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  1. BB King stops playing when he sings.
  2. BB King doesn't sing when he plays Nancy Wilson slayed guess who i say yesterday Heard Corey Glover. Vernon Reid and Doug Wumbush side projects. I was hanging out with Roy Ayers agter his concert. I said when you were playing steam was coming off of you. He said , " If I didn't sweat I wasn't working!"
  3. Ten bands i have seen and one i haven't. The Jackson Five Phyliss Hyman Roberta Flack Donny Hathaway Prince Miles Davis Herbie Hancock Sarah Vaughan Max Roach Betty Carter Geri Allen
  4. You miss the point. Someone with more patience can try explaining it to you.
  5. Wow. Where do you start. The past the present or the future. There are so many angles to view this: cultural; community; psychological; economical; racial; national and or power dynamics. Maybe there needs to be a many pronged approach.
  6. Reread what i wrote. However feel free to post a timed prediction. I actually went back to figure the date. So look forward to your timed prediction. The precision was a bit off but the date is right within a week. Looking forward to a more accurate and precise prediction from you. Or some excuse. Interestingly i had a few astrologers make the same criticisms. And one really talented one like the prediction. Who realised it was my first attempt.
  7. So thats my timed prediction. Please post your timed prediction.
  8. Capitalism communism or socialism. Can also apply to the system of government.
  10. It looks like Marx was right about capitalism.
  11. Thanks Troy. A friend used to say, "Spade don't Fade. "
  12. I am a Black Man