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    Well, sometimes we don't see ourselves as others do, and are not aware of the tone that emanates from our words. We agree there was friction between Del and Pioneer and, to me, there was a slightly confrontational vibe between Troy and Pioneer, with Pioneer being passive aggressive and Troy exhibiting frustration laced with indignation. I'm not complaining, I find it interesting to observe the exchanges between 3 Alpha Males. I'd also be interested in hearing Mel's impressions on the matter. Don't leave us, Del. You showed a lot of insight in your self assessment, so stay and keep me informed about subjects which I know nothing about.
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    Spirituality is knowing and understanding things around you are more than what you can actually see.
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    If there are an infinite number of universes, there are those who believe you can occupy any one of them--effectively changing your reality. In this universe, I'm slogging away in relative obscurity trying to uplift my people. In another, I'm in corporate America living a comfortable life, complaining with my pals about those ghetto negroes and their laziness. We choose our reality... Mel, is it possible that you did not actually die? Where you officially pronounced dead? Could it be than what you experienced were that last throes of brain activity prior to physical death? I ask not to dispute your experience (I can't do that), but to clarify what happened to you and to see how you may have addressed alternative explanations for the experience. This stuff fascinates me :-) Perhaps one reason you came back was to help AALBC.com
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    @Troy astral projection is possible. I did it accidentally when i was about 17. A Princess knowledgeable in Magick schooled me. Also accidentally achieved cosmic conciousness around 19 years of age. Someone also told me this when i was in my 40's. Troy thanks again for asking the question.
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    Spirituality is the counterbalance to our body, personality and all that is tangible. The body is a ship and spirituality is our anchor in the higher realms. You could exhange spirituality with world view or the existential contemplation of essence. Religion is a lower order manifestation of spirtuality. Analogous to the word apple and the object apple. So your spiritual approach defines and informs your actions personality, thought processes, and emotions. All of the later terms are constructs or a way to embody the intangible essence. These constructs are what makes life feel real. Its easier to argue religion or spirituality. Than the reality of your body. Yet you would have a hard time really believing someone arguing reality. The irony being that it is your mind that rails against this position. Which is ironic because your mond is closer to spirit than your body. Thats a first take will post more later. There's the potential problem of associating the self with our body or our actions. What infotms this the mind. The mond is a function of your life experience and also your spirit. Various people may perceive one or the other in the ascendancy An admixture or perhaps neither. You are relatively unaware if the functioning of the body or your destiny. Spiritual practices can shift your perspective so that you can see both differently. This ability may be real or as indistinguishable as being in a dream. Row row row your boat gently down the stream. Live live life your life. Knowing that it is the spirit dreaming.
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    You can theorize something unknown by the effects it has on the known. Which is how yhe outer planets were discovered. Philosophy, Logic and imagination are useful in navigating the unknown. There's a few questions in philosophy that may be unknowable: Is reality a simulation is one of them. Since it is difficult to think outside of your consciousness. However I like your methodology @Mel Hopkins
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    Troy, this is the overall issue with using third party platforms. As I told you I went from making 30-50K a month with Amazon and one change in the system and now I'm driving Lyft as I redesign my website and build it in a way to garner some of the major money being floated around in the sneaker industry right now. People have integrated third party sites so thoroughly into their lives that it's very hard to overcome without considerable consumer education. The consumer/user is the only person that can stop the bleeding and unfortunately comfort and ease of use rules the day. I need to explain how I was wiped out, but I have done videos discussing how I was setting myself up, but I couldn't stop like a junkie and I eventually was forced into rehab. I probably already talked about this, but it has to be presented again. Amazon a month ago decided to make all items over 35.00 bucks require free shipping. If your items did not meet the requirements for how they wanted free shipping presented, your listings were removed. I went from having almost 1000 listings available on Amazon to zero listings showing up. I contributed slow sales to post holiday hangover and I didn't check my inventory. After a week of zero sales I looked into my dashboard and realized that the listings were Active but not active in the buying area. Every listing had to be deleted and recreated. This would take countless man hours and I realized that I'd waited too long to build my website up because I was mainlining Amazon so hard I was shooting up between my toes and in my dick; which I had been cutting off by using third party platforms to reach my customers all of these years. When you talk about being hijacked by Google, it's the same thing Amazon has done by mining data provided by third party sellers and then releasing their own private labels to sell what is hot. Amazon and Google are genius business models and pure capital engines. They exist as a medium providing no inventory of their own until they have mined the data to make sure that success is a certainty. Once they make the decision to replace you or change the rules, you are doomed if you haven't been building up your platform first. I commend you for taking the time to rebuild. It inspired my current work and while the benefits aren't 30000 a month, I will drive Lyft until I work through the process of garnering the revenue that is flowing through the sneaker biz at this moment. My website growth has been tremendous since I've started the work which shows that people are looking for information. In February of last year my ARCH site had 2000 Unique visits. This Feb 2017 my site got over 17,000 Unique visits. I'm selling a few shoes through the online store and the checks are coming faster from Adwords. Ultimately the goal is to garner media sponsorships from Verizon and other sites as I push the Uniques towards 100,000. You know like I know one endorsement could do this overnight, but more than likely like AALBC I will be working towards this on my own.
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    You can derive a proof that no one understands. Versus something that is unknowable. What ishe nature of consciousness may be unknowable. Since we have to use consciousness to answer thr question about itself. Unprovable may be because currently the technology is non existent. The difference is one is a matter if time or knowledge. Although I may have to give it some more thought.
