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  1. Black Santa Prank I hope I don't offend anyone, but if so, please let me know so I can make amends here. A few months back, my son showed me this youtube, and because, on a more sober note, I am sharing a deep message about the true oppressions of this ancient history about Ole Saint Nick, and because these 'comic relief' made me laugh, I thought it okay to share a little light hearted youtube about this spin off of 'Black Santa'-- or maybe Brown Santa, or maybe even White Santa... My son showed me this youtube in the parking lot while getting fuel and I thought it was so hilarious, I laughed till I cried. And I just ran across another one I also thought was pretty funny. So here they are:
  2. Okay, regarding how science changes, ABSOLUTELY, this is a good thing, but no, based on other instances where even scientist have come out and admitted that certain truths have been deliberately withheld, is NOT NEW! And this is one of those subject, where they are not telling the whole truth. There is no way that Neanderthals were just in Europe and then mated with the Europeans that eventually migrated OUT OF AFRICA into Europe and then began to mate with them! That is an obvious contradiction. Europeans, meaning 'White people'were not the only modern humans that migrated into Europe! They were not the first, but it was the Black are dark skinned Modern Humans that migrated into Europe first! Omg. 'They' are absolutely not telling the whole truth. But, I do need to post some more references, and because imo, this subject is so broad, I may do it in another thread as well. And this is one of the subjects that even supports why I am saying 'they' are not telling the whole truth: the variation of the DEFINITION OF SPECIES. Scientist are not -- as you say- proving something they previously believed is wrong and then changing without hesitation and dispensing with the old false belief-- OH NO. They have admitted that the reason for instance, the classification as 'Homo sapien sapien' was due to social conflicts, so later they dropped the second 'subspecies' and just state 'Homo sapien'. The method of defining species has been well established. So they are deliberately bouncing around about the subject of Neanderthals being still present in todays world. Again, as I said before, scientist knows that the huge, massive heads of Neanderthals is not a part of modern human dna and this is one major trait that is still present today, along with other traits. these traits cannot still be here if there is not another species still transferring this through reproduction. A species is not only determined by trait or sex chromosomes but other variables, and Neanderthal traits, some of them are still here in great numbers, so this can't be just from 'natural selection' or whatever. I have much more to say about this regarding other references though.
  3. @Pioneer1 In the words of the other post THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS!!! That would be part of my explanation. But I like to say that 'THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS -- OF THE LAST DAYS'; meaning imo the last days started about 2500 years ago; at the beginning of the apocalypse. Okay, THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYIN! Listen; People been eatin bats and crap like dat for thousands of years, and dis stuff didn't happen!!! So, obviously there is something else to this! Now, I don't understand what is going on, and I don't know of any obvious prophecies but, as far as this kind of situation, well, it ain't necessarily new. However, from what I understand the real 'last days' phenomenon has to do with a great tsunami, mention in prophecy and other things. But well, this is crazy, I mean schools are closed for the year! We are being rationed at the grocery stores! LOL! Man! Well, It's good to know that not all of us quit altogether. I mean, I do absolutely understand why some people may feel it is good to leave and save peace, but I hope that @Kareem will come back. He hasn't even been here that long. But yes, all things will either come to an end or change. That's part of life. As you say, @Pioneer1 'It is what it is. This subject of this strange happening is bound to have some people with no good intentions coming into forums, and so that would cause @Troy to have to deal with some of these kinds of pranks, but did Troy mean intent against Kareem? I think not. I have not read the link that kareem posted yet, but, from what I gather, it was the link that Troy referred to, and I don't feel that Kareem should take it personally. But Hey, I understand that he did not like it that Troy spoke about the link, however, I hope that Kareem will COOL OFF and come back.
