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    Milo Yiannopoulos is laughing all the way to the bank. The interviewer from CNN, despite her faux outrage, is greatly helping this Milo's profile. CNN is doing this because these interviews generate mucho dinero for their company. The hypocrisy is sickening. This is all about money. Milo is no different than Twitter, CNN, and CNBC. This was the exact same thing that raised Trump's profile. Outrageous statements are profitable. Now I appreciate I'm is actually feeding into the frenzy of Milo, but I do this because I know full well I'm not going to make money from this effort because corporations own that market. I just hope to make some points that will help people think about the platforms they use. Milo Yiannopoulos’s has a book Dangerous coming out in June. It is already #30 on Amazon--not in some miscellaneous sub-category either. It is #30 overall! The book is published by Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Yesterday I posted a link to AALBC.com about a fascinating book, Never Caught: The Washingtons’ Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge by Erica Armstrong Dunbar, which is also published by Simon & Schuster. Someone posted the following in reaction, Old time lurkers and posters here will recognize the comment coming from the author Emanuel Carpenter, who used to post here regularly...but that is another conversation The rest of this article has been moved to my blog
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    European culture has a of traveling to exotic places and enslaving people. The Vikings preferred more local enslavement. White American culture isn't even that good for white people. Hollywood and Modelling is about using people. You can throw the music industry in as well. The casting couch , drugs , tge busted contracts. And allowing people to self destruct because it sells papers. Chaka Khan was using so much drugs an engineer told her she is worth more to the label dead. Maybe it's not a white thing. Perhaps it's about. The Mayans and the Egyptians were legendary. They both built pyramids that showed their knowledge of Astrology. Before the invention of the telescope. Yet both had ritual killing.
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    I have had the opportunity to drop into different worlds. Corporate America. Wall Street. European Artists. The artsy fartsy crowd. Bike Messengers. House heads and hip hoppers. I am no aware that i am always fighting to be me and not be subsumed by group think. I see myself as a Black Magickal Philosophical Hippie that can dance. I am not interested in being labelled or categorized. Prejudice is prejudging things fue to lazy thinking. However I am starting to realize don't enagage with non thinkers or close minded people. Pioneer there is a psychopathology in the black community. That exists seperate from White culture. Hell White people cant meet White People standards but berate you fir not living up to it. Early Hollywood was populated and run by Jewish people. Yet you didn't see positive Jewish images. Ralph Lauren with his whole waspy Polo things is really Ralph Lifshitz from the Bronx . Black Slaves brutalized their women. No your comparing us to a monolithic mythology.
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    I wish I had something positive to contribute to this discussion. I am, however, encouraged that all y'all's broad views of the grim future have not dulled your optimism, and that you are motivated by the challenges that show no signs of dissipating. To me, the current political situation is a sign that the tide has turned, - as it inevitably does. The Pandora's box of Trumpism has been opened and emptied and the old rules don't apply. If this can be described as a teachable moment one lesson would be that truth has become a very elusive entity that language imprisons by holding "reality" captive. So those in control can manipulate words to describe a scenario of their choice, and since the word "reality", itself, is trapped in the confines of 7 written symbols, or 4 spoken syllables, who can effectively invoke "reality" as a defense against alternate "facts"? What is reality?? Is it actually a state of flux where we create our own truths? This is the growing trend black folks must try and navigate, figuring out a way to make white folks believe lies we make up. BTW, I don't agree with the pundits who claim that Trump's base has eroded. I even think he is gaining converts from the ranks of wimps who, since their vote couldn't whip him, are simply joining him. Meanwhile, his opponents react more than act. Progressives and Liberals are standing around diagnosing Trump's mental health and pointing out how untrue and illogical his rationales are, ferreting out obscure laws in an attempt to thwart the Republican majority, while making idle threats of impeachment and filibusters. I am very disappointed in how The Press seems to be so in awe of the office of the Presidency that they allow Trump to publicly mock the news media. The idea of simply calling him an outright liar seems unthinkable to reporters. So here I sit, watching how the lines are being drawn, hoping that those who recognize the signs of this country becoming a dictatorship will be able rally enough supporters to ward off the threat. I watched Bill Maher's interview with Milo whose diarrhea of the mouth was probably contracted from blowing diseased penises. He can be dismissed as a "guilty pleasure" because he attacks icons using sly humor and a savvy persona to say what others think, taking full advantage of the mean-spiritness that Trump has popularized. I would simply describe Milo's position with the publishing industry as a mutually beneficial "69".. Bill Maher is, first and foremost, a stand-up comedian. I appreciate how he not only takes obnoxious bigoted Conservatives to task but also calls out Liberals for being smug, do-gooders. He is not a particularly skilled debater but he fortifies his views by inviting articulate people of his persuasion to keep the Republican apologists in check. This alone makes his show worth watching. Elsewhere, this Pop Culture Vulture is motivated to put on her Milo hat because she is sick of BEYONCE who, thanks to the slavish devotion of her social media "Beehive", thinks that having a big belly full of twins has not only obligated her to parade around and show off her bloated abdomen, but has also elevated her to the realm of Earth Mother - a goddess to be held in awe and worshiped by all who look upon her! Her appearance at the Grammys, looking like a latter day Cleopatra with a stomach tumor, was a yawner. She needs to go somewhere and sit down and hope Jay-Z's genes aren't stronger than hers. I'm also sick of seeing a frolicking Obama's grinning face plastered all over the internet, as he has embarked on an extended vacation, immersing himself in a lifestyle where the troubles of the world will never again intrude upon his carefree existence. He may be better off as result of his presidency but I'm not so sure about the rest of the black people who put him in office.
