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  1. Read. ,50,000 Black. People. Dead. Because. Of The. Corona virus --50,000 Black. People. Dead. News. Says. Over. 500,000 ,Americans. Dead. From. The. Virus. A. Black. Doctor. Died. From. The. Virus ,Before. She Died. She. Said. She. Was. Not. Getting. The,,Proper. Medical. Care. Because. She. Was. Black ..Racism. With,The. Vaccines. Being. Given. . Black. And. Brown. Communities,,Not. A. Concern. . ,On,. The. News. Some. Of. The ,,,Little. Rock. Nine -9 ,Reflected. On. Desegregation. Schools..... ,,Since. The. Beginning. Of. The. Corona virus. Last. Year. To. Now,,,50,000. Black. People. Dea
  2. In. The. Streets. Just. Look. At. Them. . Barely. 20_ Young. Black ,,,Women .. High. Heels. Some. Wearing. Mini. Dresses. Mini. Skirts ,,Some. Wearing. Only. Lingerie. As. They. Walk. Creeping. By. In. ,Cars. At. Them. Men. Gawk .... Do. Their. Family. Know. They. Are. ,Out. There. ? Do. They. Have. Someone. That. Cares??? Do. They,,Think. About. The. Men. They. Lure? Rape. Murder. Do. They ,,Think. About. The. Danger. They. Could. Endure? Day. Or. Night. ,Or. In. The. Rain. Young. Black. Girls. Barely. 20_ On. The. Street,,They. Remain....
  3. Thugs. And. The. Women. Who. Love. Them. Author. Wahida Clark ,, Takes, Readers,,. In. To. Ghetto\. Life. In. The. Streets. One. Wrong. Choice. ,,Could. Be. Your. Last. ... Wahida Clark..
  4. If. Black. Lives. Matter. Democrats. Should. Put . Up. Surveillance ,,Cameras. In. Chicago. Baltimore. Philadelphia. New. Jersey. ,Detroit ,St. Louis. To. See Who. Is. Responsible. For. The. Street ,Gang. Murders. Black. People. Children. Slaughtered. In. The. Streets. White. Black. Democrats. Angry. With. Trump. Terrorist. ,,Attacking. The. Capitol. Building. ,Hitler. Racist. Police. Murdering ,,Black. People. I. Asked. Where. Is. Black. Lives. Matter. . All. The ,,Black. Votes. Democrats. Get. . Black. . Street. Gangs,,Like. Neo. Nazi. Klan. Are Terrorist. ....Black. Deaths. By. ,,St
  5. The. Supremes. Mary. Wilson. Died. Last. Week. . Lamont. Dozier ,,Wrote. Some. Of The. Supremes. Songs. You. Can't. Hurry. Love ,,Stop. In. The. Name. Of. Love. Baby. Love. .The. Supremes. ,Is. The,,Best. Selling. Female. Group. Of. All. Time. In. The. U. S. ,,My ,,Favorite. Supremes. Songs. Up. The. Ladder. To. The. Roof. ,Stoned ,Love Everybody. Got. The. Right. To. Love. ...Mary. Wilson. She. ,Could. Sing. Had. Talent. . Like. Black. Singers. Musicians. That ,,Died. Before. Her. Their. Music. Will. Live. On.....
  6. My. Beloved. Each. Day. Is. My. Valentine... She. As. Beautiful. As. The. Flowers. Blooming. In. Spring. Time. With. Old. Motown Love ,,Songs. Playing. Holding. Each. Other. We. Are. Slow. Dancing. .With. Smiles. Each. Other. We. Kiss. Embraced. In. Loves. Warm. ,,,Bliss . With. Fingertips. We. Caress. Each. Others. Cheek. To. Each. Other. Loving. Words. We. Speak. A. Love. Honest. And. True ,,We. Share. . My. Beloved. Her. Beauty. And. Tenderness. Is. Beyond. Compare......
  7. One. Night. A. Couple. Checks. Into. A. Hotel. . People. In. The. Hotel,, Hear. Them. Having. Sex. Within. 12- Hours. There. Is. Con ,,Games. Jealousy. ,Violence. And. Murder. All. Around. Them. Will ,,,They. Leave. Each. Other. In. Bliss. Or. Murder....? Book. By. Eric -Jerome. Dickey Read. He. Died. Last. Month. He. Was. A. Great. --,Talent....
