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  1. @Pioneer1 You are so right. Besides, it seemed like she was exhausted. So true. WOW! Yes, I am not a facebook junkie at all. I do use it but it is very rare. At an orientation once, a North Carolina Police Officer who came to speak at a major university advise college students to stay off of facebook for various reasons! And, I never forgot what he said. They may turn up sooner or later.
  2. @Pioneer1 I acknowledge what you say, but I totally disagree. Yes, and again, I acknowledge what you believe, but you are absolutely wrong. However, I would not make any attempt to change your mind.
  3. @Troy I didn't follow the story ver well, but yes, I believe this topic went viral before Colin was noted for his position. @Pioneer1 You struck a nerve!!! Add to this list the former President Obama, okay! He too is bi-racial but many Blacks will get angry if this is noted by a Black person. Yeah, regarding Kim K., @Pioneer1 this is old, old, .... very old news in how Black African people have historically been sidelined! You may not agree, but this is the very process in the term 'CAUCASIAN' and more ancient terms being changed in its' original meaning! Today, many people, WHITE PEOPLE in SOUTH AFRICA are known to be WHITE, CAUCASIANS and EUROPEAN, but if the higher powers allow this to continue, thousands of years from now, this term 'AFRICAN' will be defined as being today's White European Caucasians. Your belief too about the term 'Jew' means a White person, but this is not true in ancient times. There are so many terms today that we believe define White people but this kind of history is deceptive.
  4. WOW tht video is amazing. His weave looks so natural but, imo, he didn't look bad at all prior to the hair. I don't see it as an enhancement for him. He look good both ways.
  5. That is crazy!!! They made her bi-racial. So she is like--a robot.
  6. LOL @Delano caught me off guard! I've had my laugh for the day.
  7. @Pioneer1 You are absolutely right. Well, just to be sure, I certainly do NOT want you to be shamed, ridiculed, suspended or banned! I look forward to reading you! Yes, I see this too and tend to get these vibes coming from some posters, but I don't know if it is a gender issue. I think a lot of you for this! @Delano Yes, I hope you are wrong.
  8. That is crazy! But about the article; from what I read, Colin spoke up after it went viral on some social media sites. So, I don't believe that Colin is the spark of this issue, but he became involved later.
  9. She may not, but she will be missed...
  10. Oh yes! These are my very thoughts!
  11. @Pioneer1 Well, if you give her some space, then maybe she will offer some input. I love her writing style.
  12. @Pioneer1 You almost had me confused until I read @Troy's quote. No, blonde hair and blue eyes do not occur due to 'a lack of melanin'. These traits are based on, I believe, 'sex-selection' in a quest to have this trait. As most GENES are passed on in PAIRS, this trait originated from an ancient Black man with African traits. These genes scientifically correlates to how certain other GENE PAIRS that are recessive are passed on through reproduction that regards the study of [1] CAT COAT COLOR and [2] HORSE COAT COLOR. It is recessive and it has been determined that it is also based on a MUTATION but like @Troy pointed out with 'left handedness', some traits that are recessive does not mean it is defection. It depends on other factors but I am not well versed in the specific aspect of it. Oh no!-- That's not the way I remember it. I think you are speaking about 'albinism' and not 'blue-eyes'. Eye color can be passed on in many ways but scientist can determine if certain eye colors come from a mutation or albinism or a combination of both. No it is not that 'cut and dry' so-to-speak. Brown skinned Africans have 'pale skin' relatively speaking, and like Europeans may or may not have 'albinism'! Again, your comments are regarding 'albinism'. Again, I am limited on how to explain this, but 'albinism' versus 'pale skin' can be two distanct aspects. They both have an origin but how these traits are passed on through reproduction has been studied and explained. Pale skin with little melanin can be recessive but not albinism. Some forms of pale skin with little melanin because of 'a mutated gene for albinism' is recessive but distinct and can be seen with the very CHROMOSOME that carries this gene. There are differnt forms of albinism. But I believe that both of these happenings does stem from one specific origin. Many Europeans have lighter skin but are not expressing albinism and this is the same for 'brown-skinned' people of African descent. You're right about how this society uses 'the one-drop rule' but that is the confusion. If a child is born from a White mother and a BLack father then, I think this is a relative situation in certain other specific regards. If the mother exposes her child to the Black-African culture, I believe this has a bearing on that child too, being African American, no matter how light skinned they look. Historically and even scientifically, a child's ethnicity is based on the father.
  13. As a Whole, ??? I think we are somewhat divided. I think some Afro-Americans want this government to acknowledge that we should receive some type of Reparations while others, especially of this Y-Generation, may not focus on their identity as being Afro-Americans and therefore, they just want equality.