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    @Troy You are running an international Salon Here's a a first I am including a Wikipedia Link Salon (gathering) - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salon_(gathering)Proxy Highlight A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. These gatherings often consciously followed Horace's definition of the aims ... @Troy it is difficult to fight characaters like T Rump and the other guy. Either you try to use logic and they drown you out or you yell like they do. Neither is a winning strategy. Or you do what you have been doing. Keep in people's ear. Get people to think beyond their emotional response to every situation. You have literally thousand of people listening. They may not respond for any number of reasons, but they are intersted. They are the elite that I am referring to, people who think or even better ask questions. Babershops are great places to be warm by lots of words, great wordplay some rhetoric but how ofetn is it provocative or evocative. BTW that Mollusk scene in Barbershop was brillaint. Troy you have no competition. You will see yu influence and effectiveness when one of your members is Celebrated. Or when a Celebrity plugs your site. I reckon in 10 - 15 years.
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    Pioneer there is so much information available, in books currently in print today (many showcased on this website. Enough to keep on busy for several lifetimes, but the fact of the matter is this stuff is not going to be covered in school--ever. The role of schools is not to educate people. You know that right? We celebrate Columbus while completely ignoring all the people who were already here... how sick is that? The other problem is that history is really is not that interesting to most people. The history of Black women in science is even less interesting. To the movie's credit, the fictionalized version of history made the story compelling by throwing in Taraji's 'tude, Mahershala's sex appeal, and a few white boy saviors and you have a formula for mass appeal. The movie had nothing to do with teaching us anything. It was about entertainment, which sadly has become the replacement for education.
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    Well, no need for conjecture, speculation, prediction or ouija board consultation anymore. Trump is the POTUS and there is nothing you can do about it. I won't launch into the rank and file diatribes and rants about his win. But I will say this -America deserves what it voted for. I will not comment about the events that have taken place over the past weeks. They speak for themselves. Half of eligible American voters refused to partake in this past election. That says something. For millions, it was too much of an inconvenience, indifference, apathy or because I don't like either one of the candidates. Fine. This man did not have to win if everyone voted. They left it in the hands of the electoral college. For that, like James Baldwin's book title, "The Price of the Ticket", the future of America in the next four years speaks for itself.....
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    I find all of the comments on this subject very thought-provoking. Astrology has never captivated me. I have had a chart cast and readings, and I didn't find them be especially accurate or prophetic. I was told by one reader that my aura inhibited her powers because she could sense that I was a skeptic. My skepticism may have had something to do with how she asked me more questions than I asked her. I figured that, with her psychic gift, she should've been able to divine the answers about me and shouldn't have needed to quiz me. I do harbor a certain amount of awe for Astronomy, however. The configurations of heavenly bodies are predictable and constant and they seem to represent order in a universe that is fraught with chaos. In this vein, I would like to share something interesting I've just experienced. Yesterday I was thinking about an old friend of mine who I haven't seen or heard from in over 25 years. The last time I saw her was when she was briefly in Chicago for a funeral. She caught up with me and we were able to spend a couple of hours together, and it was like we'd never lost touch. We parted with her extracting a promise that if I ever came to LA, I'd look her up and that was that, since I never made that trip. I always thought of her as the "golden girl". She was very pretty and very smart and - a very nice person, and she was able to beat out a few other girls for a really cool, smart, popular guy they all had eyes for. When she became pregnant, they got married and moved to California, where from all reports they were apparently living happily ever after. They had a long marriage (about 63 years) and in a recent picture their niece posted on FaceBook, they looked well preserved and happy. Of all my girlfriends, she was the one who had it all, a beautiful home, a good income, a high achieving daughter. The golden girl who enjoyed a fulfilling life. Then today, this same niece, who is a friend of mine on FaceBook, in-boxed me a message telling me that my friend had lost her husband My first thought was that the golden girl's sheen was probably a little dulled. But the story doesn't end here. There was my other old faraway friend, who I talked with on the phone from time to time, and we would always reminisce about the salad days of our youth. it was during one of our last conversations that she mentioned what I had always known but didn't think it was something she still dwelt on. She had been one of the girls that my other friend beat out for this guy they both liked. The health of this friend was very frail and she would become depressed, looking back over her life, thinking about all the trials and tribulations she had gone through. Indeed, she was not somebody I'd label a "golden girl" despite that fact that she was also pretty, and smart and nice. Anyway, the subject of what evolved into an intriguing love triangle involving my 2 friends and the guy one had married, often came up and we would laugh about it. But, then, during one conversation, she opened up about her feelings, saying that this guy had been the love of her life and that she'd never really gotten over her broken heart and that over the years when their paths crossed she thought she saw a glint in his eyes that signaled to her what might have been. One of the last things I said to this friend when she'd declared she was tired and ready to go, was to "cheer up", adding that maybe in another place and another time, she would be reunited with this love of her life. She chuckled and said "who knows?" This friend, who I'll call Jackie, died in December a week after her 83rd birthday. The second thing I thought about upon hearing about the death of the first friend's husband today, was: "now it's your turn, Jackie". Coincidence? Maybe. The only mystery deeper than Life, is Death. Two words that have no meaning.
