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BlackGamesElite has two main goals, no matter the project: have fun, or get black people into developing games. This public locale is an meetup place for members and anyone else interested, where they can learn about various projects or partake in developments. Remember to join the newsletter.
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  2. A extended essay on ownership https://www.deviantart.com/theonewithbear/journal/Copyright-and-fair-use-A-deeper-look-into-AI-937264127 CONTENT Hello everyone, as the discussion on AI grows and attitudes become ever so polarizing on the subject, I decided I should elaborate and share facts on the law, as it is currently standing. Before I start, disclaimer: I'm not with nor against AI. I'm only interested in exploring the foundation of which a discussion is built upon. I believe it is important for any artist and freelancer to understand law, as it is a key in protecting ourselves. Fear and anger can do very little if the source of it isn't factual. Everything I write is based on my own research, readings, understanding and worded in my own ways. If I am wrong logistically, please feel 100% free to correct me, I won't be offended. This is written as of November 15, 2022. If the law gets updated, I will either update this journal with correct time and information or remove it entirely to avoid confusion. This is based on the US law (which is hilarious because I'm Canadian) and may defer from other country's law. FAIR USE "AI art", as it currently stands in law, is NOT illegal. It may not feel legal, but it is not illegal. This is due to the counter law to copyright: fair use. Fair use isn't just a term tech-bros use to defend AI's existence, it is something we, as creatives, have long benefitted from. Copyright protects the unique expression of an idea. Fair use protects unlicensed usage of copyrighted materials. Fair use allows creatives to make fanart (note: not sell), write fanfics, review video games, make parodies, write movie essays etc. to an extent without obtaining permission from the copyright owners. It is a law that exist to expand freedom of creativity in transformative nature. Fair use of copyright law (Section 107) calls for 4 factors: Purpose - commercial or nonprofit educational Nature of copyrighted work - creative or technical Amount of portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole Effect of use upon the potential market Copyright and fair use conflicts go far into the history, see cases: Summaries of Fair Use Cases A Tale of Two Seusses and Argued Fair Uses: The Fact-Specific Nature of Copyright Fair Use Cariou v. Prince — Artist Rights Banksy loses trademark battle after claiming ‘copyright is for losers’ Top 10 Cases on Appropriation Art and the Law I could go on, but I think you get the idea. As the verdict on whether or not machine learning should motivate an update on copyright law is still up in the air, currently, whether you like it or not, scraping the internet for AI training purpose and putting it to use still falls under fair use protection. Source: U.S. Copyright Office. Click on Videos to listen to the panels that took place in 2021 Source: Pondering AI Machine Learning and Copyright Fair Use "Protected" doesn't mean the court will rule in its favor, because it still depends on -how- it's used. As mentioned, fair use calls for 4 factors. To elaborate on each and use AI as an example (please be mindful that ALL of these scenarios are just possibilities, not absolute and can get really grey when used in combinations. I'm not a lawyer, I won't argue your case): MAY be protected by fair use: - the AI art piece isn't financially profiting - the AI art piece is generated with generic prompts and ideas - if the case is argued from the perspective where AI is built on billions of images, combined with personal photos, prompts, references and the result is transformative compared to the images used. MAY NOT be protected by fair use: - the AI art piece is profiting - is using specific artist's name/brand (note: NOT the art itself. More on this below) * - if argued from the perspective that it is built entirely off of copyrighted work and cannot exist without Additionally, the court may consider: - has the AI piece in question caused loss in revenue for the copyrighted work? - will the AI piece cause future harm in revenue for the copyrighted work? (Note: for the above 2 points to stand, generally, the copyright holder must prove that the market had the intention to pay the copyright holder prior to the market discovering the AI art piece) - is the piece "transformative" enough, meaning if the outcome resembles or reminds you or the copyrighted work, and/or has enough content and personal touch and ideas added to it to separate it from the copyrighted work, making it something new? If so, fair use. If not, copyright infringement. *Artist's name/brand: The reason I separated this into its own tab is because, names and brands don't fall under copyright, but rather trademark law. Copyright protects the unique expression of an idea, in our case, the visual representation of an idea. Styles, compositions, poses, color palettes, subject matter cannot be copyrighted as separate categories, but a unique combination of these categories done in specific ways can be copyrighted. IE: "girl in a black suit" can't be copyrighted, "a girl with red hair, mostly tied up, wearing black suit with yellow glowy eyes named Makina" can be copyrighted. Due to the transformative nature of an AI generated piece, the final product will bond to look different than the copyrighted materials. This may put AI art under fair use or give it bigger argument ground. However, if an artist's name is used as a prompt and the artist's name is trademarked, the case could go beyond just visual representation and fall out of fair use. Unlike copyright, which is automatic (though can be registered for certificate), in order to be protected by trademark law, you have to register for it. Further reading on trademark law and copyright: Copyright in Characters: What Can I Use? Trademark