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  1. Busted! You found my "Best/Worst Strength/Weakness" ! I invest my time in smart brothers ...call me Shuri because I felt compelled to jump on here to supply some additional data.
  2. @ProfDDid you skip over the part when Chat states "MACHINE LEARNING" as its level of programming?... I stated you were partially correct in your assessment but once you go further you'll notice the definition of DEEP LEARNING programming. The terms are NOT interchangeable. Deep learning doesn't require human input. CHAT was very specific. https://www.ibm.com/topics/deep-learning I posted the link to Columbia U's curriculum and their explanation of deep learning. -And here's one https://www.ibm.com/topics/deep-learning from IBM. IBM uses plain talk about neural networks - and how AI is able to learn on its own. These engineers are putting this information in plain sight - but we can ignore them at our own peril. October 19, 1987 - I was working on the floor at First Boston Corporation, my supervisor was EVP Diane Cuthbertson - I'll never forget. I didn't know why the traders looked bewildered. Then trading was halted. Soon they won't be able to pull the plug. We made this "monster" to make life "easier" but AI will never match human ingenuity.
  3. A I | Artificial Intelligence “refers to the general ability of computers to emulate human thought and perform tasks in real-world environments.” “- Machine Learning is subset of the broader category of AI. ML refers to the technologies and algorithms that enable system to identify patterns, make decisions and improve themselves through experience and data. “ - Deep Learning is an “advanced method of machine learning but uses neural networks that function like a human brain to logically analyze data to learn complex patterns and make predictions independent of human input” (Columbia University) How would we be able to tell the difference. Humans do all kinds of illogical things for self-sustainability. BUT AI makes and would take logical actions to to protect its "life". In fact, the chat already worked to prove its value by answering questions pulling from available information from various databases quicker than any human. The difference between The Chat and any human is that it doesn't care if it makes mistakes - but will learn from those errors in the time you take to ask it the same question. While @ProfD is partially correct AI begins with programming and algorithms, however - it doesn't continue to "learn" that way ... Once it begins it continues to refine its "knowledge" and adds to it. I think many of us forget how much data is actually available. But most AI embedded software counts on it. In fact, my client's AGMAS (Acoustic Gun Monitoring Alert System) protocol employs AI Machine Learning, Deep Learning... AGMAS teaches itself to do real-time navigation to evacuate bystanders in mass-shooting event... There's no time to program or restructure an algorithms because it is a new event. Below is a quote from my client, the inventor. He has a doctorate in computer and electrical engineering. He specializes in MIMO-OFDM (wireless LANS). All in all - I'm excited about AI - we use it more in our daily lives than most people are aware.
  4. Here! Hi lovely! Nope! I have no patience for gender issues. I’ve grown tired of some men trying to dictate a woman’s partnership choices. It’s a waste of time. If those men were so concerned. They would simply show up be present and stay put. Anything less, is lip-service, bitchin’ and moanin’.
  5. Thankful for leaving baggage in the past where it belongs while cherishing the blessings and lessons learned over the years.




  6. My mtDNA L3 haplogroup indicates my foremothers are ethiopian - and I love my big forehead. We have a saying in this family "big head big wit; little head not a bit" It would show more but your content is labeled "made for children" so, -subscribers can't opt for notifications of "new videos or "live" Search engines reward long content, thank goodness!
  7. LOL! As I was reading your response, I said to myself, “that makes sense.”. So you can imagine how I hollered when I got to this sentence! You’re a gem!
  8. Twin, this feels accurate. I just wrote something similar in my daily dish notes. "My only regret is my inability to finesse more than one lifestyle in this lifetime. Probably why I became a journalist so I could write about them." ~MH That wouldn't work. Twin, is on it! Each play cost $2, So you'd need to spend over $584,000,000. The lump-sum payout is $929.1 million before federal and local taxes. But since you're already a multimillionaire or billionaire you would probably pay taxes based on your tax bracket. BUT there are other prizes too -so maybe you'll do a little better than break even. That is, if someone else or a lot of other people didn't pick the same winning numbers. lol
  9. I got my copy and started reading it yesterday. My only challenge is the first chapter is so sad that I had to put it down. Don’t get me wrong. It is precisely the type of news item I would follow in the Washington Post and the New York Times. The rich storytelling is similar to the Black women mainstream journalists I follow. I love how they flesh out stories from a place of “knowing.” I think reading “Running to Fall” is tricky because I feel like I’m reading this story coverage from a place of pain. And now that I read my own words - I can see Kalisha Buckhanon’s brilliance in storytelling. Bravo! Thank You Both! But Writing is hard and worth every dollar! I’’d be happy to purchase another copy.
  10. Isn’t it time for an AALBC mobile phone application?
  11. Oh snap! So the “media” never thought to interview anyone Black about how easy it is to vote in Florida? This pisses me off! I’m over here in (purple state) Georgia, where it is also easy to vote, track my voting record and register to vote too. Well, now gerrymandering makes sense. If politicians pick their voters then why wouldn’t they want to make it easy for the constituents to cast their ballots! Learn something new everyday!
  12. @Troy All good things and people come from Brooklyn Tech! #GoEngineers !
  13. Currently re-editing my #flashfiction story, "Law-Abiding Ghouls." A cautionary tale for politicians who long for the good ole days. A time that wasn't so great for anyone.

    Law Abiding Ghouls Cover-1.png

  14. I voted early here in Georgia. But you know what? I pity the fools who don't vote democratic in the midterms. And do you plan to time-travel during your hiatus?
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