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  1. harry brown

    Michelle. Obama,Becoming!

    Former. First. Lady. Michelle. Obama,Book. Called. Becoming. She. Talks. About. Becoming. The. First. Black. ,First. Lady. Only Whitehouse. Resident. Of Enslaved. Ancestors.Angry. At. Trump,Saying. Her Husband Was Not Born In America. The People,Experienced That Helped Shape Her.Discussion On Class,Race And Public Education. She Is Interesting....
  2. Democrats. Got The. House! Black. People,Slavery. Is. A. Choice,Now!.Black Poor . Communities. Will. Have Two ,Successful,Businesses. The. Crack. House,, Sex. House, ,Church ,Pimp ,House..Preacher's. Steal. Millions. Of Dollars. ,Have Been Aressted,, For Stealing Millions. Instead Of Uplifting Poor Communities. And,The Black Political ,NAACP To Scared To Confront These,Fake,Stealing. Preachers..Including John Lewis..Seen Old. News,Clips Of John Lewis Facing The Klan ,Klan Police..Black. ,Preachers. ,John. Lewis. Afraid. To. Confront..Has. Creflo - Dollar,Got,His. Private. Plane.? Credo Dollar,Top,. Fake. Preacher.With,Zombie Followers. Black. People. Are. To. Stupid. To,Stop. Giving. Money. To. These. Demonic. Snake. Preachers. Black,Communities. In. Inner City,Mississipi. Delta.,Poverty..Black,People. Need. To. Start. Holding. Their. Own,Leaders. Accountable.....
  3. harry brown

    The. Last. Safari!!

    Africa,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There. Would. It. Be. Thriving,Or. Because. Of. Man's Greed,Would. It. Be. Bare.The. Mountains,Waterfall,Rainforest,Deserts,,Among. The. Landscape. Would. There Be. Leopards And Cheetahs. Hunting,, Impalas,, Gazelles,Trying to Escape? .Would There Be Giraffes Walking In. A,Brief Rain? Buffalo,Zebras,Wildebeest Upon The Savannah And,Plains? Would There Be Elephants,Black Rhinos ,Hippos ,By,The,River Zambezi ? Would There Be Gorillas And Chimpanzee,In,Trees? Wandering. Among. The. Ancient. Dying, ,,Baobab ,Trees..THinking ,. About. The. Children. That. Have. Died. From. Wars,Famine. And. Disease..Would. There. Be. Lion. Prides? The. Ancient. African. Tribes. ? Forgetting. The. God. Of. Their. Ancestors,White. Christian. God. ,Will. Africans. Yearn? Will. Their,Forget Their. Ancestors. That. Was. Kidnapped. Never. To. Return?Africa ,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There. Would. It. Be. Thriving Or Would,. It. Be Bare??..
  4. harry brown

    The. Mamba Mentality .

    Former. NBA. Great. Kobe Bryant. Book. Mamba Mentality. Talks,About. How. Prepared. Mentality. And. Physically For. Games...
  5. harry brown

    Black. Werewolf!!

    Misty. Rainy. Swamp,In. Th. Louisiana. Bayou. Voodoo. Priestess. McQueen ,Conjures. A. Demon.From. Her. Voodoo..In. The Swamp,After. Midnight. Racist. White. Men. Loud. In. The Moonlight. They Put Black Mannequins On Trees..To Swing Back. And. Forth,In The Breeze..The Racist White Men Begin Hearing Sounds,of Howling. Coming Near Them,Loud Sounds Of. Growling..The Racist Men See A Large Black Wolf ,On Two Legs,Stand. The Werewolf Begins Circling Each Racist White Man..With. Terror. Walking. Slow,They,,Pause. As. They. See,The Werewolf,Large. Teeth. And. Claws.The. Racist,Men,. With. Horrifying ,Screams. And. Shrieks. . Each. Racist. Man. The. Werewolf. Seeks...Body. Parts. All. Around. As. The. Misty. Rainy. Falls. Upon. The,Ground...Black. Werewolf. Back. To. Priestess. Mcqueen,Before,The. Sun. Rises. Again. To. Return. To. The. Realm From. Which. It. Came......
  6. harry brown

    Fledgling.Octavia. Butler.

    Fledgling. About. A. 10 Year. Old. Half. Black,Half. Vampire. Child,Stalked. By. Pure. Blood. Vampires..Book. By. Octavia. Butler..
  7. In. Kentucky. A. Racist. White. Shot,Killed. 2,Elderly. Black. People. At,A. Grocery. Store. Before. The. Racist. White. Man. Shot. The. Elderly,Black,People,He Tried To. Enter A. Black Church,But The,Church. People Stopped Him From Getting In. What Happened,At The Charleston Church In,2015 Could Have Happened,In Kentucky... .All The. Terror. I,Said The Racist ,White,,Want A Race War, ..Then The Black On Black Murder Do,Not. Stop. Black Police. Officer Shot,Killed By A Stupid,Moron,Black. Male,Criminal...
  8. Saw. On. Dr. Phil. Show,A. Black. Woman. Who. Hates. Black People..She. Says. Black. People. Are. Ugly,Uncivilized,Should. Be,Called. Monkeys. Black. Men. Thugs ,Crooks,Should. All. Be,In,Prison. She Says. Black Woman Are Ugly,White Women,Are,Beautiful..She Wants White Skin. In Her Mind. She,Is,White,Wants To Live In White Neighborhood..Dr. Phil ,,Askef,Her About A ,Klux Klan Rally,She Said. They Would,Welcome Her.She Said In Her Mind She Is White!! ,You,.Try,To,Tell,The Black. Girls,Black. Children. To. Be. Proud,Of,Their. African. Heritage,Black. History,Their. Black. Skin..Black,Christians. Worship. ,White. Jesus. Image..Black. Skin,Hatred..Black. Self. Hatred..Amazed....The. Chaos,And. Confusion. In. Black. People....
  9. harry brown


