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  1. I did a study of planetary positions for 2160 years taken at 72 year intervals. Using the Tropical Zodiac and precession. I found a correlation between the Moon's position and Neptune. Although I don't isye the constellations nor do I use fixed stars
  2. To me it appears that you are in your element. I enjoy your responses
  3. That may only be true from your perspective. This is an instance where being able to think conceptually is useful. Although you are certain that you are right consider the possibility that you are mistaken. And there are conditions that you haven't factored into your assumptions. Let it percolate for a few days a d key me know what you think.
  4. @frankster "We are sentenced by our convictions." Delano Strachen
  5. Frfr I don't push it though. If it's an author I know I'll suggest other books they may also find interesting. t's only in the last third of my life that I started talking to strangers. Every once and a while it doesn't work or I get a grumpy response. Most people like talking about themselves, that has been my experince for the last two decades, with a few exceptions. I am not certain that people are reading a book on their phone. I haven't seen that many tablets on public transport.
  6. If something doesn't exist in your world or mindset it is beyond approach. I told you accept the possibility of its existence. My guess is consciousness is unknowable. In the same way a fish in water doesn't know it's in water. Nor do we know what air is made of, we are told and we believe. This maybe true of everything.
  7. Are there any Truths, is there anything that is believed unanimously. Is there an objective reality. How can we tell if this is reality or a simulation. Since COVID I have been both fascinated and perplexed by people's beliefs. However I don't think I am any different. I believe things that are seem as incompatible. Among Astrologers I am seem as anomaly. Which I didn't understand. Until I wrote the previous Sentence. One thing that w ems to be having wider acceptance is that things aren't going well. Our trajectory isn't sustainable. Finding new truths makes sense. It was believed that swans were white. Until black swans were seen in Australia. So perhaps something is true if we can't see that it is false.
  8. This is something that has been on my mind. In a slightly different form. We don't know what to think. If we did advertising critics peer pressure and fashion wouldn't exist. Books music movies and the others tell us what's acceptable. The groups you belong to may have conflicting/different rules. What other pathways are there to get the truth or at least identify a falsehood
  9. It may be that demand is down. Most people are looking at their phones and I see alot of commuters watching Tik Tock. I see one person a month with an actual book. They are so rare that I strike up a conversation with them about their book.
  10. While your comment makes sense, it fails on many levels.
  11. Or can you tell when you are wrong before experience shows you the truth?
  12. We are on a creative planet and we learn spiritual lessons through mundane happenings That's my take on it.
  13. https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8EXVvQt/
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