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  1. An interesting idea i think That would require the head to be light-bright to blue-black right? One of the changes was making all the colors solid getting rid of the transparency and gradation, which i think i prefer. @ProfD there thinking was that the old logo needed to be modernized. Take a look at some of the old logos and you’ll see what i mean: https://www.aalbc.com/about_our_site.php.
  2. Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. It is simply a fact. Peele had 40 more years of content to inspire him, not to mention many of the road blocks Lee faced were absent for Peele. Now you can disagree that the 40 year of filmmaking does not make a difference, but that would be hard to justify in my opinion. Is chameleon street any good would you recommend it. @Delano
  3. Thanks @ProfD is it worth changing in your mind? I hoped to get a more feedback especially from lurkers (for the lurkers who don’t know what “lurker” means: it means someone who visits the forum and even create and account but never, or very, rarely posts.)
  4. Peele had four more decades (1980s to 2020s) of filmmaking from which to draw inspiration and be influenced by; a body of work that Lee did not have. Peele may have been influenced by Lee and certainly stands on Lee's shoulders. I have no problem ranking Get Out #1 or #2. I still think Woman King will get nominated and even win an Oscar. I do not see an academy award win in the future for Nope Us and Nope would be dead last on the list of all the new movies I've seen this year. @Delano Lee definitely surrounded himself with talent both in front of and behind the Camera.
  5. I'm starting a major overhaul of the AALBC website. The designers felt it was time for a logo "refresh." Here is an option I'm currently considering. This will be the 4th logo change in 25 years. Here are the previous logos. The logo will inform the look and feel of the new design, so it is important. I considered more radical redesigns but rejected them, as I did not want to stray too far from the current design and make the brand unrecognizable. Let me know what you think.
  6. I believe there are some universals but most things are not. Our challenge — and our gift— as humans is to coexist given our differences.
  7. Why not? Perhaps it was divinely designed to evolve as people change over time.
  8. Man this sounds like conspiracy theory stuff to me. The speed limit is not raised to kill more people. The roads and cars are a lot better now. In fact The does limit can probably be increased on many roads. Traffic circles are not just for looks in they slow traffic down and make it easier for cars to navigate intersections without having to stop. Everything is not a diabolical plan to kill Black people.
  9. I guess this is why there are such divergent and strongly held opinions by religious people. Some believe homosexuality is a sin others do not. Some believe abortion is a sin others don't. It was used to justify slavery. Religion is what you chose to make it. Yeah, and I guess that was who Herschel was trying to appeal to. Is there a big population of evangelicals in GA? You can just stop there as that statement s completely sufficient. I don't think you have to worry about that
  10. T This is the winner of the book: Ashley Harding, of Santa Monica, CA. She is pictured with her grandmother Ella Ruth Jones (93 years old) holding the prize. Ms. Jones considers Barack Obama her 4th “son.” Ashley, a huge fan of the Obamas, was very happy to win and her joy touched my heart. Congrats to Ashley, and thanks to everyone who entered the raffle. Your entries will help us enrich the lives of many others with great books.
  11. For a limited time buy our eBook, Running to Fall (AALBC Aspire), a novel by Kalisha Buckhanon for only 99¢. The deal is only valid until Monday at 8 am, so get it now. Give the book a try and support indie publishing https://amzn.to/3ODKesE
  12. @daniellegfny Instagram has a shop (I missed that revelation). I clicked the link to check out your shop, but you have to login through the app installed on a cell phone or tablet. I refuse to install social apps on my cell phone.
  13. Definitely! I just hope to be alive at your age LOL! Thanks for checking in! I'm not up on the Griot Awards I'll have to look it up.
  14. @Pioneer1 no, i did know that. There are great number of books written about king and his beliefs. From what i know he was a man trying to improve America if he was a marxist maybe we need more…. @daniellegfny i see your point. Hershel did “out Christian” especially when Herschel, exclaimed “what about the babies.” I would not be surprised if Herschel wins tbe run off despite running against a sitting Senator and having zero experience,.
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