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  1. I hope you come back!!! Love you much!!!
  2. You know, I'm indifferent about this subject. I see both sides of this argument and both sides have valid points but, I believe that it would be crazy wrong to force a woman by a law to 'not hava an abortion' for certain reasons especially--rape. I don't feel that promiscuous behavior should be ignored though. If people produce 'a pregnancy' through being irresponsible and selfish and, then decide to have an abortion, I think that is wrong, but then, what should the government do? HOw can this kind of abortion be regulated? What if a child is born from this kind of situation and learns that their parent(s) didn't want them? How many births have occurred just because of convenience but not our of desire? Some people want children but others only have children out of selfish reasons, so does that mean that these unwanted births will cause problems in the world? I think I was born due to selfish reasons, but HEY!-- I'm glad that I was born and not aborted though. I am happy to have a 'chance at life'! I blame big government too, for a lot of unwanted births. There was a time when this government, in particular, wanted Black women to give birth to as many slave children as they could, but now, things have changed. This government never wanted Black children for humanitarian reasons, as a whole, so, what is the difference today? I think Black children need to be born, but the government needs to be responsible about their part too, in bringing about a positive development of the Black child which means cultural development and a better education system as well. That's the problem imo, this government will not fund these to two big wammies, that would help. Oh yeah, and good paying jobs...
  3. @Pioneer1 Yes, me too! I am wondering is part of this due to a push for more healthier food? Maybe some people believe Soul Food is unhealthy. I don't think it is unhealthy anymore that other kinds of food, but I wonder if there is a movement to stop eating Soul Food for this reason. I think Italian food has also gotten a bad rap, but people still love it and there are still restaurants around. And then, there may be other reason for the lack of Soul Food restaurants such as economy.
  4. So for now, what I am sharing is ancient events that are connected to certain star phenomena such as the rare TRIPLE CONJUCTION that occurred when the planet Saturn first came into orbit. You have to imagine a periwinkle sky around 6:00 PM when the 'almost full moon' is visible and then there are two 'dull yellow' planet stars nearby the moon, Jupiter and Mars, STRAIGHT UP OVERHEAD. This is part of the re-enactment shown in planetariums. Planets look like a dull yellow tiny ball with the exception of Mars. Then all of a sudden, another star [moving star] seems to come out of the dark sky and moves FAST!!! Then the NEW MOVING STAR comes very close to the other 2 stars and then, because stars show RETROGRADE. One star appears to MOVE BACKWARDS... But actually, the planet Saturn is moving so fast, it causes Jupiter to appear to be moving backwards. Finally, the fast moving, incoming star SEEMS TO STOP MOVING!!!-- And, the 2 stars along with this new star show a TRIANGLE PATTERN near the moon.-- TRIPLE CONJUNCTION. In actuality, the tree stars are in a straight alignment and they are on their OWN PLANE. Each of these stars have their own unique system! The planet Jupiter has its on moons!!! And imagine that when Saturn moved into orbit our solar system, it also came with its own moons!!! Amazing!!! Not only did the planet Saturn come into our orbit, but at some distant point, the planet Jupiter, Mars, EArth, and etc. moved into position to become a part of this SOLAR SYSTEM. And, ancient people wrote about these happenings. Today, we have to sift through mythology and facts to try and better understand... The modern planet Uranus MARKED HISTORY around the AD 1600s when it was FIRST RECOGNIZED. So, it marks certain historical periods such as the age of Exploration, and when telescopes were advanced, and etc. I love this stuff!! It is so fascinating to me! === COMET OF 1811 By Guillemin, after Smyth - Amedee Guillemin, The Heavens (London 1886), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7274366 The Great Comet of 1811, drawn by William Henry Smyth, from Amédée Guillemin's The Heavens The Great Comet of 1811,[1] formally designated C/1811 F1, is a comet that was visible to the naked eye for around 260 days, a record it held until the appearance of Comet Hale–Bopp in 1997. In October 1811, at its brightest, it displayed an apparent magnitude of 0, with an easily visible coma. @Pioneer1 LOL okay, this is good! This question is relavent to who is doing the writing. A