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  1. Kareem But there are in fact a lot of Nigerian and Caribbean immigrants who belittle and disrespect ADOS. In fact they even have their own derogatory word for us - akkaka or something like that I think the word you're speaking of is "akata". It's my understanding that it's a general West African term for AfroAmericans which means "cottoner" or "cotton picker"....lol. Well, it's a little bit better than what many of the EAST Africans call us, which is "adoon". That is the Somali word for AfroAmericans which means "slave". It appears that everyone's got a name for us....lol.
  2. Kareem Ofcourse the name "Malcolm X" is much more becoming of his character and legacy than "Malcolm Little", however as he progressed forward in his life he changed it to "Malik Shabazz" and I'm sure that unless he changed it again....if he were still with un on this plane he would still be calling himself "Malik Shabazz". But as I said before, I used the two....X and Shabazz....interchangeably to avoid confusion. As far as our hard hitting "cradle to the grave" brother....... When I first heard of his death and the circumstances surrounding it I strongly believed that he was poisoned and killed, but the more I listened carefully from those closest to him like Malik Zulu and also Chairman N'Zinga who both said he had dangerously high blood pressure, was very stressed out, and that contributed to him having an anyurism.....that more plausible it began to sound too. I would be 50/50 on the issue but the fact is I actually saw him in real life on several occasions and his eyes were often so blood-shot red that they looked brown almost so that corroborates much of what Malik Zulu has said about his eyes being red from such dangerously high blood pressue. So that puts me just a little bit over (just a percentage or 2) on the side that he probably did have a massive stroke. This world is interesting, people don't always die in the manner you THINK they may die. Eazy E grew up in Compton selling dope and pulling guns on people but ended up dying of AIDS. I'm with you completely on Farrah Gray. He has his father's intelligence and drive and the older he gets the more he looks like him.
  3. Troy The book cover on "the site that begins with A," that you linked to ???? I didn't provide a link in that post. Man, you don't believe in ANYTHING do you....lol. You don't believe in race. You don't believe the Illuminati exists. You don't believe the Willie Lynch letter is authentic. I picture you just sitting in a chair with your arms folded and one eye brow raised whenever people are talking to you, lol. Kareem Thanks. Lol.....man you didn't a better and more articulate job defending my post than I would have!
  4. Troy especially if it includes decendants of the enslaved across the Americas. Usually it doesn't and that is part of my response to your question: However, does anyone think the term might be divisive for the reason i just mentioned? I've said for a long time that AfroAmericans need to slow down with all of these "coalitions" with Latinos, Asians, ect....who don't give a damn about our cause. But as much as I love Tariq Nasheed I have to take issue with the way he's been bashing African and Carribean Africans lately. You have ADOS the loosely based concept, which I'm down with. But then you have an ADOS hard core group whom I believe is led by Yvette Carnell and a brother who's a lawyer out of Los Angeles and they are STRICTLY AfroAmericans of the UNITED STATES ONLY. They ain't trying to hear about the plight of Brazilians, Haitians, Jamaicans, Puerto Ricans, ect...and like you said, they've been enslaved also. So yes in my opinion it is divisive but SOME of the division is NECESSARY. Especially when it comes to separating ourselves from many of these Caucasian Latinos, East Asians, Arabs, and others who claim to be "of color" but are also racist and anti-Black.
  5. Kareem I'm glad someone else has noticed the degradation of AfroAmerican television over the past 25 years or so. Back in the 80s and 90s besides the sitcoms you listed, we also had a respectable list of of INTELLIGENT AfroAmerican talk shows like Arsenio Hall, Oprah, and Montel Williams. Now they get rid of them and give us Wendy Williams. ...talk about a "freak show". They had "Cops" in the 80s and 90s which some considered somewhat racist, but there were so many positive AfroAmerican shows on that it OFFSET the damage done by shows like Jerry Springer and Cops. Today you have 1st Responders and Live PD which is FULL BLOWN RACIST and there aren't enough intelligent AfroAmerican programs on to offset it. Because they are not allowed to do that. No sense in getting in a back and forth about it. But if you join a white imperial organization, you exist to enforce white imperialism. Police imperialism is what one of our sites has covered since 2007. There's no such a thing as a "good cop" because if they cross that "thin blue line," they get fired, arrested or worse. I hear and understand exactly what you're saying my brother, yet and still.....as long as we're living in this society and don't have a police force of our own what's the alternative? As racist and corrupt as the system may be, if it were to collapse overnight.....knowing what YOU know about many of our people it wouldn't be 72 hours before there was complete mayhem on the streets in certain areas because so many of our people haven't learned how to govern themselves peaceably and civily. Just like you and your uncle can work in and with this system to establish justice for our people, are not atleast SOME AfroAmerican cops capable of the same? BTW..... To show you what kind of guy I am, here's an article I just read today that actually bolsters YOUR argument of what happens to AfroAmerican officers who try to speak up. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/sheriff-helped-plot-his-own-deputys-killing-over-racially-offensive-tape-prosecutors-say/ar-AAHq9xj?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=TSHDHP
  6. To be clear, their were Africans in the Americas for THOUSANDS of years before the Great Ma'afa (Trans Atlantic Slave Trade). And while the first slaves were brought to the United State in 1619 (before it even was the United States), slavery actually started in North America around 1555. The reason there's a 64 year difference in the dates is because of a very horrible fact. In 1555 the first few boats of Africans were brought to the ISLANDS of the Carribean like Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, ect...... These Africans were beaten, tortured, and trained to become slaves and their children were taught this also. They were forced to forget their religions, thier languages, their diets.....and forced to adopt Christianity, learn English, and eat rotten food that wasn't good for them. This was called "breaking". THEN after 64 years of torture and breaking down the will and bodies of Africans and making them fit for the dehumanizing conditions of slavery then THEIR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN were brought to the mainland to be slaves in 1619. To learn more about this process of slave-making and buck-breaking, I suggest a book by a brother named Alfred Ali called 64 Years To Make a Negro.
