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  1. And Still I Cook.-Leah Chase..

    Leah Chase Second Cook Book,Not Just About Her Recipes,But Her Reflections On Life,Family,Friends And Business..Black Cook-Books As Plans For Thanksgiving Dinner Soon To Be Planned...
  2. Amazing. On The News ,African Men And Boys, Being Sold In 2017. CNN News ,Went Undercover To Libya. African Man's Voice ,,Do You Need ,A Digger Or A Farm Worker ,Hands Go Up Bids Up To $650.00. Dollars, Some Slave Bidders On The Phone Bidding.. . The Men And Boys Came To Libya Hoping To Be Smuggled To Europe ,For, Economic Opportunities . The Smugglers ,Were Stopped. So The Smugglers Became The Slave Sellers ,The People That Were Hoping To Be Smuggled To Europe ,Became Slaves Being ,Sold,In Slave Auctions...CNN News Has Some Of ,This On Video. Some Of The Men And Boys Were Interviewed...Amazing......
  3. Hebrews To Negroes

    Hebrews To Negroes. Book Talks About Black People , Are God's ,Chosen People. . .Bible Mentions Ethiopia .Says There Is Bible,Scripture Proof. I Am Sick Of Black Preachers Who Love,Trump , After He Supported Neo Nazi In Charlottesville..On The News ,There Was A Black Preacher Supporting Trump..Hebrew To Negroes,Book By Ronald Dalton. Saw On,Book,Website...
  4. Hack! Donna Brazile .

    Hack Is About Donna Brazile Claim That The 2016 Democratic,Primary Was Rigged For Hillary Clinton Over,Bernie Sanders..She Said Democrats Are Angry With Her,She Said Her,Critics Can Go To Hell I Think She Is Trying To Sell Her Book. Donna Brazile Was The Former Chair Of The Democratic National,Committee . She Needs Talk About Holding Black Leaders ,And Preachers Accountable. Preachers With Prostitutes ,Preachers Killing Their Wives,Having Babies With Mistresses ,Stealing Church Money In The Name Of The Lord......NAACP,Not, Wanting A Black Woman To Be President Of The NAACP...
  5. Black Veterans Day.

    I Think All Are Almost All This Country's Wars Black Soldiers Have Been In. Defending This Country , While Being Deprived,Of Freedom ,,Equality And The Pursuit Of Happiness... On Veterans Day ,We Should Honor Our Own ,With Reflecting ,Memories And Prayers.. Those Living And Those Dead, ...
  6. In New Jersey, Racist White Police ,Charged With Hate Crimes. He Was Caught On Tape Saying , Niggers Are Like ISIS ,They Have,No Value. He Bought A Police Dog To Intimidate Black,People At A Basketball Game. I Think He Slammed A Black,Male's Head Into A Steel Door,Who Was A Suspect..Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Should Be On The News,Now Saying ,This Is Why I Was Kneeling Down...They Need To Show How Many White Police Have Been Fired For Klan Members On The News,Those Caught Saying Racist Things...When Robert Mueller Finish Investigating Trump And The Russians ,He Should Investigate Neo Nazi,KLAN In Police And ,U. S. Military...
  7. BOO!

    Halloween,News Says Black Licorice Not Good. Never Had,Licorice ,. Prefer Chocolate. With Almonds Or Peanuts..No,Halloween Costume Or Horror Movie ,Scarier Than,Trump .. His Demonic Followers Want Him To Fight,The Russian Investigation. His Neo Nazi Followers Are Capable Of Doing A Lot Of Evil Things...Nazi Rallies Continue....
  8. The Ancestors.