vs. Copyright: Which Do You Need for Your Business? Conclusion: It depends on how good your lawyer is. That's all there is to it. MISCONCEPTION "AI art can't be copyrighted because it infringes on copyright and is illegal" is a FALSE statement. The U.S. law dictates that machine cannot copyright its art, same as animals, plants and nature. If a monkey shits on a banana, the monkey cannot copyright the shit on banana. The machine cannot copyright the awkward looking cow it just generated with 5 words. The same does not apply to the human that uses the machine. On September 15th, 2022, Kris Kashtanova successfully copyrighted their Midjouney generated comic book, Zarya of the Dawn. The approval came from having presented credible creative process. Artist receives first known US copyright registration for latent diffusion AI art It is still early to say what this may mean for copyright law down the road, but it defeats the statement which AI art can't be copyrighted. On the other side of this coin, Microsoft, GitHUB and OpenAI are being sued for allegedly violating copyright law. The lawsuit against Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI that could change the rules of AI copyright When giants are involved, landscapes shift. The verdict of this trial may be the one we should pay attention to. ETHICS Now we get into the muddiest area of it all, ethics. To be quite honest, I don't know how to discuss this area as it isn't logical and mostly emotional. Everyone on the internet is more ethical than the last moron. Everyone judges just one step below what they find acceptable. The bar of ethics varies vastly from one person to the next, but let's simply compare actions. I personally believe it is very difficult for the art community to talk ethics, as a very big portion of us thrive on fanart. Without fair use, 99% of the time, fanart is a breach on copyright as you've never obtained permission from the copyright holder to create a piece, so we benefit from fair use. Many of us don't just create fanart, we also sell them, which often is no longer protected by fair use and becomes copyright infringement. Many artists not only sell them, but also try evading copyright claims on Etsy, AFTER copyright claims were filed. I've heard many try to defend this by claiming that at least artists have put in the effort to improve craft compared to someone who just types in a few key words. In this argument, you're mixing the positions of victim and offender. The relationship is like this: AI Art - Artist (victim) vs. Tech bros (offender) Fanart - IP owners (victim) vs. Artist (offender) The IP owners have invested millions of dollars, years of effort, and hard work from not just one artist, but teams of people with various skillsets to create memorable characters and stories, just so an artist who has drawn for a few years can profit off of it. You may argue that the fanart you create and sell does not hurt the IP, which may very well be true. I never have any shame selling fanart of Danganronpa because 1. people who buy them already own the games and 2. I sold more copies of the games because people were curious about what I was painting and I speak highly of the games. However, me being able to justify my action in my head does not make it legal. As opposed to machine learning, which has no specific law currently to regulate it, I'm ALREADY breaking the law (plz don't report me to police kthx). So who am I to talk ethics? To me, humans are all the same. If it benefits us, we find ways to justify and welcome it. If it hurts our benefit, we try to burn it to the ground. A portion of the ethic problem with AI is also just context, attitude and usage. If a tech bro uses AI and acts like they are an artist who can do better than you, AI can go to hell. If a concept artist uses AI to speed up work in a production pipeline, AI is a useful tool. CONCLUSION The reason I wrote this journal is not to tell you what is right or wrong. This is not me telling you we should embrace AI with open arms or dump it down the drain. I just wish for people to be more informed on the current state of law, because so much of the anger is based on misconception and that doesn't help our case. Whether you have given consent or not at this point for machine learning doesn't matter, because there's no law to specifically target machine learning. If there is no law targeting it, then the current state of copyright law and fair use apply. You are aiming the pitchfork and torches at the wrong people. There may be very little we can do at the moment, however, please don't despair. Please don't forget the fundamental reason of why creatives are needed in this world and why we create. Tech bros may tell you that ideas matter more than skill, but they fail to recognize that they don't have brilliant ideas. They are just as basic and mediocre as they were before without AI. This is why we are only a few months in, and they have already saturated their own market, gotten bored because they realize it's hard to make a real profit. They can't come up with newer prompts and they can't look any different from each other. But the creatives will live on. We have the ability to be inspired and to build upon. It is in our blood and soul and AI can't take that away from us. If the millions of better artists out there never stopped us from wanting to improve and carve out our own space in this world, why should AI? There are many people I've spoken with that always wanted to draw. They used AI, it gave them the sweet taste of the ability to visualize their ideas, and now they want more. They want to draw. And that's wonderful. There are also many artists doing incredible things with AI and taking their creativity to the next level due to AI opening a sky beyond their limitations. Ultimately, we thrive on the little strokes we lay on the canvas; live for the fucking hot people we create. We have stories to tell, emotions to convey, feet anatomy to struggle with, and we know the satisfaction of watching our piece come together. We will shine through because artists are strong people, and we will find a way to co-exist.
