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    Black Santa Prank I hope I don't offend anyone, but if so, please let me know so I can make amends here. A few months back, my son showed me this youtube, and because, on a more sober note, I am sharing a deep message about the true oppressions of this ancient history about Ole Saint Nick, and because these 'comic relief' made me laugh, I thought it okay to share a little light hearted youtube about this spin off of 'Black Santa'-- or maybe Brown Santa, or maybe even White Santa... My son showed me this youtube in the parking lot while getting fuel and I thought it was so hilarious, I laughed till I cried. And I just ran across another one I also thought was pretty funny. So here they are:
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    Neither did I @Chevdove, but people have to make their own decisions. If your ideas can not be questioned or challenged then this is not the forum for -- indeed no open forum would be. Sometimes people take (or make) disagreement personally. Others just want their worldview supported; social media is vast and it is very easy to find filter bubbles that support any world view, where these people would be happier. Of course forums need participants to survive, but having one in which there can be no expression of and working through the differences in opinion is not one I'm interested in running or participating in. Expressing differences is easy, working to getting closer to truth is a heck of a lot harder.
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    Wow! I see people wearing masl in Walmart and other stores all of the time! I was also told that police are writing tickets for people who gather more than 50+. And, I just read that New Orleans is becoming an epi center fast. Yes, both 'mistrust' and 'misinformation' Things are happening so fast.
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    Ok so you two @Chevdove and @Pioneer1 are breaking down the history in very comprehensive ways, with lots of details. There seem to be a lot of sticking points about dates/time periods and nomenclature. But otherwise there's some agreement here. I admit I'm more of a recent history guy (1600-present) versus ancient like you two. I do consider myself a Biblical scholar, but as Pioneer alluded to, its not 100% factual. But from what I'm reading, the both of you seem to agree in the existence of "Black Dravidian Asians." Is that fair to say? If so then I need to read up some on this subject matter before I can comment further. The words black and Asian combined is weird in and of itself. I assume these people had kinky/nappy hair? The second preliminary conclusion I'm getting, based on both of your comments, is that the Black Dravidians did in fact play a role in creating today's "Caucasians" aka white people? If not, correct me. Again I'll contribute more to this discussion once I learn more about our Dravidian cousins. They are not original, meaning they didn't come into existence naturally. Is that what you're saying? This is/was my position from the beginning. I always felt white people (Europeans) usurped the term "Caucasian" from the people of Georgia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, etc. But this whole discussion even calls that into question. I believe Pioneer's position is that Arabs and Europeans are Caucasian. Make sense. Just more to wrap our heads around.
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    Hi everyone, just want to wish everyone a safe weekend coming up and a sound piece of mind in these trouble times of ours. Have a safe weekend while not letting the sour times get in your mind, by destroying you mood, instead throw on some funky toons to get you in the up and coming weekend groove.... Jaws R.
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    @Chevdove YAAAY!!! More to come!
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    Troy Still, I trust them on vaccines because we've seen polio, whooping cough and other diseases disapoear ... at least until recently. Many of these diseases disappeared not because of vaccines but because of better living conditions. People raising their meats and poultry better, washing their hands more, taking more baths, and better nutrition.....making them less susceptible to disease in the first place. Many of the diseases you mentioned were unheard of in Africa or the Americas BEFORE the coming of Caucasians because the people tended to live more in harmony with nature and their diets were superior to what so many of us eat today so they were much more healthy and balanced. Kareem I know I'll die later in a shootout, but I'd rather die with dignity like that versus trusting cops to act like humans. With THIS shit going around....... A person probably WOULD be better off taking their chances getting it over with from a gunshot to the head rather than laying up in some crowded hospital bed (or on the floor) slipping in and out for days before finally expiring. People are just scared to talk about anything contrary to what government feeds them. I'm not. I'm always the guy screaming alone versus the obedient crowd. The entire purpose of this is FEAR. The more you instill fear in the public the easier they are to manipulate. You wouldn't believe how many people I've met who are BEGGING for Marshal law today. They actually want the state and national goverment to "protect" them forcing EVERYBODY in their homes for a few weeks and putting the military on the streets to enforce this in hope that