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    HAPPY (belated) BIRTH DAY !!!! May God bless you to enjoy many many many more years in peace and good health. And if you're still celebrating and don't mind risking BOTH your peace and good health, well..... Here, this 40 oz is for you: ps. You should have never admitted you used to (?) drink malt liquor, I'm gonna be fucking with you about that one for a GOOD minute.....lol
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    It looks like Marx was right about capitalism.
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    Today, April 8th, is the birthday our fearless leader, Troy Johnson. I'd like to wish him a good one along with many happy returns. I'd also like to express my appreciation for how he conducts this forum and his sincere dedication to all things black and positive. He is an "Alpha Male" who makes this world a better place. More power to you, ol buddy! Luv ya.
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    I was reading this like, "Wow, someone else's birthday is today too." Thanks so much for you kind words Cynique. I truly appreciate you, you are a gift to us all every day of the year!
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    Happy Birthday, Troy. Friends are gifts you give to yourself.
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    I liked the movie. And I disagree with Aries. All black people are not going to hang out with people in the hood and be "down." There are some black people I would not like to hang out with. 1). Hood people who are ignorant and have no hope. 2). Boogie black people who are not real with themselves and think they are above all other black people. I came from a rough city. There are those who referred to themselves as "niggas" and stayed where they were. And there are those who fought their way out through education and work, who would have nothing in common with the people who chose to stay "down" and to stay "niggas." Aries makes it as though all black people naturally gravitate to a rough crowd, and those in the rough crowd are the more authentic black people. I beg to differ.
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    I sometimes think of Troy as being a voice in the wilderness, worthy of being heard. I often think of Delano as being his own best friend. I usually think of Pioneer as the creator of his own world. I find Mel to be an original thinker, CDBurns a calculated optimist, and Xeon a discriminating black man. I don't know what I am. Coo-coo, I guess.
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    @Pioneer1 when I write here it is for public consumption with the idea that anyone can read and comment on what I write. If I want to communicate with anyone directly I would email them or message them directly. In my case, at least, you should read everything I write in a conversation, because I'm assuming you have. I guess that explains some miscommunication in the past I'm surprised you felt I was snapping at you. That was not my intent. Sorry about that. To explain my mission "in detail" to someone unfamiliar with me and the nature of the web would take a minute. It is like responding to a common question I get, "I just wrote a book, what do I do next?" What seems like a simple question really is not very simple it depends so much on what the person already knows, what their goals are, etc. Probing to get the detail to provide an adequate response would take more time than I have. I tell myself I need to craft a genetic response so that when I get that question, I can direct writers to the canned response, rather than ignoring the email. Pioneer your question deserves a response, but I'd like to take some time to craft it properly, because I know I'll have occasion to use it often. I won't have it done tomorrow or next month, but when it is done I will be sure to share it with you. But I will tell you this much; selling books or opening a chain of Black-owned bookstores are activities, not a vision in my opinion. The underlying reason for those activities can reveal one's motivations and shed some clue to their vision.
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    I did just look up Magnus after making my post and now I see why I drew a blank. I looked up the correct word this time and see that it means one of the Magi (proper noun) and it also means magician, sorcerer, or astrologer. Del when you call Cynique a Magus what are you actually saying about her? Thanks for believing and saying that you believe in my vision. It helps. I can't do anything that I'm trying to do alone. I'm not sure any of us can go through life doing anything of value in isolation. We need the support of others. Thanks.
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    Du Bois's speech reminded me of a comment @Delano, made in a conversation I started last week. Du Bois died a year after I was born and was old enough to have personally known black people who were formerly enslaved. It is a crying shame that almost 60 years after this speech was delivered the things Du Bois criticized have only gotten worse. His point on what we now refer to as campaign finance reform was particularly telling. W. E. B. Du Bois Criticizes Capitalism in the audio below. He was 93 when this speech was delivered and was a remarkable human. It seems he was wrong about socialism being the dominant world structure. I guess he was far more confident or optimistic in human nature. Your browser does not support the audio element. “…American Negroes must know what is going on in the world today and learn for themselves what [Socialism] has to teach them in order that they may preserve their culture, get rid of their poverty, ignorance and disease and help America live up at least to a shadow of its vain boast as the land of the free and the home of the brave” Del, maybe Dubois was right too.
