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  1. ROFL.. @richardmurray no you didn't!! Bruh, I admit it - I'm a little technically challenged, and regrettably not bi-lingual, so I didn't recognize the context that implied that the page was a Cookies Notification, and all I had to do was Accept Cookies....lolol! Anyways, I have another bombshell. The Princess Bombshell is over my head, but I do love the wordsmithing and the descriptives used to set the tone. 'Sing from tween the years when the ant hordes drank Gold Mushrooms and the silver tree barks.... when beaming gardens lay spread across the world like free rainbows beneath the stars'. I'm totally there!
  2. Black Greatness: Have you seen the movie, 'Something the Lord Made'? Vivien Theodore Thomas (his mom just knew she was having a girl, and chose the name Vivian in spite of the fact that she had a son) was an American laboratory supervisor who developed a procedure used to treat blue baby syndrome Thomas did not have any professional education, nor experience in a research laboratory; however, he served as supervisor of the surgical laboratories at Johns Hopkins for 35 years. In 1976, Hopkins awarded him an honorary doctorate and named him an instructor of surgery for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.. Without any education past high school, Thomas rose above poverty and racism to become a cardiac surgery pioneer and a teacher of operative techniques to many of the country's most prominent surgeons. *************************************************************** There are other Black Greatness movies out there that shine light on other contributions that we made to the WORLD, yet have gone undiscovered until recent years. Gifted Hands is a Story about neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson whose life went from a failing student to the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was the first to successfully separate conjoined twins who were joined at the back of the head, *************************************************************** Hidden Figures is a story of NASA's segregated group of African-American women hired to process aeronautic data in the space era. These African-American female mathematician's math skills helped put a US astronaut into orbit in 1960s. This is just some of the ladies *************************************************************** What other Black Greatness movies are out there?
  3. @Troy I am attempting to add a new Topic, but get an Access Denied error message. Have I been banned...ROFL... JK, but seriously, I am unable to post. Thoughts?
  4. @harry brown I'm a little unsure how to reply appropriately, but based on the cliff notes, I'm intrigued. I would love to see this trilogy as a movie. I'm intrigued by the wordsmithing, mystery, sci-fi mix, attention-grabbing, and heroism of someone who appears to be an outcast, yet a potential heir to the king. yes? The title, alone, made me think about the black queens/kings of the past. Then, I thought about the original Moors of North Africa who gained swift victories back in the 8th century and became legends. And the Moorish/Moroccan Empires that span North and all of West Africa. My apologies if there is no comparison, but again, I am intrigued by the title and summary which sparked thoughts about other Kings from the past. at the risk of sounding displaced with my comments, feel free to align my thoughts as you see fit.
  5. @richardmurray when I click on the link I get an 'OverBlog' pop-up message in a different language. I tried three times. Unsure what that means (risk) and how to avoid/work around, but I have no doubt that the preview of Princess bombshell is impressive. Can a sista get Cliff-Notes?
  6. @nels your response show cases that you are, indeed, black greatness! Thank you for sharing. The premise of my words is that black greatness IS. Just thought I’d put a poetry spin on it. OneLove @nels BTW, I completely agree with you.
