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    Where are all the beautiful, powerful, black-skinned females from mythology and history? They were erased by Western art, argues Sophia Smith Galer. By Sophia Smith Galer BBC, January 16, 2019 It’s a complex story – of European racism as well as how useful black biblical figures were to those who wanted to teach religion through art – that helps to explain the absence of black figures in art history. For Michael Ohajuru on his art tours, that’s why it’s all the more important to try and locate the few representations of the black Queen of Sheba and the black Andromeda – and to find out why they disappeared. The huge influence that Western art history has had on our imaginations when it comes to visualising figures from the Bible or classics is arguably one that needs constant interrogation. Under such a lens, Gina Lollobrigida playing the Queen of Sheba in the 1950s or Alexa Devalos playing Andromeda become problematic.
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      Troy Whew! Lol..... Naaaaah bruh, that ain't happening over THIS way. I'd get with a masculine WOMAN and wrestle some love out of her before messing around with the most feminine of men, lol. Dark skinned people would suffer from Vitamin D deficiency in northern climates, while light skinned people would be able to better able to make due with limited sunlight because of a lack of melanin. This is an adaptation which could be considered an "upgrade" in northern environments. I was actually thinking this very thing and have heard it for years. They put Vitamin D in the milk but most AfroAmericans are also lactose intolerant after 25 or so years of age.   Cynique Why would anybody place any credibility in Elijah Muhammad's teachings? He has no credentials. Anybody can make up stories to support their beliefs. Well, that's a question for the hundreds of thousands of people who followed and STILL continue to follow and put faith in his teachings. Infact, you can find hundreds of them right there in Illinois. Why don't you go up to one of them or several of them and ASK them why would they place any credibility in such a man. I dare you.....lol.     So do African Americans suffered from winter any worse than European Americans people do? You go to any construction or road repair site even in the Winter time and you're routinely see White men working with no hats or gloves or heavy clothing but the frigid air seems not to bother them as much and in most cases not at all. I even routinely see White people of all ages in SHORTS with a foot of snow on the ground and the wind howling. How many Black or Latinx people have you seen doing that on a regular basis?
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    Pioneer a human female is a woman. Your attraction or distraction to her doesn't make her less or more of a woman.
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    Saw. A. Young. Black. Female. On. The. News , Talking. About. R. Kelly.. The. Documentary. Surviving. R. Kelly, Talks. About. His. Sexual. Abuse,Misconduct. With. Teenage. Girls!. For. Decades. He. Has. Been,Having. Sex With Teenage Girls,Abuse Them. ,Holding ,Them,Hostage. Read He Married A Singer When She Was 15_. ,R-Kelly ,Sex Addict ,Abusive Sex Fiend Who Is Obsessed With ,Teenage. Girls. Don't Know. Who More Lunatic R Kelly Or Kanye-West??????
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    Dark color eyes provide better protection of the retina from bright lights because of the increased melamin. Cosmetically, some Black people prefer the look of light colored eyes because it is different, relatively unique.
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    ...'cept everyone knows Cleopatra was white 😉
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    Back in the '60s, during the hey day of the Back Panthers and militant spokesmen like Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael, it was always my impression that black people didn't really think a full scale revolution would ever take place. We just gave lip service with rallying cries and chanting threats and even financial support for these guerilla cabals. But people like J. Edgar Hoover panicked and were scared shitless by the idea of these menacing organizations spurring the black masses to rise up and overthrow the government. The general consensus among blacks, however, was that a full scale rebellion would be a losing cause against a powerful country like America with its well-equipped standing army. But the idea of a black rebellion shaking up the White Establishment was a moral victory. In actuality, most of us were more attuned to MLK and his moderate approach. Non violent protest was a hard pill to swallow but the silent black majority was OK with allowing Civil Rights activists to represent them with this approach. Boycotting people and places was the closest the average black person came to demonstrating for justice during this turbulent era.
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    @Cynique I read this and thought you'd get a kick out of it 🙂
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    On. Dr. Martin. Luther. King. Holiday. ,Black. Preacher's. Will. Be. On ,The. News. Talking. About. Him,Parades. Black. Church. Is A. Disgrace,. Black. Preacher's. Stealing. Money. Buy Cars,Mansions ,Not,Trying To Uplift The Spirits Of Black People Or. ,Communities. Preacher's Arrested For Stealing. Hundreds ,Of,Thousands Of Dollars.. Preacher's Killing Their Wives,Caught,With Prostitutes,Children With Mistresses... Black-Political. John Lewis Silent. John. Lewis. Personally. Knew. Dr. King...On. The. News. In. Ohio. At. G M Plant,Nooses. We're. Found. The. Word. Nigger,Sawastika. Sign. Writtten.. .The. Racist. Lunatic,President. Supporting. Neo. Nazi,Racist Klan. Police,.. Dr-King's,Idea. For. A. Racial. Equality. Country. Want. Happen. Anytime,Soon. Then. There. Is. Black. Genocide. Street. Gangs,Crack,Houses,Black. Men. Prostitution. Teenage. Girls. In Streets.. Civil. Rights. Activist. Could. Not. Envision. Black. People,Genociding. There. Own. Race. Street. Gangs. Are. Terrorist,Like. Neo. Nazi. And Klan. ...
