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  1. No spillage on any side.
  2. naw I'm here to write the wrongs.
  3. I am not an arbritrator in Cyno-Pioneer War.
  4. Perhaps Troy only reads responses addressed to him @Pioneer1 @Troy apparently a No and a explanation aren't sufficient.
  5. Definition of Arbritration An independent person or body officially appointed to settle a dispute. Check your definitions. And the scenario. Knowledge B Im in there. Like Q-Tip.
  6. @Cynique your argument with Pioneer is emotional and nonsensical. If income and values or equally valid why is Pioneer's position invalid? He is arguing class as a function of income.
  7. You may want to read the origin of tipping. @Troy and @Pioneer1 Class can be social or economic. There may even the following designation workers professionals and coupon clippers. Politics also creates stratification although I believe this is a less clear stratification. Actually someof these boundaries aren't as defined as they were in the past. The 80's coincided with the growth in money markets and mutual funds. Around that time trading on the stock market became more democratic. With the rise of discount brokerage firm the public. @Pioneer1 definition of terms is key. I have noticed that Troy revises his initial position. Then complains that you aren't speaking to his issues. He is Wyle E.
  8. I read for pleasure and to fill up my day. Posting online pretty much the same. Read Teaching as a Subversive Activity . I feel as though most of education is training people to be good workers. Did the teach more than problem solving in engineering? I was invited by the director of admissions to visit Yales Business School. You had to defend your views against the entire class. I don't know if other Grad Schools teach students how to think. I don't believe thinking is the goal of education.
  9. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/readersrespond/bs-ed-tavon-white-letter-20150217-story.html
  10. Interesting Bill Cosby as one person isnt acceptable to prove my point. But me as your sole example. I guess you didn’t see where i asked you to provide some examples from the many Universities you attended. @Troy
  11. 12 indictments from the Special Counsel plus Paul Manafort has his trial on July 25th. Michael Cohen is no longer willing to take a bullet for Donald Trump.
  12. So my experience doesn't match your description. Better job, it did increase my income.
  13. Education clearly isn't reducing some forms of aggression. @Troy