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  1. Repost videos -- edit Jenna Prandini Finishes Behind Sha'Carri (10.75) in 100m at Star Athletics (June 4, 2022)
  2. Field & Track Women—Hairstyles I just want to reflect on something else today because I am weary of all of depressing media hype about mass shootings and killing Black people. So, I want to share something about spectator about spectator sports, and something that I like to watch that inspires me to be active and set goals for getting better physical, mental and emotional health. The competition has begun! A few days ago, the recent track and field meets have showed up on my channel and I am amazed at these awesome and powerful beauties. And at first glance, it may not seem to be the main focus, however recently, what seems obvious to me would be the significant differences in the hairstyles displayed of some of the top Black female athletes from the recent past. Is this a brief trend? In the past few widely internationally broadcasted events, some athletes on the starting lineup were pictured with flamboyant and brightly colored or long, blonde, and bone-straight hairstyles. Obviously, it was done so to make a statement just as in the past some athletes donned unique and ‘signature’ uniforms and I am reminded of the late and incredible Flo Jo. But so far, in the few competitions that have occurred recently no one has started the line up as in the past events. My all-time favorite Track and field Olympian, Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, whose other devotion, her hair salon back in Jamaica, stepped out recently with on the field with a lovely dark and braided hairstyle. Shelley-Ann Frase-Pryce No matter though, she looks adorable and so elegant in whatever style she has worn, IMO. Another ‘new’ world favorite athlete, Elaine Thompson-Herah has seemingly burst onto the world scene out of nowhere and now has become a household name for many. She steps onto the field with the most lovely and classy type hairstyles recently but, for me it’s her glow and her smile that shows her beauty. Elaine Thompson-Herah And to my surprise, our own American athlete stepped out with a beautiful appearance, Sha’Carri Richardson. She already wins hands down on being a beauty anyway though, but she also came back on the field with a blast. Richardson came in second behind Thompson-Herah in one of her races. Sha'Carri Richardson These recent and awesome women of the track and field today, have inspired me to contemplate and do more research history about how Black African women have had to deal with so much controversy over our hair. And what new stories I have found! But as for now, due to so much talent today and the new winners, it gives me great inspiration to add some more new favorites to my list and to share. Some of these athletes have consistently dominated their race so well, that it can be expected that they will be celebrated for a long time. Like Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce who has become a legend of all times, however, there are some new wonders. Of course, my other all-time past favorite also competed recently, Allyson Felix, and it was said that this would be her last time. But now, there are a few more lovely superwomen to cheer on such as that pretty girl, Britain’s Dina Asher-Smith, the lovely Swiss’ Mujinga Kambundji, Jamaica’s doll Shericka Jackson, our lovely New Jersey lady Athing Mu and the smart beauty who just dominated her race, Gabby Thomas and more. Ironically for me too, would be that although the past hairstyles have been eye-catching, what seems more amazing would be the age of some of these athletes who have dominated and won the foot race. This has given me the most inspiration to believe that I can get up and do something healthier to combat my health problems today. In my middle age though, I sometimes look back in time when I was younger and imagine myself sprinting that fast, but at the end of my dream I always have this re-occurring imagery of me coming through the finish line with a complete horrendous falling to the ground with a horrible horse-like uncontrollable breathing and inevitably ankle-rolling into a blundering crash with my arms flinging wildly and hitting the ground first with one knee and then enduring a complete earth-smacking, elbow-knee roll, covering a large area before finally coming to a miserable end. This fear sort of reminds me of a time when, as a gymnast, my coach believed that I was a sprinter and so, she one day abruptly surprised me and moved the springboard far away from the horse and told me to sprint into my vault. I panicked. I was so angry at her and imagined that I was going to crash into that horse and kill myself. I pulled if off successfully to my shock and surprise. But now, I have also considered being inspired by an older group of athletes who run the marathon too. Nevertheless, the older track and field stars deserves the glory that they have earned! Allyson Felix not only gave birth, but she stepped onto the field at the age of 36. And incredibly all of the women trailed far behind the Jamaican wonder Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce who stepped up to the challenge at the age of 35 and after she also gave birth recently. But now, I have a new favorite that stepped onto the field at the age of 29 and some sports experts believe that she stands to improve her time. This amazing PEARL recently came in close behind her American teammate, Sha’Carri Richardson and in another recent race, she stayed in second place behind Fraser-Pryce until the last moment, Jenna Frandini. When I think about this beauty, I think about Delano who also has some pearls in his life. Jenna Frandini replaced Richardson in the Tokyo 4X 100m relay and led our U.S. team to claim the silver. Recently, Frandini clocked in at 10.75 in a 100m race. It’s impossible not to watch her run over and over and over again and not spring up as she approaches the finish line. Like Elaine Thompson-Herah, it seems as if Jenna Frandini might become another household name. So I would love to share some brief clips and videos of my inspirations. At 35, Jamaica's Fraser-Pryce holds off deep field of Americans in Prefontaine 200m | NBC Sports 210,578 views May 28, 2022 https://youtu.be/nfbJeOCU0pc 2015 Beijing Olympics—Allyson Felix, Jenna Frandini, Jasmine Todd and English Gardner take the Silver! Jenna Frandini & Gabby Thomas in the Tokyo 4x 100 relay—Silver June 4, 2022 – Jenna Frandini Jenna Frandini 2015 100m Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Still Dominating At 35-Years-Old
  3. Yes, I agree. They were definitely Originally Black people! Again, they worshiped White people; they were White supremacist that is why the Roman Empire was able to set up--THE AMORITES. Again, I agree that the Original Amorites such as the ones named to form a Confederacy with Abraham written in ancient scripture were definitely Black. They were also called MOORS. I know. But the Canaanite Hittites migrated from the east and stem from the East world Hittites of ancient Anatolia. Yes, but they were anything but peaceful. I realize that the later Amalekites also identified with the Jebusites, and this name became part of Egyptian history too. Just like the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, they had many Mother--son sexual relationships and marriages and offspring...
