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  1. On. Dr. Martin. Luther. King. Holiday. ,Black. Preacher's. Will. Be. On ,The. News. Talking. About. Him,Parades. Black. Church. Is A. Disgrace,. Black. Preacher's. Stealing. Money. Buy Cars,Mansions ,Not,Trying To Uplift The Spirits Of Black People Or. ,Communities. Preacher's Arrested For Stealing. Hundreds ,Of,Thousands Of Dollars.. Preacher's Killing Their Wives,Caught,With Prostitutes,Children With Mistresses... Black-Political. John Lewis Silent. John. Lewis. Personally. Knew. Dr. King...On. The. News. In. Ohio. At. G M Plant,Nooses. We're. Found. The. Word. Nigger,Sawastika. Sign. Writtten.. .The. Racist. Lunatic,President. Supporting. Neo. Nazi,Racist Klan. Police,.. Dr-King's,Idea. For. A. Racial. Equality. Country. Want. Happen. Anytime,Soon. Then. There. Is. Black. Genocide. Street. Gangs,Crack,Houses,Black. Men. Prostitution. Teenage. Girls. In Streets.. Civil. Rights. Activist. Could. Not. Envision. Black. People,Genociding. There. Own. Race. Street. Gangs. Are. Terrorist,Like. Neo. Nazi. And Klan. ...
  2. Testament. Of Hope, Dr. Martin. Luther. Kong's. Thoughts. On,Intergration,Soicial. Policy,Nonviolence,Black. Nationalism...Before,His. Assassination. He. Wanted. His. Idea. Of,A,Promised Land. Of Racial Equality. Continued....
  3. harry brown

    Surviving. R. Kelly!

    Saw. A. Young. Black. Female. On. The. News , Talking. About. R. Kelly.. The. Documentary. Surviving. R. Kelly, Talks. About. His. Sexual. Abuse,Misconduct. With. Teenage. Girls!. For. Decades. He. Has. Been,Having. Sex With Teenage Girls,Abuse Them. ,Holding ,Them,Hostage. Read He Married A Singer When She Was 15_. ,R-Kelly ,Sex Addict ,Abusive Sex Fiend Who Is Obsessed With ,Teenage. Girls. Don't Know. Who More Lunatic R Kelly Or Kanye-West??????
  4. harry brown

    Few. Courageous. Black. Men!!

    It Is. Time. For. Black. Unity. Time. To. End. The. Slave. Mentality. A. ,New Year. Has. Begin. In. Black. Communities,Is. There. A. Few. ,Courageous. Black. Men??There. Needs. To. Be. Voices Of. Self-Determination. And. Purpose. What Holds Us. Back Is Us... Time,For,Black Genocide To End. In Black Communities,Is There. A,Few Courageous. Black Men?. The. Black. Youth ,Encourage. ,Them,To Embrace. Knowledge And Stay In School.. Teach ,Them,The 7-Kwanzaa Principals. Time For. Uplifting. Communities,To,Begin. In. Black. Communities. ,Are. There. A. Few,Courageous. Black. Men...?
  5. harry brown

    X-A. Novel.

    X ,A. Novel. Co-Written. By. Malcolm. X. Daughter. Talks. About. His,Childhood. ,To. His. Imprisonment. And. Becoming. A. Influentia!,Inspirational. Voice....
  6. 7- Year. Old. Jasmine. Brown. Was. Riding. With. Her. Mother,When. A,Man. Drive. By. Them,Started. Shooting,Jasmine. Was. Shot. And. Killed. Mother. In. Hospital. ,Will Survive. They Thought The Killer,Was A White Man. Fear Of Race Killing. But,They Arrested,A Black Man. I'm Sick Of Black Men Murdering ,Their,Own Peop!e. Neo ,Klan Can Watch Black Men Genocide,Black People. Where Is The NAACP, ,Church,Black Po!itical?. They Were. All On The News Before. Last. Year,Elections......7- Year. Old. Girl. Dead....
  7. James. Baldwin,Was. The. American. Dream. Achieved. At. The. Expense,Of . The American. Negro ??James. Baldwin. Asked in 1965,In,,A. Debate .White. Americans. Dream. Achieved. At. The,Expense. Of. The. Black Americans. Racism ,Discrimination ,Has,Kept Black People. Back,While People Success Progressed...Yes,I Agree. Liberty,Justiice For All,Pursuit Of Happiness,Words Written,Down,Not Meant For Every Person In This Country...Black,People Stop Other Black People. Desire To. ,Succed..Street. Gangs Murdering. Black. People,Black. Men. Putting,Up. Crack. Houses,Black. Men. Prostitution. Teenage. Girls,Preacher's. Stealing. Millions of. Dollars. ,Claiming They. Have,Been. Blessed. The. Money Preacher's. Steal. Could. Be. Used,To,Start. Businesses ,Schoarships. For. Poor. Black. Communities.Book. By. James. Baldwin...
  8. harry brown

    Black. People. In,2019!

