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    @Pioneer1 You may be right. Black discussion forums are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. I revisited a post, not even two years old, where someone who ran a discussion forum ranked a few others. Half the forums have shut down -- including the one run by the person who made the post. Connie summed it up best she has more fun on Facebook. The part about typos on posts here, while true, is also true on facebook. That really is the bottom line. For the vast majority of social media users I observe in real life - who pass me their phone to share something funny they saw on some social site. Of course these sites are designed to highly engage folks and they work very well. Fast growing platforms like TikTok are completely driven by entertaining videos. Facebook's mobile feed attempts to mimic this but they can't... ultimately people will leave Facebook too. During the peak of this forum, I would regularly laugh out loud by something I read here, but I could also learn something. There was humourous posts, serious ones, and everything in between. Most importantly, at least to me, is that this platform is Black-owned and independent. I'm a child of the 60s, who grew up in the segregated northern ghetto of Harlem. So Black independence is a thing I find to be important. This is a sentiment that is dying along with indie Black focused and owned websites. One reason independence is important is that businesses like AALBC provides opportunities for people. The writers, editors, and others I pay are not being paid by the likes of a Mark Zuckerberg. Of course AALBC's ability to do this is adversely impacted the dominace of Google, Amazon, and social. Fortunately, individuals whether they are sponsors, site vistors, or contributors to this forum are the people who keep this site alive. If you are reading this thank YOU for helping to keep this site alive! Also, thank you on behalf of the writers whose work you support, but who will probably never fully appreciate your impact.
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    Humm @Delano you may have shown me a feature I was unaware of, "Last Visited." I always assumed it was the last posting date. I can tell you one thing for sure, the software does not track visitors, by name, unless they have an account AND are logged in. So, Cynique can view the forums, without logging in, and all you will see is "guest." Now, I have access to ip addresses, so I could in map the IP addresses of guests to one that Cynique has previously used and get a better indication of when she last visited, but I don't have that kind of free time. Besides, if she wanted to make her presence known she would just post. @Delano you seemed to be overly concerned that @Cynique will never return. Why? Did you look at the number of posts that she actually made over a 9 years period -- winning the day 500 times! Those stats are far more interesting. That does not included the 13,874 posts she made from 2002 until 2010, when I moved the forums to AALBC from thumperscorner.com. Del, that is an average of three posts per day, everyday, for 17 years. She is 80+ years old. If she never posted another thing here in life, she did her part. I agree with @Chevdove in that fatigue -- both mental and physical played a part. Del think about what that means. She actively engaged in a substantive and often enlightening way here for the better part of 20 years! Most people her age don't even use the web -- let alone actively engage on it. Is your mom actively engaged on the web? My own mother has no clue what I do on these forums -- let alone participate in them. I know you miss her Del. I do too, but all good things come to an end and she really did her part to make these forums interesting. All of you who participate make these forums interesting (you lurkers help too). No one else has done it on the level of Cynique -- at least not yet ;-)
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    @Pioneer1 life is complicated man. Often it is difficult to make sense of it. For example, I would love for the larger Black community to embrace what I do here simply because I'm a Black man against struggling against massive corporations, who intend to exploit us, to support Black culture and people here on the web. I just does not work that way. I see people on Twitter, for example retweeting and commenting on 45's nonsense. Sure they mean well but they are only helping Twitter and counterintuitively 45. I wish these very same people would retweet my posts that are actually promotes their work, or writers that they want supported. Some even advertise on the site. So it is not that they don't support, but too much of what we do with our energy and time can undermine what we do with our money. @Cynique's contributions here were prodigious. I named the forum for her (though I honestly I was a bit sadden by her using a typo on this honor as a passing swipe rather than her just letting me know). However she spends time on Facebook not once sharing any of her brilliant posts here on the platform. Why? Maybe she wanted to keep her online lives separate. It really does not matter. The bottom line is that most people do this. They easily share trivial utterances made on social media but rarely share major coverage here. They'll gladly do it when asked, but it is not automatic. Right niw I'm too busy maintaining the site to worry about a succession plan. If the last 20 years are an indicator, the next 20 will be rough. I do recognize people do not live forever. The reality is most businesses fail and the vast majoirity don't outlive their founders. Mult-gereational survival is not in AALBC's favor, but you've all given me something to think about 🙂 Thanks
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    @Pioneer1 you've demonstrated your support for the site, in ways others can never know, beyond just engaging here. I would not be surpirised if @Cynique posted here again nor would I think less of her for doing so. My kids, like most people their generation, express liite interest in what I do here. That does not mean that they don't love me. It just means that they will not be taking over the site. If I were to keel over today, unfortunately, the site would die with me. Unfortunately, as Pioneer wrote, this is how we do.
