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  1. Basketball Star Russell Westbrook. Was. Wearing. A. Dress. And. A,Skirt. .Why. .Black. Men. Have. No. Problem. Wearing. Dresses. And,Skirts. .Tyler. Perry. ,Martin. Lawrence. .Others. ...The. Tv ,Black, Entertainment. Dramas. .Black. Mafia. Family. Black. ,Cocaine ,Business ???..Black. Entertainment. Shows. On. The. OWN ,Channel.. ,Black. Men. By. The. White. Entertainment. Media. ..,Gangs,Drugs. Glamourized Has. Not. Stopped ........ .Does,Black ,,Entertainment. Matter. ?? Lot. Of. Black People. Are. Missing ,Black. Gangs. ,Genocide. Black. Communities ,Crack. Houses ,,Pimp,,Houses ,,Churches. Preachers. Steal. Money. Not. Uplifting ,Black. Communities. ..Do. Black. Communities. Matter ?
  2. Racist. White. Believe. They Will. Become. Extinct. Like. The,Dinosaurs. Soon. They. Want. Abortion. Stopped. They. Want. ,To. Stop. Black. And. Brown. People. Coming. Into. The. Country ..Families. Of. Missing. Black. People. On. The. News. Talking., About,Why. Black. And. Brown. People. Missing. Not. On. The. News... Do. Black. Politicians. NAACP. The. Black. Church. Involved ,In. Looking. For. Missing. Black. People. ?? .If. Black. Lives., Matter,To,Them. . ..
  3. Black. Boy. Celebrating. Black. Boyhood. Positive. Stories. About. ,Black. Boys. By. Kwame. Mbalia .
  4. 1963. Black. Church. Bombing. In. Birmingham. .4. Girls. Murdered ,,One. Girl. Was. Blinded. ..All. These ,,Years. Later. This. Racist. ,,Violence. Could. Happen. At. Any. Time. White. Christian. Terrorist ,Planning. To. Return. To. Washington. D. C. On. Saturday. .....,This,Year. 25. Years. Ago. The. Murder. Of. Rapper. And. Actor,,Tupac. Shakur. . A. Tragic. Loss. He. Was. Talented. I. Read,There. Are Theories. But. No. Arrest. ...
  5. Amazing. If. The. Black. Church. Begins. Talking. About. Abortion. ..The. Black. Church. Does. Not. Talk. About. Black. Preachers. In,,Prison. For. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. Caught. ,,With. Prostitutes ...Preachers. Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. ,,Money. Buying. Cars. Houses. Not. Uplifting. Helping. Poor. Black ,Communities. ..Black. Preachers. Not. Trying. To. Stop. Street. ,Gangs. That. Murder. Black. People. Black. Men. Selling. Crack ,Cocaine. ,Prostituting. Teenage. Girls. In The. Streets. The. Black,Church. Is. Corrupt. Black. Lives Do. Not. Matter. To. The,Black, ,Church. NAACP. Black. Democrats. Black. Lives. Do. Not,Matter. To. Them. Street. Gangs. Are. Domestic. Terror. ...Black,People. Who. Buy. Sell. Crack. Should. Get. 20. Years...,20,Years. For. Prostituting. Teenage. Girls.....Black. Women. ,,Should. Demand. That. A. Black. Man. Wears. A. Condon. Before. ,Having. Sex. !!!!!
  6. The. Radical. King. King. As. Radical. As. Malcolm. X. ? Book. By,Dr. Martin. Luther. King. 58. Years. Ago. The. March. On. Washington ,,Dr. King. Gave. His. I. Have. A. Dream. Speech. ..
  7. Former. Football. Player. Herschel. Walker. Wants. To. Be. The,,Next,Black. Georgia. Senator. He. Wants. To. Challenge. Senator. Pastor. Warnock .Herschel. Walker. Supports. Trump. I ,Think. Trump. Is. Supporting. Herschel. Walker. To. Be. A. Republican. Senator. In. The. Next. Election. Idiot. Supporting A,,Idiot. But. He. Has. As. Much. Experience. As. Pastor. Warnock. ,Did. Maybe. Kanye. West. Will. Return. And. Try. To. Get. Elected ,,With. All. These. Irritating. Black. Entertainment. Dramas. ,Black. ,,Award. Shows. No. Voices. Heard. On. How. To. Stop. Black. ,Genocide. In. Black. Communities. Street. Gangs. Murdering. Black,People. Children. In. The. Streets. Crack. Houses. Pimp ,Houses. ,Preachers. Stealing. Money. To. Buy. Cars. Mansions,Not,Uplifting. Poor. Black. Communities. Black. Churches,NAACP. Black. Political. Not. Doing. Anything. ,Herschel,,Walker. Might. Get. Some. Black. Votes. ,Last. Year,,Black. ,People. Were. Supporting. Trump. On. The. News. There. Were ,,Blacks. For. Trump. Signs. ...!!
