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    The U.S. House of Representatives just passed their version of Senate bill which is a large tax cut bill that benefits anyone who earns more than $900,000 a year ...47 Million Americans (what's left of the middle class) are expected to be impacted ... We aren't inching towards the haves and have nots... we are there - slaves and slave masters... This documentary shows how we got there... From the dailymotion video with english subtitles " http://filmow.com/the-end-of-poverty-t71910 The End of Poverty? is a daring, thought-provoking and very timely documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Philippe Diaz, revealing that poverty is not an accident. It began with military conquest, slavery and colonization that resulted in the seizure of land, minerals and forced labor. Today, global poverty has reached new levels because of unfair debt, trade and tax policies -- in other words, wealthy countries exploiting the weaknesses of poor, developing countries. The End of Poverty? asks why today 20% of the planet's population uses 80% of its resources and consumes 30% more than the planet can regenerate? The film has been selected to over 25 international film festivals and will be released in theatres in November 2009. Directed by Philippe Diaz, produced by Cinema Libre Studio with the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 104mins, 2008, USA, documentary in English, Spanish, French with English Subtitles. The End of Poverty The End of Poverty"
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    I Think All Are Almost All This Country's Wars Black Soldiers Have Been In. Defending This Country , While Being Deprived,Of Freedom ,,Equality And The Pursuit Of Happiness... On Veterans Day ,We Should Honor Our Own ,With Reflecting ,Memories And Prayers.. Those Living And Those Dead, ...
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    @ Antonio, you aren't the first newbie to react the way you did to the tone of this forum. They all seemed a little shell-shocked, and soon faded away. i like how you handled it. Hang in here. We can all learn from each other. My grandchildren are all millennials, and we are rarely on the same page. I think it's because everything new to them is old to me and i've become jaded. My screen name is a derived from the word "cynic". Over time, i have gravitated toward being an iconoclast and in discussions, i frequently take on the contrarian role which requires people i am debating with to examine and defend their beliefs. And this is beneficial to both me and them because we can both learn something. As an aspiring writer you should always be seeking truth and authenticity.
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    @Pioneer1 You are giving the Babyboomers credit for what my generation, the Depression Babies, accomplished. At the height of the civil rights movement and barrier breaking during the mid 1950s and all through the 60s, Babyboomers were children. We passed the torch to the Babyboomers who barely kept it burning.
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    Writing is a very lonely profession not to mention being a very crowded and competitive one. It's like the NBA where only a chosen few make it to the pros. Your one consolation is that you are not alone. The world is full of talented writers who don't get lucky. Community theater may be a venue to have your plays produced and performed. This might lead to something bigger or at least give you some exposure and a little self satisfaction. Sometimes, just when you think all is lost and you switch your focus, Fate steps in and you become an "overnight success". The stuff of dreams.
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    @Pioneer1, I'm completely unfamiliar with the notion that large communities of poor white people want to be poor Anecdotally, one of the most common conversations I overhear, when in Florida, is white people talking about how hard they work. I was at a book fair the Ft Myers and witnessed a popcorn vendor talking to an ice cream vendor next to her, saying that this was just a part time job. She explained that she had another job and was working 7 days a week. The ice cream vendor was working three part time jobs and was looking for full time work. Neither appeared to be racist. The popcorn lady provided me with friendly service. Of course there are white racists who are poor, but I doubt either group wants to be poor. I believe being racist is a consequence of poverty due to lack of education and scapegoated promoted by manipulative plutocrats like 45. Of course there are middle class racist, but they are probably only one or two generations out of poverty and there are rich racists--who truly believe they are genetically superior, but they are just stupid. Some people understand intuitively, or through life experience, that racism is a flawed belief system. Anyone with a decent education should know this as well. Unfortunately given the state of our education system and our habit of consuming information through social media memes, both poverty and the racism it breeds will probably grow.
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    I could see why you may feel like a "bitter Black woman lacking compassion," but I don't see it that way. If you were totally devoid of compassion you would not have bothered sharing your thoughts. Rather I think that you are a mature human being telling her truth. I'd be willing to bet that most people don't care about the things you mentioned. We are bombarded with so much it is hard to care about any--at least not until it effects you and then it is usually too late... I trust that at some point we will put our focus more on what people your age have to say @Cyniquerather than the twenty-somethings, and dysfunctional older people, who get all the media's attention. Maybe in that world people your age would feel more invested in what happens after they are gone and everyone else would benefit as a result. While most of the people who read what you write will not acknowledge it, you do have an audience who benefits from your thoughts. Hopefully you won't become too bitter to sharing them here.
