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  1. WHATEVER...

    I want to comment on what you wrote about Brucilyn, but I just can't find the words to match what I'm feeling. That was too funny. I don't know what to say about Bill Cosby, but I heard Whoopi's comment and the other girl [can't remember her name] on THE VIEW, but I agree with them. I will wait to see what Bill says. Anyway, who gave the press to right to release some statement like that from some court proceedings? I don't know, it just sounds fishy to me. I mean, if Bill did all of that, I just don't understand why didn't this come out years back? What is so different now as opposed to years ago that would cause these women to speak up now? I mean, is the government going to go after all of these ballers and rock stars and etc. that have also had a reputation for having many women follow them? What if these 'season girls' start saying that the ballers and rock stars encouraged them to have drugs? I just don't get it yet, but I'm listening up though to see how this is going to unfold. I heard that Bobby Brown was being blamed for Whitney's drug use, but it was all cleared up when Whiteney's brother spoke up and said that Whitney was on drugs before she even met Bobby. i think sometimes, the press distorts some issues. I just recently saw a documentary about some girls that were given terrible press as 'the lesbians who beat up a man' yet, they were approached first and seems like to me, they acted in self-defense. As a result of bad press, in my opinion, some of them were sentenced to prison. That man pursued them first and the videotape showed too, that there was another man, that clobbered that guy, yet the girls were prosecuted. Times are changing it seems, for the worse.
  2. On being a "Wigger"

    Again, I'm tickled at your take on this subject as I was previously when I read your post. But more to the point, your comment in that she "likes the spotlight" and "Racism provides a platform for their egoism" is interesting and I didn't really consider this until now. However, based on her parents I don't see her doing this for money, so it does make sense that she fed her ego. And yes, she may have secretly relished in the favorism and attention that she may have gotten from Black people, possibly darker skinned black people. But my first reaction was that she reminded me of what was said in the movie depiction of Alex Haley's when the master's wife talked about pretending that she was a slave woman. I think many White women as a secret imbalance when it comes to the history and present issues that face Black women, and to me, it's unavoidable. I think these odd behaviors, that not only Ms. Dolozal has shown but so many others, are just one of the negative fruits of White Supremacy that goes along with the issue. She is by far not the only white woman that wants to be in the shoes of a Black woman when we are 'elevated' or delivered out of a suppressive state and that is all a sick part of White Supremacy, in my opinion. They want to play in the victory roles but not during the times when we are suppressed. If it's glamorous to be rescued by some fantastical dashing White Slave master or a gorgeous Superfly black man who saves a sexy Black woman from being attacked, then the White woman wants to be 'that woman' and they don't see the gut wrenching truth behind fantasy. They are not apart of the shaping of the Black culture 'up from slavery' from slave row, but fixate on accounts of times when certain women have been elevated or freed out of suppression. I think it's llike a fantasy, a misplaced fantasy in which they can now pick the good parts of our culture to admire and want to embrace, but don't realize that this type of escapism is offensive. For many of us who have been hurt by racism, their is no escape. We can't get into a position where we can get paid to speak about our hurt, most of us just live it everyday and therefore, we don't have the freedom to speak out without knowing there are possible repercussions and we won't be able to run from it. As a White woman who fantasizes about being a Black woman, I don't think you would find one that would want to be portrayed as an ugly black woman. So, White woman can pick and select how they want to portray themselves in Black face' and therefore, it would be a light skinned Black woman, of which carries a negativity and a blow to our history and experience as well. But I find her behavior so common, I think we just have been conditioned to ignore it in the past and for some reason, her parents wanted to lash out against her, and so we are now facing this issue as a result of their conflict. In ancient history, foreign woman who became apart of Egypt put on wigs and portrayed themselves as Egyptian woman in order to be elevated above the original Egyptian woman, but we don't highlight this fact! So why now? Some White women today, blow up their lips and add padding to their hips to present themselves as being attractive with this 'Black trait' but that doesn't mean they want to be Black women, but just the White woman or light woman that has the attractive traits of black woman. They are picking and choosing what they want out of our culture, but then too, some of them are probably doing that in regards to other ethnic cultures as well because they are in a position where they can look at others and then mimic it when they know it will bring some kind of satisfaction. In a way, it could be said that we Black women do the same thing, but not on this scale. For sure, we couldn't speak about issues under the NAACP, and get the attention that she did so easily. I saw her on youtube passionately speaking about 'the reasons why we should boycott the movie, Exodus, and I asked myself, why hasn't a black woman been heard speaking against this move?
  3. Wow! I read the article and I do agree that 'we' tend to give White women a pass and view them as being fragile should be be called out or exposed for doing something cultural offensive. Even though, I am pretty critical against wrongdoings that I see in regards to White women, I too find myself sometimes willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for certain issues, that I find myself wondering why I do that. And, I kind of know the answer, it's deep seeded and I believe comes from a pre-conditioning and from the feeling of suppression and White Supremacy being masked behind White men as taking the wrap for issues that have been exposed. I believe we have been conditioned to overlook White women and view them as being off limits no matter how they show themselves as being just as active about racism and White Supremacy as the White man. And I really have a lot of emotions about this topic because I have had to deal with issues that I have been faced with that makes it hard for me to ignore now. This issues just strikes a tune with me because I constantly have a burning question in my mind concerning 'the reaction' of Ms. Dolezal being exposed in comparison and contrast to so many other issues, one that would include Black people have downplayed Ms. Stanely Dunham. I'm trying to wrap my head around how the presidents mother could have been given a pass to be able to be considered a foundation of our Black race and culture when every thing that I read doesn't show anything credible! She has been given credit, but she didn't live the life of a Black woman or African or African American. So, what is so different from her and Ms. Dolezal? In fact, Ms. Stanley Dunham moved in on another Black woman! The president's father was married at the time the president was conceived. He was 'a money train' sitting in a college class on some kind of scholarship or something at a time when Stanley Dunham's parents left the continent to move to Hawaii to seek a better life. During the 60s when the Civil Rights Movement was in swing, she was not apart of any movement that I read about that aligned her to the plight of Black people at that time. The write-up throws down the presidents father, but builds up his mother and in my opinion, GIVES HER A PASS, but she is just as negative as what his father as been portrayed to have been. She was not embracing the Black plight, rather, she was looking for relationship that gave her economical gain. I just don't get it. Ms. Dolezal is by far rare in her actions to have a passion to align herself with the Black race for gain when things are going well. I mean, the very epic film of a White actress portraying the part of a well documented Black woman just screams to this issue. NO, Cecil B. DeMille did not cast a Black woman to play the part of Zippora, but he chose a White woman! I think too, that many White woman possess some kind of imbalance when it comes to the plight of Black women in many ways that we have been made to 'not see'. Many of them hide behind White racist men, but it just doesn't seem natural for White men to be racist against Black women, and not White women too. i think many of them hide their racism and want to be portrayed as being passive, but that is not true.
