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  1. Chevdove

    What holds it together?

    @Delano WHEW! That is High Science and way beyond my understanding! -- Or, is it DEEP Science!? One part reads, "Most of it is made up of material from the dark side, the side we cannot yet see.” Okay, so here, it reads that we, 'humans' are not made up of spectacular 'stuff' and that the better material are way beyond our galaxy!? "… In fact, after 20 years of searching – and the investment of tens of millions of pounds – not a single Wimp has ever been detected, either at Cern or in underground detectors built in Britain, Europe and the US." That is a lot of 'pounds' or money!-- in the search for a better understanding of 'Wimps'. "…Theorists came up with the idea that invisible dark matter must be providing the mass that gives galaxies their gravitational force, which has since been born out by other observations." Very interesting! You know, I guess it would be a good timing to have this 'Dark Matter Day' on Halloween because of the very mystery of 'life itself' and 'Death'. Still after thousands and thousands of years, the mystery of how we came to be and what happens after we die is still a great wonder. However, IMO, there is 'Intelligent Design', ... very intelligent design and so far, no man can explain completely. No one can completely define how our SUN came to be. Thank you for posting! Very informative.
  2. I LIVED IN ST. LOUIS FOR MONTHS IN 2017, and I can tell you the atmosphere and racial tension is extreme! I initially did NOT believe my relative prior to moving there in his assessment, but experienced it for myself, and am ashame to say now, that he was right and I believe him only because I was there. He said that when he would go to the park, he was being stocked aggresively. He said that old white people came up behind him as he was sitting near the lake and told him they did NOT want his kind there and 'to go back to Africa'. He told me that when he drove to the park and parked where there was no one nearby, a White woman drove up behind him and stopped and did not leave and ten minutes later, he took a picture of her and sent it to me! HIGHWAY K is the parrallel area near to St. Louis, and it is predominantly 'all white' and the parks are visited by mostly 'all white' and a lot of East Indians live there too, but they are also racially profiled, heavily. The church I went to, the pastor even said, repeatedly that this was 'an evil city'. The strip malls look terrible in certain areas in St. Louis, but Hwy K and the other 'white areas' are clean and beautiful. And most of the White people work the fast foods and restaurants, and they seem to make a living doing these kind of 'hand out jobs', you know, like the one that woman had when she felt so confident to screen the Black man at the condo. I went to a park nearby hwy k, and was surprised at the atmosphere myself. Although, I had some amazing people mostly White men, be very friendly towards me. A kind word in the midst of so much hatred, makes my day.
  3. @Cynique This baffles me too. BTW I'm amazed at your writing style! @Troy Again, I just don't understand how you can pass this incident off as being trifle. Are you deliberately ignoring the fact that this woman CALLED THE POLICE on this Black man, or are you subconsiously ignoring this? Are you willfully ignoring the fact that she said and 'ALLUDED' on national television that this Black man 'SHOVED HER ASIDE'-- something that can be defined in court as 'AN ASSAULT AND BATTERY' or, are you subconsciously ignoring this? I am trying to understand your assessment based on this kind of incident that has been going on in the past and did ruin lives. "Again, I'd be willing to bet none of the men I know would not have shot a video of the woman and put it on twitter or Facebook. They would have used their key or shoved her aside." **The White woman is alluding Assault and Battery "Fifteen years ago no one would have even seen this video, and it would never have risen to the level of national prominence. Home boy would have had to handle the situation like an adult man. " ** **She called the police! "Now that I know your actual motivation for seeing this story being shared is the opportunity to spite white folks. Because obviously this situation on its own merits does not warrant much attention" **She called the police! "...I'm not trying to minimize the situation. The situation is minimal on its own."** **She called the police! ..."... you have to admit that there are many more things of significance that occur on a daily basis."** **yes, even after slavery, this happeded and is happening on a daily basis and ruining peoples lives. Troy, she called the police! She made sure to make it known that he got past her, and that he assaulted her. You don't think that the police would have arrested him?
