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    Artist: Lisa Tillman Pritchard

    More citations at the bottom of the series


    Can you figure out who? the names  of each are in the stored file, just place your mouse above the image


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    virgo by lisa tillman pritchard.jpg


    Title: Zodiac SEries
    Artist: Lisa Tillman Pritchard  < https://www.etsy.com/shop/ltpartllc1/ , https://www.tiktok.com/@ltpartllc>      
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  2. @ProfD a person can be well known or popular and be a leader. I oppose your assertion that schrumpf is a leader, i consider him a mob guide, that goes back to his central park 5 opinion. it didn't lead, scrumpft comprehends a simple truth, the usa is a multiracial country which means a populace in every race in the usa: women/white/black/native/men/young/old/immigrant/christian/muslim/chinese/nigeiran/russian/any other you can think of dislike/hate everybody else. And the populace inside the white community in the usa that dislike/hate everybody else is large enough to be profitable in one way or another. The proof is the black followers, people say it is shocking but it isn't. The black community in the usa don't have anyone like Schrumpf. a black person , financially safe that can or desires to mouthpiece pure dislike or hate with an anti immigratory or anti integrated position. Take a look at the film, the intruder, for free https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2422&type=status


    I don't consider schrumpt a leader, 

    but I have a why. He doesn't organize. The maga crowd was the tea party crowd, was the christian conservative crowd in the 1970's-1980s , was the white folk who hanged black folk and burned black folk in the 1960s and before. 

    Schrumpf didn't get the MAga's angry, they have been ready to fight since the 1950s,since the war between thes tates, since the usa was founded...  what Schrumpf did was mob guide, not start , not lead, mob guide, ala the film intruder, take a look, for free:) linked at the end of my comment.

    And to get into the black community in the usa, black statians , unlike the white community in the usa, white statians where various whites guide white people with violent intent, black people with violent intent rarely have such a public guide. I know most white media and some black media today talks about people like Nat Turner, and Saint Garvey and  Brother Malcolm or lessers like  farrakhan or mumia but none of them, to be fair, ever said, just go out and hurt white people. Lock her up, that kind of talk was never uttered by the people i mentioned. The people i mentioned said defend yourself by any means and white media and to be fair, many in black media, take that as equivalent to people like schrumpf in the white community in the usa, with his opeds on five black children.  

    Leaders can motivate but the problem in the usa is people, black or non black, tend to view the supporters to schrumpft as needing him, they don't need him to be motivated, to be passionate, to be organized, they need him to guide. 

    This is why so many whites , immigrants, were so appalled by Schrumpt as president, while the maga were happy.  it was his executive shift. What if the USA stopped being the policeman of europe. What if the USA joined with Russia against china. What if the USA stopped being the center of the global human migratory  storm. For rural whites in the usa this is ideal. now for white city folk , many of whom are from immigrant stock as well as the hordes of non white immigrants, this is the nightmare. SCrumpft is not a legislator or organizer, sequentially his policies couldn't get through congress but as an executive, he put in place the seeds of that and again it was guiding, not leadership. 

    IF you can not organize, which schrumpft has proven he can not then...in my eyes , you can not be a leader


    1. richardmurray


      in the forum post


      a person can be well known or popular and be a leader.

      I oppose your assertion that schrumpf is a leader, i consider him a mob guide, that goes back to his central park 5 opinion. it didn't lead, scrumpft comprehends a simple truth, the usa is a multiracial country which means a populace in every race in the usa: women/white/black/native/men/young/old/immigrant/christian/muslim/chinese/nigeiran/russian/any other you can think of dislike/hate everybody else. And the populace inside the white community in the usa that dislike/hate everybody else is large enough to be profitable in one way or another. 

      The proof is the black followers, people say it is shocking but it isn't. The black community in the usa don't have anyone like Schrumpf. a black person , financially safe that can or desires to  mouthpiece pure dislike or hate with an anti immigratory or anti integrated position. 

