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  1. A lot of rumors are being intentionally spread also. One young White dude I talk with from time to time but suspect of being a white racist at a local restaurant told me of a local KKK rally they were having a few miles away. But when I checked up on it.....nothing. Now I'm thinking why would he tell me that? Was he just trying to scare me or see my reaction? Yesterday I was going to a Walgreens drug store and I see a truck parked in the lot with a big confederate flag license plate and 2 people inside eating. I look around to see if any other Black people are seeing what I'm seeing and I see a couple of young Black couple on their cell phones just jabbering and texting away. I look at the truck, and I look at the Black man and woman. So I go up to them and try to get their attention in a way that doesn't alert the occupants of the nearby truck. The girl doesn't eve get off the phone, but atleast the young man stops texting and looks at me. I point out the truck and confederate flag to them. The boy covers his mouth like a girl and says "Oh shnapp...." Not exactly the response I was expecting from a young man, but atleast it was a response. The girl glances over and say something along the lines of, "I don't know girl, some racist ass truck in the parking lot of something....anyway....". ......and kept talking and laughing over something silly. Me and the young man had a brief conversation about Charlottseville and I told him to be careful and went on inside. But I felt sorry for him and his being put in a position of having to defend a woman like that who doesn't seem to understand or care about the potential danger she may be in. It goes back to what I was saying about Black men needing support from the women in the community. It's hard to fight for someone who doesn't care. It makes you feel like giving up and letting "whatever" happen to them in order to teach them some sort of lesson of how to show respect and support.
  2. Guess what?

    Happy Birthday! I always knew you were in your own little bubble.....lol.
  3. Devotion

    Troy Religions are all man made, but most I imagine started out attempting to enlighten people I used to think this. Now I'm beginning to believe that most religions in the past started off the same way most businesses are started today.....and for the same reasons. One man either gets an idea of how to make some money, or he gets jealous of another man he's working with/for.....and he decides to branch off and do his own thing. It's the same with most religions. One man (usually a man for some reason....lol) gets an idea in his head and goes off to convincing others that it was divinely inspirted. Or he's already a part of a religion and recognizes the racket going on and decides to branch off and do his OWN thing. Either way, the man who starts the religion usually ends up with a lot of wealth, fame, and his share of women. If you study many ancient societies........ Look at the priests in these societies and how they didn't have to do hard labor or risk death fighting like other men did. All they had to do is sit up in cool temples studying and eating foods that people gave them. The God we seek is within each of us, all matter, and all time. I think we have to be careful with this line of thinking. It's similar to what Del and Mel were saying in the other thread about everyone having a talent or everyone can be great and exceptional if they work hard enough or put their minds to it. After years of observing people, I just can't say that this is the case with EVERYONE. Some people are just mediocre and others are simply below average and we have to accept them as that and most importantly they have to ACCEPT THEMSELVES as that. There is a young man in my neighborhood right now who is below average in intelligence and has had all types of special education help in school and medication for his ADD and now he somehow made it in a community college and his family keeps urging him to get a degree and do this and that.....but he is clearly unhappy and having a hard time keeping up. He's constantly coming to me for advice and I give him the best advice I can without hurting his feelings, but I'm on the verge of telling him to drop out and just get a simple job he can handle and don't have children because he won't be able to take care of them anyway. But if I was to tell the boy something like that his mother and family probably never would forgive me and it may even hurt him more than he's being hurt now as he struggles to do something clearly beyond his capacity to do. People should be taught how to be happy and satisfied with their own abilities no matter how limited. Del Most people that are religious or spiritual suspend logic. I don't know about spiritual people, but I believe this is true with many if not most religious people to a certain extent. If your religion teaches you that all you have to do to be successful in life is do "a b and c" and you do it and are NOT successful.....then you have to play mind games and explain why the method your religion prescribed isn't working. You force yourself to believe in things you know in your heart aren't true. You go into a state of what's called "cognative dissonance" believing contradicting ideas.
