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  1. How to Be An Antiracist did ultimately become the top-selling book on AALBC for the May/June period. I sold more copies of this book, in one month, that any other book, during the same period of time, in the almost 23 years I've been running the site. Amazon has upped the ante and is currently selling the book at 45% off list. I would not have old nearly as many copies of Antiracist if readers did not make a conscious decision to support a Black-owned bookstore. I have to commend these customers because they see through Amazon's faux-consciousness and decided support booksellers who care more about readers, authors, and publishers than how much money they can extract from them.
  2. Troy


    @Yvonne here is a recent post that should help explain the pricing anomalies you've noticed: Basically third party selling have learned to exploit Amazon. Pricing books like this (and selling them) can only work if there is collusion or a monopoly. Amazon has created an effective monopoly for the online sale of books. Third party sellers are exploiting this effective monopoly.
  3. Established by who? Man I thought anti-vaxxers were all white women. Pioneer is there no conspiracy theory that you do not buy into? @Chevdove did you not have your children vaccinated? Man, has this gentleman done something to you personally? Did he steal your woman or something? Are you saying that Black people were murdered by white people over the 4th of July and that these murders were made to look like they were committed by Black people and that the police did nothing and all of this was widely reported in the media? I'm glad you learned something from the video @Chevdove. I'm not sure why Pioneer thinks every white person is an active architect of racism even though they were born into this system just like we were.
  4. His mispronunciated a couple of names but that is a small thing. The white folks running around did not create racism. Sure they benefit from it and to perpetuate it but many white people unknowingly. Which vaccine would that be? Dude that is what the Brother did; he realted newspaper accounts of the perputrators.
  5. Troy


    I know a little but about Germantown. Amazon is a free for all because 3rd party marketers can sell anything. Used UK books as new in America, etc. I did update the book cover i screwd up the piblisher name and page count somehow sorry about that.
  6. Troy


    I just updated Remembered to the correct US ISBN13: https://aalbc.com/books/bookinfo.php?isbn13=9781982627126 I also added links to the audio and ebook versions. "9780241413586" is an ISBN13. It is 13 digits long and starts with a 979 or 978 is is an ISBN13. I begun to start simply saying ISBN even though the ISBN10 (the 10-digit book identifier) is also used. Last week I dropped the ISBN10 field from my database altogether, as ISBN13s that start with 979 do not have an ISBN10 equivalent. I now that may have been way too much info, but someone out there may be curious 🙂 The 9780241413586 also comes up as a UK book, so I can not sell it here or find it in distribution. Do you have the US version? The same goes for Ladybird Tales of Super Heroes. I see form you bio you are from PA, did you relocate to the UK? Yes book clubs, librarians, and others use the site to find author's contact information. Since author contact information often changes, I encourage authors to share website addresses and I direct readers there. Websites go bad too, but I pick my poison.
  7. ... and Black people too. The speaker, Jeffery Robinson, offers a thoughtful, factual, measured, and critical lecture on racism's impact on Black Americans. Some of you may be tired of trying off explaining to good meaning white folks what racism is and how it has hampered Black people and enriched white people. When white people ask you to explain racism, you can point them to this video.
  8. DeAngelo, I definitely did not expect you to reveal your government (assuming you actually did 😉). I deleted the extra posts. Sure we know there are racists on the police force. They are in every facit of society. Whether they are actively planning an armed race war is debatable. Why? The mental race war has been quite effective thus far.
  9. Troy


    Sure, I can add the other books. Just list the ISBN13s here. List the Audiobook ISBN13s too. I can add that you are interested in speaking to clubs and at festivals but that is generally assumed. If you also give me your website addresd I'll add it to your page so that people can contact you.
  10. Troy


