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  1. News ,Opioid Killing White People In America. It's A Epidemic,Some Say. The Heroin Opioid Users,Should Get Counseling Not Jail Time. Black And Brown Get Prison Time...The Crack Epidemic ,Put Black And Brown Behind ,Bars...In The White Communities Where There Is Heroin Opioid ,Is There ,Dead Bodies From Shoot Outs?Black Crack Gangsters ,,They Do Not Care About Innocent People They Shoot When There Is A,Crack Selling Territory War Battle..Crack Buyers And Crack Sellers Are The Same,Crack Buyers Bring Gangsters In Communities....White .Supremacy Trying To Control Other Races,,White People Are Becoming Expendable..Watch The News,White People Dying From Opioid Is A National Epidemic,Something Must Be Done......Poor Black Communities,With Crack Gangsters,,Lot Of Black Leaders Do,Not,Care...
  2. Preparing Black Youth.

    Preparing Black Youth For Success. Some Black People Are Involved With Trying To Motivate Black Children Educationally..Except The Church ,Preachers Love Money,Cars,Poverty All Around The Church ,They Do Not Try ,To Help Black Children. The Black Football Players Trying To Speak To Politicians About Unarmed Black Males Gunned Down By Police. . They Need To Talk About White Police That Have Been ,Fired The Past 6_Years For Being Klan ,KKK,Members..Preparing Black Children For Success Book By Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu..
  3. Book About The Late Great Curtis Mayfield. Curtis Mayfield -Not,Just A Great Singer ,Songwriter But A Talented -Musician..His,Song People Get Ready Was A Anthem During The ,Civil Rights Movement. Curtis Mayfield Was Born In ,Poverty,Raised In The Slums Of Chicago ...Saw This Book On A ,Music Books ,Website. Book By Todd Mayfield And Travis Atris.....Did Not ,Check Out The Authors.....
  4. Black Woman Turns White.

    In A Dove Soap .Commercial A Black Woman Using Dove Soap ,Becomes White . Yes, There Was A Uproar. .Criticism. They Were ,Trying To Represent Women Of Color. .Using Dove Soap A Black --,Woman Cleanse To Whiteness...Black Woman Uses Dove -Soap,Pulls Off Her Shirt ,A White Woman ,Appears...Amazing..Black Is Beautiful....
  5. Charleston Hartfield Was One Of The 58 Victims Killed In,Las -Vegas Last Sunday Night. He Was A Military Veteran And A ,Las- Vegas Police Officer . He Wrote A Book Called Memoirs Of. A -Public Servant . Book About His Thoughts And Feelings About -Being A Police Officer In Las- Vegas. People Were Saying Good -,Things About Him . He Was The Father Of 2, Son And A - Daughter , News Said. Another Pointless Conversation About --,Gun,Control On The News. My Question ,Why Are People -,Allowed To Have Machine Guns?
  6. 58 Dead In Las Vegas.

    News 58 Dead In Las Vegas. White man Begun Shooting At A ,Country Music Concert. White Man Killing White People. News,Was It ISIS Related Or A Lone Wolf Killer. Lunatic ,President,This Was A Evil Man. He Did Not Say Neo Nazi ,In ,Charlottesville Was Evil..Neo Nazi Terrorist Organization ,Praising,Adolf Hitler With Guns And Torches In American,Streets ..News Likes To Talk About Black Men And Violence..Hitler ,Trump,I Think Plans To Go To Last Vegas. He Did Not Go ,To,Charlottesville ,WHITE Women Murdered By A Neo Nazi,Seem ,To Condone This..Gun .Control Talk On The News ,Again...700,Dead Last Year In Chicago . Black Lives Matter ,Depends On Who Kills A Black Person. Street Gangs Are Black -Skin Nazi. .NAACP,Black Politicians And The Church Are Afraid ,To,Take On Street Gangs That Genocide Black People. .Retired,Black FBI Agent Talking About Last Vegas Massacre. Do ,not, See Black FBI Agents Talking About White Police Being ,,,Klan,KKK,Members Or Neo Nazi In The Military,Training For ,The,Coming Race War ,They Think Will Happen......
  7. News,O.J. Released Soon.

    I Think The News Said O.J. Simpson Gets Out On Monday..He Was In Prison For Stealing ,Assault ,Whatever,In Prison Because,He Was Not Guilty Back In 1995...Don't Care,About This Idiot Getting Out,He Got Black Support He Should Not Have Gotten. ..Racist White Police Get Racist White Support...Neo Nazi Trump, Attacking The Football Players Not Caring About Hurricane Hit Peurto Rico......
  8. News Says, Russians Had Facebook Ads ,Seemingly To ,Attack,Black Lives Matter,Baltimore Riots ,To Help Trump,Get,Elected ,The Racial Divide In America...News,Still,Talking About Football Players,Kneeling,Down..The News Not Saying ,WHITE Police,Have,Been Fired For Being Klan,KKK,Members,The Past,Few Years.. Neo Nazi In The Military Training Themselves,For The Race War In America..Trump Said,Football,Players Were Disgraceful ,Trump Did Not Say,Neo Nazi Were Disgraceful ,In Charlottesville,With Nazi Outfits ,Torches And Guns. FBI Not On The News,,Saying White Police Are Klan Members,Neo Nazi In The Military. White People,Have No Problem Neo Nazi In The Military, Saying Football Players,Disrespecting The Flag...No Black Police On The News,Saying White Police Have Been Fired For Being KKK ,Members..I Am Sick Of Black Preachers Supporting Trump..
  9. Black Men And Trump.

