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  1. Ancient Museum?-- & Moses What Do They Have in Common? MUSA JUNO by Donald L. Wasson published on 08 April 2015 Juno was the Roman goddess who protected the nation as a whole but also kept special watch over all aspects of women's lives. She Juno was the wife and sister of Jupiter, the chief Roman god, and the two of them were worshipped along with the goddess Minerva on the Quirinal in Rome. https://www.ancient.eu/Juno/ Juno's name comes from Greek and Roman mythology. The god Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief, and his wife, the goddess Juno, was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter's true nature. — NASA[11] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juno_(spacecraft) The spacecraft also carries three Lego minifigures representing Galileo, the Roman god Jupiter, and his sister and wife, the goddess Juno. In Roman mythology, Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief. uno was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter's true nature. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juno_(spacecraft) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I guess the closest term to an Ancient Museum would be a temple or PANTHEON, which would be an ancient temple where idols or statues of kings, rulers, gods, goddesses, and etc. were housed. So, in ancient civilizations then, the more ancient idols and artifacts would also be housed in their temples or other form of sacred shrines. The actual word ‘museum’ stems from the earliest form of script too from MESOPOTAMIA, as would be many other similar word structures, however, to start with the Classical Greek usage of the terms ‘MUSE’ and ‘MUSA’ without these terms being connected to a much earlier origin would be a confusion. Pioneer, you believe the term ‘MUSEUM’ means ‘MUSIC’ and connects to the name of ‘MUSA’/’MOSES’ but again, without gong back to a much earlier origin, this would be a confusion. So, I will share my research as it applies to dates and times when certain root words were used. [1] MUSEUM- Again, this term would not have been used in ancient times, but the closest term would probably be a PANTHEON, ‘Pan’ and ‘theos’ or Pan of gods or idols. But the root word ‘MUSE’ does stem from the earliest and most dominant civilization of which would be GREATER BABYLON. Specifically, this root term ‘SUME’ for todays’ MUSEUMS do seem to directly correlate to this time period of GREATER BABYLON for a major reason! This amazing civilization was completely developed and headed up originally by the ancient Black kings known by their Biblical name of CUSH HAM during the 2200-2000s BC, however, even in ancient times and in the Bible they were also called SUMERIANS; and this would be where this root term MUSEUM stems from. [2] THE SUMERIANS of ancient SUMER [ie Shinar]—the inverted root word SUM---MUS would be the confirmation of the origin of the term MUSEUM and so many other terms. So, to base this term during the Classical Greek times around the 400s BC would be way more than a 1000+ year gap of time! The word ‘museum’ agrees with this ancient history too, for a major reason that revolves around how this Babylonian empire eventually went from a high to a low point and in how the ancient Sumerians eventually became completely overthrown and many of them forced marched out of their own lands. The ancient Sumerians, Cush Ham, defined themselves as ‘KINGS’ and this means that they dominated their lands based on ‘INHERITANCE RIGHTS’. In other words, they existed in a ‘kingdom’ and were originally MONOTHEISTIC [ie. one-theist, one-god]. But because of the foreign Asiatic-typed pagan people that migrated from the east into their lands and flattered them with IDOLS that were created in their images, these Sumerian kings began to demand that their own people begin to worship them as being ‘gods’ and so, eventually, their lands became flooded with idolatry and so, their original ziggurat temples became pantheons. So, if you only regard today’s scholars and Classical Greek references, you will not get the origin of these terms as they completely omit this fact about the Sumerians and claim Greater Babylon for themselves and Assyrians. You need to regard the root terms and dates and times when these terms were in usage. Then too, you will also understand that the term MUSLIM stems from these very origins and not from the Aram Movement! [3] MUSLIM—is a term that refers to MONOTHEISM and this goes hand-in-hand with the original Sumerian kings before they began to oppress their own people and resort to the practice of slavery. The term ‘MUSLIM’ [ie MUS-LIMA], and so many other terms stem from the ancient Sumerians. Likewise, the term MUSA stems from these very origins. [4] MUSA—This term ‘Musa’ was used in Classical Greek writings and they applied it to their rendition of a more ancient time. Their myths are CODED. Their myths about JUPITER and JUNO includes strands of the earlier times of the Sumerians. But, I will be brief in a general reference