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  1. Oh Wow! Very sorry to hear this. She brings back the days of very good memories. I loved that film Flashdance. May she RIP.
  2. This, I believe, in that we are all one race, however, you are not going to convince White Supremacist of that. You are not going to be able to press them to do anything on that wise. It's just not going to happen. So therefore, it would be wrong to try and bully non-Black people into believing that we are all one race, because most of us get that. We believe that, so we are not the problem. It's the bullys that invented this system. And, I would never give any energy to that kind of effort, to try and convince them to change their ways and their beliefs. So, because this law that you speak of was invented by them, that is the very problem. I am not going to waste my time trying to picket and plead with them to acknowledge their laws or to amend their laws to acknowledge that they are deceiving non-Black people into allowing this crooked law to still imprison and enslave people. America needs to be overhauled and that means nonBlack people need to stop trying to press White Supremacist to acknowledge us. We need to confront them on another level, but I do not know the proper way to do that. I wish I did.
  3. Please give me an example here @ProfD I'm all for it, but I am wondering now, what would be a good example in that other cultures won't do as they have done and assume our identity. I really cannot think of anything that other cultures have not tried to steal from us and attempt to say it belonged to them, except maybe our 'hair'. I have even heard once that country music came about as a result of Black music. True! I would not agree with that at all. Why should Black people want to pick up and leave California due to the actions of other cultures? @Pioneer1 Black people, meaning African-typed people have been in that country for a very long time, so why should they need to leave? They should stay and resist. I mean are they getting negativity any worse than other states? Well, please forgive me if I am wrong about this, but i don't really keep up with everything going on today. However, doesn't Orpah Winfrey have her own media company or something? And, what about Tyler Perry, does he not own something in Atlanta? Is there nothing today, that AfroAmericans own that would be a tool to use to help define our culture in a positive way? Yes, I absolutely agree.
  4. When I read this comment on the internet, from Michael Eric Dyson, I thought about ths comment. … Police killings of unarmed Black individuals like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Illinois gained widespread media attention under the Obama administration, prompting calls for a thorough congressional inquiry and reform of discriminatory policing procedures. Dyson discussed police brutality during the 2016 administration and if it was more severe than it is now. “Obama sent the meter of white supremacy off the chart,” he shared. “They wanted to get Barack, couldn’t get him. Who can you get? Vulnerable Black people,” Dyson stated. “We were his proxies. Can’t shoot him, shoot us. Can’t kill him, kill us.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/michael-eric-dyson-brittney-griner-s-sentencing-was-so-severe-because-she-s-queer-and-black/ar-AA14mXsN?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=78a0d70ec14548b398ff34d5d0eed7da Now, I don't know if I follow his logic though. I think that racsim picked up, not because White racist hated Obama, but I wonder if he was used as 'the pawn' to attack African Americans. I wonder if 'they' put him in office to use him as a 'puppet king' so-to-speak. Whether or not, Obama meant to do us good, didn't matter to the powers that be. They had other plans, imo. True, but I'm pessimistic and feel that because we are mingled in with so many other cultures, no matter what, we won't be able to do much. Just like you say, they steal everything and claim it as their own innovations.
  5. Oh WOW! That is crazy! She looks just like him! @Pioneer1I don't know if African Americans know this but, Obama does claim to be Hebrew Israelite from his Kenyan ancestry. HIs name 'Barack' is an Hebrew name, so this resemblance kind of speaks to this. But his forehead... he got from his Mother.
  6. Oh Wow, did you see the young boy in the back of this picture? He looks like former president Barack Obama! Like Obama, he has the prominent forehead too. Yes, the Oromo people with the lip distortion looks awful. But yes, I read a little about them and agree with what you said. I aslo wonder if that is another reason why the Ethiopians are being ignored by the west. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed's father is Oromo and his mother is Amharic! I think he is a beautiful man and reminds me, a little of my own son. Oh Wow. That's interesting. Lol, Oh yes. Absolutely!
