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  1. ((three months later)) Well shit....that was a pretty short conversation, lol.
  2. Cynique Well first of all, it's not about their being a LACK of success among Black men that bothers me about this. Ofcourse I'd like Black men to do much better, but as far as a comparison over wealth and success between Black men and Black women.... I'm not 100% sure but if you take Oprah out of the picture their MAY bere more successful Black men just in professional sports like the NBA and NFL ALONE than almost all of the other Black women in the entertainment industry COMBINED. ....and I won't even start to include the tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of OTHER successful Black men in the sports, music, and other parts of the entertainment industry. .....not to mention Black men OUTSIDE of the entertainment industry in the realms of education, finance, law, and other more professional careers. So it's not a matter of jealousy or anger at our sisters "allegedly" doing better. I personally think both sexes are doing about the same....in different arenas.....but BOTH should do much better. It's about why the White media is hyping up Black women so much and ignoring Black men. What's strange about it? Why didn't these same media outlets like USA Today and CNN praise Black women in the past? Again, WHY NOW? It's clear they're trying to divide the sexes in the Black community and encourage Black women to leave Black men behind for men of other races....preferably White men. That's what most of the feminism being pushed into the Black community is about. It's not about empowering women to be equal; it's about encouraging Black women to LEAVE Black men behind. They know full well that most Black women are not lesbian so if they leave Black men who are they going to get with....Japanese or Mexican men? Hell no. They have little choice BUT to choose the next in line......White men....given their power and wealth in this society.
  3. Now really..... Does it take a White man to TELL us this before we are willing to believe it? I mean, for decades and centuries Black people who didn't go to school could sit up in rocking chairs or even on logs and tell us about how they know God and what God has done for them in their lives from personal experience and how silly it is for someone to claim that God doesn't exist......and many of us don't take them seriously. But all it takes is some White dude in glasses and a white lab coat or a title behind his name to come on and make a statmenet and now ALL OF A SUDDEN it has merit. It has credit. Ofcourse atheism isn't consistent with the scientific method because after your hypothesis you have to repeatedly experiment and observe the results in order to PROVE your position of non-existence.....and no one has been able to do this EVER. The only somewhat "logical" conclusion someone who has experimented and yielded no results could come to would be AGNOSTICISM or the admission that you simply don't know. But ATHEISM is a pretty firm declaration of non-existence and NO ONE has proven this. ((probably because you can't "prove" a lie...lol)) I've maintained for years and I've even said on this site that most of the people in these universities who CLAIM to be atheist.....really are not. Most of them not only believe actually do believe in Higher powers but pretend that they don't. They are just saying it to DECEIVE their students and confuse them; especially students of color.
  4. Del Pioneer 39 - 42 but you mayeither stop working Dec 9 or that's your last check . Less than 42 thousand??????????? But I find your statement that I might "stop WORKING by Dec 9 or it will be my last check" VERY interesting. Infact, I find it quite encouraging given a few of my goals! Even what you said about May is very significant for me given those goals. Thanks for the response.
  5. Black women's groups exercising new political power going into 2020 presidential campaign https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/03/10/black-womens-groups-leverage-their-clout-2020-elections/3101381002/ She Thrives Women from different generations, occupations and regions. These 10 women are shaping their communities and, in their own way, altering life for everyone in 21st century America. Theirs are stories that deserve to be told. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/she-thrives Has anyone else noticed that the mainstream media seems to be hyping up Black women in specific.....as opposed to Black people as a whole.....for their achievements lately? They've even credited the "Black women's vote"....as opposed to the Black vote in general.....for wining certain local elections. Not that our sisters DON'T deserve the credit and the attention they're getting,, because they certainly do. Infact it's long over due. But I find it very strange and even suspicious that the media has all of a sudden "discovered" them and what they've contributed to society; and more telling....why these same media sources seem to be purposely and quite blatantly leaving Black men OUT of the picture.
  6. Chev I'm learning a lot from this thread. Keep posting more knowledge.
  7. I believe both Troy and myself asked you specific questions.
  8. So rather than actually answering the question....(or admitting you don't know of any)....you resort to making baseless assertions. Why am I not surprised? If my position is "faulty" then instead of merely making the claim and moving on, PROVE it with a list of Black nations with more functional societies than China.
  9. Show me an African, Caribbean or otherwise majority Black nation that is doing BETTER than the "socially-engineered dysfunctional China" and I'll consider THEIR family planning and reproductive practices in comparison. Cynique You can save all that 'splainin for someone dumb enough to believe it, lol. Like many women who grow up in this society, you clearly like powerful White men and admire them and you're seeking to justify it. The "kindness" part is just the icing on the cake or the cherry on top of the sundae. And when you say "kind" what you really mean is kind to YOU. You don't give a damn how they treat other Black people and especially Black men with their power. Just keep in mind that some of those "lucky" Black men and women you speak are victimized BY those same powerful White men whom you appreciate.
