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Where games made in the group, if possible, can be played.

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SpinBowlers second prototype

Spinbowlers is a concept I derived out of a deviantart invitational called Three EMoji challenge The characters are in the gallery immediately linked below. The prototype game is afterward, tell me what you think  Three EMoji Invitational Gallery   HEre are the rules Seven cards are shuffled out, negative six to positive six with two zeros, two RO cards, meaning roll out and one GG card meaning GalaGyro every time you shuffle the shift value goes to zero and fi

Spin Bowlers Prototype

Spin Bowlers was thought up as a concept after a deviantart three emoji contest- links are below For the prototype I thought of bowling with spinning objects on an axis only. I didn't embed it like the others in the arcade cause it is a prototype, not a version. This is meant for users to play with it and tell me what you think, what values you used. ANy issues, whatsoever. Well have fun!:)   THE PROTOTYPE http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/SpinBowlers/i

MoyoSaa of the MSinChe series - the heartbeats game

Click Anza to start the game, Maliza to end it. Listen to the music of Scott Joplin, the Ragtime dance, while you wait for the beats. A Red beat is a date so great it is valued twice. A green is a date that went well. A pink is a date that is going poorly. Click the red or green, don't click the pink, if you click anywhere inside the heart or outside the heart the game is over. Do you have the patience to wait for love? Is love always at the end of the journey?


richardmurray in BGEarcade

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