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  1. Greetings Nathanial Essex. Well, maybe the government is now viewing blackface as 'mockery of Black people' and in a sense, they may also view the police brutality as racist people mocking Black Lives. So perhaps this BLM protest has caused this subject to be dealt with because, recently there has been protest in the country of the Netherlands about 'Swarte Piet' [Black Pete] in parades, where black face is displayed. Thank you for you thoughts.
  2. Sorry to hear that! @Pioneer1 Yes, I have to agree. BUT, you know, I think this may be a form of depression. Many Black people of this generation, are feeling helpless. They may be in shock and disbelief as to what seems to be 'a repeat of history', a throwback from the Jim Crow days, and they never thought this would happen now, so therefore, they are reacting this way, showing that they are unprepared; caught off guard. We've been conditioned to believe that those days were long gone, a false conditioning, and now all of a sudden, we are witnessing this kind of race hatred and was not prepared. Black men in chattel slavery times had to cope with so much, when it came to their manhood being taken from them, and now this! YES! Sad but true. Well, here's the point though, to this thought; we've been attacked for so long, that even if there were no White Caucasian men around, there would still be a problem for a long time. I just recently attended a funeral and my heart goes out to the inner strength of the family. The Black family members were so elegant and regal, even in this time of grief. When a young person passes away, I would expect hard grieving, but most of the family members carried themselves so well, that I was astounded.
  3. I'm back! Well, for a brief moment. @Pioneer1 I agree to that! Yes, I feel that England does still rule the US! Now, this is part of what I want to add about Nimrod and CUSH HAM because, it is by BOOKS that the Black Babylonians became so powerful!!! Also Egypt!--These Black kings too, became masters at script and this is why they became so powerful. So no, White Caucasians you are referring to had NOTHING TO DO WITH BOOKS, initially! This was the fury of the ancient Assyrians, in that the Cushites were so good at record keeping and develop amazing schools--ACCAD--Academies. Nimrod became evil though, when 'They came from the east' and set up, initially all around Black BAbylon and soon infiltrated. ASSHUR SHEM marks a much later time after Nimrod already set up a massive civilization! ASSHUR SHEM marks a time when after he himself lived in Black Babylon and learned skills from these Black kings. Then, as the Bible states, Asshur Shem left Black Babylon and copied them, and he set up cities in present-day Syria on the same style and construction of the CUSH HAMITES cities developed by Nimrod. As far as Sargon, I can't remember what the secular records say about him. I need to revisit accurate records about him. But SArgon was born way after Nimrod Cush Ham. That is a complete lie on the same wise as that ancient time when the Assyrians and other eastern people tried to claim the works of Black kings. After Nimrod was overthrown, yes, the Assyrians did completely take over parts of Black Babylon and, the mixed-bred sons of Nimrod continued to inter-mix with other foreign people. There is so much more about Nimrod; his contributions to humanity is absolutely vast and incredible. But again, its hard to talk about him without the realization of how he came to oppress his own Sumerian people. Nimrod was absolutely NOT part Assyrian or any form of being part-White Caucasian though. Ancient foreign people took the books of ancient Sumeria and Kemet, etc and falsified them on a grand scale.
  4. @Pioneer1 NO! Absolutely not!!! Two different men altogether. Sargon was born much later in time. Nimrod was a Black man, completely SETH of CUSH HAM MALE LINE. I can barely refrain my anger when I see White men like the one you believe in!!! They are so creepy to me. You have no idea how many of them, I've countered due to these evil lies they try to supplant in the minds of Black people about ancient script. But most of the time, all you have to do is look deeper and you will see how, so many other White scholars that are much more worthy of scholarship that will confront these kind of creepy White Supremacist. Now, here is a portion of the quote from you on another White modern day man: Okay, this is in the quote you put!!! These type of creeps are trying to get Black people to accept 'their interpretation' that is NOT in ancient scripts NOWHERE! Complete deception. So what!? There are many terms in other languages for 'legitimate king' meaning-INHERITED RIGHT. Now, he's trying to reinforce you more to believe this unsupported lie and false interpretation of ancient script in that Sargon is Nimrod. Geez! Anyway, here is another quote from this man Douglass Petrovich: Douglas Petrovich JOURNAL OF THE EVANGELICAL THEOLOGICAL SOCIETY II. TRANSLATION OF BIBLICAL NARRATIVE WITH NIMROD’S BIOGRAPHY Genesis 10:7-12: 7The sons of Cush were Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabteca, while the sons of Raamah were Sheba and Dedan. 8Now Cush sired Nimrod. That one acted irrevertently, in order to become powerful on the earth; 9he became a powerful slaughterer in the sight of Yahweh. 10Now the start-ing-point of his kingdom was ERidu, and Uruk, and Akkad, and all of them were located in the land of Sumer. 11From that land, he went out into Assyria, and he built up Nineveh, and Rehoboth City, and Kalhu, 12and Resen—being located between Nineveh and Kalhu, which is the great city.1 https://www.academia.edu/2184113/_2013_Identifying_Nimrod_of_Genesis_10_with_Sargon_of_Akkad_by_Exegetical_and_Archaeological_Means "11From that land, he went out into Assyria, and he built up Nineveh, and Rehoboth City, and Kalhu, 12and Resen—" Now here is the KJV of this very same reference about CUSH HAM and Nimrod and Asshur of which this creepy White man completely omitted: [6] And the sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan. [7] And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtecha: and the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan. [8] And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. [9] He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. [10] And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. [11] Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah, [12] And Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city. GENESIS 10: 6-12. so creepy! Pioneer1, Sargon was NOT mentioned to be alive until thousands of years after Nimrod was born!!! Here is the reference from Isaiah