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  1. I like the 1st square one most.
  2. I can't say I understand what that means. James Brown was Soul Brother #1. It seems he may have been the last soul Brother...
  3. Click the image of the book covers @daniellegfny. One of the authors longlisted was a regular contributor to our forums
  4. @daniellegfny please, don't wait on mr feel free to expand the discussion.
  5. @Pioneer1 I see you agreed with this. But your utopian culture does not allow people express their homosexuality, transgenderality does it? It is impossible to debate you because your perspectives are founded on the false believe in a genetic basis of race which is deeply confounded by a belief in stereotypes. I have no more interest in having multiple wives than have in having 10 children. Does this mean I'm not Black or have been brainwashed with a Eurocentric mindset, as you see it?
  6. Because Tariq behaved like a child reacting to Umar. I always viewed Umar with suspicion. Yes, i too would like to sit down and craft codes of behavior for everyone else to follow, but again cultures are not created that way. The stuff about spaghetti. alcohol, and numbers of partners is too riddled with stereotypes to address seriously. In your culture we have multiple wives but can't drink? Dude that will never work lol!
  7. I watched the local news yesterday and when I look at the photo all I can see is a forest fire consuming me and all of my belongings or that river over flowing it's banks an washing everything I own away... More seriously; I guess were are in the midst of autumnal equinox. Here in Florida that is usually heralded by a drop in the humidly, the end of the afternoon thunderstorm, and the arrival love bugs. Since the tree leaves don't change color and die here it is like the springtime. @rosa "...with someone" is the important part. That experience would be goo
  8. -Language (Ebonics)-Diet (Fried Chicken, Hog Maws, Souse, Chitterlin's, Mac-n-cheese, candied yams, okra, collards, etc-Mating/Marriage Custom (Jumpin' the broom)-Religious/Moral Code (prosperity ministry, holy roller, sanctified, negro spirituals and gospel music) Seriously why disparage the Black "subculture?" Our culture is derived, necessarily, from multiple sources. indigenous, European, African, etc. What do you want to do manufacture a culture our of whole cloth and expect everyone to simply embrace it? You know it does not work that way right? I did
  9. I've begun compiling a list of books to mark the 100th anniversary the holocaust which too place in Tulsa: https://aalbc.com/books/category.php?name=Tulsa+Massacre
  10. I just sat down to watch some YouTube videos while eat my dinner and decided to watch the NBC nightly news. Now I never watch local or national news broadcast, but the flooding in Houston piqued my interest. 90 seconds in I can tell why so many Americans are stressed out. The lead in to the new program was ominous -- disaster, followed by calamity, followed by tragedy -- it was too much! I was actually shocked! Who subjects themselves to this "news" everday? Man has not to evolved to deal with a lifetime of bad news in 60 second period. Is everyone just numb to it? I wa
  11. BEWARE OF THOSE CAMERAS: Man that is a powerful statement on so many levels. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad could not have possibly have known where we would go in 2020, or how social media would have an even stronger effect. I'm sure that is an old saying as I can't imagine it being true of a contemporary Black man. No one I associate myself with would ever behave in such a fashion. It is archaic behavior.
  12. That is the same flawed reasoning mainstream media used to justify wall to wall coverage if Trump which helped to usher him into the whitehouse. But I get it you had to share the video to make the point. You've watched a ton of these videos have you felt influenced to engage in sexual behavior?
  13. Well monitoring the project may be pretty easy. I read the are in contract for a reality TV show. We love to entertain ... even during our revolution huh?
  14. Soooo that is your reason for watching and sharing Vlad videos? Do you also really believe that a heterosexual man would be influenced to wear a dress or become a homo as a result if anything Vlad records?
  15. Hey @Pioneer1 this might be right up your alley: https://thefreedomgeorgiainitiative.com/ The want to develop "...our vast resource-rich 96.71 acres of land in Toomsboro, GA for the establishment of an innovative community for environmentally sustainable-living, health & wellness, agricultural & economic development, arts & culture for generations to come." They misspelled the name of their own organization at the top of the page (I just emailed them a correction).
  16. That would perfectly explain it, and it would not surprise me if it were true. You think a serious white supremist would broadcast their diabolical schemes on Vlad's YouTube channel? Well continue enriching and enabling him. I choose not to.
  17. Yeah I can't figure iut why Vlad get access to everyone. You have stop watching and promoting Vlad's channel. If are really against him how he exploits us. I agree with you and no longer watch his videos (I did watch the one you just shared). I ask myself after and during the the consumption of anthing (this forum, a movie, a book, music, an activity, food, whatever) am i better off. If the answer is always I'm worse off; then I stop doing that activity. Are you better off having watch that video, or any Vlad video?
  18. Get the Soul Brother’s Empowerment Package while supplies last! These books were specifically selected with Black men in mind. Get all six for only $99, includes free two-day shipping and no sales tax (unless you are shipping to Florida). New Fiction The Awkard Black Man by Walter Mosley Blacktop Wasterland by S. A. Cosby Classic Fiction Captain Blackman by John A. Williams Classic Nonfiction The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams The Souls of Black Folk (includes “The Talented Tenth”
  19. Again this would be great fodder for fascinating novel. Many believe in an infinite number of alternative universes where Malcolm lived to celebrate his 95th birthday. One can only wonder what those world's would be like... The reality ,however, is that Malcolm was just one man in a fundamentally white racist culture. So, much more would have needed to change in American society for even 100 Malcolm to have a meaningful impact.
  20. That is an even more interesting thought to contemplate! Imagine if every Black leader who was assassinated were allowed to live full and productive lives -- from Nat Turner to Medgar Evers to Fred Hampton. I knew Barack Obama never had to fear being assassinated, he would never be capable of having the impact of an MLK or Malik. Some great writer should spin quite a tale crafting a world where El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was allowed to live ... imagine that! If Malik and the others were never murdered maybe gangtser-rap and it's sister hooker-rap would never have emerged
  21. BET -- when? Sure, dude like you, Del, and I have heard of him, but when was the last time you heard anything about him? Do you think someone who is 30-something is more likely to heard of Thee Stallion of Crouch? Does it matter?. If James Baldwin, Malcolm X, or MLK were alive today they would be obscure fringe entitles personalities eclipsed by the likes of Cardi B and Kanye West.
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