      Take a look at the film, the intruder, for free


  4. What was it like re-releasing work that you did 20+ years ago? Was there anything surprising to you about returning to these classic games from an earlier part of your career? Honne: Although I am only supervising the Remaster version, to be honest I really want to remake the whole thing since the original version was released 20 years ago. But unfortunately, I don't think any gamers out there have the same thoughts as mine, haha. I feel relieved and happy to look back at how well the game was made, in terms of playability and length. Kojima: We are genuinely happy that more people will have the opportunity to experience Baten Kaitos. I would like to thank all the fans for their continued support and everyone involved in the Remaster's production. One thing that amazed me once again was the background art, which is still beautiful after 20 years, probably because it is 2D art. It is also surprising that Mr. Honne drew all these almost by himself at the time. Higurashi: It is a very strange feeling, and to tell the truth, it feels surreal. I have enjoyed playing the remastered titles of respected seniors in the industry, but I never had the thought of having the opportunity to be a part of a remaster project based on a title I was involved on. When creating the key art for the remastered version, I faced the illustrations I drew in the past. Looking at Kalas in the drawings, I could vividly recall what I was thinking in the past when creating, the feeling of the tools I used, and the faces of the people who supported me. It really made me want to talk about each of my memories during development in the past, recall how much fun I had and how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to work on such a good title. These games have stood the test of time and the fanbase enjoys various aspects of the games. What do you personally enjoy most about them? Honne: While I am very confident and proud of the background artwork since I take the worldview and the use of colors very seriously in the game, at the same time Baten Kaitos is a game where all development staff worked hard; hand-and-hand together like an orchestra, skillfully piling up their own rich and dignified notes. For my favorite, I personally would choose Mira, the City of Illusion that goes its own ways. Kojima: The charming character designs, the uplifting music, and everything apart of those are lovely, but if I had to pick only one thing, it would be the fact that the player can become a spirit and participate in the story. This wonderful world setting is what I love about Baten Kaitos. Higurashi: Hmm, will it sound like I am lying if I say I love all of them? I’m a big fan of Baten Kaitos so I can list out a lot of different elements, but if I need to choose just one, I will say I love the story of the characters the best. Every character has their own desires and emotions, and I feel like all characters and the universe of Baten Kaitos have their own souls. Do you have any special message to fans who are experiencing these games for the very first time? Honne: Although the original games were released 20 years ago, I hope you can enjoy going on a relaxing journey in the world of Baten Kaitos I and II. I am sure that wonderful memories will be made. Kojima: Baten Kaitos is a fantasy RPG in which you and your companion explore a wide variety of landscapes. It is such a classic RPG, yet it is filled with various innovations, including an innovative battle system. We hope you will enjoy this journey away from your daily lives. Higurashi: We are very happy to bring to you the remastered version for Baten Kaitos. Although the original titles were released 20 years ago, they are still such masterpieces that even me as a creator is very eager to share from a fan's perspective! I am confident that those who are playing the games for the first time will enjoy this remaster. The Music of Baten Kaitos with Motoi Sakuraba What was it like revisiting your work on Baten Kaitos? Is there anything surprising about relistening to compositions you made in the past? Sakuraba: The orchestra pieces sounded beautiful. The arrangement is simple and the melody is easy to enjoy. I was surprised when listening to the rock pieces and other tracks with synthesizer because I remembered I had a lot of creative freedom when composing them. Is there a piece of music in the games that you are particularly proud of? Sakuraba: I’m proud of all the battle songs from Baten Kaitos I & II. I like them because they show my true side the most. The other one is "Le ali del principio" from Baten Kaitos II. My daughter, who was a small child at the time, sang it. She did her best to sing it in Italian until the end of the song. The Baten Kaitos soundtracks incorporate many different elements from grand symphonic orchestration to synthesizers/prog rock. Can you describe your creative process a little bit? Sakuraba: Many of the songs in the Baten Kaitos soundtrack were not created with a specific musical genre in mind but rather came naturally as a result of trying to bring out my feeling. So, I didn't have any idea of what elements I wanted to include in these songs. To create these songs, I needed to understand the emotions for the scene, and if possible, I referred to the visual. Then I tried to adjust or rethink the piece I made by discussing with the producers. What I tried to achieve with the Baten Kaitos I & II soundtrack, and this goes for other titles as well, is to make the music blend perfectly with the gameplay so people are fully immersed when playing the game. Did your creative approach change between the first and second game? Sakuraba: In Baten Kaitos I, battle songs usually emphasized hardness. In Baten Kaitos II, acoustic instruments such as piano and violin were also used, adding a light atmosphere to the songs. In addition, one thing that I incorporated into Baten Kaitos II that I couldn’t in Baten Kaitos I was putting actual vocal sounds into the main songs. Do you have a message for new players who will experience these games for the first time? Sakuraba: We hope you will enjoy this work with its unique atmosphere and music! It would be great if you would listen to the music because it is very easy to understand.