  4. That's scary, 'not wanting to write'. I love to write but yes, this technology world has caused me problems too. The thought of living off of writing has left me many years ago, but I still believe that writing [& reading] is paramount to having a better quality of life. It's just that, I believe that there are some who deliberately write useless material to deter people from wanting to write and read about the issues that count, and this has played against the human race as a whole. And, this is disheartening for me, but nevertheless, I love to write, I have just got to get myself in the mood and this is taking a little longer than it has in the past.
  5. I don't know if you touched upon this as far as billing, but I had a little bit of a problem seeing how I ws billed on the book that I just recently purchased. I used paypal through some unfamiliar site to buy my book and did not get a transaction number, the usual process. but I feel pretty okay because I saw paypal statement on my email.
  6. I'm too new to really know what to offer right now, but just want to say that I did order a book off of the list and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts after I read it. It is about a woman who raised her sons in a thug propagandized world. Since i have sons, and this was and still is a challenge for me, I am so interested in reading this book. I know that Amazon offers the opportunity to sample the book and also, comments about the book by others. So I love to read other people's comments, perhaps, that might be a feature, a caption, or something, that could be easily seen. but again, I'm new at this, and this feature may already be in place.
  7. Thank you, I was confused when I posted previously, and did not realize that I was kicked out right after I had logged on, so I posted as guest and then realized I needed to log back in again. I used to live in Charleston, SC many years ago, and I remember that church very well. Yes, I also agree that we have the same oppressor, but they are so dumb and controlled and can't even see it. What a shame. But what can we do? They are rising up and being encouraged to go in this direction by the 'people in high places'. They too, in my opinion, are being used to keep up White Supremacy.
  8. Lol! You definitely made me laugh and I apologize if you weren't meaning to be humorous. As a matter of fact, I'm still laughing. I'm both Chevdove and guest. I didn't realize after I had logged on, that the computer kicked me out until after I have decided ot post initially as a guest. Yes, I will read you post on "wigger". I have found that the subject of dark skinned and light skinned can become challenging only with there is an instigator in the midst, like White people when they like to incite. Outside of that, I could care less about my friends being dark or light and have learned to be frank and move on to better things to do and talk about. I have left off from these new TV programs as well,f or the most part. But, I've never been an avid TV watcher anyways, but I do have my interest. I got rid of the cable channels awhile back because my kids seemed to gravitate to shows that I didn't want them to be watching. However, I like the History channel and american funny this or that, and I like the oldies [classics] like Good Times, and also more updated but oldies still like Living Single. i used to like Tyler Perry, but I got alittle tired of him lately. I think I'm old fashion alittle bit. I'm a Christian, or correction, a believer in Jesus Christ [the original one NOT pictured in most of the Black Churches I've been to as described in the Bible] but I don't think you will throw me off! I'm not at all conventional. Some might think I'm the spawn of the Devil too, and I could care less. I've not read the book you mentioned but I will check it out. I don't know if I can pick up the slack, LOL! I might be headed down the same path you are on[! but I try to see if I can help out!
  9. This is my post, Chevdove.
  10. This is my post, Chevdove.
  11. This is my first post. I have been searching and searching for years for an avenue to help me with my research and feel that after having more time to research this website, I surely hope I can be more enriched by joining. I have endured a very bad setback in my life due to medical reasons, and decided to see if I can find another avenue to vent and get help. I did see this website years ago, but did not realize how incredible it is until now. Funny thing though, to me, is that this article about Ms. Dolezal kind of strikes a painful feeling inside of me. I understand what you say about others passing for White and now she has done the opposite, but as an African American woman, it does hurt on the inside that she has been able to advance her life byway of this organization that I suppose was set up to help people of color. No, I don't have any animosity against her and I think she is so pretty, but as a Black woman, man, it hurts because I have endured so much racism that has hit me financially, and to see someone posing as me, to help me, well, I just don't get it. I believe that she could have just helped black people without having to present herself as being Black. I don't think she will ever fully endure the full impact of racial injustice that an original African American woman endures. I have just been denied medication by a major private hospital and it was a White woman that denied me and for this reason, I know I am up against the wall. When I was a little girl, 5 years old, my kindergarten teacher, a White woman, shoved my head into the table one day as I was drawing a picture of my favorite season, autumn, and still today, I can't understand how a White woman could do that to a child. So, it strikes me in an odd way, when I see White women who are trying to represent the Black culture for many reasons, one of which is that if we endured racism, it would not just be from the White man, however, it seems that many Black people don't equate White women to also victimizing our race and culture. Even though Ms. Dolezal may have meant know harm, but her actions are sort like mocking us.