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  1. News. Says. New. York. White. Police. Officer. Fired. For. Using. A ,Deadly. Choke. Hold. On Eric. Garner,Killing. Him.. Surprised.. Amazed. It. Took. This. Long. White. Police Are Not Asked By White News,Media Why They Do Not Fear Neo Nazi When They Have,Guns, KLAN Wearing Klan Hoods With Rifles....News Media ,Not,Talking About Racist White Police Fired For Being. Klan Members, Passed 10- Years...Black Police Are Silent...
  2. News. Says. Rapper. Jay-Z s. Teaming. Up With. The. NFL For. Social-Justice. And. Music. 3- Years. Ago. When. Quarterback. Colin-Kaepernick Begin. Kneeling. Down.. News. Talkers. Say. Jay-Z. Could,Stake Ownership In A Team...NFL Putting Millions In Social-Justice. NFL Owners Support Trump,After Charlottesville...NFL Millions Will Be In Wallets Of Crooks,Political And Preachers. . Who Will Get Black Votes.? Democrats In Churches Or Talking With Preachers. Black Political,Preachers,Overseers ,Of. Black. Votes... NFL-Will. Not. Talk. About. Trump. A. Evil. Racist. Man,Neo. Nazi. In. Military ,Police. Uniforms. Jay-Z. Will. Not. Talk. About. Preacher's. Murdering. Their. Wives,Stealing. Money. For. Cars. ,Preachers. With. Prostitutes,,Street. Gangs. Are. Domestic. Terror. Like. The. neo Nazi,Black. Genocide. By. Black. People.....
  3. Like. Flint. Michigan,Lead. In. The. Water. In Newark.. News. Says,Lead. In. The. Water. Can. Cause. Learning. Problems For. Children,Fertility,Problems. For Women. Is Corey Booker From Newark??? Is Lead In All The Water In Newark,Just The Poor,Communities?? This God Fearing ,Christian , Rich Country,,Does, Not Care About The Poor , Sick,Elderly. Democrats,Wants The Immigrants In The Country..,Politicians Do Not Care,About,The Poverty Or The Homeless. In This Country. I'm. Sure. Senator. Corey. Booker. Of New. Jersey. Has . A. Plan. To,Emove. The. Lead. From. Water....... Amazing!!!
  4. Origin. Of. Authors,Toni. Morrison . Her, ,Reflection. On Race,War,Fear,What Is. Race? Why It. Matters. She. Won. Many. Book. Awards.. She. Speaks,Her. Free. Mind ,Seen. On. Youtube. She Leaves A Legacy,Not Just For Black Writers,But For All Writers....Her,Intellect,Free Mind Will Be Missed.....
  5. 2- Mass. Shootings. Done. By. White. Men. News. Says. In. Texas,And,Ohio. Racist. White. Men. Murdering,Wounding People..In. Texas. ,,,Racist. White. Man. Hated Hispanic,Hispanic Communities...Some News Idiots Saying ,White Men With. Mental-Problems.. No Place Is Safe. . White News Talkers. Not Talking About,Neo Nazi In The U. S. Military ,Or Klan Police,,White Police,Fired For Being Klan Members. Black News Talkers Not ,Talking. About Black Street Gangs,Being Domestic Terrorist,Slaughtering. Black. People. In. The. Streets.. Seems. Black. Men. Genociding Black. People. Is. Condoned. By, NAACP ,Black-Politicians ,Black. Churches....Neo. Nazi Coast. Guard Member,He. Was,Planning. Terror. Attacks, I. Think. The. News. Said He. Was. ,Thinkng. Of . Ways. To. Kill. Black. People....
  6. At. Eddie. Kendrick. Park,His. Music. Is. Playing. As. We. Feel. The ,Summer. Breeze, Birds. In. The. Trees. Are. Singing.. My. ,Beloved,Love. Song. For. Her,My. Heart Does Enclose.. She As,Lovely,As A Summer Rose.. Love's Emotions, Eddie -Kendrick's,Songs Did Express.. The Happiness,Sadness And The,Loneliness .. As We Embrace. ,Each Touch. And Kiss.. Brings,Within. Such Warm Bliss... Holding Hands ,Laughing As,We,Walk. With. Others,Eddie. Kendrick Music We Talk.. As We,Make. Plans. For. Tonight. . We. Will. Be. Intimate,!listening. To,Eddie. Kendrick. Love. Song's. By. Candlelight ..