point: The term MUSA and MUSE stems from the god ‘Jupiter’ [Apollo] in that he was ‘mischievous’ and his sister-wife JUNO did not like it. The deeper storyline though will not be understood without the Bible records. This deeper story includes the history of ancient India and in how the Biblical JapHeth was ‘mischievous’ in the viewpoint of his wife. The original Black people of India and the civilization developed based on ancient GREATER BABYLON and the Sumerians [Cush Ham] and therefore, these Kemet people were inter-mixed. So, the Greek myth tells of these early times in code in how APOLLO was communing with his MUSES, meaning his [black] Sumerian singing women. The actual Biblical breakdown on the generations of the Biblical JapHeth also reflects this too, in that all but one of his sons listed come from different women that were NOT his wife of the ark. The only son listed that comes from his wife of the ark was GOMER. The Greek mythology reflects that Juno was not pleased because she could not control her husband. So, the term MUSA stems from this basis that goes back to the 2000s BC and long before the Greeks wrote their myths. And so, the term ‘MOSES’ does stem from these early origins, but MUSA would be a term that came long before the term MOSES and etc. [5] the THUTMOSIS—the terms ‘THUTMOSIS’, ‘MOSLEM’, ‘SOMALIA’, ‘MAURITANIA’, ‘KHAMOSIS’, ‘AHMOSIS’, ‘MOORS’, and etc. all stem from the original SUMERIANS of Sumer, but the letter-vowel ‘O’ shows a distinction. MOSLEMS are later people from the original MUSLIM RELIGION that was set up during Arab times in the AD 600s. The term ‘MAUR’ [ie Ham-Ur] would be Moors that stem from the original movement but they became concentrated in the region of North Africa. The ancient Roman mythology of the founders of Rome REMUS—SUMER shows the coded history of how the ancient Sumerians were intermixed with their relatives the Phoenician Canaanite-Moors and it was these kinds of Moors that migrated from ancient Greater Babylon into Assyria and Italy and etc. Likewise the term THUTMOSIS shows this dated history in how the military man, Thutmose became apart of the 18th Dynasty in Egypt and then more than a hundred years afterwards, the Hebrew Moses was born and given this name. [6] MUSA versus MOSES—So yes, the name of Musa can be referred to as MOSES in certain translations today but, the names are distinct in their original usage and reflect a long history gap from ancient Sumeria around 2000s BC to the 18th Egyptian dynasty that began the NEW KINGDOM PERIOD. So, the Hebrew Moses would had nothing to do with the history being made in the Caucasus during the 1500s BC. Moses, in fact married Zipporah who was a CUSH HAMITE woman!—So it would be obvious that his name stems from these origins via the 18th Dynastic names of those KINGS! The Egyptian dynasty pharaohs were mostly defined as ‘kings’ and they were strict about passing the rule down from son-to-son, however, we also know of these conflicting issues in that very dynasty. The founders of this very dynasty were said to have come from a certain region but later, their line was interrupted by Thutmosis I, who technically began another dynastic line! Even though he was said to be from the south, technically, this man was a Hurrian and from the northern civilization of Ur of the Chaldees in Babylon. But he took the dynastic name of ‘Mosis’ and continued the line when he married into the line. But The founders of this dynasty were from the south of Egypt as they were oppressed by the Hyksos-Hurrian system and they had to overthrow this oppressive two-capital system.
  2. The word MUSEUM would more likely be associated to the ancient term PANTHEON and even though I posted scholarly references of today, I will share my own research and how I have come to view the MUSEUMS of today in relation to the ancient PANTHEONS of ancient times. Today's museums house many ancient artifacts, but mainly too, they show a wide collection of ancient statues that were IDOLS and diefied as either, heads of governments and/or gods and goddesses. The root word 'PAN' would be the key word used today but also in ancient times to reflect this aspect of Idols. The root word 'PAN' can also mean 'LAND' in association with specific cultures and governments and where they set up their systems. ****** JAPAN [ie JAP-LAND], PANTHEON [IE PAN of gods in Mesopotamia ziggurat, PAN of gods in Egypt temple, PAN of gods in Rome temple...], PAN-AMERICA [ie all america]... ***** Again, this is an ancient terms that still has retained this same definition. So museums today, could be viewed in association with these ancient PANTHEON TEMPLES that housed statues of kings, gods, high priest, and etc. But the term MUSEUM defined as MUSIC or MUSES from a Greek perspective is confusion, because that was way far in time after the PANTHEON system had been developed. The term 'museum' absolutely stems from the early MESOPOTAMIAN PANTHEON BUILDERS-- KINGS, but the definition of Museum with the Hebrew man, Moses is completely off. So, I will share more about this...
