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  1. Hello Reader, this is my public paths tale; you decide what will happen next based on poll results; every week I will add to the story based on what you decide. 

    At the end of the tale <which will be at the end of 2017> I will formulate a title <keeping your considerations side my own>, your welcome to comment your idea, the following is a link to the relevant poll post, where you can vote the next path and the public tale so far in total. After the tale I will present the mock cover, your ideas are welcome. ... enjoy



     The rain pour on a small house in a town in the deep south; inside the house a man ponder over an image, to a woman, he only met once. 

    "what are you looking at George?" 

    "nothing much bartender"

    "and yes, you haven't ordered a drink since tha' sugar cane walked in here... and she did look fine"  

    The Non Drinker get up, leave thirty five cent and head to the outside; he think to himself: "what could I tell Eddie, that he would believe... after the war most black folk's world, never changed. What did Hitler being dead mean to us... to me. And, I never even knew anyone asian, let alone Japanese or ching ching... but, what she said to me, changed everybody's world, and they didn't even know it" 

    George get in his car and head to home; his thinking still focus on yesterday


    A hot friday night in Eddie's house, shining under the moon, a woman walk into the place, footsteps chiming, curves massaging, skin smelling, everything alluring; every man glance to her, one way or another, except George; his weekly triumph over Howlin Joe take precedence to any thing else, including a female regale; as he prepare the final card slap, his competitors stop, in curiosity.

    "Wow... got it! ... well, next time the fish come in my fisher kings, I promise to take all our seeds, but one round of finned to each..."

    George finally cognize someone foreign is behind him; he turn and stare. 

    "There is no where to sit": say the Strange woman. 

    "I am finished for the evening Joe, give these men a round of fish" 

    ...George is near finish a cigarette outside the spot when he hear dominantly beautiful footsteps.


    The Strange woman gently gesture no and say:"you are a worldly man" 

    "How so?" 

    "You served in... World War II, traveled to South America after" 

    "It was not leisure or first class" 

    "yes... but you did" 

    "And why tell me this under the moonlight in the deep delta?" 

    "A random occurrence, just passing through, but a possibility convinced me" 


    "to aid me in selling this land" 

    "Joe sold his house to you" 

    The Strange woman laughed hard: "No, what you call North America" 

    "The white sheets may have a say about that" 

    "Whether you are on it or not the land is what is vital" 

    "well, it has been a long night" 

    "You! ... were born in chitown, but your parents were murdered by whites, your grandmother brought u down here, you loved her and she died while you were serving the president of the u.s.a." 

    "Stranger, I don't know you but never come around me again" 

    "Ask me how I know" 

    George continue to walk but stop and turn.

    "I am not an F.B.I. agent, or C.I.A." 


    "Never mind, I am not what you think... but if I am not, what  am I" 

    "...,... I don't know" 

    "try one more time, you are close" 

    George put on a smirk:"an extraterrestrial" 


    George laugh tremendously: "I did not know such women escaped the loony bin successfully" 

    "what is the next question" 

    "... prove it" 

    George suddenly see cards in the air dancing; he place his hand through the cards and say:"illusion" 


    Suddenly, George can grab a card; shocking blindness strike him and she reply:"It is only one eye" 

    George reach out to the strange woman in anger; she slap him to the ground. After checking his head, George ask:" so what do you want with me" 

    "And you passed the test, I would've massaged your mind to forget me" 


    "no, nervous system... very good, I want you to find some things, you may think it a fool's errand but I have plans and they require time... it! is a deed that gives part of this planet, to others... more aliens" 

    "And, why would I want to help more aliens" 

    "Cause the aliens I was told to relate will not accept you on their lan, once I sell it to them" 

    "wait... who owns the earth now?" 

    "Their name translate in the english to, The Even Guild... a set of communities, each are against war, very resource efficient, and live simply" 

    "and they will destroy all life on earth" 

    "not all life, just humans" 

    "what are they, gods" 

    "no, they age like humans on this planet, but their institutions, are very efficient, and they can't afford you when they need every resource to last the hundreds of thousands of years they need" 

    "This is crazy" 

    "but if you find the deed... before the Even Guild another organization existed, called, the Star Family" 


    "A monarchic organization, they recently ended, but it is said a member to their royal family placed deeds on their planets that new owners would have to obey" 

    "last I looked, you have the powers" 

    "your right" 

    The Strange woman, grab George head and he feel many pains; he scream:"What! did you..." 

    "I massaged your mind, you will be able to sense what you need side other things"

    George fall out from the pain.


     George smell incense; the type he burn in his home; he recall a woman or a wild night before, and the door is knock; it is knock again and again.

    "what is it! oh Susan" 

    "how are you too George, I don't need to tell you what today is" 

    "ahh, you do" 

    Susan push George a way from his front door: "we got a long way to go and I need you for muscle" 

    "oh... oh shit" 

    "don' even think about washin up, you know today is vital! for my business and we have no time" 

    Susan enter the lone bedroom in the house; and, she exit it holding car keys and rush: "cmon George, is everything in your truck" 


    Susan drag George, door still open to his home, to his car; she check the content in the truck, open both door, place the key in the ignition and wait hurry-ly till George start the car. 

    "cmon! George" 

    "can I" 

    "cmon, this is the first Sunday, you know I will not get another chance for a week" 

    George, unclean, unkempt, hungover, get in his car and close the door, and begin driving into the deep delta. 

    ... After a drive, George side Susan get out George car. 

    "cmon! George" 

    George, eventually, get a ramp from inside his truck, and place it from his truck hold to the ground. Susan, in the truck hold, push out a fermenting device, on a dolly; Susan side George push the device into a dense green; they eventually arrive to their distillery. Susan smile greatly and say: "nothing, I mean nothing beats the smell of the midnight moon... go back to the car, I can do the setup, just come back in a half hour after a drive, I got my own security here" 

    George leave trying to recall last night; around a half hour later he return to the hideout;the distilling is happening, while Susan look to some book. 

    "your head clear" 

    "yeah, still a lil fussed over last night" 

    "so what exactly happened to make you late for today" 

    George shrug.

    "Damn George, you know what today means to me" 

    "I know" 

    "it has been a year since my papa died" 

    "I know" 

    "the preacher who gave all libations, I can hold on to his reputation" 

    "I know" 

    "for the finest spirits in the region, if, if! I can get this operation together" 

    "I know" 

    "so who was she" 

    "tsst": reply George on denial.

    "you are soo simple goody good George" 

    "for all I know she could had been you" 

    Susan turn in a quiet angry or solemn way to George. 

    "Hey, you asked" 

    "You Know" 

    "I know" 

    "my father was a man who preached lovin the lord in the daylight while drinking to any who will listen at night" 

    "I know" 

    "But your problem was and is your ease into women" 

    "I know" 

    "and you had the audacity to play paddy fingers with me, the night before" 

    "I know... it is just something was odd about her" 

    "I! have! heard! that! before!" 

    "I know" 

    "... what time is it?" 

