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  1. I guess we will see how well the US survives what comes next. However I feel that it will be an implosion on a few different fronts.
  2. It wouldn't handle ambiguity, or sarcasm as well as a human. Still can you tell.me how would model the unconscious and intuition.
  3. @Troy I don't think the unconscious can be coded because it is not understood. In the same way I don't think you can code emotions. You may be able to a heuristic so that response matches the emotions.
  4. The lead singer was married to Angela Winbush from the duo Rene and Angela. I Think their daughter also sings.
  5. I don't think it is possible to model the unconscious. It can be argued that actions have stem from a motivation. However it may be impossible to model the unconscious mind.
  6. Did you know that the Isley Brothers used to jam with Jimi Hendrix. You you listened to Ernie Isley you can hear Hendrix
  7. How can you model something that takes place outside of awareness
  8. Again I disagree. There is a difference between copying the elements of art and being inspired by others. Beyonce's music sounds like it oild have been created by AI. It's very formulaic and even the way she sings is very much the same. Whereas someone Miles Davis or Prince does the opposite. They are trying to create something different. You started this post mentioning AI marketing to you. Perhaps AI marketing or Art will always feel Artificial.
  9. Work is done in a factory and people have different roles. Work is a bit part of life. It creates social interactions and sometimes it defines who we are, we can become our job. The factory may represent life. The different people can be the way different people either approach life or how they live. So perhaps you see how people's beliefs have been limited by their thinking about life. So you are trying to not only escape this situation. You want to put a lot of distance from it. We use the word fortune to mean wealth. This is the Merriam Webster definition : a store of material possessions the turns and courses of luck accompanying one's progress (as through life). So your purse is the place where you store your talents. I mean that in more than one sense of the word. So losing your purse could either feel like you are wasting time. Since time is money. Although it makes more sense to say money is time. So you are trying to find a way out of the not becoming an automaton. What's interesting is that you include manual as well as office workers as being trapped. So it has been an ongoing process to become free or at least not to feel trapped in a role. So to the extent that you have loved the life you wanted you have left the factory. It also points to your ability to see a situation that others see as normal. Or say that's just the way that it is. Also the factory is going anywhere. Things and people come to it. Whereas a train represents movement and the occupants are more fluid as are their reasons for taking the train
  10. That's exactly what was found. 100% This is just one example of a study where people are reactingbtona stimulus that was to fast or short to be consciously perceived. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0044496
  11. Yes a couple of examples would be good And you believe that AI can model the unconscious and intuition. Okay but if you are programming I don't think sometimes understanding the unconscious and intuition is going to work. A large part of the mind is a Black Box. Did you know that we react to things that we sent able to see. Either because they happen to fast. Or we react before we have seen the image? There are quite a few of these studies. Science is at post to explain these types of occurrences. But you think AI can solve this puzzle.
  12. So according to the article most thinking task place outside of consciousness and intuition a vital part of that, even when it is wrong
  13. I can see AI being useful in dream interpretation. Since symbolism is well documented. I agree that AI assisted dream interpretation could give the interpretation more depth.
  14. How can you mimic something that doesn't show up in consciousness?
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