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    Not sure what others mean by "spirituality" because it's such a fluid term..... But when I say spirituality I'm talking about those OTHER REALMS (because I believe there are many) beyond the physical, beyond time, and beyond space. Some believe believe that even the physical realm (reality) that we're living in is also PART of the greater spiritual whole but just on a slower vibratory plane.   Troy But there are people who consider themselves spiritual, who do not believe in a human soul or spirit. I've met people who held similar seemingly contradictory beliefs, but when you really drill them on what they believe you find out a lot of what they object to are the commonly held perceptions of these subjects in Western thought. I've met people who claimed they were atheist, but after interrogating them over a few weeks I find out that it's the Western concept of "god" as an old man with a beard riding a cloud that they object to....not the idea of a Supreme Force or Forces in the universe.
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    Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a privately held company that combinesdata mining and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process. It was created in 2013 as an offshoot of its British parent company SCL Group to participate in American politics.[3] In 2014, CA was involved in 44 U.S. political races.[4] The company is heavily funded by the family of Robert Mercer, an American hedge-fund billionaire.[3][5] In 2015 it became known as the data analysis company working initially for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign.[5] In 2016, after Cruz's campaign had faltered, Cambridge Analytica started to work for Donald Trump's presidential campaign.[6] The firm maintains offices in New York City, Washington, D.C., and London
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    Since I have a small record label I will say this, all of the music on YouTube is protected in some way. Some channels have it up and it hasn't been removed, but the "owner" of the video does not get paid, the person who owns the publishing gets paid. YouTube doesn't pay much at all as far as streaming goes. I can give you hard examples for streaming on all streaming services. Just ask me to give it to you. If a successful artists controls their YouTube they can do very well with YT streaming. I think YT is not bad at all. Troy you talk as if you didn't put Maxell tapes in and record the Quiet Storm off of the radio. Music has always been accessible in some format. The problem now is that like Mel said the Digital Laws are flimsy and the studios are taking advantage of the loopholes. That takes us back to controlling our own platforms. At least an artist can become a YT millionaire with enough followers. There is real opportunity there and while it isn't a level playing field, a person with dedication and consistency can earn subscribers and convert those subscribers especially in music which is a more social medium than books or business info. (Which is why you and I have a hard to getting subscribers and followers on any social platform.) I guess we live in a time that is great, but difficult. There is amazing opportunity, but serious consumer ignorance. Thankfully millennials are a lot more aware of how they consume and they are becoming more responsible which is what has allowed music artists to create Patreon and which also allows Bandcamp to flourish in an environment where streaming dominates. As always thanks for all of your work on the site. As you know all of that work is about search because people will barely visit it direct and that's what we are all relying on is being discoverable.
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    Well, guess everybody has run out of things to say. Not surprising. The discussions here always evolve into debates, and few of us are swayed by the arguments of others. Anecdotal evidence, sociological studies, and scientific proof all muddy the picture and we end up with a negative that isn't developed. We all embrace our truths and distrust the source of rebuttals to them. What goes on here is kind of a reflection of the world-at-large and the reason why this country is in disarray. I find myself withdrawing from what is happening all around me, pondering if intelligent design is involved in the Universe, it needs to go back to the drawing board because humanity, in its imperfect form, is on a collision course with self-destruction At the age of 83, I'm shooting for 85 and then I'm ready to call it a day, keeping in mind that my whole life time may just be the wink of an eye in a larger world where I am the equivalent of a fruit fly in this one. I'm rather tired but I am grateful that sleep comes easily to me, and it is a haven for my body and the dreams that have insomnia. Wonder if ant colonies have leaders who are assholes.
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    I've been hearing so much about the surprise box office hit, "Get Out" written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele, that I actually bestirred myself to go see it. I give it a thumps up! It was quite well done, good acting, great comic relief; a satirical romp with a sly take-away. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I was amused by its off-beat plot.
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    @Pioneer1 when I write here it is for public consumption with the idea that anyone can read and comment on what I write. If I want to communicate with anyone directly I would email them or message them directly. In my case, at least, you should read everything I write in a conversation, because I'm assuming you have. I guess that explains some miscommunication in the past I'm surprised you felt I was snapping at you. That was not my intent. Sorry about that. To explain my mission "in detail" to someone unfamiliar with me and the nature of the web would take a minute. It is like responding to a common question I get, "I just wrote a book, what do I do next?" What seems like a simple question really is not very simple it depends so much on what the person already knows, what their goals are, etc. Probing to get the detail to provide an adequate response would take more time than I have. I tell myself I need to craft a genetic response so that when I get that question, I can direct writers to the canned response, rather than ignoring the email. Pioneer your question deserves a response, but I'd like to take some time to craft it properly, because I know I'll have occasion to use it often. I won't have it done tomorrow or next month, but when it is done I will be sure to share it with you. But I will tell you this much; selling books or opening a chain of Black-owned bookstores are activities, not a vision in my opinion. The underlying reason for those activities can reveal one's motivations and shed some clue to their vision.
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    I did just look up Magnus after making my post and now I see why I drew a blank. I looked up the correct word this time and see that it means one of the Magi (proper noun) and it also means magician, sorcerer, or astrologer. Del when you call Cynique a Magus what are you actually saying about her? Thanks for believing and saying that you believe in my vision. It helps. I can't do anything that I'm trying to do alone. I'm not sure any of us can go through life doing anything of value in isolation. We need the support of others. Thanks.
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    It's Magus. Troy I come here because i believe on your vision. Cynique I have also withdrawn from engaging with people. Although my job is talking with people. I only find a few people trying to peel the onion of self life and consciousness. Understandably they are busy trying to survive a life that is death by design. Cynique I am a moth and your post the Moon.
