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  1. Barbados to build new slavery museum after severing ties with Britain elebrated architect David Adjaye is to design a major new heritage site in Barbados, the country's prime minister has announced. The new site on the Caribbean island will lie next to a burial ground where the bodies of 570 West African victims of British transatlantic slavery were discovered. Barbados to build new slavery museum after severing ties with Britain - CNN Style david adjaye forms barbados heritage district+memorial to western slavery (designboom.com) Barbados was the birthplace of British slave society and the most ruthlessly colonized by Britain’s ruling elites. They made their fortunes from sugar produced by an enslaved, “disposable” workforce, and this great wealth secured Britain’s place as an imperial superpower and cause untold suffering. On Barbados, the First Black Slave Society | AAIHS Barbados Museum and Historical Society https://afar-production.imgix.net/uploads/images/post_images/images/c5uvsvuH7x/original_3e18cb29a8733f4240d7f8424dcee88d.jpg?1470789341?ixlib=rails-0.3.0&auto=format%2Ccompress&crop=entropy&fit=crop&h=719&q=80&w=954 I hope to learn more about Barbados. I only recently learned that my ancestor was brought to this island, initially after being stolen from Africa. She was about six years old when she was first stolen and then seven when she arrived in North America, along with a Barbados slave family. She gave birth to her first offspring at the age of eight years old and then her second was at the age of ten years old.
  2. Yes. Exactly! And, I would like to add though that the AGAPE Love the Bible speaks of includes the WHOLE TRUTH. Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Light. Ah! I see that you believe that Black people that believe in the historical Jesus is like a fantasy in how children believe that Santa Claus is the one to bring them gifts on December 25 every year. @ProfD Well, I don't believe in the Santa Claus developed today, however, I do understand the history that surrounds it just as I understand the history that surrounds Jesus Christ. I do have all hope in the Second Resurrection of Jesus, a man who was executed under the Roman Empire system, even though he was found to be not guilty of any crime that would warrant that kind of governmental death edict. I do believe that Black men today are being executed, whether guilty or not, along the same lines. I have no doubt that Jesus came to deal with this kind of human sacrifice. I don't see any end to the unfair killing of Black people, both men, women [and children] in sight by any human government. I do believe that this kind of evil must be dealt with on a higher realm. But I do acknowledge your metaphor! But Santa Claus does not involve death! Absolutely!
  3. This is my position. Why is this justified? I don't believe that people should be imprisoned without parole, but to let out a violent criminal into Black communities is a problem. I wonder though, what can be done.
  4. bot I did specifically reference this point on the issue of 'Thursday' and 'Friday' however, again, I will restate what I shared even last year in an article I wrote about that concerns, the origins of our modern day THANKSGIVING holiday and addressed why it is held on the last Thursday in November!!! The references I shared addresses this point completely and therefore, based on this date referenced in the Bible, the very date of the Crucifixion would be based on upon this major event; THE DAY OF ASCENSION. THE DAY OF ASCENSION occurred 40 days after the Crucifixion on a Thursday, therefore if you count backwards from this date, it will confirm the actual day of the week of the Crucifixion. Another major confirmation would also be the Biblical reference of 'HIGH SABBATH' of which would be 'SATURDAY', the 6th day of the week. I also stressed that the 'day of the week' varies due to the ancient institution of the Passover Week set back during the time of the Exodus and at this time, the date for the Hebrew New Year was changed to begin on the evening of every day. For this reason, we know that the Crucifixion occurred on October 14 at even [6:00 P.M.] which would also be October 15 for the Hebrew-Jews. I will hopefully post the actual scriptures so that it will become better understood soon.
  5. Truth is never negative. And you are so right, Caucasians are certainly not Shemitic, I absolutely agree. Lol.
  6. Thank you so much @Mzuri for the well wishes! Yes, it's a drag but, I am doing good.
  7. Really!? What news! Yes, I agree. I hope that they will not become another Haiti. But I do wonder why now this has happened. Economically, I suppose they are capable of doing it.
  8. I've been busy too! I hope that you will be okay. I just popped in briefly and this is the one thread that caught my eye! I too am doing a bit of shuffling around and that's why I have not logged in recently.
  9. Exactly. Again, exactly. Why? Because this kind of economy will affect ADOS and not in a positive mode. It's not only a matter of who is allowed to cross the boarder but how does it affect us. Absolutely!
  10. I am laughing at your response @ProfD but I am also infuriated at Pres Biden as an African-American DOS.
  11. @ProfD That is why I saved references years back. I thought it would be changed! No it was actually made a holiday here in Anerica! I am just not sure of the distinction between federal meaning not all states honor it. Are you saying it's a Hindu holiday that our government allows schools to be out? I recently read it's also regarded as an international holiday. But in 2005 it was passed as law here in America. I will try to find those references.
  12. Me too! Love reading you too. Absolutely
  13. I hated certain teachers on my team. The other science teacher was a long time tenured White man and he did mot help me at all but whatever... I passed my nationsl teachers exam with above average scores so i did my own 'thing'... I had to teach 2 subjects as new teacher. So i walked in and sat diwn in back of other team teachers. Quietly they handed me a printout of our student's math end of year exam scores... 1=fail 2=low 3=average 4=highest above average. My mouth dropped open---can this be true!!! My eyes enlarged. I slowly looked up and all of them were staring at me! OMG! All of my Black boys scored 4s with only abt three that scored 3s. I had 2 math classes with a Spanish male an Indian male a Jewish male and about 6 girls out of abiut 60 students--- YEAH It was the first year that svhool made Governors Report Card score RECOGNITION. Governor Mike Easley because of my students. So I love this thread!
  14. I've not heard if either of them but it was so refreshing to hear! I could tell you some stories! He is so right. They need to be taken out if that environment. I don't even know where to begin on this subject... Years back as a new teacher in an inner school district they threw me 'what they thought was a failure' in every sense if the word. That was a uppity school but was changed to accommodate lower income Blacks. The white people were furious and because i was new i did not know. So i had a classroom full of black boys that scored low. It was rough because i didn't get any support. However by the end of the year...SURPRISE... Early in the morning the principals as usual are called by local news to give exam results. I did my usual got out of my car walked to my classroom prepared to unlock door and was greeted by principal, a Black man. I thought nothing of it. Then I kept getting strange greetings all morning, teachers peeking in my door to say hi... I was like--What in the hell is going on? I was given a bad review earlier and felt so abandoned. But I knew 'my stuff'! I used my own money for xerox paper, dissection frog order, earthworm order, etc. Finally my team lead came to my door and announced team meeting for lunch to review our student scores...
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