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  1. I watched it, they approached it as if true, without trying to special effects it to death... I like it. It isn't at the special effects level that many audiences want/need/expect/desire when it comes to video game films, but I like the approach Ryu and ken
  2. Your thoughts? Of live action fighting game films, do you have any thoughts?
  3. this is the link https://www.xlibris.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/843690-blues-highway
  4. yeah @Delano and some films fall away, let's call it like it is, people still call birth of a nation from griffith a great film in technical ways, and yet, its financial history is far less consistent, so how a film is determined to be better is not consistent. @Troy fair enough, the subject wasn't the consistency of quality in films from peele or lee, it was assessing the quality of films in the past to either film makers. You suggested the longer time for peele is a factor that can not be dismayed, when I suggested that both filmmakers have equal quality in films to inspire.
  5. why red orange green blue book pages/text? I never thought to ask why those colors? If I think on logos in modern media, consistency is key. I wish I would had been part of this group when originally started, I would had suggested one symbol but it is too late. Meaning what? the symbol for aalbc has always been composed of parts. The circle for the head/ the book/ text I think the new logo is fine, especially the one to the left. Troy on tumblr or youtube the aalbc is more present than the proper name of the site. so, that is key. I personally don't mind the logo staying the same, a website's true strength isn't in logo's it is in quantity of users/time users spend on website/advertising revenue or retail revenue being earned and but do as you will, this is your website, I always wish it the best.
  6. Lila Phoenix art Finding your roots open call+ more information https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2170&type=status
  7. 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Richard Murray's Pulpit : 1+2 , 3+4+5 , 6 , ? In the first creative table, I used the comment section of the post to hold the content. This was dysfunctional. Took me years to figure it out:) This creative table, I will use my profile activity list to hold the data and tabulate it in this post. 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TECH Kinematic self-replication in reconfigurable organisms , ?
  8. HBCU homecoming

    10000000_829771831670989_9017498759102728366_n from Bryan Walker on Vimeo


    Calling ALL #FindingYourRoots fans! For the first time in our show’s history, we are looking for one of YOU to join our season 10 lineup!
    We want to hear about your family’s genealogical mystery that needs help solving. Go to http://findingyourrootscasting.com to enter.


    'We are the real Jews:' 100s of Black Hebrews march in New York City
    Story by By MICHAEL STARR • 24 Nov
    Hundreds of followers of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement marched through New York City on Monday in support of basketball player Kyrie Irving, who returned from suspension after he had shared a link on social media to a documentary that advocates BHI theological claims that people of African descent are the real Jews.
    Purple-uniformed BHI adherents chanted, “We are the real Jews” and “Time to wake up,” according to a video shared by Creative Community for Peace director Ari Ingel (@OGAride) .
    ESPN claimed that the men were members of Israel United in Christ. Another video shared by the popular Twitter account NBA Central showed the Black Hebrews lined up outside the stadium in which Irving’s first game since his suspension was to be played.

    Black Hebrew Israelite pamphlets
    The Jerusalem Post obtained a pair of flyers distributed by BHI movement followers outside the stadium.
    “The truth about slavery,” read one flyer. “The so-called Blacks and Hispanics are ‘the 12 tribes of Israel!’ You are the children of the slave trade!”
    The flyer cited biblical passages warning the Jewish people that if they did not heed the Torah, they would be enslaved and placed in yokes of iron. The flyer pointed to that very practice being inflicted on the victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade as proof of their identity.
    Flyers distributed by Black Hebrew Israelites at the Brooklyn Nets NBA game on November 21. (credit: ERICA SCHACHNE)
    A second flyer claimed to impart the “truth about antisemitism,” casting Jews as Amalek, who conspired to hide the “true identity of the Israelites and would work to prevent them from waking up in the last days.”
    “There is a widely recognized pattern of enslavement, systemic oppression, bullying, legal manipulation and anti-black political lobbying, including silencing black voices in media outlets worldwide,” the pamphlet continued. “The biblical Israelites are targeted and accused of hate day and night without rest. Our knowledge of our heritage and laws has been systematically removed from us through the monstrous holocaust known as the trans-Atlantic slave trade. They may lie to the world and deny us of our birthright, yet Jesus the Christ, our Black Messiah, confirms the truth of who we are. We are not antisemitic, we are Semitic.”

    ‘Not the real Jews’ perpetuates antisemitism”
    The American Jewish Committee said in a statment, “Black Hebrew Israelites chanting ‘We are the real Jews’ is a troubling antisemitic trope with dangerous potential. We cannot allow this supremacist ideology to spread and gain greater acceptance. Claiming Jewish people are ‘not the real Jews’ perpetuates antisemitism around the world.”
    AJC’s Avi Mayer described the BHI chants as being another side “of the same antisemitic coin” of the white supremacist “Jews will not replace us” chant.

