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  1. And I would add “Editing.” I can write and a lot. It’s the editing that gets me all twisted. It took me practically no time to write my first novel but nearly 10 years to edit it and THEN hand it over to my editor.
  2. @Wendy JonesIf Standard brand then or Kraft today never registered for a copyright (work for hire also requires a separate filing too) - they can't sue the publishing company for copyright infringement. That US Supreme Court ruling came down in 2019 and I wrote about on my blog (melhopkins.com : https://melhopkins.com/2019/03/04/copyright-registration-first-then-sue/ ) If a registration exist I hope you can get permission to use the photographs at least for fair us https://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html and get a grant from the foundation to offset the cost of publishing your bo
  3. Wow - remember when we discussed black culture here - I don't think we ever came up with a definitive description. I'm still searching. I'd like to know how Dr. T'shaka defines Black culture. "white-american culture" is a misnomer because most americans are actually german, followed by irish. Even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are mostly german descent. Allegedly, the next largest group here in the US is those of us who ascend from Africa. ( I say allegedly because we may be the largest group but still undercounted i.e., 3/5) In 2010, I believe that the census group decided to p
  4. Twin! I know right?! I have to listen again. I really wasn't expecting this - and now I wonder why I didn't follow up on him a decade ago!
  5. @Yvonne Welcome! I love this idea! I was just complaining about keepsakes that I will never use or stick in a box. I'm tired of hoarding LOL. I would I prefer something digital. One of the digital keepsakes I like is royalty-free videos, photos, memes and gifs that I can share on my website without fear of someone coming to sue me. For example, I asked @Troy if I could print t-shirts with the readingblack.com logo - and he said yes! That works for both of us - I sell a t-shirt I get the money and he gets the exposure. Thank you for being environmentally friendly too
  6. @Troy please reach out to one of your Random House contacts. If they aren't behind this - they should know that someone is taking money from the author.
  7. In 2013, Dr. Oba T'Shaka predicted the rise of 45* through the tea party patriots GOP. Wow. :mindblown: This nearly 1 hour keynote address at the "Free Your Mind: A Revolution In Words Literary Festival, Dr. T'Shaka (formerly bill bradley) .shares a lot of insight in what he calls "the San Francisco Freedom movement " I found out about the Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University, when I stumbled upon a book note today, that I left to myself back in 2010. The name of the book is "Return to the African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality" Pan Af
  8. @Maurice You are correct. I've written dozens of books. I've only published one.
  9. @Troy "Mr. Johnson! Don't get on that ship! ...Tulsa Remote, it's... it's a cookbook!" Heh, heh, heh. Seriously, though this is so cool! Please keep a journal.
  10. @Maurice thank you. @Troy THIS! Yes, you nailed it!
  11. @Maurice sure, go here: https://aalbc.com/books/home.php?isbn13=9781411673144
  12. Besides me, you @Troy, on behalf of AALBC, are the only authorized bookseller of my book (s). As a result of our ongoing friendship, I didn't have to pitch it to you and wait a long time to get a yes or no. I didn't have to contact your corporate headquarters like I did when I asked Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Booksamillion to sell my book. And I certainly didn't have to beg and plead like I did the popular bookstore in my old neighborhood only to get a "no, we'll order it from books in print if we get a request." So, I'm thankful you chose to sell my book.
  13. @Troy NOPE! Clarence Thomas is hateful period. We just hate his ass the same way we hate Kavanaugh. Aside: Candace is a sellout period. I doubt she believes anything she says. She's a good looking tool and the sexist misogynists GOP appreciate good looking women period - and if they can use them to achieve a goal - they will. And they reward/pay folks well. Especially good looking smart black women. I'm sure that's true of all politicians but they don't make it a secret. If you married a white woman - I already know she'd be down for the cause. She'd be fit, fierce and fine - beca
  14. Dana Canedy, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Simon and Schuster, Inc weighs in this topic during her PBS interview.
  15. Sheets tremor as the phone left on the bed beckons attention.
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