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  1. 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TECH Kinematic self-replication in reconfigurable organisms , ?
  2. now0.jpg

    The article linked below said a lot. What are the points: 

    pay to view streaming platforms is what big media in the USA <big media meaning the largest media concerns by fiscal revenue or scale of viewership> is enforcing. I still agree with BEinsports ceo, streaming needs to be free like broadcasting. I think having people pay for streaming is the financial error. I Think streaming is better free, especially in the USA as the usa market is used to it. 

    The relationship to media in the USA from someone who is five years old today to someone ninety five today is such a vast swing that media in the USA is literally organizing or planning for the five year old who will be ninety five one day. The article misses the role of immigration. Outside the USA broadcast media is usually absent or negligent. PEople forget, most countries never had a PBS. Most countries never had cable stations. Most countries populace has always had to pay for USA media content. So , the immigration populace in the USA culturally supports buying media, cause they are used to it. 

    It isn't mentioned in the article, but one of the realities of the business community/private industry/free market capitalist culture in the USA is the heritage of following, especially in media. USA media has rarely had a set of individual daring firms. MEdia firms in the USA copy each other/follow each other to their dooms, historically. The idea of changing the soap operas, or making them more interesting was too daring for media firms in the usa. The problem with statistics side art is statistics can tell you what people are doing relating to art, but it usually guides you away from what you need to do to reimagine successfully. 

    I concur to the student of media in the article. The mid 1990s and the reality television era coincided to the facebook/twitter era coincided to the death of non special effects films being made mostly. Audiences in the USA during the 1990s were being given a few key things: 1)the ability to make fun of people , whether famous or not, in the public eye in a daily way 2)special effects laden films whose visual stimulus overcame plot or story in ticket sales 3) the role of social media posts over letters or phone calls which meant brevity/publicity/high speed in communication became natural for many people in the USA. Sequentially, soap operas which have moments of laughter but are not meant for self deprication, have no high production value special effects, are slower paced, long form tales, which use a private storytelling to be displayed only on the privy of the show , are against alot of the momentums by user experience. 

    I disagree with the notion that a lack of stay at home parents exists in the USA. Too many people are financially poor in the USA. I argue more parents are stay at home than in the 1960s as a percentage of the whole. but those parents aren't interested in a soap opera and moreover, is financially negative. PEople forget, that the main audience for broadcast media in the USA was the immediate post world war II white community in the USA which was very opulent. We forget that many blacks in the USA in the 1950s 1960s didn't have televisions. so, the financial positivity of the viewership of broadcast media in the USA of the 1950s 1960s where the soap operas come from was racially, monophenotypical/ had a larger percentage of financial positives. 

    The tragedy of this article is it shows how cable is clearly still alive as a medium while many in media have suggested the usa has moved on from cable. it shows how the reality is rarely spoken in modern media in the usa. I repeat, at some point the cable services will figure out how to integrate the streaming services. The streaming services don't want it cause it undercuts their competition with each other. The problem for paid to view streaming is it can only make money by growing subscribers. The whole point of commercials is the commercials pay for the show to be viewed freely, with breaks. Before commercials , firms financed shows whole but that is expensive and too much for most firms. PRoctor and Gamble is a pharmaceutical firm that makes a lot of money.

    I conclude with the strength of telenovelas in latin america. As well as the fantasy shows, game of thrones, as fantasy soap operas. It isn't that soap operas are dead in the USA but they are modulated now. Whereas in the past, humans in a modern setting, with conventional drama was adequate. But in modern USA you need dragons/elves/scenes of mythical war/fantastical extravagance/characters that have insane obsessions that mirror the engineered reality tv chaos to have a  soap opera. 


