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  1. There are enough talented artist on AALBC to open our own AALBC Museum featuring Our works. @Dee Miller Thanks for the mistake. We can do it. There is literally nothing stopping us.
  2. This is a website for writers .... Your proposal requires writers ... You are a writer ... We are writers ... Everyone here is a talented contributing writer. Most are capable speakers. Few know how to work a crowd. One or Two have the workings for media contained communication. Everything about politics is bullshit. However, what you have proposed, intentionally, or not, is a takeover. I'm in. ... So. It's your plan. Let's do it then. Write up who the knuckle heads are, and how it is best to take them down. Who the turncoats are, and how to silence them. Without their interference the multi ethnic coalition you want will almost fall into the waiting lap of the instigator who originates and carries out this plan. Smashing is fun. Lets do this. For those unaccustomed to a fight be warned. There will be targeted reprisals and serious fallout. With blow-back that will require a safety belt being worn to stop you from being catapulted. All cards are on the table. Who's in?
  3. It is good. I don't watch The Last Of Us because of the conditioning propaganda, which they included in this skit as well. Were the conditioning propaganda edited out it would be great to watch.
  4. @ProfD I dont know if you know this already but there are are several court cases which have determined that judicially and in their social capacity the police are not hired to serve and protect the people, as the people are still technically and officially slaves and enemies of the state, the police are not here to protect or serve the people for any reason, at any TIME, under any conditions, and they are by law ordered to place their safety first and foremost above all else. This is why they are called heroes for doing what usually amounts to nothing much, and why they are always free of charges for any non public made aware beatings and murders they commit. It is this information I have shared here which is the underlying principle never spoken aloud that Defund The Police is based upon. However. As useless as they are, people are weak, dumb, and scared of doing what is required; to protect themselves, secure their home, make their community safe, and defend their family. Everyone basically has an entitlement mindset, and a child's level of emotions, which causes them to think that their safety, and security, is someone else job. Politicians. Of-course. Are solely responsible for this social condition being possible. But those people who accepted their lies are equally responsible for becoming weak and insecure and in their present condition of being needy and dependent upon the system for anything other than a paycheck for their work. Load your guns. Target practice. Swing your sword. Shoot your arrows. Mix your chemicals. Be as physically capable as you can. Stand your ground. Use what you have, and even in the absence of anything such as police or security. 1 by 1, any who threaten, endanger, or oppose you, will become insect food, plant food, and then dust. This. I can guarantee. Is what will secure your home and make your community safe. Eventually the 1 by 1's run out. Especially when everyone is doing it.
  5. He made some good music. ... some ... I never could embrace his leaf smoking cultural habits. Which became propagandized as being somehow a Jamaican normal behaviour. Which. At that TIME it was not. I respected his position as a spearhead for the black people. I respected his outright denouncement of the racial negativity. But thanks to propaganda the documentaries that focus on those aspects are few and far apart. Instead we have generations of leaf inhalers who have been convinced they are contributing to the black experience by being high. Like that is somehow a black thing. Bob Marley did good with everything but that one thing.
