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  1. I am noticing that time has a quality, or rather different starting times seems to create different outcomes. I haven't tested this extensively yet, however I feel that time is a thing of substance and if you are out of time things don't work well. It's like you wake up and it is Thursday but feels like a a Friday.
  2. In your mind what would be their motivation.
  3. Why they said the same thing.
  4. If you have light it will attract the dark. I had a dream last year I was a superhero. I had the following thought, "I risk my life saving people for no money. I should rob one bank as compensation." I thought no, this is how it starts. You rationalise one step towards the darkness and the rest are easier. One of the most informative psychics told me , "you learn to use power by using power." You just have to look around at leaders and gurus, to see that it is intoxicating and corrupting.
  5. Cynique, Mel and myself all checked out at about the same time, for the same reasons. I just am not interested in arguing or trying to convince anyone of anything. I just post an idea or a question.
  6. I feel that the development of my mind and my feelings have equal importance. So I can feel your elation. The entire game is to influence you so that you are preoccupied. I have ben studying Astrology Tarot and other occult topics for about 20 years. And while what you find is based on your level of understanding it will expand your frame of reference. t is a mind blowing experience to have a bunch of cards or piece of paper capture your essence and your struggles. So I post question that are chewey intellectually or relate to the occult. I am more interesting in asking a question that makes y
  7. Living in the moment is the goal. I used to be a bike messenger in Manhattan. Once or twice I would put on Public Enemy and ride through traffic. It was electrifying, to feel the energy of the music, while weaving through traffic and leaving cars behind you. In that moment it was just the me, the bike and the feeling. I only did it a handful of times since I didn't want to lose my hearing or get into an accident. There is something about being totally immersed in an activity to the point that the world disappears.
  8. What is your answer to your own question?
  9. The following thought occurred to me, "If we assume everything we have been told is false , then we may get closer to the truth."
  10. I consider myself a Modern Primitive. I use technology, but magic, belief and will are more important for me. The mind is what makes your reality. It is possible to train or deprogram your mind. I feel the first step is to either question everything or say you know nothing. I have not been to prison, but I would imagine there are guys in prison, that even though their body is imprisoned their mind is not. It sounds lie prison in an odd way freed your mind. If I am mistaken . I apologise. @Gibran I feel the only people free in society are sociopaths, creative artist and inven
  11. Everything you wrote here is riveting but this is next level . Thank you , @Gibran
  12. Yes I can't imagine how to do it. By living consciously
  13. . Lately I have been reading about time. It seems to be a hard thing to describe. I have also been thinking about the quality of time. Although we mostly think about time as quantities. It is paradoxical because it is the only resource we have at our disposal, yet we can neither accumulate it nor save it. And we trade it for money, fun and everything else.
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