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    My introduction to astrology was through the horoscopes, though I always thought of them as the same thing. I took a course in Astrology and learned how to cast charts. I never got really good at interpreting them, as that does take some study and imagination. As I learned more about astronomy and biology, I find it impossible to believe in horoscopes at all. That is not to say that I'm dismissing the impact of celestial bodies on people, I just don't think this influence can be distilled down to a handful of celestial bodies. Our calendar has never been fixed. going from 10 months to 12--on a whim. It has only been a few hundred years when most of the world even used the same calendar. Of course the universe does not conform to our arbitrary labels since it is constant state of flux, and requires correction periodically. Mel previously mentioned Ophiuchus, illustrating that the astrological signs we commonly follow don't adhere to the actual constellations. Of course there is disagreement on whether there should be a 12, 13, or even 14 astrological signs... That vast majority of the material of our universe (dark matter and dark energy) is currently unknown to us. Perhaps it is unknowable--who knows. I'm all for seeking hight levels of knowledge. Perhaps astrology and religion can provide a path to a more profound understanding of the nature of the universe, but more often they seem to lead more restricted understanding
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    Cynique I would say mysticism is different from magick A mytic in my mind is more philosophical or theoretical, there is an understanding of the esoteric or occult. A spell caster need not understand the wider implicaytions of Magick. So a person can cast a spell without understanding the rules or tenets of Magick. Cynique Autosuggestion meditation using the subconscious or the wil l are all forms of magic. Your actions or approach shows you to be a mystic but perhaps an unconscious one. You don't know that you know, but you act like you know. Mel evey few years this comes up. Astrology generally lookes at the zodiac which is the path of the sun during a year. 12 signs times 30 = 360 degrees. The constellations are of unequal sizes. Although there are a few Sidereal Astrologers who use Opichus. The commencement of the seasons in the US is when the Sun nters the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. What I have noticed is that people subconscoiusly know everything that is going to happen. Which males us omniscient which is a quality of God. So we are little Gods that are unaware of our divinity. The point that you become aware of this you become a Magus. I would say that Jesus Buddha and varoius other holy people have climbed this pinnacle. And there message is that mastery is both simple and difficult.
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    Is magick the same as mysticism? Some of those who've studied Christianity have concluded that the miracles attributed to Jesus were the work of a Mystic and that's what he was, rather than what the bible declared him to be. The mind-over-matter meta-physical concept is something I consider a form of magick and if you can just get in synch with certain forces, this dynamic can work. I have been fascinated by this subject for years. And at one time experimented with "pyramid power", meditating inside of a collapsible one which could be purchased during the new age craze back in the 1960s. This was a relaxing, mind-expanding experience which could've been brought on by the magnetic rearrangement of molecules, the pyramid shape was supposed to bring about. With the exception of one blood pressure pill, I have currently discontinued all of the medications routinely prescribed to me because the annoying side effects and questionable benefits were "cures" worse than the ailment. I have, instead, replaced these pills with natural holistic remedies which I feel have worked for me as well as pharmaceuticals. I also practice auto-suggestion, planting in my subconscious mind before I go to sleep at night, instructions for my body to cure any existing diseases on its own. I have had some encouraging success with all of these alternatives. However, I probably would be more diligent and conventional where my health is concerned if I was younger. But now, I just call my own shots and go with the flow. I also have a theory that prayer is a form of magick. It's energizing a wish, and when it works, this has nothing to do with religion, but more to do with exercising the inner power that has been shared with us by the greatest magician of all: our Creator and the Master of the Universe...
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    Even before I was conscious of magick I was a believer. I also think that the space or distance between this world nad the magickal ealm is getting thinner. And you will see more birth pains protest and humanitarian action. Culminating on November 20, 2024. Which I feel is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. That year will be the first time that all of the planets have entered Aquarius. Thanks for retelling your story. Magick is everywhere you just have to open your eyes.
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    D. Amari Jackson, who has participated here in the past (In fact, Cynique reviewed his novel the Savion Sequence) wrote a well written, accurate, and inspiring about Paul Coates, "How an Ex-Black Panther Waged a Successful, Four-Decade Revolution In Publishing Without Planning To" check it out Paul Coates, who is Ta-Nehisi's father has always been supportive of AALBC.com. It is elders like him who provide the inspiration and support (including financial) which allows independent Black-owned business to grow. People like Paul are usually overlooked, by the press, who rather expend valuable resources on degenerates like Milo. The Atlantic Black Star website is an increasingly rare exception.
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    I agree. I don't believe anyone can teach anything. The first step to learning, however, is AWARENESS... if you aren't aware something exist, learning cannot occur. The same can be said for spiritual enlightenment - no one can teach it; you can only become aware there's a path. BAM!!! Yep, I never been to a Beyonce concert and I have one album because it contains a song me and my daughters would sing on road-trips. But when it comes to business, I'm fascinated as to why some make it and others don't . So I study the successful and this is exactly what I gathered from her "meteoric" rise...Like you've written, The lesson is from the Girl Scouts motto "BE PREPARED"
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    OK you know more than I Mel. Master teachers like Dr. Ben, who knew a thing or two about African history, live and die in relative obscurity. Meanwhile, people like Beyonce are being thrust into the role of religious icon, spiritual leader, and the vessel for sacred African knowledge. I don't like it when corporations choose our leaders--this has never served us. Corporation made Steve Harvey our relationship expert despite the fact that Steve has littered the landscape upset ex-wives. I have demonstrated far more skill at relationships than Steve Harvey has, but I do not have the temerity to promote myself as a relationship expert. But corporations have no problem doing this because it is about entertainment which means money. Again, entertainment has replaced education, because entertainment is more profitable. This is just another example or converting spiritual enlightenment into entertainment in order to profit from it. This is a perversion of spirituality and can not serve us. I don't believe in the "AND" proposition in the case. I don't think you can teach spiritual enlightenment when your primary or only motive is profit. None of our great spiritual leaders were wealthy. Indeed many eschew material wealth in exchange for a spiritual wealth. While Beyonce and her team are great business people, I don't think they can do a good job conveying spirituality and uplifting people in a meaningful sense. Once that revenue stream starts to wane, it will be jettisoned like any other failed business.