  14. @Pioneer1 Blonde hair and blue eyes does not come from White-Caucasians or even Caucasians as a whole. This has been proven scientifically. These traits have origins in Black Africa! In order to have both blonde hair and blue eyes, you have to have melanin--Black melanin--I forgot the scientific term but you are way off. Maybe, like you, some Black women believe they are enhancing themselves with 'Caucasian--White' traits because today, we see many Europeans with this appearance. But at some point in the past, this trait became an obsession amongst Europeans and now, we think they are where this originates, but it doesn't. Now, I have never heard of that. I think it is the opposite; I think that blonde hair and blue eyes are an enhancement; a beauty trait; but that doesn't mean it looks good on everybody. I personally would not style the look, but @Pioneer1 truly, it is not 'defective'. It is a recessive trait but it is not defective. Blue eyes are also a mutation, and I think I have read that some people have certain issues like color blindness linked with this mutation, but again, it is not regarded as defective. Just because there are mutations does not equate to a defection, imo, but Hey, I may be wrong. But, Albinos present a whole distinct issue. African people have problems with White Supremacy too, just like this whole world. Yes, I understand this! Regarding dominant African traits of which even in the past, blonde hair and blue eyes was never a dominant African trait--it is recessive. Pioneer, you don't believe that many Black women today are also affected due to their own mothers who many are bi-racial or White? Oh My Gosh, that's terrible!
  15. @Mel Hopkins WOW! Only 15 and at Harvard!? Now that is amazing!
  16. @Pioneer1 Why should that be a factor concerning what this government did--their part in our miseducation!? Surely, we should not have to wait to be educated under this present system in order to be recompensed for the damage this system has caused in our disparity. What Black people choose to do with Reparations is a separate issue from the issue of this government reducing us to 2/3rds of a human? But then, that is the main part of the problem! For hundreds of years, we have not been educated because we were/are not considered to be 'HUMAN'! It's like--YOU TEACH A DOG as you know a dog should respond in kind and you TRAIN/teach a cat as you know a cat should be able to aspire to-- therefore, we are being educated/trained/taught under a sytem that treated us as 'sub-human' and all we were required to ASPIRE TO WAS AS A SUBHUMAN BEHAVIOR!!! Now, as you say, this issue will then be part of their argument probably in not wanting us to have PROPER REPARITIONS WHICH, ****You are hitting on something*** SHOULD INCULDE ECONOMICS and EDUCATION! We do need ***KNOWLEDGE OF SELF--KNOWLEDGE OF OUR HISTORICAL ORIGINS since now the government as admitted that we were never 2/3rds of a person as they treated us for hundreds of years! If you tried to teach a dog to sit up at a desk and hold a pencil and write, you'd get no where! Therefore, because they had the leisure of legally 'veiwing Black AFricans as 'sub-human' therefore for a long time, we were not afforded the opportunities to exist as responsible humans. Don't you see that a major part of our problem is coming from this basis---Mis-education, mis-treatment as humans? INTERNAL HOUSE CLEANINGS would mean that we need proper education and since our presence here is based on CHILD ENSLAVEMENT, how to we get this 'house cleaning' properly? Truth! So true! So is Obama! Like you said, it is not just Trump and Trump followers, but we may be facing another big problem! -- WAR WITH IRAN and who else???
  17. @Troy OMG! Did you just hear what happened!? A police just shot and killed a 54 year old Black man in Indiana! And, there is a major protest and march, so much so, that a leader had to abruptly get on the plane and leave Florida where he was campaigning to address the people! Apparently, a call was made about someone breaking into cars and so the police showed up, did NOT turn on his body cam and claimed that the man pulled a knife out and so, he shot and killed him. So now, after the leader showed up and addressed the distraught crowd, IMO, the sensationalism and support has turned to the leader and the issue at hand becomes 'an object' to show HOW WONDERFUL AND CARING THE LEADER IS. Mr. Pratton a Civil Rights leader spoke about how he gives his vote to the leader, but so far, I have not read his comments about the victim's mother or situation from Mr. Pratton. I'd rather hear more about 'what really happened'. I would like to know about the nature of the threat and phone call that was made and was the dead man a criminal with a history. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ... Mr. Logan’s mother, Shirley Newbill, was ushered in front of the mayor. “Y’all ain’t doing a damn thing about me or my son or none of these people out here,” she told him. Before Mr. Buttigieg could respond, another woman demanded, “Are you really here because you care about blacks, or are you just here because you want to be the president?” “This is my home, too,” Mr. Buttigieg replied. Mr. Logan, 54, was fatally shot by an officer responding to reports of a man breaking into cars downtown. The authorities said Mr. Logan flashed a knife and lunged at the officer, who shot him once in the abdomen. But the officer had not activated his body camera. Mr. Logan’s family questioned why he was taken to the hospital in a police car rather than an ambulance. ... http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/pete-buttigieg-leaves-campaign-trail-after-fatal-police-shooting-reality-rears-its-head/ar-AADeVdh?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=AARDHP
  18. @Troy I am definitely interested and partly because I never really knew about this concept of 'a perfect number'. So it is intriguing because I do see the history of it now, But, I am trying to figure out now, what really is the importance of this subject and, if, or how it is it used in relation to other concepts. Now, that is an amazing thought!
