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    OK @Cynique, it has been 5 days of back and forth mansplaining, manslain and we have gotten no where. Did you forget that it was you you started this? I wrote; "Well one of y'all please mansplain "Wednesday Thursday Friday" to me 'cause I did not get it." and you replied; "A man can't "mansplain" to another man. Mansplaining involves a man regurgitating what a woman has already said, or a man cluelessly attempting to clarify what a woman has figured out for herself." Your reaction to my statement and your ongoing defense of it, is why I thought you took this seriously. If you did not care, why didn't you just let my statement slide? The lady doth protest too much, methinks (since you love the British and their dictionaries so much )
  2. LITTLE MAN, LITTLE MAN is James Baldwin's, first and only book, for children. He described it as a “celebration of the self-esteem of black children.” In the book's new introduction it is suggest that audiences at the time the book was originally published feel audiences were not ready for Baldwin's perspective, which might explain the book’s initial reception.

    The only thing fueling this conversation was you rejecting my use of the word and me defending my position. I see you won't even concede that the word is not in M-W. Rather you've scoured the Earth and found a definition a British dictionary: mansplain VERB [WITH OBJECT] informal (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. Here too, there is no requirement that the the target of the manspliation has to be a woman. While that is "typical" it is not a requirement. I will continue to use the word in the fashion that I have been (mansplaining to a man), for it is correct usuage. Look the use of an informal word or a very malleable. Indeed the use of the English in information conversation is. Remember when "gay" meant "happy?" Today no man would not describe themselves as "gay" unless they were homosexual, no matter how happy they were. Maybe I'd describe myself as mansplaining to a guy I wanted to disparage because one only typically mansplains to a woman. Or maybe, one would request a mansplaication to highlight the idiocy of the request or the expected definition. Sorry Cynique the word has evolved just as quickly as it was coined.

    It looks like I man be missing a couple of Ghettoheat titles in my database. Please post the ISBNs.

    Allow me to mansplain; what you keep describing as a definition from Merriam Webster is NOT a definition. As you wrote it is described as a word "we are watching" for potential inclusion in their dictionary. Understand, or do I have to mansplain further? @Cynique, if you actually read the entire text for understanding, rather than cherry picking it to support an erroneous position, you would have included the thesis statement from the article (the very first paragraph, emphasis mine): We haven't seen adverbial use yet, but we're keeping our eyes open. The word's death knell has been sounded—it's so broadly applied that some say that any time a man opens his mouth he's accused of mansplaining—but mansplain is clearly not going to be dropping out of use any time soon. Clearly, at least to anyone actually interested in understanding, it does not seem likely that they will be including the word in their dictionary any time soon. This is just reading comprehension. Accusing me of refusing to use Google is a silly and disingenuous. I'd already found, via Google, and read the article from Merriam Webster before you posted the broken link to it the first time. It fact, I used it to support my argument. Astonishingly, you tried to use the very same article to support an opposing position?! Also, pointing out my typos is an unnecessary diversionary tactic. You obviously understood what I meant. I was going to ask more than one question but changed my mind and never changed questions to question... If something is unclear ask for clarity. Another weak tactic is ignoring the facts I've presented and accusing it of being "emotional thing" with me. You know me better than that. Besides you are as fully engaged in this debate as I am, but I have not accused you of being "emotional." I don't have to my position is much stronger. Yes the term is derogatory, for the reason Merriam Webster described in the quote above. If you read the linked article, "death knell has been sounded," you'll find more reasons.

    This is so very deep. Cynique the idea that we can't, while sitting in front of a computers, even agree on whether a word is in the dictionary is exasperating to the point of being "Pioneeric." I have the MW app on the cell phone app; mansplain is not coming up there either. I showed you a reference from the MW website where they explain why the word is not in their dictionary. Still you want to insist the work is there, with only your word and broken link to back you up. I guess that is what they mean by alternate facts. Will any amount of mansplaining get you to see reality? @Del Cynique must be a fixed Sun sign like Taurus or Leo huh? OK @Cynique I have a simple questions for you. Would you want to see a journalist use the word in a new story? For example; "The Minnesota congressman mansplained the new legislation to group of educators at the Association of American Educators conference on Thursday." Yes or No?
  7. “Niggers and flies, I do despise. The more I see Niggers, the more I like flies.” --Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States This from the brother who succeeded Thurgood Marshall. This quote was obtained from the novel from Clarence's ex girlfriend, Lillian McEwen, who penned the tell-all book (sorry, memoir) D.C. Unmasked & Undressed: A Memoir. You can't make this stuff up.

