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  1. WOW! Just yesterday, I listed to an old song that I heard in a Black Church and I loved it. But I decided to do something I rarely do and also looked at the video while the song was playing. I usually like to listen songs without looking videos because I feel like my imagination can be controlled by someone else's version of what they imagine. Anyway, the song was performed by a Black man. I was loving the song but towards the very end of the video--GUESS WHAT!? An image of 'WHITE JESUS' was depicted!!! . . . So, I was shocked. I immediately stopped listening and never will play that song agai
  2. Well, my little break from work is coming to a fast end!--But I do hope to respond with some references just as soon as I can. The word we use today "African" is NOT scripted like that! But YES, this term that describes people of African descent is definitely detailed in both the Egyptian script and the Bible. The term "YDNA" is NOT scripted like that! But the Bible script is redundant about the origin of all mankind--MODERN MANKIND-- as opposed to the type of ARCHAIC MALES prior. The Bible is extremely detail and completely agrees with tod
  3. LOL! STOP! @Pioneer1 I love you anyway. You are awesome!!! Thank you! @Gibran
  4. The Bible and Egyptian script definitely details African traits that agree with the scientific data today about the origin of all modern males.
  5. LOL! WOW Okay, so here is a picture of Master W. Fard Muhammad: In regards to the term 'Race', yes, this would be misleading to say that he is a 'Black man'!--by our modern standards today. That term 'race' is a confusion. I understand the argument made though about 'race' vs 'traits' or should I say 'African traits' or 'Chinese traits' or 'Australian traits', etc., but the term 'race' is a confusion today because, imo, a movement of 'Racial Construction' that has redefined the way we as humans are categorized today.
  6. You are very disrespectful, to speak against my beliefs based on me sharing documented research. Why to you feel the need to come into my thread and speak against my documented research on Black AFrican origins. You are supporting White Supremacy @Pioneer1 in the worst way. I am sharing research about the TOTAL SOLAR ECLISPE that aligns with the ancient Crucifixion and you come on my thread and speak ill against me for believing in the Crucifixion and its' being dated and confirmed and of which aligns with 40 days later; THE DAY OF ASCENSION. If
  7. Both scripts agree. Egyptian script agrees with the Bible script on this subject about the YDNA origin from ONE AFRICAN MALE. You give white people too much credit.
  8. I am not writing about Christmas. Why are you misinterpreting my article?
  9. White Caucasians did not write ancient Egyptian script. You give White people too much credit. The beginning of all modern mankind stems from one anatomically straight YDNA out of Africa--that would be basis for the basal Adam YDNA.
  10. HAPPY DAY OBSERVANCE OF THE DAY OF ASCENSION-- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Well, for those who are celebrating this holiday today with family and friends, I say to you HAPPY THANKSGIVING but I also wish 'Black Christians' to have a wonderful day in remembrance of Jesus Christ who ASCENDED TO THE HEAVENS on this day, 40 days after PASSOVER and after he was Resurrected on OCTOBER 17. [1] The former treatise have I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach, [2] Until the day in which he was taken up, after that he t
  11. You are wrong You are telling others about what you believe based on ancient scripts, but will not back up what you believe @Pioneer1 The Bible does not place Hebrews in the Caucasus with a White woman as their origin as you stated a few months back.
  12. Lol. @Pioneer1 I wonder why he did that? Yes, he should have had a face mask on, but if he got out of his truck like that, it maybe that he thought you were in danger.
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