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    I guess the manhunt for the "Cleveland Killer" or "Facebook Killer" has been called off and the situation resolved. After mercilessly killing a 74 year old innocent man on live social media and bragging (and probably lying) about having murdered over a dozen other people, the suspect ended up killing himself after being tracked down and surrounded by police in Pennsylvania. Besides themselves, few people really know what really goes on in the minds of people who "snap" and feel the urge to go on a killing spree, but part of me really believes that this situation could have been prevented. Which is why when people do things like this, I'm the type of person who likes to dig into the background to TRY and understand why or what may have led to it. When you look at his previous videos he not only blames his girlfriend ultimately, but he also blames his friends, his own mother, and society in general for not paying attention to his calls for help. Many people have called this a weak pitiful excuse by a deranged monster who just trying to justify his own evil. But I've heard this time and time again from other Black men. I hope people don't take this the wrong way or think it sounds "soft" but but I really feel sorry for Black men in this society. We don't have many places to turn to when WE need help dealing with problems whether it be legal, financial, or even relationship. -White people don't care. -Black women have their own concerns that are just as if not more dire -Often times we don't have money for the therapists what wealthy Whites have traditionally used as a "shoulder to cry on" -Unless you have a serious mental illness requiring medical attention, even a hospital won't really help you -And probably worst of all OTHER BLACK MEN tend to brush eachother off and even belittle eachother as weak and "bitch assed" for even complaining about their problems. I find it ironic that Black men who know FIRST HAND what other Black men are faced with and how other Black men are treated in this society are often times that hardest and coldest on eachother when it comes to financial and societal hardships. After being born in poverty, going in and out of jail, and straight catching hell for 30 years a Black man who hits the lottery or finds a rich girlfriend to take care of him will turn right around and look at another who is in the SAME CONDITION he was in just 2 or 3 years ago and with bitter contempt say: "Man, f*** that sorry ass nigga ! I made it....why the f**** can't he ?" I actually believe Black men not being able to "grieve" or "lament" their problems is one of the reasons the homicide rate is so high in many urban communities where Black men explode from a lifetime up pent up frustration. I'm not saying this is an excuse for murdering innocent people nor am I attempting in any way to justify his monsterous behavior, however with so many people in the media and even people in real life chanting the same lines over and over again that he should have sought help before he did what he did...... My question is, where should this Black man have gone to seek this "help"? Who feels sorry enough for Black men in THIS society to actually sit down and listen to them crying and complaining about how hard it can be trying to survive in a society designed by and for White males?
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    Got a Copy! A day after the release... I've been waiting for this follow up for a long time... I'm not gonna Vent right now I'm gonna share one of my Fave authors and one of favorites... The Gideon Series. Anybody else a Fan?... uggh wont allow me to Upload Image too Big it Cried!!!
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    I discovered late in life that I am an Existentialist and didn't know it. The 3 Stages of Life: (1) Birth (2) What the fuck is this? (3) Death
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    By virtue of being a crook, Donald Trump rescued himself from failing businesses by declaring bankruptcy and is probably indebted to Russia and maybe even China. He is foolish. As president he is an uninformed wind bag, a thin-skinned narcissist who blames others for his mistakes, and an irresponsible liar drunk with power. His Twitter tweets are often incoherent and contain misspellings. He gets over ,not because he is shrewd but because he is a sign of the whimsical times when flukes flourish and everything is haywire. Nobody was more surprised than him when he won, - by virtue of being at the right place at the right time and the beneficiary of the peculiar electoral college. ( His Press Secretary is pathetic as are his Secretaries of Education, and of Housing and Urban development, just to name a few.) He is humored by others around him who perceive that Republicans are "on a roll", - again because of the dynamics that have capriciously been brought into play because the world has become skewed, the tide has turned and some would even attribute this discombobulation to the configuration of the stars. Whatever. And I didn't say Corporate America or the Government who was in power during the Hurricane Katrina or the Flint, Michigan disasters were fools. Callous, yes, but not fools. Black people may be responsible in part for their own problems but let's just say that, from the very beginning in America, they got off on the wrong foot.
