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  1. Delano

    On the same page

    Pioneer how do White Folks own China?
  2. Delano

    Goldie Is Confused

    Disagreement with you does not make her clueless. She has articulated her point. Yiu could substitute the Black and White Working Class and her statement is still valid.
  3. A fellow astrologer on Facebook posted this article. https://www.theguardian.com/global/2018/oct/08/the-white-southerners-who-changed-their-views-on-racism?fbclid=IwAR37Q2KR0A74YaU7IHMTeley9hwfc9X8W_C4F126HWQ-r8UBh0HYTUQKKqU
  4. Delano

    Lock Him Up

    Perhaps but there are more women in Congress now. And two Muslims. They senate is Republican but ybe house is not. So it's not that cut and dry.
  5. Yes hus wealth came frin his father. Then he and his siblings overcharged their own father. Then he undervalued his parent's assets by $300 million. Yeah that's the art of the deal..
  6. Delano

    Lock Him Up

    Time will tell.
  7. Delano

    On the same page

    Not seeing something is not the same as it not existing. Just because yiu can't see or imagine someone or something bigger than Trump...
  8. You don't think firing Sessions us a problem for Trump?
  9. Will the Democrats subpoena Trump's tax return?
  10. Delano

    I Knew She Was Black.............

    I don't advocate for ignorance
  11. Delano

    I Knew She Was Black.............

    Maybe we have to face and either deal with it or accept it. It's a global problem.
  12. Delano

    "Can't we all just get along?"

    No it doesn't appear like that is the case.
  13. Delano

    Bill Cosby Sentencef

    Drugging and raping women. And making jokes about it.