priest-scientist or an unlearned person? Also, it depends on the magnitude of the celestial event or star configuration, being important enough to cause people to MARK it in connection with something that is also important happening on earth. For example; Let's say an ancient ruler of Egypt is having a Sed Festival for ruling for 30 years, and at this time too, there happened to be A METEOR STORM that actually strikes the earth! Then, you would probably read ancient recordings of this meteor storm in, not only ancient Egypt records, but other civilizations of those times may have their own record systems and smart people to write books and record that meteor storm. But in Egypt, it would also be marked by a particular ruler and a sed festival too. Some ancient people may not have recognized certain celestial events as being all that important as others. For example, i've read the ancient DOGON priest were wise men who knew how to read signs in the sky and so, their records may help to date certain time periods when they lived. Certain celestial events helped to synchronize ancient calendars and such. THE DOG STAR I can't remember this one for sure, right off hand, but I think this star position in the sky and it's movement relative with the constellations and or revolving earth, is how the Egyptians MARKED THEIR CALENDARS EVERY YEAR in order to prepare the the Nile flooding! It was so precise that they could predict with accuracy when the floods would occur. At one poing, it appears very low on the horizon and near to a certain constellation, and this signals something. And once it appears just above the horizon, it marks a 70 day period of intense heat and no rain...
  5. @Troy Thank you!!! That is what I am trying to convey!
  6. @Pioneer1 This may be a relative statement. It depends on who is looking at the star configurations, at what level of understanding do certain people have regarding being able to recognize star configurations, and if there is a significant occurrence like THE TRIPLE CONJUNCTION. A few days ago, or nights, as I was driving, I thought about this topic when I saw the moon and nearby a large star. It was so beautiful. That triple conjuction that occurred about 2000 years ago and then again in 2002, was also written to be MARKED by 'an almost FULL MOON', a WANING MOON. You see, Pioneer, that was rare happening. Another rare happening would be SUPERNOVAS. One today that can be seen, if my memory serves me right would be THE PLEAIDIES [sp?]. This 7 cluster of stars located near another MARK is said to be the result of some kind of supernova in ancient times. Another MARK would be the AD 1066 COMET, I think HALEY'S comet that was marked by certain ancient people all over the world. This event marks certain historical events such as what was going on with the NORSEMEN, and the kind of Native Americans in Southwest North America, the ones who marked this comet, and etc. This Halleys comet, I think was MARKED about 2000 years ago too, and was mistaken by some ancient scribes to be 'the star of bethlehem' or something like that, but it later was proven scientifically, that the comet came in the month of JANUARY and was visible for a few months and then moved out of view. Comets [stars] have a specific description. Then there are the famous METEOR STORMS, [ie. falling stars, shooting stars or etc.] that also have been known to MARK HISTORICAL TIME events. Certain historical meteor storms have a specific description as they are, i think, said be from some kind of comet [?] and based on certain constellations when they can be seen, they are named. I saw one in NOVEMBER 2001-- THE LEONIDS, because this meteor storm marks the constellation LEO, and it marks the HISTORICAL TIME of the recent 911 TWIN TOWERS CATASTROPHE that occuured 2 months prior. I can keep going on and on, and perhaps, I will when I can think of other events, to hopefully help you understand how star configurations have been recorded to MARK HISTORICAL EVENTS on earth and etc. THE COMET OF 1812 This coment was seen and recorded by many and is believed to be what led to the WAR OF 1812-- 2nd WAR OF INDEPENDENCE It marks this historical time of the WAR OF 1812 [ie Madison's War]. A few weeks prior to the appearance of this comet, in December of 1811, there was a violent earthquake that later was thought to be on a 9 ricter scale. the after shocks continued through the month of January 1812. The comet appeared sometime at this point and was seen for months. NOVEMBER--------- the 9th Month------ NOVA MONTH------ NEW YEAR At some point in the distant time, this month NOVEMBER became A NEW YEAR and it was said to be due to a METEOR STORM and is what eventually led to the Roman New Year of January and later being a time when FIREWORKS were displayed to mark the new year.
