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    One could observe that there's never a dull moment on this board because people are always going at it, engaging in verbal combat, something that has become the name-of-the-game on social media. How such confrontations play out here, provide very good material for a spoof served up with a cast of caricatures. Let's shift into the satire zone for a moment and imagine a "mockumentary" about the genesis of a Cynique's Corner smack down. * * * * * * * * * * After a busy day on the job where he holds the position of "head nigga in charge of shuffling papers", Pioneer is back in his digs, flushed with a latte from Starbucks, busy at work putting the final touches on his latest post for AALBC’s on-line discussion forum. The subject of his latest post is something that came to him earlier after tossing aside a manual, entitled “Single Race Theory for Dummies". Having forgotten to turn on his spell-check, he proceeds to log on to the site where he will share his thoughts with fellow posters and his hoped-for audience of lurkers. The topic of his latest dissertation? "One is the loneliest number in the world", a subject on which he is an expert, having once known some one who was the loneliest of his 3 friends. Meanwhile, Cynique before settling in for a interlude with her newly-arrived house guest, is on-line checking out recent comments on the corner named for her, looking for any excuse to start an argument because, much to the delight of her visitor, fussing gets her juices going. After "liking" harry brown’s weekly rant about greedy. womanizing. black. preachers. and. neo. nazi. cops. who. belong. to. the. KKK, her radar is suddenly put on alert. The appearance of Pioneer’s new post immediately puts her into attack mode. Yelling for her boy-toy to start the party without her, Cynique homes in on Pioneer's carefully crafted article which is complete with maps, pictures, graphs, links and a YouTube video featuring a tirade by Louis Farrakhan. Eagerly her eyes scan the material, hungry to find juicy nuggets to chew and spew at him. Quickly spotting several misspellings, making a note to furnish a definition for a word he has taken liberties with, parsing a phrase she discovers is grammatically incorrect, she proceeds to take aim, firing off a couple of ad hominem remarks while describing Pioneer’s article on one being the loneliest number in the world, as something he made up while humping his blow-up doll. Elsewhere on the forum, finished with their contest to see who can write the most cryptic sentence, arch enemies Del and Kalexander spot the notification of Pioneer’s new entry, and hurry to inject their input. Making reference to how he has picked the brains of thousands of people from all walks of life - when he's not spending his time casting astronomy charts which have, on occasion, been semi-accurate, Del is eager to validate Pioneer's claim, and shield him from Cynique's bullying. Kalexander simply settles for repeating his suspicions about Pioneer being a plant for the Russians, and then takes a break. But not before endorsing Cynique's harassment of Pioneer. Before long, Troy shows up to methodically explain to Pioneer why he is totally wrong about one being the loneliest number in the world, subsequently taking on Del’s counter-claim that Pioneer is absolutely right when it comes to one being the loneliest number in the world. They will eventually spend considerable time one-upping each other about what components make up the number one, ChevDov and Mel may put in appearances, opting to skip this debate, preferring to rhapsodize over such subjects as there being more Moors than previously thought. Over days, the hot button issue about one being the loneliest number in the world will escalate into lively exchanges laced with sarcasm, ridicule, misinformation and occasional lapses into enlightenment. Repetition and reiteration will abound amid a litany of "who said what", - accusations embellished with quotes lifted from previous posts. On and on it goes. Days later, the question as to whether one is the loneliest number in the world will have been sliced, diced, re-hashed and stirred up. Pioneer stands by his assertion convinced that white western science imposes its questionable beliefs on Afro Americans. Del also hangs in, certain that scientists are too arrogant to admit the truth about Pioneer's theory. Cynique philosophizes about "one' being an abstract number with 2 sides, both of which could be lonely. Troy trusts what is correlated by scientific data gleaned from a study of prison life where everyone is determined to be lonely, - an affirmation we have to figure out because of omissions and typos he didn't correct. Chevdove, Mel, Kalexander and harry brown fade in and out as we all bide our time until another earth-shattering question arises and spawns a new hectic debate after which no minds will have been changed and no issues resolved. Again. There you have it. Life as it pulsates around the cyber space that encompasses Cynique's Corner. And so it goes... 😁
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    @Cynique that was brilliant. I laughed all the way through this. It was insightful and on point and just damn funny! Thanks you so much for brightening my day! This is a perfect ending to a long day. I've been at it for over 13 hours. I'm gonna make myself a nice dinner and grab a glass of wine. Thanks again Cynique. Indeed, thanks everyone for participating! I know, I know, I have to do better with my typos😞
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    Jesus Christ @Delano this took 5 seconds to find. Rand Paul sides with Trump on Russia, says critics 'motivated' by dislike of president. “Republicans that are making the criticism are either the pro-war Republicans like McCain and Graham or the anti-Trump ones like Sasse … They are motivated by their persistent and consistent dislike of the president.” Rand Paul is a Senator from Kentucky Now what do you have to say? For the record, thought it was literally 5 seconds, it was not worth my time, but I did it because it was you. 🙂
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    I admitted i couldn't find a specific post on the net - because i'm not going looking for one. But Sean Hannity on Fox news approved of Trump's news conference.
