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  1. Will post a definition or three later. @Cynique
  2. Troy and Pioneer if that turns you on, then congrats .
  3. O saw one of Yule Brenner. He said hi I am Yule Brenner and I'm dead.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AnohHTLMs3Q
  5. You posted the issue a while back.
  6. Troy I have zero curiosity about other people's sexual prowess or endowment as a point of comparison.
  7. You already thought Amazon and Facebook are bad.
  8. I initially had about thirteen books. Snowy Day wasn't that Jack Ezra Keats. I reread his books to my son. Too bad about the flack he caught. He seemed like a well meaning man. Do you remember the Charlie Brown Christmas. Franklin was the only black kid. He was the only one on the other side of the table. He was also the only one with a lawn chair and it was broken.
  9. It sounds like you know a lot about big penis in the locker room. Unlike yourself Iam not trying to impress much less look at other men's penis in the locker room.
  10. I was going to look at average, max and min for September. They also rank each temperature. So I was going to see what the rankings were for each 30 year period. But then I thought why bother. I was about to change my mind until I went to Scripps and read Van Ramanathan writings.
  11. read appendix F. A male locker room. Well at least not for me. You seem to feel it's good everywhere.
  12. Ok Troy can you describe what you think I am doing and what i am looking at and why I choose Central Park?
  13. 1) Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. 2) The Alchemist by Paul Coehlo. 3) Surely you must be joking by Richard Feynman. 4) A Brief history of time Stephen Hawking. 5) The easy tarot guide by Marsha Marshino. 6) The Faces at the bottom of the well. by Derrick Bell. 7) Negrophobia by Darius James. 8) Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. 9) The places you'll go by Doctor Seuss. 10) Eastern and Western Mysteries David Alan Hulse.