  3. Thoughts to commonly called artificial intelligence and the deviantart tool known as dreamup https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/journal/I-Tell-A-Tale-Of-Dreamup-937255756
  4. This is not about games straightly, but refers to a problem all in the arts have. The following is two parts, my comments to others concerning this topic, and then the post by Chrissabug in completion below MY THOUGHTS As I said somewhere else on deviantart, all artists: musicians/writers/ those who draw, are in an environment where technology allows ownership of the arts to be a challenge, while the potential for revenue or exposure are larger than ever before. We artist have to calmly go through all this. as a writer, I know what the drawing community on deviantart is feeling. I end with what I always, keep creating folks. https://www.deviantart.com/chrissabug/status-update/I-wanted-to-gather-my-937031201 I am no lawyer, nor do I have any extensive comprehension of copyright/trademartk/intellectual property but based on what the lawyers I know or the artist offline I know who do, I concur to your position. I think the larger issue is simpler. The global communication phase in the electronic age has been a challenge for artists. In the prior phases, technology allowed for greater revenue or control while difficult exposure but in this phase, technology has expanded exposure to no limits,expanded revenue channels to all, but also diminished the control. Writers/Musicians/ all artist have felt the challenges in the now. And when an artist is tired of people telling them to get a real job or tired of the real job they have the commonly called Artificial intelligence tools or processes become like the christian seven horns. But, I have been fortunate to speak to artists who welcome the AI For their own pursuits, as tools that will help them. So, I end my speech on another person's soapbox with calm. I know the artist I am. I know the environment I am in puts me at some disadvantages, but that is ok. as long as I can create I will. https://www.deviantart.com/theonewithbear/status-update/Many-people-are-rushing-with-937091579 CHRISSA BUG POST I wanted to gather my thoughts about the AI situation here and help clear up some misunderstandings as well as share my concerns! (Video at the bottom) Let's first start with clearing up 2 main misunderstandings because there is a lot of misinformation spreading around: The opt-out feature has NOTHING to do with DreamUp. It is literally just a flag that says to outside bots that are scraping the internet for images "pretty please do not put this image in your AI dataset". If the opt-out flag is not checked, that does not mean 'opt-in', it just means the code is set to have no extra flag, which is what we already had (and have on every other website) before this update. Whether or not the bots will pay attention to this flag is up in the air, but I do believe it is dA attempting to start a new precedent of giving a way for artists to consent or not. It should have been auto-checked on from the beginning, BUT this flag doesn't actually do much of anything right now and I repeat, it has NOTHING to do with dreamup. dA doesn't get anything from this flag being on or off. DeviantArt themselves did NOT feed ANY deviations or other art into their AI to create Dreamup. DeviantArt did not take your images and put them in this AI. This is why that flag has nothing to do with dreamup. dA didn't train dreamup themselves. This doesn't mean I don't have concerns about dreamup but I want people to get the facts right So what's the problem? My main concern is that Dreamup is built off of a pre-existing AI (Stable Diffusion) and dataset (LAION). DeviantArt did not train this AI themselves, but the learning was already done and existed by scraping the entire internet for images. Deviantart didn't steal anything themselves, but building dreamup on top of Stable Diffusion and LAION means that they have built it ontop of a tool that is created with stolen materials, even if it is someone else who did the stealing. I don't think AI is going away and so we desperately need a truly ethical tool to direct people who are going to use AI anyway. I had hoped that dA would come out with this tool, but something built off of LAION isn't that. I like that dA is trying to get people to categorize AI art better and that they have a form to opt out of your name being used in a prompt, but again my main issue with dreamup itself is that is is built off of LAION. In all actuality, not a whole lot really changes here. dA themselves are not taking our images to train this generator, the flag doesn't really do much right now, and there are still outside bots trolling the web to take images as they already were. I'm not planning on leaving dA BUT now that the workweek has started, I do hope that dA takes the community feedback to heart. I, myself have voiced my concerns directly to staff and I now wait to see what they decide. I did a special stream talking about this and my concerns over the weekend if you want to give it a watch