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    @Troy I agree. And it's time for more people to do the heavy lifting. I honestly thought at my age (49) I'd never see as many white americans fight as vigorously and publicly against racism and intolerance. Certainly never thought I'd see a black president. So there's progress being made, for sure. But it has always about race. I'm reminded of that everyday. I can't help folks with their racism and don't think it's my job.
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    @Cynique I know you have seen so much. My respects to your strength and resilience ma'am.
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    I hear you both, but we can simply live are lives. If you engage with the world--they are constantly assaulted us in a myriad of ways. And when I say "they" I don;t mean all white folks or even a majority of them. I'm talking about the plutocracy, who treat poor an middle class white folks like crap too. The dot com bubble, the real estate meltdown, hyperincareation, drugs, affect them too. Sure Black folks are adversely impacted disproportionately, but making this an issue of race is why these problems can't be fixed. Racism is an invention of the ultra-rich to keep us fighting with each other rather than dealing with our real enemy.
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    A whole reality exists outside the boundaries of language. Maybe words, rather than defining, are instead, confining?
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    Troy that's funny. it's been going on for a bit. Its interesting not to be involved for a change. You and Pioneer are more fixed. Cynique is less fixed but will considereal other views. Mel us pretty open until the ither conversant stops either thinking or listening. But it is entertaining.
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    One of the best ways to honor our Black war veterans would be to: 1. Put some of our best and brightest minds into federal positions so that they can influence our foreign policies and keep us out of needless wars like Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq....where so many Black soldiers have already lost their lives. 2. Encourage Black youth to actually JOIN the armed forces so that they can learn how to fight and defend themselves against enemies both foreign AND domestic. Say what you will, but it seems to me that the military often times gives our young people the needed discipline they're not getting at home or at school.
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    Hello, Harry. I think that's a great idea. And to take it a step further, I think that day should be one of the days within black history month. A month where the young black community can be educated on what the "regular" school system lacks to teach us about. Some young blacks didn't even have African American history class (I did, girlfriend didn't). We have to be the ones that educate and celebrate our people. And of course those that oppose will say, "Well Veteran's Day represents everyone that fought for us." Just like the flag represents freedom and just for all... Yeah.
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    @Pioneer1 I can never prove, to your satisfaction, that anything you say is false or ridiculous. Asking me to do so is a waste of my time. I've never observed you change your position on a subject even when presented with information to the contrary. Describing research, information, and facts as "academic." is an excuse for the not to facing the reality that your position is flawed. Indeed, your unwillingness to look up the most basic information about a subject you admit you have limited knowledge of tells everyone you are not really interested in the truth, but only concerned with defending your beliefs. Describing yourself as, "a straight shooter", and saying you "speak plainly, directly, and to the point." does not make what you say true. This is the same tactic used by "45," which only appeals to the uninformed and those moved more by emotion than reason.
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    In the twilight of my years, there are a lot of things about which i've been trying to not let my baser instincts prevail. But lately, i have become inundated with current events that i am just not compatible with or sympathetic about. In my ongoing search for the truth, i have begun to look inward and if i am to be honest, i have no choice but to confess that i am descending into a state of "i don't give a damnism". i am not proud of this but the truth is not always pretty and, in my case, there are many things that have neutralized my humanity and no longer inspire my concern. Where to begin? What don't i give a damn about? Well, i don't care about the plight of Muslim immigrants or Hispanic illegals. i don't care about feminists and their shrill complaints about sexual harassment. i don't care about the ambiguous Black Lives Matter movement. i don't care about the opioid epidemic. i don't care about the Las Vegas mass murders. i don't care about manipulation of corporate America. i don't care about anything pertaining to celebrities. i don't care about any black actor or author who has an African surname. i don't care about the america flag or the country that it flies over. More specifically, why should i care about clannish Muslims, hovering in their little enclaves, their women claiming to not be submissive while dutifully wearing head coverings? Why shold i care about hard-working Mexicans speaking Spanish and implicitly scorning lazy blacks. Neither one of these group have ever bonded with black people in their struggle but instead just want to avail themselves of a better life they hope America will provide. Why should I care about this "me too" mania of white women and their phony newly-found male supporters who formerly looked the other way and shrugged, all jumping on the bandwagon pointing their fingers as if dirty ol men haven't always been around propositioning females, many of whom took them up on their offers. Not to mention the ambitious aggressive seducers using their wiles to get what they wanted from men. None of this is new to long-suffering black women who are not held in high esteem like fragile, intimidated white women. Why should i care about the floundering BLM movement which has been taken over by inept self-serving leaders putting out a message that is being blatantly ignored? Why should i care about the opioid crises and its white suburban victims any more than whites cared about the crack epidemic that devastated black ghettos. Why should i care about the Las Vegas terrorist shootings, white-on-white crime instead of white-on-black killings at the hands of police terrorism? Why should i waste time caring about Amazon and FaceBook and other mega capitalists who exploit the powerless masses of every color? Why should i care about the baby bumps and hook-ups and excesses in the shallow ranks of the rich and famous? Why should i rejoice about the success of Africans living in this country who reap all the benefits that American-born blacks fought and died for, smug pervasive late comers with strange names who haven't paid their dues? Why should i care about that star spangled rag that is the symbol of red genocide, black enslavement, and white entitlement. Or about the BS country that this besmirched banner represents. Why should i care indeed? i have better things to occupy myself with. Do i sound like a bitter black woman, lacking in compassion? Can i regard life as a big joke and be bitter at the same time?