    The Ancestors, Black Supernatural And Horror. Book By ,Authors,Brandon Massey,Tanarive Due And L A Banks....
  9. In Charleston South Carolina ,Black Man Named Joe McGill ,Sleeps In Slave Cabins .He Talks About How He Felt ,Sleeping ,In Slave Cabins,The Experience.. .In Winston Salem ,A Black Man There ,Wants To Save The Slave Cabins,His Family History,,He Wants Contributions To Save The Slave Cabins,Slave Houses,Other People Say They Should Be Demolished...In ,Virginia A Lost And Forgotten Slave Cemetery Was Found. So,Many Slave Cemetery Have Been Forgotten ,Abandoned .....The,Church ,NAACP,Politicians Should Preserve ,..Slave,Cemeteries .
  10. Widow Of Fallen Soldier La David Johnson Speaks. Soldier,La David Johnson Was Killed With 3 Others In Africa. ,They Were ,Ambushed. Other 3 Soldiers Were White. Lunatic Trump Spoke,To La David Johnson Widow. She Said She Felt Worse ,After Listening To Trump. Trump Said ,He Knew What He Signed,Up For. Disrespectful. Trump Talking Disrespectful,To A Fallen Soldiers Family, As He Says Football Players Are Disrespectful When They Kneel Down During The National Anthem. News ,Politicians Did Not Know U. S. Soldiers were In,Niger -Africa. Trump Is A Racist Lunatic ,Disrespecting ,A Black Fallen Soldiers Family ,He Supported Neo Nazi With Nazi Flag,And The U. S. Flag Marching With Torches In Charlottesville In August......Soldier La David Johnson Was Looking Forward To Their Third Child,His Widow Is Pregnant. He Has A Son And A Daughter. Black Man Disrespected After He Gives His Life Serving,His Country..
  11. Search Past Silence,Book Author Argues That Educators Need,To ,Understand The Social Worlds And Complex Literary Practices ,Of Black Males To Break The School To Prison ,Pipeline....Yes.,And I Say. The NAACP,Black Churches And Politicians Should Be Mentors And Teachers To Black ,Children,Before They Get To High School..Search Past ,Silence,Book By Dr. David Kirkland...
  12. News ,Opioid Killing White People In America. It's A Epidemic,Some Say. The Heroin Opioid Users,Should Get Counseling Not Jail Time. Black And Brown Get Prison Time...The Crack Epidemic ,Put Black And Brown Behind ,Bars...In The White Communities Where There Is Heroin Opioid ,Is There ,Dead Bodies From Shoot Outs?Black Crack Gangsters ,,They Do Not Care About Innocent People They Shoot When There Is A,Crack Selling Territory War Battle..Crack Buyers And Crack Sellers Are The Same,Crack Buyers Bring Gangsters In Communities....White .Supremacy Trying To Control Other Races,,White People Are Becoming Expendable..Watch The News,White People Dying From Opioid Is A National Epidemic,Something Must Be Done......Poor Black Communities,With Crack Gangsters,,Lot Of Black Leaders Do,Not,Care...
  13. Preparing Black Youth.

    Preparing Black Youth For Success. Some Black People Are Involved With Trying To Motivate Black Children Educationally..Except The Church ,Preachers Love Money,Cars,Poverty All Around The Church ,They Do Not Try ,To Help Black Children. The Black Football Players Trying To Speak To Politicians About Unarmed Black Males Gunned Down By Police. . They Need To Talk About White Police That Have Been ,Fired The Past 6_Years For Being Klan ,KKK,Members..Preparing Black Children For Success Book By Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu..
  14. Book About The Late Great Curtis Mayfield. Curtis Mayfield -Not,Just A Great Singer ,Songwriter But A Talented -Musician..His,Song People Get Ready Was A Anthem During The ,Civil Rights Movement. Curtis Mayfield Was Born In ,Poverty,Raised In The Slums Of Chicago ...Saw This Book On A ,Music Books ,Website. Book By Todd Mayfield And Travis Atris.....Did Not ,Check Out The Authors.....
  15. Black Woman Turns White.

    In A Dove Soap .Commercial A Black Woman Using Dove Soap ,Becomes White . Yes, There Was A Uproar. .Criticism. They Were ,Trying To Represent Women Of Color. .Using Dove Soap A Black --,Woman Cleanse To Whiteness...Black Woman Uses Dove -Soap,Pulls Off Her Shirt ,A White Woman ,Appears...Amazing..Black Is Beautiful....