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  1. Yes, @Troy now that you mention this, I could see someone debating on this score, but I would beg the differ. En Vogue was organized, from what I understand, by two men! And, they put together a classy group that today, is dubbed to be one of the greatest girl groups of all time, and I would agree. They showed class, style, sexual appeal and etc., and that's should define 'a woman', but what Cardi B and some others of today show, is a freak show. And like @Pioneer1 basically said, this Whit government is trying to define Black people as this mess, in addition to trying say that Black people are all defined as MUTS or biracial immigrant freaks. You know, Cindy Herron, of En Vogue, is Bi-racial, and she sure does not define us by these slutty standards! She is so amazing! We don't need White people defining us, we need to define ourselves. Cindy Herron of En Vogue Hold on-- Lead Vocals or Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron!
  2. @Pioneer1 LOL for today, that is difficult because all of this race and color hatred stems from a conditioning that happened so long ago. We need to try to understand the origin of this strange phenomenon. Now I do agree that some issues about us as human beings can be expressed from a genetic basis, for example, when a person is born with mental retardation. When I teach, I can see that some children show a unique high intellect, but it is not based on COLORISM though. If children are placed in a certain environment, positive or negative, this can be a factor in how they develop. A child with a high intellect can be born and reared in an oppressive environment, but will still show some form of high intellect, however, they may not be able to achieve to a higher level due to other humans and, a child with a low intellect can be born and reared in a structured learning environment and no matter what, that child will not show a high intellect! But this child in this youtube is showing that she has been conditioned. This has nothing to do with instinct. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. As far as Caucasian people today living in harmony with peoples of color and where power is shared, that will not happened until we deal with the reality of the origin of this craziness, that includes both White-Supremacy and Black SElf-Hatred, feelings that also come from Black people. Again, if you remove all White people, and there is just 'People of Color', White Supremacy will definitely rear up its ugly head!!! We don't need White people to be White Supremacist, because this history and origin begins with our ancestors also----being mesmerized by a White presence and coming to believe that White is better than black/color.
  3. @Pioneer1 Well, maybe, but we need to try again because Education and Jobs are essential to survival. @Delano Yes, thank you, this is SO ON POINT!
  4. Well, I don't have a problem with homosexuals, but I have a problem with pedophilia-homosexuals and therefore, I believe that all Black American descendants of slaves need to be completely aware of this issue as it pertains to our beginnings here in America. We should never have supported Obama for this reason. @Kareem "...he straight up said during his campaign that marriage was sacred between a man and woman. He said that just to trick black people into voting in droves for him in 2008,..." Yes, Wow! You are so right.
  5. @Pioneer1 Well, this sort of thinking is also problematic too. I was completely displaced by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and no "construction crew" or "company" came to help Black people in North Carolina! Just like those people in the Bahamas, who my heart goes out to, however, it seems like when we are hurt by these storms, we are always exploited by "groups" that take the opportunity to collect funds for other uses. The real victims that are Black are usually ignored and more importantly, it seems that opportunist take advantage of these kinds of situations to bring in another select 'ethnic group' in order to suppress the original Black victims! We were completely damaged by hurricane Matthew, but the federal funds played out like this, imo: hordes of HIspanics came into the area in droves and were given jobs and homes and funds. So, I had to leave North Carolina and scrape for myself. I received no federal relief. nothing. And, there were no Black groups or even church groups that organized to help Black people. You have absolutely no data to back up what