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  1. Troy Yeah I can't figure iut why Vlad get access to everyone. He's probably paying them under the table. White Supremacy (and Vlad is clearly a White Supremacist who has infiltrated the Hiphop world) has BOTTOMLESS pockets and don't mind shelling out money by the millions to further their cause. You have stop watching and promoting Vlad's channel. If are really against him how he exploits us. If I STOPPED watching him and other White Supremacists I wouldn't know what they were up to and the tactics they used to harm our people.
  2. Troy Actually the theory is based on science. So are most aspects of mysticism. Delano Why, you barely comprehend me in this one. More the reason to FIND a Universe where we can reach better understanding......lol. Perhaps in another Universe, you're not in Australia. You're still in the Boogie Down standing outside the bodega and still begging for money to buy malt liquor and loosies.....lol.
  3. Troy Maybe Delano with his mystical beliefs would be a good one to talk about Alternate Universes. Perhaps in other Universes Malcolm Little NEVER even made it to be Malcolm X ! - Perhaps in one he stayed in Harlem and ended up becoming a big time pimp, numbers runner, rival of Bumpy Johnson's. -Perhaps in another he went to prison but never made it out but instead died from a stabbing. -Perhaps in yet another Universe he ended up following his White teacher's advice and becoming a CARPENTER just like Jesus! -And perh
  4. Listen to the MADNESS coming out of this dude's mouth and how he giggles and wiggles around like a disturbed little child while talking...... Now keep in mind that Daylyt was a MARRIED man when he said all of this and as the interview progressed it becomes fairly obvious that he is NOT gay. But the question is what would make an adult straight man even MAKE a statement like this, even in jest? He was clearly provoked into it by Vlad......a Ukrainian born Caucasian who has gotten rich off of interviewing and exploiting AfroAmerican Hiphop artis
  5. Here's a few things to daydream over if you're enjoying a nice quiet Sunday afternoon....... If Malik Shabazz hadn't been assassinated in 1965 there would have been no Black Panther Party. The Black Panther Party was formed in 1966 because of the VOID left after his armed OAAU organization disintegrated following his death a year earlier. Had he lived, IT would have been the premiere armed Black organization and there probably wouldn't have been a need for the Panthers. If there had been no Black Panther party there would have been no Bloods and Crips. Y
  6. Well, I'm sure Hiphop would be alive and well but there would be OTHER newer even more popular music genres around today, why? Because the INTELLECT of AfroAmericans would be so much more mature and developed today had those two still lived. Music, art, dance, and other great works continuously flow out of people with high intelligence and creativity. If you notice...... From the 1920s to the 1980s every decade brought a different genre of music from AfroAmericans. But AfroAmerican musical creativity pretty much stopped at Rap in the 1980s and has remained there since. W
  7. I'm not sure about James Baldwin but if Malik or Martin were still alive today or lived just 20 more years PAST their assassination dates not only would they be MORE popular today than Cardi or Kanye....Cardi and Kanye as the personality figures they are probably wouldn't EXIST! With their mentorship and guidance, the intellectual and socio-political maturity of AfroAmericans would have been so much more sophisticated as compared to what it is today that they wouldn't have tolerated Gangsta-rap, Mumble-rap, and other silly self-destructive forms of AfroAmerican culture. Which is why
  8. I've known about Stanley Crouch for a long time. I saw him on BET doing various panels and interviews but didn't care too much for his commentary.
  9. I wonder is that a picture of him when he was younger. Doesn't really look anything like him.
  10. There are a lot of articles that tell you how many AfroAmerican homes and how much AfroAmerican wealth was lost under the Obama Administration but I can't find any that says they lost MORE wealth under his administration than any other time. But I would think that would go without saying given the role of inflation. From the late 70s right up to the Obama Era of 2008 the economic situation for AfroAmericans steadily deteriorated but a LOT of factors were involved in that deterioration and it was a 30 year time frame so the impact was more diluted. But 2008 to 2013 was an Earthquake in
  11. Once again, we got ANOTHER Caucasian woman who infiltrated an AfroAmerican organization calling herself "Black" and assumed a leadership position because the silly Negroes who followed her didn't have enough sense to FIND OUT who she really was............... Local organizer admits she lied about her race Satchuel Cole, known for years as a local social justice activist, apologized in a Facebook post for lying about being Black. Cole, who uses they/them pronouns, was associated with Indy SURJ and Indy10 Black Lives Matter. They were a frequent leader at prote
  12. I'm not sure if the vast majority of Caucasians of ANY socio-economic background really want change. I think the VAST majority of them want things to remain the same because things were working for them. If you look at the so-called "shutdowns" that were happening in various spots around the nation....while most AfroAmericans didn't like them most Caucasians HATED IT. They want desperately to open up the schools, open up the public spaces and return NORMALCY.....because when things were "normal" they were thriving as compared to most of our people. Returning
  13. The escalation in crime in New York is a DIRECT result of the purposeful and pretty much publicly announced refusal of the NYPD to do their jobs. The police unions and racists on the force were so pissed off with those who were challenging them and holding them accountable for their brutality and injustices early on in the summer that they OPENLY conspired to not only allow criminals to do their thing uninhibited but BROADCASTED that they would do so on numerous media outlets over and over again to seemingly give criminals a GREEN LIGHT. If you remember the riots that followed George Flo
  14. I agree. It's neither a sign of genius NOR normal. Lol, so I wonder what else it could be a sign of?
  15. Troy Honestly, I think most AfroAmericans are just JADED with the system and have lost complete confidence in it....that's why they aren't voting. It's not about Biden or Sanders or even Hilary. Hell, if Obama was running again I don't think most AFROAMERICANS would even vote for him knowing what they now know about him. Our people are ready for a massive change that won't be achieved through casting a ballot.
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