who lived during 700s BC during the time of the Assyrian Empire times: [1] In the year that Tartan came unto Ashdod, (when Sargon the king of Assyria sent him,) and fought against Ashdod, and took it; [2] At the same time spake the LORD by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and put off thy shoe from thy foot. And he did so, walking naked and barefoot. ISAIAH 20:1. here is another scholars comment that refuted this man: The Alphabet was not Invented by the Hebrews March 7, 2019 — robertholmstedt Note here for the promised link to a related essay on the alphabet. A review of Douglas Petrovich, The World’s Oldest Alphabet: Hebrew as the Language of the Proto-Consonantal Script, with a contribution by Sarah K. Doherty and introduction by Eugene H. Merrill (Jerusalem: Carta, 2016). … I will admit that I found it odd that Petrovich should be weighing in on the discussion since he studied no Hebrew grammar or Northwest Semitic epigraphy with me at the University of Toronto, where he wrote his doctoral thesis on Near Eastern archaeology. … And as I continued the book, I was deeply disappointed that a work with so many flawed notions of Hebrew grammar would have been published. (And, as I soon discovered, the analysis of Egyptian was equally problematic.) Moreover, Petrovich’s writing style often reads more like a set of course lectures and he often cites sources in an exaggerated way if he wants to impress the reader with their authority. https://ancienthebrewgrammar.wordpress.com/2019/03/07/the-alphabet-was-not-invented-by-the-hebrews/ here is another quote from the other White man, a mormon that you quoted: 03. IN SEARCH OF THE HISTORIC NIMROD by Bruce W. Warren 53.155.0 IN SEARCH OF THE HISTORIC NIMROD. By Bruce W. Warren, adjunct professor of anthropology at Brigham Young University, and John A. Tvedtnes, instructor at the BYUSalt Lake Center of Contin­uing Education and doctoral candidate in Egyptian and Semitic languages at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. … He is said to have built the towns of Babel, Erech, and Accad in the land of Shinar (=Sumer) in southern Mesopotamia,' and also the northern Mesopotamian cities of Nineveh, RehobothIr, Calah,l and Resen (Gen. 10: 10 11).1 http://ancientamerica.org/library/media/HTML/r1vg0nqa/03 In search of the historicc Nimrod.htm?n=0 A complete lie. The Assyrians were White Supremacist and loathed those Cush Hamites who built up their civilization and mastered script. Asshur Shem was completely evil. White Supremacist loathe the fact that God had Moses write it up correctly, about CUSH HAM. Because, after the Sumerians were overthrown, their script was taken over by the Assyrians but no modern archeologist denies that the cuneiform script was exclusively Cush Ham. Asshur Shemites had nother to do with it. They came to Black lands and went to ACCAD and had to learn this script language in order to trade. I have a lot to say about Nimrod...but I gotta go for now. NIMROD was the BOMB! He was awesome! But yeah, he allowed the Whites in and they flattered him and he began to oppress his own Sumerian people. Get outta hear! No way. SArgon was a creep. Nimrod was mighty because he was CUSH HAM. Black Power! Stop giving credit to creeps! No, I did not say that!!! I said that they had to separate from the BIBLE because they did NOT 'found America' on the Bible. That is why they had to separate from it, because the Bible does NOT support enslavement of Black AFrican children. They use the Bible as a demise, but after the world began to broadcast this in India, Japan, etc. England decided to 'look like the good guys' and these Americans decided to keep their slave trade power.... hence Separation of Church and State to maintain CHATTEL SLAVERY. JULY 4TH--THEY BROKE OFF FROM THE CROWN
  5. THE LATTER DAYS THE LATTER RAINS, The Former Rains & John APRIL 17, 2356 [10] And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth. [11] In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. GENESIS 7:11. APRIL 17, 2356 [26] John answered them, saying, I baptize with water: but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not; [27] He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe's latchet I am not worthy to unloose. [30] ST JOHN 1:26-7. I think today, we could use a little hope. So now, I think it would be good to add some background history that has not been taught very well about the time of the Crusades, history that may help give us some direction during this time because of Black people being killed for one vague reason or another. There has been pieces of information offered in various ways about this intense time when the Christian Crusaders launched their movement to go back into the Middle East to oust the Muslims from Jerusalem but the information has been meager in a formal process. There have been many games invented based on the Crusades for young people to go to the arcade and play, games that revolved around famous ‘Muslim’ leaders like Saladin [ei Salah-A-Din], during the A.D. 1100s, who opposed the Crusaders and such. But until I sat down one day at the table with African American Islamic men at a book study, it never dawned on me until then that there was a huge gap in my education. Prior to that time, I had seen a few depictions of Saladin as a White European man but here, at this book study, I was shown depictions of Saladin as a very dark-skinned Black man! WOW! That baffled me, initially, but since then, I read that it was admitted by European scholars that a statue of Saladin erected in Europe as a White man was wrong. To my surprise and long before even Saladin was born and before guns were invented, to the north of Jerusalem, in present-day Turkey, the Crusaders began their quest against a force of men known as THE SELJUK TURKS and they too were Black African-typed! And, it was they who sparked the rage of Europe to begin the Crusades. Propaganda went out that these men were cannibals and Muslims but low and behold, my research has also turned up that these men were actually Karaites, meaning Black Jews, Hebrew Israelites. Their names, their history, and their ancestral identity connects them to the distant past of the Bible. The founder, Seljuk had five sons, namely Michael [Mikhail], Moses [Musa], Israel [Yisrael], Yunus [Jonas] and Yusuf [Joseph] and so, a better understanding as to how this history can connect the past to the present may help us today understand our place in governments today. FIRST OF ALL, my thoughts were ‘What in the world were African Negroes doing living up there in the north world in Turkey Anatolia!?’ But it turns out that was not really as far north as they had actually been! Not only that but, my ignorance became obvious in that my Bible education was severely lacking as it was in Turkey Anatolia that many Hebrew Israelites had went even long before the time of Jesus! The Apostle Peter went to live there! The Church was set up there! So in order to understand the time of the Crusades, the Bible becomes a major connection. I now realize that a better understanding of secular history too, about the other side of the Crusades may help us to better understand the strange happenings of the past and present with regards to Black African oppression globally. Right around the turn of the millennium in the A.D. 1000s, these Turks became the very focus of the Byzantine Empire and the very motivation behind the Crusades. Propaganda was put all throughout Europe about these Oghuz Turks in that they were Muslims, cannibals, etc. and so massive forces of men ‘came to arms’ to assist the Byzantines deal with this threat. This history of the Crusades though, becomes extensive and studied intensely in colleges all over the world, however, in the western world for us Black Americans, silence. So, where do we start in order to understand why, even this history has been almost a complete black out? What was it about Seljuk and his descendants that it should be kept hidden from us? Like Saladin, the few depictions and films about the ancient Turks shown in America today would be of White Europeans depictions actors! Nevertheless, the script reveals otherwise. We need to regard the script. The history of the Turks again becomes overwhelmingly extensive and deserves careful study. Like African Americans in the western world, there were distinctions amongst these people who initially were scripted to have existed in the far east. They were a people that formed confederations. Many of these Turks also had a history in Inner Mongolia and Central Asia for a certain time period. Eventually, Seljuk and his people disconnected with a religion known as Tengriism and bonded with their Islamic brethren and concentrated in an area known as Merv near Armenia. Eventually, they clashed with the large Byzantine force and became victorious beginning with the Battle of Manzikert. And, many of the other Jews and Israelites, Slavs, Cumans, Pechenegs, etc. broke off from the Byzantine forces and switched sides and fought with the Seljuk Turks. The leader of the Turk force was known in our western world as Alp Arslan, the Mighty Lion [Hero Lion] and he was the Great grandson of Seljuk. Like the name of ‘Alp Arslan’, many of these names associated with the Crusader period are not recognizable to us. The Turkish language has been defined to be very distinct and presents other challenges in understanding the past eastern world, a world that hints at a long time period in which many, many African-typed people were a part everywhere! These Karaites were also well scripted by Arab scholars and by Mongolians, etc. But however, it would be as if they have been blotted out of existence for us, so in order to understand this motivation to hide history, we need to regard the Hebrew Israelite origins, the Bible and also African origins as a whole. The very names to describe them connects the distant past to the present. And one of the names of the sons of Seljuk, YUNUS, brings out some amazing history and prophecy. The word ‘HUN’ [Hunuy] becomes obvious in the script version of this name, and so therefore, the name ‘Hunuy’ or ‘Yunus’ would still be common in Hungary today, a country too, where the ancient Turks once existed too. History also shows that the fear of Rome during the A.D. 400s, Atilla-the-Hun [ie Etile-the-Hun] was also Turkish. This name YUNUS, has the meaning ‘Dove’ and ‘peace’ in some sources however, there are so many other variations with other unique meanings. In its Biblical rendition, the meaning of ‘Dove’ associates YUNUS with the account of John the Baptist [ie Johann, Johun, Yohannes…], but a deeper understanding of this name also associates it with the meaning of WATER and goes all the back to when it defined ancient Egyptians especially at the time of the Great World Flood. But even as far back as script can go, this name ‘YUNUS’ in its variations has an association with WATER. But not only does this amazing name mark the time of the Great Deluge, it also revolves around the fearsome prophecies of end times but then too, it offers us hope and a time of peace and deliverance. Many root names in ancient times referred to the meaning of water such as ‘Isis’, ‘Moses’, and of course, ‘Jesus’ as meaning ‘living waters’. Today this root meaning continues be associated with ‘water’ in words such as ‘Island’ and ‘Isthmus’. Some of the names of ancient Egyptian kings such as the earliest of dynasties has a name associate with water. Later Egyptian kings, such as ‘the Sesostris kings’ of the Twelfth Dynasty continued this naming system that reached way back before their time and today, these names are defined as being GREEK RENDITIONS. However again, this aspect goes all the way back to the earliest of times when ancient Egyptians were actually given added name titles of which defined their ‘SPIRITUAL IDENTITY’ or ‘an inherited name’, etc. These ancient Egyptian rulers had names added to them called ‘Horus Names’, ‘Golden Horus Names’, ‘Nebty Names’ or also Theban Names [Seth names] and ‘Two Ladies Name’, and therefore, the later Greek renditions in script are a reflection of this distant past. During the earliest of dynasties though, some of the name titles reflected a foreign presence in ancient Egypt of which weakened the stability of the Black Kemet and Khety world and so these ancient indigenous people became oppressed and overthrown over and over again, and the time of the Great World Flood of which occurred during the Fifth Dynasty marks such an event, a time when the Creator made an intercession and he judged the world abruptly. Albeit, from the world viewpoint, this judgement was sudden but however, Biblical records show that it took about 100 years to occur. Based on my research, this global flood occurred due to the advent of a new star that entered our solar system at that time known to us today as ‘the planet Jupiter’. And so, on April 17, 2356, this planet affected our earth planet and THE FORMER RAINS began. Amazingly so, it would be on this same day, APRIL 17, thousands of years afterwards that the Bible records another great phenomenon of the birth of the Christ child under the advent of yet another great moving star, the planet Saturn, that entered our solar system. However, after this phenomenon occurred, the Bible records show that the Creator put a rainbow in the sky as a sign that he would not flood the world again until end times. So in the ancient Egyptian records, the name