    Black Hebrew Israelite beliefs
    BHI beliefs have recently drawn attention with the scandals surrounding Irving and American rapper Kanye West.
    Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America, the book series adapted into the documentary of the same name shared by Irving in late October, argues in favor of the BHI Jewish replacement theory. Irving was suspended by his team, the Brooklyn Nets, on November 3 in response to the athlete refusing to apologize.
    The series became a bestseller on am*zon, Apple and Barnes & Noble’s online stores. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the series features passages from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and a quote falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler declaring black Americans to be the true Jews.
    Activists, NGOs and even Hollywood stars have called on the book retailers to remove the series. Barnes & Noble removed the content from its website in response to public pressure.
    West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, has also professed belief in black Americans as Jews. However, he has included Jews as another branch of the same nation, rather than impostors.
    “The funny thing is, I actually can’t be antisemitic because black people are actually Jew [sic] also,” West explained at the end of a tweet in which he warned that he would go “death con 3 [sic] on Jewish people.”
    In a statement, AJC director of black-Jewish relations Dov Wilker said it was “important not to generalize when it comes to Hebrew Israelites. Radical Hebrew Israelites are grouped under the Israelite umbrella that cites antisemitic conspiracy theories to explain the slave trade and preach misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia and antisemitism. But not all Hebrew Israelites are Black and not all are radical.”
    Erica Schachne contributed to this report.



    She said Mooo, I will never forget that. 

    @_lipstickguru_ @carine.dior I said “mooo” this time 😂😂 #bellababy #fypシ #pump #breastmilk #cow ♬ original sound - Ju’s Life



    funny after 15 years the vows are used, enjoy

    @theschoolhousevenue Absolutely hilarious!  Extremely witty + clever move by our bride, Christie, the other weekend during their ceremony vow exchange 😆 As a tribute to being together almost 15 years, Christie decided to “blow the dust” off of her ceremony vows in preparation for reading her vows to Byron! Byron’s Reaction = PRICELESS 🎥 Ten Oh Eight Films 📷 @The Ten Oh Eight Co ♬ original sound - the school house venue


