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  1. Either Google knows this is my favorite site, or Google loves AALBC. Case in point, I was searching for the name of a filmmaker, and maybe there weren't a lot of results, but I can tell you I found content that I posted here earlier in the month - ranked on Google's first page.
  2. Hey Brother Prof D!!! Good to see you! You know, we indigenous, aboriginal people never called them "white" until they started calling themselves white. We never said they were supreme until they began to call themselves supreme. Words have power. It is better to point out what oppressors have done to a group of people than to allow those offenders to escape justice by hiding under a term that they themselves invented. Check out what Indigenous Americans called colonizers - it definitely wasn't "white." One tribe called them out for what they did. And I agree with that as one way to keep their actions in the forefront. In my family, we describe people by the color of their complexion. And not once does "white" come up as a term we use. In fact, I just realized even my sorority sisters described my firstborn as "beige," to indicate she was her daddy's baby. LOL. Read my book, and you'll see I described my characters by their hue. But levity aside, my point is our ancestors understood the power of words, and so do those who seek to oppress. y do.
  3. One of the challenges with this discussion is the talk of divisions based on skin color. White is a fairly new description starting around the 17th century. In fact, there's a video circulating on social media of an Egyptian man not understanding why Immigration wanted him to identify as white - when, as he said, to paraphrase, his native description is cultural/religious affiliation and then nationality. So you can only imagine back in ancient Africa, they would have identified by tribes/spiritual/nationality/. In fact, when I went to Rome over ten years ago, I realized it was a gathering place for all nationalities; Aset and Heru (Black Madonna and Jesus) graced the pantheon - even the Trevi fountain is flanked by Greek "gods" when you'd think you'd see Roman deities on display. But I digress. Further, speaking in terms of duality is cabalistic -it is a way to support the very thing many of us rally against, "white supremacy." - there's no such thing as a supreme color/hue. Still, we make it so by supporting the very idea of it. We are divine because we are created from the DIVINE, but we are kept from seeing it within ourselves because we've allowed the reigning plot to keep us stuck in the second dimension through the use of the language that I recently learned is DIVINE. Divinity adheres to intention. So, as you see here in this discussion, the victors take an entity with the same name - and then distort the name -and now, instead of a celebration of life - we celebrate death. Sound familiar? As we notice, this is what members of the republican party do today - "woke" that is good is "woke" that is bad. See what happens when we see things in terms of good and evil? Well, you know, because we hide and then get kicked out of the proverbial Garden of Eden with the illusion that we're separated from our DIVINITY. But if we look upon this or any information without judgment - but rather discernment (clearly perceive), it allows us to see beyond two or three-dimensional perspectives to become receptors (meaning using more than just logic but the six senses) for knowledge, not just data. Then, we'll be able to free ourselves from this paradigm to see and communicate with the WHO we seek.
  4. Check today's map to see how close they are and then envision how close they might have been several millennia ago.
  5. The fluidity in this description also helps make sense of the cosmos! We sometimes forget that we are always in transit - and because of that memory loss, we are so far removed from the wonders of the universe - we're stuck. Yes, and so did ancient Africans! In fact, I was watching a series called The Pyramid Code. In one of the episodes, archaeologists and explorers traveled to Abu Simbel (Former Nubia) to show remains of a planetary "timepiece" created out of bedrock (I believe they said. Don't quote me) to determine the solstices and equinoxes occurrences. Guess how I found The Pyramid Code? Well, I took your suggestion to read more on Dogon Cosmology, and I found this book review raving about both the Dogon Tribe and how they learned of them in a discussion in the Pyramid Code. Look at how Listening is a gift that keeps on giving. Aside: I enjoyed your YouTube presentations; they are comforting and exciting. Will you update again?
  6. Allegedly, these ancient African tribes were Matrilineal, not matriarchal. A few matriarchal societies are found in Asia -but most indigenous tribes then and today, like the Hebrews/ indigenous Americans, are matrilineal - meaning the mother determines the lineage. Also, Asteroth is the masculine version of Astarte, the Canaanite goddess -here's a bit that was written about them. " Ba'al, AKA Bel, They were both made "demonic" because polytheism was under attack, with believers being tortured, killed, and maimed for not wanting to participate in monotheism. The victors write history. Thank goodness what was hidden is coming to light.
