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    "What black folks need to do" is a mantra that has been chanted so long and so often, that you'd think by now the definitive solution would've transcended the droning and come into fruition. Doing what other ethnicities are doing is one thing some blacks think will be a magical solution. Let them tell it, Whites and Asians and Hispanics all do the right things. And they are rewarded for this by being above blacks on society's totem pole. Really? To me, the obvious answer to what black folks need to do, is overshadowed by a fixation on time-worn ideas which encompass the same ol imperatives. Black folks need to unite and be of one mind, they should diligently utilize their consumer power to boycott corporate America, start their own businesses and get a good education, at the same time honor those who fought so hard to win the vote, by making their demands heard through the ballot box. For some mysterious reason, doing what different voices suggest is in their best interest has never produced full scale equality for blacks and it is time to put a Plan B in place. What blacks really need to do is right before our eyes: Tell us, O Great Guru! What is the answer? It is simple, My Children. Find a way to change the color of their skin. Because it is what attracts trouble. The battle for freedom and justice is half-way lost as soon as white eyes view skin that is a different color from theirs; it's a reflex. Well-meaning whites can pretend skin color doesn't matter, but when it comes right down an "us" against "them" equation, they instinctively and probably subconsciously embrace the expedience of being among the "entitled" us while going through the motions of providing the disadvantaged "them" with token support. Unfortunately, white supremacy is holding fast, so if a way was found to prevent whites from relying on a person's complexion to aid and abet their bias, then it would boil down to people being judged by the content of their character. With all due respect to MLK, this is admittedly a double edged sword. But Life isn't fair and changing their color would eliminate the handicap of skin shade for blacks. Yes, shrewd ruthless people will continue to dominate vulnerable incapable ones, but at least it wouldn't be about melanin. It would simply be a testament to the age old truism about the survival of the fittest. 🙄 😉
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    Not only that but Trump's base has been sensitized to the investigation, international affairs, and sexism. If he goes to prison, and that's a big if, it'll be a 'halfway' like camp or minimum security. Correction brother, 'July is over,' for all intense and purposes; nothing is going to happen to DT in July. Any prediction DT will face serious repercussions before the New Year is as ridiculous as the predictor. Absolutely! Impeachment is virtually off the table at this point; a criminal indictment will take another year, or two, and even if Dem's take back control of the house, even the new president, Democrat or Republican will most likely pardon DT, or other exonerate him to avoid a historical embarrassment.
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    You've all overlooked another venue which i choose regularly, and that's the travelogues which are readily available on TV. These filmed documentaries take you on tours of countries all over the world, immersing you in their indigenous cultures, while a running narration fills you in on their history as well as other interesting information. I have visited many places in the comfort of my home. This works for me.
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    true @Troy Just today @Mel Hopkins the mayor to new york city, blamed trumps election or racial biases publicity in the usa on rupert murdoch or fox news. He blames someone whose role is to make money through the media for placating how white people raise themselves in their community. It is not murdoch's fault that he saw a mob and played to it, to make money, in the usa, where making money is the way to anything. Again, merit does not matter. De blasio today suggest a certain philosophical merit must come before fiscal profiteering when the fiscal profiteering is the philosophical merit. One note, when chernobyl happened the soviet russian government had soldiers pick up the waste, all those soldiers died of radiation sickness. Over 10,000 have died from the world trade center wreckage, but if we all recall, mayor guiliani let those people ,fiscally poor people or municipal workers,pick up waste just like the soviet government did the military at chernobyl... ah welll
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    Agreed race has nothing to do with it. I think however success comes to those who are the greediest and most evil. Strength and smarts, while commendable, don't stand a chance against a man with a gun who is willing to use it
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    For Goodness Sakes! The Game of Love is as old as time, and all species play it. Homo Sapiens has simply taken this "Men are from Mars" and "Women are from Venus" charade to another level. The old "women-give-sex-to-get-love and "men-give-love-to-get-sex dynamic' has nothing to do with race. Class is still the great divide, and the underclasses are more loose in their relationships. Middle class people exemplify the values of their status and the bourgeois of all colors go through a courtship, get married, buy homes, have kids, send them to college and maintain their 401Ks. Millions of black people fall into this category because of seized opportunities. Millions of whites don't because of squandered opportunities. Millions of other ethnicities fall into various categories. Tunnel vision sets people up for frustration. Look at the big picture. The black minority does not have a monopoly on dysfunctional relationships. The white divorce rate in this country proves that.
