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    Deep Dive Into Building Inclusive Worlds
    Steven Barnes < https://www.facebook.com/groups/1432951630350251/user/604520909/ > of Lifewriting will be teaching  

    When: September 9 – October 9, 2022
    Where: Online — Available everywhere and at your own pace
    Price: $500

    Worldbuilding for speculative fiction and games can be a daunting task; even moreso for writers who want to create inclusive cultures filled with diverse characters without unconsciously replicating colonialist structures and viewpoints. This class offers writers a deep dive into key aspects of building inclusive worlds — Creating Cultures, Ideology, Religion, Cosmology, Sociobiology, Language, Research, and more — with a dream team of outstanding builders of speculative worlds: Steven Barnes, K. Tempest Bradford, Kate Elliott, Max Gladstone, Jaymee Goh, Lauren Jankowski, Pam Punzalan, Nisi Shawl, and Juliette Wade.

    This four-week class includes video lectures and interviews plus extensive discussion and Q&A. Students will leave the class with a deep worldbuilding toolset and resources for further study.

    Required Text
    Course Format, Schedule, and Time Commitment
    Who Should Take This Class?
    Full and Partial Scholarship Opportunities
    Lectures and Interviews + Instructor Bios
    Refund Policy
    Special Offer: Worldbuilding + Research
    Lifewriting group post URL



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      Lineart- $10

      Flat color-$12


      Half bodies:

      Lineart- $12

      Flat colors- $14

      Commissions by Kuroshi-tenshi on DeviantArt


  2. I admit, the following youtuber, I follow for sword/weapon information and design. He is informative. But when I realized he had a set of videos specifically on games, I feel they are discussion starters. rpg character classes are stupid- his reasoning is that character class restrictions turn the fantasy into tomfoolery. Why can't a wizard pick up a sword? His proof is whenever a game has added character classes later, the developers are admitting the original character class set is dysfunctional rpg levels are stupid- his reasoning is that the ability of a player to reach the unkillable level deletes the reality any player should have. I will call it the sword art online god power. dragon's dogma best rpg ever- the ability to manipulate the personal characters plus the pawn system free's up the personal touches to the game. what divinity sin 2 tactical rpg did right- has all that baldur's gate, but has all modern features of a tactical rpg why fantasy dungeons are stupid- great for gameplay but bad for the purposes of the main boss who couldn't get out except how the heroes get to them, or the heroes who can't use the big bosses back door until they defeat the big boss or the mini bad characters who are always bottlenecked in the vault of their boss. master sword of link- he made models for each blade, which one do you like
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    The tweet in question mentioned 6 things: Keke palmer's career/Zendaya's career/Colorism/Hollywood/Comparing two thespians careers/former child stars careers... The suggestion made in the tweet is that the two child stars have different careers at the moment with zendaya being more and Palmer less, and that contrast is an example of colorism in hollywood. And lastly, that said point warrants a deep inspection to their careers. ... I will start with the point. No two thespians ever have the same careers. Hollywood has never provided two thespians with the same careers. Boris karloff didn't have the same career as bela legosi. Billie D Williams didn't have the same career as James Earl Jones. No two thespians ever have the same career in the film industry anywhere. Jackie Chan didn't have the same Career as samo hung, and that is hong kong cinema. Alec Baldwin doesn't have the same career as Harrison Ford. What is my point? Suggesting that two thespians careers can be defined as different based on a negative bias is a simplicity of how the film industry works. Sharon stone didn't have the same career as Meryl Streep who didn't have the same career as Michelle Pfeiffer. The film industry never is the same for any two thespians. Now, is colorism real. I will define colorism as biases based on skin tone. To the issue in question. The skin tone closer to the average of white europeans is given a positive bias while the skin tone closer to the average of black africans is given a negative bias. Based on my definition of colorism, it is real. But, are the careers of Palmer side Zendaya an issue of said bias or hollywood reality? Based on that logic, Angela Bassett overcame colorism and Vanessa Williams didn't gain enough from it. But is that true? If you look into any two thespians careers the reality is simple. A thespian is lucky if they are involved in fiscally profitable work at a higher rate. Why did Val Kilmer's career, before his illness, not be greater than Tom Cruise? Colorism is real. All biases are real. But are biases the key to success or perceived success in a given space? Not always. The main point of the original tweet, which is a reply, is an assumption, absent any way to be proven. As Palmer correctly stated, Keke palmer's career is keke palmer's. I add, Zendaya's career is Zendaya's. Comparing artist careers based on negative biases in any industry isn't acceptable unless it is an industry normal. For example, Judy Garland was born the same year as Dorothy Dandridge. Both are well known singers. Both played in well-known roles. Was dorothy dandridge blockaded from roles as a black person in hollywood that Judy Garland wasn't as a white person in hollywood? yes. But that was an industry standard at that time, in all areas. Black characters were intentionally not written. Black writers were intentionally not hired. Black producers only existed in the independent system, not hollywood. Colorism like all biases is real and still exists, throughout all aspects of humanity. But, a bias must be universally applied in an arena to claim its potency, not existence but potency, absent strict proof. Lastly... the tweet that is the source of the article's debate is a reply. In the original tweet, linked below, Keke PAlmer is praised. Zendaya isn't mentioned. And, the viewpoint that Keke Palmer is a recent star is challenged as historically inaccurate using the posters life. 