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    So you believe white racist kill each other out of boredom? (why am I having this conversation?) Let's go back to my original question @Pioneer1 when did white supremacy start? I know you said you did not know. But you should look it up. It would help us have a more intelligent conversation on the subject.
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    No! You are awesome!
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    @Cynique Thank you for sharing Franz Fanon. I hadn't heard of him. Have you heard of Edward Bruce Bynum, PhD - I found Dr. Bynum after he commented on an "Experiment" (crowdfunding website) where one of my BTHS classmates was doing an experiment on dreams. From her response to him, I learned Dr. Bynum is well-researched in the field of consciousness. I have two of his books - but they are so dense -I had to put them aside so that I could finish projects related to my livelihood. Dark Light Consciousness - Melanin, Serpent Power and the Luminous Matrix of Reality is one book and The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology is the other. I've started the first one and read the foreword on the latter and both are mind-blowing.
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    Hello, my fellow black writers. I’m a recent graduate (June 2017) of Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s degree for Creative Writing in Entertainment. I write character-driven drama films focused around the young black man to give our society a different viewpoint of who we are and to show that we’re living humans like everyone else. I introduce myself to you all on here in frustration. I feel that I’m not being given fair consideration when it comes to the writing jobs out there. Here it is November again, I’ve been looking for a writing job since last November. And don’t mean I’m just out her trying to zap a screenwriting career, I mean me securing a writing job where I can contribute my strengths. Whether creative writer position, scriptwriter position, things in that realm. Between that time, all the way up to now (and pending), I have contacted nearly 240 companies everywhere (areas in the US and the UK), and I have been shunned, more of no one responding than anything else. And ones that do respond say, “you have good quality writing,” but it didn’t lead to a job, it led to some excuse why I wouldn’t be a fit. Or I’m offered an unpaid internship to fly somewhere else (like, I’m oppressed). The little spending money I did have were from school loans that I must start paying on this month. But, I don’t have any money now because I haven’t been given any consideration a writing job. Yes, I know I could go back to the $7.50 an hour KFC job out there, but what does that do for me? Why do we always have to be held to that? And recently I found two writing jobs that I was perfect for. It’s been seven weeks for one, and over four weeks for the other. My applications weren't not even looked at. That’s been the case this whole time, no one is even really looking at my material or application, so I can’t be considered for nothing like that. I know it takes some months to hear back about screenplays, but does it really take the same time for a writing job, too? I know I’m a young black man, and I’m proud of that. I’m not ashamed of the fact that my material is based around black people, that’s my background. You write what you know. And I can’t help I’m a millennial, it just happened and I’m living in the era. I hear these comments about people not wanting to hire millennials because we feel entitled. To be clear: I’ve been working at my craft for nearly seven years now. I’ve spent many hours sitting down and writing, failing, rewriting, failing, venting, and repeat. I’ve sacrificed years of my youth, I’m still sacrificing years of my youth. I don’t feel entitled because I feel like something should be handed to me. Every trophy I’ve ever won, I threw them away because I don’t go by that mentality anymore. I feel entitled because I have worked my ass off and come of age as a writer. I feel that I am qualified based off my work, not because I feel entitled. I’m just fed up. What is the use of all this hard work I’m putting in if I can’t even get someone to view my application, or consider a screenplay of mine. I understand that other like-minded black creatives are on here. I have been trying to get my material or apply to black-owned companies, but I couldn’t find any. I don’t mean to sound desperate, but please. Is there someone you know that would be willing to give me consideration? I’m asking for a handout, I’m just asking to have to the chance to be legitimately considered for writing work.
