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  1. Why don't you ask someone in your family?
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIoudc5_hag
  3. No I just have both less patience and optimism when I see ignorance. Although lately I been feeling like opening up a can of verbal whip @$$
  4. You may not realise but single mom's are the whitewashed version of the baby mama. You got Aced in that last volley for serve, YoungThug or do you prefer YT?
  5. I am not intimidate by cookies, crackers cakes. CCC ya dig?
  6. Just like Trump grab them by the P. Cheating on his pregnant wife while two timing his mistress with a porn star. So either you'll try to spin this or get amnesia. I think you should have another nickname YoungThug or YT for short.
  7. Thanks Cynique. Normally I don't engage in this type of thing. But I'm feeling slightly verbally combative. Although arguing with ______ feels like kicking a one legged man in an @$$ kicking contest.
  8. Hey Greg why do white kids have a monopoly on shooting up schools. Wait I know they are influenced by Black culture. Just like the rest of America.
  9. In my opinion the real fight is class not race. Which explains why revolutionary thinkers lean more towards socialism. I am thinking primarily of Angela Y. Davis, although I believe this thread was present in the Black Panthers as well. You would know that better than most.
  10. Don't forget Jazz and gospel. There is zero musical culture that white people have created without the influence of Black Americans. You seem to have forgotten whites would have starved with help from the indigenous Americans. Which they repaid by slaughtering their hosts. Here's a hint Hidden Figures. White people all over the world are successful because of stealing and genocide. Read the real history of the Untied States. The suggestion that you either read or think is rhetorical.
  11. I have long since retired from those types of "discussions"
  12. Women and Blacks were the property of white men. We may be going back to the future.
  13. Some of the comments ALMOST make me miss Nails, but not quite.
  14. It's an old trick from newspaper. You put the lie on the front page. And the retraction gets buried.
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