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    Ofcourse seeing more of "yourself" in your day to day reality will improve your self esteem. One of the reasons so many Africans and West Indians who migrate to the United States and do so much better as a group than AfroAmericans has less to do with them being inately smarter and more to do with the fact that they come here with a higher sense of self esteem and self-worth. They achieve greatness because they BELIEVE they can! Despite the poverty so many were raised in, Africans are born and raised in an environment where everyone of worth and achievement LOOKS LIKE THEM. The president and politicians are Black The school teachers and principals are Black The police officers are Black The lawyers and judges are Black The soldiers are Black The construction workers are Black. Everyone who runs the society....despite the problems that society may have.....are Black. So you grow up looking at people who look just like you who are called smart, beautiful, powerful, brave, and any other positive attribute you can think of. You grow up with the mentality that you can aspire to and achieve the highest positions of the land through effort and skill. Contrast THAT with the United States where White people basically run the nation and keep it humming and you end up going to them for your every want, need and grievance. Black folks don't even make thier own toilet paper. You grow up feeling oppressed, opposed, limited in your options, and feeling that others who don't look like you are better than you and that you should "know your place" and rely on them. BTW..... I look forward to Harriet Tubman's face being on the 20 dollar bill....lol. I just hope they don't lighten her up or straighten out her hair. MLK and Frederick Douglass should have BEEN on some currency.
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    Perhaps the lack of sympathy for Black males was by design and in the making for a long time. Like the Irritated Genie said in a recent interview, before you get ready to wipe out a particular people you must first remove all of the public's sense of empathy for them to the point that if they are slaughtered there won't be any outcry. To the point we discussed in another thread over how Black men can be routinely shot down by the police and few outside of our community will even raise an eyebrow over it, but one Asian man is beat up on a plane by the police and there's an international uproar! Although I'm not very religious, I personally have a STRONG FAITH in God. That strong faith has not only gotten me through a lot of things but has prevented me from doing a lot of things that may have otherwise been considered harmful. A distant second is my linear form of thinking. I always liked the "direct approach" to solving problems so while a lot of my friends would get drunk, high, or even fight in order to release thier frustrations or forget about their problems.....I'd actually drive way out into the deep suburbs among the trees or go to some very secluded neighborhood and sit there and ponder over my options....even as a teenager. Because I wasn't the smartest person in the world I didn't alway come up with the best solutions for my problems but the good thing is I never developed the habit of getting drunk or high as a means of escapism and it's saved me a lot of money. However I recognize that many if not most Black men DON'T have this type of belief and many either believe in a religion that doesn't actually help them or teach them how to solve their day to day problem OR they don't have any type of belief system at all and live life by the moment and react impulsively to each situation they face. This isn't their fault. They have been "let down" by a society that teaches children half-truthes and gives them false narratives in school and on television and unless you were blessed to have GOOD PARENTS who were wise and caring enough to tell you how the world really works and what to do to get ahead.....many times you're just shit out of luck. You're probably not going to like this because it gets into "racial" differences but I sincerely believe that Black men and especially AfroAmerican men.....because of our unique experience and history in America....have a unique psychological make up and we need SPECIAL or UNIQUE help when it comes to dealing with life's issues. The tools used to help other people deal with thier problems can't be applied to us and expected to work anymore than the unique tools WE NEED to help us deal with our issues can be applied to others. I've seen so many Black men and women walking around the downtowns of major cities not just in Michigan but all over America these past 5 or 6 years just talking to themselves and looking tattered and tore up! I remember 25 and 30 years ago you NEVER saw a Black person walking around talking to themselves! Oh you had your bums and wineheads, but they could atleast hold a conversation while begging for some change; but now....... I wish I could organize Black psychologists, sociologists, and psychiatrists and hold a series of major conventions in order to map out some sort of broad based strategy to address the problems of the Black American community.
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    Hello, I'm writing from the University of Michigan Press with a book that should be of interest to your readers. Condition Red collects writing by one of America’s most gifted and revered poets, Pulitzer Prize winner Yusef Komunyakaa. While themes from his earlier prose collection, Blue Notes (which I believe you also reviewed), run through Condition Red, this volume expresses a greater sense of urgency about the human condition and the role of the artist. Condition Red includes his powerful letter to Poetry magazine, asserting that “we writers (artists) cannot forget that we are responsible for what we conjure and embrace through language, whether in essays, novels, plays, poems, or songs.” Also included are essays and interviews on: coming home to Bogalusa, Louisiana; the influence of religion on black poetry; language and eroticism; the visual artist Floyd Tunson; and the poets Robert Hayden, Walt Whitman, Clarence Major, and Etheridge Knight. We would love for you to review another of his books and would gladly send you a copy for consideration. Should you be interested, please email me at killians@umich.edu to let me know where I can mail you a copy. Thank you very much for your time and let me know if you require any additional information. All the best, Sam Killian Publicity and Promotions Coordinator University of Michigan Press killians@umich.edu
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    Hello... My name is Jessica Potts and my firm represents Isha Johnson, author of No Greater Love, No Greater Loss. (ISBN13: 978-0692694657) published April 22, 2016. I would like for her book to be considered for review. Her mission is to help one other person who may have gone through a tragedy. No Greater Love, No Greater Loss is Isha Johnson’s captivating journey of losing her child at the hands of a loved one. Johnson invites the reader to experience her struggles with depression, grief after the accident, and her battle with guilt and self worth. Throughout the book the reader is able to identify with Johnson, as she taps into her courage and resilience to regain the strength to start living life again. “Oh, God... Baby! Wake Up.” As I picked him up, I realized my sweet little toddler was stiff as a board. His tiny pink tongue hung awkwardly from his mouth and toward the side of his soft, little cheek...” Johnson, an African American writer, mother, entrepreneur, and speaker is passionate about helping others who have been struck by tragedy. The focus of her debut book is to help women who have lost a child and are feeling hopeless and desperately seeking guidance. “I published this book in the hopes that I would help just one person.