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    @Pioneer1, you should research the subject of white supremacy. At least earn a bit more about it's origins, you then see many of your conclusions are baseless. I was not trying to make a point. I was just trying to discern how much you knew about White Supremacy. It is interesting given your admittedly limited knowledge on the subject that you feel perfectly comfortable making grandiose statements like, "White Supremacy took these evils which were rather local and isolated and MAGINFIED them into a world wide system of exploitation and misery previously unknown to humanity." This characteristic makes it difficult to have a reasonable dialogue about this subject with you, because you'll say anything with nothing to back it up. A cursory knowledge of history would give you ample examples to the contrary. Think about religion for example. Religion predates White Supremacy and has been the cause of a great deal more suffering which continues to this day. Wouldn't you agree? BTW regarding the video, people can have dual citizenship i.e. have two nationalities. For the upteenth time, there is only one race. You can't look at someone and determine what you understand to be their "race." As far as the brother is concerned; he struck me as perfectly normal. It is not surprising that he would get a little tongue tied when a stranger sticks a camera in his face and asks deeply personal questions in public.
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    @Delano, because I was thinking that it wasn't regarding screenwriting. I seen most of the post were about other fields of writing. I'll look back into it though. @Cynique, Even though it's not much stuff in my field on here, I like the idea of being in something a little different. It's good for balance, my balance anyway. And absolutely, I've had lots of criticism and feedback. Since I first started back in 2012, lol (boy we came a long way). And all of it has made me the writer I am today. I do have like two screenwriters that's familiar with my work that I share with. One recently praised my writing. I even used a script consultant one time (won't be anymore) who I kept in touch with. And when I went to Full Sail University (graduated June 2017), which was where I was in a hands-on environment and they treated the classrooms like the professional writing spaces. There was lots of critiques and feedback flying around. Regarding my writing, I write character-driven drama films focused around the young black man to give our society a different viewpoint of who we are and to show that we’re living humans like everyone else. I don't see the young black man's voice reflected on screen, unless it's something along the lines of slave, drug dealer, dead-beat, victim, killed, poor, ignorant, buffoon. There's so much more to us than those things, and I want to be the one who leads the charge in reflecting all the other aspects of the young black man and what we're capable of. I also want to tackle issues within our culture.
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    @Pioneer1 Social change is the result of movements. What you credit to the Anti-Establishment Baby Boomer movement in the 1960s doesn't erase the gains instituted by the Civil Rights movement that was launched by the Depression generation whose accomplishments ended segregation laws and opened up doors for black people. In the 1960s Anti-Establishment movement, Baby Boomer hippies consisted of white kids rebelling against their middle class upbringing, and this movement exulted free love and promoted drug experimentation. Their black counterparts, the Panthers were about a violent revolution which never got off the ground. There was also the Feminist movement, again the brain child of white women who wanted to step down from their pedestals and be on a par with their men.This is the torch these Baby Boomers passed on to the detriment of the generations that followed. And to add insult to injury, as they grew older, the white hippies of the counter culture movement grew up and became a part of the racist establishment they were rebelling against, leaving behind the irresponsible social changes they had introduced. Meanwhile, the Black Baby boomers didn't maintain the positives gains made by the Civil Rights movement because they were too preoccupied with material acquisitions and superficiality. The Feminist movement never really caught on because of the perceived notion that it was the creation of lesbians. Today, it along with Gay Rights is still struggling as evidenced by the "me, too" movement and the AIDS specter. Bottom line is that all social change is not for the better, and whether or not what is passed on to the next generation is good or bad, is debatable. In response to your question, grammar is about correct usage of language, sentence structure, and punctuation. It is not about misspelling or incorrect use of words. Del is guilty of not editing his work. He cleans up well. @Mel Hopkins and @Troy, you 2 really have a handle on the situation. Blacks are stuck on, maybe even dependent on making racism the culprit. And they will get irrelevant solutions when focusing on the wrong problem. The ongoing litany about black unity and white villainy is just marching in place. Using black supremacy as a weapon against white supremacy is a short-sighted exercise in futility, and being preoccupied with this takes on a zeal comparable to religious fanaticism. New strategies are, indeed, needed. And as you both suggest, different goals set.
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    Neither reason nor logic will convince fundamentalists.
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    @Pioneer1, you believe the white people in control like Bezos, Zuckerberg, et al, are motivated by racism. I believe they are motivated by power and greed. People motivated by racism are either stupid or ignorant. I don't think Jeff Bezos is either. Now the 45-voting white boys you are likely to encounter on a daily basis probably are more likely to be racist. This might explain your world view. This site was created in reaction to racism. Obviously I believe racism is a problem which needs to be addressed. But, Jeff Bezos adversely impact more white people than Black. Indeed many Black people don't even appreciate what is happening. It is white folks who are trying to stop him. They are not reacting to Jeff's racism, they are reacting to his greed and overwhelming control.
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    @Mel Hopkins I found a copy with English subtitles. When I finish will post. Stubbornness is not the cure for ignorance. - Delano Strachen.
