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  1. But @Pioneer1 Why would this be FUN to them? This is a part that I don't understand. Again, I understand partly their motivation to be racist but I don't think I will ever understand completely. I don't think so. First we need to understand, at least partly, their MOTIVATION for racism and hatred of Black people. No. Pioneer, again, as you did state about Black people; INTENT. If, as you say, racist people do it out of FUN and JUST LOVE TO STALK AND INFLICT PAIN, then you have NOT explained their deeper MOTIVATION and intentions based on something that makes them go after BLACK PEOPLE.
  2. @Troy So true! Again, so true. Yes. okay. LOL. Yites!!! @Pioneer1 This is true! I believe you. And again, think about this though, many of 'us' do the same thing in return. Many Black folk are completely obsessed about White people and White cultures and go 'all out' to micmic them to the point that some even go much farther than that and try to chemically change their phenotype permanently. You know, I think, even regarding this thread, some of what you say about White people micmicing us would not be bad if they don't harbor the hate. Actually, immulating a good quality of someone else can be seen as positive, but the hate that some people have always creeps into the mix. On the other hand, if Black people that wear blonde hair want to do it to look good and see this as a positive aspect of many White people, then that shouldn't be looked at as if it is a bad thing, but when it is done due to Black-Self-Hatred, then that is the problem. But you mention Michael McDonald; I don't see him as emulating Black people though, he has a very 'heavy voice' and it compliments our kind of music, imo. Yes, this is interesting point you make.
  3. I don't know who the person is referring to, but that is why I appreciate you so much @Troy. I know that you have your work cut out due to so much racism. Wow. I see a lot of this on the few comments that I read at the end of Yahoo articles. White racist people are an enigma to me. I understand it partially, but then I don't think I will ever understand it completely.
  4. Trump supporters Funny but probably morbidly true. Even though Black people are absolutely affected by this terrible plague, however, this kind of belief that, somehow, Black people are immune is NOT based on 'the whole' but on history. And even though we should kick against this false report, however, it is useless to be afraid because it won't stop certain people from believing that 'black people are immune'. And we can thank our 'miseducation' for not knowing why this strange belief is being publicized. Because many of us believe that THE JEWS are not BLack, this is the basis for our not accepting this issue of today. Historically, Europe responded violently to 'THE JEWS', I mean the Original Jews, you know, the Black African ones LOL--due to the BUBONIC PLAGUE. So, it's not about all Black African people, but way back when--certain Black people had a high rate of not dying as a result of pandemic plagues, and well, the Original Jews were reported to not be AS AFFECTED by this Bubonic [Black Death Plague] as other kinds of people in Europe and Asia. Nevertheless, there were other Europeans too, that did not die as a result of this and other ancient plagues, but this rhetoric today absolutely stems from this kind of history, but more importantly, this is due to ancient scripture regarding the Orginal Jews. So even though some of them probably died of the plague, they still were blamed for it and thus--the SLAVE TRADE ERA began!!! Europe launched a movement that became known as GET RID OF THE INFIDELS after the Bubonic Plague dissipated in the 1400s and so, Black people were targeted in many places all over the world. The Moors, Original Jews, the remnant of the SELJUK TURKS, BLack Africans all over EAst Europe, etc. were expelled from Spain, and soon, many other Black Africans were forced right back into Europe as slaves... This is the kind of history that revolves around this notion today, that Black people are immune. We've never been immune to anything, but history does show some dynamics to this kind of evil intent meted out against Black people when it comes to this kind of pandemic. Today, I here the Black radio commentary about Exodus 12, but even then, if the Jews did not show faith by putting lambs blood on the lintel and post, they would have dropped dead too, and then right afterwards, tens of thousands of them did drop dead, so all of this fear today is based on history and ancient script. And, oh yes, the Orginal Egyptians that were the target for this plague were indeed, BLACK AFRICANS!!! lol. ANd because of how it played out, this ridiculous notion will probably not go away quickly.
