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BlackGamesElite has two main goals, no matter the project: have fun, or get black people into developing games. This public locale is an meetup place for members and anyone else interested, where they can learn about various projects or partake in developments. Remember to join the newsletter.
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  2. Impractical but beautiful custom gaming system https://makezine.com/article/maker-news/this-impractical-yet-beautiful-gaming-system-has-a-walnut-case-and-two-displays/ San diego comic con cosplay pictures https://makezine.com/article/craft/makeup-costumes/a-taste-of-san-diego-comic-con-cosplay/
  3. Name Donovan Ewing Where are you located? Broken Arrow, OK What is your day job? YouTuber/Video Editor, Content producer for Sketchup Do you attend a makerspace/fablab/hackerspace? Yes How did you get started making stuff? I am an artist and I’ve always wanted to make things with and for my kids. I used to have a blog where I documented projects I made for my kids, such as sewing superhero capes or redesigning a toy chest to look like it’s from the movie Frozen. In 2017 I decided to combine my love of making things for my kids with storytelling, filmmaking, video games, movies, and all things geeky, and start a YouTube channel. What is something that you’ve made that you’re really proud of? The projects I end up being most proud of are the ones that get used far past their time in the videos we make Link’s Playhouse, the Mjolnir mallet, the treasure chest for lost teeth, the Spiderman headphone stand, the Legend of Zelda shop aprons, have all been used almost daily. I love it when projects get used, and not just sitting on a shelf looking good. READ MORE IN THE ARTICLE LINKED BELOW Building the ULTIMATE Zelda Breath of the Wild Playhouse, enjoy Maker Spotlight: Donovan Ewing of Once Upon A Workbench By Caleb Kraft August 17th, 2022 ARticle https://makezine.com/article/maker-news/maker-spotlight-donovan-ewing-of-once-upon-a-workbench/ IN AMENDMENT How To Build Dream’s Helmet From Sandman For Cosplay Video Article https://makezine.com/article/maker-news/how-to-buld-dreams-helmet-from-sandman-for-cosplay/
  4. league of legends art https://www.deviantart.com/ccayco/status-update/We-continue-to-clean-up-929375777
  5. THE BIG BUDGET GAMES Fire Emblem Engage If you are a fan of the fire emblem series, this is a buy. It will be out 1-20-2023 A divine edition with collectible items will be with it. Fire Emblem is a franchise game so what that means is, fans will be favored and non fans for whatever reason, take it or leave it. It Takes Two - electronic arts usa, 2 players required Help two parents return to normal, can be played in handheld mode exclusively, I think. They say you can play it in the complete switch. November 4th Interesting game, a natural two player. I am interested. Can pre-order if you are seeing this post. Fatal Frame: Mask of the lunar eclipse - Koei Tecmo games Creepy game, scary game, for you frighteners:) Seem to be a maid outfit:) she mysteriously vanished as a child and is now in an abandoned hospital , a camera is used to recover memories. This game never came out in the USA but those in japan know it. Nintendo does a number of these sorts of games, new to the world outside japan. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 second wave look like mechas. Ino is a new hero made for this advance in character or item content or quality for xenoblade 3. She will allow new strategies and types, after you complete her quest. A third wave is coming October 13th Indie or smaller budget games- my preferred zone Spongebob squarepants: the cosmic shake by THQ Nordic I am not a fan of the cartoon so... 3-d platformer. Looks fun though if you are into the series. Voiced by the original actors from the show launching next year, no exact time given Fitness boxing fist of the north star from Imagineer Wow! the original screenshot I was thinking. Oh wow! first of the north star, but this is a fitness game:) I remember a relative had the first fist of the north star video game on his nintendo. It was interesting. You can take on bosses, they look like the characters from the anime. But it is for fitness, you need to move and work out as you play. March 2023 Oddballers from UBisoft Many minigames, six players can play simultaneously, can specify your playing character. Meant to be fun. These games are best if you have a bunch of people you know play the switch, can get online with it, and then you can organize play times. Launches Early next year Tunic by Finji A puzzle adventure game. A fox washed up on a shore, needs to complete a manual and to do that you have to go through the island. Looks pretty. September 27th preorders are available now Front Mission 1: Remake + Front Mission 2: remake both by Forever entertainment Front mission is a strategy game, turn base, you ride a mecha, they call wanzers, that you can advance. Front Mission 2 was not released outside japan. I love strategy games so I may get this. IT all depends on how busy I am. Front mission 1 in November 2022 Front Mission 2 in 2023 Front Mission 3 is coming after Front Mission 2 Story of Seasons: a wonderful life from Xseed games Originally it came out 20 years ago. This is a daily life routine game. Care for animals, raise up a farm, like Stardew Valley, but better colorizations or scope. You can have a child and raise it and characters will grow old. Summer 2023 Splatoon Injection First post launch splatfest for splatoon 3. 