you have made up. Yes, the real Moses was born in Egypt. But he never migrated up into the Caucasus; that is just simply crazy! LOL. Put a date to what you have just said. On one hand you speak of the Biblical Japheth in his connection to Apollo, then on the other hand you say his descendant Magog is just a myth. This is ridiculous. Magog is the beginning of the term CAUCASIAN. And like Noah, who was perfect in his generations, therefore, JapHeth had to have been Black and his son Magog had to have been a very dark skinned Black/brown man. However, because his supreme idol was the goddess Ashteroth, Mahgog became the post-flood beginning of unique movement on this earth that furthered White Supremacy. @Troy Imo, this is a chain reaction to what happened in August 2017 with the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. I think this entire planet has been affected by that event, in that something underneath this earth, maybe earth plates, have shifted and also I think that because our earth is also affected by other movements in the skies, this too plays into this strong hurricane Doran. After that solar eclipse that occurred, I think, on August 21, 2017, immediately, 4 hurricanes developed and because our educational system does not teach the relationship that certain events have on the earth, we may not realize this pattern. Again, right after the solar eclipse, 4 hurricanes developed, first as tropical depression, and then two weeks later they all struck in certain areas. I think one [can't remember the name] with the letter 'H' struck Houstan, Texas, another Maria struck Puerto Rico, another struck Mexico, and then hurricane IRMA struck somewhere, and came close to Florida enought to cause a mandated entire state wide evacuation! -- and RED TIDES that killed a lot of fish. That next year, 2018, Hurricane Micheal came in and struck the Florida Panhandle as a Category 5 and now, a year later, Hurricane Dorian came in as a strong cate 5. This seems to be a repeat pattern but because the time gap is long, we may not be realizing it because we are not taught about this as being truth, but it is put out as legends. I also see this in ancient written prophecy, but again, it has been downplayed so people think it is coincedences. In this region, our government, one one hand says the BERMUDA TRIANGLE is not true, but other big governments say that it is! The 'legend of the lost city of ATlantis' is propagandize as a legen, but I say this is absolute truth. The Pacific ocean with its ring of fire, so-to-speak, is basically understood, but the history of what has occurred over hear near the Atlantic ocean has a different pattern because, the time gap is so long. The mountains are perhaps much older and settled, and the regions of ancient river systems are much older, and etc. and therefore, the catastrophic events are different that what happens in other parts of the globe. I think that solar eclipse has set off a chain reaction, and I also think this has been recorded in ancient times, but it's dificult to understand completely.
  6. Yes but subset to what? If you are saying that Caucasians are White, then, that is the problem. White people are not the beginning of the term Caucasian. Today, they are defined that way, but the origin of Caucasian is MAGOG; a Hamitic-typed descendant of JapHeth. He was a very Black/brown man who was obsessed with ASHTEROTH--the ancient White goddess. So, ancient Caucasians and the Cholchians are terms that go hand-in-hand. Yes, too, the term "Zigh' can connect to "Zanj". But specifically, AMAZIGH would be similar to AEGYPTOS or AEGYPTIAN; It a terms that incorporates the Orginal Caucasians-- CHOLCHIANS-- who were also EGYPTIANS. AEGYPTIANS are NOT the original EGYPTIANS but they all came from the east--INDIA-- GUPTANS-- and migrated to the west, the land of Ham--Africa. So, the later term amazigh stems from these origins. The term ZIGH stems from ancient Sumeria--Black Babylon-- CHALDEA and is the origin of the word NIG--NI99ER--NIGER--NEGAST... ZIGGY--- in reverse script ---- ZIG---- GIZ means either way----- ZIGGERAT or GIZA---------- what Black Hamitic or Seth Kings had constructed in their lands...... ZIGGY, CIGANE [ie European Gypsies], and so many other terms stem from these origins just as AMAZIGH-- Berbers [ie Original Iberians] include to show these people were not Caucasian in the modern or Greek sense, but they were BLACK AFRICAN-typed. So, I understand the matriarchal issue but this too goes a long with this ancient historical pattern.
