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  1. Yes, this is new to me! But I am very interested.
  2. "More of Sally Hemmings descendents TODAY:" TWO THUMBS UP!-- FAS. I've seen the first video but the second one you posted says it all! This a balanced account of the history of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings. WOW! You know, this subject reminds me of a time when after I had graduated from college and one day while I was driving and listening to the radio; I heard the announcer say that the 1st president, George Washington had slaves... I was completely stunned! Eventhough I graduated from an HBCU, I had never heard of that! --I was never formally taught in public school or college that after July 4, 1776, some of the founding fathers had slaves. That sounded so strange to me. LOL. But since then, I have seen talk shows and read books that featured some of the descendants of George Washington. After you posted too, I clicked and viewed some other interesting videos on this subject. Again, thank you for your post! Why did some of Sally Hemings's children identify themselves as white and others as black Getting Word: African American Families of Monticello On Reflection now, I am thinking maybe the title of this thread should not only be 'Black Men are too sexist' but instead, Some men are too sexist!
  3. Oh My! I don't know if I could stomach that video either!!! I have heard of this woman and like her, I think there are a lot of celebrities that are elevated but, I don't understand why!? But then, I don't follow a lot of stories so, maybe she is special, but, I wouldn't know. At any rate, it seems like she is being 'promoted' for some strange reason to highlight racial issues that are controversial, imo.
  4. This is all very fascinating to me and also 'way over my head'!--for now. But I have been following this thread and planning to ask some questions to some smart people to help be better understand!
  5. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings' descendants don't look white??? This is a reference of two descendants that I had read about of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings; THIS IS ESTON HEMINGS JEFFERSON who was born a slave-- May 21, 1808-January 3, 1856. I also read that some of these descendants were split and some chose to 'PASS FOR WHITE' and later lived as White European-Americans among White society. ESTON HEMINGS JEFFERSON (May 21, 1808 – January 3, 1856) was born a slave at Monticello, the youngest son of Sally Hemings, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eston_Hemings Also, here is another one; John Wayles Jefferson-- a grandson of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. So, while it would seem obvious to me that Sally Hemings descendants intermixed with BLack people and today, reflect this, as it has been written about, however, this story also shows the issues of Colorism that has caused darker skinned Black people's stories to be suppressed. ONe point that I thought I highlighted int his story was about The Black AFrican ancestor of Sally Hemings that became enslaved by the ship captain. The fact that these two White men are descendants of a Black AFrican enslaved woman is what is being suppressed, not the light skinned descendants that you posted in the video(s). Nevertheless, as I stated, we need to know those stories too, and we need to know about White Slavery, but in how it is directly connected to BLack African Slavery. The son Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson was BORN IN SLAVERY!!! Thank you so much for posting!
  6. Yes, for me, the hard part is accepting that this was the NORM! Especially for the darker skinned females and continually, this was the norm. But also, for me, I feel that this sort of thing still happens today in a certain degree, but it happens in such a way that we don't really recognize it. And, just like many of us may not recognize how, as these authors show, slavery affected many White people caught up in the ill affects of Colorism and Slavery too, however, it was not on the level that it affected darker skinned African-type people, but still, many of them were hurt too. I cannot equate my experiences to the account of that slave woman mentioned in the video having her own children and herself being sold by their own father and the man that fathered her children, but I know what it feels like to be abruptly ripped away from your children by this American legal system!--only to be proven 3 years later, after much damage has been done, that the courts had to acknowledge that it was wrong! ... Nevertheless, as in the past, AMerican offers no adequate restitution for this sort of Human Sacrifice. This story reminds me of a movie starring one of my favorite actresses, Jane Seymoure, who played the role of Fannie Kemble, and it was about a White woman who came from Britain and married a White man who was a slave owner. Her husband later, took her young daughters from her in a divorce settlement, and she was not reunited with them until they werer both 21 years old! --DAMAGE DONE! Nevertheless, after reading more about FAnnie Kemble from an author(s) Catherine Clinton and Deirdre David, and learing how Fannie Kemble too, had racist sentiments and wrote about Black slaves; She described "Blacks slaves as stupid, lazzy, filthy, as well as finding them ugly...". * Nevertheless, the references also says that "she was in opposition to slavery and outrage at its cruelties." These 'Love-Hate' conflicts that go on amongst White people, IMO, would be part of the reason why African Americans will never understand the full impact of slavery unless we learn more about what really happened during these times from other aspects as well as from well meaning White authors. *http://www.upenn.edu/pennpress/book/14321.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fanny_Kemble
  7. This is hilarious! I recognize some of the faces but for the most part, I don't know who they are. Hey, there's a part II ...