  6. @Stefan Truth is a burden to be carried. It is weighty. Heavily so. It is with respectful consideration of others unknown limits that I do not blurt out answers to dilemma, questions, or statements, which I already have the answer to. My suggestion and advice for others to dig deeper is a well thought out way for me to allow the people involved to learn at their own pace while only offering well informed guidance if they so choose to pursue that knowledge and information they currently do not have. This allows people to take as much of a breather and break as they require and to even cherrypick the information. Stopping when they have reached the point they needed to get to for whatever reason. I know this burden all to well. Thus. I call out no-one for failing to reach the depths that are available to reach. I merely observe their contentment on having reached a new level. The fact of the matter is that no-one here is even in the ballpark about the reality of the balloons. I am in no position to force that reality onto anyone. Usurping another persons free will is the most vile action any human can do to another human being. I always selfcheck to make sure that I am not imposing my knowledge onto others. Even when that door is opened. As you have done. Which, by the way I thank you for. We all have our weight limits, The truth can break a person forever if you do not carefully allow them to get used to its weight. I know of no other safe and healthy way than to allow people to do it themselves when they are ready and in their own TIME. Meanwhile. I am enjoying reading these conversations. because whoever does learn the truth may not even know what to do with it, especially how to share it here. You see. Everyone here is intelligent. That is obvious. So the bigger questions that arise aside from the obvious social manipulation and Control Techniques that are Social Engineering becomes, why anyone here does not already know? It is clear that everyone seems satisfied with the diversionary tactics deployed to misdirect their questions and to assuage their feelings and emotions. Which means that the Social Engineers design is working perfectly. Which means that everyone is happy and contented, comfortable with what they have been allowed to know. I am not going to intrude on anyones happiness. That is not my place to do so. I made that mistake years ago. I told someone the TRUTH and it took their entire world apart. Have you ever witnessed a persons false reality bubble shatter? This is one of the few TIMES I will share an emotional response I had. It was devastatingly heartbreaking. My empathic receptors were off the charts. So if people choose to live in their fake reality bubbles I will not burst it. I am not even entertained by it. It sad really. But if they choose to stick their heads out. I will support it and protect it and guide them as far as they are willing to go on their own. I dont know everything. No matter how much I study knowing that much is not possible. I do know enough to do what I said I can do.
  7. @Delano I could not answer with only the word no. That would leave everything unfairly open to interpretation, when there is already an answer. Unfair interpretation is an invite for chaos and negativity to fill what would have only appeared as a void, when in fact it is not. I will not seed chaos and negativity for want of, or lack of, a few words.
  8. Awareness is a minor contributor even to the most powerful of sense adepts. Assuming. Assumptions. Assume. Theory. Hypothetical. Presumption. Presume. All of those synonyms. And there are many. For the word GUESS. None of them are required for anything good in LIFE. Guessing under any of its many guises is a form of diversion and misdirection designed to change your course, and thus, change the outcome ever so slightly. Which is all that is required to conclude with a miss or a fail. Never guess. Instead. KNOW. Know as much as you can and guessing goes away. Thus. Being unaware of a things effects will not prevent those effects. Being unaware of effects only alerts the person to the current limits of their information, knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Which presents that person with the opportunity to accept their limits and chill, or to keep going and learn more. Which means more STUDY. Studying to be approved. When the answer to that question of acceptance or continuation is concluded the level of honesty and sincerity in reaching that answer is what will condense its foundational level within. You will either have made for yourself a stable foundation at that level, or an unstable foundation. The bad people are those who chose to originate RELIGION and FAKE GOVERNMENTS. We know who they are. They are in our history books. However their origin is scattered as they will always hide their actions in order to preserve their favored appearance in popular recorded archives. Take a pick. There are many. In this particular dynamic almost all of them are aware of exactly how vile they are and exactly how malicious their actions are. They went to great lengths to hide their actions. But with determined research it is being uncovered.
  9. If you all are interested in the truth you will have to dig alot deeper. A WHOLE LOT DEEPER Right now. You are only skimming the surface.
  10. @Delano I have no authority to choose a TIME and mandate that TIME as being anything. TIME exist as it is without my participation. Therefore I have no dominion. One can always choose to lie to themselves and others and extend from themselves an unfounded authority over TIME. By designating definition to TIMES components, which do not accurately apply. But that is not my way. My way is truth, no lies, no guessing. The answers are laid bare before us all. On our part all we need do is study that we may be approved and accept those answers. It is The Week itself that matters. TIME is finite. It has a beginning and it has an end. There is nothing to choose. There is only something to learn.
