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  1.   Mel Well hello. Good to hear from you again! You speak of Black Supremacy being as hateful as White Supremacy. I'm going to have to be the judge of that one.....so SHOW ME somewhere where Black folks are in a position to be supremacist, lol. You don't have take me there, just tell me where it is! Or send me a map on how to get there and when I go and see this "Black Supremacy" in action (because living in Western society we KNOW what White supremacy looks like) for myself THEN I will be educated enough to make an intelligent decision as to whether or not it's as bad as what Caucasians have established. I'm all for considering alternative theories but if they are not meant to help us evolve then what? For example, if coronavirus is engineered/modified. - SO WHAT? Because if it is, then perhaps the guidelines that you're being told will keep you safe MAY infact be useless or even down right dangerous! ((make your own masks out of handkerchiefs and kleenex???)) Perhaps you WOULD have done C while you were running around doing B had you only known the truth. Troy Speaking of that, @Pioneer1 what do you think about my theory that Kareem was a troll. You know the kind you find on Facebook formorting controversy and descent. I mean think about it, if you listened to Kareem you would have nothing but hatred and contempt for the United States. Think about some of the things he wrote about stockpiling weapons and going out in a blaze of glory... Man! Your last line was interesting as hell because I just mentioned that very same thing in a response to you and Chev on another thread!!!! But I can't say whether or not the brother was a troll. I'm in no position to know him or his intentions outside of the limited information what he posted. But when people asked about the use of violence, it was said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it wasn't wise to SAY before one had the ability to DO. Look, you'd be a fool to completely trust our system, but Kareem had zero trust. If I take him at his word (i.e. not a troll) some of his beliefs were simply irrational. If you believe Black people are immune to the virus, you are irrational, because you'd have to deny the fact that Black people are dying everyday from the virus. Well, he said he was a Paralegal so apparently he had SOME trust of it because he worked with and within the very legal system.....lol. But I cautioned him and others in real life about saying "this" doesn't affect Black folks or "that" doesn't affect Black folks because for one thing it IS affecting Black folks in terms of health AND economics AND you never know what type of action you may be inviting. I remember back in the 80s and 90s a lot of Black men were bragging about how nice and big and round the Black woman's butt is and how flat the White woman's but was. Even singing about it and putting it in rap songs. White men didn't say shit, they just went up into the laboratory and worked on some chemicals and the next thing you know 20 years later every other White woman you see from 17 to 70 has a big fat shapely ass wagging behind her...lol. One of the Black man's greatest weaknesses is arrogance and the tendency to brag and this often invites unwanted consequences.
  2. I don't think most people understand the original purpose of "jail" and the difference between it and the penitentary. Jail was originally designed to be a holding facility for those PRESUMED INNOCENT to be detained in for a short period of time until it was determined whether or not they were guilty and what their punishment (if any) would be. The penitentary was suppose to be the place of punishment, not jail. And I believe a person wasn't supposed to spend more than 2 weeks jail while awaiting their fate. This was that "speedy" trial promised in the constitution.
  3. Troy Traits like intelligence, while inherited, has not been pinned down; there is no one gene for intelligence. I'm sure the environment's influence on gene expression relative to intelligence is not understood well either. I think intelligence...TRUE intelligence (one's ability to learn, understand, and retain) is a result of BOTH genetics and environment working together in harmony. Genetically speaking, I believe your brain STRUCTURE or what type of brain you inherited from your ancestors has an influence on your intelligence potential. But when you say environment's influence on one's intelligence is not well understood...I beg to differ. Those promoting liquor consumption, weed smoking, and purposely dumbing down the educational system know all too well the effects one's environment has on one's intelligence!
