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  1. Thanks @Milton! Amber and the Enchanted Sword is now available on AALBC
  2. Variation within the RACES...again, implies that there are multiple race. Here again, Pioneer, you have quoted a sentence that refuses your belief about race, but you have somehow managed to contort it to mean something completely contradictory. You really can't see it can you? Do you have any idea, for example, why the word race is bounded by quotes? @Delano here is evidence that "reading" requires active mental engagement.
  3. Dude, just use a throw-away email address like everyone else. Well, no one I ever spoke to, past or present, refers to herb as dope. Dope as in "dopehead" or "dope fiend" (are you familiar with these term) was restricted to people who were on narcotics not weed. Would you refer to a frequent user of marijuana as a dope fiend?
  4. I agree wholeheartedly, but would ask you to reconsider associating the active of reading with a "low involvement" activity. Reading is not a low involvement, because it requires active mental engagement. Reading is not a passive activity. If it were, far more people would be doing it. Watching TV, on the other hand, is a much more passive and low involvement activity any one can do it. You can do it while inebriated, high, tired, and even while engaged in another activity.
  5. Since forum users have not spoken up (I know some use Libro.fm). I actually have a paid Libro.fm account myself. I have only listened to 2 audiobooks, but I have 8 "credits" (the ability to download 8 more audiobooks without paying for extra for them). Members get one credit each month and we also earn a free audiobook with each referral. I'm actually going to put my Libro membership on hold until I have caught up and listened to 8 audiobooks. The good thing about Libro.fm is that, unlike Amazon's Audible, your credits never expire, even after you put your membership
  6. Slave Catchers, Slave Resisters is a two-hour History Channel documentary that depicts the system of slave policing—enforced by militia, armed community slave patrols, paid slave catchers, and federal law. The stories are set in both the South and the North, from the mid-1700’s colonial era through the end of the Civil War and its aftermath, and told through archival material, scholar interviews and recreations. While the stories show the brutality of the slave system, they also reveal another, often-overlooked side of the history—the strength and ingenuity of the ensla
  7. No More Lies: The Myth and Reality of American History by Dick Gregory Hey @Pioneer1 this books seems right up your alley. Send me your address (a mailing address) and I shoot you a free copy! Hopefully the rest of y'all (including you lurkers) will buy a copy from AALBC. In fact, I'll give lurkers a 10% discount on all orders from AALBC until the end of the month know as Black History Month. Use discount code: lurker10 (good for one use)
  8. Brilliant, I will used that one. You did not read (or comprehend) the article I shared. If you had, you would not have made that statement. But even if we were to pursue the flawed statement Malcolm X had read hair was he "probably a Caucasian" too? Have you ever taken a DNA test, like the ones offered by Ancestry and the like. Have you ever wondered why, with all the information they provide, they never say anything about anyone's race?
  9. Where did you grow up? Smack yes, Mary Jane no. I was told you may watch JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH for free here: https://thrpresentsjatbm.splashthat.com/ Enjoy (and don't forget the weed )
  10. I like the folktales on your website @MissKorang
  11. Wow you know who your African Ancestor is. Did you know did you know your grandfather?
  12. OK, think of it this way; when did governments start tracking people by race? NOOO! You inferring things that were not written. Do you actually know what the genetics referenced in the article did? Again, THERE IS NO GENETIC TEST FOR RACE, other than the one that determines you are human a member of the human race. Try reading this: http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2017/science-genetics-reshaping-race-debate-21st-century/ for some additional insight.
  13. I saw it in a drive-in. But stop being a pu**y. Wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from people other people -- you'll live. But I bet you can see it on a streaming service. BTW: Herb is not "dope." Who told you that?
  14. Here is a better link : https://libro.fm/aalbc
  15. Those "poor Caucasians" were flimflammed, bamboozled, led astray... This is SO much easier to do today than ever before. If white folks were so happy why are the complaining so much? Why did they vote for Obama and then turn around and vote for Trump. Why did they storm the Whitehouse? Those "poor Caucasians" are suffering. life expectancy is lower, suicides are higher. Look at Texas right now millions of people without power and water because the weather is unusually cold and the privately run power grid can deal with the spike in demand. The roads go untreated
  16. There is a new book that has been getting plenty of media coverage, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together by Heather McGhee. I learned about the book on my local NPR affiliate. The author makes the case that racism, in particular racist legislation actually hurts more white people. Predatory loans in the 1980s originally targeted Black folks, but millions of white people ended up losing their homes. College only became prohibitively expensive when Black people started attending in greater numbers. The author acknowledges despite th
  17. This video was shot during the Self-Publishing Symposium back in 2008. A lot has changed since then, but the video holds up 13 years later. Don't ask me why the video is smushed, blame Google
  18. @Pioneer1 moving forward I'm not going to read any more of the articles that you link to. The reason is that every single time I invest in reading your articles one of two things happen; either the article actually refutes the point you're making, or it doesn't support it at all. Now this article does not support a genetic test for race. Perhaps I missed it. If so, would you be kind enough to copy and paste the paragraph that shows proof of a test to determine one's race.
  19. I guess you'll need to watch the film, before you can formulate a valid conspiracy theory. Among other things it was a love story, a love story between a man and a woman, between a man and his community, and someone, who only loved himself, helped destroy it all. If you go into any form of art with a wide variety of preconceived notions you'll fail to really appreciate it. That is not to say that we don't all have biases we do. But when you are already working so hard to figure out what something is trying to be before you even see it you are already setting up walls th
  20. Sure they can. It was done for the majority of time that governments have existed. @Chevdove , @Pioneer1 if race exists, can you tell me why there is no genetic test for race? I'll wait....
  21. So you missed me! Yeah I just been pretty busy. Socializing, starting new semester, and obviously the work of AALBC. (Just don't tell @Delano, I don't want him to think that I don't have any "free" time). Yes. Technology has brought us closer together. As this continues we have no choice but to become one global family. Whether it's covid-19 or climate change we have to behave as if we have our all of our best interests at heart --otherwise we will not survive as a species. The whole notion of "race" just divides us unnecessarily. It
  22. I actually did quite a bit around Zora Neal's hurston's book. I visited Africatown. It was even a book club selection or online book club.
  23. The video is the better part of two hours. I skipped around but really couldn't figure out what was going on. Presumably you were trying to warn me, but whether the office space is shared or belongs to a single organization is probably immaterial when it comes down to how people are being treated. That said my office space is actually pretty cool. I have 24-hour access a parking spot and nowadays with the crappy weather and the pandemic there's often only a handful of people in the entire building.
  24. I saw this film at a drive-in theater a couple weeks ago. The guy who played Fred Hampton deserves an academy award nomination.
  25. Thanks for taking the time to share your insight Maybe. I currently reside in Indian territory in Oklahoma. One of the things I learned in the book I'm reading. Is that when oil was discovered on the land, it was not uncommon for a white man to marry an indigenous woman who "owned" the land, that woman would "disappear" shortly after the marriage and the land would be taken over by her white male husband. That of course is not to suggest that is your history. The problem is the situations are complex and wrought with a tremendous amount of evil and violence.
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