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  1. We are talking about cost and the desire of the attorney to take the case. I have had experience to the contrary.
  2. It’s a cry for help. Maybe someone with more resources and expertise can offer assistance. Finding legal help is still challenging. I sell life events legal plans and still find it difficult.
  3. @Mzuri @ProfDI bet they did ask Bill Clinton multiple times when he had sepsis a few days ago.
  4. That @Mzuriis the essence of the difference in treatment. They treated her like a drug addict and with a greater level of skepticism than if she had been White. I saw a video about a black dr who died because they didn’t take the woman at her word. Everything isn’t about race, however being open to the possibility that it is merits follow. @ProfDI think the fact that she wasn’t trying to make her video a hollywood production lends to the credibility. I would think a talk with some AZ Civil Rights Groups would be in order.
  5. Not yet. I had to get some of other projects dealt with. Thank you for following up.
  6. Even in the Fire Department Racism and Negative Discrimination occurs. Listen to this AZ woman’s story It’s sad that even after all the revelation of last year things like this still happen. It goes to show that while social media has a wide reach, not everyone has gotten the message that not treating all people with respect is unacceptable.
  7. The price was the Pre-release price for the EBook. The price has been adjusted upward now and the paperback is $15.99. Thank you for your feedback.
  8. I have been working on and been around elections since I was a kid. I couldn’t wait to be 18 so I could. With all the talk about lowering the voting age to 16, I think it’s cute.
  9. No sales are increasing. I guess it’s true you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. But learn how to Spell Winsome Sears. The best of America . @Mzurijust goes to prove those with biggest mouths have cheapest purses with the tightest strings. @Cyniquedemonstrates it perfectly. Broke baby broke. they are going in the right direction.
  10. Awwww someone can’t take the mental stimulation. My books are easy enough for you to read.
  11. I hope you will take advantage of my Kwanzaa special.
  12. @Cyniqueis thicker than a brick so it wouldn’t work anyway. Dyed In The Wool Ignorant.
  13. Well said. An old fool Capitalism isn’t the problem.
  14. That’s why I recommended the books they do prove the point. Savages had slaves so did barbarians.
  15. Biden administration admits it will be giving huge sums to unlawful border crossers but none to Black Folks. Once again it demonstrates Democrats despise Black Americans. It’s sad that has been the case since before the Civil War.
  16. Did you read Destructions of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams? or Civilization or Barbarism by Chek Ante Diop? Or Worlds Greatest Men and Women of Color By JA Rogers? Black people are not pacifists. We have been as savage or barbaric as circumstances have lead us to be. That’s because we are human. If you look at the last year as you have seen Blacks exercise power many resentful and manipulative have missed used that power. The notion that Blacks cannot be racist is a racist trope in itself. The problem with people like @Cyniqueis that they are trapped in paradigms that were created by our people and others for conditions that don’t exist today. They encompass deeming and limiting ideas of what Black is because of the reaction to White Repression. Do you even know what the book Red Summer is even about? https://g.co/kgs/v8J6em You have been converted to a hard wired human bot. That you would even say that this supports some nefarious narrative shows your pure programming or ignorance. If I were to assign my self image to you we would be having a much broader and productive discussion.
  17. That’s where you are totally missing the points. Number one there were unconstitutional election changes in PA. Number two, ZUCKERBURG used AI and Big Data and the Facebook platform to ballot harvest. For four year Democrats cried Russian Collusion in the 2016 Election. BTW an arrest warrant was issued for giving False Statements to the FBI. You keep saying Trump Trump Trump like a stereotypical Spooked Black Person chanting some incarnation. Please. The only systemic racism is in the minds of the delusional. A life taken too casually is wasted. Try reading Red Summer. Try thinking independent thoughts. You have anything of value to offer the conversation because your well is to shallow. You totally don’t even understand the origin of White Supremacy. You don’t understand that the name of the game is power, it’s acquisition and retention. You think I am seeking a utopia that’s your camp. I am seeking favorable conditions to prosper. That’s a too real concept for you to touch.
  18. Ok so is paganism. That doesn’t make it relevant. Our human challenges predate the definition of Whiteness. Just like Marx had erroneous conclusions because of his era the same applies to Fully. This isn’t the world of the 60’s. @Cyniquecorrectly hinted at threats which weren’t even considered by the Black Power or Civil Rights Movement. We are faced with the prospect of being superfluous in terms of the White Community. The truth is that in relationship to the European we have either been viewed as a resource or a means to provide the work force to get at the resources. Our challenge has been how we relate to each other. That has nothing to do with Whitey. You keep making statements that only exist in your narrative. It has nothing to do with what is. It’s because Biden is President America is suffering. He his killing our access to resources, he is attempting to bankrupt the country, he has weakened America’s strategic positions. Yes the party is the path to serving the country. Yes Trump had nothing to gain from the January 6 incident. If they had held the whole Congress hostage and began executions that would not have put Trump back in office. The damage the people did was far less than many of the Antifa and Black Lives Matters protest and riots that ran all over the country. You have been able to get away with your feeble attempts at depth, because you haven’t dealt with anyone who has had frontline experience in frontline fighting for the Black community oppose you and your parroted responses. Trump has nothing to do with what is happening in America right now. It has to do with the question of what type of life do we want to live. Do we want to be government servants and dependents or do we want to be independent free men and women.
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