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    I agree somewhat with the writer who said "most Black people don't read'. I find that most people, in particular young people, only read a book when it's absolutely necessary (i.e. - if required by a teacher). I, on the other hand, am a member of a Bookclub that will be celebrating it's 25th Anniversary next year in 2020. We read all kinds of books by African-American authors and people of color, once a month. We have turnover but remain consistent with about 20 members, and I would be remiss if I didn't note that we are supported by our local library. This is where we meet and it is an open opportunity for anyone in the community, but the members tend to be older - a lot of retirees - and people who have worked as educators or in the social sciences, also for the most part black and female.
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    The challenge with numbers is if applied wrongly can destroy us - since the only numbers I experiment with is in cooking - I'll leave it to the professionals and enthusiasts. Speaking of which, my oldest daughter's sister is at Harvard right now because she's some kind of math wiz... she's only 15 - I admire her - she probably knows about perfect numbers and their uses
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    Numbers are integral part of science and without numbers it wouldn't be possible to conduct experiments. If numbers are created and not discovered then irs possible mathematics is built on fiction. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/article/great-math-mystery/
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    I guess I did. Email your email address troy@aalbc.com and I'll send you the address I use.
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    @Pioneer1 Cynique also ended with the above comment. So it was not about gender, it is was about the contributions the posters made. She appreciated many of the men who posted here over the years. @ABM comes to mind but there were many others. @Delano Cynique wrote she would be checking things out from time to time. So I guess that would make you wrong 😉 Sorry would have probably sufficed, but people rarely say I'm sorry and mean it. Even when contrition is expressed the recipient often does not accept it... This is so true. @Cynique and @Thumper felt indispensable, but they were not -- no one is indispensable. As long as someone pays the bills, maintains the software and hardware, as hard as that has been for 20+ years, I'm not even indispensable. Well @Chevdove well, what did he say?
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    Chev and Del We all appreciated Cynique's presence here, including myself. But like Troy said about the site's future....that's life. I'm sure you've had loved ones in the off-line world that have literally died.....passed away. You don't like it but life goes on and you continue to evolve because you don't have much of a choice. It's a similar concept with an "online" family or friendship. People stop posting or sites shut down for various reasons and people you've kicked it with for years disappear on you. I remember one site I had been kicking it on for 7 or 8 years and then one day the owner came on and announced he would be shutting down it in a few weeks...and I almost cried, lol. Some of them said they were going to facebook too, but I refused. I still wonder where some of the characters I used to build with are.
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    I agree @Pioneer1. Pioneer what is your motivation for participating here?
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    I think you are right about this. All too often I attended book events where men are overly represented as the authors and panelists and the attendees and event organizers are mostly women. I hope you are right about my gender not getting in the way.
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    More women sign up, buy books, and provide financial support. For, this reason I think if I were a Black woman the site would probably be more successful as my inherent biases would more easily match my demographic, making me better able to select more appealing books for the site. Yesterday I added over 100 books to the site that are soon to be published. One title, a memoir, All Boys Aren't Blue is a book I have zero interest in personally, but I added it to the site because I suspect some of my readers would be interested in it. If I only added books that was only personally passionate about I would have a much smaller audience and far fewer books on the site. Besides I get my kicks from turning people on to books and writers they come to love. I also think woman, especially younger ones, have an advantage when it comes to the media, whuch would also help the site. But no, I don't think any regular visitor is turned off by a Brother running the site.
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    True, like religion and astrology right? Yep somethings are untestable would you put astrology in that category?
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    https://www.peoplesles.org/steve-cannon/ I went to a few.
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    A couple of years ago Ariana Grande was caught licking a donut.
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    ,Saw On Video,, South Carolina. A. Black. Woman. Was. Giving. A. Performance,Pretending. She. Was. The. Great. Harriet. Tubman.,Council. Of. Negro Women. Have. Black. Family,Reunions,Each. Summer. . The. Cookbook. Has 250-Recipes.. Book By Black Family Research Council....
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    Nice cover. Please keep us (Word Lovers) posted on the book release.
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    She got tired of the pointlessness, the fuzzy logic, typos, lack of humour, and lack of mind or spirit expanding topics.
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    You're probably right. I remember during a spat on a radio program with a sista from Michigan Steve Harvey's retort was for her to enjoy a nice BROWN glass of water...and he emphasized the word brown. Despite numerous calls for him to I don't recall him ever apologizing for that snap either. What made me think that someone who is that insensitive to the attempted environmental genocide that was being inflicted upon an entire city would be burdened by emotions like shame and embarrassment?
