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    @Troy I can't remember disagreeing with @Cynique @Chevdove or @zaji in any way that would cause me to want to express that disagreement. I may have a different opinion about something but their presentation allows for me to consider their perspective. I've even found myself doing some research and keeping an open mind for more information to possibly advance the discussion. But I don't disagree with them. Even if you can find where I said "I disagree" know that I misspoke. I believe most women are socialized to have a perspective that is built on a foundation of evidence. Unfortunately, here in America women are often dismissed as NOT having knowledge about a topic. Even In your thread about instagram - you decided I didn't have knowledge of world wide web and its commercial activities. You didn't even ask me, first. But that's the world women live in - so when we express an opinion or subjective observation, trust most of us have a mountain of evidence to back it up. I don't bet on stuff. Aside: I used to bet on horses but racing horses is cruel and inhumane so I don't do it anymore. I would absolutely miss Cynique if she leaves the board - but I saw that in my email and I had to stop what I was doing to respond to this thread. I really appreciate you @Cynique ! You add the je ne sais quoi to this forum that allows so many of us to think and consider your words, experiences and thoughts. You are a magus and beautiful philosopher! ♥️
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    I am the same way. I typically try to merely express my opinion/views, not launch into outright disagreement, as though in a war. Additionally, if I have ever used that language (I disagree), it is not hard and fast disagreement. I am always open to discussing anything, regardless of my personal views. I know one fundamental thing, no human (including myself) knows everything. No human has a monopoly on truth. I try to carry a sense of humility around things/ideas/knowledge, as long as the thing isn't so overboard that it can do great harm. Then humility or not, I must do everything to stop the verbal harm being done. Generally, however, I will discourse to a point. If I see there is no balance, I stop talking.
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    This is the beginning of a new era for me on this site. I will TRY to be more understanding of other people's views and more appreciative of the knowledge and information other people are presenting. Some may ask what has caused me to seek a change in my demeanor. Well......Del, Troy, and Cynique have been advising me for quite some time to "expand" my thinking and not see things just from a narrow selfish perspective but it wasn't until I reviewed Mel's African American Culture thread....OVER AND OVER AGAIN....and how adamant I was in my error that I realized how embarassingly foolish and down right irritating it may have seemed to others. Another thing I noticed about my conduct was that as much as I liked people supporting my views and giving me positive "likes"..... I almost never did it for others. So as I've said I will try to be more appreciative and infact this appreciation will start with the owner and Moderator Troy. Thank you bro for providing me and others with a platform to express ourselves...the good and the bad...as well as a safe space for up and coming AfroAmerican authors to promote their talents and intellectual gifts.
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    a student loan paid, and your student loan is paid and your student loan is paid too... The graduating class of Morehouse College had commencement Keynote Speaker Billionaire Robert F. Smith give them a send off into the real world...but in addition to parting words he will allow these seniors to be debt-free to the tune of $40 million. Wow just wow... CNN Breaking News https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/19/us/morehouse-robert-smith-student-loans-trnd/
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    @TroyAn interesting explanation but not entirely on the mark. I don't know about Mel, but my always being in step with her is not because we are both females but because she a smart astute, insightful person who i find easy to side with because she makes sense and is amusing. I don't find any reason to oppose Chevedove, either, whether i disagree with her or not. She's full of documented information. I know very little about the subjects she posts and she educates me and doesn't have an arrogant bone in her body. i also felt this way about Chris Burns, who is a man. i am not a sensitive person and there is not a man on this board who could hurt my feelings because insults just roll off my back. I don't take myself that seriously. As for pioneer i couldn't care less whether he stays or goes. i'm not trying to run him away. i just don't feel like i have an obligation to like everybody. Some people are just the epitome of what turns me off and familiarity breeds contempt if you get my drift, but that's life. You and Del have areas of expertise that make you interesting people. A lot of what i say is off the top of my head. i have a store on knowledge in my mental files. Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes not. Whatever
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    Del It just occured to me that this "new era" or change in my attitude has occured one day AFTER the May 17th date you made mention of.
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    @Delano perhaps your knowledge of astrology can be of use here. I think when planet go retrograde they appear to stop for a moment before seemingly reversing direction. all planet move in the sky. stars appear fixed relative to each other. This @Pioneer1 is why you can determine when something took place. I believe the age of pisces corresponded with Jesust the Christ's birth for example, which is why Christians drive around with the fish symbol on their cars. I remember pointing out Venus to a sister in the night sky. She was surprised. In fact I doubt she believed me. You can see several planets with the naked eye. Most people mistake planets for stars.
