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  1. Yes, this is scary, but I believe you. @Pioneer1 No. That is not exactly what it means though YEP. AH! That is SO NOT TRUE!!! This is reference to being 'IN THE LORD'!!! You need to refer to the BACK UP SCRIPTURES--the other scripture that expounds upon this scripture--as the BIBLE IS BASED SOLELY ON CONFIRMATION OF SCRIPT within the entire Books of the Bible. All of the prophets confirm each other!!! The other scripture expounds upon the very same scripture and reads OBEY YOUR MASTERS IN THE LORD!!! Old Testament Confirmations are numerous and uphold this NEW COVENANT SCRIPTURE-- EXAMPLE-- When the evil pharaoh told the midwives to murder the malefactors on the birthing stool, they would NOT obey the pharaoh! Therefore the scriptures go on to say that THE SUPREME BEING REWARDED THEM and gave them a house for their good deeds!!! As I reference before, our ancestors continually welcomed White Supremacy into their governments through marriage over and over again, until God stopped delivering them over and over again--therefore, he allowed White Supremacy to go on -- this is a timed appointed prophecy of A TIMES TIMES AND HALF TIMES--2500 year prophecy--established by the prophet Danie!!! Beginning with the Babylonian-Persian Empire which became Medo-Persian--a White run empire!!! So Paul is referencing this Apocalypse prophecy!!! Jesus came during the Roman Empire times to set up his government to pilot this 2500 prophecy because God knew that HUMAN SACRIFICE of Black people would be horrible--but God has not been able to stop Black people from wanting to worship White people!!! So after the Jews shouted for Roman rule--the PROTESTANT MOVEMENT eventually came forward too, to help humanity--and now here we are in America. STOP BLAMING GOD FOR THE SINS OF OUR ANCESTORS! Now, we need to OBEY OUR SLAVE--OH I MEAN MASTERS EVEN THE FROWARD ONES as is fit in the Lord!!! We need to be law biding citizens! We need to make appeals though, defend ourselves, but we are under this law--but not forever. The correct interpretation of the scripture when Jesus said: [paraphrasing] You can't serve 2 masters, you can't serve both MAMMON and GOD at the same time, etc.--so you need to choose your pathway or you will end up being lukewarm. He goes on to say that if you even try to serve both 'gods' at the same time, human nature will dictate and therefore you will eventually cleave to one but LOATHE the other. INTERPRETATION: MAMMON is a catch all word that ultimately means White Supremacist system set up on MATERIAL WEALTH through evil methods mainly HUMAN SACRIFICE, trickery--deceitful and unfair trade practices, etc. The god of wealth vs the God of truth. So if you love MAMMON--WEALTH, GAIN BY ANY MEANS, you will eventually loathe honest PRINCIPLES, honesty, Black people [even if your Black], gain by merit, etc. GOD'S PATHWAY--TRUTH.
  2. AH! So true! I never heard of her until I came to this community. AH!!! So true!!! It will change. @Troy THANK YOU!!! @Pioneer1 And I can remember another one, but I don't have the actual reference: [paraphrasing] In order for a rich man to enter into 'the new land' it will be like passing through the eye of a sewing needle'. INTERPRETATION: Based on the White Supremacist government of Rome and others system like it--If people get rich off of Chattel slavery, etc. they will have a serious problem in their eternity. This scripture does NOT mean a person has to be poor, but its based on a system that sets up based on HUMAN SACRIFICE. AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE.
  3. Ah! The Covid-19 Pandemic and our governments response to 'the Stimulus--Oh I mean Reparation checks!' YES, I believe there will be elections, but I believe Omarosa, in that this Movement to start a Race Riots is/was the plan way back when due to the 2001 Twin Towers attack. The pandemic is just HARDENING THEIR HEARTS to do what they had already planned. The Western World going out to the world to police the world--when they have their remnants of chattel slavery still going strong--and the world responded--No! Go back to your own country!--And now, here we are, CITIZENS BEING ATTACKED by the White Supremacist police force. Oh yes, this was planned long before Obama was selected to run for office.
  4. @Pioneer1 ON THAT THOUGHT; My heart goes out to the single Black mothers! I don't focus on the Broken Black Structure done deliberately based on Slavery. I am aware of the absent Black fathers, however, I don't think it is worth it now, to focus on that because this system has been behind the mis-education of the Black man for 400+ years of which led to imprisonment, drug problems, relationship problems... I deal with the kind of Black men 'in the act' of harming Black women and children, though, but I understand too the White Supremacist Movement behind this. I would rather give my energy to the Black men in organizations that are there supporting us.
