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  1. Grooming A Generation.

    Saw On TV ,Grooming A Generation . Black Barber's In Their,Barber Shops Not Only Encourage Black Boys To ,Do,Good In School ,They Have The Black Boys Read Books,Out Loud ,Why They Get Their Hair Cut. Books About,Black People ,Books Written By Black People..I Was ,Impressed.. Black Men Mentoring Young Black Boys ,Something Black Preachers And Black Political,Do Not Have,Time To Do. Only Time To Get Black People Money ,And,Votes..This In Ypsilanti ,Michigan...
  2. Florida School Shooter.

    News Says This Idiot Murderer Was Able To Buy This Military ,Rifle At Age 19 At The Gun Store. He Is A Racist ,Says He Hates ,NIGGERS And Jews .He Wanted To Kill As Many As He,Could. Trump Talking Mental Problems, Nothing Wrong ,With Him Buying Guns ,Planning To Kill ,He Is A Racist . Racist ,Like Trump . On CNN News, Black Reporter Kamau Bell ,Interviewed The KU Klux Klan , The Klan Had There Faces ,Covered. ,Walking. Around With Rifles ,Other Guns .. Any ,Other Race Had Guns ,Weapons With Faces Covered Up ,Would Be Arrested . Trump Said Las Vegas Killer Was Evil ,White Texas Church Killer Was Evil ,Not Mental Problems. He,Supported Neo Nazi In Charlottesville ,He Did Not Say ,They Were Evil. Trump Becoming President Has Brung Evil,Out The Shadows Into The Sunshine ..Fox News White,News Talker Vocally Attacked LeBron James ,Kevin Durant ...They Put Some Words Back At Fox News Person. ....
  3. Black Panther ,Black Super Hero.. Another Black Super Hero.,Black Lightning A TV Show. Unfortunate ,There Are No,Black Super Heroes ,That Could Take On Street Gangs,Pimps ,Crack Sellers ,Thugs , Racist White Police ,And Neo Nazi ,Klan .. Savannah ,Georgia ,Not Chicago ,But Violent,Idiot Black Males. Someone Was Shooting At The ,Funeral Parlor ,Boy Was Shot Later ,Died. Seems Weekly ,Somebody Shot ,Black Men Arrested.. Preachers Marching ,Upon The Streets For Violence To Stop ..... ..Racist White Police Killing Unarmed Black Males ,Black Men Violent ,Killing,Black People. Future For Black People ,Unity ,Is Gloomy....
  4. A Deeper Love Inside.

    Best Selling Author ,Activist ,Sister Souljah ,Book. A Deeper Love Inside. Sequel To A Coldest Winter, .. Black Romance,Valentine Day...
  5. But, She Decided To Stay.

    Nkeizna Holly ,Remembers How He Use To Hold Her In A Loving Embrace. Kiss Her With A Smile Upon His Face. Now ,He Beats Her ,In His Mind He Thinks It's Okay. She Knows She,Should Leave ,But She Decided To Stay. From Her Family,And Friends She Tries To Hide Bruises And Scars. He Begs Her For Forgiveness ,Says He Cannot Be Behind Bars...The Gladness,Sadness ,And Madness ,His Emotions ,Always In Disarray.. She Knows She Should Leave Him,But ,She Decided To Stay. She Wonders What Makes Him Go ,Insane. As He Ignores Her Cries And Pain. Nkeizna Holly,Upon The Floor Motionless She Lay. She Knew She Should Have Left Him ,But She Decided To Stay. Nkeizna Holly,,Boyfriend Henry Johnson Cries As He Is Arrested. . I,Loved Her ,I Guilty He Said. Beneath The Rain That Falls,Nkeizna Holly. In Her Grave .She Lay... She Knew She ,Should Have Left Him ,But She Decided To Stay..
  6. Break The Silence Surrounding Black Women Experience Of Violence. From Black Feminist Perspective . Therapist ,Researchers ,Activist And Survivors . Book By Carolyn West...
  7. Black History Month.

    Black History Month,Created For Black People To Observe ,Black People And Events With Black People. Actor Morgan Freeman Says There Should Not Be A Black History Month,But American History. He Says White People Do Not Have White ,History Month. Black People Disrespect Black History Each Day. Do Not Understand How John Lewis Who Walked,Talked,With Dr. King ,Can Be Silent On Corrupt Preachers. Preachers Killing Their Wives,With Prostitutes,Children With Mistresses,Worshipping Money.. Black Men ,Gangs Slaughtering Black People In Streets,Crack,Houses...Black Unity Seem Impossible. Philadelphia Wins Super Bowl ,Wonder How Many Black ,Football Players Will Crawl To White House. Lunatic Trump,Said Football Players Were Sons Of B-Word. He Was,,Aiming At Black Football Players....Telling Black Children,About Black History Month,Black -History,Conversations, Not,In Black Homes,Churches ,Community Gatherings,..Black Police Silent On Racist White,Police Murdering Innocent Unarmed Black Men..
  8. Recy Taylor ,Dead At 97.

