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  1. BRIDGING THE GAP of Black ‘African’ History Past & Present Okay, so I am going to share some references about the dates and times when the Exodus was written to have occurred that may help to ‘Bridge the Gap’ between descriptive terms today and yesterday used to mark this historical account that may better help to understand the truth amongst a lot of confusion. Although the whole truth may not be understood immediately, however, hopefully by sharing secular references along with Biblical references about two subjects discussed in this thread and another thread, the Exodus and Amazigh, other truths may be obtained about ancient Black ‘African’ History and cultures. I look forward to debate and discussion, however, while there may be doubt at first in what I share briefly, please give me a chance to explain some topics in more depth, by and by, that may seem strange initially. My research shows me that there has been a deliberately movement at the beginning of the Colonial governments in Europe to misalign certain dates and times that regard ancient Egyptian history and this movement was extensive, but however, not impossible to recognize. So, maybe that would be one major reason, some people do not give much credit to the Biblical scripts about certain events that were written to have happened in Africa; ancient Egypt. So, I will briefly start off by dealing with this issue. Even though many scholars today say that the dates are off, however, they know that they will not be able to convince the lawmakers to address this issue for certain political reasons. So, in my opinion, it would be fruitless to believe that the western big governments will address this issue correctly, however, if the masses of lower class Americans do not make any attempt to understand truth, we will never have a significant voice to address issues that may help humanity. If, dates and times were indeed changed by Big Government in order to confuse the poor and oppress, then obviously it was done for some kind of gain. Therefore, the truth about the past in ancient Africa would be a benefit that could mean a better way to exist for everybody of all walks of life. Anyway, I will start out with a general preview and references about the historical account of the Exodus and Passover Week, and hope to later share more references to support my statements. Firstly, due to the movie that I grew up watching every spring during Eastertime about the Exodus that was produced by Cecille B. DeMille called The Ten Commandments and starring the late Charleston Heston and the late Yule Brenner, I was made to believe that these big time TV Idols would not lie, so this account must be true. What makes matters worse would be that the Black Christians accepted this film as being truth, so much so, that years later another major film production was made along these same timelines, so I’ve been told. Nevertheless, to abruptly start off with a general statement that will hopefully show this account could not possibly be truth as it had been written down in scripture and secular text. If anyone had chosen to have at least read the ancient documents, the films reflect a major contradiction. Charleston Heston was in conflict with the pharaoh Rameses II but based on all ancient accounts this could not possibly be. The ancient Egyptian records agree with modern archeology as well in that Rameses II could not possibly be the pharaoh subjected to a series of plagues, but however, the records today match the Egyptian records and well as other ancient civilizations about a time of great plagues. Therefore, it becomes obvious that Moses conflicted with the government of the 18th Dynasty pharaoh and rulers of the Thutmosis line!—Which was the very name given to ‘Moses-the-Hebrew’! So therefore, because the Israelites were written to be in Egypt for more than 400 years, then they would have been under ‘hard bondage’ under the 18th Dynasty Thutmosis system mostly. For this reason, it would be beneficial to study this historical time period in ancient Africa. Secular records show that these Thutmosis kings were absolutely not the Original Egyptians, but however, they were Aegyptos! Thutmosis I, married into the original line and adopted their name ‘MOSES’ [ie Mosis]. Furthermore, a closer look at the secular books and Egyptian scripts shows that, not only were these Thutmosis pharaohs well documented, they also had dominant names that reflect their connection to the Biblical Magog. The 18th Dynasty were MAGOGS. And, as the Biblical records also show, the adoptive mother of Moses later married into the Hebrew tribe of Judah and had four sons, and like her, the Hebrew Israelites did intermix with these Magogs in ancient times, as it was directed by the Creator. History shows at times, the Israelites violently conflicted with the many different kinds of Egyptians but at times they were at peace and they intermixed, but because of our modern day education and experiences, this idea may seem strange. The Bible records show how the Creator loathed the original Magog cultures for specific reasons, but at times, the Bible shows that the Creator honored the combined interrelations of Israel and the Magogs, but because we have been educated to NOT recognize these crucial aspects of how ancient and original Black ‘African-typed’ people interreacted over