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    Look for a successor Or a team
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    Democrats. Almost. In. Tears,How. The. Immigrants. Being. Treated. Republicans. Support. Children. In. Cages, Immigrants. Treated. Like, Criminals. Americans, Are In. Poverty,Homeless. Government,Does Not Care About American People.. Black And,White Democrats More Concerned About The Immigrants,Than Poor Black. Communities,Where The Democrats,Are Trying To Get Black Votes... Has Kamala -Harris,,Showed Concern For The Black Girl Who Was Found,Dead. Beside. A. Road. In. California? Girl's. Mother,Mother's,Boyfriend. Was. Arrested... Will. The. Immigrabts,Be,Homeless. Or Giving. Shelter,A. Job. Or Put On Public ,,Assistance ?? Poor. Inner. City. Comnunitues, Mississippi ,Delta,Poverty. Are. Black. Democrats. Compassionate. About,Them?
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    So I guess mulattos like Colin Kaepernick and Aeshya Curry are going to be among the new spokesperson's for AfroAmerican issues. Or better yet.....the KARDASHIANS can also be spokespersons! When it comes to AfroAmerican isssues, Trump seems to be paying more attention to and granting favors for KIM KARDASHIAN than even Kanye, Jim Brown, Steve Harvey or any other AfroAmerican jockying for his attention.
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    Chev Well, if you give her some space, then maybe she will offer some input. The floor was hers all along. What I post and my presence shouldn't impact her ability to express herself. And she said on numerous occasions that it didn't matter to her whether I stayed or left. (yeah right....lol) I hope you don't get offended at this as a female, but like I told Troy....it's been my observation that most female posters like being on sites where they can point their fingers at certain people and get them punished by either being shamed and ridiculed or suspended and banned. I understand that most females tend to be more sensitive than males and it's hard for them to ignore the presence of certain individuals so the concept of "live and let live" and the concept of a place where EVERYONE (including those they don't like) have the total freedom to express themselves makes them feel uncomfortable. I don't think YOU are this way because you post your ideas and do your own thing but many females I know can't stand to be on the same site with someone they don't like whether they are communicating with them or not. Personsonally I don't think it was my presence that made Cynique angry this time but my expressing my belief that she found some of the men on this site attractive and got sexual energy off of her exchanges with us that perhaps made her feel "funny" or embarassed. I would have taken the statement back if I knew it would have gotten this reaction from her. Troy If I had the money, not only would I invest a lot of it into this forum but I'd also invest in your abilities to do other things like networking with and building more AfroAmerican book stores both online and physically. Perhaps even take things to another level like tarting an on-line independent film clubs for AfroAmericans similar to what you're doing for authors. You don't talk about your children on here much but if none of them are going to carry on your legacy then you need to find intelligent young minds whom you can trust to safely and successfuly transfer everything you've built and all the knowledge you've gained to. The Nation of Islam teaches that the concept of "godhood" is passed down from one man to the next as he takes everything he knows and passes it to another and then the next man not only possesses that knowledge but BUILDS upon it with the knowledge he accumulates and it goes so forth and so on generation after generation. Too often in this society individual AfroAmericans have to start from scratch because their parents and elders left them nothing to build from AND when they finally do build something and die, unless a White man steals it from them - what they know and build doesn't get passed down but just passes away with them.
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    @Delano, Exactly!!! As the header says - this is a discussion forum... where people exchange ideas. I don't mind exchanging ideas or even hearing new ideas. Also commentary...I'm tired of commentary. I'm tired of talking about what other people "think" Opeds, commentary - I'll may give it a like, laugh but I'm bored with commentary. It's time for us to come up with something new or expand on something old that has NOT run its course yet.
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    @DelanoAgree! I won't acquiesce to someone's opinion. I may even add a point or two for consideration but I've returned to my old ways of NOT debating opinions either. It's actually a waste of time.
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    This is not "new" news, because Amazon has providing a platform for, and profiting off, the sale of counterfeited books (indeed a variety of products) for years. It is good see this covered. In major news paper. The New York Times reports the on a publisher who purchased 34 of their own books on Amazon and found that 30 were counterfeit. Maybe someone in government will contemplate reigning in Amazon's monopoly. What Happens After Amazon’s Domination Is Complete? Its Bookstore Offers Clues https://nyti.ms/2ZIao2M
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    @Mel Hopkins Oh yes!
