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Valued social relationships versus individuality, where deception and truth merge: A Black Perspective.

Research recently published, 2008, suggests that deceptive communication can serve a functional purpose. The study revealed that a person's motivation to deceive is influenced by his or her/his cultural self-identity [and] that one's cultural identity greatly influences whether a message was perceived to be deceptive.    The research points out that:    -- People who strongly valued their own individuality over the social relationships reported having a lower overall motivation to deceive;     -- People who possessed cultural self-identities which emphasize placing group needs over the individual reported having a greater overall motivation to avoid telling the truth;    -- When people were presented with a scenario in which deception would serve to benefit them, those who valued their independence were more willing to use deception than in cases where deception would benefit someone else;    -- People who valued social relationships over individuality, reported a greater willingness to use deception to benefit others rather than for self-serving purposes;    Western cultures have long been noted to cultivate members who value their individuality. Being a moral and ethical person requires avoiding any communication that would jeopardize one's own personal integrity, such as lying.    By comparison, East Asian cultures have been well-known for endorsing more indirect styles of communication to protect the image of the other and promote trouble-free relationships. Deceptive communication has and continues to serve as a useful tool in the maintenance and preservation of significant social relationships.    [Adversely, false identities (about one-self) can throw off and muddle 'well intended' sites. Deceivers of identity are of low moral; impostures, the main form of self-deception involves unreflective acceptance of belief(s) that impartial inspection would readily expose as spurious (ideas, principles, and aims) in the instance of lying to one's self, to deceive others; arises from the failure (or refusal) to analyze appealing ides of others from the perspective of the generalized other which we acquire through participation in the universe of rational discourse. This perspective rejects the two most prevalent explanations of self-deception - namely, Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic interpretation and Jean-Paul Sartre's phenomenological one - I provide a brief sketch of some of Dewey's and Mead's fundamental insights into the inherently social nature of mind.] 

My First Book Release is on the Horizon

Greetings Family     Today I am very proud to announce that I will soon be releasing my first book entitled     “WOKE:  A POETIC JOURNEY”   I will be publishing this book independently, and it will soon be available for sale at various online venues as well as in paperback form upon request. The years that I have spent writing this book has been a labor of love for me and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.    Please stay tuned as more announcements will be coming.

The White Woman Problem - Another Important Task for Black Women

How white women use strategic tears to silence women of colour Ruby Hamad The legitimate grievances of brown and black women are no match for the accusations of a white damsel in distress.    ‘Often, attempts to speak to or confron white womnn about something she'  said or done that has an adverse impact, it is usually met with tearful denials and indignant accusations. Photograph: Caro/Alamy

Conflicts Between the Privileged Often Spills Over, Interfering with Efforts of Blacks Vying for Power, Until it's Inconvenient.

FOR EXAMPLE: When Hurricane Katrinia struck New Orleans, leaving the dead floating in the street and the living stranded on highways and rooftops, a huge crowd of mostly black and poor people descended on the city’s convention centre, where the cameras, but little else, were waiting. When asked why relief organisations had been caught off guard, the hapless director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Michael Brown, responded: “We’re seeing people that we didn’t know exist.” Since the population of New Orleans was well known, a more accurate assessment would have been: “We’re seeing people that we didn’t realise we were supposed to care about.”     

Tactical and strategic dimensions of Trump's Iran decision is playing out here in the middle east.

The Israeli military said 20 rockets were fired at its positions in the occupied Golan Heights overnight.    It responded by launching what a spokesman called "one of the broadest aerial operations in recent years".    There was no immediate comment from Iran, whose deployment of troops to Syria to back the government in the country's civil war has alarmed Israel.    Iran has repeatedly called for an end to the existence of the Jewish state.    Israel's military had been anticipating an attack by Iranian forces after reportedly carrying out a number of strikes on their facilities in Syria in recent months. They included one on an airbase in April that killed seven Iranian troops. 

