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  1. I Saw the LUNAR ECLIPSE! Actually, I had no idea that I was looking at a Lunar Eclipse initially. I had become very tired and laid down and fell asleep late in the evening on July 4, but when I woke up, it was after Midnight and I went outside to get some fresh air. So, in the wee hours of the morning on July 5, when I opened my door, I was surprised to see the sky lit up so brightly that I gasped and step outside on my porch to gaze at the night sky. Oh, the moon is full, I came to realize but for some reason, it seemed strange to me that the sky looked so bright and clear. I could see a few clouds gathering but nevertheless, it seemed like a strange night. I was also in awe at the two bright stars nearby the full moon and that would be what led be to learn that this July full moon was in eclipse! One star was exceptionally large, and I thought maybe it was the planet Jupiter or Venus. So, I rushed back to check the internet to find out more about the two stars marked by the Moon. To my wonder, the larger star was the planet Jupiter and the smaller one was the planet Saturn! Wow, I thought, this must be big news for the scientific community. When Jupiter and Saturn show up as a pair, it brings back many historical memories! Since this time, it has been many years since I had the opportunity to look into a telescope to see these two wonders but now, I had decided to star gaze through a telescope again. And although, my experience was like other times in how it took my breath away to see these wonders in closer view, however, I was so disappointed due to my lack of knowledge of how to manipulate a telescope. In the past, I stood by and waited while my son, a young pre-teen focused his telescope in the night sky and then was able to look at the planet Saturn for the first time and later, he fixed his scope so that I was able to see more wonders. But this time and after grueling and numerous attempts to find the stars, I was happy that I achieved my goal, but also confused as to why the stars looked so dark and haunting. I could not believe that I had found the stars. Jupiter was so large and WOW, I knew I was looking at Saturn because I saw the rings! However, both appeared to be a big round dark grey circle suspended in the open dark sky. *My Note: This is pretty much how the sky appeared in the early morning of July 5, 2020 but from my viewpoint at the time around 1:30 AM both planets were about the same distance apart from the moon and from each other, however, Jupiter was located higher than the moon and Saturn was higher than Jupiter. The partial lunar eclipse lasted for about 2 hours and 45 minutes--as it was reported. I later asked my son why the stars appeared to be so dark and he explained to me that my telescope barrel was narrow, small, etc., and therefore not enough light could be gathered—whatever that means! I guess light can be gathered from the moon and get into the barrel to better illuminate the planets if the barrel has a larger width and length. Nevertheless, I felt as though the store advertisements had duped me. I spent about $20.00 on this telescope and the advertisement did say that the rings on planet Saturn could be seen, but I never read about the other details that concerned the light. Had I known that I needed a longer barrel and a wider barrel, etc., I would not have bought that telescope. Some advertisements say that if the telescope cost less than $300.00, then it would not be worth the purchase, but had I not looked into my son’s telescope many years ago, I would never believe that I would be able to see much more details in the night sky with a lower priced telescope. Back in 2002, the year of a phenomenal planetary alignment, my son focused a $20.00 telescope I bought him for ‘Christmas’ on the planet Saturn and this initial experience for me was life changing. It was unbelievable. I saw the beautiful, round, brightly lit opal-like opaque sapphire blue ball with majestic golden-like banded rings-on-a-tilt suspended in the night sky. When I looked through the telescope in 2009, I was again mystified as I gazed into the same telescope and saw the rings at a different position. Around that time too, I was able to see the red spot on the planet Jupiter and this orange-like banded majestic star! I also witnessed Jupiter’s four moons that year in an incredible alignment! To think that at one point in a distant time, these moving stars [planets] were not part of our solar system world! But then one day, they came into orbit and here they are today! To look at Jupiter and Saturn as they seem closely paired and to know that Saturn would be millions of miles away from Jupiter becomes for me a contemplation and I drift away into deeper thoughts about time and space. Even though Saturn would obviously be much older than 2018 years, however, it was at this time during a planetary alignment, around A.D. 2, on April 17, that it was reported to whirl into our solar system with its’ moons from some unknown origin, position itself to be about 888 million