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  1. Oh Snap!!! @Wendy Jones and @Troy I don't see it but I will keep looking.
  2. @Pioneer1 I never left! I decided it was wiser to spend my time on other areas on this website, where I could help and also learn what others are doing in the book world. I don't argue with supremacist folks of any shade and for a while this forum (culture, race and economy) was traveling that path. Calling people coons, uncle toms, ni--ers, colonizers, crackers, (dang there are'nt many derogatory names for Angles that don't include them being in a superior position over black folks, is there? LOL but I digress)- because of their differing life perspective doesn't help any of us. Black Supremacy is as hateful as white supremacy. Hate and fear are way too draining, divisive and mentally harmful. If we couple that with Alex Jones-type alternative theories especially the unsolvable theories then we're all doomed. I'm all for considering alternative theories but if they are not meant to help us evolve then what? For example, if coronavirus is engineered/modified. - SO WHAT? A lot of viruses are engineered/modified for health reasons - such as gene therapy. For years domestic animals such as cats and dogs have been vaccinated against the coronavirus . Are we talking about that modified virus? Anyway, if we're going to talk about solutions then I'm all in...but just talking about what somebody is allegedly doing to us - makes us victims...and I ain't got time to talk about reinforcing my victimization.
  3. @Troy yep! I only made the suggestion because I know you can get these web content management systems to "sing"... Sometimes, I wish I knew how to code. But because I have no skills it makes it easier for me to imagine what would be cool if it could be done. So, a wishlist on the profiles would also advertise the books in the aalbc.store . Even if we can use the wishlist feature in the store - then maybe adding a widget to the profile and even personal website would be a win for #readingblack.com 🙃
  4. @Troy thank you for the discount! I know didn't share with you all the recommendations I have for this forum/website but here's one. Is there a way to have a wishlist in the bookstore AND have those books appear on our profiles?
  5. @Wendy Jones "The Culinary Art Portfolio of Josephine E. Jones with Ready-to-Frame prints, where food and art intersect." You nailed it right here. I want to read, see and have this book on display in my home! So as you can see, just from this title and introduction; I already know I'm in this audience. I know there are others in the audience too. And here's why - #arthistory #africanamerican #womenshistory #chef #foodporn #gastronomy #oralhistory #pictorialhistory are some of the tags that popped into my head. I also believe "all art is political" ; so in the content I would expect to read about a change agent too. - Art is a movement. - Food is America's pastime and "Food Porn" as the young people call it today - is all over Instagram, pinterest and maybe even facebook as a club. In 2019 , We finally got our very first black woman Michelin star chef. In. 2019. So, imagine to learn there was black woman who was doing this way before social media was a thing! You are tying the past to the present and that would make this book hard to ignore. You've nailed this! Answering the rest of those questions just help you and your publicist to promote your brand in a way that secure you as an authority on Black/African American women history. While your mother may be the protagonist in the narrative you are still highlighting the journey of a group of black women and documenting the period for the annals of American history. Your brand is shining.
  6. It appears Ebony Magazine is no more. Sadly, there's a 404 notice when you go to EBONY dot com. If you travel to any of its posted links you're get a warning. It also appears EBONY social media presence is also dwindling down. In January, Tyler Perry announced he was going to be on the cover of March 2020 EBONY -so if you can get your hands on that issue - it will truly be a keepsake. I wrote two stories for EBONY magazine featured in the September 2018 Fashion Issue. Yes, I got paid. It breaks my heart that this may be the end of the iconic magazine that started back in 1945. The last time I contacted the Clear View Group, LLC , owners of EBONY MEDIA OPERATION, about their alleged lack of payment to Johnson Publishing and I didn't get a response. So, draw your own conclusion. As for me, I think it's a wrap. 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year.
  7. @Chevdove YAAAY!!! More to come!
  8. @Chevdove Thank you for asking!!! (I'm so excited)...ACCESS = LOCATION and refers to where people are most likely to get information about something that interest them. Example - If you are interested in creole cooking - you're are likely to show up to a location that either serves creole food or teaches creole cooking. You will most likely search for creole recipes and even find a creole history club to join locally or the internet. You may even show up here AALBC to look for books on the origins of creole culture or if experts post here. You might even start your own thread about creole culture. NOTE: business owners provide what customers need so the customer can get what they want. Your interest in creole cooking means either you or loved one wants to eat it. So business owners fills the need - by selling a cookbook, opening a restaurant or inviting you to take a trip to the source. So, someone who is promoting, lets say Louisiana travel tours, will make sure they share their information