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    Everyone who is a regular visitor to AALBC.com's forums knows I'm on a mission to help Black folks maintain control of some portion of the web--especially where our stories are concerned. Currently, the majority of authors who email me information about their books do not have their own web site. This was not always the case. Despite websites being easier and cheaper than ever to maintain, authors are increasingly not creating websites for themselves. Obviously, the popularity of Amazon and Facebook is one of the reasons authors have begun using a Facebook or Amazon as their main web presence. Of the two, Amazon is far better than Facebook, if the author creates an Amazon Central Account (something I currently recommend that authors do). But Amazon is extremely limited in the features they provide for authors--you can't even add hyperlinks. Facebook is simply not a website, and I won't bore you explaining why. The weaknesses of both, from the author's perspective, is that they are optimized to maximize their own revenue. Uplifting, empowering, and enriching the Black community--any community--is simply not part of their mission. The features available on @CDBurns, AALBC.com page (http://ChrisDBurns.com) are simply not provided by Amazon or Facebook. In fact, I could provide so much more if I had more support from the authors I'm attempting to benefit. It is an investment in our community. Over the last ten years, we have lost an incredible number of Black-owned bookstores and Black book websites. Our prodigious engagement on Facebook has been a terrible substitute for what we've lost. But the main problem is that we have given the very control of our online culture to a handful of powerful corporations. Join the fight against corporate dominance of the website and use AALBC.com as your primary web presence.
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    You see Cynique..... This is what I mean about Black people INVITING victimization and playing the role of a slave! We have thousands of Black police officers in this nation. How many of them are organizing to pose a challenge to the culture of racism in law enforcement? How many Black cops are willing to check a White cop on the scene and take the side of the victim? Infact....... How many Black cops are shooting unarmed White people? How many Black cops are arresting and beating up White people? You can't continue to complain about how someone is not doing you right when you don't exercise the little bit of authority you DO have to correct the problem. I'm not blaming the Black individuals who were victimized in these incidents but I AM blaming the Black community collectively for not not stepping up and maintaining law and order in our own communities if we don't like the way White law enforcement is treating us. BTW Harry...... I don't believe North Korea is "testing" anyone. I believe they are serious and not to be played with. There was an episode of the Twilight Zone (the later one with Forrest Whittaker) where the world came to an end from North Korea launching a nuclear war. Does anyone remember that one?
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    Definitely not American. Our society has a long way for this "unthinkality." Just imagine, "500 Americans have so far been killed in Chicago this year..." It's almost laughable. It’s unimaginable, grouping us all together in this fashion. But shouldn’t we be? American is simply, White American. Let’s face it, it is. But I do have hope, I never imagined having a Black President.... African-American. To me it's like the new "negro." Non-threatening, soft, 'light in the ass.' This term diminishes the strength of Black people and I believe the media uses it specifically for that purpose. There are many Blacks in America without African ties (that’s not taking into account we’re ALL from Africa, but that’s a whole 'mother' story) so the African part just refers to ‘having Black skin.’ And also, African-American has no cultural value. Unlike Italian-American, Asian-American, Native American, Blacks have no heritage or motherland to connect to to display pride and unification throughout the world. Blacks, in general, are the newest breed of humans on the planet. Now, BLACK. The term Black has historically been condemned. The rhetoric of blackballed, blacklisted, blackmail, black lie, black prince, black heart, etc. as negativity, evokes a scornful look, or frown, upon anyone that uses any term that involves the word ‘Black.’ So think about it, in the english language, adjectives precede nouns so any use of the word Black before the noun, has already produced a negative effect. Black man, Black woman, Black child, etc. The same thing. Not all cultures and languages utilize this method. But here in America, it’s taught. And that teaching has instilled a lasting negativity that has been embedded in our cultural DNA. James Brown, "Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud!" Black for me. Why? Out of the huts of history's shame I rise Up from a past that's rooted in pain I rise I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide, Welling and swelling I bear in the tide. Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear I rise Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise. Maya Angelou, "Still I Rise." What say you?
