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  1. @Wendy Jones The fact that it was repeated is troubling...It's good they started to write and publish books if for no other reason than to change their own minds. This is a excellent illustration that we are the first reader and customer for the books we conceive.
  2. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    As I'm reading this thread, all I can think of is "Gaslighting"! @Troy and @Pioneer1 it seems as if both of you agree - which really puts the onus on mainstream media. They are exposed - no longer can they feed "educated" and "experienced" folks bullshit ... and expect us to swallow it.
  3. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Kalexander2Nope... Me neither! LOL! I still think Queen Elizabeth II is straight up gansta. I know I wouldn't cross her. I remember shopping in London - and the taxes on my stuff equaled the cost of goods. The queen don't play. And one would have to wonder why her dynasty hasn't been overthrown like Ethiopia Monarchy. @Pioneer1 It is amazing that so many people don't question why they have to get a state sanctioned marriage license. Marriage is a state-sanctioned business. Children are (fruit of the labor) of marriage. But so many folks are under the fairy tale impression it's because " I love him/her" - NOPE! In fact it has nothing to do with religion either - - as some familiar with marriage laws - say the state allows G-d to be party to the marriage but here in the U.S. ; God is optional. @Cynique Yes, I saw that too. According to the New York Times article, (October 13, 2017) Joel Makonnen had dated Ariana Austin for 12 years before he admitted that he was the great-grandson of Haile Selassie, Ethiopia's emperor who was ousted (1974 ) After an civil war the monarchy was overthrown in 1991. Makonnen is a prince without a country. Still, the story of their wedding brought Ethiopia back into mainstream news. After your post, I started thinking about how stories of folks in the African diaspora don't get coverage like European diaspora in america . For example. if Ariana Austin met Prince Yoel in 2005; you mean to tell me, no other media knew he was living here in the U.S. Where are the stories on him prior to his wedding? He could only keep his identity a secret because he knew American Media wouldn't cover him. @Troy I agree we have to do better with getting media coverage for our community. I know I've been responsible for getting my fair share of folks on record - but I'm just one journalist/media consultant. I knew about Meghan before the world started talking about her - because I watched the first season of suits and I'm huge hallmark channel watcher... I thought it was funny how they would cast her in racially ambiguous roles... and then she got all this hate mail when Suits cast Wendell Pierce as her overprotecting father. Folks started complaining that she hid that she was black - and she responded that she never said she wasn't black to her critics. But anyway; this thread reminded me of when I pitched a story to an Essence editor in 2007 that black men were getting "snipped" (vasectomies) in record numbers - they were interested at first - then shelved it. Ten years later, I saw a similar story in the NY Post where white men said they are getting snipped to avoid gold-diggers and child support. Maybe if I'd pitch baby mama drama Essence would have ran with it. If you tiring of hearing about Harry - and hate how every made a big deal about the wedding - blame media - especially mainstream black media. They don't want to do stories that are important to the black community, in a timely fashion. | (Note: Ebony is always interested in cutting edge stories from the black community. I've always had an easier time "selling" stories to them. )
  4. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Kalexander2 Ok, now I understand your position. In your comment above you left out the part about marrying for money to gain citizenship for yourself or someone else. Based on the information you've provided, I wouldn't now if that makes you a follower or even obedient to authority. This could be one area that you feel it's wrong to take money for something you'd do for free. There's no way I could know your threshold . \ Besides, following rules without question is not the same as honoring one's integrity.
  5. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Kalexander2 how would you abuse your citizenship by marrying for money? Are you a U.S. national? Marrying for money isn't illegal in U.S.
  6. Mel Hopkins

    Bye, Amazon, HELLO BLOCKCHAIN!