  5. Absolutely! Man! What if this kind of pandemic started in Africa, BY AFRICANS? What a thought! Now, it's difficult to stop people from leaving their country, but well, I have already heard about something along these lines with regard to health problems in Africa, as a matter of fact. True, but @Troy I think that you may be missing a bigger point. I don't think that there is any benefit in wiping people out, but @Delano, there has been attempts to wipe out certain people concentrated in certain areas. I think that is the bigger point. Ah ah!!! This is the point!!! I didn't listen to all of the video yet, but I saw the term POPULATION TAILORING!!! Okay, isn't this what I was stating in other recent thread!!! White Supremacy and Colorism is a global problem and it started a long time ago and so, if we can't see that it is NOT about wiping out all 'one kind of people' but it is about POPULATION GENETICS, and POPULATION CONTROL and at times, movements went against certain kind of people in certain regions. It has never been about wiping out all Black African people, in modern times, because of what happened in the archaic period. White Supremacist are not about making that mistake again! LOL. But we are not recognizing 'empire history' here.
  6. Get out!!! This is exactly what I described in the other recent thread about the term SLAV!!! Ah! But Troy, they still do have an ORIGIN! And to equate that with the term 'AMERICAN'!? Isn't that a little to broad? American people have a history too. Yes, but this particular topic addressed to Spike Lee about 'COONERY' and 'BUFOONERY' does address a specific culture and so, in this regard, it does make sense to me what Pioneer is saying. I gather though, that the men interviewing Spike may be, at least, Part-African AMerican? I'm not sure though. Uhm. I don't know about this take though. So White Americans are allowed to define other cultures, and joke about others, but we cannot make specific acknowledgements or comments about who is doing this? We can't question or take offense about people 'making fun of our cultural antics' because we are all in a melting pot? Is it a melting pot, really? But yeah, I guess that's America.
  7. @Troy It's good to hear Spike speak on this! But nevertheless, the man that interviewed him used the term 'Bufoonery' and 'Coonery', LOL, so at least I know that I heard the same misinformation that he did and that was going around. I am glad that Spike and Tyler are friend, but then the explanation that Spike gave was definitely vague as he used the terms 'my opinion' and tried to separate 'his opinions' from what Tyler Perry does produce. It does sound like a lot of 'straddling the fence' rhetoric. Tyler Perry does do a lot of that kind of coonery and this cannot be denied. Yes, it pays a lot of money but, even if Spike pulls back and chooses not to give 'others' the benefit of 'dividing to conquer', imo, this kind of issue can do that all by itself. As a Black person, I think we should at some point address this kind of money-making issue, and yes, this thread that I started, does address this 'knee jerk' kind of comedy. @Pioneer1 Oh Gosh! LOL. I realized this after I logged off days ago because I did a quick google. I couldn't believe it! It's just like this thread! LOL. Two White men micmicing Black males -- Man! Then there was a spin off of Black men using the same name 'Amos and Andy' and continuing on for years! Kind of like a spin off of TYRONE and JABARI.... So, this has been going on for so long!
  8. @Pioneer1 It could be the opposite, in that 'Aden' is a mistranslation of the word 'Eden'. But at any rate, I LIKE WHAT YOU WROTE! No, I don't believe that word 'Eden' is a mistranslation but 'AEDEN' is a cognate term for 'EARTH' and the word is broad and needs to be considered within context. I believe that both terms 'Aden' and 'Eden' does define, not only that region of 'the gulf of Aden' but at one point, it included the whole area of 'the Garden of Eden' [ie Guarded Den of Eden], but the actualy area of the specific Garden of Eden is based on THE MOTHER RIVER, the oldest river at its' source. This ancient river source and the other three rivers that flow from a source marks this CENTRAL POINT of AEden. Also, I can see the cognate term because of what you wrote! In that region of the gulf of Aden, historians do report an ancient civilization and archeologist have reported many remains! Absolutely not!--But then, that is part of our deliberate miseducation! For thousands of years, many White Europeans have been through what is known as SLAVICIZATION and we are made to believe that they want to look like what White East Europeans and Russian look like today, OH, BUT THIS IS NOT SO!!! This ancient term 'SLAVIC' can be compared to today, such as like Kim Kardashian's children--and if they later become adults and interbreed with other White Europeans--and then become defined as African AMericans! The term 'African American' in the future would eventually transition to very light skinned African Americans and then White people embracing our history and then making it a national classification. We, the Original African AMericans may be 'erased' and then the term African American would never have been known to define a Slave inheritance based on BLACK AFRICAN ORIGINS. And, another way to understand the lie about the term 'SLAVS' would be to see us, African American DOS in that many ORiginal people of the African continent regard us as being WATERED DOWN through interbreeding, and although many of us still have the dominant traits of being from the Mother land, however, we may not be regarded as being 'Original' by other governments. THIS IS THE TRANSITION OF THE TERM 'Slav'. The term 'SLAV' comes from the term 'SLOVENE'--SLOV-VENETIAN--SLOV-PHOENICIAN--BLACK AFRICAN-TYPED PEOPLE initially enslaved byway of the Roman civilization right there in VENETIAN-ITALY [PHOENICIAN-ITALY]. Both terms 'Slov' and 'Venetian' carry a huge amount of suppressed history. I agree with part of this, oh yes. Wow, I never realize this! Okay, this makes no sense, again, because the dates of Moses are completely wrong based on what you are saying.