  4. Troy It is why i don't find Madea film very funny. If you've seen on you've seen them all. But i get why owople find this stuff funny, so I dont try to kill anyone's "buzz." Not only don't I find the Madea character funny, I find it down right offensive. Just another attempt to "masculinize" the image of AfroAmerican women and make them look less lady-like. This masculinization of AfroAmerican women ain't new. I believe Sojourner Truth during a speech showed the audience her titties and said, "Ain't I a woman too?" in response to the way so many sisters were mistreated in those days. People wonder why a Caucasian police officer pulls over a Black woman and beats her or kills her but perhaps he had the character of a loud, angry, masculine brutish Black woman in his head from those Madea flicks and others like them. It used to be an insult among children to say "your mother wears combat boots" because of what it implied. When it became acceptable and even desirable for so many older Black women to be portrayed as "stong" and "mannish" I'm not sure. On a lighter note, I actually DO have a level of respect for our brother Tyler Perry for his business skills and charitable work. So I give credit to where credit is due.   Chev So therefore, I won't post anything like this anymore. Lol....... My comments weren't meant to be a reprimand, they were just my opinions. I'm actually GLAD you started this thread and posted those videos because it opened up a conversation about things I wanted to express! As far as Eddie Murphy and Martin....... It's one thing to put on a dress and act like a woman (FOR ACTING ONLY) once or twice in one's career, but it's an entirely different thing to make a CULTURE out of it like Tyler Perry did. When you know Hollywood has a history of attempting to demasculinize and even dehumanize you, how much money could they pay you to sell your soul like that?   Walkman Your dislike of Black buffoonery and coonery has less to do with age and more to do with common sense and a sense of self respect that a person SHOULD have at any age. I found shit like that offensive even in my 20s. I remember going into barbershops and laundry mats where Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer were on television and I'd request them to turn the channel to more respectable programming. Most people with basic common sense would find attempts to criminalize and dehumanize them offensive but then again, many of our people don't have a lot of sense so perhaps they don't know when they're being insulted.
  5. i always did think I was an alien. Well, she's not alone in that belief...lol. Glad to see she's alive and hopefully doing well.
  6. Lol....ASK and ye shall receive. Can a brutha get a drum-roll for his long awaited "official" statement on the Kareem situation? Look, whether or not Kareem is/was indeed a troll is not for me to say because I'm in no position to know for sure, however I WILL say this... Talking about being heavily armed and going out in blazes of glory not ony makes you a potential target but draws attention to whatever platform (organization, family, website, religion, ect.....) you express yourself in. And to a lesser degree even promoting certain conspiracies (whether they're true or false) will also draw attention to you AND the site you're on and that attention may not necessarily be from the people you want it from! Also, if you want to post something reckless you must understand that even after you've gone on, the problems your carelessness has caused remains for others to deal with. As I've gotten older I've learned that even if YOU don't give a damn about the consequences, it's always wise to be considerate of those around you and what THEY may have to endure after you're long gone. Also, we have to be careful about the term "troll" because it means too many things for too many people. For some, a "troll" is just someone who gets a kick out of annoying other people and will purposely say inflammatory things to get a reaction. For others, a "troll" is an agent sent into a community to purposely spread misinformation or post illegal information for the purposes of getting a site flagged and possibly in trouble. But in my opinion these type of individuals aren't "trolls" but AGENTS and should be refered to or atleast seen as such. Again, not pinning EITHER definition on Kareem because as far as I'm concerned he's a brother with strong opinion as far as I KNOW.....but since the subject came up I'm speaking on the issue in general.
