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  1. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Troy I forgot to mention back when you sarcastically asked was Odell Beckham trying to be a White woman...... Believe it or not MANY young Black men today are both consciously and subconsciously trying to be White women! They feel being a "man" is too hard and comes with too much stress and frankly, many of them are confused on what manhood is. They look at how White women are pampered in this society and how they seem to be able to say and do anything they want and everyone comes to their rescue and comforts them and does favors for them and growing up watching this......many young Black men have come to the conclusion that life as a WHITE WOMAN is much easier than trying to grow up and be a Black man.
  2. Pioneer1


    The question I have is, how much responsibility does the Black Church have in the spread of HIV? -Teaching and encouraging Black people to practice morality that was invented by Caucasians which basically leads to sexual supression and deception. -Making Black people feel so guilty about sex and sexual encounters to the point that they feel they DESERVE any type of sexually related disease they get and therefor are reluctant to find a cure. If Black people were smart and organized in the way they SHOULD be by now....WE would have came up with a cure for HIV and the other diseases our community have been afflicted with instead of waiting on White people to come up with them. Infact, we would have had our own hospitals and medical centers by now. Man......... As I type this, tears actually come up in my eyes just envisioning what we COULD HAVE been and how much progress we COULD HAVE made by now if we were smart and industrious enough. I don't know if everything can be blamed on racism or if Black stupidity is seriously a major part of the problem. Why, why, why......
  3. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    K2 Common sense isn't common to everyone. I personally believe that what's common sense to most White men isn't common sense to most Black men.....and probably differs between Native American and East Asian men. What's "common sense" to you really depends on your cultural up bringing and the structure of your mind. Not only because they "feel like it," but also because it could be part of their indoctrination into womanhood. May I ask you, again, as to why you choose 'sideburns' as part of the image you admire? Did you not say, sideburns reflect 'manliness,' or were you mimicking White boys of "love fest hippie age?" Sideburns can be achieved NATURALLY and are grown NATURALLY by men of most races. Any man who can grow hair and a beard can grow sideburns. The only men who can't may be Native Americans who generally don't grow beards.       Troy when was the last time you read a book and what was the title? About a couple months ago......Wheat Belly!
  4. There are some things I trust males over females. There are other things I trust females over males. Usually when it comes to financial business I trust females over males because so many men tend to be so greedy and ruthless when it comes to making money. But when it comes to sexual issues I usually trust males over females because many women are more confused and more deceptive in their true sexual feelings. It's not necessarily their fault, but it's the way society forces them to be. But to show you how deep it is, I know a lot of women who would rather see their brothers, husbands, and boyfriends POOR AND IGNORANT.....broke to the point that THEY would have to support them.....rather than see them wealthy and prosperous and independent. Why? Because of the underlaying fear that if these Black men get right then they may leave THEM and to go a White woman to give all their money to.....like so many have unfortunatly done. But this fear leads to mistrust and the inability for so many Black men and women to help eachother become successful.
  5. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Mel Ok, then you understand that this is EXACTLY what you are doing when you represent YOUR experiences and observations as truth. At least the studies that contain the statistics include an abstract, raw data and , methodology of how they've come to the conclusion. I understand the point that you're making that you'd rather trust a systemic method of collecting data rather that simply trusting heresay. My issue is WHO the data is coming from and how trustworthy are they. What are their motives for collecting the data in the first place and do they have a history or presenting false data? You can't call all data or information someone or some institution presents to you - "facts". Because all of it may not be true. You yourself just said: "Since I spent several years in broadcast news - I don't trust anything I hear on the radio/television. I understand how broadcast news works" You KNOW data and figures can be manipulated and skews and out right fabricated depending on the motive of whoever is presenting them so you out of everyone in here should have the most understanding of my skepticism! So unless a TRUSTWORTHY person or people are the ones presenting the facts then why should you trust them?   Del Of you hear news story from credible sources you have more confidence it is true. However even on science or scientific experiments there is bias. EXCELLENT point. If the person or people who are presenting this information to you (I don't call them facts unless they've been verified) have a HISTORY of being dishonest and bias...why would you believe their data?       K2 After all, can't Black women attain their own identity of beauty, if only for fun, without trying to be some-one else? And my answer is.....OFCOURSE they can. And they do, with styles like twists and locks and braids. But when they dye their hair BLONDE this it's a clear indication that they are attempting to present themselves as closer to "White".....whether they're doing this consciously or subconsciously. The same goes for when they "relax" and straighten out their kinky hair. It's clear that they see straighter hair as more attractive because of it's association with Whiteness.