  9. @Troy That is why I posted references about the percentage reported by scientist. I am using AVAILABLE SCIENCE. I understand why you or anyone would doubt even the existence of Neanderthals but, that is the purpose of government(s) and their responsibility on education and their acknowledgment. Truth is not based on us as individuals but eventually and historically, government are contrasted with other governments on issues of truth and confirmed data. Therefore, this government reports info about Neanderthals and other archaic beings based on skeletal remains and DNA analysis, so yes, they did exist based on 'national concensus'. These archaic beings do not match the modern human species at all. Therefore, scientist are reporting facts about modern DNA, archaic DNA and that yes, there was a contemporary period in which different species did interbreed and we show this today. The scientific data available today says that modern humans are continuing to reproduce and have about 2-20% Neanderthal DNA, and I am basing my beliefs on this SCIENTIFC DATA that has been reported and also more (of which I have not presented) regarding ancient scripture. Now, how am I rejecting scientific data. My interpretation is based on reported scientific data and I believe that the scientist reporting these statements are in contradiction when they do not admit that it can't be possible for Neanderthals to be extinct if we modern humans are still expressing their traits after thousands of years. Well anyway, I also believe that soon you will hear scientist reporing just what I am saying, and that is why I also want to make these statements. I feel that it is important for us as African Americans to address some of these issues that our government is reporting or 'half-reporting' about our past because it has to do with them also exploiting us too. If our 'Black' leaders in the government agree to miseducation then it shows that we are in agreement. Neanderthals cannot be extinct if scientist report that modern humans are still showing these traits through reproduction. Now, I provided some terminology such as POPULATION GENETICS, the definition of SPECIES, etc. to support why I say this.
  10. lol! You know @Pioneer1 I didn't follow the story very well, but I am sure there is/was a rift. I think years back it stemmed from Spike Lee in that he did not like Tyler Perry's style of presenting Black people. I think he referred to it as bringing back the days of Amos and Andy. Now, I didn't have any idea what even that meant myself--Amos and Andy. But I googled years ago and found out that Amos and Andy was before my time, but it was about two black men who portrayed black people in the same way that Tyler Perry does. I would have to google myself to find out more about the rift between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee.
  11. Question: Do blue eyes come from Neanderthals? Answer: Blue eyes do not come from Neanderthals, and current data shows that Neanderthals had a variety of skin tones and had different eye colors (including brown). Two female Neanderthals from Croatia were studied and their genome demonstrated a likelihood that they had tawny skin, brown eyes, and brunette hair. https://owlcation.com/stem/8-Neanderthal-Traits-in-Modern-Humans Is haplogroup Y-DNA BT hypothetical? Grant Lee, BA Honours, History, University of Western Australia (2009) Updated Oct 14 2019 – ...However, genetic researchers have been searching for BT* for more than 15 years now, and the chances of finding it decrease every day. … https://www.quora.com/Is-haplogroup-Y-DNA-BT-hypothetical
  12. Then @Troy Don't focus on scripture, just the science aspect! What I wrote about the BT Haplogroup can stand alone! To date, there has been NO live person with this haplogroup but, just like extracting DNA from the bones of King Tut and any of our recent dead ancestors, scientist can see the distinct haplogroup. Just like the analysis of any bones, scientist have completely determined that about 6000 years ago, there were many skeletal bones in that region that showed BLACK AFRICAN-TYPED MALES with the blue-eyes and have the same 'science' as blue-eyed people today, that are European. So, is that why, after about 200 years this American govt decided to Separate Church & State; to save us the trouble of trying to confirm ancient scripture? LOL. People love to say this but strangely, THEY CAN NEVER PRODUCE WHAT THAT ARE REFERRING TO!!! Discussion is good though. I would patrially agree that ancient scripture is difficult to confirm with science, what with all of the deliberate mistranslations, but it's not good to just leave it at that, imo. You did not read that in my previous post! I said the opposite. I said that there has to have been many 'person(s)' on this earth prior to the creation of the nappy headed man and woman. That is what I said. And, BTW, the term 'EDEN' means 'EARTH'!!! Where in the earth was this particular 'GARDEN'? That is what you are not understanding due to the accepted interpretation of the slaveyard teachings. This particular 'Guarded Den' [ie GARDEN] in Eden is based on 4 main rivers, so says ancient scripture! So yeah, the Adamah lived in 'a place called --THE EARTH--'. Troy, although I don't believe that this is at all intentional, but because of the way that you have been conditioned to think, you are changing my words around based on your preconceived beliefs. I absolutely do NOT believe that the Adamah people were the FIRST humans on this earth. But scientist due say that all males with the YDNA haplogroups, stem from ONE ORIGIN!!!--OUT OF AFRICA!!! And, although they lie about the dates and use vague unproven units like BP 'Before Present' based on 1950, they use the unit 'A' to represent the name of 'ADAM' for all of the BASAL markings that are on ALL NORMAL YDNA HAPLOGROUPS. @Pioneer1. Did you just make this up? You know, this has no basis in reality right? LOL @Pioneer1 Yes, I absolutely agree. Yes, although I don't understand all of what you say here, I absolutely agree in that the incest did bring about the recessive 'archaic' DNA! And also, that kind of incest did lead to a lot of problems, still present today!