  4. @Troy She had been separated from her husband for over a year! She was bitter and may have lashed out at this Black man based on this very reason! It was none of her business what he was doing, she should have moved out the the way, and then if he did piggy back on her, she could have notified someone. What woman in her right mind would confront a man that early in the morning! that was just crazy to me.
  5. @Troy I was speaking in terms of this issue going beyond what happened to this young man and in terms of what could have happened had he not had a camera. That is why 'Racial Profiling' should be a legal issue. If he did not have a camera, and she called the police, he probably would have been in a lot of trouble. If that were a Black man blocking a White woman, and telling her tht she had to tell him what apt. number she lived in and followed her to her door, and called the police on her for expecting a Black man to let her in the secured bldg., then what do you think the police would have done to tht Black man!? Do you think he would have been fired from his job? No necessarily. Many times the victim is further badgered. I remember back in the 60s women who were victims of rape were badgered if they wnet forward to report it. I don't know how to answer this question objectively due to the experiences that I have endured with being one of many AFrican Americans fired from a past job, and witnessing how others are hired even if they don't have the job requirements. I was at this company for seven years and they fired about 14 Black woman and a number of Black men who were highly skilled and trained new incoming employees, but no White person was ever fired. Tht is not a case of Racial Profiling. That bi-racial woman went off at Black people and that white man called her "RACIST"!!! He called her racist even though he was probably the only White person in that subway car! Troy, that is not racial profiling, that was him attacking her! She turned from commenting against the Black people for not offering a seat to the Black mother, to defending herself agains the busy body White man that took the opportunity to striker her down! Now, I don't agree with her attacking the Black people like that, but that White man was 'passive aggresive' and he spitefully opened his mouth to mock her. IF that were a White woman doing that, saying that to Black people, I would be surprised if that White Jew would have called a White woman out. And even if he did, that would still not be a case of Racial Profling. @Troy When White women accuse Black men of 'breaking the law' or 'not following rules' like what happened to the young man, Emmit Till, there lives are completely destroyed. Therefore, 'Racial Profiling' should be defined legally because this seems to be a prevalent issue. If this young man did not have a camera, this woman was bold even though it was in the early morning darkness, and I don't think he would have come out ahead if he did not film her. Troy, she called the police on him!? That is extreme.
  6. @Troy I am very familiar with the Bi-racial woman that went off on that White Jewish man, and that is NOT Racial Profiling, she was responding to his statment. She was angry at the other Black people, from what I remember, because no one got up and gave up a seat to a Black woman, and I think she had a child or something. Then the White man responded and she tore at him. So, she was defending that issue about a Black woman not being provided with a seat on a busy subway. But, I do not agree with her doing that, however. I agree that it would have been curtesy for someone to offer the mother a seat, but not necessary for her to go off on the Black people like that. LOL! Me too. Well the management might have fired her because of avoiding a backlash from people at the home community that she was an administrator due to her racist attitude towards that man. She was clearly wrong and I think if he pressed charges, she may be found guilty for stocking him at the very least. I did realize too, that he did have a key fob that he did use. He clearly said tht he had buzzed himself in but she blocked him from moving past her as she stood in the doorway and demanded that he tell her his loft apartment number. That is so important though to report and just as important as help the homeless and jobless. Racial Profiling, in my opinion, has crippled our government for so long. @Troy I am especially so so so grateful for progressive African Americans like you that have provided a 'social media board' that offers a forum to have 'a voice, no matter how small' because for so long, I don't feel that Black Americans had a way of voicing our experiences with this government. We can't get into court or anything to a significant degree because we were given a platform or access, but this new age technology has given us a process. And guess what, here is a short video that speaks to this issue: LOL, @Troy It is a big deal, sort of like your posting 'the doll test'. this kind of incident has destroyed so many lives. It's like taking a cross section, and by making it public information, it gives people a chance to use this as a hopeful message that shows people, times may improve as our government is being pressured to get this sort of thing in the court and put the shoe on the other foot against racist people who do this and ruin people's lives. But as you said too, this is not only an issue that White racist do, or White Women who want to have their way, but Black people are good for doing this to each other!
