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  1. Black. Graduates. ,Who. Graduates. High. School. And. College,Congratulations.. May. You. Reach. Your. Ambitions,Dreams,And. Desires. As. Racist. White. Create. Plots,Schemes To. Stop You. News Says. ,Black , Billionaire,Paying,The College , Debt. Of Morehouse. ,Graduates...Churches Could Do That ,If Preacher's We're ,Not,Stealing Millions Of Dollars... Democrats Talk Of Equal. Pay,. Men Make. More Than Women. White Women Make. More , Than,Black And Hispanic. Women. Sure,White. Men. Makes. More,Than. Others. Doing. The. Same. Job.. Congratulations. ,To,Children. Of. AALBC. Members,Who. Finished. High. School. Or,College....
  2. News,Republicans. Trying To. Stop. Abortion. Read ,Since. 1973-Over,,14 -Million. Black. Babies. Killed. By. Abortion.. Don't. Know. ,If,That Is. True. This. Country. Do. Not. Care. About. Children. ,Who,Are, Born. Children. Live In Poverty,Some Have ,Been,Homeless. Families Live In Poverty. Lunatic Trump ,Wants,Billions For A Wall.. Democrats As Bad As Trump. All. ,The,Black Votes They Get. . Black Community. Street ,Gangs,Black,Men Getting Black Boys In Gangs Not. Caring. If. ,They,Lay. Dead. In. Streets,Because. Of Stray. Bullets. Or Gang ,Wars. Black. Men. Having. Lots. Of . Children. ,With. Lots. Of. ,Women,Not,Caring. About. Any. Of. Then. Black. Women. Letting. ,The,Man. Decide. If. He. Wants. To. Wear. A. Condom. . The. ,Church!!!Black. Preacher's. Care. About. Money. Buying. Cars,Rich. Houses, While. All. Around. The. Church. ,Black. Children. ,Live. ,In,Poverty. ....
  3. Black. Mothers. Day. To. All. The. Loving,Caring. ,Responsible. ,Mothers. . Especially. Those. Raising. Children. Alone. Because. Of,Dead Beat. Bum,. Fathers. And. To. The Grandmothers ,Who,Helps. With The Child Raising.... Black Mothers , Should,Be,Celebrated ,Often,Not Just One Day A , Year.......Happy,Mothers Day To All The , Mothers,Grandmothers,Who Are Members Of AALBC!!!!!Mothers,, Day. Music,Temptations- Oh Mother Of Mine,, Checkmates-Black Pearl. Intruders - I. Will. Always. Love. My. Mama...
  4. African. Congo. Rainfirest,Racist. White. Men,,Again. Wickedly. Wander. ,In.. They. Are Captured. By. Congo. Cannibal Pygmies. With. A. ,Killing,Grin.. The. White. Men. Taken. Back To. The. Village To. Be ,Skinned,,White Men No Longer Speak. Heard Only Are Their ,Moans. And Shrieks . .. Loudly. Are The ,Elephants,Gorillas,Chimpanzee,Angry Baboons In Trees. Creepy ,Mandrill Monkeys Follow A Cobra Through. The ,Leaves.....Some,White. Men In Bubbling Cauldrons ,Others. Roasting,Upon. A. Fire.. Ancient. Pygmy. Seasoning. For. Their. ,Taste,Desire.. Women. Prepare. The. Food,Men. Play. The. Drums. ,The. Elders. Sing. Songs. In. Their. Native. Tongue.. Most. White. ,Men,Are. Evil,The. Pygmy. Believe. The. Begin. Eating. Then. With,Ease.. After. Eating,The. Pygmy. Relax. And. Moan. As. Egyptian,Vultures. Eat. The. Scraps,Baboons. Eat. The. Bones... The,Pygmy. Celebrating,African. Liquor. Does.Enhance.. In. ,The,Rainforest. The Pygmy. Wildly. Dance....
  5. Princess. Meghan,Prince Harry. Had. A. Baby. Boy.. News. Not. ,Showing. Baby. Pictures. Yet. Royal. Family. Seems. Pure. White. There. Is. Racism. In. England,And. The. Rest. Of Europe.. Maybe,,The,Royal Baby Will Avoid Racism In Europe. And This,Country. He WIll Have Dual Citizenship In This Country. World Is Waiting For A Baby Name. Wish Them And Their,Baby Good Luck.. News Said Once They. Might Live ,In,Africa....
  6. Read. Online. Insane. Bible. Scriptures. Ephesians 6:5/Says,Slaves. ,Should,Obey. Their. Earthly. Masters. With. Fear,And. With. A,Sincere,Heart,As They Would Christ...Listen To This,Children ,Of,Slave Owners,Can Enslave And Own. Children Of The,Slaves,Their Father ,The Slave Owner. Owned. Descendants,Of,Slave Owners, Can Enslave The Descendants ,,Of,Slaves. This In Leviticus 25:45-46! This The Racist ,White,Christian. ,Racist White Man Justification For Slavery, And,Continuing. The. Enslavement. Question. ,Did. Dr. Martin-Luther-King, Ever. Preach. This? Was. Nat. Turner Wrong. For. ,Organizing,A,Rebellion? Was. Harriet. Tubman Wrong. For. Leading ,Slaves. Away. From. Bondage. Within. The. Underground. Railroad??Question. For. The.Black. Christian. Bible. Readers.. Why. Are. ,Black,People. Christian,Some. Black. People. Wonder...Africans, ,In,African. Have. Excepted. ,White. America. Christian. Religion. .Amazing... ..