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    @Mel Hopkins Thanks for all the pertinent interesting information! To me Beyonce is, among many things, a phenomenon whose time has come. She filled a vacancy crying to be filled, and is, indeed, Destiny's child whose fate is entwined with providing a happy alternative to the sorrowful Virgin Mary, mother of a crucified son whose promises of salvation have been relegated to the hereafter. As a charismatic distraction from this gloom, Beyonce is about the living not the dead, a beautiful esoteric symbol who embodies the joy of womanhood and is deemed worthy of the adulation because she dares to encourage it. In the black section atop Mount Olympus where Queen Oprah has been joined by Michelle Obama, Beyonce completes this triumvirate, there for the black masses to take pride in and - for those more pragmatic and less star struck to note how it pays to be at the right place at the right time and - to be ready.
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    @Mel Hopkins As usual i was being the contrarian in questioning the advisability of not caring about being accepted. You speak with more sincerity than I do on this subject. To me, trying to make your mark out there in the real world is akin to playing a game in which initially conforming to expectations is a ploy to get past the first hurdle. The upper hand is gained by your manipulating whoever was misled enough by your facade to give you an opportunity. The second step in the course of doing your job efficiently, is to take back yourself, and become aloof if being well-liked in the work place requires you to put on an act. I don't think I need to tell you to never underestimate the effectiveness of passive aggressiveness. In another post, we talked about there being genes for different inclinations. I, myself, never had the "ambitious" gene but I do think I have a "lazy" one. So, over the years, I did not pursue positions of authority because, as Pioneer said on another post, I didn't want the responsibility or the challenge; didn't want to take my job home with me. For some reason, however, I would often have the ear of those in authority, who would unofficially seek my input about problems that would arise. I would offer advice and when it proved beneficial, I'd gain a smug satisfaction from being the "power behind the throne". (In one case, I prevented a co-worker from being fired by pointing out certain things about him to our supervisor.) Meanwhile, I'd collect my pay check and all of my fulfillment would occur away from my regular job, doing what I enjoyed and this included writing for the love of writing. @Delano, Like you, I am comfortable in any company, even if it's hostile because i like to argue. That's why I try to stay up on things, something which enables me to converse with Millennials as easy as "intellectuals", with "bougie" sistas as well as baby mamas. I hold no degrees, my employment resume is unimpressive, but I am a people-watcher and pretty well-schooled in the book of life. @Troy I must confess, however, that the black dilemma has me stumped. Obviously it calls for a many- pronged attack on the racist, capitalistic system. But "black unity" is just an empty phrase, and talk is cheap. "Lifting others as you climb", is too often neutralized by the "I got mine, now you get yours" attitude. I'm looking down the tunnel but I don't see a light.
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    Absolutely agree! We shouldn't confuse the two! One is the entertainment business... I, however, believe in the power of AND... AND in business there's still a chance for enlightenment. For example- Moses, Cleopatra, Jesus, Thor, et al. were not blue-eyed Europeans but that did not stop Hollywood from sharing the mythology while enlightening all those who went to see Ten Commandments, Cleopatra, King of Kings and most recently Thor ( who is actually the much older Shango, the Orisha God of thunder and lightning). It takes a large platform to get a message out to those who don't know their history. Remember how many people were on the Egyptian KMT Hotep research kick? Those folks only scratched the surface but at least they no longer believe Egyptians were Europeans, (at least not origin). So now you can only imagine how many young black women have now moved towards West Africa to find out the history of an even older group of the Canaanites - the Yoruba people. BTW, This is win for authors of black books both fiction and nonfiction...If you read some of the reviews for my novel published in 2006 - most didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. Yet I spoke of the very things in my book that Beyonce is now promoting through her visual music. She's educating the market for those of us who write about African mythology... Heads Up: Twins babies (Ibeji) are sacred & magical in the Yoruba religion so expect more symbolism from Bey once she deliver her twins. As for wikipedia - Maybe the Beyonce' mystique doesn't want the public to see that she's more than just the public face to her empire but after doing so quick sleuthing - Parkwood Entertainment is owned by Beyonce and here's why - Parkwood's attorney is Brad Rose who is also listed on her website as the contact for Parkwood entertainment for any copyright infringement. Rose is the attorney also listed as Beyonce's licensing company BGK Holdings, Inc's attorney and also represented her along with his other clients ( yes the usual suspect crew Kanye, Rihanna, Jay Z and Pharrell ) in a lawsuit against eleven paris .. It would be a conflict of interest for Brad Rose to represent Sony in anything AND Beyonce therefore Beyonce owns Parkwood Entertaintment - But here's more behind the scenes look at why Beyonce is the fronting her own company... From FastCompany "The core of Beyoncé’s business is Parkwood Entertainment, a relatively small operation perched on an upper floor of an unremarkable office tower in an unglamorous neighborhood just south of Times Square. Parkwood’s employees quietly guide an enterprise that has an enormous impact: from music to film to ancillary businesses such as the exercise-clothing line Ivy Park that she recently debuted in collaboration with British retailer Topshop. Beyoncé is the CEO and has been known to sit in on meetings and walk from office to office to query her deputies on details of upcoming projects. "There’s nothing that happens in that organization, either businesswise or artistically, that Beyoncé doesn’t fully sit on top of," says former HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo, who helped negotiate the Lemonade TV special. (Beyoncé and her team declined to speak on the record.) Though Beyoncé’s label, Columbia Records (a subsidiary of Sony Music), is a partner in Parkwood, the company still approaches business like a startup, leveraging its scale in all kinds of ways."