variation of YUNUS marks this time of great waters, however, it has become hidden history to the Black African world. Why would it be so crucial for governments to hide this kind of history? Could it be for us to lose hope, not believe in a higher power, cut off, so as to completely depend on mankind to guide us into making dangerous decisions that keep us constantly oppressed? But however, through the study of the Word of God, maybe we can get a better direction on how to respond to negativity today. Some of the very names of ancient Egyptians sheds light on this incredible hidden phenomenon of the great deluge. This name ‘Unas’ would be one such name and would be a variation of the name of Yunas [Yunus, Jonas, John], a name that has an association with water. The Seth world became oppressed at this time. During the Fifth Dynasty, the god Osiris was re-introduced in name formats such as ‘Wasir’ or ‘Ausir’, etc. as a format for a new foreign presence to be accepted into Egypt. Much later in time the name ‘Waset’ [ie Wa-Seth] in Thebes became common for the same reasons. Based on the Biblical timeline in comparison to our modern timeline, Noah’s flood occurred in the year 2356 B.C., and during the leap year month of April; the second month. It occurred on the seventeenth day of the month of April and although most secular historians deny the world deluge, nevertheless, there are ancient records that reveal this truth and the name of ‘YUNUS’ and its variation in ancient script would be one such method of preserving history: Unas, (flourished 24th century BCE), last king of the 5th dynasty (c. 2465–c. 2325 BCE) of ancient Egypt and the first pharaoh to inscribe the interior of his pyramid at Ṣaqqārah with religious and magical texts known as Pyramid Texts. According to later king lists, Unas was the last ruler of the 5th dynasty, … https://www.britannica.com/biography/Unas Unas /ˈjuːnəs/ or Wenis, also spelled Unis (Ancient Egyptian: wnjs, hellenized form Oenas /ˈiːnəs/ or Onnos), was a pharaoh, the ninth and last ruler of the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. Unas reigned for 15 to 30 years in the mid-24th century BC (circa 2345–2315 BC ), succeeding Djedkare Isesi, who might have been his father. Unas had several daughters and possibly one or two sons who are believed to have predeceased him. Manetho, a third century BC Egyptian priest of the Ptolemaic Kingdom and author of the first history of Egypt, claims that with Unas' death the Fifth Dynasty came to an end. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unas So, Seljuk the Great passed on his legacy to his sons and connected them to their ancestry in connection to being of the Original Jews; Karaites of Hebrew Israel. Although modern script never ties the Keraite, Turks to their Hebrew origins in the western world of Ham, it would be through ancient Jews like the Seljuk Turks and others in how they continued to attach themselves to names that true Black African history can surface today as the foundation of the Hebrew Israelite culture has been firmly based upon ancient Africa. And one of the most amazing name, Yunus, carries a deep spiritual message of hope from the past to the present as it also connects to the end time prophecies. After the death of Seljuk, his descendants went on to set up an empire that lasted for more than 200 years and according to just about all sources, it was a time period of great development in many ways. Due to the invention of cannons, their empire was eventually overthrown but why? Something happened. What? Apparently though, long ago even before the birth of Christ, there formed a massive Turkish world with many distinct cultures all over the ‘Middle east’, Near east, Northeast, Central Asia, Inner Mongolia, the Balkans in East Europe and other parts of Eurasia, Cumania, India, etc. So what happened to them? The rise of the massive Mongolian Empire shut them down completely. Was this a part of our curriculum? What about Sorghatani’s sons? Genghis Khan’s grandsons? WOW! His grandsons were half-Jew!? Who was this Keraite Christian woman married to the son of Genghis Khan? The silence in history becomes downright eerie! But Biblical prophecy of this time period becomes the shock and the proof that this history cannot be hidden forever. Maybe this kind of hidden history has rendered us vulnerable for exploit. We are being oppressed but why? So then, maybe Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is hope. Yunus (Arabic: يُونُس‎, Yūnus, Persian: یونس‎, Yunos, Turkish: Yunus), also spelled Younas, Younes, Younis or Younus, is a common male given name, the Arabic version of Greek Ιωνάς (Ionas), from Hebrew יוֹנָה Jonah 'dove'. Notable people with this given name[edit] Yonas[edit] Yonas, Emperor of Ethiopia 1797–1798 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yunus FIRST DYNASTY EGYPT Semerkhet Greek form: Semempsés. First Egyptian ruler with a fully developed Nebty name. His complete reign is preserved on the Cairo stone. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Dynasty_of_Egypt FIFTH DYNASTY EGYPT Djedkare Isesi (known in Greek as Tancheres) was a pharaoh, the eighth and penultimate uler of the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt in the late 25th century to mid-24th century BC, during the Old Kingdom. Djedkare succeeded Menkauhor Kaiu and was in turn succeeded by Unas. His relations to both of these pharaohs remain uncertain, although it is often conjectured that Unas was Djedkare's son, owing to the smooth transition between the two. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djedkare_Isesi FIRST DYNASTY & FOURTH DYNASTY EGYPT Shepseskaf was the sixth and last pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. He reigned 6 to 8 years starting circa 2510 BC. The only activities firmly datable to his reign are the completion of the temple complex of the Pyramid of Menkaure and the construction of its own mastaba tomb at South Saqqara, the Mastabat al-Fir’aun, "stone bench of the pharaoh".[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shepseskaf Shepseskare or Shepseskara (Egyptian for "Noble is the Soul of Ra")[15] was an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh, the fourth or fifth ruler of the Fifth Dynasty (2494–2345 BC) during the Old Kingdom period. Shepseskare lived in the mid-25th century BC and was probably the owner of an unfinished pyramid in Abusir, which was abandoned after a few weeks of work in the earliest stages of its construction. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shepseskare *For some reason I was unable to post this thread by my original title THE LATTER RAIN. I was blocked by the firewall. I was also unable to edit.
