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  1. A lot of our people have been conditioned....indeed down right brainwashed....to believe that ANYTHING proper, good, and decent = White. The police = White Proper English = White Law abiding = White Good grades in school = White Reading = White Model Citizen = White Despite all of these goofy ass White folks out here fucking up all day every day; because of their inferiority complex they associate ANYTHING decent and proper with being White. Most Black folks who come from Africa don't have that problem. They are conditioned to try to speak English as properly as they can. Infact, they learn BRITISH English which is supposed to be superior to American English. It's a shame someone born and raised in an entirely different nation can speak English better than a lot of these people born and raised in Chicago or St.Louis. Go to Chicago and listen to how many of the Black folks there speak. It's not the South, yet many of them sound like slaves who just stepped off the damn plantation in 2023.
  2. Notice how when a White person kills OTHER WHITE PEOPLE.....the police don't hesitate to rush in and kill them? But when these demons kill Black and Brown people......they find every excuse in the world to escort them out alive? Look at what happened in Buffalo and how that one clown was able to kill 10 elderly Black folks and get a personal escort out to the cruiser.
  3. This is one of the major reasons why the White people in authority actually WANT plenty of Black and Brown people in this nation. The wise Whites recognize that their desire for violence and murder is so high, if there are no people of color around to kill....they'll start slaughtering eachother in short order. Look at Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and other nearly all White nations and the mass genocide that occurred. The smart Whites have realized that in order to satisfy their blood lust without committing social suicide, they MUST have some people of color around to sacrifice.
  4. Uh..........excuse YOU. But I didn't know I was even talking to you.....until now. So what.....you don't even want me to post in this thread anymore? Ok..... I'll leave you alone to conversate with your ultra-Conservative passively racist White friend. You can continue to try to win him over.
  5. I remember reading about the Salem witch trials years ago and they claimed it was started by Tituba who was a maid from the Caribbean. They said she got angry at the White family she was working for and cast a spell on them using dog pee. They said the first to feel the effects were the girls of the family who started acting crazy. It was probably more myth than reality. Just an attempt to blame everything bad some Black person, like they usually like to do. I heard she was mixed race as well.
  6. Pedo 007 So.....are YOU gonna go visit Mr. Evans in the hospital? Since he's not going to be driving for a while, why don't YOU take his spot.
  7. I'm sorry maaaaan.......lol. I guess I was just thinking more about her position as Lieutenant and how there were so many others in higher authority than her, but I believe she WAS the highest ranking regular occurring female on the show.
  8. Mixed race people have also been used by the dominating race/class to help them maintain control over the oppressed race/class. Just like Mulatto people were used by the Whites to help them oppress the Black masses, Meztizo people were used by Whites to help them oppress the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.
  9. ......yet she STILL engages with the devil. ((shakes head)) I'm waiting for her to invite him over for dinner with the family. And I see we got more assholes popping up out of the grass.....lol.
  10. Troy LOL...if you weren't so busy trying to play Columbo.....or KOJAK..... "Gotcha! "I knew you were lying!!!" .....you would have noticed my previous post when I said MOST people (including me) have basically kept the same body type through out the years from childhood, youth, and even up through middle age. Not ALL people....MOST people. Yeah I know a "few" people who's body types have changed. I had an uncle who gained weight after becoming a type 2 diabetic. He went from skinny to obese. I had another relative who started off skinny but got into bodybuilding and now he looks like the Incredible Hulk....lol. But MOST people I know have kept the same body type.
  11. As soon as I heard it was a woman with multiple husbands...I KNEW it was going to be a Black woman. It's called social engineering. Training our people, especially our women....to do things ass backwards so that the community will stay in a state of chaos and confusion.
  12. Now they're talking about there might not be an indictment against Trump this week OR next.....LOL. This is nothing but a game. First of all, there is no "threat" from Trump supporters that the Feds can't handle. Just like that January 6th thing...... They sit back and LET those rednecks go out of control and attack the Capitol, then turn around and PRETEND to be helpless as if they couldn't have prevented it. Funny thing was, when that brutha from the Secret Service shot that White woman who was trying to break into the Senate floor......THEN they all jumped into action and quelled the situation. Like Neely Fuller Jr. said, White folks LOVE to pretend that they don't know what to do when it comes to problems they can easily solve in 15 minutes.
  13. I'm interested to see what piece Lt. Uhura will be....lol. Knight or Bishop, maybe? .....ha' mercy.
  14. I can see this being the case with Biden and definitely with the Clintons....but what would Obama be afraid of by having his then Attorney General investigate and prosecute Trump? Hell, everything they had on Obama they USED against him anyway. They even made up shit on THAT brutha.....lol. I don't know if Obama can be forgiven for allowing Trump to get away with what he did when HE of all people had the opportunity to stop him.
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