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  1. On. The. News. Black. Man. Emanuel. Jackson. Was. In. The. Trump -Terrorist. Mob. That. Attacked. The. Capitol. Build!ding. .This. Black ,Man. Wearing. A. Black. Hooded. Sweat. Shirt. MI!Italy. Style. Back -Pack. Blue. Surgical. Mask. Had. A. Baseball. Bat. Hitting. Police. . He ,Turned. Himself. In .He. Is ,. Charged. With. Assaulting. The. Police -If. He. Was. Not. Involved. With. That. And. Choked. Or Shot To. Death. By. White. Police. They. Would. Get. Away. With. Murdering. ,Him .There. Are. Black. People. That. Believe. There. Was. Voting ,Fraud. .,.Amazing. Martin. Luther. King 111 ,Pre
  2. Looking. At. Pictures. In. The. Family. Album. Book. Thinking. Of ,Family,Friends. ,Neighbors. Many. Years. Gone. As. I. Look. They,Were. In. Church. On. Sunday. Singing. Praying. ,Believing. ,If,They. Are. Gathered. At. The. Throne. ,Familiar. Faces. To. They. See? If. There. Is. A. Heaven. I. Hope. Its. What. They. Envisioned. It. To. Be.. Church. Sunday. The. Preachers. On. Heaven. They. Told.. A,Place. With. Peaceful. Rivers. ,Valleys. And. Streets. Of. Gold. ,-Angelic. Choirs,Sparrows. And. Doves. Joyfully Singing. Warmth. ,From. A. Heaven. Sun. Shining. . Place. Where. There. Is.
  3. Dr. Martin. Luther. King Book. Where. Do. We. Go. From. Here. ,His ,Plan ,Thoughts. On. The. Future. Of. America. Jobs,Raising. Wages,Education . Poverty. ,Global. Poverty..The. Black. Church. ,The. Preachers. Are. A. Disgrace. Preachers. Murdering. Their. ,Wives,Raping. Children. Many. In. Prison. For. These. Crimes..,Preachers. Stealing. Millions. Of. Dollars. Buying. Cars And,Mansions. Not. Caring. About. Poverty. In. Black. Communities..-The. Democrats. Have. The White. House. Senate. House. Of. -Representatives. ,See. If. Anything. Changes. Pastor. Warnock. ,Elected. Senator. Is. A. I
  4. Trumps. Terrorist. Mob. Attacks,,Capitol. Building. ,A. White. Police ,Officer. Screams In. Pain. As. Trumps. Terrorist. Mob. Crushes. Him.-He. Survived. The. Attack. Another. White. Police. Officer. Died. As,Racist. White. Police. Attack. Unarmed. Black. People..White ,Police Watch. The. White. Terrorist. Attack. That. Killed. A. White,Police. Officer. Some. News. Talkers. Not. Calling. It ,Domestic. Terrorist..News. Ask. How. This. Happen. Where. Were,The,Police. National. Guard? Tv. News. Will. Not. Talk. About,,Neo. Nazi. In. The. Military. ,Coast. Guard. ,National. Guard,In,Police.