miles away from the sun, and begin to rotate around it as the last of the ancient planets to make this advent. So, to have the opportunity to look into a telescope and see this massive moving star and to see other wonders such as the eclipse, I am exhilarated, and I know this day will not come again. Time moves on. c5bde32.jpg%3Fquality%3D90%26lb%3D1484%2C1392%26background%3Dwhite&exph=1392&expw=1484&q=night+sky+july+5%2c+2020&simid=607999757910214561&ck=E5C81895C268B42D882672A3A634EE4C&selectedindex=70&ajaxhist=0&vt=0 *My Note: Although this picture was taken from the internet, based on my past viewing experience, this would be an actual view through a telescope of these planets, although --I could not view both of these giant planets in the scope at the same time. And they were much larger And because of the nature of eclipses, the wondering star, and other star patterns, therefore, star gazing becomes an opportunity. Due to the nature of eclipses revealed even in ancient scriptures, in that they inherently draw clouds, certain celestial events on this wise may be hidden! So as the thick clouds gathered and moved towards the moon and planets, I worked intently and quickly to accomplish my goal. Because of the nature of the planet Saturn as it revolves around the sun on a unique horizontal plane and appears to wonder in and out of view as our earth tilts on its’ axis, I am aware of such an opportunity to be able to see it in the night sky. And so, this month, it has been reported that both Jupiter and Saturn will be in range to view later this month. By way of scientist today, I have learned what it means in that both of these planets will be in opposition later this month and that adds so much more to my amazement. So, this month not only did I wake up, go outside, and looked upon this night as it featured a Lunar Eclipse nevertheless, this ‘Buck Moon’ Eclipse has also been marked by these two planet worlds. I have learned that this full moon of July has been termed ‘Buck Moon’ due to this time being when male deer grow their antlers. But also, for this year, the Full Moon of July was in eclipse and has been viewed as significant because it was the third eclipse in a rare series. For many Americans too, this was a special eclipse due to Independence Day, however, for me, as an African American DOS, this eclipse brings back much more deeper truths about July 4. I was shocked to learn one day by happenstance that two of the early presidents of the American Revolution, slaveholders, and of whom signed the Declaration of Independence for White Americans on July 4 actually died fifty (50) years later on that same day! Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 [a] – July 4, 1826) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Jefferson John Adams (October 30, 1735 [a] – July 4, 1826) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Adams John Adams died on July 4, 1826 – the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence – hours after Jefferson’s death. … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Adams But that kind of history only scratches the surface about this specific day, July 4. In a much more distant time, it was recorded by ancient people of a phenomenal star explosion to occur on this day, July 4, in which the star cluster, Pleiades, soon took formation and today, some believe this would be one reason for the American celebration with fireworks. And then there were the ancient Egyptians who celebrated their ‘Christmas in July’ based on other more ancient phenomena. The ancient Chaldeans of Babylon and the Egyptians read the skies without telescopes but today, I am exhilarated to be able to look into a basic telescope and to understand only a little of what they mastered. I appreciate the technology of today and hope that I can better understand the invention of telescopes and how to use them to learn more about the skies and my place in the universe. After a little research, I understand that there are three (3) main types of telescopes; [1] a Compound, [2] a Reflector and, [3] a Refractor and it would be the Refractor telescope that has been the best option for a beginner. So now, hopefully, in the near future when Saturn wonders into our earth viewpoint, I will be ready see it in its glory again through a telescope. But if I do not get that opportunity again, I can still say today that I lived to witness a great wonder in the sky that many ancient priest-scientist had predicted its advent more than a thousand years before it came and they died and did not see it! This giant circular mass in the universe, the Zephyr Star’ [Western Star] that positioned itself at a 180-degree line over Jerusalem, was seen to appear low on the eastern horizon by ancient wise men in the east has marked the real ‘Christmas Day’ to be in the month of April. Although there has been other types of planetary alignments in the past and present, on April 17, 2002, this particular planet line-up returned again and as in the first time it appeared, this Sapphire star wonder Saturn arranged itself within the alignment