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  1. day 1 https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Promptpot2022Day1-931571516 day 3 https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Promptpot2022Day03-931807093
  2. my entries https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2099&type=status
  3. A ballet including work from Caroline Randall Williams and Rhiannon Giddens in fulll, it is over an hour. https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2098&type=status
  4. hhhaha @Pioneer1 You are not the first who told me I introduced them to this term The odd thing it was others that regaled me to this You sound like that character in a streetcar named desire, i quote "I knew you were old, but not too old"
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  6. Black Lucy and The Bard
    Premiere: 9/16/2022 | 01:24:17 | 
    Explore Shakespeare’s love life through the perspective of the “Dark Lady” in this work from Nashville Ballet based on poetry by Caroline Randall Williams and featuring an original score by GRAMMY winner Rhiannon Giddens.

    Transcript is on the page


  7. now0.jpg

    The Epps will buy and fix up houses in Indianapolis , the city he was raised in. I get the message to black people with money who are from financially leaner statuses, to go back to the communities they left and become real estate barons ala Generational wealth. I will never forget when berry gordy moved motown to los angeles. He spent so much money to make motown a multimedia entertainment firm based in los angeles... he could had spent all that money in detroit to do the same thing and would had a greater influence on detroit long term...and many musicians left him for that move too. so... I get the epps point. I wonder who will live in the epps homes? If this show is "buying back the block" then the sequent reality show needs to be "living on the block" . Epps couple buying and fixing homes is only one part of the story, the next is who lives in those homes? What is their rent? Reality T.v. is so unreal. 


  8. We were Hippies from John Amos, did the country road guy hear this once?

    Happy Belated birthday, still love his character in the beastmaster film. The beastmaster is a book written by a white man about an indigenous man who is a space traveler who talks to non humans on mars... so the beastmaster in the film is its own creature completely.
    John AMos:) 