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    Yeah, sister, brother Troy and I discussed the possibility of a civil war should Trump be removed by an act of Congress. Though he disagreed with much of my theory, he concurred with the possibility. As have many other people; I've since shied away as such can be misconstrued as inciting a riot, or worse. Indeed, that's scary, to say the least; more so now than before. Notwithstanding Trump's impeachment/removal, when America awakes from its slumber to realize the state of affairs, mainly economic, all hell's going to break loose. The national guard, militarized police, and Homeland Security, etc., is going to face a crisis that'll change or destroy America. Just my opinion, of course!
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    i didn't say anything about Troy shuffling papers. I did mention my boy toy, i just didn't attribute the comments to pioneer.
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    i noticed that Del edited his remarks about me, which originally read "emotional and foolish''; not emotional and nonsensical. An after thought that was, in itself, nonsensical. @Pioneer1It' s hard for a cynic to stay focused on a topic and refrain from insinuations when presumptuous people like you and your point man expect others to defer to your opinions and be so filled with awe that they quietly acquiesce to your pontificating. Maybe if y'all would endeavor to write coherent sentences and dispense with the straw man arguments that you advance, you wouldn't ignite my impatience. Puleeze. Excuse me while i laugh at you and Del trying to portray yourselves as the voices of reason and calm who feel victimized by a shrew who ruffles your drooping feathers. 🤣 Get some balls, guys. (As eccentric as Kalexander is, he is distinctly lacking in wimpish qualities.) Me? i don't dish out anything that i can't take. 😛
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    Fake news. 😉 Listen to right wing media for a day and see what they think. We talking about 45 so much look at the ad google is placing on the website.
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    No Del, everything is not up for debate. Facts, despite modern media's inclination to do so, is a waste of time. I'm surprised you would even make a statement like this. Why would any reasonable person, whose time is valuable, "debate" facts? My God man, are you still continuing to question the fact that people in jail are less educated than the general population?! What about "street knowledge?" People with real street knowledge stay out of jail. Your reasoning is lost on me. The incredibly ridiculous claim that getting an education is sounds like eugenics is simply absurd. @Pioneer1 do you co-sign Del's statement? Is the eugenics argument why you are rejecting the notion of education bettering people and perhaps leading them to a less violent way of life? No one here has said that uneducated people are worth less than educated ones and need to be exterminated?! Why go off the deep end Del? It should be axiomatic that individuals better themselves through education. Only someone with a low class mentality (regardless of their net worth) would think otherwise.
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    This is the heart of why I'm saying @Delano is being disingenuous. Del, @Cynique has been called a LOT of things on these forums over the past 15 years or so but "nonsensical" is not one of them, perhaps because it has never been warranted. Del you said that @Pioneer1 has taken the following position: You are wrong Del. What you wrote is simply a false statement. The position I've asserted is that income is independent class; this is the position Pioneer has agreed with. If you stopped jocking Pioneer for a second, this would would be clear. Again, I don't understand your motivation. You are exhibiting an intellectual dishonesty for a reason I simply can not devine. @Pioneer1 of course agreement is allowed. However the way you expressed that agreement was not clear. Generally the word "agree" or some synonym is used 🙂
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    No @Cynique "writing wrong" is exactly was Del is doing. @Pioneer1, I don't really understand what you mean by that statement, but I'm sure it is not a position that I've asserted here, or in our in previous conversations, nor is it related to the title of the conversation you started: "Are Less Educated People More Prone To Violence?" It is obvious, to any educated person, that prisoners are significantly less educated than the general public. Again there is a correlation between education and propensity to violence. This is nt really up for debate. We can debate the reasons for this correlation, but I suspect we will find common ground there.