  7. Who. Watched. Democrats. Debate? In Chicago,2-Black. Mothers,Shot. Dead. By. Street. Gang,Missouri,3-Black. Men. ,Shooting. Guns. In The. Streets,Black Children Running In,Fear,Brooklyn At A Block Party,1- Dead Because Of A Gang,News Says. Black Men Helping. Racist Trump,Racist White,Genocide. Black People. Did The Black Democrats. Talk,About Black On Black Violence,Kwanzaa Principals To,Uplift,Black Communities. ??Black And White Democrats,Want,The. Black. Vote. ... If. Democrats.get The,White,House ,Black. Genocide. Will. Not. Change. Black,Church,Politicians,Do. Not. Want. Kwanzaa. In. Black,Communities, It. Would. Stop. Preacher's. From. Stealing,Millions. Of Dollars,Kwanzaa. Would. Force. Preschers,Politicians, To. Be. Involved. In. Black. Communities.. Black Preacher's. Support. Trump. After. Charlottesville,....
  8. Baltimore Is. Rat Infested. Mess,No. Human. Would. Live. There,Says,Racist. Trash. President. His. Son. In. Law Kushner ,Owns,Apartments. In. Baltimore. Infested With Mice News,Says. Rep. Elijah Cummings Got Upset. He Represents Baltimore. . Both Democrat And Republican Don't Care About Black-Communitues. Democrats Upset With Trumps Mouth Again!!!Street,Gangs Are Domestic Terrorist Like Neo Nazi,Klan..Black Men With Crack Houses, Prostituting Teenage,Girls...Gangs Slaughtering. Black. People. In. The. Streets. Black. Men. Having ,Children. They. Do. Not. Want. . Billions. Of,Dollars. For. A. Wall. To. Keep. Out. Black. ,Brown. People. Millions,Go. In. Rich. White. Neighborhoods. ,Not. Poor. Black. Communities. Black. Preacher's. Stealing. Millions. Buying,Cars,Mansions. Black. Democrats,NAACP,Church. Supports,Black. Genocide,Black. Self. Enslave. Black. Leaders,Do. Not,Talk. About. Black. Self. Genocide Black. Self. Enslavement. Slavery-Is. A. Choice. Now.!!
  9. Prisoners. Entering The. Prison. In. The. Rain. Street. Thug. ,His. ,Mother. Warned. Him. Again. And. Again. . Money. And. Fashion,Clothers. Was. His. Pursuit.. In Prison He Is Penniless,And,Wears A Orange Jump Suit.. Looking Around ,So. Many. Black. Men. He Looks At Them ,They Look At Him.. Over-Crowded. Cells,A Dreadful Place. Silent,He Tries Not To Show ,A,Tear Trace. Over Crowded. ,Prisoners Playing Cards,Some Back,And Forth Pacing. Armed Guards ,Barbed Wire. Fences,No ,Chance. Of Escaping. Loneliness,Hopelessness ,Emptiness. Invades ,The. Mind. And. Soul. Some. Prisoners. Serving. A. Few. Years. ,Some. Life. Without. Parole. Told. When. To. Shut. Up,Talk. And. Eat. When. To. Get. Up,When. To. Sleep. Prison. Yard,Time. For. Recreation . Religion. With. Chaplains,Teachers. For. Education. Fighting. Prisoners,Solitary. Confinement. They. Are. Lead. Outside. Prison ,Graveyard. ,For. Prisoners. That. Are. Dead.. . Violence ,Over-Crowded,Cells. And. Prison,Years. Here. He. Cannot. Conceive. Many. ,Years. To. Serve. ,Before. He. Can. Leave...
  10. Racist. Idiot. Trump. Vocally. Attacking. Black. And. Brown. Women,Politicians. Saying. They. Should. Go. Back. To. Their. Own,Country,Knowing. They. We're. Born In. America. While His,KLAN Trash Supporters Cheer...Trump Supports Rapper,ASAP-Rocky Who Is In Jail In Sweden. Never Heard Of Him..
  11. Black. Anglo-Saxon. By. Nathan. Hare. His. Opinion. ,Black. Middle-Class,Their. Role And. Responsibility. As Advocates. For. All. ,African-Americans...
