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  1. Rodney. Reed. Will. Be. Executed. Before. Thsnksgiving..He. ,Was,Sent,To. Death. Row. Found. Guilty. Of. Murdering. A ,White,Woman. . He. Says. He. Innocent. Jury Was. White... The,White,Woman He Accused Of Murdering,Was A Girl Friend,Of ,A Ex White Police Officer. When The Ex White Police Officer,Was,A Police Officer He Served 10- Years For Kidnapping-Sexual Abuse.. When He Was In Prison He Told A Racist White,Man,His Girl Friend Was Involved With A Black Man,He. Was,Angry. About. It....People. Think. Ex. White. Police. Officer. Murdered. His. Girlfriend. ,. People. ,Celebrities. Are. Protesting. ,To,Stop. Rodney. Reed Execution. ,,Execution. Before. Thanksgiving ..
  2. Song. For. You. Book. About. Singer. Whitney. Houston. Affair,With,Her. Close. Friend. Robin. Crawford. Robin. Crawford,She,Says. She. Was. Intimate. With. Whitney Houston... She,Said Actor Eddie Murphy Told Whitney Not To Marry,Bobby-Brown.. She Said Whitney Houston Said The Bible Condemns,Their,Relationship,So They Had To Stop..... Sounds,Interesting. Song For You,By Robin Crawford ........
  3. Cheyenne Stands. Alone. Silent,In. The. Silent. Rain. A. Few. Days. Ago,She. Gave. Birth. To A. Baby. Again.. She. Gave Birth. To. Another,Son. Her Other Baby Daddies Are,Dead Beats, One In,Prison... Men She Had. Sex With ,,From Across The Street. She,Watches Them. Her Baby Daddy,Could Be That One,That One,Or Him.. She Sells Her. Self To Men On The Street,In Pimp ,Houses And At Clubs.. Sex For Money,Never Any Love...She Adds,on To Black Community Chaos And. Irresponsible Parent,Drama.. Baby Daddies. And. Baby. Mamas..... She. Will. Raise,Her. Recent. Baby. Alone,To. Herself. She. Confess.. Find. The,Father. Will. Take. Several. Paternity. Test!!!.
  4. Black. Preacher. And. His. Wife. Arrested. For. Stealing. $50'000,,Dollars,From. A ,77- Year. Old Woman. . Black. Preachers,Steal. Millions. Of. Dollars. Of. Church. Money. To. Buy,Cars,Mansions. ,Diamond. Rings,Gold Jewelry ,Go on Shopping,Sprees.. Preacher's And Their Wives Are Snakes,Jackals,And Hyena .. Church Congregation Happy When,Preacher's Steal Church Money. Not Caring About Black,Communities In Poverty... Church Congregation Are,Idiots,,Morons... NAACP ,,Black Political, Black. Church Preachers,Congregations. Support. Preacher's. Stealing. Millions Of,Church. Dollars,As. They. Talk. About. Poverty. On The. News..... Black. Christians. Are. Complete. Idiots -Morons...There. Is. A. New,Movie. About. The. Great. Harriet. Tubman . Black. Hero.. ..
  5. Harriet. Tubman- Demon. Slayer-. White. Slave. Owners. Cannot. Stop-Powerful. Ninja. Harriet. Tubman,So. White. Slave. Owners. Enlist ,Wrrewolves,Witches,Vampires. And. Demons To Stop Harriet-Tubman. Book By. David Crownson. There Is A Movie In Theatres ,Now About Harriet Tubman... ..
  6. Dark. And. Lovely, She. Is. On . The. Prowl.. When. She. Sees. Her. Prey,She. Begins. To. Howl. . Enchanting. Smile, And. Captivating. Eyes... Fangs Behind Her. Teeth , A. Savage. Beast. Inside... At Night,Men She. Captured In Her Snare. . Beneath The Moonlight,Erotic Love Making With Her , They Share. Then The,Men. Begin Shrieking ,Blood Curdling Scream, ,As She,Transform,Into A Beast. Beneath The Moonlight. ,Upon Their,Bodies She Will Joyfully, , Feast!!!....
  7. I. Read. Since,2004 ,64,000, Black. Women. And. Teenage. Girls. Are,Missing. Might. Be. 64,000. Black. People. Missing. Young. Black-Girls ,Missing Saw On , The. News. This. Week.. Black. Men Who,Are Pimps Prostitute Teenage Girls. Black Man Was,Arrested Prostituting A 14_ Year. Old Girl... Does The,NAACP, ,Political,, Churches , Look. For Missing Black People ,????
  8. Silent. Rainy. Night,Near. Screech. Owl. Hollow. Spanish. Covered,Cypresss. Trees,All. Around. Grow ..Grimsly White. Is,As,Racist,As He. Had. Always. Been.. His Favorite Hanging. ,Cypress,Tree, He Lynched Many Black Men. Grimsly White,Returning. Home. From His Cypress. Hanging Free He. Hears,Moans. To The Hanging Tree,He Comes Near .. Then ,Lynched,Black. Men Appear.. With Nooses Around Their Neck,The,Men Say ,We Were Innocent,Again And Again.. As The,Screech Owl. Speak. Grimsly White Name.. Grimsly White,Does,Not. Believe. What. He. Sees. Because. Of . A. Unseen ,Force. He. Cannot. Flee. Grimsly White, Grimsly White. The. Screech-Owls. Speak. Blood. Curdling Fear,Grimsly. White Screams. And. Shrieks... The. Lynched. Black. Men. Take. Grimsly White. Inside. The,Cypress. Hanging. Tree,, Forever To. Be. Intombed. While. On ,Grimsly White. Family. Slave. Plantation,Cherry Trees,Bushes. And,Flowers Are. In. Summer. Bloom...