  13. That's okay Brother! LOL. @Pioneer1Sometimes it's good to have this kind of checks and balances! You are not lying! Tyler Perry keeps on going and going with this. I heard he is not mad at Spike Lee though, and he dedicated a stage to him in Atlanta or something like this. I wonder how Spike Lee has responded? Lol. Maybe. Okay. Thanks @Troy! But again, I don't mind taking a little heat from the brothers.
  14. Like you said, @Troy “Did you not watch very short video explaining the nature of Covid-19 and how it originated or did you simply not understand it? OK I see it is not my in ability to explain it is your unwillingness to believe.” I gave you a few references on the subject and ‘the definition of Species’, and examples of how species can reproduce, even though scientist flip back and forth on this definition when it comes to the Hominids. If Lions don’t breed outside of captivity with other species, but do in captivity then, like the definition of ‘species’ part of the guidelines is based on ‘defective blending’ and ‘defective hybrids’ that shows up in the form of many sterility, diseases, skin cancer etc. of which these animals do show. But, different species can interbreed though. If we humans say that the modern human existed 10,000+ years before the Biblical date of Adam, then that supports what I am saying in that there must have been pre-humans walking around in the Garden of Eden and this planet prior to the Creation of the Nappy headed African YDNA. If scientist say that Neanderthals are ALL extinct, but that all Europeans and Asians have about 2-3% Neanderthal DNA and this is continually being a part of reproduction for thousands of years, then, as a person who has a degree in Biology and understands the Scientific Method then, that sounds like, at best, a contradiction. That may be a theory but not a proven fact. If scientist say that people of African descent carry ALMOST ZERO Neanderthal DNA then, what is their mathematical definition of ALMOST ZERO? Would that be less than 2-3%? LOL. Do we round up or down? LOL. Thanks to about 400 years of Chattel Slavery, many of us Brown African Americans do have traits that scientist say are Neanderthal traits. Scientist say that there are no live humans with the BT Haplogroup. So, if as the scriptures say that all Cainites were drowned in the Great Flood then, that only means that there is no YDNA, but it does not mean that the Cainite presence is extinct, because it can still be here through recessive population. If the FOUNDERS AFFECT shows the Blonde hair/Blue eyed trait showing up in concentrations in populations in Scandinavia and far away in Australia, then that would be a population genetic pool of people that carry a trait that has an origin of a BLACK AFRCAN-TYPED MALE [Nappy headed YDNA] with lactose intolerance in his bones and in the Black Sea region of Anatolia Turkey about 6000 years ago—TRANSLATION CAIN!!! So if this population gene pool would be extinct, then eventually, even African people that can be born with this blonde hair/blue eyed presence would eventually die out do to Natural Selection. It is a trait that has its origin in an African-typed male of the nodeast [northeast] but not the African-typed Southworld males [Sethworld males]. Nevertheless, the dominant presence of the BT haplogroup is completely extinct, but the recessive presence is still here today. Due to it being a mutation, it will not come back, but certain traits continue to show up in a recessive presence. Likewise, this is why I think that scientist are only offering us part truths about the Archaic Hominids species of the Neanderthals. Yes, the dominant presence of the YDNA viable Denisovan-Neanderthal is completely extinct, but in order for certain traits to continue to be passed down through reproduction, then there may be some kind of blending and also hybridization going on due to a population gene pool still present somewhere in this earth. Where? I don’t know for sure, but it is NOT based on color though. Both Europeans and Africans etc. are NOT Neanderthals based on scientific definitions but we are Homo sapiens but we all carry some blending or either hybridization of the Archaic beings. Now there, -- I said it again. I think maybe scientist do not put out the whole truth because of Separation of Church and State and they do not want to agree with the ancient scriptures. They have designed their own form of false religion called Anti-Christ and that doesn’t agree with script. So, I think I have explained it pretty descent, but you just are unwilling to at least acknowledge that I may have a point of view that carries something worth thinking about.