thousands and thousands of years, many of us have just simply rejected major historical aspects of African History. We were not all from the same origins and cultures. And, it would be crazy to ignore some of the core issues with the original Magog cultures because it was extremely debased. This information will surface sooner or later anyway, but hopefully soon enough to help humanity. The Creator used all of the Original ‘African’ peoples, cultures and civilizations [ie Original Sheth] and intertwined them at times, one with each other as a part of his masterplan to correct Black Hatred. If some cultures were too perverse, well, they had to be judged based on this score, and according to scripture, however, we have been misled to interpret this as 'God' killing off all Magogs. Some original people may have lost their government, specific culture, or individuals, but their origins and their genetic mark will never be erased. However, because of a deliberate movement of deception, we have been made to believe in many lies. We need to go back and relook at ancient scripts. Without understanding modern peoples that at one distant time were connected and defined by certain root names, without an adequate interpretation and transliteration of ancient descriptive terms into modern terms, and without understanding specific reasons behind some major Old-World conflicts, negative history will continue to repeat itself. So, ultimately, if the dates are times were aligned correctly, it will become evident that the very pharaoh that Moses conflicted with was a young puppet king --- yeah--- named KING TUTANKHAMEN [ie Tutankhaten]. During the 1920s and around that time archeologist seemed to be obssessed with digging up the ancient world and it was during these times that they confirmed what they already well knew in many ancient script forms. The Egyptian records and artworks are extremely detailed and todays' scholars know very well, that it was not RAmeses II, or Tutmosis III, the warrior pharoah, or anyother pharaoh but King Tut that aligns with the Biblical account of the Exodus. So not only do terms need to be translated properly, but the dates and times need to be re-aligned correctly as well. P.S. Oops. The time span give by scholars today would be the 1300s BC, but this is so, not true. One process in getting at the correct dates and times in correlation to our modern Calendar system would be, guess what!? The answer: the Star of Bethlehem, that marked a major epoch. Also, going back before the Exodus, it would be a very catastrophic event that helps to synchronize time and show the correct dates for the historical times of the 18th Dynasty, and other major events such as the later events that surround Rameses II and the Fall of Troy VII and etc. This event occurred in the 1600s BC and it was the MASSIVE EXPLOSION ON THE ISLE OF CRETE. this event has also been somewhat misaligned but many scholars do reveal this more so. This explosion sparked the ending and beginning of several civilizations at that time and marks the very beginning of the 18th Dynasty.
  2. WOW! I will have to get my mind right to watch this. I remember when I worked at a shipyard, how some of the men told me to look at certain areas, and THERE in plain sight were gigantic metal signs still propped up or leaning in corners that read WHITE'S ONLY and COLOREDS ONLY. I was so stunned. some of the men were older and said that they remember how it was in those days. I heard a lot of stories... about those times but now, it seems like we have reversed and are back to those very days. Anyway, thank you for posting this.
  3. @Kareem This is so scary, but right now, I just can't stop trying, no matter what. I am still in complete shock about this homosexual-pediphilia law. I can't believe it. They have put that law 'through us', as if we had something to do with it. I can't believe it. 18 hours ago, Kareem said: Hell, when I first saw Boyz in the Hood and Menace 2 Society, that shit shocked me. I'd never seen anything like that in real life. Yes, me too, but I soon came to realize that some of these rich and famous rappers did experience some of what was put in film and this too, is strange to me. OUr system seems to seek out aggressive ADOS who have been severely victimized and then elevate them and give them 'a voice' and then, propagandize them globally. Some of them will later, try to turn back and show a better 'face' but by this time, it seems, the White Supremacist Movement has achieved what they wanted, in that many foreign people are encouraged to believe that ALL OF US over hear are saggin LGBT etc. etc. etc. That is what it seems like to me--victim exploitation elevated to highlight low standards and then define the whole culture. I feel we are being railroaded. But, I don't feel it is over though. SAGGIN---NIGGAS--- read in reverse script form please. smh. 18 hours ago, Kareem said: When I started trying to "talk black" after seeing those films as a kid, my dad and uncles beat my ass! Lol! I had no choice, I went to an HBCU, so I had to pick up some of my peoples' 'second lango'. It was hard though, coming from my northern "Mister Rogers Neighborhood' where I sounded like a proper European American girl. My girlfriends--- or friend girls-- gave me a really hard time. Me too! This is sad. But, as I said, it's impossible for me, for now, to stop thinking and doing... something.