  7. @Pioneer1 I understand you beliefs of 'White Jesus' but that may be part of the problem as to why many Black AFricans are so confused and depressed about these islands like Haiti, and the Bahamas and also Katrina landing in the MARDI GRAS area of Louisianna. But sooner or later, Black people will understand what is going on, hopefully, more sooner than later. But as I touched upon before, we need to go back and relook at history especially what happened in ancient Egypt and realign the dates and times to learn what really happened to Moses living around those homosexual-pedophiles. Moses went off!!!--and it was because this reason. But I need to be brief because I have to go for now. So I may confuse you when I say that this is already well written prophecy of what is happening. So, I will try to explain better later, but this modern time phenomena has to do with, IMO, the total solar eclipse of 2017 that crossed America. This is a chain reaction and is also in prophecy about GOG and MAGOG This is prophecy of the last days before another long thousand years time period will begin. In order to understand why these areas are getting hit like this, we need to go back and look at history and the origins of the word 'caucasian'. It is bad if Black African people welcome in Homosexuality-Pedophilia, but it is worse if we be a part of harming our own children!!!! If White people were all removed then, that NOW TODAY, would not stop these harms against Black people. We need to understand that! We need to understand why the prophets list 'GOG' first as being the head of 'MAGOG', even though, MAGOG is first [ie MAGOG---MAHGOG------------- HAM---GOG]. and then, the prophets all write THE LAND OF MAGOG--- islands [ie isles of the Gentiles]. We need to understand the Colonization Period and how the English colonized the world especially the islands of Magog. We also need to understand how the Hebrew Israelites were intermixed with 'Caucasians' and etc. through human sacrifice--Slavery and Black-on-Black crimes of Self-Hate to understand, why Black people need to wake up.
  8. @Pioneer1 OMG Exactly!!! This is no coincidence. Okay, but I hate to be the one to tell you, there is a reason for this, but are Black people ready to here the truth? I absolutely agree. Oh but no-- This is NOT a coincedence!!! Agreed. This is NOT a coincidence and yes, SOMETHING IS GUIDING THIS. Well, you're kinda answering your own question! Do be a warrior and die for all AFricans especially if Africans are not fighting against PEDOPHILIA!!!--being inserted into their cultures and put on them/us as if we are the beginning of this crap. LOL! Yep. You answered your own question. Yep. AFter watching a posted video of a young lady, music artist, in another thread and researching what has been going on in concentrated areas of Black people of the Diaspora, i tell you, we over hear under Obama's Homosexual law are not the only ones affected by this sick conditioning to support freak show existence.
  9. Cindy, Dawn, Maxine, and Terry Terry, Maxine, Dawn and Cindy DON'T LET GO, En Vogue's greatest hit! Lead in this video is DAWN ROBINSON
  10. Get out! LOL. Thanks! @Troy You ain't jokin! MAN! I just went through a dejavu period a few days ago because of some tabloid that I clicked on and completely enjoyed myself getting caught up with some 90s music I did not get a chance to enjoy because I was so busy raising my kids and, Wow this Cardi B stuff seems even more crazier to me after watching and listening to some real talent and art. I remember my baby standing in the kitchen next to me in his walker and then, all of a sudden, when he heard the harmonizing of some sistas on Sesame Street in the living room, he whipped his walker around and ran off! I followed and watched him mesmerized at the pretty ladies as he was also bopping in his walker to the music. Then, I saw the awards show and was so happy they won, but after that, I basically stopped keeping up with time until NOW! So, I clicked on-- a yahoo article about Brittany Spears to learn more about the hype about her and then clicked on Shar Jackson... and then ... Moesha to find out why the Middle School boys in my classroom years ago kept associating me with Brandy!!! LOL, I never knew because I had not seen one episode of Moesha! Then I clicked on EN VOGUE!!!-- And for hours, became caught up in their music and videos. I researched each of the 4 original ladies, and I do even have a favorite because they are all outstanding! MAXINE JONES, CINDY HERRON, DAWN ROBINSON and TERRY ELLIS, amazing! Now, that is class, pure class! WOW! I remember my baby running to the TV, to watch them on Sesame Street, harmonize. That CArdi B stuff cannot ever compare, imo.
  11. @Pioneer1 She is 6-7 years old, a child, and I heard Tariq too say the word "INSTINCT" and this is crazy wrong!!! OMG! She is old enough to repeat what she's heard at home but way too young to have any idea what it really means. There is NO intent but a serious conditioning. I was a teacher, she is acting no different than any kid her age! This is the same statements made about Black Africans too, in that we were born with stupidity by instinct and thus deemed 2/3rds a person by LAW. ALL OF IT IS LIES. We are being conditioned to hate and harbor racism, inferiority-superiority complex. No one is born to harbor this by genetics, but it stems from AN ORIGIN and from that basis, this is a conditioning. It is not instinct.