    Why do I say this? I argue the BET article is dysfunctional. If you simply go to the original post. You will see the source post. They are not even connected in theme. And, I argue that Keke Palmer in replying to the colorism point has either bad media management, cause many stars do not make their own tweets, or enough people she cars about mentioned this that she felt she needed to speak. I will also add, in modern times, sometimes making negative issues loud is a way to become more popular. 





    the tweet in question, THE REPLY



    the original tweet, THE SOURCE



    1. richardmurray


      My common out prose for this entry 


      The tweet that is referenced in the article is a reply to a source tweet. The source tweet doesn't mention Zendaya, supports Keke palmer's long acquired superstardom, and is confused as to the people who didn't know of palmer already. ... What is my point? The tweet in question refutes the original post absent any explanation. And I know I am about to go away from the issues. But, one of the problems with media through electronic devices is that many of the websites designed generate dysfunctional multilog. If I say< tweet> the following: "the sky is red, always was and always will be, my parents told me." If someone reshare my tweet , adding the following text: "The sky is really blue, where do the red sky people come from. Volvanoes are red". It is simply a refute. But then if the sky tweet:" I think I am the sky, and the sky has been around for a long time however I like" Then an article from NET<nature elements television> states: "sky responds to colorism about Volcano" and refers to the tweet replied from mine . What I see is a dysfunction in the structure of media. And I will say what I said many times before. I think website design needs to be changed. but I will not make that pulpit speech again 


  4. You are the lead producer years ago on the Black panther 2 movie project for Disney. Chadwick Boseman's spirit flew. Actors/Set designers/the lead director you hired are set. This is the first preproduction meeting. You start off with the question, will we recast tchalla or continue the Black PAnther as another character? What say you producer? Extended thoughts Single Status Update from 05/06/2022 by richardmurray - AALBC.com’s Discussion Forums
  5. Won the weekend:) Happy for Peele https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1999&type=status
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    Congrats to Jordan Peele side all the creators involved in NOPE


    Box Office: Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Opens to No. 1 With $44 Million

    By Rebecca Rubin

    Audiences responded with a resounding “yep” to Jordan Peele’s science-fiction thriller “Nope,” which topped the box office with its $44 million debut.

    Those ticket sales were slightly behind projections of $50 million and fall in between the results of Peele’s first two films, 2017’s “Get Out” (which opened to $33 million) and 2019’s “Us” (which opened to $71 million). “Nope” may not have cemented a new box office record for Peele, but it demonstrates the director’s popularity at the movies and marks a strong start for an original, R-rated horror film.

    In fact, “Nope” stands as the highest opening weekend tally for an original film since “Us” debuted more than three years ago. Yes, that includes Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which started with $41 million in July 2019.

    “The opening isn’t as big as ‘Us,’ but it’s still extremely impressive,” says David A. Gross, who runs the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research. “The weekend figure is far above average for the genre.”