  8. WOW!!! Another Record Setting TRACK BEAUTY Setting a Record 10.75! SHA'CARRI RICHARDSON! WOW!-- Sha' Carri just ran a 10.75!!! This brings back my memories of Flo Jo! I read though that today, Sha-Carri is rated one of the 9th fastest runners. I am amazed. _______________________________________________________________ ... Richardson finished the race at a record-breaking time of 10.75 seconds and didn't even have to cross the finish line to know she won. She raised her arms in celebration while she was still running and finished nearly five meters ahead of the rest of the field Richardson broke the world junior record, and her finish time makes her the ninth-fastest performer in the world. She also broke the NCAA record, which was set 30 years ago by former LSU sprinter Dawn Sowell at 10.78. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/lsu-freshman-breaks-womens-100m-collegiate-record-in-1075-celebrates-early/ar-AACAP8M?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=AARDHP HERE'S THE VIDEO of her competing this past Saturday winning in 10.75 Oh and Uh, yes, she has BLONDE EXTENSIONS!!!-- LOL! I just realized that this trend of Black Track Beauties may be due to being able to recognize them on the track! Just a thought.
  9. Oh yes, I have experienced this!! @Pioneer1 @Troy This is an interesting comment especially in lieu of the video!!! I loved watching the video though, it was very good! I applaud the authors. Side note; The White woman reminds me so much of Ertha KItts daughter! At any rate, one of the most profound statements made was by the narrator of the video in how, before he went into depth about his mother, daughter and the FANCY LADIES, he mentioned his first love. He spoke about his first love being a very dark chocolate beauty and how we are today hearing stories from light skinned people and then after he made this statement, well, the conversation was mostly about WHITE, BIRACIAL OR LIGHT SKINNED SLAVES!!! The authors also spoke about this too, when they mentioned a woman that somehow learned how to write and expressed the horror of the man who fathered her children putting her and her children up for sale! It was said that because of the few Slave Narratives, these stories account for the many other stories that are not told! And then they spoke about Thomas Jefferson and later towards the end they spoke about Frederick Douglass in a positive aspect [of which I do NOT agree!]. fRederick Douglass later said that he was 'A HITTITE' and he speaks about his father, the slave master. Also, he greatly disrespected the Black wife he married and who helped him become free. He had illicit sexual relationships with White women in the house with his BLack wife in the house. And, the Black community became divided and some would not even go to his house! I read his books and was amazed at how he shifted his position and beliefs. The famous William Lloyd Garrison even became frustrated with Douglass. So, imo, the conversation about slavery was more about WHITE SLAVERY and I feel that this is a vital subject though, because it helps to bridge a gap and may better lead to the earlier experiences that the AFrican Slaves have not been able to voice. I think that the concept of WHITE SLAVERY needs to be better defined in that many of these White Slaves are descendants of Black and AFrican people and etc. and this definition has not been made clear. I feel tht many Black people have been made to believe that White Slavery has nothing to do with a connection to BLack and AFrican oppression but IMO, it does. Thomas Jefferson is indeed a perfect person to highlight this phenomenon of 'White SLavery' and the lineage of the woman Sally is a perfect description of a White Slave. Her ancestor was a Black AFrican woman enslaved by a White ship captain. By the time that Sally was born though, the AFrican 'Phenotype' had been watered down!!! And the future descendants of this Black slave woman look completely European and Caucasian today! You would never realize they stem from Black AFrica unless you researched this story. Thomas Jefferson practiced COLORISM on his slave plantation and the darker slaves lived down the mountain while the 'White Slaves' were allowed to live near to the big house and work in better 'slave jobs' and etc.