09/23 friday 5pm Pacific time to 09/25 sun 5pm Pacific time Theme: what would you bring to a deserted island? Gear Grub Fun Splatoon was injected here. This is a larger project that the smaller games, but Splatoon was started as an experimental. Like PRofessor Layton, it was contingent on success so it was an inhouse indie project so to speak. Enjoy splatters:) They end with more updates for splatoon 3 Medium budget game Octopath Traveler 2 from Square enix This adds 8 new travelers. Hikari the warrior Agnea the dancer- I am a dancer and a singer, for those who remember coming 2 america Partitio the merchant- who sounds like he doesn't know whether he wants to be from the midwest or the deep south and sports a cowboy hat of course:) while his name is:) partitio Osvald the scholar Throne the thief Temenos the cleric Ochette the hunter Castti the apothecary Players path differs between day and night. This is a game meant to give users truly different stories to be a part of, like a choose your path but meets super nes graphics Launches 2 24 2023 Fae Farm from Phoenix Labs A lifestyle game. Farm simulator. Magical spells to grow crops. Face off against mischievous foes. Can play up to 4 players online or local player. Can customize home. Seasons change that will be important. Spring 2023 Theatrhythm Final bar line from Square Enix For the 35th anniversary. I have the original. For fans of the series, this is for you 385 songs in total, can play each stage, music divided by game. Two players can compete locally, 4 players online multibattle February 16th 2023- can preorder now after games launch downloaded able content songs from various series in the square enix library Mario + Rabbids sparks of hope from Ubisoft I never got into this. but you can freely roam into worlds. Find coins, unlock paths. help locals with task. A gold edition can be ordered that gives you the game with weapons skins and a season pass October 20th 2022 Rune factory 3 Special from XSeed games You can now fish, farm, relax in the town in and around doing quest. Can transform into a "Monster" Locales will change how they react to you based on your look and they have improved the features to be with your game spouse:)... I play a game that has that and I can't bring myself to go down that tunnel Out in 2023 A new rune factory series will launch in the future. This is a series though which has many fans who have every game so for newbies like me, you can get in now if you want. Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo online Pilotwings 64 MArioparty Marioparty 2 MArioparty 3 Pokemon Stadium Pokemon stadium 2 1080 snowboarding excitebike 64 Goldeneye - i played that game:) when it was new Games out now or near out and medium to small budget to Indie Various Daylife from Square Enix An RPG. More common visual structure. Out the day of this post, so you can get it if you see this Factorio from WUbe Software ltd Management simulation game. This kind of game is what I mean by a game's scale is very tiny. It looks interesting, but your character is really small. At least by the images given. I love the concept though. More original than the usual. Crashed ship, you have to reconstruct it on an alien world. Like Pikmin meets Astroneer. Love the look of the construction lines. You have enemies you will need to construct. OCtober 28th 2022 Ib from playism A young girl named Ib in an art gallery gets sucked into a scary surreal world through a painting, you have to get her back. A puzzle horror game with nice visual graphics so you can actually have puzzles. Puzzles can't be difficult to see, that is why horror games that try to look like a movie with puzzles can be too difficult. Like the concept. spring 2023 Big budget games Mario Strikers battle league from Nintendo Pauline , Diddy Kong joins in More gear and a new stadium 2nd free update launches in september 2022 Atelier Ryza 3 alchemist of the end and the secret key from Koei Tecmo games I don't know this series. I love how it is subtitled into english. One of the come here from japan games. Ryza is a female lead. An RPG, very graphic. If you are in the series you are in. February 24th 2023 Mario kart 8 deluxe booster course pass Wave 3 A sneak peak of the courses. Mario Kart fans rejoice. This holiday 2022 