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  1. This is gonna sound waaaaaay out there but.................. One of the reasons so many so-called "Black" websites are owned and operated by White people is because the level of intellectual power in the Black American community has declined so much that many of our people no longer have SENSE enough to operate their own websites. If White people DIDN'T put it together and run it, often times it would exist. Back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s we had HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of Black owned and operated television and radio stations. Black people controlled EVERYTHING from the airing to the subjects of the broadcast to building the antenna, working the cameras, ect...... We also had a lot of Black NEWSPAPERS. Nearly every Black community had it's own newspaper and every highschool with a sizeable Black population had it's own Black student newspaper. Black people in those days were smart and industrious and WANTED to own and operate and control everything pertaining to them! Today I don't know if we have even a dozen television stations owned and operated by Black people. Black radio is declining as well. It's a race to the bottom. Some of it is because of laziness. Many of our people want to do the EASY thing and just put everything online instead of making sure we are holding down ALL forms of media (television, movies, radio, ect....) To show you how lazy it has become. A lot of our people have abandoned their own websites just to do everything on facebook. They advertise their businesses on facebook. They hold talk shows on facebook. They gotta go beg facebook Zuckerberg for EVERYTHING and now he's their new master. But sadly, much of it isn't just because of laziness but because of INTELECTUAL DECLINE. A lot of our people today just don't have the intellectual capacity and organized thought capable of building and managing their own websites and businesses. Most of our brothers and sisters from Africa can do it.....but their intellects are still strong and intact because they were raised in a different environment eating different food. A lot of our people can't think clearly and linearly and in an organized fashion. Just look at many Black Americans under 50. Just LOOK at them and study them and how they act and you'll get your answer as to why so many websites aimed at them AREN'T owned by them or even managed by them. Go to a store or resturant and look at how long it takes so many to do simple math. when giving back your change. Go to a store where they're working and ask them a question and see if THEY can answer it or do they have to go and get a White or Asian person to answer it for them. Listen to the conversations they're having on the cell phone. Look at how so many are walking up and down the street talking and rapping to themselves and tossing their hands around in a frenzy. There is a serious decline in the intellect and prevents many of our people from accomplishing things that require EXECUTIVE thought like planning and organizing. Lead and flouride has saturated and jammed up the brains of too many of our people to the point that many of them operate on a MILDLY RETARED (moronic or idiotic) level of intellect.
  2. Take this job and stuff it?

    Cynique Were most of the men "coming on" to you Black? If so.....that may explain in part why they didn't harass you or get more aggressive after letting them know you weren't interested. Black men are usually BOLDER than White men when it comes to approaching women but we USUALLY (but not always) draw the line with rejection. Rather than sit there and harass the same woman over and over again who's made it plain that she doesn't want us, most of the time we'll just move on to messing with the next woman and will probably even go through DOZENS of women until we nail one.....lol. Some people don't like that approach, but it's one that has worked for ME and many other Black men who aren't considered the most attractive men in this society. There are exceptions to the rules and you have all types of Black and White men, but generally speaking most Black men like to play games and charm women into sleeping with them. We also tend to sleep with A LOT MORE women to increase the odds of "getting lucky" and staying that way. Where as most White men like to demand or coherce women through their money and power or sense of obligation and often times tend to focus on ONE woman at a time and maybe a second "mistress". Because of their status in society, many White men feel ENTITLED to women and find it very frustrating and almost intolerable that a woman would not want to sleep with them. Most women don't understand this mentality and are often surprised when they encounter it. On the other hand, most Black men in this nation are so used to being dissed and rejected that it really doesn't bother them as much. It becomes a NUMBERS GAME to them and they will shrugg off a rejection to move on to another target.....lol.
  3. CNN: Fluoride Lowers Intelligence !!!

    Troy For the same reasons that me and other Black people around the nation concluded that the lead contamination of Flint's water was aimed at the Black community even though many Whites were also affected. All you have to do is read between the lines AND observe what's going on around you. For years people have talked about how low the academic test scores of inner city schools have been as compared to their suburban counterparts. We know that flouridated water causes lower IQ among children. And we know that most urban areas where Black and Brown children live have fluoridated water while most SUBURBAN and RURAL areas where White children live typically don't have floridated water. So it should come as no suprise when we see that schools in urban districts populated by Black and Brown children have lower academic scores than schools in suburban and rural districts populated mostly by White children. Also, there are 2 things you should keep in mind that also explains why White people aren't AS exposed to fluoride as Blacks........... 1. Most White people consume bottled water and filtered water which usually doesn't have fluoride. 2. Most of the water in corporate offices, surburban schools, and other environments frequented by middle and upper class Whites are served from water coolers and or filtered fountains which doesn't have fluoride added. And the few White people who ARE drinking up this fluoridated water are typically poor and lower working class White people who are stuck in urban areas. The majority who live in the surburs or way out in the country aren't. Just more evidence for the attempted DUMBING DOWN of Black America.
  4. Making a NAtive New York State