  10. WOW! That's awesome! She is definitely very light skinned, but I can see that she is Black! I dunno... I think @Pioneer1 that it depends. But I agree about Meghan Markle to a great extent only because I have seen her father! That man is White and has not connection to anything close to being Black cultural wise as well. However, Meghan was raised by her mother, so culturally, she definitely has that to her background. Oh yes!! I understand this too! Absolutely!!! I agree completely!
  11. I would SO love to go! But as you have said, I don't like crowds that much, however, if the theme is good, then I believe I could really enjoy this type of experience. I never knew that there was such a thing as 'an Essence festival'. Yes, this sound good! I grew up going to large annual Church conventions and had gotten tired of them for some reason-- never gave it much thought as to why-- But now, I think I might have a better experience at an Expo and especially perhaps a Book Fair.
  12. Can You Name Your Most Favorite AFrican American Cultural Festival You Would LIke to Attend? I am not the kind of person who has had the privilege to travel a lot and go to many festivals but if I could, there are some cultural festivals that I would like to attend. And, until I did a little research, I did not realize there were that many African Amercian festivals here in the States. I have posted this one link of the top ten most popular African American Cultural Festivals in America, and well, I have never heard of any of them, except for New York! I was so surprised to learn about a festival in Indiana being the most visited! I couldn't believe it! And, I was surprised to NOT see the Mardi Gras on the list. I probably will never be able to go to places far away for now, but I hope to attend some nearby real soon. At any rate, if money was NOT the issue and I had a choice to visit at least five then, I have listed my MOST WANTED TOP 5 CHOICES OF AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURAL FESTIVALS I would like to attend: 1. The Sundiata Festival in Seattle Washington [I would love to see Seattle, Washington because I heard so much about a significant AFrican American presence there that goes way back in time. And I heard that the people were active during the Civil Rights Movement] 2. Mardi Gras [After reading about the history and background though, I'm not sure if I want to go now, but in the past, I was always curious] 3. The Indiana Black Expo [This is stated in the link to be the most popular in all of America!] JULY 11-21, 2019 4. AFRAM Festival in Delaware [this was in the link, and I am curious] 5. Last by definitely not least-- THE African American Book Festival in Atlanta! [Man!--Would I love to go!] **Also, I would love to go to the one in Detroit, Michigan and also visit Motown Museum, Ohio, New York and the Book Festival in Houston, Texas and more!] Anyway, here is the link: 1 Sistrunk Parade and Festival--February, Fort Lauderdal, Florida One of the 15 most popular African-American Festivals attracting thousands of people for over 30 years, the Sistrunk Parade and Festival celebrates the achievements of USA citizens of African descent. Fun parts of the celebrations include a large parade with colorful floats, marching bands, drill teams, and dancing performers, as well as special international cuisine offerings, local and international entertainment, and family oriented activities. ... 8. Indiana BLack Expo Summer Celebration - Late July, Indianapolis, Indiana Summer Celebration is the largest African-American event in the nation, with over 300,000 people in attendance. The programs and events over an 11-day period includes business workshops, health and wellness, employment opportunities, spiritual enrichment, exhibits, youth activities and entertainment. Local and national celebrities along with individuals, families and members of the corporate community all join in celebration of African-American heritage and culture. ... http://www.topeventsusa.com/top-african-american-festivals-USA.html OMG! I think I want to go to Indiana!!! I think I want to go to Indiana!!! I think I want to go to Indiana!!! ... Wow!
