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  1. Until I run out of gas? Dude, go back to sleep. What are the charges you would lay on anyone in the vicinity of the McClain incident? Oh, that's right. You have no answer. Just insults. And you relish others joining in with their nonsensical support. You could run organize a protest (if you knew how to address more than three people with working brains). But that would be hilarious. Until then, it's insult following childish putdown. Because you never answer anything
  2. I don't need to attend meetings or take medications. It was YOU who believed Marion Barry was a political and intellectual standard whom by which all Black men should be judged. I always thought of Barry as a rank idiot who knew he had to project an in your face attitide - which you thought made him a king He was little more than a clown a lot of times. You simply cannot solve me. So, I irk you. Too bad, boy. Because most Black people saw through Marion Barry.
  3. This has got to be one of the dumbest and most illogical comments on Elijah McClain's untimely and completely unnecessary death. According to news reports, ( but not surprisingly any police or paramedic reports ), the time of this incident was about 10:30 at night. So, ANYONE who happened by or whom had stopped to witness the incident should be behind bars. - according to ProfD. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How are basic questions drilled into the heads of neophyte news reporters. I learned these in grade and junior high school English classes. These questions are roundly ignored these days by so-called news writers in favor of sensational and silly nonsense. Which is why I had to peruse several news reports to discover the time of the incident. No, you don't go out and round up everyone who happened to be standing around the vicinity when Elijan McClain was killed. What would be the charges? Why don't we ask ProfD who apparently has a handle on all things law enforcement? Except of course, when it comes to crack addict Mayors. I hope more comes out about this case. And I do not feel sorry for the police or paramedics.
  4. Give Kamala a chance! No one thought much of Lyndon Baines Johnson either. But he proved the critics, the racists and the doubters wrong after he was thrust into the role of POTUS following the assassination of JFK.
  5. I am pleased that two paramedics have been sentenced to serve time behind bars. BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH! Elijah should not have been stopped in the first place. And after he was stopped, judging from his mannerisms and his timid behavior, he should have been let go.
  6. I taught myself portrait photography. I never went to any photography school. I just liked taking photos. Got good at it. However, I was a better writer and spent 26 years in Print Journalism, rising to the rank of Senior News Editor. These days, I am retired and looking - on intently and sadly as Black man after Black woman miss all the signs of a democracy in the throes of a selfish collapse. To those hunting for thirst pics. there are none on here, save for the few you've already seen.
  7. I am not going back to read the thread about NYC Mayor Eric Adams. You and that High Yella Fella have been feeding off your hate of some Black luminaries. If I am not mistaken, you also did not want Karen Bass to run for Mayor of Los Angeles. Why? Let me explain something to you, what you fear that some Blacks will fail at: Many Black women view as a challenge. That's where their confidence comes in.
  8. It does not matter that this is not a court of law. No one should attack Black people unfairly and with a bunch of lies.
  9. Now, this is some good news! Rudy Giuliani, the lying bullcrap artist for Donald Trump, must pay more than $148 million to two Black Georgia election workers for lying about them. The lies led angry Trump supporters to threaten their lives and other family members. The damages verdict follows emotional testimony from Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, who tearfully described becoming the target of a false conspiracy theory pushed by Giuliani and other Republicans as they tried to keep then-President Trump in power after he lost the 2020 election, according to the Associated Press. The lawsuit resulted in $75 million for punitive damages while Moss and Freeman were each awarded another roughly $36 million in other damages. the AP said. Could not have happened to a nastier man. Rudy gets his butt deservedly singed
  10. This is has nothing to do with Minnesota or Keith Ellison. But the following is what transpires when a Black person THINKS, instead of just whining or demanding someone else fix a problem because they are too f*cking lazy and unimaginative. How Keith Ellison pre-emptively beat any Derek Chauvin defenders Blaming Black people all the time when they are trying to overcome insurmountable tasks is silly and childish. The Mayor of New York City Eric Adams, is Black. But Pioneer and ProfD could not wait to attack him when his electronic gadgets were seized by the Feds. As usual, these two bright lights, who never offer proof for their assertions, were wrong about the reasons Adams' mobile devices were taken. So now the High Yella Fella thinks Black politicians ought to solve this. Really? How? It's a state policy strongly supported by the state's Governor. I am beginning to wonder if anyone here actually thinks.
  11. Pioneer appears to be a weenie. He is always whining. He dosen't like this. He doesn't like that. Her has a problem with confident women as well. Dude, confident Black women played a major role in furthering along racial justice and fighting for Civil Rights. Why does this bother you so much? Confident Black Women
  12. Better order an extra drink when ordering that KFC fried chicken leg or fast food burgers might if you’re in Alabama. Might make swallowing your meal easier after you read this nonsense. Prisoner and labor groups have filed a federal class action lawsuit to dismantle the forced prison labor system in the Yellowhammer State, which generates $450 million a year by leasing prisoners to McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Wendy’s, according to Zane McNeil of Truthout.org. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama, seeks compensation for folks exploited by the state’s prison labor system. Now, despite a 2015 state law requiring the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles make evidence-based parole decisions, the lawsuit alleges that the state denies Black Alabamians parole at a 2 to 1 rate compared with White candidates to maintain the numbers of workers, McNeil said. Alabama prisoners forced to work at fast food companies “[Incarcerated people] are trapped in this labor trafficking scheme,” said the lawsuit, which was obtained by The New York Times. “Although they are trusted to perform work for the state, local governments, and a vast array of private employers, some of the same people who profit from their coerced labor have systematically shut down grants of parole, ” the lawsuit said. The lawsuit also alleged prisoners are forced to work for little pay — and sometimes no pay — in jobs that benefit government entities or private companies. The class action lawsuit also accuses the state of maintaining a discriminatory parole system with a low release rate that ensures a supply of laborers while also generating money for the state. “The forced labor scheme that currently exists in the Alabama prison system is the modern reincarnation of the notorious convict leasing system that replaced slavery after the Civil War,” said Janet Herold, the legal director of Justice Catalyst Law. Parole reforms enacted in 2015 slashed work release inmates by 40 percent in 2018. So, Gov. Kay Ivey began targeting the parole system and rates dropped. The number of prisoners granted parole declined sharply between 2020 and 2022. The rates among Black inmates dropped even further and wait times increased, the lawsuit said.
  13. @Pioneer1 Yeah, because the High Yella Fella knows everything.
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