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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Educator and author publishes new children’s book aimed specifically toward young girls. Oh What Will You Do? explores some of the numerous career choices little girls can aspire to and encourages them to dream big! Outskirts Press Announces the Release of Oh What Will You Do? — Juvenile Nonfiction by Arlene Garcia, Ph.D. For more information, visit Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Ebook options. February 14, 2017 – Denver, CO and Danbury, CT – In a new children’s book, Oh What Will You Do? Arlene Garcia, Ph.D. describes in rhyming prose the countless career options available to young girls. The underlying theme is one of empowerment; the book inspires a positive attitude, a love of learning and the motivation to strive for success. Oh What Will You Do? has been published by Outskirts Press—the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company. This beautifully illustrated picture book helps young girls explore numerous career paths that will impact the world in a positive way. Parents can use the book to help open their daughters’ minds and feel good about their future, all while imparting a love of reading and spending quality time together. The author, Arlene Garcia, is an educator and humanitarian who inspires young people to reach their potential every day. She was born with pneumonia, with a slim chance of survival, and as an adult she struggles with an autoimmune illness—but she believes in a fighting spirit. “Desire, dedication and determination are at my core, and this is what I want to instill in young girls,” she says. Oh What Will You Do? strikes just the right tone for this young audience, with its positive message and appealing pictures and rhymes—and it’s a cheerful introduction to a broader career horizon. At 28 pages, Oh What Will You Do? is available online through Outskirts Press at www.outskirtspress.com/bookstore. It is sold through Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a maximum trade discount in quantities of 10 or more, and is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the juvenile nonfiction category, with a target audience of 0-7. ISBN: 978-1-4787-7986-5 Format: 8.5 x 8.5 color paperback glossy Retail: $12.95 Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / School & Education About the Author: Arlene Garcia, Ph.D. is an educator who loves traveling, reading, writing and inspiring young people. She is also the author of A Coed With A Will Keeps It Real and The Gatekeeping Behind Meritocracy: Voices of NYC High School Students, and she’s the founder and editor of BitterSweet: Real Talk, whose mission is to help others turn adversity into triumph. Arlene resides in Danbury, CT, with her daughter Aria and family. About Outskirts Press, Inc.: Outskirts Press offers full-service, custom self-publishing and book marketing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available for authors globally at www.outskirtspress.com and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press, Inc. represents the future of book publishing, today. # # # Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker, Colorado 80134 Real Talk
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    Cynique that explains so much. For me everything is an idea theroy or subjective. I feel this helps with my mental fluidity. So i have difficulty with people who say they have an open mind or think critically. When they don't.
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    We didn't say anything that is in disagreement. I never lost my consciousness. We don't lose our consciousness when we join the THE ALL... We are in agreement until we ARE NOT that is when we individuate. In Astral projection, you are still corporeal entity, you’re still matter. Your question reflects a value system; a hierarchy. Value systems exist here in this dimension - This is indicative of people who are still attached to material things... We all are attached to matter in this dimension...It is the foundation of the value system. Still it makes it difficult to answer but I'll do my best. Just like you don't believe there's such a thing as race - the same is true in the other dimension. There's no hierarchy. There's no value system in the eternal. What is the value of infinite? But if I had to judge what has served me well, here, it is understanding of energy and its vibration. Also, seeing light in the dark. Livings things, even things we don't believe have life are illuminated here in this dimension. If it is made from life or of living that energy remains with it. It is same with people - some people give off more light than others - and while I don't believe what people say I do trust their light. The one thing I'll tell you about leaving this dimension and traveling beyond is this: There was no "bright" light like most people say they see. It is an incredible darkness (I wrote this part in my novel) like looking into a school at night where those cut-out shapes of Washington and Lincoln, made from black construction paper, are taped to windows. You can see the shapes even though they are pasted to the window in a dark classroom. When you return here... you can see beyond darkness because everything is illuminated to different degrees. I'm going to post this in the spirituality discussion for @Pioneer1
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    Delano You may be interested but your tone is condescending and off putting. You may not mean it but it is. Well I AM interested in magic and estoric knowledge, but I'm only interested in the TRUTH of it. I'm not interested in tricks, lies, and psychological games that merely take advantage of the gullible. I'm not accusing YOU of doing this, but I'm saying there are a lot who DO and it CLOUDS the subject and dilutes the truth in it so much that it becomes harder to tell legitimate practicioners from the frauds. Secondly...... My approach to you and your claims is not condescending because I'm not "looking down" on you in any way. My tone and my perception of your claims is SKEPTICAL and quite frankly a little SUSPICIOUS because of the same claims from others who could not or would not prove them. People can talk about and bash America and even Western civilization all day, but when you compare it to a lot of other cultures where all social beliefs must be accepted and can't be questioned in any way without penalty of social ostracization or even death.....atleast we're allowed to question things and get to the truth of the matter. Time out for blind faith and blind belief.   You also claim i have not demonstrated any fresh esoteric knowledge. That is a personal opinion that clearly isn't universal. How do you know how many Black people I have read or offered esoteric advice. I don't know what you've done for others or how impressed they are by you, they are not me and I can't base MY knowledge and MY beliefs on what OTHER'S have experienced. I haven't met you personally and don't know what you can or can't do. I don't know about "readings". Studying a person's birth day and telling them general things that anyone with a basic understanding of human psychology for a particular demographic...you can give all sorts of vague advice that may or may not be true. It's a hit or miss. The only thing I can think of right now that would prove your skills is if you: 1. Produce knowledge that can't be found online that I can TEST and discover is true. Like giving me a formula to mix substances together to produce a particular effect. OR 2. Producing some sort of information about a future event at a given time and it actually comes to pass on or very near that particular time. Outside of that......why should me or anyone with common sense believe? BTW I don't think ignoring me or anyone else you disagree with is the way to go. It rarely works and leads to built up frustration. It's better to disagree respectfully from time to time than just plain ignore eachother. But that's just MY opinion. Cynique @DelanoI'm curious and amused how you and Troy were always so impatient with me for not ignoring Sara's attacks instead of retaliating with my own insults . Now both of you aren't the least bit reluctant to exchange personal slurs with Pioneer during your differences of opinion. Why do you think this is? I don't think Troy is slurring me. I think he's a little vexed because I don't see eye to eye with him on the race argument. I think Delano IS annoyed with me because I'm challenging him and he's probably not used to people challenging him on his craft. What was going on with you and Sara was pure unbridled dislike of eachother if not bordering on hatred....lol. Both of you were/are opinionated and strong willed and neither of you wanted to give. BTW.. If you'll recall I warned you to leave that girl alone but you insisted on having your fun. Until she started getting nasty and talking about your titties and your teeth. Then it wasn't fun anymore was it....lol. Further more, I know how far to go with both Troy AND Delano before it gets into slurs and insults. Besides the true and natural respect I have for Troy, I'm always aware that this is HIS SITE....HIS HOUSE....and no matter how much you trade jabs with a man you never disrespect him or show animosity to him in his own house for obvious reasons. Besides not having any animosity towards Delano as a person but just skepticism of his claims, I also keep in mind that Delano is Troy's personal friend of many years.....certainly under his protection....as they would say in the mafia, lol. Troy has made it clear that he's fond of both of us, so why put him a positon where he would have to choose sides to settle a frivolous dispute? Really, this is an exercise in Black people getting along together. Which is why I don't think Delano and I should ignore eachother. It's one thing to ignore someone you disagree with online, but what do we do in real life with people we live and work around all day whom we don't agree with but can't move away from? Black people are going to have to learn to get along with and live with and around eachother at all costs. But again that's just my opinon.  