  5. Title: God Of War Bodypaint Artist: mcroft07 https://www.deviantart.com/mcroft07/art/God-of-War-bodypaint-936708610
  6. I Quote with bracketed inlets by me:) stevie isn't superstitious... <oh no> by rule...but when it comes to fun, he knows what what <who wrote this?> and when it comes to a game console system, only the atari 2600 will do. "my friends tell me the graphics are the best. I don't know what that means, but I know with th atari 2600 they must be upright and out of sight" <ok, now can you give me a dy-n0-mite! wow! who wrote this> Concluding thoughts Atari would had did better to make a game a blind person can play on the system... what a waste of time
  7. Balrog of Street fighter Sailor Venus of Sailor Moon view more https://www.deviantart.com/ry-spirit/journal/Shapes-Shapes-Everywhere-936264797
  8. MAIN SHOWCASE GAMES Venba Venba is a cooking game, with a story. It is about an indian family, on their journey of life. The game player has to make dishes and discover dishes throughout. It is a cultural game where indian music will be played. Out in spring 2023 Goodbye World The title is funny if you have ever been taught programming from the desktop era, ala Hello World. The characters are Kunai and Kumade <unsure spelling> This is a lifestyle game where the user plays one or either of the developers , whose games are not ranking in money. and they have to do side jobs. Out Later in November 2022 Have A Nice Death A slasher platformer. High speed. You play death with a syth. Death is the head of Death incorporated in the underworl.d Out in MArch 22, 2023 can preorder starting at 11/09/2022 Aka French developers. A lifestyle game, like animal crossing meets gilligans island. You don't have the wide expanse of animal crossing but you have in this smaller space a bunch of individual activities. Hand drawn, great for photos. The goal is to be at peace. You have quest but this game has no violence, at least from the trailer. The main character is essentially a retired great warrior. Out in December 15th 2022 Pepper Grinder think sonic the hedgehog meets a game like slayin. where the main character is a human or humanoid but he takes this earth drill and drills through the earth and enemies. nice speed/color. Byte characters, but colorful worlds. I think great photos can be taken while you play. You can also control a mecha. and other items with your drill . Female heroine. Out in 2023 Coffee talk episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly A visual novel. You run a coffee shop where you make coffee's for a varying type of customers. Out in Spring 2023 Oni: Road to be the mightiest Oni An oni after a defeat by a samurai , goes to an island to improve his skills. Out in MArch 9th 2023 Desta : the memories between Stylized game. Uncommon plot. A character goes to sleep and in sleep she goes to a dreamworld where a ball game is played. Out in Early 2023 A Space For The Unbound Pixelart game set in Indonesia. A couple is trying to save the world, with one having telepathic powers. Reminds me of attack of the friday monsters but sharper. Out in January 19, 2023 Dordogne A watercolor game. Another french game. you are mimi, simultaneously going through an adventure as a child or adult. Needing clues from the chile while the mystery is in the adult. Utterly beautiful game. At heart a puzzle game. Out in Spring 2023 Botany Manor A retired botanist with a manor all to yourself. Plant puzzles. If you recall the Mii plant game , it is a superior verson. Out in 2023 Once upon a jester Improvise a theater show. The developers, from germany, actually had a little mock theater in thier showcasing. They even had hand puppets. The developers are musicians who wanted a game where non musicians can go through the process of creation. Out starting from 11/09/2022 Rogue legacy 2 Build your legacy Out starting