but this time with the inclusion of the modern day planets that entered the solar system, Uranus and Neptune. All the planets arranged themselves on the same plane with the sun exactly as it had about 2000 years ago and fell into and out of certain star occultations within the zodiac belt again within the next few months and up to years later and then moved out of this sequence. To gaze upon the Thunder Star Planet Jupiter, the Red Star Planet Mars, and the Wondering Star Saturn and more, resonates for me as a deep spiritual awakening and broadens my scope of what may lay beyond this present world and gives me hope of what my human life can attain beyond todays’ walls. Ancient America Rock Depiction- Chaco Canyon SN 1054 is a supernova that was first observed on c. 4 July 1054 [clarification needed], and remained visible for around two years. … The remnant of SN 1054, which consists of debris ejected during the explosion, is known as the Crab Nebula. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SN_1054 Is the Chaco Canyon Rock Art a Star Map Showing SN 1054? Richard L. Dieterle … a star map showing the famous supernova explosion in 1054 (SN 1054) of the star … In the second panel, the stars at sunrise, July 4, 1054, when the supernova … This is not a common image for the Pleiades, although Cowan suggests, “To … https://hotcakencyclopedia.com/cc.ChacoCanyonRockArt.html Taurus? Here’s your constellation Posted by Bruce McClure in ASTRONOMY ESSENTIALS / CONSTELLATIONS / February 5, 2020 Taurus is one of the most spectacular constellations in the nighttime sky. In addition to Aldebaran, Taurus has the intriguing star Elnath. Plus it has two fine star clusters, the Pleiades and the Hyades. And this constellation is the radiant point for the annual Taurid meteor shower in November. What more, Taurus also features the telescopic Crab Nebula (M1), the remains of a cataclysmic supernova explosion that lit up the daytime sky in 1054 A.D. https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/taurus-heres-your-constellation Definition of zephyr 1a: a breeze from the west https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/zephyr Full moon, faint eclipse, on July 4-5 Posted by Bruce McClure in TONIGHT / July 4, 2020 For us in the Americas, the moon will turn precisely full during the nighttime hours on July 4-5, 2020, to present a partial penumbral eclipse of the moon. … On the night of July 4-5, there’s another astronomical event taking place that we all can see. This July full moon will shine near on the sky’s dome to the very bright planet Jupiter, and also to the ringed planet Saturn. You need a telescope to see Saturn’s rings. But you’ll get a kick out of seeing Jupiter and Saturn close together! https://earthsky.org/tonight/full-buck-moon-faint-eclipse-july-4-5 Sports & Fitness BUYING GUIDE FOR THE BEST TELESCOPES Last Updated July 2020 HOW A TELESCOPE WORKS TELESCOPE DESIGN https://bestreviews.com/best-telescopes Best Telescopes https://bestreviews.com/best-telescopes
  2. No Way!—100 degrees Fahrenheit in Siberia in June 2020! Global Warming!? Temperatures in an Arctic Siberian town hit 100 degrees, a new high Wow! Some reports state that this has never happened in recorded history. Also it has been reported that the average temperature in Siberia during the month of June would be around 68 degrees, but 100 degrees Fahrenheit!? Man! These are the last days before a new ‘day’! This is what some of the article states: An unprecedented heatwave in one of the coldest places on Earth just reached a distressing milestone. Temperatures in the small Siberian town of Verkhoyansk hit 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, according to public-facing weather data. … Average June temperatures in Verkhoyansk reach a high of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so the new record-high temperature is alarming. … The dramatic swings in temperature in northwest Siberia last month would happen only once in 100,000 years if it weren't for climate change, climate scientist Martin Stendel said. https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/temperatures-in-an-arctic-siberian-town-hit-100-degrees-a-new-high/ar-BB15PHVr?ocid=msedgntp
  3. Yes okay. Yes, thank you, that is what I remember Farrakahn saying on video. Yes, I understand about this too. I sat at the table and studied with Islamic men! ANd I know that they are divided and also, as you stated are not on the same page as some are with the Middle East beliefs.
  4. Yes, but there will probably be more. The Great American Total Solar Eclipse was worth the trip to view.
  5. No @Pioneer1 that does not make sense at all. It is NOT good to give Black people and especially the Original Jews a pass because they rebelled against God, went whoring after other kinds of people! Louis Farrakahn is fair skinned, Moses was fair skinned, many of my own people are fair skinned due to OUR SIN, not just white rape. We have all sinned,--this whole world. God would not just send Jesus for a bunch of White worshiping Negroes--that just doesn't make sense.