    1. richardmurray


      Great share Nike, the biggest absence in the article for me is the problem with opportunity in the arts in the usa. Very few media firms in the usa are standalone, nearly all are part of a larger network of media entities under a firm. If you take out broadcast television stations/cable stations/streaming stations that are not owned by a media conglomerate. How many media entities exist in the usa? pbs is the only broadcast station that is solely a broadcast station. it isn't part of a conglomerate. All the cable stations are part of a conglomerate outside local cable stations , like in NYC for example. All the streaming services with a percent of the streaming audience are part of conglomerates. so... I argue the lack of unconglomerated media properties is part of the problem with this issue that the article didn't state. If the broadcast television stations were unconglomerated like PBS I am certain soap operas would not be streamed, but will have been artistically worked on to improve. My larger thoughts:) https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2017&type=status


  3. Use Characuter to make sprites for video games CharaCuter by Tenacittea (itch.io) 
  4. I thought of a simple premise. Keith David James Earl Jones Morgan Freeman are three kings in a fantasy world, having a meeting they all agree to on equal terms, no tricks involved or surprise attacks. Each has a great deep voice. In one word, name how you want each king to talk. The reason for the meeting is not divulged. So for example: Keith David- vicious ; James Earl Jones- bemused ; Morgan Freeman - proselytic GO ! lets have fun RMAFliterature
  5. For the record the predators in Predator have now after so many years of respect... lost my respect, they can't dance worth a damn. Danny glover is cutting the rug compared to them
  6. Did any of the people who commented on this post , who live in New York City consider using the information linked to get involved. For those who commented who live outside NY City , have you utilized similar programs in whatever state you live?
  7. The cover was made by an acquaintance. Misty Sol learn more https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2011&type=status
  8. now0.png

    ELon Musk : "If the president is working so hard to free someone who is in jail in Russia for some weed, shouldn’t we free people in America? ...There are people in jail in America for the same stuff. Shouldn’t we free them too? My opinion is that people should not be in jail for non-violent drug crimes" 
    start https://youtu.be/fXS_gkWAIs0?t=1659
    end https://youtu.be/fXS_gkWAIs0?t=1704
    if you want a satellite network for rural areas

  9. the softest part of her is everything from nikki powerhouse - cover art by misty sol.jpg

    Title: THe Softest Part of Her is Everything

    Cover artist: Misty Sol < https://www.mistysol.com/ >
    Author : Nikki Powerhouse < https://www.nikkipowerhouse.com/


    Misty Sol entries

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  10. What are your thoughts before the review linked below? https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2010&type=status


    Some points without spoiling the review 

    8:04 or 23:44 Nike - the role of Perception in the film
    25:40 Nicole - description of the films place in genres
    33:35 Both- the nonchalance against common sense:) very funny
    37:54 Nike- Lovely real life example of how people judge a film strictly, advertise their judgement to influence others, but don't even fully assess a film, by their own admission. But how can one recant in real time
    40:16 Nicole- yes, I concur to the relationship to both Peele and the director you mention who in their time in the sun:) had the ability to make films that be thought provoking or artful WHILE also commercial. I don't think it is unimportant to say that Nope covered its cost of production.
    49:44 Both - Keith David is a very fortunate thespian. Not merely being a thespian having less opportunty, cause he is black and media in the USA is owned by whites, who do favor giving opportunity to whites.  But, Keith David has been able to be part of many thoughtful films in the film itself or its role in genre setting in various genres: The THing;The Live;Pitch Black;Nope<science fiction>[Keith David has successfully been a black character in a science fiction film that has lived at the end more than once, died before the 15 minute mark and died just before the end:) ] / Platoon<war film>/ Bird<documentary> [where he played a criminalized version of buster smith] /Roadhouse<action>People don't realize how some films hollywood has been heavily inspired by and never been able to repeat /The Quick and the Dead<western> [a female led western back when it wasn't so easy to see being financed]/PRincess Mononoke <anime>[the studio ghibli collection itself is something else... his voice is everywhere, ever since, and shout to tv show gargoyles]/Crash <social commentary vignettes>[hollywood has tried to find the next crash since crash]/The Inheritance<My personal favorite film with him in it, the story is a rare thing in its message> 

    Prior Movies That Move We entry







  12. @Stefan yes but the conference is between them and the national association of hispanic journalist
  13. now0.jpeg

