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  1. frankster The Truth is always hidden i n plain sight.... Remember it was the Hebrew duty to hide the actual true pronunciation of the Name of God....If a mistranslation but a part of the true enunciation out there how do The Hebrew confront it? First of all WHICH "God" are you talking about? There are many in scripture. Based on my research the Highest God in the Bible is called "El". Second, if it were their duty to hide the name, why did they put it in their scriptures? And if the name in their scriptures was NOT the actual name but a purposeful "mistranslation" in order to conceal (there's that word again...lol) the true name...which you claim is "Jah"...then why is it NOW revealed at this time? If they were supposed to conceal it back then, they are supposed to conceal it now. Clouds are in Heaven - sky Ok??? And what does THIS have to do with the fact and dilemma that you have two CLEARLY different English translations of the same Hebrew words? Again, both of them can't be correct. Heaven is NOT the same as clouds any more than waves are the same as the ocean. Clouds are meant to Confound. ....yeah and that ain't the only thing that was meant to confound, lol. The Information that the actual name of God is Hidden is Known.....The Actual Name is still not in the public domain hence Hidden - Amen Are you saying the word "Jah" isn't it either? At this level it's not about right or wrong(error)....it's about Power - The actual Name of God is the beginning of Power. Well regardless of Christian or Jewish theological doctrine about whether the Name is hidden, should be prounced, or how much power it has.....in the scriptures I provided the God of the Israelites CLEARLY identifies Himself as "YHWH". That wasn't hidden but clearly announced. All I know and its has been known for time now....is that it is passed on among a Chosen Few - yet kept in plain view And you say it is "Jah"? So if Yahweh is a Physical being then he is not a Neteru That's what YOU say because YOU don't believe that the Neters are physical, but spiritual/principles. I'm not sure if this is the case though. It could be that the Neteru were the physical Beings Who governed OVER certain principles. Yahweh is a Member of the Elohim....are they the same as the Anunnaki. Not sure if they're the same Beings being called by different regional names or actually different Beings or of different ranks. If they are then my guess is that the Elohim is the Name of members of the Ruling Council or High Ranking Officers That's pretty clear that the Elohim (also translated as Mighty Ones) were a ruling Council. Could be.....Then what Happened to the advance black people? I don't know. I have many theories. He was "part" of something that was not human.....Anunnaki. In today's vernacular we interpret that to be God This assumes that Zacharia Sitchin's interpretation that the Anunnaki were non-humans from another planet, is correct. But I have questions about this and other works of his though. It could be that his translation of the Sumerian text was wrong...and possibly INTENTIONALLY wrong and mistranslated. It could be that the Anunnaki are simply advanced flesh and blood human beings who came from another region of THIS planet to build a civilization in Sumer and that somehow their story was TURNED into a more sci-fi version at the hands of deceptive scholars. Mixture of Humans and Anunnaki results in Giants. Where did you get this information? Black people and white people mixing do not result in Giants....how do you answer that My answer is: You're correct. Mixing Black people with White people do NOT produce Giants. But again, outside of the King James MIS-translation of Genesis...who said "Giants" were being produced? According to Genesis when Abraham looked up and saw the Lord and two Angels...he saw 3 men...not Giants. They apparently were small enough in stature to go inside of his tent and have a meal. If the Lord and Angels were of relatively normal size...and humans are of normal size....where are these "giants" coming from? According to the New Testament..... Jesus was not only human but Divine and a child of the Lord; yet nothing in the scripture even suggested that he was a "giant" among the other humans he dwelt among.
  2. Troy 1. There is a difference between unknow-ABLE and unknow-N Just because you don't know something, doesn't mean you aren't able TO eventually know it. 2. To your second point...MANY people have died and actually came back to tell us what happened on the other side. Confirmed. It's not a matter of just FAITH but FACT as well.
  3. Troy Is there any such thing as that which is "unknowable"?
  4. Troy Most Whites who DO feel that way are usually of low intellect themselves and outside of brief curiosity....really could care less what a Black man is reading. They're usually the type of White folks who are constantly struggling and dealing with trying to "make it". Smart White folks....even if they see us as intellectually inferior as a collective...know that SOME of us are geniuses. And they're on the look out for them, lol.