    "around 10:30" 

    "hmm... go and look about" 

    Outside the distillery, George ponder why his head ache, while he wait; he hear rustling in the green, and he approach careful, knife in hand; he come upon a man, quietly, and say: "tssk" 

    "Good lord it is hot George, you two would brew in hell, if it was safest" 

    "best music around" 

    George side another come into the cave distillery.

    "A little late Frank but good enough, what have they said" 

    "twenty gallons" 

    "good, the two of you get the containers and let us prepare" 

    Around the late afternoon, Susan, George, plus Frank are in the truck driving to a meeting place; a loud speaker emit from behind them; calm is emit from the trio, while George slow the vehicle. A state trooper exit the following car and walk to the driver side door.

    "ahh , three nigs in a can, is this a church event Ms. Randolph" 

    "no sir" 

    "this look like a transport... but a transpor uh wha": the State Trooper see the large containers; he take off the top to one and smell:"midnight moon is the sweetest moon of all" 

    Susan, George, Frank play cool. 

    "Well, I can't fault you Ms. Randolph, but I wonder, can I get a can of your water" 

    "I apologize sir but this water is already in extreme need" 

    "of course, it is I" 

    "Ahh!": yell George, after taking his first glance to the State Trooper. Susan try to still George while he hold his head, teeth gritting in pain. 

    "I am not finished with you so you will have to wait, now if you want to hurry out here to get a doctor, it will be easier if you... and who is that" 

    Frank turn his head and see a woman in pink; the State Trooper walk to the woman; he stop suddenly and the woman in pink walk past him, to the truck. Frank is silent. Susan look behind and see the State Trooper. 

    "What is going on!" 

    "Susan Randolph, alcohol seller, nurse, in love with George Williams"

    Frank look to Susan and Susan unchange; she keep looking to the woman in pink.

    "He knows that and do you know I know he doesn't love me" 

    "yes, I know what you know" 

    "well, what did you do to that redneck" 

    "I will let him explain" 

    George finally is at ease; sweaty he notice the strange woman in pink. 

    "Is this what you did to me?" 

    "What is! g'on on George?!" 

    George fidge. 

    "Tell them George" 

    George smirk:"this woman is an alien or extraterrestrial, I met her last night... and she wants me to work for her" 

    "Wow! George, I dare repeat what I said earlier" 

    "I know" 

    "well, wha she wan wid us... you an me Susan" 

    "That is up to you George": speak the strange woman in pink.


    George is hesitant to speak. 

    "So you have chosen"  

    Frank or Susan begin to disintegrate.


    "Susan! stop! stop! Please!" 

    George in fright touch Susan slightly; her body disintegrate faster. Frank try to escape the car and reach to the Woman in Pink; but he, like ashes slowly burning in an ash tray, become a part to the air. George sit in the car in horror.

    "Well, what will you do now"

    George is unmove; he settle backward in his seat.

    "You decided George, how else could they now know" 

    In rage, George lunge to the Woman in Pink; she let him hit her and he fracture his hand; he roll over to the truck. George look down the road, remembering.

    "I killed him before your friends, his thoughts were quite negative or untrustworthy" 

    George start to realize.

    "Exactly George, you will be asked about the white man, your friends, people will wonder, some will suspect" 

    "I! Will Tell The Truth!"  

    "You forget, I can massage your mind" 

    The Woman in Pink walk over to the hurt George. 

    "Here, take this photo, and consider your options, stay here in the town, or come with me" 

    George fling the photo to the side; he begin to feel heat.

    "I would advise you pick that photo back, and keep it close" 

    George stay still and his skin begin to disintegrate; he run to the photo and the pain stop; after picking it up, he turn and see the Woman in Pink left. George drive his car and the State Trooper car into a unique pond; he walk back home; that evening he drive to the house from Eddie, buy nothing and ponder.


    While George is driving back home, a car creep behind his; he is not paying attention and it ram into his; his car is knock off road and he is able to turn the driver side away from the danger; he get out knife in hand and see five white men come out the car; he cognize why, and run into the dark green.

    "We will get you nigger!": yell one from the white mob; George hear their motion and hurry unable to see; but he listen to the ground, smell for water; they are still coming. George run and run but the white mob is nearing; he stop when he see another mob ahead.


    George, bruisefull, bloody, some bone broke lay in a white male circle.

    "You killed my brother nigger!" : and the brother to the state trooper hit George on the head, using the but from his rifle. 

    "Well Gentlemen, it is time for justice" 

    Howling, yelling many scream through the air while a rope is thrown to the brother to the state trooper. 

    "let me check this nigger first": say one from the white mob; he take the money from George pocket and find the Woman in Pink photo, and:"well, well, we got us a girlfriend, what is her name nigger, I will find her and treat her right for you" 

    George smirk, and is hit on the head. Most in the mob hear a rustle, and point gun or flashlight toward it.

    "What do you want George?" 

    "Lil honey, you better consider what I want tonight, what all of us want after a long hunt": say a mobman approaching the Lady in Pink. 

    "no, I am still waiting for George to answer": say the Woman in Pink, while a mob man stand immediately in front to her; and he say:"don't worry, I will close your mou Ahh! " 

    Flashlight shine on a mob man having one hand; and he yell:"kill this nigger bitch" 

    The mob men who try disintegrate aside the one hand mob man; fearful the other mob men try to shoot the Woman in Pink and disintegrate, while the brother to the state trooper recognize the woman in the photo is in front to him; he drop the photo im shock, and look down to George. The Woman in Pink walk toward the last mob man, who is crying on the ground in horror. 

    "you loved your brother... and yet, you loved him intimately" 

    A realization pause the last mob man and he look angrily toward the Woman in Pink. 

    "yet, those loving moments was not like the first, when you were taking a shower, a teenage boy, and he felt how soft you ass felt" 

    And, the last mob man disintegrate yelling many obscenity. The Woman in Pink walk over and touch George while an empty car approach; he yell in pain while bone reset, muscle sew, vein clear. George is offer a hand from the Woman in Pink; he do not accept it. 

    "you must realize George, you can't stay here" 

    "why don't you kill me?" 

    "You already know the answer to that, just remember, my time is not being wasted... yes I don't know where the deed is exactly, but I have ideas and I need you to investigate... finally! you can take this car, it has enough gas" 

    "to go around the World" 

    "when will you comprehend my skill set or at least what you were shown, use this" 

    A rectangular portal open up on the road, and George is bewilder to what he see, and say: "I don't know that place" 

    "I know, just remember you are there to investigate, not kill, you will know what to do if you listen to your body... my name is best translated to Ethel" 

    George get in the car.


    George drive through the gateway and come on a sign, early , in english; he sigh; he never see Kumasi before; a road block is before the city. 

    "alright boy, come out": say an english soldier. George stay in the vehicle. 

    "Didn't you hear me little warrior": the english soldier walk to the door and face George:"I know you spear totters think you earned the right to take care of yourselves but not while I ma at this post, you almost killed a good man" 

    Other english soldiers approach. 

    "Captain": is yell from a booth. 

