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  1. The consolation prize of $28M means nothing to the young man because he will never be able to enjoy any parts of it in his present condition. Brotha Curtis nailed it on that song. The music is fire. Of course, there's no eternal damnation of the soul. Heaven and h8ll are right here on earth.
  2. Yep. Even with OJ's passing, white folks are still spitting venom. In their minds, that n8gga got away with killing those beautiful people. A few broadcasters were blatantly calling OJ a killer/slasher despite that he was found not guilty. The media is also speculating if any portion of OJ's estate will go to the families. Again, he was found not guilty. However, a $30M+ civil lawsuit was awarded against OJ which in effect found him responsible, er, guilty of something. Nobody has been able to collect on it. Whatever is left of OJ's estate should go to his heirs. There's really nothing left to see. That case is closed for good now.
  3. True that. It's not only Blacks and Whites though. The same applies to all tribes (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, generation, political affiliation, favorite sports team, etc.). As long as people see themselves differently in one way or another, it will be harder for them to love across the aisle.
  4. A great question that every human being should ponder. Especially those who want the world to be a better place. Unfortunately, there are too many distractions that keep people dazed and confused and indifferent to others. The simple answer is *love*. Most people know what is feels like to be loved or have an idea of how it should feel. Love just needs to be spread like a virus. That would solve 99% of the problems between humans.
  5. Right. Definitely not easy work. Requires aptitude. Sometimes, the work can be hazardous too. But, it's work that must get done. So, there will always be a demand for skilled folks. It's good that people are getting hip to fact that in some ways the US higher education system is a business scam.
  6. Don't get your hopes up too high. Most everything will remain the same. This was the equivalent of a muted fireworks display. Instead of waiting until next year for it to happen again, it's 20 years.
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/oj-simpson-dead-at-76-after-battle-with-cancer-family-announces-153653507.html Former gridiron great OJ Simpson passed away from cancer at age 76. Regardless of the circus that his life became after football, OJ Simpson was one of the greatest football players of all time.
  8. College tuition is going through the atmosphere. Student loan debt is ridiculous. Non-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degrees will become less valuable especially as technology takes over jobs that do not require human hands. Folks are beginning to have the conversation that trade schools might be a better option than a 4 year degree from a college or university. STEM degrees will most likely always land a job somewhere. However, Liberal Arts and Business majors might be in trouble. Talk to young Black folks within your circle about considering a trade especially if they aren't STEM strong. Don't get it twisted....an electrician, plumber, welder, carpenter, mechanic, etc., can make just as much or more money than someone with a degree. Also, a tradesperson can still get a degree too. Especially if they plan to run a business.
  9. @aka Contrarian, your compass will correct. I'm claiming that you will awake tomorrow feeling like your normal self. Your time isn't up.
  10. Societal dysfunction is like cancer. There's no money in the cure. Plenty money to be made maintaining it. A whole lotta folks are getting paid through social dysfunction i.e. law enforcement agencies, judicial system, prison industrial complex, hospitals, social services, etc. That's just to name a few. So many ancillary businesses and services draw money from the same well.
  11. There's no entertainment in watching another person die by any method. It's definitely an insult to our forebears for Black folks to make a joke of hanging. Yet, the further removed from our history Black folks get, the more indifferent they will be to the brutality and oppression and post traumatic stress inflicted upon generations of people. Mention anything related to slavery and its after effects and some people will literally say that it was a long time ago and we need to get over it. A combination of miseducation and cognitive dissonance have led many Black folks to finding alternative ways to navigate the prison of racism white supremacy. Right now, Black history is being whitewashed. The endgame is having future generations of Black folks believe slavery never existed and accepting racism white supremacy.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/total-solar-eclipse-04-08-24-scn/index.html I believe today's solar eclipse came and went without too much fanfare beyond millions of people staring at the sky wearing paper glasses with cellophane lens. Folks who had the best seats along the path of totality had 4 minutes to witness the event. It will take 20 years for that particular solar eclipse to come back around. @aka Contrarian already mentioned that she'll check back Tuesday. Sooner is fine too. Paging @Chevdove to the deck. This is a post-eclipse roll call. Check in and let us know you were not abducted or affected in one way or another.
  13. Jonathan Majors attended Yale University. I wonder how much that factored into his ego and comfortability with the dominant society. Oh well, Majors did very well acting in The Harder They Fall and Creed III. Maybe he'll work his way back up the ladder after getting knocked down a few rungs.
  14. Absolutely. Black folks above the radar (celebrities, athletes and entertainers) are getting it differently...pockets and/or prison.
  15. Unlike Tiger Woods, Majors wasn't making a lot of money for white folks. They don't really need him. These domestic violence cases and child support payments are the modern day equivalent of lynching. Ties back to powerlessness. There was no reason for Majors to be found guilty of that BS. UFC president Dana White slapped the sh8t out of his wife on video. No charges. No backlash. No different today. They just don't hang from trees. Those pockets get turned inside out.
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