  8. Black. History. Month . Read. Clotilda Was. The. Last. Slave. Ship. To,America. With. Kidnapped. Slaves. 1859 ,1860 . It Had. Over ,100-_Kidnapped. Africans..The. Ship. Was. Burned. To. Hide. Evidence ,-Mobile. Bay Alabama.Cudjo Kazoola .Lewis. Was A. Chief. And. The ,-Oldest. On. The. Clotilda Slave. Ship. He. Died. In 1935. He. And ,Former. Slaves. Created. African town ,In. Alabama. Practiced ,West African. Traditions. And. Yoruba Language. Defendants Of ,-Slave. Ship. Clotllda Are. In. Alabama. And. Other. Places. In. The. --Country .......2019. Ship. Remains. Were. Found. Alabama. Hi
  9. News. Says. The. Legendary. Great. Actress. Cicely Tyson. Died ,At,Age. 96- She. Was. A. Fashion. Model. And. Actress. Her. Career -Spanned. 7- Decades. She. Won. Many. Awards. She. Was. Known ,For. Portraying. Strong. Black. Women. .. Activist. Had. Strong -Opinions. . When. They. Speak. Of. Beautiful. Black. Women ,In,Entertainment. ,Some. Never. Mentioned. Her. They. Should ,Have ,She. Had. Talent. And. Class.....
  10. Black. Communities. Street. Gangs. Slaughter. Black. People. and ,children. . No. Black. Lives. Matter. Protesting. . In. Democratic -Cities. No. Democrats. White. Or. Black. With. Anger. And. Outrage -Where. Is. Black. Entertainment. Athletes. ? NAACP ,Black. -Political,The. Church. Leading. Up. To. The. Election. They. We're. ,On. The. News. . Minister. Farrakhan. Should. Lead. The. Nation. of ,Islam. Men. Into. Battle. With. Chicago. Gangs. Politicians. James -Clyburn ,Corey. Booker. Hakeem Jefferies ,Stacy. Abrams ,They. ,Showed. Concern. For. Black. People. During. Campaigning. For ,Vo
  11. Preachers. Convention. Preachers. Wearing. Fancy. Suits. ,Alligator ,Shoes. ,Diamond. Rings. In. Their. Bentleys. ,Mercedes. Benz ,Rolls -Royce. ,Their. Chauffeurs. Driving. Looking. For. New. Members. Each Day. Like. Predators. Hunting. Prey..Claiming. God. Anointed ,These False. Prophets. .Enslaving. The. Souls. Of. Black. People. For ,Personal. Profit .They. Speak. Your. Life. Guide. Should. Be. The. 10-Commandments.. While. They. Have. Mistresses. On The. Side. And,Steal. Church. Money. To. Make. Car. Payments..They. Have. --Televised. Preaching. ,Preacher. Reality. T. V. Shows. . While.
  12. If. I. Had. A. Hammer. Book. By. The. Late. Great. Hank. Aaron ,He ,Talks. About. His. Triumph. And. Struggles. With. Racism. ,Negro -Leagues. ,And. Becoming. Baseball. Home. Run. King.. News. Showed. One. Of. His. Interviews. . Civil. Rights. Activist. He. Was. A,Great. Man...Lot. Of. People. Say He. Is. The. Home. Run. King Not ,Barry. Bonds ....
  13. On. The. News. Black. Man. Emanuel. Jackson. Was. In. The. Trump -Terrorist. Mob. That. Attacked. The. Capitol. Build!ding. .This. Black ,Man. Wearing. A. Black. Hooded. Sweat. Shirt. MI!Italy. Style. Back -Pack. Blue. Surgical. Mask. Had. A. Baseball. Bat. Hitting. Police. . He ,Turned. Himself. In .He. Is ,. Charged. With. Assaulting. The. Police -If. He. Was. Not. Involved. With. That. And. Choked. Or Shot To. Death. By. White. Police. They. Would. Get. Away. With. Murdering. ,Him .There. Are. Black. People. That. Believe. There. Was. Voting ,Fraud. .,.Amazing. Martin. Luther. King 111 ,Pre
  14. Looking. At. Pictures. In. The. Family. Album. Book. Thinking. Of ,Family,Friends. ,Neighbors. Many. Years. Gone. As. I. Look. They,Were. In. Church. On. Sunday. Singing. Praying. ,Believing. ,If,They. Are. Gathered. At. The. Throne. ,Familiar. Faces. To. They. See? If. There. Is. A. Heaven. I. Hope. Its. What. They. Envisioned. It. To. Be.. Church. Sunday. The. Preachers. On. Heaven. They. Told.. A,Place. With. Peaceful. Rivers. ,Valleys. And. Streets. Of. Gold. ,-Angelic. Choirs,Sparrows. And. Doves. Joyfully Singing. Warmth. ,From. A. Heaven. Sun. Shining. . Place. Where. There. Is.
  15. Dr. Martin. Luther. King Book. Where. Do. We. Go. From. Here. ,His ,Plan ,Thoughts. On. The. Future. Of. America. Jobs,Raising. Wages,Education . Poverty. ,Global. Poverty..The. Black. Church. ,The. Preachers. Are. A. Disgrace. Preachers. Murdering. Their. ,Wives,Raping. Children. Many. In. Prison. For. These. Crimes..,Preachers. Stealing. Millions. Of. Dollars. Buying. Cars And,Mansions. Not. Caring. About. Poverty. In. Black. Communities..-The. Democrats. Have. The White. House. Senate. House. Of. -Representatives. ,See. If. Anything. Changes. Pastor. Warnock. ,Elected. Senator. Is. A. I
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