  3. MUSEUM in Ancient Times!? Versus the word MUSA or MOSES @Pioneer1 The closest equivalent term to the definition of Museum today would probably be PANTHEON. So, you need to go back to this time span to better understand the word MUSA of which distinctly variated from the term MOSES. I do agree though, that the word name 'Moses' does stem from the word name 'Musa' but your explanation is pure confusion. You breakdown with no valid reference, imo, is a perfect example of why 'formal education' is the key to the advancement of civilizations and all humanity. There needs to be some form of formal methodology applied to understand truth and history and also, how some information has been corrupted and therefore needs to be re-addressed. Pantheon (Rome) - Front By Roberta Dragan - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1597477 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mesopotamian Pantheon Article by Joshua J. Mark published on 25 February 2011 The gods of the Mesopotamian region were by no means uniform in name, power, provenance or status in the hierarchy. Mesopotamian culture varied from region to region, from city-state to city-state and, because of this, Marduk should not be regarded as King of the Gods in the same way Zeus ruled in Greece. While Marduk was venerated highly in Babylon, Enlil held that place in Sumer. ... Ziggurats were part of a temple complex, a set of buildings devoted to the care of the gods and to all the businesses of the temple. The temple complex was one of the economic centers of the city. https://www.ancient.eu/article/221/the-mesopotamian-pantheon/ About the Editor Scott Michael Rank, Ph.D., is the editor of History on the Net and host of the History Unplugged podcast. A historian of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, he is a publisher of popular history, a podcaster, and online course creator. https://www.historyonthenet.com/ziggurats-and-temples-in-ancient-mesopotamia
  4. Oh yeah. So true. I just stumbled across this video that was published in London this year in May 2019. Some of the comments that Cynique made in this thread also shows how many of us Black Americans have been so conditioned to not like our own hair and this video brings this out. Many people of African descent, right now, today, still beleive that natural African-typed nappy hair is 'Bad Hair'. Some of my relatives on all of my extended families sides still use these terms 'Good Hair' and 'Bad Hair' and they say it oftentimes in casual conversations and have no reservations about their beliefs at all. Hidden Camera: Public Reactions to Afro Hair – Natural Hair Documentary NAPPY ROOTS
  5. @Pioneer1 LOL This is crazy! You have provided NO references, NO Dates, NO proof at all! @Troy Thank you! @Pioneer1 You reference to "MUSIC" with "Muses" is dated at 450 BC-- Oh no!!!-- Much to far in time and does not speak to the origin of the term MUSA, nor MOSES, nor MUSES nor MUSEUM. Plato nor Homer nor any of the Classic 'White' Greek scholars can be the beginning of this ancient term "MUSE" but, yes, their source may lead back to a much more earlier origin, and much more earlier than Moses, the Hebrew. Thank you! LOL! Can you elaborate. What did Sigmun Freud touch upon about Moses and Monotheism? I repeatedly say this to Pioneer, but yet, he still provides no dates, of which if he did, he would recognize himself how historically inaccurate his beliefs are. "EXACTLY what parts of my statements do you find inaccurate?" @Pioneer1The lifetime of Moses set in Egypt was during the 1500s and 1400s BC, by this time, The original areas of the Caucasus and the people were exposed to the earlier massive civilations of Greater Babylon and in India and elsewhere. Moses was born hundreds of years after Greater Babylon and the SUMERIAN KINGS whose civilization affected many areas in that region. The people of the Caucasus would never had needed Moses by the time he was born, because they had been well exposed to civilizations stemming from BLACK BABYLON around 2000s BC and even longer before that time. They had been exposed to the Cuneiform clay tablets and scripts and massive and extensive trading and technology and etc. You are way off. It's not about whether or not you or anyone believes in the Bible, it is about TRUTH and if Historical subjects discussed are factual and by using BIBLICAL RECORDS along with other BOOKS and secular publications on the same subject are VERIFIED would be the point; this would cause certain Biblical subjects to be TRUTH, whether you believe or not. You don't have to believe that Julius Caesar existed, but if he has been documented by many different sources, especially contemporary to his lifetime, to have lived, then this sort of TRUTH is not based on you. LOL. It's based on other methodologies. NOT YOU! I can absolutely appreciate this statement. And, I hope to address the topic of 'the parting of the Red Sea' soon, from a scientific basis.
  6. @Pioneer1 You are too much! LOL! Look, I do agree about the Igbo people having a Hebrew presence. But Huh, Well, I need to take a break, so I will 'be nice' for now.
