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  1. You are so full of it. You are supposed to be a made man. You don’t think about Poot blacks in Mississippi. If you did you would have said this is what I am doing to improve their condition. I have a problem with the Slavery going on in the Sudan so I donated money to help free the slaves. Solution speak louder that jive talking.
  2. I see you just want to gripe. If you can’t see the self evident you just don’t want to. The answer is the same today as it was in the 70’s and earlier. But enough of me arguing with a donkey. You just don’t want to see. Your lifestyle is a result of black votes.
  3. Black Elected Officials and all the jobs they provided for other black Americans. This shows your political history ignorance. I would recommend you read a few more history books.
  4. Commitment to America. It’s an action plan to make All Americans proud, safe and prosperous!!! None of that Hug a Thug Democrat Criminals get out jail free, is in this commitment. This means Americans will be able to start feeling safer in their cities. Like a hurricane Democrats have threatened our children’s education by attacking the family structure, foundation of America and even their very identity as boys and girls. There’s much more in it that will make America the shining beacon of hope it has always been. Do yourself a favor and read it. Give yourself a dose of pride and hope.
  5. I guess you didn’t read the Commitment to America. It’s an action plan to make All Americans proud, safe and prosperous!!!
  6. Christmas 2022 is just around the corner. Which gifts did you give or receive last year? What gifts do you want to give this year? I want to get an idea of what are the top 10 Christmas gifts.
  7. That’s truly unfortunate. It demonstrates a lack of desire for cultural cohesion. Here are the specs https://D7GWAM.in829923.com/Sw9Fvuj5wX?Method=C
  8. Kwanzaa 2022 is just around the corner. Which gifts did you give or receive last year? What gifts do you want to give this year? I want to get an idea of what are the top 10 Kwanzaa gifts ?
  9. It was an omission. I corrected it. Thank you . Corporations are still paying for the space they lease. That’s why many are pushing workers to return to the office in NYC. I hear others are crying for a 4 day work week. You also can’t turn off your brain so if you are paid for your thinking you are always working.
  10. Do you like having fun? We are looking for a few people who are willing to judge our upcoming coloring contest. We just need to get a brief biography and clear head photo. You will be just looking at the different submissions and choosing the three best. You will right a brief statement about what you liked and what could be improved. Email me at daniellegfny@gmail.com
  11. 13.5 Inflation: Here’s what we know: Inflation did not ease as much as expected in August, with an 8.3 percent rise in the Consumer Price Index showing that the squeeze on consumers remains acute. Inflation came in faster than expected in August even as gas prices fell. Inflation Report Dampens Biden’s Attempts to Celebrate the Economy Markets plunge on higher-than-expected inflation numbers. Inflation explained: The good, the bad and the uncertain. Rapidly rising rents could pose a problem for the Fed. A jump in grocery prices is pinching consumers. Gas prices have fallen for 91 straight days, relieving some inflationary pressure. What economists and analysts say about what the data means. If you are not feeling the pinch, you must be rich. The disaster of the Biden administration is that it’s going to heighten racial/ethnic tensions in America as the different groupings of people struggle for scarce resources. The sad thing is it didn’t have to be this way. Black Americans have been bamboozled by the Climate Justice Warriors into thinking that Nature is Racist. When will we wake up to the reality that’s it’s the CJWs who are using racist ideology to keep Black Americans slaves to fear and emotion. The Democrats are trying to disarm us. They are freeing violent criminals. They are flooding the country with dangerous drugs. The excuse has been the unequal application of the law. But Mass “Incarnation” hasn’t occurred since world war 2 and the Japanese. We have serious issues which are being given wrong answers. The Democrats most be stopped before they turn America into a place worse than Nazi Germany.
  12. Fortunately for you it Global and online. But like the lottery “You have to be in it to Win It!” Spread the word.
  13. Registrations are being accepted for the Second Annual Global Coloring Contest. Last year’s winner was in Hong Kong . I can’t wait to see who will be this year’s winner. Any of the three coloring books we publish can be used. For more details and to register please visit Daniellegfny.com/colorcontest Last’s year’s winner
  14. That doesn’t seem like confusion to me. It makes good sense to copy the right cat and not want crime rampant in ones community. Not to mention not wanting to lose one’s job over pronouns or have their children groomed. And let’s not mention the right to worship God in our own ways.
  15. What do have against peace in the world? Why fight what you can master? Nobody keeps the working class from advancing in our society.
  16. President Donald Trump was the first American President to set foot on North Korean soil. That took a unique courage that the Democrats lack. Let’s analyze this bold move. 1. It resulted North and South Korea agreeing in principle to the end of the Korean War. This was a result of President Trump strutting bold across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and meeting with Kim. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/13/north-south-korea-agree-in-principle-formal-end-war-us 2. It provided an opportunity to breakthrough the stalemate of hostilities. If we want peace in that region we need to normalize relations with North Korea and open up economic opportunities. The North Korean people are suffering from the horrors of deprivation. We need to help them find peace and prosperity.
  17. Truthfully there should not even be a comparison. They existed in different times with different pressures. But you can reach out to her on Instagram and ask her.
  18. Dominque isn’t a quitter like Simone.
  19. Welfare is the breeding ground for crime. The support systems I am talking about would focus on the care of unwanted babies.
  20. I see you aren’t a serious individual. You aren’t worthy of any more replies.
  21. Do you know how far Afghanistan is from China and Iran? Instead of trying to talk narratives why not look beyond what you are hearing and start looking at the coalitions being form against the United States .
  22. That’s just plain fantasy. He didn’t act against his party. Being against Slavery doesn’t equal regarding Black people as the same as White. Look at the Republican Party’s platform. You anti-capitalism stance collapse slavery with working for a living and distribution of goods and services. The Black Jacobins should disabuse you of such a fallacious belief. We are nowhere near the conditions that existed under slavery.
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