  4. The reliable source(s) that I am basing my statements on are not just one source, and this is why I can understand why it seems like I am way off! However, I regard more than one statement that scientist report and feel that they have presented a lot of half truths. So therefore, to answer you question more so, the sources that I posted previously are a major source and others as well. Another major source would be the PART TRUTHS reported by scientist about the very definition of SPECIES! Based on these varying definitions, it shows me that scientist today, are 'dancing around the obvious' in that Neanderthals can't be extinct. There is so much to this subject. And, I don't believe scientist want to admit the obvious for certain reasons that as to do with a small ruling group of people in power over the masses. The definitions of species today say on one hand: ... are able to breed among themselves, but are not able to breed with members of another species. … https://www.dictionary.com/browse/species So, this is one reason it becomes obvious that there is a confusion. Neanderthals are a separate species by most reports but over decades, this has been refuted. It has been proven that Neanderthals interbreeded with Modern Humans [ie Homo sapiens] so, therefore-- contradiction. So therefore, I believe that there is a deliberate intent to decieve, however, this can easily be seen based on the definition, the true definition of species. Here is another scietific definition of SPECIES: A species is a group of organisms that share a genetic heritage, are able to interbreed, ... https://biologydictionary.net/species/ So again, this adds to the confusion but, I have not stated my position completely. I will get there, in a minute, hopefully. This reference goes on to say this too: Scientists have changed their definition of a species several times throughout history. https://biologydictionary.net/species/ Okay. Something is wrong here and this is what I am trying to get at regarding Neanderthals being extinct--of which I don't believe. If you look at certain other animal 'species' it should become a little clearer that there is some kind of deception going on in the scientific community as to what they are allowing to be reported, because the definition of SPECIES should have some type of guideline to follow in all cases. The definition of SPECIES revovles are certain issues and one of the main has to do with REPRODUCTION. It doe not mean that two different species can or cannot reproduce, but SPECIFIC OUTCOMES ARE OBVIOUS in that the reproduction comes from TWO DIFFERENT SPECIES!!! And therefore this is called HYBRIDIZATION. So, when two different species mate and bring forth an offspring, that offspring will have characteristics and traits that come from both species. So if scientist say that HOMO nEANDERTHALS have a separate trait and characteristic from HOMO sAPIENS, and they interbreed and have offspring, then this means something! You can't have hybrids without at least two different species. You can't get Neanderthal dna without a Neanderthal! Also, after thousands of years, these genes are still being passed on and into us humans!? And yes, I say 'us' humans because regarding the traits, well, people of AFrican descent do show some of these traits too! So why would scientist not say that People of African descent have Neanderthal traits!? Again, there is so much to this and so much references that show obvious contradictions, that I can post. But I want to be brief for now. But quickly, when scientist say that Neanderthal were in Eurasia [ie Neanderthals and Denisovans], they are telling a lie!!! Why!? Because there are so many other historians and anthropologist that have reported digging up masses amounts of Neanderthal [long skulls] in AFrica!!! LOL! WOW! They are lying! When scientist report that only the same species can interbreed, then we need to look at the LION and the Tiger; and The donkey and the horse! two different species! Modern humans do NOT have long skulls, no matter if they are European or African, this is a Neanderthal trait, yet there are both Europeans and AFricans today born with this trait! Okay; that is one of many marks of a sharing of traits from the archaic homonids. Now are we today expressing this as being two different species-- I say that there is a SPECTRUM and for the most part NO absolutely not because, though--here is the key-- it has to do with the YDNA. That part of the archaic homonids is not well defined today. If there are no Ydna archaic homonids reproducing then, yes, I can understand why scientist say Neanderthals are extinct, but then, what about the presence of intersexed births!? This is say is the key. ANd yes, I do have a lot to say about this!!!
  5. This is good to hear. checks and balancing, I think, is beneficial both ways. For me anyway, I feel, it is good to be challenged, and helps me to not stray and get far down the road on something that may not be true!
  6. What!? @Kareem I didn't realize there was this type of conflict! @Pioneer1 This is crazy! absolutely!
  7. Okay, @Pioneer1 You are not backing this up by any source. Your 'Atlantis' statement has documentation and it does not even support what you write. okay. . .. And again, that is why the continent of Africa has been completely [ie except for Ethiopia and Sierra Leone] controlled by Europeans! LOL. You have to refer to script that can be confirmed. Yes it does, to any of the civilizations that controls you. true and we need to continue to dispell these lies. @Pioneer1 Those photos are no different than what you see in America, ancient America today and with some of my husbands relatives. Some of his uncles have bone straight hair, and some have a little kink to they hair texture--- Yes, within the same family. And yes, on my side of the family too, some of my relative, such as my sister, shows those same dynamics of hair type!!! One of my sisters has very, very black hair and it does not kink at all!!! My Great grandfather was from India, when it was called Pakistan!!! Those people from India intermixed with ethiopians very early in time. My mother's hair is very, very black [or was] now, it white, silver white. One of my aunt's has bone straight hair, like her mother, my grandmother. My father-in-law was very fair skinned but his brother was really dark, almost black skinned. And, they know their male lineage and are not from India. Photos mean nothing. Those photos are similar to people of Ethiopia too. Dravidians are no different than any other dark race of people as the scientiest conclude on the BASAL-A [ADAM] YDNA--OUT OF AFRICA RESEARCH. All malefactors with a viable y-dna stem from ONE SOURCE--a malefactor out of africa. period. @Kareem As I shared in another link with Troy, the only other Y-DNA outside of the origin of the African man, is expressed as an INTERSEXED. The male, 'viable y-dna' linked to Africa is very stable and it does NOT recombine. This is why it is so easy to test and verify those paternity test with such accuracy.
