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  1. @Kareem it's not 4 but 2. Duality is needed so that there is difference. So your feeling about 2 being special is on the money.
  2. What prompted you onto the path?
  3. The stronger your convictions the harder to have an open mind. If Trump gets ousted by the 29th you have lost the bet.
  4. Don't forget the ability to listen with an open mind
  5. Thank you for making sense. Like you said folks prefer the cats in Africa than you. Even though you are close. Folk's would rather have to call for 3 hours to get 1 hour of info, than sit with you all day. Final word.
  6. The biggest problem in the world is ignorance. How many pairs of Nike Air Jordan's do you own? The consumer is marketed to way more than they are educated. Do Black people need to take any responsibility for any if their counter productive choices? Like not supporting each other?
  7. You can't put on culture like clothing. Well you can, but it doesn't make you legitimate. (Karma) in deed. Let us both curse the liar
  8. You will always meet more Tarot readers than astrologers, because astrology is harder. Very few people can effectively teach themselves Astrology. I have only met three people who could. Tarot is more accesible. Interestingly you didn't take to it. I can ell how much astrology someone know by what they say and don't say. I will give you a very simple lesson. 1 The Creator 2 The Duality 3 The Created 4 The foundation. Or to put it another way before time there was the one. It divided to create a polarity. Which is two things that are seperate yet joined. Those two things give birth to two polarities. Hence the foundation is four. So out of your post I can see how every divination system is connected from Chinese Indian African an American. So despite your attempts to speak with authority you have shown yourself to be certain of a system you have studied. Yet it hasn't entered your soul. You do a disservice to your cause by disrepecting others and being condescending. However we each have our path.
  9. The Tarot and Oracle decks are astrologically based but they are not Astrology. Thank you for answering my question. In 2014 I was looking at the structure of I Ching, I also was looking into the I Ching and Jyotish since they both had elements similar to some of my techniques. I have an astrological prediction on this forum. That Trump will be out between Jan 15 - 29. I made that prediction in September or October based on the current Saturn Pluto conjunction. However it doesn't currently look like he is on the way out. If I am wrong again that is fine, however the timing matched the impeachment trial in the Senate.
  10. You mentioning you studied many branches of Astrology which ones? I Ching and Ifa are base 2 Oracles. The link is as easy as 1 2 3. In fact the link is tighter between the I Ching and Ifa Oracles than the other two. There's a difference between not seeing the connection and the connection not existing. I have been studying and practising the esoteric. I have been in contact with various a Shaman, Baba, a wizard, Astrologers, witches. Who are able to see the thread that unites these practices. They all emanate from the one like language. They are cultural ways to see this world and the other. Numbers are what unites Science and Magic. However there is a reason it is occult and esoteric. There is the letter and the spirit of the Law. However there are certain things of the spiritual realm that can not be spoken to the uninitiated. I agree with you on that point. However I have nothing to add to your understanding so most of this post is for the seeker. What branch o Which branches did you study to be able to make that comparison?
  11. So you aren't aware of the spiritual side of numbers. Not certain how you can mention cosmology and write off astrology.
  12. Computers use bits which is why they are binary. Bit = Binary Digit
  13. The I Ching is 64 hexagram, the Ifa has 256. The Kabbalah has 10 Sephira and 22 paths = 32. Happen to come across this looking for the significance. I don't practice the I Ching however I have looked at the numbers. Since it like the Kaballa Ifa are base 2 divination system. In a way astrology also works with polarities. Even though it isn't base 2. It uses multiple sets of numbers that aren't number based ie binary or digital. I am contemplating creating another I Ching sequence. I gave one away.
  14. Thank you for posting. You have helped me see there is a link between the following cosmologies: Ifa; Kabbalah; I Ching.
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