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  1. Kareem But how realistic do you think this is? Now assuming we could really put all of our petty BS aside and form an independent, cohesive, codified political party at a local level, I'd want it in Arizona or Texas. Those states are very gun-friendly, even towards black people. A true, genuine black agenda must include self-defense and preservation measures in white supremacist society. Guns are easy to obtain and maintain in these states and are necessary for true self-defense agendas. On a physical level....ANYTHING is realistic for African people as long as we desire it collectively. We are the masters of this planet. The only thing that prevents us from accomplishing this or just about anything else is the lack of EFFORT (usually out of lack of desire). If you look at it carefully, most of the social and political failures in the AfroAmerican community are NOT a result of us actually TRYING to accomplish a particular task and failing in performance. Now think about it! Usually, over 90% of the time it's a result of us not putting for the effort to even TRY to do something it in the first place. The number one culprit for this lack of effort is the lack of desire (the nigga don't wanna do it, he'd rather let Caucasians do it and come along later after the work is done and beg for a piece of it) , followed by fear (scared of what the Caucasians will do to him if he tries...although the fool is getting killed and locked up in prison any damn way so what the hell else can be done to him) , and then self-destructive infighting ......all of this before anyone has even MADE A MOVE to actually do something. It's like a man who sits at home alone every night mumbling and grumbling about how the women don't like him and how he can't get any coochie. But 9 times out of 10 you'll discover the problem isn't that women reject him or that he has erectile dysfunction.....the MAIN problem is he does't even TRY anymore. He took himself out of the game. And this is the same thing so many of our people do in this society....take themselves out of the game and psyche themselves out before they even get started. Me being "independently wealthy" doesn't change anything. Descendants of American Slavery must become wealthy collectively (meaning power over ourselves) and preserve/grow that wealth from any and all attacks. Keep the fire burning man. You are so right that we need COLLECTIVE WEALTH. OJ and Bill Cosby are two good examples of what could happen to independently RICH (neither are wealthy) AfroAmericas if White Supremacy decides to move on them. Without a network of AfroAmerican support to hold eachother up and protect eacother, all of an individual's wealth can be snatched away. Which brings me to my next point....... I like that you say we need WEALTH. One of the differences between wealth and mere riches is POWER and INFLUENCE in society. If Cosby or OJ had WEALTH to go along with their riches, they would have had the judges and lawyers as well as the prosecutors on their side. Wealth/power/influence would have seen to that. Trust....if I have 10 million dollars....I don't mind peeling off 5 million to make sure I'm in GREAT standings with the mayor, chief of police, prosecutors, and judges in my city so if anyone decides to even TRY to pull some slick shit and fuck with me or my money.....well.....they'll end up falling in their own trap. Our people need to learn how to CONTROL EVERY ASPECT of the environment they live in.
  2. Delano Lol, you're welcome. What about the mind? I'm glad you acknowledge the difference between the brain and the mind! Troy Where these ideas and solutions come from is anyone's guess but I would start with the brain. Not sure where Delano was going with his question to you, but at the risk of stealing some of his thunder....what if I were to tell you that the OPPOSITE were true? What if I were to tell you that instead of ideas coming FROM your brain, much of them come from your MIND which is not only separate from your brain but your brain is actually a filter that PREVENTS most of the ideas and information in your mind from manifesting?
  3. Further confirmation that we need OUR OWN schools. Much of the foolishness you see going on with AfroAmerican youth in these schools is as a direct or indirect result of LAZINESS. Laziness on the part of AfroAmerican adults who are TOO DAMN LAZY to establish their own institutions and would rather just shove their children out the door to Caucasian operated public schools and use them as free day care centers to take care of their children while they're either at work (for Caucasians themselves) or at home bullshitting much of their day away. And the children are paying the price for their parent's laziness. I guess....sometimes the sins of the fathers actually CAN be visited upon the children after all.