  7. Yes, this statement about their form of Colorism is printed! It is written often that the darker skin Beja and mountain people are ignored in favor of the ligher skinned ones. I believe that too, even if the lighter skinned ones do address this issue, the western world will not report it because they hate them Ethiopians so much. Anyway, from a Biblical perspective, those Ethiopian Jews know better! They know what is required of them and until that do so, they will be called on it. If they do NOT elevate someone like Zippora, or Peter, or Bathsheba, etc. when they step in front of the Supreme Being with their light skinned leaders, they gonna get slapped down. They know what they are suppose to do. Their priest though, a lot of them are very dark skinned, but they know that they are suppose to do better. @Pioneer1 OH!!! @ProfD Dat not funny! LOL! OMG! My husband and one of my sons have a big forehead! Dat ain't funny! Those Ethiopians maybe need to check themselves on bonding with their relatives maybe, I don't know, but then, that is a problem over hear in America with the indigenous peoples too. True. The western world do not like those Ethiopians. lol.
  8. I sure hope you're right @Troy. In the past Europeans have a history of infiltrating people's religion, then eventually gaining trust, and then completely separating from it and taking a whole lot of ethnic people with them to embrace their form of 'religion'. smh. Yes, me too! We've been taught by design and from a European POV. Yes, now that Dr. Ben has passed away though, now, other statements are made about him that White people have strategically held back. After checking all of the prominent colleges that Dr. Ben said he had studied at and graduated from such as Cambridge, in London, and elsewhere, he was never enrolled. They knew this, but used select Black people to put out statements to their benefit. Dr. Ben's relatives too, some say that his being Jew and etc. are not true. He was born in Puerto Rico, so that means that he is Puerto Rican, imo. However, Dr. Ben said that both his mother and father were Ethiopian Jews, and I do believe that. Dr. Ben's facial features do attest to that, imo. He looks like he's a Jew. Oh yes. His staunch dis-belief in Jesus, is very typical of a lot of Original Jews of the Diaspora as well, that is a very important aspect of the Black world that we should not ignore. Ehtiopian Jews, however, in AFrica, for the most part absolutely are Coptic and believe in Jesus, but this conflict of Diaspora Jews position has been a great tool used by Europeans to divide and conquer. Now, that Dr. Ben is dead, White people want to stress things about him regarding his many false statement that they themselves challenged him about. smh.
  9. Yeah. So true. @ProfD Lol! WHEW! Somethin is wrong with that picture! @Pioneer1 I agree. BUT then on the flip side, maybe they are using that strategy in elections because of the history of Black people in how the CRM came about. THAT would be a tall order, seeing as how, that is another form of White infiltration, imo. This system has poisoned the minds of Black people and now, it would be difficult to seperate from negative elements within our cultures and within ourselves as well and adopt a positive mindset that would enhance our presence as a unique culture. Over the decades, imo, Black people have signed on to just about everything that used to be 'a white format'. I would love to hear some statements about positive aspects that has made us a unique people, you know, revisit some positivities.
  10. Ha ha! That was crazy. Infiltration. We AfroAmericans over here know we have to say whatever they want, even in a friggin black own shop.
  11. After 100+ Complaints Made an Ohio Judge Was Finally Removed This video came up on my channel a few days ago from Pink Book Lessons blog. Besides my own experience, I never would have imagined that a judge would be allowed to carry on in this manner. But then, she may have learned from watching other White judges who have gotten away with bad behavior and thought that she could do the same type of behavior with no recourse. _____________________________ … to set up a reward system for bad behavior whereby Black people are rewarded to continue to foster Black oppression even to their own detriment … The question should be asked, “Even though government supported racism victimizes all Black African-typed descendants of slaves in general but, does that mean all Blacks who commit crimes against Black humanity be exempt from governmental correction? https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/9840-those-egyptian-eyes-genetics-the-bible-part-ii-introduction~-who-came-first-point-1-8-9-15/ It took over 100 formal complaints before the government finally removed this judge from the bench. And imo, this is rare as I was told that judges are almost completely immune to any type of correction. So, what about the many victims that were so damaged by her actions that they could not make a formal complaint? She ruined people’s lives. This newsbreak interested me because I was victimized as well by a Black female family court judge. She ruined my life and still today, I have never been restored due to her actions.