    LOL, being accessed of mansplaining is what drives men to cheat. I beg to differ with you on many points @Cynique; It is women, not men, who initially perverted the term by misuse it in the ways that I described earlier. Mansplain is not in the Merriam Webster dictionary. The link you provided is broken. Here is a article describing Merriam Websters's stance on the "word." The "Urban Dictionary" is not a formal dictionary. Sure, mansplain can be considered an idiom, but that does not make it a real word; one that is found in a proper dictionary and is appropriate for formal communication. You may love language, but surely you must appreciate that the use of words like "mansplain" distorts language. There are much better, and clearer, ways of expressing oneself. Naa'mean?
  9. Oh My, Nicki Minaj

    Found at the top of my Facebook feed the other day.
  10. I just sat down to look at some youtube videos before calling it a night. I generally watch Youtube video on a regular TV. I usually search for subjects that interest me. I started to watch an Inconvenient Truth but after a few minutes I grew bored... I decided to see what was trending on youtube (something I almost never do), the #9 video was the one shown below . This video was watched over 8 million since in the last two days. That is 8 times more than the number of view all of my videos have received in the last decade! I watched at least 1/2 of the video. I doubt anyone would confuse the music with being great, but after watching the video for 5 seconds it is obvious the music was secondary this video was all about Nicki's bangin' body! Her body is so off the chain it doesn't even look real. Imagine the views I would get on a video if I could get Nicky to shake her thang while an author was reading from their book. Shoot I might even sell a few books. Still I wonder who this video is for, really. Is it designed for the teenage white boys who buy most rap. Is it for Black women to give them something to aspire to. Is if for all men to give them something to, well.. use your imagination... Again I can't image it is to listen to the music..., but what I know I'm too old to appreciate this music. Where else does one watch music video nowadays anyway?

    Cynique, do I have to mansplain "mansplain" to you? I gave you a definition of Mansplaining which you have either ignored or rejected. My use is not unprecedented: Beside this is not really a word. It is like arguing about the definition of "troysplain." The word does not appear in the word in the Merriam Webster dictionary. The Atlantic defines it as "explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman" In the vast majority of the "definitions" I've read, there is no requirement for mansplaining to be done by a man to a woman as you asserted. Generally qualifier "often or "usually" is used. @Cynique, why insist upon "proper use" of a word that has no official definition?
  12. Well I was correct “…one, and only one, of these titles to win.” I, however, was wrong about the book that would win. I discounted Jesmyn's book simply because I she'd previously won a National Book Award. In fact, Jesmyn is the only Black writer to win two National Book Awards in any category. She may be the only author to have won the award period, but I only track the Black authors. Her first win was for Salvage the Bones. Perhaps my picking Rita's children's book to win was wishful thinking. Still there have only been four Black winners of a National for Children's Literature and 68 years. In stark contrast Jesmyn, by herself, has already won half of that many in just 7 years!
  13. I'm here for my fourth National Book Awards (NBA) Ceremony. The NBA is the Academy Award of the book world. It is always an honor to attend. The most celebrated authors on Earth are honored here. I, as usual, focus on the authors of African descent, and there is no shortage of these authors honored this year. I'm making these posts live, from the event. The entire program may be found here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/DNpxugLaDgG

    Yes that would be my goal Cynique. Since you first used the word I looked it up. There are many variations on the theme including the phase womansplain that you mentioned. Mansplain is often used by a woman to preemptively reject something a man says. The man's intentions are irrelevant. The accuracy of what he says does not matter. It is a just a way for a woman to shut a guy down when they can't articulate why they disagree and hurl the sexist epithet "mansplain" in frustration.. Sure there are probably a few women who use the world in the manner you've defined, but most don't. It is just a derogatory term whose meaning has already been smeared through misuse. I can understand why some women don't want it added to the dictionary and feel it is a silly term. The word is not in all dictionaries. The word is not "universally" accepted. I do not, nor have I ever asserted ,that I speak for all men. Troysplaination complete.
  15. The Talented Ribkins by Ladee Hubbard Wins 2017 Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence In the process of researching Ladee's books, to update her content, I discovered this video, an interview with on Late NIght with Seth Meyers. Now I never watch the late night shows but I was very surprised to see a relatively obscure debut Black author being interviewed on a National TV program. She is does even have any of the bonuses that get Black folks more attention; she is not LGBT, from Africa, an ex-con, a celebrity, athlete, nor displays any outwards sign of dysfunction. She does have the a multiracial look working, but still... This defies everything I know about TV and White supremacy. My worldview has been cast askew. Have I become that so jaded by racism over the years that I can't even conceived of this type of interview even taking place? I could see if it was James Patterson or JK Rowlings... Well no matter what I think this is a good look for Ladee and I need to know who her publicist is!
  16. Reuters reports Lead Poisoning in New York City, at levels worst that Flint Michigan! In some areas of New York City, children tested high for lead at double the rate in Flint – the latest finding in a Reuters investigation that has identified 3,800 such lead hotspots nationwide. Until now, many have remained hidden. Maybe @Pioneer1's conspiracy theories have merit.
  17. The Power Of The Black Writer Today