  5. @Pioneer1 Does the non basic form of your definition have percentages or specifics? When you say safe, what do you mean? the NYPD has buildings full of domestic abuse cases they never bothered with. By safe what do you mean? When you say establishing hospitals does that include ability to reach hospitals? In NYC , historically, top quality healthcare has always been blockaded to the majority of the populace including even traveling. and throughout the usa, many don't have a hospital near where they live. Based on your basic definition, it allows a majority of governments in humanity to b deemed effective or not effective based on the specificty your basic definition doesn't have ? is your basic definition effective in defining effective government then?
  6. @Troy why? I admit, my definition of what makes a leader is specific, it isn't an open net that many can fit into. One of my rules is, the qualities you have don't require big chairs. Obama wasn't the leader of the black community in the congressional district he won, that is why he lost trying to court the black vote and won by splitting the black vote and gaining most of the white. Again, the problem is many black people who are well known can't even be considered the leader of black people in the city or state they live in, so how can they be the leader to the entire black populace in the usa. I don't comprehend how the assumption you allude to can be made unless one has a very very wide and in my view, foolish sense of what makes a leader.
  7. @Pioneer1 Your wrong, i speak now as an artist, i know many artists: writers/musicians/dancers who have said what you said, the message is enough. They were all wrongy by their own admission eventually. MEssage don't fill seats like fun, never has and never will . No shame exists in any artist being only about message but I repeat, message don't fill seats.
  8. https://www.browngirlsbooks.com/copy-of-contact-us Please submit via email to Submissions@browngirlsbooks.com. MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINES In the subject line of your email please include the genre, word count, and title. In the body of the email please send the following: A synopsis and the first three chapters of your manuscript Target audience Your name and contact details Any relevant information about the author should also be included Please send all material for review as a single Word document or PDF file format ELECTRONIC VERSION Electronic versions of your manuscript should be in one file and not separate files for each chapter or section. Use Microsoft Word format, 12pt Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. PLEASE NOTE: Brown Girls Books only publishes children's books written by children.
  9. HEre is the screenwriting course from tananarive due side steven barnes of lifewriting VIDEO SLIDESHOW MY THOUGHTS AS I LISTENED, it started at 5:00pm eastern standard time 5:18 i say 10 is in what the medals represent, they are proven rebel leaders 5:26 haha, yes i bought the rod sterling/richard matheson/charles beaumont scripts for twilight zone to learn 5:27 many people don't have people in their personal lives who allow them to fail 5:29 write for you. if you like what you write you aren't failing, and keep writing till you like what you write 5:31 what does it mean to be human? you need to know what it means to be human. 5:34 and also extend the human comprehension to all characters. the hero isn't the only character to approach holistically 5:36 you did say it before , the writerjapanese anime called "black clover" said he wanted to do that in his anime 5:42 exactly alot of boring science fiction or horror or adventure is in books/movies where the plot isn't existent, it is merely, experiencing someone doing stuff 5:46 I don't usually write the other. Definitely need to push that forward to learn about myself more 5:55 are the immortal villains in horror or scifi films , witness characters? 5:56 all writers get into habits and regular forms 6:04 I make storyboards that helps this writing without dialog in screenplays is vital, so that you can tell a story absent text 6:07 of course, you never know when the doors of imagination open 6:09 i am on lifewriting, anyone else on the group from facebook? lets create together 6:09 exactly tananarive, the immortal villains in horror are witness characters:) 6:13 I watched the twilight zone marathon while reading the scripts i had:) 6:26 screenplay elements for structure, remember just a template 6:45 beat sheet for danger word I see, thank you,I felt it was a coming of age thanks for confirming 6:47 they funded the movie with a visual storytelling element 6:48 great story behind the scenes of danger word and crews influence 6:50 danger word was crowd funded for 30,000 dollars QUESTIONS 7:09 7:52 great information on working in hollywood. I wrote in my own notebook alot. 7:56 glengarry glen ross with M.A.G.I.C. will love to see that:) Join the lifewriting group on facebook or the firedance weekly sessions on zoom, i have experience in either and both I have learned from or are uplifting or are positive. https://masteryplus.mykajabi.com/lifewriting-premium-sales-page-4
  10. . topics Cento series 18th round Boy and Sir, more mirrors to Girl from Jamaica Kincaid Dates, Astrology , Astronomy The Intruder from charles beaumont + roger corman , the roaming frictioner Indigenous suffering- still uncovering sins from the usa's government or its immigrant peoples to the indigenous How do you define Black greatness? Another round of education https://rmnewsletter.over-blog.com/2023/06/09/24/2023-rmnewsletter.html
  11. For those in the northern hemisphere, I hope they began Autumn surrounded by loving ones with a full plate of food. For those in the southern hemisphere, i hope they began spring, surrounde by loving ones and beautiful gardens
  12. black leadership in the usa will become stronger
  13.  I made a reply to the following




