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  1. Do you know how to spot an insecure, uninformed individual who cannot defend their position? It's when they resort to childish put downs and respond with one sentence after one sentence. Because they are unable to formulate a well thought out, written response that's at least one paragraph long. Your belief that shareholders' right to compensation comes before the well-being of infants, babies and their mothers is heartless, illogical and morally untenable. I have no time to deal with maladjusted folks. I just leave them to be wrong. The real discussion of the baby formula mess will be left to TV talk show pundits and the legal and nutritional experts who appear on their shows. In the meantime, attorneys will take over. And they will not offer uninformed babyish responses. https://classactionsreporter.com/abbott-nutrition-formula-contaminated-at-manufacturing-facility-class-action/
  2. @Delano I know EXACTLY what I am talking about. You believe shareholders come before the safety and well being of infant children and babies and their mothers. And I called you out on it. It's you who has the explaining to do.
  3. It would be nice, but these Republicans are intransigent on this issue. They truly do not care about the deaths of innocents. What are we up to now? Nineteen dead young school children and two of their teachers? Not including the alleged shooter's grandmother. I'm not counting the alleged shooter.
  4. Nels, Try and stifle your goofiness. WTF is wrong with you? Have you been paying attention? The world's weather is out of whack. Wild fires are burning everywhere. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is worsening World Hunger. And now you claim the asteroid impact you've been wide-eyed about is now just a figure of speech? Leave the comedy to professional comedians.
  5. "Hopes and prayers." Get ready, folks. You're gonna hear this tired and oft-used phrase many times in coming days. Some idiot in Texas just allegedly murdered 14 grade school children and a teacher in Uvalde, Texas, This is an elementary school. And I guarantee the dummies on the Right Wing of politics will defend the ownership of guns. Some of those folks will also be in this discussion group. The suspect, a student at a high school in the same Texas town, allegedly shot his grandmother to death before the school shooting. Again, I will not post a link since this an evolving news story and I am certain that whole bunch of more before we reach the end of the week. These mass shootings will never end until the country rises up to confront these crazy and psycho gun-loving Republicans and their sick apologists.
  6. @Mel Hopkins Thank you, thank you and thank you once again. You always THINK and come to the proper conclusion by employing evidence, logic and common sense. It's a pity that so many on news forums and discussion groups these days are in such a hurry to pound a keyboard before they even know what the slop they want to pontificate about. Most honest-hearted and level-headed Journalists are basically the same. As you told me, a true Journalist never forgets their roots to investigate, ascertain reliable and responsible sourcing and then let people know of their findings. That is what you do and I applaud you! People will gloss or ignore the phrasing honest-hearted and level-headed. Only because they have an agenda. I do not care for those who just mouth off and then refuse to offer proof or cite sourcing for their assertions.
  7. Delano, Your position is that of those who support unfettered and unrestricted Capitalism. Here is the truth: Companies and corporations have a DUTY to make sure the products and services that they offer to the buying public are SAFE and not deadly or carry the risk of hospitalization. The infant and baby formula-making industry in no way should have to add a warning that tells its customers: "Let The Buyer Beware."
  8. I cannot understand some posters on here. You loudly proclaim that you’re neither a Democrat or a Republican? Well, I hope you consider yourself an Independent and that you actually DO vote. Because if you don’t even vote, then you’re crapping all over the memory and legacy of African Americans who longed for, marched for and died for the right to win us The Vote. What major political party chose Barack Obama to be its standard bearer in 2016? And what major political party threw its weight behind this extraordinarily gifted Black man so that he whomped his opponent by seven percentage points in that year’s national election? Again, which major political party? From talking to many Black men on different forums and Websites, I know full well why so many of them cannot stand Barack Obama. They are envious, resentful and hateful of Obama’s communications talents. They could never deliver a long speech that included soaring oratory. They could not author a best-selling book. And they certainly could not garner support from millions of voters of all races to stand with them. Hence, their jealousy of Obama punctures their paper-thin excuses of why they don’t like him. So, to those folks who claim you don’t support either major political party: Do you at least vote? Be honest and truthful. Because if you don’t, White racists all across this country will be so gleeful learning about this, they may laugh all through the night. We do not need another political party, despite what some claim. In this climate of a retracting economy, growing hate against our people and the specter that thousands of us will be dissuaded or prevented from voting, that idea is a non-starter. So, now tell us what you’re going to do, because …
  9. Wait until Israel convinces Congress that a war against Iran is not only necessary, but is ordained by G-d. And Blacks, Latinos and poor Whites must fight and die in it. While their families must make do with massive budget cuts to healthcare, education, roads, bridges, tunnels, transit and naturally, law enforcement. The only political party that matters at this point in time is called The Party of Trump.
