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  1. Pioneer1

    Black. People,After. The. Election!

    Honestly, I don't know WHAT I would have done had I lived in that situation. I'm glad to be blessed NOT to have lived in it. Nevertheless, 400 years is a LONG time to think. Generation after generation after generation. You had many examples of AfroAmericans who actually THOUGHT about their situation and reconed that death would be sweeter than the life they were living....the Toussaints, the Turners, and Vessy's. Not to mention the thousands who probably jumped off the slave ships while they were traveling the Atlantic. I'll be quiet on this one. ~Love and Respect to the Ancestors~
  2. Pioneer1

    On the same page

    So you believe the US wanted to lose a war... OK It wasn't really a war. Remember, like Korea and Iraq it never was declared. There's a reason for that. Because they aren't really wars....just policing actions to secure resources and test new equipment. Now look how the Chinese behave towards Whites in America; do you honestly think they would challenge them or make war with them internationally? All of this exchange of land and currency is a major economic game being played between the two countries. China is NEVER going to call in the so-called "debt" America owes to it because she knows America wouldn't pay even if she demanded it. And all that warship aircraft carrier crap going on in the South China sea and over Taiwan is just theatrics and posturing. The West has China...and the Chinese...in their hip pocket. North Korea on the other hand, I believe they are sincere in their dislike of the West and are NOBODY'S slaves. (except Kim's....lol) When China actually makes a military move of agression against ANY Western nation, then I'll PROBABY believe they are seriously independent of Caucasian influence. Until then, they are just neo-colonized indentured servants for Western corporations as a cheap source of intellectual and manual labor.
  3. Pioneer1

    Goldie Is Confused

    Obviously I can't tell for sure simply by reading her article but she didn't sound like any paid operative to me. She sounded like she was sincere and really wanted friendship and acceptance. I'm speaking about her as I do because I know people like that in real life who are NOT being paid to make fools of themselves and beg White people for their love and acceptance. They sincerely want it and spend much of their life searching for it and are really hurt and confused as to why the "white love" and "sisterhood" constantly eludes them. There are thousands of AfroAmerican women who sincerely believe that there is a "sisterhood" or comraderie that they share with White women and when White women do things that contradict this belief like voting for Trump or calling the police on them for nothing.....they are traumatized. They constantly seek questions as to why their "sister" would do such a thing to them.
  4. Pioneer1

    Goldie Is Confused

    Troy Yor can disagree with the article but the whod have to read a lot more to even begin to judge the person. Maybe you're right, but homegirl is going to have to "come on with the come on" and stop posting silly articles like that begging people to love her and be her friend. I mean.....lol....what would you think of me if I came on here one day BEGGING Cynique to like me and be my friend???
  5. Pioneer1

    On the same page

    Troy But consider China, Don't sleep. @Pioneer1 China is as gangsta as the U.S. They greatly outnumber of us, so they have more smart people than we do. On an economic front the US owes China trillions of dollars. ((Said in a loud ghetto negro voice)) : Man, whachoo talkin' bout......White folks OWN China! Look at Google, Amazon, and all these other major corporations who have moved half of their assets to China to exploit the Chinese workers. And the Chinese government....which is supposed to be Communist and anti-corporation....sanctions it. All China is is one big slave plantation playground for Western corporations to exploit intellectual recourses. The White corporations are the Masters and the Chinse government are the "overseeers" who are being paid to keep their people in line and be good hard-working slaves for them. As far as Russia goes. They are White too. Infact, Russia is Whiter than America...which is proably why so many Republicans are protecting them from any real punishment for interfering with the election. I wonder what the response would be if South Africa, Brazil, or even India did the same thing Russia did.   We obviously learned nothing from Vietnam -- who incidentally kicked our asses all up and down southeast asia. America could have won Vietnam if she wanted to. I don't think she really wanted to. I think it was just a way to "cleanse" a lot of poor and unemployed young men out of society so they didn't have to provide jobs, housing, and other resources for them.
  6. Pioneer1

    Goldie Is Confused

    Troy Let me get this straight............ You actually KNOW this woman? Damn, lol. You get around man. Judging from the article she sounds smart in an academic sense and if this article is indeed her words without any finishing touches by the editor she also sounds quite articulate; but judging by the way she's almost begging and pleading with Caucasian women to accept her as a fellow sister and fellow human being and join her on some sort of mission to save the sisterhood.....she seems naive and clueless to what racism is and how it works. Racists don't like people for WHO THEY ARE.....not because of how they act, what they believe, or a lack of understanding. Sitting down with them over tea or lunch in hopes that they will "get to know" you a little better isn't very likely to help. An intelligent person wouldn't waste time trying to convince someone who obviously doesn't like them for who they ARE to love them, accept them, and be their friend.........unless their self esteem and sense of self worth was so low that begging for their acceptance would be worth the effort and embarassment. If she'd stop begging White women to have lunch with her and just spend HALF of that effort trying to convince other Black women that they're her sister and that they should form a sisterhood AND THEN join in with their AfroAmerican BROTHERS to re-unite the family.....she'd be much more successful and would have more of my respect.
  7. Pioneer1