  7. yes!!! @Pioneer1 Yes!!! The term 'Star Worshippers' in connection with the ancient Romans and their worship of Jupiter, Mars and other bodies in the sky is common knowledge, but like you, many people are not making the correlation to the fact that Jupiter is regarded as 'a star'!-- MOVING STAR. @Delano Yes, thank you.
  8. @Pioneer1 That's Powerful!-- Brother!
  9. @Pioneer1 I read this the other day and been wanting to comment! I am just popping in for a little today--too busy-- But I tell you, I feel you on this one!!! I have a lot to say about this! My family gives me a hard time being from the north, but I was indoctrinated on my culture when I was young so, I love soul food, and have become frustrated for not being able to find a 'sit down' place near by, that really, really, really serves SOUL FOOD!
  10. @Pioneer1 I have answered your question by addressing 'THE ROMAN EMPIRE' times when this TRIPLE CONJUNCTION was written to have occurred. I wrote that other ancient civilizations have recorded this TRIPLE CONJUNCTION of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, and therefore, regarding THE ROMAN EMPIRE, most people accept that this TRIPLE CONJUNCTION marks history about the Romans, but not about the Hebrews or Jesus. Regarding, THE ROMAN EMPIRE, many other civiilizations acknowledge their leaders existed and their government existed, but for some reason, Black people don't doubt this, but however, they doubt that some angry indigenous Negroes became hostile about being TAXED by the Romans and etc. BLack people don't doubt the life of Julius Caesar or Cleopatra, but they dismiss the history of the Hebrews and etc. So, yes, it comes donw to 'belief' and being conditioned by our education system to believe in the Romans and 'White Jesus' but pretty much, --that's it! The idea that the Romans had Negro people that opposed their system is completely refuted by most Black people today, like youself. The idea that Jesus could have been a Negro that walked 'only' amongst his own people is rejected by most Black people today, IMO because we visualize what we are trained to view.
  11. @Pioneer1 LOL, I explained it in detail, in scientific terminology, and therefore, I suppose this as pect is beyond you understanding for now. I explained that planetariums across the world, college planetariums feature this TRIPLE CONJUNCTION that I wrote about, LOL, but you are not understanding. You do not understand how even today, stars are used for travel; how ancient indians and sailors used certain stars to trek! LOL! There is no such phenomena of any star 'coming down to erath-star'!!! LOL Stars do not have to 'COME DOWN' to be able to use their movements in order to make maps, or make sea expeditions. Pioneer, the ancient man knew about 'the composition of a compass' and had instruments as well.
  12. @Delano I agree in that "Beth" means "house" although, I did not know from which language! Yes, I alos agree and have read that in Hebrew each letter has a numeric value. Thank you! I read your post and all of that is interesting. And I hope to better understand 'Aramic' basis of scriptures and etc. @Pioneer1 You are so wrong! I have a degree in science and have taught science. The word 'STAR' means 'a planet'! The word 'STAR' also means 'THE SUN' in the scientific world! A 'star' is the definition of 'the sun', 'the moon', the MOVING STAR [ie planets], 'COMET' and etc! PLANETS are defined today and in the distant past as being MOVING STARS. The moon is defined to be 'A SATELLITE STAR' ... This has always been the scientific language! There are so, so, som many distinct types of stars in the universe and various ones have a distinct defintion! I guess one way to maybe correlate the term 'STAR' could be like a word 'HUMAN' or 'HOMO SAPIEN'; in that there are many different adjectives to define humans, some are 'primitive homo sapiens', some are called 'Home Erectus', some are called 'modern homo sapiens', some are specifically defined as being European, or African, or etc.... Even the scriptures define the term 'STAR' as meaning various types of bodies in the universe with various distinctions. This is a common understanding in the science world in tht MOVING STARS is another term for PLANETS!!!