  12. @Pioneer1 I had to go back to this thread in order to understand the other one that you tagged me for, and so, I skimmed, this thread briefly. I've been busy. But, no, I don't trust this government 'as a whole' but I do believe some when they admit this is racism. Are they liars? Well, it depends on what but, if they say yes, this is racism, I believe them. Oh no. For me, it is not 'love' or 'trust' that I have in this racist system dominated by "Caucasians". Are you prepared for the whole truth @Pioneer1 !? 4,000 years!? You have to go back much farther in time!!! --- Didn't you say that Black people existed a long, long, long.... time ago? Are you really prepared to accept truth on this Pioneer1? White Supremacist are OPPORTUNIST. They are supported to supplant their evil in a Black dominated environment! White Supremacy and Black Self-Hatred inter-react one with each other! White Supremacy began long before 4000 years ago, by some 'BEING' that wanted to be WHITE because he began to believe that White was more superior than his being black!... and so this BEING was MUTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beginning of PURE ALBINISM. So because of his agenda we in this world are affected; his justification of White Supremacy is a taught behavior and a conditioing that we, whether white or black, continue to carry on. We are all born now, in this mindset because we are taught and conditioned from our parents, whether we are White or Black or Asian or etc. This whole world is affected by issues of COLORISM and White Supremacy. So, if a White REpublican, feels that they are conservatives or whatever reason, they can still agree that racism is a problem, just like a Black person who chooses to believe in a democrat platform. My response may seem strange, but we are all born in 'sin' [ie. eastern format] that White is more supreme and must be delivered out of this strange format.
  13. @Pioneer1 Oh no! This is not true!!! Well, part of it is true, but you are presenting confusion here. These Pre-Berber people, did have connection to Matriarchal conditioning, I completely agree, but you are presenting confusion. Your definition of CAUCASIANS being WHITE is part of this confusion you are putting out. Amazigh were not WHITE as you said, they are ETHNIC. The root term 'ZIGH' is the key.
  14. For me, I am totally indifferent when it comes to this question but, more so, because it based upon the situation, at hand, especially when it comes to Black American men. Do I find it "sexual", I don't know. When, so many times, BLack men are so unfairly placed into a position where they are 'captive audience' to witness severe racially motivated acts against themselves and against Black women and children, I feel that this is many times a deliberate maneuver in order to provoke BLack men to either punk out or stand up for the cause and then, be arrested and demeaned, so I feel that Black men should be wise on how to go about 'standing your ground and defending someone or a cause' and deal with certain conflicts in such a way as to get the victory, but it is not always wise to 'act out'--it could be a set up. I don't feel that Black men should not stand up to defend, it is vital to stand up!--but be wise. OMG @Pioneer1 Don't you even go there! LOL. Here ya go pickin words out of context! I did NOT get the same conclusion that you did! LOL! Get outta here!
  15. @Kareem I remember someone said something like this government needs to be overhauled. I think it was Colin Kaepernick. Yeah. Exactly. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Troy I, at once, believed this, but oh no, she is not 'a lesser of two evils', her camp is just as bad. I read where, she lived and worked around Black males--prisoners [?] and they were male servants, in the govenors house and it was later deemed as slavery--free labor. Then, about a month before elections, in Haiti, a major portest broke out, and the Haitians were protesting at the embassy due to Hilary and Bill, and it had to do with certain issues, one of which was being severely underpaid and another had to do with funds not going to relief of the hurricane. I don't understand it all, but I have heard enough to know something is wrong. Thank you!!!!!!! I am not going to support homosexual-pediphilia. That was a horrible agenda and I am still angry about that! @Troy Good question, I will think about this. I know @Delano is not here in America right now, but I wonder what he would say. @Kareem There you go!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!
