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BlackGamesElite has two main goals, no matter the project: have fun, or get black people into developing games. This public locale is an meetup place for members and anyone else interested, where they can learn about various projects or partake in developments. Remember to join the newsletter.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. After VuaKal I find myself, at the end of my time, I have to come back to this project at a time I prescribed later in the year, though I am not publishing it. I am always open to work on this project but it will not be the main focus. Trying to get the audio work took three weeks to merely get it to work in my testing code, and the testing code has serious errors in checking the audio tools for the mass public to use or view. The tragedy is each of these games from a design level took minutes but acquiring the correct code to implement what was designed took longer than I liked, esp
  3. Hello to the late readers, Yes mind reading... In the year 2020, I said to myself, I will make a video game. It is not a hard task in all earnest. It is also not an easy task. The greatest challenge is... fun. Yes, the greatest challenge in making a video game is fun. When I was in college I made games few , excluding me, could master or have fun playing. I took the Will Wright masterclass on Video Game design. The best idea I garnered from it was the 365 game a day challenge. I thought to myself cool. But, I hit the snag I had in college. What is that snag you say?! I started o
  4. Play the game https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/273-moyosaa-of-the-msinche-series-the-heartbeats-game/ some screenshots of results https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/7215-msinche-photos-or-videos-of-being-played/?do=findComment&comment=43884
  5. These are my screenshots of playing MoyoSaa in testing phase, before I added some cosmetics. The first, I was unsure I determined to end the game The second, it sped up, definitely a timing issue for the next version How far I got in total!:) I wonder can any match me Have fun!
  6. Click Anza to start the game, Maliza to end it. Listen to the music of Scott Joplin, the Ragtime dance, while you wait for the beats. A Red beat is a date so great it is valued twice. A green is a date that went well. A pink is a date that is going poorly. Click the red or green, don't click the pink, if you click anywhere inside the heart or outside the heart the game is over. Do you have the patience to wait for love? Is love always at the end of the journey? Play MoyoSaa! and find out
  7. The third game is finished. I have to still work on errors in the array when the age goes above 3. I probably need to reduce the percentage of squares that go green, but I will check on that later. Onto the next game:)
  8. Have fun playing the game https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/272-hazmin-of-the-msinche-series-the-treasure-tower-series-remember-your-way-back-down/
  9. the url is http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/MSinChe/MSinChe1.html
  10. Share photos or videos of playing the games in the MSinChe series:)
  11. Thanks to member Ray Gibson of the private BlackGamesElite group, I realized an error and correct it on the game KumRan Please say the highest level you reach as well as the time it took http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/MSinChe/MSinChe1.html
  12. Finishing the second game was interesting. I had forgotten the addressing style and that is what took a long time. I forgot that with arrays in javascript the addressing can be applied multiple times, thus in the function for setting up the data storage i was copying the data repeatedly, thus the inefficient results.
  13. NyoKuun - the snake stitiching game, what is the highest level you can reach, is it too slow, do you want it faster? http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/MSinChe/MSinChe2.html
  14. KumRan - the color memory game , what is the highest level you can reach? how many seconds did it take you ? http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/MSinChe/MSinChe1.html
  15. Any questions you have to the project. Please ask. I will place thoughts during the process of development in this forum. If you want a list of the games developed for your public parusal, check out the blog using the following link Link
  16. I hope every year we can present a group project.
  17. BlackGamesElite is a online club which I started to do two thing 1. Have a community considering Black people, a human community based on the auniversally accepted phenotypical range of skin, in relation to all elements of the video game industry, from developers to culture to characters in games or any other factor in said industry. 2. To have fun:) Rules 1. Have fun 2. All phenotypes are welcome, but if you can't handle Black empowerment, whether you be black or not, please go somewhere else online.
  18. Most forums have a member introduction space. I rather people introduce themselves by answering the following question. Name me the most immediate or achievable goal for black developers of video games in your opinion?

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