  7. Chev In the words of the other post THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS!!! That would be part of my explanation. But I like to say that 'THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS -- OF THE LAST DAYS'; meaning imo the last days started about 2500 years ago; at the beginning of the apocalypse Oh yes, I definately believe these are the last days. But again, the last days of THIS WORLD. This world and it's institutions are being dismantled to make way for a NEW WORLD.     However, from what I understand the real 'last days' phenomenon has to do with a great tsunami, mention in prophecy and other things. Also, if you've been paying attention there's been a number of MAJOR EARTHQUAKES in different parts of the United States lately! There's clearly a re-alighnment taking place.   But well, this is crazy, I mean schools are closed for the year! I guess that worked out just fine then because when they closed down the schools the parents were wondering where they were going to send their children while they were at work. Now that the parents got laid off from their jobs THEY BOTH can stay home together. But when you want to build a new house you must first tear down and remove the old one, and in most cases this includes the very FOUNDATION of the old one! The educational and religious systems are the foundations of this world and they must also be dismantled for an effective removal.   Well, It's good to know that not all of us quit altogether. I mean, I do absolutely understand why some people may feel it is good to leave and save peace, but I hope that @Kareem will come back. He hasn't even been here that long. , But yes, all things will either come to an end or change. That's part of life. As you say, @Pioneer1 'It is what it is. This subject of this strange happening is bound to have some people with no good intentions coming into forums, and so that would cause Well..... I too hope Kareem comes back, just like I hope Mel, Sarah, and even Cynique ((but only for occasion....lol....can barely stand that girl's mouth)) comes back. I just dropped a lot of knowledge to Kareem on another thread about the origin of Caucasians, then the nigga turns around and storms out the door before responding to it! Shit.....LOL. @Troy to have to deal with some of these kinds of pranks, but did Troy mean intent against Kareem? I think not. I have not read the link that kareem posted yet, but, from what I gather, it was the link that Troy referred to, and I don't feel that Kareem should take it personally. But Hey, I understand that he did not like it that Troy spoke about the link, however, I hope that Kareem will COOL OFF and come back. They disagreed on a few things in the posts, but you never know what was said or what type of exchanges were made in the Private Messages. Both of them (like you ) are highly intelligent and educated but their perspectives on society and human nature are widely different. Similar to me, Kareem is far less trusting of the system than Troy and based on the LIMITED information I've observed by reading their exchanges (again I don't know the full story) he was very frustrated that Troy didn't share his skepticism and distrust (or atleast as much). And if my perceptiveness serves me correctly, he probably was a little frustrated with my reluctance to engage much in or take sides in those disagreements. I'm assuming he's not banned and he can speak for himself, but perhaps Kareem felt as if he was "alone" on this site as most of his positions and figured there was no need to stick around. As far as I'm concerned his perspectives were greatly appreciated and I actually looked forward to many of his opinions but..... Hey baby girl, it is what it is. I just recognize this is the internet and try not to get TOO emotionally attached to anyone on here. Troy I can't any more than I can explain to you how the warpage of space/time causes the Earth to revolve around the Sun. You see the entire planet reacting to Covid19 in ways they do not act in reaction to the flu. You are so distrusting of all the planets doctors and scientists that you would ignore all of these signals indicating how highly cntagious and potentially deadly this virus is and dismiss them as a conspiracy or stupidity. I'm sure there is NOTHING I can say that will help you understand. It's not the fact that the virus exists and that is' making people sick and killing them that I'm disputing or distrusting. It's the ORIGIN of the virus as well as the OVER-REACTION to it that I'm taking issue with. If I'm a detective and I find a dead woman with a gunshot wound to the head, my job isn't to determine what killed her.....it's obvious that bullets kill and she died from one. The question is WHO killed her and WHY! And it's the same with this...... WHERE did this virus really come from? And WHY now? Again, do YOU....with what you know of world history.....really believe the offical story that a bunch of people in some remote part of China eating bat-soup are responsible for a GLOBAL crisis and what some are calling the modern plague? Really....do ya?
