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  1. Michael James, the Florida teacher who resigned, had taught Special Education students for 15 years. This school year, he was slated to teach a small class of six grade school students who are autistic. According to the Autism Society of the U.S., about 11% of Special Education pupils in the U.S. are autistic. Under the law, they are entitled to a free public school education, the society said. It was supposed to be James' first year teaching in Florida and he spent $58 of his own money to decorate his classroom. He simply wanted his young students to see themselves in photos of heroes such as Dr. King, Secretary Colin Powell, Harriet Tubman, Barack Obama and others. Other than a People magazine story that said his students were going to range in ages from kindergarten to fifth grade, I don't see why anyone would object to these photos unless one thinks the thought of young children glancing at real Black heroes in a classroom setting would be a thing of horror. Fla. Teacher Resigns After School District Removes His 'Age Inappropriate' Images of Historic Black Americans It is a terrible shame, because Mr. James seems a committed and dedicated educator and we need more of those. By the way, Sunshine State Gov. Ron DeSantis has a reputation for opposing any mention of African American heroes in education. He seems to also support White Supremacists, according to this story: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/lawmakers-jewish-groups-call-florida-211029766.html
  2. @Michel Montvert A lot of people (including many die-hard Leftists), do not believe Trump will be imprisoned. I am not a Progressive or a Socialist. In fact, I blame Bernie for 12% of his supporters voting for Trump in 2016,according to Vox. What is happening to this government these days is unprecedented. No one ever thought a POTUS would spirit away highly classified documents, some clearly marked 'Top Secret.' But Trump did and the worry now is who actually packed up these documents, who walked around Mar a Lago and who took a look at them. Trump was known for bragging. He once ordered a bombing raid on Syria to show off his power to Chinese President Xi Jinping while scarfing down a chocolate cake for dessert. ( https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/trump-brags-beautiful-chocolate-cake-served-during-attack-164541399.html ) We know at least two Chinese women who were caught with spying equipment at Mar a Largo. ( https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chinese-national-arrested-for-allegedly-illegally-entering-mar-a-lago/ ) So, who knows what will happen.? My feeling is Trump won't be see the inside of a real prison cell unless he visits. Trump fans still have their hearts set of imprisoning Secretary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.
  3. This country does not need someone who admitted that for years he's suffered from multiple personalities. We need leaders who are stable.
  4. @daniellegfny That's what excites you? The belief that Trump is incredibly intelligent and he is going to bring you riches? How soon we forget his nasal monotone and the rank idiocy on display during his stream of consciousness speeches. You can try to dismantle the FBI. But I'm under the belief the agency will survive your cries of it being corrupt. More proof from the writer who supposedly never provides any: Been condenscended yet? https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/davidmack/dumb-trump-moments
  5. @Troy I have tactics. I am troll, remember? I write with Authority and that ticks off people who think deep down inside anything they post must be true and never opposed. I tire of engaging folks who are dead set on supporting the racist GOP agenda. Here is a link (from a fellow accused of never offering any) with the supposed offense in the headline: https://people.com/politics/florida-teacher-resigns-after-school-district-removes-posters-historic-black-americans/ I imagine this is the start of a month-long dispute over semantics.
  6. @Pioneer1 There are now laws in place to allow parents and others to eavesdrop on lessons in some states. They can report educators they believe are being "woke." You can bet some will be brought up on charges. The Florida teacher in question, Michael James, resigned rather than go through all of this. Anti-woke people can be really violent. They have no problem using their fists, an object or guns to make their point. Teaching used to be a honorable profession. These days, thousands of teachers use their own money to buy classroom supplies. The photos in Mr. James' classroom would have likely made students proud to see their own represented as leaders and luminaries. Now, to push back against the crap that I do not prove my contentions, here is proof of anti-woke and anti-CRT teaching laws: https://www.forbes.com/sites/petergreene/2022/02/16/teacher-anti-crt-bills-coast-to-coast-a-state-by-state-guide/?sh=3657aba84ff6
  7. @Pioneer1 Why, I thank you for keeping me in mind. The problem is feelings. Some get mighty upset when their opinions are opposed. When their lies are exposed. Some don't care for clicking on links. My suggestion to some was always to gather their thoughts, get someone good at filming video, tape themselves talking about whatever they want to say and then send it on to a social media platform. Of if they feel they can get their point across in words, write a couple of paragraphs, then join a community at a major news platform's Website and post it. Or they can send material to Black-owned or Black themed Websites. They can also ask Candace Owens how did she get so admired in Trump World? Discussion groups are not going out of style. Some of the best ones have really good mods.