  13. OH YES, ... Before I forget to CLARIFY this... NASA reference: It takes Saturn almost 29-1/2 years to revolve once around you are in Saturn years? https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/edu/pdfs/jss_minibook_introducing-saturn.pdf It's been years since I've looked through a telescope to view the planet Saturn, but this is one pic that I remember seeing the MOVING STAR looking like; Yes, and note the DATING of this following reference of Universe Today link: APRIL 17, 2017 BY MATT WILLIAMS The Orbit of Saturn. How Long is a Year on Saturn? With an average orbital speed of 9.69 km/s, it takes Saturn 29.457 Earth years (or 10,759 Earth days) to complete a single revolution around the Sun. In other words, a year on Saturn lasts about as long as 29.5 years here on Earth. ... https://www.universetoday.com/44172/how-long-does-it-take-saturn-to-orbit-the-sun/ Why is 29.5 years 1 year on Saturn? https://www.quora.com/Why-is-29-5-years-1-year-on-Saturn Oh yes, in terms of miles, the planet Saturn is about 888 million miles from the sun. Okay; ... ancient scripture reference; And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,… st luke 3.23. ------------------- So, based on these references, it seems to me that His Star followed him! -- from a swaddling babe in a manger [ie trough] to a young child... to a grown man about 30 years old and then to his public execution... CLARIFICATION: The scripture references Jesus at about 30, at the time when he presented himself at the PASSOVER FESTIVAL and this is the key to dating and time and the scientist today, who do NOT CLARIFY their discrepancies on PISCES, ARIES, and AQUARIUS during the TRIPLE CONJUNCTION OF the planets JUPITER, MARS and SATURN!!! At 29 1/2 at the FEAST OF PASSOVER, Jesus would have been present on his cousin, John-the-Baptist B-day! However, 2 months later, Jesus was born during the FEAST OF TABERNACLES and then, he would have been 30 years old. So, Jesus began his mission at the time of the Passover festival. But the other major point is based on SCIENCE AGAIN: THE LEAP YEAR tHE LUNAR Calendar and the Solar Calendar mark times and sinchronize on these ancient festivals. Therefore, Pisces marks the scientific vernal equinox solar calendar of MARCH however, the LEAP YEAR NEW YEAR ALWAYS BEGINS ON THE 2ND MONTH, APRIL, ON THE 14TH DAY OF THE LUNAR CALENDAR and this is done every 3 years!!! Therefore, both John and Jesus were born during the LEAP YEAR NEW YEAR and thus, the triple conjunction occurred during APRIL 16th at 6:00 PM [ie. April 17 for Hebrews]!!!-- And this is why it was marked to the ARIES CONSTELLATION!!!--- Not Pisces or Aquarius. All of this what I am speaking of goes way back thousands and thousands of years to the ancient Sumerians who used huge BOUNDARY STONES aligned with the certain moving stars and fixed stars and star configuration like ORION and etc. to mark land boundaries!!! So, what we should do as AFrican Americans is recall a page or two from the past and sit down at the table, grab some coffee or tea and do some math, trigonometry and measurements and read some better references...