    Read. President. Obama,And. His. Wife. Talked. About. Kwanzaa.,Did,President. Obama. Suggest. To. The. Black. Political,NAACP,Churches. To. Practice. Kwanzas, To. Uplift. Black,Communities? Churches, NAACP ,Black Political Do Not. Want,Kwanzaa.. That Would Stop The Control Over Black People. Preachers Do Not Want Kwanzaa,That Would Stop Preacher's From,Stealing Money To Buy Cars,Mansions,Fancy Suits,Gold Jewelry . They Do Not Care About Poor Communities And,Poverty..Black Preachers. Have. Been. Arrested. For. Stealing. ,Church. Money...Trump. Supports. Kwanzaa ,After. Christmas,Trump,Praised. Kwanzaa,Tump,This. Nation. Honors The,Contributions. Of ,. African. Americans. What??Trump Hates. Black,People. ,Black. HIstory. News. Said. Trump. Was. Cracking. Up,Alone. In. The. White. House. Black. People. Cannot. Come. Together. In. The. New. Year. And. Have. Unity. Because. Most. Black,People. Do. Not. Want. Unity. Street. Hangs. Will. Continue. To,Slaughter. Black. People. In. The. Streets,Crack. Houses,Pimp ,Houses,Black. Men ,.. Prostitution. Teenage. Girls,Black. Men. Have,Many,Children. With. Many Women. Black. Women. Having,Babies. With. Pimps ,Crack. Sellers,Gangsters,Irresponsible,Men. 2019. Will. Be. Like. 2018.
  9. harry brown

    Together For. Kwanzaaa!

    Together. For. Kwanzaa. Teaching. Children. The. Tradition. For. Practicing. Kwanzaa..Book. By. Juwanda Ford..Black. Leaders. Not,Teaching. Or. Showing. Black. Children. About. Kwanzaa. ,They,Come To Black Children When They Get To. 18-.They,Have,Time To Get Votes....
  10. Richard. Overton. Dies. At. Age 112-. He. Was. The. Oldest. Living,World. War. 2-Veteran And. This. Country. Oldest. Man..News,Said. Richard. Overton. Volunteered For. The. Army,During,World War 2-Was At Pearl Harbor After The Attack. He Served With A All Black Unit. At Guam And Iwa Jima ...He. Said,Whiskey And Smoking Cigars Helped Him Live Long. Maybe,It,Did. He Died Thursday. In Texas At The Age Of. ,112.News,Showed News Clips Of Him Talking. Seemed Like. A,Interesting. Man. He. Was. Honoured. By. President. Obama.....
  11. Black. Boy. Who. Wrestled. Was. Forced. To. Get. His. Hair. Cut. ,Before,He. Could. Wrestle. Video. Of Black. Boy. Getting. His. Hair,Cut. White. Referee. Who. Told. The. Black. Boy. To. Cut. His. ,Hair,Has A Racist Past. Read. On The News....This In New -Jersey..Kwanzaa Time Again. Why Is It So Hard To Have Black,Unity? Church Does Not. Want Unity. Preacher's Would Not,Be. Able To Steal Money.. Church, NAACP, Political,They Support,Preachers Stealing Money To Buy Rich Cars,Mansions...Black. Church. Idiots. Support. Preacher's. Stealing...Some. Black. People. Lost. In. 2018. Queen. Of. Soul-Aretha-Franklin ,Temptation. Dennis. Edwards,Singer,Nancy. Wilson,One Of ,Mavis. Staples. Sisters,The. Staples. Singers. Actress. Olivia Cole ,She,Was. In. Roots,She. Played. Chicken. George. Wife.......
  12. harry brown

    Lets. Celebrate. Kwanzaa.

    Book. Let's. Celebrate. Kwanzaa. About. The. Principles. Of Kwanzaa..Created. In 1966. Tradition. In. Black. Communities. My,Question. ,Where. Is. Kwanzaa. Being. Practiced,Organized.???,Not,In. Black. Churches. Few Of ,The,Millionaire. Pulpit Snakes,Creflo Dollar,T D Jakes ,Charles ,Blake..,Not Caring About The Poverty And Despair. Black People,Who Go To Church ,Are As Stupid,Idiot. As The ,Fake,Preachers...Book ,Let's Celebrate Kwanzaa,By Pam -Underwood..
  13. harry brown

    Christmas. With. The. Family.

    It's. Christmas. Time. Again. Celebrating. With. Family. And. Friends.. As. I. Stand. By. The. Windiw. My. Beloved,Kissing. He. Beneath. The,Mistletoe.. Observing,So. Much. Happiness. I. See. . My. Great. ,Uncle. Talks A Black Jesus Nativity. As I Stand By The. Window,Watching The Rain Fall From Above. My Aunt Lucy And,Harriet Play Christmas Songs From Their Favorite Singer,Four-Tops , Levi Stubbs.. Children With Their Video Games And. Toys. Voices And Music,Joyful. Noise.. We. Talk. And. Laugh. Remember,Those. Long. Gone. With. Memories. And. Photographs...The. Food. Cakes,Pies. Yams. Mac. And. Cheese,Turkey,Pot. Roast. And. Ham.. Standing. By. The. Window. ,Watching. The. Rain. fall From. Above. The Greatest. Joy In Life,Is,Loving . And. Being. Loved......
  14. Wishing. Everyone. A. Safe. And. Happy. Holiday. So. Much. Hatred. ,Despair. In. This. God. Fearing. ,Jesus. ,Worshipping. Country. Salvation. Army. Ringing. Their. Bells. Trying. To. Shelter. And Feed,The,Homeless. As . Satan The Anti Christ Trump ,Shuts,Down,The Government..Billions Of Dollars For A Wall,Not,Caring About The Poor And Homeless..Black Preachers,Have Been Arrested For Stealing Hundreds. Of,Thousands,, Of Dollars. NAACP, Churches,Black Political,Support,Condone. Preacher's. Stealing. Money. Poverty,In,Black. Communities...They. As. Evil,Viel. As. Trump...As,I,Listen. To. The. Temptations. Christmas. Music,,I. ,Say,Have,A. Safe. And. Merry. Christmas....
  15. Singing. And. Swinging. Merry. Like. Christmas. Late. Great. Maya-Angelou Talks. About. Her. Career. ,Travels. To. Africa. And. Europe...