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  1. Troy there is a matronly women that you have known since May 2018, but there's not enough spark
  2. Pioneer 39 - 42 but you must either stop working Dec 9 or that's your last check
  3. Troy you have been having a few near misses. You met one woman between January 18 - 30,2019. Or rather you were supposed to meet but missed each other. Possibly due to a angry woman . There's another possible date April 25 - May 9, 2019. There's also a woman that has been interested in you since October 10 - 24, 2019. End of September 2020. But you won't be lonely. I just saw this today.
  4. Yes, the sleight of mind isn't working on me.
  5. Always a pleasure twin. I am learning / discovering some mind bending stuff.
  6. Great quote but i don't remember saying it. What was the context.
  7. Clearly you haven't updated a faulty position.
  8. You are feeling if they can fit you in within the next two weeks you may do it. You are looking for a sign one or the other. You will decide in two days based on how you feel or what sign the universe gives. As long as there's no health risk , why not. You want it more than the teeth.
  9. China is a great example of social engineering that has gone wrong. It was officially ended in 2016.
  10. The question has to pertain to you directly. Your question needs to be modified. Practical and personal questions and questions thay you can effect the outcome are the type that can be answered. It also helps if the questiin is realistic and you are invested in active change.
  11. The following are examples of the exoteric : mathematics; physics; engineering. The following are examples of the esoteric : astrology ; tarot and numerology. I will be using the later means to answer questions.
  12. Post a question and I will attempt to answer it using astrology. However no psychic spying.
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