  4. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Mel   ... I don't run away from jury duty. I get called regularly because I VOTE in every election. Well, I vote regularly too...for candidates I actually like...and so far I have YET to be called to jury duty. One of the things that has bothered me about the legal system is how they claim you're supposed to be judge by a jury of your PEERS. Yet they pick jury members from a list of local registered voters. Most of these are educated middle class people with good jobs and clean criminal records. How are they "peers" to most people in the ghetto or living in poverty? If a man convicted of a crime happens to be unemployed, poor, and Black.....then his PEERS are also unemployed, poor, Black...and male....so THAT'S who should make up the jury pool! Oh, and I'm never nice. I don't waste my time on it. Well if you have children you MUST have been nice to some man or men....lol. Now are you going to answer my question: Do you believe that the majority of Black people in the United States are NOT successful? Troy Black or white, male or female, we all should be doing a better job of supporting each other. I believe the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is the ultimate human entity that bears the responsibility in making sure all members of this society have their material needs supported. They should be the one who makes sure no one goes without food, clothing, shelter, or healthcare. I don't have enough trust in individual human beings being nice or charitable enough to provide support for those who really need it. Mel's statments about people being lazy or only the strong surviving is a great example of the thinking of a lot of people and why we shouldn't rely on "good will" or expect a sympathetic population to step in and help those who are the most vulnerable. You have people with all type of philosophies and moral points of view. Some believe that poor people are poor because of moral issues and they deserve it. Other's feel that poor people were born with "bad karma". Others believe poor and sick people are "defective" and that they should be allowed to die so as not to spread their "defective genes".....like the Nazis used to believe. You have ALL TYPES of views and judgements about poverty, some are rational and others irrational. So you must have a government welfare system that by-passes all the opinions and moral judgements and just support the BASIC NEEDS of people who are not able to do it for themselves for whatever reason. Just the basics....and if they have the talents or the smarts to do MORE then by all means do it. It's the same with the sick..... Some people believe those who are sick are sick because of poor decisions like drinking too much or smoking cigarettes.....and THEY believe those people should suffer from the consequences of those decisions while not realizing how cruel and torturing it is to make someone suffer and die from lung cancer simply because of a stupid decision they made as kids. Again, others believe people get sick because of a genetic defect and that they should be allowed to die off. We can't rely on support from individuals like this or even expect sympathy from them. You have UNIVERSAL health care provided by the government to by-pass all of that foolish thinking and just help people who need help when they need it without judging them. Xeon Oh really? Can you tell me exactly how STRONG Black men are locked up for displaying strength and bravery? Please give details. And please also tell me what "culture or society praises and encourages men to be weak and passive". I know of no culture like that. More details please…… Look at all the gang members inside prison. Most of these men are young, physically strong, and brave with a propensity toward violence. 1000 years ago in more traditional socities where violence and bravery were characteristics highly prized in men by other men as well as the women of that society.....these same men would have been HIGHLY respected and would receive honorary social status in those societies. Most of these young men in prison are probably highly sexed and brag about all the women they were having sex with on the outside....another highly prized trait in the ANCIENT WORLD. So the typical "ganster" in prison may be strong, brave, and violent....meaning he's willing to take action...and a sex machine which means he virile and potent. NATURE MADE HIM STRONG.....but this society demonizes him. In this society he is imprisoned for his behavior which is frowned upon and seen as barbaric and immature. Now goofy nerdy men like Bill Gates and other techies are considered high in social status. They may be weak and cowardly but in this artificial world THEY now have the wealth and the women are taught to go for them instead of the strong, violent, "thug" on the street who could give her many babies and actually protect her from harm. Much of what is natural for humanity has been turned upside down in this artificial society. But I suppose you believe that type of thinking is "twisted".....lol.