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    @Troy yes Pioneer has annoyed me. It's not skepticism if he asks why Cynique is interested. If you're not interested that's fine. But to insinuate that a rational person is interested is a bit insulting. I will follow your advice as well. And won't be responding to Pioneer at least on this topic. I was subtlety alluding to that point. So do i consider myself an expert no, but i do have practical and theoretical knowledge in the following areas. Astrology Tarot Numbers Magic and Spells. Yeah the issue is resolved im my mind and heart. Thanks for the post. I tend to arc up when a novice is challenging my knowledge as opposed to asking questions. That may not be the intention, but so be it. Now back to the PG. PAL. Baby. Peace and Love. Yeah I don't think i have ever done this before. Except when Troy was using statistics to bolster an argument. And then i dropped it because one we are friends and two I respect Troy. And the effort he makes to start and maintain dialogues across a wide field.
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    Recently I stopped using social media.* Basically, this means I don't engage on the platforms; I don't like, share from, post content, or acquire friends. My originally intent was not to even visit social media platforms, but that quickly proved unrealistic because an increasing number of authors' primary web presences are on Facebook. But another issue presented itself; After reading an article I liked and wanted to share--my initial reaction was to click one of the social sharing buttons--a action that surprised me because previously I never thought about doing it. I just did it. So how does one quickly share good articles with others? Of course, the answer is obvious; I share it the way I did before social media was invented I; Post a link in the comments section of other websites; Post a link on discussion forums like this one; Email the link to others; Include the link on my website or blog in a related article or webpage; and Share the link in my newsletter These are just a few web-based options. I mention these because collectively we have forgotten these tactics, then has only served to increase engagement on social media platforms. I would also argue that in the vast majority of cases sharing the link using any of the above options is actually a better way of sharing an article you enjoy because it would have a better targeted to the recipient. Now clicking a social sharing button may be the easiest option, but the extra effort required to share a ink using one or more of the alternative methods I described actually helps ensure that the content shared is actually worth sharing. The benefit of sharing valuable content on another website helps uplift that website rather than a social media platform. I know AALBC.com is a more value website because I actively share links to other websites. Another benefit of not using social sharing button is that your privacy is maintained. Social sharing information is a valuable commodity that is sold to marketers and used in ways to manioulate our behavior. *Actually, I do still use on social media network, google's YouTube, because the value proposition is still worthwhile and they even pay me for my contributions to the platform.
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    I'm posting here in hopes that someone might recognize an essay I once read about 20 years ago; it was written much earlier, perhaps mid-20th century, and I think the author was a fairly well-known African American male writer. It recounts an event early in his life, before doing his own writing but perhaps was in college, when he worked going door-to-door in Harlem getting signatures for a petition. Before knocking on one door in a very poor neighborhood, he heard male voices inside debating the merits of various opera singers and performers, using very sophisticated aesthetic language. He was let in and after explaining his job, one of the men said that signing his petition would probably lead to no important changes, but they would do it for him as a personal favor. Before leaving, he asked how it was that he found them talking so fluently about high art, and they explained that they worked as extras for Aida, and so had picked up much experience and language for describing such things. The author was profoundly affected by this, which made him change some of his prior assumptions about race and class, for he thought that his own education had set him apart from so many other blacks, but he now realized that things were far more mixed-up and complicated than he imagined, and that this potential for jumbling up things was in some way the essence of the best of America.