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    Troy Don't you see that the rise of a Donald Trump is a direct consequence of technology fueled manipulation, fake news, and filter bubbles? Technology, in addition to manipulating us, is also concentrating wealth into the hands of a few. these are the things that have created an environment that has allowed 45 come to power. In fact it was the same thing that brought the inexperienced Barack Obama into office as well but that's another story... I think the flooding of the youth with all types of social media gadgets to keep them "engaged" and self absorbed.....totally oblivious to their surroundings....makes a fertile place for a DICTATOR to arise and take control. It's usually the youth who have the energy and anger to fight back and stave off tyranny. Now if they're too socially out of touch with the REAL WORLD....they wouldn't be able to mobilize effectively enough to put up a resistance. .....nor would many even desire to do so.
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    Listening To Former Basket Ball Player, Charles Barkley. He ,,,,Says Black Are Brain Washed. Black Children In School,Making Good Grades,Not Getting Into Trouble ,Some,Black People Say They Acting White ..Some ,,Black,People Think You Have To Have A Criminal Record,That,Gives You Street Cred. Black People Will,Never,Be, ,Sucessful As A Whole,Because Of Other -,,Black,People.. I Agree With That Much From ,Barkley. Some,Black People Believe Brain Washing Inside The Church..Saw On A Youtube Black Church Black Children,Man,Said Black Church Is Harming Black Children.Black Children Should Be Taking Out Of The Church..Black Church Mis educating Black Children...Black,Community Chaos,Corrupt Leaders,Money Lust,Preachers,White Supremacy,Klan Killing Police,Black,Future Is Gloomy....
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    I'm working more closely with authors and publishers across the African Diaspora and Africa. Over the years I've discovered restricting the books I cover and the audience I attempt to reach to American is unnecessarily limiting. In fact, it is narrow-minded. Here are 25 female African writers you should read. Some have realized great fame and wealth in the Unites States. Others are relatively unknown in America but are very successful in their respective countries. These writers come from different African nations and write across genres. Who won't go wrong reading any of their books. Actually, since I add ever book on this site by hand, that should go without saying ;-)
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    Very interested article and docu-series. Somewhat kismet for me as one of the stories Mercy, Mercy Me in my newly released book Urban Rhapsody deals with a young single father raising a teenage son.
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    Happy B'Day Tovarisch.
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    You know it's funny. We have to use Amazon Affiliates and Amazon services because the consumer simply isn't willing to take 1-3 extra steps to find us. It's frustrating, but at least I'm really seeing the benefits of backing off of social media and working on the sight. Traffic is up considerably and growing month over month. It reminds me that in the end search still rules the day, but you knew that already. I will update you when I make a decision. Right now I'm driving the Lyft and working on the site. That's a big change over the last few years of big money. Everyday I consider opening the Amazon store back up. I haven't done it and I really am working hard to make something happen that replaces at least a fraction of the income from that channel. if I can just get 5% of the money I made there it would help. As always I will pop in and keep you posted.
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    There are people uaing technology to actually meet people. Socrates Cafe in Sydney on meetup.com, has thousands of members. People meet once a month to discuss a question. Classbunny.com Laneway. Were strated by a friend of a friend. In New York it used to be learning annex. In the last month i had dinner with twi people i met at Socrates Cafe. I also met my life partner through Socrates Cafe. I think the people on their phones may not be the same people who go out and do stuff and meet people. You also have a network of hackers anarchists and digital protestors. As witnessed by the Global March, which also had a political action plan. Facebook post also has been more informational concerning the T rump and what to do practically. I have seen the future and it will be. - Prince T rump and his methods makes me very optimistic. Hip Hop and Punk became the voice of a generation. Troy and Cynique you are pessimistic, yet you both are a beacon. You make thousands of people think. If three people are touched. They can change the world. People are never ready for change. Thats why we need visionaries explorers, investors and artist. They all show us how to take off the blinkers and see. It is the most exciting time to be on the planet. I am totally certain.
