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  1. It does not matter WHY a person embarks on a killing spree. The crucial element is keeping guns and other killing implements away from them. Because you will not stop their mental illnesses. Mentally ill people intent on harming others will use anything that's available to hurt others. Such as rental trucks. Federal jurors are deep into the penalty phase of an Islamic fundamentalist who mowed down bikers and pedestrians on a Hudson River bike path in 2017, killing eight of them. Sayfullo Saipov, 35, was convicted in January of the attack. And on Monday, a dude used to a U-Haul truck he rented in Florida to kill one and injure several others during a rampage on Brooklyn, N.Y. The latest spree shooter, the one from Michigan State
  2. And I also doubt any craft flown by extra terrestrials would be slow enough to be intercepted. Though I am going to admit, I'm disappointed the aliens haven't arrived yet. I guess the aliens cannot get to Earth, especially if they have mass. Because according to some scientists, nothing is faster than the Speed of Light. How fast is the Speed of Light? This guy's writings seem interesting: https://www.odysseymagazine.com/how-fast-is-the-speed-of-light/ But ScienceALERT published an article five years ago that purports there are actually four cosmic phenomena that travel faster than light: https://www.sciencealert.com/4-cosmic-phenomena-that-travel-faster-than-the-speed-of-light-science Still, I'm not sitting at home wearing a tin foil hat.
  3. Choose a country you wish to help. And be mindful that many nations in Africa are ruled by autocrats. You do not want your sympathy or money going to rulers who want to stamp out Free Thought or Free Speech. The link below lists 10 programs in Africa that could use your help Volunteer in Africa
  4. @Pioneer1 Why don't you regale us with more of your unsubstantiated nonsense such as China works for the U.S.? Or ... all Blacks need to leave California Or Haitians need to return to the worship of African spirits because you claim doing this will work wonders for them Or your take that Slavs, who are also Slovenians, were Slaves, too. So I guess you think they suffered for as long and as horribly as Black people in the Americas. Did you know Melania Trump is a Slav? She's Slovenian. When did her people's Slavery stop? When was the last time one of Melania's people was yanked out of their car and beaten to death? I can go on, but I won't. Kindly post another photo of yourself since you think you are one of the smartest men on the planet I've rarely encountered someone online as friggin' off the wall as you. What next? You know the exact chemical composition of the soil on Mars because you dreamed of it?
  5. The White House has already said that the three objects shot out of the sky in the past few days had nothing to do with extra-terrestrials. The Chinese spy balloon is the only object that can be traced. The other three objects, including one over Lake Huron, remain unknown but are believed to be weather balloons. Because they were floating at 40,000 feet, they could have proven hazardous to civilian aviation. But it would be cool if the objects were alien in nature.
  6. The continent of Africa is huge and comprised of 54 countries. You asked the wrong question because each individual nation has its own problems. In the north, Islam prevails. So does drought and famine. Civil war rages in some countries. Political battles may result in bloodshed. No single answer will prove a solution for the whole continent. One cannot boil down Africa's problems into a paragraph. African issues for 2023
  7. Democrats in Texas fought against Governor Greg Abbott's restrictions against voting and lost. They even left the state to avoid arrest. They staged a walkout, voiced their outrage and encouraged the writing of protest letters. To no avail. What the hell do you expect Black elected legislators from other states to do? If a law is passed in Texas and this is appealed to a higher court, then we have to wait on a decision from that higher court. Black activists, church officials and lawyers in other states will have little affect except to bring attention to an issue. But you can do that yourself by highlighting the issue online as I did. Too many Black people care more about celebrities, music and fashion than the overall state of Blacks in the U.S.
  8. @Pioneer1 China does not work for the United States. I have no idea why you make so many really stupid statements. I said IF the United States wanted to spy on its citizens. Reading is fundamental.
  9. Ebonics was proposed and rejected years ago.
  10. Patrick Mahomes stunned the football word and every friggin' White Supremacist in Super Bowl 57. Mahomes was 21 for 27 for 182 yards and he threw for three touchdowns as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagle 38-35. All on a high sprained ankle. Jalen Hurts was no slouch either. As I said on Facebook, Black History was made in Glendale, Ariz,. and Black Excellence was on display. I bet Ron DeSantis glared angrily at his TV. Ha ha ha And as I promised, here's Superman!
  11. Earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates brushing up against each other. The only celestial object known to affect Earth is our own moon. But the moon affects only ocean tides and possibly, some really hairy humans who tend to howl at it. Here is an academic synopsis on the comet, replete with a really neat photo: The Green Comet And here is the academic data on the Syria-Turkey earthquake: Syria-Turkey earthquake created 200 mile long rupture
  12. I don't believe conspiracy theories because many are just plain stupid or implausible. The spy balloon was Chinese. The country admitted it, but lied and said it was a weather balloon. If the U.S. wants to monitor its citizens, then U.S. intelligence agencies would not use a spy balloon when there is so much intrusive surveillance software. Why use a balloon when satellites are available? Before I set out to write anything, I make sure my facts are correct. I don't make chit up or author wild and unsubstantiated statements.
  13. @ProfD In Florida and Texas, there is little pushback to what their respective governors are doing because the residents, teachers, state officials and politicians agree with it. Trying to use my rationale of why ordinary people with a working brain won't take on a dictator's police and military was silly. Much like your claim that China has been stealing high tech for hundreds of years. There was no high technology hundreds of years ago.
  14. Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared all diversity efforts illegal, claiming they proactively encourage discrimination. Abbott's office has notified state agencies that the use of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in hiring is illegal, according to a memo obtained by ABC News. Hey, this is just a bad as Florida. Texas outlaws Diversity efforts
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