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  1. Chev Because she found out the TRUTH about that tribe and how they were one of the ones responsible for hunting down Black people and making slaves out of them instead of saving them which the movie would have you believe. Hollywood is good at making EVIL look acceptable and even commendable. Infact, the name "Hollywood" takes it's name from the wood of the Holly Tree that magicians used to make magic wands out of. "… Deck the halls with boughs of holly .....Fa la la la la, la la la la"
  2. Sani Hello! Welcome to the site. You dropped a lot of knowledge and information in your posts. I'm still going through them...lol. However I don't believe that Caucasians came from Africa. I believe the Yakub Theory that they were MADE on an island through a form of selective breeding. Infact, I believe the collective consciousness of an "Atlantis" is evidence of them having past memories of being developed on this island.
  3. ProfD It seems to be keeping all h8ll from breaking loose in this country with a population of 345 million people. Perhaps that might be part of the problem! The system is keeping things together that SHOULDN'T be together. Perhaps this society of racism and injustice should have collapsed a long time ago but a system is put in place to keep it on life support and keep it sputtering along....as it ruins more lives. During the Pandemic.....so many were in a hurry for things to get back "to normal"....but I wasn't. I even saw a homeless dude on television talking about "we need to get back to normal in this society". "Boy I wish things would open back up so we can hurry up and get back to normal" For that man, "normal" is being broke and homeless! Now why in the HELL would a fool be in a hurry to get back to that??????
  4. Man....the DROP SQUAD. I haven't seen that flick in a GOOD minute. It's been probably 20 years! Now I gotta dig it up and watch that tonight with some fish and fried rice....lol.
  5. ProfD Most Black folks.....including myself....enjoy the movie "The Color Purple"...lol. But it was still a HIT on Black men. It wouldn't be very effective propaganda if they didn't make it so that people enjoyed it and would easily accept it and take it in. Gangsta Rap is enjoyable for most young people. The "best" lies are those that are mixed with the truth. ....and @Troy, what's this about you having a 7 MONTH OLD????? Did you recently get married and have a kid and didn't mention any of this to us??????
  6. Troy I'm gonna let Dr.Wesley Muhammad EXPLAIN to you the dangers of this movie. It's only about 30 minutes long so you can listen to it while you're driving or doing something else....it won't take too long.
  7. frankster Your theory echoes that of Herodotus who seemed to think the Colchians(Black Sea) were originally Egyptians now known as Georgians - Caucasians. He was actually close to being correct. He thought they were Egyptians who got lost up there on some expedition long ago and decided to just settle in the area. Actually..... Most of the Black people who dwelt in that region that he was referring to were the descendants of the Black troops SENT to that area to guard the perimeter and keep the Caucasians roped in the Caucasus after they were banished up there. These guards were sent all over the southern and western borders. Your Theory on the Flood story not being Global is incorrect. I didn't say it wasn't a global story. You should read my EXACT words. Troy yeah the food story predates the Bible. In fact wasn’t it in Gilgamesh? Because they all got it from the same original source. Gilgamesh is just the Aryan/Indian version of the same flood myth that the Jews and Greeks believed in. And just like the Aryan-Indians were Caucasian, so were the Jews and Greeks. Which is why I said all CAUCASIAN cultures share those same myths. You don't hear about ANCIENT (key word) Black, Brown, or even Yellow cultures embracing that flood myth.
  8. ProfD I like it but democracy doesn't work that way. I'm inclined to say that democracy doesn't work AT ALL....lol.....but......
  9. frankster When Musa/Moses went up into the caves and mountains to civilize the savage Caucasian, he didn't go alone. He went with a GROUP of people. Being from ancient Kemet clearly had ships and likely had advanced technology and probably even scuba-diving gear that allowed them to reach some parts of the Caucasus areas by sea or river. So it could be that some of Musa's men were dressed as a scuba/fish outfit to navigate water on to the land to teach and civilize a particular group. When the savages saw this they probably figured the people were part fish, looking at them being able to swim and come in and out of the water like that. Same thing with Jonah. Here was a man who to a group of savages standing on the shore looking at him.....looks like a fish is coughing him up on the beach. So they tell a story about or make a legend. When in REAL life he was probably just squirming out of his scuba-diving gear so he can get ready to teach the people. Over the years this story probably got split up as the various groups of Caucasians began to split up and go in different directions. Like most allegories and legends, these stories are based on historical facts. Now mind you..... They CLAIM that all of the ancient cultures believed in "Great Flood" stories. That's not true. The CAUCASIAN cultures found in different parts of the ancient world did....not the INDIGENOUS cultures. You don't find Africans or Native Americans talking about a Flood myth or a Noah. Only European, Middle Eastern, and India....places where Caucasians originally traveled to and settled.