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    Yes, I agree. WHEW! I never heard of MarvinX so, I learned something new today! I loved his speech! I agree. @Pioneer1 I understand this too, however, blaming or placing the blame is one issue, but how do we overcome? Understanding who to blame will help us partially, but what is the next step? I listen to the speech of MarvinX in how he explained BAMN. He said that they got him off campus with a goal--By Any Means Necessary--BAMN!--And that is how I feel we have been, as you say, DUMBED DOWN! It is not just our fault, this system has a movement, a movement against the general well being of Black African Americans and they have instituted movements against us BAMN! That also means that some of our own people are a part of our self destruction for this cause of White Supremacy and so, what do we do about that!? Also, our own individual ignorance is damaging too, and not all of us have self-hatred and work against Black Businesses, but we may be doing it out of ignorance, so in this, I say, it comes down to individual self determination and the willingness to keep communicating with each other and coming to the table to discuss these pressing issues. We need THIS FORUM at AALBC and others.
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    @Delano “No lies detected.” I really do! There is one Pioneer that I really dig - that Pioneer makes me reflect on the world’s schism. Then there are a two others - one who I swear is a white guy from michigan - and you know that guy -he’s a lot like “Archie Bunker/Roseanne”... Then the other Pioneer is young-minded - doesn’t read much but is very much into street corner lectures. The scary part with that Pioneer - is i used to think the same way - I found some old school writings that revealed a similar philosophy - which makes me think that Pioneer is actually a 30-something woman! 😂 clearly you don’t - so I’ll leave it alone. But please, don’t EVER tell me my worldview without checking your own consistency.
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    Toward Fair Trade in the Hood There is a trade deficit in the hood. This trade imbalance is initially internal: North American Africans refuse to patronize each other, preferring to enrich others who rarely buy from North American Africans, including whites, Asians, Arabs, Latinos, et al. As we make our daily round, we should ask ourselves how much money do we spend with each other and how much with others than our own kind? It is simple math that our businesses will soon go out of business for lack patronizing by us. Yes, other culture groups thrive on each other and us. Ask your self why we have a trade deficit with Arabs, Asians, Africans, Latins,et al. Ask yourself why are North American Africans the 16th richest nation in the world with a trillion dollars income but languishes in poverty because of the internal and external trade deficit. Why do we spend money with people who never or rarely spend money with us? Is this not the sign of mental illness? Buy Black campaigns are a failure. The Kwanzaa ujamma or co-operative economics is a joke. Often vendors at our fairs and festivals are non-Black such as Koreans selling us barbeque but when has a Korean bought anything from a North American African? This trade deficit must end immediately. We want fair trade or no trade. And no matter how painful it may be for us to patronize each other, we must do so for our economic survival and thrival. Imagine this: if we spent most of our trillion dollars annual income with each other, we can tell the white man fuck you and your reparations. We will give reparations too ourselves. We will give economic justice to ourselves. We will solve our traumatic slave syndrome our selves through peer counseling and discarding all residue of white supremacist values and behavior, including bullshit learned from public schools, European religion, literature and the monkey mind media, including television and Hollywood that perpetuates the world of make believe and conspicuous consumption Dr. E. Franklin Frazier told us about in Black Bourgeoisie. --Marvin X
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    @Delano I agree in that "Beth" means "house" although, I did not know from which language! Yes, I alos agree and have read that in Hebrew each letter has a numeric value. Thank you! I read your post and all of that is interesting. And I hope to better understand 'Aramic' basis of scriptures and etc. @Pioneer1 You are so wrong! I have a degree in science and have taught science. The word 'STAR' means 'a planet'! The word 'STAR' also means 'THE SUN' in the scientific world! A 'star' is the definition of 'the sun', 'the moon', the MOVING STAR [ie planets], 'COMET' and etc! PLANETS are defined today and in the distant past as being MOVING STARS. The moon is defined to be 'A SATELLITE STAR' ... This has always been the scientific language! There are so, so, som many distinct types of stars in the universe and various ones have a distinct defintion! I guess one way to maybe correlate the term 'STAR' could be like a word 'HUMAN' or 'HOMO SAPIEN'; in that there are many different adjectives to define humans, some are 'primitive homo sapiens', some are called 'Home Erectus', some are called 'modern homo sapiens', some are specifically defined as being European, or African, or etc.... Even the scriptures define the term 'STAR' as meaning various types of bodies in the universe with various distinctions. This is a common understanding in the science world in tht MOVING STARS is another term for PLANETS!!!
