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  1. CNN. Will. Have. A. Discussion. About. Marvin Gaye's. Classic. ,Song. What's. Going. On. 50. Years. Later. It Has Been. Influential ,,Influence. On. Social. Activism. ...This. Weekend. On. CNN. Hosted,By. Dom. Lemon. I. Think. Another. Motown. Song. ,Reality,After. All. These Years. Temptations. Ball Of Confusion -,What. Has. Been. Going. On. Black. Men. Genocide Their. People ,And. Communities. .Racist. Police. ,Racist. Politicians. Has., Not,Changed. In. 50 Years.. Black. Men. Enslave. Their ,,Communities....Respect. For. Black. Mothers. On. Mothers. Day. ,Especially. Those. Raisi
  2. Black. Republican. Senator,Tim. Scott. Said. America. Not. A., Racist. Country. Where. Was. Tim. Scott. When. Black. People. Were,Murdered. In. Charleston. Church. By. A. Racist. Trash. White,Man. ?? Virginia. Neo. Nazi. Marching. In. Streets,January 6---,White. Terrorist. Attacking. The. Capitol. Building. ,White. Terrorist,Calling. Black. Police. N. Word ,White. Police. Fired. For. ,Being. Klan. Members. The Past. 14. Years. .Racist. White. Police. On,Tape. Calling. Black. People. N. Word. Niggers. Loud. And. Proud,,,,Tim. Scott. Is The. Kind. Of. House. Negro. In. The. ,Plantation. Harr
  3. Walking. In. The. Community. ,Feeling. The. Warm. Spring. Breeze.,But. Within. There. Is. A. Feeling. Of. Unease.. Calm. ,As,The,Sun. Beans. Down. Between. The. Leaves. The. Birds. Sing,Joyfully. In. Trees. Upon. Blossoming. Flowers. ,Are. Butterflies,And. Bees. I. Wave. And. Friends. And. Family ..But., There. Is. A. Feeling. Of Unease. . Any. Moment. Any., Second,,,Racist. White. Police. Will. Attack. Have. Me. On My Back,Upon. My. Neck. Their Knees..Demonic. Laughing. When. I. ,Say. I. Cannot. Breath. .Before. I. Begun. Walking. This. Happening,I. Could. Foresee .....
  4. Man. Who. Lived. Underground. A. Black. Man. Is. Arrested. And,,Charged. With. A. Double. Homicide. ..He. Is. Tortured ,Into. ,,Confessing. To. A. Murder. Crime. He. Did. Not. Commit . He. Then,,Escapes. And. Lives. Underground. In The. Sewer. System. ..,Book. By. Richard. Wright....
  5. If. Oprah. Winfrey. Owns. Her. Network. She. Should. Talk. About. ,,,White. Police. Fired. For. Being. Klan. Members. The. Past. 14 ,,Years. White. Police. On. Tape. Saying. Nigger. .Racist. White. ,,Police. Officer. Said. He. Want. To. Shoot. Niggers. When. The ,Race. War. Begins. ..He. Was. Fired. In. North Carolina. ...,White,,,Police. Involved. In. The. White. Terrorist. Attack. On. The,,Capitol. Building. January. 6 ,I. Stroll. Channels. ,Oprah. Winfrey,,Talks With. White. Preachers. Has. She. Talked. With,Minster. Farrakhan ? She. Had. The. Idiot. QB. Tom. Brady ,,Who. Super. Bowl. W
  6. Young. Mariah. Loves. To. Read. .She. Is. In. The. Library. Every,Week,, She. Sees. So. Many. Books. Upon. The. Book. Shelves. She. Loves. Choosing. Books. To. Read. Herself. .,Page By,,Page. Reading. Line. By. Line. She. Embraces. Learning. ,Imagination. In. Her. Mind. Books. About. People. Animals. ,Places ,,,Science. Fiction. And. Mystery. . She. Learns. About. Herself. ,And,,Her. People. From. Black. History. .So. Many. Places. She. Can,Travel. To. And. Roam. .Without. Leaving. The. Library, Or. Her. ,,Home. Young. Mariah. Knows. In ,School. She. Can. Succeed ,,,Because. She. Loves.