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    @Antonio you are not aware of the history between . You sharpen your mind through opposition. My criticism of Pioneer is that he has forceful and misinformed opinions that he believes are true. I don't know you. However there are two writers here and they both are concise and on top of their game. They have their facts straight. And I have seen enough of their posts to hear different voices. I think and make critiques. However I am not going to critique you or your post since the tone is emotional. Finally people can have whatever style and opinion they like. So I am not keen when someone tries to tell me how I should engage. Even though I am guilty of this in my post. You are being solicitous because you are desperate and are taking disagreement for disunity. I disagree with Troy sometimes. And a few times I have gone overboard and apologised. But that's my man. So stay and post something other than a personal complaint and check the dynamic. @Antonio Ingram Are there many successful writers without Fb?
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    @Troy I have a Twitter (that's what I'm on more than anything, I like it better), I have a stage 32, I have a Linkedin, I've established a blogger page now. I'm just not a fan of Facebook. I never gravitated to it. I did with Twitter though. And yes, I agree, I think disagreements are important as well, never said they weren't. I also didn't take it personally, but it seemed like my peers were to some extent. I was pointing to the fact that there were insults being attached to the disagreements, I don't think that's a productive argument, because naturally, another insult will be returned. That's more so what I meant about finding a common ground. That's my point.
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    @Cynique, Regarding the Baby Boomers ABSOLUTELY. @Antonio Ingram, don't sleep on the White organization. Every job on Wall Street that I ever got was because of white folks. I know it is a different industry, but I'm sure it is not much different. One day when you are in a position of power perhaps you'll change that. If you do you will be making a much needed change.
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    As someone who has paid many writers over the years. I've never asked a writer to write something for free. If they offer that is another thing--even then I provide some form reciprocity. It is just how we do in my community. Now having a piece in the Atlantic is a big deal for a writer, but seriously, The Atlantic should be ashamed of themselves for saying they can't pay--sure they can pay they just chose not to pay that writer. You see when publications get big, and writers get desperate, they will write for free (exposure). The Huffington Post famously took advantage of this imbalance by not paying their bloggers as part of there business model. Of course Ariana began fantastically rich and the writers got left with a HuffPo byline. When writers write for large publications for free they actually make it harder for all writers to earn a living, because they reduce the value of their work in the market place. I wrote an article the same year as The Atlantic article above “5 Things Writers Must Do To Survive Online.” One of the 5 things was don't write for wealthy sites for free. It also depresses wages for all writers by making it impossible for smaller publication to survive, because that can not compete against the likes of The Atlantic who can get writers to write for free. I know publishers of several magazine --all defunct--who complained that writers would reject the paltry sums their magazines offered to pay, meanwhile these same writers fought to write for Ariana for free. All that said, if I were a writer looking to make a name for myself today, I'd have to take the offer of writing for The Atlantic for free--at least once. You can't change the world by yourself. But I would absolute retain the copyright for ANYTHING I gave someone for free. That where i draw the line. @Antonio Ingram, I would network and get to know other writers and those in related professions. Get to know people many if not most opportunities in any career emerge because of who you know. Join a scriptwriter organization (surely there is one). Consider unpaid internship, volunteer if no opportunity exists and work a 2nd job to pay the bills. If you don't have a Blog start one. If you are going to write for someone for free, let it be yourself. Even though it is harder than ever to attract readers their is not better way to make you work available to others. Besides, if you are able to generate some traffic you can earn a living with a Blog. On my list of the top 50 Black owned websites several are blogs--all of them should generate enough revenue for someone to live on and some do far better. Earning a living writing is HARD. But if it is what you love and you have some talent you can make it work.
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    Yes I guess it is a matter of how we use specific words like "know." Some religious people say they know things to be true, as if they are indistinguishable from fact, when it can be proven not to be true. When presented with the information it is considered heresy and punishable by death (depending upon the place and time). The only "proof" required, is faith. As I said trying to convince these people otherwise is a waste of time. One of the best selling books on the list I'm working on now is, Adam! Where Are You?: Why Most Black Men Don't Go to Church. I believe that is one reason why (my opinion I have not read the book) brother don;t go to church. Now this is not to say there is no God. I science can never prove the existence of God despite what people believe. Merriam-Webster define "know" as the following: Definition of know knew play \ˈnü also ˈnyü\; known play \ˈnōn\; knowing transitive verb 1a (1) :to perceive directly :have direct cognition of (2) :to have understanding of importance of knowing oneself (3) :to recognize the nature of :discern b (1) :to recognize as being the same as something previously known (2) :to be acquainted or familiar with (3) :to have experience of It seems my use of the word "Know" was not exactly correct based upon the definition of the word. There is no implication that what one knows has to be factual or true. You can know things that can't be proven, or that are even patently false. So some people can know God exists, other can know God does not exist, and many of have probably never really thought very deeply on the subject... One's beliefs are what they know. Mine are always open to change as I acquire more information. Too often I assume other people are open to change in the same way--most are not... In fact they will take science and twist it for their own purposes. Some Christians believe that climate change and the extreme weather events it creates, the raise of 45, and the strife in the Middle East are signs that the End Times are upon us.... hmm maybe they are onto something.
