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  1. White. Police. Officer. Shoots. Unarmed,Black. Man. Who Was. In,His. Own. House. White. Female. Officer ,Thought. The. Man. Was. In. Her. House,He. Was. An. Intruder. She. Being Charged With Man Slaughter. She Out On Bail. .Been Waiting For,White Female Police To Shoot At Unarmed Black Males. Wrong,House Shooting?Racist White,Republican In Florida,Says Black People Owe White People For,Their Freedom,Their Is A Race,War On White. People. Thats,A Lie. Trying To. Help. Trump..Black. People. Need. To. Wake. Up...
  2. Again. Racist. White. Police. Officer,Charged. With. Murdering,17-Year. Old. Black. Boy.When. Laquan -McDonald Was. On. The. Ground,Dying,He. Was. Still. Being. ,Shot..Racist Police Officer Told News,Media He Fears Prison,Probably Trying To Get A All,White Jury. Judge Gave Him A,$2,000 Fine For Talking To News,Media. Black Police Silent..Racist !lunatic President,Racist,White Police Murdering Black Males,Street Gangs,Murdering Black People,Black,Men Not Being A. Father,To. Their. Children,Still. No. ,Black. People Come. Together. For,Unity. Voices..
  3. Black. Police Organization. Supports,NIKE. Ad. With. Colin Kaepernick. National. Police. Association. ,Against. The. NIKE. Ad,Saying It Disrespects. Men. And,Women. Sacrifice. For. This. Country. White Police Have Been,Fired. For Being KKK,Klan Members,The Last 7-Years. Neo-Nazi,Klan In The U.S. Military,,White,Police Condone This....Unarmed Black Males Shot,Dead By Racist White Police,Neo-Nazi,Klan Walk Around ,With Guns In Streets,White Police,Do,Not Shoot At These Racist,Terrorist. With. Guns....
  4. First. Black. Preacher ,Criticized. At,Aretha. Franklin. Funeral. Preacher,Jasper . Williams. Yapped,About. Black. Women. Raising,Sons,Alone,As He. Gave,His,Eulogy.Aretha Franklin. Raised Her Sons Alone. Her Family,Upset,Think Comments Aimed,At Her.Black Preacher in. Colorado Got A 14- Year Old,Girl,Pregnant.Black Preachers,Have Killed Their Wives,Preachers Caught With Prostitutes,Arrested For Stealing,Steal,Church Money,Buy, Cars,Mansions,,Beat Their Wives,Black,Church Preachers,Silent..Preachers. Are,Snakes,And. Jackals,Vultures...
  5. First,Christainity. Is. A. Slave. Religion.Christianity. Was. Beaten. ,Into,Our. Slave Ancestors. On. Slave,Plantations..Christianity. Is. ,White-Supremacy. Religion..BLack-Christians. Are. In. Poverty,Except,The,Serpent Demon,Stealing Preachers.White -Christains Most Live Good.Murdering,Enslaving People,Stealing In The Name Of ,Christainity..Racist White Politicians,Are Christians.White Christians Not Caring About Black,Christians...Christianity Have ,Black People Spiritually Enslaved....
  6. harry brown

    Unhinged! Omarosa Newman.

    Omarosa Newman ,Former. Trump,Whitehouse Employee,Says,Trump. Is. Racist. And. Had. A. Mental. Problem..Heard. Trump,Use. The. N-Word. She. Had a,Secret. Recording Of a Private ,Whitehouse Conversation. She Says,In Trumps Whitehouse Everybody,Lies!Trump Has Tweeted,4-Times.Angry..News Talkers Say She,Is,Not Believeable, Like Trump,Is,Not. Book Called Unhinged...
  7. Before. Aretha. Franklin. Was. The. Queen. Of . Soul,She. Had. A Rough. Beginning. Preacher. Father. Was. Involved. In. Orgies,Read. Orgies. Was,At Her Father's Church. Aretha,Was Sexually Active,Got Pregnant. At Age 12. By 16. She Had,2,Sons.At 19 She Was Married To A Pimp. Her Mother Died When,She Was. 9 -Years Old..With,Her Voice ,She Found The Strength ,To,Go. On,To Become The Queen Of ,Soul.Not Just A. Great Singer,And,Piano Player.She Wrote,Some Of Her Hit , Songs. Among. Them,Think,Call. Me,And. Day-Dreaming.I. Read. Aretha. Had. Diva,Tandrums,Had. A. Strong. Appetite For Sex,Spending. And. Fried. Chicken..She. Won. 18-Grammy. ,Awards..She. Sung. At. Dr. King's,Funeral,Sung. At President. Obama's. Inauguration..Her. Funeral. Is,Today.She. Is. Gone,But. Her. Music,Her. Voice. Will. Live. On..The-QUEEN. Of . SOUL,ARETHA. FRANKLIN..
  8. harry brown

    Unhinged! Omarosa Newman.