  7. CONNECTING History from Past to Present through Words PELOPS = BLACK FACED Ethiop = Ethiopian or Black faced Sinop, Cheops, Cleopatra, Cyclops... OPS means 'to look like'. The Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) was an ancient Greek war fought by the Delian League led by Athens against the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta. ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peloponnesian_War [25] And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother's name was Joktan. GENESIS 10:25. So, this descendant of Shem, named Peleg [ie Phelach] came long before AbraHAM or Jacob or Moses. Black Shem. And, so this man reveals that although, he was an original Shem, however, he marks that the Hebrew Israelites had early Egyptian ancestry. The root word 'EG' in PELEG and TUAREG means EGYPTIAN [ie EGUPTAN]. So today, ancient peoples do NOT apply to us today as it did in the past. We, are all intermixed but, it would be crucial to understand ethnicity, and how ancient dominant cultures developed and progressed overtime. Peleg would have lived during the 2000s BC. [14] And the LORD said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven. EXODUS 17:14. THE KELTOI-------- KEL-------- AmaLEK; The root word KEL-LEK is a common term to define the Berber/Tuareg people. During the Egyptian time period of the 18th Dynasty, this was a very old and common term to define a Canaanite-Magog peoples. And, many original Shem people were intermixed with them overtime, even the Hebrew Israelites. But the early formations was in the NORTHEAST in the Iberian Peninsula and Ancient Anatolia where they developed their first nation during Cush-Babylon times. KELTOI = TRI-KELT culture of people that became absolutely defined by a TRI-TRADE SYSTEM during the COPPER TRADE ERA. And they serviced the Amorite empire builders. And the term TWAREG [ie TWA-] carries the similar meaning of being Trade Masters from this early tri-trade theme that was set up in the most ancient of times. This 'tri-theme' defined their original cultures and their trade cultures. AMORITE = AMOR or ROMA; the original Canaanite Moors or Phoenicians. KULTEPE [ie Kult- Cult, KELTEPE] just to the north of Black-Cush-Babylon thousands of Cuneiform tables were said to be unearthed showing this tri-trade system of the earlier CELT-IBERIANS as they organized due to the Cush Hamites. Kutltepe, Kanesha & Cush-Babylon in Mesopotamia became a thriving era of advanced technology. These early AMALEKITES operated with their Asiatic relations and overthrew the Cush-Babylonians, eventually, however, even by this time, Cush-Ham and the Keltoi were intermixed. So, ancient history depends upon the early cultures that developed, initially based upon patriarch systems and not specific origins. But soon, Matriarchal system of the Asians prevailed and Black kings were overthrown constantly. 2000s BC [15] So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. REVELATION 2: 15. So here, NICOLAITANS or CHOLCHIANS; The origins of Saint NICHOLAS before it became Latinized to Santa Claus. In their origins, their supreme idol was Ashteroth and son from this basis, they become the ancestors of GOG or today's term 'Caucasians'. This history is vast. However, in a nut shell, the beginning formations centered around BAAL WORSHIP, [ie HEADHUNTING], Pedophilia and much more. But here would be the darkness of this human world, in the form of a series of questions: If a little Black baby malefactor becomes a victim of pedophilia because he is 'Black' and 'a male' and his abuser has not been judged, then how does he mature and be normal? If a baby malefactor is victimized by a pedophile and then mature to adulthood and becomes the same, a pedophile and predator upon other little BLACK MALEFACTORS, then should he be excused because his argument would be that he, too was victimized? When Black men are conditioned from birth to be violent against other Black men, where does that leave womankind!? How do we protect our malefactors? Why should Black people target White Supremacy and ignore Black systems that also enslave 'other Black people'? This would be the beginning of what the ancient scriptures are alluding to, about this original son of JapHeth. If a government willfully sets up a system based upon Child victimization and hatred against the priesthood, in order to serve Ashteroth, then, after the 3rd and 4th generation, the scriptures state that system will be judged. Child Sacrifice and Child Exploitation-- the Amorous lovers of ROMA! The Iniquity of the Amorites is now full. Now maybe if people of African descent study what happened during the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, therefore, they might reconsider all ancient scripts including the account of the Exodus. BRIDGING THE GAP -- the Past to the Present
  8. BRIDGING GAPS & CONNECTING THE DOTS from Past to Present == The Tuareg people == (… also spelt Twareg or Touareg; endonym: Kel Tamasheq, Kel Tagelmust [4]) are a large Berber ethnic confederation. … The Tuaregs have been called the [“] blue people [”] for the indigo dye coloured clothes they traditionally wear and which stains their skin. [7][8] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuareg_people As such, the endonym strictly refers only to the Tuareg nobility, not the artisanal client castes and the slaves. [14] Two other Tuareg self-designations are Kel Tamasheq (Neo-Tifinagh; Kel Tamasheq), meaning [“] speakers of Tamasheq [”], and Kel Tagelmust, meaning [“] veiled people [”] in allusion to the tagelmust garment that is traditionally worn by Tuareg men. [4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuareg_people Historically, there have been seven major confederations. · Kel Ajjer or Azjar; centre is the oasis of Aghat (Ghat). · Kel Ahaggar, in Ahaggar mountains. · Kel Adahg, or Kel Assuk: Kidal, and Tin Buktu · Iwillimmidan Kel Ataram, or Western Iwillimmidan; Menaka, and Azawagh region (Mali) · Iwillmmidan Kel Denneg, or Eastern Iwillimmidan: Tchin-Tabaraden, Abalagh, Teliya Azawagh (Niger). · Kel Ayr; Assode, Agadez, In Gal, Timia and Ifrwan. · Kel Gres: Zinder and Tanut (Tanout) and south into northern Nigeria. · Kel Owey: Air Massif, seasonally south to Tessaoua (Niger) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuareg_people
