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  1. Choices without the freedom to choose is meaningless. Which is difficult unless you can free yourself from cultural, societal and environmental issues. For example being entertaining has a higher value than being truthful.
  2. Curtis Mayfield one of the most conscious black artist did the music for Superfly. He said it was a story about redemption. Sweetback is a runaway slave narrative. Which is referenced in a NWA track 100 hundred miles and running
  3. Do you know the Earth Wind and Fire did the music for Superfly? Also I think Melvin Van Peebles ran out of money during shooting. He got the funds from black entertainers. I believe Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte were among the donations
  4. @Cynique @Mel Hopkins and @Troy I miss you, and the exchanges. The dialogues made me change my mind or examine my position. Thank you, Del Neither for me, nor with me.
  5. On January 27 check out 11:11. It's pretty high energy.
  6. What is it upside and in a mirror? That's an old joke from Cheers. I used to be down with roast-a-n****, but I have given it up.
  7. Wouldn't the right wing be half of the wings. I dunno but it has that thing that can not be named. Are you getting repeating numbers 11:11 or triples 2:22?
  8. That is the essence of my entire practice. I have turned the feeling of a thing into a description of its quality. You are an unconscious psychic and a conscious mystic. In my way of thinking you have a logical mind. Which makes your thinking first rate. However your feelings while being harder to articulate, give you a sense of understanding. So I believe that if you have a hard time defining a feeling it will guide you to a solution which involves it's resolution. I have been going deeper into my esoteric rabbit hole. I can count on one hand the people that can even remotely relate to it. You are one of the five. You are a wonderful blend of the Solar and the Lunar. To me you are the Logical Poet.
  9. See you in the future.
  10. Johnathan Majors is another interesting actor.
  11. @Troy a movie about a Black Panther was produced by Ryan Coogler and starred Daniel Kaluuya, who was also connected to the Black Panther Movie. Lakeith Stanfield also worked with Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out.
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