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    I dunno about the Amazon reviews Mel. I have published a few reviews on Amazon myself, but these are excerpts from the full reviews here on AALBC.com. I do it if the author request but not as a matter of course, because Amazon does not allow hyperlinks to external websites. So I can vouch for my reviews--but as far as the rest of ones on Amazon I take them with a grain of salt. Unless it is a trusted entity I do not trust random reviews written by unknown people on any site--not just Amazon. We know people pay for favorable reviews. We know people get fiends to write them. We also know that people even write negative reviews just to hurt another authors. Even the verified purchase reviews are gamed by slick marketers. The notion that we can get valuable information provided for free, like a professional written review of a book, is something that corporations take advantage of. But whenever there is a free, or low cost way, to influence public option on a large platform, that platform is prime territory to be exploited this includes Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook, and even Google's search results. Amazon and Facebook do very little to clean this up because reviews even bogus ones drive traffic. I completely ignore reviews on Amazon for this reason. I read reviews written by professionals, unfortunately for Black books this means I'm not reading too many reviews of our books. But I completely understand than many people do read the review--which again is why they are gamed. There is a mechanism on this site informal reader reviews of every book on the website site. Here is the one of you books @Mel Hopkins: https://aalbc.com/books/home.php?isbn13=9781411673144#comment The is a link prompting reader to leave commesnt, but I get less than a handful of these a day. When I see on I like I sometimes shre them on social media. I have decided to focus on more formal process for identifying good books professional reviews, word of mouth from industry pros, and information I find on these discussion forums. You probably noticed the book review requests that are posted here. I look at each one but the benefit is that it is now a permanent part of the website, and other people will see it. @Faith U, yeah book clubs can certainly help word of mouth I have over 700 book clubs in my database: https://aalbc.com/bookclubs/ I could simply publish a list but I'm trying to reduce the number of authors that just blast the email addresses with unsolicited pitches to read their book. Most book clubs do not select their books in this fashion anyway--unless that author has a track record.
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    @Faith U Here's something I noticed. I did a general search on Amazon for your eBook "Trigger is an easy name to remember) and it didn't come up on the first page...so I did a search for the book title and your first name. This time, your title came up #1 ... I went to read the reviews and I was sold! @Troy I forgot about the amazon reviews.... Amazon reviews are huge and can be a deal closer.. In fact, I almost bought the kindle version and then I remembered to buy directly from the author . I didn't realize how enticing reviews can be - and I don't remember seeing customer reviews on our author's pages. I remember I did notice on my page - that I have two reviews for other books here on aalbc - please link me to customer reviews here on aalbc. I know now that I have to get a customer review page for my website (I forgot how important it is) @Faith U I went right to your website. Nice site and your sales page is ALL OF THAT! You have, reviews, a trailer and soundcloud playlist for your book! Awesome ... Plus the upsell is an excellent tool! I bought the signed book but I was tempted to by the magnet and bookmark too! Great sales eSheet! I look forward to reading "Trigger" . Also before you sell digital copies from your site - I have to put in that disclaimer to beware of bootleggers.
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    @TroyI did this once -for a print title back in 2008. If I remember correctly, the $2.13 came back to me through my lulu.com royalty distribution. (You know me too well LOL) Btw, I also purchased a digital copy of my book through the fetchapp to see how it would work. (the cost of doing business LOL) and fetchapp works perfectly. After the buyer makes a purchase - the app sends a link to download the pdf. The difference between fetchapp and gumroad (which also allows for direct digital sales) is fetchapp is free based on volume. Gumroad charges $15 per month whether you sell or not. But gumroad provides an imprint/watermark for each pdf it distributes. This cuts down on book bootlegging.
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    @Troy Selling more books and making money are two different things. Now that publishers have to compete for the Amazon buy box - I don't believe these authors are actually making money. I didn't get most of my sales from amazon but that's because I promoted the sites where I would make more money such as lulu.com, my own website or link and of course direct sales or through personal booksellers. When I sold through amazon - I only made $2.13 per book - lulu was $8. 68 and of course when I sold from my website or direct - it depended on how many books I ordered in advance...My royalty could go as high $10 per book. Direct was best because even if I didn't sell in person, I could offer free shipping - Priority mail and still have a decent royalty per book. I first published in 2006 - so no stores would buy my books. Since I had an isbn # folks could still order it through their local stores - but I didn't see any of those royalties. Aside: My daughter purchased 10 Kindle copies of one of my short stories to send to her friends - and I got none of those royalties... It made me suspect that wasn't the first time - I got cheated out of my KDP royalties. I removed my short story from kindle and I sell it directly from my site using fetchapp ( FetchApp allows you to sell and digitally deliver downloadable goods) I will be the sole distributor for my next release. I'll keep good notes so I can report how it goes. Oh by the way, when I get a large order - I will definitely use AALBC printing services.
