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  1. Laughable. It's quite obvious that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, whatsoever. Sheer ignorance is an understatement, to say the least; don't speak to what you don't know. There is so much in the ridiculous explanation you provided that it calls into question your understanding of politics and voting, at a minimum. Even attempting to reply to the gaslit-induced response you gave would be a waste of time, and I'm certainly not going to try and convince or persuade you otherwise. Joe Biden actually lost his sorry lying corrupt butt off to Donald Trump in a massive landslide and darn near every Democrat out there knows it (literally), except perhaps for you and your faithful fellow believers; keep that CNN and MSNBC channel pipeline going, folks. As a software, systems, hardware and process engineer with many many decades of experience across more than 20 business and government verticals, it amuses me that people make up their own set of facts to support their irrational arguments. I watch them crash and burn all the time. Having worked for one of the largest voter registrars in the country and having an unbiased thorough understanding of exactly how clean elections at all levels (i.e., federal, state, local / municipal) work from end to end (e.g., planning, design, architecture, acquisition, procurement, staffing, vetting, vendors, ballots, tabulators, statistics, servers, networks, routers, cryptology, etc.), including the courts through which they adjudicate, the gap between what you think you know and what actually happened on November 3, 2020, is practically unimaginable. I have no problem taking heat in any forum and welcome 'real' challenges. However, when you demonstrate the logic of a scarecrow trying to take a shortcut through a brush fire, you lose your audience, your credibility., and more. Bounce back as much as you want, but you will never win this argument, at least with me. Keep the gaslighting coming and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Believe whatever you want and say whatever makes you feel better. It's good for your blood pressure.
  2. Well, it certainly appears (to this AALBC participant) that they've got their hooks deep in your head. One thing about the brainwashed, they can't separate the gray matter from the dirty water. If you don't understand that you've been gaslit by the Democrats, the RINOs, the Left, the CCP, the Oligarchs, the Globalists, the Mainstream Media and the like, then there's little value in trying to mature this exchange. I did not resume engaging in discussions on these boards for the fun of it; I decided to see what was going on and perhaps bring some folks around to using their situational awareness skills to pay more attention to the current political and social arenas. When you don't pay attention, you don't know what you've lost until it's gone. In your case, I'll spare my fingers a few extra keystrokes on this thread. P.s., Get a better (honest) results map, you're going to need it. And, if you think Joe Biden got 81 million votes and the guy can't even fill up a 7-Eleven, then I've got some prime oceanfront real estate for you in Topeka, Kansas, for sale at a discount. Black people should follow their own mind.
  3. Understood, Mzuri. Yes, I was expecting more too, but was very disappointed to see the same tired playbook repeat itself. Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, Spike Lee and the rest of them have the capacity to step out of the mold and exercise bold black intellect. Instead, they fall back to the position of feeding eager-to-learn hungry black minds with minstrel-like performances and insulting visual and emotional caricatures and actions that further dehumanize the potential value that black America has to offer and has previously delivered. As a supplemental reference, black Hollywood is chronically being used and manipulated by an entertainment industry oligarchy that could care less about the challenges of a still struggling black America, or any other group for that matter. Sadly, black Hollywood itself, seems to consist mostly of people who wouldn’t be caught dead shaking the hand of the average Joe or Jane - - - e.g., having lunch with you would definitely be out of the question. "n8gglets"... You ought to trademark that. On spot.
  4. Don't think race, think smart, and then you'll get somewhere. Until then, responding with emotion won't earn you any stripes. Do you know how you sound? Get past race ball and chain.
  5. Correct. Unfortunately, a lot of people either can't see or don't want to acknowledge that cratering, and more. Sometimes, people have to hit their heads on the wall before they realize that the building they're in is collapsing right on top of them. Nonsense.
  6. If (by chance) you're stuck in the Democrat party doldrums, then perhaps it's time to start thinking Republican, Independent or otherwise. If you study history, you'll find that it was the Democrat party ideology that drove the KKK and its influence in many respects, and much more. Setting the irrelevance of race aside, think for yourself and decide if you're open to new ideas, or are you simply accepting of rehashed failures. And remember, there are a lot of people and politicians out there who will try to make you fail. Prove them wrong with independent thinking and applied intelligence that is beyond their expectation and the norm. Politicians come a dime a dozen, but true leaders are worth their weight in gold. Bernie Sanders is a reckless Socialist idiot who has never ever cared about anyone but himself. If he had his way, he'd throw Jesus Christ under the bus. It's not my job to tell anyone who to vote for. It's their job to figure that out for themselves. I'm long past trying to drill common sense into people's heads. They're supposed to be adults, so let them use their best judgment. I've been around the block many times, and I've learned to keep the flamethrower in a safe place at the ready. If you're interested in having a mature dialogue, then I'm open to that. However, if you venture out to far on thin ice, the temperature may rise much faster than you think.