  15. LOL! You too much! @Pioneer1 This is good! I never thought of it in this way! Yes, I agree, I will take him for what he stands for! But, Troy is definitely highlighting some issues that I think raises my attention such as when Kareem says things like 'going out in blazes' and haphazardly thinking it's okay to die for a cause, and the people may not even agree with you. Then you would be dying for nothing. Still, I hope @Kareem comes back and doesn't leave us hanging like this. Like you said, if this was an issue of AN AGENT, then these kind of statements serves are purpose of like, trying to see if we just follow along. Me too! @Troy I am LMBAO! Okay, maybe he will come back and answer this question. absolutely!
  16. Yes!--My husband made this same statement! I missed this thread a few days ago. I was surprised to see MY SISTAS have posted here! @Pioneer1 Absolutely! Now, I read this too, and this is alarming. I mean, there was a significant earthquake in, I think it was, Idaho!? This is all to obvious! And this is how the scriptures say it: THE BRIDE AND THE BRIDEGROOM WILL BE TAKEN UP AND THE VOICE OF THE BRIDEGROOM WILL BE HEARD NO MORE in the great city! That means that the institution of THE CHURCH will be STOPPED so the deceptive ploys thta exploited it for other uses will not be able to use this method to control us anymore. So, I find it significant that the federal government says that even the Churches are not to gather!!! The fake pastors cannot collect offering in this way for now--so that they can pay for their own extra family members and etc.... using people's tithes for things they should not be doing ... LOL!!! Don't get me started... I agree. Sista! Yes, this is a challenge for me. I do not want to express myself and at the same time, also reinforce being a victim because this will never help to be free from it. @Mel Hopkins Oh WOW! @Troy You struck a nerve when you said this!!! This reminds me of another post from you about the subject of 'Neanderthals'. You could not understand why he could not accecpt that SAnta could not possibly be real!? Troy, I can answer that! Your playmate may have believed it if White Santa and White people told him that SAnta was not real, but even though you presented a good 'debate' and proof, he just could not see past you being Black... He could not have Blind faith in you, but he could have Blind faith in the White people that brought this fake religion that can't even be based on script. IMO, no one should have blind faith but, faith must be based on some type of facts and experience.
  17. Yeah, me too @Troy I hope @Pioneer1 makes a comment. I am curious in what he may think. Yes, it does seem odd for Kareem to not be here that long, then abruptly break off like that.