    Richard So basically what you're saying is that in Harlem today those who are PHENOTYPICALLY BLACK.....meaning that if they were born in the United States and raised in an English speaking culture you wouldn't be able to tell them from other AfroAmericans.....are STILL the majority. This is what I figured. So what I said in my previous post remains. All people of African descent must unite on their African heritage and recognize themselves as AfroAmericans. And like you incinuated, Haitians, Jamaicans, most Dominicans, and a very large percentage of Puerto Ricans ARE INDEED AFROAMERICANS TOO! The Carribean Islands are part of LATIN AMERICA and NORTH AMERICA so they....just like Canadians and Mexicans are Americans even though they may not be United States citizens. So those of them that share our phenotype need to know that just like us THEY are Black or atleast AfroAmericans.   "The black community in the usa,or the larger american continent, historically has never been united in one cultural framework, from its own doing. " They aren't united, but I'm not sure if it's from OUR own doing. I think White Supremacists PURPOSELY SEPARATED US based on culture, religion, and land. Not only did the Spanish and English and Portuguese separate Africans from eachother based on their own nationality, but even WITHIN their own national cultures they caused divisions to exist among African peoples based on skin color, male/female relationships, religion, ect... "My point is, the native american has suffered more than any other and the usa or the states that composite it were created on their pain first and foremost. So, if people want to solve problems in the usa, then solve the oldest problem." I believe that the Native Americans have suffered and ARE suffering perhaps more than any other race. I also believe that any true solution and reparations for what happened in the Americas MUST include compensating them properly and justly. I don't believe Whites will do this but I believe Blacks can and will do this.   But before Black people can help ANYONE else as a group, I think we need to get our own act together and help ourselves.     "I am black, some native americans are black, but native americans from any phenotype need to be given the honor they were murdered from centuries ago." I've heard that some Native Americans are Black. I know that MOST of these very light and White people running around CALLING themselves Native American aren't really Native American. I also know that Black people CAME to the Americas centuries before Columbus. But my understanding is that: 1. Most of the Native Americans are of a phenotype of brown skin and straight black hair. Meaning they are all of one racial type...not several. 2. The Black peoples who WERE in the Americas before Columbus and the Europeans came were clearly of a SEPARATE race despite the fact that they were welcomed and blended in culturally. Would my understanding be correct? And if it's not.....what PROOF do we have to the contrary? "everyone else in the usa is an immigrant outside native americans. aztec/maya come from central america or southern lands." I agree that Blacks, Whites, and Yellows are of another race.....but aren't the Aztecs and Mayans of the SAME race as the Native Americans (Cherokee, Iroquois, Arawak, etc....) of the United States? The phenotype is basically the same for all of the original peoples of both North and South America.
  5. CNN: Fluoride Lowers Intelligence !!!

    Remember in 2016 when we had the same discussion about LEAD and how it was lowering the intelligence of children in the inner cities? There is a deliberated DUMBING DOWN of Black children in the United States and it has been going on for decades.
  6. Troy I was just messing with you on the "oxymoron".....lol....but to answer your question: Easily...... Wall Street is NOT a monolith. Even at the center of the American economy you have various groups with various interests, often competing and even at odds with eachother. One group may hedge their bets on Obama, the other on McCain/Romney. Just like in this recent election one group hedged their bets on Clinton while others went for Trump. Then you have some economic leaders who will support BOTH candidates! When you have multiple billions to play with, you can put SOME of your money behind BOTH candidates making sure that regardless as to WHO wins.....you'll be set. Think about it........ If you have 50 dollars, and there was a race between 2 characters where the winner paid off 10 to 1.......why not invest $20 by placing $10 behind BOTH. No matter the outcome.....you're guaranteed a $100 return!
  7. Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says "Increased levels of prenatal fluoride exposure may be associated with lower cognitive function in children, a new study says. . " http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/19/health/fluoride-iq-neurotoxin-study/
  8. It being a matter of excessive greed (oxymoron?) is probably true, but it's not the ONLY reason. I believe there were other reasons such as: 1. Racism. Many of the owners and CEOs of these corporations are White males, by nature racist, and wanted to see the first AfroAmerican President fail by sabatoging the economy. 2. Strategy Knowing that a Democrat was coming into office, they probably anticipated more regulations so they felt it would be better to downsize and cut the "dead weight" ASAP before more rules were added to the game.
  9. Black Woman Turns White.

