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  1. In. Texas Teenage. Black. Boys. We're Told. To Cut. Their. Hair. They,Have. Long. Dreadlocks Hair. Style. The. Majority. White,School,Board. Told Them. To. Cut. Their Hair. Racism Is,Suspected.. In. Tennessee ,White Man With A AK7- Rifle Was,Shooting At White Police.. You Can See,Hear Gun Shots On,The News,White Police Caught Him Alive... Captured Alive... As,Racist White Police Shoot ,Murder,, Unarmed Black Males,Saying Black,Unarmed Males Got Guns.....Where Is Colin. Kaepernick?. Reason.s. He. Was. Kneeling. Down. Every. Day. Of The. Week..
  2. Read Ex. Boxer Mike. Tyson. Said. His Children. Hates. Black. People. In. An. Interview. ,He. Said. His. Daughter. Likes. White. Men. Not,Black. Tyson,Said ,. He. Was. Not. A Good Examp!e Of A Black Man. To,His Children.. He Is.Not The Only Black Parent Whose ,Children,Hate Black People .. The. Black L S U Football Players ,Was,Happy To Go To The White House To Meet This ,Country,Racist Lunatic President . Black L S U Football. Players ,We're Smiling Joyfully Meeting Trump. They. Know. Trump. Is. Racist-Trash. Black. Football. Players. Are. A. DAMN Disgrace.. The-Great. Malcolm. X. Talked. About. Slaves. In. Plantations ,Field. -House,Negroes.. College. Football Players. Are. House. Negroes.. House. Negroes Loved. Slave. Master. Black. Football. Players. ,Should,Have. Bowed. Down. And. Crawled. To. Trump,Then Wave,The,Confederate Fkag. Future. Of United. Black. Men. In. This,Country. Is. Gloomy... L S U. Football. Players. Are. A,Disgrace..
  3. Your Favorite. Flowers. Put. Upon Your. Grave,With. Love. And. Respect..Back. Home. Your. Life ,Family. And. Friends. Reflect.. Your,Favorite. Cake Is On Display.. We. Remember You On , Your,Birthday. You Are Missed So Much. . So Many Lives You,Touched..With People Your Love Did Flow . From Your ,Wisdom,Many. Did Grow... With People Your Essence Was ,Bliss .Strangers To Us Say,You They Miss. Though You Are. No ,Longer,Living. Your Live ,, We Will Always Be Remembering..
  4. It. Was. A. Rainy Night. ,Like. This. Not. Long. Ago,,My. Beloved. And. I,Each. Other. We Cannot. Resist. . In. A. Lovers. Embrace We. Begin To,Kiss.. To Old Soul Love Songs We Dance Slow.. Remembering ,As , I Watch The Rain Upon The Window.. . Love. Making,The ,Sensation. . Surrendering To Desires ,The Vibrations.. Like A ,Wild,Fire. Our Passion Did Grow... Remembering As I Watch The ,Rain Upon The Window.....Enjoying The Bliss And Ecstasy.. Throbbing. And Aching Our Bodies.. Smiles. And. Pleasures. We,Enjoy,The. Afterglow..Remembering. As. I. Watch. The. Rain. Upon ,The. Window...
  5. Book-Other Side. Of. The. Pillow ,,A Woman. Who. Has Had ,Enough,And,A. Man. Who. Has. It. All. Book. By. Best. Selling,Erotic-,Fantasy. Author. ZANE!!.
  6. Black Preacher. In Africa. Makes. His. Christ Church. Members. Eat,Grass. To. Get. Close. To. God. You. Have. To. Eat. Grass. Like. A,Cow To. Get. Close. To. God. He Also Make His Church -Christians,, Drink Petrol -Gasoline ... Gasoline????. People Think Religion Is. ,Mind-Cobtrol... There Are Religious Witch Doctors In Africa..... Black--People. In This Country And Africa Are Religious Idiots... Africa--There Is Famine ,HIV--AIDS, Ebola ,Wars . The Preacher's. Adding. To,The Problems... Racist White. In. This. Country. And. Africa Can. ,Watch. The. Orchestrated. Genocide....On. The. News ,Video. The ,African. Preacher. Was. Not. Eating. Grass. Or. Drinking. Petrol-Gaso!ine. You. Have. To. Eat. Grass. Like. Cows,Drink Petrol ,Gasoline,To. Get. Close. To. God.. Search. Grass. Eating. Preacher,Search-Grass. Eating. Preacher,Black. People. Joyfully ,Happy,Eating. Grass. Amazing. .@😃😃
  7. Author. Molefi Kete Asante Talks. About. The. Creator. Of . Kwanzaa.. Maulana Karenga Was. Also. A. Activist And. Scholar... If. Kwanzaa,Was Taught. And Organized To The. Young Some Might ,Stay Out Of Gangs,Stop Being. Thugs. Black Community Leaders,,Need To Organize Kwanzaa. There Needs To Be Kwanzaa-Politicians. In Elections......
