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  1. The top 3 are on am*zon. I wrote you 37 Letters is not available online as I am looking to put this book on aalbc. I am self-distributing at this time. a copy of the INSB imprint on my book is attached ISBN: 9781520984773: Are Black Women ALWAYS so Angry? Hmmm...Truth, Excuse, or Something Else ISBN: 9781502341402, LOL...You Cant make this stuff up!! ISNB: 9781496154255: The Sun came out Last Night...Rated D ISBN: 9798218093198: I wrote You 37 Letters Thanks again, Triy
  2. @Pioneer1 lets see....how far back should I go, hmmm. (smile) I'm just always intrigued by your views. You tend to make my facial expressions shift to the left. Then, I sit back and dissect your words - very thought-provoking @TroyYou're a deep brutha. Thanks for the 'narrow-minded clarity (you speak your truth and I can appreciate it), and you're absolutely right about, 'when we publish with am*zon exclusively we give am*zon all the money to produce the book and all the money to sell and distribute it. This just increases their strength and revenue while weakening their competition'
  3. @Pioneer1, I have much respect for your raw views (even if I don't agree with some of them and even when I'm offended by some of them) on this and other discussions. Your responses are truly thought-provoking. Thank you. @Chevdoveyour observations are on point. I, too, have seen lots of 'promo' for LGBTQ, BlPOC, and even with specific content requests. IDK, but what I can attest to is the challenge of marketing/promoting with impact (which is a whole other discussion) Haha… @Troy I was one of those (in your own words) ‘narrow-minded’ sistas who self-published on am*zon, but it was solely because, when researching how to self-publish, the resources listed included only the well-known sites. I can't recall how I found AALBC, but I'm delighted that I did - you do better when you know better. (Wink) To give input into my thoughts of the 35% fewer books published by black authors in 2022 than in 2021 and almost 50% fewer than the peak published in 2015, TTTGA (that thing that’s going around) played tricks with many our minds in that many of us spent the last few years so worried about our mental well-being, physical well-being, and overall spirit that, for me, I could not settle down - fearing that depression, restlessness and pity parties would rule the day. Safe to assume that 2019 - 2021, at least, remained consistent, or, at least, not much of a decline? Sh&@! by 2022, I was still recovering from the mental burnout of TTTGA, and yeah, I admit that it handled me a little as I witnessed what was happening around me, and I’m not one to be handled (I much prefer to be loved for the beautiful mess I am). Don’t get me wrong, the downtime kept me ‘still’ and allowed for some great self-reflection which included working on book IV, which, by the way, thanks to aalbc, I’ve printed copies via BCP digital, and self-distributing, temporarily, that is, until I list on aalbc, but the down time didn’t sustain my attention until mid-2022. The impact of TTTGA is not an excuse, but, in fact, a ‘whole event’ (whether a conspiracy or reality or our imagination) that influenced heavy adverse outcomes. BUT, what remains consistent is the resilience of my people - We still stand, we still have lots to say, and we will see an increase in black author publications!, again! Just look at me - ‘I wrote you 37 letters’ published in December 2022!!! Not sure if my December 2022 publication had much impact on the stats, but I'm baaaaack!
