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  1. What took so long!? It's good to know that this case is brought back, but this is frustrating.
  2. Oh Yes! I loved listening to every minute of it. Thanks for posting @Pioneer1 Like you said, he may not be THEE leader to everyone but, it is respected as such among many.
  3. @nels If your words were applied to some other institutions, I would see your point of view! I would agree that there are even some Black institutions that may be guilty of doing exactly what you describe. I don't follow Jay-Z in his music because it was not my genre, but I am trully amazed at some of his projects he has invested in when it comes to helping Black people who are under priviledged. I think Jay-Z is awesome. He's got heart for his people, imo.
  4. Yes, I've heard about this recent looting. The recent news reports that it was about 100 looters and for now, it is also stated that these looters piggy backed on a court hearing which sparked a peaceful protest. I hear about Black gangs and violence a lot and no, this does not help in the cause to fight against racism at all. I no nothing about the recent court case though and perhaps more information will surface. But as far as racsim 'coming out of thin air', that is another whole topic. Nevertheless, stealing is not the answer in dealing with racsim.
  5. In Greece, the storm was considered the worst in recorded history, with severe rainfall leading to flooding that caused more than two billion euros in damage. Libya was hit the hardest, with torrential rains causing two dams near the city of Derna to fail. This resulted in more than ten thousand deaths, with between 10,000 and 100,000 people missing, although exact figures varied by source. Libya's vulnerability to such disasters was blamed on its civil war, which damaged critical infrastructure and left it in poor condition before the storm. In the aftermath, several countries along the Mediterranean Sea pledged to provide aid to affected countries. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storm_Daniel
  6. Comet NISHIMURA--Another Green Comet! I saw this in the news last week! Apparently this Green Comet was identified by an amateur, a Japanese man named Nishimura a few weeks ago on August 12, 2023. So, for this reason the comet is named after him, however, scientist later realized that this comet has actually orbited our solar system before and is a LONG PERIOD COMET. So, Comet Nishimura has orbited our sun some 400 years ago during the A.D. 1500s and even before than, it orbited our planet in the A.D. 1100s during the historical time of the Crusades! What I find to be so fascinating about these recent Green comets is how it relates to ancient prophecy. Because the average person has probably never heard of how the ancient scriptures detail comets, the idea that comets could possibly affect our earth sounds farfetched. But, that is what the ancient scripture reveal! And so, I find to be really amazing that right at the time this comet came close to our earth, there occurred three (3) major phenomena: [1] There was a major earthquake that occurred in Northwest African, in Morocco, [2] there was a major cyclone that occurred and severely affected a region in North Africa, in Lybia and then, [3] in Lybia, as a result of this cyclone, major floods occurred. So right now, in these areas, there is a major humanitarian crisis. Experst report that the flooding is record setting and in fact, reports say that this is the worse flooding in recorded history in that region. So it may seem like a coincedence to many but I believe the ancient scriptures reveal the truth, however, today's scientist don't equate comets to have any affect on our earth because they perhaps have not been able to confirm it by the scientific standards of today. At any rate, my thoughts and prayers go out to people suffering from these horrible catastrophies. Storm Daniel, also known as Cyclone Daniel, was the deadliest and costliest Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone ever recorded, as well as the deadliest cyclone worldwide since Cyclone Nargis in 2008. It was also the deadliest weather event of 2023 to date. [4] Forming as a low-pressure system around 4 September 2023, the storm affected Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey with extensive flooding. The storm then organized as a Mediterranean low and was designated as Storm Daniel. It soon acquired quasi-tropical characteristics and moved toward the coast of Libya, where it caused catastrophic flooding before degenerating into a remnant low. … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storm_Daniel A view of Nishimura in L'Aquila, Italy, on September 7, 2023. A newly discovered green comet is zipping by Earth and is now visible for the first time in more than 400 years. Comet Nishimura was discovered by amateur Japanese astronomer Hideo Nishimura on Aug. 11 and named after him. Nishimura first spotted it by taking long exposure shots using a Canon digital camera and a telephoto lens. https://www.kosu.org/news/2023-09-11/how-to-see-a-newly-discovered-green-comet-this-week-before-it-vanishes-for-400-years Are we about to see a rare green comet light up the sky? An expert on what to expect from Nishimura Published: September 14, 2023 4.05pm EDT Of all the objects in the Solar System, perhaps the most spectacular are the great comets that occasionally grace our skies. If you’ve been on social media in the past few days, you’ve probably seen articles proclaiming we have such a comet in our skies right now: C/2023 P1 (Nishimura). https://theconversation.com/are-we-about-to-see-a-rare-green-comet-light-up-the-sky-an-expert-on-what-to-expect-from-nishimura-213464