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    LOL I repeat what i said in my post: ..."What I see occurring all around me are examples of inevitability. Time changes and people change with it, embracing whatever makes things easier and provides instant gratification and elevates status.Currently, electronic devices isolate us from our surroundings and social media provides a stage for our alter egos. Lies are the new truth. Delusion the new reality. Xenophobia the new diversity. Society has evolved into being an enabler for self absorption..." "...as for the future, unfortunately, I am not optimistic. I wonder if humanity will just evolve into oblivion,- just program itself out of existence..." Do you 2 think things will turn themselves around in the future?
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    Black Religious Show Greenleaf .Comes On ,Wednesday .Nights,On The OWN Channel. Oprah Winfrey Network..About,A Corrupt Religious Family Living .In A Mansion,With A Mega -Church. Seen It A Few Times. This Is Mild. Church .Reality Is ,More Evil. 3 Black .Preachers In Prison, For Killing. Their ,Wives.. Preachers Be With Prostitutes,Have Children .With ,Mistresses. Preachers Worship Money,Controlled By Greed. And The Black. Church .Congregation,Loves Their ,Evil,Vile,Money Motivated Preachers, Who .Enslaved The ,Souls,Of Black. People..
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    Del, maybe the high schoolers were engaged in required reading--which is better than scrolling through Snapchat. The alienation may have been there, but I think the technology, at least the way we are programmed to use it increases the alienation by provider optimal conditions for it. Why do you need a person when you have virtual reality. I don't consider myself a dinosaur, I'm far more tech savvy than most. I just don't consume technology I use it to produce content, build community, business, etc. or at least I try to. But I'm fighting an uphill battle. When I was a kid it was hard to find an open basketball court to shoot hoops, the playgrounds were full of kids running around playing a bazillion variations of tag. it was a miracle to go to the park and find an empty swing. Today the basketball courts are empty and the playgrounds largely deserted. I can't remember the last time I saw a stickball game or even girls jumping double dutch. The swings hang idly. What are these kids doing instead? Is swapping memes on Instagram better than a game of hide-n-go seek? I dunno, but I doubt it. The exercise alone is probably worth it. I'm just glad I knew a time before people were controlled by their cell phones and grew up in an era where we played games outdoors.
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    You are sounding like Theodore Kazinski. Yesterday i was on the train and there were four high school kids reading the following : The Help, The wind up Bird Chronicles. I used to take the train from Jamaica to Wall Street to work in 1987. I used to carry two or three books and a walkman. A few people read the paper. Most stared into nothingness. A few people read: romance books were popular with women, Grisham was popular, occasionally commuters read something a bit heavier. I saw a guy walking and reading. I used to do this may start it up again. I have also asked commuters what they are reading and wrote it down or made reading suggestions. Troy you are just seeing the alienation that's always been there. I also had a stranger sit next to me and say can we put our phones down and talk. We did. We interact more through the technology and more deeply than we did in person. But we are dinosaurs. We remember kife before the net... catching flies. Generally you can ask a reader what's the book. Ironically readers are less introverted in that regard.
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    @CDBurns , one of the enhancements to the site is that I can create customized buy links for each individual book. So if you want me to direct readers to you, lighting source or any other place all I need is the URL. The cool thing is that this is something Amazon is not likely to ever do, so I have a small competitive advantage over them.
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      I guess that's 'cause we's real niggaz and you ain't down Ain't down with the crew? Lol.....or ain't "downed" enough 40 ounces??????
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    Clarke actually addresses the "race" of Jesus in the video. Whether is it is Jesus or anybody else who lived during that time in the region, we know what those people looked like. They were not caucasion.
