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    @Cynique I hear you. If you don't do it I'll do it for you :-) It would be best with your input. It would be interesting to read you take on GOT after the series ends. Yes the violence and the sex was gratuitous. In the later seasons they seemed to have back off on the sex and no one died in the season opener so... My kid and her coworkers have a pool and chart for who will die first this season. So far those who picked no one are winning :-) The acting and production of GOT in on the scale of a major motion picture. My favorite character is Tyrion Lannister, that dwarf is too cool! But was he too trust of his conniving and incestuous sister? @Delano I was not familiar with the series American Gods it looks worth checking out. But I don't have access to Starz. I'll check to see if it is on Amazon Prime before I allow my subscription to lapse.
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    Good morning. I am still alive and kicking. Just trying to assess whether I'm coming or going which is not new for me. I sometimes have the tendency to lose steam after going full pursuit of some goal. That is my Achilles heel. Add to this the fact that I don't simply have "a bump in the road" when it comes to adversity. I encounter "ROAD BLOCKS". In any event, I must confess that I am in a phase of my life where I am losing faith in everything. How odd is it to age and to realize that your dream really was the impossible one. It is 7 am and I am heading out on a three day road trip to clear my head. Will be touch when I shake my demons. Peace
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    @Pioneer1 you've missed the point. Don't you see that the video I shared is part of a strategy to get a wage increase? You are speaking as if the professors are complete morons without agency. In the short time I've been teaching my wages have increased twice once retroactively resulting in a 4 figure check. Not a ton of money, but what i make working part time, from home, is the more than what some wage earners make working full time. The adjuncts are unionized. I posted the video because the claim we make poverty wages is hyperbolic and I thought it might be interesting to share my story of poverty 🙂 Look, no one will get rich being adjunct, but poverty is a bit extreme. Again, it is a part time job and if it is your only source of income, living in NYC, then yeah, you are in for a world of hurt.... Of course I also feel more resources should be directed to education.
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    While Black architects produce extraordinary works, they account for only two percent of the profession in the United States. Many of their works exist in the Black community and have helped preserve and restore history and culture. Though architecture is often not associated with Black Culture, it is an integral aspect in defining a community and requires careful consideration of design, context, and resident relationships. This book explores over forty works by Black architects and their impact in the Black community. A wide variety of projects are featured, from residences of affluent African Americans, to historic churches, to memorials and museums of Black culture and history. Each work, through brief examination of its history and architecture, exhibits the magnificent work of Black architects from past to present, and provides inspiration to architects of current and future generations. Black Built - Hardcover (ISBN 978-1732965102) Black Built - Paperback (ISBN 978-1732965119)
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    I'm just uninspired and unmotivated. 'Don't have anything to say and am becoming indifferent to all the crap going on in the world. The whole political scene is cock-eyed and discouraging. Elsewhere, I couldn't care less about the fire that razed the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, a fiery holocaust that struck me as being karma for the hypocrisy and corruption within the Catholic church. i'm suspended in a zone which regularly reminds me of how out-of-kilter my sphere of existence is as things are still disappearing, then materializing in a familiar place days later, - this along with weird examples of syncronicity between unexpected occurrences. I'm also like a time traveler as my memories and dreams constantly return to the distant past. And the weather. Below freezing temps and ground covered with snow one day, then 70 degrees and sunny 2 days later...rash of fatal accidents in the area with drivers going the wrong way on Chicago's expressway, plowing into oncoming traffic...my grandson's dog becoming more attached to me, always wanting to hang out in my room...in-laws suddenly back in my life. Craziness. . The return of "Game of Thrones" did break through and pique my interest, and looking forward to seeing how it comes out is one of the few things that captivates my focus, along with the Reconstruction era documentaries airing on PBS. Oh, well. Hopefully, i'll snap out of it.
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    That is interesting. Deviant Art requires creating an account to comment. Too bS they stopped allowing embedding
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    That question can also be asked in the case of a teen-aged white girl accusing a white man. Nowadays, the credibility of every accuser is questioned because all teen-aged females know how to be seductive, thanks to the media and the internet.