    Hi Yvonne thanks for popping by. I'm familiar with your work of course: https://aalbc.com/authors/author.php?author_name=Yvonne+Battle-Felton I see I made your book unavailable for sale on the site which means I could not buy it from a distributor. I was not aware of the 2020 version. I'll check out and update my site with that version. Let me know if there is anything else I can add to your pages here on AALBC.
  11. Some would rather see the country go down in flames first. But most, enough I believe, have some sense and are not threatened by this inevitable change.
  12. It is interesting Schtever that you touted facts and statistics however you emphasized a statement in capitals that is simply wrong. A Black man in America has a much higher chance of being killed by a cop than being stuck by lightning. When people mix facts with falsehoods I begin to consider whether the person is ill-informed or deliberately trying to decieve. I never have to consider it very long becsuse it is always revealed rather quickly. How would you prefer to see people react to the lynching of a man, in broad daylight, by an officer of the law over 20 bucks? Please feel free to express yourself freely. In 20+ years I've only removed one post. Sow away 😉
  13. Obviously, so why use it to justify the alarm? I don't even give people, who bullshit in Instagram any grief. Short of providing AALBC, I can't do anything for them to make their lives bearable. Pictured is Clay county's entire police force. It is located between nowhere and the boondocks. No one has plans to protest there. There will be no need for them to 'round up a posse.
  14. I think Marc was just trying to take advantage to Candice's platform to sell his book, Nobody, which is quote timely, but I think the white community lowered his value after he defended Palestine. They have moved on to Ibram Kendi as the Black spokesperson on race.
  15. True, but and most of us, like me, just ignore the information. Just there are some nosy people who poke around but they are largely harmless. Savvy marketers, trolls, business, and the government are mining the internet and using it to exploit us, but that cat horse left the barn long ago.
  16. FAS To reduce Candice to a "scumbag" is overly simplistic. A failure to understand her motivation and why she is so effective would be a grave error. @Pioneer1, Candice dominated the conversation because she was FAR more prepared than Marc was -- even down to their demeanor, posture, and attire. He was clearly on the defensive because he failed to intellectualize her, and got run over as a result.
  17. @Pioneer1 I would happily open up the site and allow people to post completely anonymously. Unfortunately, that became impossible long ago as hackers, spammers, and trolls take advantage and abuse open systems. Still all AALBC requires is an email address, which is easy to create anonymously. Billions of people give social media far more. Posters should just help me out and create an account. The Black church is still an institution. I just don't know how well they serve the most needy in our community.
  18. We are definitely capable. However, we will not do it until we start to respect the institutions we have in place and build more. This is why the best and best and brightest, in the global Black community fight to give talent to enrich likes of Facebook or Goldman Sachs. @Pioneer1 if folks like FAS and Queenx created or used their accounts it would make things so much simpler -- I have to manually approve their posts, which is a pain really.
  19. @Pioneer1 we do not control any of this. We did not choose to use Floyd's murder to ignite the recent rash of civil unrest. And damn, I wish we could have generated the campaign that has recently enriched so many Black bookstore owners. I mean store were look at failing and many are looking at recorded profits( revenue any way as actually fulfilling orders of high demand books during a pandemic has been particularly challenging). I did not know Floyd committed an armed home invasion (did I mis-hear Candice?). Sure I can agree that Floyd is not the poster child for model behavior, but again we did not choose him as the cause celebre. So he is the guy. Yeah they are sound the same, as they use the same playbook. Candice strikes me as genuinely sincere, sort of like Thomas Sowell. I've read several of Sowell's books and he helped me think about race in ways that you would not normally if you only listened to the left. I found it interesting that Candice referenced Sowell. I did not get the impression that Marc knew who Sowell was. The thing that both Sowell and Owens seem to miss is that white folks don't play fair, because they do not have to. They are in the majority, have benefited from centuries of white privilege. They control our narrative, and as a result control our lives in ways most don't appreciate.
  20. The article is pretty interesting, not because there were any revelations for me, but the Times spoke with a great mix of people. Professionals that have about 200 years of experience in the world of books. Janifer runs the only Black-owned bookstore in Manhattan, Sister's Uptown. In 20 years of selling books, she admitted that she has never profited from the sale of books until this June (AALBC made more money selling books in June of 2020 than we did selling book in all of 2019). Tracey Sherrod's Amistad is a sponsor of AALBC. AALBC is the largest platform dedicated Black books in the history of the web. It is because of Tracey that AALBC sponsorship from a major publisher. It is not charity, because we provide great exposure for books, but don't have to explain this to Tracey. Linda Duggins is an old friend, we first met during the Harlem Book Fair over 20 years ago. She has cohosted the Black Pack Party with me since it's inception. In fact, Cherise and Ebony have attended the several Back pack parties in the past. This years celebration was cancelled for obvious reasons 😞 Actually there was one revelation; I was previously unaware of Kerri Greenidge's work, however I was familiar with William Trotter, the subject of her most recent book. Erroll McDonald is the most senior person, both in position and age, in the group. Indeed, he is probably the most senior Black person in all of publishing. We have never met.
  21. An author, literary agent, marketer, publicist, editors and booksellers talk about how race affects their careers — and the books you read. Clockwise from top left: Linda Duggins, Tracy Sherrod, Erroll McDonald, Cherise Fisher, Janifer Wilson, Kori Wilson, Kerri K. Greenidge and Ebony LaDelle. “The industry has long been criticized for hiring and retaining so few employees of color — according to a survey of the work force released this year by the children’s book publisher Lee & Low Books, only 5 percent are Black. But the calls to diversify have intensified in recent weeks, as Black professionals have publicly shared long-suppressed frustrations about how racial prejudice has affected their work. In publishing, that has included discussions of hiring practices, workplace microaggressions and publishing companies’ treatment of books by Black writers.” Read the entire article at the New York Times.
  22. True. My problem is that few seem understand this. As a result, we don't do anything about it. I'm not so confident this will change.
  23. @QueenX which profit would that be?
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