    @Wendy Jones T Thank you for responding! What exactly has you squeamish about bitcoin? My mother says she doesn't trust anything that she can't hold in her hand. lol. Anyway, here’s a good resource. https://bitcoin.org/en/getting-started Bitcoin is the original decentralized cryptocurrency. Altcoins (alternative coins) are cryptocurrency coins that are not bitcoin. Cryptocurrency coins can be traded (bought and sold) and stored on a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken et al. These digital transactions are secure because Blockchain technology is difficult counterfeit or hack. Every block in the chain serves as verification for the block that came before it.  If someone adds a wanky block to the chain that doesn't include the transaction information of all that came before it; it will be rejected. Aside: this is where bitcoin mining comes in; which is a lot like a lottery because any available computer can mine bitcoin but only one will get the reward. No one knows who will be awarded bitcoin for processing the transaction either. Also, there is a total of 21-million bitcoin available for mining period. Bitcoin (or altcoins such as Ethereum Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash) rise in value based on demand. Yes, cryptocurrency trading is volatile. And no, it's not regulated by a central banking system. Decentralized means there is no middle person. Blockchain technology is what makes bitcoin cryptocurrency possible. After the housing crisis of 2008, the bitcoin creator wanted to make sure the world wouldn't have to depend on the central banking system ever again. With bitcoin we don't have to - well as long as we can communicate via wireless technology. See this article: bitcoin without the internet You and I can make a transaction through our digital wallets without ever involving centralized agencies. We are virtually anonymous to the centralized banking system unless they can track us through our cryptocurrency address. Now, once the transaction is made; it's final. Our transaction is subject to a mining fee - but it’s a trade between you and I. If you say, I change my mind, oh well. But since you and I know each other I could send you the value you sent me. -Note: The value we originally exchanged could be worth more on less on the day the new transaction is made. For example, I bought $5 of bitcoin - and minus the transaction fee (mining) I ended up with $4.20... at the time I'm writing this my bitcoin share value is $4.02 USD - I need to include 1 – bitcoin is currently valued at $6,146.30 , But I digress. There are also tokens in the cryptocurrency system and that's where it gets tricky. Tokens are NOT cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency exchanges won't except tokens for trading. But to understand the concept of a token, consider this; a token represents something of value in the system. For example, in the 90s, you needed a NYC subway token to ride the train. You gave the token booth clerk $1 and s/he gave you a token coin to ride the subway. That token had value but only in the NYC subway system. Take that token elsewhere and it isn't worth the money you paid for it. That's how tokens work in the cryptocurrency system. A token is programmable digital asset that has value within the owner's system. It can serve as a utility, equity, security or service token. For purpose of this post we'll discuss utility tokens. The token functions within newly created software application built on blockchain technology. But tokens aren't mined like bitcoin or Ethereum. A founder of a startup can sell tokens for cash or cryptocurrency to fund their cryptocurrency or technology projects. It appears startups such as Publica is using utility tokens. When startups sell tokens to fund their project it is called an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In this case, Publica is offering a Book ICO to would-be authors. The author sets the price for the token in their crowdfunding campaign. Once the book is finished it's published on blockchain technology. Patrons investing in the author's proposed book will purchase tokens with centralized cash i.e, dollars. They will receive something like a digital coupon in return. The author gets the cash to work on their manuscript. When the book is complete the patron will receive a copy. So of course, trust is factor. We are writers/publishers not software developers building an application on blockchain technology. We must trust that all these moving parts will add up to actual cash for us and a book for our readers. I also need more information on publishing on blockchain. I will continue to publish updates here. I'm new to cryptocurrency and blockchain but this represents my current understanding. Feel free to ask me anything - but please understand this is information is not for investment purposes. It's just an overview. But if you choose to sign up for a Coinbase account – here’s my referral link. https://www.coinbase.com/join/5b11cf8faa08ff01f4db26b8 Thank you!
  7. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Kalexander2 Here in America, we are still have due process. We are innocent until PROVEN guilty, And if anyone is following the rules without question that makes them a follower who is obedient to authority, That is the antithesis of being a leader. I asked because your comment was sending mixed messages and I needed clarification. YES!!! Now that's someone with the spirit of a leader.
  8. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Kalexander2 what wouldn't you want your daughter to do? avoid jail, exile or other repercussions? And do you believe these women were guilty without due process?
  9. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    That's what I say!!! GOAL MATES!!!
  10. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Troy as I'm sitting here watching bloomberg - and looking at the board -the value changes depending on demand and that's how we treat people. We do it in the work place - and it seems to carry over to relationships. Again, I'm not saying "YOU" - I'm saying our society does it when it comes to people and I dream a world when we simply look at our community based on our goals. You wrote Harry wouldn't marry Gabby in billion years... I get the sense that's statement was made on some arbitrary value assignment. Is that correct?
  11. @TroyThis ^ ... I have a hard time following the topic when it's cluttered with name-calling/bickering. It's too bad there's not a vote-down collapse feature - where only those who are involved in the bickering can see their comments.
  12. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Troy your very statements make the case for people being commodities. Assigning value makes them commodities! 🤣
  13. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Troy Yes! But not just you; our entire western civilization society! "Marrying up" or "She can do better" "He married beneath him" Those sayings are predicated on value. Something useful or valuable is a commodity .
  14. Mel Hopkins

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    @Troy @Pioneer1 People are NOT commodities. We are members of a networked community. So, marriage is not a step-up but rather a strategic partnership based on goals. Since marriage is also government-sanctioned some people marry to expand their territories. In this case, Meghan Markle put herself on a path to be a major player on the world stage. By the time, Kensington Palace announced Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement - she had already had several international speaking engagements (one at the United Nations) and was a world ambassador for World Vision Canada Diplomacy isn't a new venue for Markle. She graduated from Northwestern University with a dual degree in Theater and International Relations. Before she graduated Markle briefly worked at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires while there she also took the test to be a Foreign Service Officer. She didn't pass. By the time she met Henry Mountbatten-Windsor, Markle was already a multi-millionaire. In addition to her starring role on "Suits" she was a successful entrepreneur; she'd launched a lifestyle website called The Tig named best website by Elle and InStyle Magazines. She also had several endorsement deals including Ralph Lauren and Reitmans department store . At 36, maybe she decided it was time to pursue her first vocation in diplomacy but full time. Prince Harry seemed to clearly understand her goals and indicated it worked for him. In their first media interview after engagement announcement, Prince Harry said, "...I know that the fact that she'll be really unbelievably good at the job part of it as well is almost is a huge relief to me because she'll be able to deal with everything else that comes with it. But, no, we're a fantastic team. We know we are. And, we hope to over time try and have as much impact for all the things that we care about as much as possible." Although, Hollywood may paint women as starry-eyed romanticist; it would be foolish for anyone to believe that's the truth. Those who are surprised by the strategy and tactics women employ in achieving their goals aren't paying attention. Markle marrying Prince Harry is a means to an end. It's also a great partnership because now Markle can really attend to world affairs. In fact, it's part of her job description as Duchess of Sussex.