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  1. @Troy He was a Raleigh North Carolina Police Officer and he basically said that many people have been misled to believe that once you sign up on Facebook, you can delete your account but that is not true. Then he said that if you post a pic or something that you later regret and try to delete it, however, this will not happen but, it will still be there no matter what. Then he said that if can affect you job in the future. So he advise students to stay away from facebook. @Pioneer1 LOL! I do NOT have what it takes to stay tuned in long enough to do what Cynique did! I have short attention span! And also, like MC Hammer said-- regarding @Mel Hopkins-- being First Lady-- She is polished and awesome imo and as MC HAMMER SAID, when it comes to MEL HOPKINS, "I" ... CAN'T TOUCH THIS!...
  2. SWEET PEA WHITAKER--May he RIP What Happened!? I mean, what really happened!? Was this the first time he’d crossed that street or what? Aren’t we speaking about a professional boxer who probably was accustomed to jogging and crossing streets? Well, anyway, this is sad news. I met him years ago, and thought that he was so very nice. The reports say that he had just had a photo session the day before! And, reports also have 'exonerated' the driver of the vehicle that struck him already. No charges are expected to be filed. Oh well,.. I met Sweet Pea Whitaker back in the 1980s at the Scope during a CIAA Championship game and later at my college in Norfolk, Va. and that was how I came to know that he was famous. I was a CIAA ‘ball girl’ and went to take a break and sat down in the bleachers for the VIPs. At this time, I did not know anything about him. But he was sitting directly in front of me and he turned around and introduced himself to me. He had bodyguards all around him. Later during that time, he handed me a poster that said, “10” and asked me to hold it up and then he took a picture. LOL. It just occurred to me that he might have been flirting with me!!! OMG! Shoot! LOL. Just kdding. I still have that pic, but well, those dayz are gone! LOL! I am a different person now! Now I'm a 10 x 10 x 10... LOL. But, back then it took me a while to realize who I had just met! Man! Again, he was so nice. My husband grew up in Norfolk and recalled how he was recruited and trained to be a boxer and became a favorite, he said, because ‘he had a left hook’. But, he quit because, he said that it was too intense for him. He said, they worked him out so hard that after the next day, he could not even lift his arms. Well, anyway, this is horrible news. I just read that Sweet Pea had financial debt and drug problems. And, the news reports says that he died on the scene. I also just read that Sweet Pea was arguable the best boxer of all times! May he rest in peace. REAKING Former world champion boxer Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker struck, killed by vehicle in Virginia Beach · Staff report Jul 15, 2019 Updated 21 hrs ago Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker, a former world champion boxer, died Sunday night after being hit by a pickup in Virginia Beach. … Whitaker, 55, was a four-time world champion who grew up in Norfolk. He won an Olympic gold medal in 1984. Ring Magazine named him its 1989 boxer of the year. ... https://pilotonline.com/sports/other/boxing/article_f4e8d6de-a6fd-11e9-ac4a-db3b99f41acb.html Post Script: How does a pickup truck hit a person all by itself? I guess they meant, 'after being hit by a PERSON driving the pick up truck'...
  3. Not all Black Police have been silent though. Man, was this recent? I guess I need to google. This is shocking news -- for me. OMG.
  4. @Pioneer1 You are so right. Besides, it seemed like she was exhausted. So true. WOW! Yes, I am not a facebook junkie at all. I do use it but it is very rare. At an orientation once, a North Carolina Police Officer who came to speak at a major university advise college students to stay off of facebook for various reasons! And, I never forgot what he said. They may turn up sooner or later.
  5. @Pioneer1 I acknowledge what you say, but I totally disagree. Yes, and again, I acknowledge what you believe, but you are absolutely wrong. However, I would not make any attempt to change your mind.
  6. @Troy I didn't follow the story ver well, but yes, I believe this topic went viral before Colin was noted for his position. @Pioneer1 You struck a nerve!!! Add to this list the former President Obama, okay! He too is bi-racial but many Blacks will get angry if this is noted by a Black person. Yeah, regarding Kim K., @Pioneer1 this is old, old, .... very old news in how Black African people have historically been sidelined! You may not agree, but this is the very process in the term 'CAUCASIAN' and more ancient terms being changed in its' original meaning! Today, many people, WHITE PEOPLE in SOUTH AFRICA are known to be WHITE, CAUCASIANS and EUROPEAN, but if the higher powers allow this to continue, thousands of years from now, this term 'AFRICAN' will be defined as being today's White European Caucasians. Your belief too about the term 'Jew' means a White person, but this is not true in ancient times. There are so many terms today that we believe define White people but this kind of history is deceptive.
  7. WOW tht video is amazing. His weave looks so natural but, imo, he didn't look bad at all prior to the hair. I don't see it as an enhancement for him. He look good both ways.
  8. That is crazy!!! They made her bi-racial. So she is like--a robot.
  9. LOL @Delano caught me off guard! I've had my laugh for the day.
  10. @Pioneer1 You are absolutely right. Well, just to be sure, I certainly do NOT want you to be shamed, ridiculed, suspended or banned! I look forward to reading you! Yes, I see this too and tend to get these vibes coming from some posters, but I don't know if it is a gender issue. I think a lot of you for this! @Delano Yes, I hope you are wrong.
  11. That is crazy! But about the article; from what I read, Colin spoke up after it went viral on some social media sites. So, I don't believe that Colin is the spark of this issue, but he became involved later.
  12. She may not, but she will be missed...
  13. Oh yes! These are my very thoughts!
  14. @Pioneer1 Well, if you give her some space, then maybe she will offer some input. I love her writing style.
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