      I will only opine on two quotes from Troy's prose. I can opine on the rest but I will not. 



    I use the term black statians where he used  black americans. Black americans for me represents the people I deem black from the lands commonly called canada to argentina in total. 


    The first is 


    It was organized by the leader of black america, in so far as we have one, Al Sharpton.

    While  the definition of any people or leadership in humanity varies historically, in various races in the human race, based on my definition of leadership or its mechanics as well as my definition of black statians, Al Sharpton was never and is not a leader in the Black Statian community in the USA; he isn't a leader in the black statian community of New York State; he isn't a leader in the black community of NEw York city; he isn't a leader in the black community of manhattan. I offer two proofs that satisfy me , and some others. 

    Recently in harlem, a spitting distance from the national action network, a white owned real estate property went through a administrative/organizational struggle. But sharpton was absent. He didn't even speak with the black elected officials in the city council or state assembly on the issue. 

    I view Al Sharpton as an advocate, not a leader. Sometimes a leader is an advocate as well, like the great Malcolm X. But sharpton is an advocate, he works for something, ala advocacy , but a leader, as i define one, isn't merely an advocate, they are an organizer as well, and sharpton has always refrained from organization. 

    My second is Al Sharpton's words concerning his own movement. 

    He admitted in local media in new york city that when he started his movement, his thing to advocate through, he wanted it to be a christian movement. what is the problem? Not all black people in the usa/new york state/new york city are christian, not all black people in the usa/new york state/new york city  are nonviolent, so by his own words he was never interested in something all black statians could gather into. So you can not lead any people when you are unwilling to lead all their  tribes or subparts. 


    the second is 


    Maybe that is the result of “progress.”

    Well, the problem with the word progress, what you move toward, is answering the question, what are you moving toward. To the topic, what has the black statian been moving toward. One of the problems with the black community in the usa, the black statians is the idea that it is a collective, a unified being. the black statian community had two major historical moments. First when the usa was founded. Second the war between the states. 

    When the usa was founded most black people were enslaved to whites and a minority of blacks were free. BAsed on their actions what were they progressing too? 

    The enslaved blacks wanted freedom from whites by any means, violence preferable but exodus from the usa was the goal. Most free blacks fought aside the british to maintain the british colonies and stop the usa from being so the black statians when the usa was founded was 90% progressing to kill whites or leave the nascent usa 10% was looking to kill white colonits and gain land within the british empire. sum it up, most blacks, as well as most native americans , were opposed to the creation of the usa as well as the white europeans in it. SO the creation of the usa and the empowerment of the white europeans in it went completely against the progression of most native americans or black statians when the usa was founded. Thus is it odd to see the future negative . 

    Then the second for black statians is the war between the states. But again, the three black leadership groups  were: black abolotionist leaders absent money, black soldiers who had their guns removed immediately and dispersed throughout the usa as individuals at the end of said war, the black church who was divided on whether to integrate or segregate from whites based on a vote of clergy that was near split 50/50. so what does this mean. black abolitionist had no revenue or resources to act beyond speeches and petitioning after the 13th amendment; they progressed to a small minority in the black community that speaks for money which has existed ever since in the black statian community paramount by Obama, black soldiers embraced through force or desire an individualism; that progression  become the largest heritage of the black community in the usa en large, the black church was multivided on what to do which manifested in the exodusters in the western states as opposed to integrated communities in the north east; which was a progression that led to the variances between malcolm/martinthe panthers/the sclbc/fannie lou hamer that led to the variances of barack obama/cornell west/michael jordan/oprah winfrey . 

    The Black community has never in the history of the USA been majority to one path of progression that is pro usa or integration. 







