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  1. Chev and Troy Well you two STILL haven't sold me on planets and moons being stars, but OK...I'm beginning to understand. It took a minute, but I'm beginning to comprehend how the stars and planetary alignments and their patterns can verify the times of alleged events. But this is beginning to lead to new questions for me............. These alignment patterns.....as consistent as they may be....would seem to only verify when something took place IF those who are recording the event MENTION that particular celestial alignment during the event itself. For example if a great battle took place at a particular time and those scribes looked up in the sky that night and said, "On this night Saturn is here, Venus is there, the Virgo constellation is here...ect..." I understand now. But most historical events that I've read DO NOT mention celestial alignments with them. They just say "Such and such took place" and leave it at that. So again, how can we verify the actual occurence of the EVENT when the alignments aren't even mentioned as is the case with MOST historical events we read about?
  2. Troy When I saw you posted in this thread, somehow I KNEW it would only be a sentence or two and most likely would NOT be an answer to any of the questions I posed to you. 1. That "battle" was just a hypothetical. It was an example for the question of how could something that happened in the past be confirmed or verified by looking up in the sky today. It doesn't mean a battle took place or that you claimed it took place, but IF someone DID claim it took place.....how could the planet or star alignment confirm this claim? 2. I see you totally ignored the question I posed to you of whether or not YOU believe that planets and moons are stars also. Lol, neither one of you (Troy and Chev @Chevdove) are doing a very good job explaining to me in a plain simple way that I can understand HOW planets and stars CONFIRM or VERIFY the claims people make of alleged past events like The Flood or Jesus walking on water. The STUDENT is ready, but where is the teacher?
  3. Your definition of a wandering star says it's "ancient" astronomy. She says the scientific world TODAY defines planets as well as the moon as stars. Again, this is the first time I'm hearing that science STILL calls planets and moons "stars".
  4. Troy Is this a serious question to me? Don't be silly 🙂 Besides @Chevdove never asserted that. Well, you're supporting her assertion that you can look at the stars and planetary alignments to verify historic events so I'm just asking you for specifics of how this is done. If a claim is made that a battle was fought on April 20th 1791....how can I look up at the stars or planetary alignments and confirm this today? Do you also believe that the moon and planets are "stars" too?
  5. I appreciate our brother doing this for the students. However I think that the money he's pledged to pay off their debts would have been a MUCH better spent if he would have guaranteed the same amount of money to each student toward their OWN BUSINESSES. Or atleast gave them the option for that money to go towards debt payoff or towards businesses. I think this would be more of an INVESTMENT than simply paying off debt because it would generate far more money for them in the long run.
  6. Troy Few can recall something from Ebony with the same level of fondness Perhaps Ebony should have become a Black men's magazine the way Essence caters to Black women.
  7. Chev I can still remember as a kid going out with my family to Sunday dinners (often after church) to different Soul Food restaurants around the city. There were so many to choose from. My father would take us to different ones and you didn't have to worry about people cussing, fighting, or act a fool around you and your family. In many AfroAmerican communities today there are no or very few actual "sit down" restaurants PERIOD whether you're talking about Soul Food, Chinese, or fast food. Most of them are designed for you to walk in or drive up, place your order and pay, get the food, and LEAVE. The message they're sending the customers is: Get your shit and get up out of here.....Lol. Most of the sit down and relax, customer service oriented restaurants today are only the fancy restaurants like Ruth Chris. I think most AfroAmerican youth (25 and under) are missing out on a LOT of amenities that used to be taken for granted in our culture. Most of them don't know what it's like to go to a Black establishment and get waited on by Black people with a smile and eat food cooked with love from ANOTHER Black person. I still remember the old greasy spoons in Detroit that were Black owned and Black ran. Early in the morning as early as 6am or 7am Black folks heading to work in the morning would stop in these joints for a full breakfast of grits, eggs, coffee, pancakes, ect.....and meet up with eachother. I'm getting hungry just THINKING about them! I don't know if you remember but there was movie back in the 80s called the BLUES BROTHERS in which Aretha Franklin portrayed a waitress in a greasy spoon while performing the song "You better think". I remember Black waitresses like that who would call everybody "baby" and put a lot of SOUL in serving their customers. You don't see that today. You see Black youth walking around eating pizza or chili fries most likely made by someone who does NOT look like them or give a damn about them.
  8. Are you telling me that in the scientific community today moons and planets are considered STARS? That would be amazing because this is the first time I'm hearing this.