  16. Lol! Yes!!! @Pioneer1 What does QIA+ reference? @Troy LOL! OMW this was so funny! Man! He is on point. Get out! LOL This too, is so on point, in fact your whole post is on point. But, I hope that he will be able to be affective in another way! I have not given up at all on my people throwing a fresh twist in order to counteract this kind of Blaxploitation that White people will only support. That was the first time I ever saw anything that Cardi B did and man!--that is so out of my league! She's pretty, but that was so not interesting! That was crazy! I think this post may answer some questions to the other post I already scanned of @Pioneer1 ! But are Black people ready to take accountability though, for our part!!!?--in this cesspool of America Colonization!? @Mel Hopkins YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hopeful! YES!
  17. Thank you FAS!!! ... because there is a bigger picture! @Troy This is sad but seems true. @Ldvirtue Yes, there is something to be said about these early years! As a parent though, It is so scary to see and live and know and... disagree with some of what my 'kids' do, and feels so helpless sometimes because of Big Government and all their propaganda... But, because I tried my best to guide them in the first few years of their lives, I still hope that they will make good and responsible choices in life. I remember soaking up all of the magazines and information about the first few years of a child's life. And I love Dr. Dobson!!! One day, I read a magazine about how to check your baby's intelligence and based on this test, it suggested that a child could likely have a very high intelligence: It said somethink like, 'If you put blocks in front of a baby around the age of 11 months, an intelligent baby would begin to organize the blocks; and if a baby stacked the blocks to a certain level, it marks that they would probably have a high intellilect; somewhere between 19-22 blocks high meant a very higl level. I was totally in doubt, but immediately grabbed my 11 month old baby and left my apartment, got in the car and drove around to the nearest Roses store, and I bought a box of colorful blocks. I went back home and did as the magazine suggested. I put the baby down, opened the box and dropped the blocks in front of him, disarranged, and then sat back on the couch. Okay . . . drum roll ***** Immediately, the baby began to become curious and mesmerized by the blocks and immediately began to stack the blocks!!! He stacked the blocks! As the stack became taller, the baby stood up and carefully continued! Then, the last block that he decided to stack, was a rectangular shape and he carefully placed the block on its' broad side... I was so afraid the stack was going to crumble... but it did not! After that, the baby did not stack anymore blocks, he slowly backed up and then toddled away from the blocks and went on to play with another toy. I could not believe my eyes!!! The baby left the stack there all day and night. I counted the stack and it was 22 blocks... ... today, that baby did pass national exams above average! LOL! OMG! And i did the same thing to my next baby and his stack was also that high! Now, I would like to believe that all of the hell I went through to stay with my babies when they were [i felt] too young to talk and fend for themselves helped in their baby days of exploration... not that they seem to be all that grateful... now.... smh! But they both seem to be responsible, have a good sense of consciousness... acheived above average in academics and etc. Yes, I can understand what you say! But even still, this society competes with the parents that do care and do try too. That TV and now, internet are like--the BEAST of BEAST! LOL! You know, I was rigid [so says my kids, some of the time] about that TV and then came the internet... LOL @Pioneer1 You don't? Yes, I believe them... maybe not pres. Trump, he says too much to know what to believe coming from him, but the others, yes, I do! I do believe that these Republicans saying thiese acts of terrorism is racist-- in that they are sincere. No way! This is a conditioning, and a choice that is being made. This, IMO is not GENETIC at all. It is not apart of any RACIAL MEMORY and it is not born in them. This is all taught and conditioning. WOW! I was wondering about this! Did he kill his sister for this reason!? OMG!
