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  1. Black Woman Turns White.

    @TroyLet's say that each inhabited continent can only maintain 1 million would Black People make the cut.
  2. Black Woman Turns White.

    @Troy why do you assume black people will survive. What if there is only resources fro 6 million people on the planet. @Pioneer1 They were white, as near as I could tell.
  3. Black Woman Turns White.

    Black people weren't meant to survive. Labour in general is not needed.
  4. Black Woman Turns White.

    Troy i disagree because this forum wr set the agenda. And rhe regular contributors are a good mix of pov. I think image is incredibly inportant. Since they cam become symbols. Image effects how you see the world and your thinking. By not seeing images that represent your identity. , you become a ghost. You have no claim. And in the case of Black American. Yiu have no history you can claim pre slavery. I recently got into a discussion about it White Privledge. I was told i was a racist and fascist for making a blanket statement about white people. So I agree with Cynique, it is pointless 90% of the time to talk about race, sexism or power dynamics. As an aside I can't imagine the ad in reverse ever playing.
  5. I don't think any of my purchases are a result of corporate marketing. In Sydney there are loud big screen TV in the subway. My only corporate purchases are movie tickets to movies about comic book characters from my childhood.
  6. Add more. I was responding to your question about spirituality. Hypnotism is suggestibility. I would make a difference between influence and control. You can amplify a tendency . However it is much harder to control the mind. The reason is i believe in the conscious subconscious and unconscious mind. So mind control advertising and hyonotism work better on some people.
  7. We will be able to predict but not control the brain. Much like weather.
  8. Hi Troy, This is an inspired definition Spirituality is the counterbalance to our body, personality and all that is tangible. The body is a ship and spirituality is our anchor in the higher realms. You could exhange spirituality with world view or existential contemplation of essence. Religion is a lower order manifestation of spirtuality. Analogous to the word apple and the object. So your spiritual approach defines and informs your actions personality, thought process, and emotions. All of the later terms are constructs or a way to embody the intangible essence. These constructs are what make life feel real. Its easier to argue religion orspirituality. Than the reality of your body. Yet you would have a hard time really believing someone arguing reality. The irony being that it is your mind that rails against this position. Which is ironic because your mind is closer to spirit than your body. Thats a first take will post more later. There's the potential problem of associating the self with our body or our actions. What informs this the mind? The mind is a function of your life experience and also your spirit. Various people may perceive one or the other in the ascendancy An admixture of both perhaps or of neither. You are relatively unaware of the functioning of the body or your destiny. Spiritual practices can shift your perspective so that you can see both differntly. This ability may be real or as indistinguishable as being in a dream. Row row row your boat gently down the stream. Live live life your life. Knowing that it is the spirit dreaming.
  9. Black Woman Turns White.

    No because MJ provided the context by the song title and his face.
  10. Black Woman Turns White.

    Identity is a pretty big issue Troy. African American have no historical identity sepreate from slavery. Every other hyphenated American can claim a country. I have seen a marked difference between African Americans, Africans, Caribbean even English people of African Caribbean descent. It may not have valence for you. However I can agree with tou statement in particular or generally. Since Inam uncomfortable with self appointed arbiter of what is important. .
  11. Black Woman Turns White.

    Pioneer perhaps there is a difference between what you can conceive and what is possible. @Cynique there are some interesting psychological studies about power and conformity. Most people would rather conform to group opinions that go against their own sense perceptions and values. People want to fit in because they are social. Like prostitutes give all of their money to the pimp.
  12. Troy Saturn isn't all bad. It's also about structure and successful. So you have created a structure for people to communicate. Also probably a few months prior to that things were organised in a way to make the site possible.
  13. @Troy Ah it's an interesting chart because Saturn is conjunct your natal Sun within a few degrees.