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  1. I ask the question of gun control rhetorically. There is a reason assault weapons are easily accessible. The US is the most heavily armed country on the planet.
  2. Another mass shooting for the 2nd time in as many weeks. An 18-year-old who cannot buy a pack of cigarettes is allowed to purchase an assault rifle legally. Ridiculous. An AR-15 is not required for deer hunting. It is made specifically to kill people. But, gun lobbyists are a powerful group. Let's see if this latest string of tragedies forces a change in position on assault weapons.
  3. No need for apology. I understand your position and I'm in agreement. It would be great if Native Americans and ADOS got reparations. Just went a step further in lamenting what I see. Guilty as charged. I'm registered as an Independent. The honest truth is that I've voted in every election since I was eligible several decades ago.
  4. The reparations ship for Native Americans and ADOS is sailing further away with each passing generation. They're playing the long game.
  5. I'm among the foolish who feels that black folks should arm themselves. No, I don't think every black person walking the streets should be strapped. That would be reckless. However, I'm in agreement that black folks who are qualified to legally possess and know how to use a firearm should have them. Homeowners should definitely have some kind of home defense. Again, with the proper protocols in place to secure it. I'm not advocating that black folks should provoke white racists. I just believe we should be ready for war if they ever decide to wage it against us. I stay ready to protect mine.
  6. From slavery up through present times, there have always been and will always be black folks who have compassion, sympathy and forgive those who murder and trespass against us. it is a warped mentality.
  7. Most Americans vote for the lesser of two evils depending on their views and agenda. Black folks have it even worse without an agenda. Many Americans are poor, homeless, strapped by student loans, upside down mortgages, facing foreclosure and eviction, runaway gas prices, etc. Then, there is America's crumbling infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, parks, etc.). Plenty work to be done and jobs to be had if/when they decide to fix everything that is broken and/or that needs to be upgraded. Our elected leaders debate the issues that could enrich American lives. But, they are in total agreement when it comes to sending $40B to a country overseas or starting a war. All of this is aired through a media cycle that is on 24/7/365. Yet, Americans refuse to accept that regardless of party, politicians are two sides of the same coin. Watch their hands. Follow the money.
  8. Dr. MLK Jr. definitely understood the struggles of black folks in America during his time and into the future especially considering the system constructed by white folks. Also, as a man of faith and knowing black folks were out-gunned and also that white folks enjoy killing, I'd imagine Dr. MLK Jr. felt that non-violence was a better approach than the wholesale slaughter of black folks in America. Dr. MLK Jr. saved AfroAmerican lives through non-violent protest and resistance. He wrote a book entitled "Why We Can't Wait". Despite the marginal gains of black folks in America, I doubt that even Dr. MLK Jr. understood the global impact of the system of white supremacy and how long it stands to last.
  9. Most human beings are not born barbaric. Therefore, we do not walk around naturally hating each other. It usually takes a set of conditions and/or circumstances to make most people negative. Such is not the case with white folks. They enjoy killing people and they're very good at it. If someone shows up at my *house* and rings the doorbell, it would not be my first instinct to mistrust or hate them. OTOH, if someone was trying to break-in to my house, I would deal with that situation accordingly. All over the planet, native people have welcomed white folks into their land only to be destroyed, conquered and colonized. Unfortunately, this happened before the internet. There was no global early warning system.
  10. Baby formula is the latest ruse being used to keep folks dazed and confused. Pandemic, supply chain shortages, immigration, conflict, inflation, abortion, monkeypox, etc. Red herrings are falling from the sky. There is a mid-term election in November. Keep that 3rd eye open.
  11. There is no need for anger towards benevolent white folks. Just don't fall asleep when it comes to the role they play in the maintenance of white supremacy. Helping black folks makes white folks feel better about themselves considering the legacy of America.
  12. The basic purpose of education is literacy in providing folks with the requisite skills to function in a *civilized* society. Institutions of higher learning are supposed to provide specialized training in various fields of study. Ivy league institutions are exclusive country clubs, er, educational facilities that allow privileged folks to network among themselves. The main purpose of all institutions of higher learning is handing out lottery tickets into the world of employment. There's a huge labor force and a finite number of jobs. The goal of affirmative action was to level the playing field in providing minorities with an opportunity to access the same education and job opportunities as white folks. My feeling has always been that black folks should be using every opportunity towards their own wealth building infrastructure on all fronts. Not merely to get a *good* job and paychecks. Having a solid infrastructure in place, black folks would not have to depend on affirmative action. Our institutions and job markets would be robust enough for black folks to thrive and survive independently.
  13. Yep. I know exactly what you mean. It usually happens between Thanksgiving and New Years around here. Folks are really nice to each other as long as they're not fighting over a cheap TV on Black Friday. Once January 2nd comes...people revert back to themselves. Azzholes. Yeah...I'm thinking catastrophe of epic proportion with no room for selfishness. Probably won't happen in my lifetime.
  14. First, it was the achoo virus. They still aren't trying to let that one and its variants fade to black. Encouraging folks to get vaxxed and boosted a couple times despite cases spreading among them too. Now, it's take comfort in being vaxxed and boosted because it will keep folks out of the hospital and the morgue. Right. On the heels of that *pandemic*, there are rumblings about smallpox 1.5. Monkeypox is a zoonotic illness but it can be spread from person to person under the right conditions. It's not a major thing yet but CDC is keeping its eye on the ball. Stay tuned. There's a midtern election in November. Immigration, Inflation, conflict, abortion and disease just to name a few are the ingredients for a political stew. As always, be reminded to watch their hands and follow the money. Politics is a dirty business. They don't leave anything off the table.
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