    Troy   "it you don't decide what is important then someone else will do it for you" Nailed it. Again, it's all about CONTROLING THE NARRATIVE. If people would have looked at the commercial in it's entire "context" then they would have noticed that after the Black woman turned White.....the White woman turned into a non-White woman who looked like she was of Middle Easter descent. I just makes Black people look like we're crying wolf.....and we weren't even the ones pushing the issue. Cynique "i have become burnt out trying to justify why blacks have reason to complain." Maybe you should stop trying. The older I get, the more I realize how USELESS it often is trying to convince White people that racism is a problem. It's NOT a problem.....for them. Like Archie Bunker (All In The Family) told the man at the unemployment agency who pretended to sympathize with him and said he undertand what he was going through, Archie said OFCOURSE you know what I'm going through because YOU'RE the one putting me through it! I thought that was one of the most remarkable lines in television history. Every Black person should memorize that line and use it as a response as well as a motto because it will teach our people not to put so much effort into COMPLAINING to the very people who are guilty of the offense! By the way...... I've often wondered over the years would Black people do the same thing White people have done if WE were in the same position with just as much power. After studying both, I seriously doubt that we would. Ofcourse White people have had more technology and were smarter, but that's not the only reason they act the way they do.....there are other deeper psychological reasons that Black people DON'T share. I don't think Black people would be so anti-sexual if we were ruling. Del The person who called you a racist and facist......what color were they?
  10. Young people also grow up without a sense of PRIVACY like those of past generation. They don't have a problem with all of their business being made known to the public, including their phone numbers, address, and even social security number. You can't go into a Macys or Norstrom or any other high end department store without them trying to get as much information as they can out of you while making your purchase. And most people just blurt all of their personal information out into the open without so much as taking a look over their shoulders to see who may be listening. Infact, this so-called "information age" has made a lot of young people just down right naive. If you go into a grocery store or a coffee shop you'll notice that most of the time you have to ASK for a receipt because the attendant will just NOT give you one. It's become the norm not to get paper receipts for your purchases and most young people don't seem to understand the need for one.....UNITL.
  11. Troy That's the point I was making..... The high unemployment rates at the beggining of Obama's Adminstration was not the fault of his administration but was well planned BEFORE he took office. Designed to sabatoge it. Not only did Obama bail out Wall St, he gave the big 3 automakers a bailout too. He just gives these automakers billions of dollars and offers them federal assistance to get their financial affairs in order with absolutely NO demand that they hire the millions of unemployed people all over the nation that need jobs.
  12. Black Woman Turns White.

