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  1. I didn't see your post about his autism before I watched it.
  2. He looks likes family friend who is Jamaican and Chinese.
  3. It's less funny and more poignant knowing he is autistic
  4. I thought he looked Indian. But then English Jamaican popped into my head.
  5. I may be hard to believe but in person. I am marginally funny.
  6. It's only in the last few years that I am not so optimistic about our trajectory. Oddly I try to help my clients/associations navigate and see their situation in ways that are more effective.
  7. She may have gotten tired of that bit of skin attached to a penis (man)
  8. The history of marketing is expanding your base by creating a demand. People need food water and shelter. Everything else is a luxury but we are conditioned from an early age to see non necessities otherwise. Take a look at the shops in your neighbourhood. Every supermarket has one or two aisles of food and one aisle of snacks another aisle for sodas. Which have little to no nutritional value.
  9. The human history has always been about society being structured with rulers and workers. There may be a few exceptions to this rule but they aren't significant. You have some people who want to live like kings and they will subjugate others to achieve this goal. So whether it's a king or a drug dealer, they will profit of if the perceived or created poverty of others. Whether it's the chief king medicine man they all want to maintain their position. Are society is organised so that position is maintained. This is seen in various ways. The witch doctor, the lawyer, the
  10. Troy I am not saying hoping it will change will effect a change. Is it a hopeful or delusional position to Think it will change.
  11. What about how she sees the men on the forum? Um, can you stay over there with the males on that forum??? 2
  12. Is it hopeful or delusional to think cops will stop killing Black people?
  13. Is it possible to be content if you don't have delusions? Or are delusions and hope intimately intermingled? My recent experiences say that they are interwoven.
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