  7. The. Comet. By. W. E. . B. Dubois ,About. A. Comet. Hitting. This,Country. Seems. Only. A. Black. Man. And. A. Rich. White,Woman,Are. The. Only. 2-Alive , In. New. York. City. They,Come,Together. The Wonder Of Sex To Repopulate ,The,Country. In Their Mind. But The Woman Father ,Appears..Read,On ,Black Fantasy Books Site....
  8. Movie. Director. John. Singletons. Has. Died. Most. Known. Fir,His,Movie. Boyz In. The Hood. He. Was. The. First. African-American. Director. And. Youngest. To. Be. Nominated. For. A,Oscar-Award. He. Also. Made Poetic Justice And Higher ,Learning...He,Was,Influential. And A Industry. Pioneer.. .He ,Born,In,South Los Angeles..He Was A Talented Man....News,Said,He,Was 51...
  9. Another. Of. James. Byrd . Murderers. Was. Executed. James. Byrd,Was,Tied. To. A. Truck. And. Dragged. To. His. Death,In,1998.In,Texas. By. The. Klan -Trash. In. Texas. They,Were,Looking For A Black Man to Murder. James -Byrd,Was,Tied. To a Truck And Was Dragged To His Death. One,Of,The Klan Trash Murderers Was Executed In 2011. Another,Was Executed Wednesday ,News Said. The Third ,Klan-Trash Man. Got A Life Sentence. .....This Could Happen ,Again,At,Any Time.!!!!.They.Get Away. With. It,In. Police. Uniform.!!.
  10. A. Black. Skin. Race. Of. People,Captured,Kidnapped,Forced. To. A,Strange. Land. By. Evil. White. People ,For. Enslavement. ,The. ,Slave,Auction. Poster. Does. Tell. Human. ,Bondage,Horror,Torture,,Misery,They Would Dwell. Negroes ,For,Sale,The. Slave Auctioneer Begins. I Tossed Some Of ,Them,Over. To Be Eaten By Sharks,Slave Ship Captain Says,With,A ,,Demonic ,Sadistic Grin.. Families Separated,There Is Weeping.. Their. Love Ones ,They Will Never Again. Be Seeing. The ,Slaves,Remember. Upon. The. Ship,,Thrown. Into. The. Ocean ,The,Dying. And. The. Dead. Floating. Upon. The. Ocean,We're. ,Arms,Legs. And. Heads. Back. To Their. Native. Land. They. Yearn...A,Place. They. Would. Never. Return! Naked,Chained,Shackled,Slave. Buyers. Poke. Them,Pinch -Them,Check,Their. Teeth,While. They. Are. On. Display. No. Way -Of,Knowing. The. Horror,Torture. ,And. Misery. That. Is. Coming. ,There,Way.!!..
  11. In. Louisiana, 3 Black. Churches. We're. Burned, Down. White. Man. ,Was,Arrested.. White. Man. That. Was. Arrested. Is. A. Sheriff. Deputy,Son, I. Think. . Black. Preacher. Henry. Lyons. Is,Suspectied,Of. ,Burning Down His Church,I Read. The Same, Preacher Lyons That. ,Was,In,Prison For Stealing 4:Million Dollars. ,Back In The 1990's. ,In,Houston ,Preacher Burleson Who Is In Prison For Organizing,,,,His,Wife Murder, Church Flock Think He Burned ,Down,The. Church Where He Preached.... 25- Years. Ago. Rwanda,Genocide. War.,Many . 100,000,s. Murdered. .....Black. People,Here. And. Africa. Have. No. Unity...
  12. My. Beloved. And. I,Walk. Among. The. Garden. Flowers. In. The,Spring. Sun. She. As. Beautiful. As. The. Flowers. ,That,Blossom!. The. Birds. Welcoming. Spring,Sung By The,Thrushes.. As Butterflies Fly Upon The Rose Bushes.. We ,Walk Among The Cherry Blossom Trees. With A Feeling , Of,Bliss,Pleasure And Ease. . Our Love Like The ,Flowers,Grow.. Within. Our Love Warm As The Spring Sun,Rays Glow. We Embrace. And Kiss Beneath The ,Tree,Shade. Hoping Our Love Will. Never. Fade....
  13. The. Bible. Says,A. Woman. Cannot. Have. Authority. Over. A. Man?.,So,A,Woman. Cannot. Be. A. Politician,Doctor,Top. Position. In. A,Company,Military. ,Teacher??Bible Says A Woman Should Learn ,To. Be Silent. All The Black Christian Women , Should Be ,Silent.Bible ,1-Timothy,2: 9-15. News Shows Women With The Me ,Too. Movement ,Wanting Equality. Who Lives By This? Bible ,Scriptures. Are Amazing And Stupid..Bible Condoned ,Slavery,Murder. ,Child Rap,Stealing,Violence. Do Religious. People. ,Read. The. Bible? ???
  14. Historically Black. College ,Fort. Valley. State. 7-People. We're. Arrested,In. A. Pimp ,Prostitution. Case..Amazing. Read. On. ,Newsone.. In. South. Carolina,10- Year. Old Black. Girl. Died,2-Days,After She Was Taken To The Hospital. ,After A Fight. ,At,School. Think She Was Buried In Wednesday. Girl She ,Was,Fighting With Is Suspended,Not. Charged Yet.. Dead ,Girl,Mother Said. Said Her Daughter. Was A Victim Of ,School,Bullying..
  15. Bad. Men,Wicked. Women. About. A. Man. Who Is. Divorced,Loves ,A,Woman. Has. Desires. For. A. Third. Woman.. Book By, Eric. Dickey!!.
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