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  1. The history of China is a long a bloody one. I can't tell you the number of Asians who have killed other Asians or Africans who have killed all sorts of people. 6000 years of Chinese murder and counting. 12000 years of Black murder and counting. The Empires of the Niles were not Kissy Kissy. The Ashanit Empire and The Mali Empires were also bloody. Once again Color has no bearing on violent tendencies. The advent of Gun Powered is credited the Chinese. The mathematics used by the Americans to build the bomb came from the Africans. Our world is not about Black and Whites. Whites have only been a periphery in history.
  2. When I was on Twitter two days ago I ran into a site that had a pretty good list of 100 Books Blacks should read. Cost was one of the the barriers I ran into when I was younger, but with the low to no cost Ebook version it’s now a question of time. I made the decision to discipline myself to doing more reading.
  3. I wound up using constant contact. I hope I will grow out of it rapidly. Now I need to come up with an email series
  4. Madmimi payment processor has issues. I don’t think I will be using them.
  5. @Pioneer1 try studying the history of China and Japan before you make such assertion. You are showing the ledges of your depth.
  6. @Pioneer1 your bias against Whites distorts you view of history. My father was a Black Merchant Marine in WWII. Blacks servers in most branches of the US during that war. Unlike the Europeans the Asians would have fought to the last man if they hadn’t been confronted by massive overwhelming destruction. The good thing is we now have Godzilla movies. PS if the Europeans didn’t create the Atomic Bomb the Asians would have. I am more inclined to believe that the African Hegemony ran it’s course.
  7. Thanks for the extra suggestions. I have been using stripe and PayPal. I am mostly trying to sense of what other writers are doing. @Jeffrey I am looking for an inexpensive website designer. What is socially acceptable title for Web Master?
  8. It sounds like a great read. I will share this on my social media. Best Success in your endeavors.
  9. @Pioneer1 No I didn't consider the Arab the worst. They are just the greatest number of practitioners today. I was referring the the Black Codes that the Spanish had in place. Most of it I speculate was a reaction to the two invasions by the African Muslims(Moors). @Chevdove The planet Earth is a merciless place. It has taken people to do all sorts of things which offend our modern sensibilities. There is no difference in the degree of violence which people commit based on skin color.
  10. From whence do Latinos derive? The Hispanic community. Unless you know something I don’t Spain is populate and controlled by White skinned Europeans. Those Europeans were next to the worst of slavers. The only reason why we are speaking English is because we were born or live in Anglo territory. The Latinos are a creation of the Hispanic territory. Their bias against English speaking Blacks is well known in many communities where they interact.
  11. American slavery morphed into being all about race considering you had Black and Indian slave owners. Latinos are really the Spanish translation of the Anglo Experience. They are also trapped in the Southern European web.
  12. I keep exposing my time away from things. I guess I should have stated site building program.
  13. Thanks for the information I will be following up with it.
  14. I just got hosting and domain name Daniellegnfy.com I would like to know whether your website is Wordpress or Flash or something else. What made you choose that? How often do you update it?
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