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  1. I wonder what else Elijah Wood thinks makes a man?
  2. He is so "elated" that he was moved to tears gimme a break. I guess a woman would view Van's behavior as acceptable most men (cis hetero) probably would share the views of the men on this thread. Oh it is interesting that you'd make this distinction now, but at other times act like it does not exist. Like that film Uncle Tom you praised.https://aalbc.com/reviews/film-reviews.php?id=2248
  3. Continue to cherry pick the past and victim blame @daniellegfny if that advances your perverted world view.
  4. Lol! @Pioneer1 you've never hesitated to ascribe racial designations to any other human. Is the person pictured Black?
  5. Da white man, who else? I asked one of the little listening devices I have laying around my home and that is what it said.
  6. Pastor Paula White Cain ... never heard of her. But I don't pay attention to these charismatic ministers. You write in the last thread that T.D. Jakes schooled her. I'm not surprised. I attended a TD Jake's service in Dallas one. The "church" is an arena. Jakes appeals to people on a very emotional level. People around me were in tears -- seriously. The power he has over people is powerful. Many people need what he gives them. The appeal of Trump is no different. Both men understand human nature AND are willing to take advantage of it for monetary gain
  7. I remember the first time hearing both of those albums. In fact Eminem's first album may have been that last rap CD I purchased. I still have my copy of the first Beastie Boys I enjoyed the humor in them. Both artists did something different with the form. By the time Slim Shady came around rap had already ben coopted, so I'm not surprised Em is from Kansas. Langston Hughes is from Kansas and he is perhaps the most recognized figure from the Harlem Renaissance. People create fictional origin stories for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they say they are from some lar
  8. @daniellegfny have you truly assimilated ALL of the far right propaganda you've ever been exposed to? What does slavery in some other country's or the actions of other Blacks have to do with THIS country's exploitation of Black people and the debt that they owe?
  9. Hi @Bev I just checked the ISBN in Ingram's database it is not there yet. One quick was for you to check is by checking bookshop's site. They only sell books that are in Ingram's database so anything you see on Bookshop is something I can buy from Ingram. https://bookshop.org/books?keywords=9781005269548 Of course I purchase from other distributors Lushena and African World Press, I buy very few books directly from authors. As far as getting the book into our bookstore. Please read my reply to an author who posted a similar question.
  10. That's a wrap. Yep, that statement tells you everything you need to know LOL!
  11. Hi @Kathy Kanika Marshall all good questions. The book form you completed is only for authors already on the website. Here is the current list. The search engine only returns content that is currently on AALBC. If you post information about your book the search engine would actually pick it up in a few days. For example, the author, M'Bwebe Ishangi posted the information and now M'Bwebe Ishangi comes up in a search on the site. For more ways to get on AALBC, check out our FAQ. Purchasing an author profile will get you on the site right away
  12. It is interesting I would write that. While I don't know, my only evidence is that I have not heard hide nor hair. No he was not elderly or sickly, just a Black man in America.
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