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  1. [11] And the man that lieth with his father's wife hath uncovered his father's nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. LEVITICUS 20.11 This scripture reveals that it was HAM that had 'uncovered his father's nakedness and this scripture reveals too that Noah was not victimized by sodomy; it merely supports the other scripture in that there was an act of adultery and incest that had occurred. And I relooked at the definition of the word 'to cover' and it further confirms and defines the act of a copulation of a mal
  2. REFERENCE: THE BOOK OF LEVITICUS CORRECTION: I need to make a major correction here, in my research. For many years I have turned this scripture over and over and I made the error of not relooking at my references before I shared this topic. The scripture in point would be GENESIS 9:21 and also the supporting scripture within the same chapter, GENESIS 9:24. I initially had no intentions of getting online today because I am busy this week, but after I saw that I needed to edit, I decided to sign on today. It has been years since I looked at this subject of the
  3. LOL! Thank you! Yes, I absolutely agree. These White Caucasians were NOT in the caves and mountains by themselves and your statements about this 'Caucasian Musa' is still not supported by references however, @Pioneer1 the very caves, mountains, and eating raw meat, blood, etc. was heavily practiced by African Caucasian people in the Caucasus and etc. too.
  4. @Pioneer1 Not all of the Nation of Islam are the same and don't all believe that man.
  5. Coming from you @Pioneer1 ? You and I are descendants of slaves, but thank God for the African continent who a part of the United Nations. LOL! Thank you! @Troy That video is crazy and so funny! This is the first time I've ever seen anything of the Wayans show until I came here to this community. I was too busy with my babies, I guess when they came on TV. That is definitely Pioneer1 LOL. I sort of feel sad to even laugh at the video, but it was so hilarious. This western civilization has made such a mockery of our oppression. But, ironical
  6. @Pioneer1 This is my specialty area of study. I studied GENETICS. GIGANTISM is an abnormality but not being born tall. My major is Biology, I have a degree, a Bachelors of Science in Biology and so, what I am saying is that the specific genes that determine the various forms of gigantism are distinct and match this abnormality in the distant past as well as today. Gigantism still exist today and is due to incest. Today, it is mostly attributed to cousin-cousin relationships in certain areas of the world where this is still a cultural practice. Oh yeah! I absol
  7. @Pioneer1 COLOR is NOT ENOUGH! To say 'brown' or 'black' skinned is NOT enough! There is much more to humans than the color of their skin. UNESCO is THE UNITED NATIONS! That means it is represented by leaders all over the world! This would include leaders all over the continent of Africa, so therefore, this kind of information about the origins of the modern mankind will not change! LOL. This is science and genetics. POWERFUL! @Tazarah Oh My Gosh! I am totally humbled by your contributions to this research. I am so
  8. Oh well, because he did NOT refute it, then he most likely said it! And his response shows that he was making 'a partial retraction' which is so wrong. He needs to make a full retraction. I am absolutely humbled by your response here, and respect you so much for your statements on humanity @Pioneer1 however, I hope that you elaborate some more eventually because in the past, you made other contradicting statements. AfroAmericans have always been up front in my experience. Media doesn't always show this. But, I have been deeply hurt by Black-on
  9. You're very welcome and looking forward to it! Loved the public reading!
  10. @Troy @daniellegfny I heard about the author, but did not know he wrote a book with this title. I am very interested. Thank you.
  11. @Pioneer1 I blame our ancestors for this. No man, neither White nor Black can give a science book and it be believed because science can be verified on an individual basis. Our ancestors destroyed their generations when they became obsessed with their very enemies and intermixed, then they were completely overthrown. Now, most choose to blame the White man, for their own actions. Whether or not people are dark skinned of African descent or another physical expression, if someone has a bad spirit, that should be that basis to refrain. I would not wait around for tru
  12. Well, I cannot go back that far. Based on science today, giants can only exist due to DNA sequencing that has been well traced and it's based on incest. Gigantism is not defined in the same context, though as being tall. Oh yes, I agree!
  13. Yes, @Pioneer1 wow. 6 hours is a long lecture! But, he said to affect that 'Only selective breeding can produce blonde hair and blue eyes'. Yes, that is exactly what I have been saying. THANK YOU. However, when he started talking about Moses civilizing 'White' Caucasians in the Caucasus, and being confined to caves, I had to stop because as you know, I do not support that at all. He believes in the White man's findings on the La Braya man, but then, he adds so much confusion. Pioneer1 the Blonde hair, blue-eyed Blacks were not that
  14. Okay. Thank you. @daniellegfny I've never heard of it, but I will definitely look into it. I am very interested. Thanks again.
  15. THE CU THE CURSE OF HAM & The Black Plight Police Shootings Justified Today Because of the thread topic about Professor Tony Martin’s research, it would be good to cross reference the book he quoted by a Jew name H. Bachman on the Judgment of Noah. Mr. Martin states in order to set up the African Slave Trade, justifications were made on the beliefs that Blacks were subhuman and that Noah cursed his son Ham and all his generations to be Black and Ugly. Martin further states that the Talmud constructed around the AD 500s states that Ham entered the tent and “buggered”
  16. THANK YOU! Yes, I don't believe that either. I am not well versed at all on that subject. Maybe @Pioneer1 might know. But whether or not, there were African popes, that wouldn't stop White people who are racist imo. LOL.
  17. Martin quoted from the book of BACHMAN about a distorted version of THE CURSE OF HAM but again, I believe that even at the time of the Talmud, this distortion went back to earlier roots and was also based on the Biblical description of Cain as well: “the Jews invented the HAMITIC myth whereby it was said that Ham the son of Noah was cursed in the book of Genesis and somehow it was said that Ham was the progenitor of the African race and that all Africans would be cursed and enslaved for time immemorial because of this so-called Biblical curse on Ham."
  18. Martin made comments such as 'The Jews invented White Slavery' and he spoke about the Dutch West Indian company. He compared the Jews to the White Gentiles and he talked about the secret relationships amongst the Jews and the Blacks, but he did not elaborate on this issue, so I don't know what he meant. He spoke about the Jews and the NAACP and the White Liberals being spies for the rest of the White Race. He spoke about the Portugal voyages in 1441 and the 1502 mark of slavery in the Caribbean. He spoke about the quest of White Jews to justify the slave trade and deemed Africans to be heathen
  19. Okay, I listened to the video. This was my first time hearing what was written in the Talmud. I never heard of some of what he stated[!] because it is NOT in the KJV of the Holy Bible! However, it is obvious to me that these White Jews used the ancient Biblical script and then adapted it to fit their White Supremacist beliefs. Now, that should cause Black people to at least consider the KJV or other earlier versions and cross reference them. But @Troy can you elaborate on your quote posted? How in the world can you believe that "Africans moved throughout Europe and were not not di
  20. Uh Oh! @Troy Part of this statement is not true, in reference to what I believe. I don't believe that Africans were initially enslaved by white people thousands of years ago at all but in the continent of Africa, it was Black-on-Black, and what I said was that even this stemmed from the presence of White Supremacy! That is what I said. Oh yes! I agree here. Oh, I love this topic!!! Okay, I will listened to the video and respond, but first I want to understand you even before I listen: THE MYTH OF HAM?
  21. Well... Really!? It's White owned!? Then, this may be why some of the statements you mentioned seem so far fetched and totally strange. Wow! Okay, maybe this disrespect is meant to stir up conflict amongst Black people?
  22. Oh yes! Thank you for sharing more! @Tazarah You know, I have visited museums such as the Fine Arts Museum in Boston and the evidence is there but nevertheless, humanity has been misled for so many years!
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