  5. War For The Planet Of The Apes

    I first came into contact with NOI teachings through PUBLIC ENEMY. I was always conscious and racial....even as a little child. So they did samples of Malcolm and Farrakhan and then I started studying both and I would go to Black book stores and read books by Chancellor Williams, Ivan Van Sertima, and ofcourse Elijah Muhammad. But the books by Elijah and the NOI were more "readable" to me because they didn't have that scholarly feel like other more educated Black writers had. But more important than the literature and doctrine alone, it was the RESULTS I saw in the men in the community that made me take more notice in the Nation of Islam. Unlike many churches and neighborhood programs, I would see GENUINE CHANGE in most Black men who went to the Nation of Islam mosques. They'd go in and out of jail gangster as hell but in a few months their skin would be shining, they'd be dressed up, and they'd be holding doors open for women and smiling at other Black men calling them brother.....lol. Not all scientists are white. Indeed many will argue the first scientist were Black. In any case, white people do not own science. In my mind saying "You can put your faith in White science if you want to." is the same thing as saying "talking white" or "school is for white people." Not all scientists are White, but MOST of them are eiter White or Asian. Only a small percentage of them are Black or Native American and that only has me suspicious of the "scientific community". My suspicion of what I call "White science" isn't based on incompitence or believing that they are in error. My suspicion is based on my belief that they are decieving the public. I suspect there are very smart White scientists who are covering up a lot of truth and only letting SOME of it come out whether it has to do with health, history, ect.... For example, I believe the cure for cancer and AIDS not only exist but is known among SOME scientists but that knowledge is being held from the most of the public. In my mind saying "You can put your faith in White science if you want to." is the same thing as saying "talking white" or "school is for white people." Well, BOTH statements would be correct. The "science" of this society IS White because it was founded by and for White people to advance themselves with. And the school system was also founded by and for White people to advance themselves with. Most of the discoveries were by White people or by Black people living INSIDE White societies using White tools and methods. So whateve benefit those discoveries have.....White society still gets the credit. We had our own methods of what would be called science today.....voodoo and other traditional religions are an example of this ancient science and medical system we practices since before recorded history. We also have schools in which we passed along those traditions....and still do in some cases. But it doesn't seem to be as sophisticated and developed as Western/White science.
  6. Detroit: Have you seen it yet?

    Got a chance to see the movie the other day...... I have to say that it was an EXCELLENT movie. Much of it took me back to my childhood growing up in Detroit in the 70s and how Black people looked and carried themselves at that time. Kathryn did a good job. It could have been considered a "Black movie" easily because the main characters were Black and the movie is basically told from a Black experience so I'm not sure what the critics are talking about. The movie touches on: Police brutality Black criminality Racism on the police department The history of Black people leaving the South to work in the industrialized North Damn..... It even showed a history of The Dramatics singing group!!! It reminded me a little of American Gangster the way it took you back to Black life during that time period in detail. I kept thinking about my Father, Uncles, and friends of the family and other Black men who I grew up with at that time who are no longer around who would have LOVED this movie. I don't know about the national audience but there were scenes in that movie that that really hit home to me and other Black people around my age who grew up hearing older adults tell us how it was back in that time period.....and now we see it on screen. Especially how the police behaved and how White prostitutes would come in Black neighborhoods and get Black men in trouble. In my opinion it took too long to make this movie, it should have been made 20 or 30 years ago. I still believe a BLACK director should have made it...but hey....it was so good it really didn't matter. Well....yes it did because I saw a few racial subliminal messages in the film...lol. But overall to me it was a good LONG film. I personally think it was better than Get Out....about as good as Django Unchained.
  7. Nuff Said.

    They should have used a HOT AIR balloon instead of a sail...lol.
  8. Cynique unlike Kenneth Frazier, Colin didn't wait for a specific event to prod him into taking a public stand Or....... One could look at it as Kenneth Frazier being an older mature and intelligent man DIDN'T NEED several incidents to motivate him to take a stand like Colin who decided to act only after YEARS of seeing injustice. With Mr. Frazier, after ONE negative incident that tested his metal....he rose to the occasion and publically rebuked the President of the United States in the name of honor and principle. What's-his-name is just a member of the bandwagon everybody is jumping on Yeah but Mr Frazier was the FIRST to jump on the wagon. BEFORE it started moving.....LOL. Troy As Cynique implied it was not exactly a tough decision or big sacrifice for Frazier to step down. I don't think it was a tough decision either, he's a chief EXECUTIVE officer and the brother knows how to come to the right decision and quickly. It was a BRAVE decision though because to dismiss and break ties with a narcissist and egoist like Trump in a public manner takes a lot of courage as everyone knows how he likes to get down with his enemies. Sacrifice? Not likely.....but who says you have to sacrifice yourself to be successful or even take a stand? I'm not a religious man so I don't necessarily see value in the act of self-sacrifice. I see value in AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS that directly influence the accomplishment of a particular goal. If you can get the same things accomplished without suffering.....I say go for it.