  10. ProfD I think we'd be wasting our time trying to convince White people of any socio-economic class to do the right thing and allow fellow Americans to receive help using their tax dollars. I think when a Black man/woman gets in office and is in a position to do so....they should just USE the money to build the necessary infrastructure and help those who need help and let the consequences come. Racists are our enemies. You'll never convince them to use their money to help Black and Brown people. They hate you because you're Black but the mistreat you because they CAN. In other words, the goal shouldn't be to appeal to the conscience and morality of White people anymore. Those days dies with Martin Luther King. Today it's about grabbing power and then EXERTING that power once you've acquired it. "I'm in charge now sucka. We're gonna use the money the way I see fit."
  11. ProfD Unfortunately, the real America is motivated by money: Although it's a rare occasion....lol....I don't like disagreeing with you. Especially after you've just agreed with me concerning the same subject. However I have to step in and say. WE (you, I, and the other tens of millions of AfroAmericans) are the REAL America and REAL Americans. Rather I'd say the White racists IN America are motivated by money....just like the ones in every other nation they are found in are motivated by money. Makes no difference where you find these racist devils or what nation they claim or reside in....they all think and behave similarly. If WE (as Black Americans) decide we want to shift the federal funds from going to Ukraine or some redneck corn kicker in Iowa and redirect them towards building solid and sound infrastructures in Louisiana, Florida, and all along the Gulf Coast in the communities OUR people are living..who's gonna stop us? There's no way on this green Earth they would be able to stop and stand in our way if we as AfroAmericans MADE UP OUR MINDS to take advantage of the wealth and resources of this nation to better ourselves and condition. Maybe a little resistance from some dumb ones, but the smartest White folks would just stand to the side the hell out of the way and shrug their shoulders while we're building and hope and wait for the bickering and infighting among our people to start.
  12. Based on my research, there is strong evidence that Moses, Oannes, Dagon, and Jonah are all related to the same story.....based on facts. The Biblical story of Jonah seems to have been taken BY the Jews in Babylon from earlier sources. Most likely from the Akkadians who had a similar story but the main character's name was Oannes. Akkadians were among the first Caucasians to found a civilization in the Middle East after displacing the original Black Sumerians. As you pointed out, the Philistines are another group of Caucasians who landed on the shores of Canaan and THEY TOO have that same story of being "civilized" by Dagon who was supposedly "half-fish". I have a theory behind these stories that tie them together......
  13. Troy Have you seen the film? No. And don't plan on seeing it. Nor have I seen the original "Birth of a Nation". But enough people who HAVE seen it have said that it was racist propaganda and I'll take their word for it and not waste my time. And it's the same with this film. This question is profoundly ridiculous. Did you ever read about African female warriors? Yes. And I didn't need some propaganda movie written by two White women to spark my interest in the subject either. Where do you want to start...with Queen Candace of Ethiopia or Queen Nzinga of West Africa? I've BEEN studying Black/African history for decades. Which is WHY I asked the question I asked....which wasn't ridiculous but was spot on. Most of the women DID go topless in those days, especially non-royalty. So why wasn't it featured in the film? They did it for Shaka Zulu which was a TELEVISION film back in the 80s!! Are you telling me in 2022 they're afraid to show Black titties on the big screen??? Those questions were actually rhetorical because I KNOW why. The movie is PROPAGANDA....not meant for historical accuracy or even entertainment, but to BRAINWASH the public into further seeing Black women as more masculine and Black people in general as more savage and violent than the general population. Why you can't (or refuse to) see this is beyond me. In fact, believing a Black Trump supporter is dumb completely misses, and dismisses, the reasoning for their support. Actually, most of them are. Literally of low intelligence. I didn't say most Black REPUBLICANS are dumb. Most Black REPUBLICANS are business owners and have an interest in supporting Conservative values like low taxes, less regulation, ect...so I can see THEIR reasons for supporting the Republican party. However most Black TRUMP SUPPORTERS are: 1. Not business owners or wealthy 2. Not even traditional Republicans Most are poor or working class men with barely a high school education. And Trump is an OBVIOUS racist who is NOT very Conservative. His claim to fame is inflammatory racist and bigoted rhetoric...not traditional Conservative values. The MAIN reason a lot of Black men who support him do so is because: 1. He's flashy and arrogant in his speech and a lot of stupid Black folks find THAT ALONE attractive even if that cockiness and arrogance is being used to harm them and their community which is why so many rappers found that fool attractive. 2. He's sexist and supports the man's right to bash and mistreat women which a lot of brothers for one reason or another support. Especially men in the "man-o-sphere". They will ignore all of his racist and inflammatory rhetoric simply to support his "protect manhood in America" stance. In short.... Yes...they ARE generally stupid. How many Jews do you know will support an anti-Semite for ANY so-called "legitimate" reason???
  14. When I look at those of the African race, our skin and hair seem to be different than other races even if they are darker than us and I've often wondered could we be "mixed" with those who are extraterrestrial. Perhaps part Reptilian. The skin of most Africans seem to be rougher or "scalier" than that of non-Africans and this is especially apparent when it gets cold and we get ashy. It may also explain our kinky hair and why our pores are shaped in such a way that makes the hair come out like that. I heard Credo Mutwa talk about the tribes with the webbed feet pictured above and it makes me wonder.
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