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  1. Read. The. New. Mayor. Choosing. A. Black. Woman To Be. The,,New,New. York. City. Police. Commissioner...Mayor. Choosing,Black. Woman. Who. Is. Head Of. Police. Detectives ,,Keechant Sewell. To. Be. Police. Commissioner. ..That. Will. Be. A,,Tough Job. Surrounded. By. Racist. White. Police. ........
  2. Awaken. Black. Man. Collection. Of. Short. Stories. From. Author ,,Walter. Moseley ...
  3. News. Says. One. Of. The. Last. Legendary. Tuskegee. Pilots. Has. Died. Tuskegee. Airmen. Charles. Mcgee Died. At. Age. 102 ..He,Flew. Combat. Missions. In. 3. Wars. He. Was. Among. The,All,Black. 332 Combat. Unit. Called. Red. Tails. ....Lived. To,102,,,His. Experiences. ,Things. He. Seen. He. And. All. The,Other,Black. Soldiers. In. Every. War. Defending. This. Racist,Country....Respecting. A. Military. Hero. I. Now. Speak. Of,,Idiots. Black. People. In. The. Trump. Crowd. At. A. Trump,Gathering. Black. People. Were. Wearing. Blacks. For. Trump,Tee. Shirts. Cheering. Trump...White. Democrats. Have. Their,,Black. Supporters. ,,Trump. Has. His. Black. Supports..,,Blacks,For. Trump. Tee. Shirts...
  4. Sidney. Potier. Was. A. Great. Man. And. Actor. His. Book. The,Measure. Of. A. Man ,He. Talks. About. His. Life. And. His,Choices. He. Made. ,His. Values. ....Oldest. Black. WW 2, ,Soldier ,Died. At. 112. Lawrence. Brooks. Was in. The Black 91. ,Engineer ,Battalion , ,He. Had. 5 Children. ,13. Grand Children. And. He. Had,,32. Great. Grand Children. ...These. Great. Black. Men. I. Now,Get. To. A. Idiot. Black. Man. Black. Republican. Senator. Tim Scott. Senator. Tim. Scott. Says. Trump. Not. Responsible. For. The,,January. 6. Terrorist. Attack. He. Blame. The. Democrats....,Did,Senator. Tim. Scott. Hear. The. White. Terrorist. ,Calling. The Black. Police. Niggers Loud. And. Proud ?.Neo. Nazi ,Police. Military. Military. Veterans. Former. Police. Some. Of. The,Terrorist. .Black. Republicans. Are. Afraid. Of. Trump......Black,Democrat. Benny. Thompson. He. Leads. The,January. 6,Committee. .Benny. Thompson. Will. Not. Go. After,Black Street. Gangs. ,Crack. Sellers. Pimps,Corrupt. Preachers,Some. Preachers. In. Prison. For. Raping. Children,Murdering. Their. Wives ..All Black. Lives. Do. Not,Matter..
  5. Soul. Talk. Celebrations. Of. The Journey. Of. Black. Women. New,,Spirituality... Book. By. Akasha Gloria. Hull ...
  6. If. The. Black. Democrats. And. The. NAACP. Can. Make. Time. To,,Organize. To. Get. Black. Votes. They. Should. Make. Time. To. ,Organize. The. Principals. Of. Kwanzaa. In. Black. Communities. The Black. Preachers. Would. Be. Against. Kwanzaa. They. Would, Not. Be. Able. To. Steal. All. The. Church. Money. Preachers. ,Worship. Money. .Not. A. God. Preachers. Control. The. Church,People. Black. People. Love. Crack. Houses. Pimp Houses,In,Their. Neighborhoods. Street. Gangs. Slaughtering. ,Black,People. Black. Children. In. The. Streets...Pimps ,Prostituting ,Teenage. Girls. In. The. Streets. .. Could. Kwanzaa. Be. Organized,,,When. Black. People. Love. Genocide. Each. Day ????
  7. Time. With. Family. And. Friends. Joyful. And. Chaos. I. Did. Have..Home. Relaxing. Listening. To. Christmas. Jazz.... Ella - Fitzgerald ,Louis. Armstrong ,Oscar. Peterson. ,Wynton Marsalis...,Brings. Me. A. Lot. Of. Warm. Bliss ...Outside. In. The. Cold,Weather. ,Caro!ers. Singing,People. Home. From. Shopping. ,Some. Shopping. Late. While. I. Am. Home. Eating. Yams. And,Drinking. Hot. Chocolate....
