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  1. What other way is that? Politics is a popularity contest which means being liked....especially electoral politics. The best way to get people to vote for you and gain popularity is by buying their vote....Boss Tweed was not hated by the Voters or the Irish - They were bought and paid for. It was the journalist who investigated his activities and the peoples whose resources he illegally misdirected to his voters that hated him....not those who voted him in
  2. Boss Tweed was a corrupt political insider and criminal....who used his elected office to dole out jobs in return for votes....Pork Barrel Politics. In short he used taxpayers money to pay for all those votes....The voters who took the cash I assume were happy he paid for their votes - Those voters loved him. I know little of the d'Alesandro family but based on your description of their (Pelosi) activities..it seems to be swapping favors for patronage - pork barrel I am sure those swapping favors for patronage were grateful for what they received and happy to exchange their vote in return. Pork Barrel Politics is a way of buying favors or likes...if it works then that individual is liked
  3. Okay True,,,, Some black people do not care about the US and the peoples in it. A Consensus can be reach by a vote and the majority used as the General Agreement The Consensus will allow us to achieve Functional Unity Politics is a popularity contest....People may respect you - respect do not always translate into votes And in the example given above if you are liked, your base will always vote for you regardless of the fact that you are fleecing them Electoral Politics (electioneering/campaigning) is not about achieving result but gaining Votes...People vote for who they like Media influence Voter decisions....Voting is a emotional action based on Party Affiliation and on Candidates Likability. Politics is a game of strange bedfellows. When A wrong has been recognized then a Class Action must be taken...Compensation or Indemnification
  4. True....but there is a business term known as a "Loss leader" Can you provide the links to the science that support your conjecture...? I too have friends who were and are homosexual who thought the same. I choose to be Heterosexual...because of the way I was socialize around sex and Manhood. Being socialize in a macho culture wherein bravado is the norm....I would have to say "nothing"- but it would not be entirely sincere..Nevertheless True of this moment Case being one of Culture - Ethics and Morals I do not believe any one brains is (hard/permanently) wired to be homosexual....Neuroplasticity has shown that the brain can be rewired. Your Nature is usually Nurtured by your interpretation of Experiences.....Hence Conscious and Unconscious Choices are made that seems Natural. Gender is a social construct...Sex Change ,Transexual or Sex Reassignment Surgery & Feminizing/Masculinizing Therapy mostly changes your appearance not your sex
  5. The reason for my wanting the link is to learn. Yes I may agree or disagree with your interpretation of the info the link provides....so what? - we continue to disagree - So we cannot arrive at a point of agreement.... who says we have to? - The point is to Share and Engage What about for Infotainment Purposes? You have a Right to exercise a Preference.. It is not all the Time you get to Choose the group you belong to..Sometimes it is thrusted on you - the Group selects you or rejects you Select Group Unity is already a Fact....Many people Think they Belong to one Select Group or The Other - The Other is the problem we Create The Truth remains the same....The most discernible unity we all share is our Humanity - African.
  6. It is still confusing me.... Still don't see what i got wrong....Maybe i need some highgrade True...fair and (in)adequate Am I then correct in saying that what You are asking for is:- Proclamation of Aims and Goals and then a quantitative and qualitative analysis of Results and Successes. And I concur Black self hate is mainly the Result of Racism and Colonialism Right and Wrong is Ethics.... a Cultural Compass It tells us where we are going....thereby untwining the Confusion of Direction of Purpose and Will. True.. Leadership demands decision making.....Ethics or Expediency. Unfortunately Leadership is not a Popularity Contest....but politics most definitely Is. Political Leadership is a strange brew... A Decision was taken... I cannot comment on the " in particulars" Generally One should not hold a "minority" responsibly for the acts of the "majority"...when it's the Majority that Rules Arising Tide raises all boats....Should one boat be taking on what a rising tide will be of Nought - A prophet is rarely accept at home... They spoke Truth to Power on behalf of the Oppressed....And Walk the Path of Liberty whilst Marching us to Freedom. Cool we appreciate all the help.....feel free to fly by anytime
  7. Homosexuals are human beings and are entitled to all Rights - Protections and Freedoms. I disagree that "Homophobia is on par with racism"...Homosexuality is a Behavior or Sexual Preference in short a Choice. The Threat that homosexual pose is one of deviance....A threat to social norms and the status quo. Homosexuals have always been in positions of power...homosexuality have always been seen as either sinful and therefore criminal - deviant and shameful. What of Bi-sexuals are they gay? The Jury is still out as to whether or not Homosexuality is Deviant or Variant.....Homosexual has always been seen as Deviant until the early 1970's. Deviant meaning homosexuality is a Pathology resulting from trauma or social maladjustment..