  8. Black. Girls. Finding. Ourselves. Discovering. Ourselves. Importance. ,Of. Recognizing. Black. Women. In. Literature. .By. Glory. Edim ..
  9. I. Read. This. Month. Singer. R. Kelly. Trial. Begins..He. Is. Accused,Of, Sex. Crimes. Abusing. Girls. And. Women. Accused. Of,Child. Pornography. Racketeering. Criminal. Enterprises. And. ,,Paying. Victims. To. Be. Silent. ......If. Guilty. He. Should. Be. Behind,Bars. ..Black. Street. Pimps , Prostitute. Women. And. ,,Teenage. Girls. In. The. Streets. Black. Preachers. Have. Been. ,Caught. With. Prostitutes. ,Have. Gotten. Teenage. Girls. ,,Pregnant ,,Are. In. Prison. For. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. ,,Stealing. Church,Money ,. Going. On. Shopping. Sprees ,. Buying. Rich. Cars ,Not. Uplifting. Poor. Black. Communities. The., Black.,Man,, In,America. ,,Think. Of. Ways. To. Genocide. The. Black. Community. And. Black,People. Every. Day. ...
  10. Among. The. Black. Athletes. Who.,Won. , Medals. For. This. Country., The,Women. Water. Polo. Team. Won. Go!d. Led. By. Ashleigh Johnson. Who. Was. The. Goalie. For. The. Team. There. Was. A ,Black. Male. On. The. U S. Men. Water. Polo. Team. They. Did. Not,Win. A. Medal. I. Don't. Think. .. ...The. Conversation. About,The. January. 6. Terrorist. Attack. Black. D. C. Police. Officer,Said. He. Was. Called. A. Nigger. That. Was. The. First. Time ,He. Was. Called. A. Nigger. Wearing. His. Police. Uniform. .He. ,Seemed. Upset. That. Probably. The. Beginning. I. Wondered. ,What ,Is. Republican. Black. Senator. Tim. Scott. Opinion. Of. Black. Police ,Called. Nigger. By. The. White. Terrorist. Who. Attacked. The. ,Capitol. Building. ...??He. Aid. Trump. Not. To. Be. Blamed. For. The,Attack ....
  11. Pastor. Barber. Talks. About. The. Poor. And. The. Homeless. Does. He. Talk. About. Rich. Black. Preachers. Stealing. Taking. Church. ,Money. To. Buy. Cars. Mansions. ?? Stop. Taking. Your. Money. To. ,Church. You. Will. See. What. Kind. Of. Preacher. You. Got. .Preachers. Are. Snakes. The. Church. Is. A. Pimp. House. And. A,Slave. Cabin. Millions. Of. Church. Money. In. Black. Communities,Could. Create. Black. Businesses. And. Jobs. ,College ,Scholarships. ...Money. Greed. Motivate. Preachers. NAACP. ,Black. ,Political. Are. Afraid. Of. Preachers. ....
  12. News. Says. Navy. Ship. Will. Be. Named. After. John. Lewis. ....I,Believe. Yesterday. Was. 1 Year. Since. His. Death. News. Says,Tennis. Star. Coco. Gauff Out. Of. The. Olympics. Because. Of,Coronavirus .. Hope. She. Gets. Better....
  13. Black. Girl. Wins The. Spelling. Bee. 14 Year. Old. From. Louisiana ,,.She. Zaila Anant- Garde .Got. A. Scholarship. To. LSU . She ,Said,She Thought. About. Harvard. ,NASA ,Or. Neuroscience ..Good,For. Her. .
  14. Over. The. 4 Th. Of. July. Weekend. In Chicago. 100 Shot. 18,Dead ,Children. Shot. As. Young. As Age 5, Mayor. Has. Taken. Hundreds. Of,Guns Off. The. Streets...She. Frustrated. Where. Is. The. Church,,Political. ,NAACP Black. Lives. Matter. ..Would Not. Be. Surprised. If. Neo. Nazi. Trash. Is. Creeping. In. Black. Communities,Shooting. Black. People. Are. Putting. Guns. Down. In,,Black. Communities. To. Keep. The. Black. On. Black. Genocide,Going. .....
  15. Black. People. Should. Respect. The. Black. Soldiers. Who. Have ,,Protected. This. Racist Country ,Those. That. Protect. This. Racist,Country. Now .... The. Civil. Rights. Activist. Who. Were. Beaten ,And. Murdered .....Unarmed. Black. People. Murdered. By ,Racist. Thrash. White. Police. Racist. Thrash. White. Politicians ,Condoning. It. Not. Much. As. Changed....Preachers,Politicians ,,,Criminal. Black. Men. And. Women. Enslave. Black. Communities ,And. Black. People. ....What. Are. You. Celebrating ?????.
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