  9. One of America's most prominent black CEOs quit President Trump's manufacturing council on Monday over Trump's initial failure to condemn white supremacists. Kenneth Frazier of Merck (MRK) said in a statement: "America's leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy." http://money.cnn.com/2017/08/14/investing/merck-ceo-trump-charlottesville/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now THIS is a great example of a Black man who stands up for what he believes in and shows an act of courage and bravery. What he said and did had CLEAR MEANING. People want to get behind Colin Kaepernick and praise him for bowing down on one knee during the national anthem which is a vague statement with no clear goals to be accomplish. But here's a Black man who made a direct impact with the bold statment he made against racism. I think the Black community should not only rally behind this brother and other brothers and sisters who perform similar acts of courage, but we should also MONITOR the outcome and consequences of their actions to make sure they aren't retaliated against for this. Sometimes when Black folks take actions like this in public, racists don't retaliate against him immediately. They'll wait a few weeks or even a few months when they think things have cooled down and then hit him with some sort of sexual harassment charge to get rid of him. So we have to stay on cases like this. This is what I mean by supporting POSITIVE Black men (and women) and supporting and encouraging positive behavior. Invite him on Black shows. Give him rewards. Even raise money to give him.....yes.....I said GIVE HIM MONEY. If other Black people in positions of power see him take this stand and see that he's protected and rewarded for standing up for his principles, then others will follow suit and feel more free and embolden to stand up too.
  10. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    I don't think we come from different world. I think we just have different PERSPECTIVES of the same world. Del Should men shoot some cash to single mothers and service them. Since they seem to be raising more kids on their own than single Black men If the mother is doing a good job and being a good mother....ofcourse. Hell, how did you think WELFARE got started? Instead of individuals giving money to women with children, the government just started doing it to maintain them. I have no comment after the post Mel sent me from Pioneer. I'm not sure what comment she sent YOU, but I've sent NO comments to her. Mel So, when Democratic Presidential candidate Obama, another one in the minority of those above-the-average folks, who came after the dotcom bust and its resurgence, gently told those in attendance, those jobs are not coming back, did they not believe him? I believed him. Because I knew that he.....like most of the presidents who came before him...wasn't gonna do a damn thing to BRING them back. I'm beginning to wonder if Troy wasn't right after all about you not understanding or comprehending everything I'm saying. When you repeatedly make statements like: -"those who chose to pull themselves out of the "average" pool" -"or you can look to the people living in the same society under the same conditions and follow their lead to success" -"those too lazy to educate themselves about their own talents and innate power" -"Ain't nobody got to time to for those whom won't help himself" .....tells me that you still believe high achievement and being exceptional is a CHOICE for most people. You can't conceive of the fact that some people don't have the intelligence or energy to accomplish what you or some of those in your circle have....and you seek to punish them for it. Calling poor or even average peope who fall on hard times "lazy" or incinuating that they are in their condition because of personal choices or moral shortcoming is one of the oldest tricks that corporatists and conservatives use to DEFLECT from the socio-economic injustices they have created in society that have caused these problems. Ofcourse everyone makes bad decisions from time to time, but again....is EVERYONE wrong? Look, could you do me this favor? Could you just answer this question to see if we're on the same page or even in the same "world": Do you believe the MAJORITY of Black people in the United States are NOT successful? When I say successful I mean it in the generally understood sense of being healthy, financially independent, with stable families and homes. I'm not asking you for reasons for their condition, I'm just simply asking do you believe that MOST Black people in the United States today have or have NOT achieved atleast that basic level of success? BTW..... Don't think those little slick remarks about me exploiting people in my community are getting by me....lol. I see you. I might be nice and let it go once or twice, but keep on........
