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  1. I am missing your joke about me. @nels Please explain. Yes, I will look into your reference, but no, I still believe that individual power is different from group power.
  2. Ah huh. So to you, Black people have a severe identity crisis, believe in ancient scripts that prove factual, lost, believe in facts that you White Americans have lied to us through education, believe in facts about Jesus Christ's life, ignorant due to being stolen as children and miseducated and taught that the actual truth is only a myth and an allegory. and lost. You White Neanderthals are so preoccupied with telling Black Americans that the lie you taught us is now, not important, but HEY, you're not jealous, that the ancient scriptures state that you are indeed Neanderthals and we are God's favored. smh! lol. Keep reading and visiting, I will give you more to be jealous and envious about! ----------------------------------- [1] Why is it that many foreigners come over here to America and tell us that we are indeed Hebrew Israelites based on ancient script and facts!? [2] Why is it that people tell my son, everywhere he goes that he looks like the people in the Horn of Africa, Hebrew Israelites and Egyptians? [3] Why is it that even Africans tell many of us, that some of us Black Americans look like hte people from the Horn? [4] Why is it that the slave documents I have of my ancestor states that she came from the very seaport that Moses prophesized some Hebrew Israelites would be brought back to and then sold into slavery!? keep reading... RE-READ the book of Genesis about the Original sin: [1] Eve got Naked with that intersexed Neanderthal [2] God said that herpes infested snake had 'a seed' [3] God called 'that seed' a female because he knew that Neanderthals can't produce a viable YDNA birth. [4] Eve gave birth to THE SEED OF SATAN [5] that BROWN EARTH MOTHER later turned against Eve and her step-father Adam and surely clung to her father/rapist [6] Cain's sin lieth right at his door-- his half-sister [7] Cain's wife, the earth mother herself introduced Cain to becoming obssesed with Idolatry and making idols [8] Cain's wife, introduced Cain to his master skills of digging deeper in the ground, not only to become a tiller of the ground--Metalurgy, but making idols [9] Cain's wife, caused Cain to become 'the ruler of sin--White supremacy-- as she slept with anyone she wanted to [10] She married her son, Chanoch [ie Enoch]; and later their were Giants on the earth due to this type of incest [11] Cain's descendants became obssessed with White Supremacy ... Ah huh... keep reading Neanderthal MISS ISRAEL http://missosology.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/ilarr2.jpg
  3. Yes, @daniellegfny I do believe that they have 'individual' power. You're right about that! But I don't understand what you mean 'keep others from tearing them down'. Are you referring to certain negative issues that they may do to use their power wrongfully and by ignoring this they continue to hurt others? I remember how the actress Monique lashed back at Opraph for an incident that she claimed may have hurt her career due to something issue she had with a response from Oprah and maybe Steve Harvey too. @ProfD Brilliant!
  4. @Mzuri You're so right. LOL! But on a serious note, Part of that problem is too, that he is arrogant partly because he received a full scholarship and does not give me the proper acknowledgement for the hell that I went through to guide him through his life, tirelessly confronting major conflicts he endured along the way. He stopped saggin, immediately, however, that's only one story of his stubbornness. Well actually, when it comes to my husband, yes, I've had to do something on the same lines! I do, I loved that shop. absolutely.
  5. okay, so I'm off topic. But yes, I agree with this comment.
  6. @Dr Francis Welsin After reading @nels comment, I feel that I am understanding your question better. No, I don't know how to respond to this question completely, but now, I have a better idea of how to better understand. When I think of 'RACISM', and black Americans, I think of power and money which is a tool used by a racist group in order to control another group. black Americans do not have that kind of status to fully define the concept of racism against a group of non-black people. But can blacks be racist towards each other? Wow
  7. Oh Wow! I strongly believe that racism is a reality, however, I do not agree with you completely. I teach my children to embrace their black culture, however I want them to appreciate humanity. I do hope they marry black, though. I agree.
  8. Me too. It's pet peeve of mine as well. I have a brief story on this point; I constantly spoke to my sons about the negative style of saggin pants and how it began as a trend decades back. They both made it through high school and never did I have to deal with that style and felt like a proud parent. I would continue to encourage my sons as they both went off to college to not sag and one day when my younger son came home for college break from MIT, we pulled up to the gas station and I told him how angry I felt at the young men that got out in front of us, saggin. i said to him that I felt that was so disrespectful to do that to their parents and other adults. It looked so terrible, and some of these black men have on the dirtiest underwear--like they got their clothes from discard. I exclaimed to my son how I was so glad that he did not ever succumb to that ignorance. While I was talking, my son got out of the car to pump the gas and--WHAT DO YOU KNOW!--that little ***** was SAGGIN! Oh! I threw my head back, jerked the door open and said, "I can't believe you! Pull your pants up!" I was so mad! So, I feel for our culture today. I don't know what to think sometimes.
  9. What is wrong with doing both? I feel that black America is affected positively and negatively by other groups, and we need to consider this issue as well as getting our own house in order. That's me! I do have terrible eating habits and suffer from being overweight, and high blood pressure. Definitely me! Although, this is one of the many reasons I love this community. I read and try to learn about these subjects as much as I can. However, I am very weak in this area. OMG! Guilty! However, by educating myself, I have completely refrained from this form of deception. And, yes, I did not realize this initially until I was actually confronted by a young man. I really did not recognize this until that point. No, I don't agree that black Americans do this as a whole. This point, I do not agree. @ProfD Brilliant! Me too. @Stefan Brilliant! @Mzuri I am embarrassed to say, but you touched a nerve[!], that I had to learn how to dress appropriately! When I was young, sometimes, I dressed cheaply, not because I didn't have the means to buy classy and appropriate clothes, but I was vain, and was not taught that it was bad taste. Later, I came to realize that too, a lot of clothes in certain stores that seem to cater to ethnic 'more rounded' women were of very cheap quality! I soon stopped going to these stores and learned to look at the actual thread of material.