  4. Kareem It's pretty clear that @azacotogan and @àgɛ̀lògbàgàn are the same person/persona since they like each other's own posts and both profiles were created in the last 4-5 days. Dude, just share info and be cool. Some of the stuff you post would be interesting if you weren't such a douche. Well if they're not the same, they're clearly working together to push some sort of program here. I was actually thinking what YOU were that some of what they're posting sounded quite interesting, just drop the cultural set trippin' and "bible thumping" attitudes....lol. What I'm really interested in is this "nation/kingdom" narrative with the language, religious, and writing system they are pushing. I've been saying for years that our people (whatever we're calling ourselves now a days) need OUR OWN culture. Culture is more than just dress, but also language, writing, diet, social and moral codes, ect.... Anytime I run into fellow Africans who are attempting to establish these customs among themselves.....even if they are making them up out of thin air....I take notice, because it's a sign of a strong desire for independence and nationhood.
  5. nels I came to the research-driven conclusion that he was aloof and incompetent, with absolutely no hope of redemption. "incompetent" or merely indifferent and inconsiderate? It seems to me that Obama managed to accomplish what he WANTED to accomplish, and if he left office not having done a "darn" thing for Black people....the logic would follow that it was because he DIDN'T WANT to.
  6. (smile) Why do I have this feeling that these questions are definately and deliberately leading to something confrontational? Ahhh.....nevermind....lol. To answer your question, I prefer ACCURACY when speaking on important subjects like social and racial identity. Calling myself "Black"....which I still do from time to time to avoid confusion among our people...isn't very accurate. Actually by race we are "African" and by nationality most of us born and raised in the United States are "American"....so to blend the two words together you have "AfroAmerican. Also the term "Afro" is good because it can be used in both the ANGLO as well as LATINO languages to describe our people who dwell in other parts of the Americas besides the United States....like Brazil and Puerto Rico. Actually the term "AfroAmerican" isn't new. Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) was one of the first to use it back in the 60s when he was starting his Organization for "AfroAmerian" Unity.
  7. .....well why don't she pay us a visit and we'll see, lol.
  8. An AfroAmerican is a member of the ETHNIC GROUP made up of Americans of African descent.
  9. Azacotogan What you don't seem to see is that if I have to "provide evidence" of African concepts to an "African" then it is already a lost proposition. ....and most of our people are lost. The fact that most Africans in the West are "lost" to the knowledge of not only their own culture and spirituality but indeed THEMSELVES should be enough reason to readily provide valuable knowledge to any African who sincerely enquires. I am an African, not black, as you called yourself. There's HUGE difference from a psychological perspective. You're new to this site. If you stick around a while you'll realize that I actually DO call myself an African. I just use the term "Black" in conversation with many people to avoid confusion because despite it being an innaccurate term, it is the most commonly understood term for our people in English speaking society. But it's clear now you're not going to get it. Maybe not now....... I used karma as a reference because most have a general idea of it but not because the two are parallel Kind of like how I use the terms "African" and "Black". Where are you getting information from? There is no African culture that I know of that has this stance on these things. It certainly isn't like that in Vodun. You are just speculating. There is so much more to these things in Vodun but you write as though you have it all figured out. Smh. But you are focusing on karma. The article is about salawa Exactly what part of my statement that you are commenting on is false or inaccurate? You think that I have to share certain experiences I've had with you as strong evidence that what I'm saying is correct? No, you don't "have" to. But it would be nice. You come on here and promote your spiritual concepts yet refuse to share key aspects of the spiritual abilities you should be receiving from it. Anybody who is able bodied can just "go through the motions" but how do we KNOW that what we practice is truly spiritually transforming if it doesn't bring you face to face with THE spiritual kingdom? Are you serious? Yes, show me the money. That's your criteria? Part of it. That could easily be made up. I could tell you anything and you would have no way of truly knowing if what I'm telling you is the truth. However I've dealt with spirituality and spiritual people enough to recognize whether or not your experiences share the same patterns with those who ARE legitimate.....which would lend more credibility to your claims.   Not clear what you're referring to but in general if an African refers to themselves as any kind of american then caucasians have succeeded in conquering their Ori African is a race, American is a nationality....the two can easily be reconciled.
