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  1. Singer. R. Kelly. Behind. Bars. In. Chicago.. Trial. Set. For. Next. Year.. When. R. Kelly. Goes To. New. York. Judge. Has. Denied. Bail. Says,He. May. Flee Or. Try. To. Tamper With Witnesses ..R Kelly Is,Charged With Illegal Sexual Activities With Young Girls....Seems,To,Me R -Kelly Is A Sexual Predator.. On December-7-1941. Pearl Harbor Was Attacked. African American Sailor-Navy-Cook, Doris Miller Manned A Machine Gun ,Help Bring Down 6-Enemy Planes. Doris Miller. ,Was. The. First. African. American To,Receive. The. Navy. Cross....
  2. Unsung. Heroes. Of WW2. Black. Contributions. In. World. War 2-Have. Never. Been. Celebtated.. Black. Soldiers. At. Normandy ,Tuskeegee-Airmen.. Book. By. Christopher. Paul. Moore... Black. Sailor,Doris. Miller ,Manned A. Machine Gun ,Helped Bring Down 6- Enemy. Planes. When Pearl Harbor Was Attacked. December 7-1941.Doris-Miller Received Navy Cross..
  3. Christmas. Time. In. The. City,The. Homeless. Look. At. Them There. Christmas. Shoppers. Walk. Around. Them . With. No. Care. Ignoring,Their. Weeping,Pain And Despair... They Think This Life,The Homeless Did ,Choose. . Seeing The Homeless. In Tattered,Clothes And Shoes. Some Of Them Once. Had Jobs,Did,Thrive... Now Their Homeless,Struggling To Survive.... The,Christian Demonic Preacher's ,Politicians,Soon Turkey. And,Ham,They Will Be Carving. Not Caring About The Homeless,In. The Streets. Starving.. Extra. Difficult. For. Parents. With. Children,Trying. To. Cope.. Many. Have. Given. Up. Hope... They. Yearn,For. Compassion ,But. Will. Accept. Pity. To. Have. Shelter. And,Food,Away. From. The. Cold. Streets,Sidewalks ,And. Ground. Of ,The. City....
  4. Trayvon Martin. Family Lawyer. Ben. Crump ,Book. Open. Season On,People. Of . Color. . Talks. About. Racism. In. The. Stand your. Ground. Defense. The.Murderer Of Trayvon Martin ,George Zimmerman Plans To Sue Trayvon Martin Family And Ben Crump.. George Zimmerman ,Is Murderer ,Human Trash.....
  5. Black. Sheriff. Was. Murdered. By. A. White. Police. Officer. Son,In,Alabama.. White. Police. Officer. Son. Playing. Music. Loud. In,His. Truck. Black. Sheriff Approached The Truck,White Police,Officer Son Pulled Out A Gun,Shot-Murdered The Black ,Sheriff. .. Louisiana,White Police Officer Son Burned Down 3-Black Churches. . Not Just Racist White Police Murdering Innocent ,Unarmed. Black People. White Police Sons Just As Vile And,Evil.....Alabama Has The Death Penalty. Let's. See. If. The. White,Police. Son. Gets. The Death Penalty.. ..
  6. Holiday Season. Again. Has. Begun. More. Time. With. Our. Loved,Ones.. To. Each. Other We. Call. . Some. With. Stories. To. Tell,Some. Watching. Football.. Anxious To Eat,Macoroni. And Cheese,Turkey And The Ham. The Cakes,Pies And Yams... .As We,Embrace. The Joy And Pleasure Family And Friends Bring.. We,Remember What Others Have Brought To Our Lives,That Are,No Longer Living.....
  7. Racist. White. Girl,16- Planned. To Attack. A. Black. Church. In,Georgia.. .Racist. White. Girl Scoped. The. Black. Church. When. Nobody. Was,There.. She Wrote In A Notebook,She Wanted To Attack,Black,People In Church With Knives,And Other Sharp Edge,Weapons...Racist White Girl Was Arrested.... Earlier. This Year,Black Churches Were Burned Down By Racist White... The,Black Christians At The Black Church. ,They Probably ,Forgives,The Racist White Girl. Who Planned To Attack. Then. With,Knives......
  8. News , Says. Kanye West. Was. Singing. To. Prisoners. In. Prison.. He. Is,A. Christian. Now. Who. Cares. ! Nero. Had. Christians. Thrown To,The. Lions.. Black. Religious,Especially Christians Are ,Stupid-,Morons. . . Christianity Has Enslaved Black People And, Communitues. .. . Actor Chris Rock ,Black Christians Are Black,People With No Memory.. Black College. Female Student ,Was,Murdered Last Month. She Was Recently Buried.. Her ,,Roomate At. Clark Atlanta Was Arrested.. ... .Gangs. In. St.Louis,,Memphis. Are. Almost As. Bad. As. Gangs. In. Chicago.. ....Racist White. Watch. Black. People. Genocide. There . Own. Race..