  5. Oh yes, this is seeming to be a very sad reality! @Pioneer1 And, on that same note, I just read about a case that actually happened a year ago in 2019. So this was not broadcast until now! It was a young Black fellow, murdered by 3 White Policemen!!! He was just walking down the street, minding his own business. This happened in COLORADO. I feel so sad for his mother and family.
  6. I can't follow this story very well, but yes, something strange does seem to be goin on there. I just read recently about a young Black girl who was burned by White men who allegedly did this as a Drive-by. Many of the comments don't believe this happened and say that she fabricated this story. @Pioneer1
  7. LOL! But she has exploited a lot of Black people. This too is sad.
  8. North Carolina Policemen Fired For Racist Rant--One Threatened to Slaughter Blacks--Caught on Tape These policemen are not new to their jobs but were employed for about 20 years! So much hate due to issues of Colorism is not new but today, this kind of news is front page! This government is showing this kind of predatory behavior on another level, but imo, it has always happened. Nevertheless, this recent news is sad because it is showing a new reported issue of the divide within the police force. There are White European policemen that obviously not in agreement with how Black people are being targeted and this kind of evil report affects them too. The story goes that the three police officers were accidently caught on a tape recording spewing racist rants and therefore a decision has been made to fire all three of them, but I totally disagree with Officer Moore being fired based on the evidence of what was reported in this article. The other two--yes-- pure evil, imo. But officer Moore's statement was not offensive to me at all. It goes that he was angry because he was questioned by a judge, and his comment was not offensive to me. Furthermore, he did NOT AGREE with the other racist and said so, immediately. He should be reprimanded but not fired! I am grateful for that judge though! 3 North Carolina police officers were fired after they were heard on camera making racist comments, including one threatening to 'slaughter' Black people in a new civil war acollman@businessinsider.com (Ashley Collman) June 25, 2020, 7:27 AM EDT ...Later in the video, after Gilmore leaves to respond to a call, Piner is seen receiving a phone call from Moore, and the two have a conversation about a recent arrest Moore had made of a Black woman. Moore was also filmed calling one Black magistrate judge a "f---ing Negro," complaining how the judge had questioned his decision to arrest the Black woman in the first place instead of committing her to a mental institution, the report said. According to the report, Piner then reflected on current tensions, saying: "We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them," Piner said at one point, using a racial slur. "I can't wait." "Moore responded that he would not do that. Piner stated 'I'm ready,'" the report said... https://www.yahoo.com/news/3-north-carolina-police-officers-112750994.html ... While the report found that Gilmore did not violate the standard of conduct, Williams, the Wilmington police chief, overruled and said it was clear he was in violation. https://www.yahoo.com/news/3-north-carolina-police-officers-112750994.html
  9. @Pioneer1 You are being sidetracked on the issue of having your sources ATTACKED. Debate and discussion is not about you, but it's about the very issue of reference sources and confirmation. That is NOT what I said in its entirety. I said "globally"!!!--on a college level that source you put would never be accepted. so YES, globally it would be correct!!! One reference I presented was from "the Middle East" college about the false belief of that man you quoted, and I also presented the Biblical reference, of 4000+ years old scripture. I showed you 'His text' right next to the Biblical text to show you that man completely lied. SARGON DID NOT LEAVE OUT OF NIMROD'S CIVILIZATION and set up in Assyria!!! It was Asshur Shem. LOL. Because that is not true in what you say and believe. White Jesus is NOT accepted "around the world"! That is NOT true--colleges do NOT do this at all! They present all references about Darwin and the actual theory NOT being accepted-in fact! That is not the point about you believing Akkad means "first" or "one". Sargon did not FOUND this civilization in the land of CUSH HAM. You do NOT understand about the details about SUMERIA in comparison and contrast to other civilizations that were indeed well developed before the Sumerians developed this area. You need to have an understanding as to this relative DETAIL about Sumeria, Assyria, etc. at this point in time. You are lacking an understanding of why the civilizations developed at this time would be considered first for THE SUMERIANS versus other more ancient civilizations; it not based on Colorism. You are not understanding the Sumerians at this time versus other people and civilizations that had completely collapsed and these Cush Hamites developed their civilization based on a unique basis that are defined by many aspects. The Caucasians did NOT build up anything in the land of CUSH HAM. No valid college level script supports this. After Nimrod was overthrown, they took over though. @Pioneer1 You should not get upset because of the evaluation of sources to determine validity. ROFL! I never presented this ideology that everybody back then was Black. I clearly presented to you that ASSYRIAN means WHITE-SYRIAN!! I have in the past referenced NARMER, the Black Bull King who fought against the ASIATICS and this occurred 1000+ prior to the set up of the CUSH HAM civilizations in Mesopotamia, etc. I just recently shared reference about a foreign influence in the early dynasty age in Egypt, etc. I speak of infiltration of White Supremacy into Black lands, etc. Pioneer, there is no way that White people, Aryans, White Caucasians, etc. could overthrow a bunch of African-type, tall, Negroes in ancient times!--NOT until the invention of the cannons during the age of Genghis Khan. That is absurdity to believe otherwise.