  4. LOL! Okay. Oh well. I guess I'll be okay, because I've been called ignorant and dumb and some other names too. @Troy Thank you @Pioneer1 for explaining this! I've been told that the movie was good but I've not seen it yet. I remember hearing the awards show and, I think, Spike Lee was upset over how it went. Well, I never heard of him too, but I believe that was engineered. So, I hope you realize the political aspect too. HIs music was rough, but amazing. I don't believe it was his music that became important, but it was the fact that he was part-African--East African--from the Horn of Africa--from ERITREA and he met the president of Eritrea and well, UH, the president was speaking to him about 'economics, politics', and business deals' and this was his whole entire theme for all of his music. --GETTING RID OF THE MIDDLE MAN-- He was uneducated and a high school drop out, was in a gang, and struggled to survive. Again, I never hear of him either until he died, but he was amazing, in his efforts. He even alluded to issues though, that he may have regretted about Black-on-Black violence. He convince a prominent person from the other gang to work with him in stopping gang violence. The Native Americans are not gone. We don't need to do that. No don't leave it at that. LOL. I want to know. @Pioneer1 Hilarious! Oh but no, when it comes to the bigger picture, there are a lot of people on the bottom, however, I am so swamped in my being oppressed as an ADOS, I can barely address anything else! But you made me remember one night my husband 'went-off' on this White man who rolled up to him at the gas pump soliciting him for money...I was so angry and embarrassed, but he got back in the car and reminded me that man and his brother are all over the area and he said to me, "Do you see that expensive electric wheel chair he's in? Can you even get welfare? Do you see how clean his clothes were?... I've seen the brothers all over the city and it's very large city, but it's hard for me to not give. My son cracks me up too, about both Black men and White. One time he said, he gave a dollar's worth of change to 'a brotha' and he said, after he turned and walked away, her heard the change clinging on the ground. The man cussed him out and told him that was not enough... Then he said, Mom look, that White guy panning by this airport will cuss you out, if you don't give him what he thinks he should have... some people... Wait-a-minute! ... a plus, there are other women that pop in from time to time.
  5. Well okay! Thank you! Well, yes, I heard that too. And, I have heard about how African hair type was applied to rocket technology and also car engines, as being a part of coolant systems. And, I have heard about ancient about ziggurats and pyramids construction became correlated to sound waves and etc. Thank you!!!
  6. Okay, WHEW! It was difficult for me to get through all of this. Yes, I have heard of the psychologists and have studied about them in college, but no, this is not what I remember ever being said! Just because a group have or share similar thought patterns and behaviors that were not taught, does not equate to them having this in their genes. NOw, I do think about certain issues concerning pre-hominids though, having collective behavior patterns that are distinct from modern manking, but again, even in this, at one point in a distant time, it was based on 'free choice'.
  7. @Pioneer1 LOL! You are trippin! No dates! No references! You just making up stuff. The country that you are referring too, Central and West Asia is not historically marked by the presence and dominance of Caucasians at that time. At that time when Moses was dated to have lived, the more dominant civilizations in the Steppes was the Russian Steppe during the Bronze Age. At the historical time that Moses was marked to live, one of the civilizations that became dominant was the Hittite/Hurrians in Central Turkey. Prior to this time, parts of the northern worlds did have civilizations and developed the 'horse and chariots' that were traded down in Egypt. The 2 major civilizations in India collapsed 400+ years before Moses' time, and at this time, the Cholchians had already made history as many of them were a part of ancient India and Cush-Babylon [Greater Babylon]. But more specifically, the Cholchians/Caucasians (original Caucasians) were well developed in West Turkey, Iberian Peninsula, and yes, parts of West Asia mountain areas. I agree that there were 'wild' people in the world at this time, but it was not just Caucasians (white). You are way off. But, I too, am not dropping any references for now, but hopefully, I will.
  8. Wow! I'm interested. I saw Tiffany Hadish in the trailer and that is also interesting. I don't have any ideal how to get Neflix though. Chelsea is humorous and brave. I had to watch the trailer again. She said that she got caught with a 'dime bag' on her three fricking times and everytime, they arrested her boyfriend who is Black WTF! Man!