    I. Would. Like. To. Know. How. Long. She. Had. Been. Recording. Conversations. In. The. Whitehouse?Her. Recording. Device. Must. Be. Small!.
  9. Spirit. Of A. Man,Vision. Of Transformation,For. Black. Men. And,The. Women. Who. Love. Them..Book. By,,Iyanla Vanzant..
  10. This. Past . Weekend,8-Dead,60 Shot. In,Chicago,Gang Violence...Black. Police. Superinttendent. Says. He Also,Said. They. Need. To. Be. Mentoring. For. Young. Boys. In. Chicago. I. Have. Said,NAACP, Black,Churches,Politicians,Need ,To,Make Time To Mentor Black Boys,Before They Get To High School. If NAACP, Church Preachers,, Can Make Time To Get Votes And Money,They Make Time,To,Mentor Black Children Before,They Get To High School.The. Millions Of Dollars,Black Churches Take. Up,Black. Preachers. Steal,Could. Send,. Black. Children. To. College...Preachers. Steal,Money. Buy. Cars,Mansions, As,Poverty.Is In. Black. Communities,,They. Get. Upset. If. Black,People. Do. Not. Vote. Where. Is,Congressman. John Lewis,The. Moral,Obligation. Voice?Racist. White,Can. Watch. Black. Men. Genocide. Their. Own. People..,.
  11. harry brown


    Singing. Matriach,Not. Just. The. Queen,,Of Soul.Her. Blessed. Voice. To,,Us She. Did. Bring. From. Her. Heart. And. Soul. She Did . Sing..Songs. About,Sorrow,Faith,Love,Life And Pain,For Us To Stop And Reflect.About How Men Treat Women,They Should Show Respect.Grace,Dignity,Inspirational,And,Influential Was Her Essence. Upon ,Stage She Had A Powerful Presence..Her Voice Sung With Meaning And Purpose.. She Touched Us,She Moved Us..When Her Voice,You Heard. Your Soul Was. Stirred..Her. Spirit. Has Been. Transported Up. Higher. She. Now. Sings,In. The. Heavenly. Choir..
  12. harry brown

    Aretha! From. The. Roots.

    The. Great. Aretha. Franklin,Talks. About. Her. Live. With. Grace. And. Dignity..Aretha. From. The. Roots,Book,By. Aretha. And. David. Ritz.
  13. Former. Actress,Humanitarian ,Activist,Megan. Markle ,Who. ,Is,Biracial. Is. To. Marry. Prince. Harry. .Her .Mother. is. African-American ,Her. Father. Is. White..Raised. In. Los-Angeles,California. She. Will. Be. Positive. For. The. Black. People. .. .What. It. Is. Like. Being. Black. In. America,In. The,World. Talk. About. Being. Biracial. And. Diversity.......This,Country. Racism. Led. By. The. Neo. Nazi, Nut,,President.,Will. She. Talk. About. This...The. Royal,Wedding. Is. Tomorrow. News. Says. Her. Father. Want,Be. There. I. Think. Prince. Charles. Might. Walk. Her,Down. The. Aisle ,Stand. In. For. Her. Father......
  14. The. Queen. Of. Soul,Aretha. Franklin,Is. Gravely Ill.She. Is. In. Hospice. Care,She,Has. Been. Battling Cancer,8-Years,News. Says. She. Had. Been. Visited By. Singer. Stevie Wonder,Ex,Husband Glynn Turman., ,Jesse Jackson.There Was A Vigil , For,Her At Her Father's Church In,Detroit..People Sending Their Prayers...She Surrounded By Family,And Friends. News Sounding,Like The Queen Of Soul,Is,Near Death. I Hope Not.!!!!
  15. harry brown

    Ghetto Playground!

