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  1. Troy Mere "data" between those two time periods shouldn't be enough for one to base an INTELLIGENT decision on. You'd have to have some experience living in both societies at the time or atleast observe both times extensively to get an accurate assessment of both in order to make that decision. Why are you focused on "1821" all of a sudden? At first you offered TWO choices...1821 and 1921. Then you started drilling on 1821.
  2. Troy It's ONE STEP in the process of attempting to get you to understand that just because something is a CONCEPT (such as "social constructs"), that doesn't mean it's not real or doesn't exist.
  3. Troy No, I wasn't familiar with it until you just posted it. Obviously not, but I read about it? So simply READING about something qualifies you to make snap judgements as to whether or not you'd like to spend the rest of your life there? Lol....hey man, I got some brochures I wanna mail you if you're in the mood to buy some property! So you are telling me, with a straight face, that you know so little about what life was like in America, for a Black man, in 1821 that you cannot decide which period you would like to live in? Seriously?!
  4. Troy So you you believe in a jolly fat bearded white guy who maintains a naughty and nice list and flys around faster that the speed of light with reindeer distributing toys made by elves in the North Pole, commonly know as Santa Claus? To answer your question directly again: No. Why should I?
  5. Troy You are “not sure” about 1821, are you kidding me?! You’ll do anything not to consider point. I wasn't around back then to observe the environment so that I could make an educated comparison. Were you? So you were telling me you would rather live in 1921 the United States? Again, I wasn't around back then to observe it and make a proper comparison. You talk about Negroes getting lynched every other week, but did you think about the Negroes getting SHOT ever other HOUR around this nation not only by racist Caucasi
  6. Yes. See how easy that was to answer a simple "yes" or "no" question?
  7. Troy OK, if your definition of “existence” means anything that can be conceived in one’s own mind or things that exist elsewhere in the multi-verse, well sure, Santa Claus exists. I'm glad we agree...but it's not MY definition....it's THEE definition. If you discounted the existence of something simply because it exists ONLY in the mind then you'd have to say IDEAS don't exist. Come on man. If you are now going to try to shoehorn that definition into one to justify the reality of a social construct you’d be hard-pressed to d
  8. Troy OK then, Santa Claus existed in your space/time continuum, but I did not experience that timeline. Well, keep in mind that just because YOU didn't experience something in your timeline (parallel universe??) doesn't mean it doesn't exist. While something may exist IN a Universe, it's "existence" isn't limited to a particular Universe. But atleast we're making progress since you now acknowledge the existence of Santa Claus! Now we can move on to social constructs.........
  9. Some would argue that there is NO SUCH thing as "existed" except as a word. The argument says that -that which DID exist....DOES exist, even if it exists in a different state than before. "Yall can't handle that one......"
  10. Troy but my first response was abundantly clear. Your response was a DIATRIBE. An unsolicited strawman of presupposed descriptions. I didn't ask you did you believe in the existence of a "jolly fat bearded white guy who maintains a naughty and nice list and flys around faster that the speed of light with reindeer distributing toys made by elves in the North Pole." I asked you do you dispute the existence of Santa Claus. It's a simple YES or NO question, yet you refuse to answer it. D
  11. Troy You tell me. Would you like to go back to 1821, or 1921? Not sure about 1821, but 1921....why not? AfroAmericans collectively were doing MUCH BETTER in 1921 than they were 99 years later in 2020. We had our own land, could build our own houses, and had our own businesses and hospitals. Our families were also more intact and there was less confusion among us. That is an interesting statement I can’t think of a scenario in the United States in which the historic levels of wealth any quality can be justify o
  12. Troy First.....will you please answer the question. Do you DISPUTE the existence of Santa Clause? YES - NO - YOU DON'T KNOW After you answer, then I will proceed and tell you EXACTLY who Santa Claus is! LOL....is this what you and Del learned in college? How to evade questions, or respond to them with a flurry of unrelated questions of your own?
  13. Delano I have discussions to exchange ideas.I am not trying to convince or convert How can you have a discussion with anyone when you refuse to answer simple questions they ask you? I asked you a simple question and you gave me a statement about convincing and conversion totally UNRELATED to the question I ask, lol. I asked you do you AGREE that Santa Claus exists in the minds of some adults and children? It's a relatively simple question.
  14. Delano I hear what you're saying, however to keep it simple- I need you to clarify a statement for me: You said: Does this mean that you agree that Santa Claus DOES exist in the minds of some adults and children?
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