  12. Racist. White. Police. ,Not. Guilty. For. Deliberately. Murdering. Eric-Garner. Racist N Y. Police. Choked. Eric. Garner. To. Death. Because,Of Cigarettes... More Racist White Police Getting Away. ,With. Murdering. Innocent Black Men. Silence Of Black , Police,Amazes Me.. . That Idiot Comedian John Stewart Almost,Crying For White Police. ,Because Of September 11,2001Terror,Attack. He Not Talking About Racist White Police,Klan Police Fired. . Not Long Ago News Talk. About. N. Y,Police. Committing. Suicide. White. Police. Committing. Suicide. So??.
  13. Rainy. New. Orleans. Midnight, Hoodoo. Theodora ,Speaking. Hoodoo,Incantations. For. Her. Color. Changing. Potions. Her. Hoodoo-Color. Changing. Potions. For. A. Racist. White. Man. In New Orleans..Her Hoodoo Color Changing Potion Has To Be Prepared,Before. The Rise Of The Sun. African Poison Plants,Black-Leopard Skin,Black Mamba Snake,Among The ,,Ingredients. In Her Hoodoo Cauldron... Early Morning,Away From,Racist Connors Binnew House Hoodoo Theodora Is Quickly,Creeping. Not. Long After,Racist. Connors. Binnew ,Awakes,From. Sleeping. Racist. Rally. Day,Outside. A. Misty. Rain. Connors. Binnew Gets. Out. Of Bed. ,Feeling. Strange. He. ,Looks,In,The. Mirror,Screaming,Schrieking,Horror. Within. He. ,Has,Dark. Brown. Skin,A. Afro ,Gone. Is. His. Blue. Eyes,Blonde -Hair,White. Skin..Gone. Is. His. White. Skin. Superior Essence. He Says,This. Dark. Skin,The. Devil. Pestilence... In. His. Yard,From. ,HIs,House. He. Plans. To. Flee. Black. Man. In. A. White. Man. Yard,Racist. White. Police. See. Why. You. In. This. Yard,N-Word ,Not,Black. I'm. White Connors. Binnew Says,Racist. White. Police Say,Smirking, This. N-Word. Must. Be On. Crack. Racist. White. Police,Beat Him Up,Shoot. Him,,Connors. Binnew Lie. Dead In. The,Rain.. We. Wil. Say . Self. Defence,Racist. White. Police ,Smirking,As. Connors. Binnew White. Skin. Returns,Racist. White,Police,Horrified,This. Murder ,How. Will. They. Explain..?
  14. Sunday. Comes,Black. People. Will. Go. To. Their. Christian. Church!!Christianity-Slavery. Of. Religion. Christianity-White. ,Supremaxy..Christian Church. Preachers,,Enslaving. The. Souls. Of,Black. Folks ,As Their Personal Ushers Take The Christian,Controlled Congregations Money To Buy Cars,Mansions. Profitable Being A Christian Slave Holder. Preacher,Like It Was,Profitable For Slave Owners Owning Slaves. Bible Supports,Slavery. Slaves Fear Your. Masters,Have Sincere. For. Him,Like. You Would. Christ.. Black. Christian. How. Is. Slavery The,Great. Sin,When. The. Bible. Condoned. It??? Black. Jehovah-Witness,With. White. Pictures. Of Christ!. Are. Black. Christians. Calling,White. Man. Racist,When. They. Have. His. Religion?? All. You, ,Spiritual. Enslaved,Black. Christians. Sing. Loud. In. Church,. Sunday,Helped. The. Christian. Preacher. Buy A. New. Car. Late,Actress,Butterfly. McQueen ,As. My. Ancestors. Are. Free. From Slavery,I. Am. Free. From. The. Slavery. Of. Religion..!!.Christianity. Has,Enslaved. Black. People,Black. Communities. ...
  15. News. Shows. A. Black Girl.,In A ,Store,, Taking. Out. A. Box. Of. Ice Cream,Taking. Off. Top. ,Licking. The. Ice. Cream,Putting. Top. Back,On. Leaving. The. Store,A. Idiot. Black Male Videos It..... . Think She Has Been Caught. News Talkers,She. Might Get,20-,Years.. This Is Moron. Idiot Behavior. Amazing. All The,Innocent Black People.She Under. 18-..Why,???????
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