  14. REFERENCES Well, again, I don't have my notes, and I need them to respond, but I did a quick google to get some references. I had to take a pic at the link though, because these kind of reference continue to be quickly removed!!!! According to Parpola, the triple conjunction occurred in 7 BCE in the constellation of Pisces. ... Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius. ... Thus, in the diagram the earth is held stationary, even though it is moving on its ... Well, I took a picture of this page but it did not print on this page. I will get it later from my files and try to upload. But the title and link is: The Triple Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – Iowa State University www.public.iastate.edu/-lightandlife/triple.htm Again, the page is deleted from the web! But, here is another link I found today: The Magi's Star (The Star of Bethlehem) ... The Great Conjunctions of 7 B.C. is unusual in that it was a "triple conjunction". Triple Great Conjunctions are rare and do not happen in a predictable pattern. ... Also note that on February 9th and March 4th of 6 BC Mars joined Jupiter and Saturn forming what Kepler called a Grand Conjunction. Kepler saw a similar massing of the planets (a Grand Conjunction) of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in in 1604 AD. https://uofgts.com/Magi.html SOOOOooo, @Pioneer1 Who calls the Star of Bethlehem, a planet!? Answer: the whole entire world, with the exception of most of the Black churches here in America-- They are still waiting for this educational system to teach them. Again, after the 2002 alignment, the federal government and Nasa and etc. took ownership of a lot of the scientific post!!!! The information about the April 17, 2002, planetary alignment has been almost completely removed from the internet!!! When i tap into the link, it is now under NASA and THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Man, that blew my mind! HOwever, I sort of knew that would happen so, at that time, I made a bunch of copies and pass them around to a lot of churches!!! LOL! So now, in respect of the [1] TRIANGLE CONFIGURATION and [2] TRIPLE CONJUNCTION, you can find some info about this because it was a major occurrence at the time of the appearance of the planet Saturn. Both of these triangular events though are distinct and separate subjects. Also, it is vital to note too, that no one, and I repeat, NO ONE scholar in the western world will post against the White House! It seems they all have to somewhat agree on specific statements that make, therefore, you will not find statements admitting that this was the very time the planet Saturn came into orbit!!! However, all of the PLANETARIUM SHOWS will state that this is the time when the Star of Bethlehem came into orbit, and they will state that it was a planety, howeve, they will not say, specifically that it is Saturn!!! They go into a story form and highlight the mythology about Jupiter!!! LOL! But they all admit that the Star of Bethlehem is a planet, thanks to the Bible authors, they cannot deny this fact, and thanks to the roman coins and so many other ancient civilizations that record this global event! The western scholars also, all agree on the same 'false dating' statement and report that the triple conjunction and the triangle configuartion occurred in 7 BC and some say 4BC; even NASA, but there are some scholars that show how false this is too. I have done extensive data collecting on this and know that this 'false date year' of 7BC is comepletely based on a White-part Jew Roman court reporter named JOSEPHUS who actually wrote this account of 7BC more than 30 years after the Crucifixion [ie 60+ years after the star appeared!]! LOL! And also, Josephus completely based this 7BC year on the life of HEROD-THE-GREAT and had nothing to do with the actual timing of the planet saturn!!! But western scholars are not going to change this 'false dating of the year' unless they are 'allowed to do so'. Nevertheless, it is vital to regard the writings of Josephus and other writings back in those days and to use it as a step towards pressing our government to admit the truth. Anyone can research this date 7BC and see that it is based on Herod and not the star's appearance. Nevertheless, the actual time of the year, THE VERNAL EQUINOX cannot be refuted and all reports show that this star did not come into orbit on DECEMBER 25! LOL! But as the Bible records show, it came into orbit during the FEAST OF TABERNACLES [IE BOOTHS] which is SPRINGTIME, not in the fall at the time of the Feast of Passover. the ARIES CONSTELLATION in the zodiac sphere marks THE SPRING EQUINOX!!! The priest-scientist that came from the EAST that saw the star appear 'in the east' saw this star on a low horizon from their viewpoint. So they organized caravans and trekked and followed the star until @Pioneer1--- DRUM