  6. No two different men @Pioneer1 the focus should be truth no matter what. Sargon is dated in so many other script, secular and his dated time is much farther ahead of Nimrod. Once again, I am trying to post, and cannot even on this thread! Man. I tried to quote you. So anyway, about your comment on script passing through the hands of Caucasians; that is okay but we should look for obvious markers such as the enslavement of Black Africans; If this is not detailed then that would show the problem. Whew okay, I was able to quote you just now; I don't know of what you are referencing about the Hebrew Israelites enslaving White people, but even today, African people including Hebrew Israelites are cited for this type of evil regarding Black-on-Black crimes against human nature. ANd this too, is in the Bible; yes! I do believe you! The SEparation of Church and State--July 4th, 1776 is based on a complete separation from what they founded their 13 colonies by, the KJV Bible. This is what sparked the American REvolution, it was all about Chattel Slavery.
  7. ROFL @Pioneer1 That pretty good! Your going to have to give a minute to try to respond. I am just simply not that smart enough to know how to answer you right now. ALSO, i've been trying to post a thread about this very subject, prophecy, and I'm constantly blocked by the hard wall Daddy or something! This has never happened to me before.
  8. LOL @Pioneer1 The focus should not be to discredit ancient script but to confirm TRUE HISTORY no matter the source. America did NOT separate from the Bible on July 4th because it was a bunch of fables and myths! LOL. They wanted to continue with THE PECULIAR INSTITUTION, Chattel Slavery of which is well defined all throughout the Bible to be a great evil, and is the reason for PASSOVER, in Egypt in the first place. Egypt was judged for human sacrifice, for putting people in hard bondage. free labor. They oppressed the Nubians as well in Upper Egypt as well. America is cursed for their enslavement of little African children--THE YOUNG PIGEON & DOVES of prophecy. You are using sources of White people who have defined themselves as Jews but not as the Original Jews. Of course they would throw down the Bible. The Bible defines Nimrod as being the founder of AKKAD and as being CUSH HAM. Sargon in the Bible is NOT at all connected to Nimrod, but he is connected to Elam and the ASSYRIANS--ASSHUR SHEM. SARGON, GUDRUN, THE GUNNERS... The Bible states that the White Syrians overthrew the Black Babylonians long after the Cushites set up SUMERIA. THE BIBLE states that Asshur Shem was educated in Nimrods Babylon and then set up his cities in the land of Syria today. The BIBLE reveals that Asshur Shem was part White, NOT Nimrod, the mighty hunter before the Lord. SARGON was indeed half-African but NOT Nimrod. Sargon and his descendants were part of the reason the Sumerians were overthrown. Assyrians were very evil and they separated from the Syrians. Your sources have completely White washed the true founders of Cush Babylon. And it was not until Moses wrote, that this evil deception of the Assyrians was understood. Pioneer1 I don't feel that it is good to focus on what is believed byway of reference source, but is the sources a TRUE CONFIRMATION of history? I don't want you to believe me, if I am wrong, but I want you to believe me, if I am right. You say that you don't trust archeology, so let me ask you; do you believe that the Steppe Pyramid is still here today in Egypt? Do you believe the Steppe Pyramid was constructed as many script attest, during the time of Djoser, during the 3rd Dynasty of Egypt? If not, then why?
  9. @Pioneer1 I understand. But if you do share them, I would only try to confirm them through a decent respectable process, and not to merely reject your sources. That's all. I don't like this BLack oppression anymore than I feel you don't.
  10. Okay @Pioneer1 I do apologize. But aren't you doing a lot of joking though? No, I am sorry for saying that you are a clown, when I know you clearly are not. It's not about rejecting your sources, but it's about confirming them to being truth or not. ADD to this list the Ethiopian Jews and Eritreans, and many Beja people, etc. TRULY, there is nothing else, no other ancient script source to use that connects Black AFrica to its past and to the SUPREME BEING. Outside of these kinds of ancient script as well as Egyptian script, etc. all there is would be this voting system of America and Europe. There is nothing else. JOHN 3:16. It's either what has been offered to us from above or many will go down to perdition with the very people that enslaved us. Otherwise, there would be no need for the prophecy of the apocalypse. GOD plans to end this world system that we humans have allowed to set up according to prophecy. Just like the servants of the Egyptians during the Exodus, if we agree with the very system that oppressed us, then we will go down with this system when it is ultimately judged. PIoneer1, according to prophecy, there are only a few pathways to overcome this kind of race hatred going on but if you know of another pathway then, I would like to hear it! Fighting against a militant government is not going to work in my opinion. As I shared earlier, after the Turkish empire was overthrown, the survivors of the genocide attempt all over the Old Medieval World and the east, were definitely shipped back to Egypt, just as Moses prophesized they would be. Soon after this time period, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Ship Era began and many of their children were indeed stolen from AFrica and shipped to America.
