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  1. Chev The Caucasus mountains ARE in Central Asia.....so I don't know what you're talking about, lol. OH....I'm sorry it just occurred to me that you don't know how we classify "Asia". You probably see the Caucasus mountains as West Asia but WE CALL EUROPE "ASIA" TOO! We call it "West Asia". We call Europe "West Asia".....Korea and China "East Asia"....and much of the land in between (which includes Russia, the Caucasus mountains, Kazakstan, Iran, ect….) is CENTRAL ASIA. So as soon as you get past Macedonia and Turkey you are in CENTRAL Asia. More than one reference. Many references, but especially the major conflict in Egypt at that time in its entirety confirms that the words used to describe Moses as being fair skinned is completely confirmed about his physical presence. So, let me just offer a little 'general reference points': [1] Moses married a Cushite woman, Zipporah [2] His sister Miriam protest about this for this very reason [3] The Creator's response after this conflict [4] Moses response to the Egyptians before he fled Egypt was due to this very basis of COLORISM [5] Moses Blessings towards the HALF-WHITE people of Israel years later... [6] Again, the lineage of Moses' and the Levites... None of the scriptures you provided say anything about Musa/Moses's skin color. I asked you what part of the Bible describes him as light skinned? Because I don't think you got that information from the Bible. Wow! Okay, regarding MOSES, now you have changed your position again!!! How so? I've been telling you since you've been on here that Musa/Moses was half-Original....meaning half-Caucasian and half-African. Regarding other religions that do accept the validity of MOSES, THEY ALL ARE BASED ON -- GUESS WHAT!?--MOSES & the FIRST FIVE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE!!! So, the other renditions scripted to support Arabic or the White Jews, are still based on Moses & the Exodus!!! Not necessarily. There are other religious writings OTHER than those of the Middle East that refer to Musa/Moses also. In Europe in ancient Greek religion they speak of Musaeus of Athens who was a very wise and knowledgable man and was also called a prophet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musaeus_of_Athens Like most Caucasian information, it contains some falsehood because they place him in Athens instead of the Caucasus mountains....but still. And the ancient Greeks also spoke of the "Muse" or the "Muses" who they say are sources of inspiration for knowledge, art, and music. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Muse-Greek-mythology Again, they mix truth with falsehood to cover up the truth origins of Muse and Musa but you get the gist of it. BTW....the term MUSIC also comes form Musa/Moses.
  2. According to most law enforcement and hospital officials, that FULL MOON seems to affect how a lot of people behave even if they aren't criminal.....lol. Many ordinary so-called "law abiding" people will get out and act a straight FOOL during a full moon. It's where the word "lunatic" (lunar) comes from. People acting crazy when the moon is full.
  3. This is a good thing. Maybe things will get SO bad economically for the majority of this nation that they will rise up and toss out the CURRENT economic system for a BETTER one. As long as people are comfortable in their situtation most aren't going to want to change it. Some will out of sheer curiosity, but most won't. I've been saying for quite some time now that the ONLY reason the U.S. economy is still standing and operating is because they are flooding the nation with immigrants (mostly Latino and East Asian) to take over the positions many American citizens (of all races) are too mentally fucked up or imprisoned to occupy anymore. Now with Covid-19 wiping out a large number of Latino and East Asian populations...they've run out of immigrants to keep things propped up.
  4. Chev I think though, that eclipses and so many other star configurations help us to measure time and dates with regards to our earth movements. And then, as a result of this, certain predictions and prophecies can be made. This is true as well. They work hand in hand. This is how astrology works. Just like some police officers and emergency room doctors know it will be a busy night based on a FULL MOON and how it affects the brains of people...it's the same with stars. The different stars as well as their alignments have different influences on the brains of the human population and their thinking. If you can predict the pattern of stars, you can predict the thinking and behavior of people.
  5. Chev Again, you are going on your own belief. The scriptures do not say Moses was half-White; his lineage is given in ancient scriptures. Actually there ARE religious scriptures that say he was half-Caucasian, just not the Bible. Whether you want to accept them or not you DO know there are other religious scriptures OTHER than the Bible, right? BTW, what part of the Bible did YOU get the information that he was light skinned? Your Central Asian MOUNTAIN beliefs are so crazy. This is what that girl was talking about--CANDACE. Huh???? Moses was not dated around 2000 BC and the White people were not walled in Central Asia in 2000 bc. So you don't disagree with the substance of what I said. Instead, you want to focus on man-made dates. You sound like a child. Lol, and YOU'RE arguing with me, so what does that make YOU sound like?
