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  1. Evertbody has a Conscience....They all know we are being Persecuted - They all just not a John Brown....We all Not Malclom X or Fred Hampton The Real Immediate Dangers is From those who Make Our Persecution a Profitable Business Entreprise - far worst a Philosophy Truth Resonates especially if one touches the E-motions... If there is any anger disapointment and resentment then it must be with ourselves...As Human Beings It most have been a form of entertainment. We all shed Blood. No One Turned to Crime and Drugs....What Happened was and is Socially engineered. Then they are and has always been what they is. Who dosen't.
  2. Yeah I saw the warning you gave him in the other thread....and knew his days was about up It does get boring....but I just do it anyway - guess its a vibes thing
  3. Holy Post - Race in America - Part 2 Country Out of Wedlock Birthrate Chile 75.1% Costa Rica 72.5% Mexico 70.4% Iceland 69.4% France 62.2% Bulgaria 59.6% Norway 58.5% Portugal 57.9% Slovenia 56.5% Sweden 55.2% 50% of Children Born out of Wedlock The number of children born out of wedlock is more than 50% in many countries. That includes countries such Mexico, Iceland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Chile, and many others. https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/out-of-wedlock-births-by-country According to pew research this is a problem more so for white people. Among solo parents, 42% are white and 28% are black, compared with 55% of cohabiting parents who are white and 13% who are black. https://www.pewresearch.org/social-trends/2018/04/25/the-changing-profile-of-unmarried-parents/#:~:text=Among solo parents%2C 42% are,cohabiting moms (30% vs. LBJ Predicts the Breakdown of Negro Family Structure (No Fathers in the Home) The Astonishing Strength and Resilience of Black Families Elders explain how the welfare system forced black fathers out of their households University of Chicago professor explains social roots of violence, inequality in Black neighborhoods The Enduring Myth of Black Criminality @Jeromex Whether you black or White, the message you are promoting is one of Hate and Violence.... If history is any predictor of future outcomes you and those who support these incensing lies may well achieve these results. Nazism and the Confederacy succeeded only in achieving Hatred Of The Stigmatized (Othering) and Violent Orgies of Death and Destruction ensued. Why America? Mass Shootings & White Nationalism Share Roots Former Neo-Nazi Says Trump's Call for Proud Boys to "Stand By" Will Encourage More Violence
  4. I believe every word I have posted. No I am Not.....Because that is a lie I have already debunked that lie in another thread. I am Proud of our accomplishment given the oppression with suffer under....We put Obama and Kamala in The White House
  5. Many Factors are at play .... How The US Government Destroyed Black Families (Documentary) How The Government Created The Ghettos of America by Race -- meaning that about 48 percent of first births happening outside of wedlock.......Researchers believe that many couples are waiting to get married because of economic and cultural reasons. Many jobs for Americans that may not have higher education no longer exist. A middle-class lifestyle now requires more schooling, meaning young adults are spending more time pursuing education. In addition, many young adults now view marriage as a "capstone" instead of a "cornerstone" in their lives, meaning that they are waiting until they have everything else in place -- including a job -- before tying the knot.............The average age of first birth for women who drop out of high school is 20, while their average married age is 25. Eighty-three percent of first births to non-high school graduates are to unwed mothers. The biggest rise in unmarried pregnancy is among the 54 percent of "middle American" women, which include women who have graduated high school and completed some college but do not have a degree. In this group, the average age of having their first child is 24, and they are married at 27. Fifty-eight percent of the first births in this group are to unwed mothers. "The Great Crossover marks the moment at which unmarried motherhood moved from the domain of our poorest populations to become the norm for America's large and already flailing middle class," https://www.cbsnews.com/news/almost-half-of-first-babies-in-us-born-to-unwed-mothers/ That's what happens when you live in a racist Society or and Country.... You may yet live to see it.....Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta
  6. Nothing you said was True.. pure unadulterated racist propaganda Welfare Spending and Out of Wedlock Births with Pearl To the Liberator (LoL)... Check this out Welfare and the Black Family like black people ever went around destroying towns... Beyond Tulsa: The Secret History of Flooding Black Towns to Make Lakes | The Amber Ruffin Show
  7. I did watch about half of it a week or so ago...I ran into because of the article with all the "X's" in the authors names - i went to check if Wade Nobles one of the authors was a Moor or NOI It reminds of a video named hidden colors.... HIDDEN COLORS 1