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    Troy Seriously, why didn't those folks, on the job, call 911 when the girl looked like she was about to pass out? Why didn't you drive her to the emergency room? Trust me, if you looked "gray" and "waxy," and then passed out in my call we'd be headed to the nearest emergency room. Why didn't the boyfriend take her to the hospital or to see a doctor? That's the same thing I was thinking. Why didn't Chev or the boyfriend just take the girl to the hospital. But I know some people like that. If something goes wrong the FIRST thing they think to do isn't to call an ambulance or even go to the hospital, but to call up a friend or relative and ask for help. Chev @Chevdove Alright, it's Easter Sunday and I finally got enough time to sit down and read this story......lol. I've been meaning to read it all the way through for days now. For some reasons I thought it was cute how you were just trying to get some sleep and kept taking cold medicine while people were constantly bothering you and barging into your room. I also though it was funny how after you threatened that one girl she quietly put down the phone and then stood up and RAN AWAY.....lol. I would have loved to be in that house just to observe the daily going's on.....LOL. But aside from something telling you to call your friend's job, how is this "supernatural"? Further...... There's been a lot of talk on here about "watchers" and who they are. Much of it is based on mythology found in the Book of Enoch, but do you want to know the TRUTH about Watchers? Although spirits and guides are real, the TRUTH is that the original Watchers were the Black soldiers placed at the southern border of the Caucasus mountains to keep wild tribes of Caucasians from coming back down and disrupting the Black civilizations south of them like Sumeria and Kemet. These Watchers were Black soldiers and as evidence of this some of their descendants STILL continued to live in that southern Caucasus region thousands of years later......called Colchians.
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    Not being able to make enough money to independently support yourself involves so many extenuating circumstances that its ridiculous to make the above statement. During The Depression people from all walks of life including highly qualified and educated ones were not able to make enough money to live independently. How can you not take the economy and the stability of the government or even the health of a well educated person into consideration when making such assertions? You want to dumb down life. What your argument amounts to is that educated people who use their information to think creatively are to blame for uneducated people who are too ignorant to think in the abstract. You refuse to consider that education is one of the things that separates the winner peer groups from the loser peer groups in the arena of success.
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    {Looking around like the last guy on Earth surveying his surroundings after a nuclear holocaust or the Rapture.} Since @harry brown has posted recently, I presume the site is not broken. Indeed, in the time that it took me to write this 16 people have visited this forum: I guess the period between Palm Sunday and Easter is really slow around here. Maybe everyone is on spring break (actually mine starts Friday). Or maybe, more ominously, social media's domination and control over the online conversation is now complete. Does that mean I can't communicate with my people unless I go to Facebook... Lawd help me!
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    Yes an opponent need not be an enemy. Opponent Adversary Nemesis are not quite the same
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    My input in readily available for the choices you make. You know i'm better at responding than initiating. 😉 I wonder myself what my final thoughts will be on GOT, whose characters have become like friends - and enemies to me. I have my own theory of how it all will end but i hesitate to reveal it. Daenarys is my favorite character, naturally. A strong woman. @DelanoI have access to American Gods because i have Starz but i've never watched it... Maybe i'll check it out. As for me needing a worthy opponent, can a worthy opponent also be a soul mate? 😮
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    So....... After reading that story, my initial reaction was to shake my head and say: "It's not enough for Mel and Cynique to proudly proclaim how attracted and appreciative they are of powerful confident White men......but now even Chevdove is on here posting stories about how "beautiful" White men with golden hair (if that's what you want to call beautiful) are coming to her rescue and comparing them to and calling these White men angels !!! Because of earlier Christian conditioning, too many of our people and especially our women have a deep down conditioning since childhood to see White men as their angels, saviors, and protectors which is why our women tend to be so much more inlove with "Jesus" than most Black men." But you know what? I wasn't there and don't know what happened nor what you went through so I can't condemn it or praise it with my arm chair philosphying. I'm glad you got the help that you needed sis. I just hope that The Supreme Being continues to send ME help when I need it. I prefer that the humans sent to help me come in the form of BLACK men and women, but I'll accept them in any color.