  9. ENKUTATASH NEW YEAR FESTIVAL—SEPTEMBER 2019 This Historic Friday 13th ~ The Real BLACK FRIDAY The Enkutatash, Ethiopian—HEBREW ISRAELITE Festival marks the ancient PASSOVER FESTIVAL WEEK that was instituted during the lifetime of Moses and almost 3500 years ago when the Israelites marched out of Egypt and detailed in the book of EXODUS. And what makes this year so interesting would be due to this week of which includes Friday 13th, a day marked in the Bible as being the last plague, the Destroyer Angel. So although most internet articles respond to the question about the real origin of the mystery that surrounds this unlucky day and never state the truth, because of the detailed description of this Biblical account, therefore, it would be impossible for scholars to not know this truth. Today, the Passover Festival of ‘the Unleavened Bread’ would be celebrated as Holy Communion by most Christians due to the account of ‘the Last Supper’ in which Jesus ‘amended’ this observance. But even still, this New Years Day in September was instituted to be observed forever. Therefore, the Ethiopian Jews and Israelites have continued to observe their new year in the month of September. In addition, because of the Lunar-Solar Calendar that becomes the guide for when this New Year is celebrated, the days vary during these modern times, but even in ancient times, the Passover Week varied, however, based on a lunar Calendar. So therefore, today, the New Year began on September 12, 2019, but in the Bible times, it was always on the 14th day of the month of either September or October based upon the leap year. At any rate, Happy New Year! ENKUTATASH: A Fresh Start in September! Ever since 2001, when two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, a gloomy shadow has been draped over September 11th on the calendar. But while the date has become a dark reminder of the gruesome assault of global terrorism, it marks the beginning of a new dawn and the celebration of an exciting festival that traces its origin to biblical times. Enkutatash: The Gift of a New Year http://afrotourism.com/travelogue/festival-enkutatash-ethiopia/
  10. @Kareem WOW That's amazing. Presently, I don't have a TV, but the internet seems to be much more damaging, and I see it as a step from TV. I monitored what my kids watched when they were in my home, but I lost the battle when the internet came along. I too, have never seen an episode of Empire or Black-ish, and certain other recent shows. I've researched Black-ish and seen a partial episode, and it doesn't seem all that great to me, so I do not understand why it would be given awards. I was never an avid tv person anyway, but again, this internet seems much worse.
  11. @Kareem I absolutely agree! I love what you wrote about Michael Bolton! @Pioneer1 I hope so! LOL. And, I appreciate your sources, and let me bring out some debate points: Now what was the EXACT name these original dark skinned peoples living in the area called?I'm sure it wasn't just "Cauca"...so what was THEIR name? As I have said, it was COLCHIAN, and the Biblical Magog would be a start point, but there are so many more script variations of th ese names that were used in ancient times. But specifically, I asked you OF WHOM DID THE WHITE 'CAUCASIANS' DESCEND FROM!? They did not just appear WHITE!!! These White people, CAUCASIANS, have sex and reproduce, likewise, they are hear today based upon SOMEONE having sex and eventually giving birth to their presence! You wrote: "I came to my conclusions of them not being from there but having been SENT there along with other darker peoples to guard and keep the Caucasians contained in the region from a NUMBER of sources, among them are:In Herodotus Histories Book 2 we read: the Colchians remembered the Egyptians better than the Egyptians remembered the Colchians; the Egyptians said that they held the Colchians to be part of Sesostris' army." I have read this too!!! What you are not recognizing is that HERODOTUS is making a distinction between the EGYPTIANS and THE COLCHIANS!!! As I said, the Colchians were AEGYTPOS! They are not the Orginal Egyptians! This is what Herodotus means when he says that the Colchians remembered the Egyptians better than the Egyptians remembered them! Sesostris is what I was directly speaking about! He is the 12th Dynasty Pharaoh that colonized Russia! He is the one that caused many COLCHIANS to migrate down into Egypt!!!