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  1. I think I was trying to find links that proves Black Communities are Over Policed which in turns biases or slants Arrests Records as well as that African Americans and Euro Americans are prosecuted differently for the same Charges.
  2. We expose their Hypocrisy to Themselves..........They Have a Conscience. - cognitive dissonance In his own eyes every man is on the Right side Of Good Savagery is a state of Physical Reality from which we Human has yet to totally Emerge... It is Beneficial We seek Victory On Moral Grounds True True....even though the old way still seems to work on some of Us Thank You I enjoy your single minded zeal
  3. And why is that? Racism - pure spiteful hate? or Money - some are profiting from it? Politicians are Creatures of Popularity and Consensus - where is the wind blowing?. It is Naive to expect Politicians to the Right Thing.....WE Must Make Them Do it. Politicians will always first seek to do the bidding of Money because..... it's Expedient to do So
  4. Yes it does appear as if Immigrants are excelling Nationals....But that is Misleading That Narrative is the flip side of the "Brain Drain" Narrative.... US Immigration Mostly allow the Cream of the crop of Foreign National s and their families to Live and Work in the US. So their work ethic and Success rate will be greater than the entire US population taken as whole
  5. How is it Irrelevant.?? We are not questioning whether or not blacks aspire to academic success...that is undisputed. We questioning whether or not that OBama becoming President Impact Black Students Test Taking Results Success Rate...My Answer is YES. What are you looking at as a significant social criteria as a reflections of Moral Disposition? I thought Educational Success and Crimes Rates are ?... Both of which Obama's Presidency is having a Good Effect... They decline in the crime rate....ACCELERATED under Obama.Well Did Obama Presidency initiate the Crime Rate decline.....No Did Obama's Presidency have and Effect - Yes it Accelerated the Decline. According to a study that has yet to be Peer Reviewed or Duplicated....it has a positive effect True Depends on the Cause... Is it to aggrandize yourself... Is it to feed Your Family... is it to feed the hungry and shelter the Homeless.. Is it to better your community... In My and it seems your opinion it was.....but to those who participated at the time , I am sure to them it was not an Injustice. This will always be the case...The moment any individual believe in Good and Bad people Tell Me the Difference? The Rebellion is usually met with open hostilities......A contest of Wills ensues - That is the Revolt The Demand is the Conflict....The Victor of the Conflict decides Whether the Revolution Succeeds or criminals were Vanquished. Please Clarify. True True Yes that is true...usually best for quick short term results The Best policy is usually Education and Information for long term Unity Yes... You must know Why and What type of force to use.... Gandhi and Martin use Moral Force....
  6. I know the effect of Positive strong Black Men and Women on the Minds of Black youth starved of Images and Narratives of Black African Success....The Presidency is success on another level. High School and College leaves many Black Youth feeling alienated and foreign to the subjects taught....And sometimes worst Humiliated Ashamed Embarrassed and Guilty. The Reason why Black Achievements has been removed from Education curriculum is to created Apathy in Black students toward Education....Remember the Phenomenon Of Black Kids Accusing Other Black Kids of "acting white" if and when they excelled in academics. - which led to introduction "dumbing down" . "ebonics". Obama's Presidential success flip that script.... Black were and are and have been smart wise capable and intelligent. Tests taking have always been one of the method used to exclude Black from higher education....for many reasons. Make no mistake Anxiety was always a Factor. Yes and Yes and Yes. True......Reduction in crime started before Obama. What we can say for sure is that his Election and Terms in Office did not slow or stop the decline in Crime.....It Accelerated the decline. For that I think he is deserving of some credit. What evidence do you have that Obama is not a Factor in the Acceleration of the Decline in Crime. TRUE but .......How many of them became President of The USA? The Problem Black America has with Obama is that he is Not a So called ADOS or FBA...These are new lines of division in the Black community - foment by Racist whites.