  5. Hey @frankster You REALLY need to check this video out. Although I don't agree with some of them, what makes the video so interesting is that it's only a couple days old but Billy hits on a LOT of the points that you and I have been discussing for weeks and probably off and on for months. Topics from Atlantis to the Anunnaki to the Elohim to Nibiru etc....
  6. What? How did I miss this..........lol frankster The war in Sudan is a war brought on by "Resource Curse and Global Geopolitics" The War in Ukraine is brought on by NATO's encroaching on Russia's sphere of influence. It not a game....it's for real Reality is often a GAME. Any CONFLICT or COMPETITION where strategy and intellect is used more than raw emotion is a "game". China is the global Wild card....God forbid Russia and America engage in open hostilities Don't forbid it...encourage it. Perhaps a major global war is what's NEEDED to overturn the current "system" that keeps much of the darker world oppressed. "Every crisis has within it the seed of a greater opportunity". YES. Which is why I say BRING ON the major global conflict and let's see where it leads and who emerges as the victor. The Rivalry is Real....hence an opportunity arise. The rivalry is real....much like two men who are rivals and in competition for the same woman. No matter which one wins...they both have the same intentions in mind and the woman ends up getting "screwed". The purpose of a proxy war is to secure an advantage without risking your own resources. True. Another purpose is to keep those whom you BOTH agree is an enemy and adversary (in this case the African nation of Sudan) weakened and in a state of constant turmoil and chaos. The Freedom of African States( and all formally colonial countries) to the point they have arrived at today....Is in large part due to Nazi Germany destruction of England and France (Europe) Imperialist/colonialist abilities. I can't say that I disagree. Not exactly. They crave or covet your Resource is usually the objective. How can they crave or covet something they ALREADY possess? They already own and control most of the oil in Sudan and other African nations. They also own and control the gold and diamonds. So why fight a war to acquire and secure what they already possess and have possessed for decades? Easier said than done. You your family and those of your supporters lives are on the line to be turn over to your enemies.....Your Enemies(or anyone willing to do their bidding) are then force to dispatch you in the most cruel and humiliating way. - no quarter is given or taken no mercy or forgiveness is allowed Having not lived in Africa nor been in the situation so many of our brothers and sisters find themselves in there....I can't argue with this observation. But my assertion still remains...we must reject the concepts White folks come up with to keep our people divided like political and religious differences.
  7. ProfD What do you mean "moving goal post"? I know what the TERM means.....but what do you mean as it relates to the debt ceiling?
  8. Chev I'm sorry, lol. I didn't mean to dismiss the theme of your post....but it's hard to focus on her other achievements when my manhood COMPELS me to take notice of such an attractive and well made sista. To be honest, I didn't read the article you provided too carefully....lol. I pretty much skimmed through it looking at pictures of her and didn't notice until YOU mentioned it that she was married with 5 children. Married since 1980! That was 43 years ago so she must be in her 60s atleast.
  9. Troy Why do you think these white folks are curious enough to impose and ask you what you about what you reading? Because they have an insatiable desire to find out what Black people....especially AfroAmericans....are thinking. They want to know if we pose a threat to their power or not. If you're reading something about sports or some sort of religious book....you're OK. But if you're reading something written by Mao TsaDong... .....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  10. ProfD Come on brutha you KNOW I know better than that....lol. I hope my post didn't give the impression that I was suggesting we somehow "link up" with Jews or Italians or with White celebrities to form some sort of Matzah Ball or Meatball coalition....lol. Based in my observations as both a visitor and brief time LIVING on the Eastcoast, I'd say that not only do the Whites on the Eastcoast tend to be just as racist as the Whites elsewhere in the nation....they tend to OPENLY DISPLAY and BRAG about how racist they are....especially the Italians. When I lived in Pennsylvania some White Italian men told me openly how much they loved Black women and in the very same conversation questioned why so many White girls "digged" Black dudes when so many go to jail and don't take care of their kids. The Irish and other ethnic groups of Whites pretty much stayed away from AfroAmericans outside of business/school situations where they had little choice but to interact with us, but the Italians and to a lesser extent the Jews would go OUT OF THEIR WAY to get among Black folks and act a straight FOOL....lol. Either trying to be "down" with dancing and Hiphop, or ridicule it, or just be plain racist and confrontational for their own entertainment. Either way, unlike most White folks in other parts of America....they didn't show a lot of fear or anxiety in expressing themselves and how they felt. Having said that.... Although I said my thread wasn't meant to even suggest that....and actually was meant to go into the ancient history of Jews and their ancestry ....since you mentioned it- Based on my PERSONAL experiences I do know that certain connections CAN be made with certain Jews and certain Italians with AfroAmericans who have GOOD SENSE and know both who WE are and know who THEY are. For example..... My knowledge of Judaism and Jewish history and the conversations I've had has indeed helped me on my current job and other jobs where Jews were in positions to help me. They were impressed to find an AfroAmerican who knew so much of the truth. Same with Italians. I've been told on more than one occasion by some Italians that I knew more about THEM than they knew about themselves....and they weren't being sarcastic either. They said it helped them and explained a lot of the turmoil in their families. So my point is.....no matter how racist White folks as individual can get, INTELLIGENT Black folks CAN find a way to get along with them long enough to get some benefit for ourselves.
