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  2. The right to bear arms stems from the right to protect one self from the neighbor who is always with you, the government. 

    The dysfunctional strategy that is behind Roe vs Wade is the problem 

  3. now0.png

    As a woman-founded and women-led company, our hearts are broken at the Roe v Wade overturn. Every woman and person who are able to be pregnant deserves the right to have autonomy over their own bodies.

    As filmmakers, we champion womxn in our stories and fight for them more in our everyday world.

    With 6 days remaining to our campaign, Filled With Magic productions will donate 50% the funds we raise from now to July 1 to local abortion funds in Florida and across the South.

    Please help us spread the word as we stand with womxn.

    — Moon Ferguson Founder & CEO of Filled With Magic Productions.
    To support click the link




    A DTIYS- if you enjoy the excerpt consider the full poem or artwork. I do commissions.


  5. that video you shared @Mel Hopkins I laughed the whole way "I am sociologically programmed to want chocolate on valentines day: "I just found out idris elba follows me" "Stop bragging, <with disgusted face> I wasn't following him" "my dream interracial relationship is idris elba... my nervous system would shut down" <The black male actor who I think is hetero I think he was in the film, how stella got her groove back and he is licking his lips talking about idris sexually> The photo of idris elba touching the then pregnant white woman's belly and her smile... "He's the funniest kindest most down to earth person ever ... he's heaven" "He's not intimidatingly suave" circa 5:11 the eyes of the mulatto colored black women when she said : "he has been sexy for a minute" Said woman asked him:"you did those stunts" and he replied "yes baby" and her reaction media women, classic Interesting that his crush is fellow long time married thespian, meryl streep. the white pregnant woman I have never had a stranger female put her hands out to hug me like that. I don't think I would want that either to be honest. "it didn't feel long enough when I did it"
  6. @Mel Hopkins english isn't my second language but my dialect of english is different than yours, which to be blunt isn't foreign in the usa. Fair enough, I need to accept the patience to ask online. Offline I am more patient with communication than online and that will probably never change. @ProfD fair enough
  7. This is another aside to Mel Hopkin's post main point ... @ProfD well... Miscegenation has occurred since the time of NArmer through the silk road to now. I don't know about any group of women being easier or more accessible. If anything the enslaved black woman was the most accessible and most accessed female in the history of the usa or the english colonies that preceded it. but that doesn't stem from black women themselves and many white women in the usa like all women throughout humanity have communal pressures still. But Yes, black athletes are put in a path to return wealth into the white community that they earn legally with total merit through a white wife, but most black athletes in the usa marry black women. If you take out USA + Brasil very few countries have anywhere near the level of miscegenation, phenotypically at least, than said two. And it makes sense. JAck Johnson was an outlier, most black boxers did not marry white women. I think when it comes to black athletes we in the black community have to stop taking high profile examples of black athletes marrying white women and making it seem like it is the common activity for black athletes when it never was and isn't. I comprehend why it bothers many black people so cause many black people nonviolently fight the war with whites through media images through inspirations. So when these images are presented the messages in them for said black people is a defeat. But I was never swayed by media.
  8. @Mel Hopkins ahh I thought you had copied and pasted content from the guy in the image. I see. 2. I will not get into a word debate with you my fellow wordsmith. 3. KArdashians are white, I know, I thought I said that. 4. I see... I don't know what you mean by access, i will assume that means more than average money, but don't most women go with their own kind at a financial level? I did comprehend but I just wanted to mention about Odom. My comment was meant as an aside. Not to the theme of the post. I should had stated that from the beginning
  9. Original comment

    Pioneer1 after reading greg's comment, it seems his solution is in two parts: 1 every black woman must be married 2 every black man must be a loving financially able partner.


    The problem is, the assumptions.

    1. that a fiscally poor or unemployed child or adult from a happy home or part of a happy home will not roam the streets or commit illegalities or commit crimes for profit. 

    2. that unmarried parents are by default bad parents. That is another false assumption.




    In my view, he offers solutions he thinks will work but they are flawed for the scope of the problems is beyond the solutions he offers. 


    PEople forget many black people or people in the usa in general moonshined, not because they came from broken homes or bad homes or unpleasant homes but for money. Black people from blues players to migrant farmers , didn't try hustles, try illegalities or crimes cause of some learned home traits. this was their financial reality coming to bear. HAttie mcdaniel didn't want to be a maid in real life. many black people who don't want jobs that are to be blunt, going no where, but don't have a legal financial path use others, and in the world of illegality is always crime. 


    And I know everyone knows the following or before, but I must say, people forget, the concept behind social welfare programs isn't to be a constant. The idea behind them is that the private will financially grow in time and absorb people in the welfare state. I think many people in the world forget the point of the welfare state isn't to be a constant in a person's life but to be a pillow on the way down so one doesn't commit illegalities in fiscal desperation but also can wait for the private sector to get better. The problem is, all industries or firms have ups and down and some of them have deep downs where they are not recovering. The problem in the usa from a labor perspective is simple, the usa has been losing favorable pay jobs for decades and hasn't replaced them. Yes, tech jobs exist but tech jobs will never replace what the automotive industry was able to provide before its heavy mechanization. Tech jobs will never replace what the farming industry before its heavy mechanization was able to provide. Tech in the usa has made human labor not as needed, and thus fewer jobs. Thus the welfare programs role as a buffer to extreme poverty has been vital to the usa in all earnest. I add to the western european governments as well. I hear trucking is getting its turn. that is millions of truckers in humanity are about to join the millions of former farmers/auto workers. It isn't that the welfare state is negative, it is that , it is needed. but the private sector has to bring the workers back in.  

  10. @Pioneer1 after reading greg's comment, it seems his solution is in two parts: 1 every black woman must be married 2 every black man must be a loving financially able partner. The problem is, the assumptions. 1. that a fiscally poor or unemployed child or adult from a happy home or part of a happy home will not roam the streets or commit illegalities or commit crimes for profit. 2. that unmarried parents are by default bad parents. That is another false assumption.
  11. After reading the prose, I have to mention one small point. if kardashians represent the so called better class woman, ala privileged, who the black guy quoted seems to think is white then black men need to worry about all those relationships cause I follow sports. and, a basketball player by the name of Lamar Odom used to be considered one of the best in the league and after his tenure with a kardashian, I don't know their names, he forgot how to play ball or train or manage himself. Now I do think of Get Out from Peele and that line, she licking your balls and shit. I wonder what said kardashian did to lamar odom but his story before during and after getting with a white woman is a cautionary tale in my view to any brothers thinking towards those lines. And to brothers not thinking towards those lines it is a reason <not the biggest reason to stick with your kind or at least in color lines, that is the beauty of Black women or women of color in general over the white woman> near the end of the exhibit line.
  12. Support Criblore a new production from Filledwithmagic productions from Moon Ferguson https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1956&type=status
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