from 11/09/2022 Blanc <The blog post image is of this game> A fawn whose white, and a wolf cub whose black, live in a frosty world with black line dimensions. Text free, two players must play it. The goal is to use the capabilities of the two different characters to survive and live. No language utilized so anyone with perception can play. Out in February 14, 2023 can preorder at 11/09/2022 CONCLUSION For mature gamers over 50 who want a world to develop or make their own but don't want violence or fighting but want tasks. Aka is for you. For gamers who like high speed, coin getting, platformer, action , PEpper Grinder is for you. For visual novel lovers, Coffee talk episode 2 is for you. For fans of new experiences Desta is a keeper. The idea of a dream world where pieces of memory are about and a unique ball game is played will get fans of boutique games. For fans of plant games or fans of the Mii plant game, Botany Manor is for you. For parents who want their children to have a game where they can learn about the creative process, get Once Upon A Jester For local two player fans, not online, Blanc is for you. MArried couples may enjoy most, the ability to work together, to play together, in a game of life, not necessarily killing, with two adoreable but sincere characters. QUICK SHOWCASE GAMES- these games are shown in quick videos Wrestlequest a wrestling adventure game I think. I saw ana andre the giant mecha thing. Might be a lot of fun, especially if you like lucha libre or the old wwf. may 2023 Wobbledogs console edition November 17th preorder 11/09/2022 Storyteller This is a storytelling puzzler. I Didn't get to see too much. But from what I gather. You have a theme, like catch a thief. and they give you screens where you have to place the characters into the screens which manipulates the story, and I imagine this gets into a more complex storytelling creation. I will want to see more of this game. March 23,2023 World of Horror A black and white game. Seems to want to be like a Ju-On - esque kind of experience as you play. Summer 2023 Curse of Sea Rats Pirate game fans, rejoice. They even have little movies in the game. An action platformer. Early 2023 Inscryption A card and board game, but I didn't comprehend exactly the rules, but I see cards have various values. if you are into card games, and want a more macabre theme, this is for you. December 1st CONCLUSION Some fun games, for specific fans, true indie spirit. A little to the left A unique game based around home organizing. Out in 11/09/2022 Sports Story Bo knows...:) vollyball/cricket//golf/tennis and travel the unique areas. Out in December FINAL THOUGHTS The indie world was fine. I think it is for boutique game lovers. That is the essence of indie. Yes, god of war came out today. But, let's call it like it. God of War requires a much larger team of programmers than these indie games. The husband and wife , organize house game, the trios that made the indian cooking game or theater development game, are not going to make god of war style game. They more than likely don't have the time. Now another issue in this indie world is the level of internationalization. That the youtuber below misses. Two french, One german, One indian. That is pretty international. And outside the usa many are still not accustomed to games like in the usa, aside the age variance in places like europe. so, we shall see. ANother view
  9. Jet Dancer from Dual Mask https://store.steampowered.com/app/2084470/Jet_Dancer/ ABOUT THIS GAME You are Jenna Delgado, also known as Jet Dancer. A nanomachine-infused synthetic being bred as part of a project to develop humanoid weapons, Jenna Delgado was the last in her series. When she learned the true scope of her reason for being--to be used as both bodyguard and concubine to the highest bidder--she managed to escape the project and vowed to use her superhuman abilities to protect the innocent, as the super heroine Jet Dancer. But the evil head of the project, Serin Drakonis, has found her, and, determined to take her back under his control, has unleashed his machine army--and Jenna's predecessors--to bring her to heel. Jet Dancer must now fight to protect her own quality of life, and put an end to the project once and for all. -- Jet Dancer is a retro-inspired action platforming game featuring a strong and sexy heroine inspired by games and comics of the 80s and 90s. With an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master arsenal of kicks and dashes, Jet Dancer is a weapon bred for war, but living for fun. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WindowsSteamOS + Linux MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7+ Processor: Intel(R) Core i5 Memory: 8 GB RAM Storage: 1 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 10+ Processor: Intel(R) Core i7 Memory: 16 GB RAM Storage: 1 GB available space IF YOU WANT TO SEE A DEVELOPMENT VIDEO VIEW BELOW