    "Hold this one here boys while I get that": demand the angry captain.

    "yes sir" 

    The captain go to the booth, while George wait in the truck. The captain, fluster, leave the booth, very upset and say:"let him through boys": he look very angrily to George; as George meet the barrier, he say:"the commander is expecting you sir, I apologize, an escort is waiting on the other side of the barrier" 

    A truck escort George in his vehicle to the commander office; he park the truck and get out. George is greet at the front door to the commander office from the commander himself; they both walk in. 

    "let me guess" 

    "yes, an alien"

    "oh god not" 

    "no, I can't read minds like Ethel" 

    "thank god" 

    "Do you know why you are here?" 

    "To find a deed, something in someone Ethel will extract" 

    A door knock , a soldier enter:"from the general, commander smith"

    "soldier, thanks" 

    The soldier leave.


    "You already know it is not" 

    "I don't comprehend how a planet can be sold but then have a secret clause in it somewhere" 

    "....": Commander smith pour two drink and hand one to George:"how old do you think the universe is" 


    "how old"  

    "I don't know, ancient, forever" 

    "What if I told you, know one can know"

    "I'll believe you" 

    "you are hesitant like she said, maybe that is why... do you know why" 


    "do you know the story of the phoenix" 

    "yes, a bird that rises from its own ashes" 

    "yes, now, imagine a phoenix that rises not only physically from its ashes but temporally" 

    "I don't understand" 

    "... imagine a human baby, that can be born out it's own goo but when it is born again starts right at the time it did before.. where you born"  

    "yes": George smirk sarcastically. 

    "right, what if you died now but could be reborn like the phoenix , reborn three times, do you think you would be three times your age now on a fourth rebirth" 

    "I guess" 

    "that is what makes the universe different... it does not simply remake it's body, it remake time, you follow" 

    "ok, so the universe keeps starting at second zero every time it restarts, but what" 

    "Ok! now what if, some beings could travel between instances to the universe" 

    "well good for them" 

    "right, but would they be traveling to a past instance or a future instance" 

    "I don't... know" 

    "exactly, the people we say did this is the Star Family" 

    "So in every universe instance, Earth exist" 

    "no... but in relatively many" 

    "And a deed is ownership to a world the Star Family visited in an instance" 


    "so, how do I find the deed" 

    "... look to your right" 

    George see his reflection in a mirror:"... what" 

    "Ethel could not tell you, you are the deed" 

    "But why not!"

    "well, cause, what you have to do... you have to appear in the Star Chamber" 

    "where is that?" 

    "On another world, in another instance" 

    "This is getting crazy" 

    "This is not the half of it... the Even Guild is a set of machines who feel traveling through the instances need more regulation, and usually they are right, but me, Ethel, and others see they kill life to protect their order" 

    "like she did my friends" 

    "about that... you can come in now" 

    Susan run out a closet and jump into George. 


    "oh George, you are a sucker goody good": George embrace Susan strongly, and they kiss.

    "where's Frank" 

    "cal' down George, I am eating, tha' closet is tight" 

    "But I don't comprehend" 

    The commander gesture everyone to sit and say:"we are a small group but we have been doing this a while, taking various forms, trying to survive, keeping incognito, it is important you comprehend George, when the Even Guild come they will kill all humans on this planet, to maintain resources for other beings whom they compute earned more resources than yours, but only you can activate the deed in the Star Chamber, and only you will have the ability to get to it" 

    "why no army" 

    "The Even Guild are arithmetic, they will know if resources are being used and act in equal response" 

    "so what do I have to do" 

    "first, you have to train and a man will teach you"

    "will you take these two back home" 

    "shut up George, we want in" 

    "but why?" 

    Frank put his hand out, George accept:"George, I have people I love, if this is the best way to save them I am in" 

    George look to Susan and she say:"how can I say I love you but leave this to you alone" 


    George, Susan, Frank enter the truck, and the commander bid them well; a grown man run past the car and throw a molotov toward the commander; it strike him and George stop the car. 

    "cmon George, he is not dead, just need a new body, we need to get to Old Kwame's, like he said" 


    In an old hut, north from Kumasi George, Susan, or Frank sit facing old Kwame. 

    "To get to the Star Chamber, if you want to get there alive past the Even Guild defense you must become more than you are" 

    "what do you mean?" 

    "you know that the universe rebirths or restarts yes... well, some of these worlds are linked, have been lined for a long time, very long time, I can help you go through them and by doing so, you can gain experiences you will need" 

    "and what of us sir"

    "I can escort all three of you but... you must comprehend the danger..." 

    "wad do you mean" 

    "well, Ethel showed you three many things, that you never knew or had access to , but , you may be surprised how varied the universe can be and that is not anything to be ignorant too" 

    "do you mean things like war, I served as a nurse in world war two" 

    "no I mean, you will go into worlds where your nightmares are common and you may be the greatest enemy" 

    George, Susan or Frank look toward each other. Susan say:"you mean we can be surrounded by devils in hell" 


    "wait Susan, why Kwame, why... can't you control where we go" 

    "remember, never forget George, to mold you, we have to give you lessons, I can see a path but only the universe know where it lead, that is the rule... so what will you do" 

    "... I am in, if it can help save Earth or do some good why not" 

    Susan or Frank look to each other. Susan put her hand out. Frank look pensive and say:"my daughter... I ne'er thought the journey would be so long, I thought, mak a lil money and come back home... wit you two gone on, I ..." 

    "It is alright Frank, you don't owe us anything, go back to Beanie" 

    "yeah Frank, at least, no matter what happens, someone will know what happened to us" 

    "sir, will you take Frank back home" 

    "yes child" 

    "... well, I gather you can't help us know what is coming but only that it is on the path to getting to the Star chamber and finding where to place myself" 


    George put out his hand and Frank accept. Susan give Frank a kiss. Old Kwame open a side from the tent and an empty black space appear. 

    "That is the gateway, of course" 

    "Mr. Williams, never forget, between the lights or times is the purest dark, where only the truest life can begin, or travel" 

    "I realize I may be an idiot but" 

    "no goodie good, let us go, both our lives are only still here, even if this is a trick, even if this is a calamity, even if this is a journey whose end does not exist, never let go my hand and we will be alright" 

    "I can see now why Ethel chose you two, I can see now" 

    And George side Ethel, hand in hand or shoulder to hand, walk into the deepest dark. Frank lower his head:"will de' ever come bak" 

    "I don't know, I don't know if they ever will reach the star chamber" 

    "what!": Frank grab old Kwame. 

    "don't you see, the Even Guild is not evil, they are logical, they have done well to maintain resources, save lives amongst many worlds, you do not realize how many worlds were saved by them, species being saved, me and my friends simply realize that the price to their balance is a heavy toll" 

    "so what about the sale..." 

    "The sale is closed, no sale will be made" 

    "Did Ethel find the deed anyway" 

    Old Kwame smile.


