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  1. Mzuri Also, people need to understand that MARRIAGE and WEDDINGS aren't the same thing. The wedding is just the CEREMONY And like most ceremonies, it's a way for rich people to get together and spend money showing the society HOW MUCH money they can spend doing "the most" and being extravagant with food, drinks, music, dressing up, ect..... WEDDINGS were designed by wealthy people for wealthy people to flaunt their wealth but at some point poor people started having weddings trying to IMITATE what they saw. Poor people...in their IGNORANCE...saw the wealthy throwing big parties and coveted it and started getting thousands of dollars in debt throwing big wedding parties THEMSELVES trying to imulate what they saw rich people do. Only for the marriage to end within 5 years, usually over FINANCIAL problems. Business arrangement or not, I would lose my mind knowing that my husband was getting down with somebody else. I am too possessive for that. Yeah, well you may "lose your mind" initially...lol....but I bet if your husband was RICH ENOUGH and bought you enough cars, clothes, jewelry, and even let you have a few "boy toys" of your own to spend time with -you'd FIND your mind real quick, lol Infact, WHATEVER you lost you'd probably stop looking for while enjoying yourself at the weekly trips to the spa that he pays for you....lol. . "Guuuurl, I can't BELIEVE that negro actually brought her up in the HOUSE last night! I told him she ain't gonna sleep in MY bed! Not with ME in it! I told him he better take that skeezer down stairs, she ain't coming up here!"
  2. It didn't just start...... Rich people have always been "swingers" in this society. They even have big "wife swapping" conventions....lol. Marriage is primarily about MONEY and CONNECTIONS anyway, and most wealthy people know that. Poor people get married trying to IMITATE the wealthy, and don't even know why they do it. For the rich...marriage is less about love and more about: -SECURING one's fortune -ADDING to your fortune by marrying a wealthy or well connected spouse -Ensuring your LEGITIMATE children inherit your wealth, and not the little "bastards" you make outside of the marriage. So rich men AND women screw around shamelessly, and don't even hide it from eachother. Most rich men have mistresses that the wife not only knows about but in some cases CHOOSES. "Now baby you KNOW I didn't intend for THAT to happen. Come on, now" Some rich men will even hire a well endowed "super lover" to please his wife....often times while in his presence, lol.
  3. Daniel I am laughing and shaking my head at the same time. It’s maniacal and frightening at the same time. I believe it's true, based on my observations. Troy I haven't taken anyone I've met on a message board or social media SO seriously that I have to use an "ignore" app or and block out their posts just to tolerate the environment. Looking past their content is enough for me.
  4. When Caucasians talk about the "end of the world" they're talking about the end of THEIR world. The end of THEIR world is the beginning of a New World that is more righteous and in harmony with Nature and the Universe in general.
  5. Troy I bet if you started inviting more White people on this forum would be JUMPING...lol. They may come on at first and start talking how much they know about Black authors and books since that's the theme of the site but pretty soon they'll be talking about books in general and inviting their buddies on, and pretty soon you won't have time to do anything else but manage the forums. I'm not being hyperbolic...I'm serious. Troy whether you believe me or not I've told you for over a couple years now EXACTLY what the problems are: 1. The sad fact is, many of our people no longer have the intellectual capability to hold intelligent discussions in the long term. We had it in the past....before the mid-80s. Look at Jet, Ebony, Black television and radio shows, ect....we had BRILLIANCE in our ranks. But something happened to "sound" the intellect of much of Black America from the mid-80 until now and you are witnessing the effects of that steady decline. I'm not suggesting you go out of your way to invite more Whites on by the way, I was just giving you an example of what the problem is. As a man who is heavy into politics and social justice, it's sad to see how so many of our people can't hold an intelligent conversation about any topic without it devolving into insults, arguments, and eventually LEAVING for another camp....only for them to eventually encounter the same thing. 2. Most women...especially a lot of AfroAmerican women....don't care too much to post on sites where a man is running the show....especially a Black man...unless they got him in their hip-pocket. They want to be able to "tell on" people they don't like and get them in trouble, or get posts they find offensive taken down. Unless they have a guarantee of that type of oversight, many don't feel comfortable in that environment. You would think being a lenient moderator would ATTRACT more people but in today's climate it's often the OPPOSITE. Many people....especially women....prefer a more dictatorial "fiefdom" type of environment. do any of the names Cynique shared mean anything to you ... I mean do you recall ever engaging with them or are they all before your time? The only people she mentioned that I know of are Chris Burns and Kola Boof I used to engage with CD Burns quite a bit when he was in THIS forum but that was years ago and I saw he posted a few times on another forum and vanished. I've heard of Kola Boof from OUTSIDE of this forum because she was in the news a lot from being harassed by Arabs for her political and social views. I think she ran around calling herself Bin Laden's mistress if I'm not mistaken. Dialoging with her probably would have been interesting. I WISH I had gotten to know a "Ferocious Kitty" though.. You may have to track her down and bring her back on the set, lol.