  11. THE LATTER RAIN @Pioneer1 I need to source it. I did NOT go back far enough. However, you define ancient names by GREEK RENDERING and this cannot be a complete truth. HOWEVER, I do understand that sometimes you use script but then at times you don't. You believe that words like Osiris, 'Kemetic' Ausar, Isis, and then Greek 'YUNUS' and you based a lot of words byway of the GREEK names but, I tell you that ancient script is NOT based on the GREEKS or the ROMANS but go much farther back to when script was developed by ancient Black civilizations such as Kemet or Khety, etc. So, I am going to go back farther: THE LATTER RAIN APRIL 17, 2350 BC I am going to write this up in a few minutes, hopefully under another thread and define more in depth the name of YUNUS.
  12. I am only addressing script reference about the apocalypse. This is well recorded in other sources. As I said, many prophecies have already come to past. Many have come to past written byway of Daniel as well within the very context of the TIMES, TIMES, AND HALF OF TIMES prophecy. About 400 years later, the apostle JOHN expounded upon this very prophecy in the Book of REvelations. But you have no source--it's just your belief. Your plan.
  13. LOL. wrong. You have no source and no dates. LOL. You believe all script is developed by White people, Greeks, White Caucasian, Romans. @Pioneer1 You cannot verify script by this belief. You don't understand script confirmation. You cannot accept the history of even the Seljuk Turk names to their extensive recorded history. It would be a waste of time. You are a clown, Pioneer!. LOL. Black history is a joke to you.
  14. But @Pioneer1 you have no source to prove anything. No one would hold you credible when you just go on your beliefs. NO source. You have no source.
  15. it's based on DANIEL, the prophet's vision. So, we are near to it. THE SUPREME BEING is not a man but He gave us free will, free choice. Many Black like you @Pioneer1 don't question if White people existed like Julius CAesar or the Roman Empire, but you doubt Black achievements and black dominant presence in ancient times with regards to script. LOL. White Power!? LOL. @Pioneer1 Two police men just shot and killed another young man, in Georgia, etc. People are protesting everywhere. In London, White people are protesting against the Black Lives Matter protest. Black American DOS are descendants of Children stolen from Africa. My hearts go out to my people, but we cannot out fight this militant government. Be prepared to see prophecy unfold again about 'being thrust out of Egypt--or I mean America'... Our ancestors taught us to worship White Supremacist and so, many of us are repeating history again. No matter, if you don't believe the Hebrew Israelites and Jews were Originally Black AFrican-typed, however, this government believes it and so, this is why we are being attacked. They know that the Supreme Being is aggressive about detailing his people and defining them as 'an inheritance' connected to Africa. So, we are being ill-treated based on these AFrican origins, no matter if we are Original Egyptians, Canaanites, Israelites, etc. But because this system set up on the Bible before they separated, therefore, this is a focus of this system, no matter what we believe. Because you don't believe the Jews were Black African, you cannot understand how the Seljuks were eventually overthrown and just as Moses prophesized, the few that survived the genocide attempt, they were SHIPPED BACK TO EGYPT and soon, the Trans-atlantic slave ship period began. Be prepared, Pioneer1 because this government is in the midst of fulfilling prophecy.
  16. I did @Pioneer1 DEUTERONOMY 28:68. PROPHECY. This is repetitive in the 3rd/4th Generations. The younger generation of the Exodus came forth, but most of the older generations were still clinging to Egypt and so, they remained in Rephidim and died out. PROPHECY again shows these very odds. I DID!!! I absolutely detailed this during a discussion back some time. Pioneer1, you don't believe in script confirmation, so perhaps that is why you cannot remember. I absolutely told you that tours had been given of the tomb of Joseph in Egypt today, and of his sepulchre in 'the Middle EAst', etc. I also explained more. That is why I added another reference, 'the late Ivan Van Sertima' because if you have a problem with believing that the Hebrew Israelites were Black African-typed --NEGROES, and that they were not White Caucasians the fought and overpowered a tall, black skinned giant force(s) , then I'd be wasting my time offering you script reference beyond this point.
  17. @Pioneer1 You give too much power to White Supremacy. Yunus is NOT a Greek name, it's origin is JAPHETH and stems from Black Babylonian script. The Greeks formed 1000+ years after Japheth. LOL. No. The ancient Egyptians and Sumerians were NOT Caucasian and archeology can be confirmed. LOL! No it was not! Nineveh goes way back to the time of ASSHUR--Assyria and so does the Akkadians. You format is totally White Supremacist. You give credit for ancient Black achievements over to White people. No. As I stated before, they migrated from the far east and joined a confederation with their Islamic brothers but a lot of the Keraites [Karaites] became Christian. No their ancestry and connection to names are well established in script during the CRUSADES. Like Haile SElassie, the NATIONAL FLAG for the SEljuks was THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. You give all power to Greeks and Romans who came thousands of years after Black civilizations and script formed. The root 'Sus' does not begin with Greeks and Romans but goes all the way back to the earliest of times... SESOSTRIS, etc.