  8. Lol, this will probably be a Buzz Kill but........ That second vido of the "Black Santa" ((shakes head)) There's a number of destructive and dangerous stereotypes in it that I THOUGHT were behind us but it seems that the young brother who is staring in it and helped to produce it is trying to bring back and promote. Let's unpack this, shall we......... First of all, faaaar more Caucasian men (Santas and priests included) drink liquor than Black men. Infact, they INVENTED it so why did that scene have to involve the Black Santa drinking liquor out of a flask? Is the producer of this video trying to incinuate that drinking liquor is a "Black" thing? Secondly, just like liquor there are more Caucasian men with guns too. Infact, in America there is a " gun culture". So why they got the Black Santa packing heat playing off the stereotype of Black males being gun toting thugs. Third, why are they playing off and joking on the stereotype of Black males being thieves and burgulars? Now, some of you say, "Oh lighten up Pioneer it's just joking and having fun....they aren't serious. Even the Black man in the video is cool with it! You're seeing more into it than there really is!". Well, if they aren't serious and just having fun playing off of stereotypes then.... -Why didn't they show "Black Santa" with a bunch of naked women sitting on his lap promoting the stereotype that Black men are sexually promiscuous and have a bunch of "hoes"? That IS a stereotype of Black men, wonder why THAT isn't being promoted much? -Why didn't they show a Black Santa clause with a massive buldge in pants promoting the myth that Black men have large penises? That TOO is a stereotype of Black men, but they don't want to promote THAT stereotype. They want to hide and bury THAT steretype....lol. Or what about showing the "Black Santa" shooting hoops on the basketball court? Black men being athletic and good at basketball is a stereotype too! If you pay attention to the television and music industry and what's been promoted for the past 40 years or so...you'll notice the type of stereotypes of Black males that are promoted are carefully chosen. It reminds me of the Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live skits where he uses his funny as hell talent to further re-enforce negative stereotypes of Black men but not the positive ones.
  9. Many of them shouldn't have been locked up in the first place. Things like selling dope, prostitution, gambling, ect.......aren't things people should be locked up for. Infact, I don't even think they should be considered crimes as long as people aren't being forced into it. This is supposed to be a "free" society but there are probably more laws in the United States today than almost any other nation on the planet....including China. Many designed to get folks in trouble so that the lawyers, police, and prison staff are guaranteed jobs and an income. The REAL reason why they're considering releasing these prisoners have less to do with concern over their health and more to do with strategy and logistics. 1. They anticipate that as more prisoners get the virus that this will cause a panic and the more prisoners they have the harder it will be for them to keep them under control and busting out anyway! 2. Most corrections officers are going to be so concerned about THEIR OWN health and safety and the safety of their families many of them (like many police officers already) will be calling in sick and staying home. So they won't have the staff anyway. I just read a report that over 6,000 NYPD officers called off sick! 3. Plain and simple, because of such a stress this is putting on the economy they simply won't have enough money to feed and house 4 or 5 million adults so they have little choice BUT to let them go. What I believe MAY happen is they will keep the most violent and dangerous prisoners locked up and use the military to secure them; but those in prison for forging signatures, selling dope, and running scams and other minore shit....they're going to let them go. Like I said, most of them shouldn't have been locked up in the first place. It's a shame a nation needs a pandemic or other crisis to FORCE them to do right by people.
