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  1. What is a 613 Helmet!? Trip to the Black Owned Business Oh My God! Please help me to get some travel money so that I can go to the Turkey Hut! This is on my bucket list. I first heard of this Black owned business in Houston, Texas from a viral video posted by a black own vlog site called Pink Book Lessons of which she mentioned a disrespectful Black woman who went to the restaurant this past September 4, 2022, to make a publicity stunt to go against the dress code policy. So, she referred to this woman as wearing a 613 Helmet and also a 304. It took me a google moment to find out the meanings and so, 613 helmet refers to the blonde wig that this woman wore and 304 is an urban slang word which means ‘Whore’ [i.e., HOE]. Apparently, 304 stems from turning a calculator upside down and when the number 304 is read it spells ‘hoe’! LOL. At any rate, this restaurant was opened and operated by a Black woman, and it has become so famous that many celebrities go there. People stand outside in two-hour lines to be able to experience the mouth-watering food! So as for me, I would have no problem with the dress code: The Turkey Leg Hut dress code policy states: *no excessively revealing clothing (shorts must cover your entire bottom) *no obscene language or baggy clothing *no house attire (including wave caps, du-rags, house shoes or shower caps) *no exposed undergarments (including sports bras, bras, panties or garments resembling these items) *no swimwear of any kind Man! I remember when I had to take refuge a few years back and travelled all the way across America to St. Louis, Missouri and by happenstance, turned into the driveway of Sweetie Pie’s restaurant and learned how famous it was but now, This Turkey Leg Hut and piqued my interest even more! Sweetie Pie’s was also founded by a Black woman who was a backup singer for Tina Turner and like Turkey Leg Hut, her restaurant became so famous that people will travel from far away and stand in long lines just for the experience. Now, at Turkey Leg Hut, people come from places all around the world to eat at this restaurant. Famous people like Snoop Dog and Kevin Hart and many more also visited and endorse it. Even the African Diaspora Channel featured this restaurant because the Gentrification type communities that sprung up in this once dominant Black community sued the owners due to the smoke that they claimed was a problem in the community! However, so many kinds of people patronize this establishment and so, because of the many kinds of people that come to it, the owners soon listed a dress code and so, these viral videos posted will show the true story of how this restaurant has become so famous. And the viral video by Pink Book Lessons, etc. will also explain more about this amazing restaurant and the kind of negativity that actually came from Black women.
  2. LOL! Who is that with Candace? It's probably Kanye.
  3. Oh really!? @Pioneer1 Do you know this as fact? I am inclined to believe you because Lupita is bigtime!!! There is definitely a reason that she refuse to play this role. I just listened to the video you posted, and would like to know more about the speaker. He was very passionate. He says pretty much that the Dahomey women fought other Africans but not the Europeans; is this truth though? It seems like Africa was swamped with so much activity of Blacks selling other Blacks to Europeans that in itself though is not altogether a negative issue; what I mean is that would be unavoidable and Africans should have tried to fight off Europeans from being welcomed to Africa for the slave trade, but then too, Black-vs-Black defense was necessary too. I hope to read more about the Dahomey, because like you, I do NOT trust this movie at all. No, I don't think I am in favor of this movie.
  4. Oh WOW! Powerful and so true! @Mel Hopkins Interesting point. I have heard a lot of controversy about this movie. I read that the role that Viola played was first offered to Lupita and after she researched it, she refused to take the role, and I WONDER WHY!?
  5. Nope. What? @nels I absolutely agree!--However to say "Nope" and not acknowledge that these Africans sold Africans to WHO!?--Americans, White people, is crazy. Nobody forced White people to buy and trade Africans. Nobody forced these White people to rape African chidren. BTW too, my ancestor was NOT sold by any African, she was stolen during the Arab Slave trade.
  6. @ProfD That jobs are being given to other minorities to displace Blacks is a frustration for me because it is obvious wherever I go. This is happening in Blue collar jobs as well as jobs that require higher learning, jobs that many Black people can fill but are not given the chance. Definitely. But I wonder how this can happen. Good jobs mean better housing too and so many other things. We are being pushed out of the market.