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    Hello Football lovers, I am a fan to football crazy on BEINsport and they have this chant that I love to listen to , for the fun of it. Listen to "footballcrazy may1st/2nd weekend football chant possibilities" on Spreaker. The first past is for Alcacer who scored the winning goal for FC Barcelona against Grenada. It is referenced from Oyo como va from Tito Puente Oyo como va? Mi tarja Bueno pa' crec' en <Bueno para crecer en> Granada How is it going? My tally Good for growing in Granada Oyo como va? Granada Bueno pa' gozar Alcacar How is it going? Granada Good for enjoying Alcacer The second part is for Higuain aka Judain in Napoli. It refer to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida from Iron Butterfly In the garden San Paolo, I am cursed to never score again In the garden San Paolo, Juve please never play me again Ne'l giardin di San Paolo, io son maledett de non se-gnare di pui Ne'l giardin di San Paolo, Juve preg' non giocare a me, di, nuovo Here is my chant for Lukaku of Everton https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/139-lukaku-chant/ Here is my Kings of London epic poem series, a poem for every match of the Chelsea FC season in the year stated Kings of London 2014-2015 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2014-2015 Kings of London 2013-2014 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2013-2014 Kings of London 2012-2013 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2012-2013
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    Alpha males exist within a group. An athlete may be an Alpha male on his team, but the coach operating at the behest of higher up is the Alpha male when it comes to policy. A musician my be an Alpha male when it comes to producing music, but his agent and management will exert authority over him. That's a pretty interesting way of looking at it. Perhaps there are levels or ranks of "alphaness" even among Alpha Males But there are some who insist that a true Alpha male wouldn't submit to ANYONE else's authority. The most he would accept is a partnership from another human being even when it comes to business and entertainment. Troy Inside or outside of prison....just like inside or outside the White House......Trump is still Alpha. He'd probably find a way to end up running the show and controling people in the pen just like he's doing outside. Now ofcourse we don't expect a 70 year old man to join the aryan brotherhood and start shanking people and tussling with guards just to prove his dominance....lol. But he'd probably use his wealth and social skills to gather a bunch of thugs and confidants up under him and after a few months would probably end up running an entire cell block. ......as well as calling shot on the outside. Kind of like Tookie Williams and Larry Hoover....both alpha males....did.
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    Thank you for your wisdom, the legacy and power of your words. We thank God for your life and love you shared with the world. #IAmABlackWoman #WellDone #RestwiththeAngels
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    Folks can make all the declarations that want about what they are and who they are when it comes to "race". But they are deluded if they think how they identify themselves resonates in society-at-large if the way the look doesn't coincide with the physical appearances that are associated with Europeans, Asians, and Negroids. What you think you are is voided by how an unsophisticated world sees you. A person may consider themselves black but if they have fair skin blue eyes and straight hair, they will spend a lifetime, trying to convince people that they are black no matter what persona they adopt. If you have brown skin with frizzy hair and a flat nose, nobody but a blind person is going to perceive you as white just because you say are white by virtue of having one black parent and one white one, and you have chosen to be white. If you have yellow skin and slanted eyes and straight black hair, you cannot declare yourself to be black because you dig Rap music and like collard greens It doesn't matter what you say you are. People will decide for themselves what you are to them and their eyes will be the final judge, not the superficial affectations of people trying to transcend "reality".
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    Oh brother... So if I disagree with you, I'm a know-it-all. Do you really believe that about me?
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    This along the same of as the articles like "The Case for Reparations" by Ta-Nehisi Coates and "The Decline of Black Business And what it means for American democracy" by Brian S. Feldman. Of course art of the reason is structural, but the largest impact is mental. “... [we are taught to be] docile and compliant with being taught to be a mule and a burden bearer whose only goal in life is to seek approval and acceptance and to qualify to work for white people.”
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    Unfortunately, Alpha Manhood isn't necessarily tied to morals or virtue. You have GOOD Alpha Males and BAD Alpha Males, just like you have good geniuses and evil geniuses. The traits that make Alpha Males "alpha" are aggressiveness and dominance, how they USE those traits is up to them. While some were fakers and punks, most bullies that I knew in school WERE alpha males (and some were alpha females....lol) Sure they prefered to fight weaker kids who couldn't or wouldn't fight back, but I knew other bullies who fought because they LOVED FIGHTING and would fight anybody. I knew cats in grade school who would not only fight the kids after school but even try to run up on their PARENT when they came to thier rescue. These boys weren't punks or cowards.....many of them were crazy or had mental issues that drove them to hyper-aggressiveness....but they weren't scared or weak. Which reminds me of all this talk of bullying today...... That's why when I'm speaking to young people I don't come at them from a White middle-class perspective of: "Well if you only stand up to the bully and don't back down....he'll just back off and find another target". ....giving kids all this "fairy tale" advice. In some sections of Detroit.....and you being from a rough neighborhood you probably know this too.....you call yourself "standing up" to some people would only invite MORE violence. You kick HIS ass and the next thing you know he's coming back around the block with his boys and probably an Uzi. Obviously this isn't always the case and honestly, MOST of the time standing up to bullies and those who try to intimidate you for the sake of intimidation will check them then and their and put a positive period on them marking you for further victimization. But in an age where so many children with mental and emotional problems don't get the help they need, and many no longer care about living or dying nor do they care who they hurt.....it's not about standing up to prove some abstract point but about avoiding them in order to stay alive UNTIL authorities trained to deal with such people can take care of it. But anyway...... We live in an , interesting world. The good guys and people who are honest and defend the innocent don't always come out on top like in the movies. That's why it's so important for GOOD Alpha Males to stand up and defend the community.
