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  1. Hell, you might be right about that. Though I think any increase in the percentage of Black votes will be due to Black people, like @Pioneer1, choosing not to vote. I cast my ballot today.
  2. Win a free copy of Rise Up: Confronting a Country at the Crossroads by Al Sharpton. Be the 1st to post the last word said by Rev. Sharpton in the video: https://aalbc.com/books/bookinfo.php?isbn13=9781335966629 in comments section. Everyone else save 10% with coupon code "reval"
  3. Hi @Neal Owens what award(s) did your book win?
  4. @daniellegfny your reply does not contain any information. What do you mean by, a "shift back to the Republican party by Blacks?" Maybe an example or two would help.
  5. @Walkman93 the surge is sales, for me, already ended. I knew when it started it would be fleeting. The increased business came mostly from white folks. That is easy. More of us have to patronize Black booksellers -- not Amazon and not Bookshop.org
  6. That is besides the point. But since you brought it up. How is the party different? Post Trump?
  7. Again, the 19th century Republican and Democratic party are completely different the parties of the 21st century. It would be more accurate to describe the parties of being reversed of each other. Sure I'm all for honoring Revels and all of the Black men who served in the congress immediately upon the end of our enslavement in this country, but to use this as evidence that the Republican party is somehow a long term supporter of Black people is to ignore the history of the party over that past 100 years.
  8. Really? I could see there being some confusion as to which logo might be considered "last," but the first logo is pretty obvious by my reckoning. Why would one start at the bottom of a page and describe something there as the "first" thing on the page?
  9. Oh, but I still do see how that explains why Black people can't be racist.
  10. Well it is good to read you won't tolerate rape in your society. Can one my wives be 16 years old? What about abortion? Would @Pioneer1'Pioneer1's world tolerate that?
  11. Many people were shocked and angered by the verdict. I have not been following the case close enough to know anything about her boyfriend, so I can't assess his reaction or life style. But I wouldn't expect anyone to faceoff against the police in reaction after the fact. That would be suicide, and what good would that do?
  12. I can't say I understand what that means. James Brown was Soul Brother #1. It seems he may have been the last soul Brother...
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