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  1. Stefan While I understand what you're saying.......where is the PRECEDENT of Black folks seeking revenge and going "back and forth" with Whites on the violence tip? Seems to me that it's pretty much been ONE WAY.... Racist kill some Black folks. Black folks kill a LOT OF Black folk. Racists kill a few more Black folks Black folks kill a LOTE MORE Black folks.
  2. ProfD Yeah, if the reports out of the Ukraine are true...and that's an IF....it appears that Vlad is going "off code" by slaughtering so many of his own fellow White brothers and sisters. Him doing that alone makes me think that he's down to use nukes against other White nations. They want him to get with the program....but he's not with the "program"...lol. I've heard reports that he's seriously ill and maybe he no longer has an incentive to stick to the script and code of White Racism.
  3. What are you gonna do...... When gun laws are STRICT....racists in authority want to use it to target and lock up Black folks for carrying weapons. When gun laws are LENIENT...racists want to use THAT as an excuse to target and kill Black folks they see with weapons on them. Seems to me, one of the only real solutions to this problem is for Black folks to not only arm themselves but POLICE themselves also so the racists don't have an excuse to come into our communities doing dirt.
  4. Never been a fan of big clitorises....lol. If I see (or feel) a clit as big as a penis....it's not MY manhood I'm gonna question, lol.
  5. How were Black people surviving in Africa for tens of thousands of years BEFORE a White man even existed, let alone set food on the continent? ProfD Oh but that HAD to. Roosevelt and the other leaders of Caucasian civilization HAD to stop Hitler from killing the Jews because apparently Hitler and most of his followers were too ignorant and didn't know the truth....that White Civilization needed Jewish intelligencia and innovation to progress the White race and keep it from pre-maturely disintegrating.
  6. No fool. They treat us better than other Whites treat us because they KNOW who we are and they know our destiny....and theirs. Jews were given more information about this Earth, their world, and it's future than other Caucasians. It is said that Jews are about 1000 years ahead of their Gentile White bretheren in terms of science and psychology. They have been since they all left the caves 4000 years ago. Jews rarely harm Black people directly because they know the truth about God and this planet and they know there are consequences for mistreating us. So they often get their ignorant "goyim" to do it since most of yall are as dumb as cows anyway as far as they're concerned. .....plus most Jews have a little bit of Black in them to help with their creativity and innovation.
  7. Personally, I LOVE fried chicken and collard greens! I wish they'd sell more collard greens at restaurants. One of the difference between other cultures and us is that most other cultures EMBRACE their foods, dresses, and manners of speech while a lot of AfroAmericans tend to shy away from them and do their best to fit in with Caucasian American customs. I work around quite a few Africans and every chance I get I'm trying to introduce them to AfroAmerican cuisine. And they LOVE IT. gf
  8. Dig that.... Imaginary friends accusing YOU of being unreal....lol. "Ok....YOU'RE not real and THIS is not happening!"
  9. Stefan I think there's gonna be a nuclear exchange before that happens.
  10. Greg You know....... I'm beginning to think the "Apostrophe Key" is broke on your janky-ass computer, lol.
  11. The ONLY ones most of these "Black thugs" pose a threat to is the Black community. Infact, they are ALLOWED to operate quite freely in most Black communities in the United States. Infact...I'd go as far as to say that they are LET OUT OF JAIL for the expressed purposes of causing mayhem and mischief in the Black community and keeping a lot of turmoil and chaos going on. Which is why I so favor BLACK law enforcement from the top to the bottom to deal with the criminal element in our communities.
  12. Seems to me....that he actually goes OUT OF HIS WAY to disagree with me sometimes.
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