  13. @Pioneer1 Interesting! But yes, I agree, many people from AFrica do not really say that much about their homeland, at least not to me.
  14. @Troy Tha's funny! But, I don't plan on wating in any long line to eat in any restaurant if I can help it. And yes, I read some reviews about this particular restaurant in that the food is not all that great. However, I think perhaps, the owner became popular because they have shows there at times. Yes, I agree. @Pioneer1 @Troy I don't know how to define 'race' but I have read about people being linked to lactose intoerance based on being of AFrican descent and/or having Neanderthal makeup. Like you said, anybody can be lactose intolerant today because we are all mixed.
  15. ASTRO a combining form with the meaning “pertaining to stars or celestial bodies, or to activities, asspaceflight, taking place outside the earth's atmosphere,” used in the formation of compoundwords: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/astro-
  16. Thank you @Delano ! Exactly! This was the very term I was thinking about. The root word 'ASTRO' in words like Astronomy, Astrology, Astrophysicist and etc. all stem from the word 'STAR' and, as you wrote, the term 'astrology' and 'astronomy' are interchangeable. I thought that I made that clear when I first posted. I believe that the Western World has done a lot to bring confusion in how the Old World used the term 'STAR' to refer to various 'astronomical bodies' or 'celestial bodies' and even today, this can still be the sterm used 'STAR' to refer to certain events. As I said the planetarium show THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM refers to THE PLANETS and the famous TRIPLE CONJUNCTION of the planets JUPITER, SATURN, AND MARS, that occurred about 2000 years ago and again in April of 2002. Today, we understand the definition of 'planets' but this was the same understanding thousands of years ago, and still it was defined as 'wandering stars', 'moving star's, or 'planets'-- --The term 'star' and 'planet' was used interchangeably! Likewise, we know the distinction between 'meteor storm', 'falling star' and 'star' as meaning FIXED STAR, however, even today, the terms are used interchangeably. But the Western world as specifically defined 'STAR' as only meaning 'FIXED STAR' and its definition at times, but they too, refer to the Old Word defintion of 'star' as meaning specific 'astronomical bodies' because the science of stars is ever changing... UNIVERSITY OF CHAPEL HILL MOREHEAD PLANETARIUM Show ever years-- Morehead Planetarium retires "Star of Bethlehem," starts new holiday concert series Tags: Activities, holiday season Posted November 20, 2011 https://www.wral.com/morehead-planetarium-retires-star-of-bethlehem-starts-new-holiday-concert-series/10284597/ As I stated, this 'Star of Bethlehem' Planetarium Show about the TRIPLE CONJUNCTION of the planets, Jupiter, mars and Saturn, was stated to be the LONGEST RUNNING SHOW IN THE WORLD and ran for over 50 years across the world. I saw the one at UNC but it has closed. Along with this show in North Carolina, there were two others in America, in Texas and in Pennsylvania planetariums. Because of this show being featured across the globe, this phenomena cannot be completely ignored here, in America, however, they have done a good job of keeping this completely out of the educational systems! Again, I understand the confusion today, in specifically defining 'planets' as NOT being 'a star' however, this is no different than the ancient times too. Just as in the past, the term 'moving star' is specifically defining 'a planet'. The term 'star' is defined even today in context and can really have a more specific definition other than a fixed star that gives off it's own light. And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. ST MARK 13:25. [We know that 'falling stars' mean METEORS just as they did in ancient times.] Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever. ST JUDE 1:13. [And we know that the reference to 'wandering stars' correlates to planets today as they knew in ancient times] And he put down the idolatrous priests, whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in the high places in the cities of Judah, and in the places round about Jerusalem; them also that burned incense unto Baal, to the sun, and to the moon, and to the planets, and to all the host of heaven. … 2 KINGS 23:5. [And so, the priest-scientist in the past knew about planets being specifically distinct from 'a fixed star' just as we do today] There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory. 1 CORINTHIANS 15:41. [And here, is the full reference showing that the ancient scribes knew the distinction of certain 'stars' they saw in the sky] one star differeth from another star Again, as these ancient script references do show, the term 'PLANET' was known as well as the actual definition of planets being 'wandering stars' and 'moving stars'. The term 'star' in context can define a specific kind of 'celestial body' or ASTRONOMICAL BODY.
