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  1. @Troyoooh looks like some confusion. The quote about there being fewer Dark Skin was not from me. But rather from our friend @Pioneer1. My explanation surrounding us being brainwashed when it comes to dark skin - well, as you know, there’s a whole history lesson around that. I will say; however, that I SOMEWHAT agree with what @Pioneer1 says; however, not completely. For example he mentions self-hatred.... Hoping that we can all agree that the ‘how to make a slave’ brainwashing tactics gave way to believing the portrayal of negative images of self fo
  2. @Pioneer1haha...When I say, "PREACH", I mean I'm loving what you're saying. Your Dark Skin comments. Yes, I understand the impact that Brainwashing had/has on us when it comes to skin tone, Just staking my love for Dark Skin none-the-same. @TroyNot sure if you were asking if or assuming that I don't live or haven't lived in Black Neighborhoods, but, actually, I and grew up on the Projects of New York - the family on welfare, eligible for surplus cheese, free meals and social service programs... Yes, I've got quite a story that I could tell. And even though
  3. @Pioneer1PREACH!!! I most def stand corrected by the use of the word, 'we'. That was not my intent as I, absolutely, meant, 'They'. @Pioneer1 'But I see less DARK SKINNED Black children in America than I did when I was a kid...' This is so true and unfortunate. I have always been attracted to my Dark Skinned sistas and bruthas. You already know how much I LOOOOVE my people, but when it comes to Dark skin, I'm in awe at how extremely beautiful, absolutely flawless and very sexy Dark Skinned people are. There is something so beautifully powerful about their presence, their e
  4. @Pioneer1lololol... "Mama, Rog paid me $5 NOT to tell you that he, Rerun, and Dwayne went to that party....so I won't tell you".....lol, Now, that was funny! Yeah, it's all giggles and laughs til somebody gets hoit. If I had a dolla for every Dee reference to "What's Happening!" ...man... But much love to that oldie but goodie!!!
  5. haha...seeee...da all tryin ta perpetrate and recognize on the low while denying out loud. But, it's all good. We all have choices, right? Word on the street is that, with all of the cross-pollination of races, by 2060 there will no longer be a race. Then what will we fight about? Until then, SAY IT LOUD....I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD!!!
  6. Own it Niecy! If you like it, I love it! If you love it, I'm for it - own it and keep it movin! It won't be until I have room to judge that I will judge. In the meantime, live yo life...I see you!
  7. Houston, the only problem I see is that we keep letting people get in our head. I bet none of us can even count the number of inventions, millionaires, discoveries, break-throughs, successes, this-because-of-that accomplishments, heroes, champions, etc.... in which we've contributed, spear-headed, and brought to life so we've got the skills, knowledge, money, intellect, soul, dedication, work ethic, means.... In other words, we have ALL of the ingredients to do what ever it is we want - we just have to <TRUST >each other and stop letting them continue to seep into our head.
  8. Oh, brutha's, I dare you to read my book, "Are Black Women ALWAYS so Angry? Hmmm; Truth, Excuse or Something else". I know that you understand me, but sometimes you forget. Sometimes we, sista's, forget too. Let's stop falling into the "Conveniently Black" (@Ajjones1007) trap (my interpretation is that we fall prey to stereotypes that keep us down in order to fulfill the needs of others). Black, night, Black sky, Black room & The Angry Black Woman My skin - dark as the night - until the lights reveal my hue. My face - beautiful as the night sky, present in
  9. I haven't read most of the responses because I'm stuck on the title of this topic, "Conveniently Black". This country thrives off the "convenient" oppressive tactics that "they" use to stay in control and to get what they want. AND they know that the BEST way to get the results that they want begins and ends with us. The moral of the story, We are all Black Wallstreet-savvy & the strength of the Motherland is in our soul! Clearly, we are the chosen one. "Conveniently Black" - yes, we continue to set the stage of evolution and this country continues to reap the benefits o
  10. Yes, @Pioneer1 this, too, may fit under Poetree, but with all the discussions about my people and about me, I felt that this is also fitting in this forum as I express my obsession with black people. I agree that you love who you love. I LOVE black and I LOVE my Black Girl Magic, and I REFUSE to let stereo-types and misrepresentations about me and my people brought upon by the, " How to Make a Slave" brainwashing tactics, that were forced upon my ancestors, keep me in a place of acceptance that is not of my own free-thinking and knowing better. This is for you, Black Beauty.
  11. With love to my Chocolate Brutha's. In tears because I hurt for you, AND will NEVER give up on you. We suffer, we win, we fight, we forgive, we love, we survive...TOGETHER! Dear Chocolate Brotha, I love you so much because I can see it in your beautiful eyes – Your determination, your fight, your struggle, your perseverance. You have that spirit that gives you the courage to withstand all obstacles. That spirit that measures your man-hood, that defies defeat - that spirit in which your mother’s breasts nourished you for what’s to come, makes me fall in
  12. Dear Chocolate Brotha, I love you so much because I can see it in your beautiful eyes – Your determination, your fight, your struggle, your perseverance. You have that spirit that gives you the courage to withstand all obstacles. That spirit that measures your man-hood, that defies defeat - that spirit in which your mother’s breasts nourished you for what’s to come, makes me fall in love with you over and over, again. Your eyes tell about the passion you have for family. I see the pain in your eyes, frustrated that you have to work twice as hard to get
  13. I am soooo in love with black people! Your presence, your beauty, your strength, your persistence, your forgiving heart, your pain, your my hero and I fall in love with you over and over again. As a self-published author, I started writing my fourth book. This book contains letters expressing my experiences. After writing my 12th letter, I began to ask myself: 'How can I share these letters on a broader scale - I came up with Wall Hangers and thought of you. I'd like to share an example of one Wall Hanger dedicated to our Black Beauties. Others can be viewed on my website: https://www.De
  14. ROFL...There are so many colloquialism out there that communication, comprehension and intent have become blurred. Although some are just plain funny, and have a defined meaning, ie. ‘I laughed my butt off’, others can send a mixed message, ie. ‘Love ya’. Why do we laugh our ‘butts off’? What the ‘H’ does that mean? And what does, Love ya, mean? Is it another way of saying, ‘see ya’, ‘ I love you’, ‘boy you crazy’, ‘Bye Felicia’? How about when I’m called ‘Ma or Mommie’ I have to admit, It’s fresh when the bruthas ask, ‘How you doin Ma/mommie’ But am I misinterpreting
  15. Reflection - serious thought or consideration of actions past or present. The count down to a new year offers a time/an excuse/ an opportunity to reflect on resolutions past, and you will either celebrate your accomplishment(s) or recognize the interception. Either way, its the journey ahead that awaits. Refection(not misspelled) - a refreshment of mind, body and/or spirit. What will you resolve in 2018? Then, Own it - Do it! Feel free to share your journey via my blog http://deemillerinspired.blogspot.com/?m=1 I have no regr
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