  10. Chev   Your 'Atlantis' statement has documentation and it does not even support what you write. okay. I'll admit that I personally don't have any documentation for what I said however why do you say it doesn't support what I write? I never said Caucasians were made IN the Caucasus mountains. I've been maintaining through out this conversation that they were DRIVEN into the Caucasus mountains and confined there. But their being brought into existence or "bred" from the Dravidians took place in ANOTHER place. The Nation of Islam says this breeding process took place on an island in the Mediterranian. If you study the writings of anient Greece and Kemet the priests of Kemet tell the Greeks (Caucasians) of their origins on an island. And again, that is why the continent of Africa has been completely [ie except for Ethiopia and Sierra Leone] controlled by Europeans! LOL. You have to refer to script that can be confirmed. I agree we should document ESTABLISHED FACTS and not simply rely on word of mouth transmission of important matters; however I'm not sure if this is the only or even the major reasons for African colonization. Yes it does, to any of the civilizations that controls you. Chev, come on now. Whether or not something is documented DOES NOT eliminate or negate the fact that it didn't happen or doesn't exist...lol. It just means you'll have a harder time trying to PROVE it to many people. I used to live in Georgia. That is a FACT whether I have documentation to verify this fact or not. The fact that I don't have a driver's license or utility bill from my residence in Georgia to PROVE that I used to live there doesn't negate this fact.   Those photos are no different than what you see in America, ancient America today and with some of my husbands relatives. Some of his uncles have bone straight hair, and some have a little kink to they hair texture--- Yes, within the same family. And yes, on my side of the family too, some of my relative, such as my sister, shows those same dynamics of hair type!!! One of my sisters has very, very black hair and it does not kink at all!!! You said these photos are no different than what you see in America today, but I must take issue with this statement for several reasons: 1. TODAY there are a lot of immigrants from India so yes you're likely to see Dravidians with dark skin and straight hair walking down the street, but only after they MOVED here from Asia. 2. Many of the very dark skinned people you see in the United States with straight hair actually STRAIGHTENED their hair out with hot combs and relaxers. If they are of African descent, mostly likely it's not naturally that straight. 3. Many Africans both here AND abroad are not "pure Africans" but MIXED with Asian and European and they may be born with the dark African skin but depending on their genetics their hair may come out bone straight. Just like others may come out light skinned with kinky hair....it's a matter of the genetic lottery. You seem to be picking out a few EXCEPTIONS and pointing to them as example of how Africans also have keen features and straight hair when in fact that isn't the usual case. Those type of Africans are in the minority as compared to the vast majority of Africans who have dark skin, broader featurs, and kinky hair.   Photos mean nothing. Haven't you heard the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"...lol...? I just posted the photos as examples, but if you don't believe them you can go to India or any Indian neighborhood in the United States and SEE FOR YOURSELF the millions of dark skinned "Black" Asians with straight hair. Those photos are similar to people of Ethiopia too. But most Ethiopians aren't pure African; they are HEAVILY MIXED with Caucasian (Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Assyrians, ect....) from times past.
  11. Chev I'm reading your post late. Give me a while to respond.
  12. Sad to see my brothers part ways. ....but it is what it is. Troy Dude this virus, unlike the seasonal flu, is highly contagious. Have you not heard this before?! If no action was taken MANY more people would die. What don't you understand? Seriously? What I DON'T understand is how the hell some people eating bats in a town in China ends up killing thousands of Americans and thousands more world wide. Do you really believe this explanation? And why is THIS virus (as opposed to the many others out there) so contagious? Now if YOU understand what's going on, try your best to explain it to me because the official explanations sure as hell aren't making a lot of sense.   I've changed my opinion on things based upon what I've read here Based on what you've read HERE? Hmmm... I'm curious as to EXACTLY what that means. I have a feeling that your reasons won't be too flattering, lol.   Chev I didn't realize there was this type of conflict! Come on now, you should know the ways of Black folks by now....lol. Neely Fuller said when Black people simply come into CONTACT with eachother there's a risk of conflict and fighting. You can be in a barbershop or beauty salon and everything is quiet and people are talking vibing with eachother and in a split second people are arguing and chair are being thrown at eachother. Hey, it is what it is.
  13. Chev LOL. @Pioneer1 No. Now WAIT A MINUTE sis! What do you mean "no"? Don't just say "no" and then run down the hallway giggling, leaving me to wonder exactly what you're objecting to, lol. If they are not access, then it means nothing. If they cannot be cross referenced and apply to something concrete, then it means nothing. so, the documented records of ancient civilizations begin with Blacl 'African-type' people that we can access today. Well the truth is the truth and always means "something" and is of some value (especially to those seeking it) even if it can't be documented or cross referenced. If you're in severe pain and a lady comes along and give you a simple cure that works, will you refuse to acknowledge it or recommend it to others UNTIL she writes it down? Our people come from a long and strong ORAL TRADITION where much of the knowledge was passed down from mouth to ear to mouth and committed to memory. There are African griots who can tell you the history of their tribe going back thousands of years, so don't play undocumented history too cheap. Having said that, I can see how skeptical the average person would find it if asked to accept something as historically accurate if there is no physical evidence or documentation of it, so I do understand your point. However, as I said earlier the fact that it MAY not be documented (or it maybe they ARE documented but those documents are hidden!) doesn't negate the truth of it. Remember, there are plenty of "documented lies".....lol.
