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  1. @Troy fair enough, good work @Troy one point, am*zon , google, microsoft, intel , kraft, it isn't firms in the usa who are monopolies based on their own actions. they are monopolies based on the governments aiding and abetting their fiscal domination. I remember the second phase of the internet, the government led to the tech companies being organized the way they are. I am not saying some firms can not or some firms are not capable of becoming monopolies, but the environment for monopoly is brewed by governments.
  2. An anthology with a story from Misty sol < https://www.mistysol.com/ > entitled "Freedom Seeds am*zon.com: The Fire Inside, Volume 2 : Collected Stories & Poems from Zora's Den eBook : Kennedy, Victoria : Books
  3. @Troy yeah, the real remedy is better offline lives but that is a whole other topic
  4. CREATIVE TABLE 2 hat it means to be a writer , Sylessae- draw in your own style , Alligado , The Black SCreenriter cometh, , Animal BFF, Character Copyright , Humanity vs I am Legend , Negotiating , Artist be like, Spiderman head tutorial , audiobook narration styles future, going from text to voice , Summer Of Soul- some thoughts, deviantart displays , , what if what if , happy 21st birthday deviantart , Dragon tutorial: steps/headless/1960s , fire tutorial &nbsp;, Dexterity Test/Story Challenge/Comic Book Superhero/Kloir DYIS/Monster Cutie/One Light Source/OC Pet , Contrast craft, Dessert Dragon/Fav Season/Dream Catcher , retrofuturism RMI , Blackberry cookie run, Death by example, pop of grayscale, werewolf your pet , addietober , Death by example in dreadful tales, may the real nubia stand up, Ebonee , Novembrush2021, writing parents , where do the stories go , Final fantasy weaponvember, see the world in my way , Chibi KAwai dragonslayer , emotions 2021 , Zenith power collage , Legend Collage , comic book aging, translated works and immigrants, epistles of the future , internal problems in characters, AduiShirika of MSinChe <BlackGamesElite > , cancelling films- a query, reaffirmation to HBCU's , what books make a good film, Holiday Rex DTIYS + NAscha DTIYS , valentine's day 2022 , The Case Of Our Escape , Black Tribes of the USA fictional book list , eat a lemon 2022, International womens day 2022 , Audio-Shipoffools,legend to be, Audio-head of hatshepsut, Audio-Death by Example , The Last Race Film , The Journey of the PS Eternal , Superhero profile left hand, rose left hand , spin bowlers, Last day of womens' history month 2022 , Black universiy press , grant earned to the south side home movie project , to spike lee's favorites, Monna Lisa , Danny Glover in small budget, The King of Paradise, , Superman outdated, Feetorfins2022 , Ampraeh DTIYS , delight dislyte , 2k watchers 2022- In KaleJiwe , KZlovetch invitational , favorite magic spell, ? Richard Murray's Pulpit : 1+2 , ? In the first creative table, I used the comment section of the post to hold the content. This was dysfunctional. Took me years to figure it out:) This creative table, I will use my profile activity list to hold the data and tabulate it in this post. If you want to see the first creative table, utilize the following link after the makeshift arrow -> LINK The Black Table Heart man, wild seed witch , Namina Forna , The ExtraChallenged , Eugene Bacon speculative future , , 2021 years best african speculative fiction , JET and Ebony Mag , SATT Wars , The legend of Cymbee from Glenis Redmond , Respect - aretha franklin , Black mermaids of NAtasha Bowen, Sun man sitting at the table, 1940 black statian music , Global Pitch , AfroKids TV , The financial rise of the Black female writer in the usa , The importance of Black positive representation in white owned media , Robyn Hood , The comic book industry hasn't failed its owners , Asankrangwa development , truth from josephine baker over relevant topics , Alexis henderson on thistle and verse , milestone initiative, Lope Martin and why history is never erased, Black MEdia and the false tale of Merit, Pele, DJ Dont TOuch the trim , the harder they fall, Gdbee , roseanneabrown, brent lambert , Saint HEron , Keke Palmer Southern Belle , Asankrangwa 2021 , Training Day MMW, Night of the Living Dead MMW , Joyce Williams or Armooh Williams or Isoka honored , the antagonists , harriet tubman demon slayer the film , louis armstrong daughter, woke comics , silk and stone , the harder they fall reviews, Milestone history and the return of blood syndicate , King Richard , BRent Lambert on thistle and verse , Tamara Jeree interview : thistle and verse , what is in a genre: thistle and verse, Question and Answer of Billie Zangewa on the "A Brush With" Podcast, BRuised from Halle Berry , PASSING from MMW , Joyce williams is a member of the NSBA <national small business association> leadership council , Harlem the show , JAmes Baldwin 2020 , one black is enough, vivica a fox motherhood , Mystic skillz fallen kingdom, the legend of Fatima from Alexandra Tchomte , tornada alley from mainasha , inheritance trilogy 2022 readalong from thistleandverse , sailor storm from ebonychan, angel of grace from toni starchild taylor, Florida Evans