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    I have an Afro-Cuban friend and he admires Black Music. I an African women tild me she felt sorry for Black Americans. My barometer with all people is one of a few things, can they think rationally, are they emotionally intelligent and are they diminishing me. That is inthe reverse order of importance. Troy iwas ridinga fix gear for 10 hours a day with stuff on m back when i was in my 40's. New Yorkers think they are at the center of things. So is the butt hole. Ill engage with different points of view. Ignore when needed or be mentally combative if i have a worthy opponent. There is as this big Jamaican dude named Bob i think that was his name. He was a massive dude he rode a fix and was a messenger. He had one leg. And Country rode fix before itwas crazy popular. And my man Chuckie. And my brother Tabu from the Soul Summit Parties in Brooklyn. Shamelessly name dropping.
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    @Cynique you always challenge me to seek clarity! Thank you so much! Of course, I put my best foot forward with anyone I meet. Kindness and respect goes a long way... What I can't afford in this lifetime is seeking outside validation for the life given to me. When I said I don't seek the acceptance of white people; it's because I don't allow anyone to tell me who I am or what role I shall play. I tell others what role I shall play in their life and they can decide "Yes" or "no" . I was looking at my professional recommendation letters, the other day and I realized they have the same theme - " leader with an attitude" white folks code for uppity negress. It is what it is. I never felt like I needed my life validated. And yes, living like this has positive, negative and a lot of heartbreaking consequences. When I was younger, many called it hubris. If I believed I could do it; I did it. Now that I'm older it requires a lot of courage to continue to live this way. I may cry a lot, but I sleep well. I think the black community's pathological tendencies come from allowing others to invalidate us. It's as if we believe we are the illegitimate children of America and Africa and we're doing everything while failing miserably to gain legitimacy. It's as if we (black Americans) are waiting to do our version of Sally Fields' Academy Award acceptance speech "You like me, you really like me". Although it is so cliche, we have to learn to like ourselves first even if our validation never arrives.
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    Troy that's more like it. Although I woukd prefer to sound high than drunk. To Mel its refreshing to hear a Magickal perspective from a thinker. To Cynique I always enjoy your perspective and clear thought.
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    IMO, spirituality is really just an abstract version of religion; a personal belief minus the fables. Religion is introduced to people early in their life and while many feel obliged to accept the dogma of their particular denomination, others begin to question their religion because it doesn't give them peace of mind. There is a theory that there is a religious "gene" and not everybody is born with it. But everybody does want something to believe in and while some look outward for this, others look inward. IMO, Religion is for those who'd rather depend on other sources for guidance, while spirituality is recognizing the answers that are right before our eyes if we just listen to our inner voices. ACIM, a new age cult, thinks the "devil" is just a religious version of the "ego". They say the ego harbors the materialism that has an insatiable desire to be fed, it fuels the desire for praise and attention, and keeps altruism in check. The ego is present at birth so life is, indeed, a constant struggle to find a happy medium. The black community is too caught up in religion, a security blanket that got them through slavery. Its way of coping with its ongoing problems is to pray and put things in god's hands. But, as our friend harry brown constantly reminds us, the church and their preachers are part of the problem instead of the solution. Black people still have "soul" but this younger generation has lost its spiritual compass. Replicating themselves with babies, using FaceBook as their stage, a preoccupation with the bling, and a super-sensitivity to being dissed are the consequences of egos gone amok. Unfortunately, neither the ghetto environment of the underclass nor the superficial atmosphere of the black middleclass do much to nurture spirituality. This doesn't bode well for the future. I think spiritual people are the most likely to evolve into altruists and - vice versa.
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    Or spiritual development must come first in an effort to understand what physical demands are actually necessary. The more I focus on my spiritual needs; I find I need a lot less... In fact, I've recently noticed that I mentally spend money that I don't have... because I'm CONSUMED with thoughts of what I WANT ... notice I wrote "want" and not "need". Without spiritual development I don't think we'd notice and would forever be in CONSUMPTION mode.
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    It probably is just me but I find looking at book covers this way pretty cool and interesting. Lately, I've been playing around with making collages of book covers (like the one below). These collages are not made by hand but are dynamically generated by the code used to drive much of the website. The image below is just a cropped screen shot of this page. I've created similar collages for authors (check out Walter Mosley's books), publishers (check out the one for Akashic Books), all the Carter G Woodson award winning books, and the "Top 100 Books of the 2oth Century" as examples. With the exception of the children's college, I have not made these links to the other pages available to regular visitors to the website. One of these things I need to do, before making these colleges more widely available, is to compress (make the image file size smaller) all of my book cover images (all 8,000) of them. Compression will help these collage pages load much faster and help AALBC.com stay on Google's good side. Sorry for the technical digression... I'm actually still making fairly substantial changes to the website's design while adding new content at a historically high rate. It is hard to believe it has been over a year since I started this website upgrade project, a project I through would take, conservatively, six months, I'm hoping to finish this summer--almost two years of effort.
