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  1. Yes, @Pioneer1 Thank you for asking! I would love to and will try to do it as soon as possible. Right off though, I remember studying about Syria today, and I saw that their flag and symbolism are the very same as the ancient Assyrians, and that surprised me. I know that there are many distinct kinds of Syrians today and they are divided based on religion, however, I will go back and look at my resources again. But right off the top though and from what I remember, the term 'Assyria' was changed to 'Syria' after the time of the Neo-Babylonians about 500s BC. But prior to
  2. I wish I would have seen this post earlier! Yes, I bought a book from this community about this subject! I have not sat down to read it yet, but I can't wait to absorb it. My relatives thought that My Great Grandmother was stolen and brought over here late as well around the 1850s, but I have just confirmed her actual date of arrival. She was brought over here very late though. I just found her gravesite and it was marked by one of her many sons, my Grandfather. It took me about 30 years to piece together all of my research and then finally to find her gravesite. I am
  3. The term 'Race' is problematic, however, if scientist do not confront the government then, confusion will continue. These terms used in the past such as 'EGYPTIAN', 'NUBIAN', 'SHEM', need to be interpreted correctly in order to understand the past and how people today connect to the past. For example, the term 'SHEM' is actually not the same as 'SEMITIC' but there are scholarly resources that can bridge the gap and explain how these terms relate to each other! The ancient descendants of the Biblical Shem can be connected to the SEMITIC people of later times and can be understood with adequate
  4. Sure they can. It was done for the majority of time that governments have existed. @Troy I don't understand you. I don't understand what you mean in that governments have existed without classification of humans based on a scientific process, albeit, the terminologies that have been used may be relative though, but can you explain more what you mean? you know that I don't like to use the term 'race' but this is the term used in these modern times even on federally approved applications in just about every regard! You have to check whether you
  5. Oh WOW! Thank you for this comment and I absolutely agree. I appreciate so much what you have written. Thank you again.
  6. Oh gosh! I guess I am not an avid TV viewer. I have never heard of Ma Rainey! Yes, Viola Davis is a great actress from the little I have saw of her.
  7. @Pioneer1 In all fairness though, I do understand why @Troy has contention about the word 'race'. I understand the social construct of today as opposed to the ancient world. I looked at a link with this name 'Tahamu' or 'Tahamau' and saw only one source and from what I gather, this one source stems from a French man named Champollion, that was translated.
  8. But when the government ignores thousands upon thousands of years of certain groups of humans that have been targeted for their physical presence and oppressed, it leads to a continual oppressive existence that will only get worse. @Troy You expect White Supremacist systems to agree with you in that we humans are all 'one commodity'? They will not because, that would be impossible. But just because they use this natural process of categorizing and distinguishing certain cultures of humans for various reasons for harm does not help you if you think that we are all one commodity. That kind of th
  9. @Troy For any adequate government all over this world to not classify human based on some sort if distinguishable character would result in a failed system. They cannot ignore or erase the history of humankind by just defining us as 'one human race'! Based on all of the evils and good of the historical past, Governments that are functional cannot simply ignore classification. Absolutely not. However, Phenotype must be considered hand-in-hand with Genotype. The reality of ones phenotype is vital in all manner of scientific classification. In many cases scientist cannot con
  10. She is gone but not forgotten. Wow! This is news for me. May she rest in peace.
  11. Oh! But this is truth! There is a scientific distinction based on many levels of research, especially the DNA findings. Fossils remain and can be studied today! @Stefan Oh Wow! @Tazarah I think this quote was meant for me! Thank again! i like how this point was stressed, "while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans." Yes, I agree in that there are physical diversities of Africans and so, it would be crucial to go back into history and better define just who the original Egyptians
  12. LOL! I guess men see other things! @Pioneer1 Get out!
  13. Ahhh! So this is the meaning of 'metaphysics'-- beyond physics. Thanks!
  14. My husband sometimes thinks that I am well, 'special' LOL because I my testimony however, he says that he believes because of it. I wrote about an experience I had that actually involved him at a time that he thought I was well, 'special' LOL and so, perhaps I will find it and share it more completely to further explain what I mean by how the Holy Spirit will confirm his presence. But this is briefly what I shared: Some years back, I had a vision that came to me 'as a flash of light', however a full statement was relayed to me. It was a voice, a man's voice. I immediately turned to
  15. This interview, with Bernard Carr, Mathematician and Astronomer of the University of London, I found to be very interesting. In fact, I listened to it over and over again due to some of the concepts that he addressed, I found to be hard to grasp initially. The question he responded to is 'Can Science and Religion be harmonized'? Carr says that he does not address the question of whether or not God exist, he rather addresses the issue of people having some sort of religious experience and/or mystical experience and, he believes that yes, this does happen and these types of spi
  16. That was crazy! I've never heard of him probably because I don't watch boxing that much. Racism is so evil and should never be the motivation for this sport. Something is wrong with this human race. Anyway, he was powerfully built and very handsome. A beautiful man. What a gorgeous face. It is so incredible that he had that much boldness and confidence especially during those times.
  17. Okay! LOL. I have no comment about @Pioneer1's statement at this point because I don't know how to comment. However, that person came on here and this is a forum that highlights 'Black' contributions to humanity and his remarks should be sanctioned. Nevertheless, I respect your decision. And also, scientifically speaking, I understand you comment about "that does not make them any less human" and I agree.
  18. @Troy Why don't you ban this person? At any rate-- on the subject of being 'HUMAN'-- @Troy Do you see, this fits my breakdown on the subject of Neanderthal hybrids amongst the human race! All modern mankind stems from ONE-- okay-- JUST ONE AFRICAN MALE INDIVIDUAL!!! so therefore, even Trump stems from an African malefactor! Neanderthal hybrids today still exist and their DNA marks are still present of which is the origin of White Supremacy and Colorism. Neanderthals and their hybrids will never be MODERN HUMAN...
  19. lol! Rewriting history!? How about dealing with the terms, as is--and dating these terms in order to highlight hidden truths! When hidden history resurfaces, oh yes, some people of African descent will find out that they are indeed the lost tribes of Israel. Oh yes, many African Americans were a part of the Biblical prophesy about the Slave Ship Era outlined all throughout the Bible.
  20. Yeah but you did pretty good @Delano! WOW This stuff going on in the WH is crazy!
  21. Hi Joan WOW! Congrats!!! I sure hope you stay here! I too am a born again Christian and for many years. I love researching WORLD TRUTH and that is what Jesus Christ is all about--He is the truth, the way and the light! He came to save the world. I love that you are searching the scriptures for the presence of hidden history when it comes to the 'Black' presence in the world and i the ancient Biblical world! LOL! You know I think that was me! I wrote and shared research on Sorghatani, the Keraite woman! I think I did write about her about 2 years ago. Oh yes
  22. I am looking forward to reading about your experiences there. @Troy
  23. I'm really busy right now but I can't wait to see videos you posted! @Pioneer1
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