
  12. The same thing that has happened to all the rest of our publications... I know... Imagine we have an entire generation of adults who never new anything different. Thank you so much for expressing the positive sentiments. @Mzuri you and other like you are the only reason AALBC can exist.
  13. Ebony has really not gone anywhere not gone anywhere. They are currently #19 on my list of the top Black owned websites: https://aalbc.com/top_black_websites/#Ebony The real question, to me, is will they ever publish a print version of the quality shown 50 years ago? I did skim the Carmelo Anthony articles and asked them to to send readers to a Black-owned bookstore like AALBC rather than Amazon: Hi Ebony Magazine, this is Troy Johnson, a long time Ebony supporter, and founder of the 24 year old website, dedicated to Black books, AALBC.com. I read your interview with Carmelo Anthony and could not help but notice Ebony is sending their readers to Amazon to buy his book. May I suggest that you consider sending readers to Black-owned bookstores like AALBC.com. Amazon has done a great deal to harm Black-owned bookstores, why not show solidarity with us by directing your readers to a Black-owned store t buy the book? Here is an AALBC link: https://aalbc.com/books/bookinfo.php?isbn13=9781982160593 (where we link to Ebony's Interview with Anthony) You can really spread the love by choosing a different store each time. We can provide a list if you like. Thanks for considering my request. @Mzuri it is sad. it is really a reflection of our culture's collective drive to appeal to are most base desires -- rather then elevating us; like giving us fast food rather than a healthy meal. Did you ever see my article in reaction to an Ebony article about Black Literature written by none other than John A. Williams? The article was published almost 60 years ago and I can not recall anything like it in a publication, that catered to a general audience. Can you image something like this in print today, or even online (save AALBC and less than a handful of other websites)?
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