The Barbershop: Social Network|Topic: Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin

As long as black women need to get their hair "did", and black men need to get lined up, we will always come together in the "Shop" or around kitchen tables to share the latest news.  No matter how many social networks like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter spring up they will never replace Low tech media such as The Barbershop,The Beauty Salon & Kitchentalk.      On this video, Software and Mobile App developer Anari Sengbe, illustrates this point when after his days of disrupting Silicon Valley, he returns to the village to talk about cryptocurrency. I've been following this tech guru since he came up with the GoVote app that would allow volunteers to wait in line for others who couldn’t afford the long wait time to vote I was updating ads on my blog and I came across a story I "pressed" on him last year.    As you can tell, from the name of this blog, I look for interesting  "characters" and so I followed up with him on LinkedIn to find out the latest. 

Earlier this year, Anari Sengbe launched OWO (Yoruba-English translation: Money).  OWO.world is a digital platform that has a suite of applications from social to gaming with a twist that allows users and developers to earn/exchange cryptocurrency.   

I'm working my way up the learning curve to understand this digital currency, but I like the questions these brothers ask because when you teach you learn.  And Sengbe is able to answer these bitcoin questions in a way that s easy to understand.   

By the way, Gaming is included in the Trillion-dollar Media & Entertainment industry but I don't think the government did an assessment that includes bitcoin mining.   
My head is spinning trying to make sense of all this  but you only get old when you stop learning. 


FREE YOUR MIND FROM TOXIC ENERGY     http://kweenyakini.blogspot.com/2018/04/free-your-mind-from-toxic-energy.html     We must begin to let go of anyone and anything that does not serve our purpose if we want to achieve elevation.  This was one of the most important lessons that I had to learn through my journey.  Because I discovered that when I was holding on what I thought I needed, it was preventing me from finding what I truly needed.  I also found that our growth is born from our pain and that we have to morn our losses and then move on to our next level.  Because negative energy can not co-exist with positive energy therefore one must replace the other.  This means letting go of any toxic relationships personal or business in order to cleanse your environment.  This process will hurt, but it will also release you and allow your mind and spirit to rise.  Then you will begin to focus on the things that are meant for you and this is when you will find peace and true happiness.  There is an old proverb that says: “When one door closes another door will open”.  Ase’