    Yesterday,Gun. Shots. Sound. Near. The. Playground,Children. Quickly Fled. Young. Jamal. Lie. Upon. The. Ground. Dead. For. Another. Black. Child's Murder. Tears. Are. Shed..Preachers. Not. Concerned About. Black Children,Safety,They Buy Cars Instead..Destructive Black Men In ,Gangs Is Widespread. Confronting,The Gangs,By NAACP, Preachers,Politicians,Are Not Led.Solutions For The Black Genocide,Problem Not Being Said..Black Community Leaders,Voices,Loud For Votes,But,Silent When. Gangs. Leave,Black. Children. Dead!!!!!!
  16. News,Black. Police. Officer. In. Baltimore, In. Video. Beating Up. A. Black. Man..I. Wondered. If. The. Neo,Nazi Terrorist. Matched In. Baltimore,With. Guns,Would Black ,Police Do Anything...More Shootings,In Chicago..As Black Men,Protest Neo Nazi In Washington,D C ,Black Men Try to Genocide Their Own People. BlackPoliticians,NAACP,Church, Are,Silent,Condone It. The NAACP ,Politicians,In The News Talking About,Racist White Men,Will Not Talk,About Black Men Genociding ,Black. Communities,Or. Black. Preachers. Stealing. Millions. Of. Dollars,Buying. Cars,Mansions,Instead,Of Trying. To,Uplift. Poor. Communities..
  17. On. C. N. N. News Last. Night,Spike Lee. Was. On,His. New. Movie. Black. Klansman...The. Racist. Lunatic. President. Upset. With, Football. Players. At. Preseason. Ganes,They. Must. Have Been. Kneeling Down.. Do. Not Understand Why Black News,Talkers,Sports Talkers,Do,Not Talk About White. Police Fired For Being Klan Members,Neo Nazi In The,Military...I Think The Neo Nazi,Planning To Return To Charlottesville...This Weekend,1,Year, ,Since They Were Marching,With Nazi Flags,And. Torches..As. Black. Men. Genocide. Black. People....Black. News,Sports,Talkers,Will. Not. Talk. About. Black. Community. Leaders,Being. Corrupt, .Preachers,Pimps , Fake. Wanting. Money....Black. People. Enslaved. By. Their. Own. People. Why. Black. Unity. Seems. Impossible. To. Have...
  18. Came. Across. This, 2003, Baltimore. Prisoner. Tavon. White,Of. The. Black. Guerilla Family. Got. 4. Female. Officers,Pregnant. At. The. Same. Time.. Tavon. White. ,Controlled. , Some. Of. The. . Female. Officers,,And. The,Jail. He. And. His Gang,. Was. Selling. Drugs,Cell. Phones,Inside,The. Jail.. Female. Officers. Smuggled. In,Drugs,Cell. Phones. For. Gangster. Tavon White. White,Said. He. Was. Making. 14,000 A. Month,Tax. Free..He,And. His. Gangsters. Was. Drinking. Champagne,Eating. Shrimp,In. The Cell. The. Female,Officers,They. Should. Have. Smuggled. In. Condoms..He. Can't. Pay. Child. Support. Will. Be. The Tax,Payers.. FBI. Took. Down. The. Black. Guerilla. Family.. 2, Years. Ago,.Tavon. White. Was. In. Courtroom. As. A. Top. Witness,For. The. Feds ,His. Guerilla. Family. Member,Killed,Someone,,Tavon. White. Told. His. Members,To,Kill. His. Member,That. Killed. Someone. Else. I. Think. He. Is In. Prisoner. For. Attempted. Murder. Black. Female. Officers. ,Want. To. Have. Babies ,. With. Violent. Thug,Prisoners,Amazing.... Female. Officers. Guarding. The,Prisoners, Smuggled. Cell. Phones. ,Drugs. In. Their. Shoes,and. Hair. Gangster. Tavon. White. Maybe. Used. Mind,Control...25. Officers. We're. Indicted.......
  19. Torches. On. The. Road. Of. Passage.Book. About. The. Pathway Of,Black. Males From. Manhood. To,Fatherhood. Author. Talks About ,African. Proverbs,From. African. Countries,Parables,Authors Own Experiences..Book By Richard -Williams...
  20. Comedian. D. L. Hughly Was. On. Cnn,Talking. About. His. New. Book,How. Not. To. Get. Shot. ? Talking. About. Race. In. America. Strange. Book. Title,Black. People. Can. Be. Shot,Not. Doing. Anything. Walking Down The Street,..
  21. News. Says,This. Past. Weekend. In. Chicago,12. People. Dead,Dozens,Wounded.News. Ask,Who,Is. To. Blame?? I, Say,The. ,Racist White. Politicians,Black. Leaders Are Black Slave Holders,Enslaving Their Own People.Irresponsible Black Parents..Black Churches,Slave Cabins,Pimp Houses...Black Women,Having Babies With Gangsters..Neo Nazi,Klan Can Watch,The Black Man. Genocide The,Black Race!!!!!!!.Something. Scary,News Showed A Idiot. White Man,,Showing. How. To Make Homemade Guns ,That. Shoot. Real,Bullets. Sure,Neo. Nazi,Klan,Street,Gangs. We're. Watching....
  22. Young Black. Males ,Having. Relationships. With. Women. And. Their,Fathers. If. They. Are. Raised. In. A. Home. Where. Females ,Are. Respected,They. Might. Respect. Females,If. Not. ,They. Might. Be. Pimps, Prostitute Teenage Girls In The Streets. Domestic Violence,In Their Home ,They Might Beat Up Females. Absent,Fathers,They May Become Absent Non Caring Fathers....It,Maybe Difficult To Give Love If You Did Not Receive,It. ..The,,,,NAACP,,,Churches,,,,Black Politicians,,Should Mentor. Black. Boys,Before. They. Get. To. High School. If. They. Can. Find. Time. To,Get. Votes, They. Can. Make. Time. To. Mentor. Black. Children,Especially. Black. Boys....Church. Is. Pimp Houses. And,Slave,Cabins.....Preachers. Beat . Their. Wives,3. Preachers. In. Prison,For. Killing. Their. Wives,1. Killed. His. Exwife Inside. The,Church..Why. Is. This. Tolerated????...
  23. harry brown