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    Is that a Freudian slip? Or in the future will we have ample opportunities to declare that what you "write" is wrong? 😜
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    SHE IS A MAN EATER BUT SHE KILLS THEM WITH KINDNESS She Said: I am Impressed by your Confidence And you must be the Bravest of Hearts If you dare enter my Room Some men never come this close For they fear it will be their Doom Because this is the place where a Lion’s Heart may be consumed And most men can’t fathom all the Hidden Galaxies That I have planted inside my Sacred Womb But I see you're bravely standing here before me Trying to Taunt me with your Dark and Very Long Spear Tell me King is it your Burning Hunger that draws you near? But please beware Beloved for your Pride has No Sanctuary here Yes in due time you will surrender All your Love without any Fear And like a Queen I will give you Flames of Passion And show you all the Mercy my Sweet Darling Dear…
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    Who said his position was invalid? I acknowledged that income is a criteria. He's the one who is trying to dismiss values. What's emotional and foolish about embracing the conventional wisdom in regard to the difference between blue collar and white collar brackets of middle income? And when did you become the arbitrator in these arguments??Thought you were a impartial spectator except of course when you're complaining about Troy's "style"or about me "projecting". Get outta here.
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    Right, Troy! Except for a few predictable "pioneerisms" to muddy the picture, all Pioneer did was regurgitate everything you and i already said when we rebutted his original contentions.
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    @Pioneer1 yes, I know, I just said that. What is you point? Also, tipping is not a middle class value. However not tipping is a low class value.
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    Pioneer you did not answer my question: Do you think that the percentage of people with a college education, incarcerated for violent crime is higher than the percentage of people in the general populations? (a simple "yes" or "no" would suffice) My definition says "...learning how to apply it." Besides it seems like you are less focused on trying to understand what Im saying and much more focused on trying to figure out different ways to dispute it. That is probably why you did not answer my question... I even put it in boldface so that you would not miss it. Your position is that educated people commit just as many violent crimes as uneducated people, but get away with it because they are slicker, know more lawyers, and can afford better representation. Your statement would is difficult to disprove because it is based upon the assumption that unsolved violent crimes are committed by educated people who were smart enough to get a away with it. We can;t know who has gotten away with unsolved or unreported crimes. We could look at the educational levels of those tried, but not convicted, but of course many of these people might actually be innocent-- regardless of educational level. So there is no information (that I'm aware of) which would prove any of the statements that you made. @Pioneer1, do you have anything to support any of the statement that you've made? I think the relative educational level of those incarcerated, while not perfect, is a decent indicator. It is certainly better than the proof you provided which is zilch.
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    The Nazi SS were highly training, but were evil as hell, personally killing many non-Arians. I'm not talking about people who are educated to improve themselves not to d the bidding of others (like police officers and MBAs). You're ADDING to the definitions we agreed upon. What a person does WITH their education is irrelevant to whether or not education itself...which is an increase in knowledge or training.....makes one more or less violent. Besides, I believe I read something in another thread where either you or Cynique said being more educated means they should be able to think better and more for themselves instead of allowing others to manipulate their thinking for them, so killing people because you were "just following orders" would challenge that.       Do you think that the percentage of people with a college education, incarcerated for violent crime is higher than the percentage of people in the general populations? No, I absolutely do not think so...however there could be many different reasons for this OUTSIDE of them simply being less violent, including: 1. Being more educated made them SMART enough to commit their crimes and get away with them and/or 2. Being more educated gave them a higher income allowing them to afford more legal resources to stay out of jail and/or 3. Being more educated means they have MORE FRIENDS who are lawyers, judges, and police officers to get them off the hook ...among other reasons.
