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  1. Pioneer, That is your opinion and I could care less what you think. Got news for you: Stacey Abrams will continue to impress. And you will continue to grouse.
  2. Troy, I'm surprised at your description of Barack Obama as inexperienced. And you're taking issue with those who voted for him? No first time U.S. President has experience at being POTUS. None. So, they're all inexperienced. Our people continue to suffer from self-inflicted wounds.
  3. We all know friends and supporters will create new ones for the dude. This should have been done a long time ago.
  4. Troy, There are a lot more Blacks in these Right Wing leaning groups that many realize. There are thousands of Black gun lovers in the U.S. And many thousands more who just go about their lives quietly. But it's no longer a surprise that many Black Conservatives have thrown their lot in with these cretins. We just did not see many of them at the Capitol Hill insurrection.
  5. Pioneer1, You appear to be living in a time warp and have no friggin' clue what's really going on. You sound jaded, angry at life and thoroughly ticked off at anyone with a different viewpoint.
  6. It is a mistake to believe the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol Building share a GroupThink. The Capitol Hill rioters are not all Rednecks. That is an outdated and myopic view of Right Wingers. A son of a prominent Brooklyn Orthodox Jew who was elected a judge also stormed the Capitol Building. So did a few Black men. The ones who hate freedom and respect for everyone are a disparate group. And they include many cops and folks in the military. But I believe Delano wanted ideas of what will come next in a few weeks or months. Because the system will not be destroyed. It
  7. Well, it is now being by some news outlets reported as true: Angry supporters of defeated Trump who believe the election was stolen and Second Amendment fanatics plan to show up in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20th. The instructions for these folks included a suggestion to bring a gun, according to some news networks.
  8. Here what is next for the United States: The country has entered an era of permanent insurgency. Intolerant, unreasonable and never satisfied Trump supporters want to completely destroy what’s left of political decency and compromise. I'm not going to waste my time with those who still claim both major political parties are essentially the same. Because they are not and haven't been resembled each other when it comes to human rights since the 1980's. The ones who stormed the Capitol Building and started a riot are not protesters. They’re domestic terrorists who are loyal to one person an
  9. The Republican Party is much, much worse and has become the party of uber racists.
  10. Stacey Abrams’ triumph in Georgia elevated her into the ranks of storied political legends. Those who don’t understand BlackThink and how candidate transparency is necessary to increase voter turnout ignore her at their peril. Stacey kicked butt in the Peach State.
  11. Police were held back on orders of the Pentagon. National Guardsmen were ordered to deploy without bullets. Because the fearless one lied and told the domestic terrorists that he would march with them to the Capitol. But cowards always lead from the rear. Not wanting the boy genius to be shot accidentally, the police and guardsmen had to comply. They had orders from higher-ups. That would be the clowns who Trump named to replace SecDef Mark Esper. The Fix was in days before.
  12. It did not pay for one football coach to make fun of Stacey Abrams. A football coach at the University of Tennessee has been fired after he made an insulting Twitter post about Georgia voting rights activist and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, according to Alabama dot com. Chris Malone, the now former offensive line coach at Chattanooga, posted to his personal Twitter account after Georgia had elected two Democrats to the U.S. Senate. He made multiple unflattering references to Abrams’ weight and accused her of “cheating in an election,” the website said. Abrams i
  13. Stacey Abrams is no quitter. She is an accomplished winner and more than half of the people in the U.S. are cheering her awesome achievements. I can only imagine how many are lionizing Stacey Abrams around the world. Jealous much?
  14. A person who is a real quitter does not rise again to triumph. Stacey Abrams singlehandedly delivered Georgia into the Democratic Party's column. And then she engineered the unthinkable: A resounding U.S. Senate victory for a Black man from her state. And the election of a White Jewish man from her state. This gives the Senate to the Democrats. Stacey Abrams was cheated out of the Governorship by a White man who denuded thousands of legitimate Black voters from the state rolls. She did not blow it. If you think she's a quitter, then Black people will take that kind of quitti
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