--to become apart of his army! Yes, now we are getting somewhere! We are narrowing this history down. " ... guards to keep the wild Caucasians concealed in West Asia (where the Caucasus mountains are located)." West Asia is not, nor ever, was considered to be WEST ASIA. The CAUCASUS It is directionally defined as THE NORTHEAST. West Asia would be defined as PERSIA [ie IRAN] and ARMENIA and etc. The borderlands though define history that includes mountain ranges that border the Caucasus mountains. Also WEST ASIA is absolutely NOT Europe! the term EURASIA defines both Europe and Asia. "Now this from Nation of Islam theology supports what you said that the original people were already there; but it also supports what I said about them being guards to keep the wild Caucasians concealed in West Asia (where the Caucasus mountains are located)." This would be impossible. Even before Sesostris time, Cholchians were migrating everywhere. Sesostris just marks a movement in that he colonized ancient Russia, and at this time many Colchians became apart of Egypt. "Calling the Colchians the "original Caucasians" would be like calling the Hopi nation the "original Arizonans" or the Lenape nation the "original New Yorkers"." "I'm not exactly sure what the origins of the word "Amazigh" is but "Berber" came from a Greek term used for people who didn't speak Greek which pretty much means barbarian." Well, because of the intense history brought out about them, the term Caucasian can definitely be applied to the Colchians. I absolutely understand what you mean though, but again, their history has been well tract during ancient times, so therefore, the term does apply to them, the Colchians. They were very aggressive and dominant. Just as you wrote about the term 'Original Greeks' being wrong, this is because, today, a good connection has not been made of their transitional history of who they came to take over the land of the original people, but the Colchians have been well tract. The history is their though, about how the Classical Greeks took over and the earlier people from whom the Arabs came from, but it is not well brought out today. Yes, I understand that this term BERBER refers to BARBARIAN but that is not the original meaning! The term BERBER has been corrupted by the GREEKS!!! The term BERBER contains the very root word of one main adjective and description of the Original people of the land of Europe and Eurasia!!! ***** IBERIA----SIBERIA----LIBERIA---THE IBERIAN PENINSULA [Russia]--- the IBERIANS of Spain and Portugal**** The older term for the continent of EUROPE was BEREA--------- And this term originally did not mean Barbarian, but it meant FRUITFUL!!! The term BEREA refers to A FRUITFUL LAND, as in the word BERRY. It defines the Fruitful land of Shem. And this was a main name later, given to the descendants of Joseph--EPHRAIM-- the BARIAHS-- ANd Ephraim is a fruitful bow... As I said, the English language is suspect, and this is why it was written in scripture that words have a deeper meaning that we must research in order to get to the origin or as far back as we can to get a fuller meaning. We cannot supercede the lies and deceit if we don't go back over script and get the earlier meanings of which will help us to better understand how we have been deceived and dumbed down. "Now what do you mean by the "original Seth" people?Lol, if Adam (the archetypical white man) wasn't original....how could his son Seth be?" Now @Pioneer1 If you were correct about Adam being White then, this would contradict all science and that 'afro' that most Africans grow out of their heads. I've already broken this DNA down and it applies directly to the timespan that Adam was created. Even if you ask the African leaders and scholars over their in the African continent today, to confirm that in their lands, in their caves, and ancient ROCK ART, you will find NO primitive or ancient humans depicted with AFROES, or as Herodotus said, WOOLY HAIR, or no BUSHY HAIR... Adam is the scientific marker for THE AFRO!!! HE WAS NOT WHITE!!! So, likewise the name of SETH does not mean WHITE but guess what 'WASET' does!!! LOL! The ancient Egyptian term WASET does mean WHITE SETH!!! But the term Seth or Sety or Suti or SOUTHWORLD... refers to the ancient Seth people!!! The Egyptian god, and enemy of Osiris SETH, the BLACK PIG, in ancient script refers to THE ORIGINAL BLACK AFRICANS and Nodeastern peoples of this world!!! This term SETH would be the more correct term to define the AMAZIGH, and the CHOLCHIANS being woolly haired people from the east, and so many of Black or dark skinned peoples of the northeast world and etc. Now, I have 'inverted' some terms, like ZIGGY---GIZA---ZIGGURAT, in another thread to show that the words are actually the key to their original meanings, and likewise, I plan to do that some more to further reveal some deeper meanings that have been hidden from us today. This is the very reason why I paused for months on certain other topics, in order bring out this aspect of 'hiding ancient history right in front of our faces'.