  10. Yes, @Stefan, this is a great point! I had forgotten about that subject. I am divided on this issue due to the negative issues that you, in fact, mentioned in how people at times were forced into these institutions and then mistreated. Yes. I agree. But why? Why, I wonder a lot has the prison system linked to so many people with mental illness? Are people criminalized even though, they are mentally ill, and this issue is being ignored, or is the main problem, that people become mentally ill due to the prison system? Good point to consider @daniellegfny. Now, because it seems like this issue of prisoners being released with mental illnesses, it may lead to some politicians looking towards Eugenics as a solution. However, I hope not. Oh yes, I just read that there was another incident in which a man was pushed into an oncoming subway! Gratefully, that man was able to climb out before the subway came. The suspect is at large. He supposedly ran off after he did the crime. Nevertheless, what kind of person would do such a thing!? It seems like another case of mental illness.
  11. Oh! That's great! I am so grateful that you even care to think about me! Take your time. I am still on a fact-finding mission.
  12. But what about children? Sometimes, I feel that today, they are being exposed to some disturbing ideas through films.
  13. I do have a problem with what is going on right now with higher prices and open borders. I cannot understand how this is helping us especially in the midst of this pandemic. A lot of the grocery store shelves are empty!
  14. LOL Well there you go! So you know about the origins and ethnicity of the Original Hebrew Israelites in association with Africa! African Americans are descendants of SLAVE CHILDREN, and we endure a lot of mockery from our oppressors with this sick fable nonsense that you speak of despite the historical basis of ancient writings in their origins in Africa. What's it to you--you jealous sprite? Stick to the script. Argue and debate from script not from your stupid fable nonsense. No, not all AA are from those people, however as the ancient scripts have come to prove, many of AA are indeed. That's your wish. Thankfully, your name will never be spoken of thousands of years later after you die, like Jesus. He's financially successful because of this wonderful song. So I don't think it matters what you think about it.
  15. Yes! I just recently heard of CRT and I had to do my research.
  16. This is a recent news story about two women that were murdered. These stories made me reflect on a few recent comments in this community about prisoners being released and having the freedom to go into Black communities. I recall @Pioneer1's viewpoints on this subject. I also recently read a few days ago that the past president Trump's program has led to a recent release of thousands of prisoners. This story that I have just read is about a young lady that was working in a furniture store, and she was murdered. A suspect has been arrested and he is a Black man who was said to have had a long criminal record across many states. Then another young lady was recently murdered when she was pushed into a subway and the man, another Black man, was said to be mentally ill. I am so sorry for the deaths of these women. And, I am also concerned, to say the least, about criminals being released into Black communities as well. In this clip, it is mentioned too, how the response differs when the victims are in upscale communities versus lower class communities. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/man-who-murdered-ucla-grad-student-had-extensive-criminal-history/vi-AASYhS7?ocid=msedgntp
  17. Background[edit] The song was recorded on 11 August 2019, and after being posted on social media, it received positive responses from fans. Master KG said he called "his sister Nomcebo to come so we can finish the song".... The official music video was released on 21 December 2019.[7] After it went viral,... Composition[edit] Although it has "religious-leaning" lyrics, "Jerusalema" is an upbeat[9] disco-house track[5][11][12] containing "deep", "spiritual",[13] gospel lyrics.[14][15] Lyrically, as noted by OkayAfrica's Rufaro Samanga, "it speaks about Jerusalem being the home of many religious believers". The remix sees Burna Boy incorporating his signature Afrobeats style,[9] singing part of his verse in isiZulu, while emphasizing the unity of African artists.[15] Jerusalema - Wikipedia Jerusalema Dance Challenge Around the World; These are some of my favorite: Sri Lanka
  18. People believe more in the historical records about the reality of Julius Ceasar and Octavian than they do the presence of Black Africans like Jesus Christ and his disciples and other Hebrew Israelites that have a history in that very country and at the same time. That is mind control. The presence of oppressed Negroes during the Roman Empire times is no fable. smh. Well, don't discount Black people as being stupid without accepting true history in that, Black American Descendant of SLAVE CHILDREN were indeed mis-educated like you, in that WHITE JESUS LIE. You too, seem to be miseducated in the real truth about how this WHITE JESUS LIE has evolved. Black people are not that stupid, we just descend from slave children being taught lies while under chattel slavery for hundreds of years. Hopefully, some of us will learn to read history for ourselves and then come out of that kind of deception. You believe that Jesus and his Hebrew Israelites revolve around fables, but thankfully, the massive continent of Africa has many African leaders and millions of African people that do believe in the Original Hebrew Israelites and the true records about Jesus.
  19. Well, I will look into this. Thank you for the information!
  20. @Cynique Girl can you write! lol. I know I fall into one of those categories... But, loved reading you.
  21. Yeah, I've lived in Texas for a few years and then San Diego. I agree. But this comment made me remember the Obama election and all of the car signs I saw, "OBAMANOS!" ... brief support for Democrats... then back to being Republican, I guess...
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