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    45 is not an alpha male. Trump is a bully, and most bullies need an audience and simps to soothe their egos. Put Trump in the ghetto or some poor, disadvantaged group, and you will see him rob and steal from his own brother (which he has) to get what he wants. Being from a rough and tumble neighborhood; I have seen both bullies and alpha males, and therefore, know the difference. An alpha will lead the charge and risk getting killed or injured for his beliefs. A bully takes, steals, robs, lies. When he attains money from his rich father; he continues robbing, lying, cheating, stealing, raping, and plundering.
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    Of course not. But he did put his body, his money, and his career where his beliefs are.
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    @CDBurns thanks for popping in. I'm predicting Twitter is on the way out. They have never made a penny in profit even Trump's tweets isn't making them profitable. Every semester I poll my students, asking them to name their favorite websites. This semester I asked them to give me two social media websites. Our out of 53 students only 1, named Twitter This is a dramatic decrease from previous semesters. The students did say they used Twitter for breaking news, mainly for the memes. Snapchat and Instagram are far more popular with my group of college juniors and seniors. Good to read your website traffic is up!
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    I still check in to Facebook because people continue to write me there as opposed to my websites, but my time on Facebook has dwindled. My time on Twitter has increased, but I've been able to connect to some heavy hitters and get a lot of information that helps shape my site. Twitter has become much more effective tool, and so has Linkedin. But I'm not writing much there either. I'm primarily using the sites as tools for growth. My website traffic is growing tremendously now that I focus on the site and creating information for the site. My search has improved and my return visits are up. I'm working on doing something similar for CBP but it's hard to find source content that I'm just as engaged with as I am with sneakers. Anyway, I figured I'd drop in stop lurking, lol. My lurking is a symptom of being dedicated to the website growth, so I know you understand. Keep fighting!
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    You are a sagacious and intersting mix of the Sun and Moon. You are holistic and balance or are adept at using both sides. So you can see people clearly. Except no one sees their own face. You stated that we were all Alpha Males. I was the first to acknowledge this fact. Because I am an intellectual alpha. I am sustain by ideas,. We are sentenced by our convictions. - Del Strachen. Cynique as i get older i choose my engagements. And I am okay with walking away. Which is why i am very far from where i started. On more than one level. Cynique you have summed up the group brilliantly and concisely.
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    I'd like to read that essay! I'm currently researching autodidacts in general, and learning specifically. Two locations I can think off hand that might help your search http://www.blackpast.org And the Library of Congress online - loc.gov for example - I looked for essays on education and it brought me to this link https://www.loc.gov/search/?in=&q=essays+about+education&new=true&st= When you find it, please post here. Thank you.
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    How utterly refreshing to wake up to this. Thanks so much for sharing this video about this amazing young woman. In a brief recap, this is what I picked up on: Jolyon spoke of questioning being essential to one's development, saying that we don't ask sufficient questions of our governments. She spoke about writing from one's internal world and, how writing is the mechanism for freedom of the mind and imagination. She spoke about the importance of having great covers for books and how these covers are the objects of beauty!!! In addressing on how best to publish the interiors of children's books, she said that while "full color" is very expensive to produce, it is essential in children's books because they will experience plenty of black and white in their worlds as they grow into their lives--let them experience color, she said. And finally, she spoke to culture as being the foundation to a narrative. Troy, I absolutely agree with you. This is exactly why indie presses are important. I love imaginative book covers, both my books' interiors are in full color, and I totally agree with her about questioning. Self publishing my books via independent publishing allows me to own my imagination and creativity in how I direct what I write. This lady is awesome. Thank God for her!!!
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    Well, before i became a committed christian at 17 again i piped down o rap, but before that i used to be into Rap, but I'm still the same way i was, i don't like the word Bitch or Nigga, and even when i was listening to hip hop i avoided the words, that's why i mainly listened to Tupac, and Nas. and common. don't get me wrong i like hype conversation, but I'm not into Gossip and seeing people acting a fool, or intoxicated seeming they have no common sense what so ever at all, i like heated conversations on stuff that informs me, because I'm a really argumentative person lol,