  14. @ProfD well A = quantity of human beings that want to help other human beings B = quantity of human beings that don't want to help other human beings C= quantity of human beings that follow the leader G1= fiscal effectiveness ( A) G2 fiscal effectiveness(C) G3= fiscal effectiveness (B) G1 > G2> G3 (A-(B1(G1)-B2(G2)-B3(G3)) )<D thus, again, the algorithm is simple. Those who don't want to help are more effective. Which again, goes to the nature of fiscal capitolism, which is the core of the usa. @Pioneer1 well over 95% of black people were once enslaved which is a pure combination of being incarcerated plus homeless at the same time, so I argue your assertion is wrong that black percentages to either are higher than ever.
  15. now03.png

    A Climate Week NYC Virtual Event

    Welcome to the live stream of:
    Under Pressure at the Noho Space
    Joining the panel are Ana Teresa Fernández, the artist and activist behind the Under Pressure, Cristina Gnecco, Founder of HOPE Hydration, and Whitney McGuire, Director of Sustainability for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Founder of Sustainable Brooklyn.

    Uniform Resource Locator





    6:52 introductions 
    three women, two own or manage organizations in climate organization and an female thespian who advocates.

    6:54 how do you influence the environment

    6:54 a panelist say art creates access and leads to agency. But I oppose. Art doesn't have the ability to influence finance that way. 

    6:58 a panelist said, if you know better you do better, but that miscomprehends education. Having knowledge doesn't force your mind to certain conclusions That isn't true. 

    7:00 a panelist is right about contracts, but laws to diminish the leeway of the legal system will help.

    7:01 quesitonaire, how do you see culture, identity heritage playing a role in your work?

    7:02 a panelist said, in usa she was in a big huge clean school and in colombia she would see someone her age in a school with trash and she asked why is one this way and one that. She blamed environmental waste instead of imperialism. The immigrant community is unwilling to criminalize the usa so tries to work around blaming the usa by changing the usa. and the global empire it centers about. 
    Yes nyc waste pollutes others, but show a technology that can absord and reutlize that waste.

    7:04 a panelist remembers a stench from a refinery near the beach she lived by, she felt all beaches have petroleum jelly or smell, and when she moved to san diego california, it was a shock to her. 

    7:06 the same panelist, only one in three women know how to swim , less than 55 % of the population knows how to swim. the migration due to dislocation around the sealine. 

    7:07 a panelist , lived next to landfills in dayton ohio, and neglected manufacturing buildings. 
    At this point all three women are women who migrated as children somwhere. Said panelist said juxtaposition is needed. 
    Well, her problem is the idea that the problem is ignorance. IT is control. 

    7:10 the questionaire, the people most impacted are not the voices in the room. What has the challenge been like, what is missing from the climate change movement?

    7:11 a panelist, said I exist in a Black fem body. She says "our society" doesn't work or fit for people like me.  The problem with the idea that you own a thing or are part of a thing that doesn't serve you is very dysfunctional. Imagine someone saying, I like to gamble but gambling is totally illegal. 

    7:12 said panelist,  continues to say that trash is one of the most profitable global exports.

    7:13 said panelist said fast fashion was said to pollute the planet most and she wanted to disrupt that narrative. 

    7:14 odd delay,  people , especially a room of liberals always think a clapping is warranted

    7:15 a panelist,  she recalls three women , with climate and emotions while two men were talking about climate and economics. She called it contrived. 

    7:16 said panelist, joined two organizations where surfers taught poets how to surf while poets taught surfers how to write. Her idea is bringing access. Growing up in NYC was a benefit. 

    7:17 a panelist, 80% of the world biodiversity is protected by 20% of the populace, indigenous people, and she wonders why no indigenous is in the room. well, I can tell her that indegenous people have been exited from power or influence at the heart of the usa. 

    7:19 said panelist, said redistribution of wealth is key, but redistribution of wealth starts wars, no one wants to be poor or lesser than and few invite that to their children or descendents. 

    7:20 said panelist asks how many of you work at a well funded organization and many in the audience raised their hand. well, shouldn't the people who fund the organizations be using their money straightly?

    7:21 questionaire, name an inspiring moment

    Whitney McGuire < http://www.whitneyrmcguire.com/
    7:21 She said her father was incarcerated and recently he called her and said he was proud and he didn't know what sustainability was . her work has changed her father's life.
    She mentioned her aunt who is 78, a retired teacher, and said she is changing their direction

    Cristina Gnecco < https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristina-gnecco/
    7:24 she heard a bunch of children who are doing things, and a 12 year old girl helped pass legislation as she was born with bad lungs. so she loves the children coming up and their activity. 