  8. Wedlock....is not an Issue for the Black Community Dreadlocks....is a mere topic of conversation regarding style and preference. Obesity....is not a threat but a concern. Violence....is an Issue of the White Community Pure Propaganda. Again this is a matter of preference and style...Which if it does run afoul of a particular Dress Code, Hygiene or Grooming - is inconsequential. That Depends on who has...The Gold(Power) And that's no accident...Check out Food Desert/Apartheid and Environmental Racism. Eat Your Ethics: Food Apartheid Trying to Eat Healthy in a Food Desert Why eating healthy is so expensive in America Cheat Sheet: What Is Environmental Racism? Environmental Racism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Really only a misinformed individual would think as you stated....blaming the victim for their victimization. The Black Panthers CHANGED Breakfast (The Free Breakfast for School Children) #onemichistory Free Breakfast For School Children was one of the most effective. It began in January 1969 at an Episcopal church in Oakland, and within weeks it went from feeding a handful of kids to hundreds. The program was simple: party members and volunteers went to local grocery stores to solicit donations, consulted with nutritionists on healthful breakfast options for children, and prepared and served the food free of charge. School officials immediately reported results in kids who had free breakfast before school. “The school principal came down and told us how different the children were,” Ruth Beckford, a parishioner who helped with the program, said later. “They weren’t falling asleep in class, they weren’t crying with stomach cramps.” Soon, the program had been embraced by party outposts nationwide. At its peak, the Black Panther Party fed thousands of children per day in at least 45 programs. (Food wasn’t the only part of the BPP’s social programs; they expanded to cover everything from free medical clinics to community ambulance services and legal clinics.) For the party, it was an opportunity to counter its increasingly negative image in the public consciousness—an image of intimidating Afroed Black men holding guns—while addressing a critical community need. “I mean, nobody can argue with free grits,” said filmmaker Roger Guenveur Smith in A Huey P. Newton Story, a 2001 film in which he portrays Newton. Bill Whitfield, member of the Black Panther chapter in Kansas City, serving free breakfast to children before they go to school. (Credit: William P. Straeter/AP Photo) BILL WHITFIELD, MEMBER OF THE BLACK PANTHER CHAPTER IN KANSAS CITY, SERVING FREE BREAKFAST TO CHILDREN BEFORE THEY GO TO SCHOOL. (CREDIT: WILLIAM P. STRAETER/AP PHOTO) Free food seemed relatively innocuous, but not to FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, who loathed the Black Panther Party and declared war against them in 1969. He called the program “potentially the greatest threat to efforts by authorities to neutralize the BPP and destroy what it stands for,” and gave carte blanche to law enforcement to destroy it. The results were swift and devastating. FBI agents went door-to-door in cities like Richmond, Virginia, telling parents that BPP members would teach their children racism. In San Francisco, writes historian Franziska Meister, parents were told the food was infected with venereal disease; sites in Oakland and Baltimore were raided by officers who harassed BPP members in front of terrified children, and participating children were photographed by Chicago police. “The night before [the first breakfast program in Chicago] was supposed to open,” a female Panther told historian Nik Heynan, “the Chicago police broke into the church and mashed up all the food and urinated on it.” https://www.history.com/news/free-school-breakfast-black-panther-party
  9. The Cost of Inheritance | Reparations in the United States | Full Documentary | America ReFramed New York studying reparations for descendants of enslave
  10. My first surprise was the amount of "X's" in the name of the Authors....Nobles tends to be Moorish name in the US. The information given seems consistent with Francis C Welsing who is actually quoted and Richard King(Key to Freedom) With some Fanon's theory of "non-being"....hence the skin bleaching.
  11. there are probable hundreds of books left out of the Bible... The Apocrypha. The Maccabees. The Nag Hammadi library* The Forgotten Books of Eden '" " of the bible The Desert Fathers* The Shepherds of Hermes* The are many more those are what i can remember The ones i have asterisk means i have read and recommended...Nag Hammadi is far out.
  12. I can see some of me in both of them... So now you are Going to show me were I said or Claimed to be Christian? I see a lot of you in Brotha Bigga.
  13. @ProfDIt was way too much fun .... and challenging to just abandon ship - "A luta continua vitoria e certa"
  14. No...I do not consider myself a christian Do I Obey the 42 Confessions of Maat...yes. Do I uphold and live by The Ten Commandments...Yes Do I try to Imitate the Christ....yes Do I practice The Noble Eightfold path...Yes. In short I try to be True to the Spirit Yes....God is the Heavens and The Earth - Autogenous. True...but not Beyond Recognition. True..I get your Meaning - I prefer Spiritual Traditions...instead of Religion - though the true meaning of(the word) religion is blameless. Acts 17:28 Luke 17:20-21 I recognized the above was not directed at me but at Pioneer1 who is only being provocative and obstinate as I have told him already that I am not a Christian. Pioneer1 and I are now in the Reductio Ad Absurdum Argumentum Phase of our dialogue....We are way pass Meaningfulness - currently drowning in the swamp of Equivocation.
  15. Every continent have Wars.....Ukraine Israel Every continent and race have cannibals.....Jeffrey Dahmer Carroll Cole etc... It seems to me you are a propagandist furthering an Anti-black agenda with no regard for truth or the well being of Africans or Black people.
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