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  1. This Index is weighted in terms of Political Strength of the Ruling Party in Power in a particular country. The Following Index is very Politically nuance as seen by the recent change in choice of name of this index from Failed States Index to Fragile States Index...Basically revolving around what defines Good Governance (eg: legitimacy and rule of law) and Social Stability and Security. The Available video is way to long and based on Western (Militaristic) Political Ideology. https://www.theglobaleconomy.com/rankings/fragile_state_index/
  2. Human Development Index: Quantifying Quality of Life - Development Economics Series | Academy 4 ... What is human development index For a better understanding sort list by rank instead of the default setting of A-Z https://hdr.undp.org/data-center/country-insights#/ranks https://hdr.undp.org/data-center/country-insights#/ranks 4:12 / 6:49 Human Development Index - Evaluating the Limitations of the HDI
  3. Its not a matter of belief...for me its logical to infer from our own existence. On these particular bodies.....I am going on the words of these high level professionals - in saying i think they are real.
  4. Mexico Alien X-Ray - Full Video (historic broadcast - scientific analysis) UFO Proof? “Non-Human” Alien Corpses Retrieved From Peru Displayed At Mexico Congressional Hearing are these bodies being real....In my Opinion they are. but it makes me wonder if Spielberg knew something about these being as the do resemble "ET". I am convinced that there is intelligent life in this existence with us humans...we are not alone Are you convinced of ET life and do you think these bodies are real?
  5. It is Obvious as a People we can get along without it....as we have been doing - each in their own way... some succumbing most striving and many thriving. How can you speak for all the Descendants of enslaved Africans....You yourself do not need. Let each Descendants speak for themselves or their interest being represented by our scholars on the issues involved. I agree and some of the money from reparations can go to trade schools and social recreation centers in Black Communities... ...As well as to Prison reform which is taking many black men and black fathers out of their homes Every child has a father so we do have the exactly right amount....what can be lacking is a Dad. The Missing/absent Black fathers.....is a Racist stereotype The Myth Of The Absent Black Father| AJ+ I don't see any Blacks sitting around and waiting....the reason you are talking is because blacks have been demanding it in one form or another ever since the so called abolition of legal force enslavement Many have lift themselves up....yet the demand for Reparation is A Human Right for Violations of our Ancestors Human Rights. They not "PLAYING THE VICTIM" they were and we are Victims....talk about blaming the victim. It is the Law that the perpetrators of Human Rights and Civil Rights Violation must pay some sort of Indemnity...to the victims or society for their actions if not they themselves then those who benefits from their Holdings, Subsidiaries, Estates and or Entails. Haiti paid France Indemnity to the tune of $20 billion over 120 yrs to just a few hundred traffickers in human misery...160 yrs is not too long. If you have Black Blood you are entitle....One drop Rule. Reparation is about being a descendant of enslaved Peoples White Union Soldiers who died helping to set free black men and women was and were doing their duties as Soldiers...I thank them for their service Were they paid for their services??? Are they descendants of enslaved Black Africans?? Yes. Yes.... Prove/make your/their claim/case....Plaintiff/defendant Who or where are the descendants of these christian slaves - who or what will represent the Ottoman Empire(Turkey???!!!!) When Justice is Served....it ends The Quest for Reparations did not Start with the democratic Party....IT goes all the way back to the very early days of the end of legal enslavement where in the formerly enslaved ask for land and a pension(Belinda Sutton/Royall) and Field Order no.15 Welfare....what about it?? We are and we have... Holocaust and Slavery Reparations with Thomas Craemer Your homage to pink floyd...Practitioners of socialistic anarchism is telling of your dissonance - a soul in crisis
  6. These two are my two top choices..... for obvious reasons - The Politics of History Race and Religion. Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Official Video) Madonna - Like A Prayer (Official Video)
  7. Brother D - How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise? Gil Scott-Heron - Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Official Audio) Bid Em In
  8. No worst than America was at its Birth and early years....especially for Black Africans. Farrakhan to America: “You Should Keep Quiet!” Africa is Experiencing a growing Brain Gain and a Returnee Migration from the Diaspora of Descendants of Formerly Enslaved Africans....several not only visits but many now reside there permanently. "According to 2014 estimates, more than 3,000 African-Americans and people of Caribbean descent live in Ghana, a country of about 26 million people. " https://www.un.org/africarenewal/magazine/april-2015/african-americans-resettle-africa "Returnees" Are Leading to a Brain Gain in Africa The USA suffers from those very same shortcomings..... The U.S. is currently on pace to meet or surpass the previous record for the most mass shootings in a year, which was set in 2021 with a total of 690, according to Gun Violence Archive (GVA) data. Why it matters: So far this year, the U.S. has seen an average of two mass shootings every day, for a running total of 419. At this point in 2021, 401 mass shootings had occurred, and that year over all had a daily average of 1.9 mass shootings. Details: GVA defines a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people are shot and either killed or injured, not including the shooter. Already, over 25,000 people have died from gun violence this year, and there are still 153 days left in 2023. https://www.axios.com/2023/07/31/us-mass-shooting-2-every-day-2023-stats If we use the UN definition of what is a Slave....Then The USA has over a Million legal Slaves and over 40 million illegal slaves....Modern Slave are called Prisoners and Victims of Human trafficking. The Heat: U.S. Prison Slavery For a greater understanding search the following in Youtube 13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix No its Not....Maybe it's just Righteous Indignation to an Injustice that he or she wishes to see change in this his beloved country - No one is perfect. Perfection is a goal we strive to knowing we will never achieve it as we grow closer with ever and every improving change for this greater society.