  9. 1600's. Kidnapped. Africans. Chained,Shackled. Forced. To. Be. Slaves,We're. In Motion. Slave. Ship. Jesus. ,One. Of. The. Slave. Ships,That. Crossed. The Ocean. Christian Slave Owners Bible,Scriptures,We're Tortured Upon Our Ancestors ... Slaves,With,A Sincere Heart And Fear ,Obey Your Earthly Masters... Black People Have Embraced Slave. Owners Christian Religion For ,Generations.. Present Time Black People Are In Mental,Spiritual,Bondage ,Like Our Ancestors Were In. Bondage,On,Slave. Plantations..... Black.Christians. Embraced. Slave,Owners. Religion. Of. Christianity. Then. Protest. About. ,Unequality,Racism. From. White. Supremacy. All. Around, White. Christians , Live. In. Comfort. And.Joy,They. Say. They. Have. Been. Blessed. Black. Christians. Live In. Poverty,Despair. And. Oppressed.. As. Christian. Black. Preachers, Buy Mansion. And. Rich. Cars,,From,Stealing. Christian. Church. Tithes... White. Christian. Are,Plotting. Our. Black. Race. Genocide....
  10. Rodney. Reed. Will. Be. Executed. Before. Thsnksgiving..He. ,Was,Sent,To. Death. Row. Found. Guilty. Of. Murdering. A ,White,Woman. . He. Says. He. Innocent. Jury Was. White... The,White,Woman He Accused Of Murdering,Was A Girl Friend,Of ,A Ex White Police Officer. When The Ex White Police Officer,Was,A Police Officer He Served 10- Years For Kidnapping-Sexual Abuse.. When He Was In Prison He Told A Racist White,Man,His Girl Friend Was Involved With A Black Man,He. Was,Angry. About. It....People. Think. Ex. White. Police. Officer. Murdered. His. Girlfriend. ,. People. ,Celebrities. Are. Protesting. ,To,Stop. Rodney. Reed Execution. ,,Execution. Before. Thanksgiving ..
  11. Song. For. You. Book. About. Singer. Whitney. Houston. Affair,With,Her. Close. Friend. Robin. Crawford. Robin. Crawford,She,Says. She. Was. Intimate. With. Whitney Houston... She,Said Actor Eddie Murphy Told Whitney Not To Marry,Bobby-Brown.. She Said Whitney Houston Said The Bible Condemns,Their,Relationship,So They Had To Stop..... Sounds,Interesting. Song For You,By Robin Crawford ........
  12. Cheyenne Stands. Alone. Silent,In. The. Silent. Rain. A. Few. Days. Ago,She. Gave. Birth. To A. Baby. Again.. She. Gave Birth. To. Another,Son. Her Other Baby Daddies Are,Dead Beats, One In,Prison... Men She Had. Sex With ,,From Across The Street. She,Watches Them. Her Baby Daddy,Could Be That One,That One,Or Him.. She Sells Her. Self To Men On The Street,In Pimp ,Houses And At Clubs.. Sex For Money,Never Any Love...She Adds,on To Black Community Chaos And. Irresponsible Parent,Drama.. Baby Daddies. And. Baby. Mamas..... She. Will. Raise,Her. Recent. Baby. Alone,To. Herself. She. Confess.. Find. The,Father. Will. Take. Several. Paternity. Test!!!.
  13. Black. Preacher. And. His. Wife. Arrested. For. Stealing. $50'000,,Dollars,From. A ,77- Year. Old Woman. . Black. Preachers,Steal. Millions. Of. Dollars. Of. Church. Money. To. Buy,Cars,Mansions. ,Diamond. Rings,Gold Jewelry ,Go on Shopping,Sprees.. Preacher's And Their Wives Are Snakes,Jackals,And Hyena .. Church Congregation Happy When,Preacher's Steal Church Money. Not Caring About Black,Communities In Poverty... Church Congregation Are,Idiots,,Morons... NAACP ,,Black Political, Black. Church Preachers,Congregations. Support. Preacher's. Stealing. Millions Of,Church. Dollars,As. They. Talk. About. Poverty. On The. News..... Black. Christians. Are. Complete. Idiots -Morons...There. Is. A. New,Movie. About. The. Great. Harriet. Tubman . Black. Hero.. ..
  14. Harriet. Tubman- Demon. Slayer-. White. Slave. Owners. Cannot. Stop-Powerful. Ninja. Harriet. Tubman,So. White. Slave. Owners. Enlist ,Wrrewolves,Witches,Vampires. And. Demons To Stop Harriet-Tubman. Book By. David Crownson. There Is A Movie In Theatres ,Now About Harriet Tubman... ..
  15. Dark. And. Lovely, She. Is. On . The. Prowl.. When. She. Sees. Her. Prey,She. Begins. To. Howl. . Enchanting. Smile, And. Captivating. Eyes... Fangs Behind Her. Teeth , A. Savage. Beast. Inside... At Night,Men She. Captured In Her Snare. . Beneath The Moonlight,Erotic Love Making With Her , They Share. Then The,Men. Begin Shrieking ,Blood Curdling Scream, ,As She,Transform,Into A Beast. Beneath The Moonlight. ,Upon Their,Bodies She Will Joyfully, , Feast!!!....
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