  7. Masada~ The Boston Tea Party of the Past Part I Masada And Ezekiel’s prophecy does agree with the other prophets in this regard but at the time that he wrote his book, who would ever think that Ezekiel knew what he was actually writing about!? [1] Thou also, son of man, take thee a tile, and lay it before thee, and pourtray upon it the city, even Jerusalem: [2] And lay siege against it, and build a fort against it, and cast a mount against it; set the camp also against it, and set battering rams against it round about. [3] Moreover take thou unto thee an iron pan, and set it for a wall of iron between thee and the city: and set thy face against it, and it shall be besieged, and thou shalt lay siege against it. This shall be a sign to the house of Israel. EZEKIEL 4:1-3. … after A.D. 70 Masada [i.e. the Romans laid siege against Jerusalem with Battering rams] and the destruction of the temple … Prophecy of the Transatlantic Slave Ship Trade; Part 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/9639-prophecy-of-the-transatlantic-slave-ship-trade-part-2/ Some historians refer to Masada as 'the Boston Tea Party' of the past. This viral and brief film about Masada helps to understand the depth of Ezekiel’s incredible prophecies, not only about the process in which the Israelites had been systematically driven out of the Middle East but how this time period was connected to the future event of the slave ship era that would not even happen until way beyond 2000 years at the time when this incredible prophecy was written! Now, it has come to past, so much so, that it has become a major tourist attraction. Now, it has been more than 2000 years since this event has come to past! Ezekiel wrote that the horrible event of how the Israelites would be violently driven out of the Middle East over a successive period of time was only ‘a sign’ of even more terrible things to happen much later with regards to the setup of a Second Roman empire. Within the same prophecy about the setup of the Roman military camp, Ezekiel wrote about the Transatlantic Slave Ship era that would occur as a judgment against Israel for their sins. Wow! Does God have a long memory or what!? So like Daniel and the other Nebiim prophets, Ezekiel wrote about the apocalypse, a time period of ‘a time, time and half of times’ which means, 2500 years. Daniel specifically dated the apocalypse to be based upon the time of the construction and completion of the second temple in Jerusalem of which occurred during the 400s BC. This temple eventually became known as Herod’s temple as well due to some of the additions added by Herod. 600s BC --------- Roman Empire --- AD 70s --- AD 433 Rome downfall -----AD 1099 Crusades Ezekiel lived during the 600s BC, and it was during this time that the Northern Nation of Israel was overthrown violently byway of the Assyrians. So, about 600 years before the romans formed their empire, Ezekiel wrote his book and wrote about how the Israelites would be removed from this country, the original lands of the Canaanites. The prophet Daniel, at a young age became part of the downfall of Jewry, the Southern Nation of Israel, which did not happen until over a hundred years later after the Northern Israelites were overthrown. However, about 70 years later after Daniel and many of the Jews were forced marched out of their lands, the Babylonians of whom orchestrated this overthrow were themselves overthrown by the Persians and so, many Jews of the Southern Nation migrated back down into Jerusalem and built a second temple system up. But like Daniel, many other Jews remained in the north and became a part of the Persian overthrow as well. Eventually, after the Greek empire set up, soon came the Greco-Roman times. Finally, the Romans transitioned their system from a republic to an empire system and after a series of military campaigns such as the Punic Wars, the Romans began to exercise their military powers over the Middle East. From their capitol in Central Italy, the Roman made decrees and the first decree made in Syria was to begin a movement to tax the world. Soon, Roman military campaigns began against the Jews. All throughout the Middle East, Roman military men were deployed to setup camps and to assist in the setup of Roman rule, however, many Jews vehemently resisted. Nevertheless, by and by, the Jews and many others like the Zealots became defeated. By the year A.D. 66, the Romans campaigned in the south against the last Jewish stronghold, Masada. This stronghold was a well-fortified and an extravagant and lavish walled community equipped with palaces, storerooms, and extensive water supply areas and that had been constructed by Herod at an earlier time. Initially, the Romans were overpowered however, the Romans would not relent, therefore, they employed some of their well-seasoned forces, one of which was supposedly men from Julius Caesars famous Black army. So, the Romans set up camp and lay siege, and this campaign lasted for years. Finally, the Romans built up a massive mound and rolled a battering ram into position and breached the wall. But, in A.D. 73, on April 16, when the Romans broke through, what they found was mass deaths. Ironically, 73 years prior, this was the very day that Jesus Christ was born, and the star of Bethlehem appeared. The ramp was complete in the spring of 73, after probably two to three months of siege, allowing the Romans to finally breach the wall of the fortress with a battering ram on April 16. [16][17] . . . A giant siege tower with a battering ram was constructed and moved laboriously up the completed ramp. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masada Some historians say that the people either committed suicide or submitted to murder rather than be captured by the Romans. There were only a few that were alive amidst burning buildings. After this campaign, the Romans dealt with remaining Jewish rebellions that occurred intermittently for decades up until the last significant revolt of Bar Kokhba. However, at that time and for many years to come, Masada became one of the most dramatic events of all times. More importantly, it becomes the mark of Ezekiel’s prophecy written down some 600 years prior. However, the most haunting aspect of that prophecy was that even as terrible as it had been for the Jews being driven out of their country, moreover, Ezekiel wrote that it would become a mark, a sign of the time, of another more evil horror to occur; that of the Transatlantic Slave Ship era and the setup of another future massive world empire system. Siege of masada
  8. *************************** MASADA **************************** [1] The Romans lay sieged against it [2] The Romans built up a mount against it [3] The Romans set up camp nearby [4] The Romans set a battering ram against it
  9. A Shoutout to the Habesha People This Week __________________________________________________________________ A Shoutout to the Habesha People This Week—HAPPY NEW YEAR! ENKUTATASH 2022 This week, beginning on September 11, 2022, was the start of the Ethiopian New Year as well as for the other Habesha people in Eritrea and other countries thereabout. And even though the status quo explanation for the Ethiopian New Year revolves around the Biblical King Solomon, for all of the other countries of the Habesha included would be the institution of their New Year that goes way back more than a thousand years before Solomon to the days of Moses. So, what would be the start point of the Exodus? https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/9667-a-day-for-a-year-%E2%80%94start-point-ezekiel%E2%80%99s-prophecy/ The actual day the Israelites left was September 15, after midnight. So, the scientific date would have been September 14, as the Israelites changed their new year forever to begin that month instead of the scientific (lunar) new year of March 14. https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/9667-a-day-for-a-year-%E2%80%94start-point-ezekiel%E2%80%99s-prophecy/ So, during the Exodus, their new year was changed from the scientific new year of March 14, to occur on the seventh lunar month of September 14. Furthermore, the scriptures do plainly state that this new year festival was to be observed forever and so, their festivities usually last for a week. However, today, the Habesha people do not use the lunar Calendar but the Gregorian Calendar of which has been based on the solar cycles. Had the lunar Calendar still be in use, then every third year, their new year would be moved to occur in the month of October. Although some people think that these African people in the horn are the only peoples to have a different new year than the western world, that would be far from the truth. And so, one of the very reasons for the Habesha people to observe their new year revolves around the purpose of educating their offspring annually on the historical basis of all humanity as well as how they came to form their original cultures. It would be from this basis too, that I have come to understand many aspects of the ancient new years that occurred even long before this September new year institution. I find it very intriguing that all of new years of the past and present have a direct correlation to astronomy and in some regards some type of cataclysmic event. For example, the ancient Egyptians had more than one new year and prior to the time of Moses, the month of February had been the most amazing new year celebration for the ancient Egyptians of which they observed for over thousands of years! But then, at some remote time, the scientific ninth month of November became a new year for certain ancient civilizations, and this too was due to some type of major star or meteor storm that struck our planet hence the root word ‘NOVA’ [i.e., Nov; ‘nova’, ‘new’ or ‘supernova’]. So, today, because there has been a meteor storm of new articles about recent sightings of UFOs [i.e., UAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] and how our governments are now addressing the issue again, with no certain conclusions [again!], it would be good to look at the historical and scientific aspects of how our calendars correlate to celestial events and etc.