  9. AMAZIGH Names~ What They Call Themselves … According to Script Past & Present https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=909562 Tuareg chief Moussa Ag Amastan arriving in Paris, 1910 *Note: This Touareg Leader's name reflects a common word 'AG' included in many Berber/Tuareg names By H. Grobe - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13278213 Tuareg in Mali, 1974 *My Note: Note the blue dye on the skin. Although modern scholars mostly place the Tuareg/Amazigh people in the continent of Africa, however, they deliberately BLACKOUT obvious history of many of the ancestors of these same people who also came from the East World too. In fact, one of their dominant symbolism that regards their clothes and especially their turbans of which they dye BLUE marks a historical presence in ancient India at the dawn of post-flood civilizations. India art works is flooded with this BLUE/BLACK THEME of early Black peoples of ancient India. And then thousands of years later, in Central Asia and the Far East, these Black or Brown skinned 'Afro-Asiatics were a dominant part of these countries and well scripted. During the AD 1300s through the AD 1500s, many of them migrated to the western world of North Africa and became a part of the Arab forces in Spain. However, modern scholars do not go back behind this date and times of the Arab Expansion period but only define them based on their partial history in Ancient Egypt. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So, here are some photos of modern-day peoples defined by ‘exonyms’ [Names that other people define them as being] and also ‘endonyms’ [Names that they call themselves] from the past and present. Now, I would like to preview this and say that because their history shows they were a people that formed confederacies and also many cultures reflect an intermixed people, therefore, the names used today do not necessarily define the people as a whole. Nevertheless, certain root words and names mark their history and connects to the very distant past. And, I would also like to preview this research and also say that when Black African people make the mistake and define ancient White peoples and civilizations by certain terminology without understanding how they descended from Black origins, then they (we) will not be able to discern the whole truth. More importantly, when African Americans dismiss the fact that all ancient script stems from Black civilizations and, forgo and do not search for the origins of words in how they were used and transitioned from past to present, the truth will become a confusion. Therefore, in order for a connection to be made in this research, I will use ancient script references from secular sources and also from Biblical sources. I have chosen to highlight the term “Amazigh” and also The ‘TUAREG’ peoples as it applies to our modern times and then make some connections to the past, because, due to our streamlined educational system and due to the corruption (Separation) of Church and State, therefore some of the ancient terms may seem odd. Again, the Amazigh peoples today reflect a very large history of confederacy and intermixed peoples, one that also includes the significant presence of the Original ancient Hebrew Israelites and Jews. And so, if the ancient names and origins of the Amazigh and certain other African-typed people cannot be understood, well then, the presence of the Biblical Israelites and other descendants of the Biblical Shem, Ham, JapHeth and Canaan, will also never be completely understood and will continue to be a total confusion for us today. Another crucial aspect of ancient script-form that absolutely continues to be a vital feature of some words today would be that deeper meanings are revealed in the reverse form of certain root words and also phrases. For ancient scribes and people that understood script, this script-reverse format was a common way to read and write. Unless specific words are not understood in their ‘reverse-format’ the Bible will never be understood because that becomes one major feature of the Biblical scriptures and this came to be one method, amongst others, in which the Bible was sealed-up until after the Crucifixion. So, today we are not made to recognize how many ancient script-forms and alphabets are connected and transitioned, but it has become a fascination for me. I can understand how the Sogdian script was taken to the east world and how it was transliterated, eventually, the script ‘characters’ were written from the top to the bottom and in vertical columns. I can see a similarity in the Hungarian script form and the Turkic script form. In some ancient scripts, words are reversed, in others the very letters are flipped and reversed, and in some scripts every other line has been reversed and etc. And, I can recognize how deceptive todays’ scholars define the ancient Black-Babylonian Cuneiform script form as being the Assyrian script. For thousands of years and even after script forms have been varied and transliterated to interpret one language script form to another, certain root words have retained their deeper meanings throughout times and, I have been studying this aspect of root words for over twenty years. So, for me, when I read some words, I simultaneously recognize their deeper meaning and I also recognize their reverse format, and this would be a little what I would like to share today. