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  1. We are watching the end of an empire.
  2. I wouldn't be so sure they and their ilk having been present. As was mentioned that quite a few of those arrested were from out of state.
  3. @Troy you should post that article on AAlbc and make it shareable. I wanted to Thank you on Facebook but couldn't find the article
  4. If they have shares or they are brokering those shares.
  5. YEah I think there is a diffference when it is a few companies as opposed to an entire industry not making money.
  6. Check out https://www.doctorkelliejones.com/ She is on the advisory board the is managing the Ebony/Jet Archives. I heard her speak with her sister Lisa Jones. The our Hettie Jones and Amiri Baraka's daughters.
  7. Elon Musk is cashed up from selling paypal. He has a few companies that are cutting edge . https://www.boringcompany.com/ Don't forget the Tech Bubble , you do have to make a profit
  8. @Troy I think Trump will get re-elected. The GOP is rigging the game. I didn't think Trump would get booted because what he was doing was wrong. I thought he would get booted, because the Money guys are afraid that he'll take their money. I thought they were smarter than that but I don't think they so anymore. Like I said in 2015, we are witnessing large geopolitcal swings. The next thing is whether the Bond Market wants US debt. And whether Oil and or commodities will be traded in a currency other than USD. If either of those two things happens. The US will be labelled as a bad credit risk. It will have moved from being a superpower to a mismanaged third world country. The US is lucky to have Elon Musk he is a global game changer. Even though the sells a fifth as many cars as GM and Ford their market cap is more than both companies combined.
  9. Every group decides their own morals. Drug dealers have a rule don't get high on your own supply.
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