  9. https://www.deviantart.com/lilacphoenix/journal/Signal-Boost-Post-Surgery-Emergency-Funds-939126702
  10. OC commissions! part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 Commission information
  11. Jerry Lawson Play and Create a game https://g.co/doodle/pky25gd
  12. A White House Carol From Richard Murray In the morning and afternoon, in Christmas eve, in the year two thousand and seventeen: tweets, blogs, news anchors, or other modern media personnel utter out variances to President Trump; the year, is near complete, when the President try to climb above: rigid governing party line, violent tribalism, backstabbing factions, or other negative partitioning structures throughout humanity; but he fail in making positive partitioning structures, while ever increasing problems generate from the early or hopeful deals; now, dedicate to making a deal that will win all, he is in his bad alone; demand from his doctor can not be ignore; he stay awake while the moon peer in his temporary home and eventually he fall into sleep, and the clock strike ten. ... Trump feel a pinch on his left foot, and shuffle; easy to incense, he notice a light figure and look to call the secret service. "Why do you modern presidents always do that" Trump expect to hear a voice through the phone; none arrive after many button are press, and he calm his nerves; his eye set to the light figure, and he notice a human visage; he cry out to his guard. "I have all night, which is as long as you want it" "Don't hurt me" "You have already hurt yourself... but I am here to guide you" Trump collect his thoughts and say: "who are you?" "Monroe... James Monroe" Trump think for moments "You had us align chronologically in the hall, sequentially I am between Madison and Quincy Adams" Trump still ponder "That does not matter, do you have an idea to why I am here" "Not at all, really... I really don't" "I am here to warn you" "Warn me about what?!" The eyelids from the light figure close and it grimace extremely "It is amazing how the living is free from the pain absent time while treasuring a handful from moments in their life" Trump is in disconnect or confuse. Monroe turn round and set his back to Trump. Trump jump out from his bed to the door, witnessing creatures eat the entire backside from James Monroe. "Do not fear them Trump, but heed their warning!" "And what is that... Monroe" "The harshness that your eventuality can bring" "Listen, I don't understand, I really do not comprehend" "Of Course you do not, none of us did..." Monroe turn to the window and a loud shriek come into the room. "What was that!" "That was Jackson" "Andrew Jackson, I don't believe it, he was a great president" "Great... yes, he was great, but you confuse great to good, you see his deals, domination, expansions, and you see power, prestige, but side that was cruelty, treachery, sinful pride, a hardness that never bent... and so he bends now... look!" Trump go onto his bed and hide under sheets "You can not hide from the truth" Trump, encase in covers, is raise above the bed; he cry out: "what are you doing?!" "Nothing... you still do not see" The cover about Trump is peel away and a thing, pull his arms out, while in the air; and, pull his eyelids back; he shrieks seeing Andrew Jackson bent like a taco being burn or frozen in various places. "Do you see now Trump..." Monroe point to another place and Trump is place there. In terror Trump say: "Who is that!" "It is John Tyler... do you recall him" Trump turn away and say:"no" "He made a choice to betray those whom he was supposed to stand by, instead he tried to appease those that did not like him and in that imbalance, as you can see, many people were tore apart from those that was part to who they were, now he has to continually tear at his body, bands from one side to the other" Trump squeeze his eyes shut after hearing Tyler cry louder; the spirit tear at itself, left hand to right torso or right hand to left torso, tearing roughly while skin fall or blood spill. Trump is set down. "Am I in hell?" "Calm yourself, you are alive and getting a chance to make your passed time better, you are not in hell" "But I don't get this at all... did my predecessor have a night like this" "Yes" "Why didn't he say something?" "Would you had listened or had any respect to the man" Trump look down "Of course now, besides you don't see the cause to this" "What is the cause!" "The presidency itself, the position like all powerful chairs binds whomever sit in it. Some chairs let you dream the lies you made or keep you isolated side your biggest failure... this chair torments you using your errors" Monroe approach Trump and offer, the mortal, a comfort or pat on the back. Trump jitter nervously. "Don't you see, none of us can manipulate you, only guide you hoping you will see what you have to do and I see you will have a long night... to that end you will be visited tonight by three ghosts: purpose, community, truth and it is time for me to go" "But wait Monroe, if you always do this, why not come earlier" "I do not always do this" "But why come here then, you are not my ancestor... why not Washington" "It is simple, you are most like me... like you, I wanted to bring Columbia back to what I thought was a greater time... I did not see, how many were hurt from cruel people I empowered through my plan to bring everyone together. I learned that uniting all peoples can not occur on one people's terms or ... or... you get these creatures knowing at all I don't see including my own reverse... if any of us match a new president, the chair choose us to warn you on Christmas Eve" Monroe suddenly yell and scream; the creatures are bigger on her back while, a thing, lift him to beyond the window, about his peer. Trump go to the window and in horror see Abraham Lincoln; the father to the Republican party melting away from a blob like thing emanating form his skull; he notice Monroe is set face up while the creatures attach to a void; he call out to Monroe, but the pain overtook the spirit. Trump step back and notice the thing whose own skin is trying to suffocate it is Thomas Jefferson; he only notice through a moment to normal as the skin grow back and peel off into the mouth from Jefferson. Trump turn and jump into bed. "Mad spirit... bah humbug, that is the stupidest thing ever, I will find out who did this and they will pay" The light dim and return to the state before, while the: howls, yells, or screams fade. "I need a drink... some nice egg nog" And Trump put on his slippers and prepare to travel the hallway; he open the door and people are sitting all about on a lawn. Trump rush to go back into the room and close the door. "Donald Trump!": announce a booming voice; again, it speak the same. Trump run to his bed, slippers on, and hide under the cover; after moments, he hear a voice say: "you can not evade me, my purpose is clear" ; and some grab the covers and pull them off him. Trump sense bright light and know his room is not present; he say: "please don't hurt me" The voice gently say: "Monroe told you the truth and you can not stop this so the harder you make my situation, the longer and more painful it will be for you" Trump open his eyelids and see the lawn where people sit, surround his bed; he ask worryfull: "who are you?" A voice from a person standing behind a podium in a distance speak:"come here and you will learn" Trump walk between two long columns in a narrow isle, not a seat empty, every face look to him; a little fatigue he try to see, looking to the horizon, where any row end; but none seem to end. "Come on Trump... you can make it, you walked far less than this" Trump reach the podium and the man put out his hand. "Welcome Trump, I am William Henry Harrison, your ghost of Christmas purpose" "I don't recall your presidency" "Yes, most do not know of it. I caused my death in a place like this" "Assassination" "Well, yes, through natural forces... they were the bullet, the gun was my love to speaking" "I am a pretty good motivator" "... well, remember that essay in the New York Times" "Listen, I spoke the truth" "Ha ha ha... yes, you spoke as you saw fit, the most truthful intention... but not the truth in the scenario" "Ok listen, I am a pretty smart guy, where is my past, where is that woman that I mistreated... who I grew up with" "Ha... yes, you still do not see. This is not Dicken's fable. this is real. you were given a choice already, a choice in every moment in your life, but you failed to choose positively to yourself side others, usually only to yourself" "I don't have to listen to this, this is ridiculous" Trump try to walk away but is unable to. "You were told, the chair has decided" "Well can I just talk to the chair then, and forego talking to you or your two friend" "No but I will help you, as talking is my skill too... this chair started when Opechanacanough" "Who!" "An old native leader... on his death bed cursed whoever led the English colonist" "But what does that have to do with the U.S.A." "Patience, please do not interrupt like that... led the English colonist to suffer the pain from all their failure as he id in his life, to his own, that English colony, Virginia, would be led from George Washington who would be the first president to the U.S.A." "So because of Virginia, the U.S.A. has to suffer?" "No because of those european... White colonists, presidents will suffer long after they think they can not" "That guy was a fool, should had used his magic to win a victory" "Magic, mathematics, science... all