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Berber PEOPLE WRITTEN BY: Michael Brett Berber, self-name Amazigh, plural Imazighen, any of the descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa. The Berbers live in scattered communities across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Niger, and Mauritania. They speak various Amazigh languages belonging to the Afro-Asiatic family related to ancient Egyptian. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Berber The Tuareg language is a southern Berber language having several dialects among the different regions. Berber is an Afro-Asiatic language closely related to Egyptian and Semitic-Canaanite languages. https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Tuareg History of the Tuareg …The Tuareg nation has also been linked to the ancient Egyptian in recent research. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/who-are-the-tuareg-people-of-the-sahara.html Ethnic Classification The Tuareg are classified as a Berber group, and are closely related to both Northwest African Berbers and West Africans in terms of culture and race. They do not have Arabic ethnicity. https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Tuareg Estevanico Facts Estevanico (1500?-1539), often called [“] the Black, [”] was a Moroccan slave who accompanied Cabeza de Vaca on his odyssey through the southwestern United States. His visit to the [“] Seven Cities of Cibola [”] preceded that of Coronado. https://biography.yourdictionary.com/estevanico A SLAVE By Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20357339 Bellah constitute the historic slave strata within Tuareg society.[59] By Cap Djinet - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26188521 Tuareg singer Athmane Bali from Djanet, Algeria By Alfred Weidinger from Vienna, Austria - Touaregs at the Festival au Desert near Timbuktu, Mali 2012Uploaded by Tomer T, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18703528 Tuaregs at the January 2012 Festival au Désert in Timbuktu, just before the MNLA launched the Azawadi rebellion later in the same month
  10. BRIDGING THE GAP of Black ‘African’ History Past & Present Okay, so I am going to share some references about the dates and times when the Exodus was written to have occurred that may help to ‘Bridge the Gap’ between descriptive terms today and yesterday used to mark this historical account that may better help to understand the truth amongst a lot of confusion. Although the whole truth may not be understood immediately, however, hopefully by sharing secular references along with Biblical references about two subjects discussed in this thread and another thread, the Exodus and Amazigh, other truths may be obtained about ancient Black ‘African’ History and cultures. I look forward to debate and discussion, however, while there may be doubt at first in what I share briefly, please give me a chance to explain some topics in more depth, by and by, that may seem strange initially. My research shows me that there has been a deliberately movement at the beginning of the Colonial governments in Europe to misalign certain dates and times that regard ancient Egyptian history and this movement was extensive, but however, not impossible to recognize. So, maybe that would be one major reason, some people do not give much credit to the Biblical scripts about certain events that were written to have happened in Africa; ancient Egypt. So, I will briefly start off by dealing with this issue. Even though many scholars today say that the dates are off, however, they know that they will not be able to convince the lawmakers to address this issue for certain political reasons. So, in my opinion, it would be fruitless to believe that the western big governments will address this issue correctly, however, if the masses of lower class Americans do not make any attempt to understand truth, we will never have a significant voice to address issues that may help humanity. If, dates and times were indeed changed by Big Government in order to confuse the poor and oppress, then obviously it was done for some kind of gain. Therefore, the truth about the past in ancient Africa would be a benefit that could mean a better way to exist for everybody of all walks of life. Anyway, I will start out with a general preview and references about the historical account of the Exodus and Passover Week, and hope to later share more references to support my statements. Firstly, due to the movie that I grew up watching every spring during Eastertime about the Exodus that was produced by Cecille B. DeMille called The Ten Commandments and starring the late Charleston Heston and the late Yule Brenner, I was made to believe that these big time TV Idols would not lie, so this account must be true. What makes matters worse would be that the Black Christians accepted this film as being truth, so much so, that years later another major film production was made along these same timelines, so I’ve been told. Nevertheless, to abruptly start off with a general statement that will hopefully show this account could not possibly be truth as it had been written down in scripture and secular text. If anyone had chosen to have at least read the ancient documents, the films reflect a major contradiction. Charleston Heston was in conflict with the pharaoh Rameses II but based on all ancient accounts this could not possibly be. The ancient Egyptian records agree with modern archeology as well in that Rameses II could not possibly be the pharaoh subjected to a series of plagues, but however, the records today match the Egyptian records and well as other ancient civilizations about a time of great plagues. Therefore, it becomes obvious that Moses conflicted with the government of the 18th Dynasty pharaoh and rulers of the Thutmosis line!