  6. Yeah, @Pioneer1 Thank you! I believe you. But I just listened to Farrakahn and I am perplexed. What a confusion. @Pioneer1 WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE TALKING ABOUT!? Is he referring to the founder of a certain Islamic origin, because I know that he admitted on video that the founder's mother was a White woman. I just want to make a clarification based on ancient scriptures through and through that the mother of Jesus, Mary, was African-typed completely. SOME OF THE MANY REFERENCES ARE: [1] the very CIVIL WAR and DIVISION after the death of SOLOMON. Solomon was written up for going against God and marrying ' certain kind of White women' and it was for this very reason that the prophets wrote that the Creator split the kingdoms of Judah and Israel!!! [2] The HOUSE OF DAVID WAS SPLIT because of Solomon's deeds and therefore, Mary, the mother of Jesus was a descendant of Solomon's brother NATHAN as is detailed in the book of ST LUKE Chapter THREE. [3] The last book in the Old Testament, THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MALACHI written many of the 'Negroes' Jews at that time who were intermingling with White Greek 'Hellene' women and gave rise to a division. [4] THE BOOK OF NEHEMIAH and how the Jews had to divorce their Greek wives if they wanted to get their inheritance and it detailed how some of them married women and couldn't even understand their language. LOL... [5] the book of MALACHI stated that no matter how those Jews were robbing the temple and giving the money away and had left off from their own women, the prophetical 'Great prophet' would still come through as 'an original Jew' as Moses prophesized more than a thousand years prior. ... Louis Farrakahn is confusion!!! He is inserting a great evil--White Supremacy. Man! I'm done with him. I don't need him to preach about White Supremacy, I can't believe what I just heard.
  7. Yes, I did, but I am personally affected by this truth!!! @Troy and @Pioneer1 On one occasion, I made a terrible decision to follow a news report to go to a health clinic that offered a vaccine and it was the first time, I had went to a clinic in a Black community! I know they gave my baby a bad injection!!! However, I prayed that God would heal my baby afterwards and he did. However, I know that he was absolutely affected and I did think at one point that he was autistic. Right after the vaccine, he got really sick, and prior to that time, he was an extremely calm baby, never colicky. But after that vaccine about a day later, he woke up from a nap and he screamed, and screamed and screamed to the top of his lungs. I tried giving him a warm bath, I cuddled him, I paced with him... eventually, he stopped screaming. He completely stopped and was exhausted. Then he finally calmed down and that behavior never happened again. However, when he got older and was told that he needed a vaccine for college---WELL, I WENT THE F--OFF!!! I got my medical records and coached him and told them a thing or two. If they insisted, he would just not go to college. Yes, I read about that Black female doctor who admitted that this vaccine was deliberately directed to harm Black babies. frickin Herod's edict against Black African male babies all over again. Okay, sorry for going off. I'm not sure, but, It seems as though the news came out so fast, there is a confusion. I think the reports are alluding to Black-on-Black murders. @Troy The more we research, it should become obvious that there are many White people that will fight against racism hard. We should not expect for White people to completely understand our oppression, because I feel that you have to be Black to really know, however, that does not mean that people can't understand to a point. Some of the history about how Sherman and his forces barreled into the south and went at those Southerners is crazy!!! They really got at those racist slaveholding idiots.
