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  1. The terms Astrology and astronomy were interchangeably
  2. The Dogon also arrange their huts using fractals. Before they were discovered on the West. I have no source for this so happy hunting.
  3. I think he played his part brilliantly. His investigation made money for the government in addition to showing how the system of buying and selling influence works. How many convictions and how much in fines as the result of the special counsel. No leaks and he is thorough. Not only did he get Trump's inner circle he gave information to other courts. So even if he got shut down he would still get the job done. Trumps taxes both personal and business are in play as a direct result of the investigation. Which is going to involve fines and possible jail time for Trump. The only reason Trump is getting done is because he overreached. You can steal and skim but if you want to be the emperor or dictator even the moneyed elite get nervous. He may have killed the Golden Goose. The other thing is y hat laws are currently being written as a direct result of not repeating Trump. I said it back in 2015 we are witnessing huge geopolitical shifts. And the "end" of America However time will tell
  4. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3726408-Rosenstein-letter-appointing-Mueller-special.html#document/p1 Special counselor falls under DOJ. Just like the Vice Squad is a division of the police force. Athe times both investigate their governing body. He alooked took issue with the interpretation of William Barr. Who is I effect his boss. He appears to be a man of integrity. How many times have you seen an employee stand up to a superior?
  5. Mueller was charged with find out what happened. He's supposed to be nonpartisan and not to interpret what those findings mean. Or at least that's my understanding.
  6. No your hunch trumped my delineation. If I win the next bet then astrology wins over your analysis or truth. It's like if a Black person commits a crime it's all Black people. If a Black person succeeds They are an individual.
  7. Think about the name of this thread. It's an Astrological Prediction. Also our second bet you only pay if he is either impeached or terminated in January. Which is an astrological prediction. Like I said of I get it wrong I'll give up on political prediction. As an aside I have given up on trying to convince people that astrology works. Actually I moving to not trying to convince anyone to rethink their position. So may post my go from beige to straight white bread Good point. What's the answer
  8. Exactly I can tell by your comment you aren't watching the news on Trump not even spot checking. At some point do you binge to catch up on what you may have missed?
  9. story isn't over, and I can tell you are not following the news.
  10. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/universe-may-be-billion-years-younger-we-thought-scientists-are-ncna1005541
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