  4. Requesting a Book Review of my fourth self-published book: I wrote you 37 Letters. Thank you in advance for your feedback, interest and support. Dear Chocolate Brutha, Dear Black Beauty, Dear Bathroom Facilities, Dear Anonymous Lover, Dear Random Thoughts, Dear Hennessy, Dear Mood Swings, Dear Son, Dear Life, Dear Sweet Angel of mine, 40 years, 7 Days, 2 Hours and a Kiss, Dear... For years, I let my pride, stubbornness, strong will, ego & fear hijack me, emotionally, but now that I've humbled myself, I wrote you 37 Letters to express my feelings about all of those things that I've been wanting to say. This book of 37 letters offers an opportunity for you to self-reflect and perhaps find the words that you have been looking for to express those suppressed feelings. This is NOT a book of Dear John letters, nor is it intended to be a self-help, love yourself, and then let me love you, book, but rather it's a thought-provoking book of letters that dare you to get in touch with your headspace when it comes to expressing your feelings. Oh, and feel free to 'borrow' my words. (wink) Warning: Some of the letters are frisky, funny, and head-tilting, but trust me, they will make you smile, woosah, blush & want to write me back. ISBN: 979-8-218-09319-8 Published: 12/2022 Self-Distributing: contact me at DeeInspired1521@gmail.com About the Author Hello, my name is Dee Miller. I am, what I call, a 'Closet Artist’ - mostly commission-based pieces, yet my work is widespread. As an artist, my work ranges from serious depictions of strength to clever portrayals of corporate slang, to metaphoric images that inspire thought, to simple lines that tell a story, with a dribble of graffiti art. What’s so cool about being an artist is that the piece can change direction at the flip of the wrist or a mood swing. Often called a wordsmith, my artistry also includes writings with the same artistic range. As a wordsmith, I have self-published three books - poetry for the soul, short stories (inspired by life events) that make you laugh hysterically, and a book of articles explaining why Black Women are NOT always so angry. Book 1 The Sun Came out Last Night...rated D (A book of Love lessons from poetry sessions). I believe that the ingredients for a good story or poem can come from many venues…experiences, imagination, and observations just to name a few. What makes the story or poem come to life is its writer, the wordsmith and the execution. “Six months, Seven days, Two hours and a Kiss”, “Blue Morning”, “When no means Yes – No means Yes when he places his lips…she takes control and says, ‘It’s time’”. This book of Private Thoughts and Love Lessons from poetry sessions promises to take you on a ride from the inspiration of love to the adventures of “oh, lala”! The Sun Came out Last Night....Rated D https://www.am*zon.com/dp/B01LACH464 Book II LOL...You Can't make this Stuff Up (hilarious and embarrassing book of my reality that many can relate to). When you sit back and recall the funny things that come out of a child’s mouth, you can’t help but laugh. The innocence is priceless as you sit back and watch them try to figure out how to navigate the world. What I find even funnier is listening to them as they near adulthood – the conversations that take place as they, now, try to figure out how to navigate the world that they ‘think’ they’re ready for. Then, the conversations that take place as adults when they reflect about the past and share how they interpreted words, conversations and phrases that were spoken during their younger years – even they have to laugh at themselves. Of course, there’s the spoken and unspoken conversations that take place between adults that are side-cracking, funny!!! Not to mention funny situations that you’ve gotten yourself into. LOL... You CAN'T make this stuff UP!! https://www.am*zon.com/dp/B01LDGL1WA Book III Are Black Women ALWAYS so Angry...Truth Excuse or Something else (An inspirational and educational book of articles that speaks to how Black Women Love) The purpose of this book of narrative, non-fictional articles promise to bitch slap you into owning your truth, then apologizing, forgiving, and hugging it out. It will enlighten, educate, answer that burning question that keeps so many up at night (smirk), and will help you help me help others who need help understanding the Truth, Excuse and the Something else as to why ‘Black Women are NOT always so angry’. Hmmmm. Are Black Women ALWAYS so Angry...Truth, Excuse or Something Else the link: https://www.am*zon.com/dp/1520984774
  5. And BTW, you’ve been gracing us since 1997?? While you’re ‘refreshing’ the logo, I’d LOVE a ‘refresher’ on your aalbc journey. soooo, @Troy, what’s your story?
  6. The one on the left. Changing the head color to represent - LOVE! Adding color to the letters, yet keeping the the acronym - Legacy! @Troythe incredible job that you and your crew(everyone who has, is and will become part of the aalbc community) do to educate, support, entertain, challenge, and offer opportunities to dialog IS your logo, but thanks for asking! Keep doin the damn thing!! AALBC FOREVER!!