  12. Ethiopia & Haiti in the News-Demonstrations About three (3) weeks ago, millions of Ethiopians and Eritreans, and other Habesha people went to the streets to protest. Apparently, about a month or so ago, military forces from America under the Biden administration and military forces of several other countries all over the world were deployed to the Horn of Africa to make a show of force to help in a major civil crisis over there in which millions of people have died recently. I’ve heard little bits and pieces about this supposedly, horrible crisis that some experts describe as a genocidal event. However, only a few weeks ago, I heard that somehow, peace has been made amongst the Africans and for this reason, many Africans are now saying that the Western influences have shifted from being instigators to helpful in the restoration of peace. I am very interested in these affairs, however, because I don’t feel that I know much about the core issues, then I do not have an opinion either way. Some of Africans say that much of the problem has to do with western influence in which, they have been giving weapons and aid to a small ruling faction of Tigrayans. I believe that this faction had been the ruling people for many years until the early 1990s. Also, because Eritrea made peace with Ethiopia, the small ruling group became used to divide and conquer and this may be part of the conflict. The BBC interviewed a substantial Tigrayan reporter, and she explained that she herself is also Ethiopian as most Tigrayans are as well. Based on my little understanding too, and what I have heard from a few Ethiopians, therefore, I wonder if a small faction of people from Tigray were brought back into Africa from the northeast world way back around the time of the Crusades and later at the rise of the Arabs, and they were elevated to a high position of which may have caused the division amongst the Habesha people. I do know too, that at the rise of the Egyptian-British regimes and the rule of Muhammad Ali and the East European Turkish government, all of Ethiopia was once referred to as Tigray. At any rate, three weeks ago, millions of Habesha people in several of their major cities came out in the streets and demonstrated about the negative influence they believe they are receiving from the west. Amazingly, around the same time, the Caribbean country of Haiti went through a similar conflict. Three (3) weeks ago, many Haitians came out in the streets and demonstrated against the French involvement in their affairs and were receiving support from Ethiopia and from other African countries. I wonder if this kind of conflict will have any impact on us over here in America. Ethiopians Have Had Enough! Millions Of Ethiopians Went Out To Protest Against Western Interference Haitians and Africans protest against NEO-COLONIALISM and western meddling About Two Months Ago Before Demonstrations-- Biden Sent U.S.Troops To Somalia In May And Now Somalia's Situation Is Getting Worse
  13. So true, @ProfD. There seems to always be some ploy used against us to keep us on the bottom, however, I still believe that things will change, but how this change will come about, I do not know. I wish I knew that answer. I agree that we need to unify, but I believe that type of unity will not happen until AfroAmericans are sifted somewhat to get rid of the extreme Black Hatred.
  14. That was so funny. And Dave is right, they shouldn't be blaming AfroAmericans because we had nothing to do with the Haulocaust. I believe some of the stupid statements Blacks make against the Jews is out of ignorance and we need to understand that America has stratigically omitted a lot of history that would probably show that some AfroAmericans are also victims of 'anti-Semitism' as well as the European Jews. I've seen a small review about that book Hebrew to Negroes, and I am interested in if there are valid references used to support some of the content. I believe research needs to be backed up with references. I wonder if that author incorporated scholarly research from the Horn of Africa, thos Habesha people over there have solid governments, colleges, churces, books, infra-structure, etc. and to not consider that kind of information is like missing the elephant in the room, when it comes to knowing how Hebrews became 'Negroes', etc. The Habesha people interact with the Israeli system in the Middle East, Egyptian system, Sudan, etc. We've been miseducated. I have to watch that skit again. It was so on point, and funny.
