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  1. Don't book covers, sell books. Which is why there are covers book.
  2. Just do the opposite of what you see most people do. And I can guarantee you will be either successful or happy.
  3. Thanks @Chevdove I like to think I think.
  4. Michael Jordan and Spike Lee marketed $200 sneakers to Whom?
  5. It's implied( like cultural funding) that it is for the target audience.
  6. Education, Jobs, Cultural Funding. I think the main problem Afro-Americans have is lack of indentity and or rather homeland. However you could argue that is hat has made as the most copied but not financially rewarded. I say Black folks in the US are Culture Whores. We create it but get pimped. Although that may not bring about a golden age. Since the system is designed for inequality. However there have been people who make it work. Although if you try to share the wealth there will be Sorrow Tears and Blood. @Chevdove Thanks for the mention
  7. What types of program does BNC need to survive .
  8. Different strokes for different blokes.
  9. I worked with a women and she said she could Not respect a man that did everything she asked. My guess is that some women will like a man that's kind and gentle but not soft. I think Chris Rock said in the bedroom he called his partner a b!+ch. Buthe that's the only place he can say it. I also had to check my boss's boss. Since it was just the two of us he didn't mention it and did he disrespect me again. Really
  10. Google is giving you what you want to see. Why aren't you thanking them.
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