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    Beautiful. I love all the -es..something different, a created rhythm I like. A rhythm of birth and rebirth.
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    my favorite trigger is "unmasking"
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    @sabine ziya I have an infatuation to grammar styles. i like older grammar styles sometime so it emits in the work
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    @sabine ziya As always, the best thing to do is submit your work to any publisher when the time comes. You have to be pure to your story and then , resubmit it accordingly if need be. I checked fifty shades of grey, it is listed as contemporary or romance so... at least in kobo you can categorize your work as such. but you should check the publisher you will use for your book
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    Hi Richard for those interested in a physical copy maybe I can help make this happen. Let me read through the information you have shared here what you have shared here.
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    how about an AALBC community book? The author to the article describe what he thinks are good methods for a bundle. 1. One theme or one general theme, so Valentine's day, romance. 2. Authors that are willing, initiated; and a way for them to be connected. I suggest connecting on AALBC. 3. Contract should exist between parties for royalties or contral rights. 4. Marketing must be outwardly and consistent. Possible ideas *Please Suggest Before You Read Mine* this year no one did anything for black solidarity day. I saw it on my calendar and I did not make any mention to it, to see what happened. In light of that, I want to honor black solidarity, which as a celebration in the black community in the usa is functionally pan black, globally. Juneteenth is specific to black people whose forebears who were in enslaved in the usa, like me. Kwanzaa is a solstive celebration that reference black african culture, which is my forebears. But, what if you are black and your forebears were not enslaved in the usa, like in ethiopia. what if you are black but not from african descent like some native people in the american continent, like some tribe in south america, or like some in each sector in asia. Black Solidarity is not about any particular tribe in the village, it is about all the tribes, being solid in themselves and making a solid union on earth. Sequentially, I see a title, tentative Happy Besooned Black Solidarity Day Stories or something with Black SOlidarity Stories in it I will suggest my following ideas to the itenerary listed below, please do likewise or similar. 1. Theme 2. Author 3. Contract 4. Marketing 1. Theme - Black Solidarity obviously, each story much contain positive black solidarity in some way or fashion. I think it need to be a short length. Flash fiction to short story, no epics or the novel needed to be written. 2. Author- each other a member of AALBC with their profile page as proof 3. The book is free, so this makes it a matter of want in the first place. I am willing to be the steward to whomever trust me. I will share the ebook through email to each member that I load. 4. Marketing, if each contributor post a link once a week to the page, the number of contributors will dictate the effect of the post what say you? https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/10/10/multi-author-bundles-dos-and-donts/