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    @DelanoAccording to MSNBC’s Ari Melber the answer is yes https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/01/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-returns.html
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    Trump should be in prison, not on the ballot in 2020. If Dems cant make this happen, they full of crap. TREASON, HIGH CRIMES & MIS., FRAUD, s*xUAL ASSAULT, TAX EVASION, ESPIONAGE, BRIBERY, INCITING RIOTS, VIOLENCE AND MURDER. IF DEMS DONT DELIVER, THEN THEY IN ON IT TOO. If the average citizen had done any of these things, guess what...
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    Honestly, I don't know WHAT I would have done had I lived in that situation. I'm glad to be blessed NOT to have lived in it. Nevertheless, 400 years is a LONG time to think. Generation after generation after generation. You had many examples of AfroAmericans who actually THOUGHT about their situation and reconed that death would be sweeter than the life they were living....the Toussaints, the Turners, and Vessy's. Not to mention the thousands who probably jumped off the slave ships while they were traveling the Atlantic. I'll be quiet on this one. ~Love and Respect to the Ancestors~
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    Yep it was a choice between enslavement or torture and death. Slavery works when the mind has been enslaved. @Pioneer1 something tells me you and Kanye would be picking cotton along with almost everyone else...
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    @Queen X in not sure about religions being cruel, but the practitioners often are. @Cynique they will connect RGB to a life support machine, if they have to keep that seat blue. But some republican will cut the power...
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    This is the essence of what I gripe about all the time regarding the web. I guess the complaints one has are subjective and relative. Most people can't understand my bitching about facebook, amazon, and google henceforth to be reffered to as "FAG," indeed expecting me to be happy i have many followers and both amazon and google send me checks every month. Ill be less critical of what people complain about moving foward, but i'll continue to contend that the media, particularly social, aggitate (in the bad way) people for profit.
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    @Troy Of course everyone would agree with your choice. Black people can only imagine how slavery was, and southern Jim Crowism officially ended with the passage of the Civil Rights act 50 years ago. In the present, the only thing blacks can relate to is what they experience. When they experience having their freedom compromised by racial discrimination, they resent being denied what they feel entitled to as citizens of a country which supposedly guarantees freedom, justice, and equality for all. Being expected to gratefully settle for whatever they get, doesn't set right with them, and they use whatever means necessary to protest this affront to their liberty. All of which leaves you overreacting to their overreacting... 🤨
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    @Troy True! Yes, I absolutely do! Could it be perspective? Could it be that we have been conditioned and bombarded with methods to block out certain pertinent issues and have made to view them in a way that we don't realize is still a problem? @Troy Previously, in this thread, you mentioned slavery, then Jim Crow and then being profiled for not having a key fob to enter into our apts as if it is a progession of time that has improved for us AfroAmericans, but this is not how I view it. I am not speaking from fact but general belief for now, but I believe that we need to consider a bigger picture here, in terms of economy too. When we AfroAmericans exclude the prison system and how Black men and women have been criminalized, locked up, prevented from having adequate income as a result of legal actions and etc., today is not better but worse. Just because technology and other methods has railroaded Black people from not having a voice and being shut up in the system, waiting for a decent attorney or the Democratic Party to be fair, does not mean tht the most of us are better off than the slavery days. The prison systems is, for me, the elephant in the room. Being shackled during the mid-atlantic slave ship voyage, or being shut in a cell for days, months, years.... which is worse? And . . . I believe this is also due to a streamlined and approved educational system too. @Troy Maybe for a few, but you can't beleive this would be true for all? True!!
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    Hey @Delano i assume you saw the NYT investigative report: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html
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    Yes, i am making my statement based on the consensus of social media and its vast volume of input from black people , something you know nothing about since you don't go to these sites. Do you have some figures or studies to support your view - other than what some of your associates say? Are you serious?? YOU are the one so quick to down play racism and scoff at people who complain about it, implying that they should just overlook slights and be grateful they aren't being lynched. I empathize with people who become indignant about racial profiling and harassment and you chided me and Chevdove for supporting the condo guy who you thought was silly and should just skulk away and overlook the poor white woman who called the police on him. Then you turn around and say, "... relative to racism I feel it is a much bigger problem for Black folks today." You talk out of both sides of your mouth and, in the maze of your contradictions and anecdotes, attempt to portray me as somebody who is ignorant of racism. Puleeze. We are apparently not on the same wave length. And yours is definitely vacillating. This is where i am coming from Black people living under slavery didn't know an other life. Black folks living with racism today are the frustrated personification of "freedom not being free."
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    @Troy Pardon me if i don't apologize for describing as "pompous" the rhetoric you used in tracing the history of black oppression. To me, slavery is slavery, and racism is racism. One shackled the body, the other tethers the mind. One died, the other is alive and well, in all of its incarnations. Since you have set up the hapless Pioneer as the criteria of what not to do if you want your rebuttals to be credible, i find you guilty of being like him when you cherry-pick what you respond to, electing instead to go off on mansplaining tangents. You may or may not be right in your world view, but you are out of step with the black consensus when it comes to the impact of racism, not to mention its connection to the rich white men you speak of but who you appear to be oblivious about when it comes to their connection to the institutionalized racism that is a pillar of American society! It wasn't too long ago that you were lamenting about this country being a oligarchy whose trajectory did not bode well for the future. Now you're brimming with optimism about a future where blacks will have cast off the burden of their skin color and blend right in. White bigots in blue uniforms, regularly shoot black people over misdemeanors so it's understandable for blacks to be on the defensive when confronted with racial profiling which involves having the police called on them. But you have the GOOGLE logo for eye balls and are unable to see that this makes you just as touchy as those you criticize for resenting white interference. 😵 i agree that black people see racism behind every tree. But that's because it is, lurking there, just waiting to remind them that once a nigga, always a nigga.🤪
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    I've actually meet and had dinner, with a few other friends, with Goldie. She is smart, down to earth, and a Sista. We are not best buds or anything so I'll speak about her they way I would anyone. I would not call her a "clueless AfroAmerican woman." That would be inaccurate. I'm sure she knows many white women followed the leads of their husbands and voted for what they perceived as their own self interests. I think however Goldie is trying to appeal to white women on another level, the sorority of gender. I don't think it will work, because money trumps gender in America. But the click baity title will probably grab attention for the daily beast's website; which is the point of the article right?