  7. Chev That was some powerful information you dropped right there. It's gonna take me a while to digest it. Especially what you said about Adam. There are some who say that the ziggurats, like the pyramids of Kemet and the Americas...were used by flying ships and aircraft based on ancient technology.
  8. Chev okay, thank you for the definition! I was not responding with this understanding, but after I signed off, I realized I was thinking wrong. Still though, I don't believe that White people, 'Caucasians' are born with this instinct. They would have to be introduced to it. You're than welcome sis. It was just an error in communication. No, I have not. Can you expound upon this? To understand how Caucasians can be born with an instinct for racism or any other inclination one must understand the concept of COLLECTIVE RACIAL MEMORY. I'm sure you've heard of the famous European psychologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. These famous psychologists analyzed thousands of people and noticed that most people they came across (Europeans) shared similar thought patters and behaviors that WERE NOT TAUGHT to them but seemed to have developed naturally with no explaination. Basically they found that most Europeans: -Loved dogs -Loved alcohol -Loved mountains and mountain climbing -Hated snakes -Hated dark skinned things (which is why most monsters are dark) -Were closterphobic and hated being in closed spaces (reminded them of the caves they came from) -Very misogynistic and suspicious of women -and many other characteristics, thoughts, and phobias They noticed that these likes and dislikes seemed to be inherent in White people all across society but WERE NOT found in people of color in other parts of the planet and they couldn't figure out where they came from so they coined the termed "collective racial memory". It's also called "collective unconscious". Your DNA is a memory storage system and everything you do is stored in your DNA and passed down to your offspring and everything THEY do is added to that DNA and they pass along yours and theirs to THEIR off spring and it goes on down the line perpetually. You, I , and all human beings have the memories of our ancestors that go back since the beginning of humanity in OUR DNA and it's part of what drives the "collective racial memory". Just like AfroAmericans still have it in their DNA what happened during slavery just a few hundred years ago and how we ruled the world for millions of years before that, Caucasians still have it in their DNA how they were driven out of Africa, India, and other nations in the east for causing trouble and into the caves of the Caucasus mountains and then kept there by Black soldiers for 2,000 years! It doesn't matter how young they are, it's in their DNA "genetic memory" and they still remember and are still angry about it. Which is why all "monsters" are big and colored. Infact, in African and Native American cultures there are no concepts of "monsters".
  9. Chev That was beautiful sister! However it's time that the people know the truth. Moses didn't go down to Egypt to liberate a bunch of Hebrews from a wicked Pharoah. This is why when you read the geneology of Jesus in the book of Matthew it goes from Abraham and Jacob to David with only a few ancestors in between! It mentions the Babylonian captivity, but not the Egyptian (because it never happened). No sis! Moses (Musa) didn't go DOWN TO Egypt but came UP FROM Egypt! He was sent up from Kemet to central/west Asia to liberate the wild tribes who dwelled there of their savagery. Moses was their great "law giver". He taught them how to cook their meat instead of eating it raw. He taught them how to wear clothes instead of running around naked and hairy. He told them to stop having sex with animals and close relatives. He taught them how to tell time and divided the week into 7 days for them. He gave them the "commandments" to keep them from savagely killing eachother. He even taught them not to eat too much red meat and to eat some fish on Fridays. Moses really did his job!