ROLL**** The star was ALIGNED with the PLANET EARTH in a 180 degree line--- a straight line---- it was directly over their heads as they stood in front of the house in Bethlehem-Judaea--- at this time the star had already appeared about 2 years prior!!! *** 2 years prior-- the star appeared in a 180 degree line with this earth in the country of Bethlehem-Judaea but at this time, it was over 'A BOOTH' [ie. barn; three-way lean-to] during tax season and the Hebrew festival week of the FEAST OF BOOTHS [IE TABERNACLE]. So the scriptures say something like this: the babe was wrapped ins swaddling clothes and laid in a trough [manger] and then 2 years later, the wisemen came up to a door where 'THE YOUNG CHILD WAS' with his parents and they gave gifts for joy that they had followed the star. Now, so, if you see the science about the planet saturn, you will see it's exact movement now as it was in the past!!! ============================================================== HERE IS THE POINT ABOUT TRIANGULATION: [1] The Triangle configuration is based on ancient KEMET and the BABYLONIAN SUMERIANS who were obsessed with measuring the earth in relation to the stars or vice-versa. They are the ones to initially develop how to measure stars distances one from another for years and years and years and they came to realize how stars were in a straight line at times, even though they appeared to make a triangle cofiguration. This science was later developed thousands of years later by BLACK NEGROES AGAIN!!! LOL. The Turkish Negroes and the Islamic dudes developed TRIGONOMETRY and measuring shadows with the sun, and angles from the earth to the stars and etc. But again, I need my notes to better explain the significant terms. The triangle configuration was determined based on measurements that the planets were far apart on their on axis but also in a straight line with the sun and other planets as well. The triple conjunction was based on another specific type of measurement that determined other facts such as 'retrograde' and the proximity they were with the earth to cause other happenings. -------------------------------------------------------- It take this planet 'about 291/2 years to circle the sun' [ie father time] but, it spins on its axis extremely fast. If you divide it in quadrants of 'four' you will see that it stayed in orbit in that region in Jerusalem for about 3 1/2 years and then it's new year, 29 1/2 years later, it had its' first NEW YEAR and when Jesus was 'about 30', he began his mission!!!-- So says the scriptures! St Luke says, that Jesus was 'about 30'. *3 1/2 years later, Jesus was crucified under a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and the planetary alignment occurred again at this time, whith Saturn returing and remaining in the Bethelen-Judaea region for about 3 1/2 years! the romans were serious STAR WORSHIPERS and this is one reason why this occutation lined up with their Saturnalia festival of human sacrifice of the 'Evil god Seth'.
  15. Yeah!!! I absolutely think that @Delano could bring some serious information to this topic! I just don't have the real 'scientific phrases' to really nail this topic, but I do research it. yes, absolutely! I've read about this 'fish symbolism' of Pisces and also Aquarius to in relation to this topic.
  16. @Pioneer1You are broadening your questions as we go more and more but I will try to answer. Concerning for example, Ophrah Winfrey giving audience to two men saying that they were molested by the late Michael Jackson, I cannot CONFIRM but, I can confirm that Michale Jackson was born, lived and died due to this governments records. This government did not offer any reliable records through trial to confirm whether or not Michael Jackson is guilty, so that issue of the alleged statements of those men, are based on individual beliefs. Another example would be me; Concerning my testimony that I have had certain supernatural visions, may or may not be completely believed, but whether I was born, and living can be confirmed based on this government records. So, I cannot CONFIRM that JESUS WALKED ON WATER, but I believe the written works of the authors of that time period because they were recorded under the Roman Empire and etc. to have lived during those times and knew of Jesus. Can it be confirmed that Jesus was born, lived and went through a public trial which ended in him being executed? I say, after 2000 years of records, that it may be left up to individual beliefs, however, there are so many other events that can be dated around the time of the planet Saturn coming into orbit our solar system that gives much credibility to this life of Jesus. No one questions whether or not Julius Caesar was born, live and died; no one questions whether or not, Caesar Augustus was born, lived or died, no one questions how the Romans fought in the Punic Wars and set up