  8. Thank you. Okay, I can agree to disagree but when you say 'basic facts', I do not understand. @Troy I posted a reference from a reputable source. So, due to my source, will I make my comments, but again, I won't expect a continued conversation. Yes, Homo Sapiens are one species, but Nenderthals are DEFINED as a seperate species, in the science world and in the Smithsonian, where I have visited. My reference source reports that HUMAN BEINGS TODAY have a certain PERCENTAGE of NEANDERTHAL DNA! Okay, that is two different species in one person! Therefore, this should obviously mean that there is a certain amount of HYBRIDAZATION at best!--However, based on my other studies, this would not be a defintion that defines everyone because there is a certain degree of a SPECTRUM with regards to what amount of DNA determines hybridization or not. Uh... You will not see any valid proof of a Neanderthal with dark skin or nappy hair prior to the manifestation of Homo Sapiens! Neanderthals are not depicted as being even close to brown skinned! So, you're wrong. But I want to say this too, if scientist say that there is a certain amount of Neanderthal DNA in Europeans and some say 'Asians', well then, I absolutely don't believe that this does not apply to the african world. So in this sense, I absolutely believe that 'melanin' does become a part of this 'mixing' of species. Oh yes. So, prior to the manifestation of the Homo sapien, scientist say the Neanderthals existed, but both species did become contemporary and they did intermixed, and yes, there is proff of this.
  9. @Kareem Exactly! This term is usurped. Yes. Oh yes. Again, I say, yes. LOL. @Pioneer1 No. If they are not access, then it means nothing. If they cannot be cross referenced and apply to something concrete, then it means nothing. so, the documented records of ancient civilizations begin with Blacl 'African-type' people that we can access today. Mute point @Pioneer1! White peole dominate the globe today! lol
  10. Wow! I see people wearing masl in Walmart and other stores all of the time! I was also told that police are writing tickets for people who gather more than 50+. And, I just read that New Orleans is becoming an epi center fast. Yes, both 'mistrust' and 'misinformation' Things are happening so fast.
  11. The Deer, the Goblet & the Lily Bells—BLACK AFRICAN ORIGIN Solomon & the Beja, Part I BLACK DEMONS? Solomon, Nebuchad & Peter? LACEDAEMONS Part 1 Cont. I Will Go Up to the Palm Tree! One of the personages in the poem of Solomons (Solomon 6:13) The name denotes a woman belonging to a place called Shulem; which is probably that same as Shunem. [SHUNEM] If, then, Shulamite and Shunammite are equivalent, we may conjecture that the Shunammite who wa the object of Solomons passion was Abishag, the most lovely girl of her day, and at the time of Davids death the most prominent person at Jerusalem. https://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/shulamite-the/ This Greek word ‘Lacedaemon’ may lead to a better understanding of the book Song of Solomon. Although the etymology offered by scholars today defines this word t hrough Greek mythology, however, the deeper meaning becomes a major key to a much earlier history of which has been completely wiped out due to extensive Greek myths that have been used to DEMONIZE ANCIENT BLACK PEOPLE. Although the modern definition for this word, ‘Lacedaemon’ never includes the word ‘BLACK’, however, this would be the very etymology of it. And, research shows very deceptive script styles constantly used to hide the truth about ‘Black origins’ in the past. For instance, to hide the true definition of a certain word associated with ‘black’, sometimes an outlandish explanation will be offered that has no association to its true meaning yet within the same paragraph will be another riddle with the word ‘black’ to reveal to a select audience the pun. Another common method used to erase Black history from script to deceive the African world would be to use images [ie idols] of White people dressed in black clothes to represent past Black people and then define historical events on this basis. This can be seen in the 1999 movie produced by James Jacks that starred Brendan Fraser called, the Mummy, whereby the white actors were dressed in black clothes to represent the MEDJAY, the ancient bodyguards of the pharaohs of Egypt, ancestors of the Original Beja. Without the recognition of ‘the Black presence’ of people in ancient script and because it has been hidden, then this would be part of the reason why true history has been lost. And therefore, without this prior clarification of script formats would be why I chose to ‘pause’ a while back about research I presented on ancient Egyptian civilizations that existed before, during and after the lifetime of Imhotep, the ancient Theban High Priest of Egypt. Without an explanation, within context and dialogue, on various forms of ‘reverse script’ and without an explanation on other grammatical patterns and writing systems used to transcribe, translate, confirm, and publish over time, then ancient scripts like the Bible and much more, will never be understood. And therefore, the Song of