  19. @Pioneer1 I understand partially what you mean, but I don't believe it is that serious for other major reasons. I think Beyonce may have issues due to her recent ancestry and identifying partially to that aspect, but I also think her strong statement about her Black culture is amazing. LOL! I don't think it's that serious because today, there are SOOooo many other Black women that are styling their hair with Afro-styles! Also, maybe over here, we are not accustomed to seeing a lot of Black people with NATURALLY STRAIGHT or BLONDE HAIR, or BLUE EYES, but @Pioneer1 there are places were this is NATURAL! So for that reason, women--especially young women-- experiment with styles and shouldn't that be acceptable? I agree that part of the problem stems from Eurocentric physical presence stemming from slavery is a part of the problem, but I feel that we are all growing up-- all of us all over the world, and many people are learning to appreciate other beauty traits that they are born with while also appreciating others as well. @Delano Yites!!! This is true! She is too young for that right now, but she has a good personality and a good spirit. And another thing... like Beyonce, a lot of our mothers are indeed White or part-European!!!-- So I believe that there should be a growth away from esteeming White people and European traits as being supreme, but there should be a gradual overlap from obsession to appreciation. How can we just -- all of a sudden-- think that White people's traits are ugly? That is not normal.
  20. WOW this is bad news for journalism! You really said it here;
  21. @Delano THANK YOU!!! @Pioneer1 STOP! lol. @Troy Well... She's young... Well, okay, soooooo.... I know that older women style this look too, but there's more to this trend than I believe we are aware of. HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! ... But, I won't go into any debate on this right now. I can see that Sha'Carri has been taking some heat for wearing blonde wigs, but I don't have a problem with it. She is beautiful and well spoken. She is so talented and amazing. I read that she has decided to go pro!!! HERE IS A VIDEO OF HER 10.99 run in Texas before she went to LSU and burned 10.75. SHE NOT ONLY WORE BLONDE EXTENSIONS BUT SHE WORE RED EXTENSIONS and etc. Nevertheless, I think she is well spoken and she has a wonderful personality. THIS IS AN INTERVIEW JUST AFTER SHE RAN THE 10.75.
  22. I found this quote to be interesting: "Racism is an offshoot of slavery. A tremendous stain on America that has yet to be cleansed away but on that June 19th, ..." The more I hear about Juneteenth, the more I become in tuned to the reality of some of the issues that came about as a result of freedom finally made law. And this quote also struck me; "We still have a long way to go and with no immediate plan to truly eradicate racism, the future does not look promising. In fact, some say we’re headed in the wrong direction, back to the past of that pre-existing condition. And it’s scary." Well! this is scary! But due to the recent laws made that are definitely going to harm African American Descendants of Slaves, I do believe that this may be true. We are headed in the wrong direction and need to turn back around. And so, this other quote, I can certainly appreciate, however; "...but to travel back to Texas, June 19th, 1865 all Americans should have full admiration for our government, for it, then, chose the right path and put forth great effort to equalize ALL it’s citizens." Based on so many other issues that are a part of this government, I have full admiration for the many people who are genuine, but I know that this government houses a lot of deceit that continually mask as helping but are doing the opposite. This nation and government formed after their declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776-- and separated from religion and the Bible so that the could keep slavery as law and then after Industrialism came about, discarded slavery, on face value because it was wrong, but they knew this back in 1776 too. So while I am grateful that God provided tecnology to be attained and industrialism, I still know the whole truth. I will always be grateful for people who always stand for truth. This PAUSE on Juneteenth is crucial, though and I hope that this kind of history continues to be uplifted.
  23. @Pioneer1 Funny! But the points brought out in this thread is, IMO, very suspicious on the part of the promotion of the tourism due to the recently renovated room of Sally Hemings! From what I have seen in this thread is that some of the 'Black' descendants of Sally Hemings are being supported to put out confusion! Some of the statements offer a 'convenient suggestion' in that slavery was 'not all that bad'!--regarding Thomas Jefferson! But in reality he was awful and he supported Colorism. Sally Hemings 'slave ancestor', SUSANNA was the beginning of this saga, here in AMerica. And from what I read, the name 'Hemings' acutually belong to the very slave ship captain that enslaved her. She was later given to another White slave master and so, this is a quote: The biracial children of Betty Hemings by Wayles were three-quarters European in ancestry and very fair-skinned. They had a white maternal grandfather and two white paternal grandparents. ... Elizabeth “Betty” and her children, including Sally Hemings, and all their children, were legally slaves, although the fathers were the white masters and the children were majority-white in ancestry. [21] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Hemings So Susanna Hemings was given to a White slave master named Epps, therefore she became Susanna Epps, however, her later descendants used the name 'Hemings'. Susanna Hemings then was given to another White slave master named Wales and so, I guess her name became Susanna Wales. Susanna had a daughter named Elizabeth 'Betty' and this Betty had six children by the White slave master Wales. Then Betty Wales became the slave of Wales daughter [Betty's technical half-sister] and Thomas Jefferson. Therefore her name would have been Betty Jefferson, but she kept the name Hemings. Then Thomas Jefferson took Betty's daughter, Sally, the youngest... So it seems to me like Sally's youngest son's photograph, Eston Hemings shows, he was definitely White but it seems obvious that the presence of many other descendants that are 'Black' that this too is truth.
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