Kween Yakini

Kween Yakini


How to Profit from the Underclass

The Black community who have nearly zero wealth but $1.5 trillion buying power keeps the U.S. economy afloat.    
Some have the belief,
Absolutely some of those tactical and strategical solutions require mental reprogramming and behavior modification.   The Black community didn’t create fiat money or its banking system.  Therefore, we're clueless when dealing with it.  The system terrorizes and traumatizes others, crushing them under the weight of insurmountable financial problems.   The former can be solved by education, while the latter would require reprogramming to alleviate ourselves of its pressures.   For example, many believe we derive our worth from our financial portfolio, our parents or where we were born.     Society programs us to believe what we own, who we can influence even our zip code determines our value.  Once we’re indoctrinated into that belief system; once we begin to equate our intrinsic value to tangibles such as assets, physical appearance, influence or anything outside of our control; we quickly travel downhill on a slippery slope.       For many of us, this is a way of life.  It is as natural as breathing.    We’ve been taught to seek outside acceptance, or even popularity, i.e., create an artificial demand for ourselves.  We will do anything to achieve it.  We'll pay for things we can’t afford to get the attention of people we don’t know, have a relationship with, or even like.   When we follow this path, we create demand for human-made products giving it value and thereby enriching its producer. Ironically, the value comes from the demand. Without demand, there would be no value.  Humans, however, are valuable whether or not there's a demand.      Looking for outside validation, or even valuation wouldn't be necessary if we recognize that we're invaluable from birth.   More on that later when we discuss remedies for financial pathology.   Some attention-seekers don't understand how attention derives its value or its purpose. So, they exchange it for money.  Others attempt to convert it into status. Once in demand, the goal for many is to gain an illusory higher ‘position’ in society.     Hollywood even has a rating system for a celebrity’s popularity and will pay according to the rating.      And as a society, we’ve agreed to this rating system as if it’s nature’s design.  Instead of what it is, an artificially created social stratification system.  In nature, there’s no such hierarchy only symbiosis and mutualism.   Every species has a role and carries out for the continued evolution of this planet.  
Our belief system should reflect what exists in nature.     Our innate abilities, talents, and Love at its apex are for this planet's growth, not its destruction.   It's inherent within the Black community or any indigenous people to know their role in nature.    We're here as sustainable support for nature and all that exists within.    Still, that knowledge conflicts with the members' need for acceptance.      Further, the natural system wouldn't benefit parasites who have learned how to thrive off the artificial system of selling attention-getting products.  Unfortunately, they have convinced us to bury our talents and abilities and instead trade our time for a pittance so we can pay twice the amount of our earnings for trinkets.     The price of human ingenuity is incalculable.     Meanwhile, the black community is financially-strapped because they work to get attention. Some will convert the attention into money to buy things they don’t need, tire of it and unfulfilled will self-destruct.     Others will use the attention currency, convert it to power then into money to maintain the social stratification system.     Of them, in whispers, we'll say, "so-and-so sold their soul."     For the rest, the tactical solution is to remember individual intrinsic value. Then we'll realize humans belong at a roundtable not in a pecking order.      But I digress.     There's a difference between how things are and how they should be. There's a difference between reality and belief.     Maybe our psychological challenges stem from overthinking this lopsided mixed economic system.    Therefore, a strategic solution is to understand that in democratic capitalism, money is a medium used in an exchange of goods and services.   The key is knowing the difference between price and cost.

Mel Hopkins

Mel Hopkins


Character Building

It all begins with the character.  The story has its genesis in the character. Without the character - there is no story.   

Whenever I'm having a problem writing fiction, ( or even in my own life)  I know I have to return to the protagonist. 

If she's fully developed then I have to concede that maybe she's in the wrong story.   

-Originally Posted in The Thriving Writer 

Mel Hopkins

Mel Hopkins


Creative Minds Have the Power to Heal

https://kweenyakini.blogspot.com/   Creative Minds Have the Power to Heal   By:  Kween Yakini    Creative minds were born to be different For our purpose is to touch others with our light  And creative thinkers will continuously evolve Because we are the ones who make the others think And we usually have awareness of many things Because we always take notice of our surroundings So, our perspectives are constantly expanding We are inspired by things like moon lit nights And the beauty of the sun Creative minds are the music writers Because there is music in our souls And Art is the fuel that drives us Performing feels like church to us So, we give each other praise And we will face our fears  So that we can bare our souls  Even if it feels like our heart is about to bust out of our chest Because that is what we were meant to do Creative thinkers interpret their feelings  And recite their thoughts We are magnetic to other souls They feed off our energy Because there is force inside us Creative minds are unique spirits And we were made to heal souls      

Black Bodies (c) 2018

Black Bodies © 2018 Kween Yakini   Black bodies Black bodies We use to chill with the hotties Now the police got us screaming It’s Murder like Irv Gotti   Black bodies Black bodies They must think killing black folks is a hobby Send a rescue squad ASAP We are under attack like Benghazi   Black bodies Black bodies The police look like They wanna kill somebody We felt sick When the bullets hit Couldn’t believe the MF emptied the whole clip   Black bodies Black bodies We use to like to party We didn’t cause trouble We didn’t bother nobody We use to cruse in cars We use to be here on earth But I guess now we flying high With the stars


