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  1. Troy A lot of our sisters have a mistaken belief that the reason so many Black men prefer White women is because of the blonde hair or their looks in general. While that is a factor in some cases, I've found the ATTITUDE that so many Caucasian American women seem to have is often more attractive to Black men than that of many AfroAmerican women. A lot of Black men find comfort in the non-confrontational feminine attitude that so many White women have TRADITIONALLY had (that most are actually abandoning for a rougher and more vulgar attitude) to the point that they'd even choose a LESS physically attractive White woman they can boss around and be dominant with over a more physically attractive sister who won't take no shit from him.....lol.
  2. Troy Creoles may not have considered themselves fully Caucasian, but they sure didn't consider themselves the same as the darker skinned AfroAmericans they were living with and around during that time. They were a group of mixed or Mulatto people who maintained their own cultural identity. I'm glad you recognize the "one drop" rule as absurd; now if I can just get you to realize how absurd it is to accept anyone who simply calls themselves "Black" AS Black.....lol.
  3. Chev Those people could PASS for White because they WERE White....lol.
  4. Troy In 50 years all the gun nuts will be dead and fewer people will gunned down over silly shit. Not when they're training THEIR children how to shoot and stock pile guns.   Chev At any rate, it seems like she is being 'promoted' for some strange reason Yeah, And the "stange" reason she's being promoted is because she's WHITE and BLONDE.
  5. He temporarily turned into a Black feminist/womanist for this thread only.
  6. The great AfroAmerican psychologist Dr. Amos Wilson says power is the ability to not only define YOUR reality but also demand that other's accept that definition. For centuries Caucasians in the United States have been successful in this as they have convinced not only other Caucasians in the U.S. but also most AfroAmericans in the U.S. that people who are clearly NOT African but are clearly CAUCASIAN....that these people are somehow "Black". Do you not see how this could lead to localized genetic annihilation? But to answer your question...... This man (Homer Plessy) is CLEARLY not an AfroAmerican but a Caucasian with perhaps SOME African ancestry. According to the history I've read of him he's of Creole descent.
  7. Troy You hit the nail on the head when you say they feel emboldened. The question is who or what is CAUSING them to feel emboldened? Trump? The media? Or is it the lack of an intelligent reaction from AfroAmericans who are in positions to actually punish these men for their actions. Again, we should blame the CORRECT people all the way around. I wouldn't JUST blame the racist criminals who commit these acts but I'd also blame those AfroAmericans in law enforcement as well as the politicians and judges who don't use their authority to go after them.
  8. Troy A woke brother is exactly the type of brother who WOULD say something about it. Only an AfroAmerican man who is unconscious/sleep or unaware of the realities of how brainwashed so many of our people are into accepting Caucasian standards of beauty and how so many dye their hair blonde and put in blue eye contacts in a pitiful effort to look like who and what they aren't wouldn't notice this.
  9. Troy She spells her name with a "gyn" to invoke the feeling of motherhood when you think of her (think "gynecology"). But she's a product of Fox News....what else would you expect from her? False concern? Crocodile tears? What concerns ME isn't her reaction to that man's murder but the LACK of reaction from the negroes down in Florida over it. He killed that man for the same reason George Zimmerman could murder Trayvon and ride around the state a free man pulling out his gun and harassing people afterwards. .....because many of our people are too stupid to demand justice. People are focused on what the White police and judges do but you have plenty of Black police officers, deputies, and state troopers down in Florida who COULD HAVE arrested both of those murderers if they had enough sense to. You had a Black man who recently ran for Governor of Florida...Gillum....who even after it was clear that there was election tampering and voter suppression he STILL conceded to a Republican for the spot. At some point you're going to have to stop getting mad at the White racists who being who THEY really are and getting mad at these silly negroes who embolden them with their stupidity and indifference.
  10. Troy So you believe a person can be Black by simply claiming it and on that same idea they can just as easily be NOT Black simply by claiming otherwise? OK, let's play your theory out in real life.................. You wake up one day and CHOOSE not to identify as Black anymore. A person robs a liquor store. The owner tells the police it was a Black man in a red coat. The police put out an APB for a Black man in a red coat. You happen to be in that area and wearing a red coat and when the police stops you and questions you accusing you of fitting the description, do you think you could be released by that officer if you simply said: "Excuse me officer but I'm NOT Black so I don't fit that description" ????
  11. LOl @ Troy Del But the first where the focus was on her looks more than her accomplishments. Or is this an extension of the man are too sexist thread? No, unlike Sha'Carri's hair....this is no EXTENSION (pun intended). This is Pioneer being true to his natural form.
  12. She's an attractive sister.....but that blonde hair's gotta go. What up with all these sisters shamelessly wearing full blown blonde hair today?
  13. Tariq Nasheed is my boy, but we have to be careful calling everyone who doesn't line up with our particular idealogy a "coon". Umar Johnson seems to have the same problem. For me, things aren't always Black or White, I tend to grade things on levels. Just because you aren't pro-Black and willing to speak out against racism at every opportunity that doesn't automatically make you a coon or sell-out. Don Lemon, Kobe Bryant, TD Jakes......I don't consider these men "coons". Jesse Lee Peterson and Pastor Manning....yes, I do. In my opinion you have to actively work with White racism AGAINST the Black community in order to be called a coon or sell-out. Choosing to mind your own business or do your own thing isn't enough to warrant the label.
  14. Troy I've been to all three places in recent years and have seen zero evidence if this. St. Thomas is about half the size of Brooklyn and I was all over the territory so im pretty confident this is not the case. Ok, then I stand corrected. I've heard this was the case all over the Caribbean but if you say you haven't seen any evidence of this in your experiences then I'll accept it until proven otherwise. I know that Gail King is sexy as hell....lol. If you're in the market for somebody (and she's got SOME body).....you ain't gotta fly all the way down to the Islands, just send a few emails to Gail King and get your mack on! If she didn't mind hooking up with an ex-dope pusher like 50 Cent she SHOULDN'T mind giving a book-pusher a chance....lol.
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