launches. If you have nintendo switch online + you don't need to pay Nintendo switch sport Golf will be added from Wii sports, 22 golf courses Free update this holiday 2022 The guy in mr iwata's position asked for fans to wait a little longer Shigeru Miyamoto- if you don't know who that is , shame on you Super Mario Bros animated movie will be out next Spring with illumination Suepr Nintendo world, will open in hollywood california Pikmin! over 20 years for the first game. I love pikmin. I wrote this as I listened so if you read my words you know how I feel. Pikmin Bloom - Take it with you . Send out pikmin , on your phone, a phone game.You can keep a record of where you have been with pikmin. PIKMIN!!! Pikmin 4!!! YES!!! 2023 I can wait I can wait You can play from the pikmin perspective from the ground. Switch will make it more interesting. Dandori- strategically deploying commanding the pikmin!! I can't play Pikmin on the phone but I am very happy. As an engineer I think Pikmin is one of the finest games ever made. Non engineers don't comprehend the challenge of pikmin. I have enjoyed Pikmin , Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, Hey Pikmin, and will enjoy pikmin bloom if I can. Pikmin 4 is a keeper! Big Budget games Just dance 2023 edition from Ubisoft Karaoke games. Great for partying. for gatherings. Not really a game you buy for yourself, you buy that for the house. Medium Budget Games Harvestella from square enix Life simulator RPG. very glitzy, pretty. Not for me, the combat is too glamoury. Demo will be later the day of this post. November 4th 2022 Bayonetta 3 Bayonetta recovered memories, confronted demons to save friend, now saves humanity from the humonguli Any one who wants to play a bad ass woman, who looks like a purposefully cosplayable character, enjoy October 28, can preoder now- a new trailer will launch on youtube.IT wasn't on nintendo's Master Detective archives Rimcode from Spike Chunsoft Yuma an amnesiac detective, and a spirit haunting him have to solve cases. This is like Yokai watch had a baby with Ace Attorney. Spring 2023 REsident Evil Village Cloud from Capcom OCtober 28th 2022- can try a demo if you see this. Winters expansion available December 2nd for third person character. Resident evil 2 and 3 will be available as cloud versions Sifu from Sloclap Brawler game, thrusting, tripping, parrying. Break opponent's stance and gain the upper hand. SIFU!! Fall in combat and you get older and weaker. Get revenge before your time is up. This reminds me of Sakurai samurai designed by the late Mr Iwata, a game I absolutely love, where you wield a sword but you have to do it wisely November 8th , can preoder today Crisis core final fantasy Vii reunion from square enix The events leading up to Final Fantasy 7 Final fantasy fans rejoice, separath and cloud are with him. December 13th 2022 Radiant Silvergun from live wire inc A space shooter game. September 13 2022, today . For space shooter collectors this looks nice, nothing new mechanically, but looks pretty Endless Dungeon from Sega Gauntlet but in space junkyards , procedurally generated levels. unlock weapons heroes. 2023 Tales of Symphonia remastered from bandai namco entertainment america inc Remastered. I am not a fan but for fans, rejoice early 2023 Quick news Life is strange arcadia bay collection from square enix september 27th 2022 Romancing saga minstrel song remastered from square enix december 1st 2022 , pre order now Lego Bricktales from Thunderful Was a few short video clips but looks fun Fall 2022 Disney Speedstorm from Gameloft SE 2022 Fall guys season 2 from epic games september 15th 2022 LATe Big news Kirby's return to dreamland deluxe Mr Iwata's baby, Kirby fans rejoice for 30th anniversary of Kirby February 24th 2023 can preorder King LINK!!! One man alone. When will they do a link between worlds 2 The Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom 5-12-2023 CONCLUSION Saw a lot of Square enix and in house Nintendo. Though I did enjoy some of the smaller development firms projects Of the games I saw , the following interest me in a sale. Tunic- looks beautiful FaeFarm- this is the first game in a long time that looks like it mirrors for me one of the most fun games ever, and that is fantasy life. When I look at this game, it makes me think of fantasy life had a baby with animal crossing and stardew valley. The time changing and scope is very stardew valley-ish. The visualization, which is important in these games, is like animal crossing. You can see everything. some times in these games, its too tiny or too large. Or the scale is not right. But, you can actually battle in here and that is Fantasy life. I think fantasy life was underrated for how people could come in and play and help another person playing the game. Factorio- this is an individual game, I wish it was a multiplayer, I swear this concept with a multiplayer facet could be huge. But I like