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  1. I wasn't there with R. Kelly or G. Gordon Liddy. One of the biggest themes of America is Redemption. @Mzuri I think I should have been more clear in pointing out that this NFT I'm talking about is my item to be invested in and bought. While you understood that, the Noobs like @Pioneer1 were totally on the wrong track.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with being a celebrity spokesperson.
  3. I met G Gordon Liddy when he came to my campus in the 80’s. He told an amusing tale of the origins of the Colt 45. As for the rest of what he said, I don’t recall. I am not an Idol worshipper. My hero’s as a child were my father and the people in Golden Legacy Comics. Ignorance is why you are trapped ranting on the internet about things you have no first hand knowledge of. Secondly, America will eventually fall as a nation. The only real problem with crypto currencies is that it needs power to operate. That’s something paper money doesn’t have to worry about.
  4. There is no both. That’s a very selfish question and doesn’t reflect the difference in states of being. Many parts of my life have nothing to do with America. My personal life has been getting better and better. America is my house. Silly paradigms like that indicate a lack of consciousness, experience or willful misrepresentation of reality. I say go to your more perfect country if you feel you are a slave.!
  5. Awesome that your life has been great but America has plenty explaining to do for what it has done and continues to do. I said America , not my life.
  6. Like I would take his advice on the subject.
  7. The point is crashes occur. You seem to act like they are just a fantasy
  8. You will find people with superior skills in different areas. Just because someone excels doesn’t make them part of the ruling entity. The question is does the governing structure serve the people or the other way around? Criminals aren’t good examples to prove suppression of our people. I will say he served as Crispus Attucks for the American Counter revolution.
  9. The Great Depression never occurred? Why are you so frightened?
  10. That shows the effectiveness of the propaganda campaign. Democrats have been horrible for Blacks and still is. The policy they are pushing are leading to suppression.
  11. The Block recently reported on a trader who borrowed 3.5 ETH (around $12,000) on NFTFi, offering an NFT that had last sold for 3.25 ETH. Over the next three months, the value of NFTs from the same collection skyrocketed to around $300,000 on the low end. On October 10, the loan period ended, the borrower failed to repay the loan, and the NFT—now worth many times more than the original loan—was taken. It’s just like other loans pay back what you borrow.
  12. Here are the winners https://daniellegfny.com/index.php/2021/10/16/here-are-the-winners/ First Place Winner Second Place Winner #contestalert Congratulations #BlackTechTwitter #BlackTwitter #BlackGirlMagic
  13. While it does involve crypto @Mzuriand I are talking about turning created works into a means to get paid every time it gets sold. I would recommend reading the short articles I posted above. @Pioneer1your credit card is an ancestor of Crypto. So are green stamps, food stamps, and gift cards.
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