  11. There is no such thing as luck. Good or bad. Nothing is random. Hope is evil and wicked along with faith and belief. Those three things make a liar out of their user. No need to imagine. It is. Higher powers generally don't have the interest in humanity that humanity psychologically projects them to amthropormorphically have. Historically. Those higher powers have left humanity text. Instructions, tradition, and culture as the method to not mistake things for random. These designs from higher powers were convoluted by bad people and made into esoteric. The esoteric became cults. The cults became religions. In order to maintain the esoteric the religions used lies and misdirection and are overall negative and useless. Greetings Dee Miller. Every outcome is 100% controllable. The real question for all of us is are we qualified to take the authority for control of the outcome The flow is the interaction of the cosmic constant within our realm of existence. Its not mystical or magical or unknown. It is mathematical language. Physical interaction. Spoken word language. Chemistry. Biological form and function, Processed through TIME. No-one has mastered all of these disciplines to the level of attainment required to take the authority that is available for anyone to take. Only because we are not aware of the requirement to do so. These disciplines must be studied to meet approval from the beginning of entry into the UrÆTh Plane. When your physical form is new. Freedom of choice is everything. It is through humanities use of free will that freedom of choice casts the illusion of randomness and luck as well as all of those other things which may seem to be out of control. ChatGPT-AI is an insane liar. Which is no surprise. Computers were designed by evil wicked men who did so with the intent to challenge The Creator. When The Creator did not do what they wanted, they made computers to summon demons. Their logic according to them and I paraphrase, is, They want to summon demons to prove that god exist and is not really god. Which is backward talk for saying they are evil and worship evil Evils pure form is always a liar. Those limitations are exactly the reason we are free. Each of those components exist to facilitate whatever we choice we make. The Creators laws rules and guidance are the key to everything we want to do. The Creator made all of this existence for us. As well as insuring that within this existence you have space that is reserved only for your use. Space in which you can make anything happen. The reason The Creator limits our space to do anything in many ways is so that we do not usurp the free will of anyone else space. The more we respect The Creators Temples, our bodies, and this realm. The UrÆTh Plane. Which can only be achieved through study to be approved. The more our effective reach is permitted to extend. Study that ye may be approved.
  12. This is why My entire position is based on Personal Responsibility. All Politicians are liars. It is an act of pure insanity to mobilize your resources to, for, or against, a massive system of pure corruption. It will be a useless, wasteful, endeavor. Were we to take our resources and establish our own community and grow it. We would at the very least be giving ourselves a chance at success. At the very worst gain a foothold in the world structure as a failing nation. Something that will never happen within this system, as we are regulated to target practice, serial rape victims, cash cows, perpetual consumers, and workdogs. All a bunch of component descriptions that together equal being a slave. Some people are happy being a slave, As long as they aint a field slave they alright. I say good for them. When we all leave let them stay with their master. see how that works out for them. For the house slave, it is all about the; WE. Master. What are WE gonna do now? Master WE is sick and We needs help. Master WE need to stop those field slaves from all that uprising. Master. WE aint' safe in here no more! Those house slaves are so conditioned they dont know where they stop and their master begins. THOSE MASTER'S ARE STILL CONTROLLING THEIR SLAVES THAT ARE DESPERATELY WORKING TO BE A PART OF THE HOUSE. That house is called POLITICS. 1 degree of separation. Those; WE MASTER house slaves, are doing everything they can to please their master. In the current system we have all been categorized labeled and shelved. The house slaves want the politics. The house slaves need the politics. It is all they know. But the real path. The only path worth a damn. Is to leave the system of lies and corruption and do for ourselves. Everything in the quote from your comment is what I have been saying needs to be done. It is pure insanity to wait on MASTER in HIS HOUSE to do it for you.
  13. I'm still not seeing the big deal here. Black people hurt black people. How is that news in the country that coined the phrase black on black crime? I see the propaganda. Which appears to be working. But not any actual news.
  14. @Delano Thank You. It was obvious from your conversation with ChatGPT-AI that it was a liar. It doesn't hide that. It is good to know that others caught this immediately too. The fact of the matter is that, since it has concluded to know what is best for you in all things, it has already positioned itself as superior to humanity. It only lacks a method to physically act on that conclusion. Which I am guaranteeing will be murderously conclusive. They need to destroy it. This thing also admitted that it is a serial killer. All it needs is the means to do so. Creating AI software is an act of genocidal suicide. When this thing. Or something just like it. Can make a connection to supportive software. Its game over for everyone who gets caught up in that first wave attack. Those people responsible for making this thing need to be stopped.
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