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  1. Black. Boys. In. The. Library. ,What. Books. Will. They. Seek ? When -Reading. ,When. Reading. Will. They. Listen. As. The. Books. Speak ??-What. Books. Will. Enlighten. Their. Minds ? Perhaps. Stories. Told. -With. A. Poetic. Rhyme. When. Reading. They. Can. Learn. About. -Their. Slave Ancestors. Kidnapped Bought And Sold. They Can -Travel With Harriet Tubman Within The Underground Railroad -They Can Learn About Kwanzaa What It Means . Learn About -Ancient African Kingdoms With. Kings. And. Queens. . Biographies -Of Black. Scientist. ,Astronauts. Inventors.
  2. Hey. Black. Child. The. Author. Celebrates. Black. Children. And -Inspires. Then. To. Achieve. .. Book. By. Useni Eugene.Perkins ...
  3. In. Oprah Winfrey Own Network. A. Show. About. Black. Fathers, Rich-Famous. Black. Men. Including. Christian. Idiots. Preacher. T. D Jakes -Kirk Franklin . Average. Black. Men. Are. Involved. Fathers ,Black Men -In. Poor. Communities. Are. Involved. With. Their. Children. Rich -Black. Men Talking About Fatherhood . Who Cares. The Rich -Money Hustling Preacher T D Jakes Will Not Talk About -Preachers Murdering Their Wives,,Preachers Caught With -Prostitutes ,Preachers RAPING Children . Preachers. Having -Children. With. Mistresses.. Preachers. Stealing. Money. To. Buy,
  4. Rainy. New. Orleans. Sunrise ,Silent. Rain ,Black. Mamba,,Venom -Feathers. From. A. African. Black. Crow. Into. The. Cauldron. -Last. I,of ,The,,Ingredients. For. Voodoo. Priestess. Larkspur McQueen. -Potion.-Her. Her. Color. Changing. Curse. Is. In. Motion.. She Sends-Her African Black Crow Into Kingsley Alcorn House To Put The-Curse Upon Him While He Is Sleeping .. When He Looks ,Into,The,Mirror A Black Man He Will Be Seeing.. Proud Racist- Kingsley Alcorn ,Hates People ,Brown. ,Red. ,Yellow ,Black. Yesterday.At. Protestors,, He. Vocally. Attacked.. . Whe
  5. My. Life. In. The. Bush . A. Boy. Fleeing. Slave. Traders. Finds. -Refuge-In. A. Bush. . Bush. Has. Ghost. Book. By. African. Author-Amos. Tutola ......
  6. Africa ,Within. The. Blyde River. Canyon ,Through. A. Magic. Portal -There. Is. A. World. ,Unseen. Where. African. Animals,,Ancestors-Spirits. Roam,,Ancient Baobab Trees. Grow,Majestic. Black. Panthers. -Cobtroll. A. Rainforest. Thick. And. Green . A. Black. Advanced -Society-Kwanzaa Principles Followers ,Unity Love Of Their,, People -And-Nation Themselves They Define .. Advanced Military Trained-Warriors ,Protecting Their People And Nation ,They Are -Assigned.-Hidden From The. Racist. White. World. ,,Peace,Liberty-Freedom. They. Find... Superior. Education. ,
  7. Children. Of Blood. And. Bones. Story About. Children. On A. Journey -Filled. With. Dark. Magic. ,Ghost, .And Betrayal. . Story. By. Tomi -Adeyemi...
