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    Art, jazz, lectures, spas, adventure, spoken word, real talk, getting dirty, lol, good people,
  1. When you sit back and recall the funny things that come out of a child's mouth, you cant help but laugh. The innocence is priceless. Then, the conversations that take place as adults when they reflect about the past and share how they interpreted words, conversations and phrases... Let's not even mention the 'secret' conversations that take place between adults & funny situations you've gotten yourself into. OMG, LOL...You cant make this stuff UP!! Warning: This book promise to make you LOL, so make sure you're not in a situation that requires you to be serious. Here's a glimpse. The Interview: So, my daughter, Dani goes on a second interview(she's only 16 with no prior work experience).... Here are a few of the questions and Dani's response. 1) Tell me about a weakness you have. Answer: Weeelll, my eyes are kind of weak. It's a little hard to see the board in school when I don't wear my glasses. My mom should be taking me to the eye doctor soon. 2) Tell me, how do you prioritize your day. Answer: Weelll, today, I had orchestra first period, then English, then World Science... Then, all of a sudden Dani stops because she's distracted by the manger's facial expression, Dani's second response: That's not the right answer is it since my schedule was set at the beginning of the year by my counselor. I guess I would say that I do whats going to move me forward in life and not back. 3) Why do you want to work here. Answer: Because I love the number 5! I ALWAYS order a large with a lemonade. And I love your BBQ sauce!!! LOLOLOLOL! Other stories include: Am I being punked; The puddle in my hand; OK, Really; So is Brown the new Black?; Assigned seat 19A; Pregnancy Exceptions; My She-ro, and more. This book (1 of 3 Self published books) & art can be purchased via my website: DeeMillerInspired.com or via Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LDGL1WA
  2. They say I don't look like an artist - what the hell does that mean? Are my nails too long? Are my hands to clean? Is it in my strike? Is it in my walk? Is it what I say? Is it the way I talk? Is it because I'm from the projects of upstate New York? So I had a few fights; Kicked a few asses...does that mean I don't look like an artist? Hey, I graduated with honors; got my degree. Is that what it takes for you to accept me? Oh, and I was a small time thief - vandalized my coaches care - but, I was also a hell of a... hell of a TrackStar. A Big Sister, computer programmer - I'm on top of my game! Still don't look like an artist? Well that's a damn shame. Don't know what an artist looks like, but get used to this face... and ya better learn to love me cause I aint going to place. I love you.