  8. Is it a ‘Black as Sackcloth’ Affect or Global Warming? The Recent Solar Eclipse Seen in India, the Middle East, Asia, and all of India INDIA – 99.4% Total Solar Eclipse In Northern India, this Solar Eclipse was almost a total solar eclipse, however this solar eclipse was not viewable to this degree or at all in other parts of our planet. Anuruddha Saxena @AnuruddhaSaxena Captured Solar eclipse on June 21, 2020 – Nikon D3300 #SolarEclipse2020 #solareclipse#SolarEclipsejune2020 #solareclipseindia #solareclipsedehradun@Dehradun Uttarakhand It was about 99% totally eclipse from the viewpoint of India. However, the viewable eclipse began in Central Africa and its’ path moved up through the Horn of African and farther north to the ‘Middle East’ and then far east. Although many scientists do not believe eclipses can affect our earth by triggering catastrophes such as an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or volcanic eruption, however, the ancient scriptures reveal that there happens to be a scientific pattern of phenomena to occur after certain types of eclipses especially after an ‘eclipse sequence’ as occurred. After the three (3) hours’ Total Solar Eclipse occurred that was written about in the New Testaments, a great and terrible earthquake followed. And in other references, both a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse are defined to occur in sequence. A solar eclipse has been defined in the phrase as ‘black as sackcloth’ of which automatically sets off a sequential lunar eclipse about fourteen (14) days later of which has been defined in the phrase as ‘the moon appearing as blood’ and this scientific fact bares out today as it has in the past. Although this has not been taught well, however, every time there occurs any type of ‘black as sackcloth’ event [i.e. Solar Eclipse event], whether a total solar eclipse or a partial eclipse, immediately, the next lunar pattern that follows about 13-14 days later, there will be a particular type of ‘blood moon’ event [i.e. lunar eclipse] whether partial or total, etc. All sun and moon eclipses occur in a sequential solar-lunar pair or more, and within 13-14 days of each other. So, when the media reports a particular eclipse to occur, just count 14 days out, and whether they report it to the public or not, anyone can see that another eclipse will follow. And no matter how minor an event, eclipses, whether solar or lunar eclipses, they do have a potential to affect our earth. And, a few days prior and up to an actual occultation or up to a few days afterwards, there will be some type of natural phenomena to occur especially in the form of an earthquake or some type of rainstorm and no matter how slight. [12] And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; REVELATION 6:12. [20] The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come: ACTS 2:20 & JOEL 2:31. Some scientist believe that they can predict earthquakes, etc. based on the positions of certain eclipses based on their pathway and degree of totality and/or being directly positioned over or near certain landmasses, etc. I remember years back of scientists predicting days prior to the catastrophic earthquake in Christchurch that there would be an earthquake and some type of volcanic eruption in that very region due to the path of the eclipse and in addition to the configurations of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that were in conjunction with our planet at that time. But what about the Global Warming belief in how it has affected our earth? What about the fracking that has been reported to be tied to recent earthquakes? I do believe in the information about Global Warming in that it has affected our earth. I do believe that mankind has affected our earth’s climate to a certain degree, but to not recognize a scientific pattern of how eclipses spark natural phenomena would be mistake. After the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 that lasted for three (3) hours and as its pathway crossed over America from the west to the east, then did it affect our earth? August 2017 lunar eclipse A partial lunar eclipse took place at the Moon’s descending node on the evening of Monday, August 7 and the morning pre-dawn on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, the second of two lunar eclipses in 2017. … The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 occurred fourteen days later, in the same eclipse season. … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_2017_lunar_eclipse Well, although it was not well reported to be connected to the Great American Eclipse, soon after the eclipse occurred the news reported that there were four (4) tropical depressions that began in late August 2017 or a few days afterwards. And, all of these tropical depressions did however develop into major catastrophic hurricanes. Because it takes a certain amount of time for a tropical depression to actually develop into a hurricane, therefore when the hurricanes of 2017 became apparent, therefore, their possible connection to being sparked by the lunar-solar eclipse sequence had not been even brought up as even a suggestion to the public. Do hurricanes and earthquakes only occur after a celestial eclipse? Of course not. There are other reasons why our planet will quake, tremor, or erupt lave, etc., but it would be beneficial to know of a connection between eclipses and earthquakes, etc. So were there any phenomena to occur after this recent Annular Solar Eclipse of June 2020? Was there another reported eclipse, a lunar eclipse in series with the solar eclipse? © Provided by Associated Press A man walks on heavily damaged road following a heavy rain in Kumamura, Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan Monday, July 6, 2020. Rescue operations continued and rain threatened wider areas of the main island of Kyushu. (Koji Harada/Kyodo News via AP) About 3 million residents were advised to evacuate across Kyushu, Japan's third-largest island. Tens of thousands of army troops, police and other rescue workers mobilized from around the country worked their way through mud and debris in the hardest-hit riverside towns along the Kuma River. Rescue operations have been hampered by the floodwater and continuing harsh weather. The year after the eclipse of 2017, there were other hurricanes that were reported to have broken records especially hurricane Michael. Could these intense storms be a combination of issues that would include Global Warming? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________ In late August, Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and became the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005 and the strongest since Charley in 2004. The storm … broke the record for most rainfall dropped by a tropical cyclone in the United States, with extreme flooding in the Houston area. In early September, Hurricane Irma became the first Category 5 hurricane to impact the norther Leeward Islands on record, … Irma, at the time, became the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin outside of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, with a mizimum sustained winds of 180 mph…; In mid-September, Hurricane Maria became the first Category 5 hurricane in history to strike the island of Dominica. It later made landfall in Puerto Rico as a high-end Category 4 hurricane with catastrophic effect. Most of the deaths from this season occurred from Maria. … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Atlantic_hurricane_season Hurricane Jose Duration September – September 22 Peak intensity 155 mph … Hurricane Katia Category 5 Duration September 5 – September 9 Peak intensity 105 mph … Hurricane Maria Duration September 16 – September 30 Peak intensity 175 mph … … In preparation for a potential tropical cyclone, tropical storm watches and warnings were issued in South Carolina and North Carolina beginning on August 27. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Atlantic_hurricane_season
  9. Then why would he press Peter to go with him to Turkey? Why did Peter go? No @Pioneer1 you are deliberately cutting out facts, known facts, that I am pretty sure you are aware of. You know the scriptures say that Jesus said to go to the Jews first, but then after they would not listen, then go to the Gentiles. Jesus spoke peacefully to certain GEntiles when he was approached. Yes, of course Jesus came for the Lost people of the house of Israel, but he also came to help the whole world. I'm sure you know that in ST MATTHEW Chapter 8, Jesus said that many of the Gentiles would be able to sit at the table with Abra-Ham and that many of the 'children of the kingdon' [i.e. Israelites, etc.] will be in outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  10. And on this same note too, about how we are being controlled by a narrative: it has been widely reported in the media about the many, seemingly Black-on-Black murders committed over the 4th of July weekend and how the police force has not been sent out to protect Black citizens that have been victims of violence. THIS IS BY DESIGN. THIS IS WHAT OMAROSA IS REFERRING TO AND THIS IS JUST A PROCESS OF HOW THE MEANS IS MEANT TO JUSTIFY THE END RESULT OF WHAT SHE SAID WOULD BE RACE RIOTS. THIS IS SEEMINGLY BUILDING INTO A PERIOD OF LAWLESSNESS. An official on the news spoke about how it was not a good idea to push for the end of the police force, and he said that even law officials were in support of this but this was the plan--to encourage Blacks speak on this ill fated wise. The speaker said too, basically, that because of the Coronavirus, many prisoners have been released from jail and this is a potential problem for many other innocent citizens and has been part of the violence over the weekend. I feel that Black people should confront this government to hire more adequate 'Black' police officers, not to end the police force. That is just crazy.
  11. A powerful thought @Pioneer1! But in this lecture, Jeffrey Robinson showed a video of a leader, I think his name was Atwater[?] in what he said and how he instructed his White peers on how to go from saying 'N3ggr, N3ggr, N3ggr' to saying phrases that are abstract in order to achieve what they wanted. And then there was another part where Robinson showed actual statements of during the NIXON times people were making statements of how to 'terrorize Blacks' and vilify them with statements about heroine and infiltrating them of which led to incredible prison sentences. You know, I think he is referring to the UK and not the Spanish Colonizers in terms of 1619 vs the 1500s. I realize that the English were already in the Americas in California during the 1500s, but they did not organize their colonial movement until the early 1600s. Yes, this should be the question, imo too. Absolutely!!! Well, I think Robinson knows this. But the reality would be for me, that Jeffrey Robinson's speech to that audience is needed because so many Black people would not have listened very well due to the previous negative conditioning. HIs speech was in 2017 but now, I believe it may be heard by Black people due to what is going on now. This audience that consisted of a certain percentage of White Americans are NOT all of them negative. That's just the nature of human psychology. I was completely amazed at his information! Some of what he spoke about was so new to me! I almost 'fell out' when I heard Ben Carson'! LOL, I never seen the video. But what Robinson did NOT say though, was that Obama said that very same thing BEFORE Ben Carson did. Obama refers to African Americans as immigrants! I could NOT believe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had spoke so well!!!-- I knew that his words were cherry picked though because I had done my own personal research about him. He blew me away when he broke down the real benefactors of AFIRMATIVE ACTION!!! OMG!!! So true!!! I had never heard of the Stone Wall in Georgia!!! To think it is larger than what is in South DAkota!?