    Lock Him Up

    Tsegal You say "lock him up", but WHO is going to lock him up? Certaintly not the same group of people who put him in office in the first place. Troy The notion that anything will change, given the Democratic control of the lower house of congress is also wishful thinking. I agree with this. As long as Caucasians control the Democrat party or the Congress...little will change. They are playing a big game. Both the Democrat and Republican leadership are FRIENDS with eachother and both have the same interests. Cynique The way things stand, Trump is winning and he is gradually gaining the momentum and the advantage that will put him in good shape for 2020. All "the faithful" are talking about "god got this". Looks to me like "god" is on Trump's side. The prayers and thoughts of his supporters seem to be working. If Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg croaks, a very real possibility, Trumpism will become institutionalized and America as we know it will become a thing of the past. Babylon is upon us. When you say it looks like "god" is on Trump's side.....noting the lower case "g"....it depends on which "god" you're talking about. Personally..... Like many of Trump's supporters, I too believe God allowed Trump to get in office for a purpose that was destined. Del   And two Muslims. One of those Muslim women is from Michigan. I don't know about this particular woman and her views, but generally speaking....if people think Arab and others from the Middle East gaining power in America will be of some benefit or help reduce racism.....they will be in for a rude awakening. Many of these people are MORE openly racist than White Americans.
  8. Pioneer1

    Black. People,After. The. Election!

    People,Slavery. Is. A. Choice,Now!.Black Poor It's funny that you write this because I was thinking this very line a few minutes ago when I was posting on the Mississippi article Delano posted. Kanye West said if your ass remained in slavery for 400 years....that was a CHOICE. I'm not sure exactly what he meant by that and in a way I thought the statement was insensitive and silly.......but...it kept me thinking about it. If you make up half or most of a population in a given city or state and you're STILL being treated like shit by another group smaller than you.....what does that say about you? It's hard for me to imagine East Asians or Arabs making up a majority of a city or state and being disenfrancised when it comes to voting, business ownership, political influence, ect...
  9. That woman featured in the photo at the top of the article showing half of her ass with her legs crossed does NOT look White to me. Or atleast she doesn't look "all White". Mississippi is about HALF AfroAmerican. If racial discrimination of AfroAmericans in a state where they make up half the population is still an issue then that would say more about THEM...and how stupid and cowardly so many of them are...than it does about how racist the state is. These AfroAmericans aren't squirrels or cows being discriminated against, they are human beings with brains. If they make up nearly a majority of the population and STILL are allow themselves to be mistreated, what more can be said of them?
  10. Pioneer1

    Goldie Is Confused

    These are excerpts of a letter from (and a sad example of) a truly clueless AfroAmerican woman who apparently just can't understand why so many White women behave as they do. The parts in red are highlighted by me (Pioneer) because I want you to pay especially close attention to those statements and ask yourself WHY she's saying what she's saying. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OPEN LETTER Dear White Lady, What Are You Doing to Us? I meant to introduce myself sooner, maybe invite you out for coffee or get the kids together for a play date. After all, I want to think we’re more alike than different: that, even though I am black, our challenges are more similar than not, that we both want great things for our kids. And I don’t know about you, but I got divorced two decades or so back. So, it was just me all those years. Pushing, pulling, always exhausted, and always out of time. Did I mention that we’re both probably getting paid less for the same work than a man does? I want to call you “sister” because, you know, we’re both women navigating our own complicated pile of bullshit. But, of course, that would be too familiar. ................................... I’ve been really meaning to ask you something. It’s been on my mind a good while, especially after Donald Trump won the 2016 race for president. Now that the 2018 midterms are behind us, I figure now is as good of a time as any to ask: “What’s wrong with you?” I don’t mean you personally, necessarily. I know you don’t speak for all white women in the same way that I could not possibly represent the voice all women of color. And I don’t mean all of you, of course. But I really want to understand is how you—or, anyways, so many women like you—chose a man like Donald Trump over a vastly more qualified Hillary Clinton. I want to know if you honestly thought he had the moral compass, not to mention the mental wherewithal, to be president of these United States. There may be a good number of reasons that you’re just flat out tired of the Clinton name. However, I can guarantee you that she wouldn’t have left people to suffer in Puerto Rico. The City of Flint would have gotten the federal funding it needs to completely overhaul its water systems. We certainly would not be the laughingstock of leaders from around the globe. No one would have been snickering during her address to the United Nations. Sure, Clinton won over the majority of women, “but it was white women who helped hand Trump the presidency,” according to a Washington Post national poll. When Trump says he won the women’s vote, he means you—or at least 45 percent of those of you who are college-educated, and 62 percent of those of you who do not have a college degree. Clinton won the popular vote because women of color picked up all that slack. ..................................... I know this is a lot coming from someone you hardly know. How do we live in the same neighborhoods, the same townships and cities, how do we share so many of the same struggles and still not understand the power of our collective solidarity? Unlike so many others, I am not willing to write you off and this letter isn’t about flinging shame your way. I really do hope we will stop for that cup of coffee. I sincerely hope that one day I will be able to count on you as an ally, to call you—without hesitation—my sister. Goldie Taylor _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.thedailybeast.com/dear-white-lady-what-are-you-doing-to-us?ref=scroll -That last line from her explains it all......and it's a damn shame.
  11. Pioneer1