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    Africa,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There. Would. It. Be. Thriving,Or. Because. Of. Man's Greed,Would. It. Be. Bare.The. Mountains,Waterfall,Rainforest,Deserts,,Among. The. Landscape. Would. There Be. Leopards And Cheetahs. Hunting,, Impalas,, Gazelles,Trying to Escape? .Would There Be Giraffes Walking In. A,Brief Rain? Buffalo,Zebras,Wildebeest Upon The Savannah And,Plains? Would There Be Elephants,Black Rhinos ,Hippos ,By,The,River Zambezi ? Would There Be Gorillas And Chimpanzee,In,Trees? Wandering. Among. The. Ancient. Dying, ,,Baobab ,Trees..THinking ,. About. The. Children. That. Have. Died. From. Wars,Famine. And. Disease..Would. There. Be. Lion. Prides? The. Ancient. African. Tribes. ? Forgetting. The. God. Of. Their. Ancestors,White. Christian. God. ,Will. Africans. Yearn? Will. Their,Forget Their. Ancestors. That. Was. Kidnapped. Never. To. Return?Africa ,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There. Would. It. Be. Thriving Or Would,. It. Be Bare??..
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    @Troy You keep assuming that "racism is exclusively about black and white, when it isn't. White Americans are currently biased against brown immigrants, as are some black people. Also, racism doesn't necessarily involve hate. It can be patronizing and paternalistic. And you need to familiarize yourself with some of the things that led to WWII like Germany's intense anti-semitism, and the undertones of the yellow Japanese attacking white America. "Racist" propaganda on all sides polluted the atmosphere during this war. Not to mention how blacks were subjected to racism in the segregated US Military for whom they were fighting! "Race" was factor during The Crusades, and the British colonization of India. And have you noticed what a factor race is playing in today's election??? Because you are a idealist, you want to believe that racism is misunderstood. You are in a near panic about climate control and social media, but think racism is a man-made nuisance that will juuuust faaade away. I think if it disappears, it will be because people will have evolved into everyone being the same shade. i didn't say people were "born hating folks of different complexions"; those are your words. I suggested that humans are predisposed to being suspicious of those who don't look like them and that this primitive defense mechanism spawned racism. And i can't believe you would pose the question about blacks of different complexions hating each other, as much as you talk about colorism - which is a cousin of racism, and is a caste system that still exists today. Since the concept of race is controversial, it follows that racism is a complex subject that is open to interpretation. Whatever. It's origin doesn't matter to victims of it.
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    Thanks @Mel Hopkins, right now I have it on the Books Main Page: https://aalbc.com/books/ and it is on the category's page as well. For example you will see it on the Romance / Fantasy Category. I even created collages of books in each of the categories. This was done just to help me on social media sharing, nt I think they are just cool to look at 🙂
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    @Troy I did read in books all of the things I referred to when sharing my thoughts, and i didn't deem what i said to be irrefutable facts. Your rebuttal, however, left something to be desired. Sooo, explain to me why do you do not think that xenophobia is a component of racism, - even if racism is taught. i assume you embrace the ridiculous idea of color-blindness when it comes to race, and that a white child looks at a black one and doesn't see that the black child's skin is different from his. Something his eyes tell him, not his parents. Instinct is involved in the survival of the fittest evolution. Those in a species who follow life-saving impulses replicate themselves while those who don't, die off, and what's left is a species that all share a common reaction to circumstances. This is really manifested in the animal kingdom. In primitive man a sense of danger did make adrenaline flow, making this reaction a component of self preservation, which is the bottom line. Has it ever occurred to you that children have to be civilized by their parents, and have to be taught not to follow their natural inclination, and that certain parents neglect to tell their kids not to be prejudiced against others. Have you considered that maybe it's tolerance that has to be taught, not racism? However, you are free to declare that racism is purely a learned response - because you read this somewhere. I think racism is many-faceted and a little more complicated than that because it deals with biology as much as ethics.
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    Sure chikdren can tell humans apart from each other, but the fear or hated based upon those differences is taught. Cynique where did you get this from? I know you did not read this in a book. Is it based upon an observation. At the risk if offending you, it sounds exactly like something Pioneer would say 😮 Racism is not inherent to humans: it is a learned behavior. America is perhaps the greatest teacher if racism. They have people beliving it is human nature... deep. @Chevdove, OK.
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    Hey man this us cool Omar on the Wire reading your book and now Wendy Williams shouting you out way back in 2005.. time is flying.
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    Excellent reminder @Troy ! Congratulations @simplydilsa ! Did you write and register your treatment with WGA? https://www.wgawregistry.org/