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    Having a defense mechanism is very pragmatic decision that is not that complicated in its origin. Why not arm yourself when entering the dating arena? All women have their guard up, because they don't want to get hurt. When strong women drop their guard, it's because they decide to take a chance on someone who meets their requirements. If this relationship fails, they move on, and learn from this experience because they are also smart women who have used birth control or have stopped at one out-of-wedlock child, in addition to equipping themselves with skills to support themselves. They have defended themselves well in the battle of the sexes. What vulnerable women do, is just the opposite. All women have a penchant for charming, handsome, rascals who turn them on in bed. Strong women don't marry them. They have a fling with them, and, if need be, settle for "Mr. Alright".
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    REST IN POWER... Thank You Jay Z & Beyonce The Trayvon Martin Story Well, it was only just recently that the very 7-11 where this young teen, Trayvon Martin, visited before he was gunned down has been closed down. This story still grips me. I am so overwhelmed at the mere mention of his name. I am looking forward to this deput to occur on this upcoming July 30, 2018 of this documentary series. And even more strange is the circumstances of my own life in how it ties to this very story. https://youtu.be/97sB1Xjvkok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XfZ6aKhyfI Last year, and because of being displaced due to a recent hurricane, I found myself in Missouri and one day as I was driving down Florissant ave, I just happened to turn into a parking lot that I later found out was the very QT convenience store that Michael Brown had went to just before he was gunned down. I couldn't believe it. But then, my life experienced another shock. My relative moved due to a job transfer to Central Florida, and to work in Orlando. Well it was only a few days later that he told me he finally found a nice apartment community about thirty minutes from his job and so, I googled to learn about the area. Then I made the call to him and said, do you know where you are in proximity? I then told him, that you live in Sanford, Florida. I then said, "Do you know about the history of Sanford?" ANd, he said, he had no idea. I then told him, that is the very area where Trayvon Martin was gunned down. He was in total disbelief! Soon, I relocated too and then found out that I lived only about five minutes from the very place where Trayvon was killed. And in the interim, I learned how to make a video and captured the very 7-11 store and then drove from there to the Retreat at Twin Lakes. But about three weeks later, I went to redo the video to make it better, and 'what-do-you-know' but the store was closed down! This occurred in the month of May 2018 and I'm wondering does this store closing have anything to do with Jay-Z's film debut or what? At any rate, I can't believe I am in Florida. In February 2012, I was living in North Carolina with no idea I'd ever be leaving my home. I needed to be in a better place, but this was not what I saw in my future! In all my life, I would have never believed that I would ever have money or be able to visit or live in Missouri or Florida! But to end up in the very places were these recent sad events have taken place in America is mind boggling for me. What am I doing here!!!?
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    @DelWhatever. This has been a draining exercise in miscommunication, something which you have been as good example of, as anyone, - including me. So, i'm climbing out of this rabbit hole. Maybe you can tell Pioneer why YOU think black people play games - or whatever the topic of this thread is. Bottom line, it's actually not something i care about. Perhaps that's why i wasn't interested in accommodating your request to stop deflecting focus from the subject, and why i slipped into my philosophical mode by saying, "there are no easy answers to questions that involve the human condition." As for my chart, i will tell you that i'm just trying to make it to my 85th birthday on August 18th, and if i do, I'll consider myself LUCKY. That's good enough for me. 🤩
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    Well, Pioneer never got around to questioning me further, so I never gave the subject a further thought until you dredged it up. What you are now asking is why I didn't answer the question i didn't understand that you were asking. And you have further decided to analyse my reason for not elaborating on my reflection about not being proud of being a castrating woman and musing that i was probably doing the men i rejected a favor. Here's my question. Why do you want me to "get on your couch" and do some soul-searching as to why i won't go into detail and supply you with answers? I suspect this is your attempt to get me to realize that i have gone through life never knowing why i wasn't proud of belonging to an element among black women who are ball busters. And because this is apparently significant to you, you think it should also be significant to me. it ain't. I'll say this, that being a ball buster was never anything i had to work at. It came natural to me. I would say further that the reason for this, is that this is my character, - my core personality - who i am. Stemming back to my childhood, where my father was a strong capable man, and my mother an independent woman, i was never a shrinking violet. i was the youngest of 4 children, never abused, and can honestly say that i always had friends, ran with the "in" crowd, was maybe not a super star but did have my share of male admirers. I was married for 50 years to a man who accepted me for the way i was and who i appreciated for doing so. Our marriage had some rough spots, but during the last 20 years of it, after our kids were grown, and we had matured, we really had some good times that left me with wonderful memories. (He took that racy picture of me that i posted here. It never went public until after he died.) i don't know what answers you're looking for, probably ones that will fit in and confirm an impending theory you have about me. But it shouldn't come as a surprise that i don't really give a damn what you think about me not delving into my psyche to find out why I am a bitch. I am, who i am. And i don't feel the need to prop up black men. My "regrets" about this were fleeting and minor and certainly not deep-seated enough to make me change. OK?
