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  1. On. The. News. Someone. From. -Black. Lives. Matter ,Saying. -Prisoners. Should. Be. Released. -Because. Of. The. Coronavirus- -Assuming. That. Does. Not. Include. Murders ,Child. Rapist -Attempted Murders. It's Okay. To- Release. The. Thugs,. Crack -Sellers. ,Pimps Who. Prostitute -Teenage. Girls. , Some. -14. . Does- The. Street. Gangs. Stop. -Murdering. Black. People. Because. Of. The. Coronavirus-???-Churches. Are. Closed ,Why? The-Chuch. Congregation. Should. Go. To. Church. And. Pray. For. The. Coronavirus-. To-Be. Stopped. They. Know. Prayer-Will. Not. Stop. The. -Coronavirus-The. Church. Doors. Are. Usually -Cliosed. 6- Days. A. Week -The-Preachers,,Do. Not. Help. People-They,Care. About. Money...
  2. On. A. Street. Named. After. The -Great. Man, Another. Day. Begins.-Black. Men. Selling. Crack-Women. Selling. Sex To. Men..-Street. Gang. Guns. Loudly. Sound. . Dead. Gangsters. Lay-Upon. The. Ground... Pregnant -Teen. Girls,Black. Boys. Thugs And. Hustlers .. Black. Men. Arrested. For. Being. Crack. -Cocaine. Traffickers .. Black. -,Political,NAACP,Preachers. ,When. They Want. Money. ,Votes. Come. There. .Majority -,Of. The. Time. They. Do. Not -Care. .. This. Community -Poor-Impovershed ,In. Despair. By. The. Racist White. Race. Black -Genocide. And. Neglect. By. ,,-Black Community. Leaders. Are,-Beyond. A Disgrace ..
  3. Hood. Supreme. Political. And-Criminal. Families. Within. The -Street. Wars. In. Chicago. Book-,By Mz Lady P...
  4. The. Deadly. Coronavirus-. Where. It. Came. From !The-China-Seafood. Market ,Where-They. Sell. Live. Animals ,Rats,Bats,Snakes,Wolves ,Chinese. People. Eat. These. ,Animals.. A. Video. Shows. A -Chinese. Woman. Eating. Bat-Wings. ,With. Chop-Sticks. . They-Believe. Coronavirus- Came. From. Animals. Another. Reason -Coronavirus. Came. From. -Chinese. Lab,Virus. Leaked. Or -Escaped. .. Not. Spoken. -Biological. ,Warfare. The. Use. Of-Viruses,Bacteria. And. Toxins To-Kill. Humans.. My. Opinion ...
  5. Pastor. Gregory. Hawkins. -Got. 7-,Life. Sentences. For. Having. Sex. With. A. 14- Year. Old. Girl-Getting. Her. Pregnant. . Pastor-Hawkins. Told. The. Girl. To. Have -A. Abortion. Don't. Tell. Police. -He. Told. Her. He. Would. Buy. Her. A. House. ,A. Car. ,Send. Her-To. College. In. The. Court Room-He. Begged. For. Mercy. Judge -Have. Him. 7-Life. Sentences ..-Where. Is. The. Moral. Voice. -John. Lewis. ,NAACP,Black. -,Political ,Black. Life. Matters -???-If. It. Has. To. Do. With. Black -Harming. Black. ,Black. Genocide -Black. Political,NAACP ,Church -Mouths. Are. Shut. Silent. -Those-Halos. Shine. Bright. Above. -These. Pimp. Demon. Preachers.The. Girl. Is. Older. And- At. College. I. Believe....
  6. Black. Man. A. White. Woman. -Survive. 14- Days. On. The. Naked-And. Afraid. Show. Eating -Crabs. I. Believe. That's. The. 4-th-Black. Man. To. Survive. On. The -Naked. And. Afraid. Show. Black -Woman. Left Early. Because. Of-Biting. Flies.. California. Police -Showed. Kobe Bryant. Crash -Pictures. Kobe. Bryant. Wife. -Angry. Sunday -55- Years. Selma-Alabama. March across Edmund-Pettis. Bridge... I. Understand. -Voices. For Racism ,Raising. Wages. ,Racist. Police. There. -Should. Be. Anger. For. Black -Genocide. Black. Men. -Prostituting. Teenage. Girls,Black-Men. Setting. Up. Crack. Houses -Black. Gangsters. Getting. Black -Boys. In. Gangs.. Preachers. -Stealing. Money. Buying. Cars. -Not. Uplifting. Poor. Communities. Black. Preachers -Caught. With Prostitutes ,-Preachers. In. Prison. For -Murdering. Their. Wives. Preachers. Getting. Teenage Girls- Pregnant. Did. John. Lewis-Talk. About. Church. Corruption ??
  7. On. The. News. White. Democratic. Presidential -Candidates. In. And. Out. Of. -Black. Churches . Promising-School. Improvement ,Creating -Jobs. What. Else?, Stop. And. Frisk-Bloomberg. Has. -Commercials,With. Black -People,Supported. Him . Who. Has. The. Black. Vote Biden ,Warren ,Sanders ,The Two -Billionaires? If. Trump. Gets. Voted. Out,Will. The. Church. ,Stop. Preachers. From. Stealing ,-Millions. Of. Dollars. Going. On -Shopping,,Sprees. Instead. Of-Creating. Black. Businesses?Will-The. Black Politicians ,NAACP -Begin. Organizing. Kwanzaa. In-Black. Communities?Will. Faith -Christians Battle. Crack Houses-Black. Men. Prostituting. Teenage-Girls. In. The. Streets ?-Stopping. Black. Gangs. Getting. -Black. Boys. In. Gangs?,No -Black-Genocide. Will. Not. Stop..