    "yes, Susan and George is the balance, even if George one day make it to the Star Chamber, and change the ownership to Earth per the Star Family, their actions to get there is the balance" 

    "I will never forget them" 

    "that is good Frank": the Woman in Pink appear in the tent; she smile toward old Kwame:"you ready to go back home" 

    "okay, wait!" 

    "don't worry, you can tell your daughter all you know, I will not massage your mind, if anything, I grant you a little warning... sooner or later, this planet must be shared, to those already on it or those that will need it, and when that time comes, no deed can stop it outside the one, you saw leave into the undescribable": and Ethel open a tent cover to show Joe's place. Frank look to Ethel or old Kwame and gesture farewell.

    "wait one minute": and Ethel take out a few gold bar:"you may need this Frank... you may be surprised, or you may now, how much value is in one life, it is truly immeasurable..." 

    "thanks": Fran look to the cover where George side Susan left: "be safe my friends": and he leave through the portal.

    "well old Kwame, what is the next planet" 


    "I know that sector, the Upelux, right?" 

    "can't put one past you" 

    "it is logical": and Ethel change her appearance: a bulb tip each eyelash, a brightness emit from her skin, a bubble collage varying in size or color refract exist kin to an ever moving scarf about her skin; she open a tent wall and a beach in a cave is visible; she turn slightly before she exit:"let us see if a love exist in this world, again, a love that can be worth more than many of the precious, timeless lives in it": and she exit the tent. 


     A wolf howl, in a dark night. George is unaware to where he is but has more worry to the presence from Susan; he do not see her anywhere; the howling from many wolf surround him and his only thought is to run; he run and run in the dark, the moon seem larger than usual; he run and trip on a branch; he feel no time to do anything but run; dragging himself, he reach a cliff, finally a place expose, where he can see beyond; he hear water below and heavy breathing or near rustling behind; he has no choice and he jump over the cliff; the impact from the water, knock him out.


    A bright light shine on George face. 

    "wake up sleepy head" 

    George do not cognize the voice or the blur he view; he smell water near his nose and take a sip:"where am I" 

    "I don't know the name to this world goody good, but it is definitely not our Earth" 

    "goody... Susan, is that you" 

    "yes, who else, I think you hit your head, I saw you jump into the river" 

    "That was you behind, I thought I had lost you" 

    "I thought I had lost you too, but no, and I think I know why you were startled so much" 

    "oh yeah, why, I will tell you later before tonight" 

    George go back to rest. In the afternoon, George is refresh; he see Susan bare and notice he is the same; he look to her:"what have you learned" 

    "nothing in particular, outside that this's Earth" 

    "Earth, well, at least we went to a similar world" 

    "but, the moon here is not like ours, it is bigger, come here" 

    George get up, he has no clothing near, and he notice the large moon in the sky:"Wow!..ah" 

    Susan touch George chest as he see a bare bunch in front; they are all similar in appearance to him or Susan, but none seem to have clothing. 

    "George, this man is called Jonas, he leads this pack" 


    Jonas come closer to George:"I know you are strangers to this land, stranger in that I can't notice your scent, but you look like one of us, thus you are one of us, we will need as many paw tonight" 

    George look to Susan; he notice her breast seem in arousal, and he ask:"paw" 

    "everyone in this world transforms at night" 

    "transforms... oh no" 

    "oh yes" 

    "oh no..." 

    George side Susan smile and say together:"werewolves!" 

    "We! are not Werewolves!, we! are Wawitubwa!": yell Jonas.

    "oh, I apologize Jonas, I will explain it to my husband" 

    George is startle from Jonas yelling or the recent Susan accusation:"... husband" 

    "jerk, what else am I now but your wife... besides, everyone here is more pack based, come on lets walk to their den, while I tell you a short story... long ago people on this Earth was given the ability to transform into other beings" 

    "ok genetic manipulation, maybe a war that caused an ice age" 

    "shh , and lived side them in peace, but over time" 

    "here we go" 

    "let me finish please,  they started to attack each other and chose to live against each other, and so the tribes dwindled, the children of the moon lessened, where many tribes exist today in the unchanging members, this area here is for the paw tribes, the wolves have dominated this area for centuries"  

    "let me guess, the wawitubwa are black, werewolves are white" 

    "bingo... so every day or night people fight in one form or another" 

    "why no clothes?" 

    "clothes is a luxury, most of the werewolves utilize them, but most wawitubwa don't" 

    "can't sew?" 

    "they say they are too busy but the alpha have them" 

    "hmmm.... I don't know how long we will be here, and I don't know what rank I will have but... I am getting some clothes" 

    "others may try to steal them": say a woman who approach George side Susan while Susan notice George is gaining an erection: "I am Jonas's wife, Ann" 

    "Then Ann, I will store them somewhere secret" 

    "secrets are not allowed"

    "I can see that" 

    Ann giggle:"but you will learn these things" 

    Ann greet farewell to Susan side George and move toward her husband. A horn, having a huge high pitch shrieking sound, is use, and people start running.

    "come on goody good, Jonas told me to follow where the people go here" 

    George run side Susan and smirk. 

    "really George, grow up, your not a cub anymore" 

    "I was never a cub" 

    "remember, this place is a step on the path" 

    George is silent... suddenly, George feel a little wooziness and stumble on the ground;; he feel a little fur bush is coming out his rear; he start to see black hair, some dusky brown, growing while his hand is getting very puffy; he look to Susan:"oh god!" 

    "calm down George": Susan is squatting calmly and George notice her change. 

    "An African Wild Dog!" 

    "don't make a big deal out of nothing" 

    "how the hell can I hear you, you are not speaking" 

    "to be fair, i don't know , we can hear the wolves too, it is something that just happens, I think we give off an advanced form of hormones like ants, we sense it and it is received as thought" 


    Susan laugh , her wild dog yelp, and roll on her back. 

    "very funny" 

    Like a small cub learning, George get up slowly, shaking:"stop laughing you" 

    "come on you two!": say Ann 

    "come on George"

    "okay, okay, I got it... damn"

    George side Susan run and find the battle. A grey wolf horde and an african wild dog horse are: biting, clawing, mawing on a battle line. 

    "Susan, we better stay together" 

    "you don't have to tell me twice, let's go" 



     Susan yell in the daylight; in the former night, after the battle, till now, she do the same. 

    "It will take time to heal her": say a young woman, fully bare, to George. 

    "How much time": George sniff. 

    "A week to at least move about on her own"

    "...": George move to Susan:"thank you Onaca"; Onaca leave the small cave, and Jonas enter. 

    "I am sorry about your mate" 

    "no, I am, this is my fault" 

    "... where are you two from" 

    "around, no where special" 

    "that is what she said, but the way you look mean you are one of us, and I know where all of us live, I repeat, where are you from?" 

    "listen, if you want to kick us out, just tell me now" 

    "... I don't know what you are hiding , but you fought with us, bled with us, if you were an enemy, we would know by now... you can stay , but when she is healed, we will talk again" 

    "Hopefully, I will be there": Ann enter the cave.