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    Oh I forgot one more important thing; The Role of the BooksellerThe publishers sales staff sells to the distributors, the distributors sell books to the stores, and the bookseller sells books to the reader. Publicity departments, and the authors themselves, will pitch books to booksellers and send them advance copies (galleys) to review prior to publication. Booksellers sort through all these books sell the titles they think their readers will enjoy most. As a result you can go into Esowon's book store in Los Angeles randomly pick a novel off the shelf and you can be confident that the product is well written and there is a good change you will enjoy the book. Even here on AALBC.com my list of critically acclaimed titles goes back almost 50 years goes back almost 50 years and I defy you to find a less than excellent book in the list. Try picking a random book from the Amazon store. There is a very big difference selling books to please a reader versus selling a book to drive revenue. Today more books are published than ever before. The vast majority of these book were published outside traditional publishing. Many of these books were produced without distribution and without a marketing plan or budget. Many, if not most, of these book were not professionally edited and are just poorly written. They hit the market place with zero vetting and readers are left to sort through the morass. As a result, the vast majority of books come and go without ever finding an audience or selling very many copies--deservedly so. Since the Black Book Ecosystem has lost hundreds of booksellers both brick and mortar and web based. We have fewer resources to identify the diamonds in the rough. Fewer Black books are being reviewed and those that are reviewed are being reviewed by unpaid amateurs on platforms without an audience. Today we have very few platforms for authors to market their books. As a result, Black people do not determine which books are important. Still, many self published authors, remain angry with Indie brick and mortar bookstores for refusing to stock some of their books. But booksellers know their market and are not in the business of wasting valuable shelf space stocking poorly written books that they can;t sell. Many of these authors now sing Amazons' praises for "stocking"their books, and they are quite proud to say their book is available on Amazon. But Amazon is a website and can stock any book, because virtual shelf space is effectively free and they will make money on any book they sell. In fact, many authors will pay Amazon for the privilege of selling on Amazon, give them a percentage of sales, and promote Amazon at every turn. These same authors would never give an indie bookseller the same terms and be so happy about it. @Faith U, you don't need money to secure an agent. They work on commission. Sure there are agents that will charge you but they are unscrupulous; avoid them like the plague. Finding an agent to work with you will require effort, but that is part of the process. Printing does not have to be costly. I just started a service, working with a Black owned printer, to offer printer services for short runs. This is not as expensive as POD (where individual books are printed when ordered), or as cheap as offset where you are printing thousands of copies, but if you need 200 copies I'm your guy: https://aalbcprintsbooks.com/ I'm not familiar with Ganxy. The "how it works" link on their site was broken. How did you discover them? In fact Faith how did you discover AALBC.com
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    My point was about subjectivity. Your brain is making stuff up and making connections that don't exist
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    Have a scary Halloween!
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    @Pioneer1 1) I asked if you watched the film because I asked my questions within context of the film. Since, you answered "No” then you can't provide an informed opinion that is relative to the film. That's cool. In the documentary, the problem is NOT white supremacy... Now if you want to go off topic, that's fine. 2) But for sake of argument let's say the film discusses "white supremacy" then we see it's not a goal or a problem per se, it's a tactic. In this film, the goal was empire building and where necessary” white supremacy" was used as a tactic to divide the people from their natural resources and riches. 3) THE PROBLEM, both in the film and globally, is the goal of a pseudo emperor attempting to seize and control resources, even natural resources to amass a fortune for his/her empire. Thereby reducing the rest of the planet and its inhabitants to slavery and servitude. In sports, such as basketball, I know you don’t get distracted by your opponent’s fancy footwork & dribbling – that’s how you get your ankles broken. You maintain your focus on achieving your goal. Leaving the sports analogy, defense can be a goal but it’s not an effective one. There are a few countries that have created their own goals – and as a result are not at the mercy of the World Bank or IMF. One country has already taken steps to create its own world bank. They may have problems but white supremacy ain’t one. If you really understood white supremacy, you'd know you fell for the illusion. Then you’d know it’s a distraction to keep alleged “non-white” people on a defense to lose sight of their own goals. You’d know the would-be emperor is skilled at the art of legerdemain. The easiest way to defeat him is to stop letting him rent space in your head. @Cynique thank you for this - I think I've been a victim of this eggcorn
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    @Cynique, I too have come to enjoy watching videos on Quantum Physics and have even read a couple of books on the subject, but I have never read anything written by a scientist that says, "...Its experiments have proven that your eyes integrate an image that disintegrates when the eyes look away." If you can share a source of this idea it would be interesting to check out. Of course I'm familiar with the famed double slit experiment which demonstrates how the location of an electron can only be determined when it is observed (it's wave function collapses). But again this is true at the quantum level. Your refrigerator however is still there whether you or anyone else is looking at it. @Del, this is completely different that the blind spot we have or the optical illusions we previously discussed; which reveal flaws in the how our eyes and brain perceive reality, not the nature of it. @Pioneer1, you give white folks too much credit. Western civilization is founded on ideas learned from Africa. The ancient Greeks did not hide this. In fact, we know Black Africans built the Pyramids, and know one is even sure how it was done--even with today's technology. So reluctant are are white people today willing to give credit to the Black people, they rather say aliens built them?! I was unaware of ancient Africa's contribution to civilization or quantum physics until I began reading books on my own; largely promoted by creating this site. Nother subject was taught to me in school. I think both subjects would have had me riveted.