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    Hey @Chevdove thanks again for sharing your story. You know me I was like the message should have sent to 9-1-1 not you :-) Seriously, why didn't those folks, on the job, call 911 when the girl looked like she was about to pass out? Why didn't you drive her to the emergency room? Trust me, if you looked "gray" and "waxy," and then passed out in my call we'd be headed to the nearest emergency room. Why didn't the boyfriend take her to the hospital or to see a doctor? Also, reading this story it seems to me that religions are the underlying cause of all of this difficulty. Is this something that you'd ever considered?
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    In modernity many Black people speak to finding roots or gaining reparations or many other thing offline that require a collective power that does not exist or an individual power that does not exist. I am not suggesting said power will not become to a black group or black individual offline. But, I am certain it is easier for a black collective or individual task online to be successful. To that end, I cognize a nice way to show who black people are today, that can have value tomorrow , collectively or individually, is through individual sigils. The data storage for the sigils will be linked at the postend to this article. The comments to this post will be links to each sigil made, which is composed of the graphic, name, and url to main place online. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HXbBwMv3DtSogJnh7
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    Richard Murray https://photos.app.goo.gl/6Xf56Bb391NQuBo66 Black meaning the most ancient black peoples aside the current black people, Red meaning the forebears to the current black people, Green meaning the history from the forebears cover one Brown fist pairing each. Brown for the skin that link nearest all black people. A yellow text phrase the black/red/meaning colored for the bind between the sun side the soul. The blue is the water in which all black peoples have forebears who were forced in through slavery or war by others. Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell A shield of peacock feathers symbolizing strength, power, wisdom and peace, 4 teal, purple, gold, green LeQuenta Marshall butterfly on a thorny rose. Butterflies represent transformation. The rose, commonly associated with classical beauty and romance, but it protects itself with the thorns.
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    Just surfing the unconscious I have never seen Game of Thrones.
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    Yeah I watched GOT last night. I wish they would release all the episodes so that I can binge watch the final season. Waiting a whole week for the next episode is so 20th century... Man if I did not have to wait for over a year for this season I would just wait until the end of this season to to binge. I have been watching the new season of Star Trek and it is a challenge to keep watching it is so much like a soap opera. If Michael Bernum (Spock's Black step sister) cries in again in the episode I swear I'm going to stop watching -- she was raised on Vulcan for Christ's sake... ah never mind... Well, I'm glad the site is not broken. Now how do I get all the people who register new accounts to participate? While I block more than I approve there are at least 10 to 20 new people signing up each week. In fact someone registered while I was making this post, but if history is any indicators that visitor will not post. One does not need to post to read the forums or to even post comments, so it has never been clear why someone would register and never post. If I had the resources I would try to figure out why this happens.
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    Ahhhh.....Game of Thrones. More powerful and confident (and quite violent) White men for you and Mel to appreciate and fall inlove with, lol.
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    Lol......and look at what happened to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Karma is something else, ain't it.
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    😃 I’m here! But I’ve been poking around doing research on Black authors who have written series... Then I found this other website that catalogs every series that’s ever been created. And then I realized I don’t know the names of every black author, yet I’m trying to make a comprehensive list.. so, there’s that...lol Yes, this thing is on 👋🏽
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    The publisher of this book, Blue Nile Press, is one of the most conscious Black-owned publishing companies I'm aware of. They are the first publisher to print a book with the AALBC.com Bestseller seal on it. Besides the fact that the book is an AALBC Best Seller it provides an additional incentive for me to promote and sell the book. In June I will be in Austin, TX presenting at the Austin African American Book Festival. I will be selling this book and any other AALBC bestselling books who have the seal on it. Peace, Troy
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    Chev LOL. It was funny. But @Pioneer1 knows I love him too. Nothing but love this way sis! Del You are behind in points you wanna go some more, Cabeza de Piedra. Do I want to go some more?? That's a question for your boyfriend at night, not me...lol. Besides, you got some nerve to criticize me when...... tu comprende como loco perro......lol.
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