    "Jonas, these people I trust, is that not enough" 

    "That is the reason why I have not had them thrown out or stoned to death" 

    "Excuse Me!... my wife is ill, please take this outside"  

    "here George, some food, a blanket, keep her warm" 

    Ann gesture Jonas outside and George look to Susan, still ill after being hurt, in the last battle. Near afternoon, Onaca enter the cave where George side Susan is; she check Susan:"no change but not worse... don't worry, this is day one, she will improve" 

    George repeat a sniffling sound.

    "Is everything okay" 

    "yes, I just smell something odd"

    "like what" 

    "to be blunt, were" 

    Onaca place a hand over George mouth:"shhh... don't tell anyone what you smell, give me a chance to explain, under the moon" 

    "I can't be part to any chaos, I can't leave Susan alone or be separated" 

    "please trust me" 


    Later, after the moonlight shine more than any other in the sky, Ann enter the cave to George side Susan.

    "I will take care of her George, they say I have the warmest blood in our tribe" 


    "don't be worried, she is safe with me, just take a walk" 

    "where, I only left this cave to battle" 

    "try the looping tree, a lovely smelling flower patch is there" 

    George stretch out his body, and yawn under the moonlight; he raise his nose and see a cloudy sky; he smell a uniquely sweet scent to a distance and assume that is the path to the flower patch, Ann want him to sense; his tail flat, he prance, discerning the night, watching a couple play, a child gnaw a little bone, a fish still alive entertain some sight; eventually, he get to the lovely smelling flower patch and notice honeysuckles; he place his nose into the patch and then roll around in it, very happy, to a whiff to a scent arrive; he get up, his hair notice, and he ponder who is in the deeper green; he walk forward, many twig or leaf brush side his face and then he see, a grey wolf laying next to a member to the Wawitubwa; the grey wolf notice him and turn and say:"Who Are You!"  

    George is silent and the grey wolf raise a paw to start an approach. 

    "Wait Fidel... it is you, isn't it George": Onaca raise her head:"yes, please come here, please" 

    George approach, and reveal himself from a nearby green. 

    "let me guess, no one wants this" 

    "It is not that simple, I have to explain" 

    Fidel edge closer to George, nearly butting, but George is unmove.

    "Tell your boyfriend to calm down" 

    "Boy Friend! I am her husband" 

    "shhh Fidel, we must not forget ourselves ... George you know that this entire land is for the pawed and we are the survivors to a great war amongst the moon people, but what you don't know, for some reason, is that we are dying" 

    "what do you mean" 

    "fertility, me and Fidel are the youngest on either side, the problem has gone on for years... too few exist to continue on their own, but none have been able to cross breed, something about our makeup does not allow for us to cross breed" 

    "have you tired everything" 

    "yes!": yell Fidel.

    "have you tried as humans" 


    "the day form"


    "all sorts of mixes, all pawed folk" 


    "But I don't comprehend, if this is true, what danger exist in you" 

    "for a long while now, moon folk in each tribe secretly worked to find a way" 

    "like your mother" 

    "yes, and his father... but absent a solution, it is best for us to keep this war path, for sooner or later, we all will die, at least, this way despair will not creep in" 

    "... But! I saw a child playing on the way here, it was not a moon child, it was an unchanged, in our moon form we can act as a parent"

    "Well, at least now, I know why you did not want me to say you smelled like a werewolf" 


    "well I " 

    "wait! wait, a legend exist that may help" 

    "Onaca don't"  

    "what harm can it be" 

    "what is it" 

    "some say, in a mountain lay the cause to all this... and we are desperate for a solution" 

    "I can't leave Susan to such a danger" 

    "It is not dangerous" 


    "It is alright Fidel, I can tell you when a woman is buttering me up, but why would I leave Susan for such a danger" 

    "It is not a danger, it is an unknown" 

    "well I will never know if it is a danger" 

    George turn to go back to the wawitubwa camp but he sense a unique emptiness ahead; he take one step forward and he feel the gateway in the tent; he turn and feel normal; after a moment he ponder:"a mountain huh" 

    "Yes, the glistening mountain, covered in reflective stone" 

    "reflective stone?" 

    "Yes, it has a mouth that is a cave, go into the cave and past the vine wall" 

    "that is all you can say" 

    "no one has ever come back" 

    "you see stranger, very dangerous" 

    "It seems for another reason, I can't leave, what about Susan" 

    "me and my mother will take care of her" 

    "me and my father will try to promote a standoff, though her father, or my mother are not easy to persuade" 

    "alright, what is the path" 

    Onaca side Fidel guide George and he head out.


    George run most in the first day; he stop more frequently to eat various berry in the second; in the third day, he take a long rest and think:"where is the mountain"; he look up and notice the expansive sky; a few hour later, on a small, hill he stand, trying to see the glistening mountain; he fail and continue onward in a guess but feel an untemporal emptiness; in confusion, no glistening mountain he perceive, he turn and go back; in the green, he look up and notice an uncommon green cloud, and know; he think to himself:"the mountain must be glass or crystal, but where is the base" 

    Night come and in paw form confusion arrive into the mind from George; then he realize, the glistening mountain is in the sky.  

    "How to get up that high": George think to himself; he see no way to fly or glide, the nearest high peak is very far, a glide will be a stretch; after a few day he admit to self, the risky glide is the only way; in a week sunlight he gather or craft gliding material or a glider; in a week moonlight he wait wondering what Susan is going through; is she alive or safe, he ponder. Glider made, upon the nearest elevated plateau, the sunlight bright, George make a run to the glistening mountain; the dip is massive and he glide straight down into the green. Wee after week, George make a glider and improve his technique. Finally, after two month, George is gliding, elevating in the air; he notice up high, how the glistening mountain reflect the sky, and try not to go on a central cliff. The landing is harsh, abrasive, but George settle on the glistening mountain; he look for a cave entrance using the glider canvas to place about him, to protect from cold or other elements; finally he reach the cave and Onaca or Fidel did not lie, a vine wall is there. George call out and wonder what he may see; after a short wait and no response, he go through the vine wall; he is immediately shock to see moving crystal inside, reflecting light to some purpose; he try to stop one from moving but it is impossible; he walk about the main oval path; the interior path seem to be like a maze map . 

    "Hey Hello! don't touch anything": speak a voice.

    "and who is this or have I gone insane"

    "no not insane, let me display myself" 

    Suddenly, an image from light emit to George from the floating or modulating crystal lattice.


    "yes, I am Jonas, from the wawitubwa village you left"

    "well, you thought I was suspicious, what is this?" 

    "This is the monitoring tower, a relic from the moon wars" 

    "what does it do" 

    "monitors the landscape" 

    "you do realize people think it can solve problems" 


    "why don't you stop it then, it doesn't help having this lie, does it" 

    "no, you're wrong, it does... it gives people hope" 

    "so you know about the fertility problem too" 


    " any clue or hint around" 

    "no, nothing...but" 

    "oh no" 

    "it will require another journey but one you can make" 

    "I am not certain about that" 

    "I will make sure your wife is ok and tell her your safe, my wife will be happy to know I will accept an extended cease fire, she has asked for it for months now" 

    "alright... where is this" 

    "on the moon" 

    George laugh.