it. It's not for everyone, it is niche. But I like astroneeer, I like pikmin so if you like those then you will like this, and I haven't even played it. PIKMIN 4 Mandatory Sifu- the mechanics I like. I am tired of immortal fighter games. I want fighter games where the mechanics are more honest, not unfun, not real, but honests. Why can't I get older if I lose. I like the concept. Endless Dungeon- like gauntlet ,a loose maybe Lego Bricktales- looks fun, I love my build a world games The following games I want to say why not. Oddballer- if i can get members of black games elite to do this game, I will be in, cause it looks fun:) and we can go as a team on others teams. but it is contingent on the group Front Missions- I love strategy but I will not deny, there is a particular strategy game that I like a lot and until that next edition is available on switch while I like certain strategy games a lot, I will pause. Story of Season- look at faefarm above The main video:)
  6. Developing with Dualmask Playing with Afroitcus , if the video doesn't work try the following https://www.twitch.tv/afroitcus
  7. Street Artist: Jim Vision Location: Shoreditch Photographer: Duncan C
  8. yesterday was the 1992 rematch between fischer side spassky, Fischer–Spassky (1992 match) - Wikipedia
  9. Metal Gear Art Gallery: Metal Gear Art Feature by Ry-Spirit on DeviantArt Title: I am like you I have no name Artist: marcwashere URL: I am like you. I have no name. by MarcWasHere on DeviantArt
  10. Pokemon twitch PokemonTCG - Twitch 2022 North American International Championships - TCG Day 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1565326400 Pokemon world championship website 2022 Pokémon World Championships - How to Watch (pokemon.com)
  11. HAPPY 35th street fighter fanartfriday https://www.deviantart.com/team/status-update/This-FanArtFriday-let-s-celebrate-StreetFighter-925725887 quarter-up gallery of ggmattb https://www.deviantart.com/ggmattb/favourites/80281300/quarter-up Banner Art or Art below is entitled CHun-Li creared by EyYoJimbo
  12. Use Characuter to make sprites for video games CharaCuter by Tenacittea (itch.io) 
  13. I remember when American Telephone and Telegraph sold Warner Bros media to Discovery channel. To me the big points were what? AT&T was able to offload hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, from Warner Bros, off themselves to Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel was able to buy a horde of media properties on the cheap. The head of Discovery channel, who became the head of the merged firm between discovery channel side warner media, said on DAY ONE, day one! The days of high expenditures are over, and downscaling was going to occur. I recall this very well. Which is why the responses in the tweet stream below, show the ignorance of USA based e-citizens. All this was inevitable. What people have to comprehend about Movies/Music/Video games/ any entertainment zone is high cost production is always very expensive or very unwise. Frank L Baum went bankrupt wtith various investments including making his own Oz movies. Nintendo didn't try to mirror Sony or Microsoft cause over time who has money for high end systems. Beinsports stayed a free service with commercials cause you can only make money with paid subscription streaming by adding users, which assumes potential users will grow. Beyonce this year has presented her latest album in the common way, not in her more eccentric methods in recent years. What do all of these actions have in common? Making high production cost media is not financially wise, long term. Those who try it, trip up or go bankrupt. AT&T essentially sold a bakrupt media firm to a smaller media firm willing to take the bankrupt media firms debt. Yes, the entire banking system in the USA went bankrupt and they were saved. But the parameters for that is unique. The banks have knowledge of various activities, have anchored various financial interchanges with their survival. It doesn't mean they are too big to fail, they were not and are not. But, letting them fail will cause huge financial storms which will take time to settle. MEdia firms are not the same. AT&T was tired of spending hundreds of millions and didn't want billions of debt to be attached to them, as they are making huge profits in other sectors. AT&T is big enough to have a huge line of credit, but AT&T realized this is folly. Discovery channel had to cancel all these projects. We all know why? PAramount already did similar. Disney is very fortunate. They own the best set of properties and have presented them well enough in a timely fashion to afford heavy expenditures. But, most media firms have to scale down high production cost ventures. The question is: will fans online , most humans are not online, be able to accept lower production cost content? The media reply seems to suggest they will not, as I expected as well. In the video game world, the