  8. Will. Their. Be. Voices. For. Unity. In. The. New. Year?? If. The. So-Called,Leaders, Of Communities,. Would. Embrace. And. Organize. Kwanzaa -Principles ,Could. Solve. Some. Problems. Unity-Self Determination-Work-Responsibility ,,Collective Economics, Purpose, Creativity,Faith ,In,Ourselves... The Black Church, NAACP, Black Political All Seem. To,Be Against Organizing Kwanzaa In Black Communities.. They. Can,Make Time To Get Votes ,Money Cobtributions, But No Time,To,Organize Kwanzaa,Teach The Black. Children. About, Kwanzaa.. preachers Against Kwanzaa. ,Preachers. Like Stealing. Church,Money. To Buy. Cars,,Go. On. Shopping Sprees With. Their,Wifes.. News Said. John. Lewis. Has. Pancreatic. Cancer.. Sorry,To,Hear. That..... Black. Chaos,Genocide. In. The. New. Year,No,Black. Unity.....
  9. Like. Last. Year. This. Time. I. Again. Ask,Can. Kwanzaa. Enter. Black,Peoples. Mind.?. As. We. Light. The Kinara ,Candles,Black ,Green,And. Red. Embracing Words Malcolm X And The Creator Of,Kwanzaa Have Said.... Come Together Uplifting Families. And,Each Community. With A Free Mind. No More. Minds,With A,Slave Mentality... Voices. Speaking With Purpose And ,Determination.. Telling The Young They Are Of A Strong. ,Creation... Embracing A Strong Black Spirituality.. No. More. Of,The. Racist. White. Christianity..... As. This. Year. Is. Coming. To An,Ending.. In. The. New. Year,Can There. Be. A. Black. Unity. Beginning???
  10. Celebrating. Kwanzaa. Explaining The. Principles. Of Kwanzaa.Book. By,Pam Underwood...
  11. Black. Christians. At. Christmas.. Christianity. Was. Tortured ,Forced,Upon. Our. Ancestors. Slave. Ship. Jesus. One. Of. Many,...Slave. Owners. Used. The. Bible. To. Justify. Slavery. Bible,Slaves Obey Your Earthly Masters With Fear,Respect..Jesus,Condoned ,Slavery.. . Slaves Embraced Christianity ,It. Has Been. Accepted Generations After,Generations... The,Jewish Do Not Believe ,Jesus,, ,Is The Son Of God,Christmas,Pagan,Religion... . Atheist Do Not Believe He,Existed... . .Some. Black. Churches. Has. A. White. Jesus... Christianity. The. Last-Of. The. Slave. Chains.... Black. Atheist. Have. Free. Thinking... Black,Christians. Have. To. Be Forgiving. When. White. Christians. Are,Not ...Jesus Supports. Slavery. ,Murder,He. Is. Anti --family ,Do ,Not,Sound. Like. A. Prince. Of . Peace.....
  12. Christmas Day,Aunt. Lucy. Playing. Luther. Vandross My. Favorite. Things.. Gathering. Is. Family. And. Friends. We. Ask. Each. Other. How,We. Have. Been. My. Beloved And I Kiss Beneath The Mistletoe. She,She Is As Lovely As A Rose.. To Other Family And,Friends We Call. . Family,Friends No Longer Living ,From,Memories And Albums ,Their Lives We Recall.. .. To ,Soul-Romantic Christmas Music ,Some Are Slow Dancing.. All The Food,Is Appetizing..... None Of Us Are Christian ,We. Remember,How. Things Were. Christianity. Was. Forced. Upon. Our,Ancestors... As. I. Look. Around,Smiles. Upon. Everyone Face... The. Feeling. Of A. Warm Loving Embrace. Being With. Those,That,I. Hold. Dear. Not. Just. Christmas. ,But. Each. Day. Of The. Year......
  13. Sisters. Experience. Pain. At. Holiday. Time,Mother. Murdered,Innocent,Father. In. Jail. Book. By. Twyla...
  14. Black. Women. Are. Winning. Beauty. Pageants Jamaican. Woman,Is,Crowned. Miss. World. Black. South. African. Woman,Crowned Miss. Universe,Black. Teen GIrl Crowned ,Miss-Teen.. Black Woman Crowned Miss USA.Last Year Black Woman Crowned,Miss. USA. I Saw. On News,And Read Online.. .. Black. Women Winning ,Black Skin Usually Not ,Seen As Beauty In The World.....
  15. Black. Women. And. Anthology. ,About. Black. Women. Who. Are,Writers,Poets,Activist. Book. By. Toni. Cade Bambara ....
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