  7. OH WOW! Another Green Comet has been identified in our solar system! Just like the 2020 NEOWISE COMET, this Green Comet was detected by an amateur, not any scientific agency! This Green Comet was spotted by a Japanese man and so, the comet is named after him and is now called C2023NISHIMURA He sighted this comet on August 12, 2023 but afterwards, scientist measured the comet and determined that it had actually come into our solar system months earlier this year. However, it was not as bright initially, but became brighter as it approached our sun. They have also determined that this is not the first time this comet has come into our solar system. Comet Nishimura is a LONG PERIOD COMET and during the A.D. 1500s, it actually came into our solar system. I have recently learned that long period comets come from the Oort Cloud and short period comets come from another source as determined by today's space agencies. Anyway, I am going to start a seperate thread to share more information that I believe surrounds this particular comet and that is unique to the time that this comet has come close to our earth. As I shared in this thread about the green comet that came closest to our earth in February, I cannot help but wonder in AWE at some of the phenomena that has just happened last week when the comet Nishimura came closest to Earth! There are three (3) major catastrophies that has occurred and although some people may not believe it, but this is what the ancient scripts reveal about ancient comets too, in association to earth. The prophets do reveal that stars do affect our earth in certain ways. Anway, around the same time that this comet Nishimura came close to our earth last week there are three catastrophies that did happen: [1] There was a major earthquake that happened in Northwest Africa, in Morroco! And it has become a terrible humanitarian crisis as so far, 2,900 people have died and many are still not found. [2] There was a major Cyclone that occurred in that same region and to this day, it is the most intense that has ever been recorded. The Cyclone is called 'Cyclone Daniel' and it affected areas in Turkey, East Europe but mainly North Africa. [3] There is major flooding in North Africa in the county of Lybia and it has become an incredible humanitarian crisis. So far, about 11,000 people are dead as a result of the floods and 100,000 people have been unnaccounted for. I do not believe this is a coencidence. I think the ancient scriptures are right. At any rate, my heart goes out to the people suffering. My thoughts are prayers are with them. Medicane Daniel (also known as Storm Daniel) to the north of Libya on September 9, 2023. CNN — The death toll from devastating flooding in Libya’s eastern coastal city of Derna has risen to at least 11,300, according to a UN report released Saturday, even as continuing search efforts are expected to find more victims. https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/16/world/libya-flood-death-toll-rise-derna-intl-hnk/index.html#:~:text=The%20death%20toll%20from%20devastating,expected%20to%20find%20more%20victims.
  8. LOL! Me too. I am just learning about it now, in this thread. So, thank you @ProfD for posting. I may have seen a brief clip but I did not see any big news report at all!
  9. LOL! I have never understood the victimhood perspective! I've heard people say things like, I am not going to be the victim anymore, etc., but I just do not understand that position in many circumstances. For instance, there have been many people that have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for years and then later due to such evidences as DNA testing, released from prison, and I ask myself, 'SHOULD THEY TAKE THAT POSITION OF NOT PLAYING THE VICTIM ANYMORE!?' This just sounds crazy to me because in this case, they have certainly been victimized severely. For them, it's not playing the victim, rather, they are the victim and this should be acknowledged and deserve some kind of recompense. In other words, if the law just simply released them from prison, and gave them no economic recompense and more, then that would be wrong.
  10. I agree with all that you've said! I do understand though what Jermomex is saying too about the influence of the White culture in both of them. I also think too though that Kamala Harris is being attacked because of her being a Black woman, not that she has an Indian mother. If she was purely from India and had no 'Black', I do not believe she would be attacked in this way. THANK YOU!!!
  11. THIS IS NOT AN EVERYDAY DRESS! But it certainly is NUEVO & TRES CHIC! It definitely became a viral video. I believe the designer is African and the company is called, 'Fabulous Lifestyle by Jenny' This designer has many other beautiful designs, but this one is getting a lot of attention, probably because of the curvacious bride that is in the dress too! STUNNING! But this is just my opinion and a lot others posters too.
  12. I was too busy being a Mom in the 90s. But when I think of earlier decades, Phillip Baily comes to mind for me.
  13. LOL. I had not even considered her becoming President of the United States until now! What a thought! I do think it might happen.
  14. Ok @Pioneer1 But truth be told LOL, I was aiming at someone else but I can see that toxic idiot has not been around lately. Don't worry about trying to convince me, as long as the discussion lifts up the Black Plight, it's all good.
