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  1. I've been busy moving through the tall grass. Going to try and be more regular on the board, but that's probably if I can get past the holiday season without any big hiccups. Sure looks like it's been quiet around here; not much of the fire and brimstone like in the past.
  2. All this stuff is happening on BO's watch and he owns it.
  3. Nice to hear from you. Been busy, working and traveling. These boards have certainly changed. Glad all is well with you.
  4. It's been just a general observation. Perhaps it also depends on a person's viewing habits as well, but I'd say that particularly in the case of TV product endorsements and network shows, bias certainly exists. Then again, with LSBM's being such a small portion of the existing black / AA demographic, people just simply may not notice. Unless something is said about it, it stays under the radar. Oddly enough, the industry casting authorities who collaborate with advertisers, may well themselves be AA's who want to make a point as opposed to traditional white (or non-black) professionals who have an inherent bias. Mind you, over the past several decades, light skin in the black community has somehow been recast as a much darker complexion than it used to be, in many cases because of blacks who wanted to pass above 'that' color line - e.g., inclusion. So, pointing out light complexioned men who have been overlooked might require a clarification of what light complexioned really means within the AA community.
  5. Has anyone noticed the virtual absence of light(er) complexioned black men and multi-cultural / multi-ethnic black men in media and entertainment? There seems to be no shortage of women on-air and on-screen who are in those categories, but men in those categories are almost non-existent, with the exception of journalism and news reporting. Looks like there's a lot of bias out there against the LSBM community from casting directors, advertisers, etc. They're still stuck in yesteryear and using old stereotypical depictions of black men in America, frequently relegating them to burger commercials and doofus roles - poor grammar, diction and all. Dark complexioned black men & light complexioned black women --- almost sounds like Kanye West, who in his own rants just doesn't like the light guys, in any form. Comments?.
  6. “We want our country back” A lot of native Americans (i.e., Indians) might also have an opinion or two, too.
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