    Ana Teresa Fernández < https://anateresafernandez.com/
    7:25 She recalls a 70 plus year old help a child surf. That gift of access with the laughter, a non violent exchange. She was captivated. Her husband spoke to her his pride to her, and he explains to neighbors what he has learned from her and he isn't artsy or environmental.

    7:28 Questionaire, open to questions from the audience

    question: What do you think is the most important thing in sustainability that people don't know about?

    panelist: several thousand languages will be dead in a century. so climate migration will start creating an extinction of languages. several thousand languages, obliterating a people by that. humanity loses a language every forty days. 

    question: iS their an effort or should their be an effort to pull activities into a more unified approach of the various communities or individual efforts?

    panelist: our technology is only a reflection of us. Technology will serve silos as long as we do. She doesn't have an answer as to why humanity is disunfiied and exhausted by the lack of unity. But how are we unifying in our own lives. 

    another panelist: a great question but I wish i had a solution. Competition exists for funding. But why do we feel like we need to compete, cause their isn't a large redistribution of wealth behind sustainability. Some companies can show their is space for all in sustainability to come together and unify and they didn't pay me to say that. 

    question: equity may involve access but underserved populations have less access or more affected, with information over there isn't enough. 

    panelist: I know someone who knows someone. I do alot of cross polination. Their needs to be a foundational ripping to create equity. No ministry of culture exists in the usa. 

    panelist: it isn't a sustainability issue. People from underserved communities are the most artistic. The artists come from the mud. Redistributing resources to support artists is the key. the artists are their, the sustained funding is key. Yes I concur to her, can you enlargen and unbias patronage.
    This is a private sector and a public sector issue. 

    7:40 end

    They had a wine tasting, from the wine tasting, and the one behind is a wine firm speaker to a french firm that ships wines with the lowest carbon emission. 

    they made a wave, they literally did that. 



    Mcguire side Gnecco said the most important point. The money behind most sustainability measures is a non affecting fractional to the larger fiscal system that maintains the global financial order. I add that makes sense, cause the money in control of things isn't going to cut its own throat. I will add all three woman as many women in these scenarios speaks of change absent violence as fatiguing while the wall to overcome. The blunt truth is peace has limits. Redistributing wealth is one of the true war starters in humanity. No one wants to risk being financially poor. It is too risky. And that explains why the artists of the world are blockaded from embracing patronage or the indigenous are blockaded from being advisors.  And I will be blunt, a president named Barrack Obama once said, change you can believe in. But when he became president he presented no one with anything to believe in. Why? talking the talk isn't enough when you have large goals. Large goals require not just technology or imagination but daring behavior. 

    Sustainable Brooklyn- the organization founded by Whitney Mcguire < http://www.whitneyrmcguire.com/ >  who is on the panel. 


    Artist Conracts series + Intellectual property 101
    Address common clauses
    How to sustainably price your work
    Intellectual property comprehension through the fashion industry
    How force majeure clauses impact your money
    What is the difference between patent , copyright, trademark
    Comprehending the freelance isn't free law in nyc
    How to set a sustainable and profitable rate
    part 1
    part 2




  16. @ProfD well the arithmetic is simple, A= USA revenue+ wealth in total B= USA revenue+ wealth owned by: the one percent, the billionaires, the millionaires, or various other controlling interest like members of the federal government which includes the military C=A-B= the amount USA revenue + wealth available to the rest. D= need to the rest. B has always been large enough to make C<D. And B being large is fair, the usa is a fiscal capitalistic country. Fiscal capitalism is not socialism or communism. In fiscal capitalism one has the freedom to obtain huge amounts of wealth thus the attraction of fiscal capitalism. China's fiscal capitalism , born from their own socialism, essentially disallows a private sector one percent while maintains a public sector one percent. The government of china is not only has the government share like the usa federal government has, but also the one percent. But greed is acceptable in fiscal capitalism and sequentially, Fiscal Greed which is completely legal in the usa makes (A-B)<D To rephrase in pure arithmetic terms (A-B(greed) )<D case closed. You can not criminalize fiscal greed in the usa. So, the need is honest. Now, if fiscal greed becomes illegal in the usa then .... a different algorithm
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