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  1. Facts. The funniest part is they don't consider the brotha a hero for fatally shooting that white female in the Capitol. In fact, she's a martyr for the Jan 6th movement. Meanwhile, in the voice of NF Jr., the law enforcement folks who took down the mass shooter in Nashville a few days ago will get a ticker tape parade next week. hero. It's all a game. The former POTUS aka Orange One is playing it up.
  2. Ice-T is from California but he honored Eric Adams Hip-Hop Mayor of NYC. Black folks with money are mostly Democrats so it makes sense that in NYC Eric Adams would get their endorsement.
  3. @Chevdove, I'm willing to bet the American-Asian children born to black fathers had it better than the Black Asians left behind after the war. Considering her identity claims, VP Kamala Harris isn't doing too badly for herself.
  4. @Pioneer1, as you know in our democratic system the POTUS has limited power over the legislative and judicial branches of government. in fact, the checks and balances kept the former POTUS from being a dictator and going after his real or imaginary enemies. IMO, most politicians are playing the same dirty game. That's why these investigations don't seem to go anywhere. A great example is the Jan 6th committee that wasted a whole lot of time and money to tell us the same thing we saw on video. They're still studying Jan 6th two (2) years later. Some believe former POTUS instigated it. No charges yet.
  5. @Pioneer1, see the last sentence of my previous post in this thread. The former clown-in-chief and his ilk do not believe the rules apply to them. The main reason most of them are reluctant to charge or indict him with anything is because many are just as dirty. They don't want their closet doors flung open.
  6. Throughout history, the byproduct of military conflicts and occupations has been mixed bred people. While many of those folks have been treated poorly in their home country, some are allowed to live a normal and productive life especially if they can pass in one way or another.
  7. Comedian Katt Williams is example of someone who has done very well for himself relying mainly on an AfroAmerican audience. Katt Williams is to comedy what Frankie Beverly & Maze is to Black music. They can always make their money in in chocolate cities. Katt will probably never have the net worth of his peer comedians. But, Katt's conscience should always be clear as long he doesn't become a hoe for Holly-Weird,
  8. D8mn bro...that's a h8ll of long time for whites to be running sh8t all over the planet and for Chinese to be 2nd in command.
  9. According to body/mass index she would be considered obese. Don't get it twisted, *I* have no use for the western definition of obesity. Black folks need a different scale. In my mind, Black folks aren't obese until they can't do normal physical activities like walking up a few steps and being out of breath but still hungry.
  10. Bro, not to intrude on the convo but from a medical perspective your preferred fat sista is considered obese regardless of how she's carrying it. Back to the regularly scheduled program.
  11. The 1st article warning that there could be potential protests, death and destruction is not a threat. Now, the picture of him holding a baseball bat next to a pic of NY DA Bragg could be seen as a threat. That's why the post was deleted. It's a crime to threaten a public official. Otherwise, you already know why the former POTUS has been getting away with everything he does. The clown knows the tiger is toothless i.e. the rules (laws) don't apply to him.
  12. IMO, colorism has been ongoing for as long as human beings have been reproducing across color lines. H8ll, pale white folks throw shade at their darker, greasy looking white cousins too.
  13. Fam, it's easy for a racist coward or cyber-bully to show and start typing noise and nonsense. We know they wouldn't be as bold and let it happen out in them streetz unless they wanted that azz beat. i definitely understand @Chevdove clapping the drunken fool up to a point. But, as brotha and sista, @Pioneer1 and @Chevdove, y'all need to hug and shake hands.
  14. First amendment. Freedom of speech. Any of us could have said the same thing. Now, if there was a protest or riot leading to death and destruction, he could be charged with inciting an insurrection. Well, we know how that went...
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