Solomon would be an awesome book to explain a lot about script format and so many other issues about the distant past. Solomon, like most of the earlier ancient Kemet kings of the distant past who had their writings published, was formally educated and highly trained. This then would be a major problem in why today, many African American DOS do not know important truths about the past, because most of our teachers from the pulpit and under the Separation of Church and State are not formally trained on the writing styles of the ancient scripts. Most of the Black preachers today have a basic high school education or have been miseducated in schools of theology etc. And, the Holy Spirit did not choose them! Let me put this another way: MOSES was eighty (80) years old even before the Creator approached him to write the Pentateuch! He was highly educated in Egypt to be A SCRIBE! Joseph had been stuck in Egypt for thirty (30) years and learned Egyptian education before he was appointed to be a Vizier. Noah was born in captivity and he was very old before he was told to construct a massive vessel out of COFFIN WOOD [ie GOPHER WOOD; ‘COPHER WOOD’, Cedar wood or Shittim or etc., rot resistant wood] and he was well educated in Egypt and became a master SCRIBER, Lecture priest, scientist, carpenter, stone worker and etc. Imhotep, [ie. Noah], was highly educated under the 3rd Dynastic pharaoh Djoser before he was able to construct the GREAT STEPPE PYRAMID. Daniel was extremely old and formally educated in Israel and under the Neo-Babylonians before he wrote his book. But more importantly, when Jesus elevated Peter, he was completely illiterate and lacked formal education. So, Jesus said to Peter, [paraphrasing] ‘Peter, when you are converted, then you will be sifted like wheat by the enemy.’ So, even though Peter knew Jesus, it took him about thirty (30) years before he was able to write his book. Peter was ‘rough around the edges’ but he was the one! Jesus and the Holy Spirit put Peter around highly educated Hebrew Israelite men (and women) and others, like the apostle Paul, Luke and Matthew, to become educated over time. Peter did not want to interact with the Gentiles, however, when he got old, Paul confronted him hard and pressed Peter to go to West Turkey to help set up the Church. Solomon was highly educated in one of those college cities set up in Jerusalem like Harvard University in Cambridge that would be the epicenter, the learning center and the power base for the whole nation. The root word ‘Lac’ in ‘Lacedaemon’ means ‘BLACK’. The etymology of this root word ‘LAC’ or in reverse script ‘CAL’ [ie Cali, Chal, Kali, Lackey, Loki, Chola, Laconia…Chaldean, Chalcolithic…] such as in the word ‘Lacedemon’ [ie. Laci-Demon] must be understood in order to get at a much deeper hidden history. Of course, the epicenter of the more complete breakdown on the word ‘BLACK’ does not stem from the original people of the Greek Isles nor does it stem from Solomon, but rather, it originates from the master scribers of the CUNEIFORM SCRIPT and of the ancient BLACK BABYLONIAN CIVILIZATION in Mesopotamia, Greater Babylon. And to some, these Babylonians were known as Sumerians and to others by many other descriptions. By the time that these Sumerians, or Chaldeans became associated by this word, BLACK, however, it was used thousands of years ago in Egypt and way before their existence. But these Sumerians dominated early script forms in their realms, however they were eventually and completely overthrown, and their history completely BLACKED OUT. So therefore, without future scholars, then history would not connect, and so this would be the crucial importance of the later books and scrolls of other ancient civilizations such as of the scrolls of the later pharaohs of Egypt, the Pentateuch, and the book, the Song of Solomon. In these ancient scriptures of the Song of Solomon, the entire book revolves around the science and genetic origins of the Hebrew Israelites and, therefore, Solomon introduces and defines an intensely Black skinned virgin girl as the cornerstone for the origins of all Israel and that of his own very being. And throughout this book Solomon uses many descriptive words and more ancient terminologies to reinforce this point. Solomon wore many hats; he was a king therefore, as a king he would also be ‘a priest’. In Israel, a king would also be defined as ‘a Secondary priest’ [ie. a Sem priest] but the High Priesthood would be of the tribe of Levites. Solomon was also ‘a teacher’ and in this book, Song of Solomon, he offers many deep lessens to extend way beyond his lifetime to his people. As a malefactor, Solomon also offers deep messages. Amazingly too, Solomon would also be ‘a prophet’ and so, when he became old, he wrote many deep prophecies. Like all of the other scribers, Solomon uses a lot of references within his context to date and confirm his writings and publications. And because he knew that he achieved great adoration from the people of his kingdom, Solomon’s publication of, the Song of Solomon, like other books written in the Bible, included quotes, references and reviews written by other people during his lifetime. This aspect