    "what is so funny" 

    "moon travel... where is flash gordon when you need him"  


    "never mind, well, how do I do this" 

    "you get in this elevator coming down and go to the top floor, the mountain will rise" 


    "a space station will shift its orbit and you will go through the connection and take a shuttle to the moon" 

    "and when I am in the moon base, how will I know I found an important thing" 

    "communication to me will still be possible" 

    "... why didn't you do this?" 

    "the tribe is too delicate, to take months off on a search and do this" 

    "what about my transformation, will my space suit handle the change" 


    "but why is everybody naked then" 

    "resources, those suits require energy to make, energy we don't have in high abundance" 

    "not for all it seems, but the were...." 

    "yes, not for all, even my own" 

    "... alright, set me up" 

    George, now a wawitubwa sit in the high tower in the glistening mountain; the mountain rise per order from Jonas and the ancient satellite place a cord to connect the high tower to itself. George go through the cord and get into a solar sail in the station, through voice command; he arrive on the moon and see the moon base. 


    After hopping on the moon, George is in disappointment, when he see the moon base close; not only is repair a need, but he hear nothing; his fur feel nothing.

    "I gather you must be wondering what is going on?" 

    George do not reply and wait to hear more from Jonas.

    "... I ask you to please search around or wait till, at least day, if no one is up there... then we are doomed" 

    George growl and go into the moon base ruin; he notice various place where asteroid broke through and let the vacuum in; his suit allow entry into area that are seal; but when he enter any from them is nothing is inside except air, every computer terminal is broken, every room is uncare. Eventually, the sun appear and George modulate into human, the suit encase him in a spheroid while he change and reform round his human form; he continue his search to anything; in a former farming dome he see a skeleton in a broken suit and stop to inspect it; it hold a controller and the controller activate.

    "Jonas, are you there?... Jonas" 

    An underground chamber lift to the surface and George go to it.

    "Jonas ... I don't know what is going on but a compartment of some type came out the ground, I may get access but if it takes me underground I don't know if we will be able to communicate... hope you get this message... I hope... Susan is safe" 

    George go near the former subterranean compartment and it activate. George look around and wait a moment before entering; impatient or foolish or rushing he enter the compartment, and a door close behind him; his suit headcase fold away, leaving his head bare, the air inside the chamber cause it. George feel a lowering in the spacious compartment and a door open; he see a tunnel, that seem long, and go in it; a carry car construct in the chamber and he get inside it. 


    At the tunnel end, George arrive to a huge oval dome, uncrack; he can not see the dome quarterpoint or centerpoint cause it is that wide or long, only able to see a sixteenth point; while height is tall enough an eagle, or some predator bird, he see fly immediately under the dome; he see a forest forward but notice some small boulder and wonder if anyone is working inside, trying to make a new dome.

    "Hello! Hello!" 

    George hear no human response and continue to walk into the green; he then stop; he smell something beautiful, something grand, something sweet, something positive; he run to the smell and arrive to a home, where an apple pie is freshly waiting to be eaten. George , smiling, go near it and take a whiff. A loud dog growl emit from in the home and a large dog jump out on top George; it growl, mouth snarling.

    "Easy dog, easy, where is everybody, don't tell me... wait... wait... can you comprehend me" 

    The dog calm down.

    "yes, that's it , isn't it, you are reverse, you change in the sunlight, okay, I comprehend you, take me to the others" 

    The dog growl when George try to lift.

    "okay, I comprehend, your a guard, I can wait" 

    George lay calmly, or sad he can smell a pie, so near. The sunlight fade and the suit push the dog a distance while George change; but in paw form he notice the dog do not change, and it smell him; George gently paw his curiosity away.

    "Hey butler! Butler!" 

    Butler call out and two child arrive from behind the house; both naked, one male, one female, running to George side Butler. 

    "He's mine, he's mine": say the female child rubbing George incessantly.

    "Butler is better anyway, he is tiny, Butler will outrun him" 

    George notice the remark and eye Butler, who is enjoying the rubbing from the male child.

    "Makeda! Solomon! where are you? show yourselves": a voice say from the green. 

    "There you two are": say a woman arriving from the green. 

    "mama look, I got me a dog!" 

    "Oh really... wait, I never seen this dog type before" 

    "please let me keep him" 

    George pull away from Makeda and go toward her mother; the athletic woman kneel and rub him:"Makeda, this dog has a suit on... I" 

    "George! George!": is emit from the suit. Makeda mother is startle, and collect her thought. George think to Jonas:"hold on" 

    "Children let us go see the elder... you can understand me can't you" 

    George try to write something.

    "Just nod your head three time... you know what I am asking" 

    George nod three time.

    "ok Butler, don't even think about eating that pie... in fact, you are probably hungry" 

    Makeda mother walk over to the pie, use a nearby knife, cut a piece and hand it to George; George gently take it from her hand, and look to Butler, who growl. 

    "Stranger, my name is Nep, we will go to the elder now, come children, behave Butler": Nep throw a snack to Butler, who catch it in the air. George think to Jonas:"have you been able to look or listen, and don't emit your voice, only me" 

    "yes, George, I see people of the moon and yet they are more people of the sun" 

    "yeah, but I didn't see what they turned into" 

    "keep investigating, but I have great news" 


    "She is better, moving about, and peace is arranged" 

    "no more wars" 

    "well, not between the wawitubwa, werewolves, Dhole or coyote" 

    "dhole or coyote..." 

    "to long to explain... but the bad news is still present" 


    "yeah... I don't thin any of our people will be here in a hundred years at this rate, but we have an idea" 

    "oh yeah" 

    "Listen, Susan is coming to you, but I need to know, can this place afford some more folk" 

    "I will ask this elder... get back to you after" 

    George side Nep, Makeda, or Solomon arrive to a brick home; they enter the open portal. 

    "Malcolm! Elder! it is me Nep, I need to see you, I've got the children" 

    "I am in the back": say Malcolm. 

    "come on everyone": say Nep. 

    "keep your eyes higher goodie good" 

    "Susan it's you?" 

    "of course, you think I will let you be the lap dog to that big butt, big titty, amazon woman, who I might add, is naked!, you got another thing comin, remember, I know you" 

    "... I know...Did you see her face though?" 

    "yeah, I miss her alot" 

    "hold on Susan" 

    Malcolm is grabbing various vegetable in his garden; Makeda or Solomon go to help him.

    "Thank you children, you can take a tomato each" 

    Malcolm smile to Nep and look down:"oh... I see... where are you from" 

    George look to Nep and think to Susan:"is Jonas there" 

    "yes George" 

    "tell him to make you guys audible and answer for me okay" 


    "Hello! hello!": say Jonas. 

    "yes, I want to know where are you from Stranger": ask Malcolm. 

    "I am on earth, but I am not the wawitubwa you are looking at" 

    "on earth... wawitubwa"

    "I think they are positioned where they never see the earth, Jonas, I have not seen anything but stars since I was in paw form": interject George. 