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    The neighborhood analogy works for me. I may actually use it. So many Black websites have disappeared it is not funny. As I've migrated old pages to the new format, Virtually all of the links I had to other sites were broken and in most cases the domains were no longer active. It is astonishing how much Black content has disappeared from the net. Again, I think indie website are the way to go. The list below is traffic from other websites (excluding all search engines) The counts are from my first full day of not posting anything on facebook (March 2 to March 5th. For perspective: More people visited my website from the newsletter I sent this week.than ALL of the sources below combined including Facebook The traffic below is a tiny fraction of the traffic I get from organic search This is also an environment where webmaster simply do not link to other websites. Most of this traffic, like the 27 visitors from Wikipedia are there because I have added content on Wikipedia that links back to AALBC.com. I have not added anything to Wikipedia in over two years but Wikipedia consistently generated more traffic to my site than Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ combined--and I have posted on these sites, daily, for years You see I get more traffic from other sites organically than I get from Facebook. Again I was posting on Facebook daily for years, which doing very little to generate the traffic I got from the other sites. Now imagine a world in which sites like Ebony, Black Enterprise, The Griot actually reciprocated and linked to AALBC.com. Image if every author, publisher, or writer I linked to linked back to at least their page on AALBC.com. The number below would look very different. Today all the links provide and promote, as indie Black sites all goes to social media, but not to ourselves. So my strategy will be to work other websites, the way I did social media. Again if I get more traffic from these sites doing almost nothing than I do from Facebook posting everyday. I should get a better return for my time. Right now spending zero time on social media is a get benefit in and of itself ;-) Count Site 133 facebook 28 l facebook 22 mobile facbook 3 lm facebook 186 Visitors from Facebook 283 Visitors from other sites 27 blog / (not set) 27 wikipedia 20 disq 19 kennesaw 13 twitter 13 madmimi 12 secure-nym 10 pinterest 9 en 9 blavity 7 googleplus 7 aol / organic 6 outlook 5 feedburner / feed 4 theleadstory 4 email12 4 kidrex 4 plus 3 twitter 3 blackboard 2 blakink21 2 aalbc / banner 2 ahrefs 2 blacknews 2 culturalpolitics 2 ecosia 2 email02 2 fortworthtexas 2 iprism / referral 2 jimisound 2 publishersweekly 2 tvtropes 2 welcomewhitefolks 1 wm 1 absolutewrite 1 advertserve 1 api 1 aplanguagemrphillips 1 app2 1 atlantablackstar 1 avg / organic 1 biography 1 blackrefer 1 cafepress 1 chrisdburns 1 cn 1 cuyahoga 1 dailykos 1 de 1 delta-search 1 earl-brooks 1 getpocket 1 goodreads 1 guides 1 harlembookfair 1 hunter 1 images 1 informationvine 1 it 1 izito 1 libguides 1 linkedin 1 lipstickalley 1 mail-attachment 1 mail 1 mail 1 messenger 1 mg 1 mswritersandmusicians 1 olatodera 1 redfordlibrary 1 reference 1 research 1 s1 1 school 1 scs 1 shirleyshowalter 1 theblack-board 1 theblacklist 1 therealmerkabah 1 thereviewreview 1 thumperscorner 1 web03ds 1 wunderlist
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    @Pioneer1 Many Latina women do resent being labeled as "hot-blooded spitfires", just as blondes hate to be characterized as "dumb airheads", and big-chested women prefer men to look past their bosom. Why? Because such perceptions make a caricature of them. And i repeat black women don't like being arbitrarily viewed as loose and lusty. A common complaint of black men is how unaccompanied white women are instinctively uneasy around them. It reduces them to a subhuman level. Also, I think intelligent black men would rather be judged first by their intellect rather than their overrated sexuality. Further more, being assertive doesn't have anything to do with a large penis and an accelerated sex drive. And most self-respecting black women don't stick with a black man if he doesn't have anything else going for him but horniness. All such males are good for is stud service via a booty call. Also i don't agree that an authentic black man can be feminized. Those that come across as effeminate are probably in the closet.
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    This was the case when I read your review of VL Towlers book. Ideally, I should have just simply linked directly to your book review. But I'd already posted it before I realized it was on your blog. Still, the multiple links back to your site may be more valuable from an SEO perspectve Now image if we have 5, 10, or 100 additional sites linking to your book review. I can see from VL Facebook feed (right hand side of this page) that she linked from there which is cool too!
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    @Mel In keeping with the idea of multi-verses, perhaps you did die in another world where your death was mourned. You are alive and well in this one, and maybe disabled in yet another one where you are describing how you became crippled. There are infinite possibilities in this school of thought. As for there being a oneness to humanity, this idea plays into another school of thought about there being a "god head" from which everyone came and to where everyone returns. The late Carl Sagan described humans as star children because they are all made up of the same elements as the stars. Implicit in the big bang theory is that it spawned everything, making us all parts of a whole.
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    As I spout about all the time, words are just sounds and syllables used to describe reality. But one person's reality may not be another one's; what one person sees as green may be what another one sees as red but this doesn't matter because words are superficial. And the word "reality" itself is an attempt to assign sounds or symbols to the totality of what "is". Mathematics are a more accurate vehicle for conveying and exchanging information. Geometry, in particular, has been deemed the universal language. To me, there is the existing world, and then there is language which attempts to condense what exists into words - and a lot may be "lost in the translation". Even now I am struggling to put my theory" into words. And speaking of schools of thought, spirituality has been referred to as the "third eye". People who have or acquire one, see the world from a broader more perceptive perspective.
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    To be completely honest I forgot about your site. I did an Internet search for African American book reviewers and your site came up, then I remembered submitting my very first book with you. Thanks for updating my page. I noticed that the image for my book; Brothers Are You Listening is the wrong cover. I'm working with Amazon to correct it. I'm attaching the correct cover if you can replace it. In regards to your question, I do not believe there is such a thing as death, there is only transition. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience instead of a human being having a spiritual experience. We don't have a soul, we are a soul. We are literally spiritual. Every major religion promotes the idea that we are connected to something divine. That divinity is our birthright and it is our responsibility to accept it and embrace it. Knowing that I am connected to a power greater than myself which I choose to call The Source and this power is infinite and omnipresent, puts my mind at ease about the experience we refer to as death. I therefore have absolutely no fear of death, as a matter of fact I look forward to it with wonderment and expectancy.
