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  1. Obviously not, but I read about it? So you are telling me, with a straight face, that you know so little about what life was like in America, for a Black man, in 1821 that you cannot decide which period you would like to live in? Seriously?! Are you familiar with the term intellectual dishonesty?
  2. OK good. So you you believe in a jolly fat bearded white guy who maintains a naughty and nice list and flys around faster that the speed of light with reindeer distributing toys made by elves in the North Pole, commonly know as Santa Claus?
  3. Are you aware that there is a distinction between an idea and a physical thing?
  4. You are “not sure” about 1821, are you kidding me?! You’ll do anything not to consider point. So you were telling me you would rather live in 1921 the United States? A country that just got out of World War I, about to enter the depression, where polio and shit like that was rampant. we just got out of the flu pandemic. Negroes were getting lynched every other week. A time that pre-dated all technology when most lives were short and hard. 1921 was the year of the Tulsa Race Massacre. There were people still alive who bore the scars of massa’s whip... ... and you wanna
  5. OK, if your definition of “existence” means anything that can be conceived in one’s own mind or things that exist elsewhere in the multi-verse, well sure, Santa Claus exists. If you are now going to try to shoehorn that definition into one to justify the reality of a social construct you’d be hard-pressed to do that. Actually, no, you do that every day of the week ... never mind.
  6. OK then, Santa Claus existed in your space/time continuum, but I did not experience that timeline.
  7. Wow man. I already know you can read an article and interpret to support your world view when it direct contradicts it, but my first response was abundantly clear. Please simply read my response:
  8. Black Demagogues and Pseudo-Scholars By Henry Louis Gates Jr. July 20, 1992, Section A, Page 15 (This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.) During the past decade, the historic relationship between African Americans and Jewish Americans -- a relationship that sponsored so many of the concrete advances of the civil rights era -- showed another and less attractive face. While anti-Semitism is generally on the wane in this country, it has been on the rise among black Americans. A rece
  9. You tell me. Would you like to go back to 1821, or 1921? That is an interesting statement I can’t think of a scenario in the United States in which the historic levels of wealth any quality can be justify or construed into being something good. I guess you have to think more deeply about the subject. Martin, Malcolm, and Fred all worked within grassroots organizations. I seriously doubt they would’ve had any impact in 2021 in an era where we consume news and information from the likes of Twitter. Today we let our social media feeds
  10. OK, then tell me who Santa Claus. Is he your brother-in-law from Detriot?
  11. OK I’ll bite; there is no jolly fat bearded white guy who maintains a naughty and nice list and flys around faster that the speed of light with reindeer distributing toys made by elves in the North Pole.
  12. Sure he did, don't fixate on the young Malcolm regurgitate the white devil stuff from the NOI. Think about what he was saying upon his return from his Haji, wehn he was speaking for himself Then you understand why he was killed. Exactly -- which is why he was killed. Same with Fred. Sure, racism is real, but is dying along with the ignoramuses who believe and practice it. If you can't see it getting better in this country as far as racism is concerned, there is nothing I can tell you to change your mind. What is getting worse is wealth inequality
  13. I listened to the first minute or so of the video couple; do you know what he is smoking? As far as I can tell he doesn’t say. But what he does say is that he hope he doesn’t overdose. You can’t OD on marijuana. I suspect if you really listen to the lyrics you might come away with the idea that the young man may be lamenting getting high, on more serious drugs, by himself, as a means to deal with this life.
  14. @Pioneer1 YOU were the one who asked the question. Did you ever watch the film Judas and the Black Messiah? If So you would see that the protagonist Fred Hampton was murdered by the FBI primarily because he was a leader who recognized that poor whites, Hispanics, black people all were fighting the same injustices. You also recognized the MLK and Malcolm X were killed for the same reasons recognizing the fact that Hatred of white people is Simply because they are white makes no sense and the we are all victims I need to work together to fight the injustices that are crippling us all
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