    Jonas speak out:"I don't know what happened to lose connection to the moon base or how you survived but I am happy you have" 

    "when I was a boy my elder spoke of a machine that aided us from the tunnel, we never was able to get the tunnel to work but always stood watch" 

    "stood watch... oh my god, Susan, they are... help me stone, turn to stone" 

    "medusa ... no Gargoyles George" 

    "what are you two talking about? what is a gargoyle?": query Jonas. 

    "Make audible my thoughts Jonas... Gargoyles are creatures that turn to stone in the sunlight" 

    Nep is startle: "actually, stranger, we have to go soon, I hope you will be here" 

    "It is alright Nep, nothing to be afraid of" 

    The sun arrive and George suit modulate to him while Nep, Malcolm, Makeda or Solomon each turn into a boulder. 

    "rest easy friends... we will talk soon, Jonas, what's the plan" 


    Over two week later, George side Susan wait in the dome to greet the last moon children who chose to leave Earth, and live on the moon side the sun children.

    "Jonas, can you hear me" 

    "yes George... I want to say thank you, your gamble paid off, Ann has not stopped knitting for her grandchildren" 

    "well, at least people will survive on the moon, maybe the lessons have been learned" 

    "I hope so, but , you still have not answered where you two came from" 

    George side Susan look toward the party at the green: Onaca, Fidel, Nep, Malcolm, Makeda, Butler, various other children of the sun or moon. Susan say:"we come from Earth, but we have to leave you now" 

    No one else see or feel the timeless gateway at the tunnel portal. Nep side Makeda come forward. Susan stand on two leg and hug Nep:"thank you" 

    George rub Makeda:"hey... you have more friends now" 

    Makeda hug him and cry. 

    "look behind me": George put his paw on a box:"I had this made for you" 

    Makeda open the box and take out a doll; she grab the doll in likeness to George in paw form and hold it tight.

    "come my wife" 

    "your wife" 

    "why what else" 

    George side Susan go to the gateway 


    "Hello everyone": say Susan, to a person set: "This is an old Lilitu house, notice the stone work sliding doors, to block out light" 

    "did you know you lived her": ask a person.

    "A lilitu known as ... Tom Wheelbarrow, but he was known as Pokoa... now this is a little ritual mound to signify respect to his forebears, the eternal moon sign" 

    Many people take a photo, and look every where.

    "When did he die" 

    "Sixteen eighty five of old age... now it will take a few minutes, so get ready your cameras, we are about to go to a Lilitu burial ground" 

    ...Susan walk to the driver, in the tourist bus:"what do you plan on doing tonight goodie good" 

    "me... I will walk over to their homes and see what's up" 

    "what's up?" 

    "yeah, I know it seem unimportant, but I am worried about them" 

    "about the lilitu village" 

    "yes, well, you can say that, but even a simple village should be helped , if they need it" 

    "... I know we owe them but I don't know how to truly help them" 

    "here we are... we can talk later" 

    "I am not leaving tonight with you, forget it... ahhh Here! we are people, the Lilitu burial ground, notice the onyx arrangement, each is a head to a pole put in the ground" 

    "why is that?" 

    "they believe the light should be present to the dead as well as the living, thus the poles have quartz in them reflecting the light from the onyx into the earth" 

    "Is Wheelbarrow here" 

    "Excellent question, yes he is, right there, the fourth row, second from the road, notice this area is flat, allowing a sunny day for an even light , no one is better or worse in death, originally this area had rocks all over, but some rocks were moved to make the road" 

    "How many people are buried here" 

    "six thousand four hundred and seventy two... the unique burial style to lilitu, digging in a prior spot and placing the new resident on the old is very uncommon" 

    "Did some people accidentally walk on their burial grounds and pee?" 

    "Please, I ask you to throw or project nothing to the burial ground, and to ... answer your question, Lilitu always know this, are raised to and would never, some incidents from pilgrims here or on the east coast or other places did desecrate lilitu burial grounds, but it was never the lilitu, and that does not happen anymore"

    "Too few of them too" 

    Some people in the tour bus snicker, and Susan continue: "In a few minutes we will be ending the bus ride, I hope all of you enjoyed , and please depart calmly and safely" 


    In the eating area in the Federal Anuemuli Park George sit quietly side Susan; a small child come near them and sit and say:"did I do good?" 

    "of course Ukuwawe, how is your skin feeling in the daylight" 

    "fine miss Susan, the cream you gave me is good" 

    "We have quite a few more runs kid but after, in the evening we will take you home" 

    "I know, everything is ok": and Ukuwawe eat a big dinner. A small bus arrive in the main driveway to the Federal Anuemuli Park; it go from the park to the reservation, or parallel; George, Susan, or Ukuwawe get on the bus; as it drive along, Ukuwawe ask Susan:"tell me another story about that world you went to" 

    "Tonight, tonight, I promise, for now, let me get rest, I need some" 

    "Here kid" 

    "What is this?" 

    "Open and see" 

    "... a star book, astrology" 

    George smile:"astronomy, but it also has planets, nebulas, comets, moons, and other spatial bodies, and... you can derive whatever astrology you want" 

    Ukuwawe look through the book intently. George look to the moon; Susan catch him doing it;


    The bus stop and Ukuwawe , George, or Susan reach the Lilitu village, the welcoming banner say Mahinkanak. Ukuwawe run home carrying his book, he wave to George side Susan; they go to their home on the visitor side in the village. George rest his baggage in their three room home and prepare to leave. 

    "You really are going over to their side for the night" 


    "Well, remember, tomorrow is a long day" 

    "I know" 

    Susan smile and go to the bathroom. 


    George, in the native side to the village, see a small Mahinkanak band perform an owl dance, a puehul; he sit and enjoy.


    George lay down and wonder, why he has a grand attraction to the Lilitu; near half hour later, he feel a body lay next to him, and it say:"if you're going to be out here all night, I might as well warm you up" 

    George smile and grab Susan hand; he speak to the sky:"I don't get it. When we came here, you fell on a rock, hit your head bad, some old Lilitu came, it was so dark I could not tell who and they saved you, doing some ceremony" 

    "you still want to find out who" 

    "yes... I know I spoke to them all and I know none of them said they knew but something happened and someone did it" 

    "Try to rest goodie good, try to rest" 

    George tun and embrace Susan; he kiss her on the nose; she kiss him on the neck; they french kiss while massaging each other chest; and they continue to sleep. The following morning. 