  6. Ofcourse we are approaching the end of the world. As soon as you BEGIN most worlds on this planet....you're approaching the end of it. Just like when a person is born....they approach death. The questions we should be asking are: -WHAT is a "world"? -WHICH world are we talking about? -And exactly WHEN will it end? A world is NOT the planet but a world is a system that controls much of the human activity ON the planet; kind of like how the operating system is on a computer. I believe the "world" that controls most of this planet right now is the Caucasian World that started thousands of years ago. I'm not sure when it will end. I've heard many dates and time frames like 2000, 2012, 2020, ect..., but at my age and from what I've seen.....I can't call it until I gather more facts and evidence to predict how much more time Caucasians have left to rule things.
  7. Chev It carries the same meaning! It's not the same. That verse is talking about PROPHECY...and not everything in the Bible is a prophecy. The scriptures are written by prophets! The fact that all humans speak in different languages does not change the actual meaning of prophecy and there is no private interpretation. The meaning of the prophecy may not change but it's INTERPRETATION can and often does..depending on who's interpreting it and in what language. Absolutely NOT true. The prophet Isaiah wrote that the Gentiles would come to the light! All the prophets wrote about how God so loved the world. But was that relevant? Seeing as how that was thousands of years ago and BILLIONS of Gentiles have born and died not accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Infact on this planet RIGHT NOW there are billions of Gentiles who don't believe in Jesus being their Lord and Savior. You've contradicted yourself here, @Pioneer1. It is one in the same meaning. yes, it is redundant. The prophets that are referred to as Nebiim [ie. Neviim] all write about the apocalypse, Did Isaiah write about the apocalypse? Did Moses write about the apocalypes? Did David write about the apocalypes? Not all of the prophets (Nabim/Nevim) wrote about the apocolypse.
  8. Purple Crow It's not boring, it's just slow from lack of participation. Boring is when you're forced to participate in or endure something you really don't want to. Here you pretty much have OPEN RANGE to post what you want (except for Am*zon...lol) and talk about what you like for as much as you want. The issue is lack of participation and imagination among many of our people who visit the forums. A sad fact is a lot of our people don't have the intelligence to maintain respectful and enlightening discussions. Many are limited to only a couple lines of emotion filled exchanges that can easily turn into insults with the slightest provocation. Another issue I forgot to mention earlier is over sensitivity.... Troy got at me a few months ago for being to eager to debate new guests because a lot of people today (especially younger people) are easily triggered and overly sensitive to the point they can't tolerate major differences of opinion or position on subjects...even when they ASK for it, lol. I can think of several posters who weren't banned from the forum (not that I know of) but just got angry and LEFT because of personality clashes and disagreements over petty issues. They get KICKED off of facebook or Youtube and beg for three weeks to get back on, but when it comes to a free message board where they can post and say what they like....get upset and march off slamming the door behind them. Figure THAT shit out...lol Social media provides the type of heavily censored and heavily regulated environment where if someone says something you don't like you can "run and tell" on them and get them blocked or banned or get their channel striked and taken down. Most women and many men LOVE that type of environment. Now, they don't like it when it happens to THEM! You hear people coming on HERE crying about how they are in "facebook jail" and how they were banned from Twitter or this or that happened to them because they said one little "innocent" thing. They HATE to be censored and not have THEIR views heard. But those same people LOVE to censor others and "delete" them from their environment if they have a disagreement. Message boards..especially this one...aren't as trigger happy and a lot of people don't like that. They want to be able to point at a post they find offensive or point at someone and get them in trouble or get their words taken down. Social media provides that type of environment. I personally don't like that type of control or censorship....but apparently a lot of people love it and flock to it. I participate on both forums AND social media and I can't recall the last time I "told on" someone and tried to get their posts taken down or get them kicked off a channel. And I've had exchanges with racists and other kinds of people.
  9. I'm glad to see that our brother is up on his feet and seems to be recovering. However I wonder does he feel like living, and going on? Or is he doing it for his children? A lot of people when they are severely injured don't want to keep on living and would rather just die than live in that condition. It's often the loved ones around them that keep them holding on.