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    Below was what i was just getting ready to post when Pioneer beat me to it. Not surprising the "Me-Too" mania is again rearing its head and pointing its finger. Instead of "letting sleeping dogs lie", events have once again plucked a brother from the fraternity of pussy hounds and put him under scrutiny for his sins of the flesh. The resurfacing of RKelly's perverted sex life has again become a hot button issue that, among other things, is dividing the black community. Aided and abetted by the white media, the questionable sex habits of a famous black man are back in the news, thanks to LifeTime's airing of a stark documentary that gave the floor to young women who considered themselves the victims of RKelly's lechery. At first, everyone deplored what RKelly was accused of and supporters of these women were also featured in the documentary. But gradually the old racism litany kicked in and the controversy began. The clap-back from many black men as well as Kelly's die-hard female fans came in the form of a familiar complaint about black men being singled out for shame, while equally guilty white men are given a pass. Kelly's defenders deem this media bias to be a form of racism. blah, blah, blah. Bolstering their complaint is their reminding that RKelly was found not guilty back when he was taken to court on sexual molestation charges several years ago. His accusers retort that with his wealth, Kelly was able to buy the silence of many would-be accusers. His defenders counter by arguing that a lot of his sex kittens are OK with being taken advantage of and that their parents are guilty of selling their daughters to older men like Kelly. Another view poses the question as to whether Kelly's offenses should be separated from his considerable musical talents. The anti-Kelly crowd who consist mostly of older black women saying this exploitation of naive young girls has gone on for much too long, and something should be done to deter and protect these gullible minors from the grips of powerful black men who turn them into sex slaves and hold them against their will. Lost in the shuffle is the culpability of RKelly. Does he deserve to be exonerated just because some blacks feel he is comparable to a lynch victim hanged by the hooded white media. Racism has become such a one-size-fits-all accusation that is transforming itself into a smoke screen that clouds the real issues. Yes, the ubiquitous media can be biased in its eternal quest to gain ratings and make money But this is not an excuse for a black men to demean and use underage black girls as objects to fulfill their lascivious desires. Nothing good comes from being an apologist for RKelly's lewd pedophilia. The loser in this controversy and all of it side bars is, as usual, black women who are always relegated to the bottom of the heap.
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    People who were very active in the R&B community back in the 90s had known for years how big a freak R. Kelly was and about his devious sexual escapades. I'm waiting on Lifetime or some other major channel to show: Surviving Anthony Weiner Surviving Harvey Weinstein Surviving Kevin Spacey Surviving The Catholic Priesthood. .....lol. Meanwhile, Tariq Nasheed isn't waiting on anyone but has decided to launch his own movement called #FIRSTTHEM https://youtu.be/ob8-uBdTmrU?t=2107 I like what he's doing because it adds balance and justice to all of these accusations of sexual impropriety that have thrown around lately. We need to make sure they don't try to put a BLACK face on sexual criminality like they've put an Arab face on terrroorism and a Latino face on illegal immigration. They tried to do this years ago with the entire "street harassment" issue accusing Black and Latino men of harassing women on the streets of New York, until it was unsurfaced that far more White men were doing it than anyone else. But they're not going to demonize and prosecute Black men while quietly sweeping under the rug or settling out of court the behavior of White public figures who have been caught on video sexually assaulting women and committing other unspeakable crimes.