mean knowledge, how often has humanity used the knowledge it is modernly eager to acquire to positive use... not vain, individualistic goals that hurt others" "You do what you gotta do" "Yes a saying that seem very purposeful yet lack mentioning the sacrifice to undo what others did before" "You have said your case, is that it" "No you have some more guest" "If they are like you, this should be a cakewalk" "Why do you say that?" "You are just standing in front of this immense crowd, not great cause no one is talking, but a great crowd" "You do not see, my talking caused my death, got pneumonia, lasted for a few weeks, from my own memory" "So the chair is unfair to punish you" "No, when you accept a chair like this, the time spent is irrelevant, and my punishment is my mouth, every time I talk another person is added, the columns or rows grow, I am surrounded by all the possibilities my pride or vanity did not allow" "These people are not people you know" "No, they are people my lack of purpose did not make happen. And that is my point to you Trump. Be purposeful, vain advertisements do nothing except lead to a quicker death" A person in the front row get up. Trump shuffle frightingly. Harrison say: "remember" as he side Trump are surround from the former sitters; they brush past Trump but the first one nearest Harrison hit the ghost in the face; and the mob assault Harrison through: rips, pulls, hits, bites, kicks; they each hit any part to the body they can access while Harrison wail. Trump see people at the horizon in every angle, riotous; he step back in fear to the refrigerator in the kitchen; it take moments for him to cognize his position; he open the refrigerator door, hurrying, and lift liquor to his lips. A door open and Trump cry out: "please leave me be" "Sir": say a secret service agent. "Oh... I apologize Jim... Listen, can you walk me back to my room" "Of course Mr. President... is everything all right" "Yes... lets walk... how is your family" "They are fine sir, we will enjoy tomorrow, got a good surprise for the kids" "Good, good... well listen, come with me into my room" "Sir, step back, give me a moment" The secret service agent communicate to others as Trump stand in the hall way; Trump watch him go into the room; Trump notice a secret service man in front to him, suddenly. "It is okay sir": say a secret service agent behind Trump, startling him. The door to Trump room open and Jim usher the President in. "Do you want me to stay in the room sir" "Yes Jim" Trump go into his bed, and relax, certain no spirit will make itself known, now that a guard is present; he slowly rest or relax; before he can nod off he hear a tap; he try to ignore his fear and hear more taps. Trump open his eyelids and see a man he cognize tapping Jim. "Herbert Hoover" "Yes, I am glad you know me" "You were a winner and it is nice knowing you are similar to me" "Not in personal terms Trump. I was an engineer, a fiscal operator who never went bankrupt on fiscal maturity. Did you ever think to learn architecture, or engineering a building construction?" Trump is frustrate: "then what do we have in common" "We both believe... had faith in business, in individuality overcoming collective woes, especially in this country, we are both businessmen" "We are both right" "This is not about right or wrong Trump, it is a curse, and we both do not or at least I never saw the truth. Fiscal prosperity, growth benefited us both personally, made life seem like a win if only government get out of the way, as in your bankruptcy, I did not see how greater fiscal allowance never gained the collective value but only disempowered the fiscally poor more" "That stance on prohibition was a bad call" "Yes, but one I made, cause like you, I talked community only in spirit, not in function and in trying to favor government responsibility in the cultural aspects I neglected many who never had the means to fly or allowed by their fellows to do so... efficiency... efficiency to the enabled is blocked by the successful inefficient" "So your my ghost to Christmas community" "Yes" Jim suddenly fall and break into pieces. "It is alright, your friend is safe, just a scare tactic, but it is not for you" Trump is in a puzzlement while Hoover bend over and slowly progress to the floor. "Are you still here Trump?!" "Yes... oh god, oh god your blind" "I can not see you any more, or feel your skin... as you may guess my pain is to hurt form what I can not stop, hinder, or prepare to" Trump watch Hoover crawl on the broken pieces, that is Jim, blood dripping and yet unable to cry out or feel the shards position. Trump turn away from the horror, kneeling to pray or bed or wail. Thunder sound, wind howls all about Trump; he rise from a kneeling position on the white house lawn; a man appear before him; and he say:"you are not death or the ghost of Christmas future" "No, I am your ghost of Christmas truth" "And what is your pain?" "Simple to see truth, totally throughout my soul, unable to discard or hide it" "Well what do you want to talk about, certainly not my essays or finance" "As you have guessed, your campaign" "What happened is in the past, aren't you here to give me a chance to be better, if I can't escape the curse, why do this" "You still do not see... like you I did not see truth. I saw signs the rules from my past or in my present were cracking, and I lied to myself about what needed to be done. In the end my actions to maintain order or justice led to alot of pain" "Well, can I go now" "I hope you see, your post mortem pain is inescapable, but if you lessen it, you may make the wait easier" "The wait, to what!" "To the destruction of the chair, which can only happen when Opechanacanough's curse is satisfied" "But from all the talk I heard tonight from you lame spirits, no deal is possible" "Your wrong... we may get lucky and a truly positive or great leader may arrive or..." "Or what" "Or the U.S.A. falls, absent a community to govern the chair is nothing" "Well, that will not happen in my lifetime!" "The truth is, I do not know but I saw quite a few presidents before you and... you give me hope" A complete lightness totally surround Trump or the spirit. Trump ponder, looking round. "This is energy from the chair" "I thought evil was black" "You know already, evil come in all colors... and I leave you to what you wanted an audience too" "Wait! I get to go home yes... I really got work to do" "You must stay" The spirit begin to fade. "Who are you?!" "You can call me Pierce... never forget, acting against the truth will lead to fire, unconsumable fire to the chair" The spirit, name Pierce, merge into the lightness. Trump feel hear as the lightness approach; his hand burn as it get closer and he scream and scream and scream... and wake while the sun beam on his face. Trump sit up silent or disquiet; he wonder to his guest and is startle when his Christmas day breakfast come in. Later, in the morning, Kelly Anne Conway is about to start the morning tweet plan when she is halt from President Trump; and he say: "It is time to speak to the press about my new plan"; she ask:"What is the basics?"; and he reply... The Beginning Check out my ebooks- the free one is noted, please read/enjoy/give me your response: Sunset Children Stories: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sunset-children-stories Looking West and West: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/looking-west-and-west Janidogo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-janidogo The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph The Nyotenda FREE : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-nyotenda Includes a comic. The following link is an excerpt LINK
  13. @Troy well your point requires three things 1) what determines if one film is better than another 2) can said qualities be learned 3) will more instances of quality in past films provide more examples to said learning 3 is based on 2, 2 is based on 1. And in my view, what determines if one film is better than another is atemporal because artist/directors+scriptriters have the right to create based on ideas that a viewer may simply not like. But it doesn't mean other viewers do not
  14. @Delano ah ok when ever you do, definitely provide us with your opinion of peele's first three vs lee's first three. @Troy Fair enough, I don't comprehend why not regarding those 40 years is hard to justify. Maybe you will display your opinion. But, it is fact that more black films, as I define them, were made before peele's first three than lee's first three. Though my position , as I comprehended it, had nothing to do with quantity of films.
  15. @Troy didn't lee have the work of Sydney Poitier/melvin van peebles/gordon parks/ousmane sembene/william greaves/med hondo not to mention oscar micheaux/the race films? Black filmmaking has been around since the late 1800s. If you say Lee didn't have the same body of work of black filmmaking before him, I disagree. Now if you are saying Lee's first films were when he was younger than Peele, I don't know either's age, then ok.
  16. But I quote Fuqua: “The film to me is bigger than that moment,” Fuqua said. “Four hundred years of slavery is bigger than one moment. ..." https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2169&type=status
  17. Hope you are still healthy, and hope you have many loving ones offline to be with you
  18. cool @Delano + @Pioneer1 Delano will you rank peele's first three with lee's first three?
  19. now0.jpg