  4. This is true. Unfortunately, this is a problem. Absolutely. And to add to this, a lot of these young students come into the classroom and share the adult conversations that they hear and etc. ... especially because we are also taxpayers! SIDE NOTE: I can't even count on two hands how many times I had to deal with 'bullying situations' that came from other parents and teachers against my kids! BUT I feel so hurt for the Grandfather in this situation because, I know that he won't have much help from the community. I am reminded though of one of several times, I refuse to let my son become destroyed by a decision adults made against him: ... a senior, 4.00+ GPA, exemplary student, and I because I did my usual periodical check, I learned that he was striped of his title as DRUM MAJOR because the band director was supported by the principal and parents to 'secretly have tryouts and chose 2 rich White students to be co-drum majors for the spring. My son was so depressed, he never told me. Mostly ALL OF THE STUDENTS ADORED HIM, so I know he was in so much pain. THE DAY I FOUND OUT, I became deeply depressed and wanted to die, but I could not allow my son to hurt. So, I drove to the band practice that day, which happened to be the day before the Winter concert, walked onto the stage and told that band director... I am so sorry you made this mistake, but my son is the drum major for the whole year... she dropped her band stick and turned red. My fist was balled up.... I expected to be taken downtown but I did not care. She told me the principal supported her, so I went to meet him. BUT when I walked into the office, the other 2 vice principals, BLACK MEN, to my surprise, was just as angry as I had been. So they both told me they would go into the meeting with me... I told that principal, this school is run on taxes... Those students can start a private club if they want to but they better NOT be wearing the school name! He told me that I should not get that upset about 'Titles' so, I told him then you should not have any problem taking it back! Long story short; I got a call from the principal that next day and he apologize and said that it was insensitive to do that to my son. So he step on the podium that next night and all the sweet little kids in the band played so hard, I thought they would faint. Most of the fathers --WHITE MEN--ran up to me at the end of the concert and raved about my son! They were just as angry as I had been at the bossy band mothers. And the kids actually hated the other rich kids that was picked to replace my son.
  5. I do believe too, that the media is giving people a false impression and it sure is stressful, but I also feel that this is not just media hype. I think this is a deliberate act and the media is only part of the problem. Just yesterday there was a new breaking story of a mass shooting near Camp David at some machine factory, but imo, it was NOT a mass shooting! Unfortunately, three people have died. But how can about three or so victims be considered 'a mass shooting'? I remember years ago, in Florida at a club called THE PULSE, about 50 people were victims of a shooting--NOW THAT WOULD BE A MASS SHOOTING, imo. Well, it may not be 'a race war' but the way these issues are going, someone is trying to exploit the idea and because Black people are a minority, it seems like, if we jump and respond in a vengeful fashion, it won't be a race war, but a genocidal action against us. That's just how I feel. We need to affectively rebut this exploitation against our humanity in some way though, but how? Should we just sit, wait and vote for the government leaders to come up with a solution to stop this craziness?