    Honduras Caravan,Of,Immigrants,,. Are. Marching. Through. Mexico. . To. The,U.S. Border. To. Enter. The. U. S. . They. Want. Want. A. Lot. Of,Americans. Want,JOBS. And. A. Good. Living. The. Neo-NAZI Have,Been At The. U. S. ,Mexican Border. Am I The Only One,Feelig. A Race War,Civil War On , The Rise .Christian-Terrorist,Neo,NAZI ,Klan Want A Civil War. Some Black -People,Are,Against The Immigrants Coming In The U. S.,They,Want,What Black People. Want,JOBS,Comfortable Living......
  10. harry brown

    Black. Things. Come!!!

    As. A. Eerie Breeze. And. The. Rain. Begins. Elderly. Racist. Shadrach -Crowley ,Thinks. About. How. He. Lynched. Black. Men. Years. Ago. With,A. Demonic Grin..Then. From. The. Swamp. Shrieks. And. Moans,He. Hears. He Knows Something Is Coming Near. He Begins,Looking At The Trees. On Branches,There Are Black Men,Bodies. Upon The Trees Black Howler Monkeys Are,Howling.A Large Black Panther Loudly Growling.Black Mamba Snakes. ,Slithering. Toward Him He Sees. Into His Swamp Shack. He. Flees.He. Hears. Strange. Noises. As. The. Rainy. Wind. Blows. He. Sees,The. Black. Men. Coming. Toward. His. Shack. From. The. Window...Shadrach Crowley. His. Name. The. Men. Call.As. Dead,Corpse Appear. In. His. Shack,Blood. Drops. Down. The. Walls..Black. Men. With. Twisted. Mouths ,Bulging. Eyes. Into. The. Shack. Creep. Racist Shadrach Crowley. Upon. His. Knees,Terrified,He,Weeps. Lynching. Black. Men. He. Remembers. How,It. Were. As. He. Sees. Coming Toward. Him. Black. Vultures..Fearing What. Was. About. To. Happen. He. Can. No. Longer,Cope. Racist. Shadrach Crowley. Who. Lynched. Black. Men,Hung. Himself. With. His. Own ,. Rope...As. Shad rach. Crowley. Hangs. Silent. In. His. Swamp. Shack. After. Being. Haunted. By. Things,Black...
  11. harry brown

    Darker. Than. Night!

    Short. Horror. Stories. From. Award. Winning. Author. Brandon-Massey...
  12. News,Princess. Meghan. Is. Pregnant. She. And. Prince. Harry. Are,Expecting. Their. Child. Next. Spring. Kanye. West. Is. In. Africa!Kanye. West. Brought. Sneakers. To. Orphan. Children.Kanye-West Said Slavery Was A Choice. He Needs To Go To Goree-Island. The Door Of No Return. Think About The -Kidnapped,Slaves.. Stand At The Shore,Vision The Slave -Ships,Leaving. Africa With African People,His Ancestors,Chained,And,Shackled.....
  13. harry brown

    Kanye West. With. Trump

    Rapper. Kanye. West. At. The. White. House. Kanye. West-Hugs. Trump. Says,He. Loves. Trump!!! Kanye. West. Is. As. Much. A. Idiot-Lunatic,As,Trump. Doubt. If. Kanye. Talked. About,Emp!oyement,In,Black. Communities,Equality,Social. Justice,NFL,Players Protesting,Racist White Police ,Huntimg,,Murdering-,Unarmed Black. Males. And Poor Inner. ---City,Schools!!!..What Is Kanye West Opinion Of Trump Supporting,Neo NAZI With. Guns In Charlottesville???Kanye. West,Is-A,Bafoon!!!.
  14. I. Was. Surprised. Last. Week,White. Police. officer. Found. Guilty. Of,Killing. Laquan McDonald In. Chicago..White. Officer. Kept. Shooting,While. McDonald. Was. On The. Ground...2 Weeks not,Posting,Had A Dying Computer modem.Hacking..
  15. Book,Ebony. Exodus. About. Black. Women. Leaving. The. Church. My. Opinion. Black. People. Should,Leave,The,Church. Religion ,Preachers. Are. Pimps .They. Want,Women. And. Money. Black. Women. Are. Not. Respected. Preachers Have Been Caught With,Prostitutes,Arrested For Stealing,Murdered Their Wives,Have,Children With Mistresses,Black Preacher Got A 14-Year Old Pregnant. Black Church,Condones It,So Does,NAACP,Black Political...Ebony Exodus,Book By Candace R M -Gorham.