  15. Hilarious! But I hope not. He's a contradiction for sure. Ye is a contradiction. I remember watching a Spike Lee documentary about hurricane Katrina and Kanye, 'Ye' completely ignored the CUE card and turned to the camera and said, "Trump don't like Black people" Oops! I meant that he said "Bush don't care about Black people". Now, he has a republican viewpoint aligned with Trump. Go figure.
  16. False sense of power! Well said! I am not speaking agains the Black elected woman, though, but in general I think what you said, @Pioneer1is very interesting. Yes, I hope that her presence will help AfroAmericans be better represented there! However, I am a little pessimistic. Absolutely. I believe that angle will be used against us, though no matter who is elected, but yes, racism did become worse when Obama was elected. What a paradox. The signs of oppression. But no, I don't believe that AfroAmericans give up easily, however, our unwillingness to force change is due to so much oppression and despair. I could care less was a racist like that man could predict. The fact that AfroAmericans have been so marginalized has been predicted long before him. And furthermore, any analyst could have seen that coming due to how the modern world was able to form with the aid of technology and cannons and gun power. However, change is inevitable. I believe that people of African descent need to take in accountability of our past mistakes and look forward to improvement and opportunity. We should not be entertaining racist ideology about our present predicament so much so, that we cannot see that other non-African people also are human and suffer too. The future is bleak for all humanity if we don't look for positive improvement. Keep hope alive.
  17. LOL! Yes, but this girl is too young to have that much hate on her own. This is learned behavior, imo. Someone put their demons in her.
  18. Oh D*mn, this comment caught me off guard. I laughed to the point, I caught a cramp. @Cynique It's too late to change your style now...
  19. @ProfD I hope you're right! I hope that you are right on both counts! If she is freed and comes back unchanged, I hope that she will nver play basketball overseas again, at least in countries that are not friendly to Black people. Well, @StefanI believe that if US does not act fast and put a lot of pressure on Russia, she may not be released really soon. Uhm. That's interesting. So are you saying that Ukraine is losing? Or, both sides have had a significant loss and they are going to negotiate a settlement in which will be positive for both countries? I wonder now. I thought Russia was losing.
  20. I've never heard of this book! @TroyBut now, I do wonder about its' content. But Minister Farakhan spoke in favor of Kyrie and Ye, however, I think it would important to know what the book highlights. But I do have an opinion due to the response about the title of the book in that it seems to suggest that the book is about how the Original Hebrews have been 'ERASED' from their identity due to White Supremacy. And Whenever Black people speak about this issue, they are completely attacked because this TRUTH goes against the modern reconstruction of racial categories and White Supremacy. I also think that many Black Americans who claim that they are the Original Hebrews do so, by also speaking against European Jews [i.e., White Jews] and say that they are not real Jews, and this causes a lot of problems and gives White racist a justification for WRONGFULLY ACCUSE Blacks for being anti-Semitic, when the real problem is that Black Americans have been denied the truth byway of our American government and American educational system, and therefore, their statements against the European Jews is due to being miseducated. To say that the European Jews did not endure the holocaust is unbelievably wrong and should never be said by anybody. And, if the book suggest this, that would be wrong but again, I'm not sure what the problem is with the book, I just know that some Black people say things that stem from miseducation. Like any 'KINDS' of people that define themselves as being 'White', 'European', 'Caucasian', 'Egyptian', etc., they ALL originate from AN ORIGINAL BLACK AFRICAN ORIGIN, therefore, this would be the same when it comes to 'European Jews' as well. Their origins are from Black African Hebrew Israelite origins, and so, if they say they are Jews, there shouldn't be a problem with that in regards to ancestral origins. But a lot of contention about European Jews' identity actually stems from a factual and historical event again, due to the modern reconstruction of racial categories, and European 'White Jews were given specific privileges during an intense movement to genocide the Original 'Black' African Jews and Hebrew Israelites.
