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  1. Good. Things. To. Eat. First. Cook Book. By. A. Black. Chef . Black-Chef. Rufus. Estes. Was. Born. A. Slave. Worked. His. Way. Up. To -Become A. Chef. On. A. Luxury. Railroad. Car. Two. Of. His. -Brothers. Died. During. The. Civil. War... He. Sounds. Interesting. ..
  2. Pastor. Warnock. Of. Ebenezer. Baptist. Church. Where. Dr. King -Preached. Wants. To. Be. Senator. Pastor. Warnock. Speaks. Of -Washington. D. C. Corruption. Pastor. Warnock. Not. Talking. About-Black. Church. Corruption. Preachers. Murdering. Their. Wives,-Preachers. Raping. Children. ,Caught. With. Prostitutes ,-Preachers -Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. Money. Buying. Rich. Cars. And. Hones-Not. Caring. About. The. Poverty. In. Poor. Black-Communities. Preachers. Getting. Teenage. Girls. Pregnant. -Preachers. And. Politicians. Desire. Money. And. Control. As. They -Talk. God. Fearing..
  3. The. Homeless. They. Lay. In. Alleys And. By. The. Street. Wearing -Tattered. Clothes. And. Tattered. Shoes. On. Their. Feet. They. Once-Had. Jobs. And. Homes. . Now. For. Jobs. And. Shelter. The--Streets. They. Roam. People. Pass. Them. By. Again. And. Again.. Does. Anyone. Care. For. Those. In. This. Rich. Country's. Poverty -Chain ? Mothers. With. Children. ,Their. Pain. And. Misery. They -Cannot. Hide. Upon. The. Ground. The. Homeless. Lie. Corrupt-Politicians. ,Preachers. Money. ,Control. They. Desire. Not. Caring-About. Those. In. Poverty. ,As. Poverty. Homelessness. Remain....-Doe
  4. His. Life. Was. Not. About. Positive. Purpose.. His. Life. Was. About-Money,Women,Revenge. And. Lust. Each. Day Of. The. Week . It-Was. Hustling. Times. In. Ghetto. Streets. Convinced. His. Gang-Members. Not. Important. Was. Education. Some. Of. His. Gang-Members. Dead. Some. In. Incarceration... Crack. Seller. And. Pimp -His. Crack. Addicts. Prostitutes. Their. Lives. He. Enslaved. Not. -Caring. If. They. Ended. Up. In. Graves.. ,He. Led. Many ,Gang. ,Drive. By's.. Not Caring. About. The. Innocent,When. Bulets,Begun. To. Fly -He. Became. What. His. -Father. Had. Been.. A. Not. Ca
  5. Black. People. Should. Always. Have. Respect. For. Black Veterans -The. Early. Wars,Revolution ,Civil. War. Both. World. Wars, ,Korean -War. . Blacks. In. The. Military. Protecting. People. In. The. -Middle -East. I. Am. Waiting. For. A. Black. Soldier. To. Be. Racially. Profiled -By. Racist. White. Police. Or. A. Black. Soldier. Choked. To. Death -Like. George. Floyd. And. Eric. Garner. .Respect. For. All. The. Black-Men. And. Women. In. The. Military. Protecting. This. Racist. ,Evil -Christian. God. Fearing. Country....