  7. WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS JASON and 133Art!!! Thanks for sharing @richardmurray! There are more Black Superhero/Sci-Fi authors (over 20 in my search) than I thought! A couple of years ago, I attended a Black Lecture Series. A Sci-Fi author, Brandon Easton shared his desire to write about Black Heros saving the day and its evolution into the sci-fi world. Some AMAZING perseverance to stay the course in spite of the endless obstacles. Sharing a snip of just a few comic books written by African-American writers Then, I thought about US Congressman, John Lewis who, along with other writings wrote, The March Trilogy which is an autobiographical black and white graphic novel in comic format in which superheroes of the Civil Rights Movement are portrayed, It's interesting to me that these books are classified as comics, and learned that, it was the comic book Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story (superheros)that inspired him to dive into his work of authoring The March Trilogy. What makes these books classified as comic books is that these Graphic Novels use descriptive novel-length works written in comic book style - using panels, images, speech bubbles, and narration boxes to tell a story,
  8. A village of Heros: I drove my mom 2-hours to visit a friend that she hadn't seen in 64 years!! OMG...the wisdom that I had the privilege of witnessing as they reminisced about the good-ol-days, was humbling. Although they overcame many, many, many obstacles and witnessed unforgettable events, they laughed hysterically about the conversations they had talking out the window after curfew. You can imagine the thoughts and emotions that ran through my mind as I smiled with joy that I was able to make this reunion happen. Then, I reflected on the village of heroes that surrounded me as I grew up - helping to mold me into the Black Girl Magic that I am today, A World of Inspiration: I enjoy being educated by True Stories of Survival, and often find myself thanking them for encouraging me to be a Village Hero and one who Inspires beyond the Village. There are so many who have inspired me, but Antwone Fisher comes to mind. Antwone's memoir, "Finding Fish", which was turned into a movie, titled, "Antwone Fisher" is the story of Antwone, who was born in prison from a teenage mother two months after his father was murdered, after which Antwone was placed in an abusive foster home where he stayed for 14 years. After leaving the foster home, he joined the Navy where he served 11 years and was appointed to the honorary rank of Chief Petty Officer by the Master Chief Petty Officer. Now, he is a director, author, poet, lecturer, college professor, and screenwriter. Who is your Village Hero and who outside of your village has inspired you to prevail?
  9. Reminds me of the song by the Temptations: Ball of Confusion :
  10. @harry brown But shout out to the hundreds of thousands of African American hero’s (known and unknown) who have done AMAZING things (big and small) to inspire, promote and build upon Black Greatness. Unfortunately there are groups that make it their life mission to destroy, prevent, dismiss, down play, hide, and have us believe that we don’t have what it takes…. But we can’t, and won’t give up! We have to trust the undying love that we have for our people. As always, We will preserve!!!
  11. @Troy wow! Great interview! There are four things that really caught my attention. Tom Wood said: 1) when the door is open, you have to be prepared to walk through it, and you gotta be prepared to climb the mountain. His conversations with Martin Luther King included MLK, saying to never give up. 2) Black people are starting to respect their abilities - where as before, blacks relied on white people to vouch for and validate them. 3) you don’t have to have a college degree, but be an excellent at whatever you do. 4) Mr Wood had the audacity to walk through the door and climb the mountain to obtain his engineering degree even though the assistant dean of engineering told him to change his major, because he will never get a job. BLACK GREATNESS!!!
  12. I remember when Jet, Essence, and Ebony magazines were must haves. Really happy to see that they are still available and still black owned. I used to sit on the floor and study each page of Essence and Ebony. And if jJet magazine said it, it was the truth. Lol! did you know that Essence Magazine was founded by four bruthas in 1970? I didn’t. I assumed females were the creatives. oh the good ol’days! I just subscribed to Essence. Can’t wait!!! Did you know that the nations first black magazine, called FREEDOM’S JOURNAL and was published (1827-1829)? then the Negro Digest was launched in 1942 what are fondest memories of these magazines? Do your ancestors recall or have they past down memories of Freedoms Journal or Negro Digest?
  13. @Troy I understand. I completely support the Forum title change. I look forward to my moderator duties!
  14. @Troy @ProfD @Pioneer1 it’s alarming how AI, techno, machines, chat bots, automation, pills…. And other ________ are diminishing free-thinking, human-intervention, critical thinking, social interaction, human-touch, brain development….On soooo many levels. Our children don’t even have to think, interact, feel …. Like back-inna-day. All controlled by a few. I like using my mind! I want my children to use theirs, I don’t mind them losing a little sleep trying to figure it out, it’s OK to get back to basics. I mean, come on….WHERES THE FIRE!!! and let’s not even talk about hackers, internet crimes, and such. It’s out-of-control although admittedly with some benefits Ps no I’m not naïve,, in fact I’m pretty intelligent, just stop trying to take my power!!!
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