  17. I don't know @Pioneer1 but, I think that this is a bigger picture than what we are seeing over here in America. I do agree that we have to blame ourselves for this but also, the Colonial Movement has a lot to play in what has happened in Africa. How can people be so famished over there when the massive TRADE EXPEDITIONS have taken place over there? Africa is in the sun belt and for this reason, it has produced a wealth of substance. It is like the bread basket for the world. So, if African people have been duped into being 'a third world' class, this is a serious paradox.
  18. @Pioneer1 I NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD! LOL. WHEW! I think I would have called back and complained too. I hate having to toss my food and after spending money. But, I've done it more than once! Yes, I agree. As a Navy Brat, I have found that many Phlipino people love Soul Food. Oh yes! @Troy Really!? I didn't know this! Okay, I have another FAMOUS SOUL FOOD RESTAURANT that I have been wanting to visit: It's called SWEETIE PIE'S and this is the one thing I regret not being able to visit when I lived in St. Louis, Missouri for a short time. I drove by the small cafe located on FLORISSANT Street by accident when I was actually looking for the restaurant that was located downtown. I was given the wrong directions. And, as i drove about a mile or two down Florissant and decided to make a U-turn, I suddenly realized that I was in another 'infamous area'!!! I was turning around in a parking lot directly across from a convenience store called FERGUSON MARKET and when I got home and youtubed it-- Well, It was the very Ferguson market that MICHAEL BROWN went to before he took off running down the street and was later shot and killed! I couldn't believe it! I also passed by the QT convenience stor on that same street that was the place where people later marched and demonstrated. I was so shocked to stumble across this historic street and had no idea until after I got home, where I had driven. i think maybe, the owner of Sweetie Pie may have started out in this area before she opened up her famous restaurant downtown. This restaurant is so famous that people actually travel from across America to visit and, people wait in long lines outside just to be seated. The owner, Robbie, was once a background singer for Tina Turner. SWEETIE PIE'S SOUL FOOD RESTAURANT I heard that there has been a lot of legal problems that occurred recentely and the owner was filed suit against by her son. But however, she became so well known that other restaurants were supposed to have opened up in other states. @Pioneer1 You've given me a reason to want to visit Detroit! I would love to sample Steve's Soul Food and Bean's and Cornbread!
  19. Where is the Nearest Soul Food Restaurant in your Community? Sometimes, when I get in the mood for Soul Food, I will try again and again to find a restaurant in my community, but all the while I am searching, I know that I won’t! It has been so frustrating! I reminisce back years ago when I lived in Durham, North Carolina when I would love to go to this one famous restaurant and indulge. It was called Pan Pans. But even before I left Durham, that restaurant had closed down. I remember when it was located nearest Highway 85 nearest a hub of hotels and how it was always jam packed with people, but nevertheless, I was always able to be seated rather quickly and the food was always fresh and good. But the owner soled his restaurant and opened up a smaller place in the nearby shopping mall, which even though, I think he was pressured to do, I know it was a good decision. That older restaurant seem to become in need of repair and the restrooms were too small imo. However, the restaurant in the Northgate Mall seemed to be even smaller! But worse, was that the owner later soled this restaurant to Orientals and eventually, the food was terrible. I stopped going because the last time I went, I ended up getting sick and had to go to the emergency room! And, although it may not have been the food from the restaurant that made me sick, the food looked bad imo. And the ratings became terrible. I finally heard too, that restaurant closed permanently! So then at times, I would drive for two hours to Virginia to another restaurant in a small town and this one never let me down! It was called Carolina Barbecue and oh Man!—it was so good! But guess what!? The building recently burned down! So then, I have decided to do some research and see if there are other Soul Food restaurants around these days. After reading comments from a recent thread here, I decided to list some restaurants that I would like to visit one day. I was surprised not to find any nearby places in Maryland! Where I was at the time, I searched and searched and had to resort to trying to cook some soul food myself! For the first time, I made me some Pigs’ Feet!