    Lunatic President Trump Said Football Players Kneeling When The National Anthem Is Played Should Be Fired,The Sons Of,B_Word Should Be Fired. White America ,They Are Disrespecting Our Flag,They Should,Leave,The,Country. .Lebron James Called Trump A Bum..Sports Talker Michael Wilbon Said Trump Was Aiming At,Black Men..Pro Football Owners And Players Standing Together .The Patriots Who Are Friends With Trump,Spoke Against Trump. Where Were The Patriots When Trump .Was ,Supporting Neo Nazi With Torches And Guns In Charlottesville,Last Month..White Veterans Upset Over Players,Kneeling...Are White Veterans Upset Over Neo Nazi,With Torches And Guns In The Streets Of Charlottesville?Black Soldiers Have Been In All This Country's Wars. .National Anthem,,The Pledge Of Aleigence ,Preamble Of The Constitution,Was For White People Only...Not Heard On The News,White Police Fired For Being Klan Members,Klan KKK,A Racist. Terrorist Organization...Neo Nazi In The Military Training,Themselves For The Race War In This Country....Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Still Unemployed...There Is A Fear Of Unity Of Black Men In This Country. Then There Is,Idiot Black Preachers Supporting Trump .After He, Supporting Neo-Nazi In Charlottesville. ....Black Church .Is A Corrupt Dump.....
  10. The A B C'S Of Blackness By Neeta Black. She Says We Need A ,Black Curriculum To Repair And Restore Black Education For A Black Generation..Rebuild Black Communities ..I Say To Her ,Good Luck. Black People Are Too Divided. Having Had A Black,President ,And Now Have A Racist Lunatic As President,Still Cannot Gather For Black Unity....
  11. St Louis,People Are Protesting,Another White Police Not Guilty,Shooting ,Killing A Black Man..White Police Lined Up,In The Streets,There Was Talk About The National .Guard .Where Was The ,Fear ,Where Was The Military Last Month In Charlottesville,?A Terrorist Organization Neo Nazi Walking Around With Guns ,And Torches In The Streets If Military Was In Charlottesville,For The ,Domestic Terrorist Neo Nazi ,The Woman That Was Murdered ,By,The Neo Nazi Car,Might Be Alive..Police Lined Up,Talk About Bringing In National Guard For People Protesting. But Neo Nazi,Terrorist With Guns And Torches Is No Problem. Trump,Not,The Only One Who See Neo Nazi As Good People..
  12. This Year Is The 100 Year Birth Of The Late Great Writer Gwendolyn Brooks. Brooks Was The First African American To,Receive The Pulitzer Prize., She Received Many Awards .She,Was Illinois Poet Laureate .Gwendolyn Brooks,Has Influenced Many People..Gwendolyn Brooks Was A Self Proclaim,,Non Religious Person.,In Religious Allusion She ,Comments On Religion ...Actor Chris Rock ,A Black Person Who Is Christian ,Don't Have A Good Memory ..Christianity Is White Man;s Religion Or Slave Plantation Religion Many Black People,Believe .Late Actress Butterfly McQueen,Who Played ,Scarlet Ohara's Maid ,In Gone With The Wind,,Was A Atheist ,Who Was Honored By The,Atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation..She Said,Her Ancestors Are Free From Slavery,She Is Free From Religion .Jesus,Is A Myth..If People Would Put Energy On Humanity ,Like They Do For Myth Of Jesus,They Would Be Less Hunger And,Homelessness . .She Was Puzzled,Christianity Encourages,Bigotry,Hatred And Irresponsibility..Yes,I Agree....
  13. ESPN Sports Talker Jemelle Hill Said President Trump Is A,Racist. Whitehouse Said She Should Be Fired. Trump Said Obama Was Not Born In This Country,,Trump Supports Neo Nazi,,He Has Done,Enough To Be Impeached,Said President Obama Was Spying On Him. ESPN Accepted Jemelle Hill Apology...Trump Is,Racist ESPN Knows It ,The Whitehouse Knows It. Trump Had,Neo Nazi Friends In The Whitehouse.....
  14. Black Men And Church!

    Some Black People Wonder Why Black Men Do Not Go To Church..Why Do Black People Go To Church?Only Thing Happening Is The Preachers Personal Ushers Taking ,Up,Offering,Tithes Several Times,Preachers Buy Cars,Mansions,Gifts To Mistresses. Preachers Do Not Try,To Uplift,The Souls Of Black Folks .Be Mentors To Black Children,Especially Black Boys Before. They Get To High ,School. There Is Poverty And Drifting Souls All Around The Church,Black,Leaders Condone It..Churches Are Slave Cabins,Pimp Houses In Black .Communities....
  15. Seattle Seahawk Football Player ,Michael Bennett Says,Las -Vegas,Police Arrested Him Last Month. They Attacked Him With,Force ,Pointing Guns. When They Found Out Who He Was,They Released Him . He Said He Was Arrested Because ,He Was Black. .Former Football Player Shannon Sharpe Said,What,Happens When The Police Camera Is Not On. Black,People Guilty Because Of Their Black Skin..They See Black,People As The N-Word...The Racist Moron President,Who,Supports Neo Nazi In America,Has Increased ,The,Racist White Police Racist Behavior....Why Are Black -Police,Silent?.