  5. Trump. Terrorist. Attack. Capitol. Building. .With. Guns. News. Says -Pipe. Bombs. Found . If. Black. Or. Brown. Was. Protesting. And-Attacked. The. Capitol. With. Guns. They. Would Be. Shot. Before -They. Could. Break. Windows. And. Get. Inside. And. Roam. The ,Hall Ways. As. Another. White. Trash. Police. Officer. In. Wisconsin -Get. Away. With. Shooting. And. Unarmed. Black. Man ,White -Terrorist. Can. Attack. Washington. D. C. With. Weapons. And. Not - Be. Shot. Black. And. Brown. Would. Be. Shot. Dead . Racist. Trash -Police Detectives. Fired. I. Think. Involved. In. Breanna Taylor's
  6. First. Happy. New. Year. To. Everyone.. Will. There. Be. Attempts -to ,Have,. Black. Unity. In. The. New. Year? NO. Elected. Politicians-Preachers ,Community. Leaders. Will. Not. Try. To. Organize. -- Kwanzaa Thinking. In. Black. Communities .They. Will. Not. -Confront. Street. Gangs. ,Crack. Cocaine. Sellers. ,Pimps Who - - Prostitute Teenage. Girls . Preachers. That. Steal. Millions. Of -Church. Dollars To. Buy. Cars. ,Mansions. ,Not. Uplifting. Poor -Black Communities .Neither. White. Or. Black. Democrat. Is -Concerned. About. Poor. Black. Communities. ,With. All. The Black -Votes. Th
  7. Kwanzaa, Last. Year. This. Time.. I. Asked. Will. Black. People Come -Together. And. Have. A. Meeting. Of. The. Minds? When. Will. The. ,Day. Come? When. Black. People. Stand. Together. As. One? Each -Black. Person. Should. Have. Purpose. And. Self. Determination. too -bring. To. Communities. A. Positive. Transformation.. Preachers And -Politicians. Have. A. Kwanzaa. Leading. Responsibility . .Only. -When- They. Want. Black. People. Money. And. Votes. They. Come. ,To. Black. Communities. Black. Communities,So. Much. ,Despair,Misery. Chaos. And. Confusion. This. Kwanzaa. I. Ask can, Peopl
  8. Kwanzaa. Is. A. Young. Girl. Favorite. Time. Of. The. Year . But -Because. Of. A. Snow Storm. Will. She. Celebrate. Kwanzaa. With. Her. Brother. . Book. By. Juwanda Ford.....
  9. On. Slave. Plantations. Bible. Was. Used. To. Justify. Slavery -Bible -Scriptures. Slaves Obey. Your. Earthly. Master. With. A. Sincere. -Heart. Like. You. Would. For. Christ.. Christianity. Was. Tortured. -On,Our. Slave. Ancestors... Christianity. Has. Been. Embraced. In -Generations.. If. The. Slave. Plantation. Owners. Worshipped. -Apples. ,Carrots. Or. A. Donkey. ,Would. Black. People. Be. -Worshipping. Apples,Carrots. Or. A Donkey... Christianity. Is. White -Supremacy. ,Christianity. Is. Used. In. Racist. Discrimination. -Schools. ,Communities. ,Keeping. It. White. ..White. Democrats. An
  10. A. Woman. Raised. By. Her. Mother. In. Poverty. Vows. To. Have. -Enough. Money. So. She. Would. Never. Envy. Other. People. ...Book -By. Tabitha. Strange....
  11. Minister. Louis. Farrakhan. Said. White. Billionaires. Pay. Black. -Preachers. And. Politicians. To. Control. Them. Preachers. Worship -Money. Not. A. God. This. Country. Religion. Is. Money. Minister -Louis. Farrakhan. Not. Talking. About. Black. Preachers. In. Prison -For. Murdering. Their. Wives ,Raping. Children. Getting. Teenage. -Girls. Pregnant ,Caught. With. Prostitutes. Minster. Farrakhan. seems to. Support. Preachers. Stealing. Millions. Of. Dollars. To. buys rich. Cars. And. Mansions. Not. Caring. About. The. Poverty. In-Poor Black. Communities. These. Men. Of. Faith. Preacher
  12. Time. Person. Of. The. Year. Is. New. President. Joe Biden. And -his -Vice. President. Kamala Harris. . Time. Person. Of. The. Year. -Should. Have. Been. George. Floyd. George. Floyd. Televised. -Murder. Was. Seen. By. The. World. This. Country. Condemns. -Other. Countries. About. How. They. Treat. Their. People... This -Country. Supports. Neo. Nazi. In The. Streets. With. AK Rifles -Wearing. Nazi. Uniforms. With. Nazi. Flag. Klan. Neo. Nazi. trashy ,police.. Black.,White,, Athletes. Entertainment. Affected,. By. George. -Floyd's. Murder. By. Happy. Racist. Trash. Police.. .World. Wi
  13. Christmas. Eve. ,Luther. Vandross Christmas. Music. My. Girl -Friend. Is. Playing. Looking. Out. The. Window. No. Caro!ers. Heard-Singing ... My. Beloved. And. I. Are. In. Good. Health. This. Time. of,The, Year. Always. Preparing. With. Family,Friends. Time. Sharing..Gifts. Mailed. Some. Personally. Delivered. ,Wearing. Mask -Avoiding. Large. Crowds. At. Stores. I. Roamed.. This. Corona. virus I Christmas. I. Think. Of. Family,Friends. And. Home.. Christmas. Tree -And. Decorations. Don't. Seem. To. Shine. As. Bright. My. Girl. -Friend. Says. Its. Beginning. To. Snow. Tonight.. Glad. My.