  7. @Troy I checked. He showed his key fob! He had it! She was blocking him in the doorway!. She wanted him to give her information that he, in no way, should have done. She is lying, saying that her dog had to use the bathroom--Not in that doorway! All she had to do was move out of the way, and if she wanted to call the police, then she could have, but she RACIALLY PROFILED HIM and stood in the doorway. He would hve been able to use his key fob if she had not done that. So yes, absolutely, this deserves national attention. As for the Black women in NYC that would Racially Profile White men, please give me an example, because I find that hard to believe.
  8. @Cynique LOL. Thank you! @Troy What if that young man in St. Louis didn't have a way of filming this? It could have been a terrible outcome for him. I understand what you say about piggy backing and she could have just responded to him that she was not going to allow him to piggy back on her and then, simply close the door! Then if he did something to her, she would be in her right to call the police. But she was bold enough to pursue him like that! And, he was so polite, even when he went into his apartment. He wished her good bidding. I also just heard that some African AMerican voters were told to get off the bus due to supposedly 'voter intimidation', but I didn't really look close at this news bit. You know, as an African American woman, I just do not feel that bold enough to confront a White man, even if they were trying to piggy back on my access card or etc. and, this has happened to me many times, as I worked at a company that you had to use a card and plug in your ID to get through the door! And, this happened many times too, going into and out of a senior bldg, in that people would not follow the bldg instructions. Some times, I guess, we need to pick battles, but that is not one that i would have done, as Hilary did. I would have chose another option.
  9. @Troy Yes, perhaps. So I am assuming that he wanted to piggy back on her and not use his key fob. This may be the case. I didn't get that part. At any rate, he was very nice and polite. And, guess what? Here is another story! GAS STATION GAIL! What you do think about this one? Do you think that the Blacks were wrong for filiming this White woman?
  10. Diwali Religious Festival; A NATIONAL HOLIDAY In AMERICA —The White House So much for Separation of Church & State! This OCTOBER FESTIVAL of Lights of the Hindus from India has become an official holiday here in America in which in some areas, schools are closed down for the celebration days. It was first honored by President Bush in 2003 but in 2007 by way of President Obama, it became an official holiday in America and celebrated in the White House. And in the past years, several past presidents attended the festivities held in the White House along with former president Barack Obama. It was said that this Diwali Festival originated as a Hindu festival as it was recorded in their scripts and that it originally was observed in the most holiest of months KARTIK 15th [ie. OCTOBER 15]. However, based on my research this information would be absolutely not true at all! Also, because today, this festival has been said to be based upon a LUNAR CALENDAR, the dates vary. Last year, around the week of OCTOBER 15, I remember seeing orange lights strung along the balconies and doors of some homes in an apartment community and realized that this was because of the Diwali festival. The festival last for five (5) days and it would be the third (3rd) that would the most important day, therefore, this would be the day reported as the time of the festival. So this year, November 7, 2018 would be the date of the festival. Although this incredible day, OCTOBER 15, would pretty much be unheard of in the Black Church, this would be the actual day that Jesus Christ was Crucified. And, the third day, HE AROSE. So OCTOBER 17 would be the actual day of THE FIRST RESURRECTION, even though, it has been celebrated here in America during Spring Break at a time when Easter is celebrated. History The Diwali festival is likely a fusion of harvest festivals in ancient India. [40] It is mentioned in Sanskrit texts such as the Padma Purana, the Skanda Purana both of which were completed in the second half of the 1st millennium CE. … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali *My Note: the 2nd half of the 1st millennium CE = AD 500s, that would be about 500 years after the Roman Empire set up and after the Crucifixion of Jesus!!! Diwali, Lakshmi Puja (Day 3) … The third day is the height of the festival, [109] and coincides with the last day of the dark fortnight of the unar month. This is the