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    I want to thank Mel Hopkins for her exhaustive review of Severed, A Novel. I am so grateful for her insights. It's fascinating to see how people interact with my characters. It's even more intriguing when they see things I did not see myself. Watch her space. She's up and coming. We need more writers like her who are willing to put the time in, to be thoughtful, critical, yet supportive. Thank you, Mel. You do me the greatest honor, to critique a novel written for Black women.
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    Mel even the person who conceived of the quark did not "know" it to be true and would never have stated it with such certainty until it was proven, until then it is a theory, usually one of several theories. Even now it is possible some other experiment will change what we know or think we know. I think we have to resign ourselves to the fact that there are some things we simply can not know. Even something as mundane as what happens to "us" after we die can't be known. Of course, people of various faiths will claim that they "know," but this is a function of faith rather than reality. This becomes readily apparent when you compare various faiths and quickly discover they can't all be true. Often some of these "spiritual" people will kill those with beliefs that oppose their own. Even the concept of a state of existence is a function of how we perceive our existence. The concept of time itself is more a function of how we experience the universe, not a complete reflection of how it truly is "really." If you could hop a ride on the back of a photon there would be no concept of time. No past, past present or future.
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    That is the reason I write and speak. I share my truth with others to allow them to come to their own truth and understanding. People who reject my ideas and philosophies are entitled to their opinion, however, as an author and thought leader I make it a point to share my beliefs with anyone who is open minded enough to listen. I truly enjoy engaging with people who disagree with me because I am so grounded in my own truth that I cannot be swayed from what I deeply believe in my heart. This doesn't mean that I'm not open to being wrong, I am definitely open, but I know who I am and I'm comfortable in my own skin which insulates me from a lot of the negativity and hatred that pervades our world and I am armed with facts to go along with my inner truth.
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    contemplation allows us to "know" a thing. It's the nature of that thing that is not yet known or as you put it, tested, proven or observed... But lack of these things but especially observation doesn't make a concept or element unknowable. For example, before the quark was a concept - it was an unknown. Then it became a known because of what existed along with the particle - but still no one knew the nature of the particles. Now physicist have figured out its nature but guess what? No one has ever observed it! So how do you know that you aren't observing the very thing you are contemplating. It's like existing in 4th dimension, until you can see it, you can't. What is unknowable may be your perception of the thing. Therefore, the concept of "unknowable" is a mental construct... So my question as always "who does it benefit to create a construct for "unknowable" elements? " I know right? These effing people with their politricks I have another one article that blew me away... It's a subculture , I had no clue existed but is a society unto itself.
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    ARGGGH... the imagery!!! LOL! This is an awesome cautionary tale that there are no shortcuts...Thank you for sharing!
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    @Delano Full disclosure: As Troy mentioned, IRL means "in real life". The "giggler" part means I giggle a lot. I see pictures and images when I read words. So when I read comments or hear what others say - a movie plays in my head. When You said Cynique was a Magus I saw her walking around in full garb of purple and gold turban and robes, they were heavy because she appears to be petite. Troy going up against google was actually me seeing him spar with the google logogram "Google" and it had eyes. When you mentioned taking 1 percent, I saw you in the McDonald's hamburgler costume .... and you'd appear out of nowhere to get your cut. So that's the rest of the story - I giggle a lot because I don't see words or "letters", I see images and motion pictures.
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    @Mel Your definition of spirituality is very profound and provocative. As for how I define spirituality, I agree with the idea that the spirit is the intangible essence of the tangible individual, and I am in sync with the cliche that spirituality is about getting in touch with yourself. To me, this includes listening to your inner voice which is your guide through the external world and a channel for the instincts that remind if it does not feel right to you, it is not right for you. (Which is why I appreciate Shakespeare advising: " this above all, to thine own self be true".) I also think that spirituality is about acknowledging your own divinity and realizing that "god" is comparable to your higher self divested of the ego that reduces you to being human. This is my belief and something I contemplate on my current spiritual journey to seek the truth, keeping in mind what The Prophet Khalil Gibran warns: "say not that I have found the truth, say rather I have a found a truth while walking along my path." Again I can only resort to cliches when I concur with the idea that "the truth will set you free".( Even if it hurts, it is a spiritual wound that heals itself as you meander through a world of deception.) BTW, I do appreciate the necessity and the beauty of language, but on a spiritual level I think words are some times inadequate, and the closest they come to adequacy is when they defer to "reality" and say that "it is, what it is".
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    @Mel Hopkins I'm flattered to have inspired a blog post about me. Del keeps implying that I don't realize what I am. He says I'm a "magnus". You say I'm a "hustler". i don't have a problem with either one of these labels. Because this hustling magnus respects the opinions of both of you. (This thread is so long and goes off on so many tangents that I didn't even see your post until just now. ) @Pioneer1 Yes, I do resent the idea of white people harboring the impression that black women are loose, oversexed 'hos and that this behavior comes natural to them. And I'm sure white opinions about black men being over sexed brutes played a part in them being lynched in the past, and is a misconception that persists today among white women leery about being in the proximity of black male strangers. BTW, Did you see the post by Britanny on the Part 1 segment of this long thread wherein she challenged all of your contentions about race and black sexuality. I'm surprised you didn't respond to it.
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    @Mel sometimes the game chooses you. Real power starts in the mind and extends and blends from that to this world. Delusions are stunted and only exist in one mind.
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    I wrote in the other thread about spiritual enlightenment. Maybe that's a misnomer because it's more like spiritual re-enlightening. Spirituality, for me is simply remembering the ancient energy that animates all things, also resides in me. If I had to describe it, it would be like one eternal flame that lights all the candles on a birthday cake... I honor that flame in all living things. As far as the spirit is concerned since I'm fascinated with the etymology of words, I believe spirit is exactly how its defined: spiritus which means breath. From the Latin word "inspirare” from which we get the word inspire means "to breathe life or blow into"... I like to believe that the spirit is that ancient energy that's not created or destroyed it just changes form and it is that breath which animates our bodies with what many call the soul. When our bodies are worn out or destroyed, the energy that is “us” continues on. The spirit is that thing that's omniscient and has a small voice but speaks with temerity and speaks first in all matters of our daily life.