    On the same page

    Lol...... Well then who's bigger and badder than that White man? Who's kicking HIS ass right now?
  12. Pioneer1

    On the same page

    No I can't think of a single good reason for a Black person, indeed any person, to support 45. All the Black people I know who support him are interested in maximizing their personal wealth You mean you don't consider maximizing your personal wealth a "good reason"? I think it's great to look out for the good of your community and I don't promote selling-out, but if you CAN'T change of improve the conditions that you see in your society overall then atleast the more logical conclusion is to atleast try to help yourself and your family. Ofcourse many of these Black Trump suppporters are selfish and/or confused. But can you blame them when they've supported Democrats for decades and haven't gotten a damn thing from them except being ignored, taken for granted, or forced to swallow their pride and go along with the "gay agenda"? After praying to statues, empty air, and other false gods that have given them nothing many of these people have gotten so fed up with losing that they've decided to entertaint the idea of making a pact with "the devil" in order to atleast see SOME success in thier lives. One thing you can say about Trump and the Republican party in general.....they DO look out for those who help them! If you help a Republican get power and wealth they WILL help you personally with a job, a bribe, or some other material benefit as a show of gratitude. Too many Democrats and most so-called "progressives" today believe in this "altruistic" concept that you should simply help someone or support someone without expecting anything in return. You should just do it because it's the "right thing"....or for the "good of humanity". And then they wonder why they keep losing so much power and respect even among populations like AfroAmericans, Latinos, and poor Whites that have traditionally advocated for.
  13. Pioneer1

    Elections 2018

    Del There is no "revolution", just more of the same. You have the same two political parties that have been controling politics in America for the past 150 or so years.....so should we really expect that much of a change? That's what Cynique said . What can you do. But when Cynique said that, it wasn't rhetorical. She was seriously asking because too often she DOESN'T know what to do....lol.   Troy I'm going to watch more football, drink more beer, and look for more women to have uncommitted sex with -- like every red blooded American. Seriously Lol..... you mean you WEREN'T serious?????   Seriously, what can you do? Well for one thing, AfroAmericans need to stop playing games that White folks invented to keep our people fooled and confused and start defining OUR OWN values and designing OUR OWN systems of governance. Many Black folks are happy because the Democrats took back the House of Representatives during the midterms as if that's REALLY going to change things for the better. When Obama was in office and Democrats had BOTH houses, how much got done for us? Politics is local and demographical. Meaning what really counts is what directly affects YOU and YOUR community. We must all be on the same page with a CLEAR agenda of what we want to accomplish as a group. For example, one of my biggest political desires is for this nation to have universal healthcare for all citizens. If a candidate for Governor or Senator or President isn't talking about that I'm not voting for them.....period. And those who DO talk about it and advocate for it....I encourage them to run for office so that I CAN vote for them. I also support the study of and implimentation of a proper REPARATIONS program for AfroAmericans as well as government sponsored work projects that will provide millions of low skilled/high wage jobs for AFRO-AMERICANS (not "minorities" or "at risk" or "inner city" people) specifically to help improve our economic stability and mobility. Again, if a candidate talks about that and tries to impliment it they have MY vote. It's about what's in it for YOU and who's looking out for YOU. Don't get in my face trying to have an hour long political discussion about White women's issues, Latino caravans marching to the border, what's happening in Iraq, or the civil rights of gays, midgets, hunch backs, hobits, and every other issue while the AfroAmerican community is disintegrating. We need to focus on what's good for US and promote candidates and politican Troy you and other AfroAmericans around the nation who are in the publishing and literature industry should have your own advocacy groups as well as frequent conferences discussing how to promote and get more money from your local and national politicians just for this issue ALONE. We're not talking about allocating money towards healthcare, or the right to vote, or education in general but securing millions of dollars from D.C. and other jurisdictions just to promote Black literature ALONE! Do you know how many millions of dollars just a relativley small group of White people who are organized around STAMP COLLECTING actually secure to promote their little nerdy projects??????
  14. Pioneer1

    Bill Cosby Sentencef

    Them getting away with it isn't puzzling. That's business as usual. But the fact that so many AfroAmericans STILL don't notice, let alone care to entertain the idea that there's a clear and blaring injustice is what's puzzling. I saw an article today on CNN claiming that Trump was making "racism boring again". But when has racism ever been "boring"? Inhumane. Outrageous. Deadly. Insidious. But "boring"???? Something to yawn at and overlook??? Have our people gotten so jaded and worn down to the point that when we see racism and other forms of injustice we are no longer even disturbed by it? Has injustice been "normalized" now to the point of acceptablity?
  15. Actually I did have a facebook account but it's inactive. I was using it for promotions similar to what you're doing but when I didn't get enough traffic I abandoned it. I think it's strategic to use facebook for business purposes. I've always said that if you're making money from it then go right ahead and becareful. My issue is with people who just want to put all of their private information on it just to get attention or to gossip with nothing productive to offer or gain.