  11. LOL....it means you're a RICH woman with a lot of financial connections. You ain't fooling anybody on here. We know you be runnin' with Oprah and 'em! Git it guuuuul....lol. richardmurray If I gain fifty billion dollars tomorrow morning all mine, no tax needed. What will I say. Richard Murray has the most intramultiracial community of black people in the usa. NYC circa 2.5 million black people I am a leader of. and yes, I am also a leader of the black community in the larger usa, over night. Does anyone know me? no. But that doesn't matter. One isn't a leader because people know them or anyone says it publicly. you are a leader in any community when your resources, whether that is fiscal wealth or government position or communal following or other gives you the ability to influence the community you are native to. If I am in NYC and I have fifty billion dollars, I am a leader. Is how I will lead be known? no. People will have the right to do to me what I do to Douglass or others and judge me on my results. If I do nothing then anyone can say I was a poor black leader. if I leave NYC immediately and do things elsewhere a black person in NYC can say, Richard was terrible as a black leader in NYC. There are a lot of Black billionaires from Robert Johnson to Byron Allen....but they are hardly called "leaders" in the Black community. Maybe they'd be considered "financial leaders" in certain circles, but in order to be considered a "leader" you must not only be KNOWN but you must also have INFLUENCE over people. Influence effective enough to motivate them toward some action. Although wealth and leadership are often intertwined (as is the case with @Mel Hopkins...lol), one doesn't necessarily have to do with the other. Both Martin and Malik (Malcolm X) were considered premier Black leaders at the time but neither were very wealthy financially.
  12. frankster Psalm 68:4 Now....I'm gonna show you something. And you're gonna see why the Bible is so deceptive. In the KJV, Pslam 68: 4 reads: But in the original Hebrew Torah and literal transliteration that very SAME scripture reads: In the original Hebrew the word is clearly pronounced as "Yah" but in the King James Version they pronounce it "Jah" with a "J". In the original Hebrew they say He rides on the clouds, but in the King James Version they translate it as "heavens". Jah is NOT pronounced the same as Yah so they CAN'T be the same name. Clouds are NOT the same as Heavens. Now either ONE of those translations is correct or the OTHER is correct, right? I'm not a Biblical Theologian and even I can easily see that one of those translations is deceptively incorrect. There is a hidden and unpronounceable Name of God....It is "Jah" they say not "Jeh" as in Jehovah. Well if it's hidden and unpronounceable, how did YOU and others find out about it and why was it written down and allowed to be discussed among Biblical theologians and scholars? Also, if "Jah" is the name then were those pronouncing it as "Yah" all of these years in error? Is Yahweh/Jehovah a Neteru Nature(Force of Nature) or Anunnaki (Physical Beings) ? Well as far as what "Group of Beings" He belonged to, according the the scripture He is an Eloh....One of the Elohim (plural). Again, let's look at the original Hebrew Torah.... So according to the LITERAL translation of the Torah, Yahweh tells the Israelites that He is THEIR Eloh, and is named Yahweh. Eloh (singular) Elohim (plural). Are the Elohim the same as the Anunnaki? I'm not sure. But they were/are clearly Powerful Beings and according to scripture Yahweh is One. Now, to the question is Yahweh physical? Well, according to the scripture I provided above, the original Hebrew Torah says that Yah rides in the clouds. Spirits don't ride in clouds, they go where they want without physical assistance. Also, in Exodus Chapter 13:21 of the original Hebrew Torah we find: it says Yahweh traveled IN a pillar of cloud by day to lead the Children of Israel Again, I'm not sure why a NON-physical Being would travel inside that which IS physical. According to Genesis when Lord Yahweh visited Abraham....Abraham saw a MAN with other men. Physical Being....not a spirit. The Anunnaki created human hybrid of themselves.....Adam - homosapiens sapiens Or could this be a Western MIS-INTERPRETATION of ancient Sumerian writings? Instead of being all spooky with spirits and space aliens as many Western scholars may suggest....could it be that the