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  1. @Delano even to this day! "PROOFS are the currency of mathematics, but Srinivasa Ramanujan, one of the all-time great mathematicians, often managed to skip them. Now a proof has been found for a connection that he seemed to mysteriously intuit between two types of mathematical function. The proof deepens the intrigue surrounding the workings of Ramanujan’s enigmatic mind. It may also help physicists learn more about black holes – even though these objects were virtually unknown during the Indian mathematician’s lifetime. Born in 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, Ramanujan was self-taught and worked in almost complete isolation from the mathematical community of his time. Described as a raw genius, he independently rediscovered many existing results, as well as making his own unique contributions, believing his inspiration came from the Hindu goddess Namagiri. But he is also known for his unusual style, often leaping from insight to insight without formally proving the logical steps in between. “His ideas as to what constituted a mathematical proof were of the most shadowy description,” said G. H.Hardy (pictured, far right), Ramanujan’s mentor and one of his few collaborators. “His ideas as to what constituted a mathematical proof were of the most shadowy description” Despite these eccentricities, Ramanujan’s work has often proved prescient. This year is the 125th anniversary of his birth, prompting Ken Ono of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, who has previously unearthed hidden depths in Ramanujan’s work, to look once more at his notebooks and letters. “I wanted to go back and prove something special,” says Ono. He settled on a discussion in the last known letter penned by Ramanujan, to Hardy, concerning a type of function now known as a modular form. Functions are equations that can be drawn as graphs on an axis, like a sine wave, and produce an output when computed for any chosen input or value. In the letter, Ramanujan wrote down a handful of what were then totally novel functions. They looked unlike any known modular forms, but he stated that their outputs would be very similar to those of modular forms when computed for the roots of 1, such as the square root -1. Characteristically, Ramanujan offered neither proof nor explanation for this conclusion." From the New Scientist... there's also a movie about this "amateur" called "The Man who knew infinity"
  2. @Delano, folks don't want you to do that.... in fact, people get extremely nervous if you actually attempt to put in the work. I'm also leery of cause and effect folks who swear something happens as a result but always seem to miss a step... I told my mom years ago - everything I read about cholesterol and cardiac arrest was missing the link - but big pharma went ahead with their drug dispensing.. just the other day, a "new" study came out and stating the "drugs" are killing people faster than high cholesterol. All this to say - I see evidence of "climate change" as the "experts define it but I flip flop on the cause - with mostly believing fossil fuels may be causing climate change but maybe because - we continue to unearth it...
  3. @Delano, the charts you've posted and what you've stated; indicate to me that you don't believe people (and their subsequent actions) are contributing to CO2 emissions . I just wanted to be clear of what argument you're presenting. It's my understanding Global Warming is a rise in the earth's temperature - and Climate Change is the slow moving "disaster" that has befallen the earth again. I wanted to know what was exactly your argument... is it that you don't see evidence of humans and their activities contributing to climate change? ... Do you think Pangaea affected climate change, as it did millions of years ago? There's evidence of Climate Change happening now, as it has happened in the past, hundreds of thousands of years ago after the ice age is allegedly the reason many of us left the African continent.. we were in search of water since some places experienced drought and other spots were experiencing floods... But I too doubt that "industry" and fossil fuel created carbon dioxide emissions had an affect on earlier warming.
  4. Happy Father's Day to all the AALBC's community fathers! I only know for sure that @Troy is a father because I've spoken with his daughter So a special Happy Father's day to you Troy! @Delano, You've mentioned you saw your children in your previous partner - therefore Happy Father's Day! I believe @CDBurns is a dad too Happy Father's Day! @harry brown, @Pioneer1 @richardmurray Sending you all Happy Father's Day too. If you're not fathers, big hugs to you on this day anyway!
  5. that's a possibility... but it's not different...but it's still a past life that the current host has lived...
  6. @Delano, maybe i missed something - but I thought this graph was indicating co2 emission is not related to global warming because it didn't track with the rise in temperature? and the charts are showing something else is in play?
  7. @Troy It's because you're over-thinking it. ( I never use that term. lol) But You can't think your way into "seeing" someone. It's not with the mind or eyes, it's with the heart.
  8. @Troy ,If you're caught up on the "seen" then that's where your focus belongs. Your focus is not on how others see . That's irrelevant in this task. Are YOU are willing to to "see" your life partner. Are you willing to see your partner objectively? This means to see her at her core... See past her behaviors and habits and into the heart of her maybe even more deeply than she's willing to see herself. If you are it ceases to be a task and instead becomes an ability.
  9. #PhilandoCastile  murder trial

    GTY-minnesota-protests-3-jt-170617_4x3_9Most people don't want to hear this but we black people must be better involved with government...A quick search engine query returned that Ramsey county where the murder trial of Philando Castile was held has a diverse population 36% are people of color (and there's a lot of Ethiopians and Somalis immigrants) but low voter turnout...

    If people aren't even voting there's less chance of being called for jury duty. This jury had 1 black American male and 1 Ethiopian-American woman... that's 1 man who may have shared Castile's perspective of what it's like to be a black man in America - the rest of the jury were middle-aged white men and women. While we hope a jury can be impartial at least and empathetic at best when viewing evidence - not everyone shares a perspective that would allow them to view evidence the same way.

    By now we should stop being surprised that the system is failing black people... black people who are not involved in government - at the very least by voting and serving on juries are failing the black community. Let's stop being surprised and get involved; let's teach the next generation how to shape a government that works for them, not against them.

    1. richardmurray


      I thought juries were chosen, and lawyers battle over who to choose and i find in these cases, a pro system jury is always selected

    2. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      I've served on a jury.  It was  a murder trial.  We acquitted the young (black) man.  Not enough evidence.   When we are present - we are the system.  

