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  1. @Troy Thank you. Yes. I am familiar with this book and research and it's pretty thorough on the subject! Yes!!! yes, right again. Come on! @Pioneer1 EGYPT, Africa. Again, the Bible was dated at the time of the EXODUS abt 1400s BC; it was written in the Egyptian script and language of that time period NOT European. The Greeks [White rulers over Egypt] had the 70 Hebrews translate their own script abt 200s BC which was over a thousand years later after it was originally scripted. You know this. Yes!!!
  2. Okay now! @Pioneer1 You are ridiculous.
  3. WOW! That was awesome! Man! No, I don't think a high school gymnast could pull that off! that was amazing and I really enjoyed watching. Thank you for posting. I could watch Cathy Rigby perform that over and over again. It seems flawless and her skills were incredible. I wonder what she is doing now. Yes, I agree about the equipment that is use today to assist gymnast today. Me too. @Pioneer1 I agree with @Troy about equipment used to assist in certain feats, but today, these gymnast seem to be executing feat much more intense.
  4. Yeah, so true. @Pioneer1 ha ha! That is hilarious. Okay, and it seems that he is very confident about himself and what he wants, but may not consider what a female wants or does not want in terms of his advances!
  5. Black Excellence-- UCLA Gymnast Get Viral Attention & Much More Nia Dennis Like most superb athletes at the level that Nia Dennis achieved, she also wanted to make to the Olympics, however, that dream was deferred I believe due to injuries. Nevertheless, awhile back, two of her floor routines received viral attention and much more. Her routines were dedicated to Black culture and because she executed her gymnastic skills so brilliantly, she received a lot of media attention from many celebrities and was invited to appear on many popular talk shows. She even received comments from former First Lady Michelle Obama. She dedicated music in her routines to certain celebrities like Beyoncé and more. One of my favorite parts of her performance was the amazing support she received from her teammates and especially her coaches. I just love to see her coach dance on the sidelines with her! The UCLA team though, has more than Nia, when it comes to brilliant performances! And so, here are the two floor routines that caused so much attention, however, I would also like to share another wonderful gymnasts' incredible floor routine on her team, Katelyn Ohasi, of whom scored a perfect 10 for her floor routine! Nia Dennis Katelyn Ohasi Interview USA Today
  6. LOL! @Pioneer1 I read awhile back that Simone was bothered by that when she was young, but WOW! She sure turned out to be awesome! Also, I think that when she is dressed in everyday attire, she looks very lady-like, imo. As for Sha'Carri, I think that she looks muscular when she has worked out, and one of those kind of athletes, even men, that when not working out, their muscles seems to soften. I have never heard of the tennis player you posted! But because of your comment, I would love to share another amazing athlete that you might appreciate. Her name is Nia Dennis and seems to be the kind of Black female athlete who has a physical appearance like the tennis player you shared. Nia Dennis, at one time, was hoping to make it to the Olympics, but did not get that far. However, she is awesome and received a lot of attention for her talent! I will post more about her in a new thread.
  7. ? I don't remember. I agree. Lol. That too. @Pioneer1 I don't COMPLETELY understand why people would force themselves on someone else to rape. I do believe that rape can be due to the desire to have power and control over a person and also I think it can be an expression of intense hate too, though. I also think, as you have explained about your friend trying to serenade the girl, if he were to have the opportunity, he might have 'raped' her, but it would not be for power, control or hate, but just a kind of obsessive love. I do think that some men may overpower a female and force himself on her and have sex, but I don't think it would be the desire to dominate or control, but I think this kind of rape would also be defined as 'a kind of RAVISHING', nevertheless, it should definitely be defined as 'rape'. If a female does not consent and his forced upon, then it is tremendously damaging to say the least. However, when I think of 'rape', I don't only think about aggressive men who rape women, but men rape children too, and then so do women and this too, needs to be addressed but strangely so, this kind of evil seems to always become swept under the rug.
  8. LOL! I have not signed into Facebook much. What!? A Children book--blocked?
  9. WOW! What a thought!? My first thought made me realize how I think on the basis of my present condition here in America and I now realize my freedom should not be based only on my present experiences, but on a much wider scale. And, therefore, I don't know how to answer, but now, I will ponder this for awhile. These questions has made me think about a recent research I stumbled across on the subject of FERAL HUMANS; What kind of freedom would that be??? Personally, I would NOT want that kind of freedom to follow other creatures not high enough in intellect to teach me, as a human! This kind of condition, has caused me to be thankful for other 'humans' who have taught me. So now, I guess I have just come to a realization, that perhaps, 'Freedom' has to be given after a period of being in a controlled environment, and freedom may be based on others who have control over your life initially. Freedom has to be attained. ... Still thinking...
  10. That's it. Self-hatred. And if people are supporting him, well, I wonder why!?
  11. This is so true. Yes. I agree. Yes. Yes, I believe that we need new political strategies.
  12. @Pioneer1 One would think so, but it's not. Again, that definition of 'ruddy' like all colors are based on science as well, and its' interpretation is not based on any narrative. That is why it is so important for all ancient script to be confirmed on a scientific method because of mistranslations throughout time. It's about TRUTH and not for the promotion of anything.
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