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  1. News , Says Dick Gregory Is Dead At 84. Dick Gregory Was More Than A Comedian. .He Was Friends With Dr. King And Malcolm X. .Was Involved With Civil Rights, He Was An Activist,Writer And,Motivational Speaker..Among His Books,Nigger ,An,Autobiography And Defining Moments In Black -History,Reading Between The Lies...Listening To Sports Talkers,About Quarterback Colin Kaepernick,White People And,The National Anthem,White People Who Are Against Quarterback Colin Kaepernick ,Support Neo Nazi Waving The,U.S. Flag ,With The Nazi ,Confederate Flags. Neo Nazi Walking In .American Streets Wearing Nazi Uniforms Carrying The American-Flag,That Seems To Be Support By White People Who Colin Kaepernick....Quarterback Tom Brady Silent As Neo Nazi Was In Boston..White Media Not In Tom Brady Face Asking Him ,Why He Loves Trump. Maybe He Agrees With Trump,Keeping Muslims Out The Country,Putting A Wall Up,Keep Mexicans Out, ,Supports Neo Nazi Walking American Streets Wanting A Race War..Tom Brady Not Asked Why .He Loves Trump..
  2. With The Racist White Protesting ,Talking On The News,You Would Think The White Man Is Close To Extinction..Neo Nazi,With Weapons, Guns On The News,Walking Around..Confederate Statues, Some Cities Are Taking Down..Trump Supports ,Neo Nazi And Confederate Statues..The News Talks About Neo Nazi,News Not Talking About White Police Being Fired The Last 7 Years,For ,Being Klan,KKK, Members ..Klan Is A Terrorist Organization ..Neo Nazi In The U. S. Military ,Training Themselves For The Coming,Race War..Today ,Neo Nazi,In Boston,Large Crowd Of People Ready To Protest Neo Nazi..Boston Is Racist,With Racist ,Police..Idiot Quarterback Tom Brady Who Loves Trump,Some People Think,He Just Like Trump..Will Not Admit It In Front Of ,Cameras....Black Preachers On Trump's Religious Advisory Board...Black Preachers Are As Vile ,As Street Gangs,Pimps, Crack Sellers..White Racist Can, Watch Black Men Do What,Slavery ,Southern Lynchings Could Not Do,Genocide The Black Race...
  3. Lebron James Says Trump Is The So Called President. After,Charlottesville ,Race Riot,He Calls For Unity,Love Is The Path,For Society.. .I Watched The News,Have Not Heard Anyone,Talk About White Police Fired For Being Klan Members..Neo Nazi In The U. S. Military Training Themselves,For The Race War. Klan Politicians ..Republicans Supported Trump,Saying President Obama Was Born In Africa..Marco Rubio,Criticizing Trump Supporting Neo Nazi. Did Marco Rubio,Talk About White Police Fired In. Florida For Being Klan,Members? Or Neo Nazi National. Guard Soldier Training,Neo Nazi In Florida For The Coming Race War?..Politicians ,Support Police Being Klan Members,And Soldiers Being Neo Nazi. Black Church Could Be Attacked At Anytime .2008,Neo Nazi Was Planning To Attack. A Black School ,And Try To Assassinate ,Barack Obama Before The Election ,I Read...Minnesota Mosque ,Was Bombed 2 Weeks Ago..
  4. On The News In Virginia ,Neo Nazi,KKK, Protesting ,People In Virginia Planning To Move Statue Of Confederate Robert E. Lee. .Protesters Ready To Fight The Neo Nazi. Truman's Mouth Shut,So Far. Steve Bannon ,Who Trump Appointed To A Whitehouse Position Is A Neo Nazi ,News Says. White Police Have Been Fired For Being KKK ,Klan Members. That Is Terrorist,Organization Not A Hate Group. Neo Nazi In .U ..S.,Military..Steve Scalise Who Was Shot At The Politician Baseball Practice ,Is A Neo Nazi,Friends With Neo Nazi Grand,Dragon David Dukes..White People Who Hate Quarterback,Colon Kaepernick ,Condone All This.....Not Surprised,Neo Nazi Had A Rally,Surprised The Rally Is Not,In Front Of The Whitehouse. As This Country Talk About North Korea ,Middleast Terrorist,Neo Nazi In This Country,Planning A Race ,War ,is Okay...Black Street Gangs Like The Neo Nazi Is ,Domestic,Terrorist...