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    Mel I did not write, nor do I believe there is "nothing we can do about it." I did ask, however, "who" will stop them? Let me try another approach... Over the past 12 months, I've spent a great deal of time enhancing my coverage of children's books. It is an area of great interest but largely neglected by the mainstream media. Much of the coverage on the subject covers how few Black children's book are published. One of the most popular pages on my website is my Top 120+ Recommended African-American Children's Books. I started the page by asking industry insider and other experts which books they felt should be on a list like this. I have continued to expand and curate this list. In the process, I have added information on hundreds of authors and illustrators of children's books. Now if you run a google search on African American Children's books, my site is likely to come up first. I'd argue it deserves to be. But let's take a look at the screenshot of the results: Now consider the following: Google hijacks the search results by placing book covers and links to THEIR store. Do y'all understand what I'm saying? Do you know what this means? Google is grabbing visitors just as they are about to step into your store and pulling them into their with prettier pictures. Obviously, the sites most like to carry this content Are Black sites. These sites don't stand a chance. Anyone with the gumption to start a great Black children's website--good luck, because you can't do much better than I am and I'm struggling. But here is the kicker: Why is almost EVERY DAMN BOOK cover Google is displaying my MY LIST! Now I've been looking search results on these terms for a very long time and this is something new Google has pulled. I mean I pulled some obscure books for inclusion on my list and now Google is displaying them as if they came up with this shit on their own. Now the implications of this are profound. Not only has Google squashed all the competition, they are swiping content. Of course, one can argue there are a finite number of great books so any lists compiled will necessary have some overlap, but again I've monitored this list and the overlap is alarming. Still, even if I completely conceded point #3 entirely. Point #1 really should be cause for great concern. But because it is not, we are not doing anything about it and we don't have as many quality Black sites as we should. The growth of the sites that remain is constrained by Google. So what can I do? Sue Google for mining the search data for popular content then hijacking that traffic with content they've grabbed from Wikipedia and other sites and putting "their" content at the top of search results? Don't make me laugh. Work extra hard enriching other fantastically wealthy corporations by posting my stuff on their social media platforms, desperately trying to drag folks away to learn about some excellent book for children. Seek the support of people in my community by helping them understand what is happening and why it matters. This is just one small example, in one industry, that will never make the light of day. Sites like mine die in obscurity every single day. Lord only know what could have been, but never got launched because of the hostile environment we operate it. Look AALBC.com should not have been out of business years ago. I'm crazy for continuing to struggle with it. In some alternative universe, I'll be celebrating AALBC.com's 20th anniversary with a nice party, maybe a little press, and the promise of an ongoing legacy celebrating Black culture through books.
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    When I got my personality results back from five.com I didn't think anything of it. I did remove it from facebook - and soon after I deleted my facebook account. While I thought some nefarious actions could result from knowing folks from what they write - I never thought it could be used to predict or even influence an election - now here we are. I read an article on motherboard.vice.com and how CA came to be... and it indicated it all started on facebook. (of course)
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    That 22 million suit was just this week. Facebook just lost 500 million lawsuit on occulus. I mentioned the lexis nexis service Law 360 , if you wanted to keep a running tab on how individuals are checking google It's a big target and hard to miss. As long as our laws are still open to the people, google is not above the law. You're correct Youtube can benefit from the audience that sees ads when visits youtube for music and,Digital Millennium Copyright Act states they cannot be held liable for pirated music uploaded to the youtube site. They can only be diligent in its removal. (link: "How Google Fights Piracy") Google pays licensing fees for the artists and record companies who own copyright. Prince was an interesting random choice. According to his former lawyer and our BTHS Alum Londell McMIllian Prince's music only streamed on tidal until February 12, 2017- when the estate released it. "Feb. 12, is the focus of a major marketing campaign set up by the music companies that have rights to release Prince’s songs, and by the streaming services that have been hungry to carry the music but were blocked from doing so by Prince himself before he died last year at 57. (Currently, Prince's albums are only available on Tidal.)" New York Times McMillian represented both Prince and Michael until their death. (I think I read he still represents Michael Jackson's estate and he's on tap to represent Prince's estate once its turned over to the heirs) When I searched youtube in the past for Prince music, it wasn't there. I didn't keep a record so only google has a record of my searches. Again all the artists you've mention have all blocked their music from time to time...Beyonce's vevo channel was even off youtube for a few weeks. Still Youtube is a media site much like television and radio so when artists music is played or watch they get paid just like they would when their music is aired on any other medium. In fact, youtube (unless they manipulate the count) is a better source than radio and television because its end-user driven the more popular the more money. This is from a fortune article - Artist are NOT throwing up their hands ... they want more licensing money and even better technologies as to who is uploading pirated music. And Most important, they are fighting to have the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, revised. This is the law that is allowing piracy from smaller companies that don't have as large a bullseye as google. AALBC is an important website that is filled with copyright holders and even those new to the game - I believe you are correct to warn those with intellectual property how easy it is to lose licensing rights if they are not diligent in keeping watch. But to say there's is nothing we can do about it ... that's not true.
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    When Prince was alive very little of his work was on YouTube. I heard he walked into Revolver records on West 8th aaid nothing took all of his bootlegs and walked out.
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    Guest Brittany Thank you for the clarity and precision of situation that is extremely complex. Please post more.
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    Gastrointestinal distress is more billable than tummy ache. @Mel Hopkins constructs and symbols have imputed not inherent meaning. Numbers; Language ;Sex Roles; and consciousness and visual interpretation some of theese are not real some may not be real. I leave it to the curious. Are numbers discovered or created? Who knows.