at all those access points where you are likely to show up. They will be at the places where you might look for information creole cooking. It may be advertisement or even information about authentic creole cooking spot on the tour - or even the best dish and include a recipe... Now they have your attention you may even jot down their information for future reference - and remember them when you plan your trip so you can get some good food. This is how the best marketers are getting noticed in today's marketplace. EDUCATION = A MOVEMENT A lot of independent authors think they don't know their audience. My suggestion is to start of movement of one. Ask yourself, "what do I believe needs changing?" I did something similar when starting this blog. I believe Marketing = Change. Marketing is a force that shakes up the status quo. I believe independent authors are unaware they use marketing in the course of their daily living. Therefore, my mission is to help authors realize they can create change through intentional use of the marketing techniques they unwittingly use daily. I was the first person in my "marketing is a four-letter word" movement. I was the first one in the audience. I'm so passionate about this topic, I just want to spread the word to anyone who will listen. I believe, "If you don't believe in your movement or are passionate about it - no one will be." Creating a movement of one is the first step. It will help you clarify what you intend to change. Then, you will be able to identify the people who are interested in your subject matter. You'll notice there are "followers" who will agree with your mission. (note: it might not happen immediately - that's why you have to be patient and passionate.) These people are your core audience. Don't waste your time trying convert anyone who is not interested. Focus on those who are interested. -These "followers" will become your ambassadors who will bring other like-minded people to the movement. How to start a movement: Now, the best thing about being a writer is ideas and words are our movement. We just have to educate others and lead them to the goal we he hope to accomplish. If we didn't believe in changing something we wouldn't write in the first place. And the best way to help others make a change is by sharing information (Education). So when you start your movement answer "Who, what,where, when, why and how." from there you will understand what information you need to share to build your audience.
  9. @Troy thank you! @richardmurray I don't see it -here in either. I sent a message to @Wendy Jones for assistance too. It's a great feature to follow the topic.
  10. Freethinker - open-minded intellectual who never stopped learning.
  11. @Troy how do you add tags? I noticed there is a book promotion tag on this thread.
  12. @Milton I apologize if this a duplicate message. Would you edit your message to include your website link? I've noticed including your website link to your store is like adding an #easybutton. Thank you. @Troy , here's more information on the widely read ePub format. Dropbox dot com launched an ePub viewer. I formatted one of my short stories in ePub format and sent the link to my dropbox and I could read it!
  13. I don't have a Valentine's album per se, but I do have a collection on apple music called "bittersweet soul." I like soul music which I've recently learned is secular version of gospel music. I kind of knew that though. "This must be heaven" performed by Brainstorm and written by Lamont Johnson is less romance and more like a love song to THE ALL.
  14. @Troy OMG! Yes, most stories written by black authors aren't free of another ethnic group's influence. This is why I don't read most black books and rarely watch black dramas. And no, I haven't seen Black Panther - but I did watch Netflix's "Raising Dion." Some parts were "laugh out loud," and I did appreciate the message. But mostly, in either medium, we as an ethnic group are reactionary instead of responsive to our environment. When I read, I look for someone I can relate to in the pages or screen. My personal struggles rarely, if ever, have to do with racism. Although I subscribe to "intersectional feminism" beliefs, it hasn't been my struggle either. In fact, being a black woman has afforded me more opportunities than if I were a regular white man. So when I read or watch thrillers, mysteries, horror, sci-fi - it's usually written by a white man. Although I've recently found Film producer Ben Watkins, Victor Lavalle, two men who identify as black, which both speak to me on several levels.both speak to me on several levels. I think because they both write strong ass, black women, with an agency in their films and stories. I'm also looking forward to reading N.K. Jemisin. But I digress, white men have different struggles but struggles that most black people face in addition to racism, misogyny, sexism, etc... So, I read them to learn how to solve conflicts that exist outside of the "ism" schism. So yes, please battle other conflicts that are also pertinent to our existence on this big blue marble. We've spent 400 years fighting racism... I'm not sure I want to escape into a book that also battles it too.
  15. stone-heart11.jpgHOLD ONTO LOVE. 

    Shit happens — no need to immortalize it.
    If you survive it, internalize what's left.



    Happy Valentine's Day.

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      Happy Valentine's Day Mel and everyone!

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      Happy valentine's day to all

      @Troy what is your valentine's day album?


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