of some books in the Bible has been part of the confusion as to why many Black African Americans do not understand it. Due to the lack of GRAMMATICAL SYNTAX used today in our western educational system, such as ‘quotation marks’ and ‘footnotes’ etc., many Black people today have not been able to understand some aspects of ancient scripts. For example, within the book published by the prophet DANIEL, the very king over Neo-Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, had his testimony included. Also, within the context of the Gospels, the testimony of the mother of Jesus, Mary, was also included. Likewise, this would be one brilliant aspect of the Song of Solomon. This book included the testimonies and reviews of certain women when they became older about their king over Israel, Solomon, one of which was the very maiden that the entire book revolves around. Because certain terms take on other meanings overtime, it also becomes crucial to understand how the compilation of ancient books are referenced and, one in depth and crucial feature would be a later book within the context of the whole Bible known as the CONCORDANCE. Like the other prophets, Solomon ‘sealed up some of his deep messages’ to be revealed later in time and one pathway to these revelations would be through a deep study of the Concordance. It would be through this method, surprisingly, that the very maiden that wrote her review of Solomon was revealed. She was revealed in this book and other publications of which defined her in greater depth to be the very Shulamite girl [ie Shunammite] named Abishag. She was the very young maiden chosen to be a nurse to the earlier king David. Furthermore, and after David died, she would eventually be married to Solomon. I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots. Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels, thy neck with chains of gold. SONG OF SOLOMON 1:9-10. So therefore, when Abishag became older, and included within this book, the Song of Solomon, she confirmed her own overwhelming experience, courtship, marriage, memories, and adoration that she had for Solomon in this publication. This song, ‘book’ was written with verses as a prose, in which, the text switches back and forth from one person to another. Sometimes the verses switch from line to line and from Solomon back to Abishag. And within its context, a beautiful love story unfolds of a young girl who one day unexpectedly and abruptly was approached in her home community and at her very house by a young man who became awe-struck at her presence. Eventually, she became aware that this young man, was not just any ordinary villager, but he was actually one of the sons of the king over Israel and therefore, she so as much, fainted for shock. To add more to her shock, this prince over Israel, who was Solomon, came back to her village again! And, he kept coming again and again to her village, at times, peering through the window [lattice] of her shelter and before she was aware, and he pressed her and inquired of her personality. And so, she soon realized that she became ‘the apple of his eye’. So then, this girl, Abishag, returned his challenge and she shared with him some of her inner pain due to oppression but then, she also showed him that she had confidence in her own humanity. She expressed to Solomon about her experience with other Israelites, some of her own relatives, who oppressed her because she was very dark skinned, in fact, she was black skinned. She portrayed this message; ‘Even though my own people ridicule me because I darkened and became black skinned, however, I know I am beautiful; I am the Rose of Sharon, so, don’t regard me as being black as negative, because I see myself as being beautiful even if they do not’. Oh well, Ah! She could not have expressed her confidence to a better man because Solomon pursued her even more with words of confirmation in that he was captivated by both her beauty and her personality. More to this point, Solomon himself was also just as dark skinned, and black! —as Abishag; and he was certainly aware of this kind of Colorism. So, this Biblical ‘Cinder-Ella story’ intensifies as this Black prince continues to come to this town in the vicinity of Lebanon, set up his camp and eventually, he came to her house. Abishag begins to recognize that, when Solomon comes to this town and even to her home, he always has a force, an entourage of bodyguards. So now, she really becomes overwhelmed. *NyaKim I Am the Rose of Sharon, The Lily of the Valley! The story reveals that Abishag gains confidence to approach Solomon when she sees him in her community, and she writes about how he responds and greets her in public and caresses her for all to witness. Then it came to a point, one day, she was invited to a royal banquet, to the Banquet House, and she describes this awe-inspiring experience. This story then picks up more when Solomon pursues her more. . . and he waits for her to consent . . . So, Chapter five, shows the story begins to transcend from courtship to tell of years gone by. However, the verses continue to repeat throughout the book of the early days of this love story in how after Solomon has ‘entered into her garden’, she now feels recompensed for all of the pain she endured due to Colorism. Now, Solomon comes to her house and his visits are longer, and she expresses how she responds to others about this incredible man who is lounging in her mothers’ house; he stays for a lengthy time into the night and, he sleeps in her house. All the while Solomon visits this girl, his bodyguards are posted around this house and she expresses in these scriptures her immense joy and deliverance at this dramatic change in her life. Then finally comes the day that Solomon appeals to her to be his queen. But to Solomon’s’ shock, he finds that his own mother, a Black beauty herself, became jealous of this young girl! Bathsheba, attempted to destroy this girl but Solomon blocked her intentions and for this reason, in the Gospel, Bathsheba’s name was written out of the Book of Life. So, it becomes at this point, to my own surprise, that this very book, Song of Solomon, would become the very account and springboard of the classic fairytale in our modern times, CINDERELLA! And, the Evil Stepmother was formed based on Bathsheba. This would be why the story of Cinder Ella [ie. Black Ella] has been successfully portrayed in films and theatres for over a thousand years, all over Medieval Europe and in places like Haiti and more! So be it, Cinderella was revived from Solomon’s extraordinary writing style of his book, the Song of Songs, in how he retold his experience and in how he delivered this Black skinned Hebrew Israelite girl from hell. Solomon put his boots on the ground! He backed those bad spirits off of Abishag, however, had it not been for the ruddy man David, and had it not been for Solomon’s Great-grandmother Ruth, a White girl, then Solomon would not have been born himself! This thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes. I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof: now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples; … SONG OF SOLOMON 7:7-8. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/49/75/31/4975311247e8b92430a2f5040b4d0dfc.jpg So now, as Solomon writes this book when he becomes old, he writes other deep messages, one of which would be about a time when this civilization would be overthrown and a time when Hebrew women would become greatly persecuted for the color of their skin and their African traits. He prophesizes about a deep message that continues to revolve around evil issues of Colorism that occurs amongst people of African descent. And within this very context, Solomon prophesizes about the Coming of Jesus Christ; THE GREATEST BELOVED. In Chapter five, Solomon writes about the Coming of Jesus, which would not even occur for almost a thousand years later. Like other prophets, Solomon writes about the physical presence of Jesus Christ in the Creator God’s response to this world about Colorism. Solomon prophesized that Jesus will be an African-typed malefactor and that he will be BROWN SKINNED [ie. ruddy or beryl]. Unlike Solomon, himself, who was a Black skinned Hebrew Israelite man, Jesus would be brownish, however, this prophecy confirms the past and present with regards to God’s Redemption Plan for all mankind. When Jesus walked the earth, he addressed this same mysterious issue of Colorism that plagues this human race. When Jesus appealed to his disciples to follow his movement, he eventually challenged them all on deeper issues and for this reason, he chose one of them, Simon to be the most pivotal person to help this world overcome Satanism. Jesus named Simon, PETER the Rock, [BLACK SIMON], and this associated Peter to both his strong spirit and in that Simon was also BLACK SKINNED; as black as PETROLEUM [BLACK OIL]. Simon Peter [ie. BLACK SIMON, of the Church of the Pecs, Swarte Piete…] became the ROCK Oil, ‘the anointed one’ to further the Passion of Christ. Simon Peter becomes the MARK of the Creation of Adam and Eve. The fact that this obvious aspect of the ancient scriptures alludes to this issue of BLACK-on-BLACK/BROWN HATRED [ie. the Dual Festival of Tophet; Saint Nicholas vs the god Set; Osiris vs the Evil Set ‘Pig’…, ] has been addressed repeatedly all throughout the Bible but yet, it has been almost completely blocked out in the Churches, even the Black Churches, and this however, reveals the power of Satanism and deception! This would be the power of Darkness we exist within today. To address issues of Colorism seems to almost be taboo in the Black Church, yet, it has, at times, become acceptable to speak against White racism. Throughout time, the Creator has periodically MARKED this dark evil of Colorism with the priesthood. Long before Solomon was even born, there were so many other civilizations whereby Black people existed yet, they were all demonized and then completely overthrown. Why? Long before Abraham, the forerunners of the Classical Greek world existed and there were many dark-skinned and black people. What happened to them? Where are the ancient scripts that reveal their presence in Greece or anywhere? Today, the Lacedaemon lands are located in the southern part of the Greek island of the Pelops [ie Black Faces], the Peloponnesus [ie Morea]. The