    In 1944 Recy Taylor Was Raped By White Men In Alabama . She Was Walking Home After Church When She Was Grabbed By White Men And Raped.. The All White Jury Refused To Find,The White Men Guilty. She Was 24 When She Was Raped,By The Racist Trash White Men..She Had To Raise Her,Younger Siblings At 17 When Her Mother Died..She Died,At Age 97 . She Died 3 Weeks After A Documentary ,Was ,Released About Her,The Rape Of Recy Taylor..Another Horror,Chapter In Black History........
  9. Entertainer Jay Z Has A Twitter War With Racist Lunatic ,President Trump. Trump Says He Is The Reason There Is Low,Black Unemployment. Jay Z Upset With Trump Saying,Africa,Haiti And Emptiness Salvador Are S-Hole -,Countries.. .Trump Has A Problem With Rich Black People ..He ,Hates People Who Are Not White......Black Republicans On The,News Supporting Trump. Annoying..!!!!
  10. This Country Racist Lunatic President Said He Does Not Want ,People From S_Hole Countries Africa And Haiti Coming To ,America. White Police In New Jersey Said Niggers Are Like,ISIS ,They Have No Value. No Matter Africa Immigrants ,African-Descendants ,From Middle East They See Them As Less...Any Race Of People Not White In This Country Is Minority To The Racist White....
  11. Black Hebrew Awakening.

    Book Speaks Of Hebrews Being Descendants Of Egyptian ,And ,Ethiopian. Africa In The Bible. Book By Dante Fortson. Saw Book,On Black Hebrew Book Section ....Racist White Church ,Do Not Speak Of Blacks In Bible. What Is The Reason The Black ,Preachers Do Not Preach About Blacks In The Bible,And Africa,In Bible. Bible, Black Preachers And Black Church People Say They,Read?????..Before Slave Ships ,African People Had Their ,Own Spiritual Opinion .Slaves Were Forced Christian Religion ,On,Slave Plantations...
  12. Crazy Christians!!!

    Saw On A Black Book Website. The Author I Doubt Is Talking About Controlled Flocks Who Are Controlled By Corrupt Preachers. Congregations Support Preachers Who Were With ,Prostitutes ,Have Children With Mistresses And Who Worship Money..There Can Be Poverty All Around The Church ,And Preachers Buy Another Car Or A Mansion.. They Crazy To Believe,Corrupt Preachers .Congressman John Lewis Walked,Talked With Dr. Martin Luther King,And He Is Silent,On Corrupt Preachers....Religious Congregations Support False,Prophets..Crazy Christians By ,Michael Curry..
  13. Congressman John Lewis Who Marched And Talked With Dr. Martin Luther King Talks About Moral Obligation. He Will .Not Talk About Black Preachers Corrupt Behavior. Preachers Killing Their Wives,Beating Their Wives,Having Children With ,Mistresses,Worshipping Money. Not Talking About Black Men Having Children With Many Women Not Raising Them. Street Gangs Slaughtering Black People In Streets . Crack Houses,Sex ,Houses .Difference Between Black Holocaust And The Jewish Holocaust, The Jewish People Are Not Continuing Their Holocaust. Racist White Can Watch Black People Genocide Themselves. The Church Used To Be A Place Of Unity And Strategy..Black Politicians ,NAACP.,Black Church Condones Corrupt ,Genocide Behavior In Black Communities..Moral Obligation To Stop Black Holocaust..What Would Dr. King Do?..
  14. Uncertain Resurrection.

    Uncertain Resurrection Book About Dr. Martin Luther King's Associations Effort To End Poverty And Militarism After Dr. King's Death.. Book By Chuck Fager..
  15. President Oprah Winfrey!

    Some People Want Oprah Winfrey To Be President In The Next,President Election. Neo Nazi Trump Says He Would Beat,Oprah Winfrey..It Amazes Me He Is Still The President. He Is Doing What The Racist White Want Him To Do..Trump Honours,Dr. Martin Luther King,Not Long After Saying Why Are ,People From Africa And Haiti ,S--- Hole Countries In This Country? .He Supports Neo Nazi In This Country. I Read That ,In 2008 Neo Nazi Was Planning To Assassinate Barack Obama ,Before The Election. They Were Going To Attack A Black School,Kill A Lot Of Black People ,Then Try To Assassinate Barack Obama Before The Election. The Nazi Christian Will Not,Let Another Black Person Become President.....What Would ,President Oprah Winfrey Do?