  7. The visions of Octavia Butler tho. Thanks for sharing the article, @Troy
  8. Yoooo! Thanks for sharing!! I read Kindred 3 times, and can’t wait to watch the series on Hulu. It’s a story that took me on an emotional roller coaster, as I reflected about the sacrifices that our ancestors made for us to live closer to ‘freedom’. can you imagine experiencing Dana’s journey? I mean, how do you explain these “strange” occurrences with time past to your husband, or to anyone for that matter, and expect them to believe you? and then, be a kindred to a little white boy, whose parents are slave owners... But it goes to show you how forgiving we are, in spite of. my thoughts go in so many directions, as I think about the story, but I’ll some it up by saying, ‘Wakanda Forever!’ That is a promise that a civilization. Can go forward in the face of unspeakable hardship. And so it is
  9. OK, so I'm a little late to the party, but I don't believe there's an expiration date to submit responses. @Pioneer1, your responses about the movie and its characters were intriguing. At first, you made my head tilt to the right and my eyes squint because of how I interpreted your comments about Viola's character and the movie's attempt to 'masculinize' black women, but then I took a closer look and was able to recognize the intense love you have for us. Good look'n out. Thank you. Full disclosure. I looked up the definition of Pioneer to help me appreciate the magnitude of your passion. A Pioneer pushes the boundaries to advance a cause or idea. I appreciate you, @Pioneer1. You gave me food for thought. Viola, the BEAUTIFUL duckling who rose from a challenging life to the Woman King - much love my Woman King!
  10. Hey @Troy! Good to be missed my friend! Life has been taking me on a ride, but I’ve been keeping aalbc in my view. in fact, on Monday I uploaded my file for this book to BCP Printing!! Yeah baby!! once a bar code is assigned and the book is ready, I am excited to share. in the meantime, did I see something to the effect that I will receive a free profile page on aalbc? I also plan on moving my other 3 books to the site. take care my friend and keep doin the damn thang! we appreciate all you do to keep us front and center!
  11. But look at the AMAZING POWER that our black skin beholds: Intimidating, breath-taking, forgiving, exhilarating, inventing, BEAUTIFUL, strong, resilient, productive, head-turning, relevant, contributing, kind, empathetic, compromising, welcoming, loving, inclusive, compassionate, powerful, creative, forward-moving in spite of, holding our heads high, lifting the spirits of & fostering endless possibilities for everyone we love - causing those who don't love us to secretly admire our strength while outwardly denying our incredible abilities to make this world a better place... and WE STILL STAND!
  12. I'm in the process of self-publishing my 4th book and wanted to share a couple of letters to uplift. Enjoy! Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome! Dear Bathroom Facilities, Thank you for allowing me to be alone with you. You and I have so many secrets. Thank you for keeping mine on the low. I know that, at times, it is I who puts my business in the air, but when it counts, you’re always there for me. You’ve become my place of refuge - A place where I can wash the day’s demands away. Thank you for supplying me with everything that I need to release, refresh and revitalize. Thank you for protecting my pride, oh dear sweet bathroom facility. You’ve experienced the best and the worst of me. You’ve proven your unconditional love by harmonizing my words as they bounce off the shower walls. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to express myself during all sorts of private events. Much love – bathroom facilities. Dear Life, I have no regrets. As a matter of fact, when was the last time that I said, ‘I Love you’. Thank you for all of the experiences that you insisted I have. The lessons learned made me wise, the ‘failures’ made me strong, the women in my life made me the woman I am, the men make me smile, the laughter of children makes me dream, and the sun makes me shine. Thank you, life, for educating me about consequences, for introducing me to frequencies that have elevated my soul – helping me to rise up and manifest my here and now, to live in the moment, and to walk with gratitude on my right and spirit on my left.
  13. I like the first cover best because it’s not obvious. The title and the picture together made my head tilt northwesterly, and made my eyes shift in the same direction, in Curiosity. Now I wanna know more.
  14. This is also one of my favorite books. I read the book like three times. I highly recommend it
  15. I will be publishing a book of letters, and I’d like to give you a taste of the letters that I’ve compiled. All feedback is appreciated. I took the long way home just so that I could take the scenic route into your soul. On my way, I caught a glimpse of loneliness as I passed through the supplemental vessels that run wild. Then I came to rest at the upper left side of your chest. I felt a sense of love and warmth as our hearts became harmoniously synchronized. I stayed there a while - until I felt your heart beat faster. To keep the pace, I traveled up and down your spine; slowed you down; made you blush; confused your mind in a good way. Then I brought you down to avoid the point of no return. We held on tight. When was the last time you were…? Up and down your tibia, up and down your esophagus, up and down your tibia, down to your phalanges, wrapped around your large intestines. Then back up through your membrane. I stopped at your lips where we played tantra with our breath. I’ll take the long way home, but I will return tomorrow to address the unaddressed - at your address on the second floor - Be undressed.
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