  10. So this is why Candace was even elevated! She received money from a case with the help of NAACP! She and her family reached out to NAACP due to an alleged HATE CRIME and then she takes this leap and turns around and supports Trump. This is pretty sad! Thanks FAS!
  11. WOW! I didn't know this! Thank you FAS.
  12. That's not the point. REGARDING AKKAD--All secular sources 'on college levels' across the world confirm that Akkad was developed by Sumerian--Black 'Negro' civilization. You are relying on a White man of whom other scholars even in other parts of the world completely have showed that he is wrong. Absolutely!!! That would be true! The Sumerian civilization was developed much later than the dual-civilization developed by CHANOCH. You are giving White Supremacist credit for developing these civilizations-- I won't waste my time anymore with this. I'm going on script references but as usual, you will use script at time, but then go completely off the rails and go on your belief. You say, these Caucasians overpowered a bunch of tall, black skinned giants... LOL. Since you find it unbelievable that Nimrod was a Sumerian Black skinned man could not possibly be that brilliant to have developed an incredible civilization and you believe that Nimrod threw down Sumerians as a biracial man on your beliefs and not references, then I won't go beyond this point.
  13. #RolandMartinUnfiltered #BringTheFunk Say What?!? Candace Owens Says Hitler Was ‘OK’ Until 'He Wanted To Globalize'
  14. CANDACE OWENS DEFENDS HITLER!? I Think Not Candace Owens I have not been able to form an opinion about Candace Owens yet for one reason or another. For the past few days after seeing a viral clip about her response to the subject of Nationalism, again, I do not know how to form a complete opinion about her position. The first thought to come to my mind though would be CONFUSION. But after a few days of turning the issues pertaining to her over in my mind, I have formed one belief. I feel that she is way too young to be put in the spotlight as a spokesperson in politics on the level that she has been elevated. Does she have a support group of elder people in politics? It does not seem so. She is only 29 years old. At any rate, she was put on the hot seat, so-to-speak, recently and she made a comment about Hitler and well, it did not go so well, initially. Some media outlets seem to say, as did the democratic representative of California, that she supported Hitler’s form of Nationalism, but after thinking about this for several days now, I realize that is not at all what she had meant: The Fix Analysis One of Trump’s most vocal black supporters seemed to defend Hitler in a recent speech Owens’s name was trending on Twitter Friday after a clip of her sharing her thoughts on Adolf Hitler went viral. … “He was a national socialist. But if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine. The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize. … https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/02/08/one-trumps-most-vocal-black-supporters-seemed-defend-hitler-recent-speech/ So, media people claimed that she had to sort of ‘retract her statement’, but no, I do not believe so. Some have attempted to frame her to believe that it was okay for Hitler to be a nationalist in Germany, meaning that his tactics to kill millions of Jews to support nationalism was okay. That is so NOT true, that is not what she meant at all. She replied that in actuality, Hitler was a ‘globalist’ hiding under the demise of being a nationalist. If he were a true nationalist, then it would be okay, but he was not. They have manipulated her words completely and then, in my opinion, they are mock her for one reason or another. But then, I also say to myself, why am I upset? I am upset: He wanted to globalize. He wanted everybody to be German, everybody to be speaking German. Everybody to look a different way. To me, that’s not nationalism. …” The comments drew sharp rebuke for their inaccurate portrayal of Hitler’s politics, and for seeming to suggest that Hitler’s leadership of Germany, including his role in the murder of millions of Jews, LGBT people and other German minorities, wasn’t really a problem. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/02/08/one-trumps-most-vocal-black-supporters-seemed-defend-hitler-recent-speech/ That was not at all what she meant! But then, why am I upset about Candace Owens being mocked? She brings confusion due to so many other views that she represents. I googled some other recent comments by her and yes, I absolutely do not agree with a lot of what she has said in other respects. She has spoken out against issues about the late George Floyd, etc., and while I don’t agree with her rants at all, she did speak on facts that I did not hear about and I believe they are important to know about before trial of Derek Chauvin, the police that murdered him. Nevertheless, there are many points that she professes that I do absolutely agree on. Why, though, would she be chosen to be a spokesperson in congress, for the Republicans, etc. at such a young age. It seems obvious to me, anyway, that her beauty plays a role in this choice. But however, this all seems like an age-old practice of exploitation and divide and conquer. She is being exploited. We are being exploited. Anyway, here is the clip: Fox news Candace Owens on being harassed by protestors in Philadelphia Apr 16, 2019
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