  11. War In The Streets,KKK, In Virginia.

    You saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army … (They) had better equipment than our state police had," McAuliffe was quoted as saying. And that statement SHOWS you how ignorant and unprepared those in law enforcement were....or pretended to be. A "militia" IS AN ARMY. It's a paramilitary force that operates outside of direct government control. And that's what the police around this nation have been letting these racist get away with for decades. Stocking up weapons and gear and forming their own little armies. Troy I'm a "cliquish" type of brother...... I've found out that as long as I have other like-minded people I can work with and are willing to work with me, I can not only survive but thrive and prosper. Maybe that's why I'm accused of being in my "own world" so much....lol. I love to surround myself with people who share my interests or atleast my love of knowledge and politics. It's for that reason and the fact that even if less than 10% of Black people have enough sense to appreciate an intelligent highly informative Black owned television news network, that would still mean 3-5 million strong supporting it! Infact, I feel the 3-5 million intelligent Black people would be far more successful buying and maintaining their television programming than 50 million fools would be trying to maintain the garbage and filth they like to feed off of. are more likely to buy and maintain the informative programming they like than would 50 million Black fools would be able to keep that garbage and filthy they like on the air 3-5 million intelligent Black folks are far more effective than 50 million Black fools who feed their minds on garbage and filth. Which is why I don't see World Start Hiphop lasting too much longer. I'm sure intelligent positive Black people could come up with SOMETHING if they sat down to figure it out. Right here in Detroit the WORD network is one of the largest Black owned broadcasting stations in the nation....but it's Christian/gospel based so much of their programming comes from a religious slant.
  12. War For The Planet Of The Apes

    I don't agree with everything the man taught but I'll tell you this much....... I've gotten more wisdom and have truth from his teachings that has been VERIFIED and PROVEN to my satisfaction than I've gotten from text books of White so-called "science". Elijah Muhammad was teaching back in the 30s that the White race were genetically weaker than Black people years before White scientists either knew or admitted to such with thier recessive genes and alleles. He also taught that the story of Moses found in the Bible didn't actualy happen but that the REAL Moses had an entirely different history. He was teaching this back in the 1930s. And sure enough in the late 40s Sigmund Freud comes along and writes "Moses and Monotheism" which basically says that the story of Moses in the Bible was indeed false. He taught that the Black man was BILLIONS of years old during a time when most people still believed in The Flood and thought humanity was less than 6000 years old. Again, I don't agree with everything he taught....but I certainly have found no fault in most of it. You can put your faith in White science if you want to. They can't even cure a damn cold but can tell you the origins of man....LOL.
  13. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Mel Cynique is right, men and women certainly ARE wired differently and think differently. And most women tend to do just what you're doing right now.... Using EXCEPTIONS as examples to prove her points instead of accepting the GENERAL RULES that we both should see in this society as it relates to Black people especially Black men.   You talk about the successful professional Black people you're surrounded by and when I point out the fact that these people are exceptions to the norm in which most people are of AVERAGE intelligence with AVERAGE abilities (as opposed to talents) then you switch it up and say....well....then.....those "average" people (who make up the majority) should ASPIRE to be like the exceptional people by working harder at success. Talking to you is like talking to Obama.....lol. When he was still a candidate he came to Michigan and we had an opportunity to ask him questions and a member of my group asked him what plans did he have to bring back good paying jobs to the inner cities for those without college education. Instead of answering the question, he spent 7 minutes telling us about how he plans to make college affordable to ALL children despite their economic background and how he planned to create the atmosphere to produce more high tech jobs for the rust belt cities. Let me make my points clear and concise: 1. Both men AND women should support eachother. But MOST men need support and encouragement from the women in their community (family, friends, co-workers, ect....) to better themselves and excel in life. Most men...not exceptional men.....but most men need an incentive that gives them a reason to do better and be better in life. For most men those incentives come in the form of pleasures like sex, money, power, ect.... Expecting most men to be successful or try to better themselves for nothing or without the hope of a rewards is like telling someone to be good without promising them a heaven to go to. 2. I haven't met EVERYONE....and I'm willing to wager that neither have you. So I'm not qualified to make the statement that EVERYONE has gifts and talents I can only speak of the people that I've met, lived with/around and worked with/around. Most of them were of average intelligence and of average abilities....although I HAVE met plenty of exceptionally talented people in my life. But again, they are the EXCEPTION and not the rule so I don't base my perceptions of life and what society has to offer on how successful THEY are. What's my point? Listen