GOING BACK TO WHERE IT ALL BEGAN   When I was a child I loved writing short stories because it felt like I was transporting my mind to another world.  And when I was a teenager I got involved in the Hip Hop Scene and I began writing verses and rhymes just for fun.  Then I stopped writing, and I tried doing all the things that I thought would bring me happiness like work, family, and so on.  But my creative energy always kept rising up inside me.  So, I tried doing Arts and craft, and small projects to keep my mind busy.  But I it didn’t have a true passion for any of those things.  Later in 2013 I got divorced, and eventually I started dating which is a whole other story, but let’s just say I learned a lot.   By 2015 I quit my job which I absolutely hated and I began feeling lost and unsure.  Until one day I started to write again as I did many years ago.   And I began to write every day.  I started out writing simple short poems and then they grew in length and then I began to write about my perception of life.  So, I decided to start a page on Facebook, and my page grew to over 11,000 likes.  I could not believe that this was because of me and my words.  But I continued writing until one day I decided to perform Spoken Word, which turned out to be one of the most profound experiences of my life. Now I have several platforms on social media and a Youtube Channel.  And today I am ready to speak about my journey and write about it because I am ready to manifest my dreams.  So, today I’m telling my story to whoever reads this because I feel like if I write it, then it becomes an affirmation.  And like the Beloved Luther Vandross used to sang it “A chair is still a chair even if no one’s sitting there”.  So, I may just be a chair but here I am.  Thanks for reading😊 Facebook                                                                    https://www.facebook.com/kweenyakinipoetry/                                                  https://www.facebook.com/kweenyakinisharran/?view_public_for=1576328289347392   Youtube Channel                  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCDoduDLKNn3vrpsXD0mc1g?view_as=public     Instagram                             https://www.instagram.com/kween_yakini/?hl=en  

Kween Yakini

Kween Yakini


SanaTambo is here!

Good day all,  I wanted to accomplish a few things early two thousand and eighteen: make a video game utilizing some sort of Black cultural reference, sell it on a platform; I achieved it. SanaTambo which mean art puzzle is here; it is a rendition to nonograms, more commonly known in the usa as picross; the images one can create are versions to Adinkra from Ghana. To access it, you must use the Kobo App. If you want to test out whether you can utilize it, you can use the first entry in the SanaTambo series, which is free.  https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra    The process itself was very interesting. I will share that in my emailing list. If you want to join my email list, you can comment on here as a member or guest and we will connect.   SanaTambo Versions   English   https://www.kobo.com/pt/pt/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-1 Français https://www.kobo.com/fr/fr/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-3 Português https://www.kobo.com/pt/pt/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-1 日本語 https://www.kobo.com/ja/ja/ebook/NNxdRbPVXT-g8GicV2IVSw  中文  https://www.kobo.com/zh/zh/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra-2      SanaTambo Example    I have created a system that allow me to make puzzles in the style to picross/nonogram/SanaTambo . But I need to check how the system will operate in varying scenarios. I made an example epub to see. In my emailing list I asked folk to check it out but I ask as much in the AALBC community as well. Whatever your experience please share it publicly in comment, guest comments are allowed, or in private, or ,<if you are in my emailing list> an email. If you want to join my emailing list, please ask me and I will add you after a short correspondence.   The Example is linked below , it is a free ebook  https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sanatambo-example

Being a Black Girl

BEING A BLACK GIRL By:  Kween Yakini   Please don’t tell her that she’s too pretty to be a Black Girl
Don’t let her think that life would be better 
     if she wasn’t so Black
Now I even hear some Africans bleach their skin
     because they think Dark skin is wack
Can you imagine that?
I just don’t understand why some Black Girls 
     don’t love being Black 
And why some would rather lighten their complexion
     cause they want to be anything other than dark black
It’s sad that they should ever learn to think like that
     and sometimes I just want to give them a little smack
How did so many of us get so off track? 
I think most of you know the answer to that
But now it’s time for us to praise our young girls 
Time to help them get their confidence back
Cause all Black Girls are Lit and that is a #Fact!