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    Easy, the laws of physics have not changed. Which is also why we know how the planets were aligned
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    Troy Obviously I don't know the details of the matter, but you certainly don't sound like one who has EVER been morally deprived nor even like one who would have had a habit of making grossly irrational and irresponsible decisions in their youth. I'm sure you did what you felt and thought was the best thing to do at the time so you shouldn't burden yourself with the past. The important question is did you raise the children YOU DID bring in this world correctly or atleast as best you could? Del You're correct that creating life is different than sustaining it. It's a difference most conservatives don't seem to "get" nor do they want to. They'll fight like hell for a human to be brought into this world but don't show much interest in keeping them here once they've arrived.
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    Creating a life is different than sustaining one.
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    All of my sistas here have really done themselves proud in offering explanations about their approaches to interacting with other women - as well as men. Each testament was flavored with their individual personalities and provided clues to why they are so impressive. I have concluded that one difference between them and me is that i am more argumentive and when it comes to engaging with men, i like to question everything they say just to be contrary even as, on this forum, i cringed at their written responses that had little regard for being detailed-oriented or proof read, full of disjointed sentences, misspelled, omitted, improperly-used words, and incorrect punctuation, wondering if these careless lapses carried over into other areas of their lives and have anything to do with their claims of black male victimization. I am really not sure whether your parting shot was a lame attempt at humor or if you really think that i actually entertained ideas of "hooking up" with pioneer. 😩 EW. But, I understand how observers might conclude that making him my whipping boy is motivated by my having secret designs on him. He modestly interprets my "harassment" as an attraction to the "masculine energy" which he imagines he exudes. Sooo untrue. I, myself, always felt that his aura was like a drag, mired in the sticky emanations that seeped from his pompous assertions. But dream on, pioneer. As usual, what you decide upon takes on a life on its own and settles into a permanent residence in your warped mentality. Be advised that you have earned a place in my "Obnoxious People Hall of Fame". I'd also like to clear up what i think others might suspect: that i looked upon this site as my personal domain and that i jealously guarded my status here, considering all other comers a threat, and that i competed with them for Troy's attention. In response, i say: it's not like this forlorn forum is bristling with activity and broad participation and enjoys widespread recognition. On a good day, there might be 4 posters here, bickering or exchanging one-liners. I'm told there is a substantial lurker audience who, for some reason, never make themselves known and are who pioneer plays to, positive that they are in his corner, rooting him on. Does this sound like a scenario that my life would revolve around, something that would bolster my self-esteem and make my day? Not. What benefits accrue from Troy's approval? Sure, he's a great guy but my being a fixture on his discussion board enhanced or enabled me in no way. My critics got it all wrong. So, yes, Troy, remove the "Cynique" title from this site. Free me from having to see what should be Cynique's Corner instead of "Cyniques' Corner", which is how it incorrectly appears. i'm pretty much history here. "Connie" has more fun on Facebook, hangin' out with my homies, laughing at memes and arguing with a broad spectrum of strangers, Mark Zuckerberg be damned. Sure, out of curiosity, I'll be checking things out here from time to time - if you don't block me. Thanks for everything. We cool. (That goes for you too, Del.) To my girls, i love you all. It's been "real". 😙 Buh-Bye!
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    To who, you? How would you couch the same sentiment without appearing "condescending" Del? This is a patently false and ignorant statement I guess you have never read any of my articles providing statistics and data. Indeed, I've learned over time that people are more easily swayed by emotion -- not information. Indeed you appear to be one of those people. Also, education and experience (what you apparently mean by "pedigree") are important factor that should be considered when having a conversation/debate with someone. I would not debate you about astrology and more than I would debate @Chevdove the about the historical content of Christianity. @zaji I'm doing fine. I moved to Tampa, full time, back in December 2017 and am really enjoying it. I have seen evidence of this. Indeed when a poster emails me about something another poster wrote -- it is always a woman. There was only two men that have done this in over two decades (I could tell you who both were -- simply because it is so unusual). I have even had women on other forums email me disparaging remarks about female moderators on a different discussion forums! -- trying to secretly undermine the another woman. I've never witnessed a man do this. I agree. Overly sensitive people like Del call this type of writing "condescending," when I'm simply stating a fact.