  12. @Pioneer1 okay, thank you for the definition! I was not responding with this understanding, but after I signed off, I realized I was thinking wrong. Still though, I don't believe that White people, 'Caucasians' are born with this instinct. They would have to be introduced to it. No, I have not. Can you expound upon this? LIke I said, too, these ideas can be equaled with the notion that Black people are born to be 2/3rds of a person, of which I do not believe. Because these Inferiority-superiorty complexes that the world does express through racism, I believe that we humans are being guided into these areas. Black people are being DUMBED DOWN FROM BIRTH, but as long as we are born healthy, we are born with the POTENTIAL to exceed highly in the areas of intellect no matter what color we express. I love the example that you used to describe 'being born a boy or a girl being predisposed to developing in that way--of birth'.
  13. @Pioneer1 Yes, that is true but to a point. Other kinds of people had these trade skills too, but the numbers are shrinking. Yes, this is true too, but to a point. Another option would be to obtain a full scholarship! However, no matter what, whether we are educated in the area of IT or Engineering or trade, the system controls most of it right now, but that still does not mean that we should not be educated in all areas. We need Black Americans in the IT field! We need African Americans in Engineering and in trade skills.
  14. @Pioneer1 Yes, I absolutely agree, but there is a connection too, and although I did use the wrong term, I used it loosely. Because, today, there is not a general term used to define the original people of the land of Greece today. Again, yes, I agree. Now here is where I completely disagree! If it were not for the intense information put out about these ancient CAUCASIANS, I could understand what you say. Because of the amount of energy put out in exposing these ORIGINAL CAUCASIANS, I can see where they were indeed dark skinned people known by this term, or least the root term "CAUCA". You said; "According to Nation of Islam terminology the term "Caucasian" means pale, weak blooded, and weak boned...that doesn't sound like African peoples." The Nation of Islam is perhaps getting their information from these modern times. So whether or not the term 'CAUCASIAN' or even 'CAUCASOID' today means White skinned or pale skinned, it did not mean this in its origin. "And although the Cholchians were indeed Africans from Kemet, they weren't the ancient Blacks of that land. The Cholchians were the "watchers" who were sent from Kemet to help keep the Caucasians contained in that region and make sure they didn't get out." Now here you go, saying something that is not backed up by any valid script references. The Cholchians were indeed 'African-typed' but they are not originally from Kemet on thier MALE LINEAGE. The book Black Spark, White Fire, is just one sorce that tells of their Northeastern origins. The Cholchians would be a better term to define the ORIGINAL CAUCASIANS, but nonetheless, both terms define the same people with the same origins. Many other sources state that the 12th Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, colonized the northeast and he interacted with the Cholchians in Iberia. After this time, the Cholchians migrated down into Egypt and became apart of Egyptian history as a significant presence in Egypt. THE SECOND BRONZE AGE TIME SPAN. No, both terms AMAZIGH and BERBER signify 'African-typed' people, but NOT HAMITIC Male line. The proper term would be KHETY or Semitic, based on their specific origins. I believe they were a confederation of people but their beginning would be Original Seth people, nonetheless and, again, this word Caucasian is the confusion. Because, @Pioneer1 please tell me of whom did the CAUCASIANS originate since you believe that they were originally White? Who did the CAUCASIANS originate from? Modern scholars coined this phrase 'Caucasian' and redefined it as being PURE WHITE RACE, but this is even admitted today, that this cannot be correct. Anyway, I look forward to your response, and will also add some references in a new thread perhaps to delve into this modern day confusion of the term *Original Caucasians.
  15. @Pioneer1 LOL! I do want to hear--the truth! LOL! No no no! The word 'predisposed' is totally different from someone being born MENTALLY RETARDED. Okay, this is what you wrote: "if a person is born predisposed to being a racist then no matter..." This is what I did say. Predisposed means that they were introduced to racism, so if this is true, then yes, they would exhibit this behavior. Racism is taught. Racism is not genetics. If a person is born, dark skinned, they don't eventually believe that they are inferior to lighter skinned people and likewise, if a person is born White, the don't eventually believe that they are superior to dark skinned people. All of this Colorism and White Supremacy has an origin. LOL! Truth, but they still should be ashamed.
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