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    @Pioneer1 No one common person is suppose to STONE you because you FORNICATE. That is a matter of government. When Jesus told the adulteress to GO and SIN no more, he is KING. No ONe is suppose to STONE you because you have multiple sex parners in your marriage, and commit that type of ADULTERY in agreement with you wife. That is a matter of government whether it is the Kingdom as in the Old Testament or today, under the Separation of Church and State. No ONe is suppose to judge you, as a common person for your belief in FORNICATION, and this does not mean that Christians cannot interact with you in a college environment or on a job. VICTIMS of Pedophilia and prison molestation, is a matter of government and Christian are the very ones that need to reach out to these victims. NO ONE should shun HOMOSEXUALS, especially CHRISTIANS. Everyone is unique on this planet. If you have a personal story in mind, that you need for me to assess, I will try, but if you generalize about homosexuals, that is a supremacist attitude. If you genearalize about Christians, and African American women and etc. I cannot speak on anyone but myself. You're making excuses to be friends with and accept what your book clearly condemns and tells you NOT to accept. I do NOT accept FORNICATION but, I don't reject my friends if they do this! I only let them know my poisition. The Bible does not support your statements! LOL. And, I was actually kicked out of my house for this too! LOL. I had a college roommate that was in a relationship with an older man, but she nevert told me that he was married! However, one weekend at home for the weekend, I told my Mom and something triggered, in my conversation. So, she asked me his name, and it is a unique name. When I did, my mother 'had a fit'. It was her boss! He was high up in the government, a retired history professor. She told me that he was married. So I told my roommate immediately that next evening when we got back to our dorms. She was shocked! She quietely walked out of the room and went down the hallway to use the pay phone. Long story short, I did NOT stop being friends with her! I told her how I felt about it and later found out much more. Her nickname was RED BONES but her other name referred to her as being 'Sandy complexioned'. Turns out, not only did this man have a relationship with her, but her older sister as well. And... she also had dated his son!!! HOWEVER, I met her mother, a single woman and this story, for me, is heart rendering. Her mother was SLOW. But she was a very, very, smart, intelligent girl. They came from a poor, desolate, rural area and this man took advantage of these girls when they were too young to know what to do. There is a lot more to this story... including this man orchestrating a plot for my friend to set me up with one of his friends!!! I became very close to this girl. ANd she came to depend on me heavily. And... because of me, she one day got the strength to break free from this controlling man and it was very, very dangerous!!! LOL. Me and another friend once, had to go down to the front lobby with her to give him all of his gifts he gave her....... HE ONCE FOLLOWED ME INTO THE COLLEGE CAFETERIA to try and find out from me where she was!!!... She finally became friends with her sister again. She praises me to this day, for my strength and for being a role model. She tried to be close to my mother, but my mother hated her!!! My mother dared me to be friends with her at the time we were roommates. And once when this girl called me for help because she was stranded, my mother dared me to go help her and demanded that I stop being friends with her. But, about 30 minutes prior to this incident, my mother's friend and co-worker, had came to visit my mother and to share with her how much she enjoyed her weekend with a married man at some resort! So, after my mother took a key and came into the bathroom to tell me that she demanded that I stop being friends with RED BONES, 30 minutes later, I got dressed, came into the kitchen and politely asked her why she demanded this when 'Christian' had just left and you just told me and 'my sister' how Christian was having this affair with a married man!? ... My mother's faced changed, and contorted... she looked as if she was going to hit me... so I backed up quietly, ... and left and went to the bedroom. But about 5 minutes later, my mother had my sister, bust open the door, and she came in and told me to get out of her house. So I did. ... I developed migraine headaches at this time of my life and heart problems. I have been physically abused by my mother since I was a child... Since then, it has been determined that she has some kind of mental problem. I don't know.... today... I don't know.... My father says that my mother tormented him... I know my mother hated me because I look just like my father... I still love her though, dearly, but I am strong and I have a strong convition. So, you can have your opionions about HOMOSEXUALS and how African AMerivan women befriend them and etc. but if you have a question for me, be specific. I would never STONE a homosexual, or shun them.
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    Yes, me too. But, I would be completely two-faced and a liar if I didn't tell the truth here; My natural hair is real long and really full but only because, at times, it is easy for me to braid my hair and I braided in hair extensions. So, when I took out the fake braids, my hair was all there, natural. So, I love to do that too, because it is Hell to have to manage my natural hair all of the time.
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    Yeah the girl is cute and I like all the hairs styles except the one from the 2010s. I don't care for that look at all -- unless it is ones real hair. I guess im just old school.
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    Yeah @Pioneer1 step away from the white jewish manual 😉
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    @Troy You really have to read Victor Lavalle's books. Whenever I finish one I think of this discussion. Well, I've only finished two and now half-way through the 3rd but like I said everything you ask for you already have. Remember I mentioned that I learned of Victor LaValle on this forum. I bought one of his books back in 2012 - I started it last year and finished it within the month. I read one of his novellas next and now I'm reading "The Changeling" (( 2018 World Fantasy Award Best Novel, winner ("The Changeling") , 2018 British Fantasy Award Best Horror Novel, winner ("The Changeling") 2018 Mythopoeic Award Fantasy Award for Adult Literature, finalist ("The Changeling") 2017 Shirley Jackson Award Best Novel, finalist ("The Changeling") 2017 Dragon Award Best Horror Novel, winner ("The Changeling")) The main character is in his 30s but his two compadres are middle-aged average men doing somewhat extraordinary things. In fact, the protagonist and his besty are both rarebook dealers lol...