  9. Book. About. A. Demon. Hunter. Hunting. Demons.By. Fantasy-Horror,Writer. Brandon. Massey...
  10. In. Texas. Black. Woman. Was. Murdered. In. Her. Home. By. White,Police. Officer. I. Think. Not. Surprised. White. Female Police,Officer. Got. 10- Years. For. Shooting,Killing A Black Man. In,His Own Apartment..... Ex Football Player Ray Lewis ,Once Said,Police Are Hunting Black Men. 2-Black Women Launched And,Attack Inside. A BBQ Restaurant.. In Memphis... In Memphis,A 11- Year Old Girl Is Missing. Do Black Churches ,NAACP,Black,Political. Search For Missing , Black. Children? News,Said,Democrat. Elijah. Cummings. Died.. .At. 68.....
  11. Black. Man. That. Was. Shot. And. Killed. By. A. White. Police. Officer,Trial. Has. Begun.. In. Dallas,White. Female. Police. Officer,Who,Went. Into. The Wrong Apartment,And Shot And,Killed,A Black Man,Said She Thought. She Was In Her,Apartment ,And He Was An Intruder. So She Shot,Him.. She,Trying To Have Tears , For The Jury To See. She Lying, ,And ,Fake,Crying... Wonder If It's A White Jury? Will The Prosecutor ,,Make A Effort. To Put Her Behind Bars.. In I. Think. Milwaukee,Black. Police. Officer. Was. Sentenced. To. Prison. For,Shooting A White. Woman. He. Said. He. Was. In. Fear......Klan ,Has,Said. They. Have. Members. In. A. Lot. Of Places..... .
  12. I. Read. That In. 2015 ,President Obama Planned. To. Give. The,Jewish-People. In. America 12-Million.,Dollars, .Reparations. For. The. Holocaust,Survivors. Jewish Holocaust Took Place In Europe ,Not,In,This Country. I Always Wondered Did The U. S. Know. What,Adolf Hitler Was Doing Before Pearl Harbor Was. Attacked..Also Read This Country Planned To Give Over A Billion. To,The Japanese Americans Heirs.. White Americans Support Giving,,Money For Reparations To. Everybody, Except Black People. President. Obama. Should. Not. Speak. Kwanzaa Again.. The,Black,Politicians ,NAACP ,Black. People. Who. Want. Reparations,Did. They. Tell. President. Obama. ?He. Has. Been. Called,The. President For. Everyone. Except Black. People.. Then. There. Is. Rich. Black. Preacher's. ,Poor. Poverty. Black. Communitues. Why. Is. John. Lewis. Silent. John. Lewis. Will. Not. Talk. Corrupt,Money,Stealing. Black. Preachers.. He. Talks. Often. About,Dr. King. . John. Lewis,Black. Political ,NAACP, Most. Black. People. Support. Preachers. Stealing. Church. Money,Living. Like. Millionaire ,,,Athletes ,Movie. Stars,Rock. Stars,Not. Caring. About. Black-Community. Poverty.... Black Preachers,Politicians ,Are. Among. The,Black. Slave. Holders. At. This. Present. Time...
  13. Awaken, From. A. Romantic. Dream. So. Real. It. Did. Seem. . On. A. Tropical. Island,With. A. Beautiful. Black. Woman,,We Walk,Loud. Is The,Ocean. Roar. . Noisy Sea. Birds Wander Upon The Shore... A,Place To Be Alone We See. Away From The Loud Crowds,And,Howler Monkeys In The Trees.. A Blanket. We Did Lay,Upon,Each Touch. And Kiss. . Did Bring Enjoyable Bliss... Our,Passion Rising Like Flames Of A Fire.. Erotic -Whospers,Surrending. To Each Other's Desires. Loud. Was. The. Moans,,Soft. Was. The. Sighs. Loud. Was. The. Groans,And. The. Love-Cries..Caressing. In. A. Loving. Embrace. Laughter,Smiles. Upon. Our. Face.. Awaken, I. Remember. The. Echoes. Of. The. Pleasure. In. My. Mind,She. And. The. Echoes. Linger..
  14. Book. About. The. Relationship. Several. Women Had. With. A. Dead-Hotel. Owner...
  15. I. Read. Tennis. Star. Serena. Williams ,Was. Called A. Monkey,By,A,Romanian. Talk. Show. Host. He. Said. Serena. Williams,Looks. Like. A. Zoo. Monkey. Racist White ,Racist Non,Black,People Are In Every Country. Doubt This Gets In Her ,Head.. Think Serena And Venus Was Raised To Ignore The. Racist,Comments . Serena Has Been The Victim Of Racist Commebts,Before.. Once Serena Was A Cartoon Subject,She Was,Shown As A Angry Baby With A Big Nose And Lips ,I Read.... She. Is. The. Greatest. Women. Tennis. Player, One.Of The Greatest,Athletes Of. All. Time.. ...When. Serena. And Venus. Stop. Playing. Tennis. Tennis. Museums,Statues. Should. Build. For. Them!!.
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