  8. Yes Mans inhumanity to Man is an all too common occurrence in History....especially in times of war. If you are at war it is not to make "a buck" but to save a life or lives usually your own or your kinfolk... If you do not see it printed anywhere then you not reading or looking...where did you first see it or learn it? These were African of different nationalities and or ethnicities. Similarly White Germans gassed imprisoned murdered and enslaved around 3 million white European Jews Russians and Roma in under 5 years European and Arabic slave merchants and markets fomented wars so as to coerce and maintain the continued supply of human cargo.
  9. You have a point.. Why do they want to increase black gay male representation? Yes profit is the primary goal....but there maybe other goals too and that is to what I am alluding. When its comes to Homosexuality its a promotional activity as well..... Maybe that's the secret part... Effeminization is gender confusion. Homosexuality is sexual confusion. Sex and sexuality is a primal human imperative....
  10. Your Question is and here I quote you "I asked in the post below what I will ask here. Can any one black show me anything that came from black voting? Show me something?" Then There your opening question has been answered and that is an admission of it by you in bold. It is a "Given" Blacks are not a majority in the US and as such will need white votes. Black Votes are crucial and pivotal without which most black elected officials would not gain office. Charles Rangel sponsored the Affordable Care Act...He is from a majority black district....thats black vote in action - undeniably. Thank you As it should be To me it shows that they were ahead of their time...They did not behave in a omni-racial manner but in a Non-racial manner. Why would they reinforce the idea that Races exist. Any policy based on race only serves to divide citizen and nationals and further institutionalize racism. It is great politics and policy that benefits all......even when redressing past wrongs to particular groups - A rising tide lifts all boats. As a Minority blacks has to be mindful of appearing blameworthy or hypocritical....instead must find their source of remedy in higher ethics - more Martin less Malcolm. If you read carefully I said it benefits non-whites......Not only blacks. True....hence the term non-whites. It's like "Affirmative Action" it seems to benefit white women etc more than blacks.... even though the spirit of its original intent was to redress employment discrimination against blacks.
  11. Ok the one that I notice and nobody seems to be talking about is the promotion of Homosexuality in Black Public Spaces, which may be a result or offshoot of the long standing agenda of the feminization of the Black Male. I say this because I notice a high number of Black Public personalities either are Gay or Play Gay characters.
  12. Give me an idea of what you are thinking about ....You name one?
  13. True.. They did not achieve Hegemonic global power till after Columbus They have reveal the soft underbelly of the American Judicial and Legislative system....How easily political partisanship can coerce legislative change - Today for me tomorrow for you. If true Power remained in wealth...The Czars would still ruled Russia. True Power reside in the Will of the People - Propaganda Real Power Exist in the Hands of those who Control the means of Production and Labour. Transformational Wealth will not be Coming from Black America.......Black America is the Spark that starts the Fire that is Africa. Black Wealth in America will always hanker to be white....blanqueamiento - Cultural Indoctrination
  14. It depends on what you are looking for... For instance most black men and women in The US Congress today hold their position largely as a result of Black Voters.....That includes President Obama. Any Bill Sponsored by an African American Congresswoman or man that has Passed and become Law is largely a result of black voters....Congressional Black Caucus The Affordable Care Act (Obama care) is the most highly publicize one lately...I am sure they are many more. If you are looking for something that benefits Non-whites only then The Crown Act should be sufficient.
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