    Title: Scourged back by McPherson & Oliver, 1863, retouched
    Description: Scars of a whipped Mississippi slave, photo taken April 2, 1863, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Original caption: "Overseer Artayou Carrier whipped me. I was two months in bed sore from the whipping. My master come after I was whipped; he discharged the overseer. The very words of poor Peter, taken as he sat for his picture."
    NOTE: The New York Times writer Joan Paulson Gage, noted, "The images of Wilson Chinn in chains, like the one of Gordon and his scarred back, are as disturbing today as they were in 1863. They serve as two of the earliest and most dramatic examples of how the newborn medium of photography could change the course of history." [ read the second article below ] 

    Will Smith Responds to People Who Reject His Comeback So Soon After Oscars Slap: ‘I Completely Understand’

    By Zack Sharf

    Will Smith’s press tour for “Emancipation” has begun, with the actor directly addressing moviegoers who are not yet ready to embrace his work following the Oscars slap earlier this year. “Emancipation,” a slavery drama directed by Antoine Fuqua, is Smith’s first major film release since the 2022 Oscars, where he took the stage and slapped presenter Chris Rock across the face over a joke made at the expense of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

    “I completely understand — if someone is not ready, I would absolutely respect that and allow them their space to not be ready,” Smith told journalist Kevin McCarthy when asked what he would say to moviegoers who aren’t ready for his comeback. “My deepest concern is my team – Antoine has done what I think is the greatest work of his entire career. The people on this team have done some of the best work of their entire careers, and my deepest hope is that my actions don’t penalize my team. At this point, that’s what I’m working for.”

    Smith added, “I’m hoping that the material — the power of the film, the timeliness of the story — I’m hoping that the good that can be done would open people’s hearts at a minimum to see and recognize and support the incredible artists in and around this film.”

