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  1. I would be very angry. And, I would not go along with it and would absolutely protest, right then. No. True friends would never do that.
  2. Well, these questions need to be addressed more and more in order to better understand why this has/is happening. I need some time to reflect on these question, however, my first response would be to understand the basis of REPRODUCTION. No matter whether our ancestors were either positive or negative, as their offspring we become recipients of the actions and it's unavoidable. It is just the nature of reproduction, I would suppose. Of course there are other answers. This is because the American Colonist set up slavery and this was the very way that they 'figured
  3. For real!!! Yes, I've gotten that feeling, not only in NC but in certain 'other' areas in the south as well.
  4. LOL! No! He's autistic. At any rate, I shared this video after i initially spoke about viewing a few months ago. Believe or not, this fellow was sincere in the making of this video. I understand! I wonder if I had not had revealed that he was autistic before you heard it; What would your reaction had been. Really? I actually love his lyrics and I think he is really talented considering that he's autistic. At any rate, this video went viral and so, it does speak to what seems to be trendy, I suppose. And also, in
  5. LOL! I gotta go to work so, I will come back to this post soon hopefully. But guess what!? You know that young man that was killed last week by the police in Pasquatank county? Anthony Brown Jr. There was a funeral and protest for him a few hours ago, yesterday. That was the very county that my story was in! Remember what I said about it being 'like a town where you got the feeling that Blacks were pretty much made to know that we had to stay in our place...'. Yeah, Elizabeth City, NC--Pasquatank county.
  6. LOL! Okay. I had to ask my son what is his name so I could locate it. Here it is: It's something about you girl - YouTube Okay here are a few reactions to him: I'VE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD | ICEJJFISH ON THE FLOOR MUSIC VIDEO REACTION - YouTube REACTING TO ICEJJFISH!! *SO FUNNY* - YouTube
  7. Yes, I would agree. Yes, that is shallow. Idk but I guess today’s pressing issues might have something to do with the way these kinds of forums are being visited right now. Maybe some of the regular shallow contributors are not being appreciated right now and therefore have temporarily refrained until they get better feedback. And, people come to forums for various reasons and again, due to the crazy type of things happening right now, that kind of audience may not be getting much feedback. I too like to laugh at some of the shallow things I sometimes come across
  8. Well, not yet, but keep hope alive. It may be a hard concept to grasp but if we, as humans, can understand the broader cycle on this planet, it may help us to understand that the projection for a peaceful existence amongst us all, no matter what walk of life we exhibit, has still not been fulfilled, however, it has been well projected. I try to always reflect on this idea; This entire planet is completely able to sustain all human life to have abundance and even though in certain areas, at times, there are famines, or volcano eruptions, etc., and lop sided governments who dole out
  9. WOW That was crazy!!! How evil! I can't believe it! After all that we are going through, they do something like that! But to address you questions, I have to say that, in my experiences, I believe that there is some type of movement going on and it does not reflect a lot of police here in America. However, because of this strange seemingly 'secret movement' I am now very stressed about possibly having to deal with the police. But, I just don't believe that a lot of White policemen are going along with this evil movement here in America. All of my past experience with police
  10. That statement defies credulity as you consistently reject the findings of the scientific community, on race, medicine, genetics, climate change, geology, etc... HA!!! Thank you! @Troy! @Pioneer1 I highly appreciate you shout out about a past post that you commented on about my research. But as Troy points out, even in this thread, you show that you reject certain elements of references in certain post that are proven and confirmed. Idk @Troy I don't agree with that comment at all, however, I've heard a lot of Africans wh
  11. @Pioneer1 You know better than that-- Deception coming from you. You know it was not written 'out of the blue' so-to-speak' in 1611 but it was translated from older scripts and that translation was published in `1611. "... it raises the question as to why our people should believe in or even read a book that is obviously blasphemous and not the original ancient." YEAH! LOL! Everything you believe in now and everything that you are doing now, regarding your writing and speaking in English is based on White people bringing you script. So you are no different than anyone
  12. You've gotta be kidding. @Pioneer1 Modern Human beings have SCIENTIFIC 'MARKERS'!!!-- that make them distinct from the earlier hominids. Yes, the Creator MARKED his creation and this is verified scientifically. Human beings that are men of God wrote the book about MARKERS and how the Creator MARKED his creation. Human beings that are not connect to the Creator did not write anything initially! You give the White man too much credit. Okay, I'm done reading any further. @Pioneer1 If Black people obsess over White people, welcome them into their lands and their beds, if I were
  13. @Pioneer1 here you go again, giving White people credit for ancient script. You are so wrong. The Bible was written by Black people; Black men. Ancient script has been 'blasphemed' as Jesus said, but today, we can confirm what has been blasphemed and what has not. America would not Separate from the Bible on July 4, 1776 if it was written by them. That makes no sense at all. But you have no script to confirm 'the Supreme Being' that you believe in which is no better than an ape. @Pioneer1 script and communication are important attributes that separa
  14. I don't think so. But then, I don't think I operate in delusions; I have to think about this. Maybe. Perhaps. Yes, I think there might be an overlap. Oh! I think it's delusional! There is a problem going on and I think it is pre-meditated! Just recently, I heard about at least two Black males and a black female that was shot and killed and they were unarmed. I believe that under normal circumstances, there would be a disproportionate killing of Black men but not due to some evil White policemen, howev
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