  5. Heard On ESPN ,Film Maker Spike Lee Planning A Rally For Quarterback Colin Kaepernick This Month..NFL Is 75% Black. Some Say Black Football Players Should All Support Kaepernick..White People In This Country Support ,Klan Trash ,Politicians ,Klan Trash Police,Neo Nazi Trash In The U.S. Military..Few Years Ago National Guard- A New Nazi ,Was Training ,Neo Nazi's In Florida For The Coming Race War..Most White People Support A Race. War. .Idiot Quarterback Tom Brady,Was Not Asked Why He Loves Donald. Trump .Is It Because Support Trump,He Agrees Muslims Should Be Kept .Out The Country,Wall To Keep Mexicans Out. Maybe Tom Brady Want Admit He Is Just Like Trump,In Front Of The Cameras, He Does Commercials...He Not Going To Say Keep Out Non White People..Does Tom Brady ,Support,Unarmed Black Men,Black Boys Shot. And Killed By Racist Police,Like His Hero Trump...?
  6. NAACP Says To The Stay From The State Of Missouri,They Can Fire You From A Business Based On Discrimination ,And Get Away With It ..Is The New NAACP President A Black Woman? Quarterback Colin Kaepernick ,The Lunatic President Trump Says He Is The Reason Kaepernick Is Not A Quarterback Yet..Football. Players Caught With Drugs, Steroids, Sexual Assault,Domestic Violence Playing .Pro Football,After Being ,Suspended. Mike Vick .Says Colin Kaepernick Should Cut His,Afro. His Afro. ? Colin Kaepernick Afro Has Nothing To Do With. Why Kaepernick Not Being Signed With .A Football Team..Mike Vick Dog Fighting ,Dog Killing ,Got .A Quarterback Job With Philadelphia Eagles..After He Got Out Of Prison..Police, Are Being Rehired After Being Fired. Police Involved In Unjustified,Shootings. .White Police Have Been Fired For Being,Klan Members. Klan .Is A Violent Terrorist Organization..White Police Fired For Targeting Black .Drivers,Last Year. This Year White Police Fired For Stomping,Kicking A Black Man On. The Ground.....They Should Talk. About This ,When They,Talk About Quarterback Colin Kaepernick...
  7. Sisters In The Wilderness.

    Sisters In The Wilderness ,Book About ,Black,Female,Preachers..Are They Less Corrupt Than The Men,I Doubt It. It's Profitable Controlling ,The Souls Of Black. Folks..The Black. Church,Crack .Houses And Pimp Houses..Slave -Cabins,..Black Lives Matter,Only If. The Racist. Trash Police,Or Someone Not Black .Does The Killing.. Black Harming Black,Church, NAACP ,Politicians Don't Care. Sisters In The Wilderness Book By,Delores Williams..
  8. Black Women, Forgotten Asset.

    Book, African American Women,The Forgotten Asset. Author,Talks About Wanting To Rehabilitate ,And Amend,Black,Women In America. Author Says Stupidity,Reigns,Over Knowledge,Foolishness Is The New,Cute. Black Women . I Add On Black Women Do Most Of The Child Raising Alone. Some Black. Women They Love Gangsters, Crack Sellers,Thugs, Pimps,Men Who Have Several,Children With Several Men. This Will Not Change Anytime Soon..Book By Amia P. Wright...
