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  1. White Man, Close To Extinction?

    it puts the we will not be replaced comment in perspective.
  2. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    But I still got down with my Boys at Soul Summit. And the Family Stand when they were at SOB's. nd all the hip hop parties in the Bronx. and a year at the paradise garage. And a year when I was a bike messenger.
  3. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Troy what in your experience helps you understand. That Black Women should be cheerleaders to Black Men and have sex with them to encourage them in the struggle. the reason I am here is because we are friends. And I believe in you vision. And not to sound arrogant but my background and experience draws on business and Magic. Which I feel can be of use to us. I think Cynique is one of the best critical thinkers I have met. Plus she has isn't some dry academic. Mel is my psychic sister. and her post about the esoteric and thinking sends me into interesting corridors in the mind of Del Strachen. Pioneer post are extremely challenging and know I just read them and don't respond. since his experience is valid. and provides a window for an alternate take on things. Also once or twice he mentioned an idea I had previously. And his start has risen in my eyes, when he worked out the Issac Newtown. I spent many years dancing in the dark with a lot of Black people. until I went international in 1996.
  4. Devotion

    Thanks Cynique
  5. Devotion

    Pioneer are all of the opinons you have espoused your own experience or do they have some basis in the external world. In several countries the Astrologer was put to death if ineffective. We don't need to be careful but you should be careful. I have stated based on my experiences with about 10,000 clients everyone has an ability. So you are not only confusing your specific experience with a global. You can't see how that is possible. I agree you shouldn't be giving anyone advice unless they think like you do. Religion and spirituality exist in a mutually exclusive fields. Logic has no place in spirituality or religion. You may want to look up the definition of cognitive dissonance. The whole idea of cognitive dissonance is that your beliefs are internally consistent they just don't match reality. So you changed your beliefs to match reality. It's a psychological term. Here's a proper definition of cognitive dissonance. Notice there is no internal conflict in beliefs. Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance etc.
  6. Devotion

    Your beliefs effect how you see life, so if you persist with those beliefs perhaps the effect your afterlife .
  7. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    I have set it earlier. Trump will be the most unifying divisive President. Pioneer we must live in different worlds since I find your perspective unrelated to my life experience
  8. Mindfullness or how to be Present

    Yeah being present and grateful are important
  9. Power Dynamics

    Thanks Troy, but they passed away some years ago.
  10. Power Dynamics

    Because most of the people in Tampa are retired from New York New Jersey and Conneticut. My parents moved there, and said they hadn't met any Floridians.
  11. Mindfullness or how to be Present

    Thanks for re-minding me.
  12. NAACP Says, Avoid Missouri.

    Should men shoot some cash to single mothers and service them. Since they seem to be raising more kids on their own than single Black men.
  13. Power Dynamics

    Not certain if I had posted tis before or not. It seems especially relevant both here and in your world. I have recently noticed a power dynamic. The dominant segment and the passive segment don't communicate as equals along the following lines. Wealth, Class, Race, Colour, and Sex, Northern location in the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Location in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the case in Northern, Central and South America, England, China, Australia New Zealand. Other parts of the world the dynamic. applies with fewer categories. But it applies subtlety. - Del S trachen
  14. Devotion

    What are you committed or devoted to in life? And how has it changed your life?