fear , GDBee last of 2021 , Daniel KAluuya on acting, Bell Hooks, 2022 from diedre smith buck, Fiyah Grants , sidney poitier, Shawn Alleyne January 2022 Erotic series part 1, Black Sands to be animated , eric adams first policy act as mayor of nyc, Denzel in disney , MArcus Birthday 2022 , Last Octavia tried to tell us, Black History Storytelling, Shawn Alleyne art January 2022 Erotic Series complete linkchain, subsume summit 2022 , Somali Iron Lady, Black authors with the papaer book, kurt zouma , Oscar Micheaux, Keke Palmer side COmmon in Alice, Stacey Abrams peace , tammy williams , Sanaa LAthan and the Black female heroine lead in film, Stacey Abrams in star trek, Regina King as Shirley Chisholm, free art coloring pages GDBee, e-black rebooted websites , NOPE, 0ne0nlylarry art, Movies that move we, alice 2022 , , sesame street, whose to blame for buffalo massacre, Buffalo massacre again, A MeToo phase shift, catholic shooting in nigeria, Black immigration in the Black populace of the usa in Fox Soul , creative soul photo, , Somi Makoma and Mariam MAkeba with local internet freedom texas style, Kugali comics , Wildbow wisdom , Bethany Morrow history through historical fiction , Harlem Nights and Black Artistic Patronage , , Morrison on HAmilton , Tochi Onyebuchi on Juneteenth side freedom , , Bill Cosby , Superman will be black, , 100 years of communist china , JAmes Baldwin advice on writing , Swing from Oscar Micheaux , , sars-cov-2 truths , , crypt or nft attempt at explanation, , Simone Biles vs Dylan Roof a comparison to mental health reactions, Alfonso Ribeiro and what the black community in the usa wants , , Aretha franklin gets an honest biopic , 20th anniversary of september 11th retrospective - 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TECH Kinematic self-replication in reconfigurable organisms , ?
  5. @Stefan I oppose your assessment. Twitter and local news is more negative or toxic than any black website. Twitter is full of misinformation ... no to easy a word. Twitter is full of lies, so many lies the tweet stream can't handle it. But the viewership goes to twitter cause trump posts there/obama posts there. Meaning what? Online facebook or twitter both mastered having accounts that bring people into a platform even if the platform allows for the most negative content. Yes, Troy hasn't gotten denzel washington to be a member of AALBC, but for the record, Facebook plus Twitter paid or pay for those people to join them. It isn't based on the quality of the websites.
  6. yes @Troy but what do all of those issues have in common? pro lifers say that regardless of situation you have to have the baby, the raped woman has to have the baby. pro death penalty , regardless of the situation you have to lose your life for your crimes, the legal systems inefficacy is irrelevant if found guilty. pro war , regardless of the situation you have to fight, even if the reasoning or background of a war has nothing to do with protection or security, you must fight it to mark your territory. All of these positions are disinterested with the preposition. Allowing a raped thirteen year old an abortion she wants shows concern for her being raped , maybe she will have a more positive home life not having to deal with being a mom with no possible preparation. Allowing imprisonment shows concern for the legal systems faults, maybe he gets out in thirty years as innocent. Allowing longer deliberation before the troops are sent shows concern for peace in the future, maybe the lives not killed or mangled will lead to a better peace in that land far away It isn't wierd, it makes sense if you look at what unites these desires.
  7. I don't wish black folk ill. I have opposed the entire tenure of Clarence Thomas plus the legal work that I am aware of before he became a supreme court judge. But I also have opposed the entire tenure of barrack obama. In the same token, never wished him ill. but reading the comments here this post went from an announcement to a debate on the value of clarence thomas. To be blunt, Black members of the party of abraham lincoln highly respect clarence thomas and he reflects the opinion of many black people. Not most, not a majority, but many. So, thomas will be missed by a significant portion of the black populace in the usa, side others.
  8. @Troy the reason why black folks have to read about black on black crime cause white owned media chooses that to be a genre to emit. It also helps that white asians/white latinos/white women side many other whites enjoy berating the black peoples who are aside them in their particular races, ala black latinos. But the question is the solution. And as this site proves. Black people are the problem. We don't use the media black people own enough. In the same way we don't use the hsbc's enough. If we as a people can't ween off white media it isn't white media's fault that they are doing what is best for them. Your point is correct but the problem is the solution goes against what most black people in the usa say is a solution, ala getting white media to change.
  9. https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1963&type=status
  10. now0.jpg