  12. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. She is very smart and clever. She knows how this system keeps their court jesters in place and how they are allowed to jest. This form of mockery and captivity goes way back. I don't know why, but every time I think about this subject, I always think about the playing cards, and the JACK on the cards.
  13. LOL! Okay @Pioneer1 You are too much. Yes, and I agree but this has to do with our ancestors being enslaved as children. We've been conditioned byway of the slave yard when reading and writing were outlawed to believe lies and statements that are not even in the scriptures at all. Black people need to read. Yes. interesting point!
  14. Uh huh. @Pioneer1 You know what you did. You know better than that. You have taken this reference out of context, but you know what you did. You chopped off the reference to fit you beliefs and thus you are presenting a lie. The very next statement from Paul, in verse 23 reads: [23] And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you. 1 CORINTHIANS 9:23. This is too funny. Both Paul and Peter worked together. Yes, Paul pressed Peter to go north to help him set up the Church and Peter later wrote about his conversion himself. Peter was not accustomed to interacting with GENTILES [White people] and lived all of his life around Blacks but after Jesus left, Paul came to his brother and helped him to see that the Church movement started by Jesus had to be opened to the world, because Jesus came to save the world. The Jews cleaved to the gentiles, but at the same time, they also wanted to live by the Old law of which they absolutely contradicted, anyway. That's why Jesus came! Peter had to drop the old customs such as circumcision and not require this practice to the newly converted Gentiles who came to the light.
  15. Oh! And she was so sharp on her response about Dave Chappelle. LOL. Gotta to keep our Black clowns... I hope you all see the pun... Rome all over again... She's got the support to lead you all to continue being right under the thumb of this oppressive system. Keep listening... LOL.
  16. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! FAS I'm learning here, thank you. BUT @Pioneer1 Does it matter? The Church was set up NOT by the 'Black Church'. More to the point, Black America never owned "the Church" in the first place, like anyone, they had a choice to conform to this system, and so, the question for me would be; Did the Black Church conform to the Church or did they conform to something else? Yes, I can see this! @Troy
  17. LOL! ANd that is what I felt when I listened to this show! Because the narrative is being controlled by unseen forces, that man could NOT hit Candace where it counts on any rebuttal. She won this debate before it even started. She supports Trump's views and he dared not confront her with the fact that Trump supports the LBGT... movement, etc.
  18. @Pioneer1 He was definitely a prophet. He wrote prophesies. You speak against written, published works of over 2000 years ago, of a man, who was highly degreed and also severely persecuted for the Word of God, and you speak with no reference.
  19. Yes, I do not follow Omarosa, but I do believe I read about her briefly making this statement. Actually, I read about this statement in this community but I don't remember what thread. I believe it was around the time that she was made to leave the White House.