  10.   Kareem They literally encourage begging for government jobs in lieu of black entrepreneurship and business ownership. I feel you there. It's getting to the point that every day I find myself day dreaming about leading all of the AfroAmericans off of the place I currently work at and like the Haitian Revolution...have some sort of large ceremony and make a PACT among eachother to never work for Caucasians again and instead create our own businesses. Most AfroAmericans I know are to the point that they really don't like (many actually hate) working for other people and really want to do their own thing. Teaching Democrats a real-time lesson is worth it. While I agree that the Democrat party has been taking AfroAmerican votes for granted for decades and they need to be taught a lesson, not voting at all and allowing Trump and Republicans to take over is NOT going to hurt the Caucasian led Democrat party nearly as much as it will hurt AfroAmericans. Yes, right now it's pretty much a lesser of two evils but we can't afford to fall into the trap of being so disenchanted with the system that we forfeit our birthright as citizens (natural to the land despite any laws or statutes) of this nation to DEMAND power be it political, social, or economic. What we need to be doing INSTEAD of simply refraining to vote and dropping out of the process all together is actually forming OUR OWN political party and pushing our own agenda through that party. Start off locally, then county, then state, and with the proper strategy in about 20 years we're ready to run our first President of OUR party who have OUR best interests in mind. Fuck playing someone else's game by someone else's rules! There are nearly 50 million AfroAmericans in this nation and we are large enough and powerful enough to MAKE OUR OWN rules to OUR OWN game. Troy I did also gather there was a petty beef going on... It's all about jealousy and greed my man. The biggest reason African people...not just in the United States but around the entire globe are in the condition they are in is NOT because of immorality, low intelligence, or even racist conspiracies! The BIGGEST reason is because of lack of UNITY. The inability to come around eachother and work together without one trying to boss over and rule over the other. One thinks he looks better and should rule, the other thinks she's smarter and should rule, and the other is being compelled by religion (and greed) to dominate over the others by "divine authority". The idea of submitting oneself to ANOTHER person rarely if ever crosses the mind of the average Black man. Even if he take on the role as follower or helper...in the back of his mind he sees himself as one day LEADING and is constantly waiting for an opportunity to seize the position.
  11. Don't forget Colin Ferguson....who was inspired to catch the Long Island train. https://www.thoughtco.com/colin-ferguson-long-island-railroad-massacre-972712 Dr. Khalid Muhammad called Colin Ferguson a modern day Nat Turner. Similar to Nat who grew up being somewhat priviledged to a better education and surroundings than a lot of other slaves, Colin was from Jamaica and grew up somewhat wealthy and more priviledged than the average African in either Jamaica or the United States. There's something about a member OF an oppressed group who grows up with wealth or more priviledges than others in that group that seems to inspire the biggest revolutionaries. My reconing is that when you grow up priviledged and believing that you have the freedom and power and comfort to enjoy life and then become an adult and are slapped in the face with raw oppression and humiliation.....it doesn't sit as well with you as it does with those who grow up in poverty and learn to humbly accept it. You either commit suicide out of despair or start KILLING those you feel are causing your discomfort and problems. Perhaps one of the main reasons so many AfroAmericans are in the condition they are in in this society is because they have been so accustomed to poverty and being on the low end of society that it no longer becomes "intolerable" to them to the point they would rather die (either at their own hands or while attempting to take out their oppressors) than continue in that miserable condition.
  12. Delano if you can inherit your genetics and wealth why not karma: the Kennedy's. You probably can, I don't know for sure. But I have a hard time believing this is the case UNLESS you are just a reincarnation of your ancestors. Furthermore, if this is controled by a Superior Power or THE SUPREME POWER then it seems to me that karma would be more than something you "inherit" from another but an actual sentence or judgement rendered by an Intelligent Being with the power to put it on or take it off. The genes responsible for heredity has very little intelligence, free will, and ability to discrimninate in it's actions as compared to the Intelligent Being or Beings authorized to distribute karma. So I would expect more discretion when karma is being delivered. As far as the Kennedy's....... You can't make that determination looking at a few negative incidents in the Kennedy family. If we really wanted to measure the amount of Karma flowing through the Kennedy lineage we would have to examine the ENTIRE life of Josesph Kennedy as well as the ENTIRE life of all of his children and grandchildren and then access how much of what he did has influenced how much of what happened to them. That's a more scientific way. But we shouldn't just guess and assume this and that happened because of Karma. It's like a man who shovels snow for the elderly and gives charity to the poor; everyone who knows him says he's a good man. But because he crossed the street without looking properly and got hit by a car.....some STRANGER watching it and don't know shit about him will point the finger and claim that his getting hit was "karma" for him not paying attention. Azacotogan Thank you for your reply.   