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    In any case, if true, it's a damn good conspiracy; and no-one can say it's not working! Indeed, the elders of Zion knew what they were doing, understood functions of State, mentalities of the people, and how to confidently manipulate their own into global compliance.
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    Yes @Chevdove, despite the typo the quote you copied shows you understood what I meant. Your point illustrated perfectly the point I was trying to make which is escaping some people. I only visited Eatonville because if it's history. Otherwise I would not have known about it or even cared to have visited the place. Many people know every little about their own communities, states, or country despite living here all their lives.
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    You could have started and stopped right there @richardmurray
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    One could observe that there's never a dull moment on this board because people are always going at it, engaging in verbal combat, something that has become the name-of-the-game on social media. How such confrontations play out here, provide very good material for a spoof served up with a cast of caricatures. Let's shift into the satire zone for a moment and imagine a "mockumentary" about the genesis of a Cynique's Corner smack down. * * * * * * * * * * After a busy day on the job where he holds the position of "head nigga in charge of shuffling papers", Pioneer is back in his digs, flushed with a latte from Starbucks, busy at work putting the final touches on his latest post for AALBC’s on-line discussion forum. The subject of his latest post is something that came to him earlier after tossing aside a manual, entitled “Single Race Theory for Dummies". Having forgotten to turn on his spell-check, he proceeds to log on to the site where he will share his thoughts with fellow posters and his hoped-for audience of lurkers. The topic of his latest dissertation? "One is the loneliest number in the world", a subject on which he is an expert, having once known some one who was the loneliest of his 3 friends. Meanwhile, Cynique before settling in for a interlude with her newly-arrived house guest, is on-line checking out recent comments on the corner named for her, looking for any excuse to start an argument because, much to the delight of her visitor, fussing gets her juices going. After "liking" harry brown’s weekly rant about greedy. womanizing. black. preachers. and. neo. nazi. cops. who. belong. to. the. KKK, her radar is suddenly put on alert. The appearance of Pioneer’s new post immediately puts her into attack mode. Yelling for her boy-toy to start the party without her, Cynique homes in on Pioneer's carefully crafted article which is complete with maps, pictures, graphs, links and a YouTube video featuring a tirade by Louis Farrakhan. Eagerly her eyes scan the material, hungry to find juicy nuggets to chew and spew at him. Quickly spotting several misspellings, making a note to furnish a definition for a word he has taken liberties with, parsing a phrase she discovers is grammatically incorrect, she proceeds to take aim, firing off a couple of ad hominem remarks while describing Pioneer’s article on one being the loneliest number in the world, as something he made up while humping his blow-up doll. Elsewhere on the forum, finished with their contest to see who can write the most cryptic sentence, arch enemies Del and Kalexander spot the notification of Pioneer’s new entry, and hurry to inject their input. Making reference to how he has picked the brains of thousands of people from all walks of life - when he's not spending his time casting astronomy charts which have, on occasion, been semi-accurate, Del is eager to validate Pioneer's claim, and shield him from Cynique's bullying. Kalexander simply settles for repeating his suspicions about Pioneer being a plant for the Russians, and then takes a break. But not before endorsing Cynique's harassment of Pioneer. Before long, Troy shows up to methodically explain to Pioneer why he is totally wrong about one being the loneliest number in the world, subsequently taking on Del’s counter-claim that Pioneer is absolutely right when it comes to one being the loneliest number in the world. They will eventually spend considerable time one-upping each other about what components make up the number one, ChevDov and Mel may put in appearances, opting to skip this debate, preferring to rhapsodize over such subjects as there being more Moors than previously thought. Over days, the hot button issue about one being the loneliest number in the world will escalate into lively exchanges laced with sarcasm, ridicule, misinformation and occasional lapses into enlightenment. Repetition and reiteration will abound amid a litany of "who said what", - accusations embellished with quotes lifted from previous posts. On and on it goes. Days later, the question as to whether one is the loneliest number in the world will have been sliced, diced, re-hashed and stirred up. Pioneer stands by his assertion convinced that white western science imposes its questionable beliefs on Afro Americans. Del also hangs in, certain that scientists are too arrogant to admit the truth about Pioneer's theory. Cynique philosophizes about "one' being an abstract number with 2 sides, both of which could be lonely. Troy trusts what is correlated by scientific data gleaned from a study of prison life where everyone is determined to be lonely, - an affirmation we have to figure out because of omissions and typos he didn't correct. Chevdove, Mel, Kalexander and harry brown fade in and out as we all bide our time until another earth-shattering question arises and spawns a new hectic debate after which no minds will have been changed and no issues resolved. Again. There you have it. Life as it pulsates around the cyber space that encompasses Cynique's Corner. And so it goes... 😁
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    Not all white people are wealthy and powerful, and the reason there aren't more wealthy powerful blacks is because racism impedes their progress, and racism cannot be separated from skin color. Theoretically, in a population where everybody is the same color, the competition for success will be won by who is strongest and smartest. (fit).
