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  1. Troy I agree 100%. People should stop using all of these fancy names and titles for it and just teach history as truthfully as they can. Giving it names like "Critical Race Theory" and "1619 Project" draws too much attention.
  2. For several months now the internet and media has been buzzing about the Critical Race Theory and even more focus has been places on the arguments happening in school board meetings and townhalls all over the nation. Some say it should be taught, others say it shouldn't. I'm not exactly sure what it is and when I've asked those who support and promote it's teaching to give me a clear solid definition of it they can't. Instead they give me examples of subjects that may be taught IN Critical Race Theory, or they may give me one of CRT's objectives. But no definite clear definition OF it.
  3. I think that Crispy Show is done by Tariq Nasheed. It's really a mockery of one of his rival youtubers Tommy Sotomayor who is dark skinned. He calls the puppet "Crispy" in a mockery of Tommy's dark skin....as is "burnt/crispy black". "Crispy" Puppet Now to be fair, Tommy routinely bashes and makes fun of Black women so I don't feel too sorry for someone clowning on HIS ass. But making fun of his dark skin is going to far and is counter productive. On top of that..... Tariq is very intelligent and I like most of his work but ove
  4. Cynique Good to hear from you. And I'm glad to see you're still up and about at 87; doing more in a day than a lot of people half your age...lol.
  5. Daniel It's attitudes like THAT....that give Uber drivers a bad name, lol. You're the type of guy who probably rolls the car a little bit while the passenger is trying to get out if they don't leave a big enough tip.
  6. Thank you for that UNsolicited advice for what I should do with MY money..lol I'm sure (to a degree) you meant well. But I didn't ask for a link to registration. I asked for an actual link to "How To Be An Anti-Racist" I wonder if you're this ADVERSARIAL with your customers? They get in and say, "Take me to the hotel" and instead you drive them to a homeless shelter, and when they demand you take them where they want to go -instead you give them a lecture on how this is the best route for them to save money...lol. "I know what YOU'RE saying...but I
  7. Everything seems serious to those who believe everything they see in the media. There were some Little Rascals fans who were depressed after seeing Eddie Murphy's Saturday Night Live skit about Buckwheat being shot: BUCKWHEAT GOT SHOT! They thought it was serious because they didn't know acting and role playing when they saw it. It'll start being serious IF you see him actually spend 5 minutes behind bars, or even end up in cuffs. Until then, it's all smoke-n-mirrors and role playing.
  8. I asked for a link to "How To Be An AntiRacist" and instead you send me a link to some application I have to register and sign up for? That's like a friend asking to borrow a couple dollars and instead you give you a job application.
  9. Daniel You didn’t understand the question. Lol...you didn't understand my response. The question was “What do you think these parents are teaching these children about Blacks?” Yes but YOUR question was "as usual you have come to the wrong conclusion.?" I had to presume it was a question since you put a question mark on the end of it....so I answered it. No is not an appropriate answer. It is for YOUR question. Because I did NOT come to the wrong conclusion. I came to the logical conc
  10. Since it was put in a question form....I would answer: NO My conclusion about why they did is correct because the ONLY thing you said in that post was "That Blacks were animals" You didn't say THEY said it or THEY thought it....you just posted the line with no context. Maybe if you had said: "That Black PEOPLE were animals" .....it would have assured them that this wasn't YOUR assertion because your belief is that Blacks are people. It's also been my observation that NON-Black people often use the term "Blacks" where as most AfroAmericans use the term "Black people" or "
  11. Daniel Then if the quote "That Blacks are animals" came from you then that's why they suspended you. They thought you were being offensive because you didn't provide a lot of context in that statement. I personally don't believe you should have been suspend for that because you didn't pose a danger. I've operated websites before and I had 3 rules for discussion: 1. Don't threaten anyone with violence 2. Don't post or promote anything illegal 2. Don't put out anyone's personal information without their permission ...other than that you could pretty much say what you like an
  12. No sir. How about you provide a link for me so I can check it out. I'm not sure how one can be an ANTI-racist but Neely Fuller Jr. has spent decades teaching AfroAmericans how to be COUNTER-racists.
  13. Del ? Is that a link to an article showing how much time Trump is sentenced to do? If not, what's the point of it?
  14. Daniel I was more concerned with the potential impact on Independant sites like Parler when the Corps decided to flex their muscles. Not sure how "independent" Parler is. It's a platform where right-wing racists like to congregate...lol My answer seemed to be the most logical. I believe they made the group remove the picture. No it was a picture in a black group. The question was “What do you think they were trying to teach their children?” ?????? Your answer is a bit confusing....... *The phrase: T
  15. The bottom quote about Blacks being animals and showing the picture of Black children in cages....did that come from YOU? Troy You would not have been banned here And that's part of the problem. THEY don't want to be banned....but they want OTHER people they disagree with banned. They want to flag posts they don't like or label people "trouble makers" and get them either suspended or banned, and if they don't have the ability to do this they would rather not even participate.
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