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  1. This is my question. I can't tell if melhopkins.com is a standalone site or is ranked as wordpress.com . Or it could be because I signed up for the wordspress site before I mapped my domain. With wordpress.org - I don't think you don't get a wordpress domain in addition to your domain name. I hope I didn't make this too confusing. AND... I'm very disappointed in VSB... I thought this was a blackowned site! Edit: Here is their reasoning http://verysmartbrothas.com/why-we-joined-gizmodo-media-group-gmg-explained/
  2. So many things to ask and say about this clarion call but first, 1) what qualifies as a website? 2) Does a website with an owner's domain hosted on wordpress.com (DOT COM) or blogger.com qualify for ranking? 3) Or do you need to build on wordpress.org (DOT ORG) website with separate hosting. 4) What if it's a blog with a static page plus a single entry per day... 5)
  3. So now we aren't going to use government statistics as the standard because they don't measure up to what you believe you've seen?
  4. @Troy Are you getting that number from somewhere other than bureau of labor statistics. From this chart it looks like the highest unemployment rate for the black community was 17% and from this chart it seems participation rate makes it difficult to have unemployment rate at 50% ... Since you say I play fast and loose with the statistics, please review. I do agree with you on the jobs numbers. I don't really pay attention to them. - other than to figure out who has a steady paycheck lol... I do have a prediction - the job numbers will be high just in time for Christmas. So many contractors are needed to rebuild those states hit hard by the hurricanes.
  5. blitter-personal-profile-sq.jpg

    Blitter, a Black-owned micro-blogging social networking site created by Patrick Francis - launched on October 5, 2017... Check out my initial thoughts on the service 


    We have to create the habit... When I saw the monthly subscription fee, a bell went off. Since it wasn't "free" I was able to consider the cost and then decide where I'd like to spend my money.
  7. Blitter, a new social networking app created by Patrick Francis, made its debut on October 5, 2017. The Blitter profile listed in the iTunes Store indicates: "Blitter is a social network built on love, passion, and empathy. Blitter does not condone racism, sexism, harassment, bots, or hate speech whatsoever. We are 100% independent from any investors and display no ads!" Frances doesn't make the claim but I suspect Blitter is a mashup of BLACK TWITTER . I signed up today. Being an early adopter comes with its own set of anxiety-inducing questions. I've already contacted support to ask why the app hasn’t requested access to my photos. "Apps that have requested access to your photos will appear here." It doesn’t. I can access my photos on the app but I didn’t give permission. I also want to know how the app verifies my identity. I like the illusion of privacy. If you decide to leave the network, it’s easy to delete your account. Some apps, such as HYPEAPP, make it extremely difficult to remove your account. Once you download the app it’s easy to register on the site. Note: The @ username is the first and last name used to register. The app is end-user friendly and intuitive. Click the camera icon and a screen appears that will allow you to add or shoot a 15-second video or photo. Choose the text icon to write a 120-character status. Francis's profile update indicates he’s in the process of updating the app. There should be a new update on Tuesday. Currently, Blitter is only available for IOS devices. Originally Posted at melhopkins.com
  8. Making a Native New York State

    Why will it be good to eliminate Lawyers from elected position? Also I don't follow why singling out Indigenous people to write the legal code would make a difference. And if they did, do you think they would ban reservations and decide to become a state? Maybe, if you would provide your position and goals -it would be easier for me to understand the context of this discussion.
  9. Making a Native New York State

    @richardmurray , I don't believe we overrate amendment as a legal tool, it is a necessity - Without constitutional amendments 14, 15, 19, I wouldn't be considered a citizen here in U.S. nor as women I wouldn't have the right to vote - and if my foremothers weren't "free negro" women, chances are I'd b enslaved - in fact, most black people would still be enslaved. So no we don't overrate amendments - they are necessary. Banning lawyers from elected positions would be illegal under the U.S. constitution so no state in the union can pass a law and expect that it wouldn't be voted down as unconstitutional. I might have missed it, but what do you have against lawyers serving as elected officials?

    Great Minds think alike... I did that too. Troy, I write so much I forget what I've written and what are notes from a text I wrote something last year, but I forgot that I had written it . I needed to check if it was my prose or something I heard. I used the free version of grammarly last night - and had to correct my content for what felt like 50 times. I finally got an "A" but I can't do that for a manuscript - it would be too time-consuming. Grammarly is superior and its features such a checking for plagiarized documents is stellar. -Still, I'm very serious about patronizing members of our community before I go outside.
  11. I have not...but he's not on my radar either. I agree with you @Troy , there is NO reason for publishers to overlook aalbc - it's actually disrespectful especially since aalbc has been on the 'net much longer than any other book website - and almost as long as publishersweekly.com - Maybe you should send a note to the publisher?
  12. Looking for a Grammar/Plagiarism detector digital platform created by Women or Person of Color. Grammarly is $29.95 per month --- so, before I subscribe, I would like to find out if there are other platforms available in the community. Thank you.
  13. @Troy WHO SAID? Doesn't matter though because we live in a world that is governed by cause and effect... There is a cause for job loss in Obama Administration. He started with job loss. 45 Administration didn't begin with job loss. But this much I will agree with you on... Thank you!
  14. @Troy So, you're not going to answer my question - one that I asked in relation to the point you were trying to but failed make. Ok I see what you did there. lol
  15. When patriotism degenerates into racism.

    @Cynique ,I think it's because they haven't been taught to interpret the symbols. Television programming isn’t bad - but what I've learned when reading reviews is people watch on the surface and miss the meaning. For example, "the blacklist” is about resources and networking - how even your worse enemy can be a great resource depending on your goals and needs... Through television programs it is easy to learn how to navigate corporate politics ... I used a phrase with my daughter, in fact both, her dad and I use the phrase” Did she "good wife" you" when she tells us about the corporate shenanigans ... "The Good Wife" phrase in this context, as you've probably gathered, is someone in the office threw her under the bus soon after they decided how they were going to handle a challenge (a contract in her case). By the way, you may be an octogenarian but I wonder if you, like I, have had always had a hard time finding those who share your interests? I find very few people are interested in observing humans, their skills, talents and behaviors... Sometimes, I feel like a homosapientologist ...and I don't think there are many of us.