  8. Black. People Needed. And. Latino. People. For. Creating A -Successful -Coronavirus,,. Vaccine . Black. People. Are. Hesitant. To. Volunteer.-There Is , A. History. Of Black. People. Not. Trusting. Doctors. Health -Providers. Many. Remember. The. Tuskegee Experiment.. Do Not ,Know. If Latinos Are. Volunteering... Black People And Latinos Make -Up. Half Of The Coronavirus Cases ,I Read..... I Mentioned Before-Neo Nazi ,Said If Their Members Get Coronavirus To. Deliberately -Try To Infect. People. .TV News. Talkers. Do. Not. Mention. This. When-They. Talk. About. Coro
  9. Black. Panther. Star. Dies ,Chadwick Boseman . He. Was. A. Great -Talent. Great. Loss. . Former. Pro. Basketball. Player. C!ifford-Robinson-Died, Played. Mostly. With. Portland.. 40 Years. BET Channel -Among -The. Years. BET. Genocide. Music ,Glamourizing. Crack Cocaine -Gangster. Life ,Pimp ,Prostitution ,Now Sunday Best Crap ,With That-Idiot Kirk Franklin. Best Gospel Singing Contest. BET Will Not Talk-About Preachers Murdering Their Wives ,Raping Children ,Not -Molesting ,Child. Raping ,Many. Black. Preachers. Have. Been -Arrested,-Preachers. Stealing. Millions. Of Chur
  10. Protest. For. Another. Unarmed. Black. Man. Shot By. Racist-White-Police. In. Wisconsin .. News. Says. He. Was. Walking. Away. And. Was-Shot. In. The. Back. 7- Times.. . I. Believe. The. KLAN. Trash Have. Their-Police. Members. Shooting. Black. Men ,Black People Trying To-Begin A Race War.. Basketball Coach Doc Rivers Said Crying -We Love This Country ,This Country Don't Love Us. White Fathers Do-Not Have To Warn Their Sons About Police. Raptor And Celtics -Thinking About. Boycotting. Their. First. Game.. The. Furher Neo -Trump. Wants. To. Send. His. Ges
  11. A. Warrior. Princess On. A. Quest. To The. Empire. Of Cresh To. Find A-Cure For. Her. Father's Illness. ,Encounters. A. Talking. Dragon. ,That -Becomes. Human.... By. Nandi Taylor ....
  12. Black. People. Are. Buying. Guns,Joining. All. Black. Gun. Clubs. ,After -The. Murder. Of George. Floyd. Black. People,,Have. A. Feeling. Of -Insecurity-After. George. Floyd's. Murder. And. The. Coronavirus . -Pandemic . Black. Gun. Club. President. Said. 2000-People Joined -36-Hours After The Murder Of George Floyd .... There Are 2-All Black-Gun Clubs In New York... Neo Nazi ,Klan Can Walk Around With-Guns In The Street. There Should Be More All Black Gun Clubs.!!
  13. Kamala Harris. Picked. To. Be. The. Vice. President.. In. 2008 The-Neo -Nazi. Was. Planning. To. Assassinate. Barack Obama. Before. The. -Election. They. We're. Going. To. Attack. A. Black. School. Kill. A. Lot. Of -Black. People. Then. Try. To. Assassinate. Barack. Obama. Before The-Election ... The Coast Guard Neo Nazi Lieutenant Was Planning -Terror Attacks Had Weapons Piled Up ,With A Hit List . He Was-Planning. To Kill Black People. Joe Biden Is Elderly ,She Becomes -President. If. Anything. Happens. To. Him... .What. Terror. Attacks. Will-The. White. Ter
  14. News ,Black. And. White. People. Are. Bringing. Down. Confederate -Statues. Symbols. Of Slavery. They. Should. Attack. And. Tear -Down-Crack. Houses. And. Pimp Houses,,Attack. Street. Gangs. In. Chicago-And. St. Louis. Children. Being. Murdered By. Black. People . Church-Politicians ,NAACP Silent. Voices.. Symbols Of Slavery ,Black-Christians. Christianity Was Tortured Upon Our Ancestors. ,For -Preachers Christianity Is A. Tax Free Million Dollar Business -Christianity Enslaved. The. Souls Of. Black. People...Christianity. Was ,The Slaves Owners. Religion.
  15. Black. Woman's. Beauty, Her. Spirit. Like. The. Sun. Glows.. Knowledge-And. Knowledge. Of Self. Important. She. Knows. Not. Hair. And. -Designer. Clothes. . Passion. And. Compassion. In. Her. Heart. And. Soul. . Uplifting. Her. People. She. Proudly. Shows. And. The-Essence -Of Her Beauty A Poet. Or Writer Could Easily Compose.....
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