—And it cane out really good, so good that my eyeballs almost rolled back in my head. LOL! I’m the only one in my family that loves this kind of soul food. LOL—and yeah, I’m from the north! I don’t know what is wrong with these people around me! I know there are some soul food restaurants that serve Fried Chicken and maybe Collard greens and ‘call it a day’ but, I believe that a good Soul Food restaurant should also serve foods like Chitterlings, sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas and etc. And, in my experience, Black Americans are by far, not the only people that love Soul Food. I remember one year, I decided to go to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time because I did not feel like cooking, and well, the Collard Greens tasted awful and, they ran out quickly. Thankfully, standing in front of me was a White woman, and she went **** off! LOL! She started fussing out loud! She ranted that there was not fatback in the Collard Greens and they had the nerve to run out! LOL! I was so happy she told the cooks a thing-or-two! And then at one time, I too, had to tell the cook how I felt at another store. I used to love to go to the Whole Foods Store near Duke University and buy from the buffet because at times, they would prepare some wonderful Soul Food, but this one time, they served Collard Greens and I had to throw them away—and they were expensive. They were labeled, ‘Southern styled Collard Greens’ however, they were seasoned with, well, I don’t know, but it was horrible. So, after a few visits, I just could not take it anymore, so I knocked on the back door and asked to speak to the chef. Well, a very nice Hispanic man came out and he said that he was ‘the head chef’ and, I thought, “Uh Oh, I don’t know how this is going to turn out”, but anyway, I laid into him! I pointed at the label and told him that “this is NOT Southern styled Collard Greens!” I had my hands on my hips, and I looked at him like--- Well, I said, “Come on now…” He dropped his head and started laughing. And then he said, “Look, come back Thursday, I promise you, I will get it right. I promise you will like it.” LOL, I started laughing too. And I said, “Alright now. You got me?” He said, “Yes, I got you.” And, he was right. He got it right! By the time I got there, two days later on Thursday, I almost missed the pan—it was almost sold out! WHEW! So anyway, I thought it would be good to list some Soul Food Restaurants across America that seem to have a good rating and/or a good history or at least at one time or another. I not visited any Soul Food Restaurants in Sanford, Florida but I see a really good listing for one! And then too, I see a lot of places that have closed down. So sad. But because of the history, I think it may be good to list them too. There is an upcoming Soul Food Festival in Central Florida! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Soul Food Restaurant is in SAnford Florida and it has good ratings. CAROLINA BARBECUE!!! --Sadly the building burned down! Emporia, Virgina Pan Pans--at Northgate Mall, Durham, NC-- CLOSED DOWN Pan Pans in Northgate Mall
  20. @Troy Oh Gosh, thank you for this jolt. I think I need to do better here; so, I have gotten some quotes to better understand myself. Also, thank you @Delano for you post on the 'ancient definition of planets being defined as 'wandering stars'. I think that though, our educational system does not care to better define how terms are used 'generally' in the past and how they are more detailed today. So now, I see the detailed definition of 'star' as it applies to 'the sun' and the 'planets' that rotate around our 'sun star'. I see the detailed definition of our satellite (moon) being a part of our sun system. And I see and better understand the definition of 'SHOOTING STARS' [ie FALLING STARS] in that this term is not really defining 'a star'', however, this is just a general term used to describe 'A METEOR STORM'! _________________________________________________________________ Motion in the Heavens: Stars, Sun, Moon, Planets Motion of the Planets Since ancient times it has been known that five of the "stars" moved across the sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They were termed "planets" which simply means wanderers. Are their paths in the starry vault also related to the ecliptic? The answer is yes. They all stay within 8 degrees of