  7. Re: https://www.theroot.com/our-kind-of-people-is-a-treasure-trove-of-good-writing-1847768924 IMO, regarding Lee Daniels' TV series on Fox called Our Kind of People, the series sucks. It's contrived erratic dialogue that drives the convoluted story line and disjointed interaction between skin color-sensitive upper-crusters and wannabees, appears to make them all come across as phony unrealistic achievers. Nearly the entire cast looks like it was assembled to mimic a geographically incorrect fake Redbone-fluid high society, burdened by the insecurity of their own existence and racial identity. Being or being perceived or classified as black, looks like it is preventing nearly the entire cast from being themselves. In closing, as it stands right now, the show is a bust and it's not worth the time it takes to literally open one's eyes.
  8. The black mind should exercise common sense and stop looking at life through the prism of race, which is a crutch that is killing black ingenuity and excellence. If you're offended by the confederate flag, then you have a lot to learn.
  9. Do you believe that separation is actually the reason? Think carefully, I'd say. Here we go again. Can life get past skin tone, for once? There's nothing anyone can do about how they were born, but they can do something about how they live. She's the dumbest (wo)man in television, right behind (freaky) Don Lemon.
  10. IMO, the black race isn't the issue, it's the black mind that is the real challenge.
  11. Yes, Joe Biden has indeed repeatedly stuck his finger right in the eye(s) of black America and the country as a whole for many many decades. Until liberal black America in particular, jettisons the mainstream media, the deep state and the blame racism mentality, things are not going to get any better.
  12. Black Americans Are Seeing Biden For Who He Is - Dr. Carol Miller Swain https://rumble.com/vnctd1-black-americans-are-seeing-biden-for-who-he-is.html
  13. COVID Vaccines: Take At Your Own Risk (?) | You Be The Judge “My Son is Dead, He Took the Vaccine – They’re Killing Us” – Pastor From Trinidad Mourns After Son Died One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Shot (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/son-dead-took-vaccine-killing-us-pastor-trinidad-mourns-son-died-one-day-receiving-covid-19-shot-video/ Separation will get us nowhere.
  14. Why so many morons of today continue to use the corrupt Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok platforms and services and a broad range of other mind-programming freedom-oppressing organizations and interests, is well beyond the common sense and reason of people who actually have common sense and know how to apply it. These platforms are a metastasizing social cancer that consistently and aggressively contributes to the decay of the independent thinker, which eventually leads to mental rot. A wide swath of liberal black America has blind minds when it comes to stepping back and seeing who's really operating in their best interests.
  15. From my perspective, it's pure insanity. “LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ: Gay Rights Movement or Alphabet Soup?” — by Eric Marcus | December 10, 2008 | Hmmm... Which one is it? White supremacy has absolutely nothing to do with this analogy.
  16. As long as black America continues to fall for the 'race' con, it will never get ahead. Expanding on that and reflecting on the November 3, 2020 election and its aftermath, IMO, Donald Trump and his supporters aren't the problem. The massive failure of black leadership is. There's more...

  17. "I think intelligent politically active AfroAmericans should come to a table of agreement with each other to nail down what exactly our values are and what would be best to move our community forward WITHOUT the interference of Caucasian Conservatives or Progressives." I'm a solid conservative. Also, what is accomplished by referencing "Caucasian Conservatives"? In my opinion, absolutely nothing. Furthermore, there are many so-called black Americans who have (a little to a lot of) Caucasian ancestry. Alienating them doesn't seem to bring anyone closer together. Black leadership hasn't been silenced, it's been absent of complete reality, relying on plantation mentality to catch the next bus on the way to the pink slip line.
  18. Sometimes people don't want to engage because they feel they'll be censored or attacked for thinking independent of the pack.
  19. After seeing the video referenced below, any sane person would understand why taking the vaccine could be extremely dangerous in more ways than one. Big Pharma and Big Tech are jointly experimenting on the American people in order to control them and line their pockets. #COVIDVaccinesKill https://rumble.com/vn482j-dr.-carrie-madej-first-u.s.-lab-examines-vaccine-vials-horrific-findings-re.html
  20. 10,000-year+ cyclical changes in the Earth's orbit are more likely to blame.
  21. Been banned from "Twitter and Facebook "? Social media is irrelevant.
  22. Hair (type / grade) has nothing to do with it. Heritage has (absolutely) everything to do with it.
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