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  1. The end of the world and Jesus coming into his Kingdom are two different things.
  2. Meet two of our contestants one is in America the other in China. What are you waiting for enter today http://daniellegfny.com/colorcontest #readingcommunity #writingcommunity #readersofinstagram #ContestAlert #parentingtips
  3. You must not have knowledge of the cruel imagination of dealers. There are many things worse. Wrong they don’t let racism define them. She doesn’t attack her own people. Also if you read her book she addresses this issue.
  4. Thanks for the defense, I got this, part of being a grown up is being able to take it and dish it. I never saw that Disney movie, but watch the Boondocks. If he had passed that bill to his dealer it could have been worse.
  5. Jails, Institutions or Death. If the drugs don’t kill you the lifestyle will. That means you are either a useful idiot or a crook. You forgot I am a felon. I had my real run in with law enforcement so I don’t have to hypothesize. If it wasn’t Chauvin it would have been someone else. You really believe the nonsense.
  6. No need the Drugs and the Lifestyle killed George Floyd. Let us not forget he was engaged in passing counterfeit money. Addiction was the end of Mr Floyd. He predicted that in his book How to Get Rich. It’s because they stuck on Democrats.
  7. He is focusing on our humanity and not skin color. He doesn’t deny Racism, he puts it in its proper perspective that it doesn’t prevent us from Advancing in life.
  8. When people don’t speak up things get worse. It doesn’t matter if the person has a different political perspective, what they see is the skin color of an uppity one. @Pioneer1tell you white leftist buddies, “Hands off Black Folks.” https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/09/08/larry_elder_egged_by_white_woman_in_gorilla_mask_get_that_sellout_piece_of_shit_out_of_here.html
  9. Because Christianity shapes a unique paradigm. She merely pointed out what was in the released Autopsy. Until you read them you will continue to have a shallow understanding. That’s not fair.
  10. It’s shameless how the party of Slavery and Jim Crow is attacking Black candidate for California Governor Larry Elder. Instead of challenging him on the issues, they chose to resort to old tactics of attacking the credibility of a Black person. How dare he challenge the White Power structure. How dare he have thoughts of his own. Larry Elder has been a TV Host, Lawyer, Author, Film Producer, Lecturer and Radio Show host. Many establishment Blacks are jealous of his bold move to see a position they were too scared to pursue themselves. It’s time for power in California. Black Power!!! Make sure you read What’s Race Got To Do With It. By Larry Elder Larry Elder ands his straight talk are "controversial"*, "provocative"**, "iconoclastic"***, "refreshing." ****IS LIFE UNFAIR FOR BLACK AMERICANS?In "What's Race Got to Do with It?, "bestselling author Larry Elder takes on the touchiest topic in American life: Race. Some Americans think race is the biggest issue this country faces today. Elder says: "What? ?" What about the economy, what about war, what about the security of our borders and our citizens?IS A HUGE GROUP OF CITIZENS BEING KEPT DOWN BY "THE MAN"?Elder calls for an end to bitching, moaning and whining and the belief that somebody owes you a job, that self-esteem is given out for passing "go," that a black person in a position of authority is always a good thing, whether or not they have credentials and experience. He skewers the loudmouths--and the "mainscream" media--who point to racism as the root of all problems. Elder explains why Hillary Clinton doesn't get it, but Barack Obama does--at least most of the time.But "What's Race Got to Do with It?" has a positive message, too: there are leaders and role models today who want to urge everyone to share in the hard work, smart thinking and optimism that make America great and strong.*"Publishers Weekly" **"Kirkus Reviews" ***"Los Angeles"" Times" ****"Publishers Weekl
  11. You are confusing leftist and media portrayals of Republicans and Conservatives. It comes from a failure to recognize that a true Christian recognizes their sinful nature is remedies by Christ alone. Have you read Blackout by Candace Owen’s? I am finding people(myself included) are arguing about superficial descriptions of people without learning about what they say about themselves. This is why book sites like this are important.
  12. Pioneer plays the role of scholar, but he either is a deceiver or spiritually blind. He quotes and mimics intelligence quite well, but he gives the impression of being bereft of wisdom. Some would say an educated fool.
  13. She was high! So what! That’s the point. They are only normal people. Our servants.
  14. Yes so? Presidents aren’t kings they have minimum standards. She qualifies.
  15. All the better. Shows that virtually anyone can grow up to be President.
  16. It is sad you denigrate Black men. She’s Vice President and I would rather see her than Biden. I am pointing out on social media that she should replace Biden, especially when people say she would be worse than Biden.
  17. Did you watch his video? Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate — "Run" https://youtu.be/zmL0LYueLCU via @YouTube responsible leadership. I voted for Obama. And I am pushing for Harris to replace Biden.
  18. Larry has a problem with some ultra evangelicals that are stuck on Election Fraud.
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