Anunnaki were just advanced PEOPLE (Black people?) who made White folks (Adamites) from themselves through a certain selective breeding process? Gilgamesh was part God...so he was not just any other human being....He lacked Immortality Again, more assumptions based on Western translations of ancient Sumerian text. "God" is an English word...not a Sumerian one. So I'm curious as to what word they ACTUALLY used to describe Gilgamesh being "half" of. As we said, all humans are a mix of Spirit and flesh so they couldn't be talking about that. In order to be "half human" you would likely be half some other PHYSICAL being. Spirits don't go "half" on a body. How does this align with the story of Yakub on the Isle of Patmos? It doesn't. The Yakub Theory takes place hundreds of years earlier and involves the very process of MAKING the White race. This story of Enkidu symbolizes one man's encounter with them after they were driven into the wilderness and went wild themselves. It should be noted also that the Caucasian didn't start off wild and savage. He started off civilized through culture and knowledge passed directly down from his Black ancestors during the breeding process in Atlantis/Patmos. Research the Minoan Civilization and how advanced it was. He didn't go savage until much later on after being driven out of Eden (Africa) into the mountains of Eurasia.
  13. frank If you think those are Risk....then you do not understand the stock market - there is always a "hedge" that the rich can exploit to mitigate losses So are you saying rich people don't lose money in the stock market? Nor do they lose money in real estate or their other investments? The Rich will "straddle" meaning they make money which ever way it goes or do not go.....win or lose they make a profit True. They also take risks in stocks, realestate and other investments where they DON'T "hedge" their bets. You seem to be focused on ONE strategy of the rich and not the OVER ALL stratagem. Again Rich people do not take risk....they rely on Knowledge and Experience When the Rich take risk it is due to desperation or fear.. Seems to me you're contradicting yourself in the very same response. First you said they DON'T take risks, then you say they DO out of fear and desperation. Exactly... So only give Valuables to those who can appreciate them. I agree with this statement. However I must say it doesn't seem to line up with YOUR usual "help everybody, educated everybody" position. Through out this discussion you've been a staunchly against discriminating against persons based on ability or appreciation and in favor of INdiscriminately spreading the love, the money, and the energy evenly around the community like peanut butter on bread. Even the severely retarded are capable of learning....And I have shown that 1. You have NOT "shown" that. 2. SOME severely retarded people can learn and some can't. You hold the extreme position that "everyone" can learn and that's simply not true. I have no problem saying selling drugs is evil.....that does not take away from the fact that it is hard dangerous work. To say it's "hard" work...tells me you haven't met too many drug dealers or pushers in your life....lol. Yes all living beings can be educated ....and that's simply not true. I think you KNOW better than this. Yes....but we are speaking of the revolutionary wars.....Able bodied was the requirement. An able body was A requirement....not THE requirement. There were others. Yes....it was to conceal not necessarily to deceive - slight difference Let me back up a bit and say that after reading the full context of the scripture, Abraham did not actually LIE and say she WASN'T his wife in this case but as you said "concealed" and withheld an important part of the truth for the sake of deception. Which is a typical strategy of White racists. Not necessarily lying outright but withholding key information that would give a better understanding or perspective.
  14. Delano -and ofcourse you'd say that without detailing HOW.
  15. richardmurray You said Frederick Douglass had an overwhelming majority of Black folks with him....over 90%. I had to question that because I don't think 90% of Black folks DURING THE TIME of Frederick Douglass even knew who he WAS. Sure many of the educated did as well as his family members, but the MAJORITY of the Black population....those down South working in the fields?
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