  10. Spirit Stallion Fan Art - the first part is a showcase of album yourself time index link https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1641829732?t=0h10m21s
  11. Happy Halloween from 0ne0nlyLarry https://www.deviantart.com/0ne0nlylarry/art/Happy-Halloween-935080536 This is a pole dance from Chrissabug, artist Great Cosplay/Costuming https://www.deviantart.com/mcroft07/art/Evil-Genius-Maximillion-935143028 Kloir making a spooky scene DAY OF THE DEAD Part 1 Female Joker 1 from 2lowephoto https://www.flickr.com/photos/137486875@N02/52468809894/in/feed-137466527-1667254470-1-72157721643238207 Female Joker 2 from 2lowephoto https://www.flickr.com/photos/137486875@N02/52468031952/in/feed-137466527-1667254470-1-72157721643238207 Dia del meurte https://www.flickr.com/photos/ronwired/52466887818/in/dateposted/
  12. FROM Techamazing How to make a nice toy from staples https://twitter.com/TechAmazing/status/1583939861886939137?s=20&t=ByP3U2lH9-9tJauPSJr-nA FROM Tofusenshi Art - ends october 30th Running a Twitter giveaway for a free portrait commission! The only rule is to retweet, anything else is optional. :3 Enjoy:) https://twitter.com/Tofusenshiart/status/1584262972456996864
  13. Photographer: JAVIER IBAÑEZ GRAFFITIS BARCELONA 2022 GRAFFITIS BARCELONA 2022 | JAVIER IBAÑEZ | Flickr Title: SONIC in underhill brooklyn Photographer: Julia O
  14. Silent Hill Transmission Live Reaction With YongYea I want to say it bothers me that in these shows, they make people wait an hour and a half hour... is this business? Not my gaming company. if own a firm and I say we have a release, it will be given at a specific time, none of this welfare line business. it started ast 31:46 33:16 what the hell is that these horror games 33:38 one man alone, among all these freaks 34:34 that pyramid head guy thing right? 35:13 this game, information transmission has a facilitator:) 35:29 Ito the video commentator, asian elvis presley:) 37:50 the silent hill audio designer will work on this remake. Yamaoka. 39:06 Bloober team is a swedish game development team 39:19 bloober team members made statements 40:02 i agree with the youtube video presenter, the goal of bloober to make a game remake that has the same influence as the original. 41:30 Konami receives proposals every year for silent hill, i wonder how many failed proposals sould like good games. 42:12 sony playstation silent hill 2 exclusive It will be exclusive to playstation 5. 43:36 another trailer. annapurna interactive designed a no code game Silent Hill Townfall 45:03 jon mckellen, the creative director of townfall just a teaser trailer, it had quick images 46:14 townfall started with the fandom toward annapurna as a design team 47:04 Rui Naito head of cross media development for silent hill the film adaption 48:21 movie excerpt Return to Silent Hill the director of the first christophe gans is coming back victor hadida is the producer 50:39 I saw Sean Bean from the first film, he played the husband, it will be cool if sean bean comes back you see clips of the original film/development artwork from the second film end at 55:01 55:35 it is preproduction 55:58 merchandise is being sold 59:03 end of merchandise 59:14 a new experience 1:00:15 silent hill ascension from genvid +bad robot+others live 2023 - face your trauma together 1:000:55 real time, live series, as fans watch story, people can change outcomes or be part of scenes Shape silent hill cannon. I agree with the youtuber, a communal silent hill dungeons and dragons JJ Abrams directed this I see now, an interactive movie, with streaming it works A Choose your path film, that works through streaming they say changes become cannon and that is it so no backwards ascension.com 1:04:38 end explaining this game 1:04:50 it ends with the final new vision of silent hilll The youtuber said a japan centric silent hill I concur, it is clearly nippon 1:06:01 a woman being absorbed by the red tendril things from the wall 1:06:18 she is on a river of bodies that sprout plants and she is sprouting plants 1:06:40 her face fell off 1:06:58 silent hill f ryukishi07 made the story - maker of Higurashi When They Cry, Umineko When They Cry kera creatures and characters neobards developed 1:08:13 end of it I concur to the youtuber, the last game silent hill f, looks nice I think silent hill f may have a greater effect than the silent hill 2 remake
