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  1. I am respectful of all opinions and personal views as it relates to politics, religion, and other controversial topics. However, it has been obvious on many occasions that most people are blinded by their own point of view and life experiences. I am grateful for the learning opportunities that I get when I connect with people from different areas and cultures. Although one thing stands true, "people shun you and are turned off" when you are not willing to show and give respect to others (even when their opinion is different than yours). We should be able to share perspectives without being
  2. I have no words, lol. I will say as a nation we will not be destroyed by another nation. We will crumble at the hands of our own doing. This is only the start of what is going to come. We lack value and morals because we have traded it in for such as this.
  3. I affirmed and believe this as well. The messages are getting clearer by the day. Some are just going to miss it in the shift. Thanks for sharing your perspective with me.
  4. Your behaviors are consistent with my perception of who I believe you are. Therefore you are intelligent enough to know exactly what I am implying in my post (because it amused you enough to reply). But to amuse you let me clarify, I am speaking of American population solely. However, wherever we reside in this big ole world, whatever race or culture we identify with, I am certain that these issues run parallel. Nevertheless, if you have answers, enlighten me.
  5. I can't but help getting the impression that black culture believes that as a result of the wait of a new president that their problems are going to magically disappear. Truth of the matter, in days of slavery there were good masters and ruthless masters (slave owners). However, the people were still slaves to some slave owner (good or ruthless). Nevertheless, a huge percent of the black culture today are so distracted with trying to manipulate the image of what freedom is that we have been pulled right back into slavery thinking that Biden/Harris is going to give us our papers to freedom.
  6. Respectfully enjoyed hearing your perspective as it mirrors that of my own as I am finding myself pondering more and more each day, where are we missing the mark? yes i believe so many of us are doing the work however we can't neglect that the harvest is plentiful; it is that of the laborers who have become complacent in our world system. Yes i also believe that the disconnect to the internet is quickly approaching. However, the minds of our people are so drawn in and distracted and confused already that some will not even see the sword coming. Keep using your passion, voice, and purpose in
  7. Great feedback. Absolutely respect your position. Then I posed the question for the solution for this issue; Where are those of us who possess this ability/credential?; and How do we find you?
  8. I am curious to know how the racial injustices suffered today are impacting mental wellness. I noticed that as a result of such occurrences that many of the people in our communities are experiencing symptoms related to PTSD and increased anxiety and depression. However, I am not certain that we are seeking the help we may need to process what we are really facing. Has the conditioning of our society, culture, and tradition desensitized us to the point that we are potentially suffering emotionally inside of suffering through everything that is going on? If so, what can we do to help?
  9. How do you authors prepare your products to move during the holiday season? Other than how you package your books, what strategy are you using?
  10. Men and women in leadership often fall as a result of lack of integrity, not talent or potential. It's hard to regain that respect for your name once it has been tainted with poor character/integrity. I hope that more of us can use this as an eye opener/lesson of how important it is to know and understand the things we will not compromise on and live your life with integrity. Living with integrity comes before seeking out status and platform and thinking that because our name is Joe/Jane Doe that our talent and potential is enough to keep us there.
  11. Ok, but I don't know what to think. I felt it was a mini porn show. However, I am just one opinion and do not knock or criticize what she does in her area of gifting. I just will not be watching.
  12. I am working on building my brand and relationships. I am grateful to come across this website through an interview on Black Authors TV. I would like some feedback on my website. In my business I use many of the free resources so I work at trying to make it as professional (quality) as I can. I make changes and update it as I learn new things or offer new products. Thanks you for your consideration of providing me with your honest feedback. My website is https://anntriciabraysmith.weebly.com.
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