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    True you have a blindspot but you're brain fills I the missing bit. There's no objective reality. Elon Musk believes that we are living in a computer simulation
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    I will not waste any of my precious time on this planet explaining humanity to racial aggressors. None. They will need to sort it out amongst themselves. In the meantime I will live life, associate with human beings who are secure with who/what they are, go where I feel welcome and avoid where I don't.
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    In Charleston South Carolina ,Black Man Named Joe McGill ,Sleeps In Slave Cabins .He Talks About How He Felt ,Sleeping ,In Slave Cabins,The Experience.. .In Winston Salem ,A Black Man There ,Wants To Save The Slave Cabins,His Family History,,He Wants Contributions To Save The Slave Cabins,Slave Houses,Other People Say They Should Be Demolished...In ,Virginia A Lost And Forgotten Slave Cemetery Was Found. So,Many Slave Cemetery Have Been Forgotten ,Abandoned .....The,Church ,NAACP,Politicians Should Preserve ,..Slave,Cemeteries .
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    End of Poverty ?, the documentary by Philippe Diaz should be called how thugs ravage the land and have taken over the world. Imagine coming up with a concept for a book, writing a draft and then shipping the raw document to someone else - only to have to pay $14.95 to read the finish product. Except that is exactly what is happening in so called third world countries such as Kenya - "predatory capitalism" where the impoverished Kenyans work the land ship their raw materials for tea and coffee to other countries and never profit from it. I became interested in watching the documentary after seeing an interview clips from Confession of an Economic Hitman, author John Perkins. He talks about how he and others like him work on the behalf of multinational corporations to jack the land and resources from people in African countries... We're not free in this country - it's impossible to be - because no one will be free until everyone is free... Watch the documentary. Read the book, and then really begin to wake the Eff up!
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    Sgt. La David Johnson is the quintessential example of the service men who so-called patriots quiver about when they speak of those who died for the beloved American flag. This black hero lost his life participating in some ill-planned covert mission comparable to the Benghazi disaster, and '"45" consoles the grieving widow by implying that "her guy" knew what he signed up for, so tough luck. Johnson sacrificed his life by participating in a failed terrorist exercise, but because the piece of cloth he died for has been co-opted by white bigots who have a double standard when it comes to whose freedom and justice the flag is supposed to represent, he died in vain. To add insult to injury the Congresswoman who was in a hearse with Johnson's wife because she was a personal friend of the family, and who heard the conversation between the widow and president "pumpkin head" on the speaker phone, is now being called a liar who invaded the privacy of the widow by listening in on her phone call the from Tramp, and publicly revealing what was said. Now "she said/he said" bickering is going on between Trump and his team, which includes his chief of staff, General John Kelly. These devious apologists are trying to belittle and discredit the congresswoman. Another hot mess roiling in the American cauldron. I just wish the widow had taken the folded flag presented to her and thrown it on the floor because it does not live up to its promises. Demonstrating against discrimination is now considered unacceptable by most white Americans. A FaceBook video explained for those who don't know, that the Star Spangled Banner was inspired by a battle during the War of 1812 when American colonists were engaged in combat with England over control of Canada. About 600 escaped slaves participated in one particular confrontation, fighting for the British side with the promise that they would be freed at its conclusion. In the second verse of the anthem, the composer, slave owner Francis Scott Key, glorifies how the colonists successfully prevailed , and gloated how no runaways or those in captivity would be free from the southern tradition of slavery. Why would black people want to revere this irrelevant song? The black national anthem by James Weldon Johnson is so much more inspiring. Lift ev'ry voice and sing,Till earth and heaven ring.Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;Let our rejoicing rise,High as the list'ning skies,Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,Let us march on till victory is won.