  15. BTS is on stage in Cookie Run: Kingdom! Join GingerBrave and the Cookie Kingdom in welcoming the BTS cookies to their sweetest stage yet! https://apps.apple.com/US/app/id1509450845?mt=8
  16. Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer (Watch maker Heuer<name of the swiss founder>) was bought by Techniques d'Avant Garde <started by saudi arms dealer Akram Ojjeh>and became TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer was bought by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton the wealthiest firm in Europe. A firm that specializes in luxury goods, meaning goods that are expensive and not meant for the mass consumer. Gallery ARTICLE https://www.autoblog.com/2022/10/13/tag-heuer-mario-kart-chronographs/
  17. Enjoy the commercial Article https://www.autoblog.com/2022/10/01/mercedes-benz-concept-virtual-league-legends/ Mercedes Gran Turismo Concept Article https://www.autoblog.com/2013/11/20/mercedes-amg-vision-gran-turismo-concept-la-2013/ MArio meets Mercedes Article https://www.autoblog.com/2014/05/29/super-mario-bros-mercedes-gla-video/
  18. Enjoy:) Enjoy Art from Mystic SKillz Title: The Black Goddess URL: https://www.deviantart.com/mystic-skillz/art/The-Black-Goddess-76072752
  19. Title: It's a dirty Work, but... Artist: Fabiolopesco https://www.deviantart.com/fabiolopesco/art/It-s-a-dirty-Work-but-926364816
  20. Title:Malenia, Blade of Miquella Artist: ShumsterArt https://www.deviantart.com/shumsterart/art/Malenia-Blade-of-Miquella-924296131
  21. A visual novel from SrtaZuzza, not a Black developer but an independent one. What Black story will you like to see as a visual novel? Link to play the game, how long did it take? https://tenacittea.itch.io/selfish-wish Check out art from SrtaZuzza Title: Mermaid Link https://www.deviantart.com/srtazuzza/art/Mermaid-918504363
  22. A 5 hour talk so be prepared, but lively and informative or comparative. But, what are your thoughts to the art of Black characters or regions where Black characters live in video games? LINK https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1604402565 Check out her art Title: Emilia https://www.deviantart.com/tofusenshi/art/Emilia-oc-commission-921063712 If you don't know how to embed twitch, use the following URL in text https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPA3EiqnaMM
  23. I have known DJ Dont Touch The Trim for a while, she is a lovely artist of Pinup work. As the following will show... She enjoys drawing yoga poses and some great adult BDSM stuff. I apologize but many sites don't allow such things anymore https://richardmurrayhumblr.tumblr.com/post/187240082792/titletwisted-dark-chocolate-artist Some extra images For Nippon lovers https://www.deviantart.com/djdonttouchthetrim/art/Sad-Penny-Painting-2-0-871570513 A work in progress but black bdsm-ers rejoice:) https://www.deviantart.com/djdonttouchthetrim/art/W-I-P-shibari-872288794 I love likes, I need to use something like this more often:) https://www.deviantart.com/djdonttouchthetrim/art/I-love-Likes-448861318 If you want to join her naughty video game playing, use the qrcode below
  24. Someone I love shared a titty tuesday photo to me, and it made me think. When did Titty Tuesday begin. Can we find out the origins? The oldest social message. Who doesn't want to know...how many bare naked titties have been shown on titty tuesday, which has been going on for a while. Who knows right? I searched google and bing and yahoo, "first titty tuesday post and I" couldn't get anything. Then i thought let me go back:) i will use twitter, and search from jan 1st 2066 to february 1st 2006 for hashtag tittytuesday < (#tittytuesday) until:2006-02-01 since:2006-01-01 > and saw nothing until I get to 2010 <(#tittytuesday) until:2010-02-01 since:2010-01-01 > so then I said to myself go back a little < (#tittytuesday) until:2009-12-01 since:2009-11-01 > and I saw results, many from twitpic, which don't work now I went back months and months until <(#tittytuesday) until:2009-08-01 since:2009-07-01 > I quote The following two were interesting in that twitter had slow issues loading these