  8. Tomorrow's. Christmas. Sermons. In. Black. Churches. Preachers ,Will. Not. Preach. There. Was. No. Miracle. Birth. No. Angels. Singing,No. Kings. Came. No. Halo. Above. His. Head. It. Wss. Not. A,Miracle. Birth. No. Drummer. Boy. Playing. Drums. There. Was. No,Conversation. With. A. Inn. Keeper. I. Read. This. Was. All. Made,Up. There. Was. Not. A. Miracle. Birth. ......Some. Believe. ,He,Jesus. Did. Not. Exist. ..Christianity. Was. Tortured. Forced. On,Our. Ancestors. ..There. Is. A. Book. Called. How. To. Make. A,Negro. Christian. The. Racist. White. Preacher. Told. The. Slave,Owners. Put. Christianity in. The. Minds Of. The. Slaves. ,,They,Can. Have. Them. Controlled. And. The Benefits. For. Them,Will. Flow. ..It. Has. By. Way. Of. Christianity. In. The Black,Church. .Bible. Was. Used. To. Justify. Slavery.....Black,Preachers. Are. As. Disgusting. As. Pimps , Crack,Sellers. Street. Thugs. ,Street. Gangs.....Christianity. Is. A,Slave. Chain. On. Black. People. And. The. Black,Community.....What. Is. The. Black. Christian. Image. Of. Their,Jesus. White. Baby. With. Blue. Eyes ,Blonde. Hair ???
  9. Twas. The. Night. Before. Christmas. ,All. Through. The, Neighborhoods.. Within The. Misery. And. Despair. ,People. Were. ,Up. To. No. Good. Christmas. Carolers. Begin. To. Run.. After. Hearing,The. Loud. Sounds. Of Guns. .Crack. Sellers. Selling. Crack ,On. The. Streets .Prostitutes. Selling. Themselves. To. Men. They,Try. To. Meet. Thugs. In. The. Streets Prowling. .Planning. To,Break. In. To. Homes. In. The. Apartment. Buildings...Those. With,Presents. Under. Trees. Will. Be. Stolen. By. Fiends. And. ,Thieves. Upon. The. Streets. Covered With Snow .Laying. Upon ,The. Ground. Are. Wino's .Preparing. The. Sermons. Black. Preachers. In. The. City. Everywhere. Will. Talk. About. Baby. Jesus,With. Pictures. Of. A. White. Baby. With. Blue. Eyes. And., Blonde ,Hair...
  10. Bell. Hook. Her. Writings Were. About Black. Women. Race ,Gender ,Capitalism .. Class. Domination. ..
  11. Another. White. Police. Officer. On. Trial. For. Murdering. A. Black,Man. White. Police. Officer. Claims. She. Was. Reaching. For.Her, Taser. Gun. But. Got. Her. Pistol. She. Was. Fake. Crying. ,,Like. She. Was. Upset. She. Was. Acting. Instead Of The. ,Irritating ,Black.Entertainment. Drama. Shows. On. Oprah. Winfrey. ,Tyler- Perry. Should. ,Show, On. Oprah. Winfrey. Network. Racist. White,Police. Fired. For. Being. Klan. Members. Racist. White. Police,On. Tape. Saying. The. N. Word. Nigger Loud. And. Proud.,Interview. White. Police. Asking. Them. Why. They. Do. Not,Choke. To. Death. Or. Shoot. White. Terrorist. Men. White. ,Terrorist. With. Guns. In. The. Streets. .Neo. Nazi. In. The. Military ,Neo. Nazi. In. The. Coast. Guard. National. Guard. Racist. White ,Politicians. .Talk. About. Black. People. Missing. ,Black. Preachers,In,Prison. For. Raping. Children. ,Murdering. Their. Wives,Black. Preachers. Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. Money. Not,Trying. To. Uplift. Poor. Black. Communities. Why. NAACP ,Black,Politicians. Black. Church. Do. Not. Try. To. Stop. Black,Genocide. Street. Gangs. Slaughtering. Black. People. In. The,Streets. Crack. Houses. Pimp. Houses . Do. She. Really. Own,Her,Network. ??????
  12. W. E B. Dubois. Retelling. Of. The. Virgin. Birth. Of. Jesus....He. Has. A,African. Christ. Who. Africans. Worship. And. Gives. Gifts. To. ....Black. And. White. People. Do. Not. Believe. Jesus. Existed. .What,Proof. Do. They. Have. Besides. The. Bible. He. Existed. None..,Christianity. Enslaved. Black. People. Mind. And. Spirits. .....Christianity. Has. The. Souls. Of. Black. Folks. In. Chains. ...
  13. Read. Black. Female. Speed. Skater. Erin. Jackson. Wins. Speed. Skating. Race. ....Always. A. First. .For. Others. To. Follow. A. New,Movie. Called. King. Richard. About. Serena. And. Venus ,,Father. Richard. Williams. .. The. Movie. Probably. Worth., Watching... ...
  14. Rev. Michael. Eric. Dyson. He. Talks. About. Black. Athletes. ,Involved. In. Black. Communities. Social. Justice. His. Books,,Does,, He. Talk. About. Black. Preachers. In. Prison. For. Raping. Children ,,Murdering. Their. Wives. ,Caught. With. Prostitutes. ,Stealing. ,,Millions. Of. Church. Money. Buying. Rich. Cars. Mansions. ,,Not ,,Caring. About. The. Poverty. In. Poor. Black., Communities....???.The,Church. Is. A. Pimp House. And. A. Slave ,Plantation. Cabin. Preachers. Are. Pimps ,Slave. Holders. ......
  15. Read. Until. You. Understand. Book. About. Black. Wisdom. And,Black. Literature. Book. By. Jasmine. Griffith .
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