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  1. I love that!!! In my opinion people fight because they have bought into the Hegelian dichotomy of fight or flight as though there are not other options. Only people who have achieved self mastery could consider mastering their opponent. #ChessNotCheckers #Mate
  2. Why did you stop doing affiliate programs @Troy? I came here specifically because I want to send you traffic instead of A2Z.
  3. vaguely...it went out in a blaze of glory. This whole process of investigating the BBE is making me more aware of how important Pyramid was. Though at the time it seemed like just a guilty pleasure. Hours could fly by in that place just reviewing the merchandise.
  4. ...they are being fed that nonsense for a reason... I think the reason is the generators of that nonsense fear an awakening taking place among the masses. If not there would be no need to generate propaganda and lies. Google Trends is a tool to track what people are thinking based on search word interest level. But even that can be manipulated. What happens when an idea they do not want to spread starts to trend, goes viral and catches on like wildfire. All they will be able to do is watch it burn. Despite what they want there is nothing like the power of an idea whose time has come. That video was created in March out of fear. They were hoping to curtail ideas other than the ones they want people thinking. Vanity Fair is writing about something that failed to achieve its objective six months ago because they really have no confidence in their rhetoric. Taking a second bite of that apple wont make it taste any better six months later. It's still just as rotten as it was then. Think about it. How old is "Imagine?" 1971!!! Does that mean nobody has had an idea in 50 years that is more inspirational than John Lennon??? It's not looking good especially since that little stunt was a miserable failure.
  5. Not just the FBI but the NSA...and they sell the data to guess who? None of which bothers me...anybody whose life is so empty they have to watch others live their own are the least of my concerns.
  6. The former Pyramid Books on Georgia Avenue in DC. Hodari is a legend here. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1981/12/10/new-bookstore-fills-void/ba2c912b-1063-46e1-8680-ada97fa51c20/
  7. Google doesn't push ads to me about my searches. The ads are based on time and location. The only ads I see are related to cookies from sites where I have an account. Lately the only ad I've been seeing is from Ingramspark. Your ads show up fine. The google ads are blocked. That's Firefox for you. Just turned off the tracker for AALBC.COM. Audible is your number two advertiser. That's funny.
  8. This is why control is more important than ownership. Haki owns TWP but JB controls the information about sales of TWP on A2Z. That's only true because no one has a plan in place to counter it. Again we are watching people play the game and know all their moves but we have no winning moves of our own. If they could make more as a third party seller somewhere else that would cease. It's not about profit or ownership... it's about control. JB controls what we let him control. Control over publishing and distribution is essential. Hodari Ali made mention of his plans to start franchising Pyramid Books. Imagine a system where turnkey Bookstores by their books from the publisher and distributor. Now make those Bookstores a bookmobile. iSankore. That's not ownership. That's control. That's what JB has and he only has it until someone builds a better mousetrap that they control. *Buy
  9. Maybe. Haki Madhubuti in Plan to Planet has a chapter: "The Necessity of Control: Publishing to Distribution—a Short Proposal for Black Distributors." He talks about the mafia controlling distribution. When the NYT started being self distributed they got shut down. Anybody who sold the NYT would sell nothing else. Newsdealers who owned their locations could not control what they sold. Control/access is key. NO!!! But I know the ads etc are different. The news they show has nothing to do with my searches. It's more comfortable than seeing what I searched for show up in my news feed. NO!!! But I know the ads etc are different. The news they show has nothing to do with my searches. It's more comfortable than seeing what I searched for show up in my news feed. And that's just on Google's end cookies are a whole other source of info. Every site has their own tricks to make it seem like they are giving you the option to opt out of cookies. Any site that uses cookies gets and scooped up in Googlebot...they gotcha Chrome tracks searches too...it has to be opted out separately. Firefox to the rescue. They block trackers...and ads.
  10. Only if you don't opt out. And even then I get recommendations that I don't necessarily care for. They are terrified of this: "Imagine no possessions"
  11. Just watched it. We now have evidence rich smart people will make a mistake at some point in the future and the world will end before they realize it was all their fault. The biggest thing is they were singing in environments that were diametrically opposed to the lyrics of the song. "Imagine no possessions."
  12. The people that made this thread necessary just made a video. A collection of AA celebrities could do the same or better by singing one line each of Wake Up Everybody. Just realized this is old news.
  13. One of the things he brought to mind is the University of Sankore. Islamic scholar Abd al-Rahman al-Tamimi needed to go back to Fez before he was qualified to teach at Sankore. Outstanding literature is a product in demand. A supply of Gwendolyn Brooks' and Toni Morrisons that can only be gotten through the Black Books Ecosystem encourages more of the same.
  14. It gave me a different vision. Wait till you read Phase 2. It seems like he is talking about having a monopoly over books by Black authors, although he does not use that word.
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