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    @Pioneer1 Yes. I heard about the book first - I have many sources but if I had to point to one source I'd say it was my google alert that is set to "Black Women" . so yes, I had the pleasure of hearing about Margot Lee Shetterly's book before I heard of the movie. Old Journalist tricks are hard to break and I'm a information junkie. BTW, I disagree with your assessment about general public, and academia - it's usually individuals with a specific interests or out of necessity that make the breakthrough and bring information into the mainstream. I even read the flint water crisis was brought to light by a homeowner , a woman named " Leeanne Walters"
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    Quote of the day: “Those without power are racist.” While that may be true, I don't see a viable way of combating it, in a world of alternative facts reinforced inside filter bubbles. People believe often quite strongly in what they want to believe--reality and truth be damned. Do you really think Milo being gay (assuming that is true), will make a difference to the racists who supports what the says? Again, how many outright lies has Trump been caught in before he was elected POTUS? The presales on Milo's book and his advance should tell you what people already think. I don't know how to fight this? What would you suggest? Boycotting the book? I have no interest in it. Boycott the imprint Threshold Editions? Out of the almost 8,000 books I've added, by hand, to this website there are only two published by that Threshold, but again it is not a problem for me to boycott them, as I doubt I'm selling many copies of these books today anyway. We could boycott the publisher but I've already written why I think that is cutting off our nose off to spite our face. We could take Milo out back and treat him to an ole school beat down. I'd be willing to bet hat would shut him up, but that would be criminal and not something I would recommend doing. What tactics or strategy would you employ to combat the like of Milo, or even Trump for that matter Del?
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    Yes it is disingenuous . And that is where the fight should be taken. If you are so inclined. Either he will have to throw his boys under the bus or lie. Either way his credibility and authority is put into question. Trump Conway and Spicer are master of doublespeak and rhetoric. They all use a few techniques. @Troy Power uses racism to cause divisions. Those without power are racist. There is a distinction between elitist and racist. Even amongst the rich there is a pecking order of new versus old which is also a function of having class. Since they are in the same economic class.
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    I'm glad the movie was done so I'm not complaining about it, but the question I have is........... Why did most of us have to wait until a MOVIE came out before we found out about these sisters; why wasn't it taught in history school or science on some level before this? It's the same with the movie Glory and finding about entire regiments of Black Civil War soldiers. We don't hear about them until AFTER Hollywood puts it out there and then all of a sudden there's a flood of information on them in schools, on television documentaries, in Black History classes, ect... with "new" facts coming out every year. What next? A movie about how 7 free Black men and women helped to draft the U.S. Constitution before it was finalized? Like Harry Brown said....there seems to always be some unknown Black history being hidden and locked away somewhere until "whoever" decides to release it. I guess my REAL question is WHO is holding on to all of this "hidden" information about Black greatness and releasing bits and pieces of it from time to time? Clearly most of it....like the information about these magnificent women....is being "held back" from the general public.
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    I applaud the black Patriot players for not going to the white house to meet with Trump. Tom Brady is a big time Trump fan and he always took a pass on going to the white house when Obama was in. Brady is a jerk who was deceptive about his involvement in the inflated football scandal. He also is now selling his autograph, charging an exorbitant amount to sign super bowl memorabilia, charging even more for a personal comment. He has no class and I hope he and his air head wife self implode. The Trump factor has brought out the mean-spirited pettiness in his foes who are stooping to his level because they are powerless to do anything other than to take advantage of the thin-skins of Trump and his lackeys. As far as the office of the Presidency is concerned, it either makes the man, or the man makes it. This honorable office has thus far shown no signs of transforming Trump's into an admirable statesman but is, instead, being besmirched by the behavior of the corrupt bigoted narcissist holding it.
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    I have pondered a Black calendar project that all black folk can be part to or participate in. what about a universal, messaging system ? use a hashtag defined as <Hashtag sign>B<numberical index for month>C<numberical index for day> meaning black love so for example #B2C4 Rosa parks born today B meaning black C meaning calendar maybe we can arrange it another way. but this is the way in which we can have a global black calendar that is unbounded to any website. And can include any day that any black person like, the only thing we will need is a way to display the various dates across various websites hashtag searches which is very much doable... but what say you? I thought about a poetic piece but I find people can't even do a limerick - two lines- let alone anything more. *In Amendment* in parallel to Black history is more than a month maybe this structure BHM<month numberal>D<day numeral> BHM2D4 thoughts @Mel Hopkins @Troy @rosa @Cynique? any thoughts, nothing is wrong, just the truth please.
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    Demon President Donald Trump Has A Muslim Ban,Muslims From Muslim Countries Coming To America,.Muslims Who Have Embraced U. S. Christian Religion,Are Welcomed To America. First,How Does Trump Know That Middle East Terrorist,Will Not Claim To Be Christian,To Come Into This Country?Why Does Christian Religion Has To Be God's Only.Religion?Are The Christians Of The World,Idiots To Believe That Christianity Is Believing That God And Christ Is White,Like Black.Christians Do In.This Country?Bible Does Not Say God And Christ Is White.White Christian Supreamacy Controls Most Black Churches...Black Church Is Slave Cabins,Preachers Are Slave Plantion House Negroes. They Enslave The Souls Of Black People. Protest Against Trump,His First Week.As President. Protest Into His Second Week.As President. On.Plantations,After Nat Turners Rebellion,White Presence Was ,Organized By Slave Owners,White Presence When,The Slaves,Worshipped....White Supreamacy Increased Because Of The Black Church. Not Religious,I Know Bible Does Not Say,God And Christ Is White..