as standalone posts:) I realize titty tuesday is new around this time, so ok, let's go back some more < (#tittytuesday) until:2009-07-01 since:2009-06-01 > <<as a point of note, he didn't don't tell him I told you >> I finally reached a lean search return (#tittytuesday) until:2009-05-01 since:2009-04-01 I checked top and latest and only one return more information on that tweet The Sizzler @mysecretworld Apr 28, 2009 This is the tweeter The Sizzler 2,160 Tweets The Sizzler @mysecretworld I'm an engineer that likes to have sex, eat pussy, and fuck tits. Joined March 2009 206 Following 219 Followers PENULTIMATELY So based on my wee research, Tittytuesday was born on twitter on April 28th 2009, from a user who only accumulated 2,160 tweets... hmmm. I bet a bot. But, what about the oldest tittytuesday titties? The goal was to find the oldest tittes findable. ... I went further ahead and finally found an image at < (#tittytuesday) until:2011-12-01 since:2011-11-01 > A two year distance from the first titty tuesday, but The link is from November 30th 2011 The contents It links to the following image, which is of a clothed breast in a shirt entitled, body by brandt I went back and searched for twitpic images as other referrals seem to be deleted < (#tittytuesday) AND twitpic until:2011-11-01 since:2011-10-01 > The twitpic link that actually worked I went further back < (#tittytuesday) AND twitpic until:2011-06-01 since:2011-05-01 > The twitpic link and I went further back , but the twit pic links just didn't work. they were not highlighted, and I wasn't about to copy and paste. Now to be fair, maybe they do but I wanted to get to the first post and then try and find the first image. I can't say the following image is the first, but on twitter it is one of the early available. So the following is the oldest titty tuesday image I could cite IN CONCLUSION When I look at the early days of titty tuesday , it is to be noted how unrevealing it was. You can see through the search the growth of popularity and the phase into industry. Today, some women are bare breast models. Men mostly but others in general pay to see their breast bare in various scenarios and titty tuesday is like their sunday at christian church. Many of them give a bare witness to honor titty tuesday and lead potential customers to themselves. And we found the birthday of titty Tuesday on twitter at least: April 28th 2009 If you have another idea for an internet game, leave a comment. Post Script ...and desire5000 is on twitter still, in her description she refer to herself as a legend... i for one can't deny it
  25. Impractical but beautiful custom gaming system https://makezine.com/article/maker-news/this-impractical-yet-beautiful-gaming-system-has-a-walnut-case-and-two-displays/ San diego comic con cosplay pictures https://makezine.com/article/craft/makeup-costumes/a-taste-of-san-diego-comic-con-cosplay/
  26. Name Donovan Ewing Where are you located? Broken Arrow, OK What is your day job? YouTuber/Video Editor, Content producer for Sketchup Do you attend a makerspace/fablab/hackerspace? Yes How did you get started making stuff? I am an artist and I’ve always wanted to make things with and for my kids. I used to have a blog where I documented projects I made for my kids, such as sewing superhero capes or redesigning a toy chest to look like it’s from the movie Frozen. In 2017 I decided to combine my love of making things for my kids with storytelling, filmmaking, video games, movies, and all things geeky, and start a YouTube channel. What is something that you’ve made that you’re really proud of? The projects I end up being most proud of are the ones that get used far past their time in the videos we make Link’s Playhouse, the Mjolnir mallet, the treasure chest for lost teeth, the Spiderman headphone stand, the Legend of Zelda shop aprons, have all been used almost daily. I love it when projects get used, and not just sitting on a shelf looking good. READ MORE IN THE ARTICLE LINKED BELOW Building the ULTIMATE Zelda Breath of the Wild Playhouse, enjoy Maker Spotlight: Donovan Ewing of Once Upon A Workbench By Caleb Kraft August 17th, 2022 ARticle https://makezine.com/article/maker-news/maker-spotlight-donovan-ewing-of-once-upon-a-workbench/ IN AMENDMENT How To Build Dream’s Helmet From Sandman For Cosplay Video Article https://makezine.com/article/maker-news/how-to-buld-dreams-helmet-from-sandman-for-cosplay/
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