  6. Our. Time. Has. Come. Democrat. Stacy. Abrahms Book. About ,.Votes. And. Democracy. Under. Attack. Do. Stacy. Abrahms. Talk-About. Preachers. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. -Beating. Their. Wives.? Domestic. Violence. Not. Mention. Within. -The. Talk. About. Strong. Black. Women. Black. Women. Votes ..-She-Not. Talking. About. Black. Self. Genocide. Neither. Did. -South-Carolina. James. Clyburn .. Was. The. Idiot. Corey. Booker -Supporting. Lindsey. Graham? He. Is. Racist. Trash. Like. Trump. -There. Is. Talk. About. A. Black. Political. Party. There. Needs. To. Be-Black. Pe
  7. Racist. Trash. Trump. Has. Been. Voted. Out. CNN. Black. Talker -Van. Johnson. Crying. After. Biden. Won. Made. Me. Sick. He. Does-Not. Cry. When. Black. Children. Are. Murdered. By. Street Trash-Black. Gang. Thug. Men. Does. Not. Cry. For. Children Raped. By-Pulpit Trash. Snake. Preachers. Yes. Jobs. Need. To. Be. Created,'Affordable. Health. Care. Education.Money.To. Poor. Inner-City. Schools. Not. Just Rich. White. Schools.. The. Black. Problem -Black. Voices. In. The. News. Leading. Up. To. Election. Day. Not-A-Word. About. Preachers. Beating. Their. Wives,Murdering. Their. -Wives. Ra
  8. As. Another. Racist. White. Man. Comes. To. The. Bayou. The-Vengeful. Black. Panther. Is. Summoned. By. The. Hansberry's -Practicers Of. Voodoo.. The. Racist. White. Man. Joyfully,But. Then.-He. Sees. He. Is. Being. Watched. By. African. Lappet-Faced - Vultures. With. Horrifying. Grins. . The. Racist. White. Man. His-Racist. Hatred. Venomous. Like. A. Snakes. Poisonous . Coming. -Toward. Him. Black. Panther. With. Eyes Ominous.. Earlier. The -Racist. White. Man. Voice. Evilness. It. Displayed. Now. With. Fear-To. His. Jesus He. Prays.. Panther. Attacks. The. Racist. White. Man-Among. T
  9. We. Cast. A. Shadow ,Sheds A. Light. On the. Violence. We. Inherit - The. Things. We. Do. For. Our. Family. Book By. Maurice. Ruffini./
  10. These. Rich. Black. Athletes. And. Entertainers. Talking. About. -Voting. Is. Getting. On. My. Nerves. .Black. Voters. Should. Begin -Holding. Their. Community. Leaders. And. Elected. Political. -Accountable..Including. The. NAACP. Overseer's Of. Black. Votes. -If-The. Racist. Trash. Trump. Is. Voted. Out ,Pimp Houses,Crack-Houses,Street. Gangs. Slaughtering. Black. People. Will. Not. Stop.-Black. Political,NAACP,Athletes,Entertainers,Not. Talking. About ,-Black. Genocide. By. Black. People. ,Preachers. Stealing. Millions ,of,church. Money. To. Live. Rich. ,Not. Helping. Poor. Black. -Communi
  11. Lets. Play. White. . About. Race,Racism And The. Apocalypse.I. Think. Book. By. Chesya. Burke...
  12. The. Old. Folks. Have. Said.. That. Slave. Plantations. And. Slave-Cabins. Are. Haunted.. Among. The. Moss. Covered. Cypress. Trees-Do. Spirits,Shadows. Of. Slaves. Creep?. Among. The. -Spring-Flowers. That. Blossom. ,Within. The. Slave. Cabins. That-Was. The. Place. Of. Torture. ,Pain,Terror. Horror. And. Despair. As. I-Look. At. The. Slave. Cabins,I. Wonder. If. Something. Is. Or. Is. Not -There. Between. Those. Ancient. Walls,Beyond. The. Door. ,Is. The-Slave. Cabins. Empty. Or. Are. There. Unseen. Spirits. And. Shadows-That. Wander. Upon. Creaking Floors.?. Do. The -Spirits -Of. Our.
  13. My. Thoughts. Black. Republicans Like. Candace. Owens. Talk. Like-There. Is No. Racism. In. This. Country . There. Are No. Racist. -Klan-Police. Murdering. Black. People... Black. People. In. The. Trump. -Crowd . Amazing......
  14. Autumn. Rainy. Day. Motown. Junior. Walker Music. I. Play. .His--Saxophone. Playing. Is. As. Great. As. Yard. Bird. Parker -Bradford -Marsalis And. John. Coltrane...I. Listen. As. The. Autumn. Rain. Falls. -On. The. Window. Pane .. Junior. Walker's. Music. Gets. Me. In. The -Relaxing. Mood . I. Can. Feel. The. Rhythm. And. The. Groove. Like A-Poets. Poetry. Junior. Walker's. Saxophone. Can. Speak. Of. Love's -Joy,Happiness. And. Pain.. !listening. As. The. Autumn. Rain. Falls -Upon. The Window. Pane.. My. Beloved. She. I. Embrace. And. Hold.-To. Junior. Walker 's. Love. Songs. We. Dance
  15. How. Sweet. It. Is. Book. By. One. Of Motown. Great. Song. Writers -Lamont. Dozier. Who. Wrote. Songs. For. The. Supremes. ,4-Tops --And. Martha And. The. Vandellas.....
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