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  1. @Cynique, thanks for the compliment. I've already addressed the post of concern. While I'm not disrespectful of my sistas and brothas, I reserve the right to clown them. Of course, the joke won't be funny to everyone. Nonetheless, a sense of humor is good for the soul.
  2. @Cynique, I appreciate the cast of characters on the board and respect everyone's contribution and point of view. I do not have any favorites. @Cyniqueand @Mzuri, I realize my joke in the "unsolicited advice" might not have been funny to everyone. I guess no amount of emojis reflect humor and/or the attempt. Duly noted. Bear with me as I continue learning the boundaries of the discussions here. I will be more mindful of the commentary I provide as well.
  3. Yeah, I figured as much. I've read through some of the old threads. The subject is a great source of entertainment. I'm jealous of religion to the extent that I wish AfroAmericans would put as much effort into building our infrastructure as they do in their beliefs.
  4. It must be his ghost because the FBI claims that young fella is all bones now. Gators and wild pigs had an early Thanksgiving.
  5. Yeah no....y'all won't be getting any more federal holidays under any circumstances whatsoever. If jesus comes back on a non-federal holiday, folks still gotta go to work or use a sick day or vacation day to hang out with Him.
  6. I admire the scholarship @Chevdoveputs into these threads. I'm a bit surprised @Pioneer1 debates the subject of religion considering he reads/listens to NF Jr.
  7. Yep. I see the ads and figured it was par for the course in maintaining the site. I understand the mixed feelings. But, every little bit helps as long as you don't have to dress like Wanda.
  8. Pioneer, rest assured that a lazy and stagnant business won't last very long. Most business cards aren't worth the paper on which they're printed. I toss a lot of them into the garbage can. . Whether it's brick and mortar or an online business, there are costs associated with running it. Opening a McDonald's franchise used to require about $100k in start-up money. It's probably closer to a half a million now. Granted, nobody's gonna open a food service business online but instead of looking for a brick and mortar building, some folks will start with a food truck. They can do pretty well showing up in busy work areas around lunch time. Same food. Different delivery model. Again, it goes back to vision and scale. When the business requires moving into a building the owner(s) will know.
  9. Surely, no need for Netflix if that particular TV show ticks all of the boxes.I just provided an alternative if it doesn't.
  10. IMO, maturity and a real desire to work together and procreation agreed upon usually leads to a better outcome. People turn out better when they're created out of some kind of love and raised with it. Those oops babies have a 50/50 chance of getting the love and support needed to become well adjusted and productive members of society. Most dysfunctional people can be traced back to the crash dummies who created them.
  11. Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun. A terrible accident/tragedy that doesn't happen too often. Reads like someone mixed up guns on the set. Safety first.
  12. Netflix is probably the best place to start. Between the search engine and categorization of programming and recommended viewing based on habits, it will provide a list of content matching the criteria.
  13. The late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing said black folks shouldn't procreate until they're at least 30 years old and married. That would definitely solve a few problems and prevent crimes.
  14. Everything is about scale. Not all businesses require a physical location which generally means more overhead and operating costs. However, that doesn't preclude an endowment by way of each and everyone making a charitable contribution to AALBC and spreading the word of its existence. The internet created a paradigm shift in the way businesses set up and operate. It's definitely a win for smaller businesses. Post pandemic, the future will be less buildings and more shared spaces (hoteling) and remote work. Again, AALBC will be a fine institution as long as we the people continue to put our proverbial 2 cents in it. Of course, that has to be adjusted for inflation.
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