day when Hindu, Jain and Sikh temples and homes are aglow with lights, thereby making it the [“] festival of lights. [”] [110] Politics [edit] Diwali was first celebrated in the White House by George W. Bush in 2003 and was given official status by the United States Congress in 2007. [155][156] Barack Obama became the first president to personally attend Diwali at the White House in 2009. … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali When is Diwali? As per India’s official holiday calendar, Diwali in 2017 will be on October 19, coinciding with the 15th day of Kartik, the holiest month in the Hindu lunar calendar. ,,, https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/10/diwali-2017-celebrated-171016104819103.html
  11. This is another recent incident! This woman, Hilary Thorton, was filmed by the African American young man that she confronted, and his video went viral. Ms. Thorton confronted him at the entrance of the luxury apartment in St. Louis and demanded that he show her proof that he lived their and she tried to block him from going through the door. What is it with these women that are so confident they can just confront a male!? A Black man!? But get this; She was married to a Black man! But she had been separated from her husband and he did respond. He said that they had been separated over a year. Anyway, Ms. Thorton, followed this young man after he got passed her, she called the police on him, and went into the elevator with him! She followed him to his door and saw that he did have his key as he opened his door. She stocked him! Here's the thing: Did anyone ever do that to her when she came to the apartment building? Because of her actions, it was reported that she was fired from her job, and get this; She worked at another apartment community as an administrator! blob:https://www.nbcnews.com/b3d87328-ed19-425c-94cd-2f810088523c https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/woman-viral-st-louis-apartment-building-video-says-she-was-n921306
  12. Chevdove

    I'm Changing...........

    @Pioneer1 She did not major Biology or anthropology or Genetics or any of these areas. Today, the Genome Project was released in 2012 and is accepted world wide in that, All White males come from a BLACK AFRICAN MALE Y-DNA origin. This would be consistent with the ancient civilizations of KEMET. Why are you trying to debate with me with someone who wrote fiction? I do understand the stories about the White European missionaries in Africa and too, how they brought depictions of a 'White Jesus' and was even showed in one of my favorite films, Shaka Zulu. I do understand how Europeans made a massive attempt to white wash Black origins and extract the Black African presence out of the Bible, but today, scholars are admitting the truth because of science and data. Alice Walker and many famous AFrican Americans have caused much confusion in their being activist and with regards to this very subject of 'White Adam' and 'White Jesus' especially because, like Ms. Walker, she married a White European Jew. And later, after they were divorced, she had done a lot of protesting against the Jews in the Middle East. Many African Americans show that they have been bedazzled by the very people they say 'raped them of true knowledge'. PIoneer, if you believe in the White format so much, then that is fine, but let us debate on their script. Whether it is tha Jewish Prayer book that you believe is truth or the KJV of the Bible that you don't believe has value as far as Black presence, I think that would be better to debate than someone who wrote about White Missionaries in Africa bringing 'their interpretation' of script that we can now read and decide for ourselves.
  13. Chevdove

    I'm Changing...........

    @Pioneer1 LOL. What kind of question is that!-- What does she have to do with this topic? LOL. I think her childhood was gripping. I think the movie, the Color Purple, after her book was amazing and it makes me see her childhood. I think that her achievements in how she scored high in her intellect is amazing. She is brilliant. And, I feel deeply emotional when I think about some aspects of her life because as a Black African American woman here, in America, I can identify with a lot of her life. Her choices in her personal life, in my opinion, reflects her American experience and I can understand why she like many people have made personal life choices to marry outside of their race and/or have nonconventional relationships. In my opinion too, it shows how American has uprooted us from our ancestral roots and left us in a sort of conundrum. But again, I don't understand what that has to do with our debate as of presently.