  10. Chev Yes, that is true but to a point. Other kinds of people had these trade skills too, but the numbers are shrinking. True, however their numbers are shrinking because most of them DON'T NEED as many skilled tradesmen in their communities as we do. Most White people already live in well built infrastructures where the buildings and roads are solid and they have plenty robots and machinery to maintain their communities without the need for excess manpower. As AfroAmericans we don't have those luxuries. Most AfroAmericans don't live in communities with well built infrastructures, don't have technology and machinery at their disposal and have to call and beg Caucasians to come in and do every little thing for them because they don't know how to fix a toilet. We can't compare our condition and what WE need with theirs. However, no matter what, whether we are educated in the area of IT or Engineering or trade, the system controls most of it right now, but that still does not mean that we should not be educated in all areas. We need Black Americans in the IT field! We need African Americans in Engineering and in trade skills. I agree with you 100%! It's all about BALANCE and having the proper amount of focus on each field. We don't need a TOP HEAVY society where 90% of our people have degrees and the other 10% are "going to school" to get one......meanwhile roofs are caving in, watermains are bursting, and garbage is piling up on the streets because you have too many "brainy" negroes who don't want to get their hands dirty and repair their own communities. Next time you go out, look on the street at who's doing construction, roofing, or any other type of physical labor....it's mostly Caucasians and Latinos. Why don't AfroAmericans WANT to get out in the sun and do physical work anymore? It's because many of them have been made too damn lazy. Even during slavery Black people knew how to build their own houses and plant their own crops! How many can do that today?
  11. Kareem That is nothing more than a manipulative white agenda, like the NAACP. The latter organization was founded in 1909 by WEB Dubois and six WHITE PEOPLE. They added Ida B. Wells as a founder in the 1960 or early 1970s after Malcolm X pointed out their imperial agenda. There was not a black president of the NAACP until the 1970s. Thus the first 60 years of the NAACP's existence was run by white people, with the goal of manipulating black people. Powerful! Are you ADOS by the way?
  12. Chev The word "predisposed" means born more likely to be or born inclined towards something. A baby isn't BORN a man.....but if he's male then he is PREDISPOSED to being a man. A baby girl is born PREDISPOSED to becoming a woman. There is a natural process of nurturing and development that must take place, but the genetic potential has already been planted. Likewise it is with Caucasians and racism. It's already IN her to be racist, all she needs is the right conditioning and honing to bring it out. You said you don't believe that White people can be born racist; but have you ever heard of something called a COLLECTIVE RACIAL MEMORY? What about the term COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS, ever heard of that before?
  13. Kareem Not Malik ZULU Shabazz, but I often speak of Malik Shabazz (who is commonly refered to as Malcolm X). Incase you haven't noticed by now, I'm a bit of a stickler for proper names and terms. I feel this is helpful to avoid confusion. Most people call him "Malcolm X" but in reality he changed his name to Malik Shabazz and went by that name before his departure. In my opinion, calling him "Malcolm X" would almost be similar to calling him "Malcolm Little". I do it from time to time just so people know who I'm talking about, just like I often use inaccurate words like "Black" or "homosexual", ect....so people will know what I'm saying; but I generally like to use the CORRECT terms like Malik Shabazz, African, ect... Uhhh....our brother Malik Zulu Shabazz......... I'm not exactly sure what he's up to, he's been laying low for a while. Last I checked of him he's still pushing his book called "The Book Of Khallid" that he put out some time this year. That, and handling a few local cases in the D.C. area from what I know. Talk about Fox News, I remember when he called Michelle Maulkin a "white man's whore" on national t.v. when she was interviewing him on Fox....lol. Ahhh, the 90s........
  14. Kareem Indeed you experienced what we used to call "community policing" which is how it should be done. I'm not sure what era your encounter with the officer was in, but in the 70s and early 80s in most AfroAmerican communities you had VERY respectful Caucasian and AfroAmerican police officers who did a lot of COMMUNITY policing where they would get to know the citizens of that community, found out who was doing what, who were the good guys, and who were the "bad guys". The reason for this was because of all the riots of the 60s when niggaz got all up IN their asses and shook them to the core and MADE them act civil and respectful toward us! Now since those riots have died down and half the population is hooked on some sort of dope many of them have returned to their same racist disrepectful behavior. This is one of the reasons I say that AfroAmericans should be involved in law enforcement at every level. To keep an eye on things. There is no way in the world I would live in a nation or even a city where the police department didn't have ANY AfroAmericans on it, there's no telling what type of wickedness they could be cooking up among themselves. Remember "The Spook Who Sat By The Door"? I have mixed feelings about Kwame. I actually met in a few times and had some brief discussions with him that didn't go as well as I would have liked. I believe he may have been guilty BUT nearly ALL of the mayors of major cities were guilty of the same things he was accused of. The current mayor of Detroit is a Caucasian who has been accused of doing EXACTLY what Kwame was prosecuted for but to the 10th degree, and he's not even being charged. Most politicians in the United States lie and steal and bribe people, that's how they get things done. The only difference is the Caucasians in law enforcement put the AfroAmerican politicians under a microscope and monitor them 24/7 to catch them engaged in anything illegal to have an excuse to remove them while they don't do the same with their own. Again, another reason there should be more of us in the FBI and other investigative agencies. Because I blame AfroAmericans in law enforcement for the harassment and incarceration of many of our AfroAmerican politicians from the local police department all the way up to the FBI. Why aren't THEY just as organized and zealous in going after crooked Caucasian politicians as their Caucasian colleagues are with the AfroAmericans? Also, do you have a website for your organization? Not only should AfroAmericans have their own 2nd amendment organizations but just like the police departments and military I think they should JOIN the NRA as well....lol. Now you say...."man hayelllllll naaaw!" OK Well, would you rather these institutions stay ALL WHITE? Look at the hell they're raising WITH the few token negroes who are allowed among them. Now, imagine if they were lily White and free to say and do what they REALLY want unbridled. Hitler's Germany would look like elementary school in comparison.