  6. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Troy Rather than having me "prove" the validity of the data others have already collected, why don't YOU prove anything you've said. I've already asked you twice to provide proof that white women were the first to dye their hair blue or that Black women dye they hair blue to be like white women. It's history. It happened in the distant past and is no longer tangible. Unless I had videos of the event, I couldn't prove it any more than you could DISPROVE it. However based on evidence such as art work, paintings, and historical references we know of no cases where Black women either in Africa or the Americas were dyed their hair blue. Only in the United States AFTER White women started doing it atleast back in the 50s, do we find Black women starting to dye their hair blue. There are no reports, art work, sculptures, paintings, ect....in Africa of Black women making their hair BLONDE. Again, the only reports of Black women who dye their hair blonde is in the Americas AFTER coming into contact with White women.
  7. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    "Forget everything you've seen...HERE'S the truth!"
  8. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Mel I've only known one Black woman who I knew FOR SURE committed suicide and she was suffering from depression as well as some social issues. I didn't say some statistics didn't contain facts, I said you couldn't VERIFY them. How can you verify a bunch of numbers and other information written down on paper or on a screen? You don't know if what you're quoting is true or not. Troy When presented with new information that is VERIFIED AS TRUE then ofcourse I will update my beliefs, but simply TELLING me that "such and such" is the truth or is a fact doesn't pass the sniff test for me. What type of fool simply believes anything anyone tells them and even changes their life accordingly? No, PROVE TO ME that what you're saying is indeed truth.....and my idea of proof isn't some numbers on a sheet of paper.
  9. Although it's not a part of THIS thead, in a couple other threads we're talking about feminism and it's impact on the Black community. Say what you want but atleast when women get into positions of power whether it's economic or political.....they focus on helping other women and aren't bashful in doing so! Hillary Clinton BRAGGED about empowering women as much as she could not only as First Lady but also in the Senate and talked about what she WOULD DO had she become President. Michelle Obama as also big on empowering Black girls and women. Infact, if a woman is in a prominent position in this nation and doesn't atleast claim she's all about helping to empower women and girls....she is shamed to shit. And you know what? I ain't even mad at them! That's what BLACK PEOPLE COLLECTIVELY SHOULD BE DOING! When we get into positions of power financially, socially, or politicially we should UNASHAMEDLY talk about helping empower Black people in America and right the wrongs and injustices that have been inflicted on our community. But instead so many of these negroes are so damn scared of getting fired or losing what little position they have that not only will they NOT help other Black people, they won't even mention racism and deny it's existence in some cases. Some negroes are so scary that they'll even come to work in a red "Make America Great Again" cap sitting on their head if they think it'll keep them their jobs.....lol.
  10. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Mel and Troy I think you two are confusing FACTS with STATISTICS. Facts are TRUTHS. That which actually IS. While statistics are just a bunch of numbers and other data whipped up by "whoever" for whatever purpose. Some of it may be true, some of it may be false. But if YOU aren't the one who compiled the information you're quoting and definately didn't gather information yourself.....YOU DON'T KNOW whether the stats you're quoting are true or not. How do you two know all of these "statistics" you're quoting are true if you have no way of verifying it outside of anecdotal experience or observation? I don't debate and discuss the way White folks TAUGHT ME to discuss and debate....which is simply regurgitating a bunch of questionable figures and data that THEY put out or atleast approve of. Because it's an easy way to decieve people and spread disinformation in order to manipulate the public. To take "stats" that you snatched off some web source or got out of a book and equate that with verified experience is silly....in my opinion. Say what you will about anecdotes but atleast you KNOW it has truth and merit to it because you've experienced it or observed it for yourself.
  11. Pioneer1