    It’s worth noting that Peele’s sophomore feature “Us,” a scary story about menacing doppelgängers, enjoyed an especially huge opening weekend because it followed the runaway success of the Oscar-winning “Get Out.” After his directorial debut captured the zeitgeist by delivering scares while encouraging audiences to think, fans of the filmmaker were more than a little eager to watch Peele’s next mind-bending nightmare. Though Peele still has outsized goodwill with audiences, box office expectations for “Nope,” another anxiety-inducing social thriller, should have been comparatively a little more Earth-bound.

    “Nope” cost $68 million, which is significantly more than “Get Out” (with its slender $4.5 million budget) and “Us” (with its $20 million budget). So the movie will require a little more coinage than Peele’s past films to turn a profit. Word-of-mouth will be key. “Get Out” and “Us” were wildly successful in theaters, with each collecting $255 million at the global box office. “Nope” does not open at the international box office until mid-August.

    “Nope” reunites Peele with “Get Out” star Daniel Kaluuya — and adds Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun to the mix — in the story of siblings who live on a gulch in California and attempt to uncover video evidence of a UFO. Critics were fond of “Nope,” which holds an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences gave the film a “B” grade, the same CinemaScore as “Us.”

    Universal’s president of domestic distribution Jim Orr points out that “Nope” is appealing to all demographics; according to exit polls, 35% of ticket buyers were Caucasian, 20% were Hispanic, 33% were African American and 8% were Asian. He says that’s a good sign in terms of its theatrical run.

    “We’re thrilled with the results this weekend,” Orr says. “Jordan Peele is an incredible talent. His films are layered and thought-provoking and ridiculously entertaining.”

    Since “Nope” was the only new movie to open this weekend, several holdover titles rounded out North American box office charts.



    Post Script NOTE: the purple outfit in the article linked above

  7. The following is the situation I want you to consider yourself in before you answer the question. You are a financially successful author already. Now... what are your thoughts on interpretations to your work? In my mind, based on many examples, not merely the one in the link below, it is clear that an author like me, needs to mandate titles of works have" inspired by" or "based on" not any direct labeling to me. your thoughts? my expanded thoughts https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1997&type=status
  8. The problem with Lord of the Rings and most fictions based off of books in the USA is a cross section of various elements.

    1. Media firms in the USA feel obliged to cater to a pan - multi racial concept, to evade the label of negative bias. So, if all types of human beings must be present then most fictions have to be modulated for it.

    2. Media firms in the USA prepare for Public Domain by intentionally changing characters so that the version of the character is purposefully other than the character that will go into the public domain. 

    3. Media firms are unconvinced that the buyers of subscriptions or buyers of film tickets favor new stories over old stories, so they must use old stories as the basis of their activities while doing points 1 and 2. 

    These three points is the problem for all media firms in the USA. 

    Now for the artists. Artists, especially the sub class writer, naturally makes fiction based on our internal desires. To rephrase through example, if a male writer writes a story absent a lesbian character in it, or a woman who successfully defends herself, it can be certain that media firms in the USA will desire to change the story if adapted into another medium to include said two characters. Why? Point number 1. 

    The best example is am*zon prime's interpretation of Tolkien's second age. 

    The reviews below make one thing clear. This has nothing to do with Tolkien's  lord of the rings. This is for lack of a better term, like an adoptable, that doesn't know it. 






    REVIEW 1


    REVIEW 2


    REVIEW 3


    REVIEW 4


    REVIEW 5


    REVIEW 6


    REVIEW 7


    REVIEW 8






    1. richardmurray




      Yesterday, along with many other people across the city, I partook in Doors Open Buffalo where many buildings and businesses across the city--as the name suggests--opened their doors to the public. Planning on stopping at and photographing 4 or 5 churches I ended up at just this one; the Michigan Street Baptist Church.

      This church is important and historic for many reasons. One is its age. The congregation was first formed in 1836 and the building itself completed in 1849. But it is the congregation itself that is important as well..this was the first black church of any denomination in the city of Buffalo. This, and also the fact that they were instrumental in the success of the Underground Railroad. Not only did they hide freed slaves, they helped get them safely across the border to Canada.


      After visiting their humble sanctuary I was about to leave and move on the the next church when I heard someone say, "Don't forget to visit the basement, Bishop Henderson is giving tours."


