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  1. Frankster, I know you dont believe what you are claiming. Are you embarrassed that your race is only 14% of the population but yet commit about 60% of all violent crime ? You should be. Its an embarrassment!
  2. The corrupt and sleazy Cori Bush may be going to prison. Perhaps her and Fani Willis can be cell mates. This may only be the tip of the iceberg. Her response is total BS ! https://www.npr.org/2024/01/30/1227955574/cori-bush-investigation-security
  3. Then why are 77% of all black babies born out of wedlock. Blacks are behind every other single race. It will never change.
  4. Frankster you can post all of the false nonsense you want, everything I said is true. Having babies out of wedlock is the cause of the majority of the issues in the black community. Young mothers having babies through one night stands and also their boyfriends. No structure in the black community. At all ! The black community is the most Violent in the world.
  5. The biggest threat to the Black community are Wedlock, dreadlocks, and obesity. Its the top 3 along with the obvious ( Violent crime). Wedlock- no fathers, no family structure, and young mothers. dreadlocks- silly hair style goes hand in hand with tattoo’s, and silly clothing. No one will ever take you seriously. Obesity- particularly black women. Its an epidemic in the black communty as is diabetes. Irresponsible diets in the black community. All of these issue are Self Inflicted and our own fault as a black community.
  6. Pioneer thats a great user name that pays homage to the great American Piomeers who were whte. We have something in common piomeer. We both acknowledge the great achievements made worlld wide by Whites.
  7. The black community indeed suffers from a lack of morals and lack of personal responsibility. Absolutely No family structure in black households.
  8. I say “ they” because I am not one of those blacks that constantly looks for a hand out and constantly plays the victim. I also taught my kids not to keep looking in the rear view mirror and blaming any of their potential problems on things that may of happened 175 years ago. The world is their oyster.
  9. If the blacks want all those opportunities ( which they actually get more than any other race and on a silver platter), then why do they make so many irresponsible decisons and why do they engage in so much violence?
  10. My comments are 100% factual and MLK must be rolling in his grave by the way blacks choose to conduct themselves today after all that Dr King sacrificed. What a waste !!
  11. Dr. king would be shocked to see what the black community did to itself.. The extreme violence and insanely irresponsible lifestyles. What a shame.
  12. They shlould walk like everyone else at a normal pace. Blacks purposely walk slow when crossing a street and even stop if the drivers are white, asian, or hispanic. No other race does that; its a “ black thing”. Its also a know fact they do this.
  13. Why do blacks purposely walk slow when crossing the street? I get this question a lot from people and I believe its mostly black males that do it and its done to disrespect whites, asians, and hispanics. As a black man I also notice it.
  14. It doesnt matter. The republicans will win the white house. No one wants this liberal left wing nonsense in our country.
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