    Lemonade and bell hooks

    There is NO WAY IN HELL anyone is going to sit here and tell us that Black and "indigenous" (whatever that means) women are being killed by Black and "indigenous" men at a rate more than White men are killing White women. All of these White men committing murder suicides all over the nation where they're killing themselves AS WELL AS their wives, children, and even the family dogs ....every day. There are probably many many more that haven't made the media and probably have gone unknown because of rich White men paying people off to cover it up! There is no comparison. No way. Troy is right in the other thread....I DO NOT CARE what the "stats" say. Del Troy and Pioneer I have a problem when you say feminism is less important or even dangerous to the black cause. Then rationalise black male violence towards black women. I'm not trying to rationalize or justify Black male violence towards Black women. Just putting it in perspective. Especially given the INSTITUTIONALIZED violence and oppression that not only White women but women of ALL races have faced at the hand of White men for over 5 centuries. Black men BRIEFLY had the right to vote before White women during the period of Reconstruction right after slavery. We also held a lot of high Federal political offices in Congress as well as being judges and sheriffs during that period.
  12. Pioneer1

    Lemonade and bell hooks

    This has little to do with sexism and more to do with attacking Black males and Black masculinity. This entire "feminism" movement among Black women is a farce because Black men have NEVER treated Black women in the institutionally sexist and abusive way that White men have treated White women.. Yes, Black men on an individual level have been abusive and done wrong, but we have never CODIFIED it or put in in the law or made religions out of debasing women like Whites have. Yet I don't see White feminists or White women in general fighting White men like so many Black feminists fight straight Black men. These Black women are being USED by both racist White men as well as White feminist women to destabilize the Black community and cause anger and chaos among us by further turning Black women against Black men. And the next step after turning them against Black men is to turn them ON to White men with money. If you notice, there's a lot more Black women walking around on the arms of White men today. Some of these same Black women who claimed to be so strong and independent when it came to Black men just a couple decades ago, now READILY submit themselves to the authority of White men with money and leave all of their "feminism" behind.
  13. Del Pioneer is your money in a Black Bank? Not anymore. I live over 75 miles from the city and the Black banks there don't have a lot of branches so it's not so convenient for me to keep my money there. But if I still lived in the Detroit area I would.   Troy Pioneer it was not just "laziness" that stopped Black people from opening banks. There were many structural problems that make establishin a bank very difficult. Restrictions on getting property, loans, permits, etc. If we were talking about ONE bank or ONE individual, I might buy that. But over the years I've discoverd that collectively speaking people can pretty much find a way to do what they REALLY want and have a desire to do. The major reason that there aren't more Black banks with a broader reach has less to do with regulation and red tape and more to do with the LACK OF DESIRE of so many Black people to be financialy independent and being too lazy to put in the work to run a well managed financial institution. Keep it real.....as long as White banks are taking their money and giving them loans they don't WANT to manage their own money. Too many of our people....even those with money...would rather buy cars, shoes, and enjoy themselves and let White people do the "head ache" work.   K2 But for real bro....... If Black people currently or have occupied nearly every position at nearly every level of government in this nation since the 60s.....WHO IS DENYING THEM????? If White people in a particular office is enacting laws and policies to discriminate....why the hell aren't Black people in THAT SAME OFFICE enacting laws and policies to counter that? If White bankers and politicians are working together to funnel money from the government to THEIR institutions and commuites....... Then why the hell aren't BLACK bankers and politicians working together to siphon some of that goverment money to THEIR institutions and communities? My point is..... With as many excuses as Black people are making about being discriminated against by Whites in power....when THEY finally have an opportunity to get in that same position most of them seem to sit on thier ass and do nothing to right the wrongs committed.
  14. Pioneer1

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Mel Do you have any proof or evidence of this claim? Yes, plenty....... Look at how many Black girls in parts of the United States and especially in the Carribean are using skin lightening cream. They don't like themselves....because of low self esteem....so they want to look like someone else. Look at the amount of Black girls who dye their hair blonde or get blonde highlights. Again, they don't like themselves...because of low self esteem. Look at how so many Black girls in this society behave in a loud and aggressive way as compared to many other races of girls and even Black girls from Africa who tend to be more feminine. Just like a MAN with low self esteem will be shy and passive....the opposite of masculinity. A WOMAN with low self esteem will be loud and obnoxious and aggressive......the opposite of femininity. If a girl has low self esteem and feels she can't live up to the standards of womanhood, she'll stop trying to be "lady like"....a sign of low self worth or self esteem. Even the no-good men that so many Black girls CHOOSE to date is a sign of low self esteem because they feel they don't deserve anyone better. The suicide rate for Black girls in this society today is among the highest it's ever been. The proof and evidence of how so many Black females in this society REALLY (despite the front so many put on about being "strong" and "confident") feel about themselves is all over the place for those who are observant.