their system; no one questions whether there was a Herod-the-Great or the Herod tetra dynasty... but for some strange reason, people question whether or not, there were some angry hostile Canaanite zealots and Hebrew Pirates that FREAKING OUT OVER HAVING TO GO AND BE TAXED by some White Canaanite rulers trying to control them on the other side of the sea in Central Italy and in Syria. For some strange reason, Black people cannot get a grip on why the Romans stirred up Black-on-Black rage that ended in an indigenous man born in Jerusalem being publicly executed because he was charged for not agreeing with the Roman system to the point, that HE made it a point not to even commune with the Gentiles. smh. BASED ON NOAH'S FLOOD Story in relation to the EARTH and looking up into the sky-- Well again, that is a very, very, large subject but I will try to condense it now, and speak more about it later; it has to do with TRIANGULATION!!!--AND HOW THE PLANET JUPITER ACTUALLY CAME INTO ORBIT------- WAY BACK WHEN!!!!---- into our solar system!!! I have done a lot of research on this subject! And, although I cannot nail down the actual year which the planet Jupiter came into orbit, I know that their are significant ancient writings about this planet JUPITER that is the DIRECT METHOD USED TO FLOOD THE WORLD!!!!! Oh! You just touched upon one of my passions!!!! The Great World Flood occurred according to the Bible ond ---- Yeah!!! APRIL 17!!!!! ---- The 2nd Month, the 17tth day of the Month!!!!!!! 2356 BC. Okay.... now we are getting somewhere!!! LOL! Again, I can't nail down when exactly the planet Jupiter came into orbit but, it is the cause of the Great World Flood. Whether it came into orbit at the birth of Noah 600 years prior to the flood, or at the birth of his sister-wife, or at the birth of Shem or etc., I don't know yet, but this is one main method of how ancient priest-scientist were able to predict the future advent of the next PLANET STAR!!! --- and the kind of phenomena it would cause on our planet earth. This planet was probably what caused Noah to know that one day, the earth would flood. He did not know exactly when it would occur, but he knew it would occur at some point and also, he knew that the earth plates would eventually split too. Anyway, I will offer some more research on this later hopefully... @Pioneer1 Who calls the Star of Bethlehem, the planet Saturn? Well, apparently not the Black Church! They are still, for the most part, holding Christmas plays in December with a paper star covered in foil that they think disappeared after 'it appeared in THE EAST'! Many Black people have no idea of a 'star' appearing in that it was actually 'a star'! LOL. We are wating on white people to tell us the truth and how to see it in ancient writings... And, yes, PLANETS DO STP MOVING!!!!!-- @Pioneer1-- WAKE UP!-- When planets entered into the solar system and became synchronized in their orbit around the sun, they do STOP MOVING!!!--- This is a relative statement!--A extremely accurate! But I am amazed that you referred to that reference in the Bible. Now if only church people could see what you have seen!
  17. @Pioneer1 Yes, you did make your question clear to me and I have answered but again, I don't have my notes in front of me and so, I did a quick research to better answer you: My answer was TRIANGULATION!!! [1] The Triangle configuration and [2] the Triple configuration [ie. triple conjunction]. But, I will try to go into this a little more to offer a better answer. It not about just understanding the ancient records from other civilizations on how they used the solar system to date their calendars, but it is about how to measure the movements of the solar system with the perspective from the EARTH PLANET in how it aligns with the other stars and at what exact position that marks ALL CALENDARS and SYNCHRONIZES all Calendars and specific events that occurred when the solar system was aligned with the earth at a specific time and also, where the certain stars line up with the earth. Okay, so I will try to give more info... You have to have A ZERO POINT in order to confirm specific events and without this, then yes, there would be confusion, THAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM as it aligns with the planet EARTH! Until the planet Saturn came into orbit, all calendars were a little off with respect to each other, but they all became synchronized at the time that this planet came into our solar system! LISTEN: I said I saw the planetary alignment APRIL 17, 2002!!!--- Therefore, scientist today in the western world are NOT DENYING that their calendars are what!?---- 2 years off!!! LOL---- 2 Years off!!! Get it!? At the very least, the western Calendars are off 2 years and they did this deleberately but at this point of April-May 2002, they could not deny it. Anyway, I will share some more research...