quantity of video game players who talk about the visuals over gameplay is beyond count. Even though most video game players can only afford lower budget. TWEET https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WarnerBrosDiscovery&src=trend_click&vertical=trends The title of this post is a question How will Warner Bros media video games survive? The answer is simple, Discovery is downsizing. They are cutting down high production cost activity. I think Discovery will be best if they do like MArvel and sell rights of DC products to be used in various media. Discovery has hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. If I was the CEO of Discovery and I accepted the AT&T deal. I would had killed all the projects in Warner Bros immediately, and put bids out for the huge quantity of media properties , forcing their presentations to be on discovery channel media properties. It is like I say with many things in terms of fiscal capitalism. Stop the debt, stop the gambling, stop the games, act extremely and then reset the standards as quickly as possible. It is rougher to do at first, but wiser long term.
  14. Maze Create- I will try later this year, using my CLip Studio. I have a screenplay to write and games to create on backlog:) Sonic Music Video- cool or fun
  15. I admit, the following youtuber, I follow for sword/weapon information and design. He is informative. But when I realized he had a set of videos specifically on games, I feel they are discussion starters. rpg character classes are stupid- his reasoning is that character class restrictions turn the fantasy into tomfoolery. Why can't a wizard pick up a sword? His proof is whenever a game has added character classes later, the developers are admitting the original character class set is dysfunctional rpg levels are stupid- his reasoning is that the ability of a player to reach the unkillable level deletes the reality any player should have. I will call it the sword art online god power. dragon's dogma best rpg ever- the ability to manipulate the personal characters plus the pawn system free's up the personal touches to the game. what divinity sin 2 tactical rpg did right- has all that baldur's gate, but has all modern features of a tactical rpg why fantasy dungeons are stupid- great for gameplay but bad for the purposes of the main boss who couldn't get out except how the heroes get to them, or the heroes who can't use the big bosses back door until they defeat the big boss or the mini bad characters who are always bottlenecked in the vault of their boss. master sword of link- he made models for each blade, which one do you like
  16. I thought a simple, Black Princess Shooter game. IT is only a small level. But I think you can get the drift. Videos https://photos.app.goo.gl/7TZYSaMmU66k8LVn7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/A2UxovD5XGALqQsFA https://photos.app.goo.gl/EegVaDRyrMJMzPyeA
  17. Game Builder Garage for Nintendo doesn't allow everything possible with the system. But, a game like the old Kung Fu is doable. I only made two boards, showing two different enemies. I will love for game builder garage to have a way to share beyond system to system or through nintendo's data service. But if any are interested in advancing this game, lets go for it. IMAGES https://photos.app.goo.gl/7xTN7Hmyib1z9Z9n7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/T5rUMtbKrhxwuakc7 VIDEOS https://photos.app.goo.gl/uW6s2A4KtVMs6nin9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/U3qdEPfwjQC2xDBx9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/t89FLoe2VB8HLchSA https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ye1zrz3E2XLCWNoy6
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  19. Spinbowlers is a concept I derived out of a deviantart invitational called Three EMoji challenge The characters are in the gallery immediately linked below. The prototype game is afterward, tell me what you think Three EMoji Invitational Gallery HEre are the rules Seven cards are shuffled out, negative six to positive six with two zeros, two RO cards, meaning roll out and one GG card meaning GalaGyro every time you shuffle the shift value goes to zero and five multiple the times you shuffle is taken from the final score every time you shift, the shift value increments and the sum of shifts is taken from your final score shifting changes the position of cards in ashuffle which can be advantageous The bowling starting point influences the final value as the starting point is given a value of seven points if not RO , all positions from the starting position are given nan incremental less value The spinbowl is seven values emitting numbers zero to six. The game is a match game. Seven spinbowl cards matching seven shuffled cards. if a shuffled card is an RO it is an automatic zero points for that space. If a shuffled card is a GG. Fourteen points if the value spinbowled equals the position of the spinbowled card. Seven points otherwise. If a spinbowl card is [0 to 6] and a shuffled card is [-6 to +6] the sum of the cards is taken. if the sum is between or equaling [0 to 6] the value is the sum, else the value is zero. Bowl positions 2|3|4 USe the status line to see what is going on ENjoy First prototype arcade entry