  18. This hurts. And on that note!-- The news just broke today that there were two Black men found hanging from a tree! The law initially ruled it as suicide, but now they are re-looking at it. I am depressed about this! Oh WOW! I didn't know!
  19. @Pioneer1 I understand!!! Many people do not understand the PROPHECY OF THE APOCALYPSE-- time, times and a half = 1000 + 1000 + 500 = 2500 years! I understand how prophecy was not understood back then as well as today! YES it came from God, however, mankind is not perfect. Until there is a division 'based on prophecy' of the WHEAT from the TARES, White Supremacy can never be dealt with. The Church must be judged first. Pioneer, this evil has been going on for thousands of years and even though it may not seem fair, however, in order to understand this reality, then we have to look at the beginning of the set up of GOVERNMENTS. Based on prophecy, GOD judges GOVERNMENTS every 3-to-4 generations and this is the key point and the focus. After systems have been overhauled, historically Black kingdoms would set up and then Black kings would accept White Supremacy, OVER and OVER again! So, the vulnerability of Black African women are due to this reality! NOW, we as Black women share a major responsibility in this repeat of history too though. However, the break up of Black civilizations, historically begins with the head of a government and this is why Black men are initially held accountable.
  20. YES @Pioneer1 I would suppose if you consider scripts written by Hebrews, that it would be considered HEBREW SCRIPT in that sense, but I was referring to your reference of HEBREW ALPHABET and language script. No way. It has. The Trans-atlantic Slave Ship Era prophecy has come to pass! YES. Seljuks sons are as follows: Michael, Israel, Jonas, and Moses--- Mikhail, Yisrael, Yunus and Musa YES. it is an accurate historical description of the very same men that were the sons of SEljuk. BUT I do understand you and agree that SULEIMAN sounds and is spelled differently than SOLOMON but it is an adequate translation. Many Black people will never know about this history because it is NOT taught well in this Western World, and so like you, many Black African people over here in America will continue to believe White Supremacist in that Seljuk was a White man as he has been depicted in films, etc. BUT, no where else will people dispute that the Seljuks were KARAITES--meaning Black Jews in a confederacy with Togarmahs, etc. BUT, no matter, eventually and as prophecy details, this younger generation will accept the truth about the BLACK OPPRESSION of the Hebrew Israelites. ABSOLUTELY! MOSES is well documented in Egyptian records during the time of the plagues. Reference the late Ivan Van Sertima on the subject of PLAGUES and he does an awesome job in bringing out this time period that matches the Bible.
  21. @Pioneer1 My purpose of sharing history about the Crusades was to highlight Black African presence. though. Again, you need to take script much farther back beyond NINEVEH and GREEK and ARABIC to the Cuneiform script of the Black AFrican scribes of CHALDEA. JAPHETH--YAPHETH is the origin of YUNUH not Nineveh or Greek or Arabic. Jonah, the Hebrew is dated at the height of NINEVEH -- 600s BC MOSES the Hebrew is dated almost 1000 years prior. NINEVEH and the depictions you show are of ASSYRIANS meaning Ash-Shur--WHITE SYRIANS. Again, YUNUS is the name of one of the sons of the Great Seljuk of the time of the Crusades. PIONEER, no one disputes that the SEljuks were Negroes.
  22. WOW! This name YUNUS strikes a chord! @Pioneer1 As I mentioned in the other thread, I want to share with you my understanding of his surname YUNUS because you said that you believe ISRAELITES are a myth and were White Caucasians originally and were not held captive in Egypt during the time of Moses. AND since you joke about Black African men naming themselves Solomon, Moses, and Jesus, I want to share with you what I have learned about the name YUNUS. The name YUNUS was a common Hebrew Israelite name, so I am interested in what you turn up in your research about this man Ramzu Yunus. YUNUS is one of the sons of the famous Negro man, JEW, named Seljuk, that I wrote about who is the origin of the GREAT SELJUK EMPIRE that warred, were victorious, and dominated over the country of Turkey and Jerusalem for over 200 years at the start of the Crusades. SELJUK was a Hebrew Israelite man who was also a Khazite [Abkhazia] and in that army. Like this man, Ramzu Yunus, the SEljuks were big on CONFEDERATIONS. They became a part of a confederation in the far east, soon they broke from that and joined another confederation after they migrated back westwards and became Islamic. Soon, many of them became Christians as well. SELJUK had at least four sons, named MICHAEL, MOSES, ISRAEL, AND JONAS. In Islamic script it is written as MIKAIL, MUSE, YISRAEL, YUNUS. He had another son YUSUF [JOSEPH] some write. SOLOMON [ie Suleiman] was a very common name for these Muslims and Islamic men during these times and for hundreds of years too. And some of the descendants of Seljuk were named Suleiman, as well. The victor of the Seljuk force against the large Byzantine Empire force is named ALP ARSLAN in our script, but in other script they print his birth name!!! Alp ARslan is the Great-grandson of Seljuk. His father's name is DAVID. They write his father's name by his TURKISH NAME TITLE and hide these Turks in their connection to Abraham. Alp Arslan's father is written by his Turkish name CHAGRI but his birth name is actually David. Alp Arslan is HEBREW ISRAELITE and his people conquered the Crusader Byzantine force. His birth name is MUHAMMAD, son of David. Seljuk----Michael----Chagri David----Alp Arslan; the Mighty Lion of the Tribe of David. So, I found this Ramzu Yunus to be very interesting indeed!!!
