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  1. Without a logical structure people can’t build a consistent organization.
  2. No your assumption are incorrect. We just got a third seat on the Supreme Court We are energy Independant I am thoroughly satisfied with his performance. I would be disappointed with a lot of the Republicans who is a drop out or flipped out I am very satisfied that Trump has remain stable fighter and he’s enthusiastic about America
  3. Never knew you were a slave. Also there are plenty of darker skin people of the various nations running around. Go to a POW Wow and you will see that. They have a big one in Long Island. https://www.newsday.com/business/coronavirus/shinnecock-powwow-1.46974070 Ok get caught up in emotions and miss nuance. You need to know what people are saying. Interpretation of actions lead to misunderstanding. Another view from NYC
  4. You are misguided and your argument is flawed. Your sources and interpretation are being rejected not facts or science. Trump did have the first US space launch with American Astronauts on US soil by moral convictions solely. Proper moral conviction leads to the best application of science. I am sorry you have not had the experience to open you up to the possibility that your sources are wrong.
  5. https://instagram.com/microsoft?igshid=4cwp24yzz655 https://instagram.com/forbes?igshid=3hizplcyu1u7 https://instagram.com/simonandschuster?igshid=e2a8055rlnd3 https://instagram.com/oprahsbookclub?igshid=gs4jie793114 I think your thinking can use some adjustments. You are not grasping Instagram as the marketing tool that it is.
  6. That is a contested statement that you regard as fact. You can’t accept the fact that there are things outside your understanding. And you refuse to accept scientific definitions. Um I believe we are see the rest of the world is experiencing spikes. As we see more therapeutics developed the mortality rate lethality continue to decline. Most people require no intervention whatsoever. So your talk of death toll is just a skewed political view. If you think that you can stop the virus I say stop the common cold. You have not started facts. Only numbers and interpr
  7. You don’t think about the future is what this statement conveys. I am trying to sell books. Why wouldn’t I go to where potential buyers are? Age isn’t what gives you a monopoly on wisdom. Also I am looking to sell to people who are going to be having babies as well as those who have them.
  8. If you want the money ask for a tax break. Why ask for charity? Just request not to pay that amount.
  9. He thinks form conquers substance. I have attempted to tell @Pioneer1
  10. They have various presence on most major social media platforms for customer service and marketing and sales. You are expressing a very narrow view of success.
  11. It just means you have to strive harder next election. That’s why we don’t have lifetime political leaders except where people don’t get active and vote. The issue I have is that if you don’t vote you have no moral weight in the conversation. You are perceived as a mechanism for voter suppression not political accountability. This is the biggest challenge we are facing. We are not participating in civil process as much as we can.
  12. Thank you. I appreciate it. I have revised my assessment of you. That’s inaccurate. It wasn’t talk radio or fox which shaped my conservative views. It was more life experience and recognizing what brought the most success in our ever changing condition. You are implying that people couldn’t reach a conservative conclusion through experimentation and investigation. The challenge with this statement is you have not demonstrated the information I shared is false. It’s just contradicts your understanding.
  13. The Black community isn’t left out. Billions of federal dollars support the Black Community.
  14. I was looking for successful people to follow on Instagram and I stumbled upon this article. https://blackwealthrenaissance.com/2020/10/26/10-fast-growing-black-owned-companies-blazing-through-the-pandemic/ The next two years are going to be full of opportunities for those with the right mindset. Are you in any of the industries listed and what are your experiences? I wasn’t aware a Black Company bought GreenDot: The flood of customers forced OneUnited into expanding to 100,000 new locations and acquiring Green Dot, which allows people to deposit cash on the go in loca
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