  20. Yes, this is scary, but I believe you. @Pioneer1 No. That is not exactly what it means though YEP. AH! That is SO NOT TRUE!!! This is reference to being 'IN THE LORD'!!! You need to refer to the BACK UP SCRIPTURES--the other scripture that expounds upon this scripture--as the BIBLE IS BASED SOLELY ON CONFIRMATION OF SCRIPT within the entire Books of the Bible. All of the prophets confirm each other!!! The other scripture expounds upon the very same scripture and reads OBEY YOUR MASTERS IN THE LORD!!! Old Testament Confirmations are numerous and uphold this NEW COVENANT SCRIPTURE-- EXAMPLE-- When the evil pharaoh told the midwives to murder the malefactors on the birthing stool, they would NOT obey the pharaoh! Therefore the scriptures go on to say that THE SUPREME BEING REWARDED THEM and gave them a house for their good deeds!!! As I reference before, our ancestors continually welcomed White Supremacy into their governments through marriage over and over again, until God stopped delivering them over and over again--therefore, he allowed White Supremacy to go on -- this is a timed appointed prophecy of A TIMES TIMES AND HALF TIMES--2500 year prophecy--established by the prophet Danie!!! Beginning with the Babylonian-Persian Empire which became Medo-Persian--a White run empire!!! So Paul is referencing this Apocalypse prophecy!!! Jesus came during the Roman Empire times to set up his government to pilot this 2500 prophecy because God knew that HUMAN SACRIFICE of Black people would be horrible--but God has not been able to stop Black people from wanting to worship White people!!! So after the Jews shouted for Roman rule--the PROTESTANT MOVEMENT eventually came forward too, to help humanity--and now here we are in America. STOP BLAMING GOD FOR THE SINS OF OUR ANCESTORS! Now, we need to OBEY OUR SLAVE--OH I MEAN MASTERS EVEN THE FROWARD ONES as is fit in the Lord!!! We need to be law biding citizens! We need to make appeals though, defend ourselves, but we are under this law--but not forever. The correct interpretation of the scripture when Jesus said: [paraphrasing] You can't serve 2 masters, you can't serve both MAMMON and GOD at the same time, etc.--so you need to choose your pathway or you will end up being lukewarm. He goes on to say that if you even try to serve both 'gods' at the same time, human nature will dictate and therefore you will eventually cleave to one but LOATHE the other. INTERPRETATION: MAMMON is a catch all word that ultimately means White Supremacist system set up on MATERIAL WEALTH through evil methods mainly HUMAN SACRIFICE, trickery--deceitful and unfair trade practices, etc. The god of wealth vs the God of truth. So if you love MAMMON--WEALTH, GAIN BY ANY MEANS, you will eventually loathe honest PRINCIPLES, honesty, Black people [even if your Black], gain by merit, etc. GOD'S PATHWAY--TRUTH.
  21. AH! So true! I never heard of her until I came to this community. AH!!! So true!!! It will change. @Troy THANK YOU!!! @Pioneer1 And I can remember another one, but I don't have the actual reference: [paraphrasing] In order for a rich man to enter into 'the new land' it will be like passing through the eye of a sewing needle'. INTERPRETATION: Based on the White Supremacist government of Rome and others system like it--If people get rich off of Chattel slavery, etc. they will have a serious problem in their eternity. This scripture does NOT mean a person has to be poor, but its based on a system that sets up based on HUMAN SACRIFICE. AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE.
  22. Ah! The Covid-19 Pandemic and our governments response to 'the Stimulus--Oh I mean Reparation checks!' YES, I believe there will be elections, but I believe Omarosa, in that this Movement to start a Race Riots is/was the plan way back when due to the 2001 Twin Towers attack. The pandemic is just HARDENING THEIR HEARTS to do what they had already planned. The Western World going out to the world to police the world--when they have their remnants of chattel slavery still going strong--and the world responded--No! Go back to your own country!--And now, here we are, CITIZENS BEING ATTACKED by the White Supremacist police force. Oh yes, this was planned long before Obama was selected to run for office.
  23. @Pioneer1 ON THAT THOUGHT; My heart goes out to the single Black mothers! I don't focus on the Broken Black Structure done deliberately based on Slavery. I am aware of the absent Black fathers, however, I don't think it is worth it now, to focus on that because this system has been behind the mis-education of the Black man for 400+ years of which led to imprisonment, drug problems, relationship problems... I deal with the kind of Black men 'in the act' of harming Black women and children, though, but I understand too the White Supremacist Movement behind this. I would rather give my energy to the Black men in organizations that are there supporting us.
  24. Oh yes, this is seeming to be a very sad reality! @Pioneer1 And, on that same note, I just read about a case that actually happened a year ago in 2019. So this was not broadcast until now! It was a young Black fellow, murdered by 3 White Policemen!!! He was just walking down the street, minding his own business. This happened in COLORADO. I feel so sad for his mother and family.
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