  18. I agree that some Black women are not 'proud of their African looks' but this is because of not being conditioned or educated to even know how to define this at some early point. In the 60s, I remember the CRM pushing Black dolls but the hairstyles 'African hairstyles' came later. I remember the 'BLACK HAIRSTYLES' of the day!-- It was little ponytail extensions that were curly-cues--STRAIGHT-TYPE-- SHIRLEY TEMPLE curls. And our mothers pulled our hair back in a knot and, with a small comb attached to the extension, shoved the ponytail in the back of our head, and then dress us in our Easter dress and off we went to say our Easter speeches. This pics were on the back of Church fans, and church programs. This was the African hairstyle... until Jayne Kennedy broke out with the 70s afro. So to a BLack girl, 'what is the African look'? But then, later on came the jokes about extensions and etc. and in this, I agree with the 'blow to self-esteem'. I am aware of how Black girls, some Black girls, felt bad that they had 'bad hair' or 'no hair' because they butchered their hair with chemicals. But, by the time that I came along, in the 80s, I never went through that self-esteem issue that i witnessed a lot of my cousins and relatives express. I butchered my hair, but I never felt a sense of low self esteem as a result of doing this. This is universal. It's vanity that exist amongst all women all over the world. Superficail beauty standards... trying to get to the river of youth that the angel stirred up... this is global. But again, every culture may have a distinct trend of trying reach a superficial 'beauty standard'. I remember some of White girls emptying a can of hair spray in the school bathroom trying to get that Farrah Fawcette 'wing style' or the ones in the 50s in the beauty shops trying to ge the Dianne Carroll stiff hairstyle look. And so, yes, Korean shops sell extensions that Black women buy, but Korean women spray the crap out of the hairspray too. They have to buy that product too. It's not all having an anxiety attack due to low self esteem, but it's the hairspray and extensions that give us the look we want and think is right.
  19. I think all of this 'conditioning' is negative whether it came from our media, government or our own mothers rushing us to the sink to 'relax' our nappy heads. This kind of conditioning is superficial on many levels, not just 'to look European' here in America. The western world has taken beauty standards to another level, but beauty standards have been blown out of proportion long before too, imo. But when people have a cultural identity, this deflects a lot. And therefore, Black women today, are not so low with their esteem that they have anxiety problems. We, as a whole are healty to a point and have vanity just like other women do. We may have an inflated believe in that our RELAXED and PROCESSED hairstyles are awesome, or our AFROCENTRIC BRAIDS and Twist is the 'only way to go', but it's all vanity. Culturally though, I do think Black women have taken a hit in the past, but not today, so much as the past. @Mel Hopkins absolutely! @Pioneer1 They're style has nothing to do with low self esteem though. I do think that we have a significant problem with being 'conditioned to see European beauties today' to aspire to have that look and appeal, but it does not mean it is expressing low self esteem and 'giving up' not caring how bad 'they' look. It is seen as an enhancement, be that as it may, I agree that it is conditioning byway of media.
  20. Oh no! I now have to go back and re-read! I skimmed over the comments. LOL. But at first glance, I have to tell you, I did not agree for the most part. Okay so here I go, looking back over the comments. Okay this comment makes me understand from @Pioneer1 perspective when he wroter about, sort of like-- 'throwing the towel in, so-to-speak and feeling a sense of doom, [ie I don't agree completely about it being 'a Black-woman thing]. I don't believe that Black people do NOT have an anxiety problem but perhaps based on some of the issues @Troy mentioned that Black people have collectively been through such as seeing their women raped or their kids sold off into slavery and etc., has caused a sense of doom that goes deeper than anxiety--a sort of resignation. I think that is because, we may have been conditioned to see the past horrors but also conditioned to NOT see our present status as being all that bad perhaps. For many, today is much better than the past, but hey, in some regards, we may have been sort of 'dumbed down' too. We too, maybe NOT showing outwardly anxiety about life today, but it could be a sort of resignation. @Pioneer1 Yes, I agree partially. Each group may show stressed differently based on certain issues we are having to deal with on a cultural level. "Hopelessly unattractive"!? LOL! That's just plain crazy! "beyond standards of beauty in this society"!? No way, not today! "Don't even see a need to compete." !? Compete for what!? and Compete against whom!? Okay and this one just BLOWS ME AWAY! "They [Black Woman have] Very low self esteem can make it to where you'll just give up and not care about your looks or body image." That is ridiculous. IMO Black women have been conditioned in America to aspire to certain beauty 'role models', whether they want to look like Diana Ross in those days or, Like Peggy Lipton, that means they have a lot of self esteem. Like most women of all cultures we have followed trends that may or may not be superficial, but that means Black women do care and get 'DOLLED UP' just like women in all cultures. That is a joke, -- right? LOL. Now, I can absolutely understand this circumstance if a BLack person is the minority in a predominantly all-white school but, not if there are significant numbers of other Black students with the same culture. Like the other groups, Black students will 'group up'-- that is a natural process like the other cultures. Like, 'who cares' if there are a significant percentage of Black students? Have you ever been a part of a school where this has happened? I have not. No, -- I disagree. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE; meaning Black students will congregate to one another and they don't 'give up' or 'throw the towel in' and resign to feeling rejected by other groups in a school environment. However, on another level, I do feel that 'nationally' Black people do suffer from BLack Oppression by our government in certain ways and in terms of this thread beginning, about the teenages having anxiety like a psychotic person, I think Black kids and people do show anxiety in certain ways. There you go. Yes. I agree. @Troy I agree with you partially. I agree that Black women have been flooded with 'standard of beauty' that was not Afrocentric at some point, but not tody.