    Congratulations to Janelle Monae, yourself Sheree, plus all the other artists


  11. It is just simple thoughts. Nothing fancy and looking for points rarely or leastly spoken, not battles The right to bear arms stems from the right to protect one self from the neighbor who is always with you, the government. https://www.kobo.com/audiobook/richard-murray-s-pulpit-episode-1 The dysfunctional strategy that is behind Roe vs Wade is the problem https://www.kobo.com/audiobook/richard-murray-s-pulpit-episode-2
  12. Stefan, I never said abortion is a woman's issue, nor did I say men should mouth off, please quote where I said any of that. I quote myself and technically your wrong. sperm has to still come from males. now I know the scientists are working on knowing how to make sperm in the lab for mass production but even in the future that will not be a common thing. so even with in vitro males are still needed. Not for fornication, but still to make the sperm to procreate.
  13. @Pioneer1 I disagree, in my experience black people, men /women/adults/children/english speaking/non english speaking are not ignorant of government but are unsold on governments capability. I don't like repeating myself but I repeat, I will speak solely of new york city, a city of over ten million people. The white populace in NYC isn't some grand organized thing. It wasn't the white populace who had plans, white leaders had plans and exacted those plans. the NYPD wasn't started because white people wanted it. Boss tweed , a white man who was irish, wanted it. He wanted to get results. The word that i find few black people ever utter about those who are in leadership positions in the black populace in the usa or elsewhere for that matter. In the NYPD boss tweed found a way to get a voting block totally in his favor that will only grow over time. a way to GIVE jobs to irish people, GIVE not test in/scholarship/ GIVE jobs to irish people, thus he became a hero in the irish populace in NYC, even though he was dirty to the core. The white jewish community mafia was started in harlem is very old. Goldman sachs is a white jewish bank who always manipulates nyc government , as that is simple for a bank whose members always end up with one the treasury secretary of the usa. It isn't the white jewish community going out in the street it is white jews in leadership positions getting results, and all cause they want to. The rockefellers didn't make the guggenheim or rockefeller center because of the white populaces voting schema. They did it on their own. They created a labor environment for endowment money that is huge for nyc. They didn't have to, they chose to. It did help a rockefeller become governor of new york state. he himself helped the cops with his drug war policy, which again helped a huge voting block the cops. but he chose to, that is the key that i find black people miss. The influence of the public works the rockefellers spent on in NYC is today, near priceless but they didn't do it cause the white populace of nyc told them to or had some voting plan or some financial plan from the white masses, they did it themselves. The problem Pioneer is that black people like most human beings stop caring about government when it is clear government agents are not concerned with them. I don't know where you live and don't say it. But, find the nearest region that is mostly black where you live, whether that is where you live or farther away. I am certain a black person is the elected representative of said region. Go that person and ask them, what do you plan to do for the betterment of black people? IF they say nothing, which they will, then you know why black people in that region think nothing of government. You want people to be engaged in government. I have a best solution. get results. Get them jobs, get them homes, do whatever you gotta do to make their financial life better than their neighbors and they will vote for you over 90% . Government isn't hard Pioneer but black people sadly have turned government into this falsely complicated thing because we don't want to admit that the people in government who are leaders in the black village by their positions cant get results, but we want black people to act like they can, Get results. Why is schrumptf still popular? he got results. he shifted the supreme court. he supported israel above and beyond. Does that make him good or wise ? no, but he got results so some communities who were waiting for results are totally supportive of him over the others who talk a lot and produce no results, ala the poal rank and file. That is why geb bush lost easily. The bushes don't get results. They are talkers. ... black people know about government but you like so many in our village want black people to be engaged in government as if they are getting something in return when they never do. And I can't ask that of any people. I think it is unfair. I repeat, black people don't curse mandela in south africa for nothing.
  14. @Mel Hopkins you claim what I said is bigoted or stereotypical but I see it as truth. I will go one step further. most people in the usa have one primary concern, money. This is a fiscal capitalistic country. Most people in the usa have always been poor. sequentially, most are concerned with not being poor. cause being poor sucks. I chose that term but various terms defining a negative state are all applicable. the post was about black people so I mentioned black people only. but most native americans are poor, they care mostly about money. most whites, to be blunt, are poor, they care about money. Most people in the usa care about one thing primarily, above all others. Money. I am not going to prove anything to you Mel. I don't have to, and I add, please continue to label my words as such based on your criteria. But I want it known, I disagree completely with your assessment to my words as bigoted or stereotypical. .... You can send my award to a non profit.
  15. May your spirit fly high Richard Matheson
    I have all his twilight zone scripts , read them multiple times and yes, when twilight zone marathon comes on I read my books simultaneously. 
    This is one of my favorite matheson episodes. I love the story. Matheson loved his wife very much and many of his stories show couples, each have a strength. 
    I admit a guilty pleasure of this is the visual description by the scientist explaining the interspacial rift.
    The name of this episode is "Little Girl Lost" - it is not an exact teleplay from the original screenplay or the original television show recording but it will allow you to get the gist