To keep it short and to the point, and to make it clear, I posted what I did not for the purpose of legitimizing African spirituality for those who may be skeptical of it for whatever reason. It is for those who are actually interested in learning about Vodun. Not sure where you are in your journey but your first question is, interesting. Maybe you don't even see why it's odd, I'm not sure. Your first question can't be answered according to the nature of the realms you're asking about, aside from it being an obvious attempt to undermine the information related, but I will say this: any experience I have had with those realms, why would I relay that to someone who off the bat is skeptical of the concepts and thinks I owe them an explanation on whether or not I've "been to those realms." That would be an attempt to validate Vodun and African reality to someone who clearly questions it. I'm sorry but I don't do that. I don't have to prove anything to you. Either the information makes sense to you or it doesn't. But I'll say this in short, in Vodun and all other African spiritual traditions that I'm familiar with, interacting with the different realms spirit on a personal level is essential, necessary and a given when living the lifestyle. Azacotogan..... With all due respect, stop being accusatory and paranoid. You shouldn't accuse others of being "skeptical" or trying to undermine the information your sharing unless you have PROOF or STRONG EVIDENCE that this is the case and the questions that I asked DO NOT qualify for either. I'm not sure of your background, but keep in mind that when you're dealing with OTHER Black people (smile) that same strength and rebellious nature that starts burning in YOU that makes you want to fight that Blac man who gets in your face and questions your info is also burning in that same Black man who is in your face. And unlike Caucasians who will apologize to you and calm you down just to get more information out of you, getting defensive and accusatory on another African usually inspires him to fight you and display his strength and courage and pretty soon both sides will be going at eachother and with little productivity to show for it. We (the Black man) were created in TRUTH and the way to deal with eachother is in TRUTH. You shut another Black man up NOT be acussing him of being skeptical or trying to undermine you but by presenting your information so game-tight and irrefutable that he has no choice but to either concede and accept it or leave the community out of humiliation. So now...... Again, have YOU experienced visiting other realms and being with the ancestors and if so can you describe some of those experience in detail? Things that would contribute more toward lineage salawa would be things like, murder, rape, doing wicked spiritual acts against others, selling out the culture, trying to sell Africans as property to other people (a major taboo), things like that. To be clear...... Does this mean that if a group of men conspired to sell people as slaves or murder an entire village that somewhere down the line some of their DESCENDANTS will pay the price for what THEY did?
  13. Sometimes. Thoughts that come to me from the spiritual realms seem to bring more excitement and a feeling of "relief" than thoughts that I sit down and generate on my own.
  14. It could be the Mike Tyson set a bad example OR it could be that his daughter is just ANOTHER victim....one of many....who have fell victim to subliminal messages in the media and other methods that Caucasian men are using to make themselves more appealing to women of color. One of my favorite shows is The Walking Dead, but the one thing about that show that I don't like is how it makes the Caucasian men look like sexy, brave, intelligent heroes and most of the AfroAmerican men look like cowards and buffoons. The media pushes this narrative constantly and RELIGION has been doing this for centuries. If you are a female of color growing up in this society you have been bombarded both openly and subliminally with messages of Caucasian male superiority and desirability. But even then, it only goes so far because despite so many Black men being broke, on drugs, stupid, unemployed, in and out of jail, and homeless on the street with little power in society most STILL are considered sexy and can manage to not only get women but MULTIPLE women who end up fighting over them not to mention make multiple children who many don't even take care of. If AfroAmerican men are still mackin' like that even in their fallen state........imagine how attractive we'll be when we finally get our shit together, lol.
  15. Troy On top of what Kareem said, come on man...... How many times have I told you about the "white actors" who PRETEND to be engaging in certain behaviors or PRETEND to be poor and oppressed just to fool people of color? Or "white sacrifices" how they will slaughter many of their own just to get more of our people? Neely Fuller Jr. has been explaining this for decades: They'll smoke cigarettes just to get YOU to start, but it doesn't affect them like it does you. They'll drink hard liquor so YOU will start drinking it, but it doesn't affect them like it did the Native Americans. They'll use drugs and engage in all types of crazy and dangerous behavior just to trick people of color into doing it.....but it doesn't have the same effect. They invented "gay marriage" but you don't see homosexuality destroying THEIR communities nor do you see White men being paraded around on award shows in flamboyant dresses, do you? They are great at ILLUSION and giving the impression that they are just as poor and oppressed and suffering just as much but you really don't know WHAT they are going through.
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