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    Race is indeed a social construct that is maintained culturally, but culture is not genetic. To say that it is entirely genetic is the same justification racist whites use to exclude and persecute people based on skin color and is not something that should be stated lightly. It is ridiculous to think that any culture is so special that it must be preserved for all eternity at all costs because that only results in zealotry, inbreeding, detrimental genetic disease and conflict. Our genetic differences are based in mutations that proved beneficial in our environment, but say nothing about our social capacity. It is easily proven that culture is taught through children who grow up with parents of a different race and take on that culture. They only feel 'different' when outsiders point out that people who look like them are expected to act a certain way. I think Pioneer1's personal observations are just that and have no biological basis. Blacks are often raised in a hypersexual environment due to our 'culture', and African culture is so stereotyped and disrupted by historical events and conflicts that you can't draw any conclusions about it developing naturally. Much of sexuality has a psychological basis that has nothing to do with biological drives. Humans are above are social creatures and value the acceptance of a group and social cooperation above all else because that is how we survived predation and were able to feed ourselves. It is normal human behavior to desire the approval of the widespread culture. Without social cohesion humans would not be in the position we have over all other animals. But there is no 'normal' human behavior. We have always adapted to our environment and the social situation to survive and the fact that our behavior is on a continuum helps us adjust to changes quicker than any other species. To say that someone's culture is a fixed quantity underestimates the human species. Will blacks ever be considered 'normal'? That depends on the definition of 'normal'. In America our culture is dominated by the descendent of white European immigrants. So it is up to them whether our culture will ever be considered mainstream, and I think that is happening faster than most people realize. But since there is not a 'normal' human being it is really up to individual black people to determine whether they are accepted and respected by the dominant culture or not. The only way to be truly 'abnormal' is to behave in such a way that you cannot function acceptably in society. We can go on about human dignity and such, but why would a successful dominant culture accept behaviors that are not beneficial to them? Having biases is a natural and often useful human trait. If a group of people run into a snake and it kills someone it would be expected for their culture to have a dislike of all snakes, even those who have never seen one. When humans apply bias to other humans it is sad and ugly, but it is also inevitable. I do agree with the original blog posts last point that Black people have to take care of themselves. White people cannot fix black problems any more than we can fix theirs. I personally view much of 'black' culture as a excuse for anti-white culture behaviors that some black people cling as strongly to as any white racist. If you understand culture as a tool to provide group cohesion and not an absolute thing to be put on a pedestal the world is much less dismal.
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    Hey @Del , what is your definition of spirituality? It seems to be we are born spiritual beings. It is only the rituals and practices we have to learn. In much the same way we are born with an innate ability to communicate. If we are not taught a specific language, we will come up with one on our own.
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    Yeah, Yarborough is highly esteemed elder here in NYC. I'm sure someone like Talib would have mad respect for her. She actually intervewed AALBC.com on her cable access show, Ancestors House but this was over 10 years ago. I knew she was in the film Shaft, but did not know she had a signing career until Fatboy Slim remixed one of her songs. The official video (supposedly) is below. Slim's treatment has completely extracted all of the soul and meaning from the original. But this is what white boys always do when they appropriate aspects of our culture for profit. In fact, they taught us how to do the same thing. But Slim did create a resurgence in Yarborough's work, and I'm sure he paid her for the use of her music, so I guess it is all good. For comparison purposes Yarbrough's originals. Taken in the content of the original album it is even more powerful... not to mention the same cultural experiences. I've migrated Gil Scott-Heron earlier today. Man, I wish he was alive and in his prime today. I would love to hear his words on Trump. Listening to him talk about Regan was just so deep. I appreciate his work even more now. I also moved The Last Poets and Abiodun Oyeloe work was slow today listening to these folks. There are SO many Youtube videos of these folks now compared to when these pages were created it is incredible. There was a time I could actually make money selling their music and video, but those days ended years ago. I can;t even image how much money the artist has lost. Youtube can generate revenue by providing a platform for piracy and no one bats an eye--but that is a rant for another day.... @CDBurns I was not aware of John Kasandra before now -- thanks!
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    I read the page for casting the spell and all due respect to the folks here it sounds a bit silly to me,.. Unflattering photo of Trump (small); see below for one you can print Tower tarot card (from any deck) Tiny stub of an orange candle (cheap via Amazon) Pin or small nail (to inscribe candle)... BUT while I may not buy into the specifics in this case, I'm not so quick to dismiss the power of massive numbers of people using their brains to impact the physical world. Some call it the power of prayer. Some people believe can modify the weather through rituals, of course there are many other examples or mind over matter practices. Imagine if everyone who is against Trump decided to concentrate, at the same time, on him leaving office. Image; 100 million people focusing their mental energy on a single thing. Are you certain there would be no impact? As far as I know this has never been tried. But back to the specifics of the Trump spell. I dunno, while it may sound silly to me, going through the process suing all the items may help people focus their mental energy maybe it is not so silly, if it works for some. But again that sort of thing is not for me.
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    Del I think as you immerse yourself into different worlds you gain a perspective that is necessarily more open. I too shared many of the experiences you have. Speaking of being a bike messenger, have you ever heard of Kurt Boone? He writes about delivering packages riding a fixed wheel bike. I worked as a foot messenger for a couple of years--delivering packages to offices wowed me with their grandness, and the I would be working in a few years later. Experiencing other locations is also why I balk at the idea that places like NYC are so cosmopolitan, urbane and sophisticated. In reality, NYC often is very provincial, racist, crude and segregated as any place in the country. Many communities I've visited in the south are FAR more integrated than NYC. Though mainstream media and NYC itself likes to tout itself has been better that other places...