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  1. Yeah that is the reasoning you find in Murdoch's publications and learn in business schools. Cigarettes are only made because of demand, toxic mortgages were made then converted into worthless securities because of demand. Africans were kidnapped and sold into slavery because of your so called "demand." Sure, @Delano it is all the consumer's fault.... can't you see beyond the capitalist's rhetoric?
  2. @Kareem I'd assume Murdoch like the rest of the other wealthy climate change deniers do so because of financial interest; Investments in oil or other industries that are threatening their wealth.
  3. A sign of intelligence is the ability to explain complicated things in simply.
  4. Wait, what? You got banned for reporting a figure that is not even in dispute? Can you post the link to the Wikipedia article where they refused to allow you to post this? I will post it myself -- that is crazy! Here is some detail on why the Wikipedia bias is so damaging: https://aalbc.com/blog/index.php/2014/02/06/wrong-goodreads-google-wikipedia/
  5. True Dat. You're on a roll my Brother! I think even Cynique would be proud 🙂
  6. @Delano regarding CP5. Well that is a relief. I've never taken AALBC off Facebook. I use Facebook to post links back to AALBC and I haven't even done that in over a week. If someone comments on a link I posted I will reply (something you did not too long ago). As I said, I don't use Facebook for personal reasons at all, nor do I consume any news or content there -- which was the point, something I thought you understood. Then be clearer my Brother.
  7. The difference is MLK posed enough of a threat to be assassinated. Obama will live a long, prosperous life. The article you linked to was deep. I definitely need to watch the videos and film. I had my own experience with racially biases Wikipedia editors too.
  8. Ruppert Murdoch is using his media properties to push the claim that the fires are natural. Scientists say the unprecedented scale of the inferno is a direct result of climate change exacebated by man.
  9. Have you previously shared info about Ganlodo here @Azacotogan? If not post a link.
  10. So BLM has played itself out on Twitter already? Sounds like all the complaints I read about the Lipstick Alley discussion forum. Doing this draws a lot of attention and therefore quite lucrative, as a result White folks use their best and brightest minds to make money creating the platforms and riling us up for their amusement. We've always been great at entertaining white folks.
  11. @Azacotogan welcome to the forum. That ship sailed long ago. All we can do is try to reclaim was was lost, but this is very difficult. Culturally ADOS, FBA, whatever you wanna call the descendants of enslaved Africans in America, are so different we are at often at odds with each other. Amazingly, we still collectively embrace everything our oppressor creates at the expense of what we have ccreated. All the Black people on Twitter proclaiming Black independence and empowerment are a joke, for they only serve to elevate Twitter.
  12. Man y'all gotta define these terms I previously looked uo ADOS from one of Pioneer's earlier posts. I looked up FBA and the only defintion was "Fullfilled By Amazon." I went to Twitter and found out what it means. I also see there us a Foundational Black American conference coming up. I did also gather there was a petty beef going on... What does "YT" mean? The ads associated to those hashtags (#ADOS & #FBA) were interesting. I can easily see how one could get caught up. Another readon I don't consume info on social... No information is better than lies.
  13. No wonder you were banned from Facebook and twitter 🙂
  14. The media can not be impartial. If you consume one source of news you are being lied to. @Delano did you believe the media's reporting on the Central Park Five, before they were proven innocent? That is a completely false statement my friend. I deleted my personal profile along with my 5K "friends" back in 2018. It is curious however tgat you would make this false statement in this context. Why? Precisely. We used to call it gossip. When the media directs it against Black men it is especially harmful. No, because the fact of the matter is that he will not be removed. But keep in mind much of the "news'" we consume is social media driven gossip, speculation, opinion (often uninformed), Russian trolls, advertisement, and other forms of unvetted and unattributed information. As a result, there is no shortage of people who believe it is criminal that 45 is not removed and people who believe the proceedings are a corrupt witch hunt. These two diametrically opposed camps can reside on the same platform. The false statement, you said the "finest mind" on this site, shared from Facebook illustrates my point. How do you think lessor minds, like yours, would be impacted Del? Probably.
  15. @nels I wish social media was irrelevant, but Black folks use it disporpotinately. It is a variation of the slave mentality one of dependence versus independence. What got you banned from both platforms?
  16. All great ideas spring forth from the collective mind of A.I. enhanced social media. That seems to be the herd mentality nowadays. Sometimes when I'm working on a problem I just let it go (stop trying to thing about it) and a solution comes to me. I think, "let me sleep on it," is very powerful. Where these ideas and solutions come from is anyone's guess but I would start with the brain.
  17. Well Guest ZealotX you do not exaggerate regarding racist trolls. Which is a subset of all forms of spammers and hackers I had to shut down an entire domain where the forum previously resided http://thumperscorner.com because if trolls. The site never recovered in terms of participation after I was forced to migrated it here. It was very disappointing because the Trolls won that battle. Racist trolls come at me personally from time to time spamming my comments section on the site creating racists memes of me. Even sending me hate mail -- physical mail. It is the wild west here on the net. There is no law and no one will come to your aid. It is every man for themselves. This is one of many reasons why Blacks sites struggle including this one.
  18. Thank @Maurice I don't have a big budget for advertising so it is folks like you who help spread the word.
  19. Del can you make the distinction between a declaration and a question? My comments to you about the CP5 were all questions -- all of which you characteristically failed to answer. Why are you continuing to rehash your globally warming argument? You previuosly made you position on that clear and it does not bolster your rationale for blindly trusting mainstream media when it comes to judging Black men like Cosby or the CP5.
  20. Lol! Absolutely! Pittsburgh has made fine contributions to our literature. August Wilson's Century cycle and John Edgar Wideman. @Maurice with more regular contributors the forum will pick up. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged as maintenance is a chore and there of course is the expense, but i think the benefits still out weigh the downsides.
  21. The number of white deaths from nicotine is so high, globally, that your reasoning does not add up @Kareem This chart from https://tobaccoatlas.org/topic/deaths/ shows in dark red the countries where 1 in 4 deaths are due to smoking. You'll observe the countries were white live are most effected. Africans simply don't smoke as much as Europeans. They are killing themselves more effectively than they are Black people.
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