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Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe Championship 2023 Qualifier and Splatoon™ 3 Championship 2023 Qualifier tournaments

Gather your friends, classmates, and anyone else looking for competitive fun for your opportunity to qualify for two tournaments at Nintendo Live 2023 in Seattle this September! The action kicks off at home with the Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe Championship 2023 Qualifier and the Splatoon™ 3 Championship 2023 Qualifier tournaments, where you or your team can earn an opportunity to travel to Seattle and compete at Nintendo Live 2023. Then, in September, top players will step onto the


richardmurray in tournament

Helping Black Men Should Not Mean Ignoring Black Women

Systemic racism past and present deprives black people of rights, opportunities, and material wellbeing. While this common reality unites black people there are still differences among us. Progress and problems are not the same for all black people. Recognizing the obstacles faced by black men are unique from those of black women is not new. It's a long-standing discussion and debate among black people. From the 1980s onward various black activists, politicians, authors, and thinkers have analyz

Faefarm visions

I can't wait for Fae Farm, I hope it is a similar game like my beloved Fantasy Life, which is finally coming out with its second edition too.  But, Fae Farm asked Here's some pictures I took while exploring Azoria! 📸  I love hanging up photos to make my space look as cozy as can be~  Maybe you can use these pictures in your cozy space as well and show us how you've done it! 🖼️ 💖 https://twitter.com/FaeFarm/status/1634252925022158848   So I made two versions, the fir

whileBlack Chronicles'

A free African American short story “Black & White” is available at  www.whileblackbyalvin.com/welcome     The whileBlack Chronicles’: What would you do when confronted with freedom, broken promises, and segregation?   Drop into a while-black pre-Civil War, Reconstruction, or early Segregation era, and join the journey with the elders.  “The whileBlack Chronicles’, a historical fiction series. “ The whileBlack Chronicles’ follow a family from generation to

whileBlack Chronicles

https://www.whileblackbyalvin.com   African American Historical Fiction. Some wonder what has happened to our country. Those that look back on history understand this is exactly who they are. My books tell a different story.  A summary of the  first chapter from If New Orleans Could Talk:   Betty Jones was a striking middle-aged woman with beautiful brown skin. She was known throughout New Orleans. She always wore colorful dresses and a large hat that matched the color of her

African American Mario the journeys

Yes, I am a creator. Yes, I write or draw. Yes, all the art in this post comes from the dreamup software by deviantart. Yes, if you want to see my work use the following link as I am a multimedia artist.  https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?tab=field_core_pfield_11   The recent Mario Bros Movie is a financial hit, a commercial hit. Whether an artististic or creative hit... I don't know. But I realized a use for the uses of an imitative software, some call AI , and I p

Schomburg Black Comic Book Festival

BLACK GAMES ELITE QUESTIONS 1)What defines a Black comic book to you, no answer is wrong? 2)From your definition of Black Comic book, which will you like to see made into a video game?  I ask the two questions cause the point of Black Games Elite is to create, not to preach or talk.    Website https://www.schomcom.org/ Registration https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-schomburg-center-s-11th-annual-black-comic-book-festival-registration-525127088257

Queen Plush from Mysticskillz

To Order personal message here https://www.deviantart.com/mystic-skillz or place order her https://www.twitch.tv/mysticskillzms   ANimations + games from Mystic SKillz https://aalbc.com/tc/search/?&q=mystic skillz&type=blog_entry&quick=1&nodes=62&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy  

The Copyright Office and Artificial Art

Copyright Registration Guidance: Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence A Rule by the Copyright Office, Library of Congress on 03/16/2023   HTML https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2023/03/16/2023-05321/copyright-registration-guidance-works-containing-material-generated-by-artificial-intelligence PDF https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2023-03-16/pdf/2023-05321.pdf   Printed version: PDF Publication Date: 03/16/2023

Invite to Question the cast of Dungeons and DRagons honor among thieves

Got a question for the cast of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves? They may have answers! Submit your questions here < https://entertainment.tumblr.com/ask  > , and tune in for their Answer Time on March 30th at 11am PT / 2pm ET, before the film opens wide on March 31st. U.R.L. https://entertainment.tumblr.com/post/711937110429532160/got-a-question-for-the-cast-of-dungeons-dragons   In Amendment many black people love video games, love board games, lo
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