    John Amos in his 1958 East Orange High School yearbook photo.
    John Allen Amos Jr. (born December 27, 1939) is an American actor known for his role as James Evans, Sr., on the CBS television series Good Times. Amos's other television work includes The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a recurring role as Admiral Percy Fitzwallace on The West Wing, and the role of Washington, D.C., Mayor Ethan Baker in the series The District. Amos has appeared on Broadway and in numerous films in his five-decade career. He has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and an NAACP Image Award. On film, he has played numerous supporting roles in movies such as The Beastmaster (1982), Coming to America (1988), Die Hard 2 (1990) and Coming 2 America (2021).
    John A. Amos, Jr. Was born in Newark, New Jersey. He grew up in East Orange, New Jersey, and graduated from East Orange High School in 1958. He enrolled at Long Beach City College and graduated from Colorado State University, qualifying as a social worker with a degree in sociology. Amos also played on the Colorado State Rams football team. After college, he was a Golden Gloves boxing champion.
    In 1964, Amos signed a free agent contract with the American Football League's Denver Broncos. Unable to run the 40-yard dash because of a pulled hamstring, he was released on the second day of training camp. He then played with the Canton Bulldogs and Joliet Explorers of the United Football League. In 1965, he played with the Norfolk Neptunes and Wheeling Ironmen of the Continental Football League. In 1966, he played with the Jersey City Jets and Waterbury Orbits of the Atlantic Coast Football League.
    In 1967, Amos signed a free agent contract with the American Football League's Kansas City Chiefs. Coach Hank Stram told him, "You're not a football player, you're a man who is trying to play football." He returned to the Continental League, where he played that year with the Victoria Steelers.
    ➡From a graduation speech by John Amos in 1987 at Drew University:
    "I really didn't decide on an acting career until after I had exhausted just about every other job possibility in the world. I'd been a truck driver, a garbage man, right in the streets of East Orange, a job that I got immediately after graduation that was to be a summer job. And I found I was capable of doing a job society looks on as being demeaning, but to do it with a certain amount of pride.
    It was ``Roots,'' and the character of Kunte Kinte, that gave me the greatest satisfaction as an actor, and as an Afro-American. While attending grade school here in New Jersey, Stockton School, and Columbian Junior High, I was given the unique opportunity of being one of a small group of black students that integrated both those."
    Amos became well known in his first major TV role, playing Gordy Howard, the weatherman on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, from 1970 until 1973.
    In 1971, he appeared with Anson Williams in a commercial for McDonald's. 
    He is best known for his portrayal of James Evans, Sr., the husband of Florida Evans, first appearing three times on the sitcom Maude before continuing the role in 61 episodes of Good Times from 1974 to 1976. Although cast as a hard-working middle-aged father of three, Amos was 34 when the show began production in 1973, only eight years older than the actor who played his oldest son (Jimmie Walker) and 19 years younger than his screen wife (Esther Rolle).
    He has guest-starred in a number of other television shows, including Police Story, The A-Team, The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, In the House, Martin as Sgt. Hamilton Strawn (Tommy's father), Touched by an Angel, Psych, Sanford And Son, My Name Is Earl, Lie to Me, and Murder, She Wrote. He has also appeared as a spokesman for the Cochran Firm (a national personal injury law firm).
    Amos wrote and produced Halley's Comet, a critically acclaimed one-man play that he has performed around the world. Amos performed in August Wilson's Gem of the Ocean on Broadway and later at the McCarther Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey.
    Amos starred in the TV Miniseries Roots, as the adult Kunta Kinte, based on the book and real life family history of author Alex Haley. Amos was featured in Disney's The World's Greatest Athlete (1973) with Tim Conway and Jan-Michael Vincent, and also starred as Kansas City Mack in Let's Do It Again (1975) with Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier. His other film appearances include Vanishing Point (1971), The President's Plane Is Missing (1973), Touched by Love (1980), The Beastmaster (1982), Dance of the Dwarfs (1983), American Flyers (1985), Coming to America (1988), Coming 2 America (2021), Lock Up (1989), Two Evil Eyes (1989), Die Hard 2 (1990), and Ricochet (1991). He appeared in the 1995 film For Better or Worse and played a police officer in The Players Club (1998). He played Uncle Virgil in My Baby's Daddy (2004), and starred as Jud in Dr. Dolittle 3 (2006). In 2012, Amos had a role in the movie Madea's Witness Protection, as Jake's father. He also appeared in Ice Cube and Dr. Dre's 1994 video for "Natural Born Killaz."
    In 2009, he released We Were Hippies, an album of original country songs by Gene and Eric Cash.
    In 2021, Amos starred in Because of Charley, as the patriarch of an estranged step-family riding out the hurricane that tore through Florida in 2004.
    In addition to his Emmy nomination for Roots, Amos has also been nominated for a CableACE award, an NAACP Image Award, and a DVD Exclusive Award. Amos has won three TV Land Awards, taking home trophies for his roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Good Times and the TV miniseries Roots.
    In 2020, Amos was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.
    **Amos was a member of the 50th Armored Division of the New Jersey National Guard, and he also became an honorary master chief of the U.S. Coast Guard.


  9. Enjoy the commercial Article https://www.autoblog.com/2022/10/01/mercedes-benz-concept-virtual-league-legends/ Mercedes Gran Turismo Concept Article https://www.autoblog.com/2013/11/20/mercedes-amg-vision-gran-turismo-concept-la-2013/ MArio meets Mercedes Article https://www.autoblog.com/2014/05/29/super-mario-bros-mercedes-gla-video/
  10. Congratulations tO clarence Bateman https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2092&type=status
  11. I finished Witchtember , tell me which day you liked the most, an art work a day for the entire month of september


  12. Enjoy:) Enjoy Art from Mystic SKillz Title: The Black Goddess URL: https://www.deviantart.com/mystic-skillz/art/The-Black-Goddess-76072752
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