    Tracy Christian via Michelby & Co.


    lovely article in some ways. I like her points about what it means a business. A business owner especially for Black people in the USA is not always with the wrappings of white owned business, which is usually better financed. I like what she said about labor populaces. How many are not still multiracial in makeup. I am a peter mensah fan. If they do a shazam <hanna barbera> film, they need to get him 100% if you see him in Hidalgo+ his versatility in other work, you will comprehend. ... I disagree that Black forebears reared us to invade spaces. My parents taught me to be free, not to be an agent for making the monoracial multiracial. I also disagree with sadness that multiraciality is absent in many places. Unfortunately, too many non white europeans don't comprehend that merit and labor opportunities are not connected. You have the right as a president to hire your children. It doesn't make you bad. When one controls who gets opportunity they are not forced to give said opportunities based on certifications or matriculations.



  14. If I was the CEO of Discovery I will shut down all the activities of Warner Bros media that isn't making money and put up bids for temporary licensing of the horde of media properties, forcing them to be displayed on Discovery channel media outlets. If you were a board member, do you agree with me? What if you are the CEO of Discovery? I explain in detail my thoughts below.
  15. I remember when American Telephone and Telegraph sold Warner Bros media to Discovery channel. To me the big points were what? AT&T was able to offload hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, from Warner Bros, off themselves to Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel was able to buy a horde of media properties on the cheap. The head of Discovery channel, who became the head of the merged firm between discovery channel side warner media, said on DAY ONE, day one! The days of high expenditures are over, and downscaling was going to occur. I recall this very well. Which is why the responses in the tweet stream below, show the ignorance of USA based e-citizens. All this was inevitable. What people have to comprehend about Movies/Music/Video games/ any entertainment zone is high cost production is always very expensive or very unwise. Frank L Baum went bankrupt wtith various investments including making his own Oz movies. Nintendo didn't try to mirror Sony or Microsoft cause over time who has money for high end systems. Beinsports stayed a free service with commercials cause you can only make money with paid subscription streaming by adding users, which assumes potential users will grow. Beyonce this year has presented her latest album in the common way, not in her more eccentric methods in recent years. What do all of these actions have in common? Making high production cost media is not financially wise, long term. Those who try it, trip up or go bankrupt. AT&T essentially sold a bakrupt media firm to a smaller media firm willing to take the bankrupt media firms debt. Yes, the entire banking system in the USA went bankrupt and they were saved. But the parameters for that is unique. The banks have knowledge of various activities, have anchored various financial interchanges with their survival. It doesn't mean they are too big to fail, they were not and are not. But, letting them fail will cause huge financial storms which will take time to settle. MEdia firms are not the same. AT&T was tired of spending hundreds of millions and didn't want billions of debt to be attached to them, as they are making huge profits in other sectors. AT&T is big enough to have a huge line of credit, but AT&T realized this is folly. Discovery channel had to cancel all these projects. We all know why? PAramount already did similar. Disney is very fortunate. They own the best set of properties and have presented them well enough in a timely fashion to afford heavy expenditures. But, most media firms have to scale down high production cost ventures. The question is: will fans online , most humans are not online, be able to accept lower production cost content? The media reply seems to suggest they will not, as I expected as well. In the video game world, the quantity of video game players who talk about the visuals over gameplay is beyond count. Even though most video game players can only afford lower budget. TWEET https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WarnerBrosDiscovery&src=trend_click&vertical=trends The title of this post is a question How will Warner Bros media video games survive? The answer is simple, Discovery is downsizing. They are cutting down high production cost activity. I think Discovery will be best if they do like MArvel and sell rights of DC products to be used in various media. Discovery has hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. If I was the CEO of Discovery and I accepted the AT&T deal. I would had killed all the projects in Warner Bros immediately, and put bids out for the huge quantity of media properties , forcing their presentations to be on discovery channel media properties. It is like I say with many things in terms of fiscal capitalism. Stop the debt, stop the gambling, stop the games, act extremely and then reset the standards as quickly as possible. It is rougher to do at first, but wiser long term.
  16. National association of black journalism side national association of hispanic journalism https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2008&type=status
  17. National Association of Black Journalist



    1. richardmurray


      Join us for an exciting celebration as we kick off the #NABJNAHJ22 Convention & Career Fair in Las Vegas! This year's Opening Ceremony is powered by Wells Fargo.