  10. Del Ok.... Will I make over $55,000 in 2019? Troy What....just one? You suppose to have TWO! One around your age who you can actually hold a conversation with; and another in her early twenties who can take care of yo' ass in your winter years....lol.
  11. Ok..... Whose going to be the Democratic Nominee for President in the 2020 election?
  12. Deborah Thank you for providing those two examples. I also believe in the power of intention. I've heard many people across many backgrounds describe it in many different ways but it all seems to involve some of the same basic and key concepts of visualization and intention. BTW...... This is off the subject but I also live in the upper Midwest (Michigan) and keep telling Black people over and over again to STOP running away and moving down South...lol. Whether it's for the weather, job oppotunities, or family.....it's not good for too many of us to just pile up down South and abandon the rest of America with her vast living space. We need to make the Midwest and the Westcoast our home as well as the South.
  13. Chev Well again, I prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY. You may believe simply reproducing and making more Black people to fill up this planet will be the key to our success, however if those Black people aren't raised properly with the proper frame of mind....the only thing they'll do is just bring more death and destruction not only to the Black race but to the planet. The Native Americans were far superior to Caucasians in sheer numbers, but how well did they stand up against a cunning and better organized force who came with an AGENDA and a determination to carry it out? When I look at not only the AfroAmerican community in the United States but also the Black communities on the continent of Africa, I see certain similarities of poor Black people who can barely take care of themselves having many children hoping "some" of them turn out ok but for the most part not carefully planning and designing their families. Although China is far from the model or ideal nation, I believe the Chinese had the right idea to limit their births to only one per family UNTIL they were able to properly organize their nation and take care of everyone. Before they started it they were suffering from SEVERE famine and poverty problems. I've heard they lifted that 1 child limit now that their nation is doing better economically. Perhaps some African nations and the AfroAmerican community should take notes.....but that's just my personal opinion. Cynique It should've gone without saying that you were excluded from appreciating powerful white men who are kind because it's obvious you can't bring yourself to appreciate good character in a human being. I don't remember Troy, Nubian, or even Delano co-signing on to loving and appreciating "powerful White men who are kind" either....lol. Stop lying and claiming "everyone" supports this when it's only YOU TWO (you and Mel) who are sitting up hear extolling the virtues of powerful White masculinity. In another thread you said: Now that statement from you explains a lot....... Given your mild, civil, and somewhat pleasant experiences with them, I'm not suprised as to why YOU could appreciate a "strong powerful White man who is kind" . You obviously don't have the same concerns, angst, and apprehensiveness towards Caucasian authority that many Black men have because you haven't gone through what Black men have gone through with them.
  14. Tsegal While I agree with your assesment brutha, my question is what are the BLACK politicians who are already in office and have a "measure" of authority (however limited) to prevent this from happening actually DOING THEMSELVES to prevent this? Don't forget that we have Black people who are mayors, representatives, senators (2 atleast) as well as federal and district judges at every level. Are they actively engaged in preventing this attempted right-wing conserative coup-de-grace of the United States? Or are they selfishly thinking only of themselves and their immediate families and spending what little weath and limited power they posses for their own personal satisfaction? I maintain that the biggest problem with most of the AfroAmerican politicians who are in office at the federal, state, and local levels right now is not the FEAR of White Supremacy (although it does exist) but the INDIFFERENCE to it and a lack of actual concern about it as long as it doesn't affect them directly.
  15. Mel They are/ were brave enough to engage. Either that or crazy enough not to know any better and got involved with you anyway.....lol.       Chev This belief that you should go ahead and have children anyway because "God will make a way for them and see them through some how some way " is very pervasive though out our community. I've heard it from countless women when they were young . Unfortunately years later many of these children end up being abused, in and out of foster homes, in and out of jail, terrorize many of their communities, and even end up dead. Further, I put QUALITY over QUANTITY. I would rather see AfroAmericans at only 3 million but healthy (mentally as well as physically), well educated, happy, and prosperous.....than at 100 million broke, angry, criminal, confused, and otherwise dysfuctional. One of the problems is the family structure in general. The nuclear family for the most part doesn't work for our people. In the ancient world the ENTIRE COMMUNITY used to help raise their children, now a days most parents (often single) are on their own to raise their children as best they can. This is why I say in the future the nuclear family will be pushed to the side and group families where multiple men and women will raise children as a mini-village type will eventually become the norm.
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