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  2. This is my Q&A to Jessica Amadi , Rivers Angels FC media officer  

    When did you start as the media officer to Rivers Angels F.C. ?
    August 28, 2015 
    Is there any media officer to a sporting team or organization that you admire? 
    That would be the former media officer of defunct Dolphins, China Acheru
    The Nigerian league is the strongest womens league in C.A.F. , what should it emulate from other leagues media-wise to grow? 
    It should get closer to the communities and always respect player’s contracts.
    Many say big clubs around the world in the men’s game have lost their communal feeling, do you have any idea how that can be stopped in the women’s game? 
    Like I said, our female teams should get closer to the communities since women football in the country is not as strong as that of the men. If games will be taken to either the Universities or community fields, trust me, the awareness will be enormous
    What is the best advertisement/commercial/promotional for soccer you know of in each confederation: C.A.F./U.E.F.A./A.F.C./Con.Me.Bol./Co.N.C.A.C.A.F.? 
    I really don’t have any in particular but think I’ll go with the Nike Airport 98’
    What question did I not asked that you wanted me to?
    We have Continental competitions for the male league clubs in Africa…..why isn’t there one for the female clubs? 
    What book are you reading now? If none, what was the last book you finished and when did you finish it?
    Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man
    Say one thing you know that few do? 
    Ah!! Nothing more than gossip….lol
    If you have a chance to speak to one forebear, describe them as you want: who will it be, what will the topic be, and what will be the setting?
    My Grandmum, Topic: Too Soon! You should have waited to teach me more about our culture and those special delicacies of yours.
    When you have a chance to speak to the spirit to all that is or is not, what will you say? 
    Always follow your heart and never give up on your dreams!

    Jessica Amadi online social pages


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    Kayla and Bryan are trying to find a happy medium in their relationship, but the drama continues to unfold. They are planning for the wedding of their dreams, however, both parties have past issues that may cause them to plan for a funeral instead.


    Go to above link to check out Amazon

  3. I heard somewhere one in five people knows a celebrity before they hit it big.  So today, while driving, I got to thinking about what would happen if I actually became a celebrity.  My hands tingled and I filled with a curious kind of joy thinking about certain peoples reaction.  Specifically, my old co-workers who in my humble opinion, were already haters, and my former bitch-ass boss.  My grin was a mile wide as I imagined myself on the previews of primetime television walking out to the talk shows that would be airing later in the week and even better, them in the theater gathering their belongings when my name rolls up in the credits for having written a movie.  #Bowdownbitches      But, I was enjoying this fantasy alone.  As Erykah Badu says, “the studio audience in my head" was not with me on this one.  It was just me, in my car gawking stupidly at a stupid self-made fantasy.  You see, the little voice in my head said, when someone does something to you, as foul as it may be, they do it and MOVE ON.  You, the proposed victim are in fact elevating them to celebrity status when you constantly feed them with your energy.  AIN’T NOBODY WORRIED BOUT YOU!!!  Wasn’t that made clear by their actions?

         Damn it self!  Sigh.  I get it.   Write that movie, that play, that book, that blog, because that’s what you want to do, not for the reaction! Do what you want because you want to, not because of what you think people will do in response.  You were moved so that you could realize your star power, your magic, harness it, perfect it, grow in it, for you.  It takes elbow grease to get something to shine, stop looking to see your reflection in other peoples tables and put that elbow grease to you own.


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    I am an avid reader, writer, poet, looking to share my world with those who share the same passion. God Bless and Much Success to all!!


  4. Based on the actions Darren Wilson said Michael Brown took, Michael Brown committed suicide by cop. If Wilson's story is truthful, why did Michael Brown commit suicide by cop? Was Michael Brown suicidal? Did Michael Brown have a history of mental illness? Was Michael Brown suffering from depression?

    I ask these questions because they would explain Brown's actions on that tragic day. I just can't imagine a young black man attacking a cop, attempting to disarm him, telling the cop that he's too vagina (my word) to shoot him, and then charging toward the cop after already being shot by the cop. These actions are not actions of a sane person. Was Brown insane? These actions sound like the actions of a person who is suicidal. Was Brown suicidal? These actions sound like the actions of a person that just committed a serious crime. What serious crime did Brown commit?

    These actions sound like the actions of a person on hard narcotics. What narcotics did Brown have in his system?

    Brown's actions, according to Wilson, were completely irrational and violent. Some people would like to point to the store robbery as proof that Brown was acting irrationally and violently that day. But when we observe the tape, we see Brown restraining himself from pummeling the clerk: the clerk attempted to stop Brown from leaving the store, on the clerk's second attempt, Brown walked toward the clerk in an intimidating manner and then exited the store. Indeed, Brown was acting irrationally, but clearly he wasn't acting extremely violent. According to WIlson, Brown's actions were contrary to what we see on the store's surveillance tape. According to Wilson, why did Brown's actions go from irrational to completely irrational, violent, and suicidal? Did Brown have a history of violence? These are questions that could have been asked in a trial.

    What are your thoughts?

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    The Master's Legacy. A slave Novel and civil war novel. Are people still interested in reading of the antebellum days in Georgia? How does one educated slaves against Georgian laws? I started the research. I had to ask the following questions as I began. Did the Georgian planters free their slaves? What if one of their sons/kin intermarried into the slave race unknowingly? What if fate or destiny led one to help the slaves despite their social convictions to society? Can you write a slave novel using some realistic characters and facts and then use fictional characters as well? how do you make such a story flow? My first attempt at writing a historical fiction will be a challenge.

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  5. Nubian Writer
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    Peace, what is it? Peace, where is it?

    Found sitting on the corner block of yesterday's memories. Ocean water rapid moves of thoughts that say much of nothing. The sun can only shine when the sky is blue, really? So it goes to say that underneath the stones of faces marked with dispare, marked with the etchings of time lost. Peace, found it in the middle of the rain soaked filters of urban bliss. Inside that passion is the peace twisted with north winds blowing south. Stretching upward, reaching open and as wide as the horizons. There is peace, there is oh yes peace, inside you.

    And So It Goes

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    Professional Writer


    Speculative Fiction, Nonprofit Management and Fundraising, Healthcare Policy advocacy and analysis, Film Studies and Literary Review, English Literature, Particle Physics, Medicine & Psychiatry, Detective Fiction-Hardboiled

    Favorite Music:

    Jazz, Rythm N Blues, Classical

    Favorite TV Shows:

    24, Mad Men, Entourage, Californication, Dr. Who, Saving Grace, Burn Notice, Masterpiece Theatre, Cnn Reliable Sources, 60 Minutes, The Universe, Frontline, Pardon The Interruption, At the Movies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Pov, StarTrek, MASH, Married With Children, The Four Seasons

    Favorite Movies:

    Saving Private Ryan, Dr. Strangelove, Failsafe, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Lawrence Of Arabia, Butterfield 8, Long Hot Summer, Citizen Kane, Double Indemnity, Silence Of The Lambs, Evil Dead, The Exorcist, The Godfather Trilogy, The Quiet Earth, Solaris, Seven, The Last Emperor, Out of Africa, Out of Sight, Chinatown, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clock Work Orange, Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, Blood Simple, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Aliens Trilogy, Starship Troopers, Star Trek, Tales From A Parallell Universe, I Worship His Shadow, Deconstructing Harry, Mighty Aphrodite

    Favorite Books:

    2010 Odyssey Two, 3001, The Stand, The Drawing of the Three, The Gunslinger, Foundation Series Isaac Asimov, The Lensman, Dean Koontz,

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