the ecliptic, and in fact this is the definition of the Zodiac: the band of sky within eight degrees of the ecliptic, and for this reason. http://galileoandeinstein.physics.virginia.edu/lectures/starry~1.html Ptolemy was influential with his heavily mathematical work, The Almagest, which attempts to explain the peculiarity of stars that the moved. These "wandering stars", planets, moved across the background of fixed stars which were spread along a sphere surrounding encompassing the universe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fixed_stars A "falling star" or a "shooting star" has nothing at all to do with a star! These amazing streaks of light you can sometimes see in the night sky are caused by tiny bits of dust and rock called meteoroids falling into the Earth's atmosphere and burning up. ... Meteors are commonly called falling stars or shooting stars. What causes a "falling star"? - StarChild - NASA Comets are some of the material left over from the formation of the planets. Our entire solar system, including comets, was created by the collapse of a giant, diffuse cloud of gas and dust about 4.6 billion years ago. How did comets form? - HubbleSite - Reference Desk - FAQs _____________________________________________________ So, then my conclusion is that the ancient 'translation' and terminology used as WANDERING STAR [ie Planets] or MOVING STAR [Planets] and also SHOOTING STARS [METEORS] OR FALLING STARS [METEORS] are not explained today, in that this term 'STAR' was relative, so therefore, people may not understand ancient scripts. However, I feel that these references should help to better understand. So too, @Pioneer1, even though the ancient scriptures and the Biblical description of 'a moving star' in that the star was observed to move definitely describes A PLANET, however, it may not be believe as such because of today's TECHNICAL DEFINITION OF THE WORD 'STAR' is not made plain in how it was defined with the adjective 'MOVING' or 'WANDERING' to actually mean a planet. And likewise, as I showed in the reference, ancient people did term the planets as 'stars'. The ancient Romans were STAR WORSHIPERS and their most supreme worship of THE PLANET JUPITER is what sums them up to the point that they constructed their major temples and named them after these 'PLANETS'; the TEMPLE of JUPITER, the temple MERCURY [ie SATURN'; their Treasury temple], thier temple VENUS and etc. and they have major festivals that revolve around these 'ancient stars'.
  21. @Troy Yes, that was the norm for a long time, but what I have been hearing for the past few years from some people is that things have changed a little. I heard that after former president Obama came to office, now women are penalized heavily in certain ways. I heard that somehow, the government has forced them to have to get a job even while the babies are young and somehow they are penalized if they have a certain number of children. @Pioneer1 This is depressing. But I knew this would happen and years back when I refuted this issue of Black children being adopted by non-Blacks, I was severely admonished by BLack women. But now, I see this all the time, BLack children with non-Black and homosexual parents! The conditioning that will occur to these Black adopted children will soon manifest and then, I guess the government will put another 'Black' 'person' up on the ballot for the vote... so they can blame us Black folk for these societal outcomes in a few decades. smh. I think it was last year that the news reported two White lesbian parents who had adopted a lot of Black children and they drove off a California cliff in a Thelma and Louise suicide ending of their lives. All but one of the children were finally found and so, it was determined that the two women and all of the children were in the vehicle. The lab reports revealed that the two women and all of children were all given high doses of Benadryl. Shortly before this happened, some of the older children had ran to a neighbor in the night asking for help and said that they were being starved, so the social services began an initial investigation. So sad.
  22. @Pioneer1 Hilarious! Oh yes! I can smell the bacon in my brain right now! I can taste the corn bread in my mind right now! That is SOOOoooo interesting what you wrote about Southern Italy and the Italians in Detroit and Canada.
  23. @Pioneer1 definitely. One of the big ills of segregation. I don't know about this, however, I think we would have made a better attempt at it than this government but, I don't think it would have been a complete job.
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