  14. Christmas. Eve. ,Home , From. Last. Minute. Shopping. ,Outside. It. is Raining . Oscar. Peterson. Christmas. Music. I. Begin. Playing.. My- beloved. And. I. Are. Unwinding. . Sipping. Mocha ,And. -Comfortably. Sighing.. Earlier. With. Other. Shoppers. We. Did. Race.-To. Find. A. Good. Parking. Place. The. People. ,Old. And. -Young. ,Big. And. Small. Were. Shoving. ,And. Grabbing. Inside. The -Stores. And. Malls.... The. Noise. ,Chaos. And. Madness.- At. home- ,Oscar. Peterson. Christmas. Jazz. Music. Brings. Bliss .. -We. Stand. By. The. Christmas. Tree,As. The. Lights. Glow . We -Joyfu
  15. Boy. Wants. To. Ask. Santa. Claus. For. The. Perfect. Gift. Am. I. -Ready. For. Christmas. ,Book. By. Rayna Flowers. ....
  16. Black. Communities. More. Than. Any. Other. Has. Toxic. Waste -Dumps. In. Louisiana. 1980's. Black. People. Were. Encouraged. To-Buy. Houses. Built. On . Toxic. Waste. Dump. Sites. People. Were-Getting. Sick. . In. Michigan. Besides The. Foul. Water. In. Flint-Michigan ,Another. Black. Community. In. Michigan. A. Black. Woman-Says. At. Night. She. Hears. The. Sounds. Of. Trucks. To. -And. From. Industrial. Plant She. Hears. Explosions. And. Her. Home-And. Others. Are. Shaken. By. Explosions. With. The. Hazardous -Toxic. Waste. Dumping. In. Poor. Black. Communities. People. Have-Gotten. Sick
  17. Girl. Spreads. The. Joy. Of. Christmas. To. People. . Book. By. -Connie. Shoefield Morrison...
  18. Good. Things. To. Eat. First. Cook Book. By. A. Black. Chef . Black-Chef. Rufus. Estes. Was. Born. A. Slave. Worked. His. Way. Up. To -Become A. Chef. On. A. Luxury. Railroad. Car. Two. Of. His. -Brothers. Died. During. The. Civil. War... He. Sounds. Interesting. ..
  19. Pastor. Warnock. Of. Ebenezer. Baptist. Church. Where. Dr. King -Preached. Wants. To. Be. Senator. Pastor. Warnock. Speaks. Of -Washington. D. C. Corruption. Pastor. Warnock. Not. Talking. About-Black. Church. Corruption. Preachers. Murdering. Their. Wives,-Preachers. Raping. Children. ,Caught. With. Prostitutes ,-Preachers -Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. Money. Buying. Rich. Cars. And. Hones-Not. Caring. About. The. Poverty. In. Poor. Black-Communities. Preachers. Getting. Teenage. Girls. Pregnant. -Preachers. And. Politicians. Desire. Money. And. Control. As. They -Talk. God. Fearing..