  20. Learn More & Register Join us for our second-annual Professional Bootcamp, presented by the*gameHERs and Belong Gaming Arenas! Sign up for 3-days of informative events including panels, educational webinars, and roundtable discussions with gaming industry experts. Plus, you’ll be able to join the conversation, connect with industry professionals, and directly speak with them in RitualMotion GUILD! This event is the perfect opportunity to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes in various parts of the gaming industry, including cosplay, streaming, esports, community management, game design, and more. And... your registration automatically enters you for a chance to win a Respawn 200 gaming chair! Just a few of our exciting sessions include: Professional Bootcamp Kickoff with Belong Gaming Arenas with Mary Antieul – VP, Customer and Strategy at Belong Gaming Arenas Goddess Gab: The Gamer without the Girl with Emi Vener – Executive Director at The Athena Alliance CLT Content Creator and Organizational Influence with Ashley "MiDNiTE" Glassel – Director of Content at Version 1 Our Lived Experiences: Non-Binary in the Gaming Industry with Raffy Regulus – President & Co-founder of NYC Gaymers How to Identify Your Personal Brand with Chibith0t – Event Curator, Fashion Consultant, Stylist at Noir Network/LanPartyStudios Along with panels on: Contemporary Issues & Solutions in Esports featuring *Ahman Green, ESports Head Coach at Lakeland University *Halina Malik, Director of Content at eFuse *Freya Marquardt, VP of Marketing at Vite Kitchens Women Building the Metaverse & Beyond featuring *Ahna Boley, Chief Experience Officer at Double A Labs *Keisha Howard, Founder of Sugar Gamers Streaming 101 featuring *Morgan Biemiller, Head of Design at Streamlabs *Michelle Henderson, Head of Success at Streamlabs Let's Talk College Esports featuring *Kyla Kennedy, Director of Esports at LevelNext *Sari Kitelyn, Executive Director, Esports and Project Development at Full Sail University *Neal Tilley, Business Development Manager at Cisco Get Inspired: A Conversation with Industry Game Changers featuring *Britanni Johnson, CEO & Founder of TVRN *Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo, VP of Events at VP of Events at Dignitas & Raidiant *CtrlAltQuin (Quin Martin), Twitch Partner and Social Media Influencer And more! Thank you to our incredible sponsor! Belong Gaming Arenas is home to a growing community which welcomes all gamers - from professional and casual, to those who are new to the world of gaming! Creating unforgettable grassroots experiences for gamers across the nation starts by bringing together people who share a commitment and passion for gaming. Our mission is to deliver inclusive gaming environments for all who love to watch, play, and compete together. Our vision is to provide a home for every gamer and gaming community - a place to Belong. Everyone can feel like they’re part of something bigger at Belong Arenas! Thank you to our partners! Ritual Motion was formed in 2018 with the mission to develop content, products, services and experiences FOR THE GOOD OF GAMERS. Since launching, the brand has reached an audience of millions across its website, media promotions, social platforms, events and campaigns. With its latest product, Ritual Motion GUILD, the brand aims to support the growing creator economy for gamers. This innovative social sharing and collaboration platform allows gamers to create, collaborate, and share content with a more deliberate and enhanced audience experience. Founded on the belief that we want to help creators make a living doing what they love, Streamlabs provides a robust suite of features to help creators grow their audience, increase engagement with viewers, and improve monetization. At Streamlabs, people can be open and ourselves, where ideas and innovation can thrive and where driven individuals can come together to build. We are a team that is deeply passionate about the creator industry, building products for streamers and creators. iFOLIO® helps companies grow with a digital marketing platform for the mobile world. Enhance digital presence with web sites and landing pages that are easy to build and update. Ditch old school business cards, presentations, and emails for modern digital presentations and text message campaigns. Engage clients with QR codes and e-signatures. Speed sales cycles and target customer engagement with patented analytics. Make work easier with all the tools you need to grow! Contact us today at www.ifolio.cloud/home and @iFOLIO. Register to Win! Sign Up Now!