  9. Mel this is exactly how I felt - and see, you did understand. Some how I had a feeling you knew exactly why I responded the way I did! And yes, I understand why it struck you as irrational - because "love" is irrational and to actually have love for all living things equally is probably something you don’t come across on a daily basis. It wasn't that hard to figure out, you pretty much said it plainly. When you say "love for all things equally" I don't NECESSARILY consider that statement irrational because I realize the word "love" is just one English word that is used to describe MULTIPLE different types of feelings, many of which aren't even related to eachother. I think Greek attempts to separate it with words like "agape" and "eros" ect.... I would guess that the feeling you're calling "love" that you feel equally for everything is a deep caring type of feeling which is a separate feeling than what you have for your children and both of those feelings are different than the type of feeling you have for a lover or spouse....but most people will call all of it "love" for lack of a better term in English.
  10. Mel   Out of all the things I wrote correcting Troy you chose to focus on "people" - why is that? It stood out for me because all the other reasons you gave for objecting to how he described you seemed rational (despite my not agreeing with your objections to a couple of them), but your objection to being described as "loving people" and declaring that you don't.....only to turn around and describe this as being too reductionist and that you actually love ALL living things seemed a bit irrational. I can understand your objecting to it if he said outright or implied that this love was reduced to ONLY people instead of all living things, but this was neither said nor implied. It just wasn't expansive enough to your liking. Imagine walking into a pet shop and asking an employee, "Since you work well with dogs, could you give me the best advice on how to train mine?" ....and they rebuke you by saying. "Actually I DON'T work well with dogs, I work well with ALL animals!" Perhaps it was just the wording. Maybe if you had added a "just" in your objection it would have seemed more rational TO ME. For example: "I don't JUST love people.....I love all things" Out of curiosity....... Although you didn't say it outright, do you think for a man to call you smart is a bit "condescending" ? Do you take that compliment from a MAN the same way a Black person would take it from a White who called them "articulate"?
  11. Chev That also means that some of our own people are a part of our self destruction for this cause of White Supremacy and so, what do we do about that!? You're abolutely right. Infact a LARGE PORTION of our people are guilty of self destruction in the community. What has worked for me and most other AfroAmericans I know who seek to improve themselves is to SEPARATE ourselves from the self-destructive elements. When I say seperate I'm talking both physically (moving away from and avoiding known trouble makers) as well as separating ourselves mentally and culturally (not listening to self destructive music, engaging in self destructive behavior, or watching movies that promote crime and murder in the Black community....Empire comes to mind) and seeking the company of those of like minds so that we can build among eachother. Ideally, the goal should be to CLEAN UP the community and rid it of those criminals and savages who engage in grossly self destructive behaviors like gang banging, pedophilia, rape, and theft. The problem is the Caucasians in Law Enforcement often times protects those who are engaging in this behavior in our communities or keeps it contained in AfroAmerican communities in an attempt to keep it out of theirs. They actually enable most of the bullshit you see going on in Black neighborhoods. If it were totally up to us without any outside intervention I believe decent AfroAmericans would have organized and ran out the drug dealers, murderers, and pedophile from our community a LONG time ago.
  12. Out of all that he said to you I'm focused on the "love for people" portion of his statement because I was a bit puzzled for the reason you gave for objecting to it. Is accuracy the issue here, or specificity? It seems to me that his statement was not incorrect, but your issue with it was that it was too narrowly focused or "reduced". BTW, I prefer a healthy balance of compliments-accuracy-criticizm. Too much of either without enough of the other usually doesn't lead to the best results.
  13. Del It just occured to me that this "new era" or change in my attitude has occured one day AFTER the May 17th date you made mention of.
  14. Troy Easy, the laws of physics have not changed. Which is also why we know how the planets were aligned Yes I understand this but the question isn't whether or not the planets as they align today is the same as how they aligned millenia ago because I believe they do; the question I have is how does it confirm or verify the EVENTS that were alleged to have occurred during their alignment? In other words to illustrate my question............. The summer soltice occurs around the same time each year. Correct? It may not occur on the same DATE each year, but occurs during the same TIME FRAME each year meaning after every threehundred and sixy something days we pretty much know we will get a summer soltice. Now if I'm a great general in India and I won a battle during the summer soltice of 1935, how will people in the United States in 2019 be able to determine that this took place or verify that it happened simply by how the planets or stars align with eachother? Does this alignment give them a vision of past events like a time machine?
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