Kween Yakini

Kween Yakini


How Much Do I Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways

HOW MUCH DO I LOVE ME? JUST LET ME COUNT THE WAYS Written By:   Kween Yakini  3/18/18     I like sipping on ginger honey tea I like meditating to center my chi No, I don’t like soda or colas I prefer a Salted Carmel Mocha Frappuccino Because I imagine that’s what I taste like Yeah you heard me right And my favorite colors are Red, Black & Green Summa Yawl know what I mean I like writing my name on a black board with Chalk I like summertime strolls along the boardwalk I like midnight moon gazing And my favorite ice cream is Rum and Raisin Some think that I’m spoiled Cause I like to rub down my skin with Shea Butter and Coconut oil I like playing in Video Arcades I like playing Checkers, Dominos and Spades Because I’m a jack of all trades And if you on my team then you’ve got it made I like fruits and veggies I like Manicures and Pedi’s And oh yeah, I like garlic bread and spaghetti But I make a homemade sauce Cause I cook like a Boss I don’t like Guns but I do love roses I like music slow I like music fast I like music that make me wanna back that Azz I low key like getting glammed I like the adrenaline I get after a Poetry Slam Yeah, I did that Because I know I can And two of my favorite foods Are Cornbread and Yams I love strolls through in the park And watching Old School Martial Arts Yeah and, I do my best thinking after dark So if you ask me again I’ll just have to say   How much do I love me? Well just let me count the ways!    

Kween Yakini

Kween Yakini


My Quote of the Night: Wind

Love is truly like the wind. You can't see it, yet you feel it against your skin as though you are constantly walking with a gentle breeze across your face. When a woman is in love... that's when stuff becomes completely amazing. She is never so fascinating. She gleams kaleidoscopic like diamonds under sunlight. Her smile, so childlike as though keeping a secret, could stop your heart. I saw a woman in love once and the only thing I could think of is how could any man wanna take that away from her. How could the man she loves ever risk losing sight of that.    

D.E. Eliot

D.E. Eliot


My Morning Dose (Hot For Teacher)

Yesterday I started a list of the things you wouldn't find on a school curriculum. They don't teach you how to love a woman, how to make her smile, how to keep her laughing even when she doesn't find you funny. They don't teach you how to scale back when you and that same woman just don't see eye to eye on a peaceful resolution. They don't teach you how to practice patience. They don't teach you how to walk away nor do they teach you that it isn't necessarily important to win every fight. They don't teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind. They don't teach you what to say to someone who's heart you broken. They don't have a book that explains how holding her hand can be immensely powerful. Nope, there isn't a study guide that gives you, in great detail, instructions on how to kiss her lips as though the world was ending. You see, I began to love you simply, desperately, without actually knowing how, despite proper training. And the more I loved you the more I began to understand that you, from day one, have taught me all I needed to know. I have become a straight A student, honor roll, on the dean's list, for you have taught me everything about love. You have been my greatest teacher. And for that... I am extremely thankful. XOXO  

D.E. Eliot

D.E. Eliot


My Quote of the Night

(These Things) to feel, to give, to take, to laugh crazily, to get lost absentmindedly, to be found, or to dance, to crave and to lust, to cry out profoundly, to kiss ever so softly is to be very unapologetically human. I'm hoping to change your perception, hoping to dissuade you of this constant delusion that you are not worthy of love. You do not have to change what you want or accept less from anyone anymore. Let those people who refuse to maintain love, envy you for finding and accepting someone that takes you exactly the way you are. Get swept off your feet on purpose.    

D.E. Eliot

D.E. Eliot


Chivalry Sun

Some acts are so innocently intimate that you can't help but to perform them with pride. For example... I relish the feeling of removing her coat and placing it across my arm. It feels as though I just unwrapped my greatest gift in front of the entire world. She shines brighter than the sun at that moment, her smile is indescribably priceless at that moment. And at the end of the date, when I go to place her coat back on, I sneak a forehead kiss to make this simple, effortless, painless act, a moment she will not easily forget. This is what makes chivalry fun. This is what makes love so important.     

D.E. Eliot

D.E. Eliot