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  1. June. ,6. Birthday. Of. The. Late. Great. Levi. Stubbs. .He. Was. The,,Lead. Singer. Of. The. Great. Four. Tops...One. Of. The,,Greatest,Voices. To. Ever. Sing.. There. Are. Many. Books. ,About. Motown. Music. And. Motown. Great. Artist......
  2. First. Respect. For. Black. Soldiers. On. Memorial. Day.......Black,People. Celebrating. Juneteenth ? The. Ending. Of,,Slavery. ...The. Willie. Lynch. Letter. ,How. To. Make. A. Negro,Christians. Tells. How. The Bible. And. Christianity. Can. Be,,Used. To. Enslave. ,Control. Black. People. For. Generations. It,,Has. .The. Black. Church. Is. A. Slave. Cabin. On. The. ,Plantation..Black. People. Pay. For. Their. Enslavement .Paying. The,,,Money. Worshipping. Preachers to. Preach. ....Drugs And. Guns,,Dumped. In. Black. Communities. ,Inner. City. Poor. Schools,,No. Jobs. ,Poverty. Deliberately. Done. By. Racist. White,,Politicians. ,Democrat. And. Republican. To. Keep. White,,Supremacy. Going.....Black. People. Can. Celebrate. ,Juneteenth ,,But. Not. Organize. Kwanzaa. Thinking. ,And. Black,Independent. Political. Party. Politicians.. Singer. ,Rapper ,,Sister. Souljah Song. Slavery. Back. ......
  3. Read. That. Walgreens. Has. To. Pay. 230. Million. To. San. Francisco ,,For. The. Opioid. Crisis.....White. People. Using. ,Dying. From. ,,Opioid. ,And. Meth. .Read. That. CIA. Deliberately. Dumped. Out,,Cocaine. In. Black. Communities....Crack. Cocaine. Has ,Helped ,,To. Destroy. The. Black. Communities.. Black. Women. And. Men. In,Prison. For. Selling. And. Buying. Crack. Cocaine...They. Get,, Young. ,Black. Boys. To. Sell. It......Babies. Born. Addicted. To. ,,Crack. Cocaine.....Nobody. Talking. About. Going. After. Who. Brings. Cocaine. To. Black. Communities. ,Inner. City. Communities...Democrats. Nor Republicans. ..Democrats. Black And ,White. Not. Investigating. ,,All. The. Black. Votes. They. Get.............
  4. Respect. For. All. The. Black. Mothers. ,Raising. Their. Children. ..Those,Raising. Their. Children. Along. .........Black. Mothers ,Speaking. ,,The. Importance of. Education ,Black. History. And,,Discipline. .....Mothers. Telling. Their. Sons. To. Treat. Females ,With. Respect. ...........To. Be. Responsible. Fathers......Telling. Their,Daughters. Not. To Be. Controlled. By. Men. ,Tolerate. Being,Beat. On. By. Violent. Irresponsible. Men........Remembering. ,Those. Mothers. That. Are. No. Longer. Living........
  5. Among. The. Stars,Planets,Moon. And The. Sun....There. Is. A. ,Earth,Like. Planet. With. Black. People. Called. ,Zambezinun..Planet ,Lead. By. Black. Inventors ,Mathematicians. And. Scientist.. Astronauts. ,Astronomical ,And. Astrophysicist ...Futuristic., Technology. Protects. The. Planet. ,Black. People. Living. In. Safety..Not. Divided. And. Conquered. From. The. White. Man,Christianity. And. Politics. Bringing. White. Supreamacy ...The,Children. Are. Taught. To. Embrace. Education. ,Black. ,Heritage. And History. ...Kwanzaa. Principle. Thinking. ,Black,Wall. Street. Communities. No. Ghetto s. Or. Poverty........Miles. Away,A. Space. Craft. Is. Coming. ,Warriors. And. Soldiers. Prepare. For. Battle,Each. Black. Woman. And. Man...Approaching. Is. Not. ,Insect,Looking. Alien. Invaders. ,No,Something. Worse. ,More. Evil,Ancient. Evil. ,From. Earth. It. Is. The. White. Man...
