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  1. Minister Farrakhan has BEEN warning us about vaccines and other medicines from these racist devils, and he's been doing so for DECADES. Other Ministers like Rizza Islam and Wesley Muhammad have also been recent warners. No need to re-invent the wheel.....we've already had decades upon decades of warnings to educated us on the dangers of taking the devil's poisons.
  2. nels You and other right-wingers have been constantly running around on the internet talking about this "global reset" that is supposed to take place. Yall claimed it was supposed to take place way back in 2012...then 2015....then in 2020....now it's 2022. Exactly when is this thing supposed to be RESET? Because I'm LOOKING FORWARD to a Global Reset, to be honest. I don't like the way this world has been ran for the past 500 years and I think it's about TIME for a major global resent and a NEW WORLD ORDER. I'm not only WAITING on it I'm LOOKING FORWARD to it. I wish they'd stop teasing us and BRING IT.
  3. Mzuri It's not that serious. But is that how you look while you're asleep? NO...Miss Lady....that's not how I look when I sleep. Because I don't sleep on my stomach....lol....I sleep on my side. nels "racist devils." ? | The sign of a small mind. And your passsive-aggressive mannerisms are a sign of a small "something else"....lol. Troy True, but surely something can be done about it. The political process is not total useless … is it? Yeah....form OUR OWN political party and abandon both. That's one of the best things we can do about it. If a woman his caught between two abusive men, unless she's alone on a deserted island...she always has the option to LEAVE BOTH and keep looking until she finds a man who'll lover her. As AfroAmericans we need to learn how to be INDEPENDENT and DO FOR SELF instead of constantly running from one abusive relationship to another hoping that one racist will treat us better than the last racist we were with. a lot of young people want to leave America, so disenfranchised, they feel other countries provide better opportunities. It is sad for people have legitimate reasons to feel this way… For a lot of young people, there ARE more opportunities outside of the nation than there are here. That's a sad but true reality. A lot of young educated Black people can just go right over to Canada and find better employment opportunities there than here.
  4. ProfD They're already started doing both 1 and 2. Infact, they started doing both in early 2021. The racists who started the virus in the first place have been dropping little hints here and there all through out the pandemic that people would have to "learn to live with it" which is basically treating it like the common cold or flu. Just learn to live with it and accept it....including the death and disability. They're just getting bolder and bolder with it now. Remember early on in the Pandemic when they kept pointing to Sweden and how Sweden and Norway and other northern European nations were pretty much keeping their society open and ignoring the deaths and disabilities from the virus.....until things got so bad could no longer just "ignore" it. Even back then they wanted America to just "get used" to the death and destruction caused by Covid. Now the mainstreams is pushing this approach out in the open.
  5. You'll get no arguments from me...... I don't even know why Nels brought it up in the first place. His MOUTH is already lubricated for what he wants to do.....no need for additional lubricants, lol "Ahhhhh...... I can take it like a man!"
  6. As long as racist Caucasians are running this nation and this world...don't expect for any ONE mayor to change this and improve the situation. They (the racist Caucasians) MADE the conditions by which there is so much crime, violence, and poverty not just in New York but around the planet. They did this on purpose to cause chaos and confusion and desparation. More crime means more police and more excuses to lock up people and used them for cheap labor as well as an excuse to jack up the prices in certain neighborhoods and make you PAY for your own safety.
  7. I don't trust either party (Republican or Democrat) or either channel (Fox News or CNN). I'm not going to trade in one slave master for another. Or run away from the Democratic plantation just to take refuge on the Republican plantation. BOTH of them are headed by the same racist devils.
  8. Nels (nails???) I should start calling you NAILS because you're grasping and clawing for attention from me....lol Pioneer1, you make absolutely NO sense. Black people who commit crimes ARE criminals, just like everyone else who does. Don't waste your room temperature-level IQ trying to explain away what you don't know. And yes, black people tend to spend a lot of their lives trying to un-black themselves. It is what it is. For someone you claim doesn't make any sense, you sure do understand enough of what I say to challenge and oppose it. Again, my question is WHO TAUGHT them to hate themselves? If Black people hate themselves...as you say...then WHO taught them to????
  9. Then I take it that "talking to yourself" is atleast one symptom of schizophrenia that you don't display....yet, lol
  10. But....I thought you said you wanted to BUY some from me? I'm not all up in your business but.... You told me that you learned your lesson the last time that condom got stuck inside you, lol.
  11. Mzuri I'm still trying to get myself together after seeing at that teddy bear in your post. I'm sure I'll come up with an adequate response after the emotional reaction to that image calms down a bit..LOL Nels Pioneer1, when you finish with that crack pipe, let us know. Why? Are you feenin' for a hit? Sorry, I don't do drugs. I suggest you find someone else to supply your "gots-ta-habits"...lol
  12. People usually ditch their crutches when they are HEALED or atleast HEALING. No one discards their crutches WHILE their mobility is still severely impaired.
  13. Just like when you vote for a known Russian agent ....you get a guy who actually instigates an insurrection and the dismantling of his own country.
  14. As long as you stay out of them. Somebody said that you're the INGREDIENT that turns sweet dreams into bitter nightmares...lol
  15. Ok....I'm suggesting that YOU do it, lol. Let's start there and see how it goes.
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