  8. News. Says,Malcolm. X. Assassination. Will. Be. Investigated. Again. There. Is. A. Documentary. On Malcolm. X. Assassination. On -Netflex-Questioning. If. The. Men. Convicted. Of Malcolm. X. Murder,Are. They,Innocent Or Guilty .News. Says Pro. Trump Group Accused Of ,Using Money. To Get Black Votes.. Commercial Bloomberg For,Black-America. Black Unity Could Solve Some Problems. Black Unity ,Seems. Impossible For Black Political Elected,Churches,NAACP To ,Organize...
  9. Mulan Is. Anxious. To Marry The. Love. Of Her Life,. The. Closer ,The,Marriage. Day. Gets,The. More. Problems. Arise.. Book. By,Author-Taniece..
  10. Black. History. Month! As. Black History. Is. Being. Talked ,About,Black,Genocide All. Around. Difference. Between. The,Black-Holocaust, And. The. Jewish. Holocaust. Jewish. Community ,Leaders,Are Involved In Their Communities,Black ,Community,Leaders Are Not Involved In Black Communities... Jewish People Are Not Continuing Their Holocaust. Black-Genocide,Each Day ,Church ,NAACP,Politicians ,Do Not Care??. Street,Gangs Slaughtering Black People In Streets, Crack -Houses,,Black. Men. Prostitution. Teenage. Girls,Black. Men. Creating,Babies ,They. Do. Not. Care. About ,Black. Women. Having,Babies. With. Irresponsible. Idiot. Black. Men,Black. Women,Having. Abortions... Preacher's. Stealing. Millions. Of,Dollars,Not. Trying. To. Uplift. Poor. Black. Communities... NAACP-Churches,Politicians. Support. Preacher's. Stealing. Millions. Of,Dollars,Going. In. Shopping. Spress,Buying. Cars ,Mansions...If. This,,Does. Not. Change,What. Does. Black. History. Month. Mean??
  11. Mamba Mentality ,How. I. Play ,Book. By. Late. Great. Kobe Bryant. His. Personal. Perspective. On His. Life. And. Career. On. The ,,Basketball Court...His. Daughter. Who. Died. With. Him, At ,.Her,Young,Age Had The Mamba Mentality....
  12. Kobe Bryant. Was. A. All. Time. Great. He Was. A. Loving. ,Devoted,Father. Saw On. The. News,Lebron James,Dwayne -Wade,Magic Johnson. In Tears.. Kobe Bryant Daughter ,Died,With,Him.... She Was Talent Like Her Father ,With A Lot ,Of,Inner Strength . . Kobe Bryant Supported Women ,Basketball... He,Was Of The Best . His Death A Great Lost!. From A ,Beloved,Black Athlete Kobe Bryant ,To Patrick Maholnes -A Idiot.Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Maholmes Supported George-Zimmerman,Murdering. Trayvon Martin,I. Read.. Patrick Maholmes Is,Biracial ,Did. His. Black Father Raise. Him. To. Hate. Black. People?? Does. Patrick. Maholmes Glad. He Do Not. Have. Dark Skin ,Like ,,Trayvin Martin? I. Wish. San Francisco Defense. Would,Slam , Him. Into. The,Groud. In Every Play. In The. Super. Bowl. Chiefs. Win. Super-Bowl, Patrick. Maholnes Would. Joyfully. Crawl To. The. White House,To. See. Trump...San Francisco. Defense Need To. Try. To. Take,Patrick. Maholnes Out!!.
  13. In. Black. Communities,When Will Black. Men. Unite And. ,Bring,Purpose, And. Self. Determination? To. Black. Boys,,When. Will,Black. Men. Unite. And. Be. A. Up!during. Insoiration? When Will,Black Men Embrace Black Spirituality ,Stop Embracing ,White,Supremacy Christianity,That Has Black People In Spiritual,Bondage And Slave Mentality? Answer,When The ,Black,Man. Mind Is Free. When Will Black Men. Come ,Together,With Ideas And Solutions. To End The Self Segreation,Self,Genocide. Chaos And. Confusion? When. Will. ,Black,Men And Black. Women. Stand. Together Shouting ,,Umoja ,,Swahili For. Unity? Answer When The. Black. Man. Mind. Is. FRee...
  14. Black. Man. Preferred. Book. Purpose. To. Encourage. And. ,Motivate ,,Black ,Boys. And. Black Men Potential.. Book. By,Ayannah-Gallow...,
  15. In. Texas Teenage. Black. Boys. We're Told. To Cut. Their. Hair. They,Have. Long. Dreadlocks Hair. Style. The. Majority. White,School,Board. Told Them. To. Cut. Their Hair. Racism Is,Suspected.. In. Tennessee ,White Man With A AK7- Rifle Was,Shooting At White Police.. You Can See,Hear Gun Shots On,The News,White Police Caught Him Alive... Captured Alive... As,Racist White Police Shoot ,Murder,, Unarmed Black Males,Saying Black,Unarmed Males Got Guns.....Where Is Colin. Kaepernick?. Reason.s. He. Was. Kneeling. Down. Every. Day. Of The. Week..
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