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    Kiese Laymon: A Writer's Writer Writing takes far more than talent to be great. One most also possess courage to be at the top of her craft. At least that's the takeaway from the essay "You Are the Second Person" by Kiese Laymon. Laymon is identified as an essayist and novelist but a few paragraphs into "You Are the Second Person" you begin to realize those aren’t just his job titles, he’s the embodiment of those skills. Prior to reading his essay, the definition of hack eluded me. Now I know it identifies someone who eschews writing for expression and instead kowtows to a publisher for a check. Check out Guernica Magazine and "You're Are the Second Person"
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    I don't believe in banning people based on race or religion, however.............. I DO think that people from other cultures who come to America should be given a proper understanding on American culture (or the lack of it) and how what tends to be socially or familially unacceptable in the land they come from may be perfectly welcomed here. We have a very large Middle Eastern population in the Detroit area and people from the Middle East have strong cultures that tend to be very INTOLERANT of many contemporary Western values like women's rights, homosexual rights, and even race mixing. Traditionally, most immigrants...especially those from the Eastern Hemisphere...who've come to the United States have pretty much gone out of their way to avoid intergrating into American society. They come here to get an education or own a business, but as far as being an American and mixing it up in this society....many would rather stay outside. They like the freedoms and economic opportunities of America, but they don't want to accept the tolerant and often secular values that made the peace, stability, and economic opportunities that they come here to enjoy! I don't know how many times I've heard men from Arabia or even India and parts of Africa say that they wouldn't marry an American woman, or they don't want their son marrying an American woman. I ask them why, and they say American women are too "loose" and sexually free....yet many of these SAME dudes are trying to bang as many American women as they can get their hands on!!! People should get a proper understanding of American society and our basic customs before they come here and agrees to accept them on condition of being sent back if they start engaging in "honor killing" and other forms of intolerance.
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    Here's another point of view. In my ongoing quest for the truth, I agree with the idea that African American men are maladjusted due to being cast into the domain of Western civilization. They came to America as strangers in a strange land, constrained by the slavery that was incompatible with a compulsion to be free, and this subjected them to the stress that damaged their psyches. Since not a lot has changed down through the centuries and the pressure has never relented, the evolving victimization of black males has mutated the DNA of their brains, making them inherently dysfunctional inhabitants of a country that devalues them. As for black women, I think they're somewhat dysfunctional, too, particularly the fatherless ones who populate the amoral inner city subculture, looking for love in all the wrong places, indiscriminately breeding children they are ill-equipped to rear alone, raising daughters who will replicate their mothers' lifestyles and sons who will either kill or be killed on the means streets of the ghetto. Upwardly mobile black women fare better, In spite of struggling with the image of being angry ball-busters, vainly searching for the "Mr.Rights" who white women beat them out of, left to put on brave faces in an effort to enjoy the independence they'd gladly exchange for the reliability of a good strong mate, they still rise. I think all black people are basically neurotic. I look around and see the lily white crowds of indignant "humanitarians" responding to Trump's banning of Muslim immigrants, and when I compare this compassionate outpouring to the indifference or disgust currently shown the grievances of Native Americans and Blacks, 2 groups who were here before all the European immigrants, it becomes obvious that the mixed emotions and frustration that comes with being black in America makes being neurotic inevitable. I know there are exceptions to my examples, but all African Americans no matter how well off they are, are affected in some way by the burden of their skin color. Can all of their woes be attributed to a System that is stacked against them? Maybe, it could also be due to the randomness of Fate. Jews made it through the holocaust and never-ending anti-semitism, only to become among America's most affluent high achievers. Some folks have all the luck. Arguably...
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    @Frederic http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/2015/08/21/the-satan-selling-con-men-are-boring-their-satan-buying-audience-is-fascinating/ How did he get his soul back from the Devil? Did he offer the Devil a Twinkie?
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    I would like to submit this book for review consideration. www.lessonsfromagatheringofmen.com From the back cover: What would happen if men came together and began having a conversation about the changing roles of manhood? What if men stopped talking about sports, politics, sex and making money and began a conversation about creating fulfilling relationships, taking care of their health, creating loving families, developing a spiritual connection that nurtured their souls and making a difference in their communities? This is what men’s work is all about. It’s about engaging men in an authentic dialog about the changing roles of masculinity and providing men with a new conversation about what it means to be a man in todays ever-changing world. This book is a wake up call and breath of fresh air for any man who is ready to learn how to move past the antiquated paradigm of masculinity and evolve into the men they were destined to be. Come join us! Image link:
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    Cynique you are unconscious Magician of this I am certain. Two sides of the same coin. Some posted perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel is the birth canal. You mostly know how people feel even when you first meet them. You can feel people more so when you are in your feminine receptive mode than your take charge masculine mode.
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    Welp, you win... "I got tears" from "salad days of our youth" to the quoted. All beautifully expressed, @Cynique
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    I don't totally agree with that statement. Yet i aspire to it.
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    The best minds are always open.
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    Why White Folks Love Hidden Figures by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo “It’s a feel good movie that demonstrates that even during one of the vilest and most racist periods of American history white saviors rose to the occasion.”
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    Western mythology is influenced, if not, built on African teachings. What we call astrology was part of a star-worshipping curriculum which also included astronomy - maybe the western church separated them but the origins began in what is known today as Africa. I use the quote below because I'm unable to pull my research. The "star-worshipers" also studied or venerated the sun and moon and, roots of their practice dates back to well before 5000 B.C.E. Evidence for a level of sophistication and knowledge of astronomy has been found at several archaeological sites in Africa, including the complex at Nabta Playa in southern Egypt. The structure at Nabta is almost 7,000 years old, and is the oldest astronomical complex in the world. Other astronomical sites in Africa include: Namoratunga II, near Lake Turkana, in Kenya, which was in use around 300 B.C.E.; the Senegambian stone circles; and the Bouar megaliths in what is now the Central African Republic. Also psychology was originally the study of the soul, spirit (psyche) - while these words have latin and greek origins if we look further back there's a Canaanite origin... I apologize for not making my statement clearer - I didn't make the time to condense my explanation.