  6. Chev I sat at the table and studied with Islamic men! You sat at the table and studied with them??? You make it sound like you all were sitting at a round table mapping out a plan for global domination.....lol. The problem with most organized religions is that they tend to lead from one division to another. One man gets jealous because the leader has more women and money than HE has so he breaks away and starts his OWN branch and pretty soon it becomes a brand new religion all together. Just look at the Mormons.
  7. Tariq Nasheed touched on it a little bit in the first couple minutes of his latest broadcast: https://youtu.be/rmMg9fQp3zM?t=157 I was looking for the video where he went deep into it and WARNED people a about a week ago that the White Supremacists were going to use July 4th as an opportunity to kill more AfroAmericans. Again, I'm not saying ALL of the killing or even most of it is being done by Caucasians....I simply don't know that. And this is the problem. When you don't have suspects and many of the police aren't properly investigating.....you are kept in the dark and don't know WHAT'S going on or who's doing what. This is why a lot of our people are in a state of terror and confusion. The police are saying one thing, the media is saying another, their friends who are there and witness what's going on say another, and OTHER media sources are saying things totally different than what the FIRST media sources are saying.....a big ass ball of confusion. This is why WE as AfroAmericans need to defend and protect OUR OWN communities so if anything happens then it's all on us and we can't point the finger or blame anyone else. As long as we're leaving it up to Caucasians to be "daddy" and protect our women and children you're going to continue to see little children be harmed and adults being killed and Black folks getting on television crying and looking stupid pointing fingers at eachother and scratching their heads. "Nawww….hold up....I thought dey wuz white cuz....." "Well first I heard some gun shots and then he ran in da house...…" "What I'm tryna say is.....what had happened wuz….look....I wuz in the kitchen aaand....." "Nah....why he run off and leave her out there like dat...….." Just a big mess of confused people adding to eachother's confusion.
  8. It is my understanding that solar eclipses were meant to USHER IN a particular an era and then you have another one to END it. But I'm not sure how true that is.
  9. Chev No @Pioneer1 that does not make sense at all. Thank you. Moses was fair skinned, Not only was Musa fair skinned, he was actually half Caucasian. He was designed to be that way so that he could more easily blend in with the people of the mountains of central Asia that he was sent to civilize. We have all sinned,--this whole world When they talk about the "world of sin" it's not talking about humanity or some original sin of eating an apple from a tree; it's talking about the Caucasian world or global system. It's called the world of sin because it's foundations are based in murder and lies. Murdering people of color and lying about history, religion, health, ect..... Their world/system is based on lies. This is why a lot of times if you're sick or have a problem you do the very OPPOSITE of what they "officially" tell you and you get better. They tell you to drink milk to have strong healthy bones, but when you STOP drinking milk you actually get stronger and your bones get harder. It doesn't make sense to you UNTIL you realize that what they tell you are LIES and often times you must do the opposite of what they advise to be successful.
  10. Chev WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE TALKING ABOUT!? Is he referring to the founder of a certain Islamic origin, because I know that he admitted on video that the founder's mother was a White woman. I'm not sure exactly what statement you're speaking of but although I don't agree with everything Minister Farrakhan says...like Neely Fuller Jr. I listen to and respect much of what he says and even practice much of the things that he's preached over the years. Minster Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam, which is different than Orthodox Islam that a lot of people practice in the Middle East. Many of my beliefs actually come from the Nation of Islam teachings. Especially my knowledge of Caucasians and their origins. Fard Muhammad who founded the Nation of Islam (officially called: The Lost Found Nation Of Islam In the Wilderness Of North America) in the United States back in the 30s; and according to Nation of Islam theology had a Caucasian mother and Black father. Anyway..... I just wanted to focus people on the part where Minister Farrakhan talks about vaccines and warns our people about them. Not necessarily the entire speech.