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    In Deed I don't agree. Mel argues points factually. You argue from a pedigree. You may not be aware this sounds condescending. @Troy
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    I tagged Chevdove in an old post. About the esoteric and religion. Chevdove you may also want to get an Aramic translation of the bible.
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    Beth means temple or door in Hebrew. Bethel means the house of tbe Lord. Hebrew Arabic and Greek are AlephBeths which ate very similar. Hebrew each letter has a numeric value. So words with similar values are similar. There are also a few Numerological like systems in Hebrew.
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    Hey there! Partially I have been busy. But mostly staying low and watching words unfold. It's always interesting. I won't be able to make it to the Black Pack Party. How have you been?
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    I actually missed this message. I just now noticed it because Chevdove just highlighted it. The name of forum is permanent unless you want me to remove it. As far as your participation, all good things must come to an end and you've done more than your fair share participating. I'm not keen on seeing you go, but alas nothing last forever. I will miss you when you decide to stop posting. Hey does this mean you and Pioneer really aren't gonna hook up?
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!! @Cynique For you thoughts! First, I have to go back and read this thread! I have not tuned in until now! So, I am not sure of the subject of this post, but off the top of my head, yes, I can see that we as women in this community don't completely agree, however, it seems to me, that we women that are a part of this community right now, don't take it seriously! And, it seems to me that the subjects and disagreements are not so important as to take it as a personal attack. I have to think about the links though and topics because, again, there is nothing that I can think of that was serious enough to even remember! I remember posting about 'BLUE EYES' and I shared some scientific research that was discussed between me and @Cynique. And, I think I remember posting some scientific research about 'giants' on a topic between @Mel Hopkins but, I can't remember if we disagreed or not; it was probably just sharing and learning from different research. LOL! Yeah!-- and we just kept it moving!!! @Troy I don't think so! I think @Cynique is on point! She can bring it! Strong! LOL! But, I just don't feel it is personal at all. She is genuine! Gotta Love her! LOL! TRUTH! And what real woman cannot understand this point!? Gender conflicts go way back in time.
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    Necessity. @Pioneer1 you need to visit places like ATL, the DMV, or NYC. There you will find proper soul food restaurants with great service, fine decor, and excellent food. Even here in TPA there are excellent Black owned establishments. when i used to get my hair cut i did it at a fine black owned salon. They would serve you a glass of scotch or bourbon in a nice glass too. Even AALBC.com servives because of the support of Black people. All is not lost. The problem is we must do MUCH better and there are inidications that we are.
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    What is going to change 400 years of psychopathology?
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    I indirectly disagree with Chevdov's suspicions about a sinister conspiracy to feminize black men by promoting homosexuality,
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    This and many other stubjects... That's deep stuff @Chevdove.
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    The TRIPLE CONFIGURATION and the TRIANGLE CONFIGURATION that I saw in the morning of April 17, 2002, was the same configuration that occurred 2000 years prior. So, I continued to watch for a few nights and weeks and followed the news reports about this planetary alignment that contined to show different configurations up through the month of May of 2002. This configuration began in April and from the earth viewpoint, it was a triangle shape, in actuality, it involved all of the planets, and the moon as they were arranged about the sun. The planets Venus and Mercury were actually on the other side of the sun, and the planets, EARTH, MARS, JUPITER and SATURN were actually in a straight line, but it looked like a triangle from the earth viewpoint. In 2002, this planetary alignment involved the other planets that came into our solar system too! Because they are 'MOVING STARS' the configuration changed off and on for weeks and then eventually, they fell out of this alignment pattern 2000 years ago, but in 2002, the exact alignment happened again. There have been other planetary alignments but this significant configuration has been recorded by ancient civilizations specifically because of the ancient planet SATURN. This planet SATURN is called THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM, but scientifically, it is defined under so many other terms.
