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  1. No. Black. Unity.. If. The. NAACP ,Black. Democrats. Can. Organize. ,To. Get. Black. Votes. They. Should. Organize. Kwanzaa. ,To. Uplift ,Black. Communities. ..Churches. Are. Slave. Cabins. And. Pimp ,,Houses. Preachers. Steal. All. The. Church. Money ...Talk. They. Have. Been. Blessed.. Preachers. Are. Snakes,Jackals. ,Hyenas ,Vultures. ..Black. People. Enslaved. Their Own. People. And ,Communities.. Where. Is. Black. Lives. Matter. And. The 90 $ Million. Dollars. In. Contributions. They. Got. ??????Millions. Of. Dollars. Going. To. Ukraine. ,How. Many. Millions. Going. To. Poor ,Inner. City. Schools. And. Communities. ...????
  2. Two Black. Icons. Has. Died. The. Great. Legendary. Bill. Russell...Who. Had. To. Deal. With. Racism. As. He. Was. Helping. The. Celtics. Win. Championships. I. Think. Racist. Trash. In Boston ,Wrote. The. N. Word. On. His. House..He Was. Involved. In. The,Civil. Rights. For. Black. People,,. Talented. Man. With. Class...Legendary. Actress. Nichelle Nichols. Lieutenant Uhura on,Star Trek. She Was. Involved. With. NASA. Getting. Women. Abd,People. Color. Involved. In. NASA. They. Both. Were. Intetesting....
  3. Legendary. Star. Trek. Actress. Nichelle Nichols. Died. ..Besides. ,Acting. She. Was. Involved. With. NASA. .Women. And. People. Of,Color. Getting. Them. Involved. In. NASA ..One. Of. Her. Books,Beyond. Uhura .And. Other. Memoirs. ...She. Was. ,Interesting.......The. Kiss. With. Captain. Kirk .First. Interracial. Kiss ,,On. TV. She. Played. A. Important. Role. On. Star. Trek. ,She. Was,The. Fourth. In. Command. On. The. USS Enterprise...Other,Roles. For. Black. Women. Were. Maids......
  4. Difference. Between. Black. Holocaust. ,Jewish. Holocaust. ..The,Jewish. Have. Unity. ,Not. Continuing. Their. Holocaust. Themselves. Jewish. Leaders. Involved. In. Their. Community ..Black,Preachers. Steal. Church. Money. Buying. Cars. Mansions,,Saying. God. Blessed. Them. .They. Stole. Money. ....,Black. Political. Controlling. Black. Votes. So. They. Don't. Live. In,,Poor Black. Communities. ,Sending. Their. Children. To. Better ,Schools. ,College. ..Preachers. In. Prison. For. Raping. Children ,,Murdering. Their. Wives. ,Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. Money,,Caught. With. Prostitutes ,,Pastor. Warnock. Trying. To. Get,,Reelected. Not. Talking. About. Preachers. Raping. Children. ,...As. Millions. Of. Dollars. Help. White. Ukraine....Both. White,Black ,Democrats. Support. ....Black. Lives. Matter. Are. They. Comfortable ,In. The. Black. Lives. Matter. House. They. Stole. Money. To. Pay ,For,???? LeBron. Janes,Magic. Johnson. Should. Have. Been. Over ,,Money. Black. Lives. Matter. Got. ...
  5. Former. Basketball. Player. Talks. About. Race,Family. Fatherhood....
  6. Was. Watching. The. National. Geographic. Channel. Episode. About ,Crack. Cocaine. In. Chicago.. A Black. Man. Wearing. A. Disguise ,,Talking. About. He. Has. A. Crack. Delivery. Service. He. Brings,Crack. Cocaine. To. His. Buyers. ..Crack. Delivery. Service..,...Over. 100. Gangs. In. Chicago. .Some. Crack. Selling. Gangs..Black. Men. Think. Of. Ways. To. Genocide. The. Black. ,Community.....Where. Is. Black. Lives. Matter ,NAACP ,The. Church,Politicians. ???All. The. Black. Support. Democrats. Get ,Black. And. White. ..Millions. Of. Dollars. To. White. Ukraine . Joe. Biden. Is. As. Racist. As. Trump. ........A. Black. Man. Was. Arrested., In,A. Chicago Crack. House. Wearing. A. Dr. Martin. Luther. King ,,Tee. Short. .Wearing. A. Dr. King. Tee. Shirt. .Young. Children ,Was. Taking. Out. Of. The. Crack. House. ...Black. Genocide. ..Do. Not. Heat. Voices. To. Stop. The. Self. Genocide...Amazing...
  7. When. Supporters. Of. Trump. Are. On. The. News. There. Are. Black ,People. There. ,Some. With. Signs. Saying. Black. People. For. Trump..,Will. Trump. Support. Herschel. Walker. To. Be. The ,Senator ?,.Pastor. Warnock. Just. As. Whacked. As. Herschel. Walker....,The,Democrats. White. And. Black. Support. Millions. Of,Dollars. To Help. White. Ukraine. ,Poor. Inner. City. Communities ,,Cannot. Get. A. Dime ...There. Is. A. Need. For. A. Black. ,Independent. Political. Party.. White. Democrats. Are. As Racist,As,The. Racist. White. Republicans.......If. Black. Democrats. Are. Giving. Money. To. Preachers. They. Should. Be. Voted. Out...
