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  1. Pastor. Barber. Talks. About. The. Poor. And. The. Homeless. Does. He. Talk. About. Rich. Black. Preachers. Stealing. Taking. Church. ,Money. To. Buy. Cars. Mansions. ?? Stop. Taking. Your. Money. To. ,Church. You. Will. See. What. Kind. Of. Preacher. You. Got. .Preachers. Are. Snakes. The. Church. Is. A. Pimp. House. And. A,Slave. Cabin. Millions. Of. Church. Money. In. Black. Communities,Could. Create. Black. Businesses. And. Jobs. ,College ,Scholarships. ...Money. Greed. Motivate. Preachers. NAACP. ,Black. ,Political. Are. Afraid. Of. Preachers. ....
  2. News. Says. Navy. Ship. Will. Be. Named. After. John. Lewis. ....I,Believe. Yesterday. Was. 1 Year. Since. His. Death. News. Says,Tennis. Star. Coco. Gauff Out. Of. The. Olympics. Because. Of,Coronavirus .. Hope. She. Gets. Better....
  3. Black. Girl. Wins The. Spelling. Bee. 14 Year. Old. From. Louisiana ,,.She. Zaila Anant- Garde .Got. A. Scholarship. To. LSU . She ,Said,She Thought. About. Harvard. ,NASA ,Or. Neuroscience ..Good,For. Her. .
  4. Over. The. 4 Th. Of. July. Weekend. In Chicago. 100 Shot. 18,Dead ,Children. Shot. As. Young. As Age 5, Mayor. Has. Taken. Hundreds. Of,Guns Off. The. Streets...She. Frustrated. Where. Is. The. Church,,Political. ,NAACP Black. Lives. Matter. ..Would Not. Be. Surprised. If. Neo. Nazi. Trash. Is. Creeping. In. Black. Communities,Shooting. Black. People. Are. Putting. Guns. Down. In,,Black. Communities. To. Keep. The. Black. On. Black. Genocide,Going. .....
  5. Black. People. Should. Respect. The. Black. Soldiers. Who. Have ,,Protected. This. Racist Country ,Those. That. Protect. This. Racist,Country. Now .... The. Civil. Rights. Activist. Who. Were. Beaten ,And. Murdered .....Unarmed. Black. People. Murdered. By ,Racist. Thrash. White. Police. Racist. Thrash. White. Politicians ,Condoning. It. Not. Much. As. Changed....Preachers,Politicians ,,,Criminal. Black. Men. And. Women. Enslave. Black. Communities ,And. Black. People. ....What. Are. You. Celebrating ?????.
  6. If. Aliens. Watch. Planet Earth. Why. Would. They. Come. People. On ,,Earth. Destroy. The. Planet. Have. Wars. Destroying. Each. Other ..Race. Of. White. Wants. To. Genocide. All. Non White. Races. To. ,Own. Control. Earth. Why. Would. Aliens. Come. To. Earth. .Aliens ,,Might. Not. Be. Friendly. The. Alien. Movies. .....They. Might. Attack. .
  7. Census. Says. 64% Of. Black. Children. Are. In. A. Absent. Father ,,Home. Fathers. Are. In. Prison ,Jail. On. Drugs. ,Being. No. Good. In,Their. Community. Not. All. Black. Fathers. Are. Like. That,,In ,The,Book. Black. Men. Give. Their. Opinion. Of. Being. Fathers. Book. By. Kimberly Laboo .
  8. Politicians Want. Juneteenth To. Be. Holiday. Juneteenth When ,,Slavery. Was. Ended. .Slavery. Has. Never. Been. Over.. Slave,Owners. Used. The. Bible. To. Justify. Slavery. Christianity. ,Was. Tortured. Forced. Upon. Our. Slaved. Ancestors., Black,Preachers. Preach. Christianity. For. Money. .Christianity ,,Enslaved. The. Mind. ,Spirit. Of. Black. People. .Poverty. ,Poor,Black,Communities. Comes. From. Racism. Discrimination ..White. Democrats. ,Republicans. Racist. Evil. As. The., Slave,Plantation. Owners .Black. Communities. Are. Enslaved. By,,Church. Crack. Sellers. Crack. Houses. Pimp Houses ,,Black,Politicians ..What. Is. Juneteenth Being. A. Holiday Going ,To,Do. .? ..
  9. On. Juneteenth Slavery. Ended .Book. About. The. Importance ,Of ,Juneteenth In. This. Country. History. As. If. Slavery. Was Over. .The,Book. By. Annette Gordon Reed.
  10. Respect. To. The. Black. Fathers. Who. Are. Involved. With. Their,Children. Black. Men. That. Try. To. Share. Time. With. Their,Children. ,Try. To. Guide. Their. Children. Express. The,Importance. Of. Education. ,Black. History. ,Community ,Involvement....The. Media. Portrays. All. Black. Men. Of. Being. ,Absent. Not. Caring. Fathers. Most. Black. Men. Try. To Be. ,Fathers,Involved. With. Their. Children. Fathers. That. Show. Respect. To. Their. Children. Mothers. ..For. All. The. Not. ,Caring,Black. Fathers. ,The. Temptations. Papa. Was. A. Rolling --Stone . Remembering. Fathers. Who. Are. Deceased. ....Congratulations. To. Black. Graduates. High. School. And. College.. .