  18. Oh yes, I agree, but still it needs to be within context. Yes, again, my relative has this trait! Well, and my Great-grandfather was from Pakistan when it was still a part of India. Also, a Pastor years back came from Trinidad and Tobago, his wife was almost black skinned and she and one of her daughters had bone straight hair. The pastor had a tight afro and blue eyes. So, I understand about India, Australia and again, some Native American tribes like the Cheyenne have this trait that is dominant part of their populations. I the Pow wows I have been to, these natives are like--BLACK!!!-- this Virginian tribe, Man! I couldn't believe it! They were much darker than me and bone straight hair. True, but they are still mostly Nappy headed AFricans though. Just like the late Haile Selassie @Pioneer1 I am telling you this is NOT true! I have done research. The Cheyenne natives look like this too--Chief Black Kettle and etc. They appear to be black skinned and have bone straight hair. This was a part of ancient America as well, but did they come from India or the Caucasus Mountains or ? I agree with you in that--way back when-- they probably did! Ancient people of India, whether Dravidian or not, many of them were Black skinned or brown skinned and they had nappy hair or bone straight hair. So, you need to put what you are referring to some kind of context in order to understand the origin. The Dravidians you speak of, are reported to worship a Mother Goddess and I think this is important in understanding their origins and who they intermixed with, especially regarding your statement about Caucasians. Yes absolutely. I agree. African colonization, as you are addressing, happened for many reasons but, I am saying that, script has been severely manipulated and this is one factor that led to how AFrican people became deceived and then eventually controlled by the Western Civilization. PIoneer, yes, all of the ancient Black Afican civilizations were overthrown and based on my research, one of the key factors had to do with their script being manipulated by foreign people that they intermixed with! "... took place in ANOTHER place." What other place? There are many 'European' myths about Atlantis and THE GREEK ISLES and part of this is deliberate with their rendition of GONDWANALAND, a time when India became a subcontinent. However, the Kemet scripts do NOT support this confusion. their accounts of the White GREEKS of ancient MYECENAE is well dated! The myth of Atlantis is varied but many place this legend somewhere in the ATLANTIC OCEAN region and not the Mediterranean. Now, I am basing this on a cross reference with Black Afican ancient history and Kemet. Way before the 'White Greeks' became defined, this earth was NOT split and there were NO ISLANDS and NO Indian Subcontinent!!! So, by the time that the DRAVIDIANS are dated to be a culture, the earth did split!!! The ancient Pre-Greek world existed when the earth was one mass, but White Greek people and the Dravidians became scripted around the 2000 BC mark. The earth split at some point around around the 2000 BC time period and this can be seen in ancient Kemet text with regard to context in how they interacted with Minoa and Europe and etc. Prior to this time period 2000 BC, there were many White or fair skinned people though, but the earth was one mass. The myth of ATlantis stems from another time period when the earth split again! The Greek civilization marked by CRETE was another time that the earths split. The EXPLOSION of THERA marks this Atlantis myth of which was about 1600s BC! So, it was about a 400 years time difference in both of these accounts of 'the formation of the Greek Isles' and then 'Atlantis'. The Dravidians are being correlated to ancient Iranians etc. So, it's difficult to mark the Dravidians based on how this western world has debauched script with their myths.
  19. WOW! I trust your judgement here, because you've been behind the scenes for a long time, but yesh, if he was a troll, then he would definitely be extremely sophisticated! That video was so informative.
  20. True. I never watched much of Eddie Murphy but yes, these skits reminds me of him. I do remember he did something like this Mr. Rogers skit. My reaction to these vides was, like Madea. For me, it was kind of like 'a knee jerk reaction'. I thought the few Madea films I watch were funny, but after watching the first few, I stopped altogether. Again, @Pioneer1 For me, this was a knew jerk reaction. As I was watching, I thought it was funny but, yes, all the while, I thought, in the back of my mind, this is like 'a black face' or a minstel show. I remember years ago, I watch Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy doing their Drag Queen and I thought it was funny, but I was abruptly 'corrected' by some Black men! They responded that it was offensive to see Black men mock Black women, and it was SOOooo awakening for me. So therefore, I won't post anything like this anymore.