  15. Chev OK.....now I think we're narrowing things down and getting somewhere. Because of the amount of energy put out in exposing these ORIGINAL CAUCASIANS, I can see where they were indeed dark skinned people known by this term, or least the root term "CAUCA". Now what was the EXACT name these original dark skinned peoples living in the area called? I'm sure it wasn't just "Cauca"...so what was THEIR name? Now here you go, saying something that is not backed up by any valid script references. The Cholchians were indeed 'African-typed' but they are not originally from Kemet on thier MALE LINEAGE. The book Black Spark, White Fire, is just one sorce that tells of their Northeastern origins. The Cholchians would be a better term to define the ORIGINAL CAUCASIANS, but nonetheless, both terms define the same people with the same origins. Many other sources state that the 12th Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, colonized the northeast and he interacted with the Cholchians in Iberia. After this time, the Cholchians migrated down into Egypt and became apart of Egyptian history as a significant presence in Egypt. THE SECOND BRONZE AGE TIME SPAN. I COULD be wrong about the origin of the Colchians, but I'm not sure. We both agree they were what we call "Black", but were they from Egypt, Ethiopia, Sumeria, or even India...I'm not sure. I came to my conclusions of them not being from there but having been SENT there along with other darker peoples to guard and keep the Caucasians contained in the region from a NUMBER of sources, among them are: In Herodotus Histories Book 2 we read: So Herodotus says that he believes the Colchians are Egyptians because they are dark with kinky hair AND because he claims that Egyptians said they were part of an Egyptian army who were SENT there much earlier. Usually Black people with kinky hair are from Africa...unlike the Black people of India and Elam who had STRAIGHT hair. Also, in Message To The Black Man ch. 55 we read: Now this from Nation of Islam theology supports what you said that the original people were already there; but it also supports what I said about them being guards to keep the wild Caucasians concealed in West Asia (where the Caucasus mountains are located). Calling the Colchians the "original Caucasians" would be like calling the Hopi nation the "original Arizonans" or the Lenape nation the "original New Yorkers".   No, both terms AMAZIGH and BERBER signify 'African-typed' people, I'm not exactly sure what the origins of the word "Amazigh" is but "Berber" came from a Greek term used for people who didn't speak Greek which pretty much means barbarian. I believe they were a confederation of people but their beginning would be Original Seth people, Now what do you mean by the "original Seth" people? Lol, if Adam (the archetypical white man) wasn't original....how could his son Seth be?   Kareem Caucasians are people from the area of the Caucasus Mountains - Chechnya, Georgia (in Europe, not the USA), Azerbaijan, etc. These are people from that middle range between what is today "The Middle East" and south central Russia. These people have no ties at all to white Americans and white western Europeans. "WHITE PEOPLE" just steal everything and claim it for themselves. Yes brother the Caucasians are from the Caucasus mountains area, however ALL White people trace their origins there....not just those of Chechnya or Armenia. The Armenians, Georgians, ect.....are just the Caucasians who STAYED in the region; but after they were civilized and organized themselves the vast majority branched out and spread west into Europe, south into Arabia, and west over into India. This is the origin of the Noah's Ark myth and his family coming down the Ararat mountains and SPREADING OUT symbolizes the spreading of the Caucasian family through out the land. Also, most of the Caucasians CURRENTLY occupying that area of the Caucasus mountains are not the exact same as thier ancestors because like the Italians they are heavily mixed with Arab genetics from the Muslims who occupied that area for centuries. If they weren't as mixed with Arab ancestry from centuries of interbreeding they would look "whiter" and closer to their European bretheren.
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