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  1. @Troy a former partner was a writer and I went to see her perform. It would have been circa 1989. I went out once or twice a week from 1986 until 2005. Then I got married in 2006.
  2. Is it possible to develop your identity without being influenced by community?
  3. I don't worship anyone. I acknowledge people that transcend their field. The two MacArthur genius grant winners that I met were both Black women. I also suggested another Black female author who's father started one of the Black owned newspapers in New York City. In a debate years back a question was posted by Mel. Has a Black Man ever helped women. I had an answer to that question. He can only conceive what he has experienced. Your concept of what it means to be black limits your thinking. You feel that certain fields like mathematics and philosophy are the sole domain of White men. Here's another one you selectively have forgotten. Pyramids only exist in countries of brown people. The pyramids in Guatemala are orientated to the Spring Equinox. Whereas the the ones in Egypt mark the Summer Solstice. Which is when Sirius rises the Nile floods. Spin this however your conspiratorial brain chooses to conflate fact and fantasy.
  4. We are less than perfect, somamy system that is human is subject to stagnation, evolution or devolution
  5. They way you put down Black folks I thought you were white. Unlike yourself I don't hide my face. You get a lot of exercise running your mouth, jumping to conclusions and pushing your luck. However if you persist I'll get that Bronx kid on your hidden hide. Do you what you want, and I'll do what needs be done. I don't know but he's very close to getting to know the Bronx side. Clearly wants to engage, get your snacks.
  6. Everytime you talk, my crap detector goes off Noone here is fooled by your foolishness.
  7. I was in a car doing 100 K an hour and we got past like we weren't even moving by Benz's and BMW'S, even got past by a Scirocco then realised even though it's a VW it's still German engineering. Posting data out of context is less than useful. You would have to also show average number of moles driven, number of cars. It would so bee good to segregate holiday driving out as well. Roundabouts are used quite a bit in Sydney. Traffic does stop sometimes but not for as long as a traffic light. However it makes pedestrian crossing more "exciting"
  8. I think he will. He had a vision and he is creating his own lane. They are very different filmmakers. Spike is genius at marketing and his films are very watchable. Peele is very subtle. Picking cotton saved the character in Get Out. He also gave us Daniel Kaluyaa and Lakeith Stanfield
  9. From the cops. It's how he got his name sweet back. Like in the scene with the biker crew. Where their leader is a woman. And he is challenged to fight her. That was his son Mario. He may have been the inspiration for NWA's Hundred Miles and runnin Found this , Melvin Van Peebles ...: having turned his back on a profitable three-picture deal with Columbia Pictures in response to studio resistance to his ideas,[41] he raised funds entirely in the independent sector, worked with non-union racially-mixed crews, and Having produced a film for $150,000 that grossed more than 15 million,[42] Van Peebles became an industry phenomenon. He is regarded as an innovator
  10. When Blade Runner was released it wasn't well received. Some movies get a lukewarm reception than become Cult classics or midnight movies
  11. Sweet Back was a runaway slave. That was Mo Better Blues. That was the movie Spike Lee wanted to do for Denzel Washington
  12. I should say that acquisition isn't just about purchasing goods. For instance you can acquire a new skill.
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