  10. It is unreal how many fall for the distractions. Go ahead, let's have your opinions on Will Smith and Chris Rock? Okay, what about Dave Chappelle? NFT's and the dizzying array of opinions on Cryptocurrency? How Donald Trump is the greatest of the greats, according to those who've deluded themselves that they're going to be invited to clean his kitchen. All women need to keep silent and only listen to men. Yeah, which ones? Discuss. Does your friend have to a right to get angry if you lift their mobile phone they temporarily misplaced? And give it to your friend. Who gives it to their friend. Who tries to sell it back to the original owner even though it has a cracked screen?
  11. Leave forgiveness up the families and friends of the dead. Not all those who were murdered in the Buffalo, N.Y., supermarket have even been buried yet. You can forgive those who commit vile acts against you, according to the scriptures.
  12. I hope everyone now understands WHY I question suggestions that Black people arm themselves. If one is purchasing a legal firearm for home protection and obtains the necessary permits, I have no problem with this. I've been advocating this myself for more than two decades. But you'd better learn how to use the firearm or else you'll end up shooting someone you know. But we all know that many Black people, no matter how old, have arrest records. That is a huge drawback, not so much for law enforcement, but for the news media. How many times have we read or heard a news report that intoned "he (or she) has a long record?" Do you how many people I've encountered who always thought dimly of our people's abilities and our accomplishments? How many have YOU heard say this? Dr. King was well aware of this in his time on this planet. But he really did not know the extent of White hatred against Black people until he marched in northern cities. Here's the proof: https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/commentary/ct-mlk-king-marquette-park-1966-flashback-perspec-0731-md-20160726-story.html Now, for those who demand that Black people should arm themselves enmasse, that is completely foolish. For what end? To be arrested by the busload? Or to counterattack and exact revenge? We'd be slaughtered. We would be giving White racists a chance to do what they've long dreamed of. To slaughter us.
  13. Abbott Nutrition decided that spending the money to clean equipment at its shuttered baby formula plant in Sturgis, Mich., was not as important as enriching its shareholders. In fact, FDA officials were given warnings about food safety violations at the plant in October 2021, according to a 34-page document reviewed by staff at Politico. The document, which detailed lax cleaning practices at the plant, was sent along to the FDA officials. Two infants died after Abbott officials deliberately falsified records about the dirty plant equipment, a whistleblower said. This is why the Sturgis plant was ordered to shut down creating a terrible shortage of baby formula. As new mothers screamed in anger and impotence, Republicans claimed President Joe Biden was secretly hiding baby formula for use by immigrants. They even had the nerve to claim photos taken at an immigrant detention center proved it. But the boxes in the photos turned out to be powdered milk. Unadulterated avarice and lying led to this situation. The first link proves what I said about Abbott enriching shareholders at the expense and risk of infants' health. And the second and third links are about the noxious goings-on at the Abbott plant. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/may/20/abbott-baby-formula-shareholder-profits https://www.politico.com/news/2022/04/28/whistleblower-fda-baby-formula-00028569 https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/what-happened-with-abbott-baby-formula-that-worsened-us-shortage-2022-05-16/
  14. Chevdove I really admire you. But you started off basing your contention on the Bible. Now, you want to bring in feel good stories and a bunch of findings by archaeologists, ancient historians and those who consider themselves expects on Egypt. No thanks. I never looked at ancient Egyptians as heroes. I was never that insecure. We Black people have our own heroes. And they are not Egyptian. I view issues differently because I am trained news writer, fact finder, blogger and news editor. I am also a teacher and love history myself. So, it has always been incumbent upon me whether in a news room, tutoring immigrants or teaching my students, to speak the truth. Which I could prove. I got asked so many questions outside the range of what I was teaching and tutoring and by my photography clients that I had to remind myself constantly to note what was my personal beliefs and ideas and what I could prove as truth. I acknowledge that individuals have their own ideas, beliefs and theories. But unless they can be decidedly proven, they remain theories.
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