  7. Well Thanks....is here a study done by a Harvard Professor seems to say different.... The inspiring role model that Mr. Obama projected helped blacks overcome anxieties about racial stereotypes that had been shown, in earlier research, to lower the test-taking proficiency of African-Americans, the researchers conclude in a report summarizing their results......Ronald F. Ferguson, a Harvard professor who studies the factors that have affected the achievement gap between white and nonwhite students, which shows up on nearly every standardized test. “There is a certainly a theoretical foundation and some empirical support for the proposition that Obama’s election could increase the sense of competence among African-Americans, and it could reduce the anxiety associated with taking difficult test questions.” https://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/23/education/23gap.html#:~:text=The inspiring role model that,a report summarizing their results. stereotype-defying success is having a positive impact on African-American students academic performance. A quasi-experiment performed last year by researchers at Vanderbilt University found that Obama had a profound effect on the exam performance of a sample of black test-takers, effectively eliminating the black-white test score gap in the days following Obamas victory in November. Researchers theorized that Obama serves as a salient role-model for students, helping to close the gap between white and black students achievement by disconfirming the widespread image of blacks as unintelligent. https://www.nyu.edu/about/news-publications/news/2009/may/widespread_obama_effect.html It accelerated the decline of crime in black communities. according to the latest numbers from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, but they appear to have accelerated in some cities. In the first half of 2009, homicides plummeted an astounding 67 percent over 2008 in Minneapolis, 47 percent in Seattle, 39 percent in Charlotte, 31 percent in New York, and 17 percent in Los Angeles. As surprisingly, these declines occurred in black communities, which suffer disproportionately from unemployment and stagnating wages and from crime (about half of all violent crimes in the United States involve blacks)—even as the growth in the prison population, also disproportionately black, has halted. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2011/10/the-obama-effect-a-surprising-new-theory-for-the-continuing-crime-decline-among-black-americans.html Self Esteem is confidence in Oneself and One's abilities to succeed in a given task. Moral Worth has to do with One's adherence to a Moral code of Ethics...Dignity and self Respect is the feelings and accolades One receives - Honor and Noble One Rebel against that which is despicable.....Rebellion is one of the signs of defiance in which change is demanded. Civil rights Leader and Congressman John Lewis says instead of "Bad" ... "Good Trouble" Protest is a voice crying about Injustice. Civil disobedience is action take to disrupt the normalization of continued Injustice. Insurrection is a Rising Dissatisfaction with Injustice Rebellion is a Willingness to confront Injustice. Revolt is Confrontation with the Forces of Injustice and a Demand for Change. Revolution is the Change Moral and Ethics as well as Good and Evil are Perspectives.....and changes depending on Time Place and Culture. Beneficial as in Life and Well being Promoting changes a lot less. Most Things in Nature is diverse.... Diversity and Variety is a Natural adaptation and survival skill....it is not a weakness but a strength. Do Not Confuse Unity with Conformity. Conformity cannot be maintain without force and subterfuge. Instead seek Harmony by finding Common ground and Beneficial sausion
  8. Are you saying we played no part? No doubt white people played apart.....so did black peoples. I choose to emphasize our role.....as No one question the whites role in the end of chattel slavery. TRUE....they do but even Presidents have been assassinated....there is no guarantee Prefer the word Justice to avenge Yes....Then deal with one layer at a time. Start with the layer you label....Private Concerns True that why we have many organizations We do....National Urban League, Congress of Racial Equality and CEMOTAP, NAACP to name a few.
  9. It continues....We currently have Many Black Organization and Institutions In US and Globally, each addressing various Political Social and Financial issues we as Black people Endure. We did end Chattel Slavery....except for Prisons True No Movement Nation or Organization on Earth can offer such a guarantee The Struggle Continues... What form does Institutionalized Racism (divided and conquered) take - how exactly does it impact us.. Who are the individuals(members) who keep these Institutions alive and Administer their aims and goals Where Are their Located When do they meet If we answer the above at least 5 different ways with all being truth we can create a message to dismantle institutional racism.....Germination The Question is Who is going to bell the Cat.. What does Black Unification Looks Like to You...? Is it that none of the Current Black Organization and Institutions quite fit your Idea of Unity?