    “Emancipation” is based on a true story and stars Smith as a runaway slave named Peter, known better to the world as “Whipped Peter” after photographs of keloid scarring on his back were distributed to show the brutality of slavery. The film follows Peter as he navigates the swamps of Louisiana to escape the plantation owners that nearly killed him.

    In an interview earlier this month with Vanity Fair, director Antoine Fuqua defended releasing “Emancipation” in the same year as Smith’s Oscars slap.

    “The film to me is bigger than that moment,” Fuqua said. “Four hundred years of slavery is bigger than one moment. My hope is that people will see it that way and watch the movie and be swept away with the great performance by Will and all the real hard work that the whole crew did.”

    According to Fuqua, committing to release the movie in 2022 was “a full conversation with Apple” but “there was never a conversation with me and Apple or my producers about the movie not coming out.”

    “Of course I wanted people to see the film,” Fuqua said. “My conversation was always, ‘Isn’t 400 years of slavery, of brutality, more important than one bad moment?’ We were in Hollywood, and there’s been some really ugly things that have taken place, and we’ve seen a lot of people get awards that have done some really nasty things. So I think Apple considered all those things, and we discussed a lot of those things. Then a decision was made by the people in charge of distribution and the money at Apple — and I’m grateful, I’m really grateful.”

    “Emancipation” premieres in theaters on Dec. 2 and will stream on Apple TV+ starting Dec. 9.



    "Wilson. Branded Slave from New Orleans," 1863, taken by Charles Praxson.Credit Private Collection, Courtesy William L. Schaeffer

    Icons of Cruelty

    Two iconic photographs of former slaves documenting the torture inflicted on them by their owners were widely circulated during the Civil War as anti-slavery propaganda, and both appear in the current exhibit “Photography and the American Civil War” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although the images were extensively reproduced and helped to turn public opinion against slavery, the stories of the two men in these shocking photographs are little known today.

    Perhaps the most famous anti-slavery image ever made is “The Scourged Back,” in which an escaped slave named Gordon poses to reveal the web of raised scars covering his body. An engraving of this photograph, attributed to McPherson and Oliver of New Orleans, was published on July 4, 1863, in Harper’s Weekly, along with the explanation that Gordon had escaped his master in Mississippi and threw the pursuing bloodhounds off his scent by rubbing himself with onions. After an arduous journey, he managed to reach the Union Army stationed at Baton Rouge, La., 80 miles away.

    Gordon decided to enlist in the Union Army — something that President Lincoln had legalized only months earlier — and during the required medical examination, the officers saw his back “furrowed and scarred with the traces of a whipping administered on Christmas Day last.” They called for a photographer to document it. On April 16, 1863, S. K. Towle, surgeon, 30th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, sent a C.D.V. (carte de visite) photograph of Gordon’s back with a letter to W. J. Dale, surgeon general of the state of Massachusetts. He wrote: “Few sensation writers ever depicted worse punishment than this man must have received, though nothing in his appearance indicates any unusual viciousness — but on the contrary he seems INTELLIGENT AND WELL BEHAVED.”

    The Harper’s article also included an engraving of “Gordon in his uniform as a U.S. Soldier,” holding his musket. Little is known of Gordon’s military career. One published report said that he served as a sergeant in a black regiment that fought bravely at the siege of Port Hudson on May 27, 1863 — the first time that African-American soldiers played a leading role in an assault.

    Meanwhile, the photograph of Gordon’s scars took on a life of its own as a weapon of the abolitionists. It was reproduced and sold in the carte-de-visite form by C. Seaver of Boston; by McAllister of Philadelphia, who first titled it “The Scourged Back”; and by other American photographers, including Mathew Brady. Another version was issued by a British publisher, titled “The ‘Peculiar Institution’ Illustrated”; an ironic reference to the euphemism for slavery used by Southerners.

    On the back of the British version were printed remarks from newspapers, including this from The New York Independent: “This Card Photograph should be multiplied by the 100,000, and scattered over the States. It tells the story in a way that even Mrs. [Harriet Beecher] Stowe [author of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’] cannot approach, because it tells the story to the eye.”

    While the photograph of Gordon’s back may first have been made as a clinical document and then turned into propaganda, the C.D.V. photograph of Wilson Chinn with chains and torture instruments was from the start meant to excite anti-slavery emotion.

    In December of 1863, eight former slaves were brought north from New Orleans, sponsored by the American Missionary Association and the National Freedman’s Relief Association. They were taken to photographers’ studios in New York and Philadelphia and posed in dramatic scenes for photographs, which were sold for 25 cents each to raise money for the education of former slaves in Louisiana. The other purpose of these photographs was to increase abolitionist sentiment in the North by using the fledgling science of photography to dramatize the evils of slavery.

    Five members of the group were children aged from 6 to 11 — three girls and two boys — and four of them were so fair-skinned that they appeared entirely Caucasian, although all five had been born as slaves. The only adult in the series of photos, which were made by Myron H. Kimball and Charles Paxson of New York and J. E. McClees of Philadelphia, was Wilson Chinn, identified on most of the photographs as “a branded slave.”