—Which was the very name given to ‘Moses-the-Hebrew’! So therefore, because the Israelites were written to be in Egypt for more than 400 years, then they would have been under ‘hard bondage’ under the 18th Dynasty Thutmosis system mostly. For this reason, it would be beneficial to study this historical time period in ancient Africa. Secular records show that these Thutmosis kings were absolutely not the Original Egyptians, but however, they were Aegyptos! Thutmosis I, married into the original line and adopted their name ‘MOSES’ [ie Mosis]. Furthermore, a closer look at the secular books and Egyptian scripts shows that, not only were these Thutmosis pharaohs well documented, they also had dominant names that reflect their connection to the Biblical Magog. The 18th Dynasty were MAGOGS. And, as the Biblical records also show, the adoptive mother of Moses later married into the Hebrew tribe of Judah and had four sons, and like her, the Hebrew Israelites did intermix with these Magogs in ancient times, as it was directed by the Creator. History shows at times, the Israelites violently conflicted with the many different kinds of Egyptians but at times they were at peace and they intermixed, but because of our modern day education and experiences, this idea may seem strange. The Bible records show how the Creator loathed the original Magog cultures for specific reasons, but at times, the Bible shows that the Creator honored the combined interrelations of Israel and the Magogs, but because we have been educated to NOT recognize these crucial aspects of how ancient and original Black ‘African-typed’ people interreacted over thousands and thousands of years, many of us have just simply rejected major historical aspects of African History. We were not all from the same origins and cultures. And, it would be crazy to ignore some of the core issues with the original Magog cultures because it was extremely debased. This information will surface sooner or later anyway, but hopefully soon enough to help humanity. The Creator used all of the Original ‘African’ peoples, cultures and civilizations [ie Original Sheth] and intertwined them at times, one with each other as a part of his masterplan to correct Black Hatred. If some cultures were too perverse, well, they had to be judged based on this score, and according to scripture, however, we have been misled to interpret this as 'God' killing off all Magogs. Some original people may have lost their government, specific culture, or individuals, but their origins and their genetic mark will never be erased. However, because of a deliberate movement of deception, we have been made to believe in many lies. We need to go back and relook at ancient scripts. Without understanding modern peoples that at one distant time were connected and defined by certain root names, without an adequate interpretation and transliteration of ancient descriptive terms into modern terms, and without understanding specific reasons behind some major Old-World conflicts, negative history will continue to repeat itself. So, ultimately, if the dates are times were aligned correctly, it will become evident that the very pharaoh that Moses conflicted with was a young puppet king --- yeah--- named KING TUTANKHAMEN [ie Tutankhaten]. During the 1920s and around that time archeologist seemed to be obssessed with digging up the ancient world and it was during these times that they confirmed what they already well knew in many ancient script forms. The Egyptian records and artworks are extremely detailed and todays' scholars know very well, that it was not RAmeses II, or Tutmosis III, the warrior pharoah, or anyother pharaoh but King Tut that aligns with the Biblical account of the Exodus. So not only do terms need to be translated properly, but the dates and times need to be re-aligned correctly as well. P.S. Oops. The time span give by scholars today would be the 1300s BC, but this is so, not true. One process in getting at the correct dates and times in correlation to our modern Calendar system would be, guess what!? The answer: the Star of Bethlehem, that marked a major epoch. Also, going back before the Exodus, it would be a very catastrophic event that helps to synchronize time and show the correct dates for the historical times of the 18th Dynasty, and other major events such as the later events that surround Rameses II and the Fall of Troy VII and etc. This event occurred in the 1600s BC and it was the MASSIVE EXPLOSION ON THE ISLE OF CRETE. this event has also been somewhat misaligned but many scholars do reveal this more so. This explosion sparked the ending and beginning of several civilizations at that time and marks the very beginning of the 18th Dynasty.
  11. WOW! I will have to get my mind right to watch this. I remember when I worked at a shipyard, how some of the men told me to look at certain areas, and THERE in plain sight were gigantic metal signs still propped up or leaning in corners that read WHITE'S ONLY and COLOREDS ONLY. I was so stunned. some of the men were older and said that they remember how it was in those days. I heard a lot of stories... about those times but now, it seems like we have reversed and are back to those very days. Anyway, thank you for posting this.