  6. Black. Preachers. Are. In. Prison. For. Raping., Children....Black,Children. Molested. ,Raped. By. Black. Preachers..Silence. By. NAACP ,Politicians. And The. Church .....Leading. Up. To. Elections. NAACP. ,Black. Politicians., Are,,Concerned. About. Black. People. ...Church. Preachers. ,Want,Money. Black. People. Should. Begin. Holding. Our. Own ,,Accountable. ....Black. Lives. Matter. Silent. .Maybe. They. Are,,Counting. All. The Money. They. Got....Black. Lives. Of. ,Black,Children. Do. Not. Matter. To. The. Church,NAACP,,Politicians,,,,Or,Black. Lives. Matter. Where. Is. Pastor ,Warnock ,Preacher. Farrakhan,Sharpton. Rest. Of. Those. ,Snakes. T d. Jakes ,Creflo Dollar. ...Preachers. Are. Snakes ,,Black ,People. Who. Go. To church. Are. Idiot. Morons.....
  7. Cleopatra. Was. Not. Black. Says. Egypt....There. Is. A. Netflix ,,Docudrama. About. Cleopatra. ,They. Portraying. Her. As Being ,,Black. .....Egypt. Angry. With. Netflix. For. Saying. Cleopatra Was,,Black. ...Brown. Skin. People. Hate. Black. Skin. ....Basketball ,Player. Kyrie Irving. Saying. Hebrews. Or. Jews. Were Black. ,,White,Jewish. Got. Angry......Across. The. World.,From,Africa,, ,People. Were,,Kidnapped. Taken. To. Other. Countries. History. Of. Africa,Middle. East , History. Before. The. Slave. Ships...Egypt,,Kush,,Nubian. Kingdom. ??..
  8. Pastor. Jamal. Bryant. Wants. His. Church. To. Grow. Marijuana !!,He,Says. For. Black. Males. Black. Men. To. Come. To. Church!!,,Black. Churches. Growing. And. Selling. Marijuana ...Will., The. Church. Congregation. Be. On. Drugs. Marijuana. In. Church ,??,,Preachers. Are. Idiots. Pimps ,Snakes. Who. Worship. Money. ,,Enslave. Black. People. Black. People. Who. Go. To. Church. Are,,Idiots. Morons.....Preachers. Should. Stop. Stealing. All. The,,Church. Money........Church. Should. Grow. Marijuana !.
  9. Black. Men. Time. For. Us. To. Come. Together. As. One,Racist., White ,Politicians. ,Take. Jobs. Out. Of. The Inner. City. Communities,Do. Not. Improve. The. Schools. Deliberately...Increasing. The. Violence. Despair. And. Misery...Guns ,And. Drugs. Are. Dumped. Out. In. Black. Communities. .To. ,Increase. The. Black. Genocide. And. Ethnic. Cleansing.....Black ,Politicians. Controlling. Black. Votes,Black. Preachers. Stealing. All ,The. Church. Money. Have. A. Comfortable. Living.. .Black., People,Black. Communities. They. Are. Not. Caring...Racist. White. ,Terrorist. Police. ,,Night. And. Day.. They. Hunt. Black. People., Like,Predators. Hunting. Prey.... If. Black. Votes. And. Black. Lives,Matter. ,Time. For. Black. Political. Party. ,Black. Community. ,Gun. Clubs ,We. Need. To. Organize. Unity. And. Trust. Because., The. Only. People. Can. Save. Us. ,Is. Us......
  10. What. ,,Proof. Do. Black. Christians. Have. That. Their. Bible., Jesus,Christ. Existed. ?? Because If. They. Believe. The. Bible. Is,God,Word. Then. Speak,,Preach., Sing. Gospel. Songs. About., The,,Bible. Supporting. Slavery. ,Girls. Raped. Should. Be. Stoned. To Death. Or. Sold. To. The. Rapist. Who. Raped,, Them ,,Mothers And,Their. Babies. Murdered. ,Girls. Kidnapped. ,Raped. Forced. Into,,Marriage. .Genocide. Ethnic. Cleansing.....Slavery. Used. By,Slave. Owners. To Justify. The. Slavery. Of. Our., Ancestors.,Cannibalism. Incest.. You. Do. Not. Hear. Christians. Talking. ,Preaching. Or. Singing. Gospel. Songs. About. Any. Of. This...Lot. Of Black. People. Agree. With. Actor. Comedian. Chris. Rock. Black. Christians. Are. Black. People. With. No. Memory. ....Black. Christians Their. Jesus. Christ. Has. Blonde. Hair. Blue Eyes,That. What. Slave. Owners. Taught. Our Slave. Ancestors...Amazing. Amazing....