    Troy you're right we DO have more important things to be outraged about...... But I seriously doubt WE (Black people) are the ones who even made this an issue.....initially atleast. I'm willing to bet only a few Black people even complained about the ad. But it was probably a STRATEGIC MOVE by racists in the media. Just one more of many attempts to TRIVIALIZE racism by focusing on minor incidents of "maybe" racism while ignoring the bigger ones. This issue with dove soap is just one example. Another example is if you remember a few weeks ago ESPN decided to replace an Asian announcer because his name was "Robert Lee": "In the wake of the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Va., ESPN has reassigned announcer Robert Lee from broadcasting Virginia’s season-opening game against William & Mary because of the similarity of his name to the famous Confederate general Robert E. Lee. ESPN provided the following statement: "We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue."   https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2017/08/22/robert-lee-espn-announcer-university-virginia-charlottesville   Now in BOTH cases I'm willing to wager that very few if any BLACK PEOPLE complained about these issues being racist. Hell, ESPN actually SUSPENDED a Black woman Jemele Hill for her tweets about Donald Trump! So are we to seriously believe that they really give a damn about the sensitivities of Black people to the point of removing an Asian announcer because of his name? Something Black people probably never even requested. This is one of the reasons we have to do what Tariq Nasheed said and CONTROL THE NARRATIVE when it comes to racial discussions. When WE control the narrative, the real issues of real racism get discussed and focused on. When White racists and corporatists control the narrative, they focus the public on nonsense that TRIVIALIZES the problem of racism and makes any accusation of it look ridiculous.
  13. Educate2Empower Excellent observations in your post! I especially like how you mentioned the various Black enterainers and how they are promoted because they pose no serious threat to the establishment. Infact, it's the establishment who promoted them in the first place. It's called the "illusion of success". While they undereducate, incarcerate, and impoverish the overall Black community they'll prop up a few Black stooges and celebrities to hold up as examples of success so that the world will not realize what is being done to the Black population in America. Also it fools silly negroes, the majority who are poor....into looking at these "role models" and thinking that with hard work and good luck one day THEY TOO will be as successful; while not realizing that the system is corrupt and rigged for them to fail. If you study them closely, nearly half of these Black celebrities that are being hailed as successes have children with autism and other cognitive dysfunctions. Mel Damn, gurrl. I may disagree with you on a lot but "the man in me" has to admit, you're one hot ass number.....lol. You reminded me of that singer Jody Watley, but with a deep tan....lol. I know you've moved around but I'm suprised the Black men you worked around even LET White men get close enough to you to date or marry you. I've noticed that White men love to find the most attractive Black women who know how to act to push up on and try to get next to. Me personally.... I wouldn't have CARED whether or not you loved those particular White men, I'd do everyting in my power to make sure you were with a BLACK MAN. Or end up alone....lol. If a White man came snooping around looking for "hot Black chicks" to hook up with I'd make him go down to the projects and get some section-8 sister with 5 kids for him to first "rescue", then maybe........ Cynique You look good too.....especially for a woman in her 80s. But although I mean it, I only mentioned it out of courtesy and acknowledgment of your presence. You're clearly the type who doesn't care if a man compliments you on your looks or not....lol. And something tells me that even when you were younger and in your prime compliments from men STILL didn't have much of an influence over you....lol.
  14. Interesting conversation................... Both You really can't believe in the distorted employment figures that are being put out by the Department of Labor regardless as to WHO'S administration they were reported under. They only classify people who are receiving UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE as "unemployed". That's it. If you aren't on unemployment benefits, as far as they are concerned you are working full time.....lol. So if you've given up and have dropped out of the workforce, you're employed. If you're making your money illegally in the underworld, you're employed. If you are disabled and can't work, you're not counted as unemployed. If you are a housewife or stay at home dad and don't work, you don't count as unemployed. They don't count prisoners and jail inmates as unemployed either. It's like skipping over bridges, overpasses, alleys, abandoned buildings and just going straight to homeless shelters and counting the number of people you see there to determine how many homeless people are in your city.....lol. Nearly HALF of the able bodied population in this nation is UNEMPLOYED but because of the deceptive way the numbers are tallied....they'll have you thinking unemployment is at an all time low. As far as the Obama's job numbers.......... I remember that as soon as Obama was elected president back in November of 2008...BEFORE he took office in 2009.....we had one of the largest massive lay off campaigns in modern U.S. history! I remember in the November, December, and January leading up to Obama's inaguration each major coporation started massively laying off people by the hundreds of thousands. It was if they were trying to SABATOGE that man's Presidency by ruining the economy before he took office.
  15. Making a NAtive New York State

    Man..... I haven't been in Harlem in YEARS. Is it still even MOSTLY Black? For years some of my friends in New York tell me about gentrification and how many White people are moving to Harlem but the previous time I went there the streets were STILL packed with negroes with big muscles bouncing up and down the sidewalks and sisters with dreadlocks selling sheabutter.....lol. You talk about Black power and Black representation in New York...... The problem that I immediately saw even the first time I went to Harlem was that you have a lot of Black people there who don't even CLASSIFY themselves as Black! Thousands of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Jamaicans, and other West Indians who may be Black as tar but don't identify with being Black or AfroAmerican. That hinders progress right there because nearly half of your own people don't want to indentify with you or even eachother and we know that much power is in unity.....not division. You can have Puerto Ricans or Dominicans all chilling at a stand but if a Black man who DOESN'T speak Spanish goes to sit down....they all stop talking and stare him down.....like they WANT to give him a beat down. And he BETTER NOT look like he want to holler at a Latina female....lol. And often times it's the light skinned Latinos who are LEADING the darker and Black Latinos to fight against their AfroAmerican brothers. I blame Black New Yorkers (Troy stand up....lol) for this problem because we should MAKE SURE that Black immigrants who come to this nation clearly understand who they are and where they stand in this nation and don't give them the option of NOT associating with us. Our strength lays heavily in our unity and we can't have millions of us divided over religion, culture, what island we come from ect...... So the first step is gaining power is in uniting the ENTIRE BLACK POPULATION of New York City or atleast Uptown and parts of The Bronx and Brooklyn/Queens that are still predominately Black or AfroLatino and making them understand that we are all of African descent and share being victimized by racism no matter which nation we came from. And that's just step 1.