    Soul. Fires. Daniel Wilderman.

    Soul Fires, Author. Talks. About. Black Men. In Prison,Black. Community. Violence,And. Black. Men. Relationships. With. Women,And. Their Father... Soul Fires. By. Daniel. Wilderman...
  24. N. B. A. Lebron. James. Has. A. School. In. Akron, Ohio. For. At. Risk,Children. Good. At. Least. Lebron. Is. Involved,Trying. To. Make,A Difference. . State. Of. Black. America. Was. On. Sunday. Night.. Saw. Some. Of. It. Did. They. Talk. About. Black. Preachers. Arrested. For,Stealing. Millions. Of. Dollars, Preachers. In. Prison. For. Killing. Their,Wives,Preachers. Having. Children. With. Mistresses ,Caught. With,Prostitutes? If. Black. Communities. Practiced the. Kwanzaa,Principals ,Malcolm. X. Black. Economic. Speech,W.E.B,Dubois,Talented Tenth,That. Would. ,Uplift Poor,Black,Communities.Preachers. Stealing. Money,. Buying,Rich Cars,Fancy. Suits,Mansions,NAACP,Black. Politicians ,Church,John. Lewis,Silent ,They. Condone. It. They. Watch. The. Black. Genocide,Street. Gangs. Slaughtering. Black. People in. The. Streets,Black. Men. Prostututing. Young Teenage. Girls. In. The,Streets.Crack Houses..Dallas. Cowboys. Dak. Prescott ,Against,Football. Players Kneeling. Down,What. Does. Dak. Pesscot,Think. About. A. Texas. White. Police. Fired. For. Being. A,KLAN,Member. A. Few. Years. Ago?....Kindle. Fire. Battery. Went,Dead,Reason. I. Was. Not. Posting...
  25. Last. Sunday. Scrolling. To. See. What. Was. On,Oprah. Winfrey. Was. Interviewing. That. Idiot. Football. Player,Tom. Brady. Did. Not. Waste. My. Time. Watching. . Do. She .Plan,To,Interview. Colin. Kaepernick ,Richard. Sherman,Other,Football. Players. To. Ask. Them. Why. They. ,Were. Protesting?If. Someone. Watched. OPRAH. Interviewing,That. Idiot. Tom. Brady,Did. OPRAH. Ask. Him,Why,Do. You. Like. Trump,Do. You. Support. Trump. ,Supporting ,Neo Nazi ,,.,Does. He. Support. Neo-Nazi. Waving. U. S. Flag. And. Nazi. Flags,As. Football. Players,Hated. , By. White. People. For. Protesting. Racism. In,This. Country.. ...Have. Heard. OPRAH. Puts. On. Stupid. Preachers,Like. T.D._Jakes ,John. Gray. Whatever. His. Name. Is.. Will. She put ,On,,,Black. Hebrews,Nation. Of. Islam?. Making. White. Viewers ,Comfortable.......