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  1. There are people who believe that humanity is 6000 years old right now. There are also people who believe that Homo sapiens emerged about 200,000 years ago. One is based upon a literal interpretation of a specific religion (not even one that the majority of people practice) and the other is based upon science. Neither of these beliefs are owned and solely associated with caucasians. You give white people way too much credit. There are plenty of black scientists, some of home you can find profiled here on AALBC, who can Tell you that black people were not on the planet earth before
  2. @Pioneer1! Come on man “billions” would be absurd, but trillions of years is beyond crazy. Why the hyperbole?
  3. Soooo you are saying caucasians invaded India, thousands of years ago, and established a race based (racist)?religion called Hinduism?
  4. Again you can make anything about what you race. “To a bit with a hammer all the world is a nail.” Could It be be considered them savages because of their actual behavior and not the complexity of the skin? Where did you read about this “race” based religious system?
  5. Come on man you need examples of bad people? Andrew Jackson: bad, J Edgar Hoover: Bad, every slave master : Bad (including Thomas Jefferson).
  6. So @Chevdove, you would prefer for you and your children to live in 1821 rather than 2021? Do I understand you correctly?
  7. Racism, colorism, whatever you wanna call it this artificial construct recently created to justify Race-based slavery. All the other stuff you are super imposing your own understanding of race onto other cultures.
  8. .... so why did race only become an issue In the last few hundred years a mere fraction of a second in the amount of time humans walked the planet
  9. I’ve never post it because it’s a matter of faith and as such it a pointless question. I figured I’d ask you since you said you were being treated special by the supreme being. Obviously people can be in church Worshiping and get blown up or a gunman comes in and start wasting everyone in sight. Meanwhile, heathens atheists and all types of ne’er-do-wells go through life without anything particularly bad happening to them. Indeed some become President of the United States. So why were you and Donald Trump treated so well by the supreme being?
  10. Yes, @Nah'Sun. Why @Pioneer1 did you seem him on a Facebook site?
  11. @Pioneer1 I can't Bruh ... I can't listen to this video. It is an hour and 15 minutes about an apparently nutty dude I never heard of more than 15 minutes ago. I did however listen to the first 5 minutes which was mostly filled with pleas to follow her and like her on various social media platforms (you already know that ain't happenin'). I did discover in the first 5 that I HAVE heard of little Nas X. I familiar with the country tune he made -- seemed like a fairly innocuous tune, but as the "beautiful sista" said I did not listen to the lyrics, but I do know the song was very po
  12. il really sorry to read that. However for the purposes of my thought experiment death is not a choice. Who is doing the premeditation in this case?
  13. Ok, how far does it go back? Is it hundreds of years as I say or thousands of years as @Pioneer1 says?
  14. You should probably revise your understanding of the word thief. Based upon your definition Bernie Madoff is not a thief.
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