  11. On. YouTube. A. Black. Puppet. Called. The. Crispy. Show. Hates. ,Black. People. ,Hates. Black. Women. Loves. White. Women. .This. Is,Done. By. A. Black. Man. I. Hope. Black. Children. Do. Not. Look. At,This. Calling. Black. Females. Vile. Names. ,Wanting. White. Women. .The. Vice. President. Is. In. Guatemala About. Immigration. ,Problem. Vice. President. Harris. Needs To Go. To. Chicago. ,Another. Violent. Weekend. Murders ,People. Injured. Wounded. ...,The. Street Gangs. Are. Domestic. Terror. Would. Not. Be. Surprised. If. The. Racist. White. Terrorist. Are. Responsible. For. Some. Of. The. Violence. In. Black. Communities. ....Democrats. White. And. Black. Do. Not. Care. About. Black. Communities. .There Should. Be. Conversations. For. A. Independent. Black ,Political. Party ......
  12. Racist. White. Have. Gathered. ,Their. Leader. Speaks.. Its. A. Good ,Thing. For. Us. Black. People. Do. Not. Listen. To. Malcolm. X,Principles. Of. Kwanzaa. Or. Black. Wall. Street.. Dividing. These,People. ,Organizing. Black. Genocide. Always. Our. Plan. ,With,Cocaine. And. Guns. Let. It. Be. Done. By. The. Black. Man..,We,Bring. Guns. Cocaine. In. Black. Communities. ,,So. There,Can. Be. Street. Gang. Murders ,Crack. Houses. Around. Every,Corner. Black. Man. Creating. Children. Without. ,Being,Caring,Concerned. Fathers......Black. Church. ,Their. Ancestors. Religion. They. Themselves. Have. Demise...Black. Christians. Have. Embraced ,Our,Image. Of. A. White. Jesus. With. Blonde. Hair. ,Blue. Eyes...,,Let ,Us. Proudly. Chant. Let. It. Be. Done. By. The. Black. Man. Own. ,Hands .Let. It. Be. Done. By. The. Black. Man. Own. Hands.......
  13. On. MSNBC. There. Will. Be. A. Story. About. Racist. Murder. Attack,I,On. Black. People. In. Tulsa,Oklahoma. .Tonight. .As. We,Remember. Black. So!diets. Who. Gave. Their Lives. For. This,Racist. Vile. Evil. Country...This. God. Fearing. Country..These,,Idiot. Racist. Politicians. Concerned. About. How. People. In. Other. Countries. Are. Treated. By. Their. Leaders......Israel. . Israel. Is. As. Evil. As. Middle. East. Terrorist. ..Black. Wall. Street. Is. Impossible. To. Have. Now. Preachers. Still,Millions. Of. Church. Money. To. Buy. Mansions. Rich. Cars,,And,The. Politicians. ,NAACP. ,Black.,People, Condoned. It....Not,Trying. To. Uplift. Poor. Black. Communities.......
  14. 100. Years. Ago. Tulsa. Oklahoma. Successful. Black. Community ,Called. Black. Wall. Street. Attacked ,Murders , By. Evil. Vile,Murderous. Trash. White. People. ..May. 31 , June 1, 1921 ,,,The,Anniversary . Documentary. Produced. By. Basketball, Star,Russell. Westbrook. I. Read. This. Has. Been Forgotten. ,,They,With. Less. Had. Unity. Thriving. Communities. Black. People,Today. With. Much. More. Can. Not. Have. Unity. Because,,Of,,Stealing. Pimp Preachers. Politicians. ,NAACP ,That,Protect. Preachers. That. Steal Black. Street. Gangs ,Crack ,Houses. Pimp. Houses. .Prevent. Strong. Communities......
  15. In Louisiana. Black. Man. Was. Murdered. By. Racist. White. Troopers. They. Tried. To. Cover. It. Up. Video. Show. He. Was,Tortured. Beaten. Dragged. Louisiana. FBI. Investigating. ,Police,Reform. Bill. Will. Accomplish. Nothing. Racist. White. Police Are. Racist. Before. They. Put. On. A. Police. Uniform.....News. Not ,Showing. Police. Wearing. Klan. Hoods. In. Florida. 2009 ,They. Were ,Fired. Picture. Of. A. Racist. White. Police. Officer. Giving. A. Hitler ,Nazi. Salute. At. A. Klan. Rally. Racist. White. Police. Saying. Nigger ,,On. Tape...This. Not. On. The. News. Democrats. Not. Talking. About. This. On. The. News. White. Democrats. Control. Black. ,,Democrats. .Palestine. Israel. At. War. ,Don't. Care. Israel. Is. As. Evil As. Middle East. Terrorist. ........
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