  10. Black ADOS Colored Negro FBA Moor AfroAmerican.......African. In America Society for all intents and purposes he is Black Yes.....but I will not belittle this accomplishment instead I would rather use it to inspire Moral Worth is Dignity and Self Respect....Self Esteem is Confidence and in One's abilities. Yes that is truth....not as much as it was before When adult or teenage Blacks use the word "Bad"...it is bad as in good - a sort of revolutionary act. A Whole lot different from when toddlers to preteens us it...as in character flaw
  11. Systemic Racism has Structure. These Structures are maintained because they make money. This stream of money is protected by those who profit from Racism
  12. We Have done so before.... From The Abolitionist Movement and The Civil Rights to the NOI and the Black Panther Party Yes we have Issues ......but none that is insurmountable. We made great strides... with much less What we need is a Message and a Messenger equal to the task. After having a Black President.....We have a low Self Esteem? Examples of success is One of the greatest encouragement of Self Confidence and Competence You are looking in the wrong direction to start a movement ....if that is you be wanting to do? Yes...it happens ...we all human in need of direction. Coalition is an Alliance of Two..... to Act as One in the furtherance of an agreed on Plan or Common Goal. The Leadership of the respective Groups or of the Coalition is never in question...Only Strategy Tactics Method and Actions to be taken Are.
  13. Engineering is logics design physics and maths primarily. Vision Zero is an attempt to use Civil Engineering to negate human error.....it is not a social fix, Okay. Yes I have heard the same. Are they Deviations or Variations? If it is a mutation as a result of adaptation to a specific environment then I do not think it is a Deviation. Variations is common in Species...it is a survival mechanism
  14. That's like saying the rule of Maths operates differently in Sweden and the US That maybe true....but it is also true that we share more in common than we differ, so if it worked in Sweden it may work here - it's worth a try Where is the Aryan Propaganda? How so?
  15. We are Temporal Beings physically - temporary/transitory....God is Timeless - Eternal Man is a becoming "Being". We are Evolving in our understanding of God Yes God is conceived as Perfect....That Perfection is not our Idea of what Perfection is - but God's. How do you know that Evolution is not Part of God's Idea of Perfection?...we are searching God Out In other Words our understanding of God is evolving. God is perfection our interpretation of God is Imperfect True. Perfection in some sense means Completion...We are not complete. True
  16. The Swedish Idea Vision Zero is the impetus behind most of the new changes in road design first adopted by Washington in 2000 and first implemented in NYC In 2014 its a growing Global policy but not yet totally accept Nationwide in the US. So statistically your statistics are about 40 yrs too much and Way too large a sample area. Vision Zero is a global movement to end traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by taking a systemic approach to road safety. The premise of this strategy is that road deaths and injuries are unacceptable and preventable. First implemented as the national road policy in Sweden in 1997, Vision Zero has now been adopted by more than 20 cities around the world. Underlying the Vision Zero strategy is the Safe System – a holistic safety approach that shifts responsibility from the people using roads to the people designing them, integrating core management and action areas to create a safe mobility system forgiving of human error. The structure of an effective Vision Zero strategy embodies the Safe System approach. As the policy concept of Vision Zero gains traction, cities must ensure that the Safe System’s key principles and action areas are applied to each new context, considered holistically both in policy documents and practical implementation as cities develop their road safety strategies. https://visionzerochallenge.org/vision-zero?locale=en
  17. I can Answer your question about traffic circles or roundabouts definitively as I work on one such project. The Main purpose is to save lives....a study was done which basically says - Vision Zero Traffic Lights cause less accidents overall but when they do occur the tend to result in more devastating consequence - serious bodily injury or death. Whilst Traffic circles results in more accident they tend to be fender benders, swipes and scratches In Short Traffic circles saves more lives.
  18. You LOOK great... Live eat drink be merry laugh enjoy have fun and be happy....for Today is Everlasting - NOW.
  19. The World is 90% what you make it....The problem is we often do not realize or know what we are making. The World is not what we want it to be....The World is what We Are - Reflected. In a Nutshell You are what has your ATTENTION. Whatever you commands most of your ATTENTION creates a PERCEPTION of what IS Your PERCEPTION informs your PERSPECTIVE PERSPECTIVE becomes MINDSET. MINDSET creates INTENTIONS which leads to ACTIONS/INACTIONS - Reactions
  20. No....Not in my opinion happiness is basically a Skill. Or a State of Mind that has no requirement beyond the ability to choose a particular perspective. Acquisition of Desires is Fulfillment or Achievement....Neither Guarantees Happiness.
  21. Trumps Hypocrisies has not been exposed to his base....Only his exploits.
  22. Its not a theory....its a Conspiracy. As far as I know you are correct a President can only pardon federal crimes....but I stand by my assertion that he will be pardon of all Charges Personally I do not think Trump will be Imprisoned....Convicted yes. I am more interested in Discrediting Trump and exposing his Hypocrisies.
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