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    Good Day! My name is Sherabim Joy and I am requesting a book review for my first Christian novel “After The Benediction.” Any assistance you can provide is appreciated. ISBN: 978-1724978721 Publication Date: September 2018 Amazon Link: After The Benediction (After The Storm Publishing Presents) https://www.amazon.com/dp/1724978721/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_FH6fDbGCJM8PF Synopsis: After the Benediction will take you on an extraordinary journey… Evangelist Jacey Joyner is loved and admired by as many people who envy her. To the untrained eye, she appears to have it all together; a beautiful family, a thriving ministry, and people to fawn over her. However, after the benediction; she struggles immensely with her own reality, to the point that she is haunted by a suicidal presence. Her refusal to forgive her father, former Bishop Jason Loftin, for his thoughtless and scandalous acts, sows grave seeds of bitterness within her that threaten to destroy her relationship with God, her family, and her ministry. Unable to continue carrying the weighty load of people’s expectations, Jacey is on the verge of simply walking away from it all. However, an ordained encounter with a spiritual eye that is capable of seeing beyond her facade and is unmoved by her title and accomplishments, confronts her with truth, love, and kindness. Will pride keep Jacey from accepting the truth about her spiritual stagnancy? Or will she have an ear to hear the voice of wisdom and instruction that will rekindle her passion for God and for ministering to his people? Thank you Sherabim Joy www.soarwithsheri.com
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    @Pioneer1 do you remember Del's response? I don't.
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    Thanks a bunch! That'll help us out alot. We're glad to help with the reviews :-)
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    Because I knew I'd get the response he just gave....lol. Either that or a post consisting of just a link and no other context.
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    What made it interesting to you? Did you discover something not previously discussed here?
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    Kudos to you for giving providing us with a literary hub. Your site and business are unique and much needed. Also, I agree that we need to do better and that it will take time--and hard work. Our schools (in the South) don't do a good job of promoting the arts, so our Club is working hard to reverse that trend.
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    Lol! @Chevdove that sounds like. Lifetime Movie Title! Lol! She’s there for a coding program - and just for the summer. She creates software programs. But from what my daughter told me - she probably will be Harvard Bound.
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    Missing you @Cynique !!!
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    @Mel Hopkins WOW! Only 15 and at Harvard!? Now that is amazing!
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    Hey @Char Backey would you mind if I added your book club's information to AALBC? I have another club on the site that has been together over 25 years years and I have all of their books on the site. I compile Book club information and reading lists to help readers find good books. Here is the Go On Girl! club reading list going back to 1991. They are also committed to buying their books from AALBC. I have collected information on over 700 Black book clubs and virtually all of them have female members. Most Black people in Great Britain read books. Over 80% of Brits will read a book this year. I gave a presentation in Austin this past Saturday, the Austin Black Book Festival. The founder is a sister. The volunteers were from a book club (all sistas), Folktales’ Black Women’s Literary Society Delta Sigma Theta and the Links organizations provided sponsorship and volunteers too. If it were not for the men who presented or sold books. Attendees would have been mostly female Maybe, most Black Men Don't Read. Everyone, we have an online book club here, and are trying to get more folks to participate. The club has started in 1998 the next book we are reading is Sag Harbor.
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    My suggestion for the August Book would be "Blissfield" by Heather Neff. This book is a coming-of-age tale of a girl named Bethany who arrives in Blissfield, NC to live with her grandmother and befriends two young misfits in the town named Gideon and Nina Price. All three of them have been traumatized by their upbringing and form a bond that is shaken to the core by events that happen in the book, as they grow into adulthood
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    We @richardmurray you are familiar with your story so the images have context. Without that context, at least for me, they were random, uninteresting, images.
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    This is true. If you don't jump through Google's hoops, they punish you in your site's search engine ranking. You don't need to have an adsense account (sell Google's advertising) to be effected. Google "claims" they are merely trying to give the websurfer the best possible experience, but like any dictator Goolge makes this decision for us -- and they do this to maximize their revenue. There is no other long term alternatives. However you can't make it on your own. AALBC has survived only because of our community (which includes you and the others who post and read these forums). I know you know how to build community @Mel Hopkins that last statement was for others reading this. #EFFGOOGLE
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    The collage makes more sense after you read the book's excerpts.
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    Hi Kia, I'm Tanisca, president of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club, and I saw your request for a book review. Please email our Club at Wordloversbookclub@gmail.com so one our members can help you with your request. Your book description was interesting. I think we can definitely get into a book like yours.
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    Hi Amber, I'm Tanisca, President of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club. I saw your request for a book review. Please email the Club at wordloversbookclub@gmail.com so our assistant can help you with your request.
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    answered already
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    Blacks would have to be recognised as human by White America.
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    I would say no people's ir served by celebrity worship. Its an incredible waste of resources. You are encouraging millions of children to aspire for a few thousand spots. That's why pimping and dealing is popular. You see it work in your neighbourhood
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    Thanks! It looks like I have the infrastructure in place and now I just need to be smart about how to use these tools.
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