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    Yes I agree political correctness has run amok, Americans have started using the term Latinx as opposed to Latino and Latina: it is like referring to someone's gender is an insult! Even the voices of the female voice of Siri and Alexa defaulting to a feminine voice is insulting because this supposedly cast women into subservient roles. I previously described a application I was about to fill where the gender category had at least 10 other options besides male and female -- who thinks up this stuff? But this is different than empathy. The people who think this stuff up dont consider the people they are trying to help. They generally had a personal agenda. Many people from the Latin American community reject the term Latinx and many women don't care one way or the other which gender the voice Siri uses (I wish they would have a Black woman's voice preferably with a southern accent). Cosby will likely go to jail because of the #metoo movement. Honestly, I think after he gave this women $3 million she should not have a case. Cosby is still a degenerate, but the #metoo movement's political correctness claimed Cosby as a victim. This #MeToo "movement" has seemingly blown over as we wait around for the next bullshit revenue generating Twitter promoted hashtag to comes along in the meantime, R.I.P. #Occupy, #BlackLivesMatter, #FeeltheBern, #Change
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    Most people who define themselves as middle class are actually poor. Middle class people can lose their job and continue to live without a change in their life style for at least 6 months. Upper class people don't have to work. They have enough wealth to live without income from some corporation or government entity. Sure, they may choose to work, but they don't have to. This is a very small percentage of the population and they hold the vast majority of the nation's wealth. Most are born into this class. The rest of us are simply poor. Poor people can have middle class values, but still financially poor. I think this is a growing portion of ur population. Similarly upper class people can have low class values. It is not likely that a poor person with low class values will make it into the middle class without engaging in criminal activity. Poor people, with middle class values, aspire to get an education. Unfortunately it is getting harder to make it into the middle class and stay their as an increasing number of us are stuck living paycheck to paycheck without health insurance or decent benefits. The disenfranchisement of the middle class is why 45 was elected... indeed it was why Obama was elected.
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    Now the question can be asked: "What do you think of the ongoing battle between Troy and Del?" For me, the old saying about "one looking at the cow's head, while the other is peering up her ass", fits this situation. Not mention that these 2 combatants are caught up in a contest to see who can lay claim to being the most misunderstood. But do they understand themselves? Are they guilty of what we all are? Sometimes failing to see ourselves as others do because of being either too subjective or in denial. Bottom line, personalities invariably get in the way when engaging in a debate. When it comes to a violent reaction to having your momma dissed, which is the bone of contention between Del and Troy, a lot hinges on the connotation given to the word "education". There is such a thing as an "educated fool", while wisdom and good judgment can be learned from the school of hard knocks. Violence is unpredictable because it's emotional. So is there a definitive conclusion as to whether an educated person will handle an insult to his mother better than uneducated one. Only if you replace the word "educated" with the word "sensible" and "uneducated" with the word "impulsive". Are we done yet??? 😲 @Del IMO, "class" is an indefinable factor. You either have it, or you don't. It's something money can't buy. Many people fall into the middle income bracket but this is not the same as being middle class because middle class is about your value system, not your pay check. When it comes to style, it can be either good or bad. And, BTW, could you be more specific in accusing me of "projecting" when i make observations about you.
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    Congrats on 15 years! I remember the day I met you. Feels like two life times ago so much has changed.
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    I just updated Stubb's page with his story: https://aalbc.com/authors/author.php?author_name=Stubbs I only have one book for Stubbs can you tell me which ones I'm missing. I hope he no longer lives a life of crime 😉
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    Everything should be up for debate. You confuse your opinion for facts. Okay Natasha and Boris the phrase is I am writing the wrong. What about Street Knowledge . Tavon White seems part entrepreneur part psychologist. He was running the jail. I reckon as far as Street kniwledge he has his PhD. The problem with the argument for me is that education somehow makes people less violent . Or there is an inherent difference between the educated and the uneducated. Which sounds like eugenics. So if there is am inherent difference than getting an education doesn't matter. Because the difference is innate not learned. And if it is learned , how or in what way.

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