  6. @Pioneer1 NONE of these scriptures define Slavery! I responded somewhat to this topic in times past, especially in a thread started by a man named 'Tazarah'. The historical background on the people in these scriptures would help you to have a better understanding. I will recount a brief story that might help to understand this scripture: I met a Palestinian woman years back [I have written about this before]. She and her husband told me that my husband was 'An original Israelite'. He is 'a Negro'; my husband is 'a Black Native' American. This Palestinian woman was completely captivated at the presence of my husband, and she said that she was so afraid of him due to her experiences in Palestine and Israel. Therefore, one day, she finally decided to tell me that, her husband would have to get up from his nap and come and sit into the living room every time we came over their apartment. She further explained that Palestinians have to pay a yearly 'tribute' to Israel, and they resent this. She also said that when she was going through the airport to go to America, an Israelite male employee at the checkpoint angrily threw her passport down. The whole time that she was talking about this, she was holding her face with her two hands, as if she were afraid. But my husband and I, were confused as to why this was so important for her to tell us. So to better explain this story, I believe it correlates to 'UNTO THIS DAY' like 'government service works'. It has nothing to do with your understanding of SLAVERY. This was a choice that Solomon made. He did not cause any of his people to be IN BONDSERVITUDE, meaning contractual service of a 7-year period. BUT, the first scripture you cited cannot be understood without getting a better understanding from an historical point-of-view. So, I will explain a little. WHEN it comes to 1KINGS 9:20, this needs to be understood from an historical basis and I've explained a little before. But the history of these people is massive and books could be written about them. So I'll try to be brief: the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites, Prior to the timeline of the Exodus, these peoples were already ancient. They were a well -developed peoples and had an historical culturalism. AMORITES--these people are Canaanites. They were known for later being empire builders and from them over a thousand years later came the ROMAN EMPIRE. Anyone can see this in their very name AMORA--ROMA in reverse. Specifically, the Amorites are White Supremacist. HITTITES--the Bible records them many times along with their 'Black origins'-- The people of HETH & the Hittites. Or, the Children of HETH and the Hittites. They became a dominant people of trade in ancient Anatolia. Hittites are White Supremacist. Jebusites-- Another culture of Canaanites. their root name JEBUS stems from a certain cognitive word that means 'EARTH PEOPLE'. from them came a lot of giants. And this common issue of the Jebusites stems from their culture of practicing incest and more importantly; Pedophilia. I will stop here because I don't know much about the Hivites and Perizzites. But, due to these issues, would be why the scriptures speak of Joshua and his forces coming against them during the time after the Exodus. So, it was their culture that is an affront but what needs to be stressed too, would be that the individualism is being ignored. Many of these people --genetically speaking-- became a part of the makeup of Israel too. So, it is not the individual but the culture that is being addressed.
  7. THANK YOU! Just a day ago, there was another article about a P.E. teacher who knocked the tooth out of a little boys' mouth. IMO, it was an accident, but the poor kid was wronged! However, the administration, applauded the teacher for her years of teaching and the parents would not let that go! They pressed. It was a White family but nevertheless, no one wanted to go after that teacher. But finally, that teacher was fired. I believe that in this case too, that teacher should be fired, NOT just put on you tube. I am just glad it was not my conflict, because I would not be as calm as that grandfather. I am speaking from experience...
  8. New Jersey is heading this up? Now I need to learn about this new term; FUSION VOTING! What is that!? I read the article but still do not understand the real issue. Apparently, this new movement stems from people who do not like either the democratic or Republican party; and while some may be more geared towards one party, however, they don't care for certain extreme issues. So therefore, they are deciding to come up with a third new party. Yeah, it does sound like what @Pioneer1said. It seems like to me, it will end up being the same racist system. But, I think @richardmurraythe whole point of this post is so that Black people can see how White people organize and then reorganize if they want to achieve their goals of which they believed were not being addressed in the older methods. I believe that if Black people are continuing to rely on old methods that have not worked, than yes, we do need to try to come together and organize to get a better result.
  9. THANK YOU. I need to do more research. I am very curious as to know more about modern day politics about Iran and their neighbors in the Middle East. Years ago, my coworker, a man from East Africa once told me that many of the countries in the Middle East are in disagreement with the Israeli government because they have major gun power and nuclear weapons [support] from the Western powers. He told me that was the major conflict with regards to Israeli. He said that they are a small country but yet they have this major support.
  10. I also do not believe that racism is inherently human. I believe that it is a mystery and that its' origin stems from perhaps, a human that has lost his/her soul. Racism is inhuman and inhumane. It's an attack on humanity. Well, --Change is inevitable though. But I hope that all goes well with the major life changes. Yes, for me, I could see why people would want to protect their homes, but how can anyone know what to do, in the Tops ordeal? It is so unfortunate that the armed security guard was not able to defend the lives lost, nor his own life. I don't believe Black people are seeing that this would be like an act of TERRORISM. I am slowly getting to see that this country is sliding into what many people in the Middle East have been dealing with for a long time. I am slowly beginning to believe that this is terrorism. I remember when 9/11 occurred, a lot of Black people were saying that we would soon have a Black President and I could not understand that kind of reasoning. I thought, what in the world would Black people have to do with what is going on in the Middle East, etc. We are minorities. But now, I am beginning to see a correlation. This country has shifted into a new programming. Once it was about the miliary operations overseas but now, this country has turned inward. This transition is surreal.
  11. Dad Confronts Teacher who made Son Wear Dress Dad Confronts Teacher who made Son Wear Dress - YouTube
  12. @richardmurrayOur family oral history about him was that he was from that part of India that is now Pakistan, however, due to my sons DNA test results, he found out more information. My son informed me that my Great grandfather's genetics placed his origins somewhere in the Northwestern part of India. Very interesting. I did not know this; however, I did find him to be as you have said in that he under-minded other strategies to favor his own.
  13. I just don't understand why 'they' keep bothering Iran?
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