  21. @Mel Hopkins Will do! @Troy This would help me.
  22. @Troy He was a Raleigh North Carolina Police Officer and he basically said that many people have been misled to believe that once you sign up on Facebook, you can delete your account but that is not true. Then he said that if you post a pic or something that you later regret and try to delete it, however, this will not happen but, it will still be there no matter what. Then he said that if can affect you job in the future. So he advise students to stay away from facebook. @Pioneer1 LOL! I do NOT have what it takes to stay tuned in long enough to do what Cynique did! I have short attention span! And also, like MC Hammer said-- regarding @Mel Hopkins-- being First Lady-- She is polished and awesome imo and as MC HAMMER SAID, when it comes to MEL HOPKINS, "I" ... CAN'T TOUCH THIS!...
  23. SWEET PEA WHITAKER--May he RIP What Happened!? I mean, what really happened!? Was this the first time he’d crossed that street or what? Aren’t we speaking about a professional boxer who probably was accustomed to jogging and crossing streets? Well, anyway, this is sad news. I met him years ago, and thought that he was so very nice. The reports say that he had just had a photo session the day before! And, reports also have 'exonerated' the driver of the vehicle that struck him already. No charges are expected to be filed. Oh well,.. I met Sweet Pea Whitaker back in the 1980s at the Scope during a CIAA Championship game and later at my college in Norfolk, Va. and that was how I came to know that he was famous. I was a CIAA ‘ball girl’ and went to take a break and sat down in the bleachers for the VIPs. At this time, I did not know anything about him. But he was sitting directly in front of me and he turned around and introduced himself to me. He had bodyguards all around him. Later during that time, he handed me a poster that said, “10” and asked me to hold it up and then he took a picture. LOL. It just occurred to me that he might have been flirting with me!!! OMG! Shoot! LOL. Just kdding. I still have that pic, but well, those dayz are gone! LOL! I am a different person now! Now I'm a 10 x 10 x 10... LOL. But, back then it took me a while to realize who I had just met! Man! Again, he was so nice. My husband grew up in Norfolk and recalled how he was recruited and trained to be a boxer and became a favorite, he said, because ‘he had a left hook’. But, he quit because, he said that it was too intense for him. He said, they worked him out so hard that after the next day, he could not even lift his arms. Well, anyway, this is horrible news. I just read that Sweet Pea had financial debt and drug problems. And, the news reports says that he died on the scene. I also just read that Sweet Pea was arguable the best boxer of all times! May he rest in peace. REAKING Former world champion boxer Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker struck, killed by vehicle in Virginia Beach · Staff report Jul 15, 2019 Updated 21 hrs ago Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker, a former world champion boxer, died Sunday night after being hit by a pickup in Virginia Beach. … Whitaker, 55, was a four-time world champion who grew up in Norfolk. He won an Olympic gold medal in 1984. Ring Magazine named him its 1989 boxer of the year. ... https://pilotonline.com/sports/other/boxing/article_f4e8d6de-a6fd-11e9-ac4a-db3b99f41acb.html Post Script: How does a pickup truck hit a person all by itself? I guess they meant, 'after being hit by a PERSON driving the pick up truck'...
  24. Not all Black Police have been silent though. Man, was this recent? I guess I need to google. This is shocking news -- for me. OMG.
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