  18. My reply to the tweet below

    to answer your question: 1>when people are at the bottom of poverty they commit illegal acts so the police will be ready for the swarm of more poor 2> law enforcement will stop homeless people from staying in NYC by putting them in jail for it 3> a prison cell is a home(1/2) not one anyone desires, but it is a home and I imagine the law enforcement system of the city will receive a lot of money from the bureaucracy for said housing... I concur to all your allusions but it is clear what the future holds(2/2)



  19. Maze Create- I will try later this year, using my CLip Studio. I have a screenplay to write and games to create on backlog:) Sonic Music Video- cool or fun
  20. now0.png

    In one article, the author suggest Hollywood is broken up into parts, a white hollywood side unspoken hollywoods, while also suggesting hollywood is aracial, which means the owners are blocking an inherent universality in hollywood. He suggest Mary Alice isn't a household name, but then states she was a household name in black households... what are the points I am getting at? First, this article doesn't honor Mary Alice enough. It focuses on her work in one show, but doesn't refer to her work in los angeles for an august wilson play. I think fences. Honor artist by referring to their work. Second, for someone who loves to learn about race teaching, the opinion author forgets that opportunity in fiscal capitalism has one source, owner. Opportunity in fiscal capitalism is never about merit. It is about the owner. Who the owner wants to help. I repeat, who the owner wants to help. ... the author's point is Mary Alice was denied the career she should had by the mismanagement of fiscal capitalism in the film /television industry in the USA. Meaning what? The owners of film studios side tv stations <and later streaming/cable or other> should give opportunity based on the content of character, not the color of skin. But, If I own a film studio and I have all the films I want to produce in the fiscal year in preproduction except one. Do I give the one slot, the directors chair, to my son who didn't graduate high school, has no experience in the industry or do I give it to a graduate of howard who won awards from spike lee+ oprah winfrey + robert townsend+ in Nollywood? I will give it to my son. why? I am a racist. My bloodline is important to me over those who are not. Sequentially, i Have a negative bias towards my clan. Penultimate from the conclusion, I use the third point, ownership is the key to opportunity in fiscal capitalism. The owner can choose to give opportunity on some scale of merit. But the owner is not obliged to. You own so that you control what you do, and you can never be wrong. You may lose money. You may be cruel or mean spirited. But you are not wrong because you are the owner. Mary Alice was failed by impotency in Black Hollywood not White Hollywoods opportunity to white thespians OR impotency of Black producers in Hollywood to provide support to Black thespians, not White producers in Hollywoods support of White thespians. I can say more but I will agress




    Nichelle Nichols side Bill Russell







    The NBA is white owned. The NBA didn't accept the HArlem Rens , who played in the now destroyed Renaissance Ballroom. They had a black owner. The Negro Leagues didn't have all black owners, but had many. The American + National leagues , all with white owners could join but couldn't join with Black owners. 

    Ownership matters. Black people keep suggesting a white man has to look out for non white people in the ownership position. No a white man doesnn't

    1. richardmurray



      After reading the article below, two points come to mind. First, the court cases that the supreme court is receiving concerning affirmative action are not about Blacks, or Blacks of Africa, it is about Asians, whether White asians or Black Asians, though mostly White asians. 

      Second, the firms argument is the legitimacy <yes the word legitimacy was used> of modernity or the future requires universities to push a multiracial student body. The firms don't say the best always come from the schools, but the best need to come from those schools to go to them. 