  10. Oh yes, this is true. We need analysts and experts to research this topic though, and then train counselors to guide students into the right direction in what kind of educational program to be in so that when they complete the required courses, they can be thrive in society. Also, I believe that trained counselors should assess Black students at the appropriate age, and help to see their talents and then better assist them into going into a direction that would cause them to be further educated in a particular field of study. I believe it a job that both parents and counselors should do and this would be a benefit to humanity as a whole. Instead, imo, a lot of Black kids are saying at an early age that they want to be a rap star or a hair salon worker, or a football player and they are considering other areas of employment.
  11. I did not know Japan had significant problems in their school systems. This is a total surprise to me. I remember in the past that America seemed to have become enamored with Japanese educational system, so much so, that our schools began to model after them. I vaguely remember having kindergarten schools removing the nap time completely based on Japanese style schools. And even now, I don’t agree. I thought nap time was good for kids at that age. But America began raising the academic requirements and so, kids have been pushed harder to achieve higher intellect goals. Now, I am reading from this thread that Japan ran into problems!? So, this thread is very informative. I can see the benefit in that Korean film too, it seems like a wakeup call. Then you added the religious spend on this thread of the Jewish private schools and also the Christian schools. Yes, after integration, I could see very well, that White people who still did not like Black kids going into the classroom with their kids came up with another solution. They simply implemented rigorous programs within the public school systems that BINGO, integration was in full swing!!! So, I do agree that Black schools should continue as you have said However, I have come across too many under educated Black teachers, I this enrages me! If we are going to push for integration too, we need to do better as far as academics. It’s ridiculous, too many Black schools have become nothing but a party environment. I went to black schools and highly condone it, but again, the act of hiring favorites is not a good thing. My institution was amazing though and their professional staff, better than many White colleges, but that is not the same everywhere. IMO, education is first, partying and football should be secondary behind academics. We need to compete on a global level when it comes to academics. My views on religion, private schools, etc. is another issue! Japan, Korea, the Jews, and Christians have the privilege of organizing schools to their liking but, when their kids try to compete with the world, problems surface!
  12. I too ponder a thought that I might be from another realm. I wonder why do some people break from the norm and think differently than what they have been conditioned to think. Some people do as they are taught but then, some do not. Why? I believe that it is good at times to do as you are told, but then at times, I think it is imperative to look outside of the frame to see if there are other possibilities. The human mind is fascinating, imo.
  13. Geez, @Pioneer1 He's old news. We should be done with men like him who push that he is a doctor of what he is talking about, when in fact, he got his degree in something like psychology. I listen to about 5 minutes of his rants and he tries to explain away ST MARK 16:9-20 when Jesus rose on THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK. That passage is detailed and framed in ASTRONOMY all throughout the 6000 years of prophecy. Sunday, October 19, is the first day of the week, early in the morning after the end of Sabbath. And the women after 6pm at the end of sabbath went about getting spices to anoint the body in the tomb. GEEZ. Then Hagins, talks about being a pentacostal preacher and then turning to the belief in HORUS and Egyptian idols!!! Listern, that Horus idol was made to go against the Upper Egypt triad of Mut/Khons... and this history includes White Supremacy that infiltrated Egypt. Horus was good and Seth the BLACK PIG was evil... and now, all Negroes represent the evil Black pig seth. We need to get past this kind of White infiltration of ancient script. All Hagin has done was to add confusion. He had the nerve to accept the White British man Bulge. LOL. We need to move on and relook at this White Jesus idol and realize that is made up and Black people should not follow white racist in throwing away the truth about the Biblical Jesus.
  14. Okay this is too funny! ROFL! I am going to share this. On the the serious side though, a lot of people in the continent of Africa are NOT mourning the death of queen Elizabeth. There is an uproar going on in certain areas. I also saw in the cnn news, I think, that the newly crowned Charles III is being pressed to make a statement about REPARATIONS.
  15. It really does. You've been making this contention and when I saw this video, it just floored me!
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