  10. Mzuri You can still share your enlightened thoughts with the rest of us even if this anonymous person books up and never returns. Comments like THAT make posting worthwhile...lol As to the one drop rule, why does it only apply to Blackness, why can't the one drop rule apply to whiteness, like if my great-great-grandmother were white, why couldn't I be considered as a white person? Actually in Spanish and Arab nations...IT DOES. In British colonized nations like the U.S., Canada, and Jamaica...any Black ancestry got you labled Black...and any Native American ancestry got you labled Native American. Which is why you have so many White looking people who STILL identity as Black or Native American in America through out history. However in Spanish nations like Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Peru..if you had ANY Spanish ancestry..it got you labeled Spanish no matter how Black or Indian you looked. You no longer got labeld Negro or Indio...but Hispanic. You weren't TREATED the same as the White Spaniard, but officially you were considered Spanish because of your Spanish ancestry. Especially if that Spanish ancestor was a male. This is one of the reasons a lot of Black Latinos don't identify with us as Black Americans. Many consider themselves Spanish. It's not necessarily their fault but the system they were raised in. Halle Berry believes in the one drop rule. She is mulatto, had a baby with a white man, the baby is a quadroon, but Halle says the child is Black. Which I don't agree with. Drake is the same way. He is mixed himself and has a child with a White woman and is probably gonna call that child Black. There children should be referred to as as QUADROONS (1/4 Black and 3/4 White)....not Black See, this is what happened to many of the Native Americans. They're REAL Native ancestry kept getting drowned out by White blood to the point many of them are actually White with only 1/16th Native ancestry. If you are only PART Black...in the words of Joe Biden...YOU AIN'T BLACK...in my opinion. Plus don't leave out the NATIVE AMERICAN most AfroAmericans have in them to various degrees. This is why I use the term "AfroAmerican". It's an ethnic term that encompasses our various colors and combinations despite how we look..as long as you have African ancestry.
  11. Troy In a recent conversation started by a guest poster, @Pioneer1 chose provide a detailed response, because he did not want to waste time with someone who would likely never respond. And that was a truthful emotional response I gave. I already don't like wasting time and energy giving people knowledge who aren't listening, and the older I get....the less I like it. Like Cynique said, I am a big egotistical...lol...I want my words recognized. I have other things to do and concern myself with than giving knowledge to someone who doesn't respect or appreciate what I have to say enough to dialog or comment on it. These people get angry about something that happened to them, see a message board they can drop a whole page long RANT in, and two days later they've forgotten about what they posted and probably the site itself. .....no longer wasting time with them. I've been trying to figure out why. There are thousand of people who have signed for these forums. A couple of years ago I emailed everyone to remind them about their accounts, but that had no impact on participation. Why would anyone take the time to create an account here and never post? I never could figure that one out. Anyone have ideas or suggestions? Like you said a lot of them are spammers and trolls But many of them are actually racists who sign up to get access to the site and certain information about the members they ordinarily wouldn't get as an unregistered member. But the sad fact is bro... A lot of people are just plain STUPID and can't think of enough intelligent words and ideas to maintain a conversation. Get them angry and they can cuss you out and threaten you all day. But to have a MEANINGFUL DIALOG....they don't have it in them. Many are already stupid and social media just aggrevates their stupidity by giving them a quick way to express themselves. Mzuri Unlike most forms of social media where you communicate with only a few words and a lot of emojis......on forums like this you have to be able to actually THINK and FORMULATE sentences and paragraphs to communicate your ideas. And you also have to READ....usually multiple paragraphs...other people's thoughts. A lot of people today....especially a lot of young people....are too stupid to do that. They don't have the intellect or the discipline to post a message beyond 10 words and a bunch of silly emojis. On top of that..opposing ideas are EXCHANGED more on forums like this where we can swap notes, give eachother links, and other references to prove what we're saying. MOst forms of social media don't allow that. So it becomes an echo chamber of everyone in the room believing in the same thing...often lies.
  12. Addison A "familiar" spirt is the old English word for ANCESTRAL Spirit. It's the spirit of a deceased family member who comes back to visit you. It has nothing to do with witches, the devil, or things of that nature.
  13. May our brother Melvin rest in Peace and in Power. Strong brother...even in old age he had well defined muscle tone. I remember watching his movie Sweetback. He was before his time.
  14. Are there any WOMEN in those baths???? If not....I'm not even walking past them.
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