Biblical records reveal that many of those indigenous people of ancient Greece were descendants of Shem. It was their land so, what happened to them? But however, Abraham, a descendant of Shem too, was chosen out of this same Semitic origin and some of the traits that Solomon defines of the Black Maiden marks this genetic link of the Hebrew Israelite to their Semitic origins! So, perhaps we can now look back at history for a summary. We can now look back at how the Classical Greek writers wrote in their mythology about the earlier Black presence of Greece. Were these Pelops worthy of being called ‘Laki-demons’ and, Laconic, and therefore demonized or not? The term ‘Lacedaemon’ only addresses a Southern area of the Peloponnesus [ie Sparta], however Greek writers show a great number of fantastic stories and reveal through their scripts too, that there were many other kinds of Black people in that pre-Greek world. The word, ‘LAC’ in ‘Lacedemon’ also reveals the presence of the CHALDEANS of Greater Babylon of whom many became a part of this pre-Greek world. They were the BULLS of CUSH HAM that has given life to the word ‘Black’. They are the reason this word continued to be associated with the color black, however, it was their connection to a much earlier epoch that shows a much earlier origin. One of the main symbolisms used of which the Chaldeans identified with was ‘the BLACK BULL’ and this origin stems from a great East-world man, Narmer the Bull King, and he existed thousands of years before in Egypt and before the rise of the Chaldeans. Narmer, [ie Menes] came up out of Upper Egypt with his Seth force and fought against the Asiatics of Lower Egypt and unified Egypt and so, the later Chaldeans identified with this BLACK BULL [or BLUE-BLACK BULL] and this too became a later theme in the Minoan Crete world. This Az Blue-Black theme can be seen heavily in the early civilizations of ancient India as well and shows the early Cush Hamitic bonds made with the people of the east world too, whereby many times, the color of BLUE was used to define Blue-Black or Black people. This would be the etymology of the contracted word ‘BLACK’ [ie BULLOCK; Blockhead]. The Jews came to loath the Black-Babylonians of Neo-Babylon for some of their east world connections and their form of Idol Worship. They detested the presence of certain East world and North world Negros that would try to bother them. The Jews had continued to ignore the warnings of their Levite priesthood about the presence of powerful north world Black people who dominated the entire country of Turkey Anatolia and more, and who could invade their country if they continued to intermix with certain nations. ‘Ah! Ki ki ki …’, the Jews laughed at the thought of some distant civilization of some Buffoon Cow Worshiping, Eagle Worshiping Black Negroes that might threaten their world. However, at this time, it was like the Pot that called the Kettle black or brown. Then, one day, about 400 years after Solomon was gone, came Nebuchad-Rezzar; the BLACK STORM CLOUD; the Razor of cities. What the Jews did not realize was that the people of Nebuchad-Nezzar; the Nazarite, had been completely suppressed down under the Assyrian Empire along with the Fallen Nation of the Northern Hebrews (Joseph). They were under hard captivity byway of the Assyrian forces of whom were the thick, huge, linebacker kind of Bronze men and the Old-World Syrians and Shemites of the Greek world. Somehow, the Chaldeans were able to break free from this fate and so, they were violent in their later treatment to the Jews. For the Jews were intermixing with certain people of Assyria on their borders. Once Nebuchad completely overthrew the Jews and forced marched most of them out of their homelands, he made the Jews adopt an ancient system of ‘BLACK NAMES’ mostly connected to Original Shem such as ‘MESHACH, SHADRACH, and ABED-NEGO [Khety]. And like Solomon, Nebuchad became a fascination to the world in his own right. His name ‘NEBU’-Chad refers to ‘the Nebulous’; or Black Storm Cloud and because of the civilization that he formed, even today he has constantly been depicted in films that show how he was ‘the dream’ king. To woman of many different worlds far and wide, Nebuchadnezzar became, the Great Eagle that swooped down from his hidden fortress, his stronghold, to rescue a beautiful and forlorn damsel in distress. Solomon was forgotten and now the Most Beloved was Black Cloud the Chaldean and he struck this charm in the hearts of women far and wide in the east world. However, the movies depict him as an ‘Asian-Faced Hero’. This can be seen in a popular Chinese movie in 2000 called, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, produced by Ang Lee and features Chang Chen as Lo Dark Cloud. But like Solomon and Peter [Black Simon], Nebuchad, the Dark Cloud of Cush Ham would also become demonized and his actual physical presence as being that of a Black African-typed man would be completely covered up by way of strange myths, legends and the Image of the Beast [media]. So, the historical written records of the past have been mistranslated and new age renditions of these stories have been written and reenacted by