  11. Lead. Black. Preacher. Speaks,Brother. Preachers. To. You. I., Say....Upon. Our. People. We. Must. Continue. To. Prey....We. Must,Continue. Stealing. The. Church. Money. Because. Our., Cars,Fancy. Suits, Gold. Watches. ,Diamond. Rings. We. Like. To. ,Display. As. We. Ignore. Black. Communities. Misery. ,Despair. ,Poverty. ,And. Disarray...When. We. Preach. From. The. Bible. We,,Must. Preach. A. Certain. Way. Bible. Supporting. Slavery. ,Sex ,Slavery ,Children. Stoned. To. Death ,Mothers. And. Babies., Murdered. ,Girls. Can. Be. Kidnapped. ,Raped. Forced. Into,Marriage ,Raped. Girls. Should. Be. Stoned. To. Death. Or. Sold. To. The., Rapist,Who. Raped. Them. ,This. We. Cannot. Say.. Black. Church ,People. Want. To. Hear. Good. Bible. Things. ,Because. Our. Cars,Fancy. Suits,Gold. Watches. ,Diamond. Rings. ,We. Need Their,Money. To. Pay. ...
  12. This. Malcolm. X. Book. Has. 20. Of. His. Speeches. . His. Opinion , Of,Ending. Racial. Inequality .Leaving. The. Nation. Of. Islam. .....There. Are. Videos. Of. Malcolm. X. On. YouTube. Saying. What. The. Black. Man. Should. Do. For. His. Self. And. His. People.......
  13. I. Talked. About. The. Sister. Wives. Show. Now. There. Is. A. Show,About. Women. With. 2. Husbands. Showed. A. Black. Woman ,With. 2. Men .Women. With. Men. Of. Different. Races. As. Brother ,Husbands. They. Have. To. Be. Faithful. To. Each. Other. ,Not. ,Getting. Involved. With. Other. People. .Black. Woman. Had. 2 ,Black Men. As. Her. Brother. Husbands. ....Amazing. Amazing. ...!!!!!
  14. Another. Teenage. Black. Male. Roams. The. City. Streets. More. ,Teenage. Girls. He. Is. Trying. To. Meet..Recently. ,Again. Back. In,Court...Another. Teenage. Girl. Pregnant,Not. Paying. Child., Support . Another. Example. For. Racist. White. Society.. Black. Males. Having. Children ,Then. Fleeing. Responsibility...His,Children,Will. He. Ever. Embrace. And. Protect???The. Mothers. Of. His. Children. Will. He. Begin. To Treat. With,Respect ????.He. Can. Be. A. Rapper. He. Believes. Some. Of,His. Friends ,Street Thugs And. Thieves. ...Will. He. Begin. To,Avoid. Criminal. Friends. ,Become. A. Responsible. Father. For. His,Daughter. And. Son. Or. Will. He. Continue. To. Have. Children ,Continue. To Be. Young. And. Dumb......???
  15. Including. The. Church. Preachers. Are. Pimps. Stealing. All. The. Money. Buying. Cars. They. Got. Women. On. The. Side. Some,Have. Been. Caught. With. Prostitutes. .NAACP. ,Black. Politicians. ,Black. People. Who. Go. To. Church. Support. Preachers. Stealing. All. The. Money. Not. Caring. About. The,Poverty. In. Black. Communities... There. Have. Been. A. Few ,Videos. In. YouTube. Where. The. Church. Congregation. Is. Fighting,The. Preacher. For. Stealing. All. The. Money....
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