  21. The synthesis of Darwinism and Mendelism, which marked the birth of modern population genetics, was achieved by a long and tortuous route (Provine 1971). https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/population-genetics/ 1. The Origin of POPULATION GENETICS Darwin's Origin of Species, published in 1859, propounded two main theses: firstly, that modern species were descended from common ancestors, and secondly that the process of natural selection was the major mechanism of evolutionary change. The first thesis quickly won acceptance in the scientific community, but the second did not. Many people found it difficult to accept that natural selection could play the explanatory role required of it by Darwin's theory. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/population-genetics/ Another example of how POPULATION GENETICS has been applied would be THE ENSLAVEMENT OF CERTAIN AFRICAN CHILDREN!!! When Sickle Cell Anemia became a significant problem on the slave yards, to continue to enslave people from West Africa would not help the problem. Also to enslave people from other areas or cultures that already have reproduction problems would not help, so therefore millions of slave children were stolen all the way over from East Africa!!! This addition to the slave population helped to slow down the bad births. And of course the issue of the slave population as a whole in the Colonial Empire served other purposes as well. This kind of manipulation of species means that the definition of 'SPECIES' is understood!!! Certain traist have a 'blending' but certain trait have an origin. All of what I am saying are FACTS. It is a scientitic fact that NEANDERTHALS have that elongated head, and this is not a modern human trait. Also, the BROW RIDGE, that is a purely Neanderthal trait, that both 'brown' African people express as well as Europeans. and there's much more. Scientist don't say that no personof African descent, but the words used are strategic. Some say the word RETAIN. People of AFrican descent may not RETAIN Neanderthal Dna... I know what I am talking about. Oh yes! ANd another term that addresses what I am saying would be THE FOUNDER EFFECT! This would be how it was finally admitted that the origin of BLONDE HAIR and BLUE EYES have an origin with a DARK SKINNED MALE OF AFRICAN DESCENT. So, if sex selection and enbreeding and population genetics is NOT understood, some might want to believe these traits are European, Oh but no! You will not see some cultures, in old times that is, of Koreans etc. with this trait, but due to population genetics., sex selection and inbreeding over a period of time... this trait may seem to be concentrated in some European cultures. This is NOT Natural Selection at all! And furthermore, these traits would not continue if a certain kind of Black population were to be removed!
  22. I am not disputing facts. Again, I am not questioning facts, I am not drawing conclusions on just one fact. As I said, if scientist say modern humans have Neanderthal DNA after thousands and thousands of years, then this means that scientist are not reporting the whole truth, and I am basing this on obvious 'facts'! As I said, I am not well versed YET on terminology to bring forth my position but I am getting better. So now, I will add some more to why I say that Neanderthals cannot possibly be extinct based on 'facts' that humans are expressing Neanderthal DNA. One area of study that addresses exactly what I am speaking about is POPULATION GENETICS!!! In other words, In order for this dna to be express continually in modern human beings who are NOT the origin of certain traits, then there has to be a population of Neanderthals present!!! Okay, let me put it another way by an example or two: [1] The origin of NAPPY HAIR is an African trait, and if African people become extinct then, eventually, this trait would completely disappear from the non-African beings that would continue to reproduce. There are so many other examples that I could provide to support what I am saying!!! I know what I am talking about. Scientist provide confusion, but as a scientist who has study in this area, I understand a lot. Population Genetic arguments based on inheritance vs natural selection deals with this topic. So, as I said earlier, the dominant presence of the MRCA [Most Recent Common Ancestor] of the Neanderthals would be an important aspect to understand this subject as well.
  23. I'll wait.... LOL. Okay @Troy, you are not understanding me, I guess. My answer to you is that --becauce the scientist are NOT stating the whole truth, I canNOT share any reputable source that SPECIFICALLY says that neanderthals still roam the earth, but I have presented facts from the PART TRUTHS that they do offer, and it is these PART TRUTHS thatss show a contradiction in what they have reported. No way! I showed you references that state that Neanderthal dna is present today in us Modern Human beings, and that is what I am questioning. So, I can accept that you believe they no longer exist though. Okay!? I have went beyond high school Bio! Okay, I have a BS Degree in Biology and I know how to examine references and I understand the process of methodology and the Scientific Method. So, regarding what scientist say today, in that many of us humans that show the presence of Neanderthal DNa vs their statement that Neanderthals are extinct, I say this is a contradiction. However, my problem is knowing how to express this in a better way because I am not well versed on terminology as a person that has had the oppurtunity to study at a much higher level that I have. Therefore, I cannot fully express what I observe in words and terminology but I strongly believe that there is a contradiction here. So therefore, I can produce some other hard core references too based on this subject that may show my position here. And one major reference would again be what I have stated about the LONG HEAD, SKULLS of Neanderthals that are still present today and in the recent past. Oh yes. So, that is what I hope to do.
  24. Black Santa Prank I hope I don't offend anyone, but if so, please let me know so I can make amends here. A few months back, my son showed me this youtube, and because, on a more sober note, I am sharing a deep message about the true oppressions of this ancient history about Ole Saint Nick, and because these 'comic relief' made me laugh, I thought it okay to share a little light hearted youtube about this spin off of 'Black Santa'-- or maybe Brown Santa, or maybe even White Santa... My son showed me this youtube in the parking lot while getting fuel and I thought it was so hilarious, I laughed till I cried. And I just ran across another one I also thought was pretty funny. So here they are:
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