non-African people. Ancients scripts have been blasphemed. However, due to the violent method used by Nebuchad in the overthrow of the Jews, it was not difficult for the enemy to portray him negatively; as if to conclude, that because Moses slew the Egyptian and was not allowed to cross over to the Promised Land, therefore he would be now, in hell? And therefore, because Solomon sinned, his sin thus unforgivable, now he will be in hell? What would be an unforgivable sin? Nevertheless, even the prophet Daniel confronted Nebuchad on his choice to use a certain type of Northeast world men as a part of his military as the scriptures reveal. As a matter of irony, that was why Daniel was summoned, for, the king felt that some of these very men, Court Magicians, had mocked him, and he threatened to execute them. Magog mocks Ham. And for this reason, Daniel also revealed to this great king that the Creator would not allow this type of ‘Black-on-Black’ perversion to continue in the world. But because these deep messages that happened in ancient times are now portrayed in White face etc., confusion still abounds. After the overthrow of Neo-Babylon, however, many of these same African-typed people became a major part of the east world. There were so many kinds of Black, African-typed people that lived all over the east world and for over a thousand years. Many of them came to dominate parts of the North world, Central Asia and Siberia. But then one day came when they were almost completely wiped out on a genocidal level. At some point after the Crusades, Black African people have virtually become obliterated from the entire east world with only a residue left of which mostly all of them too, were then either shipped away or driven into the west world and ultimately the South world of Africa just prior to the setup of the Atlantic Slave Trade era. But, because of so much deception and the lack of ‘chosen’ teachers even the very script of the Bible that does reveal this Black African presence has been rejected by many African Americans today for one reason or another. But a careful reexamination of these old written historical records may be worth the while. Cont. The Apostle Peter -- St. Petersburg, RUSSIA In Athens there were some 20,000 freemen; being one many-headed tyrant over 400,000 slaves. There was about the same proportion in Lacedaemon. The free Americans hold an overwhelming majority of black slaves under subjection; … Principia: A Series of Essays on the Principles of Evil Manifesting Themselves in These Last Times in Religion, Philosophy, and Politics. by Samuel Richard Bosanquet LONDON: James Burns, 17, Portman Street, Portman Square. 1843. _________________________________ The Turks have a drink called coffee (for they use no wine), so named of a berry as black as soot, and as bitter, (like that black drink which was in use amongst the Lacedaemonians, and perhaps the same,) which they sip still of, and sup as warm as they can suffer; … The Anatomy of Melancholy, what it is, with All the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics, and Several Cures of it. In Three Partitions. With Their Several Sections, Members, and Subsections, Philosophically, Medically, Historically Opened and Cut Up., by Robert Burton, Democritus Junior [pseud], New Edition, A New Edition Corrected and Enriched by translations of the numerous classical extracts. First published in 1621. Murray Hill, New York: Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. 1927 _________________________________ Solomon Is In Hell … Solomon heeded this advice from his father, king David, for most of his life, but near the end of his life, Solomon forsook God for idols (1 Kings 11). http://www.atruechurch.info/solomon.html
  12. Okay, @Pioneer1I can understand you here, but still, the term 'Caucasian' also defined those 'Black' people too. Hopefully I can add more to this point soon. yes, thank you. lol! Okay, I'm thinking 'Old World' here! I'm thinking 'spiritual' too. Long ago, if a person married into another culture, then they became apart of that culture, however, they could also be viewed as 'bi-cultural'. okay, lol... NO comment for now. Okay, oh well, You know there are other art history of Pale Faces all over the world, even in the ancient Americas?
  13. @Kareem Truth is vital to survival, imo. We should try to figure this because of all the thousands of years of being attack on this issue of racism. Thank you! @Pioneer1 Because the further up in time, the more certain stories about the past can be proven due to better record keeping, I suppose. There are some stories that I believe about the 4000s, Bc and way, way before due to art history and archeology, etc. Interesting! So now, I am thinking too, about the Ice Age, though. Now see!-- There you go--taking credit away from Black people and giving to 'Caucasians'. Record keeping originated with Black people! -- Outside of the Cave 'art history' all over the world, it becomes proven that RECORDING was perfected by the Black man! Okay, but where are the records then, of these Black people of whom you say lived and recorded millions of years ago?
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