  11. Troy I've heard DOZENS of stories similar to the one Chev just told from other AfroAmerican (and Caucasian) women.....PERSONALLY. I'm not talking about something I got off the internet or saw in some documentary. These are stories that just came up in casual conversation from women I know personally or have met. Are you saying that Black people were murdered by white people over the 4th of July and that these murders were made to look like they were committed by Black people and that the police did nothing and all of this was widely reported in the media? I know this question was directed at Chev, but you DO remember that just a few weeks ago many members of the Atlanta Police Department started "calling off" and calling in sick in protest of those 2 race soldiers who killer brother Brooks being arrested and charged. The same thing happened in New York when many in the NYPD started calling in and complaining about how they were not being appreciated. When you PUBLICALLY announce that you have no more police officers, you are basically sending a dog whistle to the criminals to do as they please because they don't have to worry about you arresting them, what did they think would happen? The White Supremacists on the police department (also known as race-soldiers) are working in partnership WITH the criminals both Caucasian and AfroAmerian to terrorize the AfroAmerican community. And now the Governor of Georgia (Kemp) has just activated the National Guard to send them in which will prove to be a dramatic escalation in the already on-going war. BTW, if you missed it......take a look at the video of Minister Farrakhan I posted up there from hour 2:28 to about 2: 40 if you haven't already.
  12. Chev Then why would he press Peter to go with him to Turkey? Why did Peter go? Probably to keep an eye on Paul and see what that rascal was up to....lol. You know the scriptures say that Jesus said to go to the Jews first, but then after they would not listen, then go to the Gentiles. Jesus spoke peacefully to certain GEntiles when he was approached. Yes, of course Jesus came for the Lost people of the house of Israel, but he also came to help the whole world. Much of this "save the world" talk that was alleged to Yashua was attached to him AFTER the alleged "resurrection".....not during his Earthly life. Even though the books of the New Testament have been heavily mistranslated and tampered with and may have even been fabricated, you can clearly see a vast difference between the teachings of Yashua while he was a human prophet preaching in Palestine about the destruction of the Gentile world and the coming kingdom directed soley to his fellow Jews....and the teachings of the "resurrected Christ" and how that message was allegedly changed to now include everybody. To say that Yahshua was sent by God and that he started off with ONE plan (to save only the Jews) but switched to ANOTHER plan (to save the whole world) because the first one didn't work out suggests that He who sent him perhaps "didn't know" or "wasn't sure" things would work out how He intended.....which suggests that He doesn't know the future. But we KNOW that The SUPREME BEING knows EVERYTHING....past, present, and future. If Jesus was commissioned by God for a particular plan then the God who allegedly sent him KNEW of the conditions and circumstances ahead of time. I don't believe that it was Yashua who changed his plans or message, it was those who CAME AFTER HIM who twisted his words around who changed it for their own deviant purposes.
  13. Troy Yes, and so have you...lol. Every night you DREAM you go into the Spirit realms!
  14. Troy Man, has this gentleman done something to you personally? Did he steal your woman or something? Lol....... If I sound like I'm harsh on the brother that's not my intention. I have nothing against him personally, I'm sure he's a cool and smart brother. It's just when negroes have the NERVE and FOOLISHNESS to sit up and call themselves lecturing Caucasians (of all people) on racism when THEY are the ones who INVENTED the shit....it's frustrating. Really Troy? Do you REALLY think Caucasians.....a group of people so smart they made cars, air planes, rocket ships, skyscrapers, computers, ect.......are so silly and stupid that they need us to EXPLAIN to them what racism is or how it works???????? Come on bro. Man I thought anti-vaxxers were all white women. Pioneer is there no conspiracy theory that you do not buy into? Lol, no....it's just that White women have enough sense to NOT trust their own people and speak out against them when they seem something wrong while many Africans (both in the United States and on the continet of Africa) DO NOT; despite the 500 year history of Caucasians using so-called "science" and "medicine" to harm Africans. I'm sorry man, this may sound offensive or like self-hatred but it's not....it's actually love.....but the fact is many of our people are just plain STUPID. Many of them aren't smart enough to protect themselves from White Supremacy many Caucasians know this so they routinely take advantage of those whom they can and harm them. If I were you I wouldn't dwell too much on the subject because they are pushing vaccines heavy now and are flagging people and websites that appear to be ANTI-vaccine. But listen to a lecture Minister Farrakhan recently gave on the subject of vaccinations:
  15. I heard about this eclipse and was really looking forward to seeing it like I did the one in 2017. I even traveled down to Tennessee to view that one. Too bad the one that occurred a few weeks ago couldn't be seen from the United States.
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