to me..... My point is AVERAGE Black men will do just fine in a NORMAL society where they don't have so many pressures against them and obstacles in their way. But in THIS society that is heavily influenced by racism both overt and institutional....AVERAGE Black men often end up losing and often times only the most EXCEPTIONAL Black men succeed. In a system of racism that is designed to fail AVERAGE Black children, the exceptionally intelligent will often still succeed. ....but look what the system did to the majority of Black students!!! In a system of racism that is designed to lock up the AVERAGE Black man, the exceptionally smart and law abiding Black man will remain free. ......but look how many averge Black men are locked up behind bars for doing the exact same thing average White men are doing but not being prosecuted for! When you talk about the Black CEOs and business owners you know or who are in your family, you're talking about a MINORITY of Black people who are doing well because of talents, gifts, blessings, or an exceptionally good work ethic. I get it.....I acknowledge that and their efforts. However they are still a MINORITY of Black people who are doing well, which means that in this society the MAJORITY aren't doing well. Why is that? How can the majority of ANY population be wrong???? Would you go to a hospital where the MAJORITY of people end up worse than they were when they came in? Would you start blaming the patients for their terrible condition and start pointing at the few patients who survive and do well as an example of who they should emulate? Or would you investigate the HOSPITAL and STAFF to figure out what the hell THEY are doing wrong to produce such a high casualty rate in a place that is suppose to heal people and make them well? If the majority of a given population (that majority being average) aren't doing well in a particular society, then I believe that something is wrong.....not with that population...but with that SOCIETY and it's infrastructure. Black people are living in a society that has been designed to be against our progress and yes a few EXCEPTIONAL people manage to find success but that doesn't mean we should focus on them instead of trying to change the injustices that are keeping the majority of our people locked out of success. ....and that's how we MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, right Cynique !
  14. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Del I worked with a lack woman accountant and our White Male Supervisior, would ignore her and take her ideas as his own. I verified to her that she was not in fact losing her mind. Sometimes you have to be plain with people or else they won't see what you see. Many Black people, especially a lot of Black women just refuse to accept that White people will steal your ideas and incorporate them as their own. They grow up really believing in White people and seeing them as morally upright and generally "good" people and refuse to believe in the obvious. I said before....most Black women aren't taught to beware of White men....they're taught not to trust BLACK MEN. I ttook Black people nearly 20 years to wake up to the fact that White folks were STEALING Hiphop and R&B and trying to incorporate the art as their own. They just refused to believe it. Part of the reason is because many of our people are in love with White people and see them as so benevolent and righteous that they can't fathom that they'd do something so blatantly wrong and disrespectful. On the other hand they have no problem believing a Black person would steal their ideas and often go around accusing eachother of being jealous and "hating" all day long. Cynique With Pioneer, he is constantly thanking me for making his argument, an argument he hasn't even articulated and, in fact, has to have Troy translate what he is trying to say. The reason I constantly thank you for making my arguments is because you tend to be SO argumentative that in the course of our disagreements if I just veer off of my original point to to make another you'll OPPOSE that new one also....which often times leads to you inadvertingly supporting my ORIGINAL POINT.....lol. As a hypothetical example...... I say that men should be incharge and protect and provide for their families. Then you turn around and argue that both should provide for themselves and a woman shouldn't rely on her husband to provide for her. But during the course of the argument I'll make the point that there aren't enough good paying jobs for men today and most of the good paying jobs are occupied by women. Then you'll turn around and say how silly and weak that excuse is and how the men you remember while growing up took care of their families and made no excuses for their short comings. And that's where I would thank you for making my argument....lol. Just like you can look for a broken clock to eventuallly be right some times...... You disagree with me SO much that I can almost always count on you eventually saying SOMETHING that agrees with whatever point I made in the PAST that you.....at that time...refused to acknowledge....lol.
  15. Oh My, Nicki Minaj

    Ahh, I remember Carmen Jones..... And I still remember her in that black bra and zebra panties. Del, what you said reminds me of that scene in Do The Right Thing when Mookie and Pino were discussing race and when Mookie (Spike Lee's character) asks Pino (the Italian racist) why he's so racist and calls Black people "niggers" when his favorite entertainers are Black like Prince and Magic Johnson.....Pino responds by saying that Prince and other celebrities aren't "niggers", they're "different". I thought that was a brilliant scene by Spike because it illustrates the distorted thinking of a lot of White people who see THEIR FAVORITE Black person as different than the OTHER Black people of society in general that they may see more negatively.