  18. @Pioneer1 The problem with this statement though is in how you define "wild Caucasian tribes from Central Asia" -- and "out of their land". The purpose does NOT remain the same if you are speaking in reference to "wild Caucasian tribes" being White European-typed people. You would be completely misunderstanding what really happened at that time!!! The intense conflict that led to the construction of the Great Wall or ROADWAY of China had to do with: THE HAN CHINESE and THE HU-SIUNG-NU tribes from Central Asia and Inner Mongolia and parts of Siberia-- and they were NEGROES!!! The Han Chinese and other early people had a long history with the HSIUNG-NU and other TURKISH PEOPLES of whom were enslaved in their lands. The Turks were enslaved by other indigenous peoples though but many of the TURKS eventually broke free from their captivity and began to migrate back westwards. They turned back and began to strike at the Hans and others and they were powerful and unstoppable. The Hsiung-nu formed an EMPIRE and they began running the show and the Hans eventually became tired of being subjected to these Hu [nomad empire people]. But all the while, the Hans pressed the Husiung-nu tribes to take Han wives and vice versa, but that sitll did not stop the more dominant Hsiung-nu... and the story goes on and on.... this is some of what led to the Hans constructing the Great Wall around 200s BC. Again, @Pioneer1 This statement echoes what I am saying about Black people watching too much of the White man's TV interpretation of what the BIBLE states! You are changing your statement from PYRAMIDS to CITIES!!! And, so what time span are you referring to!? the time when pyramids were built in the area of MENEFER-PEPY [IE. MEMPHIS] or the time when the OLD PYRAMID AGE WAS LONG GONE and TOMB CONSTRUCTIONS were being the rage of Egypt in certain cities in Egypt in THEBES and etc!? Or, perhaps you are referring to the time of the 18th Dynasty of the THUTMOSIS when they financially sacked THEBES and had a massive CITY BUILDING PROJECT conducted in the central area of Egypt in the desert and also in LOWER EGYPT where they had extreme forced labor to build up a new TREASURE CITY, and also had roads to connect to ports in Mycenae-Greece!? Now, if you are talking about this time period, then it lines up exactly with the BIBLE RECORDS about the cities that the HEBREWS in Lower Egypt [north] and the Nubians in Upper Egypt [south] were forced to build up! LOL! The Nubians and Hebrews were forced to work in the stone quarries in the east and etc. during this time period.
  19. Yes, I agree. WHEW! I never heard of MarvinX so, I learned something new today! I loved his speech! I agree. @Pioneer1 I understand this too, however, blaming or placing the blame is one issue, but how do we overcome? Understanding who to blame will help us partially, but what is the next step? I listen to the speech of MarvinX in how he explained BAMN. He said that they got him off campus with a goal--By Any Means Necessary--BAMN!--And that is how I feel we have been, as you say, DUMBED DOWN! It is not just our fault, this system has a movement, a movement against the general well being of Black African Americans and they have instituted movements against us BAMN! That also means that some of our own people are a part of our self destruction for this cause of White Supremacy and so, what do we do about that!? Also, our own individual ignorance is damaging too, and not all of us have self-hatred and work against Black Businesses, but we may be doing it out of ignorance, so in this, I say, it comes down to individual self determination and the willingness to keep communicating with each other and coming to the table to discuss these pressing issues. We need THIS FORUM at AALBC and others.
  20. THANK YOU!!!!!!! @Cynique For you thoughts! First, I have to go back and read this thread! I have not tuned in until now! So, I am not sure of the subject of this post, but off the top of my head, yes, I can see that we as women in this community don't completely agree, however, it seems to me, that we women that are a part of this community right now, don't take it seriously! And, it seems to me that the subjects and disagreements are not so important as to take it as a personal attack. I have to think about the links though and topics because, again, there is nothing that I can think of that was serious enough to even remember! I remember posting about 'BLUE EYES' and I shared some scientific research that was discussed between me and @Cynique. And, I think I remember posting some scientific research about 'giants' on a topic between @Mel Hopkins but, I can't remember if we disagreed or not; it was probably just sharing and learning from different research. LOL! Yeah!-- and we just kept it moving!!! @Troy I don't think so! I think @Cynique is on point! She can bring it! Strong! LOL! But, I just don't feel it is personal at all. She is genuine! Gotta Love her! LOL! TRUTH! And what real woman cannot understand this point!? Gender conflicts go way back in time.
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