    Today the Black voice has far less power than it has in past say 50 years. The fact of the matter is that we no longer own the platforms to wield any power. We have fewer magazines, newspapers, radio stations, websites. The few platforms that remain carry very little weight or influence amongst our people. When was the last time anything substantive was quoted, from a Black owned platform, in anything you have read? Our voices are heard solely due to largess or greed of white folks. They tell us who and what is important, and therefore how to think. This is the reason we support their businesses and not our own. It really is that simple. Unless white folks substantiate what we do; it is unimportant to us, and they do not substantiate anything unless it will make them some money. I refer this as the "white-cosign."

    Well Cynique, men have flipped the script on women who would insult us for simply opening our mouths. We have coopted the term for our purposes. It is not universally accepted as a word, how can you impose a such a firm definition? That is like trying to shove your definition of "nigga" down my throat. Need I mansplain further? Del be careful next you be believing there are multiple races too.
  19. Who knows?

    We should start behaving as if we are one, because we are.
  20. Cynique, you should already by now you can be honest with most people. Lipstick Alley (LSA) reminded me of AALBC.com back its hey-day. The owner of the site is a sister, whose avatar is a photo of Condi Rice. Everyone on LSA is anonymous, from my limited view so far, even the moderator. I did not hide my identity however, cause I'm too busy making sure people know AALBC.com. My first post was met with skepticism, gratitude, flirtation, and even few thumbs down. That was how i was welcomed and I enjoyed it. One person welcomed me to: They are off the chain over that LSA But our course most people would have taken the negative comments to seriously and left--assuming they would even post at all. At the end of the the Black owned site has a thriving community which is almost impossible in our Facebook dominated world.
  21. Lipstick Alley is one of the best discussion forums. It is currently #20 on my list of the best Black owned websites!

    @Cynique get outta here! LOL! Allow me to mansplain, the term is also used to describe men talking to each other in a way that only two men would understand uncut, raw, use of jargon and colloquialisms are fine too. For example; "Will one of y'all please mansplain "Wednesday Thursday Friday" to me 'cause I did not get it?" "WTF" Question answered or "mansplained." My aunt used to say Sugar Honey Iced Tea. I guess that would be easy to figure out now. If not, I'll mansplain it to you
  23. Who knows?

    Well there are billions of use Cynique and I think are all part of the universe, not a reflection of it, not a product of it we are it. The distinguishing ourselves as individual apart from the whole is how we perceive reality, but I'd don't that is the way it is. Del keep in mind just because Pioneer clarified my statement does not mean that he did it correctly--surely you must know this I needed to confirm that for you. The distinction I made was important because it explains the different between my statement and Cyniques last one
  24. ...sure it is possible @MAFOOMBAY I've pretty much dedicated my life to that possibility When I redesigned this site. I grouped children's books and YA books together into one category. That was a mistake that I will eventually need to clean up. The biggest difference between children's books and YA is that children's books are actually sold to adults (a 4 year-old does not buy books). So the marketing is different. I think white parents, are far less likely to buy a book featuring Black characters, regardless of the color of the author. Keats is often cited, because his book, was one for the first published by a mainstream publisher to have a Black kid as the main character. But I'm not sure how commercially successful it was with white parents. Libraries, schools, and Black parents snapped up copies for sure, but I simply do not know how many white parents purchased the book. Jim Crow laws were still in effect. throughout the south when the book as first published. There is a children's book that is a finalist for a National Book Award tomorrow (11/15/17), Clayton Byrd Goes Underground. It is written by a sister, Rita Williams-Garcia, from New York City. In fact, I've predicted Rita's book has the best chance for a book written by a Black writer to actually win the award. The fact that the book was nominated should greatly boost sales. Even if the book wins I don't expect it to greatly boost sales, outside the library and school communities. Given the dearth of platforms celebrating and selling Black books I'd be surprised if a significant number of Black parents with children are even aware of the book. But hey it is possible and we can observe what happens in the future.
  25. Rachel Renée Russell’s DORK DIARIES children’s books series has sold over 30 million copies with translation into 36 languages worldwide 222 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list. The Dork Diaries is a fantastically successful series. The main characters are not Black. Rachel said in an interview with The New York Times that she wanted her books to appeal to a wide audience. Would it really be impossible for a Black main character to appeal to a wide (i.e. white) audience?