  9. In Baltimore, White Police Caught On Video ,Planting Drugs,Not Surprised. FBI Has Said White Police Are KKK,Klan Members..White Police Been Fired For Being Klan Members,Past 6 Years..Black Men Are Guilty Of Buying Selling,Drugs,Crack Cocaine. I Believe A Lot Of Racist Klan,Hitler Police Plant Drugs In Black Communities..San Francisco White Police Said,Black People Are Animals,Not,A Crime. To Shoot Black People. News,O. J .Simpson Gets,Parole,Leave Prison In October,White People Upset...
  10. Book,Recovering The Black Female Body,Collection Of Essays,Details Black Female Presentation Across All Media. Black Women In Literature. .Among The Authors Alice Walker,Lucille Clifton. .Book By Vanessa Dickerson ,Michael Bennett..
  11. In Minnesota ,Black .Police Officer Shoots,Kills White ,Australia,Woman. Police Camera ,,Not Own. I Wondered If A Black,Police Shot A White Person ,How White People,Would,React. ..New York,Video Of .Eric Garner ,Choked To Death By White Police,Video Of Walter Scott,Murdered By,White Police In South Carolina,Mcdonald In Chicago,Castille,In Minnesota ,On Video,. Michael Brown,Murdered By Racist White Police In Fergurson..Want To See White Police Come To The Black Police Officer Defense,Like They Do With White Police,When They Murder,Unarmed Black Males..11 Dead In. Chicago,Including 10,Year Old,White Police Officer Indicted In. Texas,For The Murder,Of 15, Year Old Black. Boy..White Police Say It Happened, One Way, Video Camera Say Different .White Police ,Officer Was Fired...O. J. Simpson Might Get Out. Soon??..
  12. Chicago Death Land ,10 Year Old Boy Dead..Mayor Is A Democrat. White Politicians Are The Same,Neither Cares About ,Black Genocide..Democrat Or Republican..Klan ,Can Step Back,And Let The Black Race Genocide Themself..Street Gangs, Are Domestic Terror..Black Lives Matter,Depends On,Who Takes The Black Life. When Police,Or Someone ,Not,Black Does The Killing ,Protest Time,When Street Gangs ,Kill Someone Black,That's Okay. NAACP,Church,Black Politicians ,Will Not Say Street Gangs Are Domestic Terror..Black People Are Doing What Slavery And Southern,Lynchings,Could. Not Do. Violent Stupid Black Men,Are Doing, What Demonic White Men Could Not Do,Genocide,The Black Race...
  13. Preacher Craig Davis Is In Prison For Having Sex With Women,Not Telling Them He Was HIV,Had HIV.I Think One,Woman He Had Sex With Tested Positive For The HIV,Virus.. Preacher Craig Davis Put In Prison 3, Years Ago. Preacher Demetrius McFarland Has AIDS ,He Was Having Sex,With Women. Knowing He Had AIDS .Read This On,Websites. Black Community 44% ,With HIV,More Than ,Any Other Race In This Country .Reasons, Poverty,Health Care,Someone Like These Preachers Having Sex With People,Not Telling People They Have It Knowing They Have It.Amazing,These Preachers Having Sex With Women In Their,Church Congregation. Amazing People Having Sex Without, Protection...Black Population 12%,In This Country..Sex ,Aids,HIV,Gangs,Crack ,Racist Trash Police...Black People,Cannot Come Together ,To Save Our Race..
  14. Book,Black Unity From Fantasy To Reality..Skeptic,Good Luck,With That Idea. Book By Ashuma Mcmillion...
  15. Read On Black News ,Hip Hop Rapper JAY-Z On His New Album, Holds Black People Financially Accountable. . Amazing Me How Black People Will Not Put Any Blame On The ,Fake,Preachers Who Worship Money . Buying Cars,Mansions,Instead Of Uplifting The Community..Bill Cosby,Blamed The Black Poor In 2006 ,At The NAACP,Meeting ..White People Have Farm Aid Charities Helping Veterans., I Was,Scrolling Channels,,Seeing What's On ,The White Christians Have Telethons,..Black Unity Is Years Away....