  21. Spin Bowlers was thought up as a concept after a deviantart three emoji contest- links are below For the prototype I thought of bowling with spinning objects on an axis only. I didn't embed it like the others in the arcade cause it is a prototype, not a version. This is meant for users to play with it and tell me what you think, what values you used. ANy issues, whatsoever. Well have fun!:) THE PROTOTYPE http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/SpinBowlers/index.html THREE EMOJI CONTEST DEVIANTART folder https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/gallery/82421031/three-emoji-s-challenge-2022 Spin Bowlers Snake Blossom Id- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Snake-Blossom-id-card-911245998 Pose- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Snake-Blossom-three-emoji-911246082 Bowling Move- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Snake-Blossom-bowling-gif-911245738 Branch Popper Id- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Branch-Popper-id-card-911245502 Pose- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Branch-Popper-three-emoji-911245619 Bowling Move- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Branch-Popper-bowling-gif-911245334 The Slice Twins Id- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/The-Slice-Twins-id-card-911246659 Pose- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/The-Slice-Twins-three-emoji-911246710 Bowling Move- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/The-Slice-Twins-bowling-gif-911246382 Cover image https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Spin-Bowlers-cover-image-911245115 Cover Gif https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Spin-Bowlers-gif-911246265 Snake Blossom coloring page https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Snake-Blossom-coloring-page-911245814 Branch Popper coloring page https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Branch-Popper-coloring-page-911245432 The Slive Twins coloring page https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/The-Slice-Twins-coloring-page-911246527
  22. Jet Dancer vs her Sisters - Solo Dev Indie Game - Construct 3 from DUALMASK
  23. great share, I have always wondered how many great franchises in media are owned and literally sat on by big firms cause to use them is either too costly or the firm isn't inteesting in utilizing their fanbase... rampage and psyhunter... I never knew about the john singleton written game starting snoop dogg in production. The question is what about revisiting fear and respect , in black games elite? PHOTOS TO FEAR AND RESPECT:) the video game:) IN AMENDMENT The biggest tragedy to arcade games is midway, the arcade king missed out on connecting the home market to the arcade market. Nintendo/Sega/SOny/ et cetera don't or didn't have as strong an arcade presence. Midway spent millions on developing games that they didn't finish developing. But it never occured to them, with all that money being spent, millions. in the 80s or 90s that they needed to focus on their main market which was the arcade. They needed to develop games that could be played at home but could also be played at the arcade. Like many firms , when they see a new industry they are so focused on being part of the new industry they miss out on focusing on their main business.
  24. interesting, you can connect to a cathode ray tube, very much for the international world. Starts at $40 . They use a faux nintendo shaped base for the system or ports, like an nes mini. They use a faux playstation controller. the systems when you power it on, super nintendo, sega cd, sega 3ds, turbo grafx, odyssey2, neo geo, nintendo hacks, nes, nintendo 64, sega genesis, intellivision, gambe oy bolor, gambe gear, game and watch, famicom disk system, atari , lynx, atari 7800, amstrad, commadore, amiga, all games, sinclair wonderswan, virtual boy, vectrex, and more He tested, playstation portable/dreamcast/ neogeo/neogeo cd/lynx/MAME/Game boy advance/snes/n64/ds/virtual boy/genesis/nes/neogeo pocket color/intellivision/odyssey 2/2600/5200/7800 Shared from MErgirldunne of BlackGamesElite https://mewe.com/i/mergirlwhitedunne
  25. I thought long and hard and I couldn't see a clear winner. I checked my nintendo 3ds that still has a ton of games on it, all played to the hilt:) and I decided Box Boy + Box Girl I never bought the 4th game but I went to the end of all the box boy games on the DS era, and I enjoyed them all very much.
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