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  1. Pioneer, you lost your temper. People who immediate resort to personal attacks are __________ fill in the blanks. I'm from a different generation. I see no need to grandstand or make up chit. I proved my point with the news snippets. Troy, I wish you well. I like the website and hope you generate real interest in book reading and buying, not just in Africa, but elsewhere as well. I actually had been coming here the past week to find a button that said "close account." Could never find it.
  2. Black investors, individuals and groups cannot offer many African leaders what they really want: Water and sewage systems, modern roads, power plants, mining equipment and modern railroads. This is why China is in Africa. This does not mean we should not try. I love Troy's ideas. We won't get anywhere if we do not read and do not promote our own history, stories and lives. But China's investment and interest in Africa is certainly not benign, depending upon what news source you prefer. Beijing's leaders definitely want control of Africa's vast mineral wealth and Nigeria's oil resource
  3. Pioneer, now you get it, don’t you? Why are so many young Black men choosing to support Trump when all this guy has done is vilify, denigrate and insult Black people? You just cannot believe it, can you? Join the club. That was the reason for my thread starter and why I wanted to know how some folks on this forum felt. But the huge difference between you and I is that my more than two decades in print journalism as a reporter, Web Editor and Senior New Editor allows me to view even controversial issues with getting personal. In my thread starter, I said there is no hard evidence for poll
  4. Pioneer, I assure you that I am not ignorant. One of things that makes me laugh are the number of people who live in the United States who think they know everything. There is no one who fits that description. The idea for my thread starter did not just pop into my head. I've been reading snippets of the same thoughts around the Internet for a while. One big reason my editors loved having me on their staff is because I always did research. I did a little of it here. Just to show that my aim is not division, but truth. I guess that bothers some. Too freaking bad. There are no hard num
  5. I am not sure what is going on with most of today's White cops. So many seem intent on pulling their guns to enforce their authority and their orders. Investigators ignore eyewitness accounts, which according to law enforcement dogma are notoriously unreliable. I do not subscribe to that theory. But nothing will ever convince me that that Derek Chauvin wanted to show his authority and supposed superiority to everyone. He calmly kneeled on George Floyd's neck knowing full well he was ending the man's life.
  6. The phrase I used is "according to various estimates." There is no hard data and most opinion writers cite what they have gleaned from talking to others involved in the issue they are presently focusing on. The idea for the thread starter came from my former Managing Editor who is doing research on the defection of Black men to Republicans in this election. I was a Mod of Black forums on FB and a lot of Black men expressed an intense dislike of Serena on her choice of a mate. And I never said Caucasian. I used the term the complainers employed: White man. Your personal feelings do not matt
  7. According to various estimates, 21% of young Black men will vote for Trump this time around. I am curious to why some believe this is occurring: Because it's no secret that Black women vote in higher numbers than Black men and tend to be much more loyal to the Democratic Party. Black women have always been the most reliable and the most loyal supporters of Dem Party candidates, especially when it comes to House. Believe it or not, a lot of young Black men get emotional over skin hue, a mixed person being called Black (think Kristen Welker) and tend to listen to their favorite celebrit
  8. Joe Biden has been on the campaign trail. You had no idea that Naomi Osaka has a Haitian heritage? You sound like one of those really angry White dudes I encountered moons ago on Conservative news forums. Short on facts, long on rage. Of course, I have time to spare. I used to tutor at Literacy Volunteers, work nights at at homeless shelter and acted as volunteer photography for community organizations and schools. I can't do any of that in the midst of this pandemic. I'm retired.
  9. Too Little, Too Late: Trump’s Prescription Drug Executive Order Does Not Help Patients (From the AmericanProgess website) By Thomas Waldrop and Nicole Rapfogel October 15, 2020, 9:01 am On September 13, President Donald Trump issued his “Lowering Drug Prices by Putting America First” executive order, his most recent attempt at tricking the public into believing that his administration will make meaningful changes to prescription drug prices. As usual, the president tried to circumvent Congress and give the appearance of making significant changes through a rushed and lackluster execut
  10. People can post whatever they want. That means squat. You have to prove it. About your claim that Trump has lowered drug prices ... are you serious? Prescription drug prices have NOT come down. Trump has only promised to do this. But he hasn't. This report is from 24 days ago at NBC News dot com. Fact-check: Did Trump lower drug prices? "I'm cutting drug prices. I'm going with favored nations, which no president has the courage to do, because you're going against Big Pharma. Drug prices will be coming down 80 or 90 percent," Trump said. "He has no plan for health care," Biden
  11. Joe Biden does not hide out in his basement. And Wikipedia is a suspect research tool. I guess you missed the week when Naomi Osaka defeated Serena Williams for the U.S. Open and Wikipedia changed her ethnic designation from Haitian/Japanese to just Japanese and used a direct flash photo to make her appear lighter. Naomi has lived and trained in the U.S. since she was. Her father is Haitian. But few in the news media want to mention that she is Haitian. She shut everyone up this year by coming out against police brutality against Blacks.
  12. Troy is right. There is only one race. I entered the Print Journalism profession when they were so few Blacks. Mentors were non-existent. So my experience is quite different, being around a bunch of White people who refused to acknowledge we could do the work. But also around Whites who grudgingly accepted us. I am happy about Kristen Welker. If you're not, that's cool. I guess few read the story TheRoot published. I just wanted all to glimpse the headline. And to those who thought my thread starter post was a polemic against Trump: If you had watched the debate, you would hav
  13. I support Native Americans, not because I have any of their DNA. But because I am a human being.
  14. Here we go again. Black MEN believing they can determine what ethnicity individuals are, what they should be labeled and the limits of their achievements. If I were to label dudes who do this insecure misogynists totally afraid of strong and intelligent women, would that be a lie? Because Theroot dot com, one of the esteemed Black awareness websites of Black American life, labeled Kristen “Black.” Does it upset you that a woman with mixed parentage is called Black? Does it somehow diminish you? Then why is it mentioned so much? Why get upset over it? My son, a former U.S. Marine, has a Whit
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