      Upon entering the small basement I saw an elderly man who looked more like a Rabbi talking with a handful of people. This was Bishop Henderson. Affiliated with the church for more than 50 years, he was a wealth of knowledge and more than eager to talk about what he knew. When I asked if he still preached he turned to me and said simply, "Why yes, I still do." He also seemed a bit surprised and shy when I asked if I could take his photo but he obliged. His first name is William and he was originally refereed to as Brother Billy because he began preaching on Buffalo's East Side street corners at the ripe age of 14 [source].

      Among the many things he told us ("Should I go on?" he would ask, "because I can talk about this all day") two of the most moving things to me were the poster directly below and also the small passageway where they hid escaped slaves.

      The poster is a replica of an actual one that was common of the time. There were a few deeply disturbing things the Bishop pointed out. Out of the 18 women for sale, 8 of them came with "future insurance," meaning they could still bear children. So in essence, pay for the price of one human and you have the potential of receiving more. Even more chilling is on of the descriptions for the 6 girls, "bud'n out." This meant two things. Because the girls were in puberty ("bud'n out") they were available for the slave owners personal pleasure and also had the possibility of having children; more "future insurance." He also pointed to the bottom of the poster where these humans for sale were lumped into the same category as horses, cows, hogs, bulls, goats, and even wagons.



      The cramped passage in the building where they hid escaped slaves--between the foundation and a wall--was at one time covered over, the Bishop told us, but at some point years ago they uncovered it as not to forget. How could anyone possibly forget this, I thought to myself.

      After spending some time listening to Bishop Henderson I left and felt sad and weak. I also felt inspired. While slavery was, as Bishop Henderson put it, "A very dark period in our country's history," and without doubt racism is alive and well in America, there is also a new awareness which to me is a new hope. Nearly all of the visitors in the church yesterday were white, which I found interesting.

      As I left the church and turned and looked back the front door was open; it looked so welcoming. I felt a slight chill in the air, and I thanked our creator for the work this church has done.



  9. Speedpaint: Aging Up Camilo Madrigal + Amphibia Drama
    from musashden




    I think Encanto was the first multiphenotypical Disney animated movie. 

    I am an artist myself, and I don't care what any artist creates. I have been fortunate enough to see lovely nude photographers work. I have seen some great erotic versions of characters like princess peach/or some disney princesses. But I am fortunate, I must say, the homes people come from matters when it comes to the arts. If you come from a home that is artistically limited I think it presents the possibility of you being limited later as an adult. 

    I like your version of Camilo Madrigal. If you do Antonio who in my opinion, based on how women have reacted is the quiet star of that film. 

    prior post


    Musashden posts


  10. check the following link, not a black teacher https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1987&type=status
  11. The Arts, Film Festivals, and Cultural Gathering by Caribbean Diaspora Professional & Business Association Information and path to FREE registration https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1985&type=status
  12. now0.png

    The Arts, Film Festivals, and Cultural Gathering
    by Caribbean Diaspora Professional & Business Association
    Date and time
    Fri, August 19, 2022

    5:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

    Tropical Cove Bar & Grill

    2280 Frederick Douglass Boulevard

    New York, NY 10027

    In conjunction with Caribeme Magazine, CDPBA presents Candace G. Lela aka Candela Infiniti, and Rollywood Film Festival.

    About this event
    Enjoy an Caribbean smooth evening of the arts, and film networking, as Caribeme Magazine in conjunction with CDPBA hosts TnT filmmaker Candace G. Lela.

    Lela is an actress, singer-songwriter, musical publisher, film location scout, film production manager, and creative director. She is founder of the annual ROLLYWOOD ® International Film Festival. With INFINITI Music Pub ™, Carnival Metaverse ™, ROLLYWOOD ®, Fashionista™, and a non-profit foundation, INFINITI showcase, promote and celebrate diverse filmmakers.

    All are invited.



    Go to the following to register for the event


    Notification post by loretta green



  13. Its the day of the sun!!!
    A little fun folks, lets say a machine existed that can scan an image and interpret it as a three dimensional shape, and then lets say said machine, can make that shape out of chocolate... what image do you put? you can comment your answer by text or imagery
    Always Be Creative 


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