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    🙂 I hope you are right, but don't under estimate the teflon Don.
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    People can heal and grow from abuse. And become stronger or whole. Unless you fell that growth wouldn't happen without abuse. However I am not prepared to take that position. Since it can be used to rationalise abuse. If it wasn't for slavery Black music wouldn't be so soulful. Nor would they be some dominant in sports if they had more economic activity and weren't bred for work.
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    LOL where did you find this photo @Cynique? Actually this brings to mind another problem. It would be very easy for a hackers to create a fake video of me jacking off. Again, I would not pay a ransom to prevent for that from being distributed, but one could very easily be created. I've previous shared a couple of memes trolls created to make fun of me (after a quick search I can't find them now). I thought they were funny and, truth be told, being a target does reflects a degree of success.
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    I guess the hackers did not want to make you feel inadequate. They don't call me "johnson" for nothing 😉
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    This is why you can simply consume american propaganda. We have to read widely and outside out culture. If one did that they would not need to visit any place to learn this. It would take less time and be far cheaper. In fact it is the only way most of us can learn since most of us don't have the resources to travel the world. Most of us however can travel to the library.
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    I'm not sure we are in disagreement @Mel Hopkins I agree one's motivation, for travel and reading, is important. If I substituted MIami for Disney would that make a difference in my analogy? Again, I say both visiting and reading is ideal and that I personally prefer visiting than reading, but visiting requires a lot more time than reading. I think I know Florida better than more Floridians. I been to every corner of the state from Panama City to Dry Tortugus. I've lived in Tampa and West Palm Beach I recruited students at FAMU and done volunteer work in Okeechobee. I've swam in every major beach, visited most of the Black-owned bookstores, vacation in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Sanibel and Captiva, I've ridden an airboat in the everglades, fished on both coasts, etc etc. But this is after more than 30 years of experience. I can learn about all of this and more in a few good books in a san of a few months. Bottom line, you can not know a place simple by visiting. You really need to do both. If you visit a place and believe you know it without reading about it, I think you will simply be under-informed. @Pioneer1 you make a good point regarding eyewitness testimony. I think we put too much weight our personal experiences in terms of what we believe to be true. We simply can't experience more than we can read in a book. Indeed our collective hubris believing that we can is responsible for repeating historical errors and failing to lean from the experiences of others.
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    @Chevdove: Well, here's what we do know: The ships and captains that transported Blacks from Africa were owned/operated by Jewish corporations; we know it was Jews who kept financial records from the slavery blocks where Blacks were sold. And according to some controversy commentators, It was Jews who developed - outlined methods that broke the spirits of proud Black men and women by using fear, jealousy, ego, and greed to brain-wash them into a "slavery" state of mind. Psychological methods used today by the CIA, but for a variety of predictable outcomes. We also know that those identified as Jews make-up more than 70% of all medical doctors and lawyers in the US; of all the branches of government, Jews make-up more than half the leadership. "UNICOR" and other for-profit-prisons are Jewish own/operated corporations. The Department of the Treasury, big bank institutions, News media worldwide, and even social media: Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. But we mustn't buy into common conspiracy theories; simply because all the facts justify a theory doesn't mean there's some global conspiracy scheme for global domination. Though we must admit, it is an interesting theory.
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    Black. Republican. Preacher. Jessie. Lee. Peterson,Says,There. Is. No. White. Privilege In. America. That. Is. Not. What. Holds,Black. People. Back.. He. Sounds. Like. He. Believes. ,There. Is. No. Racism. In. This. Country.. The. Black. Church,Is. As. Vile,Evil,As. Crack. Houses Pimp. Houses. Church. Used. To. Be. A. Place. Of. Unity. And. Strategy....Gangs. Slaughtering ,Black. People. In. The. Streets,Crack,No. Black. Unity,NAACP,Black. Politicians, Terrified. To. Confront. Corrupt,Money. Stealing. Preachers. The. Racist. White. Can,Watch. Black. People. Genocide. Their. Own. Race......