  8. @Pioneer1 Dang! You surprised me with this thread. But I agree with ProfD that discussion participation is low. This is why I always thought that certain trolls were invited here to boost the numbers of posts. If allowed to stay, trolls tend to push discussion forums into angry halls of rage. I ignore them because they exist to provoke outrage and distractions. British managed news and discussion forums are much better moderated. If you say something dumb or ignorant, you will pay for it. This is one reason careful reading and wording of sentences are crucial in those. On other forums, you can create threads that call for uplifting and positive analysis. But there isn't much call for this in GOP dominated forums. Because the entire thrust of modern Republicans is to hate, to restrict and to hurt folks they simply don't like. They want unrestrained power and think they deserve it. Nope. I ain't shuffling like Herschel Walker.
  9. Old saying: It's not a matter of what you charge, it's what you can prove. I believe ProfD is right on this one. I don't even think Trump will be banned from holding office.
  10. That I agree with that. But on book banning and now, photograph banning, we, the people can respond to this ourselves. We are capable of making our own points and expressing our own opinions. I don't remember the state or even the school, but there was a Black student who had been banned from graduating with their class either because of some behavior issue or because they wore dreads. This ticked off a lot of folks o FB. So, I found the school's email address, the principal's name, and wrote a sample protest letter. I urged those who were angry to copy and paste it and send it to the school's email address. Then I notified the local newspaper. The upshot was a couple of days later, the school relented and said publicly the student would walk the stage. That's all it took. No one got arrested. No one was fined. Which will probably not work in this case because the teacher has already quit. This CRT stuff has been going on for a while now. This is why I'm pretty sure most Black politicians are aware of it. There was nothing age inappropriate about those photos. It was just another attempt to prevent school children in Mr. James' class, (who were mostly Black), from learning about their heroes.
  11. @Cynique I was not being condescending. He was defending Abbott Laboratories spending billions of dollars to buy back its corporation's stock at a time that money could have been used to clean equipment at Abbott Nutrition's baby formula plant. It had been shut down because of bacterial contamination. I maintained that what Abbott Labs was doing was immoral. He disagreed. Later, I posted a link which proved my contention. A U.S. senator demanded a hearing on Abbott Labs' behavior, because he also thought it was immoral. I let the link prove my point. He's been acting this way ever since.
  12. @ProfD Parents of Black school children are perfectly capable of making their voices heard, writing letters and holding up signs in protest. We need to stop demanding by default that others do what we can do ourselves. The whole reason why this ban books by Black authors movement became powerful is because White parents often stormed school board meetings, screamed for news media coverage and wrote their own letters to get what they wanted. Black parents can do the same thing, but respectfully. I just don't get the sitting back and see what happens stuff. Because Black History is U.S. History. There are some countries, Germany is one, were education laws demand the teaching of The Holocaust. In the U.S., 23 states mandate the teaching of The Holocaust. Why should our history be left out? This does not mean images of naked concentration camp detainees or victims will be shown to school children. But we've all seen photos of Anne Frank. She is clothed. So, why can't school children see photos of Dr. King and Sojourner Truth? Michael James, the teacher at an Escambia County public school, said that the employee who removed the posters was exhibiting racist behavior when she said that the billboard he had designed was “age inappropriate,” the Pensacola News Journal reports. She also wanted a photo of Barack Obama removed. James was using images of figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Harriett Tubman and former President Obama. Read this story: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/3598094-florida-teacher-quits-after-staff-removed-posters-of-black-leaders/ And that's what this is about: Plain old Racism. Nothing else. https://go2tutors.com/michael-james-black-men-posters/
  13. @Troy What photos of Dr. King and Harriet Tubman would be age inappropriate? Did Dr. King and Harriet Tubman pose for photos while naked? Kindly describe what photos of these two historical figures would be inappropriate? Because school children view photos and paintings of George Washington on his white horse. They're never inappropriate. If you love Republicans and Trump so much that you're now making excuses for their CRT nonsense, then have at it. My position is they've been wrong about this from the beginning. YOU need to read more stories on this. This situation has to do only with racism: https://news.yahoo.com/florida-teacher-quits-complains-staff-045338975.html Children need to learn about the incredible life, legacy and changes brought about by Dr. King and Sojourner Truth. This should be kept secret from school children? CRT is a law course taught at the university level.
  14. Right Wingers can be as phony as any other group. They only love police when the police are beating the crap out of Brown and Black people. Or enforcing their version of the rule of law. To those still upset about Trump's mansion being raided: There is nothing to stop you from driving to Washington, D.C., and then queuing with your fellow Proud Boys outside the Hoover Building to show your displeasure. Trump himself made removing documents from the White House a felony in 2018.
  15. I don't believe the answer is dividing your voting strength yet again. All major political parties have their own agendas which are determined and created by those with money and the most clout. Dividing into subgroups just dilutes your overall strength. Alliances give you much more clout. That's how Obama won.
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