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  1. If. Democrat. Hakeem Jefferies. Is. The. Minority. Leader. Speaker ,,He. Should. Talk. About. Sending. Billions. To. Uplift. Poor. Inner. City Communities. And. Schools. ..The. Black. Democrats. ,Are ,Happy. To Support. Sending. Billions. Of. U. S. Money. To. White. ,,Country. Ukraine. .Hakeem Jefferies. Should. Organize. ,Kwanzaa. To. Uplift. Black. Communities. ..Black. Democrats. Ate,Controlled. By. White. Democrats. Like. Republicans. Are,Controlled. By. Trump..........Herschel. Walker. Is A. Lying. Idiot.,Pastor. Warnock. Is. A. Slave. Plantation. House. Preacher....Preacher. Warnock. Not. Talking. About. Church. ,Corruption. Preachers. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives..Stealing. Church. Money. Buying. Cars. Stealing. Church ,Money. To. Pay. Car. Payments........Black. And. White. Political. ,Are,Corrupt. ,Vile. Liars. ,Preachers. Worship. Money. ....
  2. Another. Thanksgiving. Day. Begins...We. Are. Welcoming. Family. And. Friends....So. Much. Gossip. And. Stories. Being. Shared. As,The. Food. Is. Being. Prepared...So. Much. Good. Food...You ,Keep,Eating. Because. You. Could...Stuffing. Bread ,Meat. ,Cakes,Yams And. Pies...Not. Concerned. About. The Food. Going ,To,Your. Waist ,Hips. And. Thighs.......
  3. Instead. Of. Putting. On. Black. Entertainment. Crap Oprah. Winfrey ,Should. Talk. About. The. Black. Genocide. That. Goes. On. Every ,Week ....She. Had. On,Greenleaf. Church. Show...She. Did. Not. Talk,About. How. Corrupt. The. Church. Really. Is...Black. Preachers ,In. Prison. For. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. ..Caught ,With. Prostitutes ,Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. Money. ..Preachers,Steal. Church. Money. To. Biuy,Cars. Not. Caring. About ,The. Poverty. In. The. Black. Community. Did. Oprah. Winfrey,,Interview. The. Football. Players. Kneeling. Down ,Protesting ,? She. Made. Time. For. Trump. Lover. Tom. Brady. Nothing. ,Intetesting. About Him. Trump. Lover. Who. Super. Bowl. Wins. Wete,Fixed. For. Him. To. Win...Byron. Allen. ? He. Should. Talk,About. Klan. Police. ,Neo. Nazi. In. The. U. S. Military. ,National - Guard. and Coast. Guard.....Poor. Inner City. Communities And,Poor. Inner. City. Schools. As. Billions. Go. To. The. White. Country. ,Ukraine. ......They. Are. T. V. Producers. ..??
  4. NBA. Player. Kyrie. Irving. And. A. Antisemitic Movie....News ,Sports ,Talkers. Vocally. Attacking. Kyrie Irving. Charles. Barkley. ,,He ,Should. Have. Been. Suspended. ,.... Former. Football. Player ,Bret,Favre Trying. To Steal. Millions. Of. Dollars. From. The. Poor. In,Mississippi. That. Did. Not. Last. Long.. White. Sports. Team ,Owners ,White. Coaches. Pro. And. College. White Athletes. Who,Love. Trump. Friends. With. Racist. Vile. Trump. The. White. ,Media. ,Sports. Talkers. Have. No. Problem. With. That. ,College ,Coaches. Who. Saw. Trump. At. The. White. House. Not. Asked ,What. They. Like. About. Trump. .ESPN. Black. Sports. Talkers. ,Not,Talking. About. Pro. And. College. Coaches. Who. Saw. Trump,At. The. White. House. White. Sports. Team. Owners ,White,Coaches. ,White Athletes. Not. Asked. By. Black. Sports ,,Talkers. Why. They. Like. Trump. ...Idiots. Stephen. A. Smith ,Charles. Barkley. Ryan. Clark .....
  5. Black. No. More. Black. Man. Creates. A. Way. To. Turn. Black. People. ,,To. White. People. .Change. Black. Skin. To. White. Skin...,This. Book. For. Clarence. Thomas. Kanye West. ,Herschel - Walker. Larry. Elders. All. The. Black. People. Who. Hate. Black. ,People.. Book. Black. No. More. By. Author. George. Schuyler ...
  6. New. ,Movie,,,About,,The. Racist. Murder. Of. Emit. Till. Racist. Thrash. ,That,Murdered. Him. They. Beat. Him. ,Had A. Cotton. Gin. Fan,Barbed. Wire. Tied. Around. His. Body. ,Gouged. Out. His. Eyes ,Threw. Him. In. The. River. ....His. Mother. When. He. Was. Buried. ,Wanting. America. To. See. How. He. Looked. .Haunting. Picture. Of,Emit. Till. This. Movie. Herschel. Walker. ,Kanye. West. ,Clarence Thomas. Need. To. Go. See. The. Street. Gangs,Crack. Sellers,Street,Thugs. Who. Genocide. The. Black. Community. ,Should. Go. See. It ......