    3. richardmurray


      hmmm good point. 

  10. And if we included Personal Intelligence , we can use the 3 legged chair as a foot stool because possibly one person who is already seated might be willing to share his/her seat and or lap .
  11. There's nothing so satisfying as being SEEN by the one with whom you share Life and LOVE...
  12. This was really good, @Troy! Do you know I don't have a clue as to how the stock market works. (I have an idea but not enough to teach) but I still made a nice chunk of cash and cashed out to do other things with my money... Do you want to know how? Because I pay attention!!! I listen! I bought walgreens at $35 a share and sold at $105 I think it was... It wasn't insider trading I just paid attention to movements of the company... I heard they were setting up clinics inside larger corporations and for things like drug testing etc ...and employee health maintenance. I went online to see how far reaching it was and lo and behold... there was evidence everywhere... Know what else I bought? Siemens, because of the high speed railroad that broke ground under Obama, this company had a few subcontracts related to the high-speed railroad -so I bought a piece of their company. Not much, a few shares. but enough to play around with and make cash. I invested in chinese bonds (yuan) via EFT retail because they (PRC) hold a lot of U.S. debt and I followed a lot of American companies such as caterpillar who were investing in building China at their rate of exchange... Since I had gone clothes shopping in Beijing a few times I realized how much U.S. dollars could buy in RMBs (their currency)and I thought holy crap - American companies are making out like fat cats because they could buy so much more... then I noticed how the Chinese were playing with the U.S. treasury by lowering their currency's value and by the way- that was reported in the U.S. media but no one was paying attention because everyone here is focused on the fuckin' kardashians. So U.S. media stopped reported on it. I turned to Bloomberg.... they tell you who is moving the crowd and why the crowd is moving" It's not market manipulation - it's people manipulation and now Bloomberg is a media empire that is taking over the world ...but folks are paying attention to google whose product is an address bar. I just noticed that bloomberg law is a thing... that is getting ready to overtake LexisNexis (RELX) ( correction* I believe it already has but don't quote me on it) but I digress....that's a whole other story. Troy, nothing is rocket science except rocket science and even that is dependent on how we measure time... - the stock market is exactly what it is a market... you buy and sell everything. But you have to pay attention to what you're buying. You have to decide if you are going to let someone do your thinking for you - or are you going to pay attention. President Obama enacted a law to protect the consumers.... and it did. Now we have 45 taking away the very protections that you just mentioned will screw us all... so yes, you are right. I have to make people care to understand. (I love that line) So Troy if I can make you care then my job is done because you are a champion of black people... and you will echo my voice. And you'll tell them the only trickery is diversion - distracting your attention like a sleight of the hand from what matters.
  13. 593f55851600003a00115d12.jpg

    Photo credit: JOE JONES, NAN MICHIGAN

    Rev. Charles Williams II and NAN Michigan held press conference June 12, 2017 urging Radio One Detroit to Cancel its prospective Sale to Crawford Media

    From Crain's Detroit  - 

    "Radio One Detroit has agreed to sell its WCHB AM 1200 NewsTalk station to Birmingham, Ala.-based Crawford Broadcasting Co. for an undisclosed amount, the radio cluster announced Wednesday.

    The deal, expected to close within 90 days, includes the dial signal and radio tower in Romulus. NewsTalk 1200 airs simultaneously on 99.9 FM, which is owned by Radio One Detroit."

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    2. richardmurray


      sometimes people make it too complicated in the usa. asking someone not to go for money in a country founded for money, that is why natives were annihilated, so whites could have free land. money is not merely a system, it is the life's blood of the usa and as such, when people want fiscal choices to not be done, the best solution is a counter deal

    3. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      I have no counter-argument for all that you've written. I wish I did... It would mean we now live in a utopia..

    4. richardmurray


      I say a monetopia:) 

  14. @Troy yes, THAT WAS ME!!! It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye lol... I couldn't keep it up which is why I said "No" every time. These young black women today, don't play those games when it comes to dating to marry - they show up warts and all.... and that's why it's difficult for them to make a covenant with a black man. As @Cynique mentioned black men don't have to accept black women as they are -(paraphrasing) there are too many other women willing to play to the black man's personality weaknesses and trust that is exactly what I was doing to - I was playing to the man's weakness not his strength... to get him to propose. As I said though, I couldn't keep it up and weakness (both mine and his) is not something you want to build a relationship on. When I did get married, I had never put on act because I didn't think I wanted to marry my husband .. so he saw me for me...but marriage is whole other story... Marriage is quite unnatural but is a great experiment of merging two personalities into one... especially if you're totally open and don't hide anything. It gets really good when you actually see the other person...not their habits because that's not them but see them as they are at the core. That's when marriage is perfect and desirable.
  15. There is no bar of entry to the stock market... for the same amount of a mcdonald's big breakfast anyone can make a fact, black think tank are encouraging black people to diversify their investments - while home ownership is still the biggest asset to wealth building it is not the only one. President Obama's dodd-frank law (Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act )made it safe for consumers to invest in the market while not getting taken advantage.. The House just voted to repeal that law That's why you go to the source... court records, government periodicals, legislative proposals, etc... all on-line and available And we trying to build a business really appreciate this information... I use your information as almost gospel ... but I still continue to research it. Your information is my starting point though. Thank you, @Troy, I've been tempted to do a "side column" on government as it relates to black people.. It feels like no one cares though... they want opinions and I just want them to make their own decisions. I think maybe sharing the possible benefits or harm might not be biased it - but rather a way for folks to use the laws, and executive orders... maybe then more of us see the benefits it might help us get interested in government