  15. Summer is Rotating Away & Autumn is Coming--Wondering About the Upcoming Styles Let's Check Out the Catwalk! Well, I think these are some trying times. Sometimes I don't even want to watch the news, but with the way technology today is, it's hard to ignore it. I many times check my smartphone with one focus and then get distracted and then I'm watching crazy stuff that I never intended. Just today, I read that President Biden gave a serious warning for Americans to get out of Belarus! It seems that the Russians have moved in some nuclear weapons into that region. At any rate, sometimes, I feel that we humans should enjoy our existence sometimes! So then, what are some wonderful things that could spice up life in these upcoming days. Thank God, the kids are back in school! For me, that can be a good thing and a bad thing. As an educator, I am cautioned about being in an environment still with the threat of COVID and also, there is so much negativity going on with the school curriculum nowadays, so how does an educatior navigate that issue successfully and not get called down!? But then, for me, I love to hear from the youth because IMO, they are the future and bring ideas into the world that are so beneficial. In their innocence, in many ways, they bring so much love and hope. Of course, there are the many little ones that suffer because they do not have enough support but then, that too is another reason why I love being there for them. At any rate, I thought that these short videos of THE CATWALK--literally!-- reminded me to look out for the new and upcoming fashion trends of the day! If I come across any new fashion trends, I hope to come back and post them here! Do All the Pretty Girls Dress Like This? ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS WALK LIKE THIS! BEST CATWALK OF DSQUARED2 2024 Old School BEST CAT WALK--Tyra! Dubbed 'the Queen of the Catwalk'--Naomi!
  16. That's what I'm talking about Girlfriend! Keep on living large @Cynique.
  17. Well, I have mixed feelings about this topic. I believe that ADOS need to think about the main focus of this government on the basis that it formed about 400 years ago and their major goal. I believe that the leaders that formed this union and their theme is ever present in the minds of White Americans today even for some of them that pretend to care about what happened to us. They decided way back then that it was vital to keep us [1] ignorant [uneducated to a great extent], [2] continually oppressed, and [3] divided [fostering Black Hatred continually] and believed that this would be the only way that they could keep the power and White dominant government that they began to form since the AD 1500s in Europe as they were flocking over to their NEW WORLD. For this reason, they don't see giving federal aid to the programs like ESL to the hispanic people and so many other immigrants and White Americans because they don't threaten their power. But ADOS!!!--Oh I believe that they think we are a threat to their national security and global power. So even though some streamline our oppression here by saying that we've only been oppressed for 160 years or 260 years, NO WAY, America still has continually caused us to be oppressed in their prison systems and in more ways. There is always something, some conflict aimed against us, such as the man in Florida with his educational curriculum, CRT propaganda, now the Arkansas AP agenda, LBGT+ agenda to give federal funds for them to have jobs if they write on their application in such manner, etc. I think these issues are deliberately raised to keep us fighting in so many directions that we cannot get any adequate governmental relief as a result of the Chattel Slavery Movement. Obviously, this long time period of human sacrifice did not only affect our ancestors, but it affects us today, but will we benefit from a monetary REPARATIONS due to the issues that have caused us to be so divided and ignorant of how to economically benefit? H*ll no, IMO, if we don't have a GROUP MENTALITY to where the funds are aimed at helping us as a group, then individuals would spend the money in ways that would not really advance us. So IMO, it would not work hypothetically, however, it would be insane and suicidal not to demand that America gives us Reparations. I believe that the demand for Reparations from this government is more than just expecting them to do the right thing and make a federal attempt to right a great evil, but it may lead to a solution eventually. I mean really; how can giving me money help my dead great grandmother who was raped at the age of about seven, lived her whole life without recompense and then die in poverty? Human Sacrifice on that level cannot be repaired at all, but am I affected by what happened to her!? LOL... How about giving me reparations for stealing my children on false allegations and a malicious attack that split up my family, and then after three years of sifting me like wheat, and having to drop all of the false allegations, causing me to be poor having to spend thousands of dollars to get a trial to prove innocence and get my children back? Let's not even talk about my ancestor!!! You d*mn skippy I am affected by the same government that destroyed her life. smh. I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT PLAN TO WRITE THIS MUCH.
  18. ANOTHER COUPLE SHARE This couple's title is called MESSING WITH THE MARTINS I thought these two short sketches were hilarious. It could be a good 'couple therapy' session to watch. For anyone who has been married and/or remembers the early years of their marriage, these sketches might remind you of similar conflicts. I know it did for me. I absolutely remember a few times when I was preparing to step out with some of my girlfriends and my sorors in the early days, right after I had my first baby, and was completely SHOCKED when my husband confronted me! He was like, not happy at all! I was like, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! And then he had the nerve to flip the script ... This first sketch, I am going to give a spoiler because I showed it to my husband a couple of times before he realized that the actual DUDE was his wife! She worked it out!