  7. I apologize if I came off as dismissive when I said, "complete." My statement comes from the perspective that the Documentary Thesis Statement: Ausar -Auset - Heru-Set mythology is the foundation of the World's major religions. From this view, the film scholars defended and nailed the thesis. They answered, "Did major religions model their doctrine from the Death/Resurrection/dismember/remember/virgin-birth-savior Kush-KMT- mythology? If yes, did the other religions take what they could use from the myth and claim supremacy so they could divide, conquer, and control the religion's followers while conquering territories and taking its resources?" It appears these conquerors did precisely that by first dismembering African Mythology and Spirituality, which was very popular, then - separating humans from nature, separating humans from their divinity, and separating humans from each other. "Out of Darkness: Heavy is the Crown" doesn't waiver from its thesis. @Chevdove, then, some of the scholars mention Hebrews in Africa. And while they don't go into detail in Part 1 - we've already heard Cush, founder of Kush, was Noah and Emzara's grandson, thereby being a Hebrew (semite) by birth. Still, all these people would be Africans - different tribes, but Africans nonetheless. Further, although this would be years later, according to legend, Moses, by any name, was Hebrew by birth but raised as an Egyptian; most likely, he would have worshipped Isis and a pantheon of gods and goddesses before converting back to his birth religion. Documentation isn't in opposition to the documentary's thesis. They do share how Christianity and Islam bring demonic evil forces into their religious equation- but again, depending upon perception, that would be another tool to control the masses. The Out of Darkness scholars agree there are poles of opposition, such as destruction/construction - as in the Heru-Set battle. However, perception allows for the necessity of these poles. The key is balance. Our cosmos shows us this with black holes (the multiverse's control-alt-delete button) and universes being born, growing, and dying. Although I wrote a book about Nephilim - I don't believe in "demonic forces"; I believe everything originates from the Divine - we're not separate from anything. Everything plays a role in our growth and evolution. (Aside: @Chevdove me a perfectionist? I'm not a perfectionist, but I keep digging for information.) @Pioneer1 Yes, I'm aware of Africa's foundational history - as far back as even before the ice age - thanks to that chronological history from 100,000 BCE, which I found on the AfricanFront website back in 2011. The tears of joy were for these brothers and the sister and, of course, the filmmaker who so eloquently defended their thesis about African spirituality as the genesis of the major religions. So, I'm so proud of these scholars reclaiming the knowledge and returning it to its rightful place - not just in print but on film so it is accessible to a broad audience. @Delano Twin, astrology is the critical component of African spirituality - Isis/Auset is Virgo, and Osiris/Ausar is Leo, with some stating that Horus/Heru is Capricorn and Set is Taurus. My thoughts always return to the Dogon tribe because they were the original stargazers. Watching a documentary or reading a book without including the Dogon cosmology is nearly impossible. While I stay present, I believe that astrology can predict future possibilities. Quantum mechanics is instrumental in reminding us of the possibilities available to us, especially when stars align.
  8. Hi @Pioneer1 YEP!! I've spent this whole month watching documentaries on aliens, UFOs, spirits, and consciousness...and these documentaries every single one takes us back to Africa - I don't care what European PhDs, physicists, cosmologists, archaeologists, and neurologists appear in the documentary they send the viewer back to Africa ...and so when I found this documentary with Black scholars breaking down the mythology that gave birth to all religions...I cried. It's not like I hadn't been reading this stuff since last century ( circa 1998), but I never thought to put together a thesis to answer the question, "What is the purpose of this mythology and how does it help us move behind the matrix?" Well, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz said it best..."if I ever go looking for my heart's desire, I won't go looking any further than my own backyard."
  9. Hi @Chevdove You need to watch this documentary - If you can access Tubi TV online - you can watch the entire video for free. If you have the time, please share what you believe they got wrong. These presenters are scholars in their field. I think you might be surprised by their research. Also, Scholars like Anthony Browder and his daughter Atlantis actually do field research in Egypt, which was KMT, and Nubia, which is now Sudan. They have found a priest, Karakhamun, from (what other nonBlack Egyptology scholars call ) the 25th Dynasty. https://ikgculturalresourcecenter.com/ikg-store/books/finding-karakhamun-the-collaborative-rediscovery-of-a-lost-tomb/ - I've found their research is thorough and complete, especially compared to European scholars. These Brothers/Masters are masters in African antiquity and have the missing link that Europeans decided not to include—I look forward to your review. I wrote this before I saw your other post. The complete interviews are on YouTube. They go into greater detail.
  10. ASE'! "Out of Darkness" indeed! "Beautiful! Science is only possible with nature and spirituality. Theoretical physicists are now understanding consciousness - yet the explanation of consciousness has been with us all along. So much wisdom was shared in less than two hours! Brilliant!" Much respect to the Brothers and Sister who made their presentation onscreen. And much respect to the director and editor Amadeuz Christ, writers, camera people, animators, editors, and everyone involved in this production! This documentary film is everything I needed to see after an entire month of watching consciousness-expanding films. Woo-Chile!Here is the link to Amadeuz Christ's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@BuildingSe7en/videos and his shop https://these7encollection.com/collections/all Never mind, I found it! https://these7encollection.com/collections/all
  11. Author and KMT African Antiquity Expert Anthony Browder and his daughter, Atlantis, are prominently featured in this informative documentary! I'm watching the film on the streaming channel TUBI TV. But I need this book if it's available. And if anyone knows if there's a DVD, please share.
  12. Please visit the #Readingblack Club to answer the survey question, or feel free to respond here. QUESTION: Are you reading anything this year? If Yes, what genre? Fiction or Nonfiction? Is the format Digital, Audio, or Print (Paperback, Hardcover)? Are you consuming the material with a digital device such as an iPhone, Android, or electronic reader (kindle, PC, etc)? Are you reading the traditional way, such as an actual book in hand where you turn the pages? Which is your favorite way to read now? What is your preferred way to consume media content if you no longer read books?
  13. This is a great answer, especially for writers! We should write about what people can't get in their lives. Even voyeurism!
  14. QUESTION: Are you reading anything this year? If Yes, what genre? Fiction or Nonfiction? Is the format Digital, Audio, or Print (Paperback, Hardcover)? Are you consuming the material with a digital device such as an iPhone, Android, or electronic reader (kindle, PC, etc)? Are you reading the traditional way, such as an actual book in hand where you turn the pages? Which is your favorite way to read now? What is your preferred way to consume media content if you no longer read books?
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