    On Jan. 30, 1864, Harper’s Weekly published a large engraving of the group portrait. In an article titled “Emancipated Slaves White and Colored,” Harper’s introduced each individual. Here’s the paragraph about Chinn:

    “Wilson Chinn is about 60 years old. He was ‘raised’ by Isaac Howard of Woodford Country, Kentucky. When 21 years old he was taken down the river and sold to Volsey B. Marmillion, a sugar planter about 45 miles above New Orleans. This man was accustomed to brand his negroes, and Wilson has on his forehead the letters ‘V.B.M.’ Of the 210 slaves on this plantation 105 left at one time and came into the Union camp. Thirty of them had been branded like cattle with a hot iron, four of them on the forehead, and the others on the breast or arm.”

    (The letters branded on Wilson’s forehead were not clear in the photograph, and the photographer, Kimball, had to retouch the negative to make them visible.)

    The Northern photographers posed the children in fine clothes and sentimental poses with titles like “Oh! How I Love the Old Flag” and “Our Protection.” Wilson Chinn was posed in one scene, “Learning Is Wealth,” apparently reading a book to three of the fair-skinned children. But his other photos were meant to illustrate the savagery of the treatment of slaves. He was posed by Paxson in profile in the C.D.V. from the Met’s exhibit wearing a spiked collar and leg irons and holding a nail-studded paddle. (There exist at least two other versions — a frontal view by Kimball with the paddle on the floor and a third, also by Kimball, in which the instruments of torture are all on the floor. Wilson stands with his left foot atop the paddle — no doubt symbolizing that he is now free.)

    The grisly images of Wilson wearing the spiked collar are the rarest and most valuable. In 2002 one of the Kimball C.D.V.’s sold on eBay for $1,846.

    Jeff L. Rosenheim, the Met’s curator of photographs, wrote in the catalog for “Photography and the American Civil War” that he found the Wilson Chinn photo especially puzzling: “Paxson No. 8, Wilson Branded Slave from New Orleans … is a bewildering instance of Civil War photographic marketing that asks as many questions about the individuals who commissioned the portraits as it does about those who would purchase or collect these images.”

    Undoubtedly Wilson Chinn, and even the children who traveled with him from New Orleans, knew that their role in coming North was to dramatize the evils of the “peculiar institution” from which they had recently escaped.

    The images of Wilson Chinn in chains, like the one of Gordon and his scarred back, are as disturbing today as they were in 1863. They serve as two of the earliest and most dramatic examples of how the newborn medium of photography could change the course of history.



