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    @Troy and All, Yes, it is an AMAZING story. Transportation for research has been the biggest expense so far - thousand$. Thankfully, there were three local historians/researchers who had already done tremendous work and they willingly shared the documents and information they had dug up. We are forever grateful Three examples of what they shared with us: photocopies and handwritten transcriptions of my great grandfather's trial record where he challenged the all white jury because it was not "a jury of his peers" - THIS WAS IN 1868!!!![/b] handwritten letter from my great grandmother's "owner" seeking a military escort to take his valuable property (enslaved Africans) from Franklin, TN to Montgomery and far from the reach of Union forces - IN 1862 a handwritten statement, decades later, from a founder of the local KKK Klavern listing the others present at their first meeting in Franklin, TN We are EXCITED!!! CLANDESTINE - The Times and Secret Life of Mariah Otey Reddick tells the story of my great grandmother's family. Family lore has it that she was a SPY when she - as is WELL-DOCUMENTED - worked in the household of President Jeff Davis in Montgomery before the Confederate White House was established in Richmond, VA. Out of concern for their safety, records of Union spies were destroyed after the war, so unfortunately we have no confirmation. However, you might remember that another African/Black woman - Mary Elizabeth Bowser - spied for the Union in the Richmond White House!! http://time.com/4350450/mary-richards-bowser/ I'm sorry, y'all!! I got carried away!!!! Damani
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    Well, Brothers and Sisters, we've made some progress. Troy referred us to an editor who did a wonderful Manuscript Review. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TROY!! @Troy I don't know the protocols, so I won't mention her name, but she gave us positive feedback, some critiques and excellent suggestions for honing our 399 page (much more when double spaced!) manuscript into a book. VERY grateful to her!!! We are - and I hope it is OK to mention it here - now in the last phase of a crowdfunding campaign to help offset some of the pre-publication expenses. Check out our video and more information here: igg.me/at/ClandestineBook The backstory of how and why we came to write our historical novel is here: Clandestine-Life.com We WILL publish this year! Damani
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    @Delano I hope you are right, but without doing nearly as much research you have done history tells us that the law is very slow at catching up with wealthy people — if ever.
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    In addition to starting our own leagues. We could have simply boycotted the NFL. But obviously we don't care enough about what Colin was protesting. Kind of reminds me of my survey exploring the idea of boycotting Amazon's bookstore -- not the whole site just the bookstore--in an effort to prevent them from dominating the sale of black books. The strongest push back was from authors themselves -- the ones who actually are being hurt the most. People are not prepared to do the work, make the sacrifices, spend the money to start their own League any more than they would engage in the much easier activity of boycotting the NFL. As a result we just get used and abused. Collins looking for a job and nothing changes.
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    I intend to have the information I gathered about independent publishing ready by next week. For now, I want to share a link from the New York Public Library. Your state may have a similar program. Look on the website and see. The details of the submission process are outlined. I just sent my review copy and information in. As one would expect they want the usual: ISBN No., Publication date, and reviews. Although the guidelines state a desire for diversity, the preferred review publications are Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and the other trade journals that are difficult for even traditional publishers to get into. Foreword, a trade journal which reviews small press and independently published books, is not mentioned as a preferred publication. The decision process takes six months. They do not order books from Amazon or other online vendors. The preference is for Baker & Taylor and Ingram. As stated in an earlier post, these distributors only take books from publishers that have already achieved a certain amount of success. A new publisher or an independently-published author would not be considered. As a balance to their biased information gathering, I included the seven public libraries and the historical society (someone sent An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones to the Wisconsin Historical Society -- I don't know who, but I am grateful) that had already accepted the book. With the torrent of books published each year, many of them poorly written and edited, I understand the need for guidelines. But people are going to have to use a little more imagination if they are not to overlook the fine books that are in the 21st century slush pile. The Diary of Ann Frank was rescued from that slush pile. I was tempted to write a cover letter reminding them that we would not know the work of Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, Amiri Baraka, and Frederick Douglass if only traditionally published writers were selected for the library shelves. But I figured they were inundated with paper and wouldn't want anything they hadn't asked for. I'll let you know what happens in November. So here's the link: https://www.nypl.org/ask-nypl/author-submissions This link needs to be in plain text, which I don't know how to do. Try putting NYPL Submission guidelines for authors and publishers in your search engine. Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday!
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    Hi @Damani, thanks for taking the time to share the good news. You can always mention AALBC's Edit 1st, when it comes to manuscript editors. Sounds like a fascinating story.
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    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44215656 Ukraine paid Michael Cohen to meet with Donald Trump. The details are interesting @Troy https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-manafort/judge-questions-ex-trump-campaign-chiefs-bid-to-suppress-evidence-idUSKCN1IO19F https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-twitter/trumps-blocking-of-critics-on-twitter-violates-constitution-u-s-judge-idUSKCN1IO2P2 Cohen and Manafort or getting some heat. Has been able interesting couple of days. Let's see what June has in store.