  7. The. Girl. With. The. Louding. Voice . Celebration. Of. Girls. Who. Dare. To. Dream. Book. By. ABI Dar'e ..
  8. Ok. Black. Christians. Contradictions. With. Your. Jesus. ,,Resurrection .. One. Version. Mary. Magdalene. Goes to. The Tomb,Still. Dark. Stone. Moved. From. Tomb. She. Goes. Running. ,,Says. Someone. Stole. His. Body. ,Mary. Magdalene. Goes. To. The,,Tomb. With. Mary. James. Mother,Another. Version. She. Goes,Gets. Disciples. Its. Morning. Sunrise. ,She. Goes. To. Tomb. With. Salome ,Joanna ..Some. Say. There. Was. No. Resurrection ...,In. John. This. Is. Written. So. You. Would. Believe. That. Jesus. Is,The. Son. Of. God .....Scrolling. See. What. Was. On. On the. OWN,,Channel. Black. Chris
  9. Warm. Spring. Day. ,Butterfly. Hawkins. Is. Returning. To. Her. New. Orleans Shack. She. Loudly. Hears. A. Racist White. Man. Who. ,,Hates. People. Brown. And. Black....As. Butterfly. Hawkins. Nears ,,Her. Shack. The. Owls. Loudly. Screech. .Her. Growing. Number. Of,,Black. Cats. Toward. Her. Creep.. Inside. Her. Shack. , African ,,Porcupine Quills,Black. Mamba Snake. Skin. ,Deadly Nightshade ,,Plant. Put. The. Last. Of. The Ingredients. In. The. Cauldron. Her,,African. Pygmy. Friend. She. Tells. . As. She. Prepares. To. ,,Speak. The. Hoodoo. Magic. Spell. She. Drinks. The. Potion. And,B
  10. Ahmenfree's Magic. Magical. Black. Girl. In. A. Magic. ,Society ,,,,,Book. By. Andrea Rose. Washington.....
  11. This. Is. The. Fire. By. CNN. News. Don. Lemon. Book. About. ,Talking with. His. Friends. And. Family. About. Racism. He. Said. ,,He. Was. Inspired. By. James. Baldwin. The. Fire. Next. Time. ,The,,Trial. Has. Begun. For. The. Racist. Trash. Police. Officer. That,,Joyfully. Choked. George. Floyd. To. Death.......
  12. Christianity. Was. Forced. Upon. Our. Slaved. Ancestors. After. They,,Were. Sold. And. Bought. Black. People. I. Ask. You. Would. ,You. Be. Christian. If. Our. Slave. Ancestors. Slave. Owner. Was. ,Not,?. To. Our. Slave. Ancestors. The. Slave. Owner. Would. Say. ,,Your. Earthly. Masters. With Fear. And. A. Sincere. Heart. You. Must,, Obey .Jesus. Of. The. Bible. Can. Be. Inspiration . He. Can. ,Give. You. Liberation....Black. People. Have. Embraced. All. White ,,Religions. Baptist. ,Catholic ,Lutheran ,Pentecostal ,Presbyterian. ,And. Methodist . Then. Talk. About. How. Evil. Racist. ,Vi
  13. Malcolm. X. Said. The. Most. Disrespected. Person. In. America. Is. The. Black. Woman. The. Most. Unprotected. And. Neglected. ,,Person. In. America. Is. The. Black. Woman. All. These. Years. ,,Later. Is. A. Reality. Black. Women. Raising. Children. Alone. ,,Church. Supports. Preachers. That. Beat. Their. Wives. And. ,Murder. Their. Wives..... . Vice. President. Harris. ,Black. Politicians,Male. And. Female. ,NAACP. Not. Concerned. About. The,,Black. Community. They. Are. Concerned. About. The. Racist,,White. Terrorist. And. The. Atlanta. Spa. Terrorist. Attack. ,,Showing. Concerned. For. Asi
  14. In. Virginia. Near. A. Historic. Black. Church. From. A. Archaeology ,,,Digging. Bones. Were. Found. .First. Baptist. Church. Is one. Of. The. Oldest. Churches. In. The. Country 70- Small. Bones. Were,,Found. Descendants. Want. To. Know. Who. They. Were. So,,They. Can Honor. Them. March. 7- Is. The. Anniversary. Of. The,,Selma. ,Alabama. March. Across. The. Edmund Pettus Bridge. ,,,John. Lewis. Tried. To. Lead. Over,600- Marchers. ,They. Were. ,,Attacked. By. State. Troopers. Brutally. Beaten .....White. Police. ,Are. As. Evil. Vile. Now. As. They. Were. Then.....
  15. Learning. While. Black. ,Education. Reform. Guide. To. Anyone ,Delivering. A. Quality. Education. To. Black. Children. The. Book. By,,,Janice. E. Hale...
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