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    I have seen these shows a few times at the planetarium and although, the ancient western forms of mythology about the worship of JUPITER is included, still the science that surrounds the SOLAR SYSTEM is amazing. The ancient Egyptians, the ancient Chinese, the Native Americans all document certain aspects of the MOVING PLANETS and this is how certain historical events can be confirmed. Because the ancient Romans worshiped the planet JUPITER and incorporate mythology into their history, this is why many Black people are confused though. The Planet JUPITER is defined as 'an ancient planet' BUT when the planet Saturn came into orbit of our solar system, it caused the Romans a lot of problems with their worship of JUPITER. The ancient Roman coins and so many other artifacts though, confirm the actual time that the last planet known as 'an ancient planet' came into our solar system. The Solar System is also MARKED and CONFIRMED based upon THE CONSTELLATIONS as well. So even though the western world does not want to confirm the truth today, they know that the planet saturn came into orbit and was marked to be in the ARIES CONSTELLATION. The ancient coins show 'the ram' and 'the star' showing that saturn came into orbit at the time of the ARIES CONSTELLATION [ie THE RAM SYMBOL].
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    @Pioneer1 You know, I think that many Black people have been confused on this subject due to the media. The published books do not say this though either. The dates of the pyramids are way before the 'Jews' became captive in Egypt! Black people watch too much TV. What event? @Pioneer1 I have stated one major subject-- THE HSIUNG-NU! No one disputes the time when this Great Wall of China was constructed. Globally, all civilizations CONFIRM this dating of this Great Wall. The historical conflicts of that time period around 200 BC is confirmed across the globe! There are so many subjects that are well documented and DETAILED about this time period about 200 years prior to the rise of the Roman Empire. The XIONG-NU [ie. HSIUNG-NU], the Han Chinese, the Tang Empire, the Yuezi,[sp?], the Wei, the ORKHON INSCRIPTIONS, the TARIM BASIN, the SILK TRADE ROUTES... THE TIBETIANS, the PERSIAN systems...and all of the conflicts that surround this time period are well documented. The archeology and the style compared to the more ancient times when walls were built is another key point in dating this historical event. Yes, this is one of my most favorite subjects, and it would take a lot to explain but I will try a little. Again, though, if people rely on 'people' you cannot understand and confirm and as I stated before, scholars in the Western World do not deny that they have been using the wrong dating system too, so therefore, it is important to understand how other civilizations date history as well in order to confirm facts. One of the best ways to start would be with ME. Back in April of 2002, I looked and saw the PLANETARY ALIGNMENT that was broadcasted on the news world wide. Also globally, was a planetary show that had been in production for over 50 years worldwide about that planetary alignment of the planets JUPITER, MARS and SATURN. Because I don't have my notes in front of me, I may not be accurate in some terms, however, one term is I believe called THE TRIPLE CONFIGURATION
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    @Pioneer1 yeah @Delano often confuses me too...
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    Why THANK YOU dear! And I will BE SURE to recommend that this bit of knowledge you're sharing with us be included in the revised edition of:
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    Pioneer1 is that you? How would you know that he is singled out if you are not on Facebook? Pioneer has another one.
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    I just finished listening to the entire 1 hour plus long video, during my walk this evening. It was not the Minister's most riviting talk and he did not say much about Facebook. The last 16 or 17 minutes is all you really need to listen to to get the gist. He suggests that his being singled out for hate speech is biased and inconsistent. Of course he is correct. Honestly, I could careless that Farrakhan has been booted from Facebook. It is not that Facebook is irrelevant to me, but I never followed Fararrkhan on Facebook. I know where the NOI's website is, YouTube has not banned him yet, and I buy the Final Call newspaper from time to time. It was a tactical error for Facebook to ban Farrakhan. Just another inidication that they are on the decline... good riddance.
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    it's a wonder you didn't try to portray the prod as a component of a turn table.
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    @Del I followed your advice about looking things up on the interet and this is what i found about headphones. Of course there are those who will dispute this and claim they orginated with hip-hoppers and rappers. Brandes radio headphones, circa 1920 Headphones originated from the telephone receiver earpiece, and were the only way to listen to electrical audio signals before amplifiers were developed. The first truly successful set was developed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin, who made them by hand in his kitchen and sold them to the United States Navy
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    Word. My God, who cares about this birth... really? I'm not even sure most Brits give a crap -- none that I know do.
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    They should name the kid Leroy Tyrone. I, personally, couldn't care less about this event. Just the birth of another parasite to live off the blood, sweat, and adulation of the subjects who bow down to the British royalty who are nothing but a bunch of dumb figure heads.
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    That is definitely much easier to do than using "Social Media". Great video.
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