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    Dude I have thought about what you wrote. Many of the ideas in mind head are not based upon my experience. These ideas, often the most profound ones, come from reading. For example, my belief in a single human race is derived completely from information outside my own experience. If I used my own experience, like Pioneer and perhaps yourself, I would still believe in multiple races. If your only source of information is your personal experience can not assimilate new information, not an you grow. This is not to say that I don't have my own ideas, based upon experiences, like my stance on Google and social media. Now I know my perspective is in the minority so when the journalist at 60 Minutes substantiated my ideas I feel justified in running with them. If the broadcast refuted everything I wrote. I would be forced to reconsider. I'm perfectly open to doing this, when the preponderance of evidence is against me.
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    On. PBS. Channel, They. Talked. About. Famous. Books,To,Read. The Black. Authors. Books. Mentioned.James-Baldwin,Another. Country,Ralph. Ellison,Invisible Man,Zira-Hurston,Their. Eyes. We're. Watching. God,Alice. Walker,Color-Purple,Sister. Fallujah,The. Coldest. Winter,And. Colson-Whitehead,The. Intuitionist...Toni Morrison,Beloved...
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    ethiopian post apocalyptic film enjoy @Mel Hopkins @Troy
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    Then I suspect Del that 45 must be going insane. Very few people have ever had this level of insults constantly hurled at them. 45 has to live in his own bubble of fox news, sycophants and disillustion racists. The real world is much too hostile. If he were not POTUS I would probably feel a but sorry for him.
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    If 45 sicced Cohen on the The Onion, the man must be incredibly thin skinned. But imagine being the constant butt of jokes and harsh criticism. Imagine what it must be like for a 45's kid to see his dad (and family) ridiculed on most media outlets.
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    Oh, hell-to-the-no! I doubt there are very many heterosexual Black men on Earth -- even --- the British ones, who could give a flying f*ck about this wedding. Assuming Mel is serious, I suspect that there is a strong correlation between the genders (assuming two for simplicity sake) regarding interesting in the "royal" wedding. If there are any men Black heterosexual men who watched the wedding, I'd like to hear from you. What motivated you to do it and what did you get out of it? As far as the so called "race" of the bride, who cares?
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    Yeah, brother Troy, your piece and the segment are virtually identical. Though I believe more of Google's DOD drone and weaponization of social media aspirations merit greater scrutiny as well. Especially since Google's aim appear to target the Black business community. Thanks for the share!
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    Sorry -- I meant to log in for the above post -- which I have now done.
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    @Delano I doubt they will even impeach 45 before the year is out. You might be listening to too much left-wing news. Try some right-wing news for a minute it might throttle your giddiness.
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    You can forget July man. 45 has a better chance of winning a nobel peace prize than getting booted out of office in July
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    @Pioneer1, there you go again projecting your values and beliefs onto those of the general population. What about a man that wants to simply had]ve a woman as a friend?
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    Films are screened at the cinema; movies are watched that the theater with a tub of popcorn and a 1/2 gallon of Coke
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    Lando Calrissian was three faced in Star Wars . Troy doing the full Monty to "promote" AA LBC.
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    however the moors mighta been teaching the same thing about us flying and using the pyramids as a tranportation portals ancient helicopters and shyt Come on bro, you know White people weren't the first to fly! We were flying for THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of years before White people even existed. Gerard is just parroting the same bullshiit he learned in his physics class....lol. How can they be the first to fly when: 1. You have documented evidence found not only on the pyramids of Kemet of flying vehicles but also from the art work of the ancient Mayans and Incas? 2. White folks are operating on the LIMITED mathematics that WE gave them. Algebra was brought to Europe by the Moors! Infact, Terrence Howard (who's not even a scientist but an actor) came on television the other day talking about a NEW type of mathematics that he either invented or discovered that he presented to Oxford University and they didn't even wanna acknowledge that a Black man knows something they don't! Del Perhaps rapper are proxy killers and promoters of death on behalf of the label or capitalistic structure. Well Minister Farrakhan says that back in the early 80s there was a meeting that record executives had with those looking to invest in private prisons before it became big business. He said that a plan was orchestrated to promote GANGSTA RAP music among the youth the encourage them to become lawless so that they could get arrested and fill up the prisons for those investing in them. Not sure how true this is, but it sounds reasonable in a capitalistic system. Troy Hey Pioneer, if I took off my shirt and wiggled around in a video shooting people would you talk about AALBC on other websites? If you took your shirt off and wiggled around in a video I would DEFINATELY talk about your site to other GAY WHITE MASONS......lol. Might even share it with the GAY-K-K...lol. Mel Exactly, why I chose not to talk about the video! I did watch it once on twitter out of curiosity . I wanted to know what all the fuss was about - Once I saw it, I thought nothing to see here move along. It wasn't sharing anything that I didn't already know. Further, I'm not impressed by Donald Glover's work. @Pioneer1 's discussion of the video allowed me to revisit the role of art - but the video, meh. The problem is....... And the reason this video SHOULDN'T be ignored is...... It could be doing far more harm to Black youth than good. If there's any good that comes from it. If you care about Black youth, you would want to know what type of negative conditioning and programming is being aimed at them to retard their progress.
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    I hate it when people start provocative discussions and then just DISAPPEAR out of thin air.....lol. You get all fixed up to have a decent dialog and it ends after 2 posts.

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