      What is the firms point? Firms in the USA have restrictive hiring practices. Built over time, advertised as based on merit. The firms hiring practices are based on universities matriculations. But, universities absent affirmative action will make it costlier for those not white and thus the firms, especially tech firms, links into asia will eventually be thin. 

      What is the argument against affirmative action, in my opinion, not their legal teams words? 

      The argument against is that affirmative action has been used by asian students to get an unfair advantage when most of those asians are not american citizens, or are not in a community that is financially disadvantaged, ala like Native Americans or Blacks.  So USA universities are using affirmative action to gain an international alumni for their favor. Blocking people in the USA who are not more advantaged. To be blunt, in a world with Crazy rich asians, China/Japan/South Korea/India all the top of the list of countries not USA/Western Europe/Russia, the asian community is not disadvantaged. 


      Apple, GE, other major US companies ask Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action
      The companies said race needs to be considered to help build diverse workforces.

      ByDevin Dwyer
      August 01, 2022, 9:20 AM

      More than 80 major American companies that employ tens of thousands of U.S. workers are asking the Supreme Court to uphold the use of race as a factor in college admissions, calling affirmative action critical to building diverse workforces and, in turn, growing profits.

      The businesses -- some of the most high-profile and successful in the U.S. economy -- outlined their position in legal briefs filed Monday ahead of oral arguments this fall in a pair of cases expected to determine the future of the race-based policy.

      The companies told the court they rely on universities to cultivate racially diverse student bodies which in turn yield pools of diverse, highly educated job candidates that can meet their business and customer needs.
      "The government's interest in promoting student-body diversity on university campuses remains compelling from a business perspective," the companies wrote in an amicus, or friend-of-the-court, brief. "The interest in promoting student-body diversity at America's universities has, if anything, grown in importance."

      Among the signatories are American Express, United and American Airlines, Apple, Intel, Bayer, General Electric, Kraft Heinz, Microsoft, Verizon, Procter & Gamble and Starbucks.

      Citing data and research on a rapidly diversifying America, the companies said race-based diversity initiatives are about more than what many call a moral imperative and critical to their bottom lines.

      "Prohibiting universities nationwide from considering race among other factors in composing student bodies would undermine businesses' efforts to build diverse workforces," they said.

      Eight of the top U.S. science and technology companies, including DuPont and Gilead Sciences, filed a separate brief stressing their view on the importance of racially diverse campuses for cultivating the best future innovators.

      "If universities are not educating a diverse student body, then they are not educating many of the best," they wrote, urging the court not to strike down affirmative action. "Today's markets require capitalizing on the racial and other diversity among us … Those efforts, in turn, contribute to the broader health of our nation's economy."

      In a series of decisions beginning in 1978, the high court has found that race can be used as one factor among many when considering college admissions applications but that a school cannot use quotas or mathematical formulas to diversify a class.

      "In order to cultivate a set of leaders with legitimacy in the eyes of the citizenry, it is necessary that the path to leadership be visibly open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and ethnicity," Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote in her 2003 opinion in Grutter v. Bollinger.

      A conservative student group challenging the use of race as a factor in undergraduate admissions at Harvard University, the nation's oldest private college, and the University of North Carolina, the nation's oldest public state university, is asking the court to overturn that precedent.

      The group, Students for Fair Admissions, alleges that Asian-American applicants have been illegally targeted by Harvard and rejected at a disproportionately higher rate in violation of Supreme Court precedent and the students' constitutional rights.

      Two lower federal courts have rejected those claims.

      That the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the cases is widely seen as an indication that the justices could be willing to revisit their precedents on affirmative action and end the use of racial classifications in admissions altogether.

      It will be the first test on the issue for the court's six-to-three conservative-leaning majority, following the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, both of whom defended race-conscious admissions.



  21. There is so much to say, I already said. But, this marijuana scenario in the United States of America is a great teacher to many things. I admit it makes me very angry to so many things. Well if you live in the NY State, consider the following link for some information. The gateway to getting licenses is narrowing and comprehend, once the licenses environment is settled, the ability to get in will be as challenging as the liquor license. https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2005&type=status
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