  12. @Kareem This is so scary, but right now, I just can't stop trying, no matter what. I am still in complete shock about this homosexual-pediphilia law. I can't believe it. They have put that law 'through us', as if we had something to do with it. I can't believe it. 18 hours ago, Kareem said: Hell, when I first saw Boyz in the Hood and Menace 2 Society, that shit shocked me. I'd never seen anything like that in real life. Yes, me too, but I soon came to realize that some of these rich and famous rappers did experience some of what was put in film and this too, is strange to me. OUr system seems to seek out aggressive ADOS who have been severely victimized and then elevate them and give them 'a voice' and then, propagandize them globally. Some of them will later, try to turn back and show a better 'face' but by this time, it seems, the White Supremacist Movement has achieved what they wanted, in that many foreign people are encouraged to believe that ALL OF US over hear are saggin LGBT etc. etc. etc. That is what it seems like to me--victim exploitation elevated to highlight low standards and then define the whole culture. I feel we are being railroaded. But, I don't feel it is over though. SAGGIN---NIGGAS--- read in reverse script form please. smh. 18 hours ago, Kareem said: When I started trying to "talk black" after seeing those films as a kid, my dad and uncles beat my ass! Lol! I had no choice, I went to an HBCU, so I had to pick up some of my peoples' 'second lango'. It was hard though, coming from my northern "Mister Rogers Neighborhood' where I sounded like a proper European American girl. My girlfriends--- or friend girls-- gave me a really hard time. Me too! This is sad. But, as I said, it's impossible for me, for now, to stop thinking and doing... something.
  13. LOL! Okay. Oh well. I guess I'll be okay, because I've been called ignorant and dumb and some other names too. @Troy Thank you @Pioneer1 for explaining this! I've been told that the movie was good but I've not seen it yet. I remember hearing the awards show and, I think, Spike Lee was upset over how it went. Well, I never heard of him too, but I believe that was engineered. So, I hope you realize the political aspect too. HIs music was rough, but amazing. I don't believe it was his music that became important, but it was the fact that he was part-African--East African--from the Horn of Africa--from ERITREA and he met the president of Eritrea and well, UH, the president was speaking to him about 'economics, politics', and business deals' and this was his whole entire theme for all of his music. --GETTING RID OF THE MIDDLE MAN-- He was uneducated and a high school drop out, was in a gang, and struggled to survive. Again, I never hear of him either until he died, but he was amazing, in his efforts. He even alluded to issues though, that he may have regretted about Black-on-Black violence. He convince a prominent person from the other gang to work with him in stopping gang violence. The Native Americans are not gone. We don't need to do that. No don't leave it at that. LOL. I want to know. @Pioneer1 Hilarious! Oh but no, when it comes to the bigger picture, there are a lot of people on the bottom, however, I am so swamped in my being oppressed as an ADOS, I can barely address anything else! But you made me remember one night my husband 'went-off' on this White man who rolled up to him at the gas pump soliciting him for money...I was so angry and embarrassed, but he got back in the car and reminded me that man and his brother are all over the area and he said to me, "Do you see that expensive electric wheel chair he's in? Can you even get welfare? Do you see how clean his clothes were?... I've seen the brothers all over the city and it's very large city, but it's hard for me to not give. My son cracks me up too, about both Black men and White. One time he said, he gave a dollar's worth of change to 'a brotha' and he said, after he turned and walked away, her heard the change clinging on the ground. The man cussed him out and told him that was not enough... Then he said, Mom look, that White guy panning by this airport will cuss you out, if you don't give him what he thinks he should have... some people... Wait-a-minute! ... a plus, there are other women that pop in from time to time.
  14. Well okay! Thank you! Well, yes, I heard that too. And, I have heard about how African hair type was applied to rocket technology and also car engines, as being a part of coolant systems. And, I have heard about ancient about ziggurats and pyramids construction became correlated to sound waves and etc. Thank you!!!
  15. Okay, WHEW! It was difficult for me to get through all of this. Yes, I have heard of the psychologists and have studied about them in college, but no, this is not what I remember ever being said! Just because a group have or share similar thought patterns and behaviors that were not taught, does not equate to them having this in their genes. NOw, I do think about certain issues concerning pre-hominids though, having collective behavior patterns that are distinct from modern manking, but again, even in this, at one point in a distant time, it was based on 'free choice'.
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