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  1. It was minor. I am pretty well coordinated. Ususally when I hang my clothes out to dry if they fall off the line most of the time I catch them before the hit they ground. I hve good hand eye coordination and reaction time. On this particular instance I dropped my pegs about 5 times. And I felt a bit off.
  2. @CyniqueI have sent you a few times. Let me know what type of liberation that you want to experience. And let me your time frames.
  3. It's more like envy or insecurity.
  4. Most sites the ads are between 25 - 50% of the screen. My least favourite are the videos that make the page grind to a halt.
  5. If you control someone's heart and mind they are no longer a threat and they have become a resource.
  6. Gmail is, that's why I wrote it. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/sep/08/high-court-rules-australian-media-companies-are-liable-for-defamatory-comments-posted-on-their-facebook-pages Prison?
  7. Perhaps because you didn't read it. You already have said goodbye. When you're partner tells you they want a divorce, they have already left the relationship. And you hadn't noticed, which is partially why they left. In Australia there is a new law. I if you have a site and there is a defamatory comment the site is liable. @Cyniquethere will be even more geopolitical changes and they will be more extreme. Economic, Social, Cultural and Religious fundamentalists are staking their claims to the world's mind, heart and more importantly spirit. You will most likely see very strange bedfellows. Which is why I am becoming an insomniac.
  8. @Troyis that Sonia Sanchez Toni Morrison and Cornell West in your clip that showed a page on AALBC.
  9. I can't understand that I can't recall any non buxom women in comics. Except for Mr Gundy in Archie.
  10. Whether it is noun or adjective, I see your point. And Thank You
  11. What is the difference between gender and sex?
  12. Basically every technique comes from my unconscious. Then I figure out how to practically make it work. At one pint I was writing down the time markers. Now I don't see the need to write them down for posterity.
  13. @Mel Hopkins I created about 130+ Time Markers but I didn't know what they meant. Some techniques I create, and over time I learn how to apply them. The first time I used it, I had an idea of what it might mean based on the symbols. The time marker I got from the time on a vacation photograph. So I looked through a fe hundred transits and in the matter of minutes I found a few matching time markers. Then I looked briefly at the charts and chose the one that felt like the right one. I was able to tell the person what they had for lunch, based on the time marker. I was correct in addition it was a food item only eaten while vacationing at the spot in the photo. I figured if I have to wait for someone to ask it is probably going to take me years to assign meaning to all the time markers. So even though I don't have meanings for them all. I assign a meaning as needed.
  14. Could be but I am not game to try it. There may be a reason we can't remember past lives, similar to us burying traumatic events. None of the participants had a negative experience with time markers. I had a mildly unpleasant one with a slightly difficult one, very early on, so I am cautious. I had one friend also use the time marker on the next day, the effect was slightly different due to the moon being in a different position. So now I stress the important of following the instructions to the letter.
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