  14.   Kareem I admit I'm more of a recent history guy (1600-present) versus ancient like you two. I do consider myself a Biblical scholar, but as Pioneer alluded to, its not 100% factual. But from what I'm reading, the both of you seem to agree in the existence of "Black Dravidian Asians." Is that fair to say? Yes sir. If so then I need to read up some on this subject matter before I can comment further. You can start with the history of the land now known as India and Pakistan. In India, they are found mostly in the Tamil Nadu or Bengal regions. Keep in mind that originally these Black Asians were found ALL OVER Asia...not just India. But many of them were either killed off by the Caucasian invaders (Aryans, Persians, Babylonians, ect...) or mixed and bred away and the rest driven to that region and certain other spots, much like what happened to the Native Americans. The words black and Asian combined is weird in and of itself. I assume these people had kinky/nappy hair? No sir, unlike the kinky haired Africans.....the Asian Black race for the most part had straight hair with thin noses and lips....similar to the features of most of the Caucasians you see today. Though one would be in error to say that their features are LIKE the Caucasian, lol. It's more accurate to say that the Caucasian has features LIKE THEM because they were first and the Caucasians actually came FROM them. Both the African and Dravidian are very dark (in come cases jet Black) but their features are still different and they are actually of different races. The second preliminary conclusion I'm getting, based on both of your comments, is that the Black Dravidians did in fact play a role in creating today's "Caucasians" aka white people? Yes sir, THEY were the racial group that the Caucasians were bred from. Not the African Black race.   They are not original, meaning they didn't come into existence naturally. Is that what you're saying? No sir. Albinism indeed is a result of nature, but Caucasians aren't albinos. Caucasians were brought into existence through ARTIFICIAL or MAN-MADE means through a process of selective breeding. Kind of like how one would breed a certain type of horse, or dog, or cat. I'm not saying Caucasians are animals like those describe....just giving an example of how you produce a certain species by limiting reproduction to those of only a certain phenotype until you produce the desired result. When you read in the bible "Let us MAKE man".....it's the Caucasian man (Adam) they were talking about making. This is/was my position from the beginning. I always felt white people (Europeans) usurped the term "Caucasian" from the people of Georgia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, etc. But this whole discussion even calls that into question. I believe Pioneer's position is that Arabs and Europeans are Caucasian. Make sense. Just more to wrap our heads around. The region is CURRENTLY called the Caucasus, but was it ALWAYS called the Caucasus? According to NOI theology, the term "Caucasian" means weak boned and weak blooded. These people were named this even BEFORE they were driven into that area and confined there for causing trouble among the original people. Only AFTER the Caucasians arrive did it receive that name. Me and my sister have gone round after round over this....lol. I said it like this....... The original Greeks were Caucasian. But the original inhabitants of the LAND CALLED Greece were Black people! Now those two facts don't disagree with eachother and can EASILY be reconciled because all it simply means is that the Greeks were Caucasians long before they even brought their asses TO the land and NAMED it "Greece" after themselves! And it's the same with the Caucasus. It had a name BEFORE the Caucasians arrived and it became named AFTER them. Further........ Just to clarify my position, the ORIGINAL ARABS were Caucasian....but the majority of Arabs today are mixed and vary from being Caucasian to Black and anywhere in between. To be even clearer, similar to the Greek analogy.....the original people OF the LAND NOW CALLED ARABIA were Black , but the original ARABS who invaded the land were Caucasians from the mountains.
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