  16. https://richardmurrayhumblr.tumblr.com/post/688080684887261184/the-dysfunctional-strategy-that-is-behind-roe-vs Richard Murray's Pulpit Episode 2 Audiobook by Richard Murray - 1230005634682 | Rakuten Kobo United States
  17. https://richardmurrayhumblr.tumblr.com/post/688080611644162048/the-right-to-bear-arms-stems-from-the-right-to Richard Murray's Pulpit Episode 1 Audiobook by Richard Murray - 1230005632770 | Rakuten Kobo United States
  18. The black populace in the USA in majority has one prime concern, money. Most Black people are not ignorant of the supreme court law or gun laws or any of those things but those things don't relate to what black people , correctly, care about most and that is money.
  19. ITs fine @Troy I know you have opposed am*zon's ways, but google or am*zon or whomever are the same as firms that are looking to dominate the internet. The site runs well. You know my philosophy, do as best you can , and it is up to us in this group, this community, to improve it as well. Increase membership with our popularity. One day AALBC will be able to have its own advertisement system, that to me is the real goal advertising wise on this site.
  20. Abortion isn't ended, each state in the union has the right to have its own abortion laws. a black woman in NY state is in the same situation before the supreme courts ruling as after. So, for black women that live in states that outlaw abortion what does it matter? well , most of those states are southern or midwestern. Now, the black descended of enslaved populace in the USA's oldest regions of living are in the southern states. Does this ruling matter? no. what matters to black people in mississippi/louisian/alabama/texas/georgia <outside the affluent blacks>/carolinas is the same thing that has mattered to black people in those places before the war between the states. How can we be free of the environment we are in that is controlled by whites? The answer is still the answer it was, for most, no way and the black populace offers no opportunity as a collective to help. Most Black individuals have to fend for themselves.
  21. The right to bear arms stems from the right to protect one self from the neighbor who is always with you, the government. 

    The dysfunctional strategy that is behind Roe vs Wade is the problem 

  22. now0.png

    As a woman-founded and women-led company, our hearts are broken at the Roe v Wade overturn. Every woman and person who are able to be pregnant deserves the right to have autonomy over their own bodies.

    As filmmakers, we champion womxn in our stories and fight for them more in our everyday world.

    With 6 days remaining to our campaign, Filled With Magic productions will donate 50% the funds we raise from now to July 1 to local abortion funds in Florida and across the South.

    Please help us spread the word as we stand with womxn.

    — Moon Ferguson Founder & CEO of Filled With Magic Productions.
    To support click the link

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