  19. LOL @Pioneer1 I never said that any black perosn was primitive! That is crazy! My Great grandfather is from India as I've shared in this community! I have his Death Certificate My son's ancestry DNA also confirms this!!! No, Dark skinned people from India are not a separate 'race of humans'! They all originate OUT OF AFRICA!!! They all originate from one male individual ANATOMICALLY STRIAGHT YDNA Haplogroup from AFrica. No primitive Black humans exist today. All modern humans today stem from ONE AFRICAN MALE ORIGIN. The only genetic presence of primitive humans stem from Neanderthals and they are not Black at all. Their origins were from BLACK PRIMITIVE HUMANS but those Black humans had long been extinct prior to the presence of modern humans. You are refuting me even though I have a degree in this area of study. smh.
  20. @Pioneer1 You completely disregarded the fact that Farrakhan retracted his statement. You completely ignored the updated reference I posted in that Farrakhan stated that Adam and Eve are THE FIRST HUMAN COUPLE on earth and that all White people come from him, Black Adam origins. The picture of the Indians you posted are still linked to the same genetics as all modern humans. If you care about your Black Brothers, then you will stop being arrogant and stating White Supremacist beliefs about White human origins not having any link to Black Africa. As I stated before, regarding the priesthood, you Black men all have to agree on the truth if you want to be part of THE NEW WORLD in the Second Coming. It's like a military judgment, if one does not support the truth then all of the group will be rejected. As in the story of Achan, he stole the pagan robe and hid it, and then the Israelites began to be killed until they searched and found out what Achan did. Then they stoned his azz and afterwards, they began to win the war. Farrakhan makes it clear that all White men come from Black origins. You're statement about Pre-Adamites are partly true in that prior to the creation of Adam, there were primitive beings, but they were not black at the time that modern humans became present. Neanderthals were not Black at all. prior to Neanderthals, science and genetics does prove that there were many Black and dark skinned humans but they are all extinct. There are no genetic markers in any humans today that show the presence of those dark skinned primitive black humans. They are completely gone. The genetics that does reveal the presence of a distinct dark primitive humans are linked to Neanderthals are from genetic material that does show that their origins are from dark primitive humans today called Denisovans. Denisovan bones were found in a cave where a hermit named Denis lived. So, scientist confirm that Neanderthals came from an earlier dark primitive humans because of those bones found in that cave. @Pioneer1You refute @Troy too, I know this, but I think that you are especially arrogant with me because I am a female contributing to this subject. LOL.
  21. LOL @Pioneer1 YES HE DID! Minister Farrakhan definitely said this! And he said it on video. OH! Wait a minute! I might be wrong! I think he said it about Faard[?] So yes, you are right, it wasn't about Minister Elijah Muhammad, but it was another leader. I am very sorry about that. It just hit me as I was typing! And as far as what Minister Farrakhan said, he definitely said that the first human family was Adam and were Black. He says this many times. So he is definitely referring to the Bible. He speaks about how Black people have been deceived. I think the Black Church is in trouble too, because they push this White Jesus philosophy and most Black Churches have a depiciton of Jesus as a White man. We've been decieved by the Slave teachings but there is no excuse today, for the Black Church because they can read the scriptures for themselves. Okay, about what you've said about White people coming from a unique and separate Black people, again, that is absolutely wrong. Again, all genetics of males on this earth are 99.99% proven to stem from one individual, an AFrican male. There is no such independent 'race' of black people who come from another kind of ancient Blacks. The primitive Black and/or dark skinned people are completely extinct. There are absolutely no genetic markers today in any human that links to those black primitive humans with exception of Neanderthals. Neandethals and Denisovans share a MRCA link that is in their genes extracted from their bones. But outside of that, so far, the bones left behind of the earlier dark skinned primitive humans have no genetic material that is shared with any modern humans. They were completely extinct for thousands of years and did not even exist when the Neanderthals existed on this earth. Scientist say that for 500,000 years, the Neanderthals were the only huminids that existed until modern mankind became present! That is what is displayed in the Smithsonian. And as far as being obsessed with White people, I do agree with you in that it is important to know about their actions against Black people. I do agree that we should be focused on their secret hate groups but when it manifest to the point where hate crimes are committed.
  22. You are completely rejecting the actual reference in what Farrakhan said and what science and genetics have proven in that all modern humans come from a Black man. LOL. Farrakhan also said that Elijah Muhammad came from a White woman and that is a great division in the nation! White scientist admitted this and all national science organization admit this, yet @Pioneer1 you still want to believe that White males do NOT come from Black African male. That is insane. You give White power too much credit over Black freedom of which is prophesize to come. I never said that White Supremacist have no power. You are putting out a complete false statement.
  23. @Pioneer1 The two videos that I told you that came up on my channel has been deleted for some strange reason. But this is one I found that addresses the recent stance of Minister Louis Farrakhan.
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