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    Good day all, I wanted to accomplish a few things early two thousand and eighteen: make a video game utilizing some sort of Black cultural reference, sell it on a platform; I achieved it. SanaTambo which mean art puzzle is here; it is a rendition to nonograms, more commonly known in the usa as picross; the images one can create are versions to Adinkra from Ghana. To access it, you must use the Kobo App. If you want to test out whether you can utilize it, you can use the first entry in the SanaTambo series, which is free. https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra The process itself was very interesting. I will share that in my emailing list. If you want to join my email list, you can comment on here as a member or guest and we will connect. SanaTambo Versions English https://www.kobo.com/pt/pt/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-1 Français https://www.kobo.com/fr/fr/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-3 Português https://www.kobo.com/pt/pt/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-1 日本語 https://www.kobo.com/ja/ja/ebook/NNxdRbPVXT-g8GicV2IVSw 中文 https://www.kobo.com/zh/zh/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-2
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    https://kweenyakini.blogspot.com/ Creative Minds Have the Power to Heal By: Kween Yakini Creative minds were born to be different For our purpose is to touch others with our light And creative thinkers will continuously evolve Because we are the ones who make the others think And we usually have awareness of many things Because we always take notice of our surroundings So, our perspectives are constantly expanding We are inspired by things like moon lit nights And the beauty of the sun Creative minds are the music writers Because there is music in our souls And Art is the fuel that drives us Performing feels like church to us So, we give each other praise And we will face our fears So that we can bare our souls Even if it feels like our heart is about to bust out of our chest Because that is what we were meant to do Creative thinkers interpret their feelings And recite their thoughts We are magnetic to other souls They feed off our energy Because there is force inside us Creative minds are unique spirits And we were made to heal souls