  23. NOT TRUE! @Pioneer1 The Egyptian records detail Hebrew Israelite captivity! Ancient records of, not only Egypt, but other ancient civilizations, exactly match the Bible records. Your reference was about PHarisees, Saducees, etc. mixed race people that formed a Jewish Nation sponsored by Rome to oppress the Original Jews. They claimed to have never been in captivity. That is like Barack Obama saying that he has never been a part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave culture!!! That would be true. Although he has been elected to be president of America as 'an African American', Obama's father and mother are NOT African American DOS!!! Pioneer, those Pharisees went against Jesus. You are using the Bible to support a lie. Well, maybe you need to do the same, and look back at history about the African kings on the throne smooching on white women, because their half-bred sons were born and soon ruled over black lands, and then they too smootched on white women and soon, blacks were overthrown and this is a repeated process!!! You need to reFOCUS your direction back at black men worshipping White idols!!! LOL. Then you will understand how White/Caucasians ended up dominating much of the world. No. There is no such Hebrew Script. the source you presented is not factual. HEBREW ALPHABET is completely based on OLD PHOENICEAN ALPHABET!!! And, this goes back even farther than that! All script is based on Cuneiform script. @Pioneer1 As far as the word YAH and JAH, they are a description of the same! So what is your reasons for saying that YAH is not a part of the King James version, after I showed you that JAH is in the KJV. I don't understand the point that you are trying to make? We have to constantly update script to ensure that translations are adequate. But there is no such thing as authentic script from any ancient script source. Let me also expound: In one book written thousands of years ago, the name of Noah is written as 'NOAH', but thousands of years later in another book in the Bible [KJV], his name was written AS 'NOE'. Pioneer, both are accurate but stem from different languages and different language script. Both name-words 'NOAH' and 'NOE' are a description of the same man!!!--the same historical account of a time of a great deluge. To add to this too, there are so many other ancient writings of Noah with other descriptive names used. But then, maybe I can really bring this subject home by also addressing another post that you made a comment. And so, I will address this in that post and it's about a man in Michigan whose surname is YUNUS. So, Pioneer, you are aware that this man's name is connected to ISRAELITES!? You say that you don't believe Israelites were in Egypt and that it's a myth. Well, this man's name connects him to being an Israelite. They believe that both 'Hebrew' and 'Israelite' are the same cultural people that originally formed in Egypt. Just want to warn you.
  24. YES, I believe you. Jay Z made a documentary a few years back, and all that you say, I saw this in some of his accounts. One of the judges was actually Black! Yes, well I guess that when the recording was released to the public, this made the difference. It's a wonder what goes on behind the camera! YOU'VE got to be kidding! No way. really!? Well, I understand. Yes, he's the one. He was heard on tape requesting that GEorge Floyd be turned on his side. AND, he was very knew to the police force and that devil was his training officer, yet, he asked for GEorge Floyd to be turned on his side. But then, WHAT ABOUT THE BROTHER!? WELL, at first I did not think he was black or had no black in him, but some people think Kueng, the other officer might be at least part-Black! If Thomas Lane was bailed then, what about Kueng? This officer, like Lane, was also very new to the police force. And he also protested!!! He said, YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS, to that devil. And, he also later said that he was raised in Minneapolis by a single parent and wanted to do something good for his community. So now, will people allow him to sit in jail while Thomas Lane was bailed out!? I would not agree to that.
  25. @Pioneer1 THANK YOU. "both are living in the same conditions." FIRST we must be delivered and born again in THE SPIRIT or else all is completely lost. Pioneer you are right, we are all in the same PHYSICAL CONDITIONS IN THIS WORLD. But prophecy has NOT come to pass yet on being delivered in our physical bodies. WE ARE IN HELL, literally, but to try and convince Black people that America --THE LAND MASS upon which this government has set up is literally HELL, most will never believe it. They believe in the physical NOW even though many Black people are still severely oppressed, many Black people still believe in what they are told in that America is heaven and even better than Europe, etc. Nevertheless, according to prophecy, America--THE LAND MASS-- will be completely destroyed-- in stages and over a period of time. so there will come a time when these White Supremacist say to us 'to go back to AFrica' well, they too will want to leave this great city! Part of this land mass is prophesized to turn into 'a lake of fire' as result of a volcanic eruption, etc. But as for this government, the Supreme BEing, is not concerned with it. Who ever survives the catastrophic phenomena outlined in prophecy will still be able to have their elections, if they can come out of their caves and convince others... and the very Black people they have oppressed will be able to deal with White Supremacist on a different level at this point. But as for now, we all, this whole world has nothing to worry about until the planet takes on a catastrophic phenomenon... oh wait! The Coronavirus may be the beginning... Who knows. There is no such thing @Pioneer1 of any ancient script written based on an old language script. That is simply how humanity has evolved, language has evolved and script has evolved. Historically, White [Caucasian leaders] have never put down their own White women to worship and obsess over African women as did Black AFrican men!!! White men have bonded with Black African women but they don't do this because they hate their own White origins!!! SO WHAT IS THERE TO CORRECT!? But, White Supremacist have raped and greatly hurt Black little girls and women, and this the Supreme Being is definitely dealing with and will utterly judge; starting with Black men who have abandoned their own womenkind due to Black hatred and have left us completely vulnerable to this type of evil. This is one of the very reasons why Jesus Christ was sent as the Head of the Church. The Bridegroom. NOT all AfroAmericans come from the same cultural origins and some who are don't believe in YAHWEH, but for the ones who choose, the answer would definitely be YES.
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