  7. Rainy. Evening ,Racist. Atchison. Pettus Joyfully. Roams. Among. A,Southern. Slave. Plantation. Slave. Cabins ..As. Hoodoo. Witch ,,Petrel Color. Changing. Spell. Begins.. He. Is. Transported. Back. In,Time. To. The. Slave. Auction..He. Chained. ,Shackled. With. ,African Slaves. Are. Taken. Out. Of. The. Pen .To. The. Auction. Block, Come. Everyone. To. The. Negro Sale. The. Auctioneer. ,Joyfully. Yells. Atchison. Pettus With. The. Darkest Skin ,His. Body,Greased. With. Grease . He. Understands. English ,But. Its ,The,Bantu African. Language. He. Speaks......He. Weeps. And,Shrieks As. He. Stands. There. . Almost. Naked ,. Bare.. This,Negro. Sold. To. This. Man ...Auctioneer. Speaks. They. Are. ,More ,Animal. Than. Human. ...Among. A. Crowd. Of. Slaves,Atchison,Pettus Is Transported. Back. To. The. Present. Time. With. The. Experience. Of. The. Slave. Auction. In. His. Mind.....,From. His. Racist. Opinion. Will He. Change...As. He. Stands,Among. The. Slave. Cabins. In. The. Stormy. Rain......
  8. Baby. Girl. Born. With. Magic. Powers. Goes. On. A. Quest. To. End,Violence. Against. Her. People. Book. By. Nnedi Okorafor ..
  9. Kanye. West. Was. Wearing. A. T. Shirt. Saying. White. Lives. Matter ,,Kanye. West. Herschel. Walker. Clarence Thomas. Idiots .Did. They,See. George. Floyd. Choked. To. Death. .January. 6,The White,Christian. Terrorist. Attacking. The. Capitol. Building. ,Calling ,Black. Police. Niggers ...White. Racist. Police. On. Heard. On Tape,Calling. Black. People. Niggers. Racist. White. Police. Officer. In,New. Jersey. Saying. Niggers. Have. No. Value. Racist. White. ,Police. Officer. In. North. Carolina. Saying. I. Want. To. Shoot. Niggers. I. Can't. Wait. For. The. Race. War. So. I. Can. Shoot. ,Niggers ..They. Are. Including. Every. Black. ,Brown. Person. ....They,Are. Black. People. In. Their. Mind. They. Are. Not. Black,They,Hate. Black. People. Success. Takes. Away. The,Blackness...Lot. Of. Black. Athletes. Entertainers. ,Success. ,Takes. Away. Their. Blackness.........Amazing..
  10. Book. Nigger. Strange. Career. Of. A. Troublesome. Word. By. Author ,Randall. Kennedy. ...He. Says. It. Used. To. Have. Power. Over. People........Saw. Him. On. C- Span The. Interview. Was. First. Shown On. 2015 ...
  11. Black. People. It. Is. Time. To. Rise.. In. This. Country. We. Need. Unity. To. Survive...For. Centuries. Because. Of. Our. Skin. Color ,And. Race. Our. People. They. Dehumanize....They. Bring. In. Black ,Communities. Guns. And. Cocaine. To. Help. With. Black. Genocide..,For. Profit. To. A. White. Jesus. Black. People. Black. Preachers. Will. Baptize... Both. Political. Parties. Racist. Speak. Lies..Each. Minute. Each. Second. Of. Each. New. Sunrise. .They. Are,Planning. Our. Demise....
  12. There. Is. A. Debate. Planned. Herschel. Walker. And. Pastor. Warnock. Amazed. The. Republicans. Are. Not. Speaking. Against. Walker. I. Assume. They. Afraid. Of. Trump. He. Supports. Herschel ,Walker. Herschel. Walker. Is. Whacked. Lies. Like. Trump. . Pastor. Warnock. Also. A. Idiot. Not. Saying. What. He. Can. Do. To. Stop. Black. Genocide. In Black. Communities. Organize. Kwanzaa. Thinking. No. Black. Democrat Is Doing. Any. If. That. Pastor. Warnock. Not. Talking. About. Black. Preachers. In. Prison. For. Raping. Black. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. Preachers. Stealing. All. The. Church. Money. Buying. Cars Houses. Not. Caring. About. Poor. Black. Communities. ..
  13. Actress. Viola. Davis Movie. The. Woman. King. She. Says. This. A. Important. Movie. In. Her. Career. Dark. Skinned. Woman. An. All. Women. Army. In. The. Kingdom. Of. Dahoney ,That. Is. Now West. Africa. Benin . She. Trained. For. The Role. Weight. Lifting. Martial. Arts. . Warrior. Army. Of. Dark. Skinned. Women. No White. Savior. . I. Read. ..She Is. Interesting. Movie. Sounds. Interesting .
  14. The. March. On. Washington. August. 1963. About. Jobs. ,Livable. ,Wages,Equality. ,Racism. All. These. Years. Later. Still. Need. More,Jobs. ,Liveable. Wages,Equality. Racism. .The. King. Family. Talks. About. Their. Father. Voting. They. Will. Not. Talk. About ,Preachers Stealing. All. The. Church. Money. Buying. Cars,Mansions ,Not. Caring. About. Poor. Black. Communities. Preachers. In. Prison ,For. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives.......Pastor. Warnock ,Do. Not. Talk. About. Church. Corruption. Preachers. Are. Money ,Worshipping. Snakes .Jackals ..Hyenas ,Vultures......Bllack. Genocide. Black. Men. Genocide. The. Black. Communities. ,Crack ,Houses. ,Selling. Crack. Prostituting. Teenage. Girls. In. The. Street ,Gangs. Street. Thugs.....Black. Politicians. NAACP ,Church ,The,King Family. Do. Not. Talk. About. Solutions. To. Stop. The ,Black. Genocide. ,Organizing. Kwanzaa. Principles. To. Uplift. Black ,Communities.....
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