this thing will be over quickly. A week ago Trump was talking about shutting down America and made plans for it, but now they've done such a good job scaring the public that when he gets on television talking about loosening the restrictions and opening up America by Easter... the public is now saying "NO! NO!" They WANT him to shut everything down and keep everyone in their homes and even encouraging him to use marshall law! Reminds me of a Pimp and his ho..... At first the girl is scared and trying to get away but after dropping his psychology on her, in just a few months he can't RUN her away! He goes upside her head and drives her off and she's back within 24 hours. Not only does she stay with him but she actually starts recruiting OTHER girls for him and eventually starts telling him how soft he's getting and how much harder he should be on them....lol. Am I lying? Cuban doctors sent a drug called Interferon to China and it apparently works to cure coronavirus as China is getting back to normal I remember this drug because from the 90s when Dr. Alim Muhammad of the Nation of Islam was using it to treat (and cure) HIV patients!   Delano Trump wants to end the isolation. Don't believe this populist rhetoric. Trump and his administration along with other government officials are the ones who made this a big deal and said this was a "war" and the biggest threat since World War 2. Now he's sitting in a chair telling a reporter that the flu killed more people than this did but didn't warrant the nation being shut down....lol. Actually this is what the American people were saying weeks ago in response to HIS and the government's draconian measures. He's just trying to echo it so when the shut down comes he can look like the one who didn't want it.
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    Unless Spain Germany and the US adopt strict procedures they will resemble Italy.
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    I don't get into the left/right political soap opera. What I do know is that Trump tried to buy the rights to vaccines and research from CureVac, a German pharma company, for $1 billion. Of course he and CureVac deny it now. But several non-US media outlets confirmed it. Everything Trump does is for himself. He only cares about himself. Talk of sending $1,200 checks to people means there's something in it for Trump. The $500 billion slush fund in that "relief" bill that Trump and Mnuchin have complete, 100% control over tells you all you need to know. Democrats are desperate to get their version of a dementia-suffering pervert (Biden) into the WH so of course they will politicize anything and everything. Cuban doctors sent a drug called Interferon to China and it apparently works to cure coronavirus as China is getting back to normal. Of course you don't hear about the drug in US media because it's made in Cuba and big pharma companies cannot cash in on it. Of course pharma companies advertise a lot on US media. Again, they don't care about people. They care only about themselves.
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    Yes, it is a jacked up position to be in. They've lied so much overvthe ceruries you'd be a fool not to assume they are lying when they say anything. "White man speak with forked tongue." Still, I trust them on vaccines because we've seen polio, whooping cough and other diseases disapoear ... at least until recently. I also believe Covid19 is real too. Mainly because the alternative theories seem too far fetched to me.
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    Street smarts? Lol...... If they were THAT smart, why are they still on the streets?
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    This is Ready Steady Go, a very popular music show in the UK from the mid 60s, a Otis Redding special. Enjoy.
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    Sup @Chevdove. That's A LOT to read and respond to! LOL! Very in-depth, interesting stuff. I'm going to need a day or two to absorb all that and @Pioneer1's subsequent responses. This is a fascinating topic (origin of "white" people). I'll be back later tonight.
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    Okay, WOW! I am going to make a notebook to keep up with this information. Thank you @Mel Hopkins I am going to break this down and digest this. OMGOSH! I can understand this.
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    It should be noted that horror, sci-fi, and fantasy are 3 difference genre's that follow different guide lines. Below is an excerpt from an Editor's explanation explaining what distinguishes these genres from each other. "In horror the storyworld does not need to make rational sense; in fantasy it needs to make sense internally, but not externally; in science fiction it needs to be plausible both internally and externally. I’m not, by the way, suggesting that it’s easier to write horror than science fiction – far from it. Creating the suspension of disbelief necessary to make you scared of an implausible monster is a tough trick." So, Dracula would be an example of horror; Lord of the Rings, fantasy; StarTrek, sci-fi. I guess you could say these 3 types are actually subdivisions of The Supernatural.
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    This is a timely post. If I had more time I could cover books appropriate for the season in more depth. I just discovered a Scifi writer yesterday: Cerece Rennie Murphy of course there are many more
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