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  1. Not a clue! But as a sci-fi/paranormal writer it helps me tackle problems in the abstract that I can’t solve using logic and reason. In fact, i started writing supernatural/sci-fi prose because it helps me to understand human behavior and the natural world.
  2. @Delano me too Twin! I’m in a macro phase right now. I feel frustration when someone wants me to focus on minutia.. It feels like I’m way out there right (wherever that is) taking in the big picture.
  3. @Delano , the action is highlighted in your quote above. I read it the first time but it resonated when @Chevdove quoted as further insight. When I "created" a man perfect for me - it was so I wouldn't have the unpleasant experiences of my previous relationships. BUT that's not choosing,at all. That's NOT Kuumba (divine creation)" that's freakin' commentary!!! Creation would be envisage a desired marriage based on nothing in existence... When I reread your quote, it clarified a lot of things for me. It reminds me of that other quote attributed to Einstein "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Thank you!
  4. @Chevdove man! I hope you had/have a vocation in government and public affairs - because you are beautiful and have a beautiful way about you too! A lot of wars would not have been started if you were at Camp David! 😊 Also @Delano dang! Choosing based on past experiences is actually the antithesis of creation... Damn... maybe we’ve been doing this life thing all wrong. Thank you Delano and thank you @Chevdove for quoting!! Welp, “No lies detected here”.
  5. And their lies your problem @Pioneer1 you let your imagination do your thinking and you create nothing of value. I never wrote I resented black men -you wrote that I did. Why do you want to know about my experiences with black men or any man? You wouldn’t understand it anyway. Heck, you don’t even have the guts to put your skin in the game. It takes courage to be vulnerable to another person.. to allow them to get close enough to even be hurt by them. It takes even more courage and heart to bring children in a world that’s brutal... It’s even more difficult to raise them up to be productive healthy and happy - even if they were an “accident”... yet I did just that. No, Pioneer you don’t get to live vicariously through my “stories”... You don’t get to know what black men did in my relationships with them. Here’s all you need to know about them - They are/ were brave enough to engage. Smh
  6. @Pioneer1 maybe, but effective. you”ve been unmasked as a hater of black women. Now it makes sense why you “say” you never married a black woman.. you “said” you made them call you daddy , but you played them. And didn’t you “say” “no children” too? Is that a conscious decision? Is it the truth? Did you lose a child? (If so, my condolences) BUT If you can make babies, do you hate black women so much, you don’t even want to procreate with us? Wow! So, unless it’s a health problem - you didn’t even make a contribution to our “black” family. Well dang, at least me and black man had a baby together. All that whining about “white supremacy” and it turns out “you” the hater here.
  7. @Delano thank you! But let’s not use Pioneer’s avatar as an example of how black men behave. His account is not a representative of any black man I take seriously. At least none I’ve ever met in real life. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again - his avatar reminds me of a group of people using one account. The Pioneer1 account displays as the social media’s version of FBI’s cointelpro... or the reverse black kkk lol - I’m not phased by the Pioneer1 account - I’m tickled by it ... reminds me of the black uncle everyone keeps their distance from and says “yea ok”.
  8. @Pioneer1what are you going to do file police charges on my behalf? Sign up to be my fixer? Lol! get out of here with your little list. You’re not qualified to assess what women find too difficult to talk about.
  9. Welp, @Troy your response to Chevdove applies perfectly to your explanation to me...And I couldn’t have said it better. Your foundation forms your worldview. Everything you’ve “learned” is synthesize through that lens.
  10. You’re welcome! Between you, Cynique, Chevdove , things are never stale!
  11. Really @Troy? Really Agent Provocateur? Then this means you don’t have a clue as to what influences your own behavior. You came from a woman. A woman gave you your primary education. It’s the same education that you built on. So, since your mother didn’t know what influenced her, your foundation is weak at best. Would this be correct? If yes, then I’m not sure what influence you’re under but those black men are the norm. There’s a reason we women call some black men “rare air” brothers. They are rare! But for the average black man? I can predict what they are going to say before they say it. Same thing Nubian wrote; what you call the “red pill” was said by some tired ole “woke” “militant” 50 years ago. I even posted the article. The tired rhetoric is INEFFECTIVE. Ain’t nothing life-changing about some rehashed 50-year-old commentary on black women. You say don’t go on social media? This is social media! And the same thing young black men say on twitter, facebook, instagram is the same exact thing said here! Except there, they plug in the latest celebrity’s name to go with the rhetoric. The young black women even have a “name” for those young black men...”F-Boys” and “Ashy Larry” They even add twitter accounts to list so ofher young black women know who to avoid. I guess they know who IS not an influencer. So, anyway, you may not know the names but you do know the language. It’s the same. @Del and Richard Murrary bring new thought to the forum... but maybe that’s because Del left the states... or simply both have elevated their thinking. Anyway, folks like shiny things...you should know this by now - or is it lost on you that you’re inviting purple hair women into your orbit? smh And yes, I selected Shakespeare on purpose because contrary to your misguided belief I’m 100 percent conscious. i’m very deliberate in my actions. Like I said those were painful life lessons but they taught me how land body blows. Heh heh heh...
  12. This is powerful! We do protect a black man’s image, don’t we? I think this is why so many are having a negative reaction to the R Kelly saga... Black women have covered black men for so long - that many (mostly men but women too) are shocked that a black woman produced and directed the film that gave his alleged victims a platform. Many black women have normalized the horrible treatment they’ve receive at the hands of black men, they call men “soft” who treat them well. Go on social media and you’ll see some black men say they are supposed to be “Future” to their “Ciara”. Instead of being kind to their woman; as Ciara’s husband “Russell” is to her. Those are the same black men who believe Ciara will tire of how well her husband treats her and her son with Future and she’ll come crawling back to Future. That’s how brain damaged some of young black men (and black women) are today. But I digress. I know some of my experiences with black men aren’t for publication either. And I can tell you, it’s those stories that haunt me; making it difficult to finish my second book. Some times, I tell myself that I’m being too sensitive or maybe I deserved it - but then I realize that is exactly how battered women rationalize their relationship experiences. So, yes I’ve been sorely disrespected by many black men. None of it deserved. But those experiences afforded me a lot of painful life lessons too. And now I know what it is like to experience kindness. Yet, I absolutely understand your position.
  13. Welp, your comprehension is illogical and that’s shoddy math. But if that’s your world view then you own it. Your inferiority complex has nothing to do with me or my words. As for this topic; it states the obvious. Black women ARE beautiful. It is part of record and was never up for debate. “Then will I swear beauty herself is black,   And all they foul that thy complexion lack.” Shakespeare~ Sonnet 132
  14. True Story: I almost lost a full month of Amazon fees because I hadn't checked my own website during the month of February. Shortest month of the year and I took my eye off the prize and learned a valuable lesson. Don't let it happen to you. Here's my cautionary tale for those of you who mind everyone's business but their own..
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