  20. The. Homeless. They. Lay. In. Alleys And. By. The. Street. Wearing -Tattered. Clothes. And. Tattered. Shoes. On. Their. Feet. They. Once-Had. Jobs. And. Homes. . Now. For. Jobs. And. Shelter. The--Streets. They. Roam. People. Pass. Them. By. Again. And. Again.. Does. Anyone. Care. For. Those. In. This. Rich. Country's. Poverty -Chain ? Mothers. With. Children. ,Their. Pain. And. Misery. They -Cannot. Hide. Upon. The. Ground. The. Homeless. Lie. Corrupt-Politicians. ,Preachers. Money. ,Control. They. Desire. Not. Caring-About. Those. In. Poverty. ,As. Poverty. Homelessness. Remain....-Doe
  21. His. Life. Was. Not. About. Positive. Purpose.. His. Life. Was. About-Money,Women,Revenge. And. Lust. Each. Day Of. The. Week . It-Was. Hustling. Times. In. Ghetto. Streets. Convinced. His. Gang-Members. Not. Important. Was. Education. Some. Of. His. Gang-Members. Dead. Some. In. Incarceration... Crack. Seller. And. Pimp -His. Crack. Addicts. Prostitutes. Their. Lives. He. Enslaved. Not. -Caring. If. They. Ended. Up. In. Graves.. ,He. Led. Many ,Gang. ,Drive. By's.. Not Caring. About. The. Innocent,When. Bulets,Begun. To. Fly -He. Became. What. His. -Father. Had. Been.. A. Not. Ca
  22. Black. People. Should. Always. Have. Respect. For. Black Veterans -The. Early. Wars,Revolution ,Civil. War. Both. World. Wars, ,Korean -War. . Blacks. In. The. Military. Protecting. People. In. The. -Middle -East. I. Am. Waiting. For. A. Black. Soldier. To. Be. Racially. Profiled -By. Racist. White. Police. Or. A. Black. Soldier. Choked. To. Death -Like. George. Floyd. And. Eric. Garner. .Respect. For. All. The. Black-Men. And. Women. In. The. Military. Protecting. This. Racist. ,Evil -Christian. God. Fearing. Country....
  23. Our. Time. Has. Come. Democrat. Stacy. Abrahms Book. About ,.Votes. And. Democracy. Under. Attack. Do. Stacy. Abrahms. Talk-About. Preachers. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. -Beating. Their. Wives.? Domestic. Violence. Not. Mention. Within. -The. Talk. About. Strong. Black. Women. Black. Women. Votes ..-She-Not. Talking. About. Black. Self. Genocide. Neither. Did. -South-Carolina. James. Clyburn .. Was. The. Idiot. Corey. Booker -Supporting. Lindsey. Graham? He. Is. Racist. Trash. Like. Trump. -There. Is. Talk. About. A. Black. Political. Party. There. Needs. To. Be-Black. Pe
  24. Racist. Trash. Trump. Has. Been. Voted. Out. CNN. Black. Talker -Van. Johnson. Crying. After. Biden. Won. Made. Me. Sick. He. Does-Not. Cry. When. Black. Children. Are. Murdered. By. Street Trash-Black. Gang. Thug. Men. Does. Not. Cry. For. Children Raped. By-Pulpit Trash. Snake. Preachers. Yes. Jobs. Need. To. Be. Created,'Affordable. Health. Care. Education.Money.To. Poor. Inner-City. Schools. Not. Just Rich. White. Schools.. The. Black. Problem -Black. Voices. In. The. News. Leading. Up. To. Election. Day. Not-A-Word. About. Preachers. Beating. Their. Wives,Murdering. Their. -Wives. Ra
  25. As. Another. Racist. White. Man. Comes. To. The. Bayou. The-Vengeful. Black. Panther. Is. Summoned. By. The. Hansberry's -Practicers Of. Voodoo.. The. Racist. White. Man. Joyfully,But. Then.-He. Sees. He. Is. Being. Watched. By. African. Lappet-Faced - Vultures. With. Horrifying. Grins. . The. Racist. White. Man. His-Racist. Hatred. Venomous. Like. A. Snakes. Poisonous . Coming. -Toward. Him. Black. Panther. With. Eyes Ominous.. Earlier. The -Racist. White. Man. Voice. Evilness. It. Displayed. Now. With. Fear-To. His. Jesus He. Prays.. Panther. Attacks. The. Racist. White. Man-Among. T
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