  20. now1.png
    My Reply


    Bill T Jones once said, on Bill Maher's show, he was chided in the 1960s for a performance by other black people, and he said he thought the movement was about individual liberty. 
    But, what many Black people or other population minorities in the USA don't see/comprehend/know/admit is that the majority in all minority groups are not fighting to get individual liberties for all, but they are fighting to get majority liberties in their minority. 
    When the war between the states ended, the Black community was courted by white christian protestant groups for various reasons. But it made a hard space for Black agnostics or atheist or traditionalist <spiritual or religious beliefs brewed in the Black community during enslavement before the war between the states ended that are not christian ,ala Daughters of the Dust grandmother> . Frederick Douglass , a mulatto< a person with a phenotypically white parent plus black parent>, I feel was opposed to publicly supporting other options for Black DOS, <descendend of enslaved> who represented over ninety percent of the black populace in the usa at that time, largely in part because he knew all other options: a state in the union/leaving to canada or africa or haiti went against individual liberty growing in the black community. Which he himself needed as he had a white mistress and many Black people at that time, a recently completely enslaved people to whites , frowned on that. 
    Many Black people felt and some feel the Black community was used in the 1960s. The civil rights act was never meant to be an individual liberties act, which is what it is. It was meant to  be a leveller for Black DOSers originally. But, the party of Andrew Jackson saw an opportunity to gain many votes by expanding the civil rights act to women/jews/asians or all non white european male christians, not merely Black DOSers, who sadly did die more than many others minorities for that civil rights act to be. 
    So, Olayemi's point is correct save one thing. It isn't internalized anti-Blackness as much as anti-minority. In USA history, Black used to mean , DOSers, over ninety percent. But, USA immigration policy with the immigration act of 1965 had a tremendous effect on the majority in all communities in the USA. The white communities Anglo Saxon Protestant majority already dealt with catholics or italy/ireland plus eastern european jews before joining the white community. But now, white latinos/whites of africa are coming in droves into the white community of the USA in such numbers they don't just merge into the WASP, they are their own. MArcus Garvey was from the english imperial island of Jamaica but now, the Black DOS community has to deal with Nigerians/Jamaicans/Haitians/Trinidadians/Ghanians/South Africans/Siddi of India plus other Black Asians of South East Asia in such numbers they don't merely absorb in the DOS community , they are on their own. The Asian community was once majority Han Chinese, white asians, by far, but now you have Bangladeshi/Indonesians/filipinos/iranians/pakistani in large numbers that being asian american can not be synonymous with the chinese anymore and the chinese american tradition of governmental non involvement is no longer the standard. LAtin American used to be Mexican , mostly mestizo, in the west coast and Puerto Rican, mostly blanco, in the east coast but now it is colombian/venezuelan/ecuadorian/chilean/ bolivian and not all blanco but also mulatto also negra also indio , meaning native american, so the complexity has risen and thus latino voting patterns seem all over the place. 
    All majorities in pen-population the USA, the native american in the usa is unique, before the 1960s have been reduced in potency by the individual liberties set in by the 1960s civil rights act and the immigration policy of the 1960s immigration act. So much so that the entire usa population as well as its parts: blacks/whites/women/latinos/christians/muslims plus all others are dealing with a plurality majority future that the former majorities didn't want, have not embraced for the most part, and thus the frictions in social media.
    Bill T Jones a black man, legendary dancer, who is a member of one in the LGBTQ+ was fighting for Black empowerment as a subset of human empowerment. I paraphrase Sidney Poitier's character in guess whose coming to dinner: "you see yourself as a black human, I see myself as a human"
    This is why MLK jr was so beloved by so many outside the Black community or so many minorities in the Black community. He was a Black christian preacher whose position was individual liberty. So he can get Black people who might not listen to a muslim- malcolm-  or a jamaican- garvey - or a woman- fannie lou hamer- to march with him. But it is also why Black Militants/Segregationist had huge issues with MLK because they tend to not accept individual liberties. In the same way the KKK , while for white power, wasn't interested in white women voting or white members of the lgbtq+ having any protection or say or rights or white asians or white latinos being considered equals to anglo saxon protestants. 
    The issue isn't anti -yourself. The issue is anti- minority,which minority groups have within themselves. 
    Olayemi's prose closes with the fundamental idea of individual liberty. The only community that matters is the human. Those who support individual liberty fight for communities, like Olayemi or Bill T Jones in the context of greater individual liberty or freedom or protection. Unfortunately, in the Black community in the USA , this is not full explained or comprehended by many Black people. 
    I am not suggesting I support individual liberty universally, because I don't. But I comprehend it. And I don't have a problem with Black people whose actions reflect it. 

    [ https://twitter.com/msolurin/status/1596202896399687680  ]


    1. richardmurray


      my sharing
      The majority of the Black populace in the USA or elsewhere have a problem accepting/supporting minorities in the Black community having equal rights or powers to the Black majority. If you support universal individual rights or liberties then said supremacy by majorities is deemed a self hating thing, ala anti black. But, most people in majorities like the power in being in the bigger group, and despise potency in minorities whether real or unreal. 
      #rmaalbc #Olayemi #olurin #dos #ados #majority #minority 


      comment on the original post
      The Black majority in the USA has never dealt with Black minorities to well https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2168&type=status


      Historically that is the way in the USA. The KKK would and will kill a gay white man. Most movements or groups in the USA didn't or don't accept universal rights in their community , but a large populace in the USA , maybe the majority, crossing all racial lines, accepts this. 
      exactly, but from a historical view, the black communities agendas in the usa, for the most part , never supported black minorities specific causes. Black lesbians/black gays/black muslims historically were not accepted by the majority for their lifestyle. Now in 2022 things are what they are but historically not true

  21. @Troy Fair enough, You asked about entertainment. I will define entertainment as enjoyment in watching alone. Not artistic merit or thoughtfulness. From the three peele's to three lee's I have in terms of enjoyed watching Get Out School Daze Nope US She's gotta have it do the right thing In terms of woman king+black panther with the three peele films. Get Out Black Panther Nope US The Woman King I admit, I love historical films when done well, but I don't find depictions of black people enslaved entertaining. So the woman king has lovely storytelling- a rape survivor who refinds her daughter and becomes a leader/art craft- set/action sequences- kick ass. But I will always choose something of a different tone than the woman king, if the question is pure entertainment. Do the right thing is similar. I am not entertained by urban black dramas , especially about NYC, usually. I have one point of contention or miscomprehension. You say, Peele had decades of filmmaking to learn from and Lee didn't. What do you mean? Black directors have been making films since oscar micheaux and lee went to film school so... I concur that the financial scale of Peele's first three are greater by a wide margin. But, in terms of directing experience,.. I see them as equal in their first three. They have different desires. And yes, Peele is fortunate he had the money to make the movies he wanted. Peele at the moment clearly isn't interested in directing a drama absent fantasy/science fiction/horror elements. He helped produce blackklansman and monkeyspaw produced honk for jesus. so that proves he is aware of such films but isn't interested in directing them. One point, PEele's child is named Beaumont and I wonder if that is not from CHarles Beaumont , a white writer, part of the tiwlight zone crew, he died early. but his stories were some of the best.
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