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  1. You change your mind when new data is presented. Have you seen any change in Trump supporters?
  2. Troy you can't assume the average person is going to see things as clearly as you. Case in point Donald Trump becoming President. Also his approval rating has crashed. Although I don't know where it is now.
  3. I personally know someone who has family members that have it and one is really ill.
  4. Unless Spain Germany and the US adopt strict procedures they will resemble Italy.
  5. Trump wants to end the isolation. So do you believe Trump when he said it was a hoax that the Democrats made up?
  6. What does that mean, not by yourself?
  7. Are you referring to Naadi leaves? Did you have your leaf read?
  8. Street Smarts Someone can be topically smarter yet you can ask an intelligent question.
  9. @Pioneer1 what astrological prediction are you following?
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