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SpinBowlers second prototype



Spinbowlers is a concept I derived out of a deviantart invitational called Three EMoji challenge

The characters are in the gallery immediately linked below. The prototype game is afterward, tell me what you think 

Three EMoji Invitational Gallery


HEre are the rules

  • Seven cards are shuffled out, negative six to positive six with two zeros, two RO cards, meaning roll out and one GG card meaning GalaGyro
  • every time you shuffle the shift value goes to zero and five multiple the times you shuffle is taken from the final score
  • every time you shift, the shift value increments and the sum of shifts is taken from your final score
  • shifting changes the position of cards in ashuffle which can be advantageous
  • The bowling starting point influences the final value as the starting point is given a value of seven points if not RO , all positions from the starting position are given nan incremental less value
  • The spinbowl is seven values emitting numbers zero to six. 
  • The game is a match game. Seven spinbowl cards matching seven shuffled cards. if a shuffled card is an RO it is an automatic zero points for that space. If a shuffled card is a GG. Fourteen points if the value spinbowled equals the position of the spinbowled card. Seven points otherwise. If a spinbowl card is [0 to 6] and a shuffled card is [-6 to +6] the sum of the cards is taken. if the sum is between or equaling [0 to 6] the value is the sum, else the value is zero. 
  • Bowl positions 2|3|4 
  • USe the status line to see what is going on



First prototype arcade entry



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