  9. I haven't done my homework as time at the moment for me is a scarce commodity.....could you please inform me of some of his past most egregious action with links to source as to why he is so threatening to Blacks? I know it is a Label meant to pigeon hole(categorize and stereotype).......What exactly is wrong with being a Left Wing Liberal?
  10. Story of Sambo & Uncle Tom Malcolm X- Dr. King is an Uncle Tom Malcolm X: The House Negro and the Field Negro (1963)
  11. I think rewarding loyalty is good... Re-Educating the Disloyal and Investigating the Cause/s for Disloyalty is the only form of correction necessary.
  12. True... Yet progress was made and is still being made No.......Lack of Black African Unity. The persecution of Traitors is a long Traditions among mankind.....not necessarily the best action - but it does satisfy those who lust for blood. The following video would then make you happy .....but regrettably i think it is false and misleading.... the reason i post it is how could anyone who is of a considerate heart find joy even in the suffering of the evil. Niger Ex-Finance Minister Cries After Told To Explain Missing Money Or Face F:ring Squ@d
  13. Exactly....and it has informed us than when interest do not coincide among Europeans there in lies opportunity. Then you do not know much about The Struggle for Independence in Africa. Yes.. And who or what is the cause? Europeans are not monolithic.....today Ukraine reveals a fault line - The Emperor has no clothe. France won't do it too much to lose.....NATO Alliance I have ever hope it will and it is It has revealed the traitors in ECOWAS or those who are not Pan-Africanist......but lapdogs.
  14. EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION DECODES AERODYNAMICS | Secrets of Ancient Egypt CHILLING MESSAGES ENCODED in Egyptian Tombs | Secrets of Ancient Egypt
  15. No.....not unnatural Humans still freeze to death... We live in a Natural Universe. It is the percieved intent that is bothersome. Seems to me on this point we saying the same thing using different verbage.....cool by me.
  16. Norman Bergrun N.A.S.A Engineer Says 7ft Black People Piloting Gigantic Cylinder Ships Around Saturn PROJECT CAMELOT NORMAN BERGRUN RINGMAKERS OF SATURN INTERVIEW YouTube 360p... .....52:00 minute mark
  17. Then allow me to remove your hesitations. True....however We Africans in America and or the West is way too divide(unorganized) to mount an effect support for Africa once the Elite unleashes its greed. True they do not....but. If the Maxim "past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior" remains true then just look at our history with the West/USA/NATO, vis a vis China and Russia.
  18. Just being......real. True China has learnt that isolationism is not a good long term political strategy...choose your partners Yes....but unlike the West's exploitation which was a Genocidal Devastation of land and people - the Chinese are also providing Real and Immediate benefits. Yes unity is good and right, regrettably we are not there yet...as a result we must choose partners that are not all Africans That's not the whole story....Cuba is very instrumental in the liberation of many African Countries. Just being White European does not automatically makes one an enemy of Black Africans
  19. As the situations stands today based on the History of International Relationships Africans and Africa stands a better chance with China and or Russia than with Western Nations(NATO). I am Not saying that China or Russia are purely altruistic but history has proven them to be better working partners. Especially since the best option ECOWAS(AU) seems divided on the Issue....and underfunded
  20. If you are anywhere in existence you are in Nature.... Anything you use or make is of and a part of Nature No Matter how you modify A part of Nature it is still a part of and made of Nature and remains in Nature. Necessity is the mother of invention. Why would they make something they have no need of? Thanks.....To my understanding all human habitations are in Nature and Made of Nature. Yes it probable would... If I have enough information to say that the out of Africa theory is true. You do not need proof....Just enough information "beyond a reasonable doubt"
  21. Where Are these inventions? Are they in Nature? Not all man made things are artificial....what differentiates one from the other? So the level of modification of a Natural thing make it no longer Natural but artificial? The engineering and architectural designs of their nests makes both plumbing and electricity unnecessary for theirs needs. So humans habitations are in Nature? We are Mammalian and Mammals are Animals No.....We do belong to the Animalia kingdom Our bodies are different..... Yet We are all Living Things. Many Animals Breathe Air/Oxygen and most if not all are Intelligent....So it likely our souls are same though individual and idiosyncratic. Until better more convincing info to the contrary is discovered or made available....then it is True - Out of Africa Theory of Man.
  22. Yes to race as a Social Construct As it is a social construct....it could be either given the expediency of the political nuances of the dominant class of the time. The Dominant class dictates where you fall in the so called Racial Categorization....The Oppressed has no choice in the matter Such individuals will face questions from both sides...One side will be saying they are "sell outs" and the other will be the are "Honorable". Do such individuals exist...Yes - though I would call them black according to my understanding of racial categorization which it must be understood is every changing according to politics of the time. Whether or not some one is white or black is dictated by the dominant class....look no further than Enrico Tarrio ex leader of the the far right Proud Boys. True.
  23. If it's not still in Nature.....do tell where it is? When man modifies Natures it is artificial....when other animals do the same or similar things its remains Natural. Why is that? Wild as in free.. Human habitations are not in Nature? Human are Not Animal? How so? I told it because it's true. No...Just more advance sentient Beings cool
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