  8. Besides. Pastor. Warnock How. Many. Preachers. Are. Concerned ,About. Abortion....Preachers. Worship. Money. Do. Not. Care. About,Black. People. Or Black. Communities....Black. People ,,With,White. People. Protesting. .Abortion. Stopped..Black. People ,,Including. Preachers. ,Politicians. Do. Not. Protest. Street. Gangs,,Murdering. Black. People. ,Crack Houses. ,Pimp., Houses..Self. Black. Genocide........Preachers. In. Prison. For. Raping ,Children. ,Murdering. Their. Wives.....Pastor. Warnock. ,His,Republican. Challenger. Herschel. Walker. Both. Idiots.....Hitler ,Christians. Want. To. Stop. White. Women. From. Having. Abortions ,,The. White. Race. Will. Soon. Become. Extinct. They. Believe........
  9. Actress. Erica. Alexander. Involved. In. A Documentary. Movie ,About,Slave. Reparations. For. The. Descendants. Of. Slaves. In. This,Country...Erica. Alexander. Was. On. The. T. V. Show,Living ,Single .... It. Would. Take. Billions. .White. America Is. Against ,Reparations. For. Slavery.. Black. Lives. Matter. Got. Millions. In,Contributions. And. Stole. It. .Church. Takes Up Millions. ,The,Preachers. Steal......Heard. Politicians. Give. Preachers. ,Money..,Black. .People. Genocide. And. Enslave. Their. ,Communities,Every. Day...There. Are. Black. Slaves. Holders,Black ,Overseers. In. Black. Communities......Happy. Fathers. Day. To. All,The. Responsible. Black. Fathers.....
  10. Juneteenth Racism. And. Discrimination. Has. Never. Stopped .,,Confined. To. Black. Communities. .Racist. Murdering. Police..,Street. Gangs,Crack Houses. ,Pimp. Houses. ,Brings. Black ,Community. Enslavement...The. Church. Is. A. Slave. Cabin. ,Enslaving. The. Minds. And. Souls. Of. Black. People. For. Profit....,Controlling. Black. Votes. Black. Political. Can. Live. In ,Better. Communities. For. Their. Families. .....CNN. Will. Have. A,Televised. Celebration. Of. Juneteenth . So. What. Are. Black,People. Celebrating. With. Juneteenth ???????
  11. Read. June. 1, 1921. Black. Wall. Street. Burned. Down. Destroyed,By,,Racist. White. Trash. Terrorist. ......Racist. White,Just,As. Evil. Vile,Terrorist. Now. As. They. Were. Then.....They,Had. Black. Unity. Back. Then. ...Amazing. We. Cannot,Have. It. Now. Black. Preachers. Are. Money. Stealing ,Snakes. ,Supported. By. Black. Politicians. And. The. NAACP ..You,Cannot. Trust. Any Of. Them. . Black. Street. Gangs ,Pimps ,Crack. Sellers. Genocide. The. Black. Community. Each. Day......
  12. Black. Massacres. Tribute. To. Black. Wall. Street. By. Author ,,Maham The. Mentor. He. Said. He. Was. Tired. Of. The. ,Government. Limiting. Black. History Being. Taught... Talks. About. ,The. Black. Wall. Street Being. Burned. Destroyed. By. Racist. ,White,Terrorist.....
  13. First. Respect. For. All. The. Black. So!diets. That. Died. Defending,This. Racist. Country. ,And. Those. Died. For. Their., Freedom . ..Another. School. Massacre. ....Black. People. On. The,News. .Talking. About. Guns. .Someone. Wants. To. Do. Evil ,They. Will. .18. You. Can. Buy. A. A. R. Rifle. ..The. Buffalo., Store,White. Terrorist. Was. Planning. To. Kill. More. Black. People. ,At. A. Church. At. A. School. ......This. Could. Happen. At. Any. Time ,.They. Will. Not. Say. White. Terrorist. White. Supremacist .They. Say,,On. The. News.....Police. Saying. They. Should. Have. Went. In,Earlier. .This. Is. A. Hispanic. School ....White. School. They. Would,Have. Shot. Their ,Way. In......Some. Black. People., Believe,They. Will. Be. More. Racist. Terrorist. Attacks. By. White,Terrorist.....
  14. Black. Christian. Woman. Said. I. Forgive. The. Racist. White. ,Murderer. Who. Came. To. Buffalo. And. Murdered. People. At. The,Store. . Black. Christians. Ate. Idiots. Morons. A. Disgrace. ...The, Slave. Plantation. Negroes That. Malcolm. X. Talked. About ..The Racist. Terrorist. Murderer. Was. Planning. To. Attack. A. Black,Church. Go. To. A. School. Murder. Black. People. ....They,Trying. To. Have. A. Race. War. Black. Christians. Forgive ,The. Racist. Trash. Terrorist ..
  15. Love. At. A. Black. College. By. Shavonne Latrice.
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