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    Magus is also the root of magician. Yes sir. The Zoroastrian priests....known as Magi....practiced arts that a lot of the less knowledgable Greeks and other Europeans who visited Persia saw as supernatural. So unexplained phenomena in Western thought started being refered to as "magic". They said the same thing about various African and Native American practices when they came in contact with these people. Because they didn't understand the science of the people, they called it "magic" and often "witch craft". ...until THEY learned how to do some of it, then it was accepted as "science".
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    Today on a whim I decided to see how much effort it would take to compile a list of all the Black writers to win a Pulitzer Prizes in the book-related categories. My list even includes the awards for drama, since all of the plays are available in book form. Since they have been giving the award away for a century, I figured this effort would take considerable effort to complete. Sadly, it took a few minutes—a slight exaggeration—but far less effort than I expected because the list so short. It took over 70 years for the to award to be given to more than a handful of Black writers. It is possible I may have missed a few. If anyone notices any omissions please let me know. I also included Lin-Manuel Miranda, but I don't actually know if he self-describes as "Black," or of "African descent." At any rate, the books that have won at all worth checking out. Although Manning Marable's book got a lot of hate from some critics. You just can't go around writing about Malcolm X's sexual relationship with some a white dude and not expect some blow back...
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    The astrology practiced in the West is mostly entertainment based on mythological misunderstandings. However the REAL astrology as practiced by ancient cultures was based on the gravitational pull of planets and stars on human chemistry and how it affected moods and behaviors. Extremely high science when practiced in it's true form.
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    No reputable Literary agent will ask for a fee upfront - they get a percentage 15-20% of the deals they make for you. As a screenplay writer - you're best bet is to look for an agent in Los Angeles- they do contracts for screenplays ; remember most screenplay writers have to belong to the writers guild - but before you can gain membership you have to first sell a screenplay - I know it sucks but that's the nature of the game. But who knows you could be the one that breaks the mold. if you turn your screenplay into a novel you may have a better chance of landing a literary agent on the east coast. Those agents represent fiction and non fiction writers. Best way to find a fiction nonfiction literary agent is to use search engine and enter the genre of your project and book agent - for example " literary agent, Occult" this should result in literary agents that represent occult writers. Once you get to their website read their terms carefully - if they ask for money upfront - RUN!!! All this is spelled out in a great book I found "Get Published! Get Produced! &nbsp;A literary Agent's Tips on How to Sell Your Writing" Much success!
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    I hope it's a revolution that can successfully overturn the present administration. The real enemy is the Right Wing Christian Evangelicals who want to turn this country into a fascistic theocracy, with VP Pence being the power behind the throne. I just read an article by a woman who removed herself from this underground net work that is allied with the Alt Right and Tea Party cults, and the things she had to say about how she and thousands of other children are being brainwashed by their religious fanatic parents through homeschooling, were chilling. She said they are being trained as missionaries to go out into the general population and convert people to a strict oppressive Christian way of life that is against EVERYTHING that does not comply with their narrow views which encompass white supremacy, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, anti-abortion and anti-global warming.
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    A Terrific Bookstore in Tampa's Ybor City, Best Books Rich Treasures they feature New, Used, and Rare Books. I've become friendly with these booksellers over the last couple of years. I found them to be cool people as they always expressed their gratitude in my efforts to help them. On my most recent visit. Gigi, one of the co-owners who is also a genealogist was telling me about her book, Thomas the Melungeon: His Locust Family of Free Persons of Color Civil and Revolutionary War Patriots. As we were discussing the book, it became clear we had relatives in the same region of North Carolina. As budding genealogist myself I happened to have my DNA available and we compared our DNA and found the genetic link--we are kin! Our ability to find the shared ancestry is possible because my maternal grandmother's people were never enslaved. Wilder still, I'm also related to her husband, thought the family ties are less clear because the likely connection is through my paternal ancestor the "Johnson" line was lost due to slavery in the deep south... @Delano, I think this qualifies as magic Family or not, I still would have created this video highlighting the store. If you are in the area, check them out and tell 'em, "Cousin Troy" sent you!
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    To what all of you have written... YES!!! My journey into the occult began with the scriptures .... Those scriptures not recognized and canonized reveal so much - After a deliberate search, the words had me wondering if it were a handbook for angels. If a magician has a specialty, mine would be oneiromancy (dream interpretation); psychography (automatic writing) and I can, as it seems to be the case with @Cynique and @Troy , read energy. It extends beyond presence to include when someone thinks of me. I can pick up the vibration accurately. It wasn't until I was watching a movie that I realized that each of us has a distinctive rhythm to our heartbeat... So that may be what I'm sensing. EXCEPT... that heartbeat rhythm stays with us when pass on. I can tell when I'm in the presence of a loved one that has passed on - or even an energy of a stranger. I believe we all have these abilities but I think many have allowed them to become latent. @Delano Interesting that you mentioned we haven't transited into the age of Aquarius yet. So these labor pains continue - oh my! What's your take on Ophiuchus, the 13th sign - is its appearance responsible for the delay? Or no?