  21. IS THIS CRUEL!? But Some May Think It Is Funny She snatched the bag like, somethin ain't right! Oh! She is so cute!!! She looks like a perfect doll baby. Just can't get enough of this cute little baby girl!
  22. Viral Video of College Student Racially Attacked This newsbreak has been circling for a few days and continues to be the headline. A University of Kentucky incident in which, on this past Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, a young White student stumbles back into her dorm building and moments later launched a racial attack against another student who was the desk clerk that reached out to help her to safety. The desk clerk was a young Black girl named, Kylah Spring, was thrust into the public view because of the unfortunate verbal and physical racist attack launched against her due to the actions of the student named Sophia Rosing. And get this; the dormitory address named Boyd Hall, is located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. If that is not ironic, then what is? And because, thankfully, someone was able to think fast, and videotaped the incident, there can be no mistake in what actually happened. Some of the major news agencies though, banned the video, and would not allow it to be broadcasted because they believed that it was too offensive. However, due to the video becoming so quickly aired on the internet by so many people, therefore, it still remains on some sites to be viewed. In the shocking video, Rosing appeared visibly intoxicated while using the n-word more than 200 times as she pushed herself toward fellow student Kylah Spring, who was working the front desk, as well as another student who tried to help Spring subdue her. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/university-of-kentucky-student-sophia-rosing-resurfaces-after-being-banned-from-campus-over-racist-rant/ar-AA13YT2q?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=1d9988c837c84d6e9a0c61bc84726f86 So, at first, I did not believe that Ms. Rosing had said some statements, however, I did listen to the videos myself. One news reporter counted Ms. Rosing saying the phrase “N- B-tch” 33 times. In one video, Rosing leaned against the wall near the elevator and said, “Do my chores, B-”, and “Ugly N- B-tch”. And even though Kylah Springs and another college student tried to help Rosing to safety and to sit in a nearby chair, Rosing continued to resist their help and instead, she continued to attack and stumbled over to the dormitory shopping carts, pulled one cart free and tried to hit Kylah with the cart! LOL! She was completely outrageous. She kicked and bit, Kylah. Even though it was obvious that she was drunk, however, she persistently tried to hit Kylah and then finally, when the police officer came, Rosing tried to hit him too! So, she was arrested and later her parents came and bonded her out of jail. But due to all of the media coverage, a few days later, Rosing retained a lawyer who said that she was humiliated and seeking help. She has also been banned from the university. But Rosing stumbled herself into infamy and this news became so popular that it actually drowned out some other important news events on a similar subject. Another news report aired previously about another young White girl named, Courtney Clenney, that had murdered her boyfriend, a Black man named, Christian, however, she was released on the very day because she claimed self-defense. However, because the dead man’s family persisted that the girl was the aggressor, further investigations turned up and showed video footage that proved this to be true. So, months after the murder, this girl was arrested. And then there was another new story about a public elementary school principal who had house party and put up a lynched doll that was photographed and released to the public, but she was excused by the school board and allowed to keep her job.
  23. Yes, but I heard that it was prescribed by a medical doctor, so if that's true then, why has she been prosecuted? This makes no sense to me. You're right @ProfD, this is a sham. She's a political prisoner. They have destroyed her life. And I think too, because she is 'lesbian', she may have other problems and is going to be exploited in a terrible way. The American government should have warned AfroAmericans that other countries in the world have other belief systems and may not be a good idea to be blind and believe that everyone else believes in this American LBGT.... movement. This